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‫פרשת ויחי‬ ‫ט' טבת תשע”ח‬



The untold story of women who helped win the war

CALLIGRAPHY Exploring the art

MONSEY: WHERE CURSIVE IS ON THE CURRICULUM Our school principals tell us why

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‫חלב ישראל‬


‫קומט‬ ‫מיט א‬ ‫הערליך‬ ‫קאליר‪-‬‬ ‫פולע בוך‬

‫באגלייט דאס קינד אין זיינע‬

‫ווייטאגליכע מיטמאכענישן‬ ‫ביז זיין גליקליכע אחדות'דיגע פריינטשאפט‬

‫ארויסגעגעבן דורך הרב בערל סופר‬ ‫‪Distributed by:‬‬ ‫לחיים‬ ‫לחיים‬


‫לחיים‬ ‫‪718-369-2090‬‬

‫באקענט זיך מיט‬ ‫יסודות'דיגע הדרכה‬ ‫צו אן אנגענעם לעבן‬ ‫מיט אחדות און שלום‬

‫שוין דא צו‬ ‫באקומען!‬


‫האלט זיך‬ ‫געשפאנט‬ ‫שעות‬ ‫נאכאנאנד‬

f a l l w i n t e r









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TOGETHER, REACHING HIGHER EXERCISE GROUP This unique and fun group will help your child break through social and physical barriers. By targeting their emotional and social abilities through physical activity, your child will excel in all areas ‫בס״ד‬ Groups are headed by Moshe Kellman, DPT Call in to inquire about our one on one PT treatment.

NOW ACCEPTING FIDELIS & OTHER INSURANCES For Social, Emotional, Behavioral,Speech, Occupational and Physical Therapy CALL FOR DETAILS

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Male & Female therapists Yiddish & English speaking Goals & results ‫בס״ד‬

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5 years old and I got sick four months ago. I don't like the doctors, and the days I have to be in the hospital because of my treatments. The needles really hurt. At least when I'm not in the hospital, I get to go to my special Kapayim class. There I have friends, other kids who also go to the hospital like me. Our Morahs teach us aleph-beis, parsha, and numbers. We even had a mock wedding and I was the kallah! My sisters and brothers only get to go to the Kapayim cabin once a week, but I get to go there a lot more! I wish I don't have to sleep in the hospital ever again, so I can go to school every single day. Will you daven for me?






Join the Community in Unity in reciting ‫ספר תהילים‬ 1,000 times on behalf of ‫חולי ישראל‬.

‫ונמצא חן‬ ‫ושכל טוב‬


‫נמצא חן ושכל טוב‬


Revolution for

High School Girls!

Join the hundreds of grateful participants from across the globe!



‫א חן‬ ‫מכצל טוב‬




roup New G ting star . 15 Jan




Mrs. Adler, noted high school teacher, has many years of experience helping high school girls achieve social success. She is endorsed by leading Rabbanim & Mechanchos.


Great Strategies (That Work!) For Developing & Enhancing Friendships How To Make A Charming & Favorable Impression Effective Steps For Building Self Confidence Proper Communication & Conversational Skills How To Gain Self Respect & The Respect Of Others How To Deal With Peer Rejection



Participate from the comfort & confidentiality of your home and REMAIN ANONYMOUS!



845 782 6558 DART MEDIA

e at MedRit everyone to h c u m so into my Thank you ter stuck oden splin o w a s d a h efore I wa tonight. I ort time b sh a s a w It t leg. ickly. lower righ ut very qu he got it o d n a r. D e ck seen by th ful to che g and help n ri a c ry aned e He was v re and cle shot befo s u n ta e T had ould whether I nt visit. W very pleasa a s a w ily. It . d s and fam the woun my friend to d n e m recom definitely n E. Solomo

X- R AY & L A B O N S I T E




B U R N S & C U LT U R E S


W A L K - I N



175 ROUTE 59 Spring Valley, NY 10977 Next to Turtle Boo & Kidichic.














Sunday 10:00am - 10:00 pm | Mon.-Thur. 8:00am - 10:00 pm | Friday 8:00am - 3:00 pm |


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‫ מוצאי שבת‬Half hour after zman till 12:00am

‫איר דארפט נישט מאכן קיין אפוינטמענט‬


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Shabbos Collection

Sunday~Monday Robes $25

Williamsburg: 520 Park Ave 718-8-Lulu-01

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Children’s Wear

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‫פרשת ויחי‬ ‫ט' טבת תשע”ח‬


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The untold story of women who helped win the war

CALLIGRAPHY Exploring the art

MONSEY: WHERE CURSIVE IS ON THE CURRICULUM Our school principals tell us why


YOEL ITZKOWITZ Editor in Chief:

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MISSION STATEMENT: The Monsey View is a weekly publication designed for every segment and age group of our diverse community. Under rabbinical guidance, we bring Monsey’s top talent together to provide high-quality, informative and current reading material, keeping you up to date on sales, events, news and issues of concern and import happening right now in the Monsey community. DISCLAIMER: We do not endorse any ad found in this publication. We are not responsible for typographical or grammatical errors. Copyright: All content found in The Monsey View is copyright and may not be reproduced, published, distributed or duplicated for public or private use without written permission from The Monsey View.

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‫רבינו תם‬

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‫הדלקת הנרות‬ ‫מוצאי שבת‬

‫הדלקתי נרותי והחלפתי שמלותי‬ 8 4 5 . 6 7 8 . 8 6 2 4 | 1 6 M E L N I C K D R , M O N S E Y, N Y

Everest Equity Company , Inc. THE

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The Everest Equity Company, Inc. Is a Registered Mortgage Broker New York State Department of Financial Services. Registered Mortgage Broker NJ, CT, FL Banking Departments. Loans arranged through third party providers. NMLS ID 12484

356-mall 6




A NUTRITIOUS PROGRAM In reference to last week’s letter regarding school lunches, I’d like to state my viewpoint as a grandmother with grandchildren attending various heimishe mosdos. Contrary to the way school lunches were described, I’m amazed at the delicious and nutritious foods available at every meal. The variety of food is funded by the grace of various programs, and I want to express my appreciation to the government for sponsoring the programs and to the mosdos who are conscientiously implementing the programs and encouraging their students to eat healthily. Like my grandmother used to say after she arrived to America and witnessed the opportunity available here: G-d Bless America. The Mendlovic Family

As a mother of a first-grader, I’d like to reply to the letter last week criticizing school lunches. I am actually really impressed with the wellrounded and nutritious menus that make up my daughter’s lunches every day. It is also amazing to see how the girls are taught all about proper nutrition and food groups and are empowered with information to choose the right foods. A Grateful Mother of a Monsey Mosed

RE: OUT WITH THE STEREOTYPE (ISSUE #128) Regarding the letter that a father wrote about helping out with house chores... I’m a working mother and between a full-time job, carM&S SHOE REPAIR




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fur for GIFTS him. IVY CAP



59 Route 59 Suite 137 | 845-425-6367

STORE HOURS | SUN - WED: 10:30 AM - 6:30 PM | THURS: 10:30 AM - 8:30 PM | FRI: 10:30 AM - 2:30 PM

pool, homework, doctors’ appointments and being present for my children, there is so much to juggle. I feel guilty every time my husband helps out with cleaning, cooking or laundry since this was not what I saw at home, and I need a constant reminder that, yes, there will always be the traditional roles, but in this day and age when women help out with parnasah, it only makes sense that the workload at home is shared too. Thank you for bringing awareness to the subject. Anonymous

BRINGING LIGHT TO AN IMPORTANT MATTER Thank you for such a wonderful weekly; your paper is amazing! I read it every week from cover to cover! I’d like to remind the community of a very important concept: the importance of wearing a reflector whenever you’re walking on the street when it’s dark. As a driver, I can testify it is impossible to see you at night, and I constantly have to make shortstops right in front of pedestrians. I can’t think of the tragedies that were avoided by just an inch… I’d like to ask you, please do it for yourself, do it for me and do it for the entire community: Wear a reflector; it will save your life! Thank you! A Driver Concerned About Safety

RE: CREATING PROBLEMS WHEN THERE ARE NONE (ISSUE #127) I applaud the therapist who spoke out in Issue #127, encouraging us to “let kids be kids.” The pressure that is put onto our children these days is enormous. I have worked in the public elementary schools, and unfortunately, I have to agree that this seems to be a unique problem that we have created in our own community. In the outside world, teachers are usually trained to deal with all types of children (with indiscriminate love and patience), and all of these therapies that are so commonplace here are reserved for the kids who really need them. Hopefully teachers and parents will take note and stop having unreasonable expectations of the children in their lives. A.M.

DO IT WITH ALL YOUR HEART First of all, I love when you present simple features with such clear instructions. It never occured to me to use a parchment paper on top of the dough when rolling it out for cookies. The other tips in the Food and Family column on Chanukah baking were phenomenal as well. My kids were able to create the cookies all on their own and a great time was had by all. Thank you! I also wanted to thank you for providing a forum where important topics can be addressed. Recently, I was in need of a volunteer’s service, and I want to point out a very important matter to all the wonderful people who give of their time and volunteer for the klal. Your work is so greatly appreciated. However, if you feel burned out, please take a break from volunteering. I’m trying very hard to be dan l’kaf zechus a woman who was rude to me when I did nothing wrong. Perhaps the person she dealt with before me was difficult and she was stressed out, but that by no means justifies hurting me so deeply and accusing me of wrongdoing. I understand the difficulties of volunteering: I dedicate my entire morning at least once a week to the klal. It could be frustrating, but either do it with a smile, or not at all. Please keep your practical ideas coming. Name Withheld

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S TAY T U N E D. . .

Car Service service

‫היימישע‬ ‫דרייווערס‬




FAMILY URGENT CARE Courteous and Friendly Staff

Rapid Strep & Flu Tests

We Accept Adults and Pediatrics

Short Wait Time

Dr. Kornblit, MD Medical Director

845-356-CARE (2273) In Town Square by the old Auction Mart

77 Route 59, Monsey, NY 10952

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Most Insurances Accepted

No Appointments Needed

X-Ray Onsite



Shomer Shabbos Management and Staff

Chaim Adler PA-C






By: Basya Kovacs

SO...THE BIG QUESTION: Did I have a doughnut this Chanukah? I was asked this question approximately 30 times this week (and I am assuming there were more clients who wanted to ask, but were too polite), and the answer was absolutely! My personal feeling is that if it is such a big deal to use oil on Chanukah, it must mean that the rest of the year, we should be staying away from fried food! So I literally try not to eat anything fried the entire year, and I don’t fry anything for my family either. (That’s not to say that my children don’t fry food for themselves. I came home to a platter of fried beef egg rolls last night that my 12-year-old daughter created from scratch!) So once a year, I fry doughnuts for my kids, toss them with powdered sugar and we all have some. My kids have great memories of this and think my doughnuts are the world’s best doughnuts! Just don’t tell them the dough is store-bought pizza dough. There are some things they just don’t need to know. Many of my clients were surprised that I had a doughnut. But with a proper understanding of our dieting philosophy, eating a doughnut on Chanukah makes perfect sense. Nutrition by Tanya is famous for “allowing” pizza and sushi while on the diet. (I put the word “allowing” in quotes because I always tell my clients that they are allowed to do whatever they want! Everything they eat every single day is a choice — they don’t need my permission.) If they want my recommendation, I will tell them that yes, they are allowed pizza. And sushi. And a doughnut on Chanukah. And cheesecake on Shavuos. And treats at night if needed, etc. What is the mindset behind this philosophy? Did pizza and doughnuts suddenly become dietetic? Are they suddenly low-calorie foods? Obviously not. So why are we allowing (or recommending) that our clients occasionally partake in these favorites? We have found that dieters don’t do

46 / THE MONSEY VIEW / December 27, 2017 / 845.600.8484

well when they feel deprived. Just like there is only so long someone can go carbfree or gluten-free without eventually giving up on their diet, it is unrealistic to ask someone never to eat pizza again. We really and truly believe that if this is going to be our clients’ new lifestyle, then it needs to be sustainable. We don’t believe in doing anything for short-term results. How many people have sworn off carbs only to be derailed by the crust of their child’s pizza? How many people have sworn to “eat clean,” which they then do until the next week, month or until the next simcha or yom tov? This is why we incorporate certain “must haves” into the program. If you are going to eat it anyway, do so in a controlled, measured way, as part of your plan. This way there is no guilt, no derailing and no need to throw the whole diet in the trash and gain all the weight back. And it works. As I write this article, Chanukah is drawing to a close, and most of my regular weekly clients have weighed in. The results are astounding. I can count on one hand how many people gained more than a pound over Chanukah, and in fact, most of my clients have lost weight. And interestingly, many of my clients reported back to me that just knowing that they could have the doughnut was enough. They didn’t actually even eat the doughnut, because they found that they didn’t need it. They just needed to know that they could have it if they wanted to. That wasn’t enough for me, but that’s okay! It’s allowed on my plan! Basya Kovacs is a nutrition counselor at Nutrition by Tanya and is the manager of the Monsey, Monroe, and Staten Island locations. Nutrition by Tanya offers personalized and practical weight management and nutrition counseling for men, women and children. Nutrition by Tanya has locations in Boro Park, Flatbush, Williamsburg, Monsey, Lakewood, Crown Heights, Five Towns and Monroe. The office can be reached at 844-TANYA-DIET.


C U S TO M H AU T E CO U T U R E | D R E S S E S | E V E N I N G W E A R

STORE HOURS: By appointment only ADDRESS: 12 Parker Blvd, Monsey



PHONE: 845-642-5440

Lim'ore Boutique Lim'ore Boutique


‫פון כולל חצות‬

‫וואויס‪ -‬מעילס‬


‫ס'איז נישט אריבער קיין גאנצע צען מינוט פון ווען‬ ‫כ'האב אויפגעסיינט א שותפות מיט כולל חצות‪,‬‬ ‫און אויף די צווייטע זייט פונעם טעלעפאן איז‬ ‫געשטאנען נישט מער און נישט ווייניגער דער‬ ‫שדכן וואס מיר ווארטן שוין באלד זעקס חדשים‬ ‫ער זאל אינז רופן‪ ,‬מיט א פארטיגע אנטווארט‪:‬‬ ‫"מ'קען גיין ווייטער"‪.‬‬ ‫דאס איז א אמת'ע פאסירונג וואס האט פאסירט‬ ‫מיט מיר אליין‪ ,‬וואס שוין א לענגערע צייט וואס מיר‬ ‫ווארטן פאר א שידוך פאר מיין זון א גרוש‪ .‬די "שכר התורה"‬ ‫פון די לומדי כולל חצות איז מורא'דיג גרויס‪.‬‬

‫מרת גרינשפאן‪ ,‬ברוקלין‬

‫אויף וואס ווארט איר?‬ ‫אייער ישועה איז נאנט!‬

‫להצלחת עובדיה‬ ‫בן מלכה‬ ‫וכל משפ'‬


‫‪48 / THE MONSEY VIEW / December 27, 2017‬‬ ‫‪ / 845.600.8484‬‬

Brandaringroup 866 .220.5585

845-425-3332 The Shoppers Haven Mall December 27, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 49 / 845.600.8484



By: Malka Schneps

MALKY* SAT BY LITTLE MOISHY’S CRIB in the hospital, davening for a yeshuah. At just five weeks of age, Moishy had suffered a major seizure and stopped breathing. Hatzolah came and revived him, but it happened again. And again. In the ambulance, the EMTs administered CPR continually all the way to the emergency room. Day after day, Malky sat by her son’s crib. Although she had just become a mother for the first time, she stood up and fought for her baby. For example, she demanded that the doctor sign off on an apnea monitor for when her son would be discharged. The monitor would ring an alarm if little Moishy ever stopped breathing again, allowing Malky to administer infant CPR while waiting for Hatzolah — she had learned the basics of infant CPR since that fateful day. The doctor did not want to sign off on the apnea monitor, telling Malky that it would be better for the baby to “pass on” after a few moments of not breathing rather than to suffer a long, drawn-out illness. “Think about what’s better for the baby,” the doctor said. “Don’t you want to minimize his suffering?” Young Malky stood firm in her resolve and told the doctor, “It is not my place to decide how or when it is better for this child to die — that is G-d’s job. My job is to do what is best for this baby moment by moment, and right now it is better for him to live!” Needless to say, Malky got the monitor. Malky stood equally firm when a well-intentioned visitor suggested she place the baby in an institution. She respectfully responded, “Hashem gave this baby to me, and I will care for him myself.” Malky did bring Moishy home and continued to fight for his life — but she knew that the real fight was taking place in Shamayim. Malky had noticed that the doctor had only said what disease he suspected the boy to have — he had not made an official diagnosis. As long as the doctor, who acts as Hashem’s shaliach, does not make an official diagnosis, thought Malky, there is more hope. If he had made an official pronouncement, then we would need a true nes. Malky looked out the window and watched as healthy children rode past on bicycles and scooters. That will be my son, she thought determinedly. Perhaps I


should go to Eretz Yisroel and daven by the Kosel. Ah, to stand in the Presence of the Shechinah and pour her heart out. But how could she leave the country when her baby needed to be at the hospital three days a week? Malky gave the matter more thought, and then she remembered learning once that kivrei tzaddikim have the kedusha of Eretz Yisroel. So one day, Malky arranged to travel to the tziyun of a tzaddik buried in New York State. She poured her heart out, crying copious tears and begging the tzaddik to intervene in Shamayim on her son’s behalf. Malky returned home from the tziyun, and within two hours she received a phone call from the son of the Skulener Rebbe, shlit”a, who had been notified six weeks earlier about the baby’s illness. “I have a message from my father, the Rebbe: The child will be fine.” Baruch Hashem, the illness completely disappeared; Moishy is now completely healthy and learning in a top yeshivah, ka”h. What is it about tzaddikim that enables them to bring the light of the Shechinah even into chutz l’aretz? This week’s parsha begins, “Vayechi Yaakov b’eretz Mitzrayim… — And Yaakov lived in the land of Mitzrayim” (Bereishis 47:28). The Sfas Emes quotes the Chiddushei HaRim that the Torah is not telling us that Yaakov dwelled in Mitzrayim (“vayeishev Yaakov”), but rather that Yaakov lived there (“vayechi Yaakov”). Yaakov remained connected to the Source of life even in decadent Egypt, unlike resha’im (l’havdil) who Chazal say are considered as dead even when alive. Yaakov lived because he was firmly attached to emes. B’emes, Hashem is equally in chutz l’aretz as in Eretz Yisroel, and equally in galus as in geulah — but Hashem is more revealed in the place of Eretz Yisroel and in times of geulah. It is therefore easier for most people to perceive Hashem in Eretz Yisroel. But the Sfas Emes explains that a tzaddik like Yaakov understands that galus merely hides Hashem more than Hashem is hidden in geulah, but Hashem is equally there. May we attach ourselves to emes and have emunah that Hashem is with us wherever we go and connect ourselves to the true Source of life wherever we may be.





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It was three years ago that Rabbi Zev Freundlich, dean of Mesivta Shaarei Arazim, found himself wondering why there were few, if any, extracurricular activities available to elementary-school-aged boys in the Monsey area. Having witnessed his own yeshivah’s success motivating boys in the beis medrash by giving them the opportunity to cultivate their outside talents and abilities, Rabbi Freundlich decided that the time had come for an after-school program that would give boys a chance to stretch their creative wings, an effort that he knew would boost participants’ personal pride and simchas hachaim. Shaarei Arazim itself has been known for nearly 20 years as a yeshivah where enthusiasm for learning and a commitment to excellence in other areas go hand in hand. Ninth graders build their own desks and use them throughout high school, and the mesivta’s famed marching band and Chinese acrobatic troupe have performed at numerous events throughout the New York area and beyond. Other unique electives have included a rowing team, boat building and a cooking class that prepares the dinners served nightly in the yeshivah. Creating a program of age-appropriate classes that would click with younger boys was a continuation of the same idea, one that Rabbi Freundlich approached with his trademark enthusiasm. In its first year, the after-school program started small with a one-hour Tuesday night music program on the yeshivah’s campus that gave boys ages nine through twelve the ability to learn to play the keyboard, saxophone, trumpet, flute, clarinet, drums, guitar and violin. Rabbi Freundlich insisted on hiring professional teachers, including well-known drummer Mr. Shmuel Klaver and veteran music teachers Rabbi Avraham Kahn and Mr. Mendel Deutsch, with several Shaarei Arazim students working as assistants to keep things running smoothly. “We had 50 boys that first year,” Rabbi Freundlich told The Monsey View. “We had kids from just about every school in Monsey, from Darchei Noam and Yeshiva of Spring Valley to Satmar and Pupa and every yeshivah in between.” From the start, Rabbi Freundlich made it clear that the afterschool program was intended for boys who were looking to discover, develop and expand their natural abilities in a positive, wholesome environment. As the menahel, Rabbi Freundlich is on hand at all times to ensure the safety and security of all students in the program, which has a strict no-electronics rule to maintain a high level of ruchniyus. Buoyed by the success of its debut, the program grew in its second year, with 80 boys enjoying the music classes as well as two new additions: a choir and a highly popular gymnastics class taught by former Olympics gymnastics coach Mr. Frank Adams. It was clear that the boys were gaining tremendously, and raising the bar a little higher, Rabbi Freundlich announced a full-scale end-of-year per-


formance as a chance to show friends and family just how much participants had accomplished. More than 400 people enjoyed the red-carpet event that included an impressive, dramatic production, a 23-man acrobatic troupe and a choir accompanied by an orchestra comprised of almost two dozen pieces. Demand for Shaarei Arazim’s after-school program skyrocketed for the 2017–2018 school year. Classes were added on Sunday afternoons and Thursday nights, in addition to the Tuesday night sessions, and the ten-week program also incorporated a new intermediate level for the music and gymnastic classes, giving participants the opportunity to further hone their skills. By the time the program opened this fall, there were 160 boys registered for an assortment of classes, which also included some new offerings. “We have basketball coached by Mr. Mike Vergis, a professional coach at a local high school; woodworking; and a model airplane class that is part of New York State’s STEM curriculum, which focuses on technology and engineering,” noted Rabbi Freundlich. “In addition to the choir — led by Rabbi Moshe Serebrowski, who has produced several children’s albums — we also have professional voice lessons and a recording studio, and we will be producing a CD at the end of every semester.” Word of the after-school program has spread primarily by word of mouth until now, and even Rabbi Freundlich admits to being wowed by its steadily increasing numbers. The after-school program will have even more new electives offered for the winter semester, which starts on January 13, with a new Motzei Shabbos program exclusively for thirteen- and fourteen-year-olds. “We are going to have a culinary arts class where the boys will learn to make sushi, carve fruit and decorate cakes,” said Rabbi Freundlich. “There will also be a martial arts class; a photography class that will address light, focus and exposure skills; and a simcha shtick class with Israel Gourion, one of the legendary Twins from France, who will teach juggling, unicycling and balance.” Other new electives for the winter session, which will run through March 22, are art classes, which will teach sketching, painting and sculpture, and a chess class, which in addition to the basics of the game, will focus on concentration skills and strategic and logical thinking. Rabbi Freundlich expects to have approximately 300 boys enrolled in the winter session, and the after-school program will continue after Pesach, giving any boys who participated this year the chance to take part in another end-of-year performance. “What are we planning for this year?” asked Rabbi Freundlich. “Honestly, I don’t know yet. But it will be something big.” Looking ahead to the future, Rabbi Freundlich is already tossing around ideas for year four of the after-school program. Car mechanics and drama are both being considered, and Rabbi Freundlich hopes to be able to expand the program to a full six nights a week. “Our boys need creative outlets,” said Rabbi Freundlich. “I have seen so many boys benefit from extracurricular activities on many levels, and it is very rewarding to see how much positive feedback we have gotten from the community.” The Shaarei Arazim after-school program is held at the school’s campus at 201 Route 306 in the center of Monsey. For more information, contact the yeshivah at 426-6401 or visit them online at


LET your child shine ! Discover & Develop Your Child’s Talents • Art - Sketching, BOYS, AGES 8-12 Painting, Sculpturing SUNDAY THRU THURSDAY • Chess • Clarinet • Coached Basketball • Culinary Arts • Drums • Flute • Guitar • Gymnastics • Keyboard • Model Airplane • Photography • Saxophone • Trumpet • Violin • Voice/ Choir/ Recording Studio • Woodworking • New! Simcha Shtick Class Taught by the Twin From France • New! Acting /Drama Class Taught by Play Producer, Ari Abramowitz


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Under the supervision and direction of Rabbi Zev Freundlich (Rosh Yeshiva, Shaarei Arazim) On June 18, 2017, our first annual major production, the students of the After School Program had their time to shine performing in front of over 400 guests. 845.426.6401 | |

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Saving a Life When a Moment of Prayer is a Lifetime of Prayer Based on a lecture by Rabbi Fischel Schachter


A family was once on vacation in Teveria. One day, the mother and her two daughters made their way down to the Kineret for a swim while the father traveled to the gravesite of R’ Meir Baal HaNes. Swimming in the water, the girls enjoyed themselves, but soon the older daughter began drifting off a bit too far, and being unable to swim very well, she started to drown. It was then that the mother, frantic and herself also incapable of swimming, began hearing her daughter yell for help. Running to the highway, the mother began flagging down oncoming cars in a plea of desperation. After much effort, a luxurious car pulled over to the side, and out walked a welldressed man. “My child is drowning! Please, can you help?” the mother cried. Without hesitating, the man removed his coat and ran to the water, his wife screaming in the background, “Remember, you just had a heart attack!” The man jumped into the water, and after a short while, located the girl and brought her ashore. Letting out a sigh of relief, the mother looked at her daughter, grateful that she survived. But then she looked again and gasped. Lying before her was not her older daughter, but her younger daughter. Her younger daughter must have swum into the water to help her older sister. “I still have another daughter in the water!” the mother screamed to the man. Diving back in, the man looked around, asking, “Where is

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she?” “Over there,” cried the mother as she pointed to the water. Finally spotting the girl, he began dragging her to the shore. By now, a number of people had gathered around, nervously watching the man in the water. As the man continued holding the girl, he soon was met by a throng of bystanders, who were yelling, “Her head is still in the water! Lift her head out!” Realizing that the girl’s head was still submerged, he immediately lifted it up and placed her body on the sand. Within moments, a medic rushed over and started performing CPR, after which an ambulance crew arrived to take her pulse. But, unfortunately, they did not seem too optimistic. “Her head was in the water too long,” they said. She was rushed to the hospital, where the doctors, as well, returned with sullen faces. “There doesn’t seem to be too much hope.” While the family began fervently and anxiously praying for the girl’s recovery, she was sent for an MRI. After its completion, the doctor walked in with the results. “I don’t believe it,” he said, “but your daughter has regular brain activity; she is perfectly healthy.” Two days later, the girl was released from the hospital. “We never saw anything like this before,” the doctors said. “With her head underwater for quite a while, she couldn’t breathe and should have suffered major brain damage.” But, to everyone’s relief, she miraculously pulled through. A few days later, the family arranged a seudas hoda’ah, thanking Hashem for the miracle. Looking to invite the man who saved the two girls, they called the hospital thinking that perhaps he had called to find out how the girl was doing. And

sure enough, he had done so. Receiving his phone number, the family contacted him and invited him to the meal. He was an attorney from a non-observant kibbutz and had never experienced any close connection to Yiddishkeit his entire life. Yet after accepting the offer to join the family for the seudas hoda’ah, it seemed he had something on his mind that he wished to tell the family. After asking if he could share his story with the family, he went on to relate the following. “Just before this incident, I had been recovering from a heart attack. My wife and I were traveling up north for a vacation when we saw a woman frantically waving down cars in the street. My wife told me to keep on driving as it didn’t seem like there was any major problem, but I stopped to help. I used to be an Olympic swimmer, but after becoming ill, I hadn’t swum in years. Just last week, though, as part of my recovering therapy, I had decided to swim laps in the hotel I was staying at. At the time, my wife mentioned that it was dangerous for me to swim, but I replied that for some reason, I felt like I needed to do this. Now I know what I meant when I said that. If I hadn’t practiced my swimming then, I don’t think I would have been in shape to save your daughters. “So I jumped into the water. Coming back with your first daughter, you then told me that your other daughter was still in the water. I then dived back in again. But this time, as I neared the shore, it was brought to my attention that I had kept her head underwater. Unable to deal with what I had done, I came back crying to my wife. ‘I killed the girl!’ ‘What do you mean?’ asked my wife. ‘I didn’t pull her head out of the water! It’s all my fault that she’s now dead.’ I didn’t know what to do with myself. BY: ELAN PERCHIK

Editorial Director of

“And so, some time after the incident, I decided to drive back next to the water and climb to a nearby mountaintop. When I finally made it up there, I began to talk to Hashem. ‘G-d, never in my life have I prayed. I grew up in a kibbutz and scoffed at the idea of prayer. This is the first time in my life that I am doing so. If this girl dies, I will never be able to live with myself again. Please consider as if I have prayed my whole life, and combine all those prayers to save this girl.’ After finishing my prayers, I proceeded to drive to the hospital and check up on the girl. “As soon as I arrived, I was updated with the news: Your daughter had woken up an hour earlier and was doing much better. She would survive and soon return to her full health. “The moment I heard that, I couldn’t believe my ears. She had awoken during the very few moments I silently stood in prayer on the mountaintop. At the exact time I had turned to Hashem in heartfelt prayer, she came to her senses.” Instead of giving up and despairing, this man took his broken heart and poured it out to Hashem in prayer. It was a prayer he had never uttered before in his life, and it wrought a miracle. Even at a moment we think all hope is lost, nothing is ever lost. Never are we to give up when trying circumstances confront us. Our words emanating from the heart directly reach Hashem and hold the potency of effectuating miracles. Rabbi Fischel Schachter is a highly acclaimed and much-loved scholar, international lecturer, storyteller and author. His witty, charming, warm and down-to-earth style continues to grab the attention of and delight his multitudes of students. Among his many illustrious projects, Rabbi Schachter is a rebbi in Yeshiva Torah Vodaath in Brooklyn, NY.

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Compiled by: Sandy Eller

Reb Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin Comes Home to Monsey THERE WERE CELEBRATIONS of epic proportions on December 20 as word spread that President Donald Trump had commuted Reb Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin’s sentence in the final moments of Chanukah, something described by many as a modernday miracle. Within hours of the White House announcement, Reb Sholom Mordechai was on his way out of the federal penitentiary in Otisville, back to the house that the Rubashkins had purchased on South Gate Drive in New Hempstead in 2015. By the time the couple arrived home at approximately 8:30 p.m., multiple blocks in the area had been shut down by police to accommodate the crowds of well-wishers who showed up to welcome Rubashkin home after he served eight years of a 27-year-sentence, a jail term that was pronounced excessive by more than 100 legal experts, as reported on VIN News. The Ramapo Police Department was on hand for crowd control, called in by Yossi Margareten of Chaverim of Rockland, whose team was also present at the scene. Dressed in his spodek and his yom tov finery, Rabbi Meshulem Nussen Spiegel of Beis Medrash Tefila L’Moshe on Brockton Road stood on the front porch of the couple’s home, welcoming them with the bracha Shehecheyanu. The crowds continued to celebrate outside as the Rubashkins went into their home where they were greeted by family members and close friends. After emerging from his home approximately 90 minutes later, Rubashkin addressed the singing and dancing crowd,

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speaking briefly of the unwavering emunah that sustained him during his long ordeal. After boarding a bus donated by Monsey Trails for the night, Rubashkin told photographer Shimon Gifter that he had no advance warning that he was about to be released. “I was eating seudas Zos Chanukah, that the Eibishter should make a nes, and the Eibishter made a nes,” said Rubashkin. “They told me to leave the cell, and they didn’t tell me anything. And they took me to a different building, and that was when they told me that the president had assigned clemency.”

Even guards at the prison were taken aback, according to Rubashkin. “The guards, some were very surprised,” said Rubashkin. “Others were very, very happy.” Rubashkin said that he has no doubt that the many tefillos said on his behalf and the achdus displayed by Klal Yisroel as they united in his support played a role in his release. “It shows you what ahavas Yisroel can do, that’s what I’m thinking” said Rubashkin. “With ahavas Yisroel, we all unite and we find that we are all brothers. We love each other. We ask Hashem, our Father, to help us, and He helps us.” After leaving Monsey, Rubashkin traveled to Boro Park to visit with his parents, Aron and Rivka Rubashkin. Thousands packed the streets to welcome Rubashkin home, with massive crowds showing their support at Lubavitch world headquarters at 770 Eastern Parkway, Rubashkin’s next stop, where singing and dancing continued well into the night. The Rubashkins completed their whirlwind trip with a pre-dawn visit to the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s ohel in Cambria Heights, where they davened and left kvitlach at the Rebbe’s tzion. A Friday morning meeting with the Skverer Rebbe was similarly well-attended, as hundreds of area residents turned out to greet Rubashkin who had an audience with the Rebbe. Because his sentence was commuted and he did not receive a presidential pardon, Rubashkin is still subject to an unspecified period of supervised release and will be obligated to make financial restitution as outlined by the court.

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There are certain life-changing moments which get embedded in our memories to the point where we will always remember where we were and what we were doing at the time of the incident. Hearing the news of Reb Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin’s release will undoubtedly also remain a moment of “Where were you at that time?” When The Monsey View offered to me the opportunity to speak with a daughter of the Rubashkins, I didn’t hesitate for a moment. I was eager to take part in this simcha and share this special time with Monsey residents — a community who played a major role in this chapter.


How long has your family been part of the Monsey community?

mother who knows her son is on the way home and only wants to know his ETA.

My mother and siblings moved to Monsey shortly after the sentencing, approximately six years ago. At first they lived with my newly married brother and sister-in-law, and then after about a year or two, relocated to their current residence on South Gate.

For those of us who weren’t so lucky to join in his welcoming, would you describe the scene outside your parents’ home that night?

Why Monsey, of all places? With my father being in Otisville, my mother wished to be as close as possible, and of all communities, Monsey seemed the best choice. The people here are also most similar to what the children were used to in Postville, making for an easier transition.

The news of your father’s release came as a great shock to all of us. Was it shocking for your family as well? Honestly, we lived every day with the true belief that our father can come home that very day. There were times when it seemed more probable than other times, but we believed it could happen at any given moment. But if you ask if we had any specific prior notice, the answer is no, we didn’t. Though we were hopeful that Hashem would send us this miracle, we had no idea when it would come, so the news took us by great surprise!

Was this constant belief shared by all members of your family? It was a belief we all lived with. My mother, in fact, always carried my father’s clothes in her car to have them ready at a moment’s notice. My grandmother, who people expected to be the most fragile, not only believed, but lived with the reality of his return every day. As many know, she owned and operated her restaurant on 13th Avenue in Boro Park for many years, a place where all were welcome and served warm meals regardless of their ability to pay. After my father’s incarceration, Tehillim became her daily companion, and she would complete Sefer Tehillim for him every day. With the news of his release, people wondered how to break the news to her for fear of shock at her advanced age. But my aunt said, “She knows it’ll happen; don’t fear.” She then proceeded to tell my grandmother, “Mamme, Sholom Mordechai kumt aheim.” My grandmother simply responded, “Gut, ven?” like a

Our plans had been to celebrate at 770, but we first wanted to pick up some essentials from home in Monsey. What we expected to be a mere few-minute stop turned out to be a major welcoming party of thousands of celebrators. The streets were crowded with people singing, dancing and celebrating this miracle, and I literally had to push my way through the throngs and announce my identity so as to be allowed in. Chaverim members took part not only in ensuring everyone’s safety, but also with their music and song. It was an incredible feeling seeing my father “home,” in this home, for the first time. The overwhelming feelings made my legs weak. My parents’ house, too, was so packed, you could barely move. The multitude of people who came to share in our celebration was heartwarming — there was an estimated crowd of around 3,000! When we boarded the bus heading to Crown Heights, they wouldn’t even let me off to retrieve anything due to the overcrowded streets. It was nearly impossible for family members to get through, which is why those who had to join met the bus at Ramapo High School.

Other than being your neighbors, how did the Monsey community play a role throughout all these years? The Monsey community has really played a central role in our lives. Monsey’s wonderful askanim went out

December 27, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 71 / 845.600.8484

of their way to help, people traveled to Otisville to visit my father, and caring Monsey residents were there for my mother and siblings at all times. This community has really outdone itself. We will be forever grateful to the people of Monsey and their askanim, especially Rabbi Pinchos Lipschutz who spearheaded the efforts of the askanim in the legal world as well as well as in our day-to-day lives.

What’s the plan now? Will your family stay in Monsey now, as many of us wish? As of now, there are no longterm plans, either way. But the community sure made us feel welcome to stay!

Finally, is there any message you’d like to share with the Monsey community, specifically? There really are no words to describe the hospitality that this community has displayed. My family was looked after and cared for. From little signs of support like leaving a heartwarming note to a package left by the door for my mother and siblings, the community was always there for us, without us having to ask. The feeling of being thought of with concern and warmth made our family feel like we were part of the community, rather than just temporary dwellers. So my message would be one of my father’s: Keep on being the shamash. If there’s a fellow neighbor in need, don’t wait to be asked. Go and find the candle that needs to be lit. “I’ll have your kids for a bit.” “Can I send over soup tonight?” “I’ll arrange your Shabbos food this week.” We all have our times of need, times when we need one another. With simple gestures of chesed, when we’re in things together as one, we’ll merit “Barcheinu avinu kulanu k’echad” and the ultimate geulah.

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‫די פראגראם הייבט זיך אן אי"ה‬

‫זונטאג פ' וארא הבעל"ט‬

‫זייט‬ ‫אויך‬ ‫הו פון די‬ ‫נדע‬ ‫צופר רטער‬ ‫י‬ ‫על דענע‬ ‫טערן‬

‫ביי די פראגראם פון "עוז"‬ ‫וועלן די קינדער זיך אויסלערנען‪:‬‬


‫> טרעפן חברים‬ ‫> זיך אויסקומען מיט חברים‬ ‫> אנהאלטן די קשר מיט חברים‬


‫> פארשטיין אייגענע געפילן‬ ‫> פארשטיין געפילן פון א צווייטע‬ ‫> פארשטיין ווי אזוי אייגענע פירונג‬ ‫ווירקט אויף אנדערע‬


‫> זיך באהערשן איבער כעס‪ ,‬קנאה‪ ,‬פחד‪,‬‬ ‫בושה‪ ,‬וכדו'‬ ‫> קאנטראלירן נעגעטיווע מחשבות‬ ‫> פראקטישע עצות זיך צו האלטן רואיג‬

‫א אינהאלטסרייכער‬ ‫פראגראם‬ ‫צוזאמגעשטעלט פון‪:‬‬

‫• ‪ 12‬קלאסן‬ ‫• פריוואטע באגלייטונג‬ ‫• ‪ Maintenance‬פראגראם‬ ‫• שטענדיגע מיט ארבעט מיט די עלטערן‬ ‫• מתנות ‪ /‬תעודות‪ ,‬ועוד‪...‬‬ ‫• ‪Parenting Tips & Guidance‬‬ ‫• ‪Student Support Hotline‬‬ ‫רעפרענס פון סיי וועלכע מוסד‪/‬קהילה‬ ‫מיר שטעלן צו טרענספערטאציע‬ ‫‪E-Z PAYMENT PLAN AVAILABLE‬‬

A special thanks to all the volunteers that gave their time and energy to make this happen!!!


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When it comes to your kitchen, we have only one recipe for perfection: doing it right the first time. That involves direct sourcing of exclusive materials in Italy, on-location design, our renowned exquisite craftsmanship, and truly unbeatable prices for budgets of every flavor.

40 West Washington Ave. Suite E Pearl River, NY 10965 E: T: 845.735.4567 F: 845.735.0580

Walk in with an appetite, walk out an expert

By: Draizy Wercberger

Turn Your Leftover Challah Into

A Gourmet Melaveh Malka

Sitting around the table, sipping hot cocoa and playing a game of classic Rummikub… nothing beats winter melaveh malkas. Here are three fantastic recipes that will help you use the leftover challah that wasn’t finished on Shabbos. If you don’t have any leftover challah, just use white bread for the same delicious results. Here’s to spending fantastic quality time with your family.


CHALLAH CROUTONS These are great over a standard Caesar salad. Toss some lettuce, cherry tomatoes and a bottle of prepared Caesar salad dressing together with these crispy, spicy croutons, and you’re good to go. To really take your salad over the top, add a half bottle grated parmesan cheese.

INGREDIENTS: Leftover challah, cut into thick slices 1 stick margarine, melted 2 cubes frozen garlic 1 tsp. salt 1½ tsp. parsley flakes

DIRECTIONS: 1. Mix margarine and spices in a small plate and brush over challah slices. 2. Cut challah into chunks and place in a single layer on a prepared baking sheet. 3. Bake on 350° for about 15 minutes, until croutons are browned. Cool before serving.


SPINACH AND CHEESE STRATA A strata is made from cubes of bread — or in this case, challah — placed in a pan, topped with vegetables and cheese and soaked in an egg mixture. It’s comfort food at its best! The strata featured here is a spinach version, but feel free to sauté any vegetables of your choice (think peppers, onions and mushrooms) in place of the spinach.

INGREDIENTS: Cubed challah, crusts removed 1 onion, diced 4 cloves garlic, diced 1 lb. frozen spinach, defrosted Oil for sautéing 2 cups shredded cheese 5 eggs ¼ cup milk Salt and pepper

DIRECTIONS: 1. Sauté onion and garlic in oil until wilted. Add spinach and mix until completely combined. 2. Spread single layer of cubed challah at the bottom of a 9x13 pan. Cover challah with half of the spinach mixture. Cover spinach mixture with 1 cup shredded cheese. Repeat another layer each of challah, spinach and cheese. 3. In a small bowl, mix eggs, milk and spices. Pour over everything in 9x13. Bake covered on 350° for 1 hour.


SUGARED CHALLAH BALLS This is a more of a patchke than the previous recipes, but it can be an enjoyable melaveh malka activity for all.

INGREDIENTS: 1 medium challah, crusts removed ½ cup sugar 1 T. vanilla sugar 1 egg Raspberry spread Confectioners sugar Oil for frying

DIRECTIONS: 1. Place challah into a bowl of water and let soak for about 10 minutes. Squeeze water out of the challah. 2. Add sugar, vanilla sugar and egg to soaked challah. Because every challah is slightly different in size, you might have to adjust sugar and egg measurements. The consistency should be that of a wet dough. 3. Heat oil in a large pot. Form a ball of dough with the challah mixture, add spoon of raspberry spread to the top and cover with additional dough. Fry in oil until light brown. 4. When done frying, sprinkle confectioners sugar over balls. Serve immediately.

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all wood bookcases 3 PC unit $1499

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Have you met your



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P 845.425.2617 / F 845.425.5550 27 Orchard street / MOnsey, new yOrk December 27, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 85 / 845.600.8484

FREE IMMIGRATION SERVICES Thursday, December 28th 4:00PM- 6:00PM RCDC 42 Melnick Drive, Monsey, NY 10952 Project Ohr Entrance Green Card Applications Green Card Renewal Petition to Remove Conditions on Residents Application for Employment Authorization Citizenship Application Sponsoring Family Members Subsidized by the County of Rockland Department of Social Services Services are provided by the County of Rockland through RCDC For inquiries: 845-352-1400

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Because YOUR family is OUR family!

Only $84



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“Do you like you like crossword puzzles?” The question seemed nearly ludicrous, considering the formal invitation that had arrived in the mail. For the young women who’d received the summons, they’d assumed the invites had to do with courses they were taking. And now, as they sat privately with the professor who’d invited them, many girls were baffled. Why were they being asked about their affinity — or lack thereof — for word games? For some young women, the answer was no, and they were subsequently dismissed from the meeting. For those who answered yes, however, the second question was quick to arrive. “Are you engaged to be married?” Those who were, were sent on their way. The unengaged fans of crossword

88 / THE MONSEY VIEW / December 27, 2017 / 845.600.8484

puzzles had little inkling that their lives were about to drastically change. It was at this point they were informed that they had been hand-picked by the U.S. Navy to enroll in a special course that would teach them cryptanalysis — the work of decoding encoded material. Should they choose to accept and pass the entrance exams, these young women would become vital players in the Allied forces. Until this point, cryptology (the work of both encoding and decoding) had little foothold in the world of war. Before World War I, communication over distance had been lengthy in process, leaving much news old news by the time it reached the intended party. With the advent of radio communication, cryptology slowly began picking up speed, and by the time evil Hitler and his fiendish friends in power

December 27, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 89 / 845.600.8484

never to foe. If anyone asked what these women did for a living, they were trained to answer that they emptied wastebaskets, sharpened pencils and the like. In reality, the work was intense, cerebral and emotional at times, as it would often happen that women would decode messages bearing information about the loss of loved ones, the pain worsened by the undertone of pride that came from the enemy who wiped them out. Some women walked away with psychological damage. Their work was definitely not secretarial in nature. Over in Arlington, Virginia — a hop, skip and jump from America’s capital city — an educational institution was requisitioned by the army and encircled in reams of barbed wire. The young women who arrived at Arlington Hall felt the gravity of war as they entered the complex guarded by uniformed soldiers. Here they would spend the duration of the war, learning, cracking, decoding. It was summer when the first wave of women arrived, and a hot one it was. With no air conditioning, the code-breakers who entered the hall dressed in crisp clothing soon found themselves drenched with The Enigma coding machine sweat. Fans mounted high above did little to alleviate the heat and much to annoy the women as encrypted papers would often To this end, the U.S. Navy targeted the Seven Sisters take flight. Despite the physical discomfort, these girls — a group of women’s-only universities — and sought out of grit persevered, knowing that were they to decode mostly those from the upper 10th percentile from each messages quickly enough, numerous lives would potenschool. These were young women who excelled in math- tially be saved. On an average day, over 30,000 intercepted commuematics, languages, critical thinking and other areas that would enable them to perform well in deciphering nications reached U.S. forces. They came from all over: coded messages. The Navy also looked for character, loy- the Pacific theater, occupied France, Germany, Japan alty and grit. Only women who fulfilled all of their re- proper… The jobs involved in deciphering messages were quirements would be entitled to join the ranks of codemany. Each message intercepted from enemy forces was breakers. While recruits to the Navy cryptology program were learning about spelling patterns, letter frequency (E is the most oft-used letter) and basic rules of deciphering, the U.S. Army was also on a mission to recruit young women to a similar program. The Army reached out to schoolteachers and other civilians, offering them a chance to make a difference in the war — a chance to save the lives of their loved ones who had been shipped away to the European theater where war raged on a daily basis. In all, roughly 11,000 young women answered the call and enrolled either under the Navy or the Army as cryptanalysts — though very few outside of the military knew of their contribution until recently. Oaths of secrecy were required to be taken; the punishment for revealing information: death. Never were details of the work they were doing to leave their lips, neither to friend nor family, and certainly mounted attacks against the rest of the world, communications were flying back and forth across the globe at an unheard-of rate. It was time to take the work of cryptology seriously.

German U-boats 90 / THE MONSEY VIEW / December 27, 2017 / 845.600.8484

... The highlight of her week!

B. Teitelbaum 845.426.4660

DORSET ROAD 4,5 and 6 years

SECOND SEMESTER STARTING SOON Develop your daughter's talent and confidence in a positive setting. December 27, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 91 / 845.600.8484

Intercepted transmissions from the Purple machine would prove to be the most valuable source of information the Allies could receive. General Baron Hiroshi Oshima served as Japan’s ambassador to Germany and was a close confidant of Hitler, yemach shemo. He was also an erudite communicator who wrote long and detailed reports that were sent back to Tokyo — and of course, were delivered right into American hands via the Purple machine. Reports from many sectors of the Axis forces were discovered this way, and many of their military actions and shipments were disrupted, saving thousands upon thousands of American lives. As for the Enigma, the most complex version called “The Shark” proved extremely difficult to crack. And cracking it was a must. The year 1942 was devastating to the Allied American soldiers heading to beach of forces, with German U-boats sinking more Normandy on D-Day than 500 Allied ships attempting an Atlantic encrypted into U.S. ciphers before being passed along crossing. March 1943 proved to be worst of all, with 95 the intelligence route, requiring them all to be decoded ships downed in that month alone. Breaking The Shark back into the original, unknown codes. Once this was meant revealing the whereabouts of the deadly U-boats done, a batch of women were trained to sit and analyze that menaced the Allies. In a stroke of hashgacha pratis, a cipher book was salmessages, looking for patterns they’d seen before. Those working on Japanese transmissions were kept separate vaged from a sinking U-boat downed by British forces from those working on German transmissions; likewise in October 1942. This helped British code-breakers dein regard to Italian messages and so on. Even within cipher an Enigma message for the first time, revealing each division, different ciphers were clearly being the location of fifteen U-boats, saving many Allied lives. used for different transmissions. These decoders were Despite this success, The Shark was a complex machine trained to recognize and remember patterns they’d with ever-changing ciphers, leaving the Brits locked out seen in previous messages in order to pick out individ- of the solution more often than being ushered in. In order to truly gain mastery over the Enigma, mulual words, numbers or frequent letter pairings. Once an opening was made in the cipher, the rest of the message tiple high-speed machines that were capable of testing would quickly follow. At that point, the decoded mes- every possible code combination needed to be built. The sage would have to make its way to a team of translators. Allied forces decided that America was the right place for this. Over 100 bombes, as the machines were called, Only then would the final message be understood. There are many complex ways to encode a message, were built and put into operation at the Naval Annex ranging from simply substituting one letter for another, to incredibly intricate ciphers that involve rotating variables, unusual/infrequent patterning and challenging math procedures. Some encryptions could only be understood with the help of codebooks that acted like dictionaries, attributing random numbers and letters to various words, symbols and punctuation. For Allied forces to capture these codebooks was a boon beyond belief. Two of the most challenging communications to decipher came from the Japanese Purple machine and the German Enigma. The Purple machine was unique in the fact that six letters were encrypted separately from the other twenty. Breaking the code of six letters was relatively easy, but breaking the “twenties” stumped Americans for close to two years. It was a woman named Genevieve Grotjan who finally broke the code.

92 / THE MONSEY VIEW / December 27, 2017 / 845.600.8484

near Washington. The code-breaking team was almost entirely female. Though it took a while to master the science behind The Shark, by September 1943 the U.S. bombes were deciphering all Atlantic U-boat messages within roughly twenty minutes of transmission, allowing them to sweep the ocean clear of U-boats as well as the German submarines that refueled them. The tide had turned, giving the Allied forces the upper hand. The information coming in from the Purple machine and The Shark proved invaluable. Long, detailed messages from Oshima and Erwin Rommel, the Nazi field marshal, well described Axis encampments, specifically along the beaches of Normandy. It was largely due to these intercepted transmissions that Allied forces decided to attack precisely at Normandy in what is historically known as D-Day. To throw the Axis off their trail, Allied forces created what Winston Churchill called a “bodyguard of lies,� using double agents and falsified radio transmissions to create the appearance of Allied forces amassing in much larger numbers and over a much larger area than the Axis expected. To complete the ruse, two phantom armies were created: one supposedly positioned near Norway, fabricated for the purpose of retaining the German forces in that location when the attack on Normandy began; and the second, supposedly preparing for a cross-channel attack at Pas de Calais, the area the Germans were led to believe would be where the Allied siege would take place. In order for these phantom armies to appear as if they truly existed, cryptologic communications between these armies and the rest of the Allied forces needed to exist in realistic form. After all, just as the Allies were code-cracking against the Axis, so too were the Axis code-cracking against the Allies. A large percentage of these false communications originated in Arlington Hall, fabricated by the female code-breakers who, until recently, no one even knew existed. There they studied typical Allied transmission patterns, learning to mimic these communications in timing, frequency, volume and language. All of their efforts were not in vain. The ruse worked perfectly and the downfall of the Axis was at hand. D-Day was a great success, despite the tremendous loss of life on all sides, leading to the beginning of the end of the war. While the soldiers who fought valiantly on the battlefield to vanquish evil will forever be remembered for their contribution, it is only now that the women who made up roughly 80% of America’s cryptology unit are going down in the history books. With the recent revelation of their participation in war efforts, they will no longer be remembered as the girls who supposedly emptied wastebaskets and sharpened pencils. They will be remembered as Girls of Grit.

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ideal environment for seminary grads

Monsey Medical and Dental Care WELCOMES

Cindy Klein OTR/L Pediatric Occupational Therapist Coming Soon

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Appointments may be made by calling 845-352-6800 ext.6896 Health Center Hours:

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Across the United States, the noose is being lowered for cursive writing. No longer a part of the Common Core Standards, educational institutions throughout the country have dropped the teaching of this time-honored skill from their curricula. It is sad to think that many children across the U.S. will no longer be able to sign their own names and form the letter connections.. It is frightening that even today, there are U.S. students who see historical documents and are unable to read their words, as if if they were attempting to decipher ancient writing in hieroglyphics. We’ve entered the digital era, and there’s no going back, but is the written word to go entirely extinct for the adults of the next generation? Not in Monsey, and not as long as our premiere institutions have a say in the matter. Principals from our local heimishe schools weigh in to tell us why they keep cursive writing alive, and why they are determined not to deny their students the gift of proper handwriting.

98 / THE MONSEY VIEW / December 27, 2017 / 845.600.8484

Mrs. Weinberger

BNOS YISROEL VIZNITZ Why we teach and enforce cursive writing: Even as the world goes digital and the teaching of cursive writing is being dropped by many schools across the country, we believe that as human beings, this basic skill of being able to communicate by hand is one that every child deserves to master. And the responsibility for teaching and ingraining this skill lies with the educators during students’ formative years in elementary school. Some educators have also dropped the teaching of multiplication, arguing that with the use of calculators and other technology, children no longer need to access this knowledge. But it is our duty to give the students under our tutelage the tools for these basic skills; we may be a computer generation, but we won’t ever turn into machines. Our students still need to pick up a pen and write a note, as they will need to be able to compute math facts mentally as part of daily living. When teaching cursive, our goal is not perfection, but proper formation and letter connections — and fluency.

How we encourage our girls to learn and perfect their handwriting: Over the years, we have instituted programs and contests to motivate the students throughout elementary school to learn and practice the proper formation of the letters and their connections. We also enforce writing in script on all submitted work, so the girls are fluent and comfortable with writing in cursive by the time they graduate elementary school. “Bell work” in our school, which is completed during the first few minutes of class time, consists of a rotation system of math facts and handwriting, which further ingrains these skills as habit.

Mrs. Ribiat

Mrs. Fischer



Why we teach and enforce cursive writing: We’ve researched the benefits of script writing, and it runs so much more deeply than the mastery of the skill, which in itself is an important factor. The learning of cursive improves brain development in areas of language, memory, organization and thinking, and stimulates connections in the brain. The act of writing cursive also promotes increased comprehension and self-control. We want our students to have those gains, and so cursive writing is an important part of our curriculum, learned in third grade and enforced throughout elementary school.

How we encourage our girls to learn and perfect their handwriting: We continue much practice of script writing in fourth grade, and as time goes on, they master the skill beautifully.

Mrs. Ungar

OHEL BLIMA ROCHEL OF BOBOV MONSEY Why we teach and enforce cursive writing: Unlike Unlike much of the world out there today, we are staunch advocates for teaching cursive writing. The world of digital technology is not something we encourage, and we feel that proper handwriting is a crucial part of each student’s education. In our society specifically, handwriting is important for our students, who will grow into the Yiddishe mothers of tomorrow. Whether it’s a mitzvah note or just a thank-you card, we want our girls to be able to rely on proper and fluent handwriting in their day-to-day correspondences. In addition to the practical aspects of this valuable skill, we believe that handwriting is an integral part of one’s identity and a reflection of one’s personality. This goes further than in-depth handwriting analysis; just looking at one’s handwriting says so much about a person. We want to empower our girls with the gift of being able to present themselves properly, and therefore we enforce neatness not only in cursive, but in handwriting in general.

How we encourage our girls to learn and perfect their handwriting: Our girls in grades 1 through 5 have handwriting books with work that is completed on a consistent basis at the start of each day. To motivate the girls to write neatly and accurately, rewards for properly written papers are distributed biweekly through our special handwriting program. While we generally do not offer incentives for learning, this is one area where we want to motivate our girls to keep practicing, even if they don’t presently appreciate what they stand to gain in the future. Our third grade has an exceptional teacher who, with a one-of-a-kind curriculum, motivates and encourages the girls, introducing them to the world of cursive with clarity. We also enforce writing in script across the board in grades 3 through 8, and papers only get graded if written properly in cursive.

Why we teach and enforce cursive writing: Cursive writing is a tool that we want our students to be able to bank on as they grow into adulthood. It’s something that may take a lot of effort to learnwhile developing find motor skills. Even a student who doesn’t appreciate it now will later be grateful for this means of communication they gain by mastering the art of script writing. We’re giving them a gift they’ll cherish down the road.

How we encourage our girls to learn and perfect their handwriting: We have it on our curriculum as a mandatory subject, but we motivate the girls by teaching them how to write the letters in a fun and creative way. They work on perfecting their handwriting since all written work is submitted in script.


Mrs. Friedlander

UTA OF SATMAR Why we teach and enforce cursive writing: The physical act of learning and practicing cursive writing gives the girls training that is so lacking in this era of instant gratification and impulsivity. In addition to the mastery of a tool that will allow our students to come across professionally as adults, students stand to gain so much from the learning process itself, where repetition and discipline are required as the girls form the letters time and again until mastery is achieved. This practice trains children in the process of investing effort and concentration and polishing their work until they reach perfection. Today, in a society where little matters in terms of formality and etiquette has taken a downward turn, cursive writing is a skill we want to teach. There’s something special about handwriting that we want our girls to have.

How we encourage our girls to learn and perfect their handwriting: Since so much precious time in third grade is dedicated to training the girls in cursive, we definitely reinforce it in the upper elementary grades by requiring all written work to be submitted in script only. Of course, there are some exceptions, such as when there’s the need to spell out words in print on spelling tests so that the alphabet should be easy to differentiate and when a particular student is struggling with fine motor skills. Other than that, however, script writing is expected across the board through eighth grade.

Mrs. Neuberger

BNOS ESTHER PUPA Why we teach and enforce cursive writing: We teach and encourage cursive writing because we want to upkeep the cultural tradition of proper writing, and we feel it is an integral part of education. A person who doesn’t know how to hold a pen or write properly is lacking a basic tool of expression. There’s a personal touch — a sense of connection — that comes through in the handwritten word. Computer-generated text may have the same content, but there it’s lacking emotion; the words come across as cold and impersonal. Even print writing will never convey the same feelings as a note written in cursive, and if our girls will be using their handwriting, and we hope they will, they may as well access the tools that allow for quicker note-taking and communication.

How we encourage our girls to learn and perfect their handwriting: We have a phenomenal curriculum that encourages our girls to practice and habitually integrate cursive in their daily writing. During certain parts of the day they write only in cursive, and we focus on practice and perfection throughout their elementary school years.

Mrs. Sian Cohen and Mrs. Sara Levy

YESHIVA OF SPRING VALLEY Our approach to cursive writing: The skill of writing in script is immeasurable. We incorporate script into our third grade curriculum. We also want our students to have the ability to read cursive documents and fonts. We then review and promote cursive in fourth grade and encourage our learners to write in cursive in fifth grade. However, from sixth grade and on, our students can choose their preferred handwriting. By that point our students are computer-literate and proficient in typing up their own projects and assignments. Because of today’s technological advances, computer-generated reports are encouraged in junior high.


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Ramapo Tires

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158 rt. 59

‫גדלי' וויינבערגער‬

December 27, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 103 / 845.600.8484

While calligraphy in ancient history was the only medium for recording material, the art has not been lost through the ages, despite the advent of the printing press. Rather, it developed further, progressing alongside the rest of the world and matching the needs of the people. Today, calligraphy is all about taking a set of alphabet and turning it into something akin to art. That’s the reason some favor calligraphy more for its design than content, and in those cases, when decorative calligraphy may result in a piece of art that is beautifully illegible, that may be fine, too!

104 / THE MONSEY VIEW / December 27, 2017 / 845.600.8484

CALLIGRAPHY TOOLS Calligraphers the world over use different tools to create their art, which only makes calligraphy more expressive. The Chinese, for instance, use brushes of various sizes and textures to create the distinctly sweeping strokes their characters are known for. Those writing Roman calligraphy, however, mostly favor pens with a variety of differently shaped and sized nibs to create narrower and wider strokes. A dip pen, or nib pen, has no internal reservoir to hold the ink. As its name suggests, a dip pen gets dipped into an inkwell so that it can continue writing, though it may also be refilled by syringe or eyedropper. Some calligraphers choose to attach an external reservoir to a dip pen to allow for a few minutes of un-

interrupted writing. Though all this must mean quite a headache for a calligrapher, dip pens can handle preferred types of ink that would clog a fountain pen, and it can also more easily create finer lines and lines of varying widths. A fountain pen, contrary to a dip pen, contains an internal reservoir for ink. This reservoir can be refilled in manners similar to the dip pen, though some fountain pens use removable reservoirs prefilled with ink.

CALLIGRAPHY HANDS Hands in calligraphy don’t refer to the appendage — though these most certainly do play a big role! — but rather refer to the script of writing.

Roman Rustic Capitals

Roman Rustic Capitals was used in ancient Rome as the written and less rigid version of the large block letters used for inscriptions in that era. This hand gives a strong, though not too harsh, impression. Interestingly, ancient Romans only used 23 letters, because those were the sounds needed to represent Latin, their most central language. The letters J, U and W were later added to the set to express the sounds of other languages. The Roman Rustic J and W were created by modern calligraphers, but the U is most commonly still represented by the V. Also, in Roman Rustic, the B, F and L are slightly taller than the rest of the letters.


Uncial is a majuscule script, which means it uses only capital letters, and in ancient times, it was used to write Roman, Greek and Gothic, a Germanic language. This hand has a rounded look, possibly because it was also used to write Greek, though some say this rounded manner of writing became more popular when parchment replaced papyrus as the writing surface of choice. Parchment was much easier to work with than papyrus, which had been much

December 27, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 105 / 845.600.8484

rougher and required a surer hand with sharper angles and multiple strokes.

English Roundhand


Gothic script, also known as Blackletter or Textura, is a formal-looking script characterized by its heavy, angular style and vertical lines. A wide variety of styles fall under Gothic script, and today they are used most commonly in invitations, certificates and other formal documents, as well as for their design. The reason such a heavy script was so popular in medieval Europe? Gothic script can be condensed, which translated into less space used per block of text, and subsequently, lower production costs.

This hand is characterized by wider and narrower strokes that create a beautiful, shaded script. English Roundhand is sometimes referred to as Cop-

A HAND IN HISTORY American historians have recorded the lives and stories of many illustrious individuals in our country’s history, but alongside those famous names we all know worked lesser-known people who played a vital, though not nearly as grand, role in the establishment of the United States of America. While it is difficult for us to imagine a world where every document was handwritten, that world did exist along with the tools and players to make it work. Capitol Hill of old kept a large staff of master penman, or engrossers, whose job was to letter the text of important documents. Engrossers, now extinct, are people we hardly hear about, but their writing appears on the original handwritten documents now preserved in the National Archives. Though the first draft of the Declaration of Independence was written by Thomas Jefferson, researchers believe that Timothy Matlack, an influential political figure, was the engrosser chosen to pen the final copy. The Declaration was written in English Roundhand, or Engrosser’s Script, and its heading and the phrase “Free and Independent States” in the text were lettered in the Gothic hand. The United State Constitution is another handwritten document beginning with the famous words “We the People.” The Constitution was penned by Jacob Shallus, an Assistant Clerk to the Pennsylvania General Assembly, who was paid $30 for his efforts. A steady hand seems to have run in his family; his brother Thomas was a well-known mapmaker.

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perplate script ever since it was produced on copper plates used for printing in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. These plates themselves were based on the elaborately styled English Roundhand of the time. Another name for this hand is Engrosser’s for the engrossers of old who would use this hand to copy important documents (see sidebar).


Italic, a semi-cursive hand, is also known as Chancery Cursive. It is a basic calligraphy hand that is great for beginners to learn, yet it produces a script that is pleasing to the eye and easy to read. The cursive script was first developed when medieval scribes, who used delicate quills, found it easier to refrain from lifting their hands while writing. The word “cursive” itself is derived from Latin cursivus, which means running. A special thank you to Ms. Beckett from calligraphy-skills. com for permission to use some of the beautiful calligraphy samples featured there.

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TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE I’M ON A HIGH. I just got my alltime favorite complaint, again. (No, not compliment. Complaint.) I love hearing from people, “I’m not sure this is really me; it sounds too good.” Honest, word for word. Most people are decent enough to preface their complaint with a compliment: “It looks really nice. Thank you for getting this done so quickly. Just one thing…” Then I brace myself as their tone of voice quickly transitions from grateful client to worried consumer. But every time I get ready to hear that they don’t like the way it sounds, or don’t feel like it portrays their strengths well, that’s never it. It’s always the same problem. My initial response is that everything and anything can still be changed. When I send out a resume, I write clearly in the subject line, “first draft,” and I don’t charge until the customer is satisfied. Pretty high

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myself.” I reminded him that we could still make any changes that he liked and that he would have the final say on every dot on the page. Then I started reviewing what had been written about him, translating every word and phrase from “Resumese” to plain English. “I was just a day camp counselor, not a Program Leader,” he insisted. “That’s just another word for it,” I told him. “Was it a program? Did you lead people (or children)?” Yes. “Managing daily functions” meant he made sure all noses were wiped and that the potato chip bags were put in the garbage. Or, shall we say, in the sanitary waste disposal compartment. Instead of saying that he worked

standard, and it’s been working. I received a request yesterday from a young man looking for his first job. Recently married, his work experience was… kollel. After hearing what kind of job he was looking for, I assured him that I could put together a resume that would make him sound as good a candidate as he really was. We spent about 15 minutes on the phone, during which he responded to my questions about his “I was just a day camp personality, interests, life counselor, not a Program experiences and general information. Leader,” he insisted. I got the call today a few minutes after Shloimy received the first draft of his for his father’s Amazon business resume. He thanked me for getting during bein hazmanin, packaging it done so quickly and then con- items and dropping them off at tinued with his complaint: “It just UPS, he became an E-Commerce sounds too good; I’m not sure that I Executive Assistant with a seasoncan really say all these things about al position at XYZ Inc., where he

was responsible for ensuring timely orders and deliveries, tracking shipments, and minute-to-minute inventory management using top-quality industry software. Huh? Yes, that’s right. That’s you. And so we went through the page, translating each word from English to “Normal People English.” After listening to me defining and defending the descriptions of himself like a seasoned lawyer in court, he admitted defeat. I asked him if there was anything at all that he felt wasn’t completely true. If so, we would have to delete it. “No,” he said. “It’s all true, it just sounds better than if I would have said it.” Which is why he was paying me to do it for him, I reminded him. Job accomplished. Of course, exaggerating details and puffing up experiences too much is a bad idea since it will come to haunt the potential employee during the interview when asked to describe exactly what it was they did at certain positions. If a person will not be ready to respond on the level that the resume made them sound, they will come off as a fool and likely screw up the interview. It’s important to keep the descriptions within the boundary of realism, with just enough proper adjectives to give the resume a positive spin. The point of the resume is obviously to highlight a person’s strengths, which is what I aim to do. But hey, we all have our weaknesses. This is mine.


Shaina Keren is a Monsey-based career coach who helps people find jobs they’re good at. If you’re looking for the right job, there is one out there for you. Be in touch at 845-323-2644 or for questions or a free resume review.



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By: Rochel Gruen


Approximately 90% of the U.S. population is right-handed, with only the remaining 10%, which amounts to about 30 million people, being left-handed. Righties tend to be more logical and analytical. Left-handed people are generally more creative. They are drawn to careers in art and music. According to one study, left-handed people have much better problemsolving skills and higher IQs than right-handed people.

Exactly what defines one’s handedness is arguable. Some say it’s determined solely by the hand used for writing, while others disagree and say the handedness is based on which hand is used to do all tasks.

Studies have shown that if a left-hander injures his dominant hand, he has an easier time learning to use his other hand than a right-handed person who needs to learn to rely on his left hand. Most musical instruments, game equipment, gadgets and tools such as can openers, scissors and door handles are designed for right-handed individuals. Writing in a spiral notebook, for instance, can be uncomfortable for a leftie. Writing English is also hard, since it’s written from left to right.

There are some stores, such as Lefty’s: The Left-handed Shop, that cater specifically to the left-handed minority. Infants don’t yet choose one hand over the other when grasping an object. A child between 36 and 48 months of age will generally begin to lead with his dominant hand.

Left-handedness is more common in identical twins than single individuals, with 21% of identical twins having one twin who’s left-handed. A surprisingly high number of recent U.S. presidents were left-handed. Of the last seven, four were lefties: President Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Gerald Ford. Other popular left-handed figures include Aristotle, Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin and Bill Gates.

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August 13 is International Left-Handers Day, when lefties celebrate with the purpose of increasing awareness about the left-handed lifestyle. Advice on how this day should be celebrated includes creating a “leftie zone,” a designated area where everything must be done in a left-handed fashion. And that rule extends to any right-handers who enter the zone.

An ambidextrous person is someone who can do any task equally well with either the right or the left hand. At least three presidents have been given this designation. One of them, James A. Garfield was said to have the ability to write Latin with his right hand and Greek with his left hand simultaneously. (The other two were Harry S. Truman and Ronald Reagan.)

FORCING CHANGES In the past, left-handed individuals were often viewed as inferior. This is why, in many cultures, lefthanders were encouraged and sometimes forced to perform activities and write with the right hand.

Forcing left-handers to change the use of the hand that is not natural for them can have very bad effects including learning disorders, stuttering and shyness, to name a few.

The custom of forcing children to change is encouraged still today in many Asian countries. In India and Indonesia, it is considered rude to eat with the left hand. In Taiwan, close to 60% of the children studied have been forced to change handedness. In Japan, only 0.7% of natural left-handed individuals use their left hand for writing.

HANDEDNESS IN HALACHA According to halacha, a left-hander is one who does most activities, such as writing and cutting, with his left hand. In the Torah, a left-handed person is referred to as one whose power in the right hand is limited.

A kohen was not allowed to perform the avodah in the Beis Hamikdash if he was a leftie.

The most striking difference for left-handed individuals halacha-wise is the manner in which the tefillin shel yad is put on. A right-handed male will bind his tefillin on his left hand, while a left-handed person will bind it on his right hand. Some say that determining with which hand to put on tefillin depends on which hand is used in writing; thus, a left-handed individual who does everything with his left hand, but uses his right hand in writing, should wear tefillin on his left hand, as all right-handed people do. The reasoning behind this is that we say in Shema, “U’kshartem l’os al yadecha,” which refers to the mitzvah of tefillin shel yad. Immediately thereafter, we say “U’chesavtem... — and inscribe them...” Since the action of binding the tefillin is juxtaposed with “inscribing,” we learn from here that the hand with which one uses to write is the same hand with which one binds his tefillin.

When making a bracha, one should hold the dvar mitzvah in the hand that he uses more. A right-handed person should hold the food, besamim, kiddush cup or shamash of the Chanukah menorah in his right hand, while a left-handed person should hold the object in question in his left hand.

At the completion of Shemoneh Esrei, the custom is to take three steps backwards. One should take the first step with his weaker foot to show that it is not pleasant for him to part with Hakadosh Baruch Hu. Therefore, right-handers should begin with the left foot and a left-hander should begin with the right foot. The same reasoning applies to removing one’s tefillin. One should use his weaker hand for the same purpose of not rushing to finish.

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‫זיין אפענאט און אצינד האט מען אלעס שנעל געמוזט טוישן‪ .‬קיינער האט‬ ‫דאס נישט פאראויס געזען‪ ,‬אריינגערעכנט טראמפ אליין‪ ,‬וואס האט דאס נישט‬ ‫געקענט גלויבן‪.‬‬ ‫ווער ווייסט צי איז דאס נישט געווען א פארגעגרייטע פלאן ביים בורא‪-‬עולם‪,‬‬ ‫וועלכער האט אים אריינגעשטעלט אין ווייסן הויז‪ ,‬טראצדעם וואס אלע האבן‬ ‫אים כמעט נישט געגעבן קיין שאנסן דערויף‪ ,‬און טראצדעם וואס טראמפ אליין‬ ‫האט זיך אויפגעפירט מאדנע‪ ,‬טועענדיג פארשידענע זאכן וואס בדרך הטבע‬ ‫וואלט דאס געדארפט פארטרייבן זיינע שטיצער‪ ,‬אבער אז דער באשעפער וויל‪,‬‬ ‫קערט זיך א וועלט איבער און נאך אלעמען איז ער אריינגעוועלט געווארן אינעם‬ ‫ווייסן הויז אלס פרעזידענט פון אמעריקע‪.‬‬ ‫עס איז שווער אויסצורעכענען וויפיל השגחה פרטית עס ליגט אריינגעלייגט‬ ‫אין די דאזיגע געשיכטע‪ ,‬ווי אזוי צופעליגע קשרים האבן זיך פלוצלינג געמאכט‪,‬‬ ‫וואס האט גורם געווען צו דעם יעצטיגן שריט‪ .‬נישט אלעס קען מען נאך‬ ‫דערציילן‪ ,‬אבער עס איז נישט קיין ספק אז איין טאג וועט נאך ארויסקומען אלע‬ ‫איינצלהייטן און מענטשן וועלן שטוינען און מוזן אויפהייבן די קעפ צום הימל‪,‬‬ ‫שרייענדיג "השם הוא האלוקים"‪.‬‬ ‫עס איז צום שטוינען‪ ,‬ווי אזוי אפילו גוי'אישע פאליטיקאנטן האבן געמוזט‬ ‫הייבן הענט און אויסשרייען אז דאס איז א הימלישער נס‪ .‬ווי אזוי האט זיך‬ ‫אויסגעדרוקט איינע פון די סענאטארן? – "דאס איז א פרישער נס‪-‬חנוכה"!‬ ‫און דאס האט שוין א גוי געזאגט‪...‬‬

‫נצח ישראל לא ישקר‬ ‫עס איז אבער נישט נאר די גשמיות'דיגע נס וואס דא האט פאסירט‪ ,‬עס איז‬ ‫פיל מער א רוחניות'דיגער נס‪ ,‬א קידוש‪-‬השם‪ ,‬אן אחדות מיט א שפע פון אמונה‬ ‫וואס האט זיך אראפגעלאזט פון הימל אויף כלל‪-‬ישראל‪ .‬מיר געפינען נישט‬ ‫אין די געשיכטע פון כלל‪-‬ישראל‪ ,‬פון די לעצטע פאר הונדערט יאר‪ ,‬אז כלל‪-‬‬ ‫ישראל פון אלע שיכטן און קרייזן זאלן זיך אזוי פאראייניגן מיט אזא אמונה און‬ ‫שמחה‪ ,‬אזוי ווי אין די יעצטיגע וואכן‪ .‬עס זענען שוין געווען נסים ביי כלל‪-‬ישראל‪,‬‬ ‫עס איז שוין געווען שמחות ווי גאנצע שטעט און קהילות האבן זיך אינאיינעם‬ ‫געפרייעט‪ ,‬אבער אויף אזא מאסנשטאבליכער פארנעם‪ ,‬בשעת אידן פון אלע‬


‫רובאשקין פריי‬ ‫"חסדי השם כי לא תמנו‪ ...‬הודו לה' כי טוב‪ ...‬הטוב הטוב הטוב‪,‬‬ ‫כי לא כלו רחמיך‪ ...‬טוב טוב להודות‪ ,‬להודות להשם‪"...‬‬ ‫אלע סארט ניגונים‪ ,‬פון אלע שיכטן און קרייזן‪ ,‬אלע פרייען זיך‪,‬‬ ‫אלע לאכן‪ ,‬וויינען‪ ,‬טאנצן‪ ,‬ווייסן נישט וואס צו טון מיט זיך פאר גרויס‬ ‫שמחה‪' .‬שיכור פון פרייד' איז נישט דאס ווארט‪ ,‬מען ווייסט פשוט‬ ‫נישט ווי אזוי צו פארדייען אזא גוטע בשורה און מען איז אויסער זיך‬ ‫פאר פרייד‪.‬‬ ‫פון אלע שיכטן און אלע קרייזן‪ ,‬פון אלע שטעט און אלע לענדער‬ ‫און אפילו קאנטענענטן‪ ,‬פרייען זיך אלע מיט אינאיינעם‪ ,‬טאנצן כאיש‬ ‫אחד בלב אחד‪ ,‬און די טענץ לאזן נישט נאך אפילו אויף א וויילע‪ .‬כלל‪-‬‬ ‫ישראל אינאיינעם שפירט זיך ווי איין מענטש מיט איין טאטע‪ ,‬מען‬ ‫שפירט עס ווי אן אייגענע הצלה און אייגענע שמחה‪ ,‬אויף אלע גאסן‬ ‫קומען פאר פייערדיגע טענץ‪ ,‬וואו עס ווערט געזינגען אלע סארט‬ ‫ניגונים פון אלע שיכטן און קרייזן‪ ,‬נישט דיסקרימינירנדיג קיינעם‪.‬‬ ‫דאס וואס מען זעט אצינד ביים היימישן ציבור‪ ,‬איז א זאך וואס‬ ‫מען האט שוין נישט געזען יארן לאנג און עס ברענגט ארויס די‬ ‫אמת'ע קאלירן פון כלל‪-‬ישראל‪ .‬דאס מיטגעפיל און אחדות פון איין‬ ‫איד צום צווייטן‪ ,‬אפגעזען פון וועלכער שיכט אדער קרייז יענער‬ ‫באלאנגט‪ ,‬דאס הארץ פון איין איד וואס שפירט א צווייטן איד‪ ,‬דאס‬ ‫קען מען נישט געפינען אויף קיין איין ארט אין די וועלט‪ .‬ביי קיין שום‬ ‫אנדערע אומה ולשון וועט איר נישט געפינען אזא געשיכטע אזוי ווי‬ ‫די געשיכטע וואס שפילט זיך אפ אין די יעצטיגע טעג‪.‬‬ ‫עס איז נישט דער גוף וואס טאנצט‪ ,‬עס איז דער אידישע נשמה‪,‬‬ ‫דער פייערדיגער פינק וואס ליגט ביי יעדן איד אין הארץ‪ ,‬טאנצן‬ ‫איינער מיטן אנדערן‪ ,‬אידישע קינדער מיטן גאנצן הארץ‪ ,‬ליטווישע‬ ‫ווי חסידים‪ ,‬ספרדים ווי אשכנזים‪ ,‬ווען עס קומט צו העלפן אידישע‬ ‫קינדער זענען אלעמענ'ס הערצער דא‪ ,‬מיטן גאנצן פלאם און ברען‪,‬‬ ‫קיינער שטעלט זיך נישט ארויס אינדרויסן פונעם עם‪-‬ישראל‪,‬‬ ‫רחמנים בני רחמנים‪.‬‬

‫‪December 27, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 117‬‬ ‫‪ / 845.600.8484‬‬

‫ולשמחה מה זו עושה?‬ ‫א נס גלוי איז געשען‪.‬‬ ‫נאך וואס קיינער האט נישט פאראויס געזען קיין ישועה פאר‬ ‫שלום מרדכי בן רבקה רובאשקין‪ ,‬אידן האבן געשאקלט טרויעריגע‬ ‫מיט די קעפ נישט וואוסנדיג פון וואנעט די ישועה וועט קומען‪ .‬אין‬ ‫דער פארגאנגענהייט האבן אידן איינגעלייגט וועלטן‪ ,‬געריסן כוחות‬ ‫און געלט פון אלע זייטן‪ ,‬אבער אלע השתדלות האט זיך אויסגעלאזט‬ ‫ווי א זייפן‪-‬בלאז און ר' שלום מרדכי איז געבליבן שמאכטן אין טורמע‪.‬‬ ‫און פלוצלינג‪ ...‬אן קיין שום פריעדיגע מעלדונג‪ ,‬האט מען‬ ‫געהערט א בשורה טובה אז דער פרעזידענט פון די פאראייניגטע‬ ‫שטאטן‪ ,‬דאנאלד טראמפ ירום‪-‬הודו‪ ,‬האט באשלאסן צו באפרייען‬ ‫ר' שלום מרדכי פון געפענגעניש – אן אקט וואס קיינער האט נישט‬ ‫געקענט פאראויס זען און גלויבן אז דאס וועט ווירקליך פאסירן אזוי‬ ‫שנעל און גיך‪.‬‬ ‫אז מען קלערט אריין אין דעם יד‪-‬השם וואס האט זיך דא‬ ‫ארויסגעוויזן‪ ,‬קומט צום שטוינען ווי אזוי דער באשעפער פירט זיין‬ ‫וועלטל‪ .‬ווען דער יעצטיגער אמעריקאנער פרעזידענט איז געלאפן‬ ‫פארן אמט‪ ,‬האבן אלע פה‪-‬אחד זיך געשוואוירן און געזאגט אז ער‬ ‫וועט דאס נישט קענען באווייזן‪ ,‬אלע האבן אים שוין באוויינט און‬ ‫געהאלטן אז זיין קאמפיין איז א פארלוירענע‪ ,‬ער וועט שוין אין ווייסן‬ ‫הויז נישט אנקומען‪.‬‬ ‫ווען עס איז אנגעקומען די נייעס אז דאנאלד טראמפ האט‬ ‫געוואונען די וואלן‪ ,‬האבן מענטשן געעפנט מויל און אויגן מיט שאק‪,‬‬ ‫נישט קענענדיג גלויבן אז דאס האט ווירקליך פאסירט‪ .‬געוויסע‬ ‫צייטונגען זענען יענעם טאג נישט ארויסגעקומען‪ ,‬וויבאלד מען‬ ‫האט שוין צוגעגרייט לאנגע ארטיקלען איבער דאס געוואונס פון‬

‫וצדיק באמונתו יחיה‬ ‫אבער עס איז פיל טיפער פון דעם‪.‬‬ ‫עס איז נישט "שמחה" און נישט "אחדות"‪ .‬יא‪ ,‬אויך דאס‪ ,‬אבער נישט "נאר"‬ ‫דאס‪.‬‬ ‫עס איז "אמונה"!‬ ‫זעענדיג די גרויסע נסים וואס עס האט פאסירט‪ ,‬אין זכות און מיטן כח פון‬ ‫אמונה‪ ,‬קען מען זיך נישט פארהוילן פון דעם פאקט‪ ,‬אז עס איז אראפגעקומען‬ ‫א שפע פון אמונה אויף אידישע קינדער‪ .‬אידן האבן זוכה געווען צו זען מיט‬ ‫זייערע אייגענע אויגן די וואונדער פון הקדוש‪-‬ברוך‪-‬הוא‪ ,‬ווי אזוי דער מסבב כל‬ ‫הסיבות טוט צופירן און טוט העלפן אידישע קינדער‪ .‬מענטשן האבן געזען מיט א‬ ‫קלארקייט דאס וואס שטייט אין פסוק "לב מלכים ושרים ביד השם"‪ ,‬ווי אזוי דער‬ ‫אויבערשטער לייגט אריין אין די הערצער פון די וועלט‪-‬פירער‪ ,‬זיי זאלן ארויסגיין‬ ‫פון זייער סדר און בענאדיגן מענטשן אין די ריכטיגע מינוט ווען א ישועה דארף‬ ‫קומען‪.‬‬ ‫מענטשן האבן געזען דעם גרויסן כח פון אמונה‪ ,‬ווי אזוי א איד גייט דורך די‬ ‫שווערסטע אומשטענדן דורך אמונה‪ .‬אידן האבן ארויסגעלערנט דערפון א‬ ‫ברענעדיגער מוסר‪-‬השכל‪ ,‬ווי אזוי מען טאר זיך נישט מייאש זיין אפילו אין די‬ ‫שווערסטע אומשטענדן‪ .‬אפילו אין פאל וואס עס קוקט אויס אז עס איז פארפאלן‪,‬‬ ‫מען דערזעט זיך אין א טונקעלן טונעל‪ ,‬וואו מען זעט נישט דער עק ארויס‪ ,‬אבער‬ ‫אפילו אזוי דארף מען גלויבן אז דער באשעפער איז א כל‪-‬יכול און מיט איין אויגן‪-‬‬ ‫בליק קען ער ארויסנעמען אידן פון די שווערסטע אומשטענדן וואס עס איז נאר‬ ‫שייך‪.‬‬ ‫דאס אלעס האט מען געזען אין די יעצטיגע טעג‪.‬‬ ‫עס לאזט זיך זאגן אז דער יעצטיגער נס איז געקומען זאגאר אין זכות פון‬ ‫אמונה‪ .‬דאס וואס צדיקים האבן געזאגט‪ ,‬אז אמונה איז א המשכה און עס ציעט‬ ‫צו זיך אלע סארט ישועות‪ ,‬האט מען דא געזען באשריינפערליך‪ .‬נאר דורכדעם‬ ‫וואס דער בעל‪-‬הנס האט געלעבט מיט אן אויסטערלישער מאס פון אמונה און‬ ‫שטענדיג געגלויבט אז עס וועט קומען די ריכטיגע מינוט וועט ער ארויסקומען פון‬ ‫תפיסה‪ ,‬דאס האט אריינגעבלאזן אין אים און אין אלע זיינע ארומיגע דער קוראזש‪,‬‬ ‫פעסטקייט און שטארקייט אנצוגיין מיט די פעולות ההצלה‪.‬‬ ‫די דאזיגע אויסטערלישע אמונה און בטחון‪ ,‬ווייזט זיך ארויס אויף טריט און‬ ‫שריט‪ ,‬קוקנדיג אין די בריוו וואס ר' שלום מרדכי האט געשריבן כסדר פאר די‬


‫; ‪juice‬‬ ‫‪thought‬‬

‫‪beets‬‬ ‫‪Heart Health and detoxifier‬‬

‫‪845.352.7473 • 455 ROUTE 306‬‬


‫‪December 27, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 119‬‬ ‫‪ / 845.600.8484‬‬

‫שיכטן און קרייזן זאלן שפירן א געמיינזאמע שמחה אויף אזא פארנעם‪ ,‬איז נאכנישט געווען‬ ‫אין די לעצטע יארן‪.‬‬ ‫אז מען קוקט זיך אום וואס טוט זיך אויף די אידישע גאסן‪ ,‬קען מען קוים גלויבן מיט‬ ‫די אייגענע אויגן וואס קומט אצינד פאר‪ .‬אין די פאזעטיווסטע נביאות‪ ,‬וואלט קיינער‬ ‫נישט געקענט פארשטעלן אז אזאנס זאל ווירקליך פאסירן אין די היינטיגע עפאכע‪ .‬פון‬ ‫לעיקוואד ביז קראון‪-‬הייטס‪ ,‬פון וויליאמסבורג‪ ,‬בארא‪-‬פארק און מאנסי‪ ,‬ביז קיין לאנדאן און‬ ‫אויסטראליע און זאגאר רוסלאנד‪ ,‬איבעראל וואו עס געפינט זיך נאר א אידישער וואונקל‪,‬‬ ‫האבן זיך אידן אויפגעהויבן‪ ,‬געטרינקען א לחיים און זיך ארויסגעלאזט אין א רקידה'לע‪.‬‬ ‫פארוואס‪ ,‬פארווען?‬ ‫ווייל א אידיש קינד איז אויסגעלייזט געווארן באופן נס פון אמעריקאנער טורמע!‬ ‫איז דען מעגליך פארצושטעלן מיט טריקענע ווערטער די געפילן פון די אידן תושבי‬ ‫בלומינבערג‪ ,‬וועלכע שטייען אויף די גאס צוקוקנדיג ווי אזוי דער קאר פון ר' שלום מרדכי‬ ‫שלענגלט זיך אראפ דעם גאס וואס פירט ארויס פון טורמע? –עס איז קוים אריבער עטליכע‬ ‫מינוט פון ווען די נייעס איז ארויס אויף די גאס אז ר' שלום מרדכי בן רבקה רובאשקין איז‬ ‫פלוצלינג באפרייעט געווארן פון טורמע ‪ -‬בשעת דער פרעזידענט פון די פאראייניגטע‬ ‫שטאטן פון אמעריקע האט אים באגענאדיגט ‪ -‬און שוין עטליכע מינוט דערויף זענען שוין‬ ‫צענדליגע אידן פון אלע זייטן געקומען צו פארן צום טורמע‪ ,‬וועלנדיג אפווארטן ר' שלום‬ ‫מרדכי'ן אויפן וועג ארויס‪ .‬די דאזיגע אידן האבן נישט געקענט פערזענליך ר' שלום מרדכי'ן‪,‬‬ ‫נאר א אידיש הארץ האט געשפירט די שמחה פון די יעצטיגע מאמענטן און גראד איז מען‬ ‫געקומען זיך מיטפרייען מיט די שמחה‪.‬‬ ‫שטייען דארט פארזאמלט עטליכע צענדליגע אידן‪ ,‬סאטמארער ווי ליובאוויטשער‪ ,‬דער‬ ‫מאשין ריקט זיך נאנטער און נאנטער און ספאנטאן ברעכט מען אויס מיט א געזאנג פון‬ ‫"חסדי‪-‬השם" און פייערדיגע ריקודין פון "בך בטחו"‪ .‬תושבי בלומינבערג האבן אפילו שוין‬ ‫געהאט צוגעגרייט א ווארעמע מאלצייט מיט אן אנגעהייצטן מקוה פאר דעם בעל‪-‬הנס‪,‬‬ ‫אבער ר' שלום מרדכי האט עס אפגעזאגט‪ ,‬וויבאלד זיינע קינדער האבן געווארט אויף אים‬ ‫אין מאנסי‪.‬‬ ‫די שמחה האט זיך אבער נישט אפגעשטעלט אין בלומינבערג‪ ,‬אויך נישט אין מאנסי‬ ‫אדער אין קראון‪-‬הייטס‪ .‬לאנגע טעג דערנאך האט נאך די שמחה אנגעהאלטן‪ ,‬אידן האבן‬ ‫נישט געוואוסט וואס צו טון מיט זיך פאר גרויס פרייד און ווי אזוי אנצוגיין ווייטער מיטן סדר‬ ‫היום‪ .‬סעודות הודאה זענען פארגעקומען איבעראל און אידן פרייען זיך אינאיינעם מיט די‬ ‫פלוצלינגדיגע ישועה‪.‬‬ ‫און עס איז נאכנישט געענדיגט!‬

‫עס האט געווארעמט דאס הארץ זעענדיג‪ ,‬ווי אזוי אידן כאפן זיך אן האנט‬ ‫ביי האנט‪ ,‬פלייצע ביי פלייצע און מען לאזט זיך ארויס אויף פייערדיגע ריקודין‬ ‫און טענץ‪ .‬אין אלע בתי‪-‬מדרשים מקום אשר דבר השמחה מגיע‪ ,‬שמחה וששון‬ ‫ליהודים‪ ,‬ויום טוב עושין לו בצאתו‪.‬‬ ‫א קידוש השם אין אלע גאסן!‬ ‫עס איז נישט קיין ספק‪ ,‬אז אין אזעלכע טעג וואו מיר שטייען אצינד‪ ,‬איז מסוגל‬ ‫אויס'צו'פועלן אלע גוטע ישועות‪ ,‬נאך וואס אידן געפינען זיך נאנט צום אויבערשטן‪,‬‬ ‫נאנט מיט אמונה‪ ,‬נאנט מיט אחדות ישראל‪ .‬עס איז א שפע פון קדושה אויף די‬ ‫וועלט‪ ,‬איז דאס א זמן וואס מען קען אויס'פועל'ן ביים פאטער פון כלל‪-‬ישראל אלע‬ ‫גוטע ברכות און ישועות וואס אידישע קינדער דארפן האבן‪ ,‬און די תפילות זאלן‬ ‫נתקבל ווערן ברחמים וברצון‪.‬‬ ‫עס בלייבט נאר איבער צו האפן און צו וואונטשן‪ ,‬אז דער אחדות‪ ,‬אמונה און‬ ‫שמחה וואס עס הערשט אין די אידישע גאס‪ ,‬זאל ממשיך זיין און אנהאלטן‪ ,‬מיר‬ ‫זאלן קענען שאפן א נחת רוח פארן פאטער אין הימל‪ ,‬און די יעצטיגע אומשטענדן‬ ‫זאלן דינען אלס לימוד זכות פאר כלל‪-‬ישראל‪ ,‬אז דער אפענער טיר וואס איז‬ ‫געעפנט געווארן פאר ר' שלום מרדכי‪ ,‬זאל בלייבן אפן און אידישע קינדער זאלן‬ ‫קענען ארויסקריכן פון אלע זייערע פראבלעמען‪ .‬דער זכות פון אחדות זאל‬ ‫באגלייטן כלל‪-‬ישראל אויף שטענדיג און ממליץ טוב זיין אויף אונז אלע‪.‬‬

‫מי ימלל גבורות השם‬ ‫ישמיע כל תהילתו!‬


‫תינוקות של בית רבן‪ ,‬בשעת מען זעט א דורכגעווייקטקייט אין‬ ‫אמונה‪ ,‬און אויסגעקאכטקייט אין בטחון‪ .‬די דאזיגע מידות האבן אים‬ ‫געהאלטן אין די שווערסטע מאמענטן און דערמיט איז ער ארויס‬ ‫פון תפיסה‪.‬‬

‫ויעשו כולם אגודה אחת‬ ‫מען טאר נישט פארגעסן די פעולות החסד וואס איז געטאן‬ ‫געווארן דורך אידן פון אלע שיכטן און קרייזן‪ .‬אידן האבן‬ ‫אוועקגעגעבן זייער האב און גוטס צו קענען ראטעווען א ברודער‬ ‫אין נויט‪ .‬איבעראל אין אלע אידישע צענטערן זענען פארגעקומען‬ ‫גרויסארטיגע מסיבות‪ ,‬וואו מען האט צוזאמענגענומען שווערע‬ ‫געלטער לטובת הצלת רובאשקין‪.‬‬ ‫ביי די פרשת רובאשקין האט מען געזען א שטארקע‬ ‫צוזאמענארבעט צווישן אידן פון אלע שיכטן און קרייזן‪ .‬יעדער האט‬ ‫פארשטאנען און דערהערט אז א אידיש קינד געפינט זיך אין צער‬ ‫און מען דארף אים ארויסנעמען פון דארט‪ .‬יעדער האט געעפנט די‬ ‫טאשן און געגעבן וואס אימער זיי האבן נאר געקענט צו העלפן א‬ ‫אידיש קינד‪.‬‬ ‫פונקט אזוי ווי כלל‪-‬ישראל איז געווען פאראייניגט בעת צר‪,‬‬ ‫פונקט אזוי זענען זיי געווען פאראייניגט בעת שמחה‪ .‬ווען דער‬ ‫גליקליכער מינוט איז אנגעקומען‪ ,‬אום זאת‪-‬חנוכה תשע"ח לפ"ק‪,‬‬ ‫האט כלל‪-‬ישראל ספאנטאן אויסגעבראכן אין א געזאנג‪ ,‬יעדער איז‬ ‫געווען פרייליך‪ ,‬קיין טריקן אויג איז נישט געווען פאר שמחה‪.‬‬


122 / THE MONSEY VIEW / December 27, 2017 / 845.600.8484

December 27, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 123 / 845.600.8484

The Monsey View

ART EXHIBIT Showcasing Our Town’s Talent

Batsheva, 8, Bais Rochel

Ari Weiser

Baila Zahler, 7

Bassy Cik, 9

Blumy Bodenhimer, 7 Bas Mikroh

Yehuda Bodenhimer 10, Bais Mikroh

Chai Bodenhimer, 5

Chava Stimmel, 10 Bas Mikroh

Dovid Yehudah, 7

Rivky Rosenberg, 13, Skver

Malky Hanfling, 10

Miriam Reisman, 6, Satmar

Pery Zahler, 5

Raizy Einhorn, 8, Bais Rochel

Batsheva Hanfling, 8

Leah'la Grossman, 8

Rikki Maierovits, 8, Bais Yaakov Elementary

Shoshana Bodenhimer, 10, Bas Mikroh

Mordechai Singer, 6, Pupa

Faigy Donnenbaum, 7 Bais Yaakov Elementary

Gitty K., 8th Grade

Yosef Simcha Stern, Bobov




or make a tax deductible donation to Chesed of Lakewood

72b Park Ave. Lakewood, NJ 08701


call 24 hr donate hotline

Support him so he can support klal yisrael when we need him most. tzy

write support Reb Ben in the memo

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December 27, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 125 / 845.600.8484

every submiss enters a ion draw to win big ing !





: Enter Bonus e to win anc for a ch Norman’s f o e s a c rt, in a od yogu o g y reall n to gift certifiadditio at Toys 4 U! cates



INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Draw one of the art ideas from this column. Submissions should be drawn on a standard 8.5” by 11” paper. 2. Color it, using pastel, crayon, paint, marker or even colored pencil. 3. Clearly label your submission with your name, age and school/cheder. Please write your name and age on the art page, not on a separate paper. 3. Mail your masterpiece to The Monsey View, 3 College Road, Suite 204, Monsey, NY 10952. *Art submissions become the property of The Monsey View and will not be returned.

126 / THE MONSEY VIEW / December 27, 2017 / 845.600.8484


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December 27, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 127 / 845.600.8484

Hey, kids! Here’s your chance to show off what you made! Did you have fun in the snow or the fall leaves? Did you construct something special with Magna Tiles or other building toys? We’d love to show everyone how creative Monsey kids are! Please email or mail your picture to The Monsey View.

Avrumi, 6 and Suri, 4, Dewick

Bassy and Zissy Stiel

Chava Leah Polatchek

Esti Polatchek

Dunny and Shaya Klein

Dovid and Simcha Din

Ezra Farkas, 10

‫אברהם עביר כ”ץ‬

Kahan Family

Happy Chanukah from Devorah

Mayer Zevi and Sruly Fishman

128 / THE MONSEY VIEW / December 27, 2017 / 845.600.8484 THE MONSEY VIEW, 3 College Road, Suite 204, Monsey, NY 10952

Motty Grunfeld, 6

Riki, Lazer, Moshe Rosenberg

Rivka Leah, 7, and Toby, 5

Shimi Breier, 4

Motty Weinstock

Shulem and Sruli, Car Race Show

Tzippy Farkas, 8

Shloimy Sussman

‫ ברוין סקווירא‬.‫קינדערגארטן מ‬

‫ יענקי מארקאוויטש‬,‫הערשי פקשר‬

Yitzchok Mark, 7

December 27, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 129 / 845.600.8484

Sponsored by:










DIRECTIONS: Write your words in alphabetical order, divided by letter-count in separate columns. Fax or email your word list, together with your total points, by Sunday at 8:00 PM for a chance to win! Include your name, phone number and address.

PLAYING RULES: • No adding “s” to a word. • No proper nouns, abbreviations, or acronyms. • No bouncing back to letters already used in a given word. • Words may not be found with a computer boggle solver. • Words may not be found with the help of a dictionary. • The Monsey View will carefully review all submissions to ascertain that each word is found in the dictionary. Points will be deducted for ineligible words. • We reserve the right to disqualify entries that have a few ineligible words, are not written in alphabetical order or are missing information. • Each contestant has a chance to win only once in four weeks. • No credit given to archaic words, or words chiefly used in other languages (including British English). / 845.600.8484




4-letter words 2 points | 5-letter words 3 points | 6-letter words 5 points | 7-letter words 7 points | 8-letter words 9 points | 9 or more 12 points

130 / THE MONSEY VIEW / December 27, 2017






Last week’s Boggle board


Re: minder ints l po ta to r u ly Yo be clear should on your n writte sion. submis

r: Phone numbe




za pie, on us! A piz

fries and ice

cream deliv

ered to yo

ur door.

Runner Ups: MANDEL xxx-3946: 308 points SURKIS xxx-6152: 301 points Y. FRIED xxx-6409: 299 points GREENBERG FAMILY xxx-6717: 278 points FAMILY LUNGER xxx-3492: 278 points Pick up your free slice and ice cream at Chai Pizza Monsey at 94 Rte. 59. Please be considerate, and do NOT try to claim your prize without The Monsey View issue in which your name appears or after six weeks. It will not be honored. Bonus winner: Each submission that comes in enters a weekly drawing to win a pizza party at the brand-new Chai Pomona! This week’s winner: PODRIGAL


Pick up your pie, ice cream and fries at: 1633 Route 202, Pomona, NY POMONA


The Monsey View does not take responsibility for faxes that don’t come through.

4 2 7 1 1

4 2 5 8 2 6 5 4 3 2 9 7 3 9 4 8 3 5 9 8 4 2 1 3 2 7 9

8 3 9 6

5 4

9 8 6

5 7 8

4 2

2 5 3 6


5 2 7 4


clue cure curt

dent erne fine

into lent lure

mute menu mere

pure pent rule

5-LETTER WORDS cured curet erupt enure

finer inept inert inure

lemur lured toned toner

trend truly uncle union

sine tent tine

true turn term

unit unto vine

6-LETTER WORDS zoned zoner

8-LETTER WORDS demurely purulent

rent rune rely

dement demure enured finely

injure merely mutely purely

9+ LETTER WORDS inclement inurement

mentioned sculpture


REMINDER Dictionaries or electronic devices may not be used to help you solve the Boggle board. We will disqualify word lists, as per our discretion, that include too many unusual words. The Boggle Team at The Monsey View

sculpt turnup tenure untrue


7-LETTER WORDS upturn yclept

clement injured intoned mention

reunion tenured unzoned

Are you wondering why your name isn’t here or why your points were reduced? The following are some of the ineligible words found:

Curtis derm July June

mento pented pentine plunto

pured remend reput time


Please note that credit is not given for inappropriate words, words not found on board and words listed twice.

December 27, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 131 / 845.600.8484











23 27




43 45






37 40










19 21











38 41 44










































































































T 2

O 3

A 4









G 32















E 30





T S 54



20 17













O 53





P E 52











S 40




T 43



















T 1




A 56

A 25



T 59

55 48









E 5


C 6

L 7

A 8

T 9

L 10

I 11

S 12

P 13 / 845.600.8484


132 / THE MONSEY VIEW / December 27, 2017


1. Turn on a pivot 2. Spanish snack 3. Chooses

41. English architect 44. Female parent 46. Defeat 47. Brass instrument 48. Eve’s man 49. Gaucho’s weapon 50. A strong post 51. Invitation letters 52. Epic poems 53. Sponges 54. Editor’s mark 57. Old-fashioned contraction M


4. Pasty-faced 5. Confine 6. Wispy clouds 7. Soup ingredient 8. Trick taker, often 9. Natural glass 10. Compare 11. Where to put teabags 12. Military award 13. Pay (up) 18. Person with a mike 22. Metal fastener 24. Fliers in V’s 25. Compensate 26. Lukewarm 27. It is warm on this 28. Conducted 29. Spin around 31. Soaked 32. Moolahs 34. Like some talk 37. Embitter 38. Be off base 40. Cookbook direction


1. Ancient gathering place 5. Acclaim 10. Speech problem 14. Pool exercise 15. Family girl 16. Absorbed by 17. In trouble 19. Top Tatar 20. Gull 21. Hypothesis 23. Technology used on web sites 24. Economy-size 25. 1st Earl 29. Moistens 30. Joker 33. Little laugh 34. Blind followers 35. Blow away 36. Newspaper piece 37. Not quite right 38. Bibliographic abbr.

39. Agency of Human Services 40. Daunt 41. Extract 42. Old Tokyo 43. Show’s partner 44. Sweet cicely 45. Spin 47. Feathery wrap 48. Soak up 50. Wall supports 55. Active sort 56. Behind the eight ball 58. “Poor me!” 59. Name 60. Cast a ballot 61. Lusterlessness 62. Glyceride, e.g. 63. “Hey, buddy!”



I’ll quickly call the factory’s security guard. It’s dangerous for children to deal with thieves.

There’s something suspicious in the storage room. Come quickly!

Until Avraham comes back, we’ll put heavy boxes at the exit so our suspect won’t escape.

Let’s go! We’ll enter through the building. I have a key.

I must create a distraction.

I’ll throw something heavy out the window. They’ll think I jumped out from there and will run to catch me. Meanwhile, I’ll escape from the main entrance. We saw him behind this row.



! hh


s ss


a ra



h! Great! It worked! Now I just need to push away the barrier the children made.


You heard that? Seems like he escaped through the window.


We’ll catch him!

We’ll join you.

Recap: Mutty hears someone in the factory’s storage room and runs to get the security guard.

Brought to you by

YOEL GORALNIK Licensed Real Estate Salesperson


134 / THE MONSEY VIEW / December 27, 2017 / 845.600.8484


Zip code: 10952 Area mileage: 0.36 square mile Overview: The area in Airmont closest to Monsey brings the great qualities of Main Monsey and of Airmont all in one lovely neighborhood. Since this area is under the East Ramapo Central School District, the taxes are low and busing is available.


There are currently two homes for sale in Main Airmont at an average price of $524,500.





In the past year, 10 homes sold in the New County neighborhood of Airmont at an average of $488,000. The most expensive home in the area sold for $550,000 and the lowest sale was at $400,000.

You can expect to pay between $12,000 and $14,000 in taxes annually for a home in the area.


Properties in this area are zoned at R-25; 25,000 square feet is required for each unit built. Properties from Besen Parkway is zoned at R-15, where 15,000 square feet is required for each unit.

December 27, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 135 / 845.600.8484


Lorna Lane Park

Clark Recreation Center

24 N. Lorna Lane

59 Campbell Ave, Airmont, NY 10901

Small gated-in neighborhood playground with swings and small play gym and basketball court. Between 3 and 5 minutes

Playground with fun climbing equipment, ball courts, eating pavilion and grassy areas. Between 5 and 7 minutes



Properties in this area range from 0.3 to 0.6 of an acre.


Monsey Glatt Kosher 190 Route 59, Monsey, NY 10952 Between 1 and 3 minutes by car, between 5 and 20 minutes by foot

“I love this beautiful, quiet area with a selection of shuls within minutes from my home. It is amazing to be in our secluded and serene little neighborhood of Airmont and yet live within minutes of Main Monsey. The grocery is just a 15-minute relaxing walk from my home.”


Between 6 and 8 minutes by car. Between 30 and 45 minutes by foot.



1. ‫עקבי אבירים‬

4 Murray Drive, Airmont, NY 10952

2. ‫תפארת ישראל אסטרא‬

4 Monsey Heights Road, Airmont, NY 10952

3. ‫באסטאן זידיטשוב‬

11 Murray Drive, Airmont, NY 10952

1 3


REGINA — AIRMONT | BATES/BREWER — MONSEY Attention residents: If you’d like to share information of shuls in your area, neighborhood parks or to tell us what you love about living there, please email All information is based on market prices and activity and does not necessarily reflect any off-market deals.

136 / THE MONSEY VIEW / December 27, 2017 / 845.600.8484

THE WORLD REALTY GROUP World Class Service ~ World Class Results LICENSED REAL ESTATE BROKERS New York | New Jersey | Connecticut | Pennsylvania 400 Rella Blvd. Suite 165 Suffern, NY 10901 Irving Rohinsky CELL: (203) 641-0373

Chaim Cillo

Exclusive Properties

CELL: (917) 817-9146


$499,000 6 Heights Rd.—Monsey 5 MIN. WALK TO OLYMPIA LN., MINT CONDITION!! 4 Bedrooms / 2 Full baths, Renovated granite chef's kitchen w/ SS appliances & cherry cabinets, Trex deck and IN-GROUND POOL, Finished basement AND SO MUCH MORE!!

4 Arrowhead Ln.—Monsey

3 Bedrooms / 2 Full baths, Great Culde-sac location, set on over 1/2 acre lot, only 5 Min. walk to Olympia Ln., huge eat in kitchen, Finished basement, and much more!!


Warehouses / Industrial Properties Available 4,000-100,000 SF NY, NJ, CT

Retail Investment Prop72 Carlton Rd. — Monsey erties Excellent CAP Rates with National Ten- 4 BD, 3 Full BA, colonial, Granite Kitchen, HUGE yard, located on corner of ants

5 BR/ 3 Bath, 2,700+/- SF renovated home on fantastic cul-de-sac, large grnt kit. w/ SS appliances, master suite w/ master bath, over ½ acre lot, large DR & LR, large family  room/playroom off of kit. w/ access to lrg deck. Priv. pool!! & More! ONLY$649K

4 Heights Rd.—Monsey

Quiet Cul-De-Sac, walk to all. MOVE

Multifamily Investment IN CONDITION! Priv. office w/ sep. Properties Tri-State area entrance, & more!! ONLY $695K Reuven 845.397.7722

Thinking of buying or selling? Who you work with MATTERS. The World Realty Group has likely LISTED or SOLD a property near you! Please call us today for a FREE consultation and market analysis!

(845) 605-TWRG @TWRGLLC


December 27, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 137 / 845.600.8484

Classifieds FOR SALE

DINING ROOM SET Table, 2 leaves, 8 covered chairs, breakfront, buffet.$ 845-5586668

04’ BUICK CENTURY new battery and many parts. reduced to $1750 Pls. call 732228-0227

DARK WALNUT ARMOIRE (no back) only $75 call or text 8458264062

6 DOOR BREAKFRONT $100, leather beige couch $30 call 845-642-8069 DINING ROOM SET table and 8 chairs 300 great for furnished apartment call/ text 8458264062 CRIB FOR SALE 17-678-0420 MAHOGANY WOOD ARMOIRE for playroom/bedroom. 2 doors w/ shelves, 3 drawers. Mint condition $600. Pls call 845-445-5099

CHERRY WOOD DRESSER with attached mirror, Large armoire and matching night table, headboards, excellent condition asking $995. Pls call 732-806-1505

BABY ROOM FURNITURE white big crib and matching dresser in excellent condition for $975 Please call 845-4255051 NATURAL WOOD DRESSER call 4252936 MASTER BEDROOM FURNITURE About 8 yrs old. Great condition! Call: 918-1753 HIGH END LIVING ROOM furniture and dining room table. Giveaway price. 914391-8982.

PREOWNED FURNITURE Two living room accent chairs with round table, dinette sets, cribs, dressers, armoire, coffee table and mattresses. Furniture Maiven 845-642-1225

ITALIAN FURNITURE Sterns dining-room furniture Call: 845-376-2929

MASTER BEDROOM SET from Accentuations by Design. Dresser, mirror, armoire and night table.

NEW GE DRYER for $500 obo Please call 8456599038

FRIGIDAIRE GAS RANGE in great condition for sale $150 obo

LASER IS NOW A POSITIVE, PAINFREE EXPERIENCE. 138 / THE MONSEY VIEW / December 27, 2017 / 845.600.8484

21 CUBIC FT FREEZER with warranty. slight dents on outside. $350 obo. 845263-5513

no headboards. Furniture Maiven 845-642-1225.

2007 TOYOTA CAMRY le 130000 highway miles well maintained have carfax call 845-461-3084

// for sale // homes

NEW FRIDGEDAIRE proffessional dishwasher in stainless steel $499. Reg $700 8456626970 LG TOP LOADER large capacity. Original price $750 asking $250 obo. call 352.7432 14K GOLD Condor Choson Watch for sale. 845-459-5515 NEW CARRIAGE 8452632737 2 -44” LINEN SETS Stall bars for home gym. Please call 845-425-1075 CHASUNA WREATHS Two new navy wreaths $12 each. Please call 845 371-9891. PEG PEREGO Grey Stroller. Lays flat. Call(845)642-0757 DRONE new, video camera built in; $65; David 914-260-6929

INVESTMENT PROPERTY Rt 9W -Kingston NY Area. Call owner 914 906-2853 BOWLS & WHISKS for the 6 qt. kitchenaid in good condition. Call 845376-4183 32 INCH STARS with parquet for 9 foot story for sale. Please Text: 845596-1586 MEN’S ECCO SHOES new,. Helsinki style. Black laces size 42 regular price $150 asking $90. Call/text 3476284243 GOLD AND SILVER JUMPER sz 14 plz call 5177128 GAP PUFFER sz 18-24 call 5177128 BLACK GENUINE RABBIT FUR Jacket with Fox Fur Collar Size S - M, New for $150 OBO. 845-422-5026. NEW BLACK VEST with fur hood. Size xl but fits smaller. $30 3521061 DOONA BAG gray essential bag for $35 only! Call now-845.499.0829 NEW TED BAKER floral diaper bag $65 and Black Leather Bag $150 Call/ text 9175496569



CHANIE GENUD Certified laser hair removal specialist

845.323.8886 Book your appointment

GREY PANIZ SKIRT great for weddings for 45 dollars call 845-587-4383 GIFT CARD for $86 by jcpenney for$70 call 845-461-3084 BOON HIGHCHAIR: Like new condition. Grey/ green color. $165. Call/text 908-670-4024 ERGO BABY CARRIER new in box for 25.00,pls call or text 347.374.1992. TRAINED BUNNY RABBIT w/o nails, with cage Call 845 352-0896 2 NEW ECCO SHOES Size 46-47 call 845-461-3084 YOYA STROLLER still in box with all accessories. 845-263-2737 BUGABOO CAMELEON $350! 929 251 3777. HENRY FERRERA Ladies, black rubber boots to sell @ 25. 371 1765 FISHER PRICE battery operated portable baby swing. 2 wks old. bought $70 selling for $40. call/text 845-517-7652 TWO BOYS KHAKI COATS size 3 And 4. Pls call or text 845-659-3021 10 MEZOUZOS for a good price call 845-4613084 SMALL FISH TANK Includes all accessories. Perfect for boys room. Please call 425-1937 KOELSTRA DOUBLE CARRIAGE Black (Value $1,000) asking $375. (347)450-4287

BOYS SNOWSUIT new Lilly & Todd size 12 months for sale. 845-5179688 BUGABOO CAMELEON all accessories included. 425-1937


Beautiful apartments in Yerushalayim avail. for short term rentals. We manage properties as well. Call 718-408-8070 for American Service! Email us at vacation@ HOUSE ON CONCORD 5 bedroom. living room. dining room. kitchen. 3 full bathrooms 845-662-7000 LOT IN WESLEY HILLS/ POMONA. One plus acre lot.Near all Shuls. By Owner: 914 9062853 FOR RENT ON ELM STREET 4rth floor flat style unit for rent includes: Kitchen/ Dinette, Dining Rm/Living Rm, 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, back porch. No Section 8. Please Call 845-659-4531. AIRMONT RENTAL House on nice dead-end st. Walking distance to Rustic Shull. Call/Text 845-270-9417 INVESTMENT PROPERTY Fix-N-Flip/Rent single family house in Haverstraw. Email: RocklandCountyRealty@ 4-5 BEDROOM HOUSE granite kitchen large fenced in backyard in children’s park area Chestnut Ridge. call/text 845 6089057 $2995/ month

Com Hab Department Seeking Support Staff for Individuals with Special Needs: Male or female for 10-yr-old boy near Kennedy Drive in Spring Valley. Sun-9am-11am/4:30pm-6:30pm. MondayThursday-5:30pm-6:30pm. Female to support high functioning woman with shopping and household management. Days and hours are flexible. Car is a requirement. Female for 15-yr-old female to work on goals at home and also go out. Near Twin Ave. Car is preferable. Sun: From 12pm. Female for a 7-yr-old boy. Near Youmans Dr. in Spring Valley. Mon-Thurs: 5:45pm-7:15pm. Male or female to support 13-yr-old boy on Shabbos day and Sunday for a couple of hours near Pleasant Ridge Rd. in Spring Valley. Female to support 12-yr-old girl at home: Sun-after 2pm. Monday-Thursday: from 5pm at home. Near Blauvelt Rd, Monsey. Female to support 13-yr-old girl: Sun5pm-10pm and Wednesday evenings. Near Twin Ave.

Please call: (845) 425-0887 X264 5 BDRM TOWNHOUSE Bates area 845-356-2091 or Call/ text 845-263-2317 HOUSE FOR RENTBOXWOOD LN 6 Boxwood Ln- beautiful and immaculate bi-level home for rent includes: Kitchen, Dining Rm/Living Rm, 5 Bedrooms, 2 full baths, playroom and back patio. No Section 8. Please Call845659-4531

FIVE BEDROOMS plus playroom. Spacious 2 floors. 2.5 bathrooms. Cedar Lane. Call 845.425.6218. MIAMI BCH Condo avail to rent. Lg porch, pool, prkg. Nr. Shuls. 305673-2423 HI-RANCH FOR RENT 4 bedrooms 2 bathrooms. Pleasant Ridge area . call 505358-5986

WESLEY HILLS/POMONA 4,500 + Custom House to be built on acre plus. By Owner 914 906-2853

COLONIAL IN CONCORD as well as new 2 bedroom apartment. Chani Wealcatch 845-641-3410

N.MIAMI BEACH, FLA 2 BEDROOM furnished House, POOL, near SHULS & SHOPPING, WALK-IN 845 4257780.

5 BEDROOM new town house for rent. On Wiener dr. Incl. Bsmnt. No sec 8. 347.549.2282.

December 27, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 139 / 845.600.8484


// homes // for rent // dresses & gowns NEW HEMPSTEAD FOR RENT ! 4/5 bedrooms ,2.5 baths lease price $2800. Joel Klein Rodeo Realty 596-7399 RENT AN AFFORDABLE HOME 3 bedrm; 2 bath; Springhill, Chestnut Ridge (845) 377 3687 TWO BEDROOM Carlton/W Maple area. Please call (845) 270-2222. 3 ROOM FURNISHED Remsen Avenue 845.517.8409 3 ROOM On joshua ct. Has furniture and all appliances including washer/dryer. Reasonable rent. Please call 845-6593855 SUITABLE FOR SINGLE Nice kitchen & living room, full bathroom utilities including. 845-499-6338 3 ROOM private heating & entrance with appliance in the kitchen ready to move in in the Widman ct. area pl. call 845.213.0326

THREE BEDROOM 2 full bathrooms in Francis Area, Please call: 845-3526078 4 ROOM on Cedar Lane. Chosson Kallah only. Call or text 845596-2660. 2 ROOM FURNISHED On Nesher Ct including washer dryer call Mrs Katz 8454258309 or 3478448264 FURNISHED 1 BEDROOM Full KITCHEN, renovated, ready to move-in, Ronald Drive 845 4257780 AIRMONT 3 room walkout basement. Lots of windows. New kitchen and bath. Sec8 ok. 845-3560264. TWO SMALL BEDROOM on Dover terrace, please call 8453008000 1 BEDROOM on Dana Rd asking 1,050. Call (201-686-1954) HOSTED APARTMENT for shabbosim, simchas etc. Please call 845 263 0611

140 / THE MONSEY VIEW / December 27, 2017 / 845.600.8484

FURNISHED 2 ROOM top floor, please call (845)2022928 YERUSHALAYIM FOR RENT: New suites across from Shefa Mall. Bk by Jan 10 for rate as low as $79/nite. 718 436-6882 2 BEDROOM new on Wiener dr. 929.274.4747


YERUSHALAYIM-EZRAT TORAH New 3 Room Luxury Apt. fully furnished, ground floor for short term rental.972-50-415-0436 COLLEGE HIGHVIEW AREA 3 rooms. 845-356-4895 FREE RETAIL SPACE 212 Market Street , Nanuet845-501-7495


APPROX. 1000 SQ. FT bsmnt for rent on Old Nyack. Will build to suit. Please call 845-598-3321.

MATERNITY DRESSY TOP new. $30, paid $79 for it. Size xxl. 3521061

OFFICE SPACE on Paiken Drive about 1000 Square Ft. Please call 845222-6244

CHILDREN’S GOWNS 5 Joane Calibree off white gowns for sale. Sizes 4-8. Call 845-422-1903

4 ROOM OFFICE West Maple area, great price. Call 845-352-2131

BOYS SIZE 2 & 5 wedding outfit, great price. Please call 845-352-2131

‘‫’פלאץ לסופר‬ ‫געווארען עוועליבעל א פלאץ‬ .‫ שיין ליכטיג‬.‫אין סופרים צימער‬ ‫אויך מעגליך צוצושטעלן ‘שלחן‬ 347-693-3312 .‫הסופר’ טיש‬

ST SOHN GOWN white with black painting. Worn once size 2-4. Call 845422-1903

s GOLD AND BLK velvet gown size 8-10 worn once. 845-356-4895 LIGHT PINK SILK and organza gown with detail for sale. Call 845-422-1903 BLACK VELVET GOLD DRESS size 10-12 for rent please call : 845 356 4895 BLUSH PINK wedding dress size 4-6 for rent please call 845-425-3827 BLACK AND WHITE Wedding dress size 4-6 cocktail length for rent. 845425-3827 MATERNITY DRESS FOR RENT black and white, for rent. For more info call 845.376.3412

MIRI DESIGNER GOWN black and metallic gold and silver size 10-12 please call 845-596-7727 LONG DRESS /GOWN size 2-4 never worn, black & turquoise, accordion. only $150! call 646-856-5498 EURO DESIGN GOWN Size 4 845 371 0422 YOUNG MACHETENISTA DRESS approx. size 10 845-352-7840 PURPLE AND PINK size 4 chasanah dress. please call 845-354-5405 CHILDRENS GOWNS Sizes 5,6,6 and 8. medium blue velvet top and tulle bottom. Please call 845-5785750.


GOLD AND BLACK pink label dress for sale call 347.549.7268

BLUE AND CREAM GOWN size 4-6 for sale/rent. Please call 845.200.4326

BLACK & WHITE wedding dress reasonable price call 8455218900

BLACK AND WHITE wedding dress Size 0 718837-3181

OFF WHITE/BLUE DRESSES size 10 and 12. Worn once. Please call 201.926.2334

MATERNITY DRESS black for rent. Reasonably priced. Please call 845-5785750.

BEIGE/BLUE DRESS size 12. Worn once. Please call 347.228.3884 BLACK AND SILVER Teri Jon gown Call 347-5633508 SIZE ZERO. call/text: 845-587-8424 KLEINFELD KALLAH GOWN Magnificent custom gown for sale. Please call 347.549.7268


OFF WHITE AND BLACK Tenoyim dress for sale. 845.274.3798 WHITE AND GREEN DRESS for sale-size 2. Please call/text 845-269-8649. BLACK WAISTED dress from Mezzo. Brand new. Size 12. $120. 845-3763303.


SEEKING COMHAB/RESPITE WORKERS: • Looking for a companion for a high-functioning special needs male adult. During the week after 7:00 pm; ARS HIRING NOW:

Sunday and Friday during the day. Please call 845-503-0240. Looking for a male comhab worker to be a ‘frien The STARS program is now hiring 12th Grade (age ) or post-seminary girls to work with our young a high functioning teenager every day between 3 a • Hamaspik ABA department is looking for a male PARA to work with a very high-functioning boy in the lt students 6:00-9:00 p.m. in the evening, 1-2 times a pm. Flexible about schedule. late afternoon hours. Please email your resume to: or fax to: 845-503-1239. Looking for a male worker to help a young man k, as they enjoy exciting educational and therapeutic slight physical disability every morning from 6 vities and• outings. Enjoy a fun work environment Looking for a capable, experienced woman to help withatime management and household skills. Driving a gratifying plus. Please call 845-425-1618. work as you positively impact lives— and evenings from 6-9PM. s, great pay! Driver’s license required. Looking for a female worker to accompa • ‫ארבייטען‬ ‫צו‬ ‫מיט‬ ‫גוטע געלעגנהייט פאר טויגליכע קאנדידאט! ‘המספיק עפטער סקול פראגראם’ זיכט פעהיגע געשמאקע אינגעלייט‬ physically disabled young girl every Sunday to a th more information, please call 845-746-7254. 845-425-3043 ‫ רופט‬,11:00 – 3:30 ‫קינדער אין א געשמאקע אטמאספער זינטאג‬ ‫מיט די‬. appointment in Brooklyn. LS DAY HAB OPPORTUNITY: Looking for a fun-loving girl that wants to work Join our • Fabulous team of staff who make a ‫אדער מילדע‬/‫ערוואקסענע מיט פיזישע און‬ ‫טאג מיט‬ ‫ארבעטן דורכ’ן‬ ‫ פרנסה טובה! עס ווערט געזוכט א געטרייער יונגערמאן צו‬ license preferred. Please Contact: disabled young woman. Former camp simcha erence. Driver’s ‫ געשמאקע אטמאספערע און רייכע‬,‫ גוט באצאלט מיט קנאקעדיגע בענעפיטן פעקל‬,‫טיים פאסטן‬-‫ מענטל באגרעניצונגען פול‬ counselor preferred. Weekends and possibly every y Schonfeld 845-425-3044 ‫אינפארמאציע צו‬/‫ ביטע פעקסט אריין אייער רעזומעי‬.‫אקטיוויטעטן‬. Looking for an experienced mature woman to as 45-425-5011 E: new mother with newborn care and light houseke NDAY RESPITE PROGRAM: / THE MONSEY VIEWboy / 141 from Looking forDecember a girl27,to2017 take out a young / 845.600.8484 amaspik is currently hiring high school girls for our square on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon


HIRING Frum Real Estate Management Office seeking Female Secretary for a FULL TIME (9am-5pm) position. Must have excellent phone skills, be computer savvy, and have knowledge in word and excel. Please forward your resume to LADIES GOWN size 8-10 Please call 845-6595886

IVORY GOWN, MAUVE/ GOLD brocade inlay, size 6-8. Please call or text 845-323-2434

ELEGANT DRESS gold/beige cocktail length 2-piece for sale. Slenderizing cut. (845) 499-8881

IVORY.GOLD with black flower gown for sale size 12 -14. 845 573 9270

VERA WANG BRIDAL GOWN size 0. Please call 845-6082269

OSCAR DE LE RENTA black and ivory gown Size 8 -10 for sale. 1845 596 6501

LITTLE GIRL pink/white butterfly gown Size 8-10 Please call 845-6595886

LADIES GOWN for sale/rent size 8-10. Please call 845-659-5886

BLACK AND BEIGE lace gown- size 2 8458259901 CUSTOM DRESS for rent! off white white and a little cobalt blue design. please text 845 263 4590

WEDDING DRESS size 0. Has wide seams, may fit up to size 4. Dress length. 845-200-4219 BLACK AND GOLD GOWN size 2-4 for Rent. plz call or text 845 274 3366

142 / THE MONSEY VIEW / December 27, 2017 / 845.600.8484

// dresses & gowns // help wanted // pl






A. Stern

BLACK/GOLD wedding gown size 4 for sale. Please call 347-489-6004. B&W WEDDING DRESSES size 4,6, 8-10, for rent, call 845-425-3207 for more info. MATERNITY DRESS sz.M for rent ( cream top black bottom) call 347-4326669 WEDDING GOWNS size 8 White & Black & size 2 Black & white for rent call or text 845-662-5888 MATERNITY GOWN navy, size medium. For rent pls call 845.709.0588 BLACK & WHITE wedding dress, reasonable price call 8455218900 OFF WHITE DRESS size 4-6 for sale/rent 356-6215

HELP WANTED BUSY INSURANCE OFFICE looking to hire girl to grow with our company. Email resume hr@adlersinsurance. com, fax 845-356-5690







Strong computer skills, QB, Excel, Access & Crystal Reporting preferred. Excellent salary + benefits for the right candidate. Send resume to CALL ROOM RECEPTIONIST F/T OR P/T Great Customer Svc & Comp skills a must. Route calls and book appointments. AM and PM shifts available. Send resume to NEW YORK LIFE Expanding Our Team. Individual Must Possess Sales Skills And Desire To Build A Career, Full Training And Support Provided 845-639-5216 Or Dglick@ Ft.Newyorklife.Com ‫גוטע געלעגנהייט‬ !‫פאר היימישע איגעלייט‬ )Berry’s( ‫בערי’ס קאר סערוויס‬ ‫זוכט דרייווערס פאר גאר גוט‬ ‫ מען‬,‫ באקוועמע שעות‬,‫באצאלט‬ ‫קען נוצן די קאר אין אנדערע‬ ‫ לאזט א‬422.2466 ‫שעות רופט‬ ‫מעסעדזש‬ FULL TIME SECRETARY Fax resume to 4251959 or email zev@

SECRETARIAL POSITION in a billing & collection agency, New-square area hours 10 to 4, entry-level okay. Email resume to info@

FLEXIBLE HOURS Managerial/Secretarial position with experience in quickbooks & customer service. Call/txt: 845-4458950. Or email: rifkee@

BOOKKEEPER WANTED F/T Minimum 5 yrs of experience, A/P, General ledger, report writing, reconciliations and payroll.

GRAPHICS DESIGNER marketing agency seeking an in house full time graphic designer. (Social Media experience a plus) Email

laygroups // babysitting portfolio & resume to: JOB OPPORTUNITY: Medical supply store seeking woman for customer service, full time, with potential of promotion. Managerial skills and computer knowledge necessary. Email resume: jobopportunities120@gmail. com Fax: 845-425-5550. MALE PCA Marquis Home Care is looking for a certified frum male PCA to work twice a week Kearsing Parkway 12 pm-6 pm. 845-272-0075 PROFESSIONAL HEBREW WRITER Well-established Jewish magazine seeking experienced, professional Hebrew writer. A qualified candidate’s first language will be Hebrew and must read English fluently. Send resume to writer.hebrew@ SEEKING SECRETARY A well established company within the music industry is looking for a confident organized individual for secretarial work for a few hours a day. Requirements: Good in sales and communication skills. Fluent English. Well versed in QB and Bookkeeping. Basic knowledge about the industry. Email resume to: PROFESSIONAL PICTURE EDITOR Looking for an experienced photograph editor, proficient in Lightroom a must. Work from home. Flexible hours. Call: 845-504-0934 ENGLISH SPEAKING YESHIVA seeking a co-rebbe for a lower elementary grade. Possible employment for the coming school year. Candidate will gain much classroom

experience from our rebbe. Please email monseyrebbi@




CERTIFIED TEACHER Seeking licensed NYS certified teacher to work in SEEKING COMHAB/RESPITE WORKERS: STARS HIRING NOW: a local UPK program for a Looking for a male comhab worker to be a ‘frie The STARS program is now hiring 12th Grade (age school. Please send resume to a high functioning teenager every day between 3 or post-seminary girls to work with our young pm. Flexible about schedule.

Hamaspik of Rockland County

adult students 6:00-9:00 p.m. in the evening, 1-2 times a LookingJob for a male worker to help a young ma week, as they enjoy exciting educational and therapeutic Seeks Outgoing, Personable Recruiter LOOKING FOR activities and outings. Enjoy a fun work environment a slight physical disability every morning from a worker to work with a boy and evenings fromPrograms. 6-9PM. and gratifying work as youits positively impact lives—Employment for local/regional Friday night for an hour or pay! Driver’s license required. plus, great Looking for a female worker to accomp two in the Concord physically disabled young girl every Sunday to a Forarea. moreFor information, please call 845-746-7254. Great pay for right Candidate! more information, please call appointment in Brooklyn. GIRLS DAY HAB OPPORTUNITY: (845) 352-7700 ext. 213 and Looking for a fun-loving girl that wants to work Join our Fabulous team of staff who make a leave a message. difference. Driver’s license preferred. Please Contact: disabled young woman. Former camp simch counselorinterpersonal/ preferred. Weekends and possibly ever Job requirements: Excellent Esty Schonfeld GREAT JOB OPPORTUNITY Looking for an experienced mature woman to P :845-425-5011 E: Heimishe office looking communications skills, license; newdriver’s mother with newborn care and light housek for f/t administrative SUNDAY RESPITE PROGRAM: Looking for a girl to take out a young boy fro assistant. Requirements: experience withfordisability preferred. Hamaspik is currently hiring high school girls our squarefield on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoo English verbal and written Sunday Respite Program A rewarding and fun-filled Looking for a female worker to work with a ve communication skills, experience. Good Pay. If interested, please email to functioning teenager on weekends. Francis area responsibility, motivation, or call 845-425-3421 Looking for girl to take out a young girl with and proficiency inand MSleave Office. a detail message medical issues on Sundays. Individual shoul Experience with Quickbooks g-tube to: experience or willing to train. PACEfor OPPORTUNITY: Send resume a plus. Great potential the Looking to help a low functioning 5 Looking for a worker to take out a young boy right candidate. Please sendfor a woman/girl or 845-503-1236. year old girl, every evening, from about 8:00-10:00 P.M. square on Shabbos. resume to Job also involves some light housework. Please call 845- Please contact our Comhab Coordinator at 84 503-0214. 0240 or email tmermelstein@hamaspikrockla

SUBSTITUTES WANTED Creating a substitute list for all elementary grades. Yiddish or English. part time/ full time. If you are willing to sub please call 845-587-8424 LOOKING FOR A BABYSITTER In my home Monday thru Thursday from 9-5. Must Drive. Call or text 845-6412225 BABYSITTER NEEDED Walter Dr. area from 10-5 Mon.-Thurs.347-909-2392 or 845-521-1479 HOUSEWORK Looking for frum woman to wash laundry, cook suppers, and do some light housework once a week. Pls Call 1845499-9923 SEEKING BABYSITTER In my house near skver. light housework. bring a

baby.9:15-3:15.nice pay! and one way transportation Call 845-517-8808 SEEKING babysitter to care for an adorable baby as well as do some light housekeeping from 9-5. Victoria gardens area 347-790-8253 SEEKING BABYSITTER In my home Suffern place area for 6 weeks. Mon-Thurs 12:30-4:00. Starting now. 356 2358 BABYSITTER every afternoon from 3-4 in chestnut ridge 8452620012 PLAYGROUP ASSISTANT legal playgroup in process is looking for an assistant

beginning March or April. 845-662-5931

PLAYGROUPS BORED TODDLER Looking for mothers with 2-3 years old willing to form a group Paikin/Elm/Twin Area call 425-2252 PLAY GROUP A few slots left in our yummy, warm environment. Call now:18453048868

BABYSITTING EXPERIENCED BABYSITTER Babysitting group on West Side Avenue, private park, big

December 27, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 143 / 845.600.8484


// babysitting // services

MIAMI BEACH Beautiful 2 bedroom apartment on the first floor. Located one block from ‫דעעש ביהמ”ד‬. Available for rent this season. Please call 646.345.7817 If no answer please leave a message. playroom, a few more slots available. Ages 18-24 months. Starting July 1st 845.362.2599 or 845.499.6473. BABYSITTER AVAILABLE on Francis Place. Also taking Sunday drop-ins. Please call 845-352-1016. BABYSITTER warm and experienced babysitter, available to babysit night hours in your home. references available. please call 845.499.9272 WARM HEIMISHE BABYSITTER currently accepting overnights and weeklies. Loads of toys and undivided attention. 845-263-4529 SEEKING BABYSITTER for the next 6 weeks. Starting now in my home. Joshua ct area. 12:30-4:00 Mon-Thurs 356 2358

SERVICES CHILDBIRTH EDUCATION CLASSES To join the next class please call 845-426-0931. Tzippy Tauber CD (DONA) Certified Birth Doula REFLEXOLOGY Relaxes, release stress and tension and good for paing mange. Helps relieve insomnia and prenatal discomfort. House calls available. Tamar Spiro 845352-6496/ 538-6782 DASSY PHOTOGRAPHY Newborns, Upsherin, family portraits and more. Professional editing! Free digital album! Gift certificates available too. (845)-517-9920/(845)-5040934 REFLEXOLOGY AND CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY Want to get relief of insomnia, headaches,

back pain, anxiety, etc? There’s hope. With CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY AND REFLEXOLOGY you can restore your balance bezh. Certified. Hendy Baum 347460-1512 MAKE A DIFFERENCE Do you believe that you can earn a significant income? Do you believe that the world needs a little more health and wealth in it these days? Do you want to help make a difference? I believe in inspiring people to do the things that inspire them so together we can create health and wealth in the world. But I can’t do this alone! Are you looking at improving your current financial situation? Do you enjoy helping people? If so, I might want to meet you! Mrs. F. Katz 845-5703565 EXPERT ALTERATIONS located in Suzzane area. Honest and reliable service. Call or text Esty Krauss 845662-5931


PROFESSIONAL VIDEO ENTERTAINMENT for events! Create ¬a movie with your pictures, video clips & music. Bar/bas mitzvah, anniversaries, birthdays, camp memories, family reunions & fundraising events. Goldi: 845.608.3725 FIND OUT what the property is worth that you want to buy or that you own. Financial underwriting Property condition evaluations Accounting services Call Mark at EverReady 8455700547 SHAIMOS PICK-UP We do pick ups all year round - schools shuls homes. 845461-3084 TO VOLUNTEER to feed the sick or elderly, OR if you are in need of this service, Please call 845-3521016

Bakery • Miniatures • Cakes

2 Preshburg Blvd • 845.782.9687

Now delivering to Monsey & New Square

144 / THE MONSEY VIEW / December 27, 2017 / 845.600.8484

Famous for our divine dair y confection s!

SEEKING SECRETARIAL JOB please call 914 588 7951 PROFESSIONAL BOOKKEEPING Do you need help with your bookkeeping? Reasonable Rates. Call 845-422-2794 or email bookkeeping@ FRUM LADY DRIVER Punctual, friendly, caring, responsible, dependable. Scheduling your steady routes, transportation & delivery needs. Please call/ text 917-750-4105. COMPUTER HELP?? One stop computer assistance! Set up new computers, restore deleted/ lost files from computers, SD cards, cameras, & thumb drives. 845-293-2667

‫מיין פלאץ‬ A therapeutic play space for boys- art, gymnastics, music, woodwork, tutoring & more. For more info please call us at (845) 520-5445

BOCHURIM CAMP looking to rent full or part campgrounds in the Catskills for 2nd half. please call 908327-2537 or email Campih@

PROFESSIONAL EAR PIERCING At the convenience of your own home. C. Fischer 5792288

TEHILLIM Harness the power of tehillim today! A yid who says tehillim everyday will add you to his list. This is a free service to benefit yidden. Sponsorships are available if you insist. Call/text 8452006378

MATH TUTORING Regents/GED/TASC/SAT/ ACT Common Core, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Precalculus, Calculus, Physics ALL Grades/Levels. call: 845-445-8003

SPEAKERS TO RENT for all your Simches & more, We also have a mp3 system. call 845.579.5467

TUTOR AVAILABLE for your elementary school child for Limudei Kodesh and Limudei Chol. Please Call: 845-352-1016

KANGEN WATER Change your water, change your life. Alkaline - Super Hydrating - AntiOxidant Call

MATH ANXIETY? I can help! All ages. All levels. Regents, SAT Prep, CLEPS, AP courses. Linda 845.538.5319


Expert & reliable service. Free pick up & delivery. 845-352-5013 ATTENTION MOTHERS Are your children’s books getting ripped up and dirty? BOOKS FOR KEEPS will repair them to last a lifetime! Each page protected in a plastic and a new strong cover! 347-721-4403




for FREE 1 Month Supply! 917-681-0003 GARTLECH We fix hand knitted Gartlech & make Professional Fringes. Please call: 917-414-3281


SEEKING COMHAB/RESPITE WORKERS: Shvesterheim is looking for a live in couple.

Looking for a male comhab worker to be a ‘frien The STARS program is now hiring 12th Grade (age ) or post-seminary girls to work with our young a high functioning teenager every day between 3 a • Couple will have a private attached apartment and must be available lt students 6:00-9:00 p.m. in the evening, 1-2 times a pm. Flexible about schedule. Shabbosim and all Yomim Tovim. Looking for a male worker to help a young man k, as they enjoy exciting educational and therapeutic vities and outings. Enjoy a fun work environment a slight physical disability every morning from 6 • The right candidate must have prior experience with special needs. gratifying work as you positively impact lives— and evenings from 6-9PM. s, great pay! Driver’s license required. Looking for a female worker to accompa • Great Benefit package! physically disabled young girl every Sunday to a th more information, please call 845-746-7254. appointment in Brooklyn. LS DAY HAB OPPORTUNITY: Email resume to Looking for a fun-loving girl that wants to work Join our Fabulous team of staff who make a or fax to 845-503-1895. erence. Driver’s license preferred. Please Contact: disabled young woman. Former camp simcha counselor preferred. Weekends and possibly every y Schonfeld To inquire about job details, please email or fax your information and we will contact you. Looking for an experienced mature woman to as 45-425-5011 E: new mother with newborn care and light houseke NDAY RESPITE PROGRAM: / THEout MONSEY VIEWboy / 145 from Looking forDecember a girl27,to2017take a young / 845.600.8484 amaspik is currently hiring high school girls for our square on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon


// services // odds & ends // gemachim

Fully Insured Free Estimates -5” & 6” & 7” Gutters -Copper and Aluminum Gutters -Over 30 colors to choose from -Gutter Guard Installation -Cleaning & Repairs 845-782-4473 FOR ALL YOUR WRITING NEEDS Grammen, Divrei Torah, personal statements, fundraising letters editing, graduation and Bar and Bat mitzvah speeches linda. DRUM LESSONS BY SHMUEL KLAVER Monsey’s most experienced Shomer Shabbos drum instructor. Lessons ($45 & up) given in your home or my studio, to boys or girls ages 10-adult, beginners to professional. Call (845) 459-9935 COOKIE/CAKE DECORATING PARTIES AND ORDERS For your next party have a fun cookie/cake decorating party for boys or girls. We are taking orders as well. For pictures check out Shorlysweetcakes on instagram. 13475203501 SEWING/ALTERATIONS COURSE By Mrs. Nass. Beginners & Advanced, Groups & Private. Call now to register for winter. 845-608-0020 MUSIC LESSONS Piano and keybord lessons for girls and boys (one to one).

Herrick - west central. Zissy Rosenberg 1347-436-5656 6 WEEKS BEGINNERS sewing classes for girls ages 11-15 now starting! Special promotional rate for first 2 groups. Limited space available. Call or text 845662-5931 MUSIC LESSONS Give your daughter the gift of music at a very reasonable price! References available. Call Yitty @ 845-426-7561 after 4:30 pm GUITAR LESSONS Experienced instructor will teach women and girls how to play in ten lessons. Years of enjoyment guaranteed! 845-356-1113 HAIRCUTS AND HAIRSTYLES For all occasions - Main Street area. For appointments call Esty at 845 356-0767 MAKE UP BY DEVOIRY Refined and natural. For all your occasions. Please call/ text 845.642.6833 MARY KAY Buy $100 worth of products in stock and get a $20 coupon!

146 / THE MONSEY VIEW / December 27, 2017 / 845.600.8484

Buy 2 of the same product and get the 3rd free! Call/ Text 347-563-3508

ODDS AND ENDS HEIMISHE MOISED seeking donations of toys, arts & crafts, or supplies, in good condition. Tax deductible. Please call 845500-3100

SEMINAR Ain Od Milvado: How Seeing Our Own Innate Health Changes Everything; Tues, Jan. 2, 8:30-10:30pm, 14 S. Parker Dr, $25. Topics: Anxiety, Emuna, Tests, Marriage, Parenting. Info 845-393-1529 WEEKLY EVENING LADIES TANYA SHIUR Starting Tues, Jan. 9 Centrally located For more Info call 845-323-1477

RARE ZECHUS enable an almost four year old boy finally have his bris requires medical intervention funds needed for insurance premium 248632-6980

TRANSFORM! Say goodbye to ur self imposed prison! Iyh thurs. @ 10:00 a.m. 641 715 0700 pin 549732 playback 641 7150709 pin 549732 ref 1-67

‫געזעהן ישעוה‬ ”‫איך האב געצינדען א ליכט לענ‬ ‫ר’ מנחם מענדל בן ר’ יוסף פאר‬ .‫ טעג און גלייך געזעהן ישועה‬40

RENOWNED AUTHOR Mrs. C. T. Friedman will be speaking @ 252 Blauvelt this Mon night @ 8:45 pm. Married and single ladies welcome.

HEIMISH YOUNG COUPLE looking to adopt baby/young child. Text/call 347-461-1914 SHADCHANIM LISTENING For those who are interested in Chasidish working boys. Call or Text: 347871-1379. Email resume: theworkingshadchan@gmail. com

TORAHANYTIME.COM 50,000+ lectures 500+ speakers Video and Audio ALL for FREE Download the App! HASHEM ECHAD hotline 917 979 8800


D r i p p i n g

G o o d n e s s

T. 845.445.9533 E.

RECREATION THERAPIST Part Time, Monsey location. Works directly with Residents on units without supervision. Exp with activities in healthcare setting or recreation therapy req’d. Exp with geriatric population pref’d. Must have strong computer skills. Positive attitude and energy is a must!! Contact: Brenda 845-352-9000 Email:

GEMACHIM BABY CHASUNA GOWNS Matching shoes & hair accessories available, Sizes 3-24 Months, Call 425-3049 MONSEY GOWN GEMACH mother and sister gowns size 0-12, by appointment only. 845-426-7496 or 845-3523031. FLORAL BISOMIM for your Simcha - 845-6292785. DVD/VIDEO GEMACH DVDS and portable players for sick and homebound adults and children.425-2660 mailbox #1

BABY CHASUNA GOWNS Adorable baby gowns. Few sizes colors and styles. Matching shoes and hair accessories available from 3 months - 2 years. Most styles $15-$20. Call 425-3049 MATERNITY GEMACH Weekday and shabbos clothing, various sizes. Please call or text 845-445-9687 for an appointment. FLORAL BISOMIM for your Simcha - 845-6292785. BRIS GEMACH located in Central Monsey. 617-955-3630. poya, pillow case, outfit, blanket. ‎ OT WATER URNS H Please call 845-425-9211

ROOF CARRIERS GEMACH For all cars even without bars on roof. Call early to reserve. 845-659-1863. Monroe: 845662-7102. DVD/VIDEO GEMACH DVDS and portable players for sick and homebound adults and children.425-2660 mailbox #1

and hat.’ ‫לע”נ ר חיים זאנוויל בן‬ ‫ר’ משה‬ SHOE GEMACH All sizes, white kalllah shoes. Proceeds go to tzedakah. Call\Text 845-200-0211 PIDYON HABEN zichron elimelech coins,silver tray, lace box, outfit 845-4261681 845-642-7256

ISRAEL GPS No fee. English or Hebrew. Must reserve in advance by email at IsraelGPS@gngroup. com

GEMACH Tablecloths for your Simchos. Call (845) 371 2105

GPS GEMACH Call 845-352-2588. Leave message. (Minimal fee).

FREE MOVING BOXES Packs of 10x for easy transport. Please call (845) 641-5536.”

BRIS GEMACH Located on Rt. 306 call 845352-3013 poya, outfit, blanket

ROOF CARRIERS GEMACH 845-659-1863. Monroe: 845662-7102.

December 27, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 147 / 845.600.8484

Classifieds FREE BOXES for moving (mostly egg carton size). Please call 845425-6826 or 845-608-7830. Donations of flattened boxes are always welcome!

glasses on Horton Drive parshas vayigash. Call 845352-3906 In BP a Fur Scarf Nov 18 7184354757 Canon camera with card inside 845.356.2101 917.474.6826

TOY GEMACH Keep all the children busy by your simchas with tons of lego and clicks. Call Sussman @ 845-578-6513


SIDDUR GEMACH Sfard: Friedman 845-6087830 Ashkenaz: Shulman845 352 1756 or 845-826-6718

credit card in front of Lishkas Hasofer pls call 425 4915

HATS If you have shabbos or elegant hats to give away for Gemach please call 347 351 1604

maroon headband in a la familia taxi about 4 weeks ago. 845-274-5141

bracelet in front of ateres charna. Pls call 425-4905

camera case 845-356-2584 Baby doll in pink strechy Access Plus 106 rte 59 Monsey 426 2881


mens leather black glove at maple corner herrick ave.

a mens coat .845-783- ‫כא כסלו‬ 0283

// lost & found // free giveaways

Call and lv message 845-5219712

FREE GIVEAWAYS seeking extra pair Teffiliin (Rash”i), l’shem mitzvah, please: Call/Text 845-2882846 2 Parakeets, some food, no cage please call 8456948174 Green living room couch, 6 drawer dresser light wood Bedroom dresser with mirror chest of drawers to match Upright acrosonic piano Stereo with tape deck Call 201-236-9625 Various lateral filing cabinets, please call 845-4255252 Ext 309 electric garage opener please call 6597148 after 3:00 pm 6 Enfamil ProSobee Readyto-Feed (Soy) formula bottles. Call/text 347-342-7089

2 kendamil baby formula stage 12-36 months. Please call 845-548-8742 Boxes for moving 845 659 7766

Classified ads that do not advertise a service are currently free for our readers, as long as the following criteria are met. Classified ads must be emailed or texted to classifieds@ - in the body of the email, not as an attachment. Include two words for the heading and a maximum of twenty words for the body. The entire body of the ad should be written in one paragraph. Do not “enter” between sentences. Use standard text only – no all caps. Check for proper spelling and grammar before submitting. Do not fax any free classifieds. There’s a maximum of two free classifieds per person per week. A classified ad that doesn’t meet the above conditions will be automatically rejected. The Monsey View reserves the right to omit or cut words from any free classified ads without confirmation. ***** We do not give confirmations for free classified ads. ***** Classified ad deadline is Monday at 12:00 pm. No exceptions. *****

For inquiries about PAID classifieds, feel free to contact The Monsey View.

Seeking Driver to take a package from Monsey to Monroe every Wednesday. Email: 148 / THE MONSEY VIEW / December 27, 2017 / 845.600.8484

Mobile banking for your mobile lifestyle. Get our new and improved NECB-Mobile App

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• Deposit checks from anywhere, quickly & easily

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Have an NECB branch in your pocket! Search NECB-Mobile in the App Store™ or Google Play™, or stop by and we’ll be glad to help.


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Spring Valley branch lobby hours: Mon-Fri 9 AM-5 PM • Saturday 9 AM-1 PM • Sunday 10 AM-1 PM


‫האדמ"ר מבאבוב בביקור בבית המדרש החדש באבוב במאנסי‬

‫בית המדרש "תהלה לדוד"‬ ‫)שטיינווארצאל(‬ ‫‪1 Larissa ct. Airmont, NY 10952‬‬ ‫___________________________________________‬

‫בשורה טובה !!!‬ ‫לתושבי עירמאנט‬ ‫בס"ד עלה בידינו לסדר מנין‬

‫"ותיקין"‬ ‫בבית מדרשינו‬ ‫מקוה מפואר בביהמ"ד‬

‫ברכות ‪ 27 -‬מינוט קודם הנץ = הודו ‪ 17 -‬מינוט קודם הנץ‬ ‫זמני הנץ‬ ‫פרשת ויחי‬

‫א‬ ‫‪7:20‬‬

‫ב‬ ‫‪7:20‬‬

‫ג‬ ‫‪7:20‬‬

‫ד‬ ‫‪7:21‬‬

‫ה‬ ‫‪7:21‬‬

‫ו‬ ‫‪7:21‬‬

‫פרשת שמות‬







‫לזכות רפואת הבחור אלטר שמעון יחזקאל בן רחל חנה‬ ‫מי שרוצה לקבל ‪ Text‬בכל יום זמני התפילה נא לשלוח שם‪-‬ומספר טעל ל‪347-723-7707‬‬


‫התחלת כתיבת ספר תורה און סעודת‬ ‫הודאה דורך די מוסד דרור לכבוד‬ ‫ר' שלום מרדכי רובאשקין‬

‫‪December 27, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 151‬‬ ‫‪ / 845.600.8484‬‬

‫חנוכה בישיבת בית החינוך‬



‫מעמד חנוכת הבית לביהמ"ד החדש טאהש‪-‬מאנסי והדלקת נר חנוכה אצל גאב"ד טאהש מאנסי‬

December 27, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 153 / 845.600.8484

‫ע"י ידידינו הרה"ח מוה"ר שמואל שמעלקא קיש‬ ‫יצא מבית חתנו מוה"ר רפאל פערלמוטטער מראשי הקהלה‬



‫הכנסת ספר תורה לביהמ"ד הגדול סאטמאר מאנסי‬

‫מכון לבר מצוה גאראנטירט‬ ‫א פערזענליכע אויפמערקזאמקייט‬ ‫פאר יעדן תלמיד באזונדער‪ ,‬וועלכער‬ ‫וועט אי"ה זיין העכט גליקליך‪ ,‬צופרידן‬ ‫און דערהויבן‪ ,‬מיט געטריישאפט‪,‬‬ ‫צוגעלאזנקייט און איבערגעגעבנקייט‪.‬‬

‫מכון לבר מצוה׳ס ציל‬ ‫אז דער בחור זאל אריינקומען אינעם‬ ‫עול התורה והמצוות מיט די ריכטיגע‬ ‫ידיעה אין פארשידענע מקצועות‬ ‫ההלכה‪ ,‬וועלכע ווערן אקטועל ביי די‬ ‫בר מצוה‪ ,‬אזוי ווי הלכות תפילין זימון‬ ‫עליה לתורה ומפטיר‪.‬‬

‫כמה מעלות טובות‬ ‫ביי מכון לבר מצוה‪:‬‬

‫א חסידישע‬ ‫בחור‪...‬‬ ‫‪...‬מיט א ברייטקייט אין די ידיעות‬ ‫פון הלכות תפילין ‪ /‬זימון ‪ /‬שליח‬ ‫ציבור ‪ /‬קידוש והבדלה ‪ /‬תפלה‬ ‫במנין ‪ /‬קרי"ש בזמנה ‪ /‬קריאת‬ ‫התורה ומפטיר‪.‬‬ ‫‪...‬מלא וגדוש בהלכה ויראה‬ ‫טהורה אנגעזאפט מיט יראת‬ ‫שמים לדבר מצוה ‪ /‬מידות טובות‬ ‫בין אדם לחבירו ‪ /‬הכרת הטוב‬ ‫ודרך ארץ לאביו ואמו‪.‬‬ ‫‪...‬מיט אן אחריות אויף יעדע דבר‬ ‫שבקדושה ‪ /‬דאווענען מיט מנין‬ ‫כהלכתה ‪ /‬אריינטראכטן אין‬ ‫פירוש המילות ‪ /‬ברהמ"ז און‬ ‫קרי"ש שעל המטה פון‬ ‫אינעווייניג‪.‬‬ ‫‪...‬מיט א געשמאק א חשק א חיות‬ ‫און אן ערנסקייט‪.‬‬


‫מיר הייבן אן בס"ד די קלאסן פאר קינדער וואס ווערן בר מצוה אין די קומענדיגע חדשים‬

‫רופט שוין‪ :‬הרב משה זאב פאנעט מנהל | ‪845.238.8782‬‬


‫ווערט‬ ‫אייער זוהן‬ ‫בר מצוה?‬

‫באזוכט אין קלאס פון הרב נפתלי ניצליך פון ת"ת סקווירא מאנסי מיט די קינדער וואס האבן אים געשריבן בריוון‬

‫מיט די בריוו וואס ר' שלום מרדכי האט אים געשריבן מינוטן פארן ווערן באפרייט‬



‫אכ'ן ווערן באפרייט פון תפיסה דורך פרעזידענט טראמפ‬

‫קבלת פנים אין מאנסי פאר ר' שלום מרדכי רובאשקין נא‬


‫פאר מער בילדער און ארטיקלען זעהט זייט ‪117 ,70 ,66‬‬

‫מסיבת חנוכה אין תלמוד תורה דרכי אבות צאנז מאנסי​‬



‫דינער לטובת קופת אבני חסד בביתו של הרבני הנכבד ר' משה יצחק לאנדא‪ ,‬בהשתתפות האדמו"ר מסאטמאר‬

‫‪AM Design 917.589.0643‬‬

‫ישעי‬ ‫פאר דיין נייע ביזנעס‬ ‫ווי עס ווינטשן דיינע חברים‬ ‫מאיר צבי טויבער זאבי וועבער עקיבא שיף‬ ‫משה יודא לעבאוויטש יוסי ברילל שמעי זינגער‬ ‫מושי קריצלער אפרים מאיר אבערלענדער בען קאלמאן‬

‫‪718.730.5078‬‬ ‫‪Shaya@securityalertny/com‬‬

‫‪Shaya Baum‬‬


‫האדמו"ר מפאריסוב זאת חנוכה במאנסי‬

‫האדמו"ר מפשעמישל זאת חנוכה במאנסי‬

‫חסד פראיעקט דורך די תלמידים פון ישיבה קטנה אור ראובן‬

‫האדמו"ר מפארשעי זאת חנוכה במאנסי‬


‫בס"ד‬ ‫קהל‬


‫שכנות לאביר י‬ ‫עק‬


‫טאהש‬ ‫מאנסי‬ ‫לה"ה‬ ‫בה‬ ‫תייס‬ ‫ביה"ק זצוקל יט"א‬ ‫בנשי דות כ"ק מרן ר‬ ‫ד של‬ ‫אות חתנו כ"ק מרן הגאב"‬

‫סידים בר‬ ‫נ‬ ‫ה‬ ‫י‬ ‫ג‬ ‫וח‬ ‫י‬ ‫עילאהלו‬ ‫ביותרת הכבוד ובשמחה‬

‫הננו בזה בהזמנה פרטית‪,‬‬ ‫לשמוח יחדיו בשמחת קהלינו‪ ,‬ולהשתתף בשמחת‬

‫ש השבע ברכות‬ ‫לרגל שמחת קהלינו‪ ,‬שמחת נישואי נכד‬

‫כ"ק מרן הגאב"ד שליט"א‬ ‫החתן הרב ישראל הכהן כ"ץ שליט"א‬ ‫בן בנו הרה"ג ר' ברוך מרדכי הכהן כ"ץ שליט"א‬ ‫עב"ג בת הרה"ג רבי אהרן צבי הכהן קליינמאן שליט"א‬

‫אשר נחוג ברצו"ה‬

‫ביום ב' שמות הבעל"ט‬ ‫בשעה ‪ 8:30‬בערב‬

‫באולם וויזניץ‬ ‫‪20 Ashel Lane, Monsey NY‬‬ ‫ויהי רצון שמשמחת בית צדיקים יושפע שפע רב‬ ‫משמי מרומי מעל לכל ישראל עד עולם‪ ,‬אמן‪.‬‬ ‫המצפים לקבל פניכם ברגשי גיל וחדוה‬

‫הנהלת הקהלה‬


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