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FREE ISSUE 111 AUGUST 16, 2017

‫פרשת ראה‬ ‫כ"ד אב תשע”ז‬


THEIR UNIQUENESS SHINES // The brilliance of Hashem’s creations

RADIANT HOLINESS // A trip to the tzion on Rabbeinu Yoel’s yahrzeit



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‫ער איז א וואויל קינד‪,‬‬

‫פארוואס לערענט‬ ‫ער נישט?‬ ‫פיל קינדער האבן שוועריקייטן מצליח צו זיין‪ .‬אמאל‬ ‫איז דאס א שוועריגקייט אין כשרונות הלימוד‬ ‫)‪ ,(learning skills‬און צומאל איז עס א זייטיגע‬ ‫שוועריגקייט וועלכע האלט זיי צוריק פון מצליח זיין‪ .‬די‬ ‫קינדער קענען זיך פלאגן לאנגע יארן סיי מיט לערנען‬ ‫און סיי מיט זייער באנעמונג מיט חבירים‪ ,‬זייער‬ ‫התנהגות אין קלאס און עס קען אויך עפעקטירן זייער‬ ‫סעלף קאנפידענס‪.‬‬ ‫ווען אייער קינד קומט צו פתח לבי ‪ -‬די טוטערינג פליגל‬ ‫פון ‪ - Kids First‬פאר הילף מיט לערנען וועט ער אדער‬ ‫זי ערשט דורך גיין אן איוועליאעישאן וואס וועט אנצייגן‬ ‫וואס איז די סיבה פון די שוועריקייט וואס האלט זיי‬ ‫צוריק פון הצלחה אין די לערנען‪ .‬א לימוד עקספערט‬ ‫וועט דאן ארבעטן מיט אייער קינד אויפצובויען די‬ ‫כשרון וואס דארף ווערן אויפגעבויעט‪.‬‬ ‫די לימוד אפטיילונג פון פתח לבי ווערט געפירט דורך‬ ‫די אויסגעפראווטע מהלך פון‬

‫הרב ישעי' ובר‬ ‫און יעדע קינד ווערט פון נאנט נאכגעפאלגט צו‬ ‫פארזיכערן אז די צילן וועלכע מען האט אוועק‬ ‫געשטעלט ווערן טאקע אויסגעפירט און אז‬ ‫אייער קינד ווערט בעז"ה א לערנער!‬

‫‪Kids First Services:‬‬

‫‪ Tutoring Services‬פתח לבי‪• ‬‬ ‫‪• Limud / Kriah‬‬ ‫‪• Physical Therapy‬‬ ‫‪• Occupational Therapy‬‬ ‫)‪• SLP (Speech Language Pathology‬‬ ‫‪• Behavioral / Social‬‬

‫מחנ‬ ‫כים‬

‫קי נ‬

‫‪E‬‬ ‫‪FREO‬‬ ‫‪INFIDE‬‬ ‫‪GU‬‬


‫ד מצליח‬

‫‪or a‬‬ ‫‪us f‬‬


‫ז י ין‬ ‫!‬



‫ט אייער‬


‫סטן‬ ‫אפי‬ ‫טער‬

‫מיר‬ ‫האלטן א‬ ‫שטענדיגע‬ ‫קשר צווישן‬

‫‪20 Robert Pitt Drive #212‬‬ ‫‪Info@kidsfirstservices.com‬‬ ‫‪Transportation Provided‬‬

‫‪A world of potential‬‬

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FREE ISSUE 111 AUGUST 16, 2017

‫פרשת ראה‬ ‫כ"ד אב תשע”ז‬


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Solar Eclipse


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THEIR UNIQUENESS SHINES // The brilliance of Hashem’s creations

RADIANT HOLINESS // A trip to the tzion on Rabbeinu Yoel’s yahrzeit




YOEL ITZKOWITZ Editor in Chief:

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‫זמנים לפרשת‬




‫רבינו תם‬

7:25 9:04

7:20 8:45

7:32 9:01

‫הדלקת הנרות‬ ‫מוצאי שבת‬


‫הדלקתי נרותי והחלפתי שמלותי‬ 8 4 5 . 6 7 8 . 8 6 2 4 | 1 6 M E L N I C K D R , M O N S E Y, N Y

Everest Equity Company , Inc. THE

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all your needs.


The Everest Equity Company, Inc. Is a Registered Mortgage Broker New York State Department of Financial Services. Registered Mortgage Broker NJ, CT, FL Banking Departments. Loans arranged through third party providers. NMLS ID 12484

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// Talk of Town



I am really enjoying Decoriel’s new column, showcasing breathtaking events. Though I never expect to be the type to actually host such fancy parties and simchos, I am storing away ideas to use at some point in my own way… Or maybe, I’ll just hire Decoriel to do the job! Either way, the column is pure eye candy! I also really liked Sara Goldstein’s article last week. Very witty and fun. Enjoying the Read

KIDDUSH HASHEM I just had an experience that reminded me how special Klal Yisroel is, and I’d like to share it. Thursday I had placed a grocery order at Hatzlacha Supermarket and didn’t think much of it; I didn’t even check the receipt. This Monday I received a call from the store that on the past Thursday one of their scales was overweighing objects and therefore, overcharging on objects. They called to let me know that they would be crediting $12 to my account. This is what the Torah means when it says: “‫נֵי־צ ֶדק ֵא ַיפת ֶצ ֶדק‬ ֶ ‫מׂאזְ נֵי ֶצ ֶדק ַא ְב‬.” Thank you, Hatzlacha Supermarket, for having honest weights and for pursuing mitzvos! A Shopper


OUR EXPERIENCE: FDR STATE PARK I just wanted to let you and your readers know that I visited Franklin D. Roosevelt State Park in Westchester on Sunday, and I was completely turned off, and even frightened away, by the crowd and the activities there. We turned right around, and even if it had been quite a travel (it took us longer than the 39 minutes you listed) we went back home. I would not recommend your readers to visit there at this time of the year. A Concerned Reader M&S SHOE REPAIR




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RE: WHERE THE FOOD ENDS UP There have been two letters published so far that have mentioned cleaning help throwing food into the garbage. And while the angle of preventing baal tashchis was expressed, and is important, I’d like to point out another issue: that of imagining how other people feel. Cleaning ladies are human, like the rest of us, with feelings. I can imagine that being handed someone’s leftovers makes them feel like second-class beggars and is an insult to their dignities. Wouldn’t you feel that way? I always make a point to serve my cleaning lady the same meal as my family, at the same time, with a few extras, like a cookie or danish. But I don’t offer her my leftovers that I am trying to get rid of, as I would feel demeaned if it were done to me. Just wanted to point out another point of view. Thinking of the Other Side

PLEASE KEEP US POSTED Attention Daycamp Directors and Head Counselors: We, the parents of your lebedige groups of all ages and stages, would love to thank you for such a fun-filled summer you are providing for our children. They, baruch Hashem, come home from camp bursting with spirit and fun. If we may, here’s a small suggestion so that we, as parents, can also share some of the summer thrill with our children... Would it be possible to provide us with a weekly schedule of after-hour activities? You see, we would love to plan some nights out, some family get-togethers, or some good old going to the park with all the cousins, etc., and somehow there is always some surprise activity planned for the evening, which we learn about when the kids come home from camp. If we can plan in advance it would enhance our summer greatly... Just a suggestion... Thanks again for all your hard work! It is appreciated! Parents of Day Campers

PRACTICAL SHABBOS PRODUCT I recently noticed a new product in the grocery which has enabled me to stop using wet baby wipes on Shabbos. I always felt guilty using wet baby wipes because I know there are poskim who find it questionable. But not using wipes was almost impossible. Recently, I noticed a modestly packaged new item: “The Ultimate Shabbos Wipes,” a dry wipe which is to be used with Baby Shpritz. This wipe is practical and mess-free and serves the same purpose as wet baby wipes without the shailos involved. I hope this letter will help your readers. P.S. I also enjoy using them as disposable washcloths. A Monsey View Reader

THE TRAIL LEFT BEHIND It was with amusement that I read the inbox letter of the woman who cleans up after other people in parks. My kids asked me multiple times if I was the one who wrote the letter. You see, I, too, spend most of my summers and chol hamoed trips picking up kosher food wrappers, snack bags, Mayim Chaim water bottles, etc. I am dan l’kaf zchus (at least I try very hard to be) other people, that they don’t realize... that they think wrappers and bottles will magically evaporate (although they don’t certainly don’t have that belief when they clean their houses). But the bottom line is that it is a big chillul Hashem and when it comes to chillul Hashem, there are no excuses! If a mother decides to treat her kids to a candy hunt at Lime Kiln Park, so be it! But please make sure that the 50 or so wrappers are trashed when the fun is over. Another pointer: Ducks don’t eat empty snack bags, so please be so kind and save me from picking up all those bags lying among the droppings.

44 / THE MONSEY VIEW / August 16, 2017 www.themonseyview.com / 845.600.8484

y r a s r e v i n n A 18th

Wednesday, u r h t y a Sund - 23 August 20

ari breuer.com

up to

Sale f f o â ’ 0 2

I take my kids to parks, zoos and outings equipped with gloves and a big trash bag (you wouldn’t believe how quickly it fills up). I cannot relax on those outings, neither can I ignore the shmutz and say, “Well, it’s not my business.” Kol Yisroel areivim zeh l’zeh. So next time you plan an outing, have a great time, and enjoy your picnics, hunts, ices… and kindly, clean up after yourselves. Wishing you enjoyable summer outings. An Exhausted Pick-Upper M.G.G.

FINDING MYSELF IN A SHUL There have been several times when I walked into a store, only to find men davening mincha. While I understand the importance of these minyanim, I feel it is not appropriate for it to happen in the middle of a store. As a woman, it is highly uncomfortable for me to be trying to buy a cake and have to maneuver around men davening to get to where I need to be. I also don’t enjoying trying to buy a book only to have men all facing the area where I need to check out. Sometimes I can wait off to the side, but at other times, I do need to rush in order to be back home for my child. I don’t think I am wrong to be surprised at walking into a store to find it had turned into a shul. Either go outside in the parking lot or find a place off to the side. There’s a reason shuls have mechitzos. Please, store owners, do something about it. Thank you, Bracha K.

46 / THE MONSEY VIEW / August 16, 2017 www.themonseyview.com / 845.600.8484

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‫די נייע‬ ‫וועג‬

‫פון קאר‪-‬‬ ‫סערוויס באנוץ‬ ‫איז אט דא‪.‬‬

‫גרינגע‪ ,‬באקוועמע און‬ ‫פארזיכערטע ׳קאר סערוויס׳ טריּפס‬ ‫בעז״ה‬ ‫אויסגעארבעט און צוגעשטעלט‬

‫סּפעציעל פאר׳ן היימישן ציבור‬ ‫‪ jCAB‬סערווירט גאנץ גרעיטער ניו‬ ‫יארק‪ ,‬ניו דזשערסי און קאנאדא‬

‫רנסה‬ ‫פקלה ונקי!‬

‫דרייווט‬ ‫מיט‬

‫זייט אייער אייגענע בעל‪-‬הבית‪ :‬ארבעט אויף‬ ‫די אייגענע שעות סיי וועלכע צייטן איר באגערט‪.‬‬ ‫גרינגע מענעדזשמענט‪ :‬מיט׳ן סאפיסטיקירטן‬ ‫׳עּפּפ׳ סיסטעם ברויכט איר נאר דרייוון!‬ ‫ּפראקטיש און באקוועם‪ :‬באקומט אייער געלט‬ ‫גרינג און שנעל‪ ,‬צופרידנקייט גאראנטירט בע״ה!‬ ‫באקוועמע קארס‪ :‬ווען איר דרייווט פאר‬ ‫‪ JCAB‬פארט איר מיט אייער אייגענע באקוועמע‬ ‫קאר וואס איר האט אויסגעוועלט‪.‬‬ ‫געאייגענט פאר “אלע” דרייווערס‪ :‬א‬ ‫באזונדערע פלאטע פון מענער דרייווערס‬ ‫און פרויען דרייווערס‪ ,‬פאר’ן היימישן ציבור‪.‬‬

‫סּפעציעלע‬ ‫אּפציע‬

‫מ׳וועט אויך קענען‬ ‫באשטעלן א ‪jCAB‬‬ ‫טריּפ דורך אייער‬ ‫ּפשוט׳ע היים‪-‬טעלעפאן‪,‬‬ ‫אן קיין סמארטפאון!‬

‫וויפיל קאסט פאר א‬ ‫דרייוער אויפצוסיינען?‬ ‫גארנישט‪ ,‬גענצליך בחנם‪.‬‬

‫דארף מען האבן ספעציעלע‬ ‫לייסענ’ס אדער אישורענס?‬ ‫ניין‪ ,‬מיט יעדע רעגולער לייסענס און‬ ‫אינשורענס קענט איר דרייוון!‬ ‫‪ NYC‬פארלאנגט א ‪ TLC‬לייסענס וואס ווערט געמאכט‬ ‫אן איינמאליגע זאך‪ .‬פאר מער פרטים פארבינדט זיך‬ ‫מיט אונזער אפיס און מיר וועלן אייך ארויסהעלפן‪.‬‬





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EDITION By: Basya Kovacs

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MAYBE YOU’VE SEEN OUR ADS. Maybe you have a friend or relative who’s been losing weight with Tanya. Maybe you’ve noticed our logo on whole-wheat wraps, low-calorie ice cream, portion-controlled snack bags, and healthy protein bars. Or you’ve spotted our muffins and cookies in your local grocery. Surely you’ve heard the buzz on the streets. Perhaps you have been wondering: Is this all hype? A fad? What is it about Nutrition by Tanya that has people talking? I’m going to give you an inside scoop on what we do, why we do it and what makes our program so unique. You’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at what it means to work for Nutrition by Tanya, and journey with our clients as they fight the ongoing and worthy battle toward better health. As the manager of the Monsey, Monroe and soon-to-be Staten Island locations, and as a nutrition counselor at each, I invite you to follow this column and see for yourselves what Nutrition by Tanya is all about. First, a bit about my own weightloss journey. I grew up in a home that was focused on nutrition and health. I was the kid with the pretzels, fresh fruit and popcorn for snack while my friends were eating Fruit by the Foot and Bissli as I looked on. I was also very athletic, swimming and exercising several times a week. Even so, at the age of 14 I had about 20 pounds to lose. Being tall for my age, I hid the extra pounds well but I wasn’t comfortable carrying it around. I didn’t know much about nutrition, but I made up my own diet based on what little I did know. In the 90s, fat-free diets were all the rage, so I made sure that I stayed far away

from any fat. A heaping bowl of cereal with skim milk for breakfast, a plain bagel for lunch, and some pasta and skinless chicken for dinner became my routine. My snacks consisted of a can of pineapple and a bag of pretzels. I stayed far away from cakes, cookies, pizza and chocolate. Needless to say I didn’t lose any weight, despite my sincere but misguided efforts and commendable self-discipline. Ultimately, the science behind proper nutrition evolved and so did my understanding of what works for sustained weight loss and what doesn’t. My boring, fruitless (and carb crazy!) first diet definitely fueled my determination to help others lose weight in a less torturous and more efficient manner. At Nutrition by Tanya we have perfected the art of making weight loss sustainable and doable. I love seeing people’s shocked faces when they first hear their plan; I usually hear something along the lines of “Are you sure I’m going to lose weight?!” or “Are you sure this isn’t too much food?!” I love the thrill of seeing my client’s joy week after week as the weight comes off. Join me next week to hear more about what makes Nutrition by Tanya so unique, yet so practical. Basya Kovacs is a nutrition counselor at Nutrition by Tanya and is the manager of the Monsey, Monroe, and soon-to-come Staten Island locations. Nutrition by Tanya offers personalized and practical weight management and nutrition counseling for men, women and children. Nutrition by Tanya has locations in Boro Park, Flatbush, Williamsburg, Monsey, Crown Heights, Five Towns and Monroe. The office can be reached at 844-TANYA-DIET.

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August 16, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 61 www.themonseyview.com / 845.600.8484



By Malka Schneps

“NECHAMA, I JUST HAD to call you right away. I just left Rebbetzin Shapiro’s shiur and I think I may have found something with which to help Chany!” cried Leah. Nechama gripped the phone a little tighter. It was no secret that Chany had been in shidduchim for many long years. The situation was very tense indeed. “Leah, you’re my best friend and I know you have my best interest at heart. Please tell me what you heard.” “Well, you know this shiur is a Parsha shiur, right? Well this week is Parshas Re’eh, and Rebbetzin Shapiro told a story about the Satmar Rebbe, R’ Yoel, zt”l. A man came to the Rebbe once and asked about a problem he was having. He did not have enough money to support all his children and grandchildren in learning and at the same time donate generously to various tzedakah organizations and yeshivos like he used to. So the Rebbe told him to look into our Parsha. It says in Devarim 16:11, ‘V’samachta lifnei Hashem… – And you shall rejoice before Hashem — you, and your son, and your daughter, and your manservant, and your maidservant, and the levy who is within your cities, and the ger, and the yasom, and the almanah…” Nechama sat down to continue listening. Leah sometimes took a while to get to her point, but it was usually worth the wait. Leah continued, “Well, the Rebbe said that Rashi said that four are ours and four are His. The son, the daughter, the manservant, and the maidservant are ours, and the levy, the ger, the yasom and the almanah are His. Rashi said that Hashem is telling us that if we are m’sameach His four, then He will be m’sameach our four!” concluded Leah with a flourish. “That’s beautiful, Leah, but what does this have to do with Chany?” asked Nechama. “You want to make a simcha for Chany, right? I was thinking that if you would make a simcha for a yasom, then maybe Hashem would make a simcha for your Chany — and I happen to know someone who works for an organization that could arrange this. What do you think?”


Nechama thought for a moment. “I don’t know, Leah. I’ll talk to Aharon about it, of course, but this just doesn’t sound like me. I enjoy giving tzedakah, but what you’re describing sounds like a segulah. Aharon generally prefers working b’derech hateva before trying a segulah.” “Look, it was just an idea I had, and I don’t even know if I’m on the right track. Look, I’m no expert — definitely ask a Rav! — but it seems to me that this is derech hateva — after all, it’s spelled out right in the Rashi.” The notion that helping others brings help to ourselves is not new. We see it throughout the Torah. For example, in Bava Basra 92a we learn that if someone is mispallel for a friend who has the same problem as himself, then he is answered first. What we learn in this week’s Parsha is something very specific. If we take care of Hashem’s four, then He Himself will take care of ours. What better guarantee can there be for our children to be taken care of than for Hashem Himself to promise it? The way to invoke this powerful promise is for our loved ones is to take care of the ones closest to Hashem’s heart: the levi’im, the gerim, the yesomim and the almanos. There are so many ways to accomplish this. A person could donate to an organization that assists any of these groups of people, but this is not the only way. Direct donations can be very helpful as well. Help pay one month’s rent for an almanah — or more, if you can afford it. Go to the grocer and pay her balance. Help pay the tuition for a yasom. Draw a ger close, and invite him often. Advocate on his behalf in the community at critical times, such as with school admissions. Help him financially when you can. Nechama sat down with Aharon that evening to discuss the idea of financing the chasunah of a girl who had been orphaned. Aharon listened intently and thought a while before responding. “What a beautiful idea,” he finally answered. “And I don’t need to ask our Rav about this, because I would like to do this regardless. You can never go wrong in giving tzedakah, and I would love to be part of this tremendous mitzvah.”

Be our


the daily grind. With your every need attended to, you’ll be free to enjoy the lovely company, fresh country air, and wonderful view. Welcome.

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For reservations, please call:

222 Swiss Hill Rd. North Kenoza Lake NY

718-686-6400 ext.3

Compiled by Sandy Eller

Historic Eclipse to Sweep U.S. Next Week WITH 99 YEARS SINCE the last occurrence and 28 years until the next similar event, the August 21st total solar eclipse is expected to be a historic event that will draw the attention of thousands nationwide. Dubbed “The Great American Eclipse” by NASA, next week’s eclipse has scientists describing it as the “biggest and best in American history,” reported The Daily News. An eclipse occurs when the moon moves between the sun and the earth, blocking the light of the sun and casting a shadow onto the earth. Partial solar eclipses, where the moon partially blocks the sun, are not uncommon but total solar eclipses, where the sun, moon and earth are in a direct line, are relatively rare. The eclipse will hit the Oregon coast at 10:15 a.m. Pacific time (1:15 Eastern time) and then sweep a southeasterly path across the United States through Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina before sliding out over the Atlantic ocean at 2:49 p.m. Eastern time. Traveling at a dizzying speed of 1,620 miles per hour, the eclipse will only be viewable for a short time in any

location, with the midday sky darkening as if it were nighttime. Hotel rooms all along the eclipse’s path have been booked months in advance with eclipse viewers rushing to get a glimpse of this slice of scientific history. Traffic jams, security issues, gas shortages and power issues are all expected in the areas which will have a perfect view of the eclipse. Located approximately 800 miles from the closest path of the eclipse, New Yorkers will not witness a total eclipse, but will still see the sun 75% blocked by the moon. NASA is warning viewers to purchase proper eye protection in order to block harmful radiation from the sun, since looking directly at the eclipse can cause permanent eye damage. Regular UV blocking sunglasses provide only a fraction of the proper protection needed to view an eclipse. Both the Haverstraw Kings Daughters Library and the Pearl River Library will be distributing free eclipse glasses through a program of the Space Science Institute. Buyers are urged to look for the ISO safety label as a guarantee that they conform to the appropriate standards for safe solar viewing.

Ramapo Places Eleventh in List of Safest Cities in U.S. A NATIONAL SURVEY of the safest places to live in the United States confirms what Monsey residents already know: The town of Ramapo is definitely a great place to call home. The National Council for Home Safety and Security, a trade association of alarm installers throughout the country, released its annual list in late July. Ramapo came in at number 11, with 68 violent crimes and 620 property crimes reported, based on the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report statistics and the council’s own research. The safest city, according to the survey, was Thornton, Colorado. Other nearby cities that placed well were Greenwich, Connecticut, which came in at number two and New Jersey’s Middletown, Jackson, Piscataway and Howell townships, which

64 / THE MONSEY VIEW / August 16, 2017 www.themonseyview.com / 845.600.8484

came in at numbers eight, 14, 21 and 23, respectively. Other than Ramapo, the only other New York location to make the cut was Amherst Town, located near Buffalo, which secured the final place on the list at number 100.




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s ’ t I

ily m a F er p p Su

e m ti

Who doesn’t enjoy serving a refreshing, kidfriendly dinner — especially in the summer season, when it’s difficult to pin the kids down to the supper table? As soon as my children saw me cutting up the enticing fruits they just couldn’t wait to enjoy the meal and dessert. I hope it works for your family as well.

August 16, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 69 www.themonseyview.com / 845.600.8484

CHICKEN LOAF Yields 3 10-inch loaf pans The addition of the zucchini in this meatloaf adds some veggies without compromising on flavor. It yields a moist and flavorful dish. Meatloaf freezes very well.

INGREDIENTS: 4 lbs. ground chicken 1 large Spanish onion, diced 3 cloves garlic, minced ¼ cup oil 2 medium zucchini, finely grated 6 eggs 1 T. salt ½ tsp. black pepper ⅔ cup oil 2 cup water 3½ cups bread crumbs

DIRECTIONS: 1. Sauté onions and garlic in a ¼ cup oil for approximately 15 minutes. Onions do not need to turn brown. 2. Preheat oven to 350°. 3. In a large mixing bowl, combine all ingredients, including sautéed onions. 4. Distribute mixture into three loaf pans. 5. Lightly sprinkle tops with paprika. 6. Bake for 1 hour and 10 minutes.

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CRISPY COATED FRIES These are a sure winner with adults and children alike. Deliciously crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. You’ll never believe they’re not fried. (Don’t kid yourself; this is not a low-fat food.)

INGREDIENTS: 10 loose potatoes 5 sweet potatoes 1½ cups flour 3 T. salt ½ tsp. black pepper ½ tsp. white paper 1 tsp. paprika Oil for baking

DIRECTIONS: 1. Cut potatoes into 6–8 wedges, depending on size. 2. Rinse with water. Take off excess water, but do not dry. 3. Mix flour, salt and spices in a large Ziploc bag. 4. Place ¼ of the potatoes into the mixture at a time, shake and place on a well-greased cookie sheet. Repeat with rest of potatoes. You will need two cookie sheets. 5. Sprinkle a generous amount of oil over the potatoes. 6. Bake at 400° for one hour.

August 16, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 71 www.themonseyview.com / 845.600.8484

FRUIT TRIO Yields 6 portions I chose the combination of these fruits for both flavor and color, but feel free to adapt the simple dressing using any other fruits in season.

INGREDIENTS: 6 apricots, sliced 3 white nectarines, cubed 18 cherries, halved and checked

DRESSING 2 T. apricot jam 2 tsp. orange-flavored liqueur

DIRECTIONS: 1. Layer fruits in individual cups. 2. Mix dressing ingredients in a sandwich bag. 3. Snip off a little corner of the bag and drizzle dressing over fruit.

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Spelt takes a stand Spelt finally gets the breakthrough of the century. Savory Spelt baked goods are made with 100% organic spelt flour. For the first time, you don't have to compromise health for taste. Try the Savory Spelt line of bread, bagels, challah, rugelach, cakes, and cookies that are always fresh and tasty.


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FREE BOW TIE with purchase of 3 piece suit.


N e w

I n

M o n s e y

greenTag is about skirts. Dedicated to dressing you in the skirt you are looking for in the color, length & style of your choice. Skirts sizes 0-2Xplus, 25-31 inches. MONSEY MALL | 845.694.8016 100 ROUTE 59 MONSEY NY 10952 Next to Esty's Fashion HOURS: 11:00 - 6:30 FRIDAY 11:00 - 2:00 Follow us @banimny

1 Witzel Ct. (near Monsey Glatt) Monsey Ny 10952 (back ent.) 845.587.4778 Sun. 12-7, Mon./Tues/Thrs. 8pm-10pm, Wedn. 10am-2:30pm - please contact us for additional hours




Myster y

Wear and Flair

And more...

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WAY BACK WHEN, A MAJOR TRIP DID NOT MEAN WATER parks. A major trip to us boys in Camp Napanock took place on Chaf Vav Av, the yahrtzeit of the Satmar Rebbe, Rabbeinu Yoel. On that scorching mid-August day, we boarded coach buses for the grand trip to Kiryas Yoel, to the Rebbe’s tzion. It was the highlight of our summer, our crown adventure. At the foot of the hill, we were greeted by concession stalls. Danishes, donuts, lukewarm ginger ale, orange J&J box drinks — frozen. Boys waved their singles and lined up before the custard-filled pastries, gravely weighing the selections. Every other minute a shriek would pierce the air. “Meir! Shimon!” The squealers were the lucky boys who spotted their big or little brothers, from Camp Dairyland, the Satmar camp in Fleischmanns. Brothers could be at each other’s throats all year, but when they met near those confections, all grievances fell away as they fondly shared dribbling jelly. It’s been years since those exhilarating bus rides, but I continue to make the trip every year. Although I never checked in a 100-year calendar, as far back as I recall, the yahrtzeit always takes place over the weekend. This is convenient for visitors, who stop in on the way up to or back from “the country.” And stop in they do, by the hoards. A four-minute local drive to the tzion easily takes a half hour on this day, and parking is nonexistent. The best bet is to walk, and I flow along with the crush of people toward the hill.

The Entrance Satmar is famous for its delight in feeding people, and this day brings their hosting passion to the fore. In two enormous tents at the entrance, thousands of visitors stop in to grab a bite. One family bakes hundreds of cakes for visitors each year, and rows upon rows of 9x13 aluminum pans line the tables. In a parked truck next to the tents, there’s a long row of faucets with drinking water and two that stream punch. A milk crate on the side is constantly refilled with plastic cups. Refreshments done, it’s time to ascend. The climb up is like being propelled by a current. People are pressed together and move in swarms. I thread my way along with the tide. We stumble past booths that have been reserved weeks in advance by charities worldwide. “Shtitz’t deim Rebben’s moised!” “Poilt ois ales gits!” Collectors cup their hands under noses, shouting blessings and reciting their fundraising pitches. I pick up snippets of words over the rumble of chatter. “Do you have change of twenty? Did you see my brother? Can I borrow your mincha gartel?” The main entrance to the beis hachaim is closed on this day, and the crowd drifts toward the entrance that leads directly to the Rebbe’s tzion. The crowd grows denser still as we approach the entrance, the air thickening with an aura you can touch.

August 16, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 77 www.themonseyview.com / 845.600.8484

On the other side of the hill, overlooking the ohel, is the famous Yeshiva of Kiryas Yoel. In earlier years, clever folks who sought to avoid the human traffic and the congestion of fundraising booths would drive up the hill from the other side. But that entrance has been closed off for many years now. Still, many people stop in to the yeshiva building for a hot slice of kugel. From time to time, the crowd parts to allow a golf cart to pass. The passengers are elderly Yidden, hanging on to the swaying vehicle like children getting a ride with the camp manager. Eventually, we reach the top of the hill. Four cavernous tents are set up in the empty field across the ohel. I enter one. The place is ablaze with thousands of glowing candles. It’s impossible to light candles in the ohel with this gaggle of humanity. Huge containers of tea lights are set up on the side, for visitors who haven’t come equipped. There are also boxes of pens and paper prepared, and I reach for them and scratch out my kvittel. The collectors’ voices fade out. Only the Chevra Kedusha is permitted to collect at the gate. There’s a muted din now, thousands of voices, but all of it somehow hushed, holy.

The Crowd Ah, people. There’s no dress code or yichus protocol on this day. This is a universal experience, a Meron-Uman-Lizensk situation. Chassidim, Litvaks. Sfardim, Ashkeneizm. Rabbeinu Yoel wasn’t Rebbe over Satmar alone. He was a manhig hador, a father and leader to thousands. Due to space constraints, women visit the Rebbe’s tzion on the days surrounding the yahrtzeit, but not on the actual day. Instead, men fill both the men and women’s sections, and both sections are crammed with people. Every color shirt. Every style hat. Neckties alongside peppite hoizen, it’s all one on this day, a flock of buzzing hearts, united.

The Prayer Having come this far, I’m determined to make it into the ohel. I shuffle, twist, squirm, squeeze — and okay, push, for it’s impossible not to in this jam. I can’t lift my hand to nudge my glasses up without it bumping into a person. At last, I make it in.

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gourmet breakfast baskets

Confident and Empowered

In-house baked rolls and pastries. Fresh smoothies, frappes and salads.


Chosson-Kallah Kimpeturin Housewarming

AshiraProgram.com 845.368.2200 X 300

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(845) 425-0615

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The sound hits me first. A magnified roar, howling that tumbles and slurps like crashing waves. Words of Tehillim float on storm clouds, and wherever I turn, there’s a minyan being mesayem Tehillim, a Yid chanting Kaddish. The air vibrates with tefillah, a pre-seasonal Rosh Hashanah. It’s all but impossible to reach the actual grave, but everyone tries; everyone desires to place a kvittel on the stone, or at the very least deliver it with a messenger. Breathing sweat, my finger finally squeezes in and makes contact. I close my eyes, swept away by an electric vibe. My skin tingles. My lips flutter, whisper my most private prayers. The crowd dissolves around me, and it’s just me, me and the Rebbe, and my heart floats over diamond waves. When I tumble back out, my feet are weightless. The experience leaves me elevated. Transformed.

The Rebbe Any time you hitch a ride with a middleaged chassid, the conversation will naturally turn to the Rebbe. “When the Rebbe was niftar,” he’ll start. He’ll then recount exactly where he was standing when he heard of the Rebbe’s petirah, what he was doing. His passing was a personal grief for every chassid, every Yid. They couldn’t fathom a world without him, didn’t believe the sun would ever shine again. But the Rebbe never abandoned us. During his lifetime, he cemented a future for his chassidim and for Torah Jewry at large. Yeshivos, camps, schools. Chumros and minhagim, a legacy that helps us forge ahead in advancing generations. Tools, to cling to our mesorah. And a passion for Yiddishkeit. A love for Am Yisroel.

Going Home Visitors take the opportunity to visit the kevarim of late relatives who rest in the Satmar beis hachaim. The crowd branches out as people head off, bumping into collectors all the way down the hill. Hundreds of buses drive up, dropping off and picking up passengers. People have come from all over, traveling hours to be here today. I wash my hands and look back. The air smells of Neilah. Faces glow all around as we trickle out, sharing the incredible feeling of being elevated. Cleansed.

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Directing Dreams.

Dear Clients, I’m so excited to finally announce the official grand opening of my full service salon! You know me, you know my style - now you can enjoy my services in a luxurious salon staffed by an expanded, pampering team. Looking forward to welcoming you!

- Fraidy Lichter

Another Success.


SPECIAL FREE EYEBROW WAX with wash and set

Through 8.31.17; 1 free waxing per customer



by Fraidy Lichter


AshiraProgram.com 845.368.2200 X 300

845.357.2993 (call/text) BE A PART OF THE SUCCESS

50 E. Concord Drive, side entrance @fraidylichter

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Dr. Kornblit, MD Medical Director

Chaim Adler PA-C


My name is Moshe Dear. I am the manager here at Monsey Urgent Care. Feel free to email me with any questions or comments at Mdear@kaminhealth.com, or text me at (914) 365-8530.

P: 845-356-CARE (2273) KaMIN HEALTH


77 Route 59, Monsey, NY 10952 In Town Square (by the old auction mart)

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wEDNESDAY 9.6.17 Women’s Class: 6:30 - 8:30PM Men’s Class: 9:00 - 11:00PM No cost involved. Registration required as space is limited. Email Reservations@kaminhealth.com August 16, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 83 www.themonseyview.com / 845.600.8484

Community Medical & Dental Care, Inc. Of Monsey

Project OHR

Department of Behavioral Health

Has moved to 42 Melnick Drive

With an additional 8 offices and private waiting areas

To schedule an appointment call (845)352-6800 Extension 6849 Appointments are also available with our experienced Social Workers and skilled Psychiatrists Dr. Zvi Weisstuch and Dr. Seymour Kushnir

Coming soon: Project Ohr will begin hosting weekly DBT groups in September! Health Center Hours: Monday-Thursday 8:00am-9:00pm●Friday 8:00am-4:00pm●Sunday 8:00am-4:00pm

40 Robert Pitt Drive, Monsey, NY 10952 ● www.CMADC.com

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ABA ServiceS At Home

At scHool on tHe Job In tHe communIty

at school: empowering students to survive in the classroom: • Techniques that work with students while building a positive relationship • Assessment of barriers that prevent students from learning • Guiding staff in implementing a behavior plan • Friendship making skills

845.762.6699 empowerkidsny@gmail.com

empowered for living. Empowered for Life. August 16, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 85 www.themonseyview.com / 845.600.8484

Classroom Management Course By: Mrs. Shiffy Rosenberg 25 years experience in the classroom as well as in teacher training

Manage your classroom effectively using hands-on techniques that really work. Learn skills to properly establish authority in the classroom. Know the appropriate response to misbehavior. Develop effective communication between teacher, students and parents.

It works, now you try it!

For more information please call 845.213.7988 or 845.538.5693

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Visit our Boro Park three-floor show room! Special consideration for decorators/designers.

Ask us about our in-house design team!

Spring Valley: 845.425.9070 | 28 South Central Ave


For the first time in almost 100 years, there will be a total solar eclipse across the United States. The Path of Totality, the zone that falls under the complete shadow of the moon, will be a 70-mile-wide strip running across the United States from east to west. Those of you willing to travel to one of the spots that’ll be under the cover of darkness, well, you’re a half a year or so late, as all flights and hotels to the areas are long booked solid; eclipse chasers, or shadow lovers, from all over the world have been planning for months to converge on the affected areas and experience this rare event. Here in upstate New York, we’re not completely out of the loop, though. While we won’t get a full shadow, called the umbra, and the awesome experience that comes with a total eclipse, we still get a penumbra, a partial shadow, which will be blocking a large part of the sun’s rays.


THE PATH OF TOTALITY This map depicts which states will (in part) experience a total eclipse, some barely at their tips, and others with the umbra traveling through wider areas.

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WHAT A TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE LOOKS LIKE As the moon begins to conceal the sun, a black orb slowly creeps across the sun, causing the sunlight to brighten on one side of the lunar

edge (known as the diamond ring effect). Just before totality, sparks of sunlight will pop out between various valleys and indentations in the lunar crust, creating beads of light and sparkles around the edge of the moon.

While the moon is 400 times smaller than the sun, it is able to block the entire sun since it is also 400 times closer to earth than the sun is.

and boy is it fascinating — the sun’s outer atmosphere — the corona. It is nothing like an indistinct halo surrounding the moon, which now appears as a black ball in the center of the corona; great ribbons of light and jets twist and curl into the sky in a spectacular display that puts any fireworks to shame. After about two minutes or so of totality (the exact duration depending on the location), the moon slowly creeps its way farther, revealing the sun once more.

WHAT A PARTIAL SOLAR ECLIPSE LOOKS LIKE Although it depends on the eclipse magnitude: how much of the sun is in the moon’s shadow, partial eclipses look like the moon has taken a bite out of the sun. You can watch the shadow of the moon start off and “swallow” more and more of the sun, until it starts to recede in the opposite direction. Finally, at totality, the disk of the moon blocks out every last sliver of sunlight and the area inside the umbra is cloaked in twilight, despite the fact that it’s a sunny summer afternoon. But there’s something visible in the sky at totality,

HOW AN ECLIPSE OCCURS The celestial bodies in the solar system are constantly orbiting and rotating, and we have their perfect synchronization to thank for day and night, our calendar and rosh chodesh, time zones, seasons and climates around the world. A solar eclipse is a rare event when the sun, moon and earth are perfectly aligned, and the shadow of the sun blocks the sunlight from reaching certain points on earth. The points in the umbra will experience totality, a total eclipse, and the points in the


10:20 a.m. PT 11:30 a.m. MT

Path of

11:40 a.m. MT

tota lity

11:50 a.m. MT

90% par tial ecli pse

70% par tial eclip se 60% part ial e clips e

THE PATH OF TOTALITY This map depicts which states will (in part) experience a total eclipse, some barely at their tips, and others with the umbra traveling through wider areas.

92 / THE MONSEY VIEW / August 16, 2017 www.themonseyview.com / 845.600.8484

80% par tial eclip se

60% par tial ecli pse 70% par tial ecli pse 80% par tial ecli pse

1:10 p.m. CT 1:20 p.m. CT

Pat ho f to tali ty

1:30 p.m. CT


1:00 p.m. CT

90% par tial ecli pse

2:40 p.m. ET


penumbra will experience partial solar eclipses. Solar eclipses only occur at the New Moon phase, because at that point of the month the earth, moon and sun are lined up. This year’s eclipse indeed falls on Erev Rosh Chodesh Elul.

WATCH YOUR EYES An eclipse should never be viewed with the naked eye. Only during totality, in an area of a total eclipse, is it safe to quickly take in the scene unfiltered. Cer t i fied eclipse glasses, available for just a few dollars, are the safest way to watch an eclipse. For added protection, buy glasses that say they are “ISO” certified. These have been tested and meet the special criteria for viewing the sun during an eclipse.

94 / THE MONSEY VIEW / August 16, 2017 www.themonseyview.com / 845.600.8484

Another way to safely view an eclipse is by making a pinhole camera that will project the sun and moon’s growing shadow on any surface. It can be made by cutting a sizeable hole in a large piece of cardboard, covering the hole with tinfoil, and using a pin to poke a hole in the tinfoil to allow the image of the sun to come through.

VIEWING THE PARTIAL ECLIPSE IN MONSEY Moon’s shadow will first appear at 1:22 p.m. in Monsey. The eclipse will reach it’s maximum point at 2:44 p.m., when the eclipse magnitude will reach 76 percent. The moon’s shadow will conceal more than three-quarters of the sunlight. The shadow will completely disappear at 3:59 p.m.

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all wood bookcases 3 PC unit $1499

actual item shown

9’ 8” WIDE X 7’ 3.5” TALL

face frame construction

Single Unit with Doors $400




please leave message

90” HIGH UNIT / $450


additional support for shelves added

August 16, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 97 www.themonseyview.com / 845.600.8484

Fabulous styles + Wholesale prices


Only $84


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Find your Future in healthcare with

CaREER oppoRtunitiEs at EvERy lEvEl teitelcreative.com

Positions in finance, technology & more comPrehensive Benefits Package exPosure to Broad industry network no exPerience necessary Lakewood monsey • israeL baltimore • detroit locations

Email REsumE to jobs-monsey@axgsolutions.com fax:845.230.8711

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ideal environment for seminary grads

How often do we stop and look at the world around us, reminding ourselves of the wonderful creations Hashem has blessed the earth with? Here in our own backyards, towering trees, intricately formed flowers and all sorts of wildlife abound — but do we really see them for what they are? Unfortunately, frequent exposure dulls the senses, causing us to often take for granted that which surrounds us. Let’s wake up those senses and view some of the less local masterpieces of His hand.

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‫ ָא ֶר ץ‬- ‫ִמ ְק ֵצ ה‬

‫ש ִא י ם‬ ׂ ִ ְ‫נ‬

‫ַו ַ ּי ַע ל‬

‫ַּב ָּׁש ַמ ִי ם‬

‫ַמ ִי ם‬

‫ֲה מ ֹו ן‬

IGUAZU FALLS IN ARGENTINA AND BRAZIL The Iguazu Falls are comprised of roughly 275 waterfalls and are a magnificent sight to behold. They are so stunning that it is rumored that First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt commented, “Poor Niagara!” when she visited Iguazu. Here the thundering waters sing Hashem’s praise in way that even the most jaded of nature-viewers can’t miss!

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‫ִּת ּת ֹו‬

‫ְל ק ֹו ל‬

‫ ָא ֶר ץ‬- ‫ִמ ְק ֵצ ה‬

‫ש ִא י ם‬ ׂ ִ ְ‫נ‬

‫ַו ַ ּי ַע ל‬

‫ַּב ָּׁש ַמ ִי ם‬

‫ַמ ִי ם‬

‫ֲה מ ֹו ן‬

‫ִּת ּת ֹו‬

‫ְל ק ֹו ל‬

GLACIERS IN GREENLAND If you’re like me and love winter covered in white fluff, a trip to Greenland is the stuff of dreams. Here you’ll find hundreds of breathtaking glaciers and their break-off icebergs floating upon frigid waters that are as clear as glass. The animals, too, are magnificent! From the gigantic polar bear to the stately caribou or the somewhat odd but extremely vicious wolverine, nobody is able to confuse these creatures for typical backyard squirrels!

August 16, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 103 www.themonseyview.com / 845.600.8484

‫ָה ָר ִק י ַע‬

‫ַמ ּגִ י ד‬

‫ָי ָד י ו‬

‫ש ה‬ ׂ ֵ ‫ּו ַמ ֲע‬

THE NORTHERN LIGHTS While near the Arctic, make sure to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights, a unique phenomenon in which the sky lights up in a brilliant dance of color. Most common are yellowish/greenish lights, though others, like red, purple and blue, make an occasional appearance. Only the Master of the World can paint such beauty!

104 / THE MONSEY VIEW / August 16, 2017 www.themonseyview.com / 845.600.8484

‫ ק ל‬- ‫ְּכ ב ֹו ד‬

‫ְמ ַס ְּפ ִר י ם‬

‫ַה ָּׁש ַמ ִי ם‬

‫ַּכ ֲח ַב ָּצ ֶל ת‬

‫ְו ִת ְפ ַר ח‬

‫ֲע ָר ָב ה‬

‫ְו ָת גֵ ל‬

‫ְו ִצ ָּי ה‬

‫ִמ ְד ָּב ר‬

‫ְי ֻשׂ ׂש ּו ם‬

ANTELOPE CANYON, ARIZONA These red-hued sandstones defy logic with their quirky forms. Shaped unlike any stone you’ve seen before, the sandstones that make up this canyon are one of kind.

August 16, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 105 www.themonseyview.com / 845.600.8484

‫ַּכ ֲח ַב ָּצ ֶל ת‬

‫ְו ִת ְפ ַר ח‬

‫ֲע ָר ָב ה‬

‫ְו ָת גֵ ל‬

‫ְו ִצ ָּי ה‬

‫ִמ ְד ָּב ר‬

‫ְי ֻשׂ ׂש ּו ם‬

THE SAHARA DESERT Do you love the feeling of walking on sand, the particles slipping away beneath your feet? If so, the Sahara desert is the perfect place for you! With miles upon miles of sand dunes, you can go sand walking to your heart’s content!

FIVE-FLOWER LAKE AT JIUZHAIGOU NATIONAL PARK, CHINA Five-flower Lake is truly a sight to behold! The water is some of the clearest in the world, enabling you to see exactly what is going on inside the lake. Not only that, but this beautiful body of water is surrounded by exquisite foliage that puts the heart at ease.

106 / THE MONSEY VIEW / August 16, 2017 www.themonseyview.com / 845.600.8484

‫ְי ַר ּנֵ נ ּו‬

‫ָה ִר י ם‬

‫ַי ַח ד‬

‫ ָכ ף‬- ‫ִי ְמ ֲח א ּו‬

‫נְ ָה ר ֹו ת‬

THE MARBLE CAVES OF CHILE CHICO, CHILE AND ARGENTINA Located in the middle of a lake, the Marble Caves are a delight for the eyes. Reminiscent of Rabbi Akiva’s stone and dripping water, the rocks that make up these caves are worn down from years of waters slapping their sides.

CRATER LAKE, OREGON The water in Crater Lake is of the deepest, purest blue imaginable. There are no rivers or streams feeding into the crater, which means the waters are calm and there are no native fish. (Fish species were introduced by man to the environment.) All of the water here comes from rain and snow. Having personally been to Crater Lake, I can vouch for its stunning beauty!

August 16, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 107 www.themonseyview.com / 845.600.8484

Ramapo Tires

FLAT FIX Check out our new location

158 rt. 59

‫גדלי' וויינבערגער‬

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ass! S. l C r o f s Dres UDENT

ST chool L L A S S E WE DR tary High S ol






Sunday, August 20 • 11:30-6 PM Monday thru Thursday, Aug 21-24 • 12-6 PM

375 West Rt. 59 Spring Valley between Atrium Plaza and Kennedy Mall (under Hat Box)

Uniform Headquarters


SEEKING A capable individual to work with an adorable high functioning 4 yr. old girl with special needs.


Hours: Aug. 27- Sep. 4 for 3 hours daily: 9 a.m. till 12 p.m. Long term: Shabbos and Sundays for around 2 hours daily.


845-352-7700 EXT. 213


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It is not for nothing that an estimated 30 million people visit Niagara Falls each year. A collective name for three separate waterfalls, which span two different countries, Niagara Falls is a sight to behold and an experience to try. Right here in New York (although it does take a number of hours to actually get all the way up there) are the American Falls, so named being mostly over the border of the U.S., and the Bridal Veil Falls. And over in Canadian territory are the Horseshoe Falls, so named for its shape. There are several attractions over on the U.S. side, but the main tourist area, with hotels and more attractions is over the border. Most attractions are free for children under six years of age. Some of the prices listed are charged in Canadian dollars.




6650 Niagara Parkway, L2E 6T2 877-642-7275 6650 Niagara Parkway, L2E 6T2 905-356-1179 $7.50 for 24 hours/$12 for 48; 6-12: $4.50 for 24 hours, $8.50 for 48 This bus system connects accommodations and Niagara Falls tourist attractions.


9:00 a.m.–10:00 p.m. (Sun. until 10:30 p.m.) 13+: $17.30, 6-12: $11.25 Descend 150 feet and explore tunnels through bedrock for the thunderous vibrations for Horseshoe Falls. The observation deck will leave you breathless (and wet, despite the souvenir poncho), as you watch the mighty falls crash before you.


3850 Niagara Parkway, L2E 3EB 877-642-7275

5290 Niagara Parkway, L2E 6X8

9:00 a.m.–8:00 p.m.


13+: $14.55, 6-12: $9.45

8:30 a.m.–8:30 p.m.

Get to see the swirling Niagara Whirlpool and white water rapids from a safe distance, suspended above the Niagara River and Gorge in an antique, sturdy cable car. The huge volume of water rushing from the falls into the narrow gorge cause the strong rapids, and the whirlpool is formed where the gorge turns abruptly.


13+: $25.95, 6-12: $15.95 This legendary cruise takes you past the American Falls, Bridal Veil Falls and into the heart of the Canadian Horseshoe Falls for an up-close view and a refreshing mist and shower of the falls.



4330 River Road, Niagara Falls, Ontario L2G 6T2 905-374-1221

2565 Niagara Parkway, LOS IJO

9:00 a.m.–8:00 p.m. (Sun. and Mon. until 8:30 p.m.)


13+: $12.50, 6-12: $8.15

10:00 a.m.–7:00 p.m.

Witness nature’s power first-hand on this riverside boardwalk, which is reached by elevator that travels to the base of the Niagara Gorge. Viewing platforms will put you right near Niagara River’s edge for up-close views of the Class 6 white-water rapids Niagara River is famed and feared for.

13+: $14.55, 6-12: $9.45 Located on the grounds of Niagara Falls Botanical Gardens, this tropical paradise is full of lush vegetation, trickling waterfalls and thousands of vibrantly colored butterflies.



5290 Niagara Parkway, Niagara Falls, ON L2G 3500 Niagara Parkway, Niagara Falls, ON 877-642-7275 877-642-7275 7:00 a.m.–7:00 p.m. 9:00 a.m.–7:00 p.m. $49.99 13+: $39.99, 6-12: $19.99 A fun and thrilling experience of suspended obstacles and ziplines in the midst of nature.

A breathtaking and heart-stopping ride past the American Falls into the gorge and toward the base of the Horseshoe Falls for amazing fall views and mist.

August 16, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 113 www.themonseyview.com / 845.600.8484



14004 Niagara Parkway, Queenston, LOS 1LO 2565 Niagara Parkway, Niagara Falls, L2E 2S7



6:00 a.m.–9:00 p.m.

free ($5 parking fee)


99 acres of beautifully maintained gardens. Guided horse and carriage tours available daily for $20 per person.


The intricate designs on the face of this clock are changed twice each year, and the mechanism is kept in working order.


3500 Niagara Parkway, Niagara Falls, ON 877-642-7275 4960 Clifton Hill, Niagara Falls, ON L2G 3N4 9:00 a.m.–7:00 p.m. 905-356-2238 13+: $15.02, 3-12: $9.22 Ride to the top and indoor/outdoor observation decks to enjoy spectacular views of the falls, gorge and city skylines. There’s a Family Fun Center on the lowest floor of the Skylon Tower.


10:00 a.m.–11:59 p.m. 13+: $18.99, 6-12: $11.99, Seniors: $14.99 Museum of oddities on display.



4950 Clifton Hill, Niagara Falls, ON L2G 3N4 5709 Victoria Avenue, Niagara Falls, ON l2G 3L5



9:00 a.m.–1:00 a.m. Friday-Sunday until 2:00 a.m.

10:00 a.m.–11:00 p.m. Friday-Sunday: 9:00 a.m.–12:00 a.m.


13+: $13.99, 6-12: $8.99, Seniors: $19.99 A collection of recognizable, true-to-life wax figures.


61 Melville street, Niagara on the Lake, Ontario L0S 1J0 115 South Water Street, Lewiston, NY 14092 14004 Niagara Parkway (The Floral Clock), Niagara Falls, ON L0S 1L0 888-438-4444 By reservation $63, 12 and under: $45 Get soaked in one of the three tours offered near Niagara Falls, which pass through the white water rapids in a bumpy, heart-stopping, thrilling ride.

175-foot tall Ferris wheel with air-conditioned cars, with incredible views of the falls. Especially beautiful at night.


332 Prospect Street, Niagara Falls, NY 14303 716-278-1796 24 hours Parking $10; Day Pass: 12+: 45; 6-12: $34; includes one admission to each attraction in the park Park which contains the American Falls, Bridal Veil Falls and a portion of the Horseshoe Falls. American-side attractions are accessed from here.

August 16, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 115 www.themonseyview.com / 845.600.8484



Niagara Falls State Park: 332 Prospect Street, Niagara Falls, NY 14303 716-278-1796 9:00 a.m.–7:30 p.m.

Niagara Falls State Park: 332 Prospect Street, Niagara Falls, NY 14303

$17, 6-12: $14


Journey down to the Niagara Gorge for a breathtaking tour on wooden decks in poncho and sandals, because you’re sure to feel the showers on Hurricane Deck — it can’t quite be called a mist!

$18.25, 6-12: $10.25 Explore the roaring falls on this boat tour that goes into the basin of the Horseshoe Falls.


Niagara Falls State Park: 332 Prospect Street, Niagara Falls, NY 14303 716-278-1796 $12, 6-12: $9 Hold onto your seats for a 30-minute experience about the history of Niagara Falls.



Niagara Falls State Park: 332 Prospect Street, Niagara Falls, NY 14303 716-278-1796 Monday–Friday at 10:00 p.m. free Enjoy the remarkable fireworks show over the illuminated falls at night.

Niagara Kosher Experience.com Stay at one of our gorgeous 4 star hotels in SUBURBAN Buffalo (only 15 minutes from Niagara Falls!)

Delicio Reason us, Glatt K able (BVK) osher Cat For Gro ering & Fami ups lies.

(BVK Supervision) Our prices cannot be beat!


August 16, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 117 www.themonseyview.com / 845.600.8484


Niagara Falls State Park: 332 Prospect Street, Niagara Falls, NY 14303


Niagara Falls State Park: 332 Prospect Street, Niagara Falls, NY 14303 716-278-1796

716-278-1796 9:00 a.m.–9:30 p.m. 24 hours $2 free Unobstructed panoramic views of the cascades and raging white water below.

Gives passengers an overview of the park and offers historical anecdotes, fun facts and tips before checking out the park’s attractions.



THE EMBASSY SUITES 6700 Fallsview Boulevard, Niagara Falls, ON L2G 3W6 905-356-3600 Falls view; rooms include kitchenette with microwave and fridge

CHABAD NIAGARA 6417 Main Street, Niagara Falls, ON L2G 5Y3 905-356-7200 Shacharis 8:30 am Mincha / Maariv 15–20 minutes before sunset

FOUR POINTS BY SHERATON 6455 Fallsview Boulevard, Niagara Falls, ON L2G 3V9 905-357-5200 Shabbos meals, separate swimming and eiruv to Chabad Center


SHERATON AT THE FALLS HOTEL 5875 Falls Avenue, Niagara Falls, ON l2G 3K7 905-374-4445 MARRIOTT ON THE FALLS HOTEL 6775 Fallsview Boulevard, Niagara Falls, ON L2G 3W7 905-374-1077 NIAGARA FALLS HILTON FALLSVIEW SOUTH TOWER 6361 Fallsview Boulevard, Niagara Falls, ON L2G 3V9 905-354-7887

ATTRACTIONS: Chabad Niagara sells ALL attractions at 10–40% less (those are the cheapest rates available, including coupons, AAA and online discounts)


TOP NOSH Kosher pizza and dairy restaurant 6417 Main Street, Niagara Falls, ON L2G 5Y3 289-296-4000 Open 9:00 a.m.–10:00p.m. and until 2:00 p.m. on Friday Hashgacha: COR — Kashrus Council of Canada (Rabbi Felder of Toronto), with the direct supervision of Rabbi Zaltzman, Shliach at Chabad Niagara Chalav Yisroel, Pas Yisroel and Bishul Yisroel. TASTE Fine meat dining 6417 Main Street, Niagara Falls, ON L2G 5Y3 6417 Main Street, Niagara Falls, ON L2G 5Y3 289-273-2838 Sunday–Thursday 6:00–10:00 p.m. Reservations are recommended Hashgacha: COR — Kashrus Council of Canada (Rabbi Felder of Toronto), with the direct supervision of Rabbi Zaltzman, Shliach at Chabad Niagara

August 16, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 119 www.themonseyview.com / 845.600.8484

Dates: 1- Thurs Aug. 17 2- Sun. Aug. 20 3- Thurs Aug. 24

Bringing you family health through educa�on and essen�al oils

"Are you just living? Start living alive!" Call 3640034 text 5214959

120 / THE MONSEY VIEW / August 16, 2017 www.themonseyview.com / 845.600.8484

Time: 10:30 am 1:30 pm



Can help!



Birth- 3yrs

18-36 months



Ongoing Service Coordination

Physical Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Speech / Feeding Therapy

Special Instruction

Group Developmental Model Class daily, with round trip transportation.

Fun loving, happy approach while working on individual family service plans, Step by step plan set up by teachers to build on strenghts while simultaneously challenging child’s weakness. Music and movement therapy integrated in program by professional music therapist. Traditional therapy combined with new updated approaches and technological advancement. Constant collaboration! Daily notes to collaborate with family and therapy team to implement all goals throughout the day. Yiddish, English Lunch & transportation provided. Centrally located in the Monsey Hub on Rte.59. At no cost to the parents. Funded by the EI program through RCDOH



By Rochel Gruen

The tallest waterfall in the world is Angel Falls in Venezuela, at 3,212 feet. The fall is so great that during warmer times of the year the water turns to mist before it reaches the stream below.

The second tallest waterfall in the world is the Tugela Falls in South Africa. This one drops 3,107 feet.

The tallest man-made waterfall is Cascade Delle Marmore.

Khone Falls at the LaosCambodian border is the widest waterfall, stretching 6.7 miles.

Zimbabwe is home to Victoria Falls. This waterfall is so powerful that one can hear the rush of the water from more than 40 miles away. It is also the widest curtain of water in the world.

Lauterbrunnen in Switzerland is a valley formed by glaciers. The valley itself contains a total of 72 waterfalls.


NIAGARA FALLS Although it’s not the tallest in the world, its beauty is from its height and the incredible volume of water that runs down.

Niagara Falls is made up of three waterfalls: the American Falls, Bridal Veil Falls and the Horseshoe Falls.

You are almost always guaranteed to see a rainbow if you’re on the Canadian side of the Falls.

About 28,000,000 (28 million!) liters of water travel down Niagara Falls every second. It would take the average household approximately 7.5 years to use the amount of water that flows over the falls in a second.

About 20% of the drinking water in the U.S. is water that has flowed over the falls.

Back in 1848, the flow of water was diminished to a small trickle for a few hours (it did not freeze completely). This occurred due to an ice jam upstream in Niagara Falls.

The falls welcome roughly 30 million people annually.

The Maid of the Mist first began operating in 1846, making it the oldest tourist attraction in North America.

Most of the decks that make up the Cave of the Winds are torn down and rebuilt every year. Otherwise they’d be crushed and destroyed by ice. Niagara Falls has been used for hydroelectric power. It is actually the largest producer of electricity in the state of NY.

It is illegal to try to descend the falls. One who does attempt to do it is fined $10,000. More often than not, it’s not the money, but their life that is lost. Probably, the most famous stunt is to descend the falls in a barrel. The first to do it was a 63-year old school teacher in 1901.

Others seek publicity through other means. In 2010 Nik Wallenda crossed Niagara Falls on a tightrope. He did this with the approval of the U.S. and Canada. (The first person ever to accomplish this was Charles Blondin in 1859.) Nik’s wife, apparently jealous of all the attention her husband received, set the Guinness World Record for the highest suspension last month. She hung by her teeth from hoop 300 feet above the water. The hoop was attached to a helicopter which flew across the falls.


THIS WEEK Decoriel presents a

SHABBOS AUFRUF, celebrated at home. Though this aufruf is at home, the ballroomlike room was designed specifically for the aufruf! These circumstances allow for a unique brand of traditional Shabbos set in homey elegance.

124 / THE MONSEY VIEW / August 16, 2017 www.themonseyview.com / 845.600.8484


White chargers wrapped in linen and topped with embroidered challah covers; snowy tablecloths bordered with silver; clear stemware surrounded by polished cutlery; glossy cushions upon glassy chairs; does anything pronounce a royal Shabbos more aptly than this?

A banquet-style setup makes for camaraderie and unified Shabbos zemiros.

The smooth, modern lines on the candelabras make a sure statement; gold or crystal embellishments simply aren’t necessary here. Their height also helps fill the vast space to the ballroom ceiling.

Deep pinks and purples edged with leafy green and encased in mirror bring just the right amount of color to the table without tarnishing the regal feel.

Alternating candelabras with mirrored vases as centerpieces lend color and variety without overwhelming the table.

August 16, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 125 www.themonseyview.com / 845.600.8484


Since space is limited here, we opt for glass candlesticks of varying sizes instead of candelabras. For that same reason, we go with just one tall vase on each table, and fill spaces with flat bouquets.

This classy, functional, three-sectional plates salads neatly and attractively, while the round, tomato dip-filled dish adds its own touch to the elegant scene.

126 / THE MONSEY VIEW / August 16, 2017 www.themonseyview.com / 845.600.8484

On the ladies’ side in the dining room, gold dominates the furniture. Therefore, we go with lacy filigree-like design over gold liners, and choose a gold chair cushion to match.


When it comes to your kitchen, we have only one recipe for perfection: doing it right the first time. That involves direct sourcing of exclusive materials in Italy, on-location design, our renowned exquisite craftsmanship, and truly unbeatable prices for budgets of every flavor.

40 West Washington Ave. Suite E Pearl River, NY 10965 E: contact@impmg.com T: 845.735.4567 F: 845.735.0580 www.imperialmarblegranite.com

Walk in with an appetite, walk out an expert


At the Shabbos morning Kiddush, royal blue cushions bring out the blue in the blue-green embroidered tablecloth, and green stemware does the same for the green design. Gold salad bowls and vases introduce yet another color to brighten the room!

To showcase refreshing bursts of color in the fruit cups, we build height with a plexi prop and round glass upon the glass table.

Glass tables work wonders in displaying food without overcrowding the room.


Y I T Z C H O K O L I E L planning@decorielevents.com | 845.238.9955

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by sara goldstein

Days to Serenity

HI EVERYBODY! Sometimes we forget that organizing the home can be a fun activity to do! When was the last time you turned the music on full volume and stared joyfully at the stuff that needed organizing? Okay, okay, I know I’m pushing it when I say joyfully. I’ll play it safe and just say the music is a joy.

THURSDAY, AUGUST 17: WRAPPING PAPER/BOWS/BOXES Let’s designate a place for wrapping paper and accessories. Whether you have a utility closet or closet for “extras,” keep all the wrapping stuff together. There is a container that’s designed for the wrapping paper, but for now you can keep them together with a rubber band standing up on the side of the shelf. The Sterilite drawers are great for holding gift cards, ribbons and bows. Of course there are fancy shmantzy systems specially designated for a wrapping station but our goal is to keep it neat, handy and uncluttered. Simple containers do the trick. Avoid keeping wrapping paper on shelves on top of the washing machine as it crumples it up. FRIDAY, AUGUST 18: SILVER PAPER, BAKING PAPER ETC... I am not judging. And when anyone tells you that, that’s exactly what they’re doing. But why, and I’m all for being generous, does a home need more than three types of silver paper? The thick one, the thinner one and the precut. You want all sizes as well? Go all out! But if you don’t have the space and the drawer gets so cluttered that you need to unload everything to find the silver foil, you know that you need to reroute. If you take the silver foil out of the box to save space and once it’s half used, you buy another one because you can’t cut the one you have, then throw out the one that’s not being used. Okay, I think that’s enough about silver foil. You get the drift. The same applies to baking paper. The drawer should not be piled with stuff. Ziplock bags should be kept in the box if you don’t have dividers. Stack the stuff neatly side by side. No science to this drawer and it’s the easiest space in the home to keep neat. Who would’ve thunk, sitting in school, that I’d designate 19 lines on the topic of silver pa-

130 / THE MONSEY VIEW / August 16, 2017 www.themonseyview.com / 845.600.8484

per? I do hope my creative writing teacher is not reading this. Although writers tend to be disorganized...not judging. SUNDAY, AUGUST 20: LET’S HAVE SOME FUN IN YOUR GARDEN! And by garden I mean patch of grass, patches of grass or otherwise known as the space right outside your home. Yes even if your two-yearold will run out to use his Cozy Coupe at 6:32 a.m. and your five-year-old will be on his bike as soon as dawn says hi, it pays to take five minutes the night before and put outdoor paraphernalia away where it belongs. So technically when I wrote garden, it sounded like I’ll be talking about flowers. Nobody ever called me to organize their flowers, though, so I don’t have much experience. That’s why my garden is flower-free. But I assume if I start planting it would all be in one row, color coded. Possibly some of them, definitely the tulips, I’d plant in containers. ;) But if you do have a garden, make sure to keep them foxy pop wrapper-free. MONDAY, AUGUST 21: CHARGERS/BATTERIES/WIRES Okay, six sentences for this topic. You don’t need half of what you have. The other half, divide.

August 16, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 131 www.themonseyview.com / 845.600.8484

Label the wires for what they actually are. The chargers that didn’t work seven months ago, still won’t work. Eighty-three AAA batteries and 3 AA batteries? Yeah, thought so. Donate the Triple A batteries to your neighbor who just made upsherin and got a police car that needs batteries, a Hatzolah truck, helicopter, tractor and fire engine. Oh, but these toys only use Double A batteries... TUESDAY, AUGUST 22: A HOME FOR YOUR MAGAZINES This topic only needs five sentences. See? I’m getting better! Now my teacher can start reading this article. While every copy of The Monsey View is precious, once the new one comes out, the previous ones gotta go. Clip recipes or any other topic that interests you. I cut out some pictures and clever titles for scrapbooking. Get a little (not hugeeee) holder. One space in your home for your reading material. I think this will be an easy week! You’re almost at the finish line. Catch you later, Sara! Sara Goldstein is a professional organizer serving Upstate, Brooklyn and beyond. She can be reached at sarastyle2020@gmail.com. COMING NEXT WEEK: Thursday, August 24: Office/ Desk Friday, August 25: Strollers Sunday, August 27: Your trusty vehicle! Monday, August 28: Shoes Tuesday, August 29: Own Clothing

132 / THE MONSEY VIEW / August 16, 2017 www.themonseyview.com / 845.600.8484







Tuesday, August 22 / Magazines




Monday, August 21 / Chargers/Batteries/Wires



Sunday, August 20 / Garden



Friday, August 18 / Silver Paper, Baking Paper, Etc.


Thursday, August 17 / Gift Wrapping






L' S


days #31 through #35









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Feldman xxx-0150


y two sons, my pride and joy, were at the critical stage in life: Shidduchim age. My first son, Naftali, was doing quite well in Yeshiva, and was overall, happy and settled. But he had been in the Parsha for quite some time, and so far, nothing. My second son, Yaakov, a good boy too, was starting to act out. Seeing that his older brother wasn’t finding a shidduch meant that his time to begin the Parsha was delayed as well, and so he started to take opportunities to slack off, have fun, and cross the line. Yaakov’s behavior was frightening me. I was afraid that he would go completely off the derech and this sweet son of mine would forever be lost. I was sharing with a friend my troubles when he offered me a solution, one that had worked for him with his own children: Tehillim Kollel, a compassionate, reputable organization that puts their heart and soul into davening for you and your family. I contacted them immediately and signed up both of my sons. I am thrilled to say that Tehillim Kolllel has been the perfect Shaliach. Within a few months, Naftali was engaged! After this simcha, Yaakov realized that he was next in line and began to shape up! He calmed down, starting showing up on time for minyan, began dressing normally again… I couldn’t have been happier. Tehillim Kollel delivered to me two yeshuos: Naftali, happily settled, and Yaakov, returning to the Torah way of life. I can’t wait to share the good news of Yaakov finding his shidduch as well, with the help of Tehillim Kollel’s tefillos.

STAY IN BEAT TO BEAT THE HEAT! Complete the 50 days to Serenity and treat yourself to a free drink of your choice at Sweet Expressions. Praline Cup! Razzle! Fruit Smoothie! Frappe! Hazelicious! Cookie Shake! & More! Prize will be claimed at the completion of the program

We organize your home to perfection.




WILLIAMSBURG ‫ | ביהמ״ד דינוב‬MONROE ‫ציון הרה״ק‬ ‫ | מסאטמאר זצ״ל‬MIRON ‫ | ציון הרשב״י במירון‬YERUSHULAYIM ‫ | קבר שמעון הצדיק‬AMUKA ‫ | ציון רבי יונתן בן עוזיאל‬BEIT SHEMESH ‫ | קבר ָדּן בן יעקב‬TZFAS (1) ‫ציון האר”י הקדוש‬ | TZFAS (2) ‫ | ציון רבי לייב בעל יסורים‬TZFAS (3) ‫ציון רבי‬ ‫ | שלמה אלקבץ‬TEVARYA (1) ‫ | ציון של״ה הקדוש‬TEVARYA (2) ‫ | ציון רבי מאיר בעל הנס‬EIN ZEITIM ‫ציון רבי יהודה בר אלעאי‬ | ENGLAND ‫ | ציון הרה״ק משאץ זי״ע‬BELGIUM ‫ציון הרה״ק רבי‬ ‫ | איציקל ורבי יענקלע זצ״ל‬MONSEY ‫ציון הרה״ק מריבניץ זצ״ל‬



info@TehillimKollel.org | www.TehillimKollel.org

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Ohel Sara Still no Kindergarten? Bisiyata Dishamya, due to popular demand, a new Yiddish speaking girls’ Kindergarden is now starting. Ohel Sara is geared to the ehrlicher and poshuter crowd. Our focus will be on teaching and instilling high standards of tznius, Yiras Shomayim, coupled with simcha, varemkeit and developing a close relationship with Hashem. Lack of space is no reason to settle for less. Rabbinical backing

For more information please call: 862-505-9546




MECHITZAS ‫שבת שבע ברכות‬


Simplify your simcha preparations.

(845) 243-3212 hseventsny@gmail.com

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4 letter words 2 points | 5 letter words 3 points | 6 letter words 5 points | 7 letter words 7 points | 8 letter words 9 points | 9 or more 12 points

DIRECTIONS: Write your 4-letter, 5-letter, 6-letter etc. words in alphabetical order, in separate columns. Fax or email your word list, together with your total points by Sunday, 8:00 PM for a chance to win! Include your name, phone number, and address.

PLAYING RULES: • No adding “s” to a word. • No proper nouns, abbreviations, or acronyms • No bouncing back to letters already used in a given word • Words may not be found with a computer boggle solver. • Words may not be found with the help of a dictionary. • The Monsey View will carefully review all submissions to ascertain each word is found in the dictionary. Points will be deducted for ineligible words. • We reserve the right to disqualify entries that have a few ineligible words, that are not written in alphabetical order, or are missing information. • Each contestant has a chance to win only once in four weeks. • No credit given to archaic words, or words chiefly used in other languages (including British).

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r: Phone numbe




za pie, on us! A piz

fries, and

ice cream


to your do


Runner Ups: HEINEMANN xxx-3865: 194 points LEVSKY FAMILY xxx-4265: 192 points GREENSTEIN xxx-8545: 186 points FRIEDMAN xxx-1928: 186 points FAMILY FEKETE xxx-9356: 182 points Pick up your free slice and ice cream at Chai Pizza Monsey at 94 Rte. 59 Please be considerate, and do NOT try to claim your prize without The Monsey View issue in which your name appears or after six weeks. It will not be honored. Bonus winner: Each submission that comes in enters a weekly drawing to win a pizza party at the brand-new Chai Pomona! This week’s winner: SPUTZ FAMILY


Pick up your pie, ice cream and fries at: 1633 Route 202, Pomona, NY POMONA


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1 3 8 2 6 3 4 5 8 3 2 8 9 3 9 2 8 1 9 6 1

5 7



8 6 3 4 6 3



7 4 2 1 6 7

2 6

9 1 9


BOGGLE WINNER LIST 4 LETTER WORDS afar alum arch arid avid barf

barn calm carb chin crab ding

kind king kiva lava malt nigh

diva drop drum halt hind inch

7 LETTER WORDS prod rich rind ring

arching arrival barring bracing

braving calving craving halving

8 LETTER WORDS archival






vinca Are you wondering why your points were reduced? The following are from the ineligible words found:

6 LETTER WORDS aching arcing caring

caving facing faring

having lacing laving

macing racing raring



acris Ching fava

lafa mach mulah

REMINDER Dictionaries or electronic devices may not be used to help you solve the Boggle board. From this point on we will be disqualifying word lists, as per our discretion, that include too many unusual words. The Boggle Team at The Monsey View

Please note that credit is not given for inappropriate words.

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It was a joyous occasion unlike any other previously seen in Yerushalayim! The wedding took place in the yeshiva’s courtyard.

Please Hashem, let me be worthy to be the wife of this great tzaddik!

The chosson gave a drashah during the meal. The speech contained deep insights into Kaballah, and the listeners were astounded by his profound words.

Wow! What a chassan! He really is special!

He came alone to Eretz Yisrael just to soak up the kedushah!


Recap: The entire yeshiva celebrates the shidduch between Rav Shalom and Rav Gedalia’s daughter Chana.

August 16, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 139 www.themonseyview.com / 845.600.8484

By Ann Zeilingold

Real Estate Positive Guideline Changes THERE IS A NEW GUIDELINE regarding qualifying a borrower with a second job that is changing the mortgage industry. It used to be that all second job income had to have been received for the previous two years, without any gaps — and we would average the income. This has changed. We can now use second job income, with less than a two-year history, as long as the underwriter can establish that the income is likely to continue and that it is stable. This has been a game changer. Here are some common scenarios and professions which tend to have multiple jobs that this guideline has impacted. Many clients graduate school and get their first jobs. It used to be that we can only use one job until two years have passed. Now those in the medical field: nurses, PA’s, doctors, dentists, social workers, psychologists, CNA/DSP’s, etc.; and the therapists: speech therapists, OTs, PTs, those in special ed, etc.; and those working in schools: school teachers, bus drivers, monitors, aides, assistants, etc. This also applies to those working in summer camps and those in the trades, like plumbers, electricians, etc. There are still so many more who fall under this category. These types of jobs are sometimes part time or hourly and people can work two jobs to complete the week. An example that comes to mind is a PA whom I closed a loan for. He graduated school and got two jobs. One for 20 hours a week and one for 25 hours. Now we can use both incomes, and when I closed his loan he needed a cosigner. Another profession is school teachers: How many of our teachers teach Hebrew in one school and then English elsewhere, and then work in a summer camp in the summer? This guideline change is a positive change. There are other positive guideline changes making it easier to get a mortgage loan than before. Another guideline change is auxiliary apartments in condos. A new guideline allows for the financing of a condo with legal auxiliary apartments. That’s huge in Monsey, Lakewood and Monroe. The landscape of mortgage lending is shifting. The in-

Find Ann’s real estate column weekly in The Monsey View.

Ann Zeilingold

FM Home Loans


Vice President

1609 Route 202 Pomona, NY 10970


845-354-9700 914-260-9000 ann@annzeilingold.com

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The landscape of mortgage lending is shifting.

dustry is focusing on fraud that is intangible such as in the occupancy of homes, or the stability and realness of new jobs and increases in income. A heavy emphasis is being placed to make sure that the employers are not related to employees or that gift donors are in fact related. The mortgage agencies like Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and FHA are computerizing their information and cross-checking it. If I do a loan on a condo and the condo questionnaire is filled out one way and another bank does a different loan on the same condo development and if there is a discrepancy in the condo questionnaires, that will be red-flagged, usually post-closing. There have been banks, underwriters and appraisers who have lost their delegation to do loans with certain investors or agencies because of this. If a buyer applies for a loan, and closes, another bank can look up after closing if this was an investment or owner occupied loan. I recently closed a buyer who had bought and sold two homes and condos in the past 12 months. He always bought foreclosures. Now he was buying a foreclosure, to live in it. We checked to make sure that previous sales had been investor loans because the pattern being established was a borrower looking for foreclosure properties to resell quickly and our loan was owner occupied. We closed and he did in fact move in. Because guidelines shift and interest rates go up and down, it is important to maintain your credit throughout the homebuying search and ultimate closing and to get requalified every few months to make sure nothing has changed, so when you do find the right house, you will be ready.

THE WORLD REALTY GROUP World Class Service ~ World Class Results LICENSED REAL ESTATE BROKERS New York | New Jersey | Connecticut | Pennsylvania 400 Rella Blvd. Suite 165 Suffern, NY 10901 Irving Rohinsky CELL: (203) 641-0373

Chaim Cillo

Exclusive Properties


CELL: (917) 817-9146


6 Heights Rd.—Suffern

Crestview Area — Monsey

1 David Ct.—MONSEY

5 min. walk to Olympia Ln., MINT CONDITION!! 4 Bedrooms / 2 Full baths, Renovated granite chef's kitchen w/ SS appliances & cherry cabinets, Trex deck and IN-GROUND POOL, Finished basement, PERFECT SUMMER HOME!!

8 Bedrooms, 4 Full Baths, 4,000+ SF, modern, center hall colonial, located on one of the most desirable Cul-De -Sacs in the area. Nothing to do but move in! Amazing and huge private yard, private office w/ sep. entrance, and much more!! Asking $1,550,000

6 BR/ 3 Bath, 3,000 SF renovated home on fantastic cul-de-sac in prestigious up the hill section. Over ½ acre of park like land, large DR, & LR w/ high ceilings. Lrg plyrrm, Anderson Windows, gorgeous hardwood floors, much more!! NOW $829K!!

NOW ONLY $519K!!!  Warehouses / Industrial Properties Available 4,000-100,000 SF NY, NJ, CT


 Retail Investment Properties Excellent CAP Rates with National Tenants


 Multifamily Investment Properties Tri-State area



Off Market Opportunity — Monsey

6 bedroom / 3 bath home on prime cul-de-sac, large lot, zoned R-15A CALL FOR DETAILS



Broad & Wood Business Center Bethlehem, PA 265,000+/- SF Office/Warehouse complex on 7+/- Acres w/ three parking lots — 1/2 mile from Sands Bethlehem Casino, 85% Occupied, stable tenants, NOI $800K, 12.3% CAP Cash on Cash. Asking $6,500,000

Thinking of buying or selling? Who you work with MATTERS. The World Realty Group has likely LISTED or SOLD a property near you! Please call us today for a FREE consultation and market analysis!

(845) 605-TWRG @TWRGLLC


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Parmanand Mana,

VP, Branch Manager and Business Development Officer (845) 356-5300

Greg Monteith,

EVP, Chief Lending Officer (845) 634-7200 x5901

Raymond Francis,

VP, Commercial Lending Officer (845) 634-7200 x5905

Your NorthEast Community Business Banking Team Providing the products, services and expertise to help your Rockland County business thrive. Call us today — let’s talk business. • • • • •

Free Business Checking Free Online Banking Cash Management & Merchant Services Remote Deposit Capture 25¢ Returned Check Fee

• • • • •

Commercial Real Estate Lending Commercial Construction Lending Multi-Family Lending Equipment Financing Commercial Term Loans and Lines of Credit



72 West Eckerson Road Spring Valley, NY 10977 Tel: (845) 356-5300 Toll-free: (866) 287-7500

301 North Main Street, Suite 5 New City, NY 10956 Tel: (845) 634-7200 Toll-free: (866) 287-7500

Bank lobby hours: Mon-Fri 9 AM-5 PM • Saturday 9 AM-1 PM • Sunday 10 AM-1 PM

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South Monsey **CALL LONNA 914-548- 0870 Meeany FOR THESE AMAZING5DEALS** fllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllstststststststststst

UNIQUE AND SPACIOUS 9 RARE INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY Unique opportunity to own stststststst stststststststst stststststststst ststst stststststststst stststst Bedroom baths. 5.5 Bathroom Colonial OPENcubic HOUSES Elegant bright Very desirable location. Two kitchens, low Approximately 28,000 � building on the magnifi cent one of a and spacious 6/7 bedroom colonial stststststststststststststststststststststststststststststststststststststststststst on .92 Acre levelThis Tree-Lined kind colonial within 7 great 10.8 acres of residen�alAUGUST land in the20TH heart SUNDAY, splanch prime Forshay neighborhood, custom taxes. home is waiting just for you! bedrooms (5 on upper Property in Prestigious Up The of Airmont! Ripe for development. Many designed with style and functionality. This 48 Pilgrim, level including master Hill Monsey. Ultra Spacious and possibili� es! Forshay, 2-4 p.m unique home CITY suite boasting huge walk features extended eat-in kitchen FunctionalNEW Custom Designed 79 W. Burda, New City, 2-4 p.m. in closetwith and Jacuzzi with family warm ambiance) adjacent room, This impressive living A rare with gem!Center hard wood tiled bathrooms, Granite Kitchen Island,floors, Leading into Open Bright NEW CONSTRUCTION To-Be- Built Several Concord remarkable home is situated in a beautiful prestigious 3 Shuart, Spring Valley, 12-2 p.m. surrounded by Windows the room with cathedral and huge and bayAiry Dinette, eat-in kitchen, master bedroomrevealing with private New colonials in various areas and price area of Monsey. Featuring an elegantceiling dining room Natural Landscape. include; ranges. Call for plans and details 61 Tranquility, Wesley Hills/Suffern, 1-3 p.m. with marble floors and detailed accents, office/library window, 6 bedrooms on second including bathroom, Other familyFeatures room with stoneSprinkler fireplace,System, lots Elflllfllfl5 Blfllllll lflfllevel lllllllllllllllflflflfl Family Room with Retractable Large Finished with separate entrance, finishedsuite, walk outgorgeous basement, manicured beautiful master of flflfl windows and light. Roof, Versatile floor plan is Walkideal flflflflflflflflfl flflflflflfl flflfl flflflflflflflflfl flflflflflfl 129 Rock Hill, Spring Valley, 11:30-1:30 gorgeous and spacious state of the art kitchen with out Basement, Private Master Bedroom Suite on Ground LAND FOR SALE one acre+ in central loca�on property quietgranite dead -end block. indoor/ outdoor entertaining; lovely deck flflflflflflflfllllllllllllllllllllllllllll sleek cabinetry andon striking counter tops,Truly a lovely Level, andfor second Master Bedroom and Bathroom Upstairs. BUILD YOUR DREAM HOUSE! open floor plan with great entertainment flow, Sunday August home! 48 Pilgrim Open House overlooking sparkling pool. $499, 900. Beautiful, Comfortable, and Practical Home. Don’t Miss this MONSEY surrounded by windows and skylights. Stunning glass 20th 2-4 pm. Only $799K One! MONSEY. Magnificent Over and spacious MAGNIFICENT! 5100 5sq. foot 7doors lead out to beautifully manicured gardens with year young custom colonial featuring 10 a gracious waterfall, fish pond and gated sparkling bedroom Colonial on beautiful and prestigious Bedrooms, Beautiful Granite eat-in kitchen Elegant bright and spacious 6/7 bedroom colonial splanch in ground pool. There is soGorgeous much more to see and an Tokyo Majestic and Custom-designed 8street; gourmet kitchen w/ granite with state spacious of the art appliances and elegant opportunity not to be missed. in the prime Forshay neighborhood, custom designed with bedroom colonial in prime Cameo Ridge Area. counterslibrary, and custom cabinetry & state-of-the art 11 llflllll llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll cabinetry, separate guest apartment style and func�onality. This unique home features extended Situated on Lovely flat Property in R-15A zone, and much more! eat-in kitchen with adjacent family room, impressive living appliances, open floor plan ideal for entertaining, lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Gorgeous bright and spacious center hall cothus affording additional Income from attached room with cathedral ceilings and huge bay window, 6 lonial on almost an acre of tree-lined property including elegant dining room with accents, llllllll lllllll flflflflflflflflfl flflflflflflflflfl flflflstst Blueberry Hill Area –Kearsing Blvd. bedrooms on second level including beau�ful master suite, locatedapartment. on a most desirable street. Large eat-in family room surrounded by large windows and ststststststststststststststststststststststststststststststststststststststst st Several condos for lease/sale including a 2 gorgeous flat manicured property, on quiet dead end block. kitchenRetractable finished w/oroof; basement, bedroom, 5 second 9kitchen and much much glass doors leading out to new patio, In- ground and 3 bdrm duplex. Some with kitchens Don’t miss this one! ½ bathroom with many other unique features. more! swimming pool, waterfall , and fish pond on scenic level backyard; absolutely stunning master WESLEY HILLS/SUFFERN bedroom suite with Jacuzzi, walk in closets and LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION! Lovely steam shower, built in furniture; Office/library 6- bedroom colonial private master bedroom NEW LISTING! POMONA has access to wrap- around deck; Lower walk suite with Jacuzzi tub and separate shower. EatModern and updated contemporary 5 bedrooms; out finished basement has extra kitchen, full in kitchen, formal dining room, hardwood floors, large flat property; Open floor plan; large dining bathroom and additional finished rooms. Call walk-in closets, skylights, lots of windows, room and family room. Come see this great Diane Schmeltz 914 261 4810 OR LONNA finished walkout basement with fully tiled house for yourself! Bonus! Low Taxes! bathroom and 2nd kitchen large stunning flat property. Reduced to $799K NEW ON THE MARKET! HEART OF FORSHAY! STUNNING PROPERTY Located on a lovely quiet block; A house full Nearly 1 acre; 5-bedroom, 2.5 bath bi-level, w/ high ceilings and hardwood floors; sizeable deck and careful landscaping enhances outdoor entertaining; close to transportation; priced $439K

of charm and character; colonial/splanch ; 4/5 bedrooms. Priced to sell at $599K Amazing deal!

NEW ON THE MARKET! One of a kind 10,000 sq. ft. colonial on beautiful flat property; 11 ft. ceilings $1,250,000

NEW HEMPSTEAD/SPRING VALLEY Just Listed! Charming 6-bedroom bi-level; 3.5

FOR RENT STUNNING MODERN HOME with gorgeous pool and grounds. Call for more info.

August 16, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 143 www.themonseyview.com / 845.600.8484

Classifieds FOR SALE 2004 DODGE CARAVAN 7 passenger up for sale. good condition very well kept. 845499-9052. ’06 GRAND CARAVAN 127k stow away seats, good condition $2,200 call: 845425-4315 MINIVAN 08 kia sedona 112k, exc. condition 7 seater 3,950 firm 845-323-1685 2007 FORD ESCAPE In mint condition. $8,500. Call 845-538-3486 DINING ROOM 2 curios and buffet great condition for $2000 917-7498605 MASTER BEDROOM Dresser. armoir. night chest. and 48” headboards. Very reasonable Call/txt 845 248 6739 DINING ROOM TABLE in good condition for $399, 8 feet long, including leaves. please Contact: 917-600-1577. CHILDRENS FURNITURE please call: (845)-352-2131 33” HI-RISER excellent price. please call (845)-352-2131

FURNITURE SALE Dining room furniture, master bedroom furniture, seforim shrank, beige crib, 8×10 succcah, 21 cu. Refrigerator 845-535-1428 NEW 2 HI-RISER $390 , and used d. R. Table very good condition $ 390 . 845-327-9136

GE TOP LOADER washer dryer. Excellent condition $475 or best offer. 845-826-1994

MOUNTAIN BUGGY DOUBLE new! looking to sell for $100 off. Please call 845-263-2583.

AIR CONDITION new Impecca 18000 BTU A/C for sale. 220 V. Orig $450 asking only $300. 8458253517.

GOOD START FORMULA @$12 each. 587-2723

TOP LOADER Washer and Dryer - Excellent condition. Please call 845538-6051

DR FURNITURE $1800 Please text : 845-6420126 MASTER BEDROOM About 8 yrs old. Great condition! Call: 918-1753

DRYER great condition 659 8110 TOP LOADER washer & dryer for sale gr8 condition pls call 347-2431822

DINETTE SET high end, for great price. Please call/ text 347-628-2289 MAHOGANY BABY CRIB with mattress $250 845-6419443

GE PROFILE MICROWAVE/ CONVECTION in excellent condition. Please call 845-371-7425

GLASS KITCHEN TABLE with 4 chairs. Selling for $400.00 or best offer. Excellent Condition. Call 845-538-6051

BABY SWEATER SETS WHOLESALE, Magnificent sweater sets with free matching bonnet. Feel free to call.352.8456

18500 BTU A/C Friedrich, regular $649 - now $250 text or call 845-5385339

TREADMILL folds upright to save space $175 Please call 845 422 3765

WASHER & DRYER Top of the line GE front loading, new in the box, great bargain @ $1100 for pair; call/ text 781-249-1264

GARAGE SALE lots of toys and more, Sunday, August 20, at 20 Widman Ct. Spring Valley, (corner Bluefield Dr.) 11:00 - 4:00.

LASER IS NOW A POSITIVE, PAINFREE EXPERIENCE. 144 / THE MONSEY VIEW / August 16, 2017 www.themonseyview.com / 845.600.8484

// for sale // homes

BUGABOO CAMELEON almost new bugaboo full sand for sale accessories available. Call 8452747572 TREADCLIMBER TC3000 Mint condition. Paid $1800. Selling for $500 or best offer. Pls text- 1347-645-8984 WURLITZER PIANO w/BENCH, brown, all keys work, Near Monsey, cheap 845 3006031 LEATHER COUCH hardly used $450 .845 327 9136 ELEGANT BLACK HAT (on a head band) almost new Call 845-570-7789 RECLINING CAR SEAT Cybex Cloud Q. incl. base. Black (silver accents). w/ box. $250 paid $500. 646-4002923 NEW TODDLER BOYS Geox high top sneaker/shoe size 26 for sale-$20 354 8554 GRACO BABY JUMPER in excellent condition. $20 845-354-2805



CHANIE GENUD Certified laser hair removal specialist

845.323.8886 Book your appointment

WOODEN SUCCAH Approx 7’ X 10’. Includes bamboo schach, lights, and matching outdoor area rug! $1100 obo. Call/text 347-5246815 CHICCO SNAP N GO car seat and frame for sale. Excellent condition. Great price! Please call 422-1310 MACLAREN STROLLER Denim, used less than 1 week. $250. Call 845-587-4110 DOUBLE CARRIAGE Baby jogger city series, in great condition 200 OBO 845371-1962/845-659-7126 BIRKENSTOCK SLIPPERS World famous for comfort, posture and arch support. Many styles available. 3527331 MOUNTAIN BUGGY double stroller. For best price offered 845-425-2959 UPRIGHT PIANO Petrof- pristine, mahogany gloss w/ matching bench, great sound, $3,100 Text 201538-7461 PROFESSIONAL DRUM SET mint condition call:845-5963791


Beautiful apartments in Yerushalayim avail. for short term rentals. We manage properties as well. Call 718-408-8070 for American Service! Email us at vacation@ shisharealty.com HOUSE/PROPERTY Prime location in Monsey, Suzanne Drive area, R-15C

zone. Please call (845) 5969996.


FOR SALE BY OWNER in the “Birds” section of Chestnut Ridge. Good Condition, flat bigSTARS property. SEEKING COMHAB/RESPITE WORKERS: HIRING NOW: Please call 845-222-6244 Looking for a male comhab worker to be a ‘frie The STARS program is now hiring 12th Grade (age



Comm Hab Opportunities:

18+) or post-seminary girls to work with our young a high functioning teenager every day between 3 schedule. SUCCOS RENTALadult students 6:00-9:00• p.m.Looking for someone to work in the evening, 1-2 times a pm. Flexible about with young house in Airmontweek, available Looking for a male worker to help a young ma as they enjoy exciting educational and therapeutic lady with autism in Monsey. Every for yom kipper and succos.and outings. Enjoy a fun work environment a slight physical disability every morning from activities Big succah with 1 and acregratifying work as you positively weekday from 6-9 Pm. And Sundays after 2 impact lives— and evenings from 6-9PM. backyard. Near shuls plus,and great pay! Driver’s license required. Looking for a female worker to accomp PM. Driver’s license required. Excellent Mikva. call/txt 845-659-5662 physically disabled young girl every Sunday to a For more information, please call 845-746-7254. private pay. Please call 845-503-0240 appointment in Brooklyn. GIRLS DAY HAB OPPORTUNITY: Looking for piano/ a fun-loving girl that wants to work SUMMER RENTAL Join our Fabulous • teamLooking for someone to teach of staff who make a 7 or 5 BR townhome for the . Driver’s license preferred. Please Contact: disabled young woman. Former camp simch difference keyboard to a sweet, enjoyable highcounselor preferred. Weekends and possibly ever wknd in Lkwd. Great Esty price! Schonfeld 845-422-2754 P :845-425-5011 E: Eschonfeld@hamaspikrockland.org an experienced mature woman to functioning teenagedLooking girl for with special new mother with newborn care and light housek needs. Individual is available to be taught on SUNDAY RESPITE PROGRAM: Looking for a girl to take out a young boy fro SUMMER RENTAL Hamaspik is currently hiringSunday, Friday or evenings after 6:00 p.m. high school girls for our square on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoo Chestnut Ridge. 5 BR, 3 1/2 Sunday Respite Program A rewarding and fun-filled Pay will be through Hamaspik. Please call Looking for a female worker to work with a ve baths, fin. bsmt, park-like please email to functioning teenager on weekends. Francis area yard w/ swingset.experience. 845-356- Good Pay. If interested, Bruchy at: 845-503-0242. Respitegirls@hamaspikrockland.org or call 845-425-3421 1536 Looking for girl to take out a young girl with and leave a detail message medical issues on Sundays. • Looking for female to work with a 17 yearIndividual shoul g-tube experience or willing to train. PACE OPPORTUNITY: 3 BEDRM old high-functioning girl in the morning for a woman/girl to help a low functioning 5 Looking for a worker to take out a young boy +2 bath ; separate LRLooking & before she goes to school. Lives in the old girl, every evening, from about 8:00-10:00 P.M. square on Shabbos. DR; spacious; big year kitchen Job alsoHill involves some light housework. Please call 845- Please contact our Comhab Coordinator at 84 Blauvelt area. Please call 845-503-0230 Chestnut Ridge/ Spring 0240 or email tmermelstein@hamaspikrockla area; avail immd;503-0214. 845 377


Brand new renovated home available for Shabbos in Chestnut Ridge. 4 bedrooms, 2 bath‎, lots of living space. Great Jewish neighborhood. Call: 845 356 2101 or 917 474 6826 SHABBOS GETAWAY concord house available weekends aug. 25 and sep.1 , 3 floors 7 bedrooms call/text for availability 845 548 6478 TANNERSVILLE RENTAL renovated private house available July and August weekly/weekends 6 bedrooms 3 full bath w/d call 845-499-0406 NEW CONSTRUCTION 3 New homes being built in Woodridge. 2 min. from

year-round shul. CALL: (845) 371-0048 or (845) 608-7373

AIRMONT 2 bdrm apt avail please call 845-274-5663

GWEN LANE Beautifully renovated three room apartment now available. Private entrance... Great price! Call for details… (845) 352-7118

LOOKING FOR small 2 bedroom apt in the Chesnut Ridge area. Please call 845-499-8622.

3 ROOM FURNISHED on Remsen Avenue 845.517.8409

S. MONSEY Spacious office w/ storage avail.Also avail a basement goo for a dormitory etc.2745663

LARGE 3 BEDROOM on Main st. Long term only. Section 8 OK. Separate utilities 425-4606 HOTEL STYLE in New Hempstead area. Shabbos, daily, weekly, monthly rates available. Linen and towels provided. Call 8455178090

NEW 2 BEDROOM w laundry room available in the olympia area Pls call 347 779 6355 HOTEL- STYLE RENTAL 2 bedroom for rent by day/week/weekend.New furniture, linen, towels etc. Stonehouse area. 845-5481050

August 16, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 145 www.themonseyview.com / 845.600.8484

Classifieds Gorgeous, over one acre lot available on pristine tranquil cul-de-sac- Elizabeth Court. Build according to your own taste here. Motivated seller asking $269 7000 SF home on huge lot in Prime Central Monsey. Walkable to everything nearby! 13 BRs, 8 Bths, Zoned for legal income. Excellent for extended family. Please call for more info.

Mrs. J.S. Glassman Licensed Real Estate Broker O: 845.613.3344 C: 914.393.6313 Jsglassman@gmail.com F: 845.414.0203 When you seek reliable professional care, call us. THE CHOICE FOR ALL YOUR REAL ESTATE NEEDS

YOM TOV RENTAL for the month of Tishrei, Sukkah included, near Viznitz,Satmar,Belz, Rachmestrivk etc. call 845352-5570, or 845-323-3758 BATES SHABBOS RENTAL 2 bedroom, ground level, . Linens, amenities provided. 267 226 2820 LARGE 2 BDRM Chusen Kallah Apartment for rent on Neil Rd, Please call 845-371-7425. FURNISHED APARTMENT 1 bedroom, 1 kitchen dinette, private entrance. Blauvelt Road area. Available immediately. Call 845 3230003 YERUSHALAYIM 1 BR furn apt in central Yerushalayim (Belz)avail now until after Succos. W/D, linen/towels incl, 845.352.0705

YERUSHALAYIM august 22-September 4 call 845-445-7689 SHABBOS RENTAL clean spacious 3 room apt, lose to viznitz and satmar. please call 845-608-6830 LEGAL 4 ROOM on Brewer Rd. Walk in level. Central air. $1250 + utilities. 845-425-6023 SUMMER RENTAL ON BATES 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom flat available for weekends throughout august. Call/txt 862 823 2862 LARGE 3 BDRM with 9 ft ceilings. Huge backyard. appl incl. No sec 8. call 6464965169 NORTH MIAMI 2 bedroom, d.r. - l.r. - pool, near shuls, shopping, reasonable. 914 8063048

146 / THE MONSEY VIEW / August 16, 2017 www.themonseyview.com / 845.600.8484

// homes // for rent // dresses & gowns NEWLY BUILT 4 Bedroom Apt. + Playroom, 2 and 1/2 Baths Second floor (Flat) Collins Ave, SV 845262-8342 2 BEDROOM APT. on Dana Rd. Big kitchen, lots of closets, $1,275 plus utilities no sec 8. Please call. 845 352-4688 2 BDROOM On dover terrace , monsey, for rent. Available from august call 8455700863 2 BEDROOM APT almost new in upper Francis area-ground floor. Call 538-5771 PARK AVE AREA Ground floor private entrance Shabbos Lock Two room apt central air utilities inc. Call (845)352-0348 or (845)661-4174 FURNISHED APT. on Cedar Lane Available starting September 1, call 845.425.1542 NEW CITY 2 bedroom, big l/r d/r, brand new apartment available October 1st. 8453763356

FOR RENT SPACE AVAILABLE Over 1000 sq. ft. basement on Old Nyack, will built to suit. Please call 845-598-3321.

HUGE ROOM 800 sq. ft. room, 12 ft. ceilings, with bathroom, Recessed lighting, Ground level, Suitable for office, studio, storage, etc. Rte 59 and Cherry Lane area. Call: (347)351-0214. NEWLY RENOVATED private office space for rent off Highview Rd between college & Spook rock please call 347-243-1815 FREE RETAIL SPACE in our consignment store at 212 Market St. in Nanuet next to the Nanuet mall 845-6085967 FULLY LEGAL SHUL in South Monsey perfect for small Yeshiva/playgroup please call 845 596 5183

DRESS/GOWNS DESIGNER GOWNS Size 0-2 exclusive style, gorgeous color. Worn once 845-578-1936 BLACK GOWN with white chiffon accordion pleats on the two sides size 8. 718 704 4176 CHILDREN’S GOWNS teal & white Children’s Gowns for Rent sizes 2 - 10. great price call 845-425-1690. OFF WHITE & GOLD gown size 8 please call or text 845-274-7747

s TERI JON Size 4-6 black and silver taffeta gown, Call 347-5633508

SISTER OF BRIDE size 4-6 burgundy velvet top and floral bottom for rent. Call/txt 274-2079

MOTHER/SISTER OF BRIDE two piece gown! Size 12/14, light color, extremely slenderizing Call 845-6419443

MATERNITY WEAR current season excellent condition call 845-426-2490

2 WEDDING DRESSES 1 is blush/grey sz 4-6. 1 is champagne/ off white sz 4-6 at amazing price. Call or text 845-664-5139

SISTER OF BRIDE or kallah vort/ tenoyim dress. Please call/text 845 263 4590 SISTER OF BRIDE size 0. Has wide seams, may fit up to size 4. 845-200-4219.

MOTHER-OF-BRIDE grey lace beaded gown slenderizing look size 8-10 Please call or text 845 499 4949

CUSTOM 2 PC GOWN for sister of the bride, very slenderizing, size 16-18 please call 845-263-6404

MATERNITY DRESS Light color call 845-570-7789

SISTER OF BRIDE dress size 6-8 [pink/gray], for sale Great price! 845 352 2710

SISTER OF BRIDE blue and gray gown. size 10/12. Please call 845-6592350

GIRLS DRESS new, maroon wool dress with mustard piping, size 3 on sale; 50% off. 845-263-7454

SUMMER DRESS for sister of bride vort/ tenoyim Size 14 Call 845-5707789

SISTER OF BRIDE gown for rent, black and white size 8-10. call or text 845-608-5688

SISTER OF BRIDE light colored gown Call 845570-7789

SISTER OF BRIDE Off white & gold gown size 8 please call or text 845-2747747

2 EXQUISITE TEEN GOWNS sister of the bride. Ladies sizes 10 and 12. Worn once. Call 845-352-9582 CREAM COLOR wedding dress size 6 @ great price-362-9259 WEDDING DRESS (kalla tenoyim) sz. 6 elegant & classy navy top, blue print skirt for sale. Call 425-0470. SISTER OF THE BRIDE light color gowns size 00,0,2 and childrens gowns size 12, and 18 months Call 845-6424968

MINT GREEN GOWN Sz 6-8. Off-white top green bottom. Call or text 8456626931 SIZE 2 Call 845 521 0056 for inquiries. SISTER OF BRIDE Gown, size 8, good for tall girl worn once selling for a good prize. call 845-587-2445 SISTER OF BRIDE gown size 10. White lining with black lace overlay. 347 585 0354

EARLY HEAD START IN ROCKLAND COUNTY LOOKING FOR AN EDUCATION COORDINATOR Qualifications: • Must have a B.A. in Early Childhood Education (Master’s Degree preferred) • Yiddish speaking preferred • Must have teaching experience • Program is: 12 months (full year) 9:003:00 Monday-Thursday and 9:00-12:30 Friday.

For more information please email malkyf@nscic.org or fax resume to 845.354.4178

BLACK MATERNITY (sister of bride) CHASUNA DRESS sz medium FOR RENT. Please call 347-4326669

down, for sale. Pls call 8456416184.

B\W WEDDING DRESS size 6 or 8-10 for rent, see a picture email to dressrental3207@gmail.com call 845-425-3207

LADIES EURO DESIGN size 8 elegant black dress trimmed with off white beading. $125.00, 354-8554

CLASSY MATERNITY DRESS sz.M for rent ( cream top black bottom) call 347-4326669

CHILDREN’S DRESS Perfect for Bar mitzvah/Sheva brochos/ Chasuna dress size 12&16 preteen. White cotton with black organza overlay.. 347-262-1598

SISTER OF BRIDE finds&co pale pink dress w/ beading sz 4-6. Matching ivory & pink sz 4.pls call or txt 538-6071

WHITE AND GREEN size 2-4. Please call/text 845269-8649.

LADIES GOWN size 18/20 designer fabric gown, room to let out or

MECHTENISTA GOWN Sz 12, 774 8719

CUSTOM SZ 4-6 GOWN Asking $400. Call 845-4221999

August 16, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 147 www.themonseyview.com / 845.600.8484


// dresses & gowns // help wanted interpersonal skills, and proficient in English and Yiddish. Tech savvy a plus. email tm8455384712@gmail. com fax 845-205-9304 or call 845-393-1824 MONSEY OFFICE seeking f/t secretary. Phone skills, computer literacy and office experience required. Fax resume to 845-913-9252

WEDDING GOWN size 4-6 petite. Perfect condition very reasonable. 425-3514 GREY AND BLACK floral print dress, size 10. Selling for $125 Call (845) 587-4593 SISTER OF BRIDE 5 blue uniquely designed gowns for sale, worn at the same wedding. Email 4262182@gmail.com SEEKING DONATIONS gowns in good condition. Will benefit many ladies. call or text- 845-694-9201

HELP WANTED HELP WANTED Reliable Warehouse manager position available with lots of opportunity for growth. Fulltime. Located in the Bronx.

Salary: $50k please call: 718757-2290 or Email to harry@ starcomaintenance.com LOCAL OFFICE looking for a full time assistant/ secretary. Applicant must be proficient in Microsoft word and excel and have a good command of English. A good telephone manner is essential. Willing to train. Please email resume to jobs@encship.com. P/T SECRETARY responsible to fill a secretarial position. Knowledgeable in QuickBooks, Word and Excel. Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop a plus. Email monseyjob2@ gmail.com TECH BASED OFFICE looking for f/t mature, energetic assistant for client assistant and data management. Must be a quick learner, w/ strong multi-tasking and

Beautiful CLEAN HEATED POOL in a serene atmosphere surrounded by lush landscaping and nature. Features a relaxing hot tub/jacuzzi. Comfortable amenities and several beach chairs to lounge. Kid friendly too! Many pool toys/tubes included and a child lock for safety around the pool. Weekdays - $80 per hour. Grill/party/ fire pit available to be arranged for extra cost.


148 / THE MONSEY VIEW / August 16, 2017 www.themonseyview.com / 845.600.8484

ESTABLISHED MORTGAGE CO. seeking to hire an individual to manage their processing team, must have mortgage processing experience and great communication skills. send resume to MortgageJobOffer@gmail. com MEDICAL REGISTRAR CMADC seeks girl for front desk. Svc and computer skills a must. Morning & afternoon shifts available. Email resume to hr@cmadc.com CALL ROOM RECEPTIONIST CMADC is seeking a girl to work in their call room. Morning and afternoon shifts available. Send resume to hr@cmadc.com JCI INSURANCE looking to hire a dedicated and hard-working girl for F/T with office experience well paid job send resume to jacob@jciins.com HELP WANTED ‫היימישע מיידל שולע זוכט א‬ ‫הויפט סעקרעטאר וואס האט‬ .‫ערפארונג אין א סקול סביבה‬

426- ’‫ אינפארמאצי‬fax ‫ביטע‬ 0772 F/T SECRETARIAL POSITION available for female in a heimishe Spring Valley office. Applicant should be efficient, detail oriented and able to multi task. Basic computer and good phone skills a must. Must be fluent in Yiddish and English. Knowledge of graphics or InDesign a plus. Good environment and great pay. Email your resume to officeposition10977@gmail. com AMAZON / EBAY EXPERT Established company seeking an Amazon and Ebay selling expert. Extensive knowledge of Amazon is required. This is NOT an entry level position; you must have worked for a high volume marketplace seller. We offer tremendous opportunity for the right individual. Individual must pay strong attention to detail and complete proficiency in Excel. Please email resume hr10977@gmail.com LARGE MONSEY COMPANY seeking qualified individual for entry position with great potential for growth. Candidate must be quick, organized, detail oriented and very proficient in Excel. Full Time. Please email resume: jobopening1212@ gmail.com SPECIAL EDUCATION TEACHER for the 2017-2018 school year. New York State Certification



Immediate Openings: Accounts Receivable Location: Monsey Attention seminary graduates. Start a career with our on-site training. No experience necessary! Competitive Salaries

Apply now for a full-time position. Email: jobs@fcc-corp.com Call: 877.567.0402

August 16, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 149 www.themonseyview.com / 845.600.8484

Classifieds For all your



8TH GRADE TEACHERS NEEDED Boys Yeshiva in Passaic, NJ, Mon-Thurs, afternoons only. Gen Stud, TEACHING EXPERIENCE, No Fri. LD & REG. Resume bhykop@gmail. com fax 973-778-5697 INFINITY INSURANCE hiring skilled male or female. Will train for position with much potential. Must have car. E-mail resume to careers@infinityinsny.com. BOOKKEEPER WANTED Min 5 yrs experience in A/P, G/L, reporting, reconciliations & payroll. Strong computer skills a must. Gr8 salaary + benefits. Email resume to hr@cmadc. com. YOUNG GIRL NEEDED for secretarial work, full time. Please email resume to Bctlist@gmail.com or fax to 845-363-0900 OFFICE JOB Looking for a part time employee,


emailgreatjobinmonsey@ gmail.com MEDICAL SUPPLY STORE seeking woman for customer service, F/T, growth opportunities. Basic computer knowledge necessary. Email resume: jobopportunities120@gmail. com Fax: 845-425-5550. HEIMISHE OFFICE located in Airmont looking for full time secretarial position. Please call 845-5179308 GRAPHIC ARTIST to work from home to edit professional pictures. Must be proficient in Photoshop, and detail oriented. 845-6089300. SPEECHLESS An elementary school Rebbi is looking to hire a speech coach/therapist. Please call 845.558.5606 LOOKING TO HIRE a bocher or a girl to visit and play games with a special needs boy on Shabbos in the South Monsey area. 845-2139736 FULL TIME CONTROLLER for construction company. Email:equipmentpal@gmail. com

150 / THE MONSEY VIEW / August 16, 2017 www.themonseyview.com / 845.600.8484

TEACHERS WANTED YSV Boys GS seeks experienced, Elementary Teachers Grades 1, 2, and 4 M-TH 12:45-4:00, Title I Math (Common Core) 3rd-6th M-TH 12:45-4:45, Send resume & references to tbayer@yeshivaspringvalley. org or FAX 356-8551 LOOKING FOR SHADOW for Limudei Kokesh for a 12 year old boy for the school year. Please call. 845 213 9736

Text/email: orders@traditionalbundts.com

required. We are seeking a highly qualified teacher to join our dedicated team to work with students on the Autism Spectrum. Please send resumes to: jobresumes613@gmail.com, Fax: 845-352-3375, Phone: 352-3307

// help wanted // babysitting // playgro

MONSEY CHEDER with a very well-run English program is looking for an 8th Grade teacher from 1:45 to 3:10. A 7th Grade teacher from 3:30 to 5:30. The right candidate can fill both positions. Great pay on time. Call 445-9462 and leave a message SHADOW WANTED Adorable 7th grade girl in a mainstream school for the afternoon for the coming school year. Please fax resume to 845-425-5981or email malkasury@gmail.com ATERES BAIS YAAKOV seeking qualified and experienced 5th and 6th grade General Studies teachers for the coming school year. Resumes: llevin@ateres.org UPK CERTIFIED TEACHER YSV Preschool seeks experienced, Certified UPK teacher. Hours: M-TH 1-4 and Friday 10:30-12. Send resume to tdancziger@ yeshivaspringvalley.org or FAX 356-8551 2ND- 8TH GRADE TEACHERS NEEDED Boys Yeshiva in Passaic, NJ, Mon-Thurs, afternoons only. Gen Stud, TEACHING EXPERIENCE, No Fri. LD & REG. Resume bhykop@gmail. com fax 973-778-5697General Studies Afternoon Teachers

YESHIVA IN PASSAIC, NJ NEEDS Pre 1 A & Grade 3, 12:45-4; Gr 5, 1:30-4:45; Gr 7-8 Math, 2-5:25; or part; Self contain 5, 7-Sci & Math, No Fridays or Sundays, BA pref Ed, 2+ yrs teach exper; bhykop@gmail. com, fax 973-778-5697 TEACHER NEEDED Boys Yeshiva seeks middle school teacher. Experience preferred. Send resume to yoppen@baishachinuch.org or fax (845)354-3806 SHADOW FOR BOY 2017-18. Seventh grader in mainstream Monsey cheder. Ideal position for student of special ed. call/text 8482991286 EXPERIENCED TUTOR ONLY Girls school seeking an experienced Title I certified remedial tutor for upper elementary grades please fax resume to 845-425-4345. ASSISTANT WANTED ‫היימישע מיידל זוכט א ערשטע‬ ‫ פאר לימודי‬assistant ‫קלאס‬ Fax info to 356-0711.‫קודש‬ BABYSITTER to take care of five 1 year olds, for summer through the school year. Pomona area (transp. Not included). Call: 845-379-4711 SEEKING BABYSITTER Should also do some home maintenance, Mon-Thurs afternoon. Please call 845401-4521. ED SUPERVISOR HASC seeks Education Supervisor for our Monsey program. NYS license required. SAS/SBLB a plus. Send resume to jobsmon@ hasc.net. BABYSITTER in my home (Bates) MonThurs, 3:00-4:15 starting

oups // services Sept. Good Pay. Call 845.642.9386

option to continue. Call 845352-1016.

AFTERNOON BABYSITTER Looking for a babysitter to watch 3 kids in my house from 3:00 to 5:15. Call 845321-0641.


PLAYGROUP now hiring morahs for the upcoming school year. Serious inquiries please call 4221310 SEEKING BABYSITTER in my home (Airmont) once a week from 3:45-7:15, beginning in September. Good pay. Please call 347-3515783. LOOKING FOR BABYSITTER in my home in Pomona daily. abt 3:30-6:30pm. Own transportation preferred. Please text/call Shira: 845521-0192. SEEKING MOTHERSHELPER from 2/3pm-7pm. Please call/ text 8457093192 SEEKING BABYSITTER in my home, 3-5:30 MonThurs. Starting Sept. ‘17 Albert area 845 352 2710

BABYSITTING EXPERIENCED BABYSITTER Babysitting group on West Side Avenue, private park, big playroom, a few more slots available. Ages 18-24 months. Starting July 1st 845.362.2599 or 845.499.6473. SIMCHA IN MONSEY? leave your baby in warm caring atmosphere. Call 845352-0619 BABYSITTER AVAILABLE on Francis Place. Also taking Sunday drop-ins. Summer Hours available as well, with

warm and experienced babysitter, available to babysit night hours in your home. references available. please call 845.499.9272 BABYSITTER experienced and caring babysitter on decatur is now accepting for Sept. Limited slots available. L Katz call 8453646422 BABYSITTER AVAILABLE Heimishe and devoted babysitter is available to babysit your child for the upcoming school year. Blauvelt Carlton area R. Friedman 587-7218

PLAYGROUPS KIDDIE GROUP Kiddie group for ages 15-23 months, from 8-4 clock. Warm, loving atmosphere with structured program. Please call 500-2560

SERVICES CHILDBIRTH EDUCATION CLASSES To join the next class please call 845-426-0931. Tzippy Tauber CD (DONA) Certified Birth Doula MAKE A DIFFERENCE Do you believe that you can earn a significant income? Do you believe that the world needs a little more health and wealth in it these days? Do you want to help make a difference? I believe in inspiring people to do the things that inspire them so together we can create health and wealth in the world. But I can’t do this alone! Are you looking at improving your current financial situation? Do you enjoy helping people?

Rayim is looking to hire a Respite Coordinator to direct our girls program. Prior experience with individuals with developmental disabilities is needed. Please fax resume to 845-782-7800 or email reinhorn@rayim.org or call 845-782-7700 Ext. 210

Rayim is looking to hire a Medicaid Service Coordinator with an associate’s degree in our Monsey office. Prior experience with individuals with developmental disabilities a must. Please fax resume to 845-782-7800 or email reinhorn@rayim.org or call 845-782-7700 Ext. 210

If so, I might want to meet you! Mrs. F. Katz 845-5703565 PHOTOGRAPHER Book your trip to the park with a professional portrait photographer. Outdoors, tenoyims, upsherins. Malky Lefkowitz: 845-664-5732 pixelleny@gmail.com Instagram: @Pixellepics DOULA SERVICES “Breathe easy” with Estee Salczer CD(DONA) at your side! Call or text (917)2803707 email doulawithu@ gmail.com Receive your complimentary gift! COMPUTER HELP?? One stop computer assistance! Set up new computers, restore deleted/ lost files from computers,

SD cards, cameras, & thumb drives. 845-293-2667 TO VOLUNTEER to feed the sick or elderly, OR if you are in need of this service, Please call 845-3521016 CERTIFIED LIFE COACH

I provide top life coaching for just $40 per session. Yiddish/English Only 3 openings left available. To schedule your appointment call Yitzchok Breuer C.L.C. At845-263-6457 or email yitzybreuer@gmail.com office located in monsey QUICKBOOKS SPECIALIST Need help with your QuickBooks? Call Shucht Bookkeeping Services

August 16, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 151 www.themonseyview.com / 845.600.8484


// services // odds & ends // gemachim GLUTEN FREE Guilt Free....Gluten Free wholesome baked goodies!! All natural ingredients. Sugar free upon request. Call 646-246-6280 to place your FERMENTED FOODS Kosher kimchi! A great source of probiotics that helps fight infection and great aid in digestion. Also delicious side dish. Call 646-246-6280

845-243-7961 or email bookkeeping@shucht.com. Reasonable rates - hourly, weekly or monthly. www. shuchtqbs.com HOME REPAIRS plumbing, electrical and hardware. Motty 845.499.1266 ADDRESSING ENVELOPES Amazing prices, call for quote. Jobs can be done immediately. Call 845-445-7422 or e-mail printingaddresses@gmail. com ATTENTION DAY CAMPS! Who doesn’t love to see their qualities through graphology? Great treat for TC’s/token of appreciation for counselors. $10.00 per person. F. Fliegman 845.499.9334 FRUM LADY DRIVER Punctual, friendly, caring, responsible, dependable.

Scheduling for summer slots. Please call/text 917-750-4105. PEARL RESTRINGING

Expert & reliable service. Free pick up & delivery. 845-352-5013 PAINTER AND HANDYWORK free estimates call or txt 845.400.6997 SPEAKERS TO RENT for all your Simches & more, We also have a mp3 system. call 845.579.5467

TUTOR AVAILABLE for your elementary school child for Limudei Kodesh and Limudei Chol. Please Call: 845-352-1016 KIDDIE GROUP For 2-2 1/2 year old. Spacious facility. Lunch included. Teacher with many years of experience. Call 845-4264608

MOONWALK AND WATERSLIDES fun inflatables, all prices, all sizes, for rent. call 845.263.0995

IN BETWEEN CAMP For girls ages 3-8, Aug 21-Sept 1. 9:30-2:30 with extended hours. By the week or per day. Located on Regina Road. Please call Mrs. E. Karmel 845.352.5253.

SHRINK ART MAGIC Creatively design a project and watch it shrink. Relaxed Fun for everyone, Groups welcome. App. Avail. 929 238 5487

DRUM LESSONS BY SHMUEL KLAVER Monsey’s most experienced Shomer Shabbos drum instructor. Lessons ($45 & up) given in your home or

152 / THE MONSEY VIEW / August 16, 2017 www.themonseyview.com / 845.600.8484

MATH TUTORING Regents/GED/TASC/SAT/ ACT Common Core, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Precalculus, Calculus, Physics ALL Grades/Levels. call: 845-445-8003

my studio, to boys or girls ages 10-adult, beginners to professional. Call (845) 459-9935 EXCITING new 2 yr old play group.Part time 9:45-1:45, 3 days a week. Please call 845 521-2278 MUSIC LESSONS Give your daughter the gift of music at a very reasonable price! References available. Call Yitty @ 845-426-7561 after 4:30 pm SWIMMING LESSONS FOR GIRLS Group forming for the days between day camp and school. Yiddish and English speaking groups. Call to reserve your slot 274.0282. SWIMMING Between camp and school wsi/lg will teach how to swim confidently in two weeks. Mrs. Zoltan 845-356-1113 WASH AND SET

free pick up & delivery, 845-422-6865 WASH N SET Wash n set in the Jill/Sam Law area Call 845-608-9362 HAIR DESIGN Professional Cut, blow, Chasunah styling by Roizy. Call 845-352-0619. MAKEUP BY DEVORY Natural and refined in your home or mine for

m // lost & found // free giveaways every occassion call or text 8456426833 CENTRAL MONSEY- HEATED POOL Starts Right After 9 Days! Private lessons also avail. Eliyahu 845-659-0359 NUTRITIONAL COACHING Want to feel better?! Longterm dietary and lifestyle solutions, personalized to YOUR individual needs! Made easy. Full support given. Call or text Golda Deutsch BSc, NLP Ms. Prac. (845) 826 6767.

ODDS AND ENDS LOOKING FOR RIDE looking for a daily car ride Monsey to Bushwick must be in Bushwick by 8 am back from Bushwick to Monsey leaving by 5 pm willing to share the expenses call: 347971-0808 LOOKING FOR A POOL for all year. Small group. Call 274.0282 ATTENTION if you are interested to join the Life and Health Insurance business New York Life Monsey office will host classes for the Life and Health Insurance Licensing in Yiddish. For Men midSeptember & for Women mid-October For more details & registration please call Abraham at 845-639-5203 Or send email to yschwartz@ ft.newyorklife.com You can also send us your resume if you are interested in more details for a career with New York Life. ‫מיין פלאץ‬ A therapeutic play space for boys- art, gymnastics, music, woodwork, tutoring & more. For more info please call us at (845) 520-5445

CLEANING LADY TO SHARE Looking to fill her hours. Pref. Maple/Ellish area. 914260-5918 FREE WORKSHOP Inviting all 1’st grade English teachers to a workshop moderated by veteran teachers Tuesday Aug. 22 . call 290-2465 or 356-2351 TEHILLIM Harness the power of tehillim today! A Yid will say tehillim on your behalf. Call/ text 8452006378. SHIURIM Looking to form group for a shuir: 347-977-6816 LECHU V’NELCHA Weekly shiur for post seminary girls. Alternating speakers. Wednesdays 9pm225 Maple Avenue. Infoline 718-480-0586. BOOKS NEEDED Upstate Jewish community is accepting donations of new and gently used books of Jewish content for their library. For pickup call 4254606

GEMACHIM MONSEY GOWN mother and sister gowns size 0-12, by appointment only. 845-426-7496 or 845-3523031. FLORAL BISOMIM for your Simcha - 845-6292785. SHOE GEMACH All sizes, white kalllah shoes. Proceeds go to tzedakah. Call\Text 845-200-0211 FREE MOVING BOXES Packs of 10x for easy transport. Please call Yisrael @ (845) 641-5536

TABLECLOTH GEMACH for your Simchos. Call: (845) 371 2105 WANTED COATRACKS Lshem Mitzva for a school uniform Gmach. Also hangers & skirt hangers. 845222-1305 DVD/VIDEO GEMACH DVDS and portable players for sick and homebound adults and children.425-2660 mailbox #1 HOT WATER URNS Please call 8454259211

FOUND Tefillin at bus stop with name Moshe Lefkowitz. Call 845352-9582 Infant seat at M&T Bank on Rte. 59 845 356-5475

FREE GIVEAWAYS 66” Breakfront - Call (845) 425-1127 maytag dryer. 14 louis ave 3472711874 upright piano painted offwhite. 845-499-8322 Boxes for moving 845-3562430

SIDDUR GEMACH Sfard: Friedman 845-6087830 Ashkenaz: Shulman845 352 1756 or 845-826-6718 MOVING BOXES Cardboard Boxes for Moving 845-425-6826 or 845-6087830 ROOF CARRIERS Fits all cars even without bars on roof. Call early to reserve. 845-274-5284. Monroe: 845662-7102 TWIN GEMACH baby items, double snap n go’s, nursing pillows, car seats, and more. 845.362.1480

Bakers Rack, Wood Hutch, Tables, Computer Desk, Copier Stand 845 4257780 SIMMONS CRIB, natural [1 leg missing], white HANGING CLOSET, 29”, COOKTOP wh. Meat w/GRILL 845 4257780 Kindline magazines. Call 274.0282 washing machine 347-2774072 Classified ads that do not advertise a service are currently free for our readers, as long as the following criteria are met. Classified ads must be emailed or texted to classifieds@themonseyview.com - in the body of the email, not as an attachment. Include two words for the heading and a maximum of twenty words for the body. The entire body of the ad should be written in one paragraph. Do not “enter” between sentences.


Use standard text only – no all caps. Check for proper spelling and grammar before submitting.

Bag w/new children clothing 4 weeks ago. Pine, remsen, bates area. Please call 347271-1874

Do not fax any free classifieds.

Two tone grey and burgundy plush blanket at evergreen mall last week and a light grey hat with pinkish pom pom at Rockland mall too!! 347 484 5688

The Monsey View reserves the right to omit or cut words from any free classified ads without confirmation.

size ten childrens dress with white background and multi color pattern. 845 548 9107

Classified ad deadline is Monday at 12:00 pm. No exceptions.

There’s a maximum of two free classifieds per person per week. A classified ad that doesn’t meet the above conditions will be automatically rejected.

***** We do not give confirmations for free classified ads. *****

***** For inquiries about PAID classifieds, feel free to contact The Monsey View.

August 16, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 153 www.themonseyview.com / 845.600.8484

‫האדמו"ר מניקלשבורג מוצש"ק בירושלים עיה"ק‬




‫גאב"ד קארלסבורג בקביעת מזוזה בביהמ"ד חמודי צבי רייוויץ‬

August 16, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 155 www.themonseyview.com / 845.600.8484


‫שבת יארצייט בחצר הקודש פאפא‬

‫הכנסת ספר תורה לביהמ"ד אברכים‬ ‫ע"י הרב יוסף נחמן מאשינסקי‪ ,‬מנהל דישיבת בית דוד‬

‫האדמו"ר מסאטמאר בביקור אצל האדמו"ר מסקווירא‬ ‫בביתו בנייעק‬




‫האדמו"ר מבאבוב ‪ 45‬בביקור חיזוק בארה"ק ושבת במירון‬

‫שינוי מקום!‬ ‫אין ליכט פון דעם ריזיגן ציבור וואס ווערט דערווארט צום‬ ‫מעמד הגדול והנהדר‬

‫סעודת הילולא רבתי‬ ‫מעמד התקשרות‬ ‫ביומא דהילולא קדישא של מרן הרה״ק מסקולען זצוק״ל‬

‫להתקשר עם הצדיק בעצם יומא דהילולא קדישא‬

‫ע״י החזקת מורשתו הרוחני מוסדות הק׳ ״חסד לאברהם״ בארה״ק‬ ‫געווארן דער לאקאל וואו דער מעמד וועט אּפגעראכטן ווערן‬ ‫ָ‬ ‫איז געטוישט‬

‫› נישט אין ׳עטרת חי’ שרה׳ ווי פריער געמאלדן ‹‬

‫פארקומען‬ ‫עס וועט אי״ה ָ‬ ‫ברוב פאר והדר‬

‫באולם ווילחאוויץ‬ ‫‪230 Maple Ave, Spring Valley, NY‬‬

‫א׳ שופטים‪ ,‬אול״י ער״ח אלול‬

‫בראשות כ״ק מרן אדמו״ר שליט״א‬ ‫כולנו! סעודת הילולא רבתי • בראשות כ״ק מרן אדמו״ר שליט״א‬

‫מוס„ו˙ חס„ ל‡ברהם‬ ‫בארה״ק‬





‫א׳ שופטים • אולם ווילחאוויץ • מאנסי‬

‫החזקת מורשת צדיק!‬



‫גדול‪ ,‬נהדר‪ ,‬מפואר יהי’ כבוד המעמד!‬

‫מי לה' ‡לי‬ ‫מעמד התקשרות‬

‫„ י נו‬

‫ברוב עם הדרת מלך‬



‫הילולת הרה"ק מהר"א מבעלזא זי"ע‬

‫אסיפת מרעים של צעירי האברכים דחסידי צאנז זוועהיל במלאות‬ ‫השלושים לפטירת האדמו"ר מצאנז זוועהיל זי"ע‬



‫בשם די הונדערטער צופרידענע עלטערן און קינדערלעך‬ ‫דרוקן מיר אויס א הארציגן מזל טוב וואונטש פאר‬

‫העסקן הנמרץ אהוב‬ ‫ונחמד לכל‪ ,‬ידידינו וידיד כל תושבי עירנו‪,‬‬ ‫מסור בלב ובנפש להצלחת מוסדותינו הק'‬

‫וואס געבט זיך אוועק יומם ולילה במסירות נפש ממש‬ ‫פאר אונזערע מוסדות בכלל‪ ,‬און פאר די‬ ‫טראנספארטאציע אפטיילונג בפרט‪.‬‬ ‫השי"ת זאל אים באצאלן מיט אסאך אידיש נחת געזונטערהייט‬

‫די צופרידענע עלטערן און קינדער‬ ‫פון מוסדות סאטמאר מאנסי‬

‫אוי! בכל שמחה ושמחה‪...‬‬

‫הגומל‬ ‫לחייבים‬ ‫טובות‬

‫טויזענטער אידן האבן‬ ‫שוין געדאנקט און‬ ‫געמאכט דעם הגומל‬

‫דאנק אייער‬ ‫א אנסערשיפ‬ ‫ספ‬

‫• ‪ $30‬לחודש •‬

‫• ‪ $60‬לחודש •‬

‫כמנין צע"ר‬

‫צע"ר וצע"ר‬

‫דינער רופא חולים‬

‫ליל שישי כי תבא ‪ ///‬ט"ז אלול תשע"ז ‪ ///‬אטריום פלאזא‬

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