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SUPPOSE WE PLUCK A COUPLE OF MONSEY SHOPPERS from the streets of a few decades ago and drop them onto the same streets nowadays. They would perhaps recognize the streets and possibly even some buildings, but how our town has changed… Countless new business have sprung up over the years, and a few older businesses have moved shop once or twice, but one of the most noteworthy changes have little to do with how our streets look. Rather, these long-ago shoppers would find themselves lost for an entirely different reason, one that sits in their wallets, neatly folded. Because to buy a few odds and ends in groceries today, the five or ten dollars in their pockets would just about cover the cost of the taxi back home.


L. R. says: My shopping memories of 50 years ago involve purchases that were of great importance to a kid! I remember paying 10 cents for an ice cream dixie cup, 5 cents for a small potato chips snack and a penny for a lollipop. At 49 cents a pound, peaches and plums were very expensive and special treats that we didn’t buy often.



Mom-and-popstyle bakeries are a thing of the past, but who doesn’t miss the smell of freshly baked goodness wafting into the streets and tempting shoppers passing outside?

2 lb. loaf bread $0.26 1 lb. cake $1.99 Cupcake $0.15 Chocolate bell $0.25


Today, we find spacious supermarkets, a tremendous variety of all sorts of products, and one-stop convenience. No need to run to the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker! And items on our receipts look something like this:

A family nowadays will spend an average of $400 on groceries every week, but 30 years ago, it cost less. A lot less. As in less than a quarter that amount. Granted, a few decades ago, there were less products, less brands and no concept of a butcher, fish store, deli and grocery all wrapped in one, but the receipts of 30 years ago would appear almost comical today. Milk $0.99 Dozen eggs $0.59 Loaf bread $1.29 Large bag pretzels $0.79 Small bag potato chips $0.10 Case potatoes up to $9.99

Milk $2.79 and up Dozen eggs $1.69 Loaf of bread $2.79 and up 1 lb. cake $7.49 and up Cupcake $1.25 and up Small snack $0.49 on average Case potatoes $18 to $30 Thank you to Mr. Rosenthal from Rockland Kosher Supermarket and the Frank family for providing information.

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Issue 123  

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