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MONSEY’S FIRST HEIMISHE STORES FIRST GROCERY Mr. Stern ran a grocery store as a service more than as a source of income, and when he closed his doors, he ripped up all of the IOUs, obliterating the debt of many kollel families. His first location was where Main Street Optical now stands (7).

FIRST BUTCHER Mr. Shimon Mendlowitz, proprietor of Monsey Glatt, was Monsey’s first butcher. Over the years, his butcher shop was located at 24 Main Street (13), in the storefront Euphoria currently occupies, and then in the shopping strip of 42 Main Street (5). Thereafter, they moved to their current location on Route 59 and Bates Drive.

FIRST BAKER Frank’s Bakery started out in New Square, and they started selling their baked goods in Monsey in 1964, out of a storefront on the current location of Motty’s Supermarket (15). They also sold groceries. In 1972, they moved to their location on 51 Main Street (1), where they remained until 2016, when they closed their doors.

FIRST FISH STORE Before a kosher fish store was opened in Monsey, some residents would import theirs from a fish store in Williamsburg. They’d pack it in ice, and send everyone’s orders with the one Monsey resident who’d be on premises. Another option was making use of Charley’s Fish Store on Main Street. Homemakers would bring along their own knives and boards for kashrus purposes. There was also Kupperman from New Square who’d sell fish. The first kosher fish storefront was Unger’s, then located at 46 Main Street (2). Not only were they Monsey’s first official fish store; they were also the first ones in the fish market at large to sell ready-made gefilte fish rolls.


along with Main Street, over the years housing Hass’s Seforim store, Creative, Mr. Felberbaum’s men’s suit store and Needlecrafts and More.



Current stores: Jewelry by Esther, BH Bargains and Euro Design Couture Built in 1951, this building was home to the iconic Frank’s Bakery from 1972 until 2016, and before that it housed Oneg, Monsey’s catering business, from where some takeout foods were available. At one point, there was a store with knick knacks, The Hobby Shop, located there.

Over the years, this building was home to various Monsey stores, among them Kosher Town (first known as Schlesinger’s Grocery at this location), Unger’s Fish Store, Baby Garden, a women’s hat store and Weingarten Shoes. 3 44 MAIN STREET

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Building built in 1951 5

2 46 MAIN STREET Current stores: Monsey Kosher Takeout, Pirsum Printing and Le’ Robe Boutique


Current stores: Coat Collection, Tauber’s Basics and Whoopi’s This shopping strip changed

40–42 MAIN STREET Current stores: Tip Top, Greenbaum’s Pharmacy, Fabric Place, Trading Post, The New Monsey Shoes, Chesky’s, Bright View Optical and Ratio Health This shopping strip, the first “new construction,” was built by Mr. Stern, the proprietor of Monsey’s

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Issue 123  

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