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MONSEY’S FIRST HEIMISHE STORES FIRST CATERER/ TAKEOUT Oneg, first occupying 51 Main Street (1), would cater many Monsey simchos and also sell some takeout food.

FIRST SEFORIM STORE While some seforim were sold “out of the house” beforehand, the first storefront was owned by Mr. Hass. His book shop was originally located at 44 Main Street (3), and at one point near Motty’s Supermarket (15).

FIRST HOUSEWARES STORE Monsey Housewares was first located at 34 Main Street (8), then in Monsey Rama, where Crave Cafe currently is (6), until it moved to its current location in the Monsey Mall (22).

FIRST PIZZA SHOP While not on Main Street, Shelli’s on Maple Avenue was the first kosher pizza shop in town. Main Street’s first pizza shop was Ki Tov (Klein’s Pizza Shop), located first at 32 Main Street (14) and then on Route 59 (18).

FIRST CHILDREN’S CLOTHING STORE Eidensohn’s, whose store first started on Elliot Court in the early 1970s and later moved to its current location on Phyllis Terrace, was the first one to carry layette and basics

first grocery, in the 1970s. Since then it has housed many of Monsey’s shops, among them Mendlowitz’s Butcher shop, Nagel’s Grocery, Stern’s Liquor Store, Litchfield’s Fabrics, a cleaners and Monsey Farms. Silver Garden, Mimi’s Linen, Tiferes Fruits, Weingarten Shoes, Zishe’s Bakery and Elzee’s had storefronts there, too. There are also a few stores that changed locations within the shopping strip.

tion had a taxi company and a nonkosher candy store. Over the years, it housed Auction Mart, Monsey Housewares, Braun’s Juvenile Furniture, Eva’s Clothing and Be Feminine.

and Brand Coverage The cornerstone of Monsey’s shopping district, the first grocery was housed where Main Street Optical currently is. There was also a dry goods store in this building, owned by the father of two doctors who were practicing two buildings over. Over the years, Legose and Engel’s children’s shoe store occupied this building. 10 27–29 MAIN STREET


6 MONSEY RAMA Current stores: Crave Cafe, Nussy’s Cuisine, Window Frame Decor, F&F Family Shoppe, Le Chocolat Before the new building was constructed in the ‘80s, this loca-

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Current stores: Main Street Optical, Better Walking Shoes, Angelina

Current storefronts: Best Embroidery, Main Street Hatters, Dr. Joffe’s office This building was constructed in 1910, and was in earlier years occupied by two doctors who were brothers practicing in different fields.

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Issue 123  

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