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Upscale’s Popular Gefilte Fish This is the recipe Upscale Fish follows to create their delicious gefilte fish, both yearround and over Pesach: Ingredients: 5 lb. fish 1¼ cups sugar 10 eggs 1 large onion or 2 medium onions, grated 2 T. salt ½ tsp. white pepper (for those who use pepper on Pesach) Directions: Combine eggs, sugar and onion. Add white pepper. Add fish. Add salt and mix for 5 minutes or so; the salt changes the texture of the gefilte, making it firm enough to form into a roll. A customer inspecting the live carp in the tank

What about customers who are makpid to follow mesorah and eat fish with no chashash chometz, but aren’t machmir to personally see the fish — or have the fish store see the fish — while they’re still alive? Many customers depend on the supervision of a mashgiach who

oversees the processing of farmed salmon overseas. This mashgiach, hired by the kashrus organization that gives hashgacha on this enterprise, travels to the farm in Norway where he supervises the entire process — from when the fish are still alive until they are ready to be packed up for transport. The ice-filled boxes prepared under the mashgiach’s supervision are first sealed with special packing tape that marks their contents kosher l’Pesach, and then the boxes get transported by plane to the supplier in Brooklyn.

What about white fish? While they are available over yom tov for those who aren’t Tank containing live carp outside of Upscale Fish

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machmir, white fish can’t be transferred while alive, and there are no mashgichim supervising its processing.

Is there any other chashash chometz in the fish store to worry about Erev Pesach? Chometz can potentially be a problem if a store uses any sort of chometz in their gefilte fish. Since the gefilte we sell all year contains no chometz, this presents no issue in our store. However, under the supervision of a mashgiach, we kasher the store a few weeks before Pesach to be extra stringent.

Do you see a difference in the volume of sales due to the fact that many eat falshe fish? We certainly do!

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