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Classifieds ‫ וואכן פאר‬4‫ רעזעווירט‬.‫תפילות‬ 245-352-2560 ‫די חתונה‬ SOUND SYSTEM GEMACH Speakers | mikes | mixers | cables | for your simchas and party’s | 917-382-8809 CHUPAH CARDS Lucite cards. 845.222.0456 BANDS $10 New ladies bands, all lengths. Also berret hats. Call 845 290 8319 SUITCASE GEMACH please call 845-371-9121 MATERNITY COATS 100% down TEXT ONLY 8455212912 BIKE RACK GEMACH Fits all cars. Holds up to 3 bikes. 845-659-1863.

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DVD/VIDEO GEMACH DVDS and portable players for sick and homebound adults and children.425-2660 BABY GOWNS and 2 pieces. Matching shoes and hair accessories available from 3 months - 2 years. New! Boys line added. 425-3049 SIMCHA HAT $25. many different styles and colors. We also accept donations of elegant hats. Call 347 351 1604 LEV DEVORAH Layett gemach 917.697.0790 BABIES LAYETTE GEMACH text 718-551-1732 or email

BRIS GEMACH located in Central Monsey. 617-955-3630. poya, pillow case, outfit, blanket. ‎ OT WATER URNS H Please call 845-425-9211

BLUE LIGHT Gemach in monsey, please call before. 845.425.1919

MECHITZA’S 30’ - 5 six’ tables, 10 chairs stands and bus-boxes $100 deposit. $18 Donation call 845-445-8015 or email

TICHEL GEMACH To receive or donate pls call 845-371-7504

SHIFRA PUAH DOULA Please call to register in advance. 845-587-1649

BRIS GEMACH Located on Blauvelt Rd. 356-6215 poya, outfit, blanket and hat.

MAKEUP Makeup for any Simcha or occasion for only $10!!!! Please contact (845)304-3103 if interested or have any questions.

HOSPITAL SUPPLIES inc. TPN equipment, feeding pumps, NG tubes, & feeding supplies. donate/receive. call 845-746-8293.

EAR-PLUG GEMACH for ba’alei simcha to protect your guests’ hearing. Baby headsets also available. 845202 -0105.

ELEGANT HATS For short term rental please call 845-517-0838.

WHITE KALLLAH SHOES. Proceeds go to tzedakah. Call\Text 845-200-0211

MATERNITY GEMACH Weekday and shabbos clothing, various sizes. call/ text 845-445-9687

TOY GEMACH Keep all the children busy by your simchas with tons of lego and clicks. Call 845578-6513

LSHEM MITZVAH Babysitting for overnight or week etc for kimpeturin or sick chas vesholom 732-5952207. Leave Msg. First come first serve basis. One child a week GOWN GEMACH mother and sister gowns size 0-12, by appointment only. 845-426-7496 or 845-3523031.

GPS GEMACH Call 845-352-2588. Leave message. (Minimal fee).

FLORAL BISOMIM for your Simcha - 845-6292785.

ISRAEL GPS No fee. English or Hebrew. Must reserve in advance by email at IsraelGPS@gngroup. com

140 / THE MONSEY VIEW / May 1, 2019 / 845.600.8484

ROOF CARRIERS For all cars even without bars on roof. 845-659-1863. Monroe: 845-662-7102.

TABLECLOTHS for your Simchos. Call (845) 371 2105 PACK N PLAY We have New Pack n Plays or text 845-216-4885

PHONE GEMACH free of charge for as long as necessary. Call: 845 579 5538 BECHER GEMACH Real bechers from our free-loan gemach. 845-377KOS1(5671) KosYeshuos@ REFLECTOR GEMACH Hosting guest? Be safe! Wear a reflector. 845-356-0815 SIDDUR GEMACH Sfard: Friedman 845-6087830 Ashkenaz: Shulman845 352 1756 or 845-826-6718 MEZUZOS GEMACH 362.2333 HOSPITAL GOWN for maternity or hospitalization Tzniusdige & Comfortable. 845-425-8687 PIDYON HABEN coins, silver tray, lace box, outfit 845-426-1681 845-6427256 FREE MOVING BOXES Packs of 10x for easy transport. Please call (845) 641-5536. GOWN GEMACH. South Monsey Ladies gowns and petticoat gemach. Please call or text after 5pm. 347278-1278

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