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SNACK OPTIONS DEMYSTIFIED The search for healthy recess snacks is over!


Recollections of recess time collections


Playground games handed down through the ages

BULLY IN THE PLAY YARD Tackle the issue with these tips

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SNACK OPTIONS DEMYSTIFIED The search for healthy recess snacks is over!


Recollections of recess time collections


Playground games handed down through the ages

BULLY IN THE PLAY YARD Tackle the issue with these tips

RECESS DITTIES Do you know all the words?


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After reading your article on bariatric surgery, I have some questions. How many years post-surgery are the women who shared their experiences? What happens five years down the line? With the sleeve, I think the stomach can stretch over time, allowing more food to be consumed at once. I’ve heard from those who have done the sleeve that they tend to feel cold very quickly. What does this stem from? And for those who don’t keep to the diet as they should and don’t take the correct vitamins, what happens then? Is it dangerous? Thank you so much for your informative articles. Please keep them coming! H. Friedman THE MONSEY VIEW RESPONDS: The women who were interviewed are respectively three and a half years, two years and a few months post-surgery. We encourage readers to share any additional info they may have.


After reading about bariatric surgery, I was left wondering how anybody could think that doing one of the surgeries is at all healthy, even if the patient is very obese. It seems like caloric intake postsurgery is well below what the body needs to survive, due simply to the inability to eat normal-sized portions. I have a neighbor who lost tons of weight after doing the surgery, and while she looked great for a while, she is now terribly gaunt and I am almost scared to look at her. If someone does a surgery that is non-reversible, I worry that they may run into significant health problems due to starvation. Why have we, M&S SHOE REPAIR




40 / THE MONSEY VIEW / January 17, 2018 www.themonseyview.com / 845.600.8484














as a nation of skinny-minded people, turned to such drastic measures as stapling or slicing our stomachs in order to lose weight? Worried

RESPECTING PROFESSIONALS I would like to address a topic that is eating at me for a while. My husband is an ehrliche yungerman who works hard as a handyman to make parnassah and support his family. There are unfortunately many days when he comes home degraded and dejected by the second-class attitude he receives in some homes where his prices are considered negotiable and something to bargain about. Just imagine yourself waiting for your $500 at the end of a tiring week, and your boss approaches you and sweetly suggests, “How about if we just settle for $400?” Of course all workers — especially our Yiddishe brothers — should be treated with respect, but do you realize that any handyman, plumber, electrician, etc. went through rigorous training and expensive testing and licensing to qualify as such? He didn’t just “learn a few tricks”! Do you know what he knows? Please give him the respect you show to all upstanding professionals! Understand that he, too, has expenses in his line, he has a family to support, and yes — his time is worth the amount he is charging. With hope for an understanding response from our wonderful community. Your Handyman’s Wife

KNOWING YOUR PRODUCE I was shopping in Costco, and as I was selecting some produce, I saw a label on the tangerines stating that the products were from Israel. I wanted to share this l’to’eles harabim, so that Costco shoppers can be aware that many produce they sell are from Israel and should not be purchased, as they pose halachic concerns. A Concerned Shopper

RE: IN SEARCH OF A CURE (ISSUE #131) In response to “Desperate for Relief,” I would like to share with you my experience, which will hopefully shed light on your issue. My six-yearold child started suffering from minor cough tics, which I first thought were medically related. After extensive testing and seeing all specialists in the field, I was given the tic verdict. The doctors told me to ignore the symptoms as most of these cases disappear with time. When I spoke to others for guidance, I was told that tics are emotional and that I should just give some more TLC to my child. However, I knew my child is outgoing and has a happy personality, and this answer didn’t sound right. There was one more possibility I wanted to rule out, and that was PANDAS. This is an autoimmune response to strep and other infections. The antibodies that a body produces to fight off the infection irritate a small portion of the brain and can cause tics or other symptoms. (Note: PANDAS can also cause way worse symptoms, including personality disorders.) Although the specialist dismissed this as an “unknown condition,” I contacted Dr. Susan Schulman who is known for her expertise in this matter. You can read her book Understanding Your Child’s Health for more information on this. (As an aside, I urge all parents to read her book as she has exceptional experience in all areas of health for our children.) After testing with some antibiotics, we started seeing definite im-

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www.dinafriedmanacademy.com 44 / THE MONSEY VIEW / January 17, 2018 www.themonseyview.com / 845.600.8484

provement. We monitored the situation closely throughout, and after a few months were, baruch Hashem, able to wean the child off the medication with a near-100% refuah. I recommend you contact Dr. Schulman before beginning medication, and if she rules out this issue, you’ll know it’s a phase that will, im yirtze Hashem, pass on its own. Hatzlacha rabbah! L.S.

RE: THE HEALTH OF OUR CHILDREN (ISSUE #130) I would like to take issue with what R.S. wrote in her letter regarding school lunches. She wrote that “with many two-working-parent households, the concept of serving a hot, nutritious first meal of the day seems to have fallen at the wayside.” As a working mother, serving a warm breakfast is high on my list of priorities. Among the food my kids get served in the morning are scrambled or sunny-sideup eggs, vegetable salad, pancakes, grilled cheese sandwiches, and yes, sometimes just cream cheese sandwiches and cereal and milk. Do they never go to school hungry? Oh, yes, but that’s more due to the fact that they are not always in the mood for food than the fact that their mother works. Please don’t blame lack of function in a house on the fact that Mommy does not stay home all day. Thank you, A Working Mother

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By: Basya Kovacs

50 / THE MONSEY VIEW / January 17, 2018 www.themonseyview.com / 845.600.8484

I HAD AN INTERESTING experience this week when I took on a client because the nutrition counselor she was originally working with could no longer fit her slot into her schedule. During our session the client mentioned to me that she asked both myself and the other nutrition counselor the same question and received two different answers. To be honest, my first thought was that she shouldn’t go looking for second opinions, just stick to her counselor and trust her guidance. But being that after a schedule change she really did have access to two nutrition counselors, I thought it only fair to hear out the discrepancy and see if I could make any sense of it. The question at hand turned out to be in regard to lentil soup. Because this client was a vegetarian, we were hard-pressed to find proteins that would satisfy her and still provide her with the necessary nourishment. I turned to beans, chickpeas, quinoa and lentils, all of which are high in protein, to fill that need. Apparently, however, she must have been left somewhat unclear as to how to fit lentil soup into her plan, and she texted her other counselor asking if the lentil soup should be counted as a protein or a starch. The counselor rightly answered, “It counts as a starchy soup; just add a protein to complete the meal.” She then texted me and inquired the same — is the lentil soup a protein or a starch? — to which I answered, “Use it as a protein, and add a starch to the meal.” Two different counselors, two different answers.

I explained to her that the other counselor wasn’t wrong and neither was I. Lentil soup is a wonderful food with plenty of protein, carbohydrates and fiber and can technically be counted both ways. I was happy that I looked into it rather than assuming my coworker or I was wrong. In general, whenever I hear from a client that a different client was “allowed” something that he or she wasn’t, or that a different counselor “allows” a certain item, my first thought is, there must be a good reason for this discrepancy, and even more, this is why people shouldn’t follow each other’s plans! Each plan truly is customized and becomes more and more customized as time goes on and the client settles into their food plan.

This is why people shouldn’t follow each other’s plans! For example, I have one client on our plan who takes her treat every single night. I encourage her to do so, because as a picky eater, she doesn’t eat much chicken, fish or meat, and her dinners are far from filling. Although I encourage her to expand her palate and fill up on vegetables, I know that her dinner is always a bit sparse.

Now in M onsey ! Therefore, I encourage her to take her treat at night, because I prefer that she have a prepackaged, portioncontrolled treat rather than a night of nibbling from the cabinet. This same client has a relative, also on the plan, whom I actually discourage from taking treats. She has a slow metabolism and is a quite disciplined eater, and she loses best by eating nothing after dinner. She recently asked me why her sister-in-law is “allowed” to have a treat and she isn’t. Without causing family drama, I explained to her my rationale for discouraging her treat and told her that each and every client is a world unto themselves. I have plenty of similar examples where two clients will receive different answers from the same nutrition counselor, or one client will receive two different answers from two different nutrition counselors. So keep in mind that when we say that every plan is tailor-made for the needs of each client, it’s not just cliche. What we are really saying is that we actually listen and pay close attention to each client’s habits and needs and base our recommendations on what will work for them as individuals. Basya Kovacs is a nutrition counselor at Nutrition by Tanya and is the manager of the Monsey and Monroe locations. Nutrition by Tanya offers personalized and practical weight management and nutrition counseling for men, women and children. Nutrition by Tanya has locations in Boro Park, Flatbush, Williamsburg, Monsey, Lakewood, Crown Heights, Five Towns, Upper West Side and Monroe. The office can be reached at 844-TANYA-DIET.

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Parshas Bo

By: Malka Schneps

IT WAS PAIN THAT FEW PEOPLE could even imagine. One by one, Rabbi Yosef Ekstein lost four children to Tay-Sachs disease. Even more difficult to imagine was Rabbi Ekstein’s response to the years of pain that he had suffered: He founded Dor Yeshorim. It took many years of hard work for his idea of community-wide genetic testing to be accepted, but he was willing to put in the effort if it meant that other families would be spared the pain that his own family had endured. Today, more than 20,000 individuals are tested for up to sixteen genetic conditions through Dor Yeshorim each year, and the incidence of genetic disease within the frum world has declined dramatically. Rabbi Hershel Weber was leaving shul when he witnessed a man suffer a heart attack and fall to the ground unconscious. Someone called 911, but they took so long to arrive that the man passed away. Rabbi Weber resolved to figure out a way for medical help to arrive faster so that more lives could be saved. He reasoned that if more people throughout the community were trained as EMTs, then help could arrive more quickly. Rabbi Weber founded Hatzolah, which today boasts the fastest response time in the country. At the age of thirteen, young Yaakov Yosef Herman was entrusted into the care of cousins in America until his family would have the money to join him. He had a job that paid $1.25 a week, and his cousins agreed to give him room and board for $1.00 a week. A few weeks after beginning this arrangement, the cousins told young Yaakov Yosef that they were raising his rent; he would now have to turn over all of his earnings to them. In response to this betrayal, Yaakov Yosef moved out. Having no place to stay, Yaakov Yosef spent that Shabbos alone on a bench in the park. At the tender age of thirteen, the boy resolved to always keep an open home, never turning away a person in need of a place to stay. Indeed, that is exactly what he did. Before Yaakov Yosef married, he made sure his kallah agreed to keep an open home. Rabbi Herman became world-famous for


his hachnasas orchim. Brany Rosen was happily married and had a job she enjoyed, but something was missing from her life: children. As year after year passed by without the cry of baby, Brany heard a different cry. Surely there were other couples suffering through childlessness, but were suffering alone. Brany went on to co-found A TIME, an organization dedicated to easing the suffering of couples facing the challenge of infertility. What began as a forum for couples to band together in their challenge is now a worldwide organization providing rabbinical guidance, medical referrals, Shabbatons, travel support and numerous other services. In this week’s parsha, Hashem commands Klal Yisroel to establish a calendar based on the cycle of the moon as opposed to the sun, like most calendars. What is the connection between the moon and the Jewish People? The Sfas Emes explains that the moon can shine through even the darkest of nights. Likewise, the Jewish People are uniquely capable of spreading light in the darkest of places and the darkest of times. What do Rabbi Ekstein, Rabbi Weber, Rabbi Herman and Brany Rosen all have in common? Each one faced a situation of tremendous darkness, and each one responded by spreading light. Similar stories abound. How many stories have we all heard or read about people giving away their last slice of bread during the war so that another person might live? How many people entrust their life savings into free-loan gemachs, so that others might borrow the money they need to get by? Moshe Rabbeinu grew up in the lap of luxury, raised as the son of Paroh. Nevertheless, he saw his brethren suffering slavery and injustice, and he could not stand by. Moshe sacrificed everything he had b’gashmius and ultimately led his people out of bondage. The ability to see past our own pain or our own desires and needs and to reach out and help others is imprinted into our spiritual DNA. May we all tap into this ability and merit the light of the geulah speedily in our days.







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Salmon/ Avocado Roll

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California Cooked Tempura Tuna Salad Roll Roll



Sushi Sandwich

Lion Roll


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Fun Time

Tripple Dippers 1.50 Oz



Breaded Broccoli Kj Poultry

Sliced Smoked Chicken Pastrami, Turkey Roll Croutons, Smoked Turkey & Chicken Croutons, Smoked Chicken Croutons, 6 Oz


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Hi, I’m Pinny, the manager of Newday Here is my number 845-288-3938 Call me if you need anything

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Maple, 10 Pk, 15.1 oz

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Instant Oatmeal




O H W ES R A C When the pain becomes unbearable

When the rounds of chemo seem endless When the nausea overtakes you

SHLOME CARED “TATTY, DON’T FORGET ME, PLEASE DO SOMETHING TO HELP OTHERS WHO SUFFER ALONE.” Those were your words, my son, before you died and you were only seventeen. How many tears we have shed over the years remembering the look in your eyes, your pale, almost transparent skin ... my Shlome... how we miss you ... For three years we had waged a bitter battle together. Three years of sleepless nights and frantic days. We got to know all the doctors who are worth anything anywhere in the U.S. We became experts in all the procedures and got to know all the pros and cons. You fought with incredible courage and, upon realizing the end was near, you decided to win the battle. Instead of succumbing in defeat, you asked us to make this battle a victory by having it bring joy and assistance to others. Instead of making this harrowing experience a blow, we'll just let it be a shining cornerstone of solace and mercy for others. Instead of letting the memory of a dear, beloved child, so full of life and kindness, fade like a sepia photo, we decided to make it last forever as a bastion of strength and true Chessed. We did it and we named it after you, Zichron Shlome Refuah Fund. Today, Zichron Shlome Refuah Fund is one of the largest and most active organizations for cancer stricken people and their families. Today, Zichron Shlome lets countless families know and feel that they are not alone. We have given away hundreds of thousands of dollars to desperate families. We helped pay doctor bills, hospital bills, insurance co-payments, wigs, airfare, transportation, rent, utilities, getaways and more. We pay for homemakers to enable the children to stay at home while their parents are coping with the sick. No, Shlome, we haven't forgotten you and we never will. We did more than that. We made sure that your memory will keep on living by giving others the gift of life and love, just the way you wanted it. We made sure that your name lives on! We have spread the word, ”Nobody Should Ever Suffer Alone.” When one family is experiencing hardships, we all share the pain. Zichron Shlome teaches us that every patient counts, every donor counts, and every donation counts!


When the strong wiil to fight starts to fade When the strength and smile ebb away When the financial strain surmounts the emotional pain When the sleepless nights are haunted by unpaid bills



• Doctor Bills • Medications • Vitamin Therapy • Insurance / Co-pays • Mortage / Rent / Utilites • Ground Transportation • Airfare to Medical Facilities • Wigs • Household Help • Special Retreats • Summer Camps • Purim / Shavuos Gifts • Shabbos Tablecloths for Hospitalized Patients


10% OFF

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IT’S ONE OF THOSE DAYS… LittleOne’s whimpering with an upset stomach, ActiveBoy’s performing his workout on the banister, Preschooler’s barking cough reverberates through the house and BigKid’s conked out on the sofa with yet another virus. And you’re wondering how you’ll get through the day in your overtired state. You’ve had enough. You grab your ever-expanding list for the health-food store and run out, promising your kids that you’ll finally be buying the relief they need. You pace down the alphabetized aisles and easily spot everything you need — according to the recommendations of friends, nutritionists and of course — Bubby. You realize you forgot to ask around regarding supplements for combating your persistent exhaustion. So you ask the salesman, who is happy to point you to some glass bottle he insists “everyone uses.” So

January 17, 2018 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 59 www.themonseyview.com / 845.600.8484

“Our objective isn’t to just give you the vitamins you grab you’re looking for — one of those too; we’re here to give “everyone” can’t be mistaken, can you the results they? You look away as you you’re scribble your signature on the CC pad, deliberately overlooking looking the costs. “If my family will start functioning again,” you for.” soothe your apprehension, “it’ll be all worth it.” But 60 sick-days and $600 later, nothing’s changed — aside from every side effect listed, including dizziness (upon gawking at the bills) and mental confusion (weren’t we supposed to feel better?). Relax, there’s a remedy for that too. But this one actually works. And it comes in the form of an amiable haven of nature by the name of Rise Wellness.


S “This has been my life ever since my teenage years,” recounts Yoel Stein of Rise Wellness. “With numerous medical requisites for health food, remedies, as well as supplements — both preventive and clinical — I had my fair share of tries and fails, hopes and disappointments. These experiences afforded me the opportunity to learn and greatly expand my knowledge in the fields of health and natural medicine.” Like many, Yoel’s quest for health was met with countless frustrations. But on the rocky path he treaded, he also took notice of the many others attempting the same bumpy trek. “I had to do something to make this an easier and more honest journey for everyone else. I did lots of research, became learned in health issues, and in my eighteen years in this field, gained profound insight by the experiences of those in the pursuit of health.” Which is why he furthered his research and is expounding his knowledge and experience at this wellness boutique he launched.


S We all know that medication isn’t a “one size fits all.” But when it comes to supplements, we tend to think of them as universally equal. But since no two people are alike, how can their needs be one and the same? “Rise wasn’t launched as just another health food store.

60 / THE MONSEY VIEW / January 17, 2018 www.themonseyview.com / 845.600.8484

We’re here for you as a wellness boutique, to cater to your individual needs. Sure, you can hop into any health-food shop and grab any vitamin off the shelf, but our objective isn’t just to give you the vitamins you’re looking for — we’re here to give you the results you’re looking for.”


S Most of us have sighed these words in exasperation, whether after months of not seeing results or after having the treated issues crop right back up after discontinuing our supplement regimens. “What am I doing wrong?” you ask yourself time and time again. “In fact, more than half of the customers have this claim,” Yoel says. “They tried everything, but nothing worked. That’s because they fed their body supplements it didn’t need, instead of the specific supplements their body demanded.” This is where the Rise Advisor steps in. “Sometimes it’s as simple as switching brands; one brand may not give you the results you’d get from another brand. I also encourage clients to bring in their blood work when looking for supplements. I take note of the underlying issues and overlooked markers — deficiencies or imbalances — that doctors don’t always point out, for reasons like the levels not (yet) being of clinical importance, or just because there’s no remedy for that issue in the medical field. So although there may not be medication for certain underlying issues, there’s almost always a natural way to combat the issue so you can function at an optimal level. And waiting for an underlying issue to actually reach clinical importance is never a good idea. The sooner you tackle an issue, the easier (and in the long run — cheaper!) it is to relieve it. Here at Rise, we look for the real issues — so that we can offer real solutions.” It’s not for naught that they say, “Early to Rise… makes a person healthy, wealthy and wise!”


S Getting the formula right is one thing. Getting the dosage right is another. “There’s a need for understanding the difference between preventive supplements and clinical supplements. Sometimes it’s a matter of not taking the correct formula, while other times it may simply be a matter of taking incorrect dosages. Taking preventive supplements or dosages when you’re coming down with a virus likely won’t do much. That is why getting the dosage right is one of the key factors in getting the relief you need. “Then there’s the issue of overlapping supplements. We know that vitamin or mineral deficiencies are damaging. But overdoing it can be damaging as well, and surely doesn’t give you the results you’re looking for. And this is an all-too-common occurrence when taking multiple supplements. Which is why we take everything into account and create a personalized regimen, ensuring your body gets what it needs, in the amount it needs.”


S But suppose you really did take the correct supplements at the correct dosages. And still nothing. Is there anything else out there that can really help? Worry not, there is. In his years of research, Yoel didn’t merely research remedies and dosages, but quality also came under his scrutiny. “Most brands,” he admits, “cut costs to heighten profits. Cutting costs is okay, but too often, quality gets c o m - promised. Generally, for preventive supplements, it won’t make much of a difference. But when your body begs for a bit more TLC, these brands just won’t do.” This is where professional brand vitamins make all the difference. “You won’t find this in most health-food stores, because it’s marketed only to licensed profession-

62 / THE MONSEY VIEW / January 17, 2018 www.themonseyview.com / 845.600.8484

It’s not for naught that they say, “Early to als. But you will find Rise… makes a it at Rise Wellness. And the qualperson healthy, ity and potency of the wealthy and professional brand supplements far outweigh any wise!” other brand. This stuff works!” RAW ON THE RISE

S Though vitamins and supplements are vital, there’s nothing as beneficial as raw nutrition. Which is why Rise offers freshly squeezed juices as well as freshly baked spelt goods. “You may have seen juice bars before. You may have even tried those. But while freshly squeezed juice may seem as pure as their origins, the heat given off by the juicing blades kills a great deal of the benefits you think you’re getting from the produce. Which is why we use a hydraulic press in the juicing of our fresh fruits and vegetables. So the delicious drink flowing into your bottle retains all the vitamins and minerals as it did in its solid, natural form.” Whether as a refreshing snack, a boost on-the-go or as a multiple-day juice cleanse to reset your body, there’s nothing quite as satisfying to both your discerning taste and equally discerning body. As Dr. Axe says: “If you want to prevent [illness], then eat like you have [illness].”


S One of the chief reasons customers return to Rise Wellness time and again is due to their unparalleled pricing, including their price-match guarantee. “Living this lifestyle,” admits Yoel, “I know how basic the need for health is. Supplements aren’t a luxury — and they shouldn’t be. We strive to give our community the health they need — at prices they can afford.” It’s natural for parents to think of their children first, to sacrifice everything — even their own health — for that of their children. But healthy parents make healthy children, and Rise knows that well. So you no longer must choose between paying for your own supplements or those of your children. Take care of yourself, and Rise will do the rest — with a free monthly supply of vitamins for each of your children — for the entire year! It’s easier to build up a child than it is to repair an adult. Rise will build, so you won’t need to repair.

Raise healthy kids with Rise. Rise Wellness is on a mission to encourage children to practice healthy routines. That’s why we’ve made it easy, free and fun!

Get a month’s supply of free children’s vitamins with your monthly purchase. Have your child chart every day that they take their vitamins

Come in with your kids or call to redeem their prize and to enter the grand prize drawing! Call us or come into the store to receive a welcome package & to register your child.







Organized by

845.558.4524 organizedbychaya@gmail.com

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From Wall to Window Painting a Picture of Light amid Darkness Based on a Lecture by Rabbi Zecharia Wallerstein


As Mr. Lefkowitz began to get on in years, he decided that it would be best if he moved into a nursing home. There he could receive all the assistance he needed and be supervised by doctors and nurses around the clock. Aside from age, Mr. Lefkowitz faced another complication — his inability to walk around freely. Having lost his legs earlier in life due to a disease, he would move from place to place using a wheelchair, yet that did not take away from his optimistic attitude. As a wealthy man in his own right, he was the only gentleman in the nursing facility who had a room to himself, but that was soon to change when the head of the nursing home approached Mr. Lefkowitz with a request. “We have a man who would like to move into our home, yet there are no available rooms at the moment. Would it be possible for him to move in with you for one month?” Lefkowitz, a sweet and considerate man, happily complied. And so, the next day, there was Mr. Friedman situated in the room, across from Mr. Lefkowitz. Wishing to welcome his new roommate, Lefkowitz got into his wheelchair and rolled over to Friedman’s bed. “Hi!” Lefkowitz said with a big smile. “Friedman, you’re my new roommate for a month! It’s going to be great. I can just imagine that we will become best friends.”

66 / THE MONSEY VIEW / January 17, 2018 www.themonseyview.com / 845.600.8484

While Lefkowitz was full of joy and excitement, Friedman was just the opposite. A miserable, grizzly old man, he had no interest in talking to Lefkowitz. “Can you please get away from my bed?” shouted Friedman. Getting the message loud and clear, Lefkowitz slowly made his way back to his side of the room. “He just needs a little time,” figured Lefkowitz. “I’m sure he will warm up soon.” Later that night, Lefkowitz heard the sound of sobbing. Looking over across the room and seeing Friedman crying, Lefkowitz immediately got into his wheelchair and rolled over to Friedman. “Friedman, what happened? Why are you crying?” “Please get away from me!” said Friedman. “Can’t you tell what my problem is?” Unsure what Friedman was referring to, Lefkowitz just sat there in silence. “I’m blind!” said Friedman, “and I don’t want to hear your stories. Please don’t come over to me and act like you’re the happiest man alive. Five years ago, I lost my eyesight, and since then I haven’t been able to see my children and grandchildren. Just do me a favor. Let me just live as I am in my dark world.” Lefkowitz, listening to Friedman’s story, was left in a total state of shock. Rolling back toward his bed, all Lefkowitz could think about was what he could do for Friedman. Within a few minutes, there was Lefkowitz back at the bedside of Friedman. “Friedman!” called out Lefkowitz, “I have an idea in mind. You are blind, and I have no legs. In a couple

weeks from now, when we will be good friends, you know what we can do? You can place me on your shoulders and we will go all around the nursing home cheering people up. I will be your eyes and you will be my feet. We will be the funniest pair in this entire facility.” Not receiving any response from Friedman, Lefkowitz continued. “But if you are not in the mood for that right now, I’ll tell you something else. I have been an artist my whole life and have a keen perception for detail. So let me do you a favor. I will go over to the window every day and be your eyes. Whatever I see outside, I will describe to you. We’ll try it out for two days. If afterward you no longer want me to describe the outside view to you, I will immediately stop. Just give it a little bit of time.” To Lefkowitz’s delight, Friedman agreed to the plan. The next morning, at 5:30 a.m., Lefkowitz woke up and called out to Friedman. “Sunrise, sunrise…! It’s pretty dark out there, but I see a little pink… Just off to the north, there is a large cloud… and there is a man walking a dog…” Describing in vivid detail everything he saw, Lefkowitz covered the entire panoramic view from the woman holding the umbrella, to the fire hydrant, to the trees, benches and children playing in the park. This continued for some time that day, as well as the following day. And then for a third day, and then a week and then a month. Friedman was absolutely mesmerized by Lefkowitz’s descriptions and began to slowly but surely take a liking to him. Sure enough, within a short while, Friedman and Lefkowitz were best friends and remained roommates way after the first month was up. And there they were. Running up and down the halls of the nursing home cheering up everyone they came across, and besides for having a great time themselves, everyone else was too. This went on for a year, with Lefkowitz talking about the snowflakes, the changing color of the leaves and everything else in between. Friedman could not get enough of Lefkowitz’s optimism and beautiful depiction of the world he saw. One morning, Friedman called over Lefkowitz. “Lefki,” he said, “for my whole life until five years ago, I was able to see like everyone else. But I have to tell you something. I never saw a sunrise in my whole life, I never looked so closely at a snowflake and I never appreciated the beauty of a tree blooming in the spring. Being blind in this room with you, I have seen more than I did when


Editorial Director of TorahAnytime.com

I had my eyesight. I would just like to thank you.” Listening to the kind words of Friedman, Lefkowitz let out a smile. As could be imagined, Friedman’s mood by now had entirely changed, and the friendship he enjoyed with Lefkowitz was cherished above all else. One morning, Friedman awoke slightly later than usual. Having a feeling that he had overslept and wondering why Lefkowitz had not woken him up earlier, he called out across the room, “Lefki, where are you? It’s late. Did you oversleep?” But there was no response. Panicking, Friedman called over the nurse. “Nurse, where’s Lefkowitz?” “I am very sorry to tell you, Mr. Friedman,” the nurse said, “but Mr. Lefkowitz passed away last night. He had a heart attack in the middle of the night while you were sleeping, and we did not want to wake you. We rushed him to the hospital, where he passed away.” Friedman could not believe his ears. “The funeral is today,” continued the nurse, “at 11 o’clock.” “What time is it now?” panicked Friedman. “I must go to his funeral!” “It is 9:30,” said the nurse. “If you would like, we can make arrangements for you to attend.” Friedman remained in bed, shocked, but still had one more request to make before the nurse left the room. “Nurse, could you please do me a favor? In memory of my friend Lefki, can you go over to the window and describe what you see outside? Is it raining? Are there clouds? Lefki used to do this for me every morning. If you could please do me this favor and just let me know what is going on.” Standing there a bit confused, the nurse said, “I’m sorry, but what exactly would you like me to do?” “You know,” repeated Friedman, “go over to the window and describe what you see.” The nurse looked back at Mr. Friedman with a blank stare. “Mr. Friedman, I am very sorry, but there is no window in this room.” Friedman was confused. “What do you mean?” he asked. “Don’t play around with me. There’s no way that can be true! Every morning, Lefkowitz would tell me in such great detail everything that was going on!” Asking the nurse to help him out of bed, Friedman proceeded to inch his way toward Lefkowitz’s bed and began touching the wall all around in search of a window. But he could not find one anywhere.

Like this article? Watch/listen/download the video/audio version of this Torah class from Rabbi Schachter and thousands of others by top Torah scholars at TorahAnytime.com or the TorahAnytime App. Also, visit our webpage to subscribe to the acclaimed weekly TorahAnyTimes Parsha Newsletter featuring the best stories, insights and lessons from renowned speakers. All content is free and updated daily.

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And then Friedman realized what Lefkowitz had been doing. “I cannot believe it,” he said. “For an entire year, Lefkowitz stood by a wall and pretended it was a window. He was describing such spectacular sights when all he was doing was looking at a wall!” Friedman could not believe that this was true, but it was. At the funeral of Mr. Lefkowitz, Friedman asked if he could say a few words. “If the Jewish Nation knew who Mr. Lefkowitz was, this would be a funeral similar to the funeral of the greatest of leaders,” he said. “And that is because my dear friend, Mr. Lefkowitz, did something for me that no one can imagine. Every single day for the past year, he would sit in front of a wall and turn it into a window. He would share a world with me that even when I could see, I didn’t see. He would describe the beauty of the world and open a window that didn’t exist. I will forever be grateful and indebted to him. He not only turned the physical wall in front of me into a window; he turned my life, which was a wall, into a window.” Every single Jew holds the capability of taking somebody else’s wall and making it a window. We can take the wall of one who is undergoing a challenging time and create a window full of breathtaking color and opportunity. We can become the artists who add color to the dark life of a fellow Jew who is distant from Hashem, depressed or grumpy, and enlighten their world to the true beauty of life and its endless potential. And even if we ourselves do not have our own window, but struggle with our own problems and have our own wall to deal with, we can take that wall, which we, along with so many others, stare into, and turn it into a window of beauty, of opportunity and of meaning. Rabbi Zecharia Wallerstein is the founder of Ohr Yitzchak, Ateres Naava Seminary for Girls and Ohr Naava Women’s Institute in Brooklyn, N.Y. Ohr Naava is a unique program designed for women ages 17 through 120 who are interested in furthering their Torah experience. The program, under the leadership of Rabbi Zecharia Wallerstein, started out as a Wednesday evening class in a small classroom known as a “Chabura.” It brought together girls who had just returned from studying in Israel, college students who needed a weekly moment of inspiration, and most of all, Jews of different backgrounds with one common goal: to grow and change. The signature of Ohr Naava is to provide a multitude of programs, absolutely free of charge, for women wishing to make the time to grow, change and further their Torah knowledge.

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C U S TO M H AU T E CO U T U R E | D R E S S E S | E V E N I N G W E A R

STORE HOURS: By appointment only ADDRESS: 12 Parker Blvd, Monsey



PHONE: 845-642-5440

Lim'ore Boutique Lim'ore Boutique


Compiled by: Sandy Eller

Area Hospitals Unaffected by Nationwide Shortage of IV Bags, Say Officials LOCAL HOSPITALS say that they are not experiencing any serious problems despite a nationwide shortage of intravenous saline solutions caused by the particularly difficult hurricane season combined with this winter’s severe flu outbreak. Baxter International, a major supplier of IV saline solutions, sustained major damage at its three manufacturing plants located in Puerto Rico. FiercePharma reported that the Food and Drug Administration intervened in November, getting the Baxter plants bumped to the top of the list to have electrical power restored after Puerto Rico’s electrical grid was decimated by Hurricane Irma in October. According to The Journal News, this year’s flu season has been intense, with an 86 percent increase during the last week of December in the number of people hospitalized due to the virus, but both Good Samaritan Hospital and Nyack Hospital are reporting that patient care has not been affected by the diminished supply of IV bags. “The national shortage has had

no impact on patient care at Good Samaritan Hospital or any of the facilities in our ten-hospital network,” said Helene Guss, director of communications for the Westchester Medical Center Health Network, which includes the Suffern facility. IV bags have been in short supply at Nyack Hospital where medical staff has resorted to using alternative methods to administer medications, which include using larger IV bags so that fewer bags are required or

giving certain medications via injections instead of through IV bags. With all of Baxter’s facilities now up and running after being reconnected to the electrical grid, the shortage is expected to improve shortly. The FDA has also given two more companies its approval to sell the bags and is allowing Baxter to temporarily import sterile fluids from overseas factories in order to increase the diminished supply of IV bags.

Police Drones: Coming Soon to Skies Near You YOU MIGHT BE USED to looking in your rearview mirror for state troopers, but the New York State Police will be launching its first aerial drones this month in order to enhance public safety and assist in natural disaster response. The State Police Unmanned Aerial System program was announced last week by Governor Andrew Cuomo and will encompass four areas served by the state police, including Troop F which is based in Middle-

72 / THE MONSEY VIEW / January 17, 2018 www.themonseyview.com / 845.600.8484

town and covers Rockland, Orange, Sullivan, Ulster and Green Counties. According to the governor, 14 more drones will be deployed by April and will be used for law enforcement and public safety missions, with faster response times and the ability to navigate dangerous situations better than their manned counterparts. They will also be used to document and reconstruct serious automobile accidents, which will get roads opened faster, benefiting mo-

torists. Officers who operate the drones will be required to undergo 32 hours of hands-on training and will be FAA certified. “This state-of-the-art technology will improve emergency response, improve operational and cost efficiencies and increase trooper safety,” said Cuomo. “We will continue to implement innovative technologies to improve our ability to protect New Yorkers across this great state.”

Planning for the future’s easier with a team.

Our team of insurance and financial professionals are here to help you be good at life.














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t hro

pa r en t s â–Ş F

by t h e E I P r o

gr a

Mode Design | 845.425.3064


EI Class



no c o s t t o the


The Early Intervention program is contracted and publicly funded by the NYSDOH and RCDOH 845-364-2032. The EI services are provided at no out of pocket costs to parents.




REGISTER TODAY!! !www.campagudahtoronto.com | 416-781-7101 | campagudah@rogers.com January 17, 2018 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 75 www.themonseyview.com / 845.600.8484

Secrets Teaching



The PIESTM approach to Mastering Leadership

Grow Your Physical Intellectual Emotional Spiritual Capacity

rd Earlybi Special

Live Interactive Forum Gain from worldwide expertise. This experience will nurture you with support, encouragement and guidance.

Mrs S. R. Weber


has taught thousands of students, and hundreds of teachers how to succeed.

t for the firs n a ts. 50 particip

Nurture your neshama’s calling and feel Hashem’s guidance in a tangible way Practical tools to help you work smarter, not harder Catapult your teaching to the next level Motivate your students to invest, grow and glow Discipline with ease, balancing love and limits. Weekly Q&A sessions included

Program begins IY’’H February 5, Ĕčĥ Äė This course is endorsed by Rabonim and Educators.

Participate from the comfort and privacy of your home.

Secure hotline

For a free demo, information and registration please call: 646.357.1234

By: Leah Stern

Backpack Snacks

The classic apple, pretzels and chips are the most common snacks that get stuffed into briefcases daily. But which kid doesn’t enjoy a change, especially one that is loaded with Mommy’s love? I have memories of a dear friend and classmate who used to come to school daily with what appeared to us as a bag of at least six fresh chocolate cupcakes, which she’d generously share — and she was one of six siblings or more who received the same snack lovingly prepared by their mother in the wee hours of the morning. You, too, can make wonderful, warm memories.

January 17, 2018 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 77 www.themonseyview.com / 845.600.8484

FRESHLY POPPED POPCORN Down to the very last kernel As kids, our most common take-along snack was popcorn. We’d enjoy to hear the popping sound as we sat around the breakfast table, and would later feel Mommy’s love as we munched and shared the abundance during recess time. Popcorn pops best in a heavybottomed pot. I use an 8-quart Farberware pot. And never leave the kitchen while making popcorn. Trust me, I’ve had my experiences of a smoky kitchen and burned pots.

INGREDIENTS: ⅓ cup oil 1¼ cup popcorn seeds

DIRECTIONS: 1. Heat empty pot on high heat. 2. Add oil and 3 to 4 popcorn kernels.

#1 SALTY Salt to taste with a fine-consistency salt, such as Diamond Crystal fine salt.

#2 SPICEY 3 T. fine salt 1½ T. sugar 2 T. paprika ½ tsp. cayenne pepper


½ tsp. white pepper

2½ tsp. salt

1 tsp. cornstarch

3 T. sugar

Combine all ingredients in a spice jar and sprinkle over popcorn as desired.

Combine and pour over popcorn.

3. Wait to hear the kernels pop after approximately a minute to a minute and a half. 4. Add the rest of the seeds and cover the lid tightly. 5. Allow kernels to pop until you no longer hear the steady popping sound. 6. Remove pot from flame immediately, and transfer to a large bowl or large brown paper bag. 7. Season with seasoning of your choice.

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CHOCOLATE GRANOLA STICKS INGREDIENTS: 1 cup oil 2 cups brown sugar 1¼ cups honey 2 T. vanilla sugar 4 eggs 2 cups flour

Wholesome, delicious and chock-full of goodness, this makes for an especially appropriate snack for those who tend to skip breakfast. Not all children like the slightly bitter taste of sunflower seeds. You can replace them with an extra half cup of chopped nuts.

3 T. cocoa 1 tsp. baking powder 2 tsp. cinnamon ¼ tsp. salt 2½ cups oats 1½ cups rice krispies 1 cup craisins ½ cup chopped nuts 1 cup chocolate chips ¼ cup sesame seeds 1 cup shredded coconut ½ cup sunflower seeds

DIRECTIONS: 1. Preheat oven to 350°. 2. Mix oil, sugars and honey on high speed until well combined. 3. Add eggs and mix. Lower speed of mixer and add flour, cocoa, baking powder, cinnamon and salt. 4. Add the rest of the ingredients, mixing until evenly distributed. 5. Spread batter on lined cookie sheet and bake 45 to 50 minutes. 6. Allow to cool and cut into bars of desired size.

January 17, 2018 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 79 www.themonseyview.com / 845.600.8484

CEREAL TRAIL MIX Treat your children to a wholesome snacking experience. The baking adds crispness to the cereals, giving them a fresh and crunchy flavor. If your family enjoys falafel flavor, sprinkle on some cumin after baking. Do not attempt to bake all ingredients in one pan. That was my first try, and the wheat squares soaked up all the oils and spices.

INGREDIENTS: 4 cups Taanug Wheat Squares 4 cups Arrowhead Mills Puffed Corn 1 5-ounce package BB Thin Whole-Wheat Pretzel Sticks 4 ounces oil 2½ tsp. salt ½ tsp. black pepper 1 tsp. paprika 4 cloves garlic, quartered, or garlic powder

DIRECTIONS: 1. Preheat oven to 300°. 2. Mix oil with spices and garlic. 3. Place wheat squares in a 9x13 pan. Puffed corn and pretzels should be placed in a separate 9x13 pan. 4. Pour less than half of the oil mixture onto the wheat squares and mix. 5. Pour the remaining oil mixture over the pretzels and puffed corns. 6. Bake for 30 minutes, stirring every ten minutes 7. Mix contents of both pans together, and enjoy!



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Have you ever found yourself spending too much time in the snack aisle in search of snacks that are at least somewhat healthy, perusing their labels intently in an attempt to decode which of the hundreds of packages will pass your basically-healthy-snack test? With every other snack bag boasting phrases like “baked, not fried,” “multigrain” or “low-fat,” you’re still left with endless options and are no closer to any real clarity. You may have found yourself muttering “never mind” and hopelessly filling your cart with whichever snacks were most readily available. Finding healthy snack options can indeed be stressful. The key answer here lies in the ingredients, not in the labels. For example, a bag of potato chips, containing just potatoes, oil and salt, may be a healthier option than hot-and-spicy multigrain chips with a jaw-breaking ingredient list practically as long as the bag itself. And when in doubt, consider snacks containing hard-to-pronounce ingredients your foes. Except quinoa; quinoa’s your friend. To spare you the time, I strolled down the snack aisle and went through each of the common snacks, one by one, comparing their ingredients and filtering them down to a list of what I’ll call “least unhealthy snack options” priced within the modest budget. Of course, snacks like fruits, nuts (when possible) and home-baked granola bars are healthier options. But that isn’t always feasible. So go ahead and stock that snack box at home, and leave your unease back on the grocery shelves.

POPCORN A classic snack, popcorn satiates the crunch crave in a healthy way. Having been dubbed “the only 100% whole-grain snack,” popcorn’s benefits exceed those of most classic snacks. With just popcorn kernels, oil and salt, its ingredient list easily outranks the others! Though it may be higher in sodium, it also contains more fiber than most chips — a noteworthy benefit. Though flavored chips are generally not recommended, the Sunrise brand offers all-natural spiced popcorn, so go ahead and munch on barbeque and onion-garlic goodness guilt-free!

CORN CHIPS AND TORTILLA CHIPS Unflavored corn chips and tortilla chips also top the list with their mere three ingredients: corn, oil and salt. Although these chips don’t provide large amounts of any one vitamin, they still offer a decent amount of phosphorus and magnesium, both of which are essential trace minerals. With 19 grams of carbohydrates appearing high, corn chips in fact has a low glycemic index of 42, which means it won’t spike your sugar levels, but rather result in slowreleased energy to take you through the day.

88 / THE MONSEY VIEW / January 17, 2018 www.themonseyview.com / 845.600.8484

SOY CHIPS Soy chips scored high on this list with its short and simple ingredient list, as well as its benefits. Unflavored, it contains just four ingredients: soy flour, rice pieces, oil and salt. Soy chips is a great source of protein — at seven grams! — making for a great energy-boosting snack with fuel to last through a good chunk of the day. Additionally, its 10 percent daily value of iron, 9 percent fiber and significant amounts of folic acid and calcium make soy chips a rather beneficial munch!

January 17, 2018 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 89 www.themonseyview.com / 845.600.8484

Crunching Down Some Snacking Myths MULTIGRAIN SNACKS ARE HEALTHIER FOR YOU. It’s whole grain you should be looking for, not multigrain. Though they may seem nearly identical, they suggest very different things. Multigrain simply implies that it includes more than one grain, like rice, corn and wheat, for example. On the other hand, whole grain implies that the grain is in its wholegrain form, like whole-wheat bread, whole-grain rice, etc. Whole grains provide many nutritional benefits and make for a wonderful food choice.

SWEET POTATOES ARE HEALTHIER THAN POTATOES. Contrary to popular belief, sweet potatoes aren’t the “whole-grain” version of potatoes. There sure are many healthful properties in sweet potatoes, but it isn’t necessarily a super-food. And its shunned counterpart, the “regular” potato, in fact, has nutritional benefits too, with higher contents of several vitamins and minerals compared to the glorified sweet potato! So here too, opt for the one with healthier ingredients rather than turning a blind eye for the sake of eating sweet potatoes. A bit of both, rather than a lot of just one, is what makes for a balanced diet.

BAKED CHIPS ARE HEALTHIER THAN FRIED. Though we may wish to believe so, commercial factories don’t bake their snacks like we bake ours in our little kitchens. Manufacturers are here to make their snacks taste good — and they’ll do whatever it takes to achieve that perfection, oftentimes with additives that aren’t necessary with traditional fried snacks. Baking may also result in compromised health properties. For example, baked potato chips contain less vitamin C, have a considerably higher sodium content, and may also contain high amounts of acrylamide compared to traditional fried potato chips. Acrylamide, a cancercausing chemical, forms when high-carb foods (like potatoes) are heated at high temperatures.* And since frying requires less heating time, the fried chip comes out the least affected. So although baked chips may save you some calories and fat, you’ll still be chomping down on some less pleasant alternatives. It all boils down to portion control. Mindless munching on a family-sized bag of multigrain or whole-grain, sweet potato or white potato, baked or fried chips easily piles on unhealthy amounts of calories, fat and those impossible-to-pronounce foes. *Source: cancer.gov


HONEY BRAIDED PRETZEL TWISTS A twist on the standard pretzels, honey braided pretzels make for a more appealing choice. The ingredients are: enriched wheat/whole-wheat flour, sugar, brown sugar, vegetable oil, honey, salt and yeast. This makes for a filling snack and provides a host of other benefits, like four grams of protein, two grams of fiber, 15 percent daily value of iron and impressive amounts of minerals, including thiamin, niacin, riboflavin and folate.

GOLDEN FLUFF WHOLE-GRAIN NOM NOMS AND ANIMAL CRACKERS I listed them together since their ingredient lists and nutrition facts are nearly identical. Of the countless cookie options compared, these two were winners. With simple ingredients and fairly healthful advantages, these are fun and appealing options for kids. Though their basic ingredient lists may be longer, they’re still quite simple compared to the other cookies. Their ingredients are: whole-wheat flour, bleached and enriched flour, sugar, oil, invert sugar, brown sugar, natural flavor, soy lecithin, leavening, salt, dextrose, egg whites and flavors or chocolate chips according to flavor. The wholegrain benefits make these a sweet choice for the sweet tooth.

January 17, 2018 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 91 www.themonseyview.com / 845.600.8484

POTATO CHIPS Though the potato chip has gotten a bad rap, it actually found its place on this list! With just three ingredients — potatoes, oil and salt, its ingredients are of the simplest in the chips basket! Its offshoots, potato sticks and/or fries, have identical ingredient lists and nearly identical nutrition facts and may be healthier since they take longer to consume, resulting in a greater sense of fullness, as well as easier digestion. Potato chips are also on the lower range in sodium content versus many other chips, averaging at only 110 milligram (five percent daily value) per serving.

VEGGIE STRAWS AKA FLUTES This potato veggie medley is a good option for when kids are looking for a “colorful” snack. You may have expected this snack to top our list because — vegetables! But the truth is that the paltry amounts of actual vegetables thrown in is pretty insignificant, less than the amount of salt in the chips! Let’s think of the vegetables rather as healthy food coloring, which is pretty much the purpose it serves in these. So we’re evaluating this as a potato snack, with its ingredient list reading: potato starch, potato flour, oil, salt, dehydrated vegetables, cane sugar and turmeric (a very healthy spice, in fact!). Veggie straws offers impressive amounts of calcium (10 percent daily value), potassium (12 percent) and small amounts of vitamin D. So although this may not have been what you expected of a veggie snack, veggie straws still make for a fairly wholesome snack.

POTATO POPPERS This has found itself lower on the list compared to potato chips because of its less basic ingredients. Whereas potato chips are just potatoes, oil and salt, potato poppers contain: potato flakes, potato pieces, potato starch, oil, soy flour, malic acid and salt. It still has earned its “least-unhealthy snack option” name by containing no significantly harmful ingredients. Although its ingredient list may be more complex than that of potato chips, it does contain reduced amounts of fat, at two and a half grams per serving, versus the 10 grams per serving of potato chips. There are some brands, like Landau’s, who offer all-natural spiced versions.

CORN POPS This melt-in-your-mouth snack also earned its place on our list by merit of its containing merely three ingredients: corn meal, vegetable oil and salt. It doesn’t provide significant amounts of any vitamins or minerals, but you do get the benefit of sparing your body the harmful junk of most other snacks. So long as you stick to the unflavored varieties, of course.

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‫וויפיל‬ ‫שלאפלאזע‬ ‫נעכט‬ ‫גע‬

‫דעק ט‬


‫ינ שו ר‬

‫פ ו לק‬

‫ע נס‬


‫י פ ו ן אפ‬ ‫י‬

‫צ‬ ‫אל‬


‫צייט און כח‬ ‫האט אייער‬ ‫טאטע אייך‬ ‫געשאנקען?‬

‫י ע צ ט א י ז ד י צ י י ט צ ו ר י ק צ ו צ א לן !‬ ‫שענקט אייער פאטער געשמאקע טעג און נעכט‪" .‬שנות חיים" וועט אים סערווירן‬ ‫שעות פון תענוג וקורת רוח וועלכע וועלן מאכן יעדן איינציגן טאג‪ ,‬א געשמאקע‬ ‫לעבעדיגע און זיסע דערקוויקעניש‪ .‬עס קומט זיך פאר אייער פאטער דאס בעסטע!‬


‫חיים‬ ‫‪SHNOIS‬‬ ‫‪CHAIM‬‬

‫‪A P R O J E C T O F H A M A S P I K‬‬

‫גייסטרייכע לעבעדיגע‬ ‫שיעורי תורה מיט לחיים‪,‬‬ ‫קאווע און לעקאך‬

‫שפאנענדע גאסט‬ ‫רעדנערס אויף עניני‬ ‫דיומא און ציענדע נושאים‬

‫נארהאפטיגע פרישע‬ ‫ווארעמע מאלצייטן‬ ‫סערווירט‬

‫טעגליכע מנין‬ ‫מנחה‬

‫חילוץ עצמות –‬ ‫דערפרישנדע איבונגען‬ ‫סעסיעס מיט געשמאק‬

‫און נאך אסאך!‬

‫טראנספארטאציע‬ ‫צוגעשטעלט‬ ‫אין פראכטפולן "המספיק‬ ‫טערעס" זאל‪ 58 ,‬רוט ‪59‬‬

‫פאר מער אינפארמאציע‬ ‫און רעגיסטראציע רופט‬

‫ק ו מ ט א ר י י ן ! א יב ע ר צ י יג ט א י י ך א ל י י נ ס‪. . .‬‬


January 17, 2018 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 95 www.themonseyview.com / 845.600.8484

96 / THE MONSEY VIEW / January 17, 2018 www.themonseyview.com / 845.600.8484

They say kids will be kids, but we can skip the cliche and say that kids have always been kids! The classic games you played were the same your parents and grandparents played, and many date back hundreds or even thousands of years. They seem to have passed from one generation to the next practically by osmosis, regardless of century and continent, because do you remember having been taught these games? Neither do I! They simply exist as part of childhood, as surely as scuffed shoes and missing teeth. Hide-and-Seek This classic can be played in any place, indoors and out, and with any number of players. It starts with whoever is “It” trying very hard not to peek while the other players scatter. And so the count begins: “One, two, three…!” This game has many versions and is a go-to activity for children the world over. In the basic version, the seeker tries to find all hidden players, and the first to be found is the next round’s seeker. In another version, the players try to reach safe “home base” before being found, and in yet another version, the players found join the seeker in finding the remaining players. In another adaption, there is one hider who then gets joined by each seeker who finds him. The equivalent of this game was first recorded by Greek writer Julius Pollux almost two thousand years ago, but it seems as though it has evolved into a modern version in Greece as well.

January 17, 2018 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 97 www.themonseyview.com / 845.600.8484

Blindman’s Buff While we may have played Marco Polo, a variant of blindman’s buff, who doesn’t remember the thrill of being led around, blindfolded, until even the most familiar of areas turns into a space full of all sorts of obstacles and unknown corners? Like hide-and-seek, records of Blindman’s Buff date back to approximately 2,000 years ago in Greece. This game is also played all over the world and is known in each country by a different name. In Europe, especially, the names vary almost comically: In Italy it is known as mosca cieca (blind fly), in

An illustration in a 1912 Chinese elementary student’s schoolbook

Germany as blindekug (blind cow), in Sweden as blindbock (blind buck) and in Spain as gallina ciega (blind hen). Marco Polo is a game similar to blindman’s buff, but is most commonly played in a pool. The great explorer Marco Polo grew up in Venice, which may explain the game’s association with water. Hopscotch When the sun comes out in the summer, so does the chalk, and soon sidewalks and driveways are full of hopscotch courts — at least until the next rainfall. This game was first known to English speakers as “scotch-hop” or “scotch-hoppers” for the children who would “hop” over the “scotch,” which means an incised line or scratch. Mention of scotch-hop was recorded as early as the seventeenth century in both one edition of Poor Robin’s Almanack and in a manuscript of Book of Games. While this game was actually first played in what is now the United Kingdom, it was created by Romans based in Britain during the era of the Roman Empire. The original hopscotch courts were over 100

98 / THE MONSEY VIEW / January 17, 2018 www.themonseyview.com / 845.600.8484

Come newest Visit oursee Boro Parkled three-floor show room! patented fixture 10,000 Special consideration for lumens. decorators/designers.



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feet long and were used for military exercises by foot-soldiers training in full armor! Roman children, watching the military train, would draw their own, smaller courts, and so the game spread throughout Europe and beyond. Some versions of hopscotch have “London” written in the last square to represent the very end of the Great North Road, a 400mile road from Glasgow to London the Roman military used. Jumping Games Jump rope, used as a fitness tool or game, dates back a few thousand years to when Egyptians used vines for jumping. Some researchers have also found records of jump roping in ancient China, but the jump rope we play is probably based on the Egyptian version, which spread through Europe, all the way up to the Netherlands. In North America, jump rope was then introduced by these early Dutch settlers, which is probably why one of the most common jump rope games is called “double Dutch.” Jump rope is as popular now as it was centuries ago, and for inner-city children in the mid-1900s especially, jump rope was the game of choice because anyone could find a rope to play with. Chinese jump rope, which can be traced back to the seventh century, is a combination of string games, hopscotch and jump rope. It took until the mid- to late-1900s for the game to spread to other countries, and today it is a popular favorite of children the world over. Ball From the tiny squash ball to the full-size basketball, the world of sports played with a ball (or two) is huge. Whether played pro (think baseball, football, basketball or volleyball) or in our own backyards (think monkey-in-the-middle, elimination, dodgeball or machanayim) many outdoor sports involve balls, and it seems to have been this way for centuries • THE GREEKS Here again the credit goes to Greek writer Julius Pollux for mentioning ball games in his works, but not many details remain regarding rules and methods of play. Apparently, the Greeks, in line with the gymnasiums and sports they’re known for, viewed playing ball as a less intense physical exercise and activity, and that’s why it was usually the children who played these games. Records mention putting the ball on the ground, tossing it in the air and some sort of game that involved feinting. A game Pollux describes in greater detail most closely resembles football played today. • THE ROMANS According to researchers, there were three types of balls ancient Romans played with. There was the pila, their smallestsized ball used for simple tossing and catching; the paganica, a heavy feather-filled ball; and finally the follis, a large ball filled with air that was played by players wearing gauntlets, a heavy glove used to strike the ball.

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STAMPS Something that never quite goes out of style, a stamp collections is a conglomeration of used and new, colorful designs and antiquelooking ones. Deep down in our young imaginations, each of us had this dream that one day we would find a rare stamp, and our collection would not only be a fun pastime, but actually our ticket to the world of the rich. Who knows, maybe there is something worthwhile tucked into my album? It’s in my basement storage still, the one collection I never parted with in the quiet hope that maybe there’s something there not worth getting rid of.

SANDYLION STICKERS These sheets of three squares of the most fun stickers sets with perforated lines for trading and sharing, were a very important part of our elementary



Remember those pads, which we’d delightfully trade, that came in various shapes, vivid colors and schoolish designs? The crayon box, the apples in different colors, the school bus with the smiling student faces and the trademark blackboard are some designs that sparked my imagination — and now, my memory. And when the teacher had a sign on the wall to match, there was just nothing more exciting than that. Available in sets of large and small, those were the cutest things ever created. There’s just one unsolved mystery: How many small papers have the value of one big one?

Although this favorite kitten had her more popular seasons, it’s one of those timeless brands that are never quite fully out of style. I do recall, though, the times when trading

104 / THE MONSEY VIEW / January 17, 2018 www.themonseyview.com / 845.600.8484

“Class dismissed!” The recess bell would ring, and out would come our snacks, the jump ropes — and our albums. Some years it was more “in” and other years less so, but an integral part of recess time throughout our school years was most definitely our albums and our shoe boxes holding that year’s fads. We’d delightfully barter our goods as we weighed and considered while amassing colored little papers and stickers and knick-knacks of delight. Enjoy this trip down memory lane as we explore the items students collected over the past 20 years or so.

school years. And fun attributes only brought up the value. Did you have a “feely” sheet, one that had scented stickers or were yours glittery? You probably were able to get two of the standard kind for just one of those. If you were even contemplating parting with them, that is. And every basic collection included the birthday cake set!

stationery sets — envelopes, small and large papers and all — was all the rage. Personally, my most cherished stationery set was the one that gave off a strawberry or orange scent when scratched.

HI BEARY Capturing the minds of children everywhere who filled up albums with this delightful character, this cute little bear was on paper and envelope sets, and also on different notepads. The minis came in round, triangular, and also in rectangular wedged pads with papers that got bigger and bigger. (A sheet from the back of the book was all that more valuable than a front one for savvy traders everywhere.) My sister fondly recalls having her eyes on a particular set in my album, one of Hi Beary leisurely swinging outside. I should’ve let her have it all those years ago. Had I done so, I would probably still be her favorite sister today!

LISA FRANK Colorful rainbows of fun followed us everywhere for a while on stickers, pencils, pens and notepads. While I was personally past the stage of collecting those myself, I was a pretty frequent buyer of Lisa Frank stationery. How else would I convince my nieces to stay in bed while on babysitting duty?

January 17, 2018 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 105 www.themonseyview.com / 845.600.8484



Another standard collection that has been in students’ pencil cases every few years, these came in the most intricate and fun shapes as well as in intriguing multi-piece ones. (I’m remembering a particular fruit set, a proper puzzle and a cell phone, but the variety was endless!)

At one point, stationery took backstage and napkins entered the trading scene. Oh, what a colorful world of options and what fun this col-



Girls everywhere wanted to collect each of these numbered sheets featuring a set of dark-haired dolls alongside products or places. I remember a fruit/vegetable category in particular where each pad of sheets had the dolls standing beside a pepper, eggplant, orange and so on. Oh, the thrill of a new pad, especially when it came from a box of yet-unseen designs!

The doctor’s office became everyone’s favorite destination when it meant adding another few stickers to a growing collection. And suddenly the doctor’s secret was out, and rolls of these

PRECIOUS PRINCESS Following the order of the alphabet, Precious Princess showcased items, along with their names, next to a golden-haired doll. In fact, a first-grade teacher found that her girls were picking up certain words way above their grade level. Just goes to show that information presented the right way is the best form of learning.

Only $84


106 / THE MONSEY VIEW / January 17, 2018 www.themonseyview.com / 845.600.8484


lection was. It kept us on the lookout at the dollar shop, at the party shop and at basically any kind of shop. And at simchos, too, when nobody was looking. (No wonder the baal simcha never had enough napkins to go around.) Coming in an endless array of designs and prints, in brands and with characters, the selection was a feast for the eyes.

delightful stickers with different fun attributes (Pieces! Scented! Sparkly!) appeared in homes everywhere to be frantically traded.

CLOTHING TAGS Baby clothes and designer wear come with some beautiful tags, and why just discard them if the girls were so excited to hoard them, admire them and trade them with their friends? This free and fun collection didn’t last long, but it sure was a convenient idea while it did!

SILLY BANDZ Originally invented by a Japanese designer who designed shaped rubber bands to discourage people from throwing them away, these bracelets came in many interesting shapes and themes (some unidentifiable or requiring a very vivid imagination), and the kids couldn’t get enough of them.









646-771-6534 F ACES _B Y A TARA

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Precious s Moments

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MENTION OF THE WORD EPIDEMIC raises fear and elicits anxious responses in even the most calm and collected. However, in this day and age, bullying of children is unquestionably an epidemic. Defined as “willfully and repeatedly causing harm to others through verbal or physical assault or through social exclusion,” bullying is rampant within American schools, both public and private. According to the Journal of School Health, about one in every five students in the U.S. is bullied each year. Further, data from the National Education Survey indicate that 160,000 children stay home each day from school for fear of being bullied. Were any medical issue to affect one in five children and cause that much absence from school, there is no question that it would be a top priority on both the media’s and the authorities’ agendas. Perhaps we don’t attend to bullying because we ourselves (as adults) are unprepared and ill-equipped to handle this problem for sheer lack of knowledge of how to respond. Bullying evokes strong feelings in both us and our children, and navigating this tough terrain is not always simple. Here are a few clear and simple steps we can take to tackle the bullying epidemic. The first step is to recognize the problem. To this end, some children are open about their thoughts and feelings. They are the ones who come home and relate the events of their day — about the projects they made in school, the things they learned and the interactions they had. When such children are bullied they will usually come home in tears and relate instances of being picked on or excluded. However, many children are not as forthcoming with their emotions and experiences. These children may not be as open about being bullied, and their feelings may not be as apparent. Instead, their reactions may manifest in not wanting to go to school, behavioral problems, having trouble sleeping or eating or displaying general signs of moodiness. Note that not all children with these tendencies are being bullied, but when these behaviors occur, it’s important to have a conversation to gain more information and get a sense of how things are going at school. Now, if parents believe that their child is being bullied, what should they do? Well, some parents who were bullied themselves may recall being coached to fight back and may have been encouraged to match bullying with physical aggression. Others may have had the opposite experience of their own parents shrugging off their experiences by saying “kids will be kids.” These reactions may influence the way parents respond to their own children being bullied and may not be effective in helping

children cope with the experience or helping them avoid it in the future. Instead, psychological science shows that the following five steps are the first place to start: 1.

VALIDATE! It’s essential to convey to children that their feelings about being bullied are valid and worthy of respect. This helps to create open communication so that children feel safe telling their parents when there is something wrong. As discussed, many children do not naturally open up to their parents about being bullied, and creating a safe, open and nonjudgmental space for children to share is crucial.

2. ENCOURAGE children to carry themselves confidently to avoid being an easy target for bullies. Encourage them to make eye-contact and walk with their head up, even when they are not feeling confident. 3. At home, use ROLE-PLAY to practice ways of confronting and responding to a bully. Help your child practice what he/ she will say using a strong, firm voice, or by simply ignoring and walking away. Practice not using comebacks, putdowns, insults or physical aggression. Make a list of possible responses and practice those together. 4. When a child is being bullied, COLLABORATE with teachers to make them aware of the issue. When calling the school, avoid blaming them or being confrontational. Instead, find the common ground of wanting to help your child and gain commitment to working together toward that goal. Use specific examples of bullying incidents,

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and avoid making assumptions or judgments. Also, be prepared to learn that your child may have had some share in causing the interaction as well. 5. Find creative ways to RESTORE AND MAINTAIN children’s self-confidence outside of school. Encourage them to pursue interests and talents, and help them feel a sense of mastery. Let them know they are not to blame for being bullied, and praise them for responding effectively when provoked. Taking the above proactive approach to bullying has been proven to be more effective than the reactive responses of the past. It not only helps children avoid being bullied, but also teaches new skills that can be generalized and used for conflicts later in life as well. Most importantly, these strategies address the underlying attack against a child’s self-esteem that bullying represents, which is an essential life lesson. Bullying is an epidemic like any other. The good news is that there are symptoms, warning signs and methods of treatment. Having the knowledge of how to protect our children and guide them in navigating this experience will aid them in maintaining their self-esteem while staying healthy, happy and safe. Rabbi Zvi Weiss, PsyD, is a Supervising Psychologist at the Center for Anxiety’s Monsey office. He works with parents, adolescents and young adults on issues surrounding anxiety, depression and behavior modification. In addition to his work at CFA, he maintains a private practice on the Upper West Side of Manhattan where he conducts individual therapy and psychological assessment. David H. Rosmarin, Ph.D., ABPP, is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School part-time and a board-certified clinical psychologist. He also directs the Center for Anxiety, which has offices in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Monsey and Boston. They can both be reached at info@centerforanxiety.org. At the Center for Anxiety, we provide evidence-based treatments for adults, adolescents and children for anxiety and related symptoms. Our collaborative clinical team is comprised of professional and well-trained practitioners who tailor treatments to each patient, accounting for familial, social, economical, cultural and spiritual/religious needs. Using cognitive behavioral treatments, coupled with ongoing research and assessment, we offer patients the most effective treatments in the minimum amount of time. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call 1-888-837-7473.

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Under the supervision of



Delicious and Elegant Catering

in house, available all week, including Motzei Shabbos and Sunday. Off Site catering as well.

Restaurant: 845-618-5800 | Catering: 845-629-3820 400 Rella Blvd, Montebello, NY (Separate outside entrance to the right of the main entrance) Across the street from The Crowne Plaza Hotel, very close to Good Samaritan Hospital.

Open Mon. through Thurs. 7:30am - 3:30pm, Fri. 7:30am - 2:00pm

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Rope Skipping Chants

Disclaimer: Having been educated in a heimishe school here in Monsey, these ditties don’t necessarily reflect the originals they were derived from, but research was done to procure the most accurate wording available. Corrections are welcome, and remember, this is purely for your entertainment and to ignite your memories!

Lemon lime Be on time School begins At half past nine

100, 99, 98, 97…. The dexterity of the skipper would determine how low we went. The lower we went, the greater the disappointment when the rope was tripped.

Tinker, tailor Soldier, sailor Rich man, poor man Beggar man, thief Doctor, lawyer Merchant, chief Or... Indian chief Yes, guilty as charged. I would say “tinkler” back then in elementary school, and each word would be prefaced with an “a.”

Here comes the teacher with a big, fat stick I wonder what I got on arithmetic One plus one equals two Two plus two equals four Now it’s time for spelling Spell cat C-A-T Spell rat R-A-T Now it’s time for history Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1492... At this point, nobody is really jumping anymore, so the end is unknown to me. Dear readers, can you help?


Miss Mary Mack Mack Mack All dressed in black black black With silver buttons buttons buttons Down her back back back She asked her mother mother mother For fifty cents cents cents To see the elephants -phants -phants Jump over the fence fence fence They jumped so high high high They reached the sky sky sky And didn’t come back back back Till the fourth of July -ly -ly

Bouncing Ball Chants A, my name is Annie and my husband’s name is Albert. We come from America and we sell apples. B, my name is Baila and...

Once I had a candy store, and business was so bad I asked my mother what to do, and this is what she said “Take a can of gasoline, and put it by the door “Take a match and give a scratch and no more candy store.” Now, I know we shouldn’t give kids ideas, but trust me, it didn’t affect any of my friends or myself, so I find this safe to print.

Group Game Chants R-a-t-t-l-e-s-n-a-k-e spells rattlesnake… This was followed by: All around the mulberry bush The monkey chased the weasel The monkey thought ’twas all in good fun Pop! goes the weasel A penny for a spool of thread A penny for a needle That’s the way the money goes Pop! goes the weasel Jimmy’s got the whooping cough And Timmy’s got the measles That’s the way the story goes Pop! goes the weasel No, no, no, that’s not how we sang it all those years ago. Our version was: “We went up to Sara’s house and Sara had the measles. We gave the doctor 50 cents and pop! goes the measles!”

Anna banana banana split Mommy had a baby chick Chicky died; mommy cried Anna banana banana split Where this originated, I haven’t the faintest, but that is what we sang while jumping on the school tiles.

Little Sally Saucer sitting in the water Cry, Sally, cry; hide your teary eyes Turn to the east, and turn to the west And turn to the one that you like the best! Whom am I kidding? We started that with “Silly Sally” and we wiped eyes instead of hiding them.

Bluebird, bluebird through my window Bluebird, bluebird through my window Bluebird, bluebird through my window Oh, (name), I’m so tired... You take a little girl and tap her on the shoulder You take a little girl and tap her on the shoulder You take a little girl and tap her on the shoulder Oh, (name), I’m so tired...

Red rover, red rover, send (name) on over. Of course, we didn’t actually say “red rover.” We said it simply: “Right over, right over, we call…”

Johnny, may I cross the Golden River? Only if you have the color… green.

Maybe it’s as simple as changing your water

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Other Ball Game Chants Hello, hello, hello, sir. Meet me at the grocer. No, sir. Why, sir? Because I have a cold, sir. Where did you get the cold, sir? At the North Pole, sir. What were you doing there, sir? Counting polar bears, sir. How many did you count, sir? One, two, three, four, five . . . . Yes, for lack of proper gear, the tennis ball was in the knee sock and that was what was banged against the wall at each mention of “sir.”

The wonder ball goes ‘round and ‘round To pass it quickly, you are bound If you’re the one, to hold it last Then, for you, the game is past Annnd you... are... out! There are many versions of this chant, and the one we sang had a starting line of, “As the ball goes round and round, we pass it quickly all around…”

Hand Game Chants

Ching, Chang, Chinaman Sitting on a fence Tried to make a dollar Out of ninety-nine cents (or fifteen, or fifty-five) He missed, he missed, he missed like this! To be honest, Mr. Chinaman was unknown to us. All we knew was some kind of “Cherry, cherry, bang, bang.”

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Miss Lucy had a baby. She named him Tiny Tim. She put him in the bathtub to see if he could swim. He drank up all the water. He ate up all the soap. He tried to eat the bathtub, but it wouldn’t go down his throat. Miss Lucy called the doctor. The doctor called the nurse. The nurse called the lady with the alligator purse. In walked the doctor. In walked the nurse. In walked the lady with the alligator purse. “Measles” said the doctor. “Mumps” said the nurse. “Nothing” said the lady with the alligator purse. A dollar charged the doctor. Fifty cents charged the nurse. Nothing charged the lady with the alligator purse. Out walked the doctor. Out walked the nurse. Out walked the lady with the alligator purse. In the original, the doctor didn’t call for an operation, but in the one I used to sing with my friends, he did — and the nurse and the lady in the alligator purse echoed him!


‫תושבי מאנסי‬

‫‪ $1‬א טאג פאר עניי עירנו‬

‫די בסיס פון תושבי עירנו פאר קופת עזרה‬

‫רינועל קאמפיין תשע“ח‬


Getting Ready for the Job “Hi. I was wondering if you can help me with a resume?” “Sure! How can I help?” Yitzy launched into his story, explaining that he was working as a junior warehouse manager in his uncle’s business, but had to look for another job since the business was unable to afford keeping him much longer as it was not doing well. This had been his first job, which he had been at since his wedding five years before. He was now a father and quickly needed something new. I asked what kind of job he would be looking for. “Anything,” was the answer. He would be okay with a similar job in another warehouse, but was also open to other kinds of work. Being that this had been Yitzy’s only experience, he had no idea what else he would enjoy. I asked him a few questions about what parts of the job he had liked and

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for someone like him. Having a resume with no one to read it is a waste of time, money and effort. Back to the good old concept of the market, where people don’t sell what isn’t bought. He got back to me with four job listings that interested him in the fields we had discussed. Additionally, he had a few friends who were happy to give a copy of his resume to their bosses who owned sales and warehouse businesses. Great! Now we could get started. We spent a few minutes on the phone going over details, and I got to work. The next day I sent him a completed resume, which we reviewed that afternoon. After a few minor changes (I do tend to make people

disliked. I got the impression that he was a social, outgoing type who could think of the big picture, was very organized and capable and had the skills to be an excellent manager. We discussed a few suggestions about the kinds of jobs that fit his needs, including travel and salary. He decided to look for either a management position in He’s taking the oppora store or warehouse or a sales positions in a heimishe business tunity of losing a job to that would pay a decent base salwork on self-developary. Ideally, he would have liked to get an entry-level job in sales ment and will likely then with the goal of becoming a sales find a better job where manager, which would use his strong skills well and likely have he has more potential. the highest earning potential. I wasn’t ready to get to work on his resume just yet, though. First I sound too good), we had a final copy needed him to make sure that not only ready to go. We discussed how to write was he looking for this kind of job, but a cover letter, and I attached a sample that there were such jobs available format I suggest using.

One more thing I thought would be useful to Yitzy was EQ development. He had a great personality, great skills and was confident and smart. There were a few areas, though, that he had mentioned having a hard time with, which I suspected would only get harder as he moved on. Yitzy did not enjoy dealing with daily issues in the team he had to manage, did not like having to make sure that others took work as seriously as he did and had little patience for other people’s suggestions at work. Luckily, these are all areas that make up a person’s EQ — Emotional Intelligence. The good news is that unlike personality and inborn abilities, this area is what we consider “middos,” which can be improved using specific techniques in the workplace. He was interested in learning more, especially when he heard that people with higher EQ scores tend to make another $20,000 a year compared to people with similar abilities but lower EQ scores. This would be especially helpful in being promoted as a manager, where interpersonal skills are just as important — if not more — than ability. As part of his job preparation, Yitzy is planning to test in EQ and create a plan based on his areas of weakness to give him the best chance to succeed. He’s taking the opportunity of losing a job to work on self-development and will likely then find a better job where he has more potential. Losing a job doesn’t get much better than that! Shaina Keren is a Monsey-based career coach who helps people find jobs they’re good at. If you’re looking for the right job, there is one out there for you. Be in touch at 845-323-2644 or findmeajob100@gmail.com for questions or a free resume review.

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By: Gitty Luria

Growing up, we had two snack boxes: the “special snacks” box, which was reserved for special occasions, and the “simple snacks” box, which was for everyday snack time. By now, most of the “special snacks” made their way into the “simple snacks” box, and the “simple snacks,” well… we rarely see them anymore. It may be hard to believe, but the classic snacks we don’t give a second thought to were once celebrated innovations. Let’s take a moment to look back at these moments in history and celebrate the births of our all-time favorites.



French explorers found popcorn being made by the Iroquois Indians in the Great Lakes regions. It’s believed that Native Americans would throw their corn ears right into the fire in order to pop the kernels in impressive fashion. With the colonists settling in North America, this Native American snack was adopted as a classic American treat. Popcorn wasn’t limited to snacking, but it was also reported to have been eaten with milk and sugar, like a breakfast cereal. Colonists would sometimes add molasses to their popcorn, creating a snack comparable to today’s kettle corn.

Legend has it that potato chips, originally called potato crunches, was invented in 1853 by George Crum. Crum was a chef at the Moon Lake Lodge resort in Saratoga Springs. On one occasion, a customer protested that his fried potatoes were too thick. When Crum made a thinner batch, the customer was still displeased. Exasperated, Crum fried them to a crisp, expecting to irritate the fussy customer. Ironically, the fries were a hit and the potato chip was invented!


TORTILLA CHIPS The triangular tortilla chip was popularized by Rebecca Webb Carranza in an attempt to salvage the misshapen tortillas rejected from the automated tortilla machine that operated at her Mexican deli and tortilla factory in southwest Los Angeles. When Carranza found that the discarded tortillas, cut into triangles and fried, were very much enjoyed, she sold them for a dime a bag at the factory. The tortilla chip turned out to be a favorite, which earned her the Golden Tortilla award in 1994 in recognition of her contribution to the Mexican food industry.



The chocolate chip cookie was invented by American chef Ruth Graves Wakefield with the help of her sous-chef Sue Brides in 1938 when she owned the Toll House Inn in Whitman, Massachusetts. In this era, the Toll House Inn was a popular restaurant that featured home cooking. It is often inaccurately reported that she accidentally developed the cookie, that she expected the chocolate chunks to melt to create chocolate cookies, but in fact she stated that she intentionally invented the cookie. Up until then, chocolate used in desserts was always melted, and she sought something different for her guests. She added chopped-up bits from a semi-sweet chocolate bar into her cookie dough and named the recipe “Toll House Chocolate Crunch Cookies,” as featured in her Toll House Tried and True Recipes cookbook.

It is believed that people of the Middle East were among the first to discover that fresh fruit could be preserved year-round if pureed, cooked and dried. In fact, as early as at the turn of the 20th century, fruit leather was introduced in a small Syrian community in New York City. Though its original name had been amardeen, people referred to it as “shoe leather” because it was as tough as shoe leather. Boy, have we come a long way!



‫אינדערוואכן‪ ,‬האט מען אלס געקלערט אז עס איז א בלויזע אריבערגאנג‬ ‫און אט וועט מען זיך געפינען אינדערהיים מיט די משפחה‪ ,‬אבער אז עס‬ ‫קומט שבת און מען געפינט זיך מיט די טורמע קליידונג אין תפיסה‪ ,‬האט‬ ‫דאס געברענגט פאר טייל פון אונז שווערע געפילן‪.‬‬ ‫עס איז שוין געווען נאכן זמן שבת‪ ,‬ווען די טורמע וועכטער האבן אונז‬ ‫אריינגעברענגט עטליכע בילקעס‪ ,‬דאס איז אויסגע'פויעל'ט געווארן נאך‬ ‫גרויס פראטעקציע דורך די עסקנים‪ .‬מיר האבן געמאכט דעם חשבון אז‬ ‫מיר האבן גענוג פאר לחם משנה פאר אלע סעודות שבת‪ .‬קיין סך צייט‬ ‫האבן מיר נישט געהאט‪ ,‬ווייל עס האט זיך אונטערגעריקט די צייט‬ ‫וואס מיר האבן זיך שוין געזאלט געפינען אין די טורמע צעלן‪ ,‬האבן מיר‬ ‫זיך שנעל געוואשן‪ ,‬און אלע אינאיינעם האבן געמאכט א ברכה אויף איין‬ ‫לחם‪-‬משנה‪ ,‬גענומען א שטיקל חלה (מסתמא ווייניגער ווי א כזית) און זיך‬ ‫געיאגט אין צעל אריין‪.‬‬


‫פרייטאג צו נאכטס‬ ‫ווי איז נאך דא אזא שיינע זאך ווי פרייטאג צו נאכטס אין אידישע‬ ‫שטיבער‪ .‬דער טאטע זיצט ווי א קעניג ביים טיש‪ ,‬בשעת די בני המשפחה‬ ‫זיצן ארום‪ ,‬שבת'דיג אנגעטון‪ ,‬זינגענדיג די שבת'דיגע זמירות אינאיינעם‬ ‫מיט שיינע דברי‪-‬תורה און סיפורי צדיקים‪.‬‬ ‫הערשט דעמאלס‪ ,‬אונטער די אייזערנע גראטעס פון טורמע‪ ,‬האב איך‬ ‫איינגעזען דאס אידישע שיינקייט און חן‪ .‬דא דערזע איך זיך אין די טורמע‬ ‫קליידונג אין א פארשפארטן צעל‪ .‬די צעלן זענען געווען אויסגעשטעלט‬ ‫אין די צורה פון א ח'‪ ,‬אויף צוויי שטאק‪ ,‬אזוי אז די גראטעס זענען געווען‬ ‫אפן און יעדער האט געקענט מיטהאלטן וואס עס טוט זיך אין די אנדערע‬ ‫צעלן‪.‬‬ ‫זיץ איך ארומגענומען מיט גוי'אישע פארברעכער פון אלע דריי זייטן‪,‬‬ ‫אזוי האבן מיר געדארפט זיצן פארשפארט אין די צעלן ביז אינדערפרי‪,‬‬ ‫בשעת ביי מיר איז שבת‪ .‬אינדרויסן‪ ,‬אין צענטער פון דעם צימער שטייט‬ ‫א טעלעוויזיע‪ ,‬וואס דער טורמע וועכטער האט דערויף געקוקט‪ ,‬און די‬ ‫ארעסטאנטן פון טורמע‪ ,‬נישט האבנדיג וואס צו טון‪ ,‬האבן זיי מיטגעהאלטן‬ ‫די נייעס דורך יענע טעלעוויזיע‪.‬‬ ‫אט אזוי בין איך געזעצן פרייטאג‪-‬צו‪-‬נאכטס‪.‬‬ ‫פארט האב איך ביי מיר הייס אפגעמאכט‪ ,‬אז שבת איז ביי מיר שבת‪.‬‬ ‫איך האב זיך פארמאכט די אויגן און געפראוועט מיין עבודה‪ ,‬נישט קוקנדיג‬ ‫אויפן גאנצן ארום‪ .‬איך האב זיך פארגעשטעלט די אטמאספערע פון‬ ‫מיין שטוב‪ ,‬מיין בית‪-‬המדרש און שטיבל‪ ,‬און נישט געוואלט וויסן פון די‬ ‫אנדערע ארעסטאנטן און ווי אזוי די טורמע קוקט יעצט אויס‪.‬‬ ‫איך האב זיך אוועקגעזעצט און זיך גענומען זינגען שטילערהייט כל‬ ‫מקדש מיט מנוחה ושמחה‪ .‬מיינע ניגונים זענען געווען שטיל‪ ,‬אבער‬ ‫קאכעדיג‪ .‬מיט פארמאכטע אויגן האב איך געזינגען קה‪-‬אכסוף און ווען‬ ‫עס איז געקומען צו די שטיקל פון "ויהיו רחמיך מתגוללים" האב איך‬ ‫אויסגעבראכן אין א געוויין און איבערגעזינגען דעם שטיקל צענדליגע מאל‬ ‫מיט גרויס התעוררות‪ .‬דערנאך האב איך געזינגען דעם באקאנטן שבת ליד‬ ‫"דער שבת איז טייער"‪ ,‬וואס דער ניגון האב איך געקענט פון אויסנווייניג‪.‬‬ ‫נאך קה‪-‬ריבון האב איך זיך ארויסגעלאזט אין א פייערדיגן טאנץ‪.‬‬ ‫איך ווייס נישט וואס די אנדערע גוי'אישע ארעסטאנטן האבן געטראכט‬ ‫פון מיר‪ ,‬זעענדיג דעם איד טאנצן און זינגען אין זיין טורמע צעל די גאנצע‬ ‫נאכט‪ ,‬אבער מיר איז דאס סיי‪-‬ווי נישט אנגעגאנגען‪ ,‬ביי מיר איז געווען‬ ‫שבת‪.‬‬ ‫איך בין יענע נאכט נישט געשלאפן‪ .‬אינדערפרי האט מען שוין‬ ‫אויפגעוועקט די ארעסטאנטן פונקט ווי יעדן טאג‪ .‬מיר אידן זענען‬ ‫ארויסגעקומען און זיך געטראפן איינע מיט די אנדערע‪ .‬וואס עס איז‬

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‫יוסטיץ און‬ ‫געריכט‬ ‫ד‪ .‬איינהארן‬

‫אין קורצן פון פריער‪:‬‬ ‫אינאיינעם מיט א גרופע אידן‪ ,‬געפין איך זיך אין טורמע‪,‬‬ ‫ווארטנדיג ארויסגעלאזט צו ווערן אויף בעיל‪ .‬דערווייל ווערט‬ ‫שוין כמעט שבת‪ ,‬בשעת די עסקנים און כלל‪-‬טוער זעהען‬ ‫נאכנישט דעם וועג ארויס פון דעם פראבלעם‪.‬‬ ‫אונזערע געפילן זענען אנגעצויגן און די שאלה וואס פלאגט‬ ‫אונז אויפן מוח איז‪' :‬וועלן מיר חלילה מוזן פארבראכן דעם שבת‬ ‫אין טורמע'?‬ ‫אצינד ליינט ווייטער‬

‫שבת אין טורמע‬

‫פערזענליכע‬ ‫געשיכטעס און‬ ‫מיטמאכענישן‬ ‫פון ליינער‬ ‫‪THE MONSEY VIEW / 125‬‬

‫וואס א שעה עס איז אריבערגעגאנגען‪ ,‬איז אלס קלארער‬ ‫געווארן אז אויף שבת וועלן מיר מוזן פארבלייבן אין טורמע‪.‬‬ ‫פונדרויסן האבן די עסקנים געארבעט אומאויפהערליך מיר‬ ‫צו קענען אהיימברענגען אז איך זאל זיך קענען געפינען‬ ‫אינדערהיים אויף שבת‪ ,‬אבער פון הימל האט מען אנדערש‬ ‫געוואלט‪ .‬יעדע סארט בעיל וואס די עסקנים האבן געברענגט‪,‬‬ ‫איז אפגע'פסל'ט געווארן דורך דער קארט‪ ,‬און עס איז אלס מער‬ ‫קלארגעשטעלט געווארן אז אויף שבת וועל איך פארוויילן אין‬ ‫טורמע‪ ,‬רח"ל‪.‬‬ ‫ווי געשמועסט‪ ,‬בין איך נישט געווען אליין‪ .‬צוזאמען מיט‬ ‫מיר האבן זיך געפינען א גרופע אידן‪ ,‬וואס האבן פונקט ווי מיר‬ ‫געהאפט דעם גאנצן פרייטאג צו קענען באפרייט ווערן פון‬ ‫טורמע‪ ,‬אבער עס איז אלס קלארער געווארן אז מיר וועלן מוזן‬ ‫פראווען א שבת אין טורמע‪.‬‬ ‫נו‪ ,‬ווי אזוי פראוועט מען א שבת אין טורמע?‬ ‫היינט ליידער‪ ,‬איז פארהאן פילע ארגאניזאציעס וואס גיבן‬ ‫זיך אפ מיט אזעלכע אומשטענדן‪ .‬אין יענע טעג זענען נאכנישט‬ ‫געווען אזויפיל היימישע אידן וואס זענען געזעצן אין די טורמעס‬ ‫און די עסקנים זענען נאכנישט געווען אויסגעקאכט אין די‬ ‫דאזיגע סוגיא‪ ,‬ווי אזוי צוצושטעלן די וויכטיגסטע געברויכן פאר‬ ‫אידן וועלכע שמאכטן אין טורמע‪.‬‬ ‫עס רוקט זיך אלס נאנטער דער זמן פון שבת‪-‬קודש‪ ,‬און‬ ‫מיר – די אידישע ארעסטאנטן שמועסן צווישן זיך אז מען‬ ‫דארף זיך ארגאניזירן לכבוד שבת‪ .‬פון ליכט אין תפיסה איז‬ ‫קיין רעדע נישט פארהאן‪ ,‬צום באשטימטן צייט האבן מיר זיך‬ ‫צוזאמענגעקליבן אין טורמע אויף א מנין מנחה און קבלת‪-‬שבת‪.‬‬ ‫טייל אידן זענען געווען צוקלאפט און צובראכן‪ ,‬ווייל זיי האבן‬ ‫הערשט דאן רעאליזירט זייער פראבלעם‪ .‬כל זמן עס איז געווען‬

‫געווען אינטערעסאנט איז‪ ,‬אז אלע האבן געזאגט די זעלבע זאך‪ ,‬אז זיי‬ ‫זענען נישט געשלאפן יענעם פרייטאג‪-‬צו‪-‬נאכטס‪ .‬יעדער האט געפראוועט‬ ‫דעם נאכט אויף אן אנדערן אופן‪ ,‬איינער האט דערציילט אז ער האט‬ ‫גע'חזר'ט אני מאמין די גאנצע נאכט‪ ,‬א צווייטער האט זיך פארטיפט און‬ ‫בענקענדיגע געדאנקען צו זיין שטוב און היים און א דריטער האט געטראפן‬ ‫דעם געלעגנהייט אין דעם לאנגן נאכט‪ ,‬זיך אוועקצוזעצן מיט די הויפן‬ ‫דאקומענטן און באטראכטן מיט וואס מען באשולדיגט אים‪ ,‬א זאך וואס ער‬ ‫האט נישט געהאט די מעגליכקייט צו טון ביז אצינד‪.‬‬

‫שבת בייטאג‬ ‫די אלע אידן וואס זענען געווען אין טורמע‪ ,‬האבן זיך געשטעלט‬ ‫דאווענען שחרית‪ .‬מיר האבן נישט געהאט וואו זיך צו יאגן‪ ,‬האבן מיר‬ ‫געדאוונט רואיג במתינות‪ .‬דערנאך איז געקומען א לאנגער טאג‪ .‬שבת איז‬ ‫דאך שבת‪ ,‬מיר האבן טאקע נישט געהאט קיין ספרים מיט זיך‪ ,‬אבער מיר‬ ‫האבן געשמועסט אביסל דברי תורה דא און דארט‪.‬‬ ‫איך בין שפעטער אריין אין מיין צימער‪ ,‬זיך אראפגעלייגט שלאפן נאכן‬ ‫זיין אויף א גאנצע נאכט‪ .‬עס איז שווער געווען איינצושלאפן‪ ,‬צוליב די‬ ‫שרעקליכע קעלט וואס עס האט געהערשט אין טורמע‪ .‬עס איז געווען‬ ‫אינמיטן ווינטער און די עיר‪-‬קאנדישן האט געבלאזן אויף כח‪ .‬איינע פון די‬ ‫גוים אין טורמע‪ ,‬אן אלט‪-‬געזעצענע‪ ,‬האט מיר אויסגעלערנט אז ווען מען‬ ‫לייגט נאסע טישו אויפן עיר‪-‬קאנדישן נעמט עס אוועק די קעלט‪ .‬איך האב‬ ‫אזוי געטאן און עס איז מיר לייכטער געווארן‪.‬‬ ‫אויף שלש‪-‬סעודות זענען מיר זיך ווידער צוזאמענגעקומען‪ ,‬זיך געוואשן‬ ‫אויף די לעצטע פאר פארבליבענע חלות‪ ,‬געזינגען די זמירות און זיך מחזק‬ ‫געווען איינעם דעם צווייטן און אט איז שוין געווארן דער זמן מוצאי שבת‪.‬‬ ‫מאנכע פון אונז האבן שנעל אהיימגערופן און געהערט די נייעס אז‬ ‫די גאנצע גאס איז אויף מיט אונזער געשיכטע‪ ,‬איבעראל שמועסט מען‬ ‫דערוועגן און עסקנים ארבעטן פיבערהאפטיג צו טון וואס אימער מען קען‬ ‫נאר פאר אונזער באפרייאונג‪.‬‬ ‫מיר האבן געוואוסט אז ביז מאנטאג וועלן מיר זיכער מוזן דא פארבלייבן‪,‬‬ ‫וויבאלד זונטאג זענען אלע געריכט הייזער פארשפארט‪ .‬מיר האבן אויך‬ ‫געוואוסט די רעגולאציע אז אין פאל עס קומט אפיר איינער מיט בעיל‬ ‫פאר אונזער באפרייאונג‪ ,‬קומט מען אונז ארויסנעמען אין געריכט‪ ,‬וואו‬ ‫עס ווערט אפגעהאלטן א סעסיע אויף וואספארא אופן און אויף וועלכע‬ ‫טערמינען זאל די בעיל פראצעדור אפגעהאלטן ווערן‪.‬‬

‫ארויס פון טורמע‬ ‫קיין סך צייט איז נישט געווען‪ ,‬וויבאלד אין טורמע פארמאכט מען די‬ ‫צעלן גאר פרי‪ ,‬אזוי אז מיר האבן קוים עספיעט צו הערן עפעס נייעס פון די‬ ‫גאס און מיר האבן זיך שוין ווידער געפינען אין די טורמע צעלן‪ .‬דארט זענען‬ ‫מיר פארשפארט געווארן ביז די קומענדיגע אינדערפרי‪.‬‬ ‫במשך דעם גאנצן זונטאג האבן מיר זיך ארומגעדרייט בחוסר מעש‪,‬‬ ‫אן קיין באזונדערע אקטיוויטעטן‪ ,‬נישט טוענדיג גארנישט‪ .‬מיר האבן‬ ‫אריינגעבלאזן חיזוק איינער אינעם אנדערן‪ ,‬אז מארגן וועט מען אונז קומען‬

‫ארויסנעמען פון דא און זען אן עק צו די ליידן‪.‬‬ ‫אזוי ווי איך האב זיך געראכטן‪ ,‬אזוי איז טאקע געווען‪ .‬מאנטאג‬ ‫אינדערפרי‪ ,‬ווען מען האט געעפנט די טורמע צעלן‪ ,‬האט מען מיר‬ ‫ארויסגערופן זאגנדיג אז איך זאל גיין‪ .‬איך האב תיכף פארשטאנען אז מען‬ ‫נעמט מיר אין געריכט‪ .‬אבער אנדערש ווי איך האב זיך געראכטן‪ ,‬איז דער‬ ‫אפקומעניש ביזן געריכט א געפערליכער קושמאר‪ ,‬מען שלעפט ארום‬ ‫דער מענטש פון אין ארט צום צווייטן‪ ,‬אונטערזוכנדיג אויף אלע סארט‬ ‫השפלה'דיגע וועגן‪ ,‬מען גייט דורך דאס גיהנום ביז מען געפינט זיך אין‬ ‫געריכט זאל‪.‬‬ ‫נאך די לאנגע פראצעדור און די טענות פון דעם אנקלאגער און די‬ ‫פארטיידונגס ווערטער פון דעם לויער‪ ,‬האט דער ריכטער מיר ארויסגעלאזט‬ ‫פון טורמע ביזן געריכט‪ .‬איך האב זיך ענדליך געקענט פאראייניגן מיט מיין‬ ‫פאמיליע און געקענט צוריק אהיימקומען צו מיין שטוב‪.‬‬

‫די געריכט‬ ‫עס האט זיך דאן אנגעהויבן א פרישע פראצעדור פון זיך צוגרייטן צום‬ ‫געריכט‪ ,‬אבער דאס איז שוין א פרישע מסכתא‪ ,‬גאנצע ביכער קען מען‬ ‫ארויסגעבן דערויף‪ ,‬ווי אזוי עס איז צוגעגאנגען און מיט וואס איך האב זיך‬ ‫געדארפט ספראווען‪.‬‬ ‫עס האט שוין אפילו אויסגעקוקט גאנץ גוט פאר מיר אין געריכט‪ ,‬אבער‬ ‫אין א געוויסע פונקט‪ ,‬האט דער געריכט באשלאסן צוליב פערזענליכע‬ ‫פאליטישע סיבות אנצודרייען פארשידענע וועגן אז איך זאל אנקומען אין‬ ‫טורמע‪ .‬ברוך‪-‬השם אז מיין טורמע אורטייל איז נישט געווען אזא לאנגע‪,‬‬ ‫בלויז עטליכע יאר‪ ,‬אנדערש ווי ערווארטעט אז מען זאל מוזן זיצן קנאפע‬ ‫זעכצן יאר‪ ,‬רחמנא ליצלן‪.‬‬ ‫איך וועל נישט אריינגיין יעצט אין די לעבן פון טורמע‪ ,‬פארשפארנדיג‬ ‫אייך די ביטערע קאשמארן‪ .‬אויף אזויפיל קען איך אייך גאראנטירן אז קיין‬ ‫מוציא מיט האניג איז עס נישט‪...‬‬

‫דער לעקציע‬ ‫איך בין שוין היינט א פרייער מענטש‪ ,‬איך האב צוריק אנגעהויבן‬ ‫מיין לעבן מיט גרויס סוקסעס‪ .‬די מוסר‪-‬השכל וואס איך וויל איבערגעבן‬ ‫דערפון איז‪" ,‬האנדל ערליך און ריכטיג‪ ,‬טוה נישט קיין זאכן וואס קענען‬ ‫זיין אומלעגאל‪ .‬די קאנצעקווענסן וואס קענען ארויסקומען דערפון קענען‬ ‫צומאל זיין פאטאל‪ .‬איך בין נאך אפגעקומען ביליג‪ ,‬לויט וויפיל איך וואלט‬ ‫געקענט אפקומען‪ ,‬אבער עס לוינט זיך נישט צו מאכן קונצן מיטן געזעץ‪".‬‬ ‫אויף אזויפיל קען איך אייך גאראנטירן‪ ,‬אז א איד באלאנגט נישט אין‬ ‫טורמע‪ ,‬אפגעזען ווער ער איז און וואס ער האט געטאן‪ .‬עס איז נישט קיין‬ ‫ארט פאר קיין איד און קיינער זאל זיך דארט נישט דארפן געפינען‪.‬‬ ‫דעריבער מאכט זיכער נישט צו טון קיין זאכן וואס קענען אייך חס‪-‬‬ ‫ושלום אהינברענגען‪.‬‬ ‫דער אויבערשטער זאל האלטן דער רעכטער האנט אויף יעדן איד און‬ ‫אויף אלע אידן‪ ,‬מען זאל שוין אויסגעליזט ווערן פון גלות‪ ,‬יעדער איינער פון‬ ‫זיין תפיסה כללית און תפיסה פרטית במהרה בימינו אמן‪.‬‬

‫האט איר אן אייגענע געשיכטע צו דערציילן? – ווילט איר מיטטיילן אייער מיטמאכעניש מיט די ליינער?‬ ‫רופט‪ 208.917.3829 :‬און לאזט א מעסעזש‬

‫‪January 17, 2018 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 127‬‬ ‫‪www.themonseyview.com / 845.600.8484‬‬

The Monsey View


n W$2i5 at

Showcasing Our Town’s Talent

R.W., 10, Skver

Yachi C., 8

Baila Gradman, 10 Bais Rochel

Leah Elfer, 8, Viznitz

Simy T., 12, Viznitz

Blimy Jacobowitz, 9 Bais Esther

Tzippy Schmelczer, 11, Bais Rochel

Toby D., 6

Chany Roth, 9, Satmar

Shiffy B., 6

Yitty Tescher, 12

Rivky Feldman, 8

Rivka Wiener, 8 Cheder Chabad

Rifky Grunwald, 10, Pupa

Raizy Einhorn, 8 Bais Rochel

Pessy Mayteles, Skver

Mordechai Birnhack 8, Bobov

Mendel Klaughupt, 12 Rachmistrivka

Malky Birnhack, 11 Bais Malka Belz

Gitty Green, 14, Bais Rochel

More winners will be announced next week! Contact The Monsey View to claim your prizes!

erU! ! n n s4

y t To

Case of Norman's Yogurt!

Malky R., 11, Bais Trany R. Lebovits, Grade 6

$10 at Toys 4 U

Baily Freund, 7, Satmar

$10 at Toys 4 U

Hencha S. Kraus, 10, Toras Emecha

Case of Norman's Yogurt!

Bashy Ungarischer, 10, Bais Rochel

Chani Braun, 14, Avir Yaakov Bruchy Weiss, 13

Yitty T., 12

Tzippy Berger, 11, Bas Mikroh

Sruly W., 10, Cheder Chabad

Libby Mayerowitz, 11, Viznitz

Kaila Kovitz, 9 Bais Yaakov Elementary

Miriam Wilhelm, 6, Bobov

Faigy Weiss, 11, Satmar

Shulem Elya Felberbaum, 12, Klausenberg

Mendy Freund, 5, Satmar

F.S., 9, Avir Yaakov



all wood bookcases 3 PC unit $1499

actual item shown

9’ 8” WIDE X 7’ 3.5” TALL

face frame construction

Single Unit with Doors $400




please leave message

90” HIGH UNIT / $450


additional support for shelves added

Makeup applications Teeth whitening by Dr. Sue.

Now offering newest technology! Fat removal by ultrasound! Call for details.

‫טובים השנים‬ “ ‫מן האחד‬

Careline Cosmetics



Now Available By Rabbi Naftoli

Heinemann Monsey, NY

‫ קול רנה‬Dear Children

may be the most engaging, enlightening, and inspirational English sefer on the Parsha you will ever read! Culled from years of warm and loving correspondence written to his own children, were these mini-essays adapted for the Torah world at large. Each of the diverse divrei Torah ends with a practical “take-home” lesson that is ideal for your Shabbos table - and for yourself!

AVAILABLE AT YOUR LOCAL JUDAICA STORE or at www.pirsumjudaica.com

Distributed by Im Hasefer - Yaakov Levitz 718.377.0047

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132 / THE MONSEY VIEW / January 17, 2018 www.themonseyview.com / 845.600.8484

January 17, 2018 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 133 www.themonseyview.com / 845.600.8484

This looks interesting. I wonder what these booklets are.

Dan, did you see the chutzpah of the missionaries?! They’re trying to fool us!

Something’s fishy here. It looks like missionary material.

I’m running to notify the anti-missionary organization.

Anti-Missionary Organization They must deal with this!

Yes, we’ve gotten many calls about the booklets that were distributed. We’re trying to deal with the issue.

I must finish…. Hundreds of homes in Eretz Yisroel got these terrible missionary materials directly in their mailboxes.

Wait, my cell phone is ringing.

Hi. I’m Gavriel from the chocolate factory. Your son Avraham fell and it looks like he broke his leg. I think you should come.

Who is calling him directly during such an important meeting?

Recap: After Avraham falls from the tree, Gavriel is called from the office to help, as he knows first aid.

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DIRECTIONS: Write your words in alphabetical order, divided by letter-count in separate columns. Fax or email your word list, together with your total points, by Sunday at 8:00 PM for a chance to win! Include your name, phone number and address.

PLAYING RULES: • No adding “s” to a word. • No proper nouns, abbreviations, or acronyms. • No bouncing back to letters already used in a given word. • Words may not be found with a computer boggle solver. • Words may not be found with the help of a dictionary. • The Monsey View will carefully review all submissions to ascertain that each word is found in the dictionary. Points will be deducted for ineligible words. • We reserve the right to disqualify entries that have a few ineligible words, are not written in alphabetical order or are missing information. • Each contestant has a chance to win only once in four weeks. • No credit given to archaic words, or words chiefly used in other languages (including British English).

www.themonseyview.com / 845.600.8484



4-letter words 2 points | 5-letter words 3 points | 6-letter words 5 points | 7-letter words 7 points | 8-letter words 9 points | 9 or more 12 points

136 / THE MONSEY VIEW / January 17, 2018




Last week’s Boggle board


Re: minder ints l po ta to r u ly Yo be clear should on your n writte sion. submis

r: Phone numbe




za pie, on us! A piz

fries and ice

cream deliv

ered to yo

ur door.

Runner Ups: DEUTSCH xxx-4334: 76 points MANDEL xxx-3617: 73 points WEISSMANDL xxx-0587: 72 points FRIED xxx-8907: 72 points CHANTZY BERNATH xxx-0765: 72 points Pick up your free slice and ice cream at Chai Pizza Monsey at 94 Rte. 59. Please be considerate, and do NOT try to claim your prize without The Monsey View issue in which your name appears or after six weeks. It will not be honored. Bonus winner: Each submission that comes in enters a weekly drawing to win a pizza party at the brand-new Chai Pomona! This week’s winner: FAIGY KRITZLER


Pick up your pie, ice cream and fries at: 1633 Route 202, Pomona, NY POMONA


The Monsey View does not take responsibility for faxes that don’t come through.

7 6


5 9 2 6 4 1 5 8 7 6 7 3


4 3 1 2 7 1 6 7

3 8 1 3

7 1 4 9 2 3 6 7

5 6 4

7 8 8 3 1 2 5 5 9 2 5 4

BOGGLE WINNER LIST 4-LETTER WORDS bake bang bate blip bloc boil cake coil coke cope epic feta gate gnat

hope jute kemp kepi knew lope mike newt open poke take tang temp





9+ LETTER WORDS metabolic

Are you wondering why your name isn’t here or why your points were reduced? The following are some of the ineligible words found:




REMINDER Dictionaries or electronic devices may not be used to help you solve the Boggle board. We will disqualify word lists, as per our discretion, that include too many unusual words. The Boggle Team at The Monsey View


Please note that credit is not given for inappropriate words, words not found on board and words listed twice.

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Brought to you by

YOEL GORALNIK Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

914-712-6330 ext. 125 yoel1193@gmail.com

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Zip code: 10977 Area mileage: 0.23 square mile Overview: Many purchasers of Ridge area properties are developers of multi-family homes, as the zoning works well for this type of construction. There are a lot of new homes being constructed and coming up throughout the area, as well as new shuls that will open over the next while.


There are currently three homes for sale in the Ridge area at an average price of $495,000. There are also two commercial properties for sale on the market, and many off-market deals in the $550,000 range for twofamily-home properties. There are currently three homes for sale on Kennedy Drive, at an average sale price of $254,000. The cheapest home on the market is priced at $199,000 and the most expensive home is for sale at $289,000.

$480,000 (Ridge)

$485,000 (Ridge)

$520,000 (Ridge)

Kennedy Drive homes (average $254,000)



In the past year, three homes sold in the Ridge area at an average of $435,000. The most expensive home in the area sold for $450,000 and the lowest sale was at $419,000. One lot sold for $499,000. On Kennedy Street, seven homes sold in the past year at an average of $254,000.

You can expect to pay between $8,000 and $10,000 in taxes annually for a standard two-family property in the area.


Properties in this area are zoned at R-2; 10,000 square feet is required per property. Parts of Ridge Avenue are zoned at R-3, where 20,000 square feet is required to take advantage of the multi-family construction perks this zoning has.

January 17, 2018 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 139 www.themonseyview.com / 845.600.8484


Hatzlacha Supermarket 80 West Street Spring Valley, NY 10977 Between 2 and 7 minutes by car Between 10 and 25 minutes by foot

All Fresh Supermarket 19 Route 59, Monsey, NY 10952 Between 5 and 7 minutes by car (traffic can be very heavy) Between 9 and 27 minutes by foot

Evergreen Kosher Market 59 Route 59, Monsey, NY 10952 Between 5 and 7 minutes by car (traffic can be very heavy) Between 12 and 30 minutes by foot


West Central Avenue, 514 West Central Avenue Small neighborhood playground with toddler equipment and benches. Between 1 and 5 minutes


“As a young couple with a small family, we were looking for an affordable home to fit our family’s needs. We were recommended to look at different options on Kennedy Drive and we are so pleased with our decision to buy here. We live in an attached home with three bedrooms and a kitchen, dining room and basement, and we pay less for our mortgage than we would pay to rent an apartment of such a size. There are currently 15 heimishe families who live on our street, and we welcome other young families to come join us!”



Properties in this area average at 0.25 of an acre.


Between 7 and 9 minutes by car. Between 25 and 40 minutes by foot.


1. ‫קהלת ישראל‬

240 Old Nyack Turnpike, (corner South Madison Avenue), Spring Valley, NY 10977


2. A new shul is coming shortly at corner West Funston Avenue and Ridge Avenue. Kennedy Drive residents use the Sassover shul on Dykstras Way.

FORSHAY CONCORD Attention residents: If you’d like to share information of shuls in your area, neighborhood parks or to tell us what you love about living there, please email yoel1193@gmail.com.


All information is based on market prices and activity and does not necessarily reflect any off-market deals.


Townhouse + legal accessory/full finished basement with big, full window | 1,100 square feet per floor Only $839K! | Only serious buyers with pre-approval or proof of funds. Call me directly at 845-659-1193 to schedule showing. 140 / THE MONSEY VIEW / January 17, 2018 www.themonseyview.com / 845.600.8484

THE WORLD REALTY GROUP World Class Service ~ World Class Results LICENSED REAL ESTATE BROKERS New York | New Jersey | Connecticut | Pennsylvania 400 Rella Blvd. Suite 165 Suffern, NY 10901 Irving Rohinsky CELL: (203) 641-0373

Chaim Cillo

Exclusive Properties

CELL: (917) 817-9146


$499,000 6 Heights Rd.—Monsey 5 MIN. WALK TO OLYMPIA LN., MINT CONDITION!! 4 Bedrooms / 2 Full baths, Renovated granite chef's kitchen w/ SS appliances & cherry cabinets, Trex deck and IN-GROUND POOL, Finished basement AND SO MUCH MORE!!

4 Arrowhead Ln.—Monsey

Broad & Wood Business Center Bethlehem, PA

5 BR/ 3 Bath, 2,700+/- SF renovated home 265,000+/- SF Office/Warehouse on fantastic cul-de-sac, large grnt kit. w/ SS complex on 7+/- Acres w/ three parkappliances, master suite w/ master bath, ing lots. over ½ acre lot, large DR & LR, large family room/playroom off of kit. w/ access to lrg


deck. Priv. pool!! & More! ONLY$649K


4 Heights Rd.—Monsey 3 Bedrooms / 2 Full baths, Great Culde-sac location, set on over 1/2 acre lot, only 5 Min. walk to Olympia Ln., huge eat in kitchen, Finished basement, and much more!!


72 Carlton Rd. — Monsey 4 BD, 3 Full BA, colonial, Granite Kitchen, HUGE yard, located on corner of Quiet Cul-De-Sac, walk to all. MOVE IN CONDITION! Priv. office w/ sep. entrance, & more!! ONLY $695K

Reuven 845.397.7722

Thinking of buying or selling? Who you work with MATTERS. The World Realty Group has likely LISTED or SOLD a property near you! Please call us today for a FREE consultation and market analysis!

(845) 605-TWRG @TWRGLLC


January 17, 2018 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 141 www.themonseyview.com / 845.600.8484

Classifieds FOR SALE 2006 12 PASSENGER VAN FORD E150 great condition engine and interior asking $2250 call 551 486-6570 or text to 551 486-6451 LOOKING TO PURCHASE Toyota Sienna or Honda Odyssey minivan in good condition, for a good price. Please call 848-224-3456 2008 HONDA ODYSSEY 8 seater, 90k miles $9000 obo. 845-517-8823 DINETTE SET with 4 chairs $250. Please call 845-499-9161 WHITE FURNITURE Drawers- bottom, two shelves-middle cabinet-top. Measures 36’’wide 20’’ deep 70’’high.@150.call 352-0896. MASTER B/R About 8 yrs old. Call: 918-1753 D&W DINING ROOM FURNITURE Paid $15000 selling for $9500. Please call/text 646-455-7901 YOUNG AMERICA FURNITURE White color. Armoire and 5 drawer dresser call 845-4784969

MASTER BEDROOM SET 39” headboard dresser armoire night table Call or text 659-8098.

DIAMOND EARRINGS never worn valued at 3600$ will sell for less call 8455216576

33” HIGH RISER Still in plastic, due to wrong size. Call 478-4969

OVER THE RANGE Microwave still in a sealed box. Great price! 917.693.2442

SFORIM SHANK 4 door, for $800. Please call 845-662-7055

KATE SPATE hoop earrings, never worn. Please call 845.587.7207

DINING ROOM FURNITURE table, 6 chairs and china closet for only $3000. Please call 845-662-7055

BOYS SIZE 2 & 5 wedding outfit, great price. Please call 845-352-2131

MINI AMERICAN GIRL DOLL plus 3 full size book set brand new in pkg. $20 each Lea Clark or Grace. 845 293-0652.

GYMNASTIC STALL BARS for home gym. Please call 845-425-1075

7 NEW EVENFLO sippy cups, $10 for all 7. Call 845 293-0652.

DRUM SET 845-596-3791

NEW DOONA CAR SEAT still in box. $450 obo.Please call(732)363-4842.

MAHOGANY OFFICE TABLE $100 call 352-9015

NEW CONDITION Bridgestone Blizzak snow tires for Honda Odyssey 2017, set of 4, size 225/65R17. 347231-5443

YAMAHA PSR E453 in brand new condition. 426-3946

PORTABLE GENERATOR GENERAC 3250 $250 call 845-659-0222

TEACHERS BRIEFCASE Michael Kors, barely used. Please call 845.213.5841

MACKIE MIXER 1402 $250 call 845-659-0222

SNOW TIRES 2 Size 205/65R15 and 16 inch rims. $225 or best offer. Call or text 908-783-2230

5/ PC MASTER BEDROOM 48” headboards plus glass tops 845-709-3689 DAYBED with twin mattresses and guests foldable bed $250 and $100 call 845-263-5317

FRIDGEDAIRE professional SS dishwasher reg $700. Now $499 8456626970 30” WHITE STOVE Great condition. 8456626970

LASER IS NOW A POSITIVE, PAINFREE EXPERIENCE. 142 / THE MONSEY VIEW / January 17, 2018 www.themonseyview.com / 845.600.8484

// for sale // homes

NEW MENS SHOES Hush Puppy company. Size 9 but fits small. Call 845-3254850

ARTSCROLL HEBREW English Machzorim (Nusach Sefard), Pesach Haggadah, Korban Mincha Siddur and Tehillim. Leather bound. Please call 845-425-1075 MAMA’S AND PAPA’S new carriage with bassinet, still in box. Call 845- 352 -4136

MACLAREN CARRIAGES still in box. Please call 845352-4136 MAMA’S & PAPA’S CARRIAGE: new cond. Navy with luggage handles. 8455735426 KEYBOARD Call/Text 845-671-0671 in box with programs KORG PA600. NEW BEDSPREADS by Ben Barber 3474862881



CHANIE GENUD Certified laser hair removal specialist

845.323.8886 Book your appointment

MEN’S WHITE SHIRTS. 4 used Joseph Grey size 15.5 34/35 shirts. call 3475862082 BOYS SNOWSUIT new current season Lilly & Todd size 12 months for sale. Please call or text 845-5179688 BUGABOO CAMELEON Including a foot-muff And choice of color hood 845-3623742 SNAP-AND-GO Car seat with snap and go carriage Only $125 845-3623742 CREDIT lishkas hasofer monsey credit slip for$70 will sell it for $60 845-461-3084 TEFILLIN good price call 845-461-3084 KOELSTRA DOUBLE CARRIAGE used, in good condition, black, (Value $1,000) asking $375. (347)450-4287 WIG Majestic human hair medium brown short style Call/text 845 538 3091 BUGABOO CAMELEON $300! Choice of hood. 3711765. BRITTA PITCHER barely used. $15 call or txt 845-274-2079 YAMAHA PSR E43 in brand new condition. 426-3946 DOUBLE MACLAREN Denim, asking $250 pls call: 845 478 4969 BROTHER LASER PRINTER B/W excellent condition $175.00. Used HP Laser printer B/W excellent

condition $175.00 Call 845 558 8872 4 WINTER TIRES size 195/65R15 For $225 OBO. Please call 845-263-0259 BOON HIGHCHAIR: Used for less than four months. Grey/green color. $150. Call/text 908-670-4024. BUGABOO CAMELEON Including a foot-muff and choice of color hood call 213-7078 SNAP-AND-GO Car seat with snap and go carriage Like new Only $150 call 213-7078 PRE-OWNED STROLLERS Bugaboo bugabee, uppa baby, Doona, Call 845-533-9361 UPRIGHT PIANO 362-1913 BABY BLANKET new red & blue plaid wool baby blanket 100% scottish wool, “Won’t Pill” call 845362-1913 TREADMILL $100. Good condition. Call 845 694 9623. NEW WITH LABEL Moncler amazing replica for sale. Down, real fur and on hood 3/4 length. Only one left size small $300 or best offer. 845-641-4494. 2 KRAUSZ HATS size 52. Hardly worn looks new $50 each. Also 1 size 54. ‫הויכע ביבער היט‬. Call 845641-4494


Beautiful apartments in Yerushalayim avail. for

The Hamaspik Gazette is looking for a The designer Hamaspikwith Gazette looking for a graphic goodiscomputer skills, graphic designer good computerand skills, experience withwith Adobe Photoshop experience with Adobe Photoshop and InDesign, and is also a Yiddish writer. InDesign, and is alsogreat a Yiddish writer. Great Great environment, pay and benefits. environment, and to benefits. Please Please email great your pay resumé Gazette@ email your resumé to Gazette@hamaspik.org. hamaspik.org ‫גרעפיק‬ ‫פראפעסיאנאלער‬ ”‫גאזעט‬ ‫“המספיק‬ ‫פראפעסיאנאלער‬ ‫זוכט אזוכט א‬ ”‫גאזעט‬ ‫“המספיק‬ ‫דערדער‬ ‫איבערהויפט‬ ,‫קאמפיוטער טאלאנטן‬ ‫גרעפיקמיט גוטע‬ ‫דעזיינער‬ ,‫קאמפיוטער טאלאנטן‬ ‫דעזיינער מיט גוטע‬ ‫און‬,‫פראגראמען‬ ”‫ווי “אינדעזיין‬ ,‫פראגראמען‬ ”‫אין “אדאובי‬ ‫ווי‬ ”‫“אדאובי‬ ‫איבערהויפט אין‬ ‫און איז אויך א‬ ‫א‬.‫שרייבער‬ ‫אידישעראיז אויך‬ ‫שאפ” און‬-‫“פאוטאו‬ ‫שאפ”און‬-‫“פאוטאו‬ ”‫“אינדעזיין‬ ‫פולע‬ ‫און‬ ‫באצאלט‬ ‫גוט‬ ,‫אטמאספערע‬ ‫ גוט‬,‫ געשמאקע אטמאספערע‬.‫געשמאקעשרייבער‬ ‫אידישער‬ ‫צו‬ ‫רעזומעי‬ ‫אייער‬ ‫אריין‬ ‫שיקט‬ ‫ביטע‬ .‫בענעפיטן‬ ‫ ביטע שיקט אריין‬.‫באצאלט און פולע בענעפיטן‬ Gazette@hamaspik.org. ‫אייער רעזומעי צו‬ FOR RENT ON ELM STREET short term rentals. We Gazette@hamaspik.org. 4rth floor flat style unit manage properties as for rent includes: Kitchen/ well. Call 718-408-8070 Dinette, Dining Rm/Living for American Service! Rm, 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, Email us at vacation@ back porch. Please Call 845shisharealty.com 659-4531.

AIRMONT RENTAL Renovated Hi-Ranch on dead-end st. Call/Text 845270-9417 14 KINGSTON DRIVE NEW HEMPSTEAD 6 bdrms, 3 bthrms, 2,876 sq ft, deadend, .6 acre, $545k, call/text 347-515-1105 A BEAUTIFUL 4 BEDROOM 2.5 bath private home available for rent on Besen Pkwy in Airmont NY. Please reach out to chaya: chaya@ opalrealty.com/ 8454258775 to schedule a viewing.

HOUSE FOR RENTBOXWOOD LN 6 Boxwood Ln- beautiful and immaculate bi-level home for rent includes: Kitchen, Dining Rm/Living Rm, 5 Bedrooms, 2 full baths, playroom and back patio. No Section 8. Please Call 845659-4531. FOR RENT ON HORTON Flat style unit on Horton Drive: Kitchen/dinette, Dining/Living Rm, 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, Playroom and back porch.

January 17, 2018 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 143 www.themonseyview.com / 845.600.8484


// homes // for rent // dresses & gowns

No Section 8. Please Call 845659-4531.

FURNISHED Brewer area call 8452745663

email leah@iloveganisrael. com

5 BDRMS COLONIAL newly blt & renovated, CULDE-SAC, 2 min to shopping, shul. 8452930444

3 BEDROOM Blauvelt Rd. 845.323.2803

THREE BEDROOM plus 2 full bathrooms in Francis Area, Please call: 845352-6078

ELM ST. 4 bedroom condo on 2nd floor for sale Pls call 917-4096390 5 BEDROOM TOWNHOUSE for rent. Brand new. Up to 2 years. 929.274.4747 5 BDRM TOWNHOUSE Bates area 845-356-2091 or Call/ text 845-263-2317 4 BEDROOM RENTAL 2.5 bath on Besen St. in Airmont. Please reach out to chaya: chaya@opalrealty. com/ 8454258775 to schedule a viewing. NEW 5 BEDROOM town house for rent. On Wiener dr. Incl. Bsmnt. 347.549.2282. 2-3 YEAR RENTAL 5 bedroom apt. for rent. For 2-3 years. 347.756.0831 FIVE BEDROOM CONDO near Satmar and Monsey Trails bus. Call – 845-3762751 HOUSE FOR RENT ON CONCORD 3 full bathrooms Deck back and front yard 845-662-7000

2 BEDROOM Walk in entrance,parking space,storage space,washer dryer, 3 minute walk to shul Please call 347-946-5511 3 ROOM APT. with appliance in jacaruso dr pl. call 845.352.6329

1 BEDROOM on Cedar Ln.- 845-499-9926

1 BEDROOM in the Bluefield area. Heat and appliances included. 845-642-4426

HOSTED APARTMENT in prime Monsey area available for shabbosim, simchas etc. Please call 845 263 0611

FURNISHED APT with all appliances, close to shuls and Monsey Trails bus, 371-4922

1 BEDROOM on Bates dr. pls call 8453562592 or 8453046679

3 BEDROOM on Horton drive pls call 845426-2858 FURNISHED 1 BEDROOM No Pkg, Ronald Drive 845 4257780 VACATION RENTAL in Beitar, Israel (20 min from Yerushalayim) Reasonable rates 347-915-5395 or 972-58322-1099 3 BDRM in Jill Ln area. email jlrealty10952@gmail.com KATZ FAMILY GETAWAY in Kingston, NY call 845334-9044 for more info or

144 / THE MONSEY VIEW / January 17, 2018 www.themonseyview.com / 845.600.8484

NEW 2 BEDROOM Old Nyack area . Above ground. asking 1500 . 845659-9130

3 BDRM APT 2 full bathrooms, Owner asking 2000. For viewing call VP Management 845-2630259 or email 2630259@ gmail.com. RENT AN AFFORDABLE HOME 3 bedrm; 2 bath; Springhill, Chestnut Ridge (845) 377 3687

N.MIAMI BEACH, FLA 2 bedroom furnished house, weekly, monthly 914 8063048 SHABBOS RENTAL Newly renovated 10 bedrooms (28 beds) House in Center of Woodridge. Please call 845-517-7068. ONE BEDROOM STUDIO in Airmont. Newly renovated with option of furnished. Please call 845.397.2140

FOR RENT NEWLY RENOVATED 4 room office for rent (private house side entrance), west maple area, great price. Call 845-352-2131 LOOKING FOR cubicle for office: Space for one desk, chair and computer in Blueberry Hill area. Call 845-517-0838. ‘‫’פלאץ לסופר‬ ‫ פלעצער עוועליבעל א אין‬2 .‫ שיין ליכטיג‬.‫סופרים צימער‬ ‫אויך מעגליך צוצושטעלן ‘שלחן‬ 347-693-3312 .‫הסופר’ טיש‬

1 BEDROOM on Dana Rd asking 1,050 Call (201-686-1954)

WAREHOUSE SPACE available aprox.1000 square ft in Pomona/New Hempstead area (845) 3794711

4 ROOM on Cedar Lane. Chosson Kalla only. Call or text 5962660.

SPACIOUS ROOM in Bates area. Suitable for office or playgroup. 450 sq. Ft. 845 426 5484

s SPACE RENTAL Ronald Dr. Multiple uses. Call/Text 845-445-9123 3 ROOM OFFICE college area great price. Please call 356-4895 or 3690111 MIAMI BCH CONDO 718-812-2656 OR 305-6732423 LARGE SHED with electricity and available phone line with private easy and secure access. Large entrance door. Cheap price. For more information please call or text 732-589-2244 FREE RETAIL SPACE in Nanuet, 845-501-7495 BIG BASEMENT Good for office. Kitchen and bathroom included. North Cole area. Please call 8454758442

DRESS/GOWNS 4 CHILDRENS GOWNS for rent. Sizes 5,6,6 and 8. medium blue velvet top and tulle bottom. Please call 845578-5750. MATERNITY MECHATENISTE dress black for rent. Size M. Reasonably priced. Please call 845-578-5750. LADIES GOWN size 8-10. Please call 845-6595886 LITTLE GIRLS GOWN size 8-10. Pink and white with cute butterflies Please call 845-659-5886 SIZE 8-10 worn once, 356-4895 or 369-0111.

NEW! LITTLE ROYALTY! An affordable rental right here in monsey. Girls gowns size 18 months - size 20. We also carry plus sizes. Boys simcha outfits and suits 12 months-size 8. Please call: STARS HIRING NOW: 845-535-1755




SEEKING COMHAB/RESPITE WORKERS: Looking for a male comhab worker to be a ‘frie a high functioning teenager every day between 3 pm. Flexible about schedule. Looking for a male worker to help a young ma a slight physical disability every morning from and evenings from 6-9PM. Looking for a female worker to accomp physically disabled young girl every Sunday to a appointment in Brooklyn. Looking for a fun-loving girl that wants to work disabled young woman. Former camp simch counselor preferred. Weekends and possibly ever Looking for an experienced mature woman to new mother with newborn care and light housek Looking for a girl to take out a young boy fro square on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoo Looking for a female worker to work with a ve functioning teenager on weekends. Francis area Looking for girl to take out a young girl with medical issues on Sundays. Individual shoul g-tube experience or willing to train. Looking for a worker to take out a young boy square on Shabbos.

Great Job Opportunity!

The STARS program is now hiring 12th Grade (age 18+) or post-seminary girls to work with our young BLUE AND SILVER GOWN students 6:00-9:00 p.m. in the evening, 1-2 times a Coctail length sizeadult 6. Please week, as they enjoy exciting educational and therapeutic call 352-7689 or 746-7794. activities and outings. Enjoy a fun work environment and gratifying work as you positively impact lives— EURO DESIGN plus, great pay! Driver’s license required. sz 4 blk white dress 0422 For371 more information, please call 845-746-7254.

Hamaspik is looking for an energetic female for a Program GIRLS DAY HAB OPPORTUNITY: Director position. BLACK MATERNITY Join GOWN our Fabulous team of staff who make a For sale, Size S/M.difference Call 845-. Driver’s license preferred. Please Contact: 263-7937 Esty Schonfeld

Must have excellent communication skills and Sunday Respite Program A rewarding and fun-filled coordinating experience. experience. Good Pay. If interested, please email to

P :845-425-5011 E: Eschonfeld@hamaspikrockland.org

PINK/MAUVE FLORAL SUNDAY Size 6-8.please call: 845 RESPITE PROGRAM: Hamaspik is currently hiring high school girls for our 293-0663

SIZE 0-2 GOWN Respitegirls@hamaspikrockland.org or call 845-425-3421 Worn once 845-578-1936 and leave a detail message

Send your resume to

PACE OPPORTUNITY: BLUE VELVET Looking for a woman/girl to help a low functioning 5 floral gown size 2-4. Call 845 year old girl, every evening, from about 8:00-10:00 P.M. 422 3338.


Job also involves some light housework. Please call 845503-0214.

OFF WHITE AND BLACK cut-velvet gown size 4 for rent. call 845-274-5202 OFF WHITE DRESS size 4-6 356-6215

SIZE 2 Valentino lace black and beige gown 8458259901

OFF WHITE DRESS trimmed with black velvet size 2-4 Call 845-354-8026

BLACK & WHITE (GREY) GOWN for rent. Call 845-517-7072

2 SISTER-OF-BRIDE DRESSES mauve/pink brocade/tulle hilo style. Children szs 10 and 16. 352-0705

TEEN GOWN size 8-10 lavender, Kids gown size 10 lavender, worn once, for sale. Call 845-538-7373

Please contact our Comhab Coordinator at 84 0240 or email tmermelstein@hamaspikrockla

MOTHER OF THE BRIDE designer Kleinfeld gown. White tuille with blush lining.pls 8453232233 SISTER OF BRIDE Beautiful gold and black, sister of bride, pink label dress for sale call 347.549.7268

KLEINFELD KALLAH GOWN Magnificent custom gown for sale. Please call 347.549.7268

EXCLUSIVE SISTER OF BRIDE GOWN Magnificent blue and cream gown size 4-6 for sale/rent. Please call 845.200.4326

BL/WH GOWN size 8 plz call 845-376-0424

BLUSH COLORED GOWN Si 14/16. Worn once. Call/text 845 538 7628

PEACH GOWN Approx size 2. $200 plus one time cleaning. 425-3782

IVORY AND BLACK GOWN Approx Size 16-18 girls 1917295-0617

GIRLS SIZE 14 white gown, with gorgeous beading. Pls call.8453232233

OSCAR DE LA RENTA black and ivory gown size 8 10 for rent or sale. 596 6501

BL/GOLD GOWN Size 14-16 plz call 845-3763191

January 17, 2018 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 145 www.themonseyview.com / 845.600.8484

Classifieds Hamaspik



// dresses & gowns // help wanted SIZE 12-14 for rent. Please call 845-5589509


2-4 BRAND NEW for sale. black & turquoise. SEEKING COMHAB/RESPITE WORKERS: only $150! 646-856-5498

Looking for a male‫המספיק‬ comhab worker to be a ‘friend’ for STARS program‫פאסיגע‬ is now hiring 12th Grade (age ‫זוכט א‬ ”‫ברודערהיים‬ ‫“קאנקארד‬ BLACK EMBROIDERED 3 and 10 r post-seminary girls to work with our young a high functioning teenager every day between ‫ נעכט א‬3 ‫פארפאלק צו דינען אלס “נאכט שטאב” פאר‬ DRESS tudents 6:00-9:00 p.m. in the evening, 1-2 times a pm. Flexible about schedule. sizeman 4 please for a,‫זונטאג‬ male worker to help a young withcall 659-9117 as they enjoy exciting educational ‫ביינאכט‬ 8:30 and ‫פון‬therapeutic ‫און מיטוואך‬Looking ‫מאנטאג‬ - ‫וואך‬ es and outings. Enjoy a fun work environment a slight physical disability every morning from 6-8 AM ‫מיטברענגען איין‬ ‫מען קען‬ .‫אינדערפרי‬ 7:30 ‫ביז‬ and evenings from 6-9PM. ratifying work as.‫קינד‬ you positively impact lives— BLUE AND SILVER GOWN great pay! Driver’s license required. ‫מיט הערליכע‬Looking for ‫שיין‬ a female a size 6. Please Coctail length ‫ מיט‬,‫בענעפיטן‬ ‫באצאלט‬ ‫ גאר‬worker to accompany physically disabled young girl every Sunday a therapy or 746-7794. re information, please call 845-746-7254. callto352-7689 ‫ העכסט זעלטענע געלעגנהייט‬appointment ‫פאר מער! א‬ ‫מעגליכקייטן‬ in Brooklyn. DAY HAB OPPORTUNITY: Looking for a fun-loving girl that wants to work withGOWN a ‫פאסיג‬ ‫זענט‬ n our Fabulous ‫דעם‬ team ‫פאר‬ of staff who‫איר‬ make a .‫פאר’ן פאסיגן קאנדידאט‬ DESIGNER simcha/hasc ence. Driver’s license preferred. Please Contact: disabled young woman. Former camp for rent. Size 4. txt 845-494-1796 ‫נאך היינט‬ ‫ רופט‬preferred. ‫פאסטן? ביטע‬ counselor Weekends and possibly every day. honfeld 8458251040 Looking for an experienced mature woman to assist a 425-5011 E: Eschonfeld@hamaspikrockland.org new mother with newborn care and light housekeeping. BLACK AND GOLD GOWN Concord Breiderheim is seeking a out a young boy AY RESPITE PROGRAM: Looking for a girl to take from new call or text 845 274 3366 maspik is currently hiring high school girls for our square on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon. responsible, energetic, Yiddish-speaking y Respite Program A rewarding and fun-filled Looking for a female worker to work with a very low ience. Good Pay. couple If interested, to please serveemail as tonight staff 3teenager nights per FrancisNAVY functioning on weekends. area.AND WHITE egirls@hamaspikrockland.org or call 845-425-3421 allwith lacelots gown Looking for girl to take out a young girl offor rent. Size 0,2 week: Sunday, Monday and Wednesday nights. ave a detail message forhave $400. Please text medical issues on Sundays. Individualpetite should 845-276-3946. Hours are from 8:30 pm g-tube to 7:30 am. Can bring experience or willing to train. OPPORTUNITY: king for a woman/girl toalong help a low functioning 5 Looking for a worker to take out a young boy in new 1 child maximum. For suitable WHITE AND GREEN DRESS ld girl, every evening, from about 8:00-10:00 P.M. square on Shabbos. additional offer and great o involves somecandidates light housework.there Pleaseis callan 845Please contact our Comhab Coordinatorfor atsale-size 845-503-2-4. Please call/ text 845-269-8649. 214. 0240845 or email tmermelstein@hamaspikrockland.org benefits. Please contact 494-1796.

MATERNITY GOWN Cream and black size XS. Please call 845-352-1737 IVORY AND GOLD GOWN sz 4-5 kids approx to rent for $25 and teen approx 6 $150. 371-1765 CREAM/BLUSH size 0-2 call: 845-263-2991 BLACK GOWN size 4 .845 596 3406 MECHTENISTE DRESSES regular and Maternity call 845-659-8753 ADULT GOWNS size 4,6, 8-10, for rent, dressrental3207@gmail.com call 845-425-3207 for more info.

IVORY GOWN with black and gold flowers on bottom size 12 -14 . 845 573 9270 MATERNITY GOWN Size 2,4 for rent. Black with blue, green lace for $400. Please text 845-276-3946. VERA WANG BRIDAL GOW size 0 also, green gowns, children’s sizes 12 and 16 845608-2269 2 CREAM COLORED GOWNS for teens and 2 pink gowns girls sizes 8-10 and 14-16 call: 845-263-2991 CHAMPAGNE GOWN with an idle/elegant design, size 4-6. Call now: 929 238 5487

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LADIES GOWN size 8-10. Please call 845-6595886 LITTLE GIRLS GOWN pink/white size 8-10. Please call 845-659-5886 MOTHER OF BRIDE heavily beaded sz 16-18 917 224 4474 BLACK /WHITE GOWN sz 6 .917 224 4474 LIGHT COLOR GOWNS size 00,0,2 and childrens gowns size 12, 8,5 and 18 months Call 845-642-4968 BLACK AND WHITE DRESS For sale, Size 0 718-837-3181 OFF WHITE/SILVER MATERNITY GOWN Size medium call/text 845213-9050

PINK/BLUSH GOWN 4/6 845-352-1650 MATERNITY DRESS Black and Silver. Size Small. 845-425-4578. 2 TEEN GOWNS Worn once. Blush. Size 10 & 12. Call 845-352-9582 BLACK WEDDING DRESS size 12 very slenderizing Call 426-1291.

HELP WANTED FRUM COMPANY located just outside Monsey is looking to fill an inside sales assistant position. If you’re a detail-oriented, driven, and passionate person who is proficient in Excel and you’re looking for a great working environment, we’d love to hear from you. Great salary and benefits. Full time only. Please email your resume to saul@couchpotato.com. ASSISTANT WANTED Public Accountant seeking to hire; education/ experience a must. Please email your resume to employmentatcpa@gmail. com. TEMP BOOKKEEPING position avlb for 4 weeks after Pesach. 6-7 hours a day. Training provided in February. send resume to 10952positionavail@gmail. com. ASST BOOKKEEPER Nursing Home in the Bronx seeking a PT Asst. Bookkeeper flex hours car required dmunitz@ medcoent.com BOOKKEEPER WANTED F/T Minimum 5 yrs of experience, A/P, General ledger, report writing,

reconciliations and payroll. Excellent salary + benefits for the right candidate. Send resume to hr@cmadc.com. CALL ROOM RECEPTIONIST Great Customer Svc & Comp skills a must. AM and PM shifts available. Great for new grad or Seminary girl. Send resume to hr@cmadc.com. NEW YORK LIFE Expanding Our Team. Individual Must Possess Sales Skills And Desire To Build A Career, Full Training And Support Provided 845-639-5216 Or Dglick@ Ft.Newyorklife.Com ACCOUNTS PAYABLE POSITION Local RE office is looking for a motivated, responsible employee to join an enjoyable working environment. Applicant should: Have strong communication skills | Be comfortable with taking initiative | Basic knowledge of Word and Excel. Starting salary – $17-$20/hour plus bonuses. Resumes can be sent to: yoni@repagllc.com P/T OFFICE seeking a responsible, detailed oriented woman to fill a secretarial position. Candidate should be fluent in Yiddish and English, knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, and QuickBooks. Email resume to: monseyhire@gmail.com OFFICE POSITION Looking for a motivated individual with Quickbooks and Excel experience. Email resume to easternjobs3@ gmail.com. OFFICE POSITION Clifton Cheder seeks a motivated and caring individual for an office position. Candidate should be detail oriented, computer proficient and responsible. Please send resumé with

references to crkaplan@ cliftoncheder.org. Must have own transportation. GREAT JOB OPPORTUNITY

FT secretarial position available for girl in a well-established company located 25 minutes from Monsey. Prior office experience a plus, long term opportunity to a stable career for qualified individual. Candidate to have own transportation (we’ll reimburse for travel expenses) please email resume to hr@ superiorpackgroup.com BOOKKEEPER/AP ASSOCIATE growing real estate management firm on Robert Pitt seeking a bookkeeper/ AP associate. Requires an organized, meticulous individual with excellent communication skills. careers@broadmg.com LOCAL OFFICE SEEKING detail oriented f/t administrative assistant. Requirements: Basic English communication skills, responsibility, motivation, and proficiency in MS Office. Please send resume to hr@ byts.edu. PROFESSIONAL OFFICE looking to hire a F/T female bookkeeper knowledge in QuickBooks a must will train. Email resume: nlieser@ bottomlinemngmt.com HOME HEALTH CARE COMPANY 10 Minutes drive from Monsey, is looking to hire a coordinator, must have some office experience, Please send your resume to:homeaide50@gmail.com EVERGREEN INSURANCE a fast growing Monsey based insurance agency seeks to

HIRING A growing agency in Monsey is seeking a full time Service Coordinator to join our team of dedicated employees. Candidate must be able to multi task , have great communications skills, and be capable of working in a fast pace environment. Previous experience a plus. Position available immediately, please submit resume to servicecoordinatormonsey@gmail.com. fill multiple full time office positions to grow their operations and inbound sales teams. Email resume to jobs@trustevergreen.com LOOKING FOR VOLUNTEERS who visit patients in the home or organizations who provide this. please call 845352-1584 or 845-263-5881 LOOKING TO VOLUNTEER for a sheital macher. Experienced and trained. Email superiorcareforyourhair@ gmail.com OFFICE JOB OPPORTUNITY looking for individual that’s good with architectural drawings and familiar with programs such as AutoCAD etc. 845 826 0248

PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY Enjoy taking pictures? Join our Team! F/T Position Available In our office. Extensive knowledge of Photoshop necessary. Email resume stvyc@hotmail.com CHOLOV YISROEL NURSING HOME in Teaneck NJ looking for Mashgichim. 6 AM- 2PM, 12PM- 8PM. SundayThursday. Holidays/Vacation/ Sick days/Health Insurance Call- 917-273-6071.” MANAGER / SALES POSITION Children’s Store Looking for Manager / Saleslady. Call 845.323.6933. ELEMENTARY SCHOOL looking for experienced Title I/Title 3 provider for

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// help wanted // babysitting // service


Part Time, Monsey location. Works directly with Residents on units without supervision. Exp with activities in healthcare setting or recreation therapy req’d. Exp with geriatric population pref’d. Must have strong computer skills. Positive attitude and energy is a must!! Contact: Brenda 845-352-9000 Email: BWarsaw@northernmet.com

grades 1-3 . Please attach a cover letter titled Att: Mrs. Schwartz Fax: 8454771297 or email: bschwartz@bnosdy. com RETAIL STORE MANAGER POSITION Great Pay for the right candidate. Please email to Laduquality@gmail.com EXPERIENCED, CAPABLE SUBS for Middle grades and Junior High English Department local girls’ school. Good pay. Call: 845-304-9391 LOCAL GIRLS’ SCHOOL looking for 2nd Grade assistant. Good pay. Great environment. Please call: 347-799-8746 PRESCHOOL ASSISTANT Clifton Cheder (Passaic, NJ area) is looking for a loving, caring and talented Nursery assistant to cover a maternity leave beginning in February through Pesach iy”H. Candidate should have experience with early childhood and should be a team player. Must have own transportation. Please call Mrs. Levit at 973) 472-0011 ext. 303 SUBSTITUTE WANTED (possibly long term) for upper elementary grades to teach

geography science and math. Send info to 356 0711

Training provided. Great pay. (845) 327-7111

SEEKING BABYSITTER in my home Joshua ct area/ Roberts Rd 12:30-4:00 MonThurs 845 356 2358


LOOKING FOR A BABYSITTER in my house, Wed and Thurs. 2-3:15. WELL PAID. 646-7877428 LOOKING FOR A BABYSITTER in my house from 8:30 - 1:30 pls call 845-352-6432 BABYSITTER to take care of five children 14-17 months. Pomona area, Mon. –Thurs. 8:30-5:30, Fri. 8:30-1:30 (transp. Not included). Call: 845-379-4711 FULL TIME BABYSITTER for a 1 and 2 year old. 8:305:30 Monday - Thursday, 8:30-1:30 Fridays. (845)5178240 SEEKING BABYSITTER in my house Monday 4:307:30, Tuesday 12:30-7:30 and Thursday 3:30-7:30. $15-$18/ hour. Call or text 347-3515783 if available any days. SKILLS FOR SUCCESS looking to hire motivated females to work afternoons or evenings doing ABA.

148 / THE MONSEY VIEW / January 17, 2018 www.themonseyview.com / 845.600.8484

EXPERIENCED BABYSITTER Babysitting group on West Side Avenue, private park, big playroom, a few more slots available. Ages 18-24 months. Starting July 1st 845.362.2599 or 845.499.6473. BABYSITTER AVAILABLE on Francis Place. Also taking Sunday drop-ins. Please call 845-352-1016. BABYSITTER warm and experienced babysitter, available to babysit night hours in your home. references available. please call 845.499.9272 WARM HEIMISHE BABYSITTER currently accepting overnights and weeklies. Loads of toys and undivided attention. 845-263-4529

SERVICES CHILDBIRTH EDUCATION CLASSES To join the next class please call 845-426-0931. Tzippy Tauber CD (DONA) Certified Birth Doula

DASSY PHOTOGRAPHY Newborns, Upsherin, family portraits and more. Professional editing! Free digital album! Gift certificates available too. (845)-517-9920/(845)-5040934 SHAIMOS/SREFAS CHALLA PICK-UP We do pick ups all year round - schools shuls homes. 845461-3084 BURN OFF THOSE DONUTS Only $10 for a semi private training session. (Only at the TKC studio.) By Leiby Strauss. Text 845.546.3848 or email kinetixwellness@gmail.com TURNING 65? Medicare Supplement Insurance – advice and sales. Mrs. R. Schwartz- licensed agent -845.263.0617 – rs.msupplement@gmail.com TO VOLUNTEER to feed the sick or elderly, OR if you are in need of this service, Please call 845-3521016 REPAIRS Plumbing, Electrical, Hardware. Motty 845-4991266 ARE YOU Overwhelmed? Overweight? Traveling? Do you need help

es weighing and measuring your food? Free Delivery Available/ Experienced: 845709-9417 GARTLECH We fix hand knitted Gartlech & make Professional Fringes. Please call: 917-414-3281 FRUM LADY DRIVER Punctual, friendly, caring, responsible, dependable. Scheduling steady routes and all transportation needs. Please call/text 917-750-4105. COMPUTER HELP?? One stop computer assistance! Set up new computers, restore deleted/ lost files from computers, SD cards, cameras, & thumb drives. 845-293-2667 TEHILLIM Harness the power of tehillim today! A yid who says tehillim everyday will add you to his list. This is a free service to benefit yidden. Sponsorships are available if you insist call/ text 8452006378 ‫מיין פלאץ‬ A therapeutic play space for boys- art, gymnastics, music, woodwork, tutoring & more. For more info please call us at (845) 520-5445

BOOKS FOR KEEPS will repair them to last a lifetime! Each page protected in a plastic and a new strong cover! 347-721-4403



EXPERT ALTERATIONS COMHAB/RESPITE WORKERS: • STARS Hiring Now! TheSEEKING STARS program is now STARS HIRING NOW: honest and reliable service, for a male comhab worker to be a ‘frie The STARS program ishiring now hiring 12th Grade (age 18+)Looking 12th Grade (age or post-seminary girls located in Suzzane area. call 18+) or post-seminary girls to work with our young a high functioning teenager every day between 3 or text Esty Krauss anytime: to work with our young adult students pm. Flexible about6:00-9:00 schedule. 845-662-5931 adult students 6:00-9:00 p.m. in the evening, 1-2 times a

in the and evening, 1-2 times a week, as they enjoy Looking for a male worker to help a young ma week, as they enjoy excitingp.m. educational therapeutic a slight physical disability every morning from activities and outings. Enjoy a fun work environment exciting educational and therapeutic activities and DRIVER WANTEDand gratifying work as you positively impact lives— and evenings from 6-9PM. outings. Enjoy a fun work environment and Female looking for driver plus, great pay! Driver’s license required. Looking for a female worker to accomp 9:00 (to:Wesley kosher/viola) gratifying work as you positively physicallyimpact disabledlives— young girl every Sunday to a For more information, please call 845-746-7254. 4:00 (near rockland kosher). appointment in Brooklyn. plus, great pay! Driver’s license required. For more GIRLS DAY HAB OPPORTUNITY: 929 238 5487 Looking for a fun-loving girl that wants to work Join our Fabulous team of staff who make information, please calla 845-746-7254. difference. Driver’s license preferred. Please Contact: disabled young woman. Former camp simch SPEAKERS TO RENT counselor preferred. Weekends and possibly ever Esty Schonfeld • Great Opportunity! Looking forfor a an warm, fun, mature woman to for all your Simches & more, Looking experienced P :845-425-5011 E: Eschonfeld@hamaspikrockland.org We also have a mp3 system. new mother with newborn patient girl to do crafts and fun activities with a care and light housek call 845.579.5467SUNDAY RESPITE PROGRAM: Looking for a girl to take out a young boy fro young adult with special needs. Great opportunity Hamaspik is currently hiring high school girls for our square on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoo for someone currently training to become a Sunday HEALING STONES SET Respite Program A rewarding and fun-filled Looking for a female worker to work with a ve experience. Good Pay. If interested, please email to therapist! Sunday or weekends preferred. are Francis area necklace - bracelet to functioning teenagerHours on weekends. Respitegirls@hamaspikrockland.org call 845-425-3421 relieve teething pain, boost flexible.orPlease call 845-503-0241. Looking for girl to take out a young girl with and leave a detail message immune, and improve medical issues on Sundays. Individual shoul skin (eczema) in babies, g-tube willing to train. PACE OPPORTUNITY: • ‫“המספיק‬ !‫אינגערמאן‬ ‫טויגליכע‬ ‫ פאר‬experience ‫געלעגנהייט‬or‫ גוטע‬ 718.963.0122. We ship Looking for a woman/girl to help a low functioning 5 Looking for a worker to take out a young boy ‫אינגעלייט‬ ‫ געשמאקע‬P.M. ‫פעהיגע‬square ‫רעספיט פראגראם” זוכט‬ year old girl, every evening,‫צו‬from about 8:00-10:00 on Shabbos. ‫קינדער אין‬ ‫מיטארבעטן מיט‬ Job also involves some light.‫אטמאספער‬ housework. ‫געשמאקע‬ Please call ‫א‬845THE BALLOON CORNER Please ‫די‬ contact our Comhab Coordinator at 84 Helium balloons for all your 503-0214. or ‫ביז‬ email tmermelstein@hamaspikrockla ‫ ביטע רופט נאך היינט‬.‫נאכמיטאג‬0240 3:30 11:00 ‫זינטאג פון‬ occasions. We accomodate late night calls. Viola area. 845- 596-0375 SWEET YIDDISH hyming children’s book at great wholesale price! Shipping available. 718.963.0122


Geometry, Trigonometry, Precalculus, Calculus, Physics ALL Grades/Levels. call: 845-445-8003

Expert & reliable service. Free pick up & delivery. 845-352-5013

MATERNA stages 2 & 3.One for $25 Four for $90. Pls call 274-7572 if no answer leave msg.

KANGEN WATER Change your water, change your life. Alkaline - Super Hydrating - AntiOxidant Call for FREE 1 Month Supply! 917-681-0003

ATTENTION MOTHERS Are your children’s books getting ripped up and dirty?

MATH TUTORING Regents/GED/TASC/SAT/ ACT Common Core, Algebra,

TUTOR AVAILABLE for your elementary school child for Limudei Kodesh




and Limudei Chol. Please Call: 845-352-1016 MATH ANXIETY? I can help! All ages. All levels. Regents, SAT Prep, CLEPS, AP courses. Linda 845.538.5319 DRUM LESSONS BY SHMUEL KLAVER Monsey’s most experienced Shomer Shabbos drum instructor. Lessons ($45 & up) given in your home or my studio, to boys or girls

Bakery • Miniatures • Cakes

2 Preshburg Blvd • 845.782.9687

Famous for our divine dair y confections !

Now delivering to Monsey & New Square

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// services // gemachim // loast & found

jobs@NailItHandyman.com NailItHandyman.com 5”,6”,7” Gutters Copper and aluminum gutters Over 30 colors 845-782-4473 sales@advancedguttersinc.com

Gutter Guard Installation

Fully Insured Free estimates

Cleaning and Repirs

Swimming Lessons Available!

ages 10-adult, beginners to professional. Call (845) 459-9935 VOICE / SINGING LESSONS By Renowned Vocal Rehab Specialist Shlomo Holtzberg MS SLP 845-558-1347 MonseyVoiceLessons@Gmail. com MUSIC LESSONS Give your daughter the gift of music at a very reasonable price! References available. Call Yitty @ 845-426-7561 after 4:30 pm CALMER & EASIER Taharas Hamishpacha review or Kallah class specializing in anxiety,water phobia etc References upon request Keila Kenner 718 637 4096 GUITAR LESSONS Experienced instructor will teach women and girls how to play in ten lessons. Years

of enjoyment guaranteed! 845-356-1113 PRO VOICE LESSONS By Chaim Fisgus.For full Dynamic vocal control, freedom and power. All voice types. All singing styles. For Adults and kids. Group lessons available. Stop hurting your voice! 845•327•8420 SEW N’ STYLE ACADEMY sewing courses for ladies and girls ages 10 and up. Beginners and intermediate classes now available. 845-531-3232 or email : sewnstyleacademy@gmail. com .

GEMACHIM MONSEY GOWN GEMACH mother and sister gowns size 0-12, by appointment only. 845-426-7496 or 845-3523031.

150 / THE MONSEY VIEW / January 17, 2018 www.themonseyview.com / 845.600.8484

WOMENS HAT GEMACH For short term rental please call 845-517-0838

BRIS GEMACH located in Central Monsey. 617-955-3630. poya, pillow case, outfit, blanket.

FLORAL BISOMIM for your Simcha - 845-6292785.

‎ OT WATER URNS H Please call 845-425-9211

DVD/VIDEO GEMACH DVDS and portable players for sick and homebound adults and children.425-2660 mailbox #1

ROOF CARRIERS GEMACH For all cars even without bars on roof. Call early to reserve. 845-659-1863. Monroe: 845662-7102.

BABY CHASUNA GOWNS Brand new, Adorable baby gowns and 2 pieces. Few sizes colors and styles. Matching shoes and hair accessories available from 3 months - 2 years. Call 425-3049

MATERNITY GEMACH Weekday and shabbos clothing, various sizes. Please call or text 845-445-9687 for an appointment.

GPS GEMACH Call 845-352-2588. Leave message. (Minimal fee).

ISRAEL GPS No fee. English or Hebrew. Must reserve in advance by email at IsraelGPS@gngroup. com

FLORAL BISOMIM for your Simcha - 845-6292785.

BRIS GEMACH Located on Rt. 306 call 845352-3013 poya, outfit, blanket

d // odds & ends // free giveaways and hat.’ ‫לע”נ ר חיים זאנוויל בן‬ ‫ר’ משה‬ TOY GEMACH Keep all the children busy by your simchas with tons of lego and clicks. Call Sussman @ 845-578-6513 SHOE GEMACH All sizes, white kalllah shoes. Proceeds go to tzedakah. Call\Text 845-200-0211 TABLECLOTHS for your Simchos. Call (845) 371 2105 SIDDUR GEMACH Sfard: Friedman 845-6087830 Ashkenaz: Shulman845 352 1756 or 845-826-6718 PIDYON HABEN zichron elimelech coins,silver tray, lace box, outfit 845-4261681 845-642-7256 FREE MOVING BOXES Packs of 10x for easy transport. Please call (845) 641-5536.” FREE BOXES for moving (mostly egg carton size). Please call 845425-6826 or 845-608-7830. Donations of flattened boxes are always welcome! ROOF CARRIERS GEMACH 845-659-1863. Monroe: 845662-7102. KOS YESHUOS - BECHER GEMACH Better for your pocket, and halachically. 845-377KOS1(5671) KosYeshuos@ gmail.com BABY NAIL CUTTING I will do it for free. (As a zechus for a yeshua) Call Faigy 845-659-4926 BRIS GMACH poya and All accessories for bris. L’ilui Nishmas Yisrael

Moishe Ben Zev Arye 425 3873

LOST Diamond earring b/w widman and bluefield shortcut. 845 579-2325 Pearl Necklace in Boxwood/West Maple Area 845.587.4905 Lenox salt shaker in Evergreen mikvah in early January. Mrs. Schaffer 4253255 Canon camera 7D with card inside. 845.356.2101 917.474.6826 12 or 14 black coat by Twerski’s bar mitzvah at 2 Parker Blvd on December 3, 8452481303. Nissan electronic car key in the 25 Robert Pitt parking lot near the Bikur Cholim Office 845.499.9923 Heater in box, blueberry hill area. 263-0630

FOUND Blue puffer-type hood from children’s coat. in my house on Westside Ave. around Chanuka time. 371-2715 Bracelet in ateres charna on Dec 27th. 845 597-7577 5 Tor bus tickets in Monsey Glatt area A few weeks ago. 347-263-1598 Passport with the name Pearl Klein several months ago. Owner had already contacted me but never came to pick it up. 347-382-0481 by my door on francis bag with mazel tov choc. Key chains cd and 2 ice creams 8 months ago 426-2529

ODDS AND ENDS HEIMISHE MOISED is seeking donations of toys, arts & crafts, or supplies, in good condition. Tax deductible. Please call 845500-3100


Dr. Yisroel Kaplan, PhD, LCSW - 20+ years exper. Call for FREE Phone Consultation: 917-3455750 SUPPORT GROUP Growth, support and inspiration for women coping with mental health challenges. A unique 6 session therapeutic support group by LCSW. Call 362-1247 for more info. SOMEONE DAMAGED CAR Wed 1/3/18 in parking lot of Ateres Chaya Sara at Glatzer/ Moseson chasunah – black car. Please call 845-274-5185 LADIES HAT GEMACH Declutter: Donate your gently used hats. Please call 845517-0838. GIRLS CONNECTION Program for enhanced friendships and self esteem by LCSW. Fun activities plus engaging, interactive lessons for social skills and coping skills. Girls, grades 3-5, 10 weeks, call 362-1247. HEIMISH YOUNG COUPLE looking to adopt baby/young child. Text/call 347-461-1914 TREADMILL WANTED Leshem mitzva. 845 422 0204

more Info call/text 845-3231477

FREE GIVEAWAYS formica seforim shank 96” with 2 glass sliding doors 356-8217 used stainless steel stove and dishwasher (good working order) must pick up. 845519-5955 China Closet in nice condition. Please call 845.418.6446 Two adorable white bunnies with cage. Call 845-263-5317 Parts for old Braun food processor. Call or text 845300-5188. 2 kosher simple phones 845274-3992 assorted music & children’s cassette tapes. on front porch @ 1 manchester dr, spring valley. Formica seforim shank 96” w/2 glass sliding doors 3568217 Classified ads that do not advertise a service are currently free for our readers, as long as the following criteria are met. Classified ads must be emailed or texted to classifieds@themonseyview. com - in the body of the email, not as an attachment. Include two words for the heading and a maximum of twenty words for the body. The entire body of the ad should be written in one paragraph. Do not “enter” between sentences. Use standard text only – no all caps.

TRANSFORM! Live life stress free, blissfully!! Iyh thurs. @10:00 a.m. 641 715 0700 pin 549732 playback 641 7150709 pin 549732 ref 1-70 TORAHANYTIME.COM 50,000+ lectures, 500+ speakers, Video and Audio ALL for FREE Download the App! LADIES TANYA SHIUR Weekly Tuesday Evening at 9:00 PM Centrally located For

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‫דינער 'אש התורה' לטובת ישיבת מיר ירושלים בבארא פארק‬

‫האדמו"ר מסקווירא במנוחה בפרשבורג‬






SEEKING COMHAB/RESPITE WORKERS: Shvesterheim is looking for a live in couple.

Looking for a male comhab worker to be a ‘frien The STARS program is now hiring 12th Grade (age a high functioning teenager every day between 3 a ) or post-seminary girls to work with our young • Couple will have a private attached apartment and must be available lt students 6:00-9:00 p.m. in the evening, 1-2 times a pm. Flexible about schedule. Shabbosim and all Yomim Tovim. Looking for a male worker to help a young man k, as they enjoy exciting educational and therapeutic vities and outings. Enjoy a fun work environment a slight physical disability every morning from 6 • The right candidate must have prior experience with special needs. gratifying work as you positively impact lives— and evenings from 6-9PM. s, great pay! Driver’s license required. Looking for a female worker to accompa • Great Benefit package! physically disabled young girl every Sunday to a th more information, please call 845-746-7254. appointment in Brooklyn. LS DAY HAB OPPORTUNITY: Email resume to estylandau@hamaspikrockland.org Looking for a fun-loving girl that wants to work Join our Fabulous team of staff who make a or fax to 845-503-1895. erence. Driver’s license preferred. Please Contact: disabled young woman. Former camp simcha counselor preferred. Weekends and possibly every y Schonfeld To inquire about job details, please email or fax your information and we will contact you. Looking for an experienced mature woman to as 45-425-5011 E: Eschonfeld@hamaspikrockland.org new mother with newborn care and light houseke NDAY RESPITE PROGRAM: Looking for a girl to take out a young boy from amaspik is currently hiring high school girls for our square on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon day Respite Program A rewarding and fun-filled Looking for a female worker to work with a ver erience. Good Pay. If interested, please email to functioning teenager on weekends. Francis area. pitegirls@hamaspikrockland.org or call 845-425-3421 Looking for girl to take out a young girl with l leave a detail message medical issues on Sundays. Individual should g-tube experience or willing to train. CE OPPORTUNITY: ooking for a woman/girl to help a low functioning 5 Looking for a worker to take out a young boy in r old girl, every evening, from about 8:00-10:00 P.M. square on Shabbos. also involves some light housework. Please call 845- Please contact our Comhab Coordinator at 845 -0214. 0240 or email tmermelstein@hamaspikrocklan

January 17, 2018 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 153 www.themonseyview.com / 845.600.8484

‫בניית ביהמ״ד החדש ומקוה טהרה קערעסטיר טשעסנאט רידזטש בנשיאות הרה״ג ר' אלטר קרויז‬

‫מסיבת הרחיבי פארגאנגענע וואך אין מאנסי בבית ר' מנחם האלפרין לטובת די ארגאניזאציע טהרנו ‪ -‬תורת המשפחה‬



‫מלוה מלוה ומסיבת 'קניניך' לטובת ישיבת קנין תורה דסאטמאר מאנסי בבית הרבני הנגיד ר' בנימין אינדיג‬

‫האדמו"ר מויזניץ בביקור בניו יארק‬

‫יוצא מבית החולים‬ ‫לאחר ניתוח שעבר‬

‫האדמו"ר מוויזניץ מלווה‬ ‫את אחיו האדמו"ר מוויזניץ‬ ‫בשדה התעופה בארה"ק‬



‫מלוה מלכה אין טשעסטנאט רידזש ע"י קרן תולדות אלעזר לע"נ ר' אלימלך מרודניק זצ"ל‬ ‫בבית ר' ישראל חיים צימענט‪ ,‬בהשתתפות כ"ק גאב"ד סאטמאר מאנסי‬



‫שמחת השבע ברכות בבית זוועהיל מאנסי – מישקאלץ – גאב"ד ווינה‬

‫תלמידים פון ישיבה קטנה אור ראובן ביים‬ ‫פארשטעלן א נסיעה קיין ארץ ישראל‬

‫שמחת השבע ברכות בחצר סטאניסלאוו שנערך ע"י הישיבה‬



‫שמחת השבע ברכות להחתן בן הרה"ג ר' משה שוואב ר"י מתיבתא מאמר מרדכי‬

January 17, 2018 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 157 www.themonseyview.com / 845.600.8484

‫סיום סוגיית יאוש שלא מדעת בישיבת דגל התורה כתה ה'‪ ,‬הרב הלר‪‎‬‬


January 17, 2018 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 159 www.themonseyview.com / 845.600.8484

‫מסיבת הכרת הטוב פאר די מעמבערס פון די 'חברים' ארגענעזאציע אין מאנסי‬










‫הוא יברך את בעל הבית הזה‬ ‫ברכותינו החמות אליך שגורה‪ ,‬באותות כבוד והוקרה‪ ,‬אל מעלת כבוד האי גברא יקירא‪ ,‬עוסק‬ ‫בצדקה וחסד תדירא‪ ,‬אציל המידות ונעים הל‪-‬יכות‪ ,‬איש חמודות רב ברכות‪ ,‬בקרב עם סגולה‪,‬‬ ‫יצא שמו לתהלה‪ ,‬מהולל ומשובח בשבחים והילולים‪ ,‬ובתוארים מופלגים ונעלים‪ ,‬כש"ת‬

‫מוה"ר מרדכי פנחס אסטרייכער הי"ו‬ ‫בעל הפירמא המהוללה‬

‫לרגל השמחה הגדולה השורה במעונו שמחת הבר מצוה‬ ‫של בנו בכורו חביבו ויקירו הבחור החשוב עדיו לגאון ולתפארת‬ ‫כמר ברוך מאיר דוב הי"ו‬ ‫יעזור השי"ת שיראה רוב נחת דקדושה מזרעו לברכה‪ ,‬לאילנא רברבא יתעביד לתפארת כל‬ ‫המשפחה‪ ,‬יזכה לאריכות ימים ושנים בהוד והדר‪ ,‬בבריאות השלימות תדיר אמן ואמן‬ ‫המברכים בחביבות וידידות עזה‪ ,‬צוות הפועלים‪:‬‬

‫אברמי איינהארן; אברמי גרינבערג; אברמי וויינבערגער; גד וואליקי;‬ ‫העשיל דאנציגער; חזקי גרינבערג; ימי שפיטצער; יענקי ברייער; יצחק איינהארן;‬ ‫יצחק דאנציגער; יצחק פאכטמאן; מענדי איינהארן; מענדי פעלבערבוים;‬ ‫משה דוד קעניג; נחום איינהארן; ‪Alfanso; Mario; Elias; Antonio‬‬

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