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Discover the wealth of the Rockefellers and the deprivation of slavery in Historic Hudson Valley.

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Yoel Itzkowitz

Editor in Chief: D. Goralnik

Content Director: A. Schwartz

Art Director: Meir Tessler

Project Coordinator Alex Itzkowitz

Graphic Design:


Photography: Michal Alpert

The Monsey View

86 Route 59 Spring Valley, N.Y. 10977







Mission Statement The Monsey View is a weekly publication designed for every segment and age group of our diverse community. Under rabbinical guidance, we bring Monsey’s top talent together to provide high quality, informative current reading material, keeping you up to date on sales, events, news and issues of concern and import happening right now in the Monsey community.

I am very much enjoying the beautiful Monsey View. It’s refreshing, entertaining, informative, and overall a comfortable read! The ads are so bright and attractive. The articles are really pertaining to our Monsey residents. The recipes are easy to prepare and look delicious. Perhaps you would include zmanim and weekly weather? Wishing you continued success.


The Monsey View is not even two weeks old and already I am awaiting its arrival each week. Although I have grandchildren who are old enough to read, I’m not embarrassed to admit that it’s the kids serial “Dina” that I look out for. Having known Sury Spitzer’s grandmother Dina and her family, it is a special delight for me to get a glimpse into her life and to place the familiar names and happenings. It is such a beautiful way to relive this history, and I am happy that my children and grandchildren are getting such quality reading.

A Resident of Old Monsey Look out for the zmanim and weather near the table of contents.

I want to congratulate you on a beautiful publication. What a breath of fresh air! Your layout, design, and content is of superb quality. Wishing you much hatzlacha. This week’s spotlight on train travel is right on target, especially for our community of non-driving mothers who are always looking for an accessible outing with children. The information you provided was so clear and easy to understand. I want to take this opportunity to make a suggestion. Can you do a summer series of spotlighting each week on different destinations using train travel? There are so many places to go and so many things to see; we just need the info! Looking forward to great new ideas. Sincerely,

M.K. We look forward to sharing many great excursions over the summer accessible by bus, train, or local taxi.

I read the Excursions article about train travel with interest, as I have already used this method of transportation to Hoboken. I wanted to add two pointers for those who are planning to take the trip. I caught the NJ transit in Suffern; while the station is farther from Monsey, the train ride to Hoboken is generally shorter. We have also found a lovely children’s park in Hoboken, just a three-minute walk from the terminal, which broke up the day for us. We took the ferry to Manhattan and back without stopping in Manhattan.

F. W.

Congratulations on a beautiful circular, rich in content, design, and information. I just wanted to comment how I especially enjoyed the recipe section. All that you featured was so simple to make with ingredients that I had in the house and absolutely delicious!


Dear Readers, Thank you for your interest, your suggestions, and your warm feedback. Let us know how we can enhance your Monsey View experience. Email comments@themonseyview.com

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78 66 Jerusalem Stone

Help! A Cleaning Lady Saga

85 A View of Our Town’s


Housing Market


What should have been a

Explore Historic Hudson

My neighbor’s betrayal and

much anticipated milestone

Make smart and informed

Valley. Marvel at the wealth

my cleaning lady’s absence

was, instead, a harbinger of

choices when buying or

of the Rockefellers, and

caused an upheaval in my

more worries and financial

selling your home with our

learn about the deprivation

home and heart.


real estate column.

of slavery. A fascinating,

A Stunning Presentation

eye-opening trip that will appeal to all ages.


Table of contents

Thursday - June 4 Friday - June 5

Shabbos - June 6



Sunday - June 7

Monday - June 8



Tuesday - June 9

Wednesday - June 10









Advertorial - Medex 20 Food & Family 30 Therapist’s Handbook 38 Musings 56 Marketing Column 62 Serial for Adults 66 iSpy 70 Serial for Teens 72 Cartoon 76 Learn to Draw 77 Housing Market 78 FYI 80 Excursions 85 iSpy 70 Pictures 92

8:07 9:38 ‫רבינו תם‬

‫הדלקות נרות‬ ‫מוצאי שבת‬


‫פרשת בהלותך‬

Fun + color. A collection like no other.

Town Square

59 Rt. 59 路 Monsey, NY 10952

tel. 845.425.1900

shubdoo59@gmail.com 19 /// info@TheMonseyView.com


Experience the Medex Difference Shulamis has been caring for her feverish son, Shmuly, all Shabbos. Now she’s out of Tylenol. She looks at Shmuly’s glazed eyes and feels his head worriedly. His fever is up again. It is 11 pm on a Motzai Shabbos and her husband is out of town. Where is she going to get medicine at this hour?? Six months ago, before Medex Pharmacy opened in Town Square Shopping Plaza, Shulamis would have been out of luck. But luckily, a friend recently raved about this one-stop shopping destination for prescriptions and other essentials, open (and offering delivery!) until 11 pm on weeknights and Motzai Shabbos until 12. No delivery is too small for Medex and, as their growing list of customers will attest, the people at Medex put the feeling of “family” back into the traditional family pharmacy.

The Personal Touch

Mr. Sruly Gottlieb, the owner and manager of Medex Pharmacy, had a dream: to bring the independent family pharmacy to Monsey. He envisioned a well-stocked store that provided

Shoshana Bernstein the convenience and variety of the large chain pharmacies, where you could pick up your medicine or essential household item even late at night, and where the staff knows you by name. That’s what he’s been building at Medex since opening six months ago.

door in the right house.

Customers Count

This concern for the customer’s well-being is part of the feeling of family that governs the store, and it translates into a focus on quick and careful service. At the One customer Medex prides itself on providing same time, Medex takes great care personal attention to every one of its actually marveled, to safeguard its customers’ privacy, customers. To that end, it employs “You’re even faster training its employees not to reveal a highly knowledgeable staff of a customer’s medical or prescription than Hatzolah!” several professional pharmacists history, or what they’ve purchased and salespeople; some with over over-the-counter in the store. This thirty years of experience. The main confidentiality ensures that customers feel supremely supervising pharmacist pays close attention to every comfortable frequenting this high-end, well-stocked customer’s medical history and their prescriptions, pharmacy right in the heart of Monsey. and will often remind them that it’s time to refill a prescription. The drivers on call help to ensure customers receive their prescriptions and other deliveries swiftly. So much so that one customer actually marveled, “You’re even faster than Hatzolah!” And because they know that quick, confidential delivery is so important, their drivers take extra care to make sure each delivery gets placed at the correct

Mr. Gottlieb goes to great lengths to ensure customer satisfaction, going so far as to purchase a specific, hard-to-find item online, even though this is not a regular service, because he couldn’t get it for a customer any other way. Understanding that sometimes it is the little things that matters most,


Medex sells diapers at a low cost and they will deliver them to your door. Why? Because the Medex mission is to ensure the happiness of each and every customer.

Much More than Medicine With over 2,000 square feet of space and more than 10,000 items in inventory, Medex goes far beyond filling prescriptions. When you enter the bright and airy store, you’ll see a large selection of health and beauty products – a 16-foot long aisle of skin care with a large variety of acne creams. Move further into the store and the shampoos and conditioners beckon, along with toothpaste, bandaids, mouthwash, bath accessories, body wash, baby products, vitamins, school supplies, and a whole repertoire of camp travel accessories. And of course you’ll find the prescription department, with its trained staff, available for consultation until closing time. The modern and spacious layout and large array of choices, coupled with its prime location in the mall, make Medex Pharmacy the perfect place to shop for all your camp and household essentials. It combines the

convenience and professionalism of the large pharmacy chains, with the heimishe atmosphere, personal touch, and concern of a community store.

A Successful Medex Day

Now that his business is taking off, Mr. Gottlieb is planning even more improvements; he’s filled with unique ideas and services, and he looks forward to implementing them in the months ahead. For example, to keep up with demand, he’s hired additional staff and is planning a large makeup department. After much time and effort, Medex will soon be a WIC program participant. Following the required six month wait period, Medex is also in the final approval stages for Medicaid. As long as customers are happy, Mr. Gottlieb feels fulfilled. “I don’t measure the success of my day by how many sales we made or how many prescriptions we filled,” he explains. “I would rather measure it by how many happy customers we had. A day with happy customers is considered a successful day at Medex.”


Before going anywhere,

CAMP OUT AT MEDEX! Aisles and aisles of summer solutions!


We carry over 100 travel sized necessities.

Summer Promotions: Spend $30

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Fill your prescription at Medex and get a FREE


ill 11:00 pm nt



1 2


3 8

4 7

845-425-3400 F 845-213-4130 59 ROUTE 59, MONSEY NY 10952 P

Member Cards also available upon request.

11 10






Swiss/ Austrian Alps

Italy Paris

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845.352.4022 Check us out online: High Standards, Low Fares.



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Get organized - Stay organized

Food & Family//

It's Possible! !‫יא! איר קענט אויך בעז"ה לעבן מיט הרחבת הדעת‬

up t o r G oun Disck with ad get B o oof 3 an up g ro

off % 15 g ro t 10 Fi r s o nly


Personal & Professional

Home Organizing Find a home for everything • Packing and Unpacking DeCluttering • Closet Rearranging • Learn Maintenance Skills

Call for a phone consultation:

Miriam Fisch 845.219.1248 L e s s

i s

E-Mail: miriam@tidyhometoday.com

30 /// The Monsey View /// June 3, 2015


M o r e

Follow on Twitter: @tidyhometoday

Recipes by Draizy Wercberger

food & family

Photos by Michal Alpert

It’s the last impression that counts. No matter the occassion or the type of meal served, your guests will only remember being wowed by these cool, summery treats. Whether you’re entertaining a crowd or serving at a simple family gathering, there is something here for every type of palate. So go ahead, indulge in these rich and sumptuous dessertsthe sweetest last licks.

31 /// info@TheMonseyView.com

Food & Family//

Chocolate and Peanut Butter Sandwiches Peanut butter lovers beware: you will not be able to stop at just one! Consider yourselves warned.

2 ¾ sticks margarine 7 oz. baking chocolate 2 c. flour 1 ½ tsp. baking powder 1 ½ tsp. salt 2 2/3 c. sugar

4 eggs 2 T. vanilla sugar 1 gallon vanilla ice cream, semi-defrosted 1 container chunky peanut butter

1. Preheat the oven to 350 2. Combine margarine and baking chocolate in a large microwavable bowl. Microwave in 30 second increments until completely melted. 3. Add flour, baking powder, salt, sugar, eggs and vanilla sugar. Stir until just combined. This can be done with a whisk; no need to take out your mixer. 4. Line two cookie sheets with parchment paper. Spray with cooking spray. Divide the batter evenly between the two cookie sheets; you will need a spatula to spread it evenly. Bake until toothpick inserted in center comes out dry, about 10-15 minutes. Let cool. 5. Meanwhile, combine defrosted ice cream and chunky peanut butter; set aside. 6. Spread ice cream mixture over one brownie cake. Quickly invert second brownie cake over ice cream. Freeze until set, at least 8 hours. Remove from freezer and cut into squares, or can use a cookie cutter for the round look.

32 /// The Monsey View /// June 3, 2015

Vanilla Milkshake with Fresh Fruit A treat for the palate and for the eyes! 2 c. strawberries, plus more for garnish 2 c. pitted cherries, plus more for garnish 4 c. blueberries, plus more for garnish 4 tsp. lemon juice ½ c. sugar 2 quarts vanilla ice cream, semi-defrosted ½ c. milk 1 tsp. vanilla extract

1. Combine strawberries, cherries, 2 tsp. lemon juice and ¼ c. sugar in a small saucepan. Cook over medium heat until the fruits dissolve, about 10 minutes. Refrigerate until cold. 2. Separately, combine blueberries, 2 tsp. lemon juice and ¼ c. sugar in a pot. Cook over medium heat until blueberries dissolve, about 10 minutes. Refrigerate until cold. 3. Whisk defrosted ice cream, milk and vanilla extract in a bowl. Spoon ½ c. of either fruit mixture into a glass and top with milkshake. Garnish with fresh fruit. 33 /// info@TheMonseyView.com

Food & Family//

Frozen Praline Affogato Although this ice cream takes minutes to prepare, it is sophisticated enough to serve after an elegant meal with company. Try it; it will become a family favorite.

1 large whip 1 can praline paste 10 eggs ½ c. sugar 1 T. vanilla sugar Hot coffee

1. Beat the whip and set aside. 2. Place the praline paste in the food processor with the ‘S’ blade and pulse until creamy. Set aside. 3. Beat egg whites with ½ c. sugar and 1 T. vanilla sugar. When egg whites are stiff add yolks, one at a time, beating slowly after each one.

34 /// The Monsey View /// June 3, 2015

4. In a large bowl combine whip, praline and egg mixture. Stir carefully with a large spatula until just combined. Freeze. 5. When ready to serve, place 2 or 3 scoops of praline ice cream into a glass. Pour ½ c. hot coffee over it and serve immediately.

35 /// info@TheMonseyView.com

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Treat yourself to an upgraded shopping experience of variety, quality, and super costumer service! The pleasure will be yours!

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e l o v e tr e a ti n g y o u !

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Mommy knows the secret behind my smile.


40 Main Street #5

845.352.0725 www.ratiohealth.com Free Delivery | No minimum order

ULA PAS F1O2R0VMC $29.99


Therapist’s Handbook//

Making Sense of Sensory

As an occupational therapist for over fifteen years, as well as a mother to five wonderful children ka”h, I am in a unique position. These two roles have taught me that not everything in life can be found in a textbook, and I have gained priceless experience working with so many children in our community, as well as my own.

38 /// The Monsey View /// June 3, 2015


you ever felt like you’re on a whirring, speeding train ride that doesn’t seem to stop and let you get a grip of yourself? Between carpools, suppers, community events, family responsibilities, work, simchos, and Shabbos and Yom Tov preparations, too many of us live in the fast lane! There just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in a day. Overwhelmed, overburdened and exhausted - we have all experienced those feelings at one time or another. Life is a cycle, with periods of endless stress and work, while at other times we may actually feel like we have it all “under control.” Hopefully we all have learned how to utilize effective strategies to keep our minds and our bodies more capable of dealing with daily stressors and demands. Exercise, social outlets, meditation, yoga, and having some time alone, are just some of the suggestions that most people are aware of. Hopefully they are tapping into them to keep themselves grounded physically and emotionally, thereby improving their ability to fulfill their many demanding roles in life. Children, on their own level, also face

Ricki Dembitzer MS,OTR/L

many challenges throughout their day: long periods of time with inactivity and short recess breaks, social stressors and competition among friends, educational difficulties or learning disabilities, homework, or just the plain stress of “fitting in.” As overwhelming as the above-mentioned scenarios can be, picture a child (or an adult) living with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) experiencing them. Daily functioning may seem even more difficult, if not virtually impossible! Envision yourself walking down a crowded street and not knowing where to focus first or which sounds to be alerted to. Imagine the dull, faint humming of an engine, which most of us filter out and don’t take note of, as a sound that is a threatening noise, or the high pitched laughter of children, which might bring an amused smile to your face, as a deafening and startling sound. Think about our reaction to our surroundings. Which sounds or sights may alert us to danger or signal us to use more safety awareness? Which cues do we pick in a simple interaction with a salesman at the cash register? So much of our communication is not only through our words or what is

told to us but also through our body language and gestures, and the sensory feedback we receive from our environment. But what if one can’t accurately “read” what a person is communicating to him non-verbally? What is one to do if he inadvertently bumps into people while walking through a crowd or feels unsafe or insecure driving a car due to visual perceptual difficulties?

They may also exhibit difficulty determining which direction a sound is coming from. Body awareness is sometimes an issue for children with Sensory Discrimination Disorder, and they may use inappropriate force when playing with other children or handling objects. As mentioned earlier, categories of SPD are not always clear-cut and overlap is common, so some of the behaviors mentioned above may also be present with a child with the first type of SPD that we discussed earlier, Sensory Modulation Disorder.

These snapshots depicted above introduce us to the second subtype of SPD called Sensory Discrimination The third subtype of SPD Disorder. This happens is Sensory-Based Motor when a child’s central Disorders. This refers to nervous system inaccurately children with either postural processes sensations from disorders or children who are his surroundings, and as dyspraxic. A child who exhibits such, he is unable to use a postural disorder will often the information to make have low “floppy” muscle tone appropriate responses and function throughout the day. He may Imagine the dull, faint humming not “get” sensory of an engine, which most of us messages that others use to filter out and don’t take note of, as learn about their a sound that is a threatening noise. environment and to relate successfully to others. Often and slump over in his chair, these children have visual whether he is sitting at a spatial difficulties and may desk or eating supper at the misinterpret visual cues table. The major symptom in social situations or on a of a child with a postural written page. They may also disorder is his difficulty in have auditory discrimination using bilateral coordination. problems causing them to be This refers to the body’s ability confused by similar sounding to use both sides of the body words or verbal instructions.

39 /// info@TheMonseyView.com

together as in bike riding, skipping, galloping, or using both hands together to cut a piece of paper. Does this sound like anyone you know? A child like this may also have difficulty with balance and getting into different positions, like kneeling or standing on tiptoes. He may experience difficulty with binocular vision, which requires both eyes to

we are working, driving, cooking or even talking on the phone. To children who are dyspraxic, these subconscious skills are not automatic and have to be thought out in order to accomplish what they want to do. Dyspraxia causes children to be clumsy and sometimes ineffective in their actions. They have difficulty organizing their bodies to move. These children often have normal intelligence What if one can’t accurately “read” and muscles, but for what a person is communicating to some reason there him non-verbally? is a disconnection between their intellect and their muscles. work together as a team. This A child with dyspraxia has will affect depth perception, difficulty understanding a new reading and writing, and cause complex action or activity or an issue with crossing the may have difficulty sequencing midline of the body. Difficulties steps and organizing their in crossing midline can be body movements to complete shown by a child’s difficulty or it. They may have difficulty inability to make a horizontal following multi-step directions line across their body, copy and appear awkward and the letter “t” or even swing a careless (although they are baseball bat. trying to be careful) and be accident prone. How does dyspraxia manifest itself? Dyspraxia is the second We have now reviewed of the Sensory-Based Motor the three subtypes of Disorders, and it refers to SPD including sensory a difficulty in the planning, modulation disorder, sensory coordination and execution of discrimination disorder, and any motor activity. To many sensory-based movement of us this is a subconscious disorders as well as some thought process that is of their defining features. referred to as motor planning, Hopefully you have gained which we do constantly an understanding of some throughout our day, whether of the differences and

similarities among them. It is important to mention that a child with SPD does not exhibit every characteristic mentioned here and may exhibit some behaviors or symptoms that I have not discussed. A child with SPD usually has difficulties in more than one sense but may have a concentration of problems in one particular system, such as the auditory or tactile (touch) system. A child may confuse us and seem to display characteristics of SPD, yet have another disorder altogether. For example, a child who seems hypersensitive to touch and withdraws from being touched may seem to be displaying over-responsiveness to tactile sensations, when in fact he may have an anxiety disorder or may have been abused. A professional consultation is necessary to diagnose SPD correctly and to help implement a “sensory diet.” This diet is not referring to food (although proper nutrition is a basic building block for healthy neurodevelopment) but rather a variety of sensory activities to do with your child over a period of time to help his sensory systems begin to feel more “in sync” and tolerate the overwhelming sensations he experiences on a daily basis. Stay tuned for practical tips and helpful hints in next week’s edition. •

Ricki Dembitzer MS,OTR/L is a pediatric occupational therapist practicing in Rockland County. She has a bachelor’s degree in psychology, as well as in health sciences, and a master’s degree in occupational therapy. Her areas of expertise include - but are not limited to - sensory integration, fine motor development and handwriting, reflex integration, visual motor/perceptual skills, executive function skill enhancement, and overall muscle strength/tone improvement. She lives in Wesley Hills with her husband and five children ka”h, and has been practicing occupational therapy for more than fifteen years.

40 /// The Monsey View /// June 3, 2015


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ether覺a the spalon exper覺ence


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Beyond the Borders of the Believable.


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‫בחצר הקודש סקווירא‬ \

54 /// The Monsey View /// May 20, 2015


Black Mops; Dark Brooms Many people wash their floors with a mop that is darkened by dirt and sweep their kitchen floor with a broom that is blackened by dirt. Similarly, many people vacuum their carpet with a machine whose airways are so obstructed by dirt and dust that it has literally lost its suction power. The dirt entrenched in those cleaning tools explains why many houses can’t shake bad odors and why many people suffer from asthma attacks, allergy outbreaks or coughs while at home. The existence of invisible germs and dust is also why air conditioner filters and paper goods turn dark: They “breathe” the same unhealthy air as you do! It Gets Worse! Dry dust-bag vacuum cleaners only exacerbate the problem of lingering germs and dust. While these conventional vacuums pick up visible dirt, there are massive amounts of unseen harmful dirt particles that the machines either leave behind or spew out through their exhaust systems. Germs and bacteria stick to the inside of the machines, essentially rendering your vacuum cleaner a killer machine. The pile-up of dust inside your vacuum reduces its suction power, which is why so much ”schmutz” is left behind regardless of how many times you go over the same spot on the floor. Furthermore, when you take the dustladen bag out of the vacuum, even more dust and germs are spread through the air of your house, since conventional dry vacuum bags are incapable of trapping any dirt particles.

It Actually Gets Better! The Sirena Total Home Cleaning System solves these problems by using an easily removable bucket of water to trap dust, germs and dirt. Fill the bucket with sink water before cleaning parquet, sofas, and mattresses; splattered eggs on your kitchen floor or a stubborn dose of detergent stuck on your carpet, and watch the mess disappear. Most importantly, all the dirt, dust, germs and bacteria become trapped in the water instead of flying invisibly all over the house or sticking to the inside of your vacuum. When done cleaning, you simply spill the now-dirty water, along with all the germs, down the drain. You then rinse the bucket and the Sirena System is ready for the next cleaning job.

Total Home Cleaning System


Find the Lost Ring! Because the Sirena Total Home Cleaning System uses a bucket of water instead of a messy bag of dirt, it’s easy to find a small item such as a ring if its gets “eaten up” by the machine. Simply pour the water through a strainer when you finish vacuuming and all the lost items are right there. Guest at the Birthday Party! The Sirena machine can also be used for multiple purposes throughout your home. Since it has a bucket at the other end, you can use the machine instead of a mop to soak up spilled water from a clogged sink. The Sirena suction is so strong it can remove odors and stuffiness from the air by setting the machine in the center of the room for five minutes! The Sirena’s powerful engine can also serve as an airgenerating machine permitting you to fill air mattresses for guests, a kiddy pool or balloons for a birthday party.

The L. Family with multiple members suffering of asthma who used a puffer daily called to say that after using Sirena for a couple of days they have not used the puffer for a month now. Mrs. N.’s child suffered seasonal allergies for years; she purchased the Sirena vacuum towards the end of the winter. Only when she saw her nephews suffering the seasonal allergies did she realize that her son had been doing wonderful without any treatments this season. Next step, her sister bought a Sirena too!




55 /// info@TheMonseyView.com



A Cleaning Lady Saga

Ady Fruchter


never knew that a cleaning lady could cause so much trouble. Or maybe I should put it this way: that the lack of one could be so much trouble. But boy, did I find out. The hard way. It was just before Shavuos when my cleaning lady decided that it was a perfect time for her to disappear. As any Jewish housewife will testify, a disappearance such as this causes no small bit of upheaval in a frum Jewish home facing an erev-Yom Tov frenzy. “It’s all min hashamayim,” I tried to console myself as I faced another mound of unfolded laundry, another mound of unwashed dishes and another mound of unswept garbage. It was also “min hashamayim” when Hashem sent Luda to my door the day before Erev Yom Tov. She was a homemaker’s dream: Quick, efficient, thorough, and with a pleasant personality. Having just arrived in town, she had an open schedule and I joyfully booked several hours on Tuesdays and Fridays. As I watched her expertly wield the shmattah, crawl on her knees to clean the corners of the kitchen floor, and buff the faucets with Windex until they shone, I silently thanked Hashem for coming to my aid just when I needed it most. Since I would be away for the Shabbos immediately after Yom Tov, I arranged for a neighbor to take my slots during those days. Imagine my utter shock – and horror – when upon my return, Luda cheerfully informed me that she would be continuing to work for this neighbor. “Meesis, I still come to you,” she assured me. “Just Friday, whole day, I go other lady.”

It was just before Shavuos when my cleaning lady decided that it was a perfect time for her to disappear.

56 /// The Monsey View /// June 3, 2015

Friday. Other Lady. Other Lady, do you realize what you just did? I graciously shared her with you, and now you sweep her out from under my feet?! And so I watched the Other Lady. From my vantage point across the street, I saw Luda arrive to the Other Lady at the stroke of 8:00 a.m. Friday morning. I pictured the Other

The choice is yours. The pleasure, ours.

Lady’s house sparkling with the shine of Pledge, aromatically filled with the fresh scent of Top Job, glowing with the sheen of Fantastic. I practically smelled the fresh chicken soup simmering and the kugel frying. And then I’d turn around and survey This Lady’s house. Here, the only aroma was the overflowing laundry hamper that was in desperate need of attention and the only thing simmering was my rising temper…

passing and no Luda in sight (on my side of the block), I felt this couldn’t go on anymore. Realizing what this was doing to the state of my health, not to mention the state of my home, and that this grudge that was growing with each passing week was harming me more than anyone else, I decided to follow the Rambam’s directive for just such a case. I called the Other Lady.

And guess what? She hadn’t realized at all that When, through the I had reserved Fridays. course of the day, I’d She had never intended find myself nervous with to take her away from my husband and kids, me, especially since I had angry with everyone who introduced her to Luda crossed my path, I knew in the first place. She felt why. I had the perfect terrible. She apologized excuse. profusely. She was absolutely Here, the only aroma was the never going overflowing laundry hamper that to have her was in desperate need of attention on Friday and the only thing simmering ever again. was my rising temper… Other Lady. My insides were churning, my blood pressure was rising, and my anger was mounting. My Fridays took on a tone that was not pretty, to say the least. And, I justified, I had the perfect reason why. Other Lady. With Friday after Friday

Other Lady.

She was so nice, this

And This Lady learned a valuable lesson. Call. Talk. Explain. Give yourself the chance to hear an explanation. There may very well be a very good reason that will clear the air for all ladies involved. Even the cleaning lady.


Shiddug a ch? c a ll a ny ti

us me!

Which one belongs on

your kallah’s wrist? You don’t trust just about anyone with bejeweling your kallah. That’s why we encourage you to take your time when making your choice.

Come on in to discover our showcase of breathtaking bridal bracelets in 18k and 14k at every price point. Now you can make a Fortunate statement without spending a fortune.

Evening appointments available

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58 /// The Monsey View /// June 3, 2015

delivered to

Better quality meat

your door

‫כ‬ ‫שר‬



‫תה‬ ‫שכ דק“קכשר‬ .‫י‬.‫מאנסי נ‬

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‫תפלה‬ ‫לדוד‬ .‫י‬.‫מאנסי נ‬

s hakash ka


ra b


Monsey, NY




s ru

Tifilah LeDovid vid Miller

‫ח ונמלח • גל‬ ‫אט כ‬ ‫הוד‬ ‫שר‬


‫הרב דוד מילל‬

s hakash ka


s ru


‫בית יוס‬

.‫י‬.‫מאנסי נ‬

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‫ות‬ ‫ליט“א‬

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Branding //

Pinchus Perlmutter


Monsey Rebranded Take It to the Streets

The owner, in business for thirty years, explains what an important role the truck wraps play; he credits seventy- five percent of sales to its bold and eye catching design!

The Extras: Once your basics are established, you can pursue other forms of outdoor marketing; namely store displays, billboards, street flyers, picket signs, etc. Think of how the street can help you promote your business. If you can, push yourself to think outside the sign, as Jay Conrad Levinson proposes in his theory of Guerilla Marketing.

I called up several leading moving companies in the tristate area, and asked them how many families they estimate are moving out to Monsey this summer.

navigate the streets, sit in traffic, or stroll from shop to shop, you have an opportunity to make your mark.

Their combined answers were astonishing.

For retail stores it’s your store signage, and for a service company it’s your car wrap. There’s People often get sidetracked and focus a well-known on the design and literally forget to marketing theory: “You have three mention what they are about. seconds to catch people’s attention.” Outdoors, that time frame is His theory, that small business probably cut in half. What is the can use the streets and public most important information your areas as an opportunity to signage should convey, in order to market their business, has made grab consumers’ attention? for some immensely successful campaigns. For Instance, The Yanky Breuer, owner of Vibrant Israeli Food Bank brought Signs says, “People often get awareness to their tagline, “Too sidetracked and focus on the many people eat on the streets,” design and literally forget to by placing dishes in sewer grates mention what they are about. so that it gave the appearance of You must have a tagline!” He dishes drying on a rack. tells me about his most recent project, rewrapping a fleet of Become street smart. sixty trucks for a landscaping

According to the sheer volume of phone calls they received in the last 6 months, over 700 families are making Monsey their new home.

Why am I telling you this? Because there’s a source of publicity and advertisement that is available to you that is underappreciated, and underutilized:

The streets! No matter if you are a retail shop or a service company, think of the street as your platform. As newcomers, as well as established Monsey residents

The Basics:

Arrow Group NY is Monsey’s leading marketing and advertising firm. Known for campaigns that are as memorable to consumers as their profits are to clients, Arrow Group has been one of the leading catalysts to the changes in the Monsey business landscape. For business inquiries or to be featured anecdotally in this column, contact monseyrebranded@arrowgroupny.com.

Until next week, Pinchus Perlmutter, CEO

64 /// The Monsey View /// June 3, 2015

65 /// info@TheMonseyView.com


Stone Chaya’s story: Esther Perkowitz came over today. I stood with her under the tree. It’s not like I have a sofa to sit on, or cake to serve her. So we stood under the olive tree until I felt my tongue getting thick in the heat. Then she said, “It’s okay. Let’s go inside. I know you don’t have an apartment to give.” My insides crumbled at that moment. But I bent my shoulders downward in a show of passivity. We sat on the bench at the table and I noticed how the bench bowed under her as she sat down. I prayed it wouldn’t decide to break.

66 /// The Monsey View /// June 3, 2015

“I don’t have an apartment to give,” I repeated, now that the unspoken had been uttered. It had frozen like an icicle between us, a hailstone through which we could see each other, but our images were skewed. “You have nine of them,” she pointed out. I jutted my chin out, squared my shoulders, to conceal the roiling mix of resentment and distress bubbling in my chest. Her black kerchief had maroon and white blossoms scattered around, and she had used some material, probably a handkerchief or a sponga rag or some other womanly device, to give it a bit of height. Her head covering resembled

a royal frame whereas mine was a faded tichel that had turned from once black to now golden purple, bleached from hours under the sun. “Yes,” I said. “So you want to suggest the Goldreb boy. I don’t want it. And now, if you’ll excuse me, I must prepare food.” We embraced shortly. Her face was unlined, no knits or kinks or signs of dehydrated rage. “They want your Malka,” were her parting words. At the door, she stopped and turned around and just looked until I felt forced to start with the food but I didn’t want her to see

Chany Rosengarten

that I had so little. “It’s just a matter of financing an apartment.” “I’ll think about it,” I relented. She left. I pulled the pot of carrot mush from the ice chest. I opened the lid to sniff if it was fresh. The carrots were fine. I warmed them up. But after she left, I felt limp and sat down, the room’s light changing shades. Goldreb wanted Malka. It was true that we were from the families people would want to marry their children into. Not for naught did I forbid my children to speak with the neighbors, unlike others in the new

Just taste it!

all his life. Of course Goldreb wanted Malka. To be perfectly honest, now that the impossibly haughty Perkowitz was finally facing her own tzuris in her own home, I wanted Goldreb too. I wanted the Goldrebs very, very much. They, too, were from the Porush family; four generations of Jerusalem history stamped on every blood cell. They wanted Malka. I wanted this for Malka too.

I folded my arms on my chest to support myself and give myself strength. Peering up into the kippah that was our roof, I thought of the price of marriage. One must have where to put down roots. A roof of one’s own. A pair of I thought of the price beds. Enough of marriage. One must blankets for all the kids to have where to put down come, or at roots. A roof of one’s own. least money to purchase them. A pair of beds. And the ability to multiply the heart’s world outside of the Old circumferences. To fit City walls, who allowed everything in, the good, the their children to mix with very good, and the very, heretics and people from very bad. Aleppo and America and When I got married, Mendel Amsterdam and Bashefer Rand still had apartments knows where. We wore the and his kollel gave us one levush, my husband got his because we qualified. So Jibbeh straight from Turkey. that’s how we got to live My husband had learned, in Batei Rand, because we


your Thursday night Cholent!

‫משגיח תמידי‬



only had to give a small sum for shlisel gelt, and the house was ours for as long as either of us lived. If only there were more Rands in this world. If only the price of life wouldn’t be money. I walked outside. Zelda was snapping bedsheets off the laundry line. I climbed her stairs, indicating that I wanted to speak. She summoned me to the small table on her porch, on which she folded the sheets into neat, crisp lines. “Zelda,” I said. “Life gets too expensive.” “I never hesitated to stretch out my hands,” she replied. “In my life, my children lacked for nothing. Money shouldn’t be the thing keeping a child from growing.” “From growing marriage?”

don’t shy away from taking any job I can. But at the end of the day, others have to pitch in to raise my children. I ask with pride.” “Who do you even ask?” I said, feeling a novice and shocked at her chutzpah.

The money will come. What a blasé attitude. Of course she talks this way. Because she works in the kitchen of

How does a mother work? Should a mother work?

“Oh, people. Amerikaners. All kinds. There’s money out there, my friend. Not here, but out there, yes. Say yes to that idea from Perkowitz,” she urged. “If it’s only a dirah holding you back.” So she had been listening into the yard from the comfort of her window. Of course. She certainly wasn’t the only one. “The money will come.”

Bikur Cholim Hospital and brings home a check and never knew of want. I should work, I decided. That way, if I put in enough effort into This World and become indispensable to others, I can also


“From keeping his head from learning. Or marriage, yes.” She nodded. “My husband has learned every day of his life,” she said with pride. “And every night at midnight, he goes to sponja the mikveh. There’s a reason we Jerusalemites have been supported by the Diaspora since the beginning of time. I work, he works. I work hard and I

Chany Rosengarten is a mother of three, whose love for writing runs almost as deep as her love for nature. Having recently returned to the U.S. from Eretz Yisroel, her spirit is in Yerushalayim even as she reacclimatizes to Monsey. She’s in touch with her former Yerushalmi neighbors, but makes a point of getting acquainted with the local businesses and friends. Her work is featured in several Jewish publications

68 /// The Monsey View /// June 3, 2015

Just serve it! hold myself like Zelda does, like the world is responsible to pay me back tenfold. That same day, after serving the carrots to all who would eat, which was everyone expect the two little ones who are never hungry enough, I strapped Dovi into the carriage and headed to Esther Perkowitz. Her house was already bleached. Don’t ask me how she does it before the kids are in bed. I wonder if she cleans twice, in two shifts. “We will do the Goldreb shidduch,” I said simply. I kept my face stark against her softening glow. Then I headed to Machane Yehudah, because today was Monday, and tomorrow all the new produce will arrive, so today I can have leftovers. Perele wheeled the cart. It’s a large woven sack on wheels, which Duvid fixed up. “What’s left over?” I demanded of the vendors. Perele, manning the cart next to me, pretended to be extremely preoccupied with the vendor across the street. Amos gave me three rods of celery, which I threw into the cart. We stopped at the next stall. I collected a beet that was soft to the touch. Soon, our cart was heavy and we switched off, Perele pushing Dovi while I pushed the produce home. Perele said, “Can I go outside to play?” I looked at her. Her freckles were so eager. Her eyes, hardening every day into adulthood, are still clear. “Did you do homework?” She laughed. “If you take Dovi and Faiga with you.” “Okay.” “And don’t let them go near the cistern.” “Okay.”

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“And don’t talk to anyone who doesn’t talk our nusach.” “Yes, yes, Mama.” Continue on page 69 ‫משגיח תמידי‬


By the Number Shops in Our Town



Shoe Stores


Children’s Clothing


Men’s Stores




Meat Eateries

Women’s Apparel



in Our Town Each week we will feature a sight in Monsey for you to recognize and place. How well do you know our town?



Dry Goods


17 5



Dairy Eateries See answer next week. 70 /// The Monsey View /// June 3, 2015

Just enjoy it! “Only to the girls from your school.” She was gone. I unpacked the cart and laid the produce on the table. Soft, but I could cut it away and it would be good. For soup. I need to find a job. I need to work like Zelda does. It’s just, I don’t have time. Or koach. How does a mother work? Should a mother work? Should her husband work? Like Velvel Parnass, chalilah, his blue socks a silver grey, dusty from collecting the clouds of his tractor? That’s what the Zionists always wanted. Work the land. Work the land. Protect the land. Do with the land what they want. Make it into something they can boast about to the world, like taking a child and turning her into a model, taking the sacred and nudging it into obedience. So that the world may nod and pat our collective backs with a frozen smile on their hardened cheeks. And for that, all the sacrifice. Sacrificing belief. Mesorah. Jewish children. Lives. It was perfectly fine when the Turkish sultan ruled. It was the West. First the British, somewhat bearable, and then the

Yidden who looked nothing like Yidden, who overlaid our beauty with their ideas of what might go in the eyes of strangers. My husband will never work. Never, if I can help it. It’s up to me now. I need to prove that we work hard enough on our own, that we can also ask others. And I wonder, Do we only deserve to get if we give? Then I had an idea. Quick as a startled pigeon, I donned my lace shawl and briskly headed out. Perele was still playing; five stones. It’s such a boys’ game, but she plays it with thin, delicate fingers, her braid sweeping her back to and fro. “I’ll be out for a half hour,” I called. “Keep an eye.” She sighed, stiffened, and waved while I hurried on. I had an idea. An amazing idea, infusing me with hope that felt so large, it jittered in my chest without a branch to nest on. Maybe I could both get and give, at the same time. Maybe this could work.

GET A FREE FRIES with your sandwhich!

To be continued…

‫משגיח תמידי‬

I N S H O71P /// P E info@TheMonseyView.com R S H AV E N

Serial for Kids //

Dina A School Story

Recap: Dina set out with her twin Miriam to school for the first day of fourth grade. Being from the few Jewish girls in Miss Hawkins’ class was difficult, especially since Dina’s classmate Milly was jealous of her.

72 /// The Monsey View /// May 20, 2015

Sury Spitzer


The Princess Miss

Hawkins stood at the front of the room wearing her gathered paisley school dress. Her lips were as straight and thin as Dina’s knitting needle, and her large body seemed to suck in the air in the fourth grade classroom. Still her voice was steady and quiet. In all the weeks that Dina had been coming to fourth grade, Miss Hawkins had never spoken in a loud voice. “I have a surprise for you, class,” Miss Hawkins almost whispered.

can we begin?” the fourth grade exploded in noise. And quite unlike herself, Miss Hawkins just stood there, allowing her students freedom for all of two minutes. “And who will play the princess?” Milly’s voice shrilled above her classmates. “Not Diana Eisen, I hope!” The classroom suddenly became deathly still.

By then the news would be old and stale, like a slice of bread left on the counter overnight.

“In honor of the holidays we will be putting up a pageant of a beautiful princess who was lost in a forest and caught by bandits. In December, after we rehearse many times, we will perform for your parents.”

Miss Hawkins gave Milly a stare that could freeze warm blood pulsing through blue veins and said, “Everyone will have a chance to audition for the role, and the best one will get the part. Now class, enough time wasted. Open your spellers to page eight, and copy the list of spelling words onto your writing tablets. I expect each of you to use your best copperplate penmanship.”

“Hurray!” “Whew!” “When

Dina took a deep breath as

The classroom was deeply quiet, and the fourth graders leaned forward.

she opened her speller. She had been unaware that she had been holding her breath at all until she was able to begin breathing again. Why did Milly hate her so? Deep in her heart Dina knew that she could get the part of princess. After all, she was a princess; that’s what Tatte always called her. “You’re

a Bas Melech, Dina, daughter of the King,” Tatte frequently reminded her. And Sam too; didn’t he call her Princess all the time? I will audition for the part, just to show Milly, Dina promised herself. Two days later, the parts were posted on the bulletin board right inside Grade Four’s door. As soon as Dina arrived

73 /// info@TheMonseyView.com

to school she knew that something was in the air. “Princess, princess,” girls were shouting as she walked in. “Here comes our very own princess.” For a moment Dina was confused, but then she looked at the bulletin and saw her name prominently printed near Princess Elizabeth. Dina sucked in her breath and searched the room for Miriam, her twin. Only Miriam knew how much Dina wanted the role. Dina could hardly wait for Milly to come. She couldn’t wait to see the expression on Milly’s face!

and formed little ringlets around her flushed face, making her hair almost as curly as Miriam’s. “I bet she didn’t come because she knew she would never get the role. I mean she really doesn’t act like a princess, does she?” Dina’s dark eyes flashed under her black eyelashes. Miriam was quiet as she walked alongside Dina. But Dina never noticed. She was too caught up in the moment. “Miriam, what do you think Mama and Tatte will say about my part in the play?”

However, as the clock chimed nine o’clock and Miss Hawkins called the class to order, it soon became clear that Milly was not coming today.

“Hmm,” was all Miriam said.

“Congratulations, Diana,” Miss Hawkins said. Dina felt a wave of pleasure fill her chest. The gladness filled every part of her until she felt she would burst. But then she remembered that she would have to wait until tomorrow to see Milly’s reaction, and by then the news would be old and stale, like a slice of bread left on the counter overnight. Dina slumped in her seat.

Suddenly Dina stopped walking. “Miriam, what’s wrong?” Her usually cheerful sister had suddenly gone silent. But Miriam continued walking along quickly. She didn’t stop at the apple sellers to smell the apples. She didn’t wave to the baker or the postman whom they passed every day at 3:00 on their walk home from school. She hurried forward, leaving Dina behind on the wet sidewalk.

“Could you believe that Milly was absent today of all days?” Dina complained to Miriam on their walk home later that afternoon. There was a fine drizzle in the air that frizzed up Dina’s black hair

74 /// The Monsey View /// June 3, 2015


“And let’s find Sam. I want to tell him too.” Still Miriam was quiet.

At the lights, Dina caught up with Miriam. “Miriam, what’s wrong? Why aren’t you talking to me?” Dina was breathless. Suddenly it occurred to Dina why her sister was upset. “Miriam are


A School Story

you upset that you didn’t get the princess part?” Dina’s voice was gentle, with a quiver in it.

“No, not at all,” Miriam answered. “I didn’t even try out for it.” “Oh.” Dina was vastly relieved. She couldn’t possibly enjoy her moment in the spotlight knowing that Miriam felt left out. Dina ran up the four flights of stairs way ahead of Miriam. She burst through the door, shouting, “Mama, Mama, where is Mama?” “I’m right here,” her mother called from the kitchen. “A gitten tug, Dina. And where is Miriam?” Mama was in the kitchen peeling vegetables for the soup with Malka at her side. “Mama, I’m the princess!” Dina could not contain her news a moment longer. “Of course, Dina. You are a princess. Where is Miriam, Dina?” “Miriam is coming home, Mama. I’m the princess that will get lost in the forest and be caught by bandits, Mama.” Mama stopped scraping the carrots for the chicken soup she was preparing for Shabbos and turned around to face Dina.

“What are you saying, Dina? Why would you get lost in a forest?” Malka too was staring at Dina, a question mark in her eyes. Just then Miriam came into the kitchen. “A gitten tug, Mama.” Miriam said. “Hello, Malka.” “I’m just telling Mama about getting the role of princess for the pageant.” Dina bubbled.

to the fire escape. The grates were wet from the afternoon’s rain. Dina didn’t care. She didn’t care that her floral school skirt was getting wet. The pigeons were in their nest, happily purring to each other. Are pigeons ever angry? Dina wondered. It’s not fair. It’s not fair. Dina kept repeating in her mind. It’s not fair. She thought of Milly and of how wonderful it would have been to be the princess and Milly her servant

Miriam and Malka’s eyes met for a split second. In that second Dina knew that as a Jewish daughDina suddenly ter she was a real princess. Royalty understood. She understood why does not perform in public. Miriam hadn’t tried out for the role of princess and girl. Dina pulled her knees up to why she had been so quiet on her chest and rested her chin their walk home. Of course. on her knees. She let her hair How could Dina have thought fall over her face. She would of being in the pageant? The not cry. She would not cry. She story would be about the should have known that she non-Jewish holiday, and the wouldn’t take part in a holiday audience would be mixed function. She closed her eyes men and women. Dina knew tightly. She would not cry. She that as a Jewish daughter she wouldn’t think of Milly or of was a real princess. Royalty school or of lost princesses. does not perform in public. She would not think about how She was proud and grateful she must tell Miss Hawkins that her family had not given tomorrow that she wouldn’t up Shabbos like Sam’s and be part of the play and of Rebecca’s and Gloria’s. But then how Milly will hoot and laugh she thought of Milly. Milly who scornfully. She wished the had not come to school today. pigeons would be quiet. Why Now she would never get a were they always so content chance to show Milly. purring in their nests? It’s not ��To be continued. fair! Dina climbed out the window

75 /// info@TheMonseyView.com

76 /// The Monsey View /// June 3, 2015

Learn to Draw with Faigy Rothman

Follow these step-by-step directions to draw your own masterpiece.

Enter Our Art Contest! Step 1

We will be featuring an art contest every four weeks. To submit your art:

1. Draw one of the art ideas from this column. Keep in mind that it can be drawn to any size, and that a bigger picture will be clearer and more fun to color. 2. Color it, using pastel, crayon, paint, marker, or even colored pencil.

3. Clearly label your submission Step 2 with your name, age, and school/ cheder. 4. Mail your masterpiece to Faigy Rothman at 8 Gwen Lane, Monsey, NY 10952

Winning entry will be featured in The Monsey View, and its artist will be the lucky winner of a $25 gift

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Real Estate//

A View on Our Town’s Housing Market

The Monsey View presents a real estate column to help you make smart and informed choices when buying or selling your home.

What comes first, the chicken or the egg? Or is it, the mortgage or the house, or the house and then the financing? In the Monsey area and surrounding communities, the real estate market is on fire. According to HVMLS (Hudson Value Multiple Listing Service) at this time last year 168 homes sold in the town of Ramapo, and this year 197 houses have sold. The house prices have also crept up different percentages depending on location. What does that mean to the average home buyer or home seller? It seems we are in what’s known as a “sellers’ market.” This means that there are less sellers than buyers, and therefore, according to the laws of supply and demand, buyers are at a disadvantage. There are, in many situations, multiple offers for the same deal, so buyers need to give higher offers in order to get the home, or in some instances, they need to be willing to compromise on certain details or items that they may have wanted in order to keep the deal. Now, more than ever, it is crucial to have a realtor who is very good at negotiation to be on your side. In the last few days, I have met with two different families. One made an offer on a home that they loved, but after the home inspection was completed they wanted to renegotiate the price based on some repairs that came up in the report. The seller didn’t agree, and the realtor wasn’t sure how to handle the situation. A few days went by. The seller got tired of waiting, so he moved on and accepted another offer. The potential buyers lost the deal. The other client I have met with, very similarly, had some potentially expensive repairs listed in the report and also wanted to renegotiate. But their realtor explained to them that the items that 78 /// The Monsey View /// June 3, 2015

they were requesting were not issues that sellers generally fix on “re-sales,” and they should always expect that there will be some things wrong. She explained to them that the seller had backup offers and they have to make a decision as to whether they are willing to proceed or not. They decided to proceed, realizing that another home in this neighborhood may not appear again so soon. In conclusion, each purchase of a home is unique and two situations are never the same. The reason why sellers accept one offer over another is usually price, but not always. It could be because a buyer has more down-payment, or cash; one may have a better credit score, or their pre-approval is stronger and more credible. Sometimes the reasons are emotional. I am doing a loan now for a family who was putting only 3% down, and they were not giving the highest offer. There was an all-cash offer with a higher price, but the sellers liked that my client’s family was young and would be living in the house, the house that they had lived in for over 30 years. The all-cash buyers were going to knock it down!

Ann Zeilingold

What should prospective buyers do in order to be able to purchase in today’s market?

Here are a few tips:

1. Be ready. When you are ready to buy, have all of your ducks in order. Make sure you have been properly preapproved for your mortgage. If your lender will give you a “TBD” commitment, you will be in a better position. This is an actual mortgage commitment subject to you finding a home. With this in hand, you can even compete against a cash offer

Ann Zeilingold Vice President

2. Be prepared to move really fast once you have found a house. Do not procrastinate on the signing of your contract or the scheduling of your home inspection. Sellers can show their home and accept other offers until they sign contract, which is after the buyer signs! Make sure to have your money in liquid form. You will need to provide a down payment check right away.

First Meridian Mortgage 1609 Route 202 Pomona, NY 10970

3. Work very closely with your realtor. A realtor is like a shadchan. Besides finding you the right house for you to call home, they will be your best friend, social worker and marriage counselor during this stressful time. And yes, purchasing a home is stressful.

Office: 845-354-9700 Mobile: 914-260-9000 ann@annzeilingold.com

Find Ann’s real estate column weekly in The Monsey View.

Ann Zeilingold, NMLS # 41850, is the Vice President and Branch Manager of First Meridian Mortgage in Pomona, NY. First Meridian is a direct lender, licensed in NY, NJ, FL and CT. She has been originating residential mortgages for 27 years. She has recently published a book, which is a must-read for any prospective homebuyer. “The Homebuyers Companion”. Ann grew up in Monsey and she currently lives in Wesley Hills with her husband and children. 79 /// info@TheMonseyView.com


Deer Crashes

Car/Deer Crash Statistics

- The New York Department of Environmental Conservation estimates a statewide deer population of one million. - Due to the nature of car/deer crashes it is difficult to obtain a definitive total, but it is estimated that between 38,000 and 57,000 such crashes occur annually on New York’s roads, with a cost between 30 and 50 million dollars. - Over the past ten years, 44 people have died as a result of car/deer crashes in New York State. - In some New York counties, car/deer incidents account for

Six Tips to Avoid Car/Deer Crashes

1. Although certainly not entirely predictable, the majority of car/deer crashes do have regular pattern of occurrence. Nearly two-thirds of the annual car/deer crashes in New York State occur in the months of October, November, and December, during the hours of 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. 2. Deer naturally feed and move in the dawn and dusk hours. This is a good defense against natural predators but a real problem for drivers on the road during these hours. Be especially careful during these times of limited visibility. 3. Deer are herd animals. If you see one by the roadway, slow down and be prepared to stop. There are probably others about to cross.  4. If startled by the sounds or lights of a vehicle, or any other threat, deer will bolt from the perceived danger without regard for the consequences. Be ready for erratic behavior.  5. At night and at times of limited visibility, when there is no oncoming traffic, drive with your high beams on. This will illuminate the eyes of deer approaching or already in the roadway.  6. When driving at a normal speed and surprised by a deer, don’t swerve your vehicle to avoid striking it. Reactive, evasive moves can result in a loss of vehicle control. It is generally better to hit the deer than to run into an oncoming vehicle or a fixed object

80 /// The Monsey View /// June 3, 2015

Oh Deer!

Deer use speed and agility to outrun predators, sprinting up to 30 miles per hour and leaping as high as 10 feet and as far as 30 feet in a single bound.

Beauty, Grace, and Swiftness

Deer are among the most graceful and gentle of all hoofed animals. They are also noted for their swift running. They are a symbol of beauty, glory, and swiftness in our mesorah. Yirmiyahu Hanavi refers to Eretz Yisroel as “nachlas Tzvi”: z‫ נַ ֲחלַ ת צְ ִבי‬,‫לָ ְך ֶא ֶרץ ֶח ְמ ָדה‬-‫ וְ ֶא ֶתן‬- I give you a pleasant land, the goodliest (tzvi) heritage... Our chachamim gave a further reason why Eretz Yisroel is likened to a deer: “Just as a deer is swift on its legs, so is Eretz Yisroel swift to ripen its fruits.” The deer is mentioned in the Torah among the ten species of animals - domestic and wild -that are kosher for Yidden to eat, being both cud-chewing and having wholly split hooves (two even toes). The deer’s flesh, called venison, is considered a delicacy. It is mentioned prominently in the menu of Shlomo HaMelech’s daily banquet. “Tzvi,” often in combination with its Yiddish equivalent “Hirsh,” is a popular boy’s name, as is “Tzivia” for girls; and no wonder, considering all the nice things that have been said about the deer. But, having such a nice name means also having a special responsibility, in light of the wellknown possuk in Pirkei Avos: “Yehuda ben Tema used to say: ‘Be bold as a leopard, light as an eagle, swift as a deer, and strong as a lion to do the will of your Father in heaven.’”

K n othw e ingo L Buck: A male deer Stag: A large male deer Doe: A female deer

Fawn: a young deer Herd: a group of deer The plural of deer is deer. 81 /// info@TheMonseyView.com

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84 /// The Monsey View /// June 3, 2015


In anticipation of the long summer days ahead, The Monsey View will feature family-friendly trips that are sure to create fond memories. Join us as we explore lovely attractions in and near Rockland County for day trips and short getaways. Hiking trails and scenic spots, parks, waterfronts and indoor recreation are all within reach- accessible by taxi, train and sometimes even by foot. We hope the information will enhance your summer and take you on wonderful EXCURSIONS.

85 /// info@TheMonseyView.com

Summer Family Fun //

86 /// The Monsey View /// June 3, 2015

Devoiry Goralnik

Explore Historic Hudson Valley. Marvel at the wealth of the Rockefellers, and learn about the deprivation of slavery. A fascinating, eye-opening trip that will appeal to all ages.

This week’s spotlight is on

Sleepy Hollow, NY Where Nature and History Meet

It was a friend of mine who introduced me to the wealth of history and natural beauty that lies just past the Tappan Zee Bridge in the small village of Sleepy Hollow. Tucked into Westchester County, its total land area is barely five miles, with more than half of it comprised of water. No less than five village sites are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. So for those who enjoy a slower-paced, historical outing surrounded by palaces and gardens, water and mills, with the musty scent of days gone by, Sleepy Hollow can make for a lovely destination. There are two options for guided tours in the area, plus a park preserve for a serene hiking, walking, and picnic experience to

87 /// info@TheMonseyView.com

Summer Family Fun //

Kykiut – Rockefellers’ Estate The preeminent attraction in this village is Kykiut, Rockefellers’ estate. With its architectural grandeur, remarkable gardens, art, history, and spectacular scenery, a trip to Kykiut made for a breathtaking tour. This hilltop paradise was home to four generations of the Rockefeller family, beginning with the philanthropist John D. Rockefeller, founder of Standard Oil. His business acumen made him, in his day, the wealthiest man in America. Now a historic site of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, this extraordinary landmark has been continuously and meticulously maintained for more than 100 years. We started out with viewing the main rooms of the six-story stone house. We took in the luxurious rooms, furniture and art in appreciation of opulence that transcends time and style. From there we headed to the splendid terraced gardens. The gardens are at peak bloom through June and July, and the garden-scape, with the

88 /// The Monsey View /// June 3, 2015

Hudson River sparkling from the distance, was spectacular. We were treated to a viewing of the underground art galleries with Governor Rockefeller’s collection of Picasso tapestries, and the cavernous Coach Barn, with its collections of classic automobiles and horse-drawn carriages. Kykiut features a menu of tour options, which allows you to tailor a visit that appeals to your interest and available time: Classic Tour: Perfect for the first time visitor

Grand Tour: The most comprehensive choice

Landmark Tour: Spend more time in the gardens Timesaver Tour: Best choice if you’re pressed

Devoiry Goralnik

Philipsburg Manor History came alive as we stepped upon the property of Philipsburg Manor, a preserved pre-Civil War farmstead, depicting a time when slavery was an integral part of daily farm life in the United States. Slavery was dominant in the south, so it was fascinating to hear the riveting, yet little-known story of enslavement in the colonial north. The tour guides, dressed in colonial-era attire made the experience that much more real. As we went from mill to kitchen to slave quarters, it was not hard to envision the slaves of yesteryear performing their backbreaking labor in the heat of the summer and the winter cold. We were afforded a peek into the personal life of a typical slave by the preserved chambers we visited, with artifacts and touchable reproductions, and the many visual and informational details we were supplied about their treatment. We enjoyed the open nature, too, at the working gristmill surrounded by the rushing sound of water and the creaking of the wooden gears upon a serene, pastoral setting. There were many hands-on activities that children can enjoy, like shelling beans, turning flax into linen, and threshing wheat that enable them to experience the era fully. Both tours begin at the Visitor Center at Philipsburg Manor, where you’ll board a shuttle bus for a short ride to the estate, if taking the Kykiut tour. 89 /// info@TheMonseyView.com

Summer Family Fun //

Travel Time and Fares:

Car: 27 Minutes from Monsey; taxi fare is $30 TOR Bus: Take the Tappan Zee Express from Spring Valley Transit Center to the North Metro Station in

Tarrytown for $3, (trip takes approximately an hour) then a five-minute taxi ride to Sleepy Hollow. Taxis can be hailed at the Tarrytown Train Station.

Admission Fees


Philipsburg Manor

Most Tours: Under 3: free Children 3-17: $23 Adults: $25 for adults

Under 3: free Child 3-17: $6 Adult: $12

The Grand Tour, which covers the entire estate, is more expensive.

Group tickets (10+ people) are cheaper There’s an additional $2 charge if the tickets were not purchased in advance online.

Days of Operation

Thursday, Friday, Sunday

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday

Tour Times

9:45 Grand Tour 10:15 Classic Tour 10:45 Classic Tour 11:00 Landmark Tour 11:15 Classic Tour 11:45 Classic Tour 1:00 Classic Tour 12:50 Timesaver Tour 1:15 Landmark Tour 1:45 Grand Tour 2:00 Classic Tour 2:15 Classic Tour 2:30 Classic Tour 3:15 Classic Tour 3:50 Timesaver Tour

10:30 am 12:00 pm 1:30 pm 3:00 pm On Sundays, there are additional tours: 11:00 am 12:30 pm 2:00 pm 3:30 pm

Tour Duration

Classic Tour: 2 1/4 hours Grand Tour: 3 hours Landmark Tour: 2 1/4 hours Timesaver Tour: 1 1/2 hours

1 hour and 45 minutes for complete site experience

The duration listed in each tour includes the shuttle bus ride to and from the site

Philipsburg Manor: 381 N. Broadway, Sleepy Hollow, NY Rockefeller State Park Preserve: Just four minutes away by car from the Kykiut Estate is a preserve with endless acreage of greenery. The term “preserve” is used for an environment of passive recreation. After either of the abovementioned tours, it is nice to conclude the trip with a serene walk through the Preserve. The most notable feature of the Preserve is the system of carriage roads built to complement the landscape. The carriage roads, many of which are accessible, allow visitors to experience and enjoy the natural wonders of the area. These scenic paths wind through wetlands, woodlands, meadows, and fields and past streams, rivers, and lakes while traversing wood and stone bridges. You may even come across horse riders who take advantage of the carriage roads, and get the full colonial experience! Preserve Entrance: 125 Phelps Way, Pleasantville, NY 10570 Parking fee: $6

‫ י סנדיק‬:‫‘שמחת בית מעלבורן טשערקאס סערדהלי | צילום‬

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92 /// The Monsey View /// June 3, 2015

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‫שמחת בית בעלזא‬ ‫‪ | 1‬בתפילה בכותל המערבי ‪ -‬צילום‪ :‬אנשיל בעק‬ ‫‪ | 2‬בתפילה על ציון הרה"ק מבעלזא זי"ע ‪ -‬צילום‪ :‬אנשיל בעק‬

‫‪ | 3‬בתפילה במערת המכפלה – צילום‪ :‬אנשיל בעק‬

‫‪ | 6‬סעודת עניים לנכד האדמו"ר מבעלזא ‪ -‬צילום‪ :‬אנשיל בעק‬

‫‪ | 4‬האדמו"ר מויזניץ בביקור לרגל השמחה‬ ‫‪ | 5‬שמחת החתן מאהל בחצר הקודש בעלזא‬

‫‪ | 7‬שטריימל לייגן להחתן‬ ‫‪ | 8‬שמחת הפארשפיל בחצר הקודש בעלזא‬

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‫שמחת בית בעלזא‬ ‫ שוקי לרר‬:‫ צילום‬- ‫ | מעמד קבלת פנים‬1 ‫ | מעמד החופה‬2

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‫בבית הנגיד ר‘ רפאל פערלמוטער מראה”ק סאטמאר‬ ‫גאב”ד זכרון‬ ‫בביקור אצל‬ ‫האדמו”ר‬ ‫בעלזא‬ ‫שמחת בית‬ ‫מאיר מאיר‬ ‫גאב"ד זכרון‬ ‫וואזנערוואזנער‬ ‫הגר”חהגר"ח‬ ‫גומלין אצל‬ ‫מ’סקווירא בביקור‬ ‫מסקווירא‬ ‫האדמו"ר‬ ‫‪|1‬‬

‫צילום‪:‬‬ ‫פנים ‪-‬‬ ‫מעמד‬ ‫לרר גאב"ד ירושלים‬ ‫שוקיאצל‬ ‫בביקור‬ ‫פלאהר‬ ‫קבלתחיים‬ ‫הגאון ר'‬ ‫‪|2 |1‬‬ ‫החופה‬ ‫מעמד‬ ‫הכרת הטוב פאר חסד ‪ 24/7‬וואלונטירען‬ ‫מסיבת‬ ‫‪|3 |2‬‬

‫‪ToTo‬‬ ‫‪bebe‬‬ ‫‪featured‬‬ ‫‪in in‬‬ ‫‪The‬‬ ‫‪Monsey‬‬ ‫‪View,‬‬ ‫‪email‬‬ ‫‪pictures‬‬ ‫‪and‬‬ ‫‪relevant‬‬ ‫‪captions‬‬ ‫‪to to‬‬ ‫‪photos@themonseyview.com‬‬ ‫‪featured‬‬ ‫‪The‬‬ ‫‪Monsey‬‬ ‫‪View,‬‬ ‫‪email‬‬ ‫‪pictures‬‬ ‫‪and‬‬ ‫‪relevant‬‬ ‫‪captions‬‬ ‫‪photos@themonseyview.com‬‬


‫מעמדבעלזא‬ ‫שמחת בית‬ ‫הכנסת ספר תורה בביהמ"ד הגדול דקיט״ל דסאטמאר מאנסי | יום ה' פרשת במדבר | ע"י מוה"ר יואל איזראעל הי"ו | לע"נ בנו הילד יצחק ע"ה‬ ‫ שוקי לרר‬:‫ צילום‬- ‫ | מעמד קבלת פנים‬1 ‫ | מעמד החופה‬2

To be in The Monsey View, email pictures andand relevant captions to photos@themonseyview.com Tofeatured be featured in The Monsey View, email pictures relevant captions to photos@themonseyview.com






‫‪ | 1‬מנהל הרב מעדעטסקי נואם לתלמידים‬ ‫‪ | 2‬הרב מתפארת ישראל נואם‬

‫‪ | 4‬חברים ביי בלעקאוט ביי חתונה אין ישיבה ספרינג וואלי‬ ‫‪ | 5‬חסד של אמת האנארינג די באאמטע אין פלארידע‬

‫‪ | 3‬ישיבת דרכי נועם מסיימים‬

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: le r : bris y l ef oo r t s t yg f parties n J H rsi i n g J e DINNERS t r H ca t e KIDDEISHIM a c

845.371.java www.havajavaonline.com


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