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‫קערעסטיר תשע"ט‬ KERESTIR 2019 Inspirational Trip To Poland: Lizensk, Lancut, Krakow, Sanz, Riminov Hungary: Uhel, Liske, Mad, Tokaj, And To Be In Kerestir On The Yahrtzeit

The famous Reb. Shlomzy Weiss ‫תליט"א‬ will accompany and inspire during the entire trip Dates: May. 5 - 8, Sun. - Wed. For Women ls!! And Gir

Shopping at Jewel It means you can view our extensive selection minus the rush and crush of a surrounding crowd that barely lets you think. See how easy it can be to purchase a piece of jewelry you know you’ll love! CALL D RLY BIR FOR EA



Fine Custom Jewelry

10 Bush Ln. New Square 845-364-0029 Sun.-Thurs. 1:30-5 & 8:30-10 Fri. 12-1:30

Extended Hours

Motzei shabbos Apr. 13 10:00-11:00pm Erev Yom Tov Apr. 19 12:00-2:00

˜ Nice Accomondations ˜ Scrumptious Meals ˜ Comfortable Coachbuses

For More Information Please Call

845.304.2195 or 347.831.1231 April 10, 2019 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 187 / 845.600.8484

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Issue 194  

The Monsey View

Issue 194  

The Monsey View