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Volume 11, Thursday 21st September, 2006

Population surges for shutdown Written by Stuart Deed

I Love the Knight Life success The cast of Roxby Downs Area School’s “I Love the Knight Life” performed brilliantly during the Friday night performance to a near capacity crowd at the Leisure Centre’s Auditorium.

Directed by Joslyn Fox and Stephen Bice and set in the mythical Court of Camelot, the play featured a very amusing Elvis Presley-obsessed King Arthur (Josh Bishop). On his wedding day to Queen

Guinevere, Arthur is cursed and his people will be forced to suffer a fate worse than death - a lifetime of the King’s favourite songs!

For more information see Arts - Page 15.

The shutdown of the Smelter at the Olympic Dam mine has brought an additional 900 workers and contractors into Roxby Downs and the surrounding towns. Businesses providing housing and hospitality are the most likely to benefit from the influx but there are also potential downsides to having more people in town. Manager of the Myall Grove Caravan Park, John Knowles, said all the permanent beds in the park were in use during the shutdown. “At the moment we are fully booked out, except for the powered sites which we keep open for tourists when they come in. “We’ve been busy all year but BHP Billiton is still looking for more beds to put people in – they just can’t get enough,” Mr Knowles said. The majority of the bookings for Myall Grove, Mr Knowles said, went to BHP Billiton contractors, but there were a few drilling operators who also housed workers in the park. An unexpected bonus for residents of the park had been the presence of roving security staff, hired by BHP Billiton, to patrol the park at night and increase safety and responsible behaviour. “BHP Billiton is a great company to work with because they do everything they can to look after their staff,” Mr Knowles explained. Any business which provides food and beverages service, like the Tavern, could also be expected to do well during a busy time in town. The Monitor spoke with Tavern Manager Paul Gunn. “We haven’t seen a big increase in business yet but it’s just starting to pick up and we expect that will continue,” he said. Mr Gunn said extra staff had been placed on many of the shifts to cater for the expected increase in visitor numbers. “We are ready for more people and for us, the busier the better, because the

more people we get in equals a good time and a better atmosphere for everyone. “We’re really looking forward to it,” he said. However, with all the additional people in town, an increase in criminal behaviour could also be expected. Senior Constable Scott Cheers said the Roxby Downs police were prepared for the shutdown. “Historically speaking, shutdowns generally lead to an increased workload for us,” Snr Const Cheers said. “In the past we’ve seen an increase in the amount of traffic and alcohol related crimes and because of that we expect to be busier than usual,” he said. Senior Constable Cheers drew attention to recent Operation Vulcan raids and operations in Woomera as part of police preparations for the shutdown. For Family and Youth Officer, Tom Beever, shutdowns at the mine also meant an increase in counselling work. “For shutdowns I get a lot of people who come up here alone but many of them have families elsewhere. “They come to me and want to talk about issues in their lives – some have relationship problems, behavioural problems and some addiction problems,” Mr Beever said. He said he had also noticed many parents became more guarded with their children during shutdown periods and tried to keep them off the street at night time. “There’s seems to be a change of ethos for some parents in how they manage their children when the town gets busier like this,” he said. Mr Beever observed the long hours which many employees worked during shutdowns impacted on both workers and their families. “Shutdowns emphasise a problem with a lack of places to meet up in town. These guys are working extended shifts and then don’t really have places to meet up that don’t involve alcohol and gambling.”

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My rates here in Roxby Downs are over $200 higher than at my shack at Port Broughton, where I appear to have the same type of facilities (refuse collection/footpath/community library etc). I have no problem and I would not even try and tell our administrator of the Roxby Downs township where he should spend his budget. I just would like to see the results/outcomes and justifications of where the money is spent. My concern is - and I may be incorrect with this - we are paying consultants to coordinate these forums. They appear to have been running for one – two years? I have been part of one of the forums for approximately six months and I cannot really say I have seen any

results/outcomes as yet and I would like to see some, especially if our rates money or even grant money is being spent on these forums. Please don’t get me wrong because I appreciate the volunteers who attend all of these meetings. They are people who are giving large amounts of their time for our town, thank you. I am sure there are other people in the town who have the same concern as me, can you please publish the results, can you please let us know who much has been spent so far, the dollar amount for the future, and how long these forums are going to take to complete their tasks? We just want to be assured that the money is being spent wisely and economically with the best results for Roxby Downs. I am involved in local football in town and do have a concern about the local oval and would like some money budgeted for up-grading, as the oval is in poor condition. I cold not see where any money was allocated for this.

I have been told we were getting a new oval but I imagine that is not in the near future. The oval needs money spent on it now, when you watch the football teams play, you can see the poor quality of the grass they play on. We still seem to have a leakage problem that keeps getting patched up and the smell from the slush in the side lines is very unpleasant. On a positive, I have been talking to people who are on the Arts Forum? Who were very positive and enthusiastic about the forum they are on and the help the new Arts Coordinator has been giving them and say results are coming. I have lived in Roxby Downs for 20 years and look forward to seeing the new development take place. I am happy to pay my rates as long as I can see the results and know the money is well spent. Chris Kaminski

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I am writing of my concerns regarding the ongoing forums that our town administration (I do not call it a council as we do not elect a council who have any voting power) have been running.

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BHP Billiton Olympic Dam Supporting Our Community

Domestic Violence in focus A support group is being established by Roxby Downs Council’s Family and Youth Officer, Tom Beever, to fight domestic violence. Domestic violence is one of the most distressing hidden issues in many communities but especially in a town like Roxby Downs where there are no shelters available. Family and Youth Officer, Tom Beever, has been tackling the problem for the five years he has lived in town – first as a Minister and now in his council position. “I thought I had a reasonable understanding of domestic violence in Roxby Downs when I was Minister but since I started as Family and Youth Officer I’ve discovered that it’s an even bigger issue than I’d first thought,” he said. Mr Beever highlighted a three week period in October last year as an example but stressed that the problem was ongoing. “In that time 20 per cent of the people who came in to see me had suffered in some way from domestic violence. “Another 19 percent had work related problems, while 15 per cent were struggling with problems at home with their family,” he said. Mr Beever said most of the time when domestic violence occurred,

stress almost always played a strong role in the situation. While the majority of people who seek out Mr Beever’s help and advice are the victims of the assaults, sometimes it is the perpetrator who comes in for advice. “Lots of the people who do the assaulting had seen acts of violence in the home when they were young. “Most of them suffer from a number of stress-related problems, which leads them to alcohol and from there to violence,” he said. Traditionally domestic violence has been seen as men assaulting women but Mr Beever said there were cases where it was the other way around, although the abuse tended to be emotional rather than physical. “Locally I’ve been working with families who have been affected by domestic violence and in some cases it has led to serious charges being by the police,” he said. “I’m really grateful to the police and I’ve received 100 per cent support from them,” he said. Mr Beever said he had been able to offer a number of different aids to victims of domestic violence, including financial assistance, help to find accommodation and even

simple advice. “I’ve also noticed that there is often a great deal of support given to victims by their friends who have known what’s been going on. “People told me they wanted to set up a support group for victims of domestic violence, so they don’t have to suffer alone and can rely on others if the need arises,” he said. The lack of a ‘safe house’ for victims of domestic violence, Mr Beever explained, made outside assistance “absolutely necessary” because they had nowhere to go. “It’s all about breaking the domestic violence cycle and I ask anyone involved – including abusers, victims and observers – to do the right thing and seek help,” he said. Mr Beever urged all victims of violence in the home to seek help and contact their doctor, the hospital or police, or ring him at his office on 8671 2892. Anyone interested in joining a domestic violence should ring Tom on his office number – which transfers to a mobile when he is not in the office. A national Domestic Violence hotline is also available for victims or instigators on 1800 800 098 or the Men’s Line Helpline 1300 789 978.

Above: RDAS School Captains Jamie-Lee Oldfield and Josh Bishop pictured with BHP Billiton’s Alison Hartman BHP Billiton Olympic Dam has recently approved more than $280,000 in sponsorship, including $265,000 to support five key partnerships: • Strengthening Our Families ($90,000) • Roxby Downs Skate Park ($80,000) • Roxby Downs Area School curriculum support ($50,000) • Tennis Courts Upgrade ($20,000) • Pilot of a Welcome Prog ram ($25,000). BHP Billiton’s guidelines focus on sustainable programs to benefit the community. An example of this is the Strengthening Our Families program, which will work to support families with young children and reduce the effect of being away from extended family. The $90,000, to be given over three years, will fund a coordinator to organise volunteers and ensure families with children up to five-years-old are linked with relevant services. The program will operate in Roxby Downs, Andamooka and Woomera. Alison Hartman, Vice President – Health, Safety, Environment and Community, said the Strengthening Our Families partnership reflects a BHP Billiton focus on supporting self-sustaining community-based projects. “We are very pleased to show our support for these worthy partnerships, which will benefit the well being of our local communities. “Our support is based around our Sustainable Development policy of providing value to our host communities, ensuring they benefit from our presence

Roxby council budget follow-up In the last edition of The Monitor we promised to look at the council’s budget and what Roxby Downs’ residents thought of it, especially in relation to how rates are spent. We contacted a number of people and asked them to fill in a ‘brief ’ survey on how money was allocated and where people thought it should be allocated. The number of responses to the questionnaire was very encouraging – especially considering the amount of effort some respondents put into their replies. One person even asked for a full version of the budget (publicly available at the council offices), so they could make an informed

statement. A hot topic for respondents was the skate park – which several respondents believed should have already been completed. “I feel that a lot of money is directed to Sport and Recreation but I fail to see the full benefits of this,” wrote Emma Gigney. “I know many families are into some sport or another but not all families. The thing that I wonder about is how many years the kids have been after a skate park and I still can’t see one. Where does the money go?” A series of recent Letters to the Editor from Craig Hancock (September 7) and Chris Kaminski (this edition) have also drawn atten-

tion to the lack of a skate park in Roxby. The Monitor respectfully repeats our request for residents to write in and tell us what they think of the council budget. This is an opportunity – outside of the forums – for members of the community to say where and how council money should be spent. We will individually contact more members of the community during the coming week but welcome and invite comments. Any comments can be emailed to or ring the office on 8671 2683.

in the region, and that the project’s importance is identified by the community. “These key projects and other smaller grant funds will enhance the health, and social lifestyle of local residents. “This is in addition to our commitment to ongoing funding for other projects such as Arid Recovery,” she said. Two of the projects - the Skate Park and the Tennis Courts - are funded jointly with Roxby Downs Council and other grant funds. The Welcome Program is a pilot for BHP Billiton employees and their families to help the integration into the community by making them aware of the services available and providing introductions and information tailored to the family. Other projects supported by BHP Billiton include the following community activities: Andamooka recreation project Roxby Downs and District Race Club Marree Picnic Race Club Blinman Gymkhana Kingoonya Amateur Picnic Race Club Olympic Dam/Roxby Downs City to Bay Fun Run team Woomera Fitness Challenge St Barbara’s Readathon Roxby Downs Clean-up 2006 RFDS Golf Day and Auction The BHP Billiton Olympic Dam Community Development Group meets monthly to consider requests for support. Applications must be lodged in writing. For further information, contact Amanda Hudson in Public Affairs by phoning 8671 8361.


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This is how your rates money is allocated per hundred dollars Community Development: $20.36 per hundred dollars Includes, library, cultural services, community development and youth services. Economic Development: $7.38 per hundred dollars Includes business, tourism Northern Regional Development Board, Signage, marketing and THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

Visitors Information Centre. ming and ovals. Infrastructure: $25.54 per hundred dollars Refuse: $16.20 per hundred dollars Includes parks and gardens, public convenIncludes refuse collection, landfill and reiences, roads and streets, footpaths and landcycling. scaping, street lighting and storm water. Other: $7.37 per hundred dollars Sport and Recreation: $23.56 per hundred Communications, Governance, dogs and dollars Includes all sports, Leisure Centre, swim- cats and public conveniences

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Monitor NEWS

Domestic violence in relationships

Olympic Dam Transport Maintenance Manager, Darren Lamb

From humble beginnings From little things, big things grow… When Ken and Val Lamb moved to Roxby Downs in 1987 they came with one truck, a car full of kids, and very little else. From these humble beginnings, Olympic Dam Transport (ODT) grew. Now ODT employs 69 people and owns around 80 pieces of plant and equipment, a far cry from the early days, when it was just Ken and his truck, contracted to Top Transport.

Maintenance Manager Darren Lamb, who left a job at Olympic Dam to enter the family business, said he really enjoys working for a smaller company. “Private enterprise offers more job satisfaction. “It’s good to work for a company where everyone has a name, rather than just a number,” Mr Lamb said. The majority of Olympic Dam Transport’s work is contracted to BHP. They manage earth moving and civil construction on site, as

Police news The following are the main items of interest for Roxby Downs Police during the past week. Police arrested a 34-year-old man on Sunday, September 17, for breaching the conditions of a Domestic Violence Restraining Order placed on him. On Saturday, September 16, a female cyclist was taken to hospital with minor injuries following a collision with a bus. Police fined a 23-year-old woman fined after submitting a positive random breath analysis result on Saturday, September 16. On the same day in an unrelated matter, Police issued a 12-month licence disqualification notice to a 51-year-old man who refused to comply with a request for a random breath test. Damage to the bonnet and boot of a motor vehicle parked in a public car park was reported to police on Friday, September 15. Police received a report of assault to a 15-year-old on Friday, September 15. Further enquires will be made in relation to this matter. Police located and reported a 31-year-old man for the theft of a laptop computer on Thursday, September 14. The computer was returned to the owner. Two 24-year-old Andamooka residents were arrested on Tuesday, September 12, for a series of offences including aggravated serious criminal trespass, theft, property damage, unlawful possession and possession of firearms without appropriate licence.

well as site waste management and deliveries. They pride themselves on their ‘safety first’ policies, and on providing a high quality of service to their customers. Darren Lamb summed it all up nicely. “Roxby is great. There are excellent opportunities for career development, the remuneration is good and the community is really friendly. You can’t go wrong,” he said.

Charges laid over Andamooka theft Police have charged a 49-year-old woman from Whyalla with the serious misappropriation of funds from the Andamooka Primary School. The theft of between $190,000 - $350,000 was discovered during investigations into a rash of fires this year which have devastated the school. No charges concerning the fires have been laid against the woman, who is expected to face the Whyalla Magistrates Court in mid-October. Meanwhile, South Australian Education Minister, Jane Lomax-Smith told the ABC she was aware of the impending court date but could not comment on the matter.

Food for the Soul People rarely forget to seek sustenance to feed their bodies – but food for the soul is often neglected. We know it is necessary to our health to have a well balanced diet of the best foods available. But we often forget to feed our minds with things such as a well balanced diet of inspirational music, reading and conversation. On Sunday, September 24, Soul Food will have its debut at the Dunes Café in the Cultural Precinct at 1.30pm. People from all backgrounds will enjoy what will be an uplifting occasion of readings drawn from a wide range of philosophers, traditions and religions. The af terno on will include some tranquil music and conversation. The afternoon is sponsored by the Roxby Downs Bahai Community

Do you have any news? Do have an upcoming community event?

on 27 September, 2006

Contact Stuart Deed at The Monitor on 8671 2683 or email news@themonitor.

Tom Beever Family and Youth Officer

Family Matters In last week’s article I wrote about the importance of relationships. I raised the point that relationships aren’t an option in life, but an absolute necessity because (according to statistics) relationships are good for our health and well being. And, as I said last week, when I talk about relationships being good for us, I’m talking about good relationships, not bad ones. So, if good relationships are good for us we should be doing all we can to maintain them as best as possible. Especially we must protect the relationships that matter to us such as marriage/partner relationships or relationships with our children, in the home, family, work, business, sport and recreation. Unfortunately however, there are many people out there who suffer, or have suffered terribly, because of domestic violence in their relationship. Domestic violence occurs when a family member, partner or ex-partner attempts (or succeeds) physically or psychologically to dominate or harm the other. Conflict and difficulties are to be expected in almost any relationship. In fact, as I said in last week’s article, it’s unrealistic to think that we’ll all journey through life without them, but no-one EVER has the right to use violence! Domestic violence is a deplorable, cowardly act usually committed by men that can come in many forms, including physical violence, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, intimidation, economic deprivation or threats of violence. In extreme cases, all these can apply. I say, ‘usually committed by men’ because tragically, Australian statistics show that: • Men are significantly more likely to physical assault their female partners than vice-versa. • The injuries inflicted by male partners are significantly more serious than those inflicted by female partners. • Men who physically assault their partners are likely to be the sons of fathers who were violent to their own wives. • Women who are physically assaulted are likely to be the daughters of violent fathers and of mothers who were assaulted. Because Roxby Downs is a relative young mining outback community of some 20 years that enjoys an average age of around 27, that doesn’t mean we are exempt from the unacceptable behaviour

of domestic violence. In fact, much of my ministry and work over the near five years of being in Roxby Downs has been helping and assisting those who have suffered or are suffering domestic violence. That especially applies to the time I have been the Family and Youth Officer. In every case, it has been women who have been the victim and on most occasions, charges were laid against the abuser. As I have said to countless numbers of people for lots of different reasons, “there is nothing wrong with getting angry because we can all get angry for lots of different reasons. What matters, what is crucial, what is imperative – is that we control our anger…our anger must NEVER control us! Easier said than done, I know. But violence of any sort more often than not takes place when someone’s anger has control of them. Out of control domestic anger can (and does) lead to trouble that more often than not results in women getting hurt, wounded or tragically, sometimes even killed. In Australia, 3.6 times as many women as men are killed by their partners. Some use the excuse that they can’t control their anger, but the reality is no one has the right to use violence against their spouse or partner, and everyone can learn to control their anger. Lack of communication is a common problem in a home where domestic violence occurs. One partner or sometimes both don’t often know how to put into “pleasant and acceptable” words what they feel. Some have grown up in a family where personal feelings were never talked about, and so they lack the confidence or skills to be open with their partner. According to Relationships Australia the two single biggest warning sign of domestic violence for women is if he has been in a violent relationship before. Abusive men rarely change. The second sign is making the mistake of thinking ‘it will be different with me-she didn’t treat him right’. O ther p o ssible w ar ning sig ns Relationships Australia speak of for women are: • He puts your friends down and / or makes it difficult for you to see them. • He loses his temper over trivial things. • He has rigid ideas about the roles of men and women and can’t or won’t discuss it reasonably. • His mood swings are so erratic that you find yourself constantly trying to assess his mood and only think in terms of his needs. A healthy relationship is built on give and take. • It’s difficult for you to get emotional or physical space away from him – even if you directly ask for it. And if you do get it, he grill’s you about where you’ve been and who you were with. All couples experience problems in one form or another – its part of sharing our life with another person. The difference between relationships that work and those that don’t is how well couples deal with the problems that come. If your relationship has some of the warning signs of domestic violence, it’s time to seek advice. Speak to your doctor or other health professionals as soon as possible. Domestic violence is a problem in many households. If you suffer any form of domestic violence, or you are (or have) been an abuser…seek help immediately.

Domestic Violence Helpline 1800 800 098 Relationships Australia Helpline 1300 364 277 Men’s Line Helpline 1300 789 978


Page 4 – Thursday, September 21, 2006

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper


Monitor NEWS

Andamooka spirit The community of Andamooka met last Sunday to discuss the future of the Primary School. Chairperson of the Andamooka Primary School Governing Council Naomi Campbell spoke to approximately 50 community members about the State Government’s decision to rebuild a ‘Rural Children’s Centre. “We have a commitment to rebuild a ‘state of the art’ Rural Children’s Centre with facilities that will include Playgroup, Kindy Long day care, Indoor and Outdoor paly areas, sleep rooms, change areas and kitchen facilities catering for children from Birth to Year 3,” Mrs Campbell said. The Government has also made a commitment for those children in Years 4 and 5 to have a choice between returning to Andamooka or being integrated into classes at Roxby Downs Area School. “The Government gave us an agreement that this school will be rebuilt and that we can have the children up to Grade 5 at this school. It is your choice whether you will accept this decision or whether you want to keep fighting to have the whole school returned to Andamooka,” she said. Overwhelmingly the decision was to maintain the efforts to fight to have the whole school return from Playgroup to Year 7. Once again many community members asked why the town, community and most importantly the children were being punished for someone else’s crime. Mrs Campbell reiterated that the parents did have a choice for the Year 4 and 5 students but she hoped after such a fight to retain the school that the parents would continue sending their children to Andamooka. Going across to Roxby the children would be going into classes of 30 or more students but in Andamooka there would be smaller classes, enabling more one-on-one time and specialised care. “It is up to you, the community, to back this school, the staff and the children. Without the numbers in the school we will not have the facilities or staff for the children,” she said. Parents wanted to know why the Year 4/5 students were allowed back to

Andamooka but not the Year 6/7s. The Governing Council was pleased to be able to encourage parents to return their children to Andamooka Primary School on September 25. “It will be wonderful to have the children back in Andamooka. They have been through enough this year and if we can get them home they can settle, start to heal and have some faith in the Education Department that they do care about them and their wellbeing. “At long last they have something to be happy about. Not all the facilities will be available to them as what they currently have at the Area School but the real issue is about them being back at Andamooka where they belong. “They will not have to drive past the school every morning,” Mrs Campbell said. The community meeting was followed by a fundraising sausage sizzle and sale of the furniture and others goods from the previous school buildings. ‘Soot is for free’ was the catch cry as over $3,000 was raised for the school camp to be held later this year. “A big thanks must go to you all - once again the communities of Andamooka and Roxby Downs have shown us support by not only turning up for our meetings but also by putting their hands in their pockets. “I must thank the salvage companies who very kindly donated many of the goods back to the school so the Governing Council could sell them to raise money,” Mrs Campbell said. There will be another raffle and a Fundraising Night to be held later in the year. “We are very luck to still have some donations available to help raise money - these include works from three local artist Dave Kovac, Alex Mendelson and Jack Absalom, a frame Cap signed by Russel Ingall and more.” More details about the night to follow - lets shake off the dust, get the leather jackets, brill cream, pink ladies top and get ready to ‘Grease the night away. Just to give a small hint.

Cavpower delivers trucks to Prominent Hill Cavpower, South Australia’s Caterpillar dealer and the state’s largest supplier of earth moving equipment, are pleased to announce the completion of fourteen 240-ton Caterpillar 793D and two 100-ton Caterpillar 777D mining trucks, currently on their way from Whyalla to Oxiana’s mining operations at Prominent Hill. The mining trucks, the largest assembled in South Australia, were proudly constructed by Cavpower’s team in Whyalla at a new 28,000sqm compound purchased specifically for the assembly. Oxiana are on schedule for commencing open pit pre-stripping and site construction. The mine will produce a high quality copper-gold concentrate and be sold to smelters in Asia and Australia. The Caterpillar 793Ds and 777Ds will be used by Thiess Pty Ltd., the confirmed mining contractor for the Prominent Hill Copper-Gold project,

to strip overburden to meet their scheduled Q1, 2008, timing plan for exposing the orebody. Oxiana’s Prominent Hill operations have provided a tremendous opportunity for South Australian businesses. Cavpower built and delivered the trucks in just 7 weeks. The 28,000sqm block was purchased with the help of the Whyalla Council and prepared with hard stand and facilities for the build-up and assembly of the trucks. Cavpower also recruited an additional 25 skilled tradespeople for the truck build-up, most of whom are from Whyalla and regional SA. “We see Whyalla as being central to our future product support capacity for customers in the northern region of the State. Our primary objective is first class product support to Caterpillar users”, said Alistair Cavill, Managing Director of Cavpower. With the increasing number of mining projects in South Australia,

Cavpower recognises the need for expanding its maintenance and support facilities. Cavpower intends to develop a purpose-built Equipment and Component Rebuild Centre at the site, enabling Cavpower to increase its Whyalla-based staff, product support and training capacity. “We expect capacity expansion to occur at our Whyalla facility as the Caterpillar machine population grows in the region”, said Cavill. “A significant part of the state’s activity moving forward is going to be mining and the development of the infrastructure surrounding it, such as building homes, pipelines and power infrastructures. This is where South Australian contractors are going to be kept busy. We are particularly committed to expanding our business in the regional centres, as this is where many of our customers are focussed.”

Geoscience qualifications at TAFE The mining boom currently sweeping South Australia has created strong demand in a number of sectors and geoscience students are the latest to benefit. Apprentices and trainees have already demonstrated record employment numbers in the state and now geoscience students look likely to follow their lead. Further Education Minister Paul Caica recently told parliament that TAFE SA was the only facility in the country with a geoscience facility for both mining and petroleum industries. “For each university-trained geologist or geophysicist in Australia, there are up to 20 other geoscientists collecting and collating samples or data, with TAFE SA playing a key role the training for these roles.” “They have also developed a close working relationship with a string of

exploration companies and ensuring their course content is fine-tuned to meet changing industry needs.” “Our students are being snapped up by industry often before they complete their qualifications,” Mr Caica said. A number of companies are directly collaborating and recruiting students, including SANTOS, BHP Billiton, Geoservices, Baker-Atlas, Halliburton, Minotaur and Schlumberger. O’Halloran Hill Campus TAFE offers a Certificate 3 (six-month) and Diploma (18-month) in Geoscience, where there are currently 30 students enrolled. Above: Truck assembly yard at Prominent Hill The course has a strong practical emphasis with field trips, geological digs, computer map generation, heavy vehicle maintenance and basic electrical training.

Boat load of fun If you missed our recent Yorke Peninsula Feature – don’t despair – there’s still plenty of time to win a Boat Load of Fun! Our recent feature which appeared on August 31 spotlighted the fantastic region and all its attractions – but there was just one thing we missed! Prize details listed in the centre-spread were incorrect – SORRY!!! Therefore we bring you the correct list of fantastic prizes to be won as part of the campaign. Visit Yorke Peninsula between the 1st September and the 30th November, 2006 for your chance to win a ‘Boat Load of Fun’ valued at over $15,000 or one of 7 accommodation prizes! The winner of the major prize will take home a 3.95m aluminium dinghy with a 25hp outboard motor and trailer - full of absolutely everything needed to have a brilliant break on the Yorke Peninsula,

including 15 nights accommodation, beer, wine, fishing gear, eskies, beach gear, BBQ, vouchers and much much more! To enter, simply collect an entry form and have it stamped in two different towns on Yorke Peninsula by any two participating outlets. Just look for the posters displaying the ‘Boat Load of Fun’ competition throughout the region. Then drop off your entry form at any Yorke Peninsula Visitor Information Centre or mail to PO BOX 417, KADINA, SA, 5554. For more information or a free copy of our Visitor Guide call 1800 654 991 or visit Terms and conditions apply. SA Lic No T06/2984. It’s a fantastic time of year to visit the pristine Yorke Peninsula region – Have a Boat Load of Fun while you are there!

Petroleum discoveries

To add to excitement over South which is leading to new field discov- wells have been drilled in the Cooper Australia’s mining boom is the eries for explorers, and increased Basin, with 12 discovering new announcement by Stuart Petroleum royalties for the South Australian petroleum accumulations. This is an and Beach Petroleum of significant economy.” excellent result for the explorers,” Mr oil discoveries in South Australia’s “So far during 2006, 21 exploration Holloway said. Cooper Basin. The finds – expected to provide 1000 barrels of crude oil a day – follow announcements about O x i a n a’s P r o m i n e n t Hill mine, Australian Zircon’s Mineral Sands Specialist in all clases of general insurance: project near Mintabie and business, trades persons, transport, rural, Terramin Australia’s lead, zinc and silver mine near home & contents, motor vehicle, caravan city rural Strathalbyn. and pleasure craft. insurance brokers Mineral Resources Development Minister, Paul Holloway, said eight Andrew Benda will be at Rodda Communications Shop, new oil fields and four gas Richardson Place, Roxby Downs on the 26th September and fields have been discovered in the Cooper Basin, which the morning of 27th September 2006 please contact him on is now Australia’s most (08) 8100 . 0800 for an appointment or just call in prominent on-shore oil exploration investment destination. “Drilling activity in the AFS Licence no. 237491 Basin is at record levels,

City Rural Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd



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Thursday, September 21, 2006 – Page 5


Monitor Far North

Stray dog problem The Coober Pedy Council has taken action to solve the town’s stray dog problem before the annual influx of visitors during summer. Mayor Steve Baines said the numbers of stray dogs had got out of hand. “We’ve had a real problem with stray dog numbers for a while; there are lots of dogs without owners or registration roaming the streets and they look feral and are unhygienic.” “We’ve been making every attempt to reduce the numbers of these animals before summer,” he said. To combat the problem Mayor Baines said he had contacted all of the nearby councils to ask if Coober Pedy could loan their animal control officers. Ceduna Council agreed and Bob Irvine has been helping out Coober Pedy Council’s Gino Cole and the police to round-up and remove stray animals. “We have an influx every summer of

people from up north and many of them bring dogs with them but don’t always take them home when they leave,” he said. “So we end up with these dogs roaming the streets in packs and they very quickly become streetwise and hard to catch. It’s not something which tourists want to see,” Mayor Baines said. However, the real battle, Mayor Baines said, would be to stop the number of stray dogs from building up again. Coober Pedy Council had contacted the Umoona Aboriginal Community and has agreed to run an eduction campaign on responsible dog ownership. Talks have also begun with a visiting vet to set up a de-sexing program to stop unwanted breeding. “We’ve had some very positive comments from people within the community already and reduction in stray numbers is already noticeable.”

Before and after… Thank you to all who donated money to see Julie’s shave in aid of the Leukaemia Foundation at the Innamincka Hotel on August 27. Locals and visitors contributed $496.60 towards Leukaemia care and research.

This is a great effort from such a small community. Thank you to all contributors. Thanks also to Marjie, who ably wielded the clippers and collected the money, and Phyllis who recorded the event on film

To see your outback events and news in The Monitor, just phone 8671 2683 or email


AT: Oodnadatta Race Course ON: 7th October 2006 TIME: 8:30 am COST: $2 per player Food and drinks available at the track, Bar open from 11am til 12 midnight No Esky’s thankyou 8 teams maximum, please nominate prior to the day

Over $1000 prize money To nominate call Gemma on 86707992 Or Megan on 86707961

Part proceeds to charity. Thankyou to our sponsors: John’s Pizza bar, Tom & Mary’s Greek tavern, Miners store, Elders Alice Springs, Bush Logistics, Glendambo Motel, Stuey and Freddy, McCardle’s Freight and The Woolshed

Page 6 – Thursday, September 21, 2006

News from the north

New bar at Mt Dare Here at the Mt Dare Hotel we moved into our new Bar just six weeks ago. The old hotel was termite ridden and threatening to fall down around us! Comments from travellers have been positive but some people have said they doubt the new bar will have the character of the old one. Well when people are shown around the old bar, minus a couple of walls and the roof that came off in a storm, I ask “can you see the character now?” Of course they can’t because we relocated the character into the new Pub. Character is what you create, not just some writing on the walls. The old bar was great until the termites moved in. We have had two functions through since we opened; the Tour De Kangaroo which was set up to raise money for childhood Leukaemia and the Leyland Brothers 40th anniversary crossing of Australia from west to east.

Outback pubs

With plenty more work still to be done over the off-season, the pub should be ready for an official openIn October the “Outback Pubs” will ing on the weekend of May 4 – 7, have a display stand at the Adelaide 2007; it will be a big weekend so keep 4WD Adventure and Melbourne 4x4 looking at our web site for details as & Fishing Shows. they progress. The “Outback Pubs” group consists of nine top Outback Hotels The Satellite phone hire service including, Birdsville between Birdsville and Mt Dare Blinman has been very popular with many Cameron Corner Simpson Desert travellers using the Innamincka service of pick up at one end and Marree drop off at the other. Rates are as low as $116 for a fourMt Dare day hire and our web site has a full Mungerannie list of rates. Oodnadatta William Creek This newly formed group has seen On another note, we have just many travellers walk into one of our spent two windy hot days atop pubs, brochure in hand saying “this is Mt Hearne, near Abminga siding, installing a UHF repeater for the area another one to tick off the list”. It has been very successful so far from Eringa waterhole, Mt Dare and and the brochure opens up to a map Charlotte Waters. Testing for actual coverage is so you can see exactly where to find under-way and this repeater will some of the Outback’s character-filled make travel much safer in this region, pubs. The Outback Pubs have a web repeater is channel 6. site

Sat phone service

UHF repeater

Above: Participants in the Tour De Kangaroo, enjoying the party atmosphere at Mt Dare recently while raising money for childhood Leukaemia

Above: UHF repeater tower atop Mr Hearne (near Abming siding).

Marree picnic races - Gymkhana Sunday October 1, 2006 Commencing at 9am Entry $10.00 Aged pensioners and students with card $5.00 Children under 5 free All proceeds in aid of Marree Progress Association Accommodation is available at the Marree Hotel (08) 8675 8344 Camping and caravan sites available at Marree Drovers Rest Caravan Park (08) 8675 8371 and Oasis Caravan Park (08) 8675 8352 For further information please contact the Marree Rural Transaction Centre on (08) 8675 8222 or (ah) June Andrew (08) 8675 8345

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News in brief


Volunteering at RoxFM

Wipe out waste

At the meeting of the Environment Partnership on 13 September members decided to support and encourage local schools to participate in the State Government’s Wipe Out Waste Program. This statewide program is for schools spanning preschool/kindergarten to year 12. The program aims to reduce waste in schools and teach students how to recycle. It recognises the importance of building links from school to the home and the wider community and encourages community participation. The program is an initiative of Zero Waste SA and KESAB environmental solutions. Children learn how to minimize food waste and recycle materials such as paper and used computer cartridges. The program helps raise an environmentally aware generation. KESAB’s Executive Officer John Phillips notes that “the benefits of Wipe Out Waste will spread much wider than schools as the community changes culture and behavior along with these children.

Weedbuster week The Environmental Partnership is using National Weedbuster Week, which runs from 7 to 14 October, to raise community awareness and increase public understanding about the problems weeds cause. The Partnership members will provide information to The Monitor which will publish articles identifying local weeds and give tips on how to eradicate them. Keep an eye out feature in comong editions.

Off road driving looking at solutions Pete Paisley, on behalf of the Environmental; Partnership, is organizing a meeting to explore solutions to the environmental degradation caused by off road driving. An invitation has been extended to all members of the Mottocross Club and all motor cyclists and interested parties are invited to attend. The issues have been people riding bikes on walkways through the town and the destruction in dunes on the edge of town. The aim of the evening is to look at ways to ensure greater safety, maintain the right of cyclists to ride and to preserve the environment. The Meeting will be held at the Council Chambers at October 18 at 7.30pm.

Initiatives spring from Forums and the Board It is sometimes difficult to keep up with number of initiatives that are being developed and nurtured as a direct or indirect consequence on the Board and Forums. Earlier this year the Health Forum prepared a calendar of national awareness health programs that would be relevant to Roxby Downs. Woomera and Andamooka. The calendar has been used by ROXFM and The Monitor to develop a regular health program on ROXFM and a weekly health page in the m Monitor. “Selling Health can be a bit like selling insurance, nobody wants it until its too late, said Monitor Editor Ray Goldie “however the response to the pages has been very good. “We are continually adding to our group of local health consultants or practioners who are willing to provide information that is particularly relevant to our region. Michelle Beever speaks on complementary medicine, John Ashfied’s column on mens health can be provocative and recently Steve Scott-Hoy from the Eye Bus brought our attention to the connection between overweight and eyesight, The big issues at the moment are definitely obesity and diabetes. The paper plans to run a long term campaign on these two issues. Other projects spurned by Forums include the Outback Employment and Careers Expo, Community Garden and the Welcome Program.

Volunteer of the month Casey Potts When 15 year old Casey Potts began volunteering at RoxFM, she was just tagging along to keep a friend company. Two and a half years later, the friend has left town, but being on the radio has gotten into Casey’s blood and she has become one of RoxFM’s most willing volunteers. Casey, who also helps out at the Christmas Pageant and is a school fire warden, would like to work in radio after she leaves school. “I’d like to go on and do it professionally. I really like putting my voice out over the air,” Casey said. Later this month Casey will become RoxFM’s RITE student and she is looking forward to learning even more about the nuts and bolts of radio work. “The RITE program is like work experience. It will give me a chance to build on the skills I already have and learn more,” Casey said. Station Coordinator, Tina Foster, could not speak highly enough of Casey. “Casey is one of our most dedicated youth presenters,” Ms Foster said. “She’s a very willing learner and is always ready to help out behind the scenes, as well as presenting on air.” “She has been learning all of the aspects of radio. She does recordings for community announcements and the movies, has her own show and is now helping to train a younger presenter,” she said. Casey would encourage anyone considering volunteering at the radio station to give it a go. “It helps build your confidence and your communication skills. I just love it,” she said.

The problem of attracting new volunteers to organisations in Roxby Downs was a major issue discussed at the recent Volunteering Partnership meeting. One company which is enjoying volunteer success is local radio station RoxFM. RoxFM, which went to air in January 2003, has 33 volunteers, who do everything from presenting on air to helping out at the Christmas pageant. Station Coordinator, Tina Foster said RoxFM’s volunteers were wonderful, but they were always looking for more. The radio station is seeking people to record advertisements and community announcements, fundraise, help catalogue music, become training officers, youth coordinators, grants coordinators and perform general office duties. On air presenters are also being sought for weekend shifts. “We are always looking for volunteers to help in any way,” Ms Foster said. “Not necessarily on the air, sometimes we just need a gopher to do those little things we don’t get time to do,” she said. More than half of the radio station’s volunteers are under the age of 18 and young people seemed to really enjoy being part of the RoxFM family. “I like playing music that I want to hear,” said Emily, aged 12, who has been volunteering at RoxFM for over a year. The rest of the group agreed, chanting

“RoxFM rocks!” as they lined up for a photo. “It gives me an opportunity to be a DJ, which is what I want to go on and be when I’m older,” Deneeka, aged 11, said. Ms Foster said young people bring a lot of excitement to the radio station and help keep everybody young. “They keep us informed on what they want to hear. They are our eyes and ears on what is youthful,” Ms Foster said. Above all Ms Foster aims to get the children to make shows their own and to prepare something different from what everyone else is doing. Two young volunteers who have taken that advice are Jade and Ryan, who have put out a call for community members to write a radio play, which they will produce and put to air during their show. Anyone interested in being a part of Jade and Ryan’s production is invited to write a radio play script about anything they like and drop it in to the RoxFM office at Richardson Place, or email it to info@ “It’s so great to watch the young ones develop,” Ms Foster said. “Their reading skills improve, their confidence improves. It’s wonderful to see.” Anyone interested in volunteering at RoxFM should contact Tina Foster on 86712545.

Do You Have a Question/ Comment/Idea/Suggestion for the Community Board and Forums? Visit

and have your say

For further details visit: com

We Need Your Help Do you have a couple of hours a month to spare? Do you have skills in note taking and typing? Would you like to help a Community Forum or Partnership? We are looking for volunteers to take the minutes at the Family and Youth Forum, Health Forum & Volunteering Partnership Meetings Training will be provided. To find out more please contact Michelle Hales on 0438 871 153 THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

Ways To Have Your Say! Do you have an issue that you want raised at any of the meetings? Do you have suggestions, ideas or feedback that you want passed on for consideration and action? Would you like to come along to a meeting and speak about a topic? Would you like to join a Forum or Partnership? The answer begins here. Log a question at: Or post a letter to: Michelle Hales Executive Officer Roxby Downs Community Board PO Box 124 Roxby Downs SA 5725 Or Email direct:

Or telephone:

Top: Young volunteers at RoxFM. Above: Tina Foster, Station Coordinator.

MEETING DATES Community Board Arts and Culture Forum Alcohol & Substance Abuse Part. Environment Partnership Volunteering Health Forum

25 September 27 September 19 October 18 October 23 October 31 October

7.30pm 7.30pm 7.30pm 7.00pm 7.30pm 7.30pm

Dates and times of meetings were correct at time of publication. For further information and check venue locations please contact Michelle Hales on 0438871153

Mobile: 0438 871 153 (Michelle)

Thursday, September 21, 2006 – Page 7


Monitor OUT & ABOUT Right: Volunteers Casey Potts & Jade Bishop showing off the RoxFM merchandise at Market Day

Below: Vicky Peters, Meagan Rowe, Steve Rudd, Lisa McCuish & Darren Peters celebrating at the Club after the Roxby Districts presentations

Above: Sue, Tyler and Mike Field enjoy the presentations with Libby (AFL mother of the year) and Chris Wakelin

Above: Seva Lockwood with a big bunch of balloons at the Andamooka Football Club presentations

Above: Corey Wilshire (4), Keenan Miric (4) celebrating his birthday, Akira Miric (6) and Ella Ramsey (2)

Above: Megan Barker with son Zac who celebrated his first birthday on September 14

Right: Dave Kaminski & Shae Walker at the Club Saturday night

Left: Jarred and Eloise helping to sell drinks and hotdogs in the police car at the RFDS Golf Day and Auction on Saturday

Do you need help to stay at home? Would you like information about the wide range of community care programs and services available to help you stay at home? Call Freecall™ 1800 052 222* or visit one of the Commonwealth Carelink Centres around Australia to get information about services in your local region. * Calls from mobile phones are charged at applicable rates


Commonwealth Carelink Centres Freecall™ 1800 052 222*

Right: Monique Hewitson turned seven on Saturday September 16

Authorised by the Australian Government, Capital Hill, Canberra.

Page 8 – Thursday, September 21, 2006

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

Please contact Tara Edmunds your local supplier on 0427 024 014 or Ple You can Pick-Up or have Deliveries Free of Charge bef ase o o within Roxby Downs r for re Tu der pic deliv esda k-u y er y p aft on F or er ri All 10am day C.O .D.

Streaky Bay Marine Products (SBMP) is 100% family owned, established in 1985 primarily to process & export Abalone to Asian Markets. Cliff & Pam Edmunds established the business in 1977. Streaky Bay Marine Products is perfectly located at the edge of the Great Australian Bight in South Australia, The company has a reliable group of fishermen who supply the majority of the domestic & export products. Streaky Bay Marine Products were the the 2004 Eyre Peninsula SA Great Award category.

recipients of Best Business

King George Whiting

Our product is fresh daily from the factory and sold in vacuum packed trays, to promote freshness & mess free handling for our customers.

Streaky Bay is the home of King George Whitng, Sought after premium table fish. King George Whiting is caught by hand-line & landed daily. Our King George Whiting is grace to Medium/large & Large sizes. The product is packed into foam insulated boxes, approx. 15kg fresh/box random weight and 18kg frozen random weight.

We also stock a variety of fresh frozen product. Products such as King George Whiting, Garfish, Snapper, Prawns, Flake, Squid, Blue Crabs & Flounder are available. We can also arrange pre-ordered seafood such as Prawn Kebabs, Stir-fry Pack’s (Scallops, Squid, Calamari), Whole or Filleted Snapper. We have a variety of speciality lines such as Snook, Tommies, Marinated Mussels and farmed Abalone and Oysters

Whiting 400grm pkts Whiting 2kg pkts Whiting whole

$14.50 $68.00 $16.00 p/kg

Snapper whole (head on gilled & gutted)

$13.00 p/kg

Snapper Wings

$8.00 p/kg

Flake 400g pkts Flake 1kg pkts

$8.00 $20.00

Garfish 1kg pkts


Flounder 4 fish per pkt


Prawns SA cooked 1kg Prawns SA green 1kg Prawns cooked/green 500g

$25.00 $25.00 $12.50

Scallops Australian Meat 250g pkts

Scallop meat imported Roe-on 1kg pkts $13.50 Oysters - frozen or fresh Opened Unopened

$8.50 p/dozen $6.50 p/dozen

Sitr Fry 300g pkts


Abalone canned Abalone wild caught - Blacklip - Greenlip

$35.00 $130.00 p/kg $150.00 p/kg

Prawns Imported Black Tiger meat 1kg pkts $18.00 Prawns Austrlian Tiger meat 500g pkts $18.00 $8.00

For any other required seafood please contact Tara & she will try to arrange for you! THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

Thursday, September 21, 2006 – Page 9

Above: Peter Taubers and Joseph Sach from Andamooka, sitting back and enjoying the atmosphere at the RFDS Auction Above: Teeing off in fine form was Robert Gray

Above: The Monitors’ own intrepid reporter/photographer, Stuart Deed capturing the action at the Golf Day on the weekend

Right: Tony Richter, Rhian Montgomerie, Anna and Sandy Richter, taking a drinks break at the Golf Day

Above: Beck Schutz, Gerald McCormack and Stacey Conner volunteering their time at the Royal Flying Doctor Golf Day on Saturday

Above: Rick Leue, Nick (Sea Dog) Teare, Brett Woodall and Scott Humphries Below: Mel Teterin at one of the “novely holes”

Above: The ever entertaining “Pink Ladies” minus their caddy. Right: The “Pink Ladies” stopped to enjoy a picnic and champagne on their way to the next tee. Page 10 – Thursday, September 21, 2006

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

Above: Mining Manager, Barry Mitchell with Constables Conner and Schutz after paying fines to escape detainment and to reclaim his golf clubs during the RFDS Golf Day

Above: Two of the auctioneers for the day were Port Augusta Wesfarmers Manager, Richard Erle and local, Merv Rogers

Above: The Hawkins gang, Betty Hawkins, Malissa Fitzgerald, Fred Hawkins and Josh Callery “Off the back of the truck”. Auction items ready to go under the hammer

Above: Some of the 400 strong crowd gathering in the shade to participate in the RFDS Auction after the golf on Saturday THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

Above: Prized possession. This Crows gurnsey attracted some strong bidding at the Royal Flying Doctor Golf Day Auction at the weekend. The final bid reached $2,300. The Robert Harvey and James Hird gurnseys were also popular items atracting some dedicated fans to the bidding.

Thursday, September 21, 2006 – Page 11

HOLIDAY ACTIVITIES Family friendly accommodation Mum, Dad the kids ….and the dog!? It can be a tough call when looking for holiday accommodation for everyone. If you find yourself compromising between what works for the kids and yet still leaving some relaxation time for mum and dad, maybe B&B on the Beach in Whyalla is the haven you have been looking for. B&B by the Beach is one of the most

family friendly places on earth and is truly is a home away from home. The cottage is self contained and has absolutely everything provided including a continental breakfast. The cottage has quality fittings throughout, two bedrooms, full kitchen facilities, TV and a DVD player …. visitors won’t want for anything. Parents can relax because the back

yard is completely fenced, providing a safe outdoor space to play. It’s only 200 metres from the beach where you can enjoy for tranquil walks or games with the kids and the dog. The playground is close by as is the Ada Ryan Gardens and an animal sanctuary. It’s a great spot from which to explore other parts of Eyre Peninsula and there

is always time for a little retail therapy at Westland’s Shopping Centre. And the family dog is welcome. No kennels or relying on friends, no unhappy dogs or kids. Your pet must stay outside but will have a secure high fenced yard in which it can play and run around. Considering you won’t have kennel costs, you can prepare your own foods

and there are plenty of free activities close to the cottage this break at B & B on the Beach is a very affordable choice. Ring now to secure a few days for this school holidays, a short break or Christmas. To find out more call 0428 262 326. For a peak click onto

School holiday fun

The October School Holidays are almost upon us, but there will still be plenty of things for the youth of Roxby Downs to do while they are resting up from the daily grind. Contact Karen on 86711866 to at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre Community Library able. make a booking. on Tuesday, October 3. Tickets cost

Need a break from Roxby? • self contained cottage with absolutely everything provided, incl. continental breakfast • great Location, very close to playground, beach & animal sanctuary

• enclosed yard with plenty

of space for the kids to play

• PETS WELCOME (outside only) high fences & secure yard

• plenty of parking space for car & boat BOOK NOW for the School Holidays

Phone 0428 262 326 6 Neagle Tce, Whyalla

On Tuesday, October 3 and Tuesday, October 10 the Roxby Downs Community Library will be celebrating ‘Spring Fever’. Sessions will run from 10am to 11am and include a story and a craft project. The first week’s project will be making wind chimes. In the second week children will create a flower pot. During the last school break, around 15 children attended the first week of holiday activities at the library and 30 took part the following week. Community Library Manager, Marie Trezise considered it a great success. “It was really good,” Ms Trezise said. “It’s wonderful to have the kids in the library enjoying themselves and it’s always lots of fun,” she said. Children from the ages of four to 13 are welcome and library staff would also like to remind students to borrow some books for holiday reading.

Little Rascals Childcare The Little Rascals Childcare Centre has a great program planned to help fight off the holiday blues. In addition to their usual activities they will be cooking, scrapbooking, patchwork quilting, racing hot wheels cars, beading, making boxes and creating a seascape mural. Full and half day sessions are avail-

Cultural Precinct Movie goers have not been forgotten either. Animated Disney-Pixar movie, ‘The Wild’, rated G, will be running for the length of the school holidays at the Cultural Precinct. Older viewers will be able to enjoy the PG rated ‘Nacho Libra’ and M rated ‘Click’, starring Adam Sandler.

OSCH The Roxby Downs Area School’s OSCH program will be hosting a wide variety of activities for the students in their care. They will be making puppets, fans and curling pictures, cooking, playing ball games, watching DVDs and many other things, as well as enjoying a trip to the movies on Friday, October 6.

Youth Centre The Youth Centre also has a range of activities planned. On Friday, September 29 they will host a ‘mocktail night’ at the Cultural Precinct. It will be a great chance to dig out those formal clothes and sample non-alcoholic mocktails like ‘Grenadine Rickey’ and ‘Liquid Love’. Sunday, October 1 and Sunday, October 8 are paint ball days. Open to young people and their families, it will cost $25 a person, and $15 for 100 paint balls. The Rogue Traders will be playing

$76, plus extra for travel and accommodation. People over the age of 18 who wish to attend should contact Siona Glasson by Monday, September 25. On Thursday, October 5 and Friday, October 13, there will be a water fight on the RDAS school oval at 1pm. $3 will buy you five water balloons, $5 will buy you 10. On Friday, October 6 the Youth Centre will be hosting a Quiz Day at the Cultural Precinct. It will run from 10am to 12pm and there will be a prize for the brainiest kid. An emu walk is planned for Saturday, October 7, for 12 to 25 year olds. Go along and enjoy a casual walk around the reserves in Roxby Downs. A sleepover at the Woomera Youth Centre will be held on Tuesday, October 10, followed by a game of ten pin bowling on Wednesday. At least seven people will be needed to ensure the trip goes ahead. On Saturday, October 14, the group from the Youth Centre will be heading to the movies to see ‘The Wild’. Tickets will cost $8.00 for students and $12.00 for adults. Youth Worker, Siona Glasson is pleased that even though the Youth Centre is closed for redevelopment, the group have been able to offer a great program. “It just goes to show there are a lot of things for the youth of Roxby to do during the school holidays,” Ms Glasson said. Enquiries about any of the Youth Centre activities can be made to Siona Glasson on 0400 015 340.



WELCOMES YOU TO SUMMER POOL SEASON OCTOBER 1, 2006 - APRIL 5, 2007 Pool opening times are from October 1, 2006 to December 10, 2006 Pool Times

Prices Family (2 adults and up to 4 children) $199.00 Each additional Child $ 25.00 Season Pass x 1 adult (single) $ 75.00 Casual Visit $ 3.00 Non-swimming supervising adults (over 18) of children under 10 will be admitted free of charge.

General Public from Oct. 1 - Dec. 10 Monday to Friday - 3pm - 6pm Weekends - 10am - 8pm Lap Swimming Monday to Friday - 6am - 8.30am Mondays to Thursdays - 6pm - 7pm (2 lanes) Weekends - 9am - 10am Swim Club Mondays to Thursday 4.30pm - 7pm (3 lanes)


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World Heart Overweight and Day getting fatter

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death and disability in Australia. In 2002, over 50,000 Australians died of heart, stroke and blood vessel disease, accounting for over 37 per cent of all deaths that year. According to the Heart Foundation, a man over the age of forty has a one in two chance of suffering coronary heart disease in their lifetime. Women of the same age have a one in three chance. Sunday, September 24, is World Heart Day and the theme for 2006 is ‘How Young is Your Heart?’ The World Heart Federation plan to use the occasion to encourage people around the world to consider lifestyle changes that will help maintain a young heart for life. “It’s almost an obsession in many societies to look as youthful as possible, but we should really be thinking about the age of our hearts,” WHF President, Professor Valentin Fuster said. “If we put as much effort into keeping our hearts young, we could see a dramatic decrease in the number of premature

deaths from heart disease and stroke each year,” he said. Local doctor Wendy Strachan said a surprising number of people in the area suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure and heart conditions. “A lot of people in Roxby Downs smoke, eat badly and are overweight,” Dr Strachan said. “They work long hours, come home, eat and go to bed. Then they get up the next day and do it all again,” she said. To combat heart disease Dr Strachan recommended people stop smoking, have regular checkups, ask about family history and get their blood pressure checked. She also said they need to eat sensibly and exercise enough to make their heart work. “You don’t have to go to the gym to get a cardiovascular workout,” Dr Strachan said. “You can take a brisk walk, work in the garden, anything that gets your heart pumping for half an hour at least three times a week will do.”

Fighting Obesity Trim the chicken breasts and cut into small cubes. Heat the olive oil in a large pot and fry the chicken until golden. Add the Chicken and Spring Vegetable Soup onion and cook for one minute. Stir in the garlic 500g lean chicken breasts and chopped herbs, fry 1 tablespoon olive oil until fragrant. Pour over the chicken stock and the ½ onion, diced water, bring to boil. 6 cloves garlic, chopped Cut the carrot, sweet 1 teaspoon fresh thyme, chopped potato and parsnip into 1 tablespoon fresh rosemary leaves, chopped quarters lengthways and 1 tablespoon fresh oregano leaves, chopped slice finely. Add to soup. 1 litre chicken stock Slice the celery finely. Add 2 cups water to soup with the risoni 1 small parsnip pasta. Simmer until the 1 carrot pasta is tender. Turn off ½ small sweet potato the heat. 1 stick celery Stir in the broccoli, snow ¾ cup risoni pasta peas and greens. Allow to 1 cup broccoli florets sit for five minutes. 20 snow peas, trimmed and cut in half 1 cup shredded fresh greens (parsley, silverbeet, Serves six. spinach, etc)

More than half of South Australian adults are overweight and according to the State Government, the rate is increasing by around one per cent a year. Graphs released by the SA Department of Health show a marked increase in the prevalence of obesity in the state from 1993 to 2005. To combat this tendency the State Government have devised the ‘Eat Well Be Active Strategy’. “This Eat Well Be Active Strategy is a comprehensive plan of action to foster healthy weight among South Australians over the next five years,” Premier Rann said. The strategy aims to improve the health and wellbeing of South Australians and to reduce the percentage of those who are overweight or obese by 10 per cent within the next 10 years. Another organisation concerned with the rise in overweight and obesity rates in Australia is the Heart Foundation. On their website the Foundation states obesity is increasing in Australia and warn that overweight people have a higher risk of ill health, including heart disease, stroke and Type 2 diabetes. To fight the trend they recommend healthy eating and physical activity.

Prevalence of obesity (18+ years):

The Heart Foundation’s healthy eating tips include choosing low or reduced fat milk products and beverages, and limiting cheese and ice cream to twice a week. They also recommended making vegetables and grain based foods like bread, pasta, noodles and rice the main part of each meal and choosing lean meat over fatty meats like sausages and salami. Local doctor Wendy Strachan said one of the main problems is that many people eat for reasons other than to satisfy hunger. “It’s drummed into us from childhood,” Dr Strachan said. “Parents say, ‘you’ve got to clean your plate, think about the starving children in Africa’ and things like that. When a baby cries, the first thing we do is feed it.” “People need to learn what it is to feel hungry, and to stop eating when they have eaten enough not to feel hungry any more,” she said. Dr Strachan also said some people have naturally large bodies. “Some people are bigger, some people are thinner. We are all different shapes. You may not need to lose weight, be healthy by being active.”


0.0 – 9.9% 10.0 – 14.9% 15.0 – 19.9% 20.0 – 24.9% 25.0 – 29.9% 30.0+ %

For a healthy recipe that battles the bulge, but doesn’t offend the tastebuds, try our Chicken and Spring Vegetable Soup.

Prevalence of obesity (18+ years):


0.0 – 9.9% 10.0 – 14.9% 15.0 – 19.9% 20.0 – 24.9% 25.0 – 29.9% 30.0+ %

Population Research & Outcome Studies Unit Health System Improvement and Reform Division South Australian Department of Health

Left: A healthy, but still tasty Chicken and Spring Vegetable Soup. This is perfect for a light, summer evening meal that won’t be hard on your heart or your wasteline.

Stephen Scott-Hoy B.Optom Need friendly, professional eyecare and quality fashion eyewear with a full back-up service? See the Eyebus when it visits... Roxby Downs - 8671 2001 Andamooka - 8672 7007 Woomera - 8673 7473 Monthly visits - Examinations bulk-billed. Serving rural and regional South Australia since 1990.

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Council Snippets Works in Progress A bus zone will be installed at Camp 3 due to increased bus traffic for BHP Billiton maintenance shut down in the coming weeks. Plumbing Work Residents are reminded that plumbing work should only be carried out by a qualified plumber. Residents are encouraged to request to see copies of plumber’s qualifications and license prior to any work being commenced. Parking The bus zone on Richardson Place is being actively policed, as bus owners and drivers have become increasingly concerned about the large number of people who take it for granted that they can park in this area. Please be aware that there has been an increase in the expiation fee, which has gone up from $47 to $73, and remember that this is a bus zone at all times. Dog Registration Dog Registrations for the 2006/07 financial year are now overdue. Grace period for registrations expired on 31 August 2006. Thereafter an $80 expiation fee can apply, plus an expiation fee of $80 for every 14 days the dog remains unregistered. Vandalism Council has noted an increase in vandalism within the township. Council urges all residents to report instances of vandalism to the Police and Council. This is your community and your rates are being wasted by these types of action so your help is essential.

Above: Daniel Adamson takes to the air during his sparring session with Zoe Grigg

Roxby Downs Tae Kwon Do turns two Roxby Downs’ own Tae Kwon Do club celebrated it’s Above: Josh Bishop sends a jumping kick at Jeff Atwood who blocks second birthday last Thursday with a tough training session upstairs at the Leisure Centre. Teacher Andrew Murdy said the club had around 20 members, with 10 who trained almost every week. The club meets on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and offers the chance to get fit in a non-traditional sporting environment. Members also build self defence skills, increase their flexibility and build confidence.

Street Lighting Is there a street light not working near your home? Please include the exact location (street, house number) when reporting to assist in easy identification for repair. Rubbish Collection Residents are reminded that there is a limit of one bin per household for weekly rubbish collection and that it is the resident’s responsibility to ensure that bins are in serviceable condition with closable lids that prevent flies and birds from accessing rubbish. Opal Road Landfill Opening Hours Tuesdays, 8am to 12 noon, Thursdays 1pm to 5pm, Saturday & Sunday 10am to 4pm. Out of hours access call 08 8671 1154. Council Office Hours – General Monday to Friday – 9am to 5pm.


Create a Christmas Smart bombs successfully tested Tree outside Woomera The Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) has just announced that their ‘smart bomb’ technology has been tested and proven success. Testing, which took place last month in Woomera, showed the ‘smart bombs’ were able to be dropped with near pin-point accuracy from FA-18 Hornet aircraft. However amid the jubilation following the successful tests, another project involving the FA-18’s looks likely to be scrapped. A $200 million project to update the aircraft’s radar systems ability to detect anti-aircraft fire has been under review by the Defence Department and Defence Minister, Brendan Nelson, is expected to axe the project. The system – developed by Adelaide based BAE Systems - has already been successfully tested on helicopters and transport planes but not on the FA-18’s. Speculation has arisen that BAE Systems might be forced to lay off staff members if the project is culled.


To advertise your business phone Heather on 8671 2683

The trees’ specifications are • they can be real or commercial, or a tree that you create from wood, cardboard, paper, cartons, wire, fabric, plastic, etc, and the decorations can be whatever you like, even food • they need to be free standing • they need to be under 1.5 metres tall • they need to be labelled with your name So join in the Christmas spirit & fun, let your creative imaginations go wild, enter the competition, and let The categories are your tree delight all those who visit the exhibition. • A junior primary school class Trees will need to be delivered to the • A primary school class Cultural Precinct. You will be notified • A secondary school class of the date and time when you collect • Individuals your entry form. • Community group – children Entry forms are available from the • Community group – other library. See the contact person Helen • Family group (All class groups include any school Edwards, or give Helen a call at the in Roxby Downs, Andamooka & library, at 8671 0660, for further Woomera) information.

An exciting Christmas event is being planned for Roxby Downs this year! If you were here about 10 years ago, you would have seen – or taken part in “THE FESTIVAL OF THE TREES”. It is happening again this year. Individuals or groups are invited to create and decorate a Christmas Tree, and they will be displayed in the Art Gallery of the Cultural Precinct during December. There is an entry fee of $5 for each tree.

(One Position) Due to a recent resignation, Council seeks the services of a suitable person to fill the position of Customer Services Officer. This is an ideal opportunity for an energetic person with the appropriate skills and commitment to service our community. As part of our small interactive team you will have the opportunity to work over a variety of operational areas with a customer service focus. As the public face for Council, this position is one of the primary customer service contacts and involves a variety of administration tasks and clerical functions associated with customer liaison including receipting, banking, handling telephone and customer enquiries, mail, filing, reception work, photocopying, typing and general administrative assistance to other staff and consultants. Whilst Local Government or previous office experience is important, talented juniors with the necessary skills and maturity will also be well regarded. Salary and conditions will be in accordance with the Municipal Officers SA Award. Work will be for a minimum of 38 hours per week. Copy of a position description and further enquiries may be obtained by contacting. Bronnie Warren, Customer Service Supervisor, telephone 8671 0010. Applications close 12 noon Tuesday October 3, 2006. councilad210906

Page 14 – Thursday, September 21, 2006

Looking for a home Miki, a 13-month-old Terrier X has been vaccinated, health checked, wormed, micro chipped and desexed. She is a very happy active dog, would suit a family and will let you know if you have guests or intruders. Sally, a 15-month-old Daschund

X Terrier has also been vaccinated, health checked, wormed, micro chipped and desexed. She has a very loving nature and likes to play with people. Each dog will cost $210 to adopt, $10 of which goes as a donation to

the RSPCA. Call in and see these dogs at the Roxby Downs Veterinary Clinic, who are offering a $50 voucher that can be used to purchase items for your new pet.

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Rodney MItchell

I just love Australian film Tonight I’m going over to Woomera and I might take my tent along and camp over. They are showing Ten Canoes on Friday night, September 22. The next day they are screening the Magic Pudding at 2pm, while Kokoda is set for 8pm. Woomera is home to a very active and involved film club and the town – owing to their American heritage – has access to a beautiful fifties style cinema. The town is a satellite program for the Big Screen film events which have been taking place in the region over these last few weeks. Port Augusta gets the whole works. Three days of back to back Australian film classics - including a Mad Max triple bill! Woomera gets the Friday and Saturday and we get the free screenings for the school children during week 10. Next year we have been promised more of our own program. If we had our own film club here in Roxby Downs we could access a lot of films, especially Australian films, very cheaply. My son is busy with study and work but we always find time to take in a movie when we catch up. He’s an animation nut so when we go out I try to take him to films he wouldn’t normally see. Last week we saw Kenny and laughed ourselves silly. A few weeks ago we saw Ten Canoes, which was made by my old mate Rolf De Heer. There were some laughs in that too and I was very impressed. I’d never seen a movie set in a time in Australia before the white man came. Rolf made a movie a few years ago with a woman called Heather Rose, who has spent her whole life crippled by cerebral palsy. I can never thank Rolf enough for making that movie because it meant everything to Heather to be able to tell her story and of course, she wrote it and starred in it. Heather could only talk through a machine. The amount of patience and good will demonstrated by those involved, and especially Rolf, must have been monumental. And out of it came a modest and very powerful film. Heather travelled to Chicago and Hawaii and was carried up the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival on the back of that film’s success. At the time it was almost too good to believe and I remember the excitement when Heather and her two loyal carers were packing to fly across the world. They were like little girls. These were women who had been to hell and back in their own lives, and had become carers to Heather almost by accident. Films have a redemptive quality. In the darkness of the cinema, in public company, we get the chance to experience things well outside our own lives. I certainly got to know more about Heather’s life by seeing her on screen, in a drama she wrote herself, even though I knew her well. In the same way I learnt a new appreciation of Arnhem Land by watching the day to day life of the original inhabitants through the lens of Rolf ’s expertise and passion.

School drama productions are always great fun. I Love the Knight Life – performed by the Roxby Downs Area School (RDAS) – was particularly amusing because it had students from so many different age groups. Directed by RDAS’s resident drama teacher Joslyn Fox and Stephen Bice and starring students and staff members, the show was entertaining for all involved. Starring Josh Bishop in what we can only hope will be his last singing appearance, I Love the Knight Life was an amusing musical romp through Camelot. Knights in shining armour, fair maidens, a witch, village idiot and a live choir all performed brilliantly on stage. The mostly young cast delivered their lines like practiced professionals and managed to get lots of laughs from the crowd with intelligent (well, not always) and well placed gags. The background sets were excellent and the lighting and sound were faultless. Congratulations must go to everyone involved in the production for their dedication – especially during the long hours leading up to the performance – and the show’s execution on the night.

Above: Richard Elliot showing some of his work that is hanging at the Roxby Downs Art Gallery

Art in stencil

The popular art form of stencilling has found its way to Roxby Downs through local artist Richard Elliot. Richard started stencilling when he was living in Christchurch, New Zealand because a number of his friends were involved in the local scene. “I saw what my friends were doing in Christchurch but never got into it too much. “Then I moved up here and had some time on my hands, so I started experimenting and seeing what I could do,” he said. Many of Richard’s early works feature artwork and cultural icons important to New Zealand, like ferns, but he now experiments with whatever captures his imagination. “For me it’s all about achieving different things and learning how to use a spray can in different ways,” he said. To create one of his pieces, Richard paints a background onto a canvas and then designs and draws up a stencil on an A4 page. The stencil is cut out, stuck on the canvas and paint applied around it to form the outline. A number of other effects can then be

applied, depending on the desired result. “My favourite work until now has been one I did of an old outhouse toilet – I used black and a wood colour and it all fitted together really well in the end,” he said. Stencilling is an old technique which has been adopted by the latest generation of street art practitioners, or graffiti artists. It has become popular because it is a very versatile art form, which can be quickly and effectively applied to any number of surfaces. Stencils can also be replicated, so the artists are able to apply a signature stencil to any works they do. The style has become so popular that a recent art show in Melbourne was dedicated specifically to stencil works. “There is a massive following for this kind of work. “For me I picked up stencilling as a way of expressing myself and it suits me because it’s fast and I can be pretty impatient – out here the paint dries really fast,” he said. “There’s so much more that I can do with this artwork and I’m really enjoying what I’m doing.”

Limited edition signed prints of original pastel works


Arts Officer

I loved the Knight’s Life

Framed $200 Unframed $75

Local Artist DAVE KOVAC Available now – Contact Dave on 0409 726 252


PLAYGROUP held at St Barbara’s Parish School every Wednesday from 9.30am to 11.00am. Contact 8671 3207. PLAYGROUP held every Friday from 10.30am until 12.00pm at Roxby Downs Kindergarten. Contact 8671 0455. “TODDLERS STORY TIME” - presented by the Roxby Downs Community Library & Roxby Downs Health Service. Fun, stories, rhymes, craft & activities for toddlers aged 1-3 & their adult caregivers. At Roxby Downs Community Library, Tuesdays from 9:30-10:30am. TOUR DE DESERT CYCLING 10am Every Sunday, Phone Daryl Wake 0408 118 685 Above, above right and top: Performers, dressed and ready to perform in The Knight Life, the RDAS production held at the Auditorium on Friday, September 15, 2006.

THE ROXBY DOWNS BOWLING CLUB will be starting Night Owls on Friday October 6. Team nominations to Jim Bowden on 0417084112. Social nights on 15, 22 and 29 of September, all welcome.

OUTBACK SCRAPPERS SCRAP TOGETHER Scrap Togethers will be every Tuesday evening at 7.30pm in the St Barbara’s Parish Art Room. Contact Jane 8671 1937 or Vienessa 0417 753 597 PRECINCT GALLERY EXHIBITIONS 2006 AUGUST 21 - SEPTEMBER 9 AUGUST OCTOBER 15 – 30 NOVEMBER DECEMBER

Annemarie Beukes Fusion Richard Elliot / Roxby Downs Roxby Scrapbaggers Year 12 Exhibition Festival of the Xmas Trees

COFFEE MORNINGS for Families, run by Child Youth Health (Roxby Downs Health Services), every Thursday 9:30 -11 at The Dunes Café.

Phone 8671 2683 or email to book your event in ‘What’s On!’ The ‘What’s On!’ Free Community Calendar is proudly sponsored by Roxby Downs Council.

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Thursday, September 21, 2006 – Page 15

Large block of land with room for second dwelling LOT 614 Government Road ANDAMOOKA

The house has a large lounge room with reverse cycle air-conditioning, separate kitchen, bathroom, toilet and laundry. One bedroom has a sliding door that opens out to an entertainment area. This home has a rental potential to currently achieve $170 p/w and there is

plenty of room for another dwelling to be placed on the same block of land with it measuring 1931m2.. This property is located on the eastern side of Andamooka and is first right after the post office followed by next left. $120,000 For further information please contact Ali Webber - Wardle Co Real Estate 0417 816 738.




his property currently has a two bedroom house with outdoor entertaining area, carport and magnificent views overlooking the true beauty of Andamooka.

Hawker Post Office Lock, Stock, The Whole Lot SPA060804

Above: Lovely wood finish kitchen

Below: Large lounge room Above: View of entertainment area with sliding door leading to one of the bedrooms

Operating & Functioning Post Ofce since late 1800’s. This amazing life style opportunity nestled in the Flinders Ranges. The residence is attached with 3 bedrooms, kitchen/dine, lounge, bathroom, toilet and laundry. Located on a 970m2 allotment with plenty of room for the family to enjoy. This business is perfect for the family business and life style. Call for information on this opportunity.

Price: $220,000

FOUR BEDROOM HOME WITH APPROX 110 ACRES LAND MAGIC UNRESTRICTED VIEWS OF THE ELDER RANGE , CHASE RANGE AND WILPENA POUND Unbelievable whilst sitting on the front veranda or peering through the lounge room windows, the views change every minute from sunrise to sunset. First release - A Very rare opportunity exists to purchase a four bedroom T/F home right on the edge of Town joining and overlooking the Golf Coarse within walking distance to the main street , school, hospital etc. The home has just recently been renovated inside and out , Inside is a very cosy large lounge , office, neat /tidy kitchen with ample cupboard built-ins, veranda’s all around, air cond., inside and out side toilet , two separate bathrooms one with spa, laundry , ceiling fans , The house is connected to rain water and bore water. A very neat, tidy large garden area with lawns and shrubs all watered by the bore with quality water on the property under an agreement with the Golf Coarse. Outside is a very large colour bonded workshop 40x30x15 with double sliding doors, A huge four car carport which fronts into a large double lock up garage. Two horse stables with a big steel round yard tack sheds, chook runs etc. The property is fenced into five paddocks all with excellent electrified fencing and all watered. A MUST TO INSPECT THIS HARD TO COME BY PROPERTY SITUATED AT THE DOOR WAY TO THE FLINDERS FOR THE

Darren Sherriff 0418 851 163 Brock Harcourts Pt Augusta





ADELAIDE Weddings? Phone Christopher Steele 08 8125 8885. See


RENTAL ACCOMMODATION WANTED Urgently. House to rent. Will look at anything. Young couple, 1 child. Good references. Phone 0433 560 044 or 0402 434 894.

POSITION’S VACANT ♦ Air Conditioning - Design & Installation


(Specialising in residential & commercial ducted split systems)

♦ Auto-cad - Design, Construct & As Built ♦ Project Management

Adrian Foote Ass. Dip in Refr + Aircon. Email:


ABN 6198 878 9195

0400 017 859 CARAVANS

FOR SALE. Myall Grove Caravan Park. Site 20 Acacia St. 36 ft caravan with 34 ft aluminium annex. Price $65,000. Ph 0439 860 096.

CARPETS The Carpet Man Sales Laying Repairs Cleaning Very competitive prices. In Roxby Sept 19th to 21st. Ring Malcolm Jones on 8632 1293 or 0429 678 020


Boilermakers SKILLED is seeking Boilermakers for positions with a client in Pt Augusta. These positions will be ongoing for approx.12 months for the successful candidates. Suitable candidates must have experience in structural welding and Mig welding to 1554 Part 1 standard. All applicants must be able to pass a pre employment medical and drug screen. For more information contact Stephen Pearce SKILLED 5 Forsyth Street Whyalla SA 5600 Fax (08) 8645 5140 Phone (08) 8644 9111 Mob. 0427393875

Qualied Refrigeration Mechanic Qualied Carpenter/Cabinet Maker Supervisor We are seeking expressions of interest for the above positions. If you have the qualications and experience and are interested in joining a rapidly expanding company in the busy community at Roxby Downs and would enjoy the benets of a phone and above award wages, please forward your application and resumé to: The Managing Director Garry Baker Building Pty Ltd PO Box 426 Roxby Downs SA 5725 or telephone 08 8671 1353 for further details.



HOLIDAY ACCOMMODATION YORKE Peninsula. Over 170 houses to choose from. Ph 08 8832 2623. Book your Christmas getaway now. THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper


For affordable, effective control of ies, spiders & mozzies. Call us NOW on 0438 239 159


Order your photos today! Only $5.00

The Australian Workers Union

● ● ●

will be in Roxby Downs on September 28 & 29 or when required to discuss matters of: Industrial Relations Workers Compensation WorkChoice Legislation

For further information and appointments contact:

LANCE DEGENHARDT on: Mobile: 0428 879 084 Ofce: 8632 3402 Fax: 8632 3885 Email:

LEARN TO FLY Roxby Downs Aero Club, phone Ben Hammond 0407 974 002, Jim Spring 0417 867 812 or Phil Goldsworthy 0417 810 494.


It is that time of the year again.


EDMONDS – MONTGOMERIE Beverly & Graeme (Charlie) of Wudinna together with Kerryn & Dennis of Roxby Downs are pleased to announce the engagement of Nardene & Scott on Sat 9th Sept 2006. With Love and Best Wishes from both families.



MARRIAGE CELEBRANT 01ajayaircon210906


EXPRESSION OF INTEREST taken for 4 brm/2 bthrm House. Nice family home, close to schools and shops. Private Sale. $375,000. Email roxbyhouse@yahoo. or ph 8671 1937 and leave name, phone and email. GET YOUR BABIES AND BIRTHDAYS IN


Ph - 8671 2683 Fx - 8671 2843...or drop into our Richardson Place offices in the council building. Thursday, September 21, 2006 – Page 17


Monitor SPORT

Above: Mark Fracus, Rob Kraack and Michael Bennie

Above left: The Gotch Family

Above: The beautiful women of the Andamooka Football Club

Right:Leigh Devlin won the best and fairest on the last vote of the night in a thrilling count. He is pictured with club president Steve Ryan and Coach Paul Clarke

Above: Some of the guests at the Andamooka Football Club presentations on Saturday night

Best and Fairest night for Roos and Miners

Above: Justin Owens, Natalie White, Jacqui Gagliardi and Simon Ballestrin at the club after the best and fairest presentations

Saturday night saw Andamooka and Roxby Districts Football Clubs hold their Best and Fairest presentations. For Andamooka the event was held at Steve’s Tuckerbox in Andamooka, where guests were treated to dinner and free drinks. Winner by a clear margin was Luke “Colonel” Sanders. The Golden Boot went to Kit Williams, while captain Rob Kraack was awarded life membership with the club. For Roxby Districts, the Oasis provided the backdrop for an exciting count down, with the last voting slip deciding the winner. Leigh Devlin just pipped captain Steven Owens as the best and fairest winner. Deb Steinhauser was also given life membership to the club. Roxby Districts also has a netball side and Vicki Peters was voted best and fairest for the Miners netball side.

Left: Andamooka Footbal Club’s Best & Fairest winner Luke Sanders and his parter, Sarah

Right: The female quiet achievers for the club were Di Woodward, Bev Zeptner, Chris Kaminski, Pam Chesson, Susan Crafter and Nicole McKay

Above: Deb Steinhauser was presented life membership of the Roxby Districts Footbal Club at their presentations held recently. She received this honour from Warren Rose and club president Steve Ryan Page 18 – Thursday, September 21, 2006

Above: The Male quiet achievers were Kev Stacy, Ben Hammond, Jimmy Steinhauser, Nick Backhouse. Not pictured were Lawry Baker and Ian McInnis

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper


Monitor SPORT

U14 best and fairest Set to make Former Roxby Downs junior footballer Nik McPhail has picked up Under 14 Best and Fairest for his side, Payneham Norwood Union Football Club. In 2005, Nik played seven league matches for Hornridge in the Woomera and Districts Football League when he was only 13-years-old. Nik said the senior matches with Hornridge gave him invaluable experience. Next year Nik is hoping to join the Norwood SANFL Under 15 development squad.

a splash

Roxby Downs Swimming Club are getting ready for the coming season with some Come’n’Try sessions and an information night next month. The Come’n’Try sessions will run from 5 - 6pm each weekday of the coming school holidays. “These sessions are a great way for potential new members to meet the coaches and find out what the club is all about,” Coach Phillipa Weltner said. “Our returning members can also come along and warm up for the season after the winter break,” Ms Weltner said. Participants can attend as many sessions as they choose, however, all swimmers must be able to swim one 25-metre lap in a recognisable stroke, and swimmers under 14-years-old must be accompanied by an adult. The club is also running time trials on Friday the 13th of October, followed by a barbeque and Information Night at 7.30pm. More information about the Roxby Downs Swimming Club can be found on their website at or telephone 0404 098 416.

Netball results Ladies Gecko Girls 26 defeated Tangos 25 Cruisers 28 defeated Blue Jays 26 IVS - Phoenix Flames 36 defeated Pink Ladies 35 Mixed Wanderers 38 defeated Dudes ‘n’ Divas 5 Alle Katz 32 defeated Hillbillies 19 Destroyers 33 defeated Roxilla 8 Bowheelers 32 defeated Bunyips 28

Left: Claudio Monken (Phoenix) and Nick Backhouse (Benders) contest a ball during Monday night volleyball. Below: Graham Neison (Phoenix) sets the ball during the Monday night volleyball match against Benders. Below right: some of the action during Thursday’s exciting soccer match which saw Buffalo Soldiers undefeated run come to an abrupt halt against Fobar.

Annual Streaky Bay Golf Open The annual Streaky Bay Golf Open Championship was played by 70 players on September 2 – 3. Contestants came from Whyalla, Ceduna, Port Lincoln, Roxby Downs and Adelaide, to name but a few. This was the annual inter-shield between Streaky and Roxby where the host club matches up the same amount of players the challenging club brings down (in this case three from Roxby - Horrie Dillon, Brian Hombsch and Robin Passmore). Last year there were 15+ players from Roxby competing and Streaky Bay won the shield. The Streaky Bay Golf course has been fully grassed and it looks like they might even go to greens in the future. With very windy conditions in the afternoon on the first day, it was tough going for the players. After Saturday, Streaky

Rubgy Union Anyone interested in playing Rubgy Union please contact Stuart Deed at the Monitor Offices on 8671 2622. September September 30 Coober Pedy races Sat September 16 Go Kart Night Race Meeting Start Time 6.00PM Points Meeting. October Sat October 14 Night Meeting. Start Time 6.00PM 125CC Trophy Day Points Meeting. Sun October 15 Education Day/Practice Day Start Time 12PM October 7 - Glendambo Gymnkhana October 21 - Coober Pedy races November Sat November 4 Presidents Cup Night Meet 6PM start. Sat November 18 Night Meeting. Start Time 6PM No Points Meeting November 25 - Coober Pedy races Roxby Downs Netball (Saturday) A reminder for all finals teams, they must be ready

to take court at scheduled times. Grand Finals 23rd Sept 06 September 14, 2006 Indoor Soccer 6pm - The 5 C’s versus Fobar Pipers 7pm - Reds versus Buffalo Soldiers Fobar The Roxby Downs Bowling Club will be starting Night Owls on Friday 6th of October. Team nominations to Jim Bowden on 0417084112. Social nights on 15, 22 and 29 of September, all welcome.

Attention Roxby Downs Junior Basketball Development Training Cancelled. Training will commence on Sunday October 15 Times will be advised.

Contact Stuart Deed on email: for all your sports calendar events

Enquiries, please phone: 8671 0500

were 11 shots in front and Horrie won the PINK ball with nett 77 (worst nett score from the Roxby players). Also on Saturday Zoomie (Streaky) broke his course record, which he obtained two weeks before (was 68 off-the-stick, now 67, with a nett 62). Sunday saw a BIG fight-back from Roxby Golf Club, Horrie still won the PINK ball even though he had a Nett 65 - that must be the lowest nett score to take out the Pink ball (bad luck to Horrie). Brian Hombsch had a Nett 63 (76 off-the-stick) and Robin Passmore had a Nett 61 (73-off-the-stick), Roxby won the shield overall by 12 shots – BIG, BIG come back. Hopefully there will be more Roxby players going to Streaky next year because it is a great place to wind down, go fishing if you don’t play golf, or fish after golf.

Andamooka Opal Showroom Post Ofce and Motel

Behind the Famous Bottle House Opal Creek Boulevard, Andamooka OPEN 7 DAYS and after hours by appointment Ph: (08) 8672 7007 • Fax: (08) 8672 7062 Email: 06dukesbtl1210906

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Thursday, September 21, 2006 – Page 19

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Winter Tennis Grand Final Snakes defeated Skinks 6 sets 47 games to 2 sets 35 games The winter tennis Grand Final was played in warm conditions on Sunday, September 17. The Snakes got away to a flying start with Simon Green and Dave McInnis easily winning the first men’s doubles. In a long match, Jody Petherick and Deb Harper won the first ladies doubles match in a tie-breaker to counter for the Skinks. The trend continued, with Nick Fernandez and Damien Condon winning the second men’s doubles for the Snakes, only to be countered by Mel Teterin and Phillipa Weltner winning for the Skinks. That result made it two sets each heading into the mixed doubles. Then, in perhaps the match of the day, Simon Green and Lisa O’Dea led 5 - 1 over Brett Mackenzie and Jody Petherick, before Brett and Jody fought back to take the set into a tiebreaker. However Simon and Lisa were able to steady and won the tie-breaker. This proved decisive and even though all the remaining sets were close, the Snakes were able to win every set to end up on top for the day. Winners for the Snakes were Men - Simon Green, Dave McInnis, Damien Condon and Nick Frenandez (absent - Jack Hombsch), and Ladies - Lisa O’dea, Suzanne Crafter, Angela Hawdon and Belinda Petherick. A summer competition is being planned to start in late October and finish in March 2007, with a break over the school Christmas holidays. Anyone wishing to play must complete a registration form and return it to Roger Scholefield. The Annual General Meeting for the Roxby Downs Tennis Club will be held in mid-October and is a chance for all members to be involved in the progress and future success of the club.

Below: Deb Harper serving in the women’s doubles match.

Above: Thomas Hombsch serves the ball across to Nick Fernandez during the men’s doubles match on Sunday afternoon. Below: a tough and long match was fought out between Snakes and Skinks for the women’s doubles. Following a tie-breaker, Jody Pethick and Deb Harper (Skinks) were able to get over the line.

Thursday September 21, 2006 – Page 20

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