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// help wanted // babysitting // service references available. please call 845.499.9272

D r i p p i n g

BABYSITTER Warm heimishe babysitter currently accepting overnights and weeklies. Loads of toys and undivided attention. 845-263-4529

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PROFESSIONAL FACE PAINTING Upsherins. Birthday Parties. Chanukah -Faigy Fleischman (Knopfler) 845 825 2985 Follow me on Instagram FAIGYSFACES10 PROFESSIONAL EAR PIERCING At the convenience of your own home. C. Fischer 5792288


T. 845.445.9533 E.




ALTERATIONS Leave it to the professionals! Located in the Rt. 306 Area Call:845-521-8374

FRUM LADY DRIVER CHILDBIRTH EDUCATION Punctual, friendly, caring, CLASSES The STARS program is now hiring responsible, dependable. To join the next class please 12th Grade (age 18+) or post-seminary girls to Scheduling steady routes call 845-426-0931. Tzippy and all transportation needs. Tauber CD (DONA) Certified work with our young adult students 6:00-9:00 p.m. Please call/text 917-750-4105. Birth Doula WORKERS: SEEKING COMHAB/RESPITE WORKERS: STARSSEEKING HIRING COMHAB/RESPITE NOW:



For all your handyman needs. Best service. 845.818.0062 jobs@

Opportunities Hamaspik

in the evening, 1-2 times a week, as they enjoy


Looking for a activities male comhab worker be a ‘friend’ Looking for a male comhab worker to be a ‘friend’ for rogram is now hiring 12th Grade (age The program is now hiring 12thtoGrade (age for exciting educational andSTARS therapeutic HELP?? REFLEXOLOGY AND high functioninggirls teenager every day between a high 10 functioningCOMPUTER teenager every day between 3 and 10 minary girls to work with our young 18+) ora post-seminary to work with our young3 and One stop computer CRANIOSACRAL and outings. Enjoy a funpm. work environment and Flexible about schedule. 00-9:00 p.m. in the evening, 1-2 times adult a students 6:00-9:00 p.m. in the evening,THERAPY 1-2 times a pm. Flexible about schedule. assistance! Set up new gratifyingand work as you impact Looking for a malelives— worker to help atherapeutic young man with Looking for a male worker to helpdeleted/ a young man with computers, restore joy exciting educational therapeutic week,positively as they enjoy exciting educational andEase physical and emotional plus, great pay! activities Driver’s license required. lost files from computers, stress with a slight physical disability fromreflexology 6-8aAM slight physical disability every morning from 6-8 AM tings. Enjoy a fun work environment and outings. Enjoy a fun every workmorning environment SD cards, cameras, & thumb and craniosacral therapy. and evenings from evenings from 6-9PM. work as you positively impact lives— and gratifying as 6-9PM. you positively impact lives— and For more information, please callwork 845-746-7254. drives. 845-293-2667 Certified. In your home or Driver’s license required. plus, greatLooking pay! Driver’s for a license femalerequired. worker mine. to accompany aLooking for a female worker to accompany a H. Baum 347-460-1512 physically disabled girl every Sunday to a therapy physically disabled young girl every Sunday to a therapy ation, please call 845-746-7254. For more information, pleaseyoung call 845-746-7254. ‫מיין פלאץ‬ appointment in Brooklyn. appointment in Brooklyn. A therapeutic play space for REFLEXOLOGY B OPPORTUNITY: HAB OPPORTUNITY: December early January GIRLS DAY from 11 am to 1:30 pm please Looking for a fun-loving thatwho wants to work Looking a for a fun-loving that wants to work with a boys- art,girl gymnastics, music, Relaxes,relieves stress bulous team staff who make aJoin our Fabulous team ofgirl staff make a with 2 1/2ofdays per week. call/text me at 845-826-6796 woodwork, tutoring & more. disabled young woman. Former camp simcha/hasc disabled young woman. Former camp simcha/hasc and tension, good for pain ver’s preferred. Please Contact: difference. Driver’s license preferred. Please Contact: For Weekends more info please call us atevery day. management. relieve preferred. counselor preferred. Weekends and possibly every Helps day. counselor and possibly Fax: 845-352-3375 Phone: Esty Schonfeld BELZ HEAD START (845) 520-5445 insomnia and prenatal 845-352 3307 ext. 119 Looking an experienced woman toHouse assistLooking a for an experienced mature woman to assist a E: P :845-425-5011 E:for for Boys seeking substitute maturediscomfort. calls speaking care andTaram newteachers, motheryiddish with newborn light housekeeping. new mother care and light housekeeping. spiro 845-352-6496 or with newborn PEARL RESTRINGING HEIMISHE GIRLS SCHOOLSUNDAY RESPITE preferred. PROGRAM: 845-424-0911 TE PROGRAM: 538-6782 Looking forCall a girl to take out a young boy from new Looking for a girlExpert to take&out a young boy from new reliable service. looking seventh grade ext.1 urrently hiring high for school girls for our Hamaspik is on currently hiring high school girlsafternoon. for our square on Monday, Free square Monday, Wednesday and Friday Wednesday and Friday afternoon. pick up & delivery. writing and grammar Program Ateacher rewarding and fun-filled Sunday Respite Program A rewarding and fun-filled PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY 845-352-5013 2x a week from Looking for a female worker to work with a very low Looking for a female worker to work with a very low od Pay. If 1-230pm interested, please email experience. to Good Pay. If interested, please email to precious Capture your BABYSITTING fax info to 356-0711 functioning teenager on weekends. Francis area. functioning teenager on weekends. Francis area. moments with Dassy or call 845-425-3421 or call 845-425-3421 SPEAKERS RENT girl with lots of Looking for girl to take out a young girl with Free lots digital of Looking for girl to take outTO a young Photography. message TITLE 1 TEACHER and leave a detail message all your Simches & more, medical issues on Sundays. Individual have medical issues onfor Sundays. Individual should have EXPERIENCED BABYSITTER album!should Very affordable We also have a mp3 system. Heimishe girls school looking Babysitting groupor onwilling West to train. pricing! Book now in timeexperience for g-tube experience g-tube or willing to train. UNITY: PACE OPPORTUNITY: call 845.579.5467 for a title one math teacher Side park, biga low functioning Chanukah. 845-517-9920 woman/girl to a low functioningLooking 5 for aAvenue, woman/girl to help Looking for aprivate worker to take out a young boy5in new Looking for a worker to take out a young boy in new faxhelp info to 3560711 playroom, a few more slots ery evening, from about 8:00-10:00 year P.M. old girl, every evening, about 8:00-10:00 P.M. square on Shabbos. square on Shabbos. ENCORE CAKES available. Ages 18-24from months. SHAIMOS PICK-UP some light housework. call 845Job alsoPlease involves some light housework. Please callat845cookies, and Starting July 1st 845.362.2599 contact our Comhab Coordinator 845-503contact ourCakes, Comhab Coordinator at 845-503LOOKING FORPlease BABYSITTER We do pick ups allPlease year round miniatures for every or 845.499.6473. to come to house 3-5pm. 503-0214. 0240 or email 0240 or email - schools shuls homes. 845Call or text 347-351-6521. References required.

LOOKING FOR responsible girl/woman to watch my baby in my house

BABYSITTER warm and experienced babysitter, available to babysit daytime and night hours in your home.

150 / THE MONSEY VIEW / November 15, 2017 / 845.600.8484

461-3084 REPAIRS Electrical, Plumbing, Hardware. Please call 845.499.1266

occasion. New styles! Call now: 538-0145

HEALTHY BAKES New! Get baked goods that are wheat, dairy, soy, corn, and sugar free! Cheesecakes,

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