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varim 8:10). The first bracha was composed by Moshe Rabbeinu who, without even referencing it, was establishing these words of thanks for the mann that sustained the Yidden in the midbar. The omission was not a coincidence. Its message is clear: Just as the mann was served to us, directly from Heaven, so too our nourishment today is handed to us straight from Hashem, even when it seems linked to the toil of our hands (or minds!).

guide us, and you will literally release an outpouring of goodness from the treasures that await you. The Zohar says that it is worth eating all delicacies in the world if only to be able to receive this shower of blessing from Above. Will I think twice before opting for the biscuits tomorrow? Perhaps that slice of bread contains greater potency than I ever realized…

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Diamonds and Gold It’s a quarter to ten. Grabbing a packet of crackers and a yogurt, Chany eyes the half loaf of bread on her counter a tad guiltily. A hearty sandwich would certainly make a healthier choice. “But who has time to wash for bread?” she mutters out loud to no one in particular The key to un- as she dashes for the door. “I locking these can’t be late for work.” In our rush to start the storehouses day, all too often, wholesome bread is sold short in exof unlimited for mezonos options. bracha lies in change The reason? It is quicker than washing and bentching. your hands. There is a treasure trove. It is vast, and it is glittering. It contains the most special privileges and brachos that any Yid could dream of: livelihood, protection, children, health, success, atonement, Gan Eden. Your deepest wishes granted. And the key to unlocking these storehouses of unlimited bracha lies in your hands. Recite Birchas Hamazon with kavanah and joy, Chazal

The words of the Sefer Hachinuch are well known: “One who is careful with Birchas Hamazon will be granted sustenance in dignity all of his days.” Chaim is a “regular” Yid who sweats to support his family, living off a very modest income. He shares, “In all the years, I never took a loan.” He bought his own house and married off a large family, never needing to take the help of others. His secret, he disclosed, is Birchas Hamazon. He always makes sure to bentch slowly, out loud, from a bentcher. Indeed, it is the best investment one can make! The Chida writes that bentching aloud in a pleasant voice is a segulah for wealth. Attaining an appropriate balance of parnassah is as difficult as Krias Yam Suf. Up in Shamayim, the Zohar Hakadosh states, there are prosecuting angels created by a man’s sins who seek to disturb his ability to achieve financial stability with ease. The words of Birchas Hamazon, uttered in concentration and joy, act as advocates on his behalf, outweighing the negative claims. They enable the person to receive his parnassah easily and plentifully. Choose that slice of bread! Your parnassah depends on it!

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