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need an extension wire. I don’t suppose I can give advice to bachurim on how to clean a vehicle. It’s common knowledge that they were born for these things. But in order for the contest to proceed, I need to give advice that can totally be discarded if so intended. Remove the rug from the front seats and check for — okay, you guessed it — more change. Pesach cleaning is making all of you really rich!

When you’re done removing the trash, bottles, pacifiers, and an endless amount of empty snack bags and half-filled water bottles from the floor of the car, and when you’re done vacuuming and giving the car a general scrub over, start on the car seats. The fabric can usually be removed and washed in the washing machine. Spray the rest with an all-purpose spray and wipe down. Let’s hope the rain does come

down for a bit to wash down the car. Otherwise use your water hose. Make sure all the windows are closed when you do that, and it would be wise to make sure the windows from the house are shut as well. It’s a running joke in the neighborhood that when I attempted to wash the car one year, my kitchen got a cleaning as well. Through our front window. Of course, this year I’m smarter and will call the neighborhood bachurim to do it.

Day 12 Getting Down to the Grime Before running off to get your pastrami sandwich, and of course an extra packet of ketchup for going the extra mile, let's do some fun stuff. The grill: Remove the grates and soak in liquid soap and warm water. Wash all over using a 409 spray.

Silver: Polish and kasher the silver pieces that will be used on Pesach. Make a paste with the polish. Let sit until dry. Wash off with hot water. Wipe immediately. Steam vents: Optional, but important. I say, do it. I believe you’ll find even more treasures in

there. Now head out and claim a good piece of chometz. After all, there’s none of it left in the house! While you’re at it, don’t forget a large container for all the loot you found and can’t part with. Until next year!

Sara Goldstein is a professional organizer serving Upstate, Brooklyn and beyond. She can be reached at


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