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LATEST PAINLESS TECHNOLOGY BETTER AND FASTER RESULTS PERMANENT HAIR REMOVAL FRIMY LERNER 845.402.0268 HORIZON CT SEWING COURSES private sewing course with master teacher Esty Krauss. call or text 845-662-5931 COMPUTER MAVEN Do you want to become a computer literate in 8-10 hour? Do you want to find a job, but have no computer skills? If you answered YES to any of the above, call the COMPUTER MAVEN 845-596-4590 SHAIMOS

MUSIC LESSONS Give your daughter the gift of music at a very reasonable price! References available. Call Yitty @ 845-426-7561 after 4:30 pm HANDYMAN Frum handyman with many years experience. No job too big or too small! PlumbingElectric-Carpentry. Call or text 856-340-2654

ADDRESSSING ENVELOPES Amazing prices, call for quote, mention ad for a discount. Printing can be done immediately. Call 845-445-7422 or e-mail printingaddresses@gmail. com ALTERATIONS Professional alterations, fast service, in the Blueberry Hill area. 929.287.2135

NS ELECTROLYSIS 15 yrs experience. Comfortable updated technology. Thermolysis, galvanic, or blend. Nechama Sher 646-856-5498

LEARN ENGLISH English lessons for Cheder age and older by an experienced, professional native English speaker. 973727-8375

Quality and affordable bar mitzvah photography by Moshe Grunfeld call 845-3621312 or email moshe@

GARTLECH we fix knitted & crochet Gartlech & make beautiful professional fringes. We also teach how to knit & crochet. call: 917-414-3281

MATH ANXIETY? I can help! All ages. All levels. Regents, SAT Prep, CLEPS, AP courses. Remediation and Enrichment also available Linda 845.538.5319

ONE MAN BAND Levi Rosengarten available: April 4th - April 14th & April 30th - May 5th. $175 for evening. Pls call/text 845521-6060

DEBT RELIEF having trubble with finances? join Debtors Anonymous Tuesday night @ 19 Robert Pitt # 113 , 7:30-8:30pm. visit www.

ARROWSMITH Is your child still in the same place after all that tutoring? The Arrowsmith Program has helped many children become successful in the regular classroom. Please call Mrs. Feuer to find out more 845-304-7053

We do pick ups all year round - schools shuls homes. 845-461-3084 BAR MITZVAH PHOTOGRAPHY

GUITAR LESSONS by Moshe Klaver, for beginners of all ages. Very motivating and patient teacher. References available. (845) 746-0925. Shomer Shabbos

MATH TURORING Regents/GED/TASC/SAT/ ACT Common Core, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Precalculus, Calculus, Physics ALL Grades/Levels. call: 845-445-8003

138 / THE MONSEY VIEW / May 1, 2019 / 845.600.8484

ODDS & ENDS GUILT FREE GLUTEN FREE Challah and cakes all natural ingredients! Heimish

hashgacha,Sugar free upon request,free delivery. Call 646-246-6280 to place your order LOOKING FOR Looking for the seat of the mamas and papas urbo 2 Stroller. Please call 3561525 ATTENTION KALLAHS A new group forming in Monsey for Rebbetzin Lubins inspirational course hachunah l’chuppah that will have an impact on the rest of your life iyh! For more information please call: 845746-7251 SEEKING DONATIONS Of toys, arts & crafts, or supplies, in good condition, for a Heimishe Moised. Call 845.500.3100

GEMACHIM BED REST? We do the laudry for you. call 213-7437 (also looking for volunteers) WEDDING KIT for Machetunim to take along. 845-425-2036 leave mess. ‫טייערע כלה‬ ‫נוצט אויס דעם יום החופה‬ ‫מיט אן אלבום וואס ענטהאלט‬ ,‫ שיעורים‬,‫ הדרכה‬,‫השקפה‬

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