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Volume 4, Thursday October 30th, 2008

Race in the Red Alcoholics cry for help Steve George from Port Pirie struggles for the lead, and breath, as he gives it his all in the Roxby Downs Red Dunes Triathlon.

A report just released by the Alcohol and Other Treatment Services showed that 42 percent of all people who sought treatment from 2006 to 2007 needed help for alcohol abuse. Gerard Byrne, coordinator of the Salvation Army drug and alcohol treatment program said “the number of people seeking treatment for alcohol related problems had risen by 20 percent in the past 6 months” He said there had also been an increase in the number of women seeking help, and binge drinking was a phenomenon among those in the early to mid 20’s age group. The report is a national look at the treatment of alcoholics and drug users, but the issues and numbers are proportionately relevant to every city and town in Australia, including Roxby Downs. The Roxby Downs Alcohol and Substance Abuse

Partnership have been discussing the local issues for some time and have been very concerned with reports of under age drinking, violence and family difficulties caused by gambling. Chairman Ray Goldie said “We are aware of the issues Roxby faces and it is far broader than just alcohol abuse. It includes substance abuse, addiction to gambling and domestic violence. Roxby is a reflection of what is happening right around the country. More and more people are crying out for help and we need to be in a position to support them. We know the town needs a holistic Alcohol and Substance Abuse Plan to tackle the issues that arise from the addictions and abuse. The challenge for the partnership in formulating a plan for such a complex set of issues is

that we do not have enough data on the extent of the issues, capacity and effectiveness of current services. Accordingly the Partnership is instigating a comprehensive research and consultation to gather the vital information we need and to have professional input into the formation of the plan. This plan is a vitally important segment of the wider community plan and will be crucial to planning how we as a community will handle these issues in an expanded population of 10,000 people. The cost of the work is $15,000 dollars and we have already raised $9,000“ said Mr Goldie. We are not eligible for Government funding, Roxby was considered too well off to meet the funding bodies criteria. We are on our own for this.

The money will have to be raised locally. We have already received strong support and are confident of raising the balance of the funds over the next few weeks. I will be contacting local businesses for financial support so we can instigate the project as a matter of urgency. To tackle these grave issues we need the type of coordinated approach the Alcohol and Substance Abuse Partnership has already demonstrated” said Mr Goldie . The members of Alcohol and Substance Abuse Partnership represents, the SA Licensing Commission, all licensed venues, Family and Youth Forum, The Family and Youth Officer, Community Board, Roxby Downs Health Services, SA Police, Roxby Downs Council and community members.

o f Fr a n k Woolfe’s fantastic initiative bservatory dome, and Woomera. Frank told as his dream of estabatory after looking at t from his backyard. d his dream when he ablished the Woomera function room. Now am of star gazing with

ow Frank, he’s a great still pumped that his n won this years AFL what I also enjoyed tiative and dream is ut the opening days of nd function centre. e Oct 16th edition of ck out page 3 and read but especially Frank’s s of, “We try to open k on Tuesday, Thurscond Saturday but belike to have some time

ank fulfilled his dream many of us can say we dream? It was also brilecided to SHARE his rs!! How cool is that? as equally brilliant and id, “I like to have some

t sounds so basic and isn’t! In fact, as I have of occasions through g quality time out for ssive necessity! In fact eing and success in reome life depend on it. e the often conflicting

is foolish and irresponsible. Relaxation and taking time is never a waste of time or an option. All that we strive for in life and work can be wonderful and ever so fulfilling! But failure to take time to rest and relax will take its toll upon us, our relationships and ultimately our work. Daily stress can add up to chronic stress and the medical profession tell us that chronic stress can cause severe physical or mental health problems, even death. Assessing our lifestyle and ensuring we have a good balance between what we do in life and our rest and relaxation at home, is therefore an absolute necessity. I can’t imagine anyone not wanting to take time out for themselves and their family, but too many fail to see it as a major priority. Relaxation is when our mind and body are at rest from what ever it is that’s going on around us. Failure to make such quality time will prove to be incredibly costly. Frank’s got it right because the best place for us to find the relaxation we need has got to be at home because home is the one place where we can unwind, put our feet up and be ourselves. Rest and relaxation helps reduce our stress and anxiety levels which will automatically improve our sleep. Quality sleep is obviously important because without it…we’ll never enjoy good health, happiness or success in anything. The key therefore is to ensure we have the right balance. Find the right job, mix with friends and get involved in the sport program or community initiative that appeals to you. But like Frank, make sure it blends in with you and your home life, because that’s the most important aspect of your life.

likely to prevent or delay the onset of lifestyle related chronic disease, such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease and some cancers. With approximately 1 in 2 Australians overweight or obese, the Measure Up campaign is a timely call to action. It encourages people to measure their risk of lifestyle related chronic disease by measuring their waist. According to Adrian Bauman, Professor of Public Health, University of Sydney, excess weight around your waist is a likely sign of dangerous internal fat deposits around your organs. “This is where a hidden health problem lies,” Professor Bauman said. “Where your fat is located can be an important sign of your risk of developing an ongoing health problem. Measuring your waist circumference is a simple check to tell you if you are at risk of developing a chronic disease, like diabetes, fatty liver or cardiovascular disease. “According to the World Health Organization and the National Health and Medical Research Council figures, for most Australians a waist measurement of over 94 centimetres for men and 80 centimetres for women means you are at increased risk of developing a chronic disease. “If your waist measurement is over 102 centimetres for men and 88 centimetres for women, your risk greatly increases. “The evidence shows that the more physical activity people do and the better their eating habits, the less likely they are to be over-

Chance to meet h

As part of the Roxby Downs 20th Anniversary celebrations commencing in midNovember, Chandler Macleod, in partnership with BHP Billiton Olympic Dam, will bring together some of Australia’s most famous sporting faces in a day of entertainment and sporting activity for the local community, with ticket sales and auction proceeds to support local community and sporting groups. Australian sports stars including former Wallabies captain, John Eales, Grant Hackett, Dick Johnson, Vicki Wilson, Warren Tredrea and Andrew Gaze will kick off festivities with ‘From the Sports Desk’, an evening of entertainment and fundraising to be held at the Dunes Café function room on Thursday, 13 November. The evening will include an entertaining panel discussion from the sports stars, prize giveaways, a silent auction of sports memorabilia and live entertainment from Sydney band ‘Hip Fidelity’. A limited number of corporate tables and 150 general tickets are now on sale at $80 per person. The sports stars will be at Roxby Leisure Sports Stadium on Thursday afternoon, where local children will have the chance

to talk sports, and have ing heroes. Olympic Dam Br Chandler Macleod, Su important that rising inspired by those that of success. “The sports meetin ning during the after really unique opportu kids to meet their spo face. It’s a once in a li something we’re looki ing to Roxby Downs,” BHP Billiton Olymp visor Public Affairs, A she was excited to ha sports stars come and anniversary celebratio Roxby Downs. Those interested in the Sports Desk’ event Leisure Visitor inform as possible on (08) 867 limited and expected Transport from Woom to the children’s sports be arranged through y


Monitor NEWS

Third strike for teachers By Zak Zeptner


hursday October 30 will see teachers across the state stage their third strike this year, as outrage mounts over the Government’s apparent lack of concern for teachers’ welfare. For one-half day, the teachers of Roxby Downs Area School will be involved in a series of coordinated activities designed to bring the teachers’ concerns over the Government’s offers to attention. These activities include contacting Members of Parliament and presenting a radio show voicing the perspectives of teachers and what the Government’s offer will mean for the future of classes and students’ learning environments. “We’ll be very active,” said Union Sub Branch Secretary and Far North Delegate Ben Summerton. “It’s not sleep-ins for teachers; we’ll be getting together at the start of the school day and really working hard to try and get the Government to revise its offer.” As Mr Summerton explains, the reasoning behind this industrial action is to force the Government to acknowledge the needs of public school teachers. “The Government is basically satisfied at this stage to be offering a pay claim that keeps us at the bottom in the country and we don’t think that’s very fair for students and for the future of public education. “The second and more pressing reason for industrial action is the Government is looking at taking away the current model of

funding which basically states there is a student to teacher ratio and once you exceed that ratio you are then funded for another full time teacher. “The Government’s changes would be an end to that and would be replaced with a system whereby the Government funds each individual student to a particular value and that money is then put into our central budget, if you like, and spent at the discretion of the school. “For parents this is a worry because it means the guarantee of class sizes will be removed and parents will simply be relying on schools to do the right thing and spend that money on staffing, although without that ratio stating what limits are and what class sizes should be; you take that away and you lower the conditions.” Mr Summerton stated the classrooms of Roxby Downs Area School could be described as confined spaces and if the Government’s plans proceed, students will be facing the possibility of larger class sizes. The strike also aims to force the Government to examine the country incentives offered to teachers, which Mr Summerton states expire after five years, making it difficult to retain highly experienced teachers into remote country areas, such as Roxby Downs. Without a greater offer from the Government, South Australian public school teachers will remain the lowest paid in the country and effectively make it harder for them to achieve the goals of making a difference, which they set out to accomplish when becoming a teacher. A popular jab at the teacher’s strike cen-

Woomera weather station restructuring

The Woomera Weather station.


he Bureau of Meteorology is restructuring their regional weather stations meaning cutbacks will occur to more than 25 stations, including Woomera’s. By introducing new technologies, the Bureau will be reducing its operations to one-person stations, claiming the changes will result in better quality forecasts. Acting Regional Director John Nairn said the restructuring was being implemented due to the retirement of workers and the introduction of newer automated technology. Allegations the restructuring is occurring due to budget cuts has risen to popular belief however Mr Nairn stated the allegations are “reasonably inflammatory statements by the union to draw out another distraction in the discussion”. The Woomera station, which is currently operated by two staff members, is one of the Bureau of Meteorology’s Global Upper Air Network stations which contributes data to the international community, with particular importance on its wind flights. “That’s a very significant role for our people at the stations and the continuing role for the person we will have at the station,” said Mr Nairn. The station is also used in the collection of climate data which is important for the long term record as the bureau tries to establish how our current cli-

mate is changing. The technology being integrated into the regional weather stations will allow the bureau to access information whenever it is needed, without having to wait for staff members to provide it. Of course, concerns have been raised over the quality of information being transmitted via these automated networks however the bureau assures the public every piece of data will be subjected to quality control systems. “The quality of data is extremely important to the bureau… we stand by our record,” said Mr Nairn. “Quality is paramount so we won’t be introducing any systems that do not have suitable quality systems surrounding them.” The bureau also assures the public they will not be forcing any employees affected by the restructuring to relocate. “If people aren’t ready to leave they’re not being forced; they will leave when circumstances dictate it’s an advantage to the staff member.” Paula Mackenzie of the Woomera Community Board says it will be sad to see employees of the weather station leave. “We’ll be sad to lose the people who are involved; it will be very sad to no longer have them in town.”

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tres around educators becoming greedy and the industrial action is simply a way for them to make more money, however as Mr Summerton explains, teachers are not in it for the money. “What we’re really interested in is making a difference and if you keep moving the goal post further out it’s not going to lead to a very satisfactory career,” said Mr Summerton. “For parents who are concerned teachers are perhaps being greedy they need to look at the bigger picture, to look at what they want for their children and for their children’s children and what sort of country do they want to live in. “Do they want to live in a country where education is not valued? “All children deserve accesses to that and that’s the importances of public education. “I take offence to being called greedy because of the work I and my colleagues put in to teaching and that we are doing a vital service to our country. “We’re all very disappointed that the Government hasn’t negotiated in good faith and we are upset we have to take the action we are taking. “The fact we are not attending school and we’ve stopped work doesn’t sit comfortably with anybody and nobody wants that, so were all really just waiting for the Government to table an offer that provides some sort of guarantee that public education is not going to suffer. “It’s the good fight that’s worth fighting.”

Lyn Breuer on the road again in the north “Overall the locals that I spoke to, do speak quite favoraLyn Breuer, Member for Giles, travelled 3000 km over the Labour Day long weekend to have a bly about work of the Highways Department, and underthat there’s money pressures,” Ms Breuer said. personal look at the condition of roads along the stand “We’re all bound by budgets and one of the problems Oodnadatta track and surrounding areas. that happened with the Transport budget was the huge “I’m not inexperienced on these roads, and have traveled on them many times before,” Ms Breuer said. “But for this trip I went there to look at specific stretches of road in view of the media reports on radio in recent weeks.” Ms Breuer traveled to Coober Pedy on the Thursday and spent four days traveling in the area, beginning with the Coober Pedy - Oodnadatta Road, up the Mt Barry Road to Arkaringa, then across the Painted Desert to Oodnadatta. Ms Breuer then went up to Hamilton Station, back to the Oodnadatta Track and along to Todmordon Station, across to Marla, back down through Cadney and across again to Oodnadatta. From there she travelled down the Oodnadatta Track through Marree to Leigh Creek. “There were quite a number of patches that I did have concerns about, but there are also sections that are quite adequate,” Ms Breuer said. “I found a lot of problems from Mount Barry through to Arkaringa Station, on the Hamilton to Oodnadatta Road, Arkaringa to Oodnadatta, and from Oodnadatta from the Algebuckina Bridge down to Nilpinna.” Ms Breuer is of the opinion that there was a lot of work to be done in some areas but overall that it was not all doom and gloom. “But I now have a whole list of spots along the road that will need looking at,” Ms Breuer said. “I talked to the locals that are traveling on these roads all the time, and certainly got their opinions and suggestions.” During the trip Ms Breuer was able to talk to people in Oodnadatta, William Creek, and Coober Pedy as well as Marla and stations on the way.

CAREER EMPLOYMENT GROUP Career Employment Group is a local, not-for-profit organisation ready to service your apprenticeship and traineeship needs. We are dedicated to servicing local industries and businesses and providing employment opportunities for the youth of Roxby Downs. We’re ready to help your business find and train the right staff! For further information contact: Tony Place (Field Officer) or Gaynor Renz (Administration Assistant) Our office is located at 78 Pioneer Drive ROXBY DOWNS SA 5725 (PO BOX 50) Office Hours Monday - Friday 9.00 am – 1.00 pm Telephone: 8671 3033 Facsimile: 8671 3066 Tony’s mobile: 0427 615 961

floods that happened a couple of years ago, which just cost the State millions and millions of dollars in repair work and set things back a bit.” However, some of the locals did take the opportunity to express their concerns about some areas that don’t seem to be being looked at, where there have been accidents. “I will talk to the Transport Minister and see if some of the patches that are really bad can be worked on a little bit quicker,” Ms Breuer said. “I’m going to check out what is happening with the Oodnadatta to Hamilton road which certainly needs to be upgraded; there is money promised for that, so I will find out when that will happen.” Ms Breuer also believes the roads could be improved and made safer by installing a lot more signage on the roads. “There is a need for more signage recommending speeds, warning people that they’re coming to a corner, or that they are coming to a bend where there might be bull dust and the like,” Ms Breuer said. “Signage could certainly make it a lot safer on these roads, and if we are encouraging tourist to travel in these regions, we need to make it safer for them.” Road safety is something that Ms Breuer takes very seriously. “I understand fully that for communities in the far north, roads are lifelines, not just a convenient means of access. Ms Breuer is also of the opinion that there needs to be a long term plan for road infrastructure in the area. “I will be speaking to the department about the roads in the far north, and will inquire as to whether there is any long term plan in place at present,” Ms Breuer said. “Overall this was a productive trip and I was able to see first hand what the issues really are.” Ph: (08) 8671 0177 Fax: (08) 8671 0180 Machining Specialised equipment and machinists - we have the capability to produce “one off” or multiple items according to your needs in a choice of a wide range of materials. Fabrication Any metal fabrication work, choice of materials to suit your needs. Specialising in TIG, MIG, Plasma, aluminium and stainless steel work. Trailer repairs and modifications. Steel Supply Large range of steel in stock - Pipe, RHS, SHS, Flat bar, Angle etc in a wide variety of lengths and gauges. I Beam and C Section, ideal for retaining walls. Fencing material in a variety of styles and designs as well as general purpose sheds and carports. Mechanical Services Repairs/maintenance on motorcycles, earth moving equipment and forklifts. Hydraulic services and repairs, air-conditioning service and engine reconditioning. Exhausts - fabrication to supply. Agents for: Aggreko gen sets & cooling units, All Spitwater products, JSG Industrial, Enerpac Fluid Power Systems and Chicago pneumatic air tools.Come and talk to the boy

“It might be easier to list what we don’t do”

Come and talk to the boys at Precision Engineering (Charlton Road, Olympic Dam) about what we can do for you! Thursday, October 30, 2008 – Page 3


Monitor NEWS

The expansion explained We have all heard of the proposed Olympic Dam expansion but what exactly is it all about? The facts are simple: Olympic Dam has the capacity to mine 10 million tonnes of ore and the advanced processing technology to produce refined copper, silver and gold metal and uranium oxide and the increase will see the underground mine converted into an open pit. If the expansion is approved, copper production will increase from approximately 180,000 tonnes to 730,000. There are five stages to the expansions. Stage one: Concept – understanding the potential and the possibility. Stage two: Selection – Rigorously


examine development alternatives and analytically select a preferred development plan. Stage three: Definition – Refine and optimise the single go-forward case. Stage four: Execution – Construct and commission. Stage Five: Operation – Ramp-up to full scale production. Currently, the proposed expansion is in the selection stage and is subject to approval from the Australian and South Australian Governments through an assessment of an Environmental Impact Statement. BHP Billiton is also examining infrastructure development options and will consider establishing infrastructure necessary to support the

mining and processing operations. The development options include constructing an additional 270 kilometre power line from Port Augusta to Olympic Dam, building a desalination plant in Point Lowly and an associated 320 kilometre water pipeline, expanding the Roxby Downs township. Decommissioning the current airport and building a new and larger facility is also under consideration. The Environmental Impact Statement, due in early 2009, requires consultation and needs to be approved by the Government and the Board of BHP Billiton, who will review the findings and decide whether to proceed to the next stages of the project.


interested or do not have the power alla News of people abusing petrol to intervene in the Whyalla market attendants is totally unfair,” he said. they should tell us in plain language”’ “Problems with fuel pricing are Mr Ramsey said. happening much higher up the marWhile frustration in the commu- keting chain than the driveway atnity is understandable, Mr Ramsey tendants and they should be treated implores people not to take this out with respect. on driveway attendants. “Our fight is against the fuel sup“The issue highlighted in the Why- pliers and wholesale prices.” In response to a letter he wrote to the ACCC outlining the excessive cost of fuel in Whyalla, particularly diesel, the ACCC using information from a report done last year stated the main factors for the high cost of fuel in country areas are smaller populations, greater distances from terminals, less competition and lower volumes. Mr Ramsey said the explanation simply does not account the unreasonable premiums in the Whyalla market, where the cost of diesel is regularly at least ten cents a litre more than other regional cities. In his statement to parliament Mr Ramsey said, “Whyalla has the second- or third-largest regional population in the state and, as a result, outlets fill frequently. It is only 380 kilometres from Adelaide and 270 kilometres from Port Lincoln—both fuel terminals—equating to a freight differential of between 2c and 3c per litre, and there are at least seven outlets in the city. Nearby centres have significantly cheaper prices than Whyalla—in fact, Port Augusta, just 80 kilometres up the road, and nearer to Adelaide, is averaging diesel prices 15c a litre lower”. He said he is not happy with the response and will be going back to the ACCC pointing out the flaws in their argument. “If the ACCC is not Smaller populations, greater distances from terminals, less competition and lower volumes are sending fuel prices soaring

ederal Member for Grey Rowan Ramsey has claimed in a statement to Federal Parliament he seriously questions reasons given for the disparity in fuel prices in Whyalla by the ACCC.

PUBLIC CONSULTATION LEGISLATION REFORM Discussion Paper 3 – General Provisions for Education and Early Childhood Development The Minister for Education, the Hon Jane LomaxSmith and the Minister for Early Childhood Development, the Hon Jay Weatherill, are seeking public comment on reforms to the Education Act 1972 and Children’s Services Act 1985. Feedback received by 5 December 2008 will help to develop new legislation. The discussion paper, more information and a feedback form are available at or by phoning 8226 3825 during business hours. Comments can be lodged electronically or posted to: Legislation Reform Unit Minister for Education Minister for Early Childhood Development c/- PO Box 778 ADELAIDE SA 5001 Email:

By Zak Zeptner

When people are suffering an illness or depression, they go to the doctor but what a lot of people do not realise is there are alternative options. One such alternative which is fast spreading across the globe is “The Journey.” The Journey is a process of self healing whereby the participant enters a “guided meditation”, allowing them to traverse a journey within themselves to find and rectify problems within, both emotional and physical. The Journey was created in the 90s by American woman Brandon Bays. Brandon was diagnosed with a tumour in her stomach which had grown to the size of a basketball. Not wanting to have an operation or deal with it medically, she desired to heal herself naturally and set about creating The Journey through a series of trial and error attempts. By discovering a deeply withheld emotional issue that was attached to her illness and confronting it, Brandon was able to cure herself of the tumour within six and one-half weeks and was deemed medically fit and healthy. “The Journey process takes you down through the inner layers of your emotions within,” said Anna Andrasic, a local with a deep interest in The Journey. “We store emotions and bury them within ourselves and sometimes don’t deal with them when we need to until they build up and cause anxiety, depression or an illness within ourselves.” According to Anna, when the issues at hand are dealt with through the journey process, they rarely become an issue later in life, allowing a person to move on and reach a state of healing and closure. Anna has helped several people with The Journey and referred others on to more qualified therapists. Throughout her experiences, Anna has not once found the process to be any-

thing but helpful. “It has enabled me personally to deal with issues of grief relating to loss which was creating a state of depression and illness within myself, letting me get past a fear of death and losing loved ones,” said Anna. “I haven’t had trouble with it since. “I’ve seen changes in people suffering depression or a lack of confidence in themselves, allowing them to move on and not dwell on the issues, living a happier life.” While some may believe there is nothing in self healing, even medical and psychiatric professionals are embracing The Journey. “There is also a children’s Journey program that has been trialled in a few Catholic schools is Newcastle and the Journey Outreach Program, which is funded by donations, has been working in Aboriginal communities in Australia and extensively throughout schools and communities in South Africa,” said Anna. The acceptance of alternative treatments is growing and often complements traditional medical practices; however, the distinction between the two is, to Anna, unimportant. “What works for you is what’s important. “It is not important to acknowledge whether it was The Journey or medicine or something else that healed you. “If the healing has happened then it’s a good thing; the fact people are able to heal is what’s important.” Even the sceptics may find this form of self healing to be worth it. “Initially, I was very sceptical myself,” said Anna. “You’ll just have to try it yourself,” More information can be obtained from The Journey website at, by purchasing the books by creator Brandon Bays or giving Anna a call on 0437 791 122.

JOHNSTON WITHERS LAWYERS are now visiting Roxby Downs each month Offering professional legal advice and representation in most areas of law including: Industrial Employment Law Workers Compensation Wills Discrimination Law & Workplace Harassment

Criminal & Trafc Law Estates & Trusts Personal Injury Commercial

Medical Negligence Family & DeFacto Conveyancing Defamation

Nic Kernahan and Emma Wilkinson will next be in attendance at the ofces of Lin Andrews Real Estate, 3 Richardson Place, Roxby Downs on 12 November, 2008. For appointments, contact us at:

17 Sturt Street, Adelaide SA 5000 Telephone: 8231 1110 (Adelaide) 8642 5122 (Pt Augusta) Fax: 8231 1230 Email: Web: Regional ofces at Clare and Port Augusta (also visiting Whyalla)


Page 4– Thursday, October 30, 2008

An alternative journey

HYDRAULIC TORQUE WRENCHES 30mm to 150mm bolts See the Hytorc Bolting and resource website

for all the answers to your bolting needs 6 Eton Rd, Keswick Mob: 0412 828 060 Ph: 8293 8411 Fax: 8288 0477 THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper


Teens get a crash course in road safety By Krystle Bower

South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS) are bringing Road Accident Awareness Program (RAAP) to the Roxby Downs Area School car park on Thursday, October 30, at 9am. RAAP is a program organised to educate young drivers about the five main causes of death on the roads, speed, fatigue, no seat belts, drink driving and hoon driving. “RAAP Program was designed to reduce the high numbers of young drivers and passengers killed in road accidents each year,” SO Bell said. 1,116 people were unnecessarily killed on Australian roads last year, and 125 of those

were on South Australian roads, just under half of the fatalities in South Australia happened on rural or country roads. “Statistics show that transport accidents are the number one cause of death for 1625 year olds throughout Australia,” SO Bell said. Year 11 and 12 students are encouraged to get involved and community members are welcome to go along on the day where the Metropolitan Fire Services with assistance from the Country Fire Services will use the Jaws of Life on a wrecked car, and also show a graphic DVD about road awareness and accident prevention. Please direct any enquiries to Station Officer Anthony Bell 0427 609 485.

Right: Some very visual evidence used in the Road Accident Awareness Program.

Fine line between life and death The Australian Outback is as beautiful as it is peaceful; its serenity equalled only by its treachery. Living in a remote community, Roxby Downs’s citizens have the opportunity to experience the wonders of the bush but if not treated with respect, it can be the last thing you ever witness. There have been countless examples of people being stranded in the bush and lost forever to its vast landscape and recently, a few unprepared town folk have experienced first hand the dangers of the bush. Endeavouring to enjoy the beauty offered by Lake Mary, some people have ventured into the outback only to be met with unfortunate circumstances. Originally from foreign countries, these unfortunate people found themselves bogged along the road to the Lake; alone and unprepared, they remained for hours in the clutches of the outback. Fortunately these people found their way out of the mess they had gotten into and have learnt some valuable lessons while dealing with the bush. There are many, however, who are unfamiliar with the surrounding landscape and the dangers it can pose. There are several things a person wishing to enjoy the beauty of the bush should do before venturing into the wilderness. Always inform someone of your intentions to go bush, explaining the place you intend to visit, how long you will be gone, who will be with you and what time you expect to return. Countless people never return from a simple outback trip because they do not tell anyone of their intentions. Always ensure your vehicle is equipped to handle the terrain. One of the problems our locals had with their Lake Mary adventure was using a Ford sedan rather than a 4 Wheel Drive. 4x4s are designed to withstand the rough and treacherous terrain of the Aussie outback and stand a far better chance of making it through boggy sand than a family sedan. Every person travelling into the outback should take extra care in ensuring they pack enough water. Water is our life force and in the desert, it can be very scarce. Ensure you have more than enough water and food to last you several days; it is better to have more than not enough. Remember to use common sense when planning a trip into the outback, whether it be a simple day trip to Lake Mary or an adventurous journey into the bush, do not become a statistic, plan ahead, be safe and enjoy the wonders of rural Australia.

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BHP services Likely to be relocated The ‘talk’ around town over the past few weeks has centred on rumours that BHP Billiton’s HR department was being shifted to Adelaide. The Monitor Ne wspaper contacted BHP Billiton Above:Mr and asked if the ‘talk’ Paul Walters Olympic Dam of relocation was acVice President curate. As a result we can Human report that the poResources tential for relocation and change is much broader than just the HR Department. A release from BHP Billiton explained that no decisions had yet been made at this stage but that the company is undergoing a review titled ‘Project Inflow’ and that it was

likely that some teams such as the strategic and governance roles, will in part, relocate to a ‘hub’ in Adelaide. BHP Billiton spokesperson Mr Paul Walters Olympic Dam Vice President Human Resources said “‘Project Inflow’ will examine the way we operate and help us identify the changes we need to make to improve our business, while preserving and building on our strengths.” “We are looking at a new organisational design to position Olympic Dam for growth and strengthen our ability to deliver on our operating plan. The specific focus for this work has been simplification and reduced bureaucracy; creating a working model that allows all of our employees to be more effective and efficient, one that ensures our leaders are working at the right level, and that we maximise the contribution of all of our employees, right through the organisation.”

As part of this review, we are evaluating ways to make the service functions at Olympic Dam – such as Human Resources (HR), Supply, Finance, and Information Technology (IT) – operate more effectively While this will relieve some of the current stress on our infrastructure (such as housing and accommodation), the township remains an important competitive advantage for Olympic Dam in attracting and retaining employees who prefer a residential lifestyle. This means any changes will be reviewed to ensure there is not a negative impact on the township and community.. We are currently reviewing each of these departments and considering how best to structure these teams. The review is expected to be completed later this year.

BHP warns of slowdown BHP Billiton has warned of uncertainty about China after the Asian powerhouse was hit by the global market meltdown last quarter. With China not immune to the global crisis, volatility would continue in the short term before demand began to grow again, BHP said in its quarterly production report last week . “Macroeconomic indicators show that Chinese growth has softened during the quarter, albeit from very high levels,” BHP said. “We expect volatility and uncertainty to continue in the short term.” China’s prospects have been severely rerated by markets in recent weeks, as evidence grows that the Asian powerhouse is being hit harder than expected by global market turmoil and its own policies to temper growth. Rio last week helped prompt the

biggest falls in its and BHP’s shares in more than 20 years, when it said it would cut back expansion because of an expected slowing of commodities demand growth. While BHP said its comments were consistent with previous statements, this time there was no positive talk about how well China and other developing economies were faring during the meltdown. BHP expects things to get better. “We remain confident that the ongoing industrialisation of China and other developing economies will continue to drive strong longer-term demand for our products,” BHP said. The big miner said its cash flow and balance sheet enabled it to reinvest throughout the cycle and a spokesman said the company was not considering delaying expansion.

HYDRAULIC TORQUE WRENCHES 30mm to 150mm bolts See the Hytorc Bolting and resource website

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Nominations now open The Roxby Downs Council is calling for nominations for the Australia Day Awards 2009. The Awards are a great opportunity for the community to identify those people in the community who, over the past twelve months have made an outstanding contribution, or have given outstanding service to the Roxby Downs and Olympic Dam communities over a number of years. If you know a community member who has demonstrated a willingness to give of their time, talents and energy to ensure that Roxby Downs and Olympic Dam continues to thrive and remain the great place that we can all be proud of now is an opportunity for them to be recognised for their outstanding efforts. Nominations are open for Citizen of the Year, Young Citizen of the Year and Community Event of the Year’ Nomination forms are available from the Council office, Richardson Place. A community panel will select the winners, and nominations close 5 pm Friday, December 12, 2008. Right: Zak Zeptner, recipient of the Young Citizen of the Year award for 2008. Far right: Veronica Hombsch was awarded Roxby Downs Citizen of the Year 2008.

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Keep your garden greener By Krystle Bower Like many Roxbyites and particularly newcomers, you may n be concerned on how you are going to maintain your garden through the extreme heat of summer. There is a chance that you are already having trouble maintaining your garden even with the recent hot days.. Are you already considering giving up altogether? Don’t it doesn’t have to be that hard. Knowing the environment you are working with is the key. Because Roxby Downs is situated in the middle of the desert the temperatures can rise to extreme heats which will affect the growth and sustainability of natural flora. During the hot whether it is important to make sure your plants have plenty of moisture, and this can sometime mean running up a nasty water bill. Only few people like spending hours in the garden constantly trying to maintain and water it, for those of you who still like a green garden without obtaining an overflowing water bill, there are several ways you can maintain a beautiful garden, while reducing water use. An essential item to get any garden up and running is a great base to grow strong healthy plants, and nothing works better than mulch. “Mulch is a good way to save water, and drip systems are also brilliant, if you bury drip systems in the mulch it will reduce water evaporation” said Adam Kilpatrick from Arid Recovery. Because Roxby Downs reaches extreme temperatures water evaporation is a big issue and surface water will be the first to dry up;

One million volunteer hours By Krystle Bower

South Australians should be delighted with a new

Parenting Quote of the Week… “Always kiss your children goodnight - even if they’re already asleep.” H. Jackson Brown, Jr. Strengthening Our Families can provide a volunteer to support you to enjoy and strengthen your family relationships. You can get more information from Jo Culf at the Roxby Downs Health Services on 8671 9020 or Strengthening Our Families is proudly supported by BHP Billiton Olympic Dam. Page 6 – Thursday, October 30th, 2008

mulch works as a water holder for the plants. Other methods of retaining water in soil for plants is using water saving crystals or wetta soil spray which you can purchase at your local hardware store. It is also essential to plant the appropriate flora for your area, a great plant for any garden is a flowering shrub, such as Callistemon, Grevillea, Lilly Pilis or Melaleuca, however if its ground cover you are looking for Convolus is recommended. Some good plants to have in the garden also include plants from the eucalyptus genus and roses, although you may not believe it they are a strong and hardy plant. Avoid growing a lawn in your yard if possible as it will suck up excessive amounts of water, only to loose all its moisture to the sun during the day. “Definitely no lawns; lawns are a massive waste of water,” said Adam Kilpatrick. Don’t wait for your back yard to dry up and look dull, you don’t need to be a green thumb to know what you are doing, just a little common sense goes a long way.

report reveals that the States volunteers donate over a million hours every week. A 2008 survey on Volunteering conducted by Harrison Market Research indicates around half of all South Australians volunteer in the community; this is an enormous contribution from the volunteers. Roxby Downs should be proud as a community; surveys show that more than 40% percent of the community volunteer in some manner. This figure is considered high given our young demographic. The current degree of selflessness equates to around 610,000 South Australian Volunteers providing an estimated 1.4 million volunteer hours per week. “Volunteers are vital to our State, they help individuals and groups – in schools, hospitals, sport, the environment, and assist the young and the elderly and generally support those who are less fortunate then themselves,” Minister Paul Caica said. The survey shows in South Australia members of the community are more than willing to freely donate their time to help others; results also show that 59% of volunteers feel they are benefiting personally from volunteer work. There are many volunteers living in Roxby Downs, some even go unnoticed, they are the people who are

training to save a life with SES, CFS or Ambulance Services. They are bringing you local entertainment from ROX FM, or making sure you have a sport to play during the week, they are even the people that go out of their way to organise and host an event for the community. Appreciation and thanks is the best way to reward a volunteer for their hard work, no matter what it is they do. Nominations called for Community Person of the Month The Roxby Downs Volunteer Partnership, Big Sky Credit Union and the Monitor Newspaper launched the Community Person of the Month in August. Members of the community are able to nominate a local volunteer as Community Person of the Month. The monthly winners will be recognized for their outstanding contribution to the community with a profile published in the Monitor. As part of the project Big Sky Credit Union will donate $100 to the monthly winner’s charity or volunteering organization of choice. If you know of a volunteer in the community you think should be recognised, nominate them for Community Person of the Month so they can be acknowledged for their hard work. Application forms are available from Michelle Hales on 8671 0010 or can be downloaded from the website. THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper



Letters to the Editor The three Rs Sir - We all recognise the importance of the ‘three Rs’ in a child’s education as being a solid foundation for their future life choices. It’s about time that our State Government also recognised the importance of another set of Rs and their impact on the peoples’ choices and our State’s future. The other ‘three Rs’ being Rural, Regional and Remote industr y, families and their communities. Governments need to recognise the importance of the ‘three Rs’ and get the balance right between meeting the needs of the city and the country, both of which are critically important to our State’s future prosperity.

services to Rural, Regional and Remote South Australian industry, families and their communities. Yes, we know that mining is not yet as big in SA as it currently is in WA, and it will take some time for SA mining royalties to grow to a meaningful sum, in the interim why not allocate some of the State’s share of GST revenue to the ‘three Rs’? Similarly why not add the Commonwealth’s free train ride for pensioners into the funding mix, given many country people don’t live near a working passenger train service?

Recently the SA Nationals put forward the policy of ‘Royalties for Regions’, to which spokespersons for the Liberal and Labor Parties have to date been less than enthusiastic. Our policy states that a minimum of 25% of all mining royalties need to be invested in infrastructure and

Yes we know that there are differences between the states. We also know that there are similarities that include the need for increased investment in country communities and in industry infrastructure; to provide increased educational choices, and deliver better educational outcomes; to provide increased health services and to deliver better health

I was deeply saddened after reading Ms Stevens’ letter regarding her loss of faith in the medical team at the Roxby Hospital. I completely empathize with her circumstances as I too have had instances where diagnoses have left me feeling confused and concerned. However, I realise that the heath service is extremely understaffed with both

doctors and nurses and most of the time these people are doing the best they can under very demanding circumstances. One instance does not necessarily mean the entire service is ineffective. I have had wonderful care from both medical and especially nursing staff who have acted above and beyond their call of duty.

outcomes; to build safer roads and provide improved transport services.

who can’t readily access public transport or government services, or send their children away for further The essence of the education. ‘Royalties for Regions’ policy is simply the Country families need for greater sup- and communities port for the many are resilient and able South Australians to live and work unwho live outside the der what are often city limits, both now pretty harsh social and into the future. If and economic condiwe continue this cy- tions. They are not cle of ‘see-saw’ poli- after handouts but tics between the two more equitable supbig political parties, port and consideracountry people will tion. The fact is that continue to receive needs of families and sub-standard treat- communities living ment and inadequate in the ‘three Rs’ have services. not been met by successive governments, The two big politi- both Labor and Libercal parties have said al, and it’s about time that there is already they received a fair adequate money put go. Country people into country SA, and don’t need more talk that there are fund- and empty promises, ing sources provided what is needed is a for country families greater focus and and communities. input of resources Try telling that to into Rural, Regional the small commu- and Remote South nity organisations in Australia to achieve the ‘three Rs’ that are a stronger healthier continually trying to future for the whole secure support for of the State. their local community halls, their community sports facilities, Wilbur Klein Presitheir schools, and dent, SA Nationals their hospitals. Tell that to the families

Monitor l a i r o The

t i d E

Fat kids, whose responsible? The South Australian Government has a proposal which will restrict the marketing of unhealthy foods to children through television advertising in a move to reduce obesity in children. Any move that restricts young people’s exposure to unhealthy life styles is commendable, but passing judgement on specific advertising and legislating against it is very dangerous and, more to the point, should not be necessary. I would make two points on this issue. If you legislate against certain foods today, what will be next, certain types of milk and breads, Ribena or Vegemite? Why are we not targeting Red Bull and the other ‘energy’ and ‘diet’ drinks? Legislating against ‘bad’ food as a method to drive those products out of the market is doomed to failure. Prohibition against anything has never been successful. In the 1920’s, even with Elliot Ness shooting the bad guys, it failed. Banning advertising of cigarettes and placing revolting photos on the packing with words “smoking kills” has not stopped the selling of cigarettes. If people really want the product they will ignore or rationalise the message and buy it anyway. If one avenue closes manufactures simply find different ways to promote their product. Expect to see a much higher exposure of these products on web sites that attract children very soon. My second point is, who’s responsible for children eating these so called ‘bad for you’ foods? Is it the manufactures that create these foods and then, in some cases, find a loophole to promote them as healthy even when they are in fact a non desirable food for children? Is it the supermarkets that stock and promote the products? These same places promote themselves as healthy, fresh and family friendly because their

apples and oranges are nice and shinny, yet a high percentage of the food products aimed at children that appear on their shelves would be regarded by many health experts as unhealthy or, at least, undesirable. Is it purely the responsibility of parents who themselves may be poor role models? “Do as I say, not as I do” never did cut it. And it won’t with today’s kids. There really is only one lasting solution and that is for parents to build a family culture of wellness; a culture their children will take with them and pass on to their children. It requires self education, the will to be different, and perseverance. We have done it with the environment. We all know how to recycle and be water and power conscious. Local Roxbyites (parents and young people) are flocking to the Outback Smart sessions learning how to be better environmentalists. In fact there is a multitude of self educating and support mechanisms out there to learn how to be good environmentalists. Similarly there are many resources on how to create Healthy Families. Talk to our Community Health nurses, buy a book, talk to your doctor, look on the web or ask friends. Healthy families are happy families. They save tens of thousands of dollars in health bills and insurance over a lifetime. It’s the difference between an old age of pain and dependency and being a spritely active senior citizen whose is enjoying the fruits of their twilight years. It’s worth the effort. The only solution to keeping unhealthy food products off supermarket shelves and off TV is to stop buying them. Do this and they will disappear like magic.

Re: Lost Faith

Caring Kids The Relay for Life event staged here last weekend in Roxby Downs has shown a very committed and caring side of our young people. Prior to the event we saw 6 year olds to 17 year olds out selling raffle tickets and raising money for their teams. On the Saturday night we were fortunate enough to “walk

the track” with quite a few of these kids, and really enjoyed their company, their humour and their banter. At a time when so much negative talk is directed at our youth, we say “Well done, your behaviour was exemplary. Be proud of yourselves - we are”. Norm and Pam Evans.

We chose to reside in remote areas and by comparison with other outer rural areas, Roxby Downs Health Service is by far one of the best and we should be grateful to those who offer their time and experience to care for us when we are in a time of need. Anonymous.

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The Monitor’s cartoonist Dave Kovac and his wife KJ welcome the newest member of their family, Jack, Born October 23, 2008 at 1pm weighing 8 pound 4 oz (3.75kg) and measuring 51cm long. “We are all doing great and are very proud of our little man. A big thanks to all well wishers and we will see you all back in Roxby very soon.

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Techno famine By Zak Zeptner

Last Friday saw a courageous group of year nine students at Roxby Downs Area School rid themselves of modern technology for 24 hours to raise money for poverty. The dedicated students have so far raised over $655 with the amount still climbing through various sponsors. Adding the money raised from last year’s fundraiser (approximately $1270), the students are hoping to reach the $2000 mark. “The kids have been crazy all day,” comment teacher Tasha Houston. “Some have been a bit anxious, not wanting to hand over their phones and iPods. “A lot of them have been reaching into their pockets all day looking for their phones.” The group, however, remained determined to fulfil their pledge, going so far as to refuse watching a video in Science. With no technology to amuse them, the students had to find several activities to occupy themselves. Playing board and card games, charades,

spotlight, musical instruments and riding bikes were but a few simple things these determined kids did to keep away from modern technology and with the Take Away shop generously donating dinner, the students had a mostly enjoyable 24 hours. Technology, such as iPods and mobile phones, has become an integral part of society today, with many finding the very idea of forsaking them preposterous. “I’m dying, I want my phone,” groaned Sian Sauerwald when asked how she was feeling throughout the day. “It’s weird (not having technology) I’m so used to using my phone and I listen to music when I get up and when I go to bed; I sleep with my phone.” Classmate Ben Kennedy, who confesses he uses modern technology everyday, experienced similar emotions to Sian. “It’s extremely hard; I can’t check my phone for the time and no music sucks.” Relief flooded through the students as the 24 hours finally elapsed, however the simple task of forsaking technology has allowed them to raise the greatly needed funds to help make poverty history.

Nikki Pedler and Liz Gray enjoy a game of cards inside of their technology devices.

Time for Australia’s workforce to take action The State Government has placed little value on the contribution of our workforce by changes to Workcover legislation. In declining economic times, but preceded by substantial criticism of the operation of the Workcover Corporation and its claims management, the Government has seen fit to make substantial changes to injured workers’ entitlements including: 1. Reducing income maintenance entitlements to 90% of earnings from 13 weeks post injury and 80% after 26 weeks. 2. Reducing from April 1st, 2009 lump sum disability entitlements for permanent impairments to much lower rates unless workers have suffered the most horrific and serious injuries. In many instances, no entitlement will exist from April 1st, 2009 where an entitlement existed prior to that date for permanent impairment assessment. 3. Discontinuing income maintenance entitlements after 130 weeks unless the worker is incapacitated indefinitely and totally unable to

resume all forms of meaningful work. The nature of the SA workforce is changing. In Roxby Downs and in the mining industry there are increasing numbers of labour hire employees subject to supervision by host employers. The level of induction and training of labour hire employees places them at risk of not having had a complete induction by both the employer (the labour hire company) and the host employer where their duties are performed. Strangely, in South Australia, an injured employee cannot sue their employer at common law in negligence or breach of statutory duty. They only have their dwindling worker’s compensation entitlements for even the most serious injury. However, a labour hire employee can at common law or in breach of statutory of duty, by establishing negligence by a host employer or third party, claim damages including damages greater than is available to injured work-

ers under Workcover. At times there can be difficult legal questions as to whether a worker has a common law entitlement so requiring legal advice. There is no justice in not reintroducing common law rights to all injured workers. This failure by the Government prevents seriously injured employees, already affected by the diminishing Workcover entitlements to pursue claims for negligence against their own employer. Increasing workplace safety and adherence to Occupational Health, Safety And Welfare now becomes an important issue to ensure that all of the hard working communities do not end up on the Workcover scrap heap. Should you require advice in regard to your Workers Compensation Claim, Nic Kernahan and Emma Wilkinson visit Roxby Downs regularly and will next visit on 12 November 2008. Alternatively we are happy to discuss your claim by phone. JOHNSTON WITHERS – (08) 8231 1110.

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Cup outback style By Krystle Bower

When the first Melbourne Cup was run in 1861 the city was in mourning for explorers Burke and Wills, who perished near the present location of Birdsville. On Sunday, October 19 The Melbourne Cup renewed a 147-year connection with Birdsville when it visited the remote outback town on its national tour. These days the 126-year-old Birdsville Cup is known as the Melbourne Cup of the outback; so when the town of 75 was chosen to be part of the Cup’s sixth national tour the local community turned out in force. The aim of the Melbourne Cup tour is to take the Cup to the people. It’s the people’s Cup and the people’s race, and it’s places like Birdsville that build communities that are no less passionate about their racing than in the cities. It’s a passion for the 18-carat gold, $125,000 Cup shown by Birdsville that is shared by many and the spirit fills the hearts of many small towns around Australia. In the lead up to the famous race that stops a nation there is no excuse to stay at home and miss all of the excitement. While you may have missed out buying tickets for the Tavern’s sit down luncheon (ticket sales are now closed). Cup Day will be celebrated at the Tavern from 9 am and Roxbyites will be piling into the Tavern to make the best they can of Melbourne Cup Day. You can still be part of the day in the Taverns Cafe Dinning area which will have fully maned TAB facilities and staff on hand to advise new punters on the best ways to place a bet Race Cup Sweeps will be available to purchase on the day and complimentary finger food will be provided in the front bar. Walk in customers will not be able to buy meals until 6pm when evening service commence as usual.

Meeting locations and times can alter from meeting to meeting to confirm meeting details or, for more information, please call the Community Board Executive Officer Michelle Hales on 0418 833 818. Community members wishing to have input to discussions at Community Board meetings must notify the Executive Officer. Please note: Forums (Excluding the Health Forum and the Alcohol and Substance Abuse Partnership) are open to the general public. The Community Board encourages all members of the community to attend and participate.


Specialising in hand-crafted diamond engagement rings. All jewellery and watch repairs.

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Page 8 – Thursday, October 30th, 2008

A combination of inspirational music and readings from different Faiths and Deeper Wisdom from all over the World.

Sunday 2nd November at 11.00am Cultural Complex Gallery For further information Phone 0400 995 277

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Rotary is DREAMIN’

Quiz for a cause By Krystle Bower

Most parents who have a child with a disability try their best to provide quality care but sometimes it’s not enough. This is a story Sue Smith knows to well. Sue and Darren Smith’s first child was a beautiful and healthy little girl Jessica, so the second time around the couple were never concerned about the chance of having a child with a disability. “Tommy had a stroke just before he was born, which led to Left Hemiplegia, which means he has movement problems on his left side, it’s a mild form of Cerebral Palsy,” said Sue. “When the doctors first said Susie and Darren Smith with children Jessica and Thomas. Cerebral Palsy I was taken aback, I designed equipment for local children.. thought it would be worse, and in most cases it is.” Tommy is now 16 months old and although he still Sue found her salvation early on in Thomas’ life. “We were doing a lot of therapy through the Wom- has some difficulties Sue and Darren are happy he is en’s and Children’s Hospital and they turned us onto progressing very well. “We are relieved, you see other kids who are in wheelNovita,” said Sue. Novita is a non-government organisation which gets chairs and can’t even walk, at least Tommy will be able half of its funding directly from the government and the to take care of himself some day,” said Sue. Novita is bringing a fundraiser to town in the form of rest from fund-raising, donations, corporate sponsora quiz night which will be held on Saturday, November ship, investment income and bequests. “Tommy has to see a physiotherapist, occupational 1, at 7pm. Tickets for the event can be bought from the Visitor therapist, and a speech therapist,” said Sue. “He’s not the only one in Roxby Downs; there are 12 Information Centre, and are currently on sale as a table of ten to encourage community members to make a other children here from babies to teenagers.” The cost of raising a disabled child whether mentally team of friends or co-workers and get involved in the or physically can be quite expensive, and as children quiz night. The event has great prizes such as two return tickets grow, often their equipment needs to be upgraded and upsized meaning more costs to the family, but for Sue to Adelaide donated by Alliance Airlines, as well as one night’s accommodation in a deluxe suit at the Hilton and her family this isn’t the case. “We are lucky, with Novita, they pay for everything Hotel in Adelaide. So get involved and make a difference to the life of a for Tommy, and they also visit us four times a year to help out and show us some exercises to do with him, child in Roxby, have a fun night and donate to a worthy cause. and how to monitor his progress,” said Sue. “Without Novita we would not be here, and we would Novita pay over $10,000 a year to provide care for the disabled children in Roxby Downs, and in the last be finding it extremely hard. They are a life saver,” said financial year spent over $18,000 to provide specially Sue.

Rotarians were bought close and personal to some extraordinary work being undertaken in the South Pacific Islands by the “Dean Richards Endowment to Assist the Medically Ill and Needy”, known as DREAMIN. During a dinner meeting at which our local Rotarians hosted a contingent from the Rotary Club of Prospect guest speakers Professor Surin Krishnan and project Chairman Jim Katsaros explained DREAMIN’S aims to provide medical treatment for those in need from developing countries. The treatments provided were in the form of life-saving and/or dignity restoring surgery and/or medical treatment and assistance. Professor Krishnan talked of the work of professional teams and highly trained medical volunteers who travel into countries, and at time remote locations, bringing expertise that is otherwise not available, Medical works undertaken by the teams are microsurgical reconstruction procedures, facial fractures, congenital craniofa-

President Kaye Doyle (centre) thanks Chairmam of the DREAMIN Project Jim Katsaros and Professor Suren Krishnan for speaking at the Rotary dinner.

Lifestyles of the young and healthy By Zak Zeptner Excitement fills the eyes of over 50 year three and four students of Roxby Downs Area School as AFL sporting legend Peter ‘Spida’ Everitt makes his way into the town auditorium. Standing well over six feet, Spida towers over the children, who sit captivated by his every word, and begins to discuss the importance of healthy lifestyles and caring for the environment. Spida hands out an exciting booklet filled with fun activities and tips to being healthy, then promptly has the students stand for a range of warm up tasks. With the energy levels spiked, Spida randomly sorts the children into pairs, instructing them to interview each other using the template in the booklet. A strange activity indeed when considering the theme of the program (Lifestyles of the young and healthy) however as Spida explains, it is designed to get them out of their comfort zones, interacting with people they normally would not. With the students properly acquainted with each other, Spida had the children play a simple game in the style of tunnel ball to help build their team work. The game, which Spida had the students continue to play, forced the children to learn

to strategise and think outside the box in order to beat their team’s current completion time. The activities the children participated in were all specifically designed by Spida to aid them in achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Spida’s program will be the basis of a new television program he will host called ‘The Great Australian Doorsteps’ which will air on Austar on November the 5th. “We’ve only been on the road for two weeks and it’s been very enjoyable,” says Spida. “I built the program, designed the booklets and television show because I wanted to teach kids the importances of living a healthy lifestyle.” The first series of the show will feature between 30 and 35 schools across the country in 13 half-hour segments, with Spida hoping to include the School of the Air in his feature. “It looks like the kids enjoy it and they listen, which you can tell from the questions and feedback they give.” Having only visited eight schools so far, Spida believes he needs more time to judge whether the program will be a success, hoping the children he reaches will pass on their learning to others to promote the lifestyles of the young and healthy.

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

cial deformities and cancer of all kinds. The presentation included explicit photos of patients prior to and after their surgery which vividly depicted the amazing transformations made by the medical specialists and teams all of whom are volunteers. The project is run by the Rotary Club of Prospect and has wide support throughout Rotary, from sponsors and the medical profession. Professor Krishnan and Mr Katsaros’s presentation was a stirring example of how a few people with a dream making a big difference. The acronym DREAMIN is a tribute to a wonderful contribution of the late Dean Richards, who was a long standing member of the Rotary Club of Prospect. Dean was a recipient of a Paul Harris fellow in recognition of his service as a dedicated Rotarian. His was a genuine interest in the issues of international health and service and it is appropriate that his memory be perpetuated by this project.

Peter 'Spida' Everitt and his nephew Jayke are travelling the country teaching children the importance of living healthily.

Thursday, October 30th, 2008 – Page 9


Triathlon success Saturday 25th October 2008 saw the second running of Roxby Downs Red Dunes Classic Triathlon. Forty-one entries were received across nine categories, including Try-star (10-11 year olds) and Novice (half distance) categories for the first time. This event would not have been possible without the time, effort and financial support of the Triathlon Organising Committee, the sponsors and volunteers. Thank-you to the sponsors of the event including BHP Billiton, Building Healthy Communities, The Monitor, Roxby Leisure, Blackwoods, Chandler Macleod, GHD and Sandvik. Thank-you to our volunteers including SA Ambulance Service, CFS, SES, Roxby Downs Swim Club, Girl Guides, Scouts and all the individual volunteers who assisted with road closures, marshalling, escort vehicles, manning drink stations, registration, time keeping, announcing and medical supervision.

Saturday’s Roxby Downs Red Dunes Classic Triathlon was a fantastic event with huge support, professional organisation and enthusiastic competitors. With the heat of summer threatening a day of fun, the Triathlon began at 7.30am and fortunately just beat the weather, ending minutes before the hot winds ensued. The day saw a collection of people, men and women, young and old, swimming, cycling and running across town, a feat all should be proud of. With a crowd of supporters, the competitors were never alone on the track, encompassing distances many would struggle with.

Organisers said on the day they were delighted by the high number of competitors, particularly individuals, who competed in the event. Special thanks must go to Triathlon sponsors Sandvik, The Monitor, Blackwoods, Roxby Leisure, GHD and Building Healthy Communities, without whom the day could never have gone ahead. Thanks must also go to the emergency service volunteers, whose training and expertise made for a safe event, and to all the volunteers who generously donated their time, helping to ensure this year’s Triathlon was run without problems.

Above: Billy Weltner Male moments after winning the male tristar category.

Above: Naomie Hill tackles the run leg of the Triathlon.

Above: Finishing the 20 kilometre ride this participant only has 5 kilometres to go! Page 10 – Thursday, October 30th, 2008

Triathlon Male winners Josh Melville (2nd Place), John Csongei (1st Place), David Lyle (3rd Place).

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper


Above: After a 400 metre swim and a 20km ride, Josh Melville pushes through to the end.

Above: Adam Warren peddles his heart out in the triathlon.

The winners on the day were: Male Try-star: 1st - Billy Weltner Female Try-star: 1st - Michaela Mooney, 2nd –Alexandra Lowe, 3rd -Julia Weltner Junior Female: 1st – Amy Noll, 2nd –Hannah Wurfel, 3rd –Catilin Abbott Junior Team: 1st – FBC (Flo Moraga, Bec Longmire, Chelleigh Verral) Female Novice: 1st – Holly Tranfield, 2nd –Laura McIlwaine, 3rd –Jessica Lyle Male Novice: 1st – James Oakley, 2nd –Adam Warren, 3rd –Charles Walker Open Female: 1st – Jen Lill, 2nd –Krista Sutton, 3rd –Naomi Hill Open Male: 1st – John Csongei, 2nd –Josh Melville, 3rd –David Lyle Open Team: 1st – Roxby Ringins, 2nd –Better with Age, 3rd –The Phat Controllers

Above: Triathlon female winners - Jen Nill - 1st Place (absent) Kristine Sutton - 2nd Place, and Naomie Hill -3rd Place.

Above: Winners of the Junior Try-Star Category. THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

Thursday, October 30th, 2008 – Page 11

Above Right: Linda and Alana Bain with Stacey, Harry and Charlee McDonald at the Market Day. Above Left: Olivia and Amy have fun learning to get out of their comfort zone from Spida Everitt. Above: Matilda 3, Mackenzie 2 and Charlotte 3 having fun at the Market day.

Above: Sofie, Dion, Savannah and Katie Johnson at the Market day

Above: Luci and Sophie enjoying the tips and company of Spida and Jayke Everitt. Above: Logan 4, Kiera 2 and Michaela 7 enjoy some hot donuts at the Market Day.

Rotarians Visit The Rotary Club of Roxby hosted a team of Rotarians from Prospect last week. The visitors enjoyed a tour of Roxby and Andamooka and an excellent dinner held at Dunes Cafe. Guest Speaker Suren Krishnan had started his stay in Roxby as a Doctor and finished it as a Professor receiving formal notification from Adelaide University he had formally achieved the status of Professor during his visit. The visit was an outstanding success highlighting the connections Rotary makes for its members on a social, business and humanitarian level. Above Right: Rotary Members of the Roxby District and Prospect Rotary Clubs. Middle Right: Prospect members and newlyweds Ben and Jane Beresford enjoyed their visit to Roxby Downs Below Right: Norm Evans and ???? congratulate Jim Biddle of Manager of Beaurepaires on being inducted as a new member of the Roxby club. Page 12 – Thursday, October 30th, 2008

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43 Arcoona Street – Priced to Sell $430,000 Have you been waiting patiently for a home where all the works been done for you? This could be it at an amazing price too!!! Try and find another home of the same calibre at this price. This 3 bedroom home has had numerous renovations starting with the new modern kitchen with glass splashbacks, stainless steel oven and range hood, polished slate floors which compliment the colour of the bench tops & timber venetian. Dining is adjacent also with slate floors. Large lounge room located at front of home with reverse cycle aircon and gas heater nearby there is also ducted evaporative cooling throughout. Additional reverse cycle aircon in passage way, new bathroom with glass shower alcove, new modern tiles, new vanity and towel rails with large wall mirror featuring bevelled edges. Toilet & laundry have also been renovated & match the appearance of the bathroom. All 3 bedrooms have BIR’s and are generous in size, 2 rooms have timber dado rails. Outside is a large 20 x 20 shed with power and is fully lined. Garage has a roller door and will keep your car secure. There is a side garden with pond and small decking area to enjoy your coffees in the morning. On the opposite side of the yard near the dining and kitchen is a paved BBQ area with pergola, retaining walls and garden beds with tropical plants. This area opens out onto a large backyard with lush green lawn, plenty of room for the kids swing set and trampoline, protected by large shady trees. Garden shed and clothesline are also located in this area. This home would make your life extremely comfortable and is only 3 minutes walk to shops – location doesn’t get much better than this. It is ready to be occupied by you and your family NOW. For further information please contact Ali Webber – Wardle Co Real Estate 0417 816 738. RLA # 151074

The seven myths of energy saving lighting Currently, there is a great deal of misinformation about energy saving lighting in Australia. With the Federal Government’s ban on the import of inefficient incandescent lighting only weeks away, Planet Ark has joined forces with Philips to dispel the many myths surrounding energy saving lighting. According to Paul Klymenko, Research Director at Planet Ark, consumers have expressed many questions and uncertainties regarding the imminent ban of incandescent lighting and the reliability, quality and versatility of energy

contaminate your entire home - This is one saver lighting. “Incandescent bulbs are based on old tech- of the great urban myths and is WRONG - to nology, and about 95 percent of energy is have a chance of making this myth possible you wasted as heat. Given the seriousness of the would have to break a globe daily in every room energy/climate change issue, it is not sustain- of your house and not open the windows.– CFL able to continue with the incandescent lamp. bulbs have been used safely around the world The 7 myths on energy saver lighting that for over 25 years. seem to concern consumers most are: Myth 7: They contain mercury which makes Myth 1: They’re too expensive - This is like them worse for the environment - It is so imsaying modern fuel efficient car is expensive portant that we all care for our environment. compared to an old V8 gas-guzzler. That’s be- By switching to CFLs you will actually prevent cause you would be ignoring the energy (petrol) much more toxic mercury from being released costs of running it. Replacing incandes- into the air from coal fired power plants than cent with good quality CFL’s is one of the is contained in the energy saver bulbs thembest money saving investments you will selves. ever make in the long run. “Planet Ark and Philips urge consumers and Myth 2: I don’t like the look of them businesses to understand the positive benefits - While beauty is in the eye of the be- of changing to energy efficient lighting, both holder, it is fair to say that until recently to their budgets and the environment and to the design of CFLs was very different embrace this contemporary technology for our from traditional bulbs. There are many environment,” said Downie new designs that are much more aesthetically appealing and, in many cases, are more compact Affordable Family Home Myth 3: They can’t be dimmed - This used to be true but a range of dimmable CFL options are now available. These will work on the majority of dimmer circuits and are available in different colours and as bayonet or screw fittings. Myth 4: They don’t last as long as they say - The high quality brands will usually last 19 Fifth Street, Orroroo more than the stated average life of 6,000 hrs and usually 3/4 bedroom brick home come with some form of guarPOA antee. It is often the cheaper, Main bedroom ensuite & walk in robe no-name brands that are less Sewing room or 4th bedroom reliable as they use much lower Formal Lounge quality components – you get what you pay for. Large living/dining/kitchen area Myth 5: They give a harsh Gas heating, ducted air-conditioning white light - This is only partly Large back yard with double garage true and is caused by many consumers being unaware Enquires to Amanda 0427581358 that CFL’s come in variety of or Christine 0428658131 One of the more stylish energy saving globes colours and therefore pick the which have recently been released on the wrong CFL for the task. market in a bid to increase popularity in users. Myth 6: A broken globe can


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Robertson’s Rambles Childish Behaviour… Peter Pan – the little tions must be adopted as boy who never grew up. adults. The fairytale of Peter and his lost boys has been passed from stage to book and on to film, since its inception in 1902. Scottish novelist and playwright, J.M Barrie accidentally stumbled across his infamous character in a book he had initially written for adults. He recreated the character in a stage performance and since then it has be redeveloped in various other formats including film.

We can no longer perform reckless acts and get away with it. Such as the recent activity that took place on Arcoona Street in Roxby Down when a P-plater drove through the front yard of someone else’s home due to plain idiocy. If you are old enough to sit behind the wheel of a vehicle, you should be old enough to behave in a mature way. Honestly – you are not the only person on these roads! Grow up and accept rePeter Pan was a boast- sponsibility. ful, cocky and somewhat arrogant character. He As an adult, you may was very fond of himself experience further stress and would oft laugh in due to work or life isthe face of danger. So sues. Some people vent much so, that when he this form of pressure by was captured by Hook means of a quarter or his comment was, “To mid-life crisis. This is die would be an awfully not an uncommon ocbig adventure!” He has currence in adulthood been depicted as self- but it does not become ish in some adaptations an excuse to behave in but also sensitive to his a juvenile manner. This ideal of remaining a boy is not to suggest that we forever. cannot slip down a banister once in a while, but The concept of eternal adults should be more youth is romantic and conscientious. entertaining, but when it is applied to normal exIf Neverland was a istence it is irritating. A place that we could fly 30year old grown adult away to, then I am sure behaving like a child is that many people would not entertaining, it is love to catch a ride with moronic. Tinkerbell; gosh I know I would be lining up. But I agree that it is nice we need to accept that to hold on to your we are all getting older, childhood and main- every day, every minute, tain a sense of inno- every second. We are all cence. However, when going to go grey and get one grows up, there is wrinkles. No matter a level of maturity that how hard we try to hold should be adopted; there onto our youth, it will is only so long that you finally slip away. can claim ignorance to a situation. Certain reLife is too short to sponsibilities and obliga- spend it chasing Peter Pan pipedreams; be prepared for the changes and accept them for what they are... part of life’s journey.

by Erin Robertson

Awesome time at Melrose By Zak Zeptner Roxby Downs local Des Kilroy recently participated in the Melrose heat of the Telstra Road to Tamworth music competition and enjoyed every bit of it. Unfortunately Des did not win the heat, however described it as “good fun”. “When you’re around a big mob of people it’s awesome and there were some terrific people there,” said Des. While he did not achieve victory, Des remained humble in defeat, saying the contestant who won was awesome. “The young fella who went on before me was amazing, he really struck me and he was only twelve. “There were some young girls who were wicked as well and a lot of good originals there. “I wasn’t the worst song either,” laughed Des. With only seven minutes to perform, there was not much time for Des to establish a true connection with the crowd, however his mates from Roxby who attended the event never shied away from displaying their support. “I would just like to say thankyou to all my mates who came and all the people from Roxby there supporting me,” said Des. Performing to a crowd like the one at Melrose may seem daunting to many however Des was never anxious. “I messed up during the first chorus and it took me a while to get it back together again but I bluffed it pretty well.” Des describes the atmosphere at Melrose to be considerably different to the gigs he has performed. “Everyone goes quiet and Melrose, but

they’re there to listen to you whereas if you play at a pub you’ve got to keep them entertained; you’re more like background music.” While he may have lost the heat, Des is more determined than ever to continue performing and would relish in the opportunity to enter in next year’s Road to Tamworth. “It’s got me pumped to start doing a few

more gigs; I forgot what it was like to be up on stage so I’m going to have a look around and see what I can do. “If anything comes up I won’t knock it back.” What the future holds in store for Des and his musical talent, only time will tell as he continues his journey to musical stardom.

Des Kilroy enjoying the Road to Tamworth competion with mates Tyson Qualmann, David May and Paul Dunn

Music Fests Moorook Riverstock rock fest On the weekend of 14th - 16th November 2008, the Moorook & District Club along with the local community are holding the inaugural Moorook ‘Riverstock’ rock fest on the bank of the beautiful River Murray at Moorook. Moorook ‘Riverstock’ rock fest 2008 has over 18 bands and is being billed as the biggest rock concert ever held in the Riverland and will commence Friday night till late, Saturday 11am till late and Sunday 11am till 6pm with breakfast and acoustic music on both Saturday and

Sunday mornings. There will be over 25% Woodstock content including music from such greats as Hendrix - Cocker - Santana -The Who - Creedence - Joplin and Crosby Stills and Nash. There is music for everyone of all generations and for only a gold coin donation, along with a full Bar and great Food. (No byo) For further information or interview on ‘Riverstock’ and/or transport – campingaccommodation please contact Jarrod Loxton, Manager of Moorook & District Club on 85839210.

COME ALONG AND JOIN THE FUN – PEACE AND LOVE TO ALL WOMADelaide returns to Adelaide’s stunning Botanic Park from 6 – 8 March 2009 with a magnificent program of music, arts and dance from across the globe. In one of the most beautiful outdoor festival sites in Australia, thousands of people come together each year to celebrate a magical three nights and two days of diversity and to be entertained by hundreds of artists from all corners of the globe. Performances feature across seven stages and throughout the park with workshops for adults and children, a visual arts and street theatre program and a KidZone. WOMADelaide is the only Festival of THURSDAY 9am 9-11.30 am 11.30-1.30pm 1.30-4pm 4-5pm 5pm 5-6pm FRIDAY 9am 9am-2pm 2-2.30pm 2.30-3pm 3-4pm 4-5pm 5pm 5.00-6pm 6-7pm 7-9pm SATURDAY 10-11am

PH: 8671 2545, SMS: 0407 979 918 Programs may change without notice

11am-1pm 1-2pm SUNDAY 8am-12pm 12-1pm 1-6pm 6-7pm 7-8pm 8-10pm

its kind in Australia and is regarded as one of the countries most important international arts events. 2008 saw a staggering 75,000 attendances across the three days with surveys revealing 50% to have travelled to Adelaide from overseas, interstate or regional destinations to enjoy the sounds of the planet in Botanic Park.. What: WOMASelaide – 3 days of Music, Arts and Dance Where: Botanic Park, Adelaide, South Australia When: Friday March 6 to Sunday March 8, 2008 Bookings: MONDAY JOB BOARD 9am RoxFM Mix 9am-12pm Blast from the Past with Annette 12-1pm RoxFM Mix POMMY SHOW with Conrad & Beeno 1-3pm 3-4pm JOB BOARD MAD COW AND THE ABBATOIR with 4-5pm 5pm Summo & Schultzy 5-8pm 8-9pm JOB BOARD RoxFM Mix TUESDAY COUNCIL SHOW with Michelle Hales 9am RoxFM Mix 9-11.30 pm PRINCESS PRESENTS with Suzie 11.30 - 1.30 pm TLC with Casey 1.30 - 3pm JOB BOARD RoxFM Mix 3-4pm THE SCOREBOARD with Scott & Tom 4-5pm REQUEST SHOW 5pm WEDNESDAY 9am 9-10am 10am-12pm 12-1pm 1-1.30pm RoxFM Mix 1.30-5pm AUSSIE SHOW with Fin & Murray 5pm RoxFM Mix 5-6pm REQUEST SHOW with Scott 6-7pm FOCUS ON with Scott SUNDAY MELTDOWN (Heavy) with Darren 7-9pm WEEKEND HUSTLERS with Brooks & Moreitis RoxFM Mix THE ROCK with Stephanie, Carmen & Yvonne

JOB BOARD RoxFM Mix 90s AT NOON with Kristina RoxFM Mix OCEANS OF MUSIC with Will & Fish RoxFM Mix JOB BOARD RoxFM Mix THE ROCK DOCTOR with Krista JOB BOARD RoxFM Mix BLAST FROM THE PAST with Annette RoxFM Mix RANDOM PIE with Jodi & Alicia RoxFM Mix JOB BOARD JOB BOARD CHOOSE LIFE with Tracey RoxFM Mix ECO HOUR with Sabina And Kristina WHAT’s COOKING AT THE CLUB? RoxFM Mix JOB BOARD RoxFM Mix FOETAL POSITION with Nick LATIN ROX with Rafael and Sol

COMMUNITY RADIO “LOCAL, LIVE AND LOVIN’ IT” Page 14 – Thursday, October 30, 2008

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Zeppy’s reviews Movie Review: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull


Let the franchise die!

s aw th e o r i g i n a l Indiana Jones movies when I was younger and while granted they were over the top, they were enjoyable. The same cannot be said for the latest instalment of the saga, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (I get bored just seeing the name). I went into the cinema expecting to see a film with over exaggerated adventure scenes but even this was too much. The opening scene was simply foolish with Dr Jones cascading from crate to crate in a warehouse while been shot at by the Russian Army. Every bullet missed the good doctor, even when the shooter was standing directly in front of him. The action seemed to be in the film simply for the sake of it.

There was hardly any point to several scenes and while it tried to be reminiscent of the originals, the action was just bad. I can deal with over the top action, after all senseless explosions can make a movie cool but I do expect other aspects of the film to make up for it. Unfortunately all I can say is everything in the film was terrible. The acting, for starters, made me want to cry. Harrison Ford is normally pretty good unfortunately in Indiana Jones, he was not. It was as though I could see the script in front of his eyes with every line he delivered appearing stale and in truth, simply dreadful. When I heard Cate Blanchet was playing the villain I could not wait to see her but alas her character was very one dimensional and her accent was certainly nothing to be

proud of. The only actor who seemed at all convincing was Shia LaBeouf. Apart form the terrible acting, another feature of the film to stand out was the writing. It was, in a nutshell, appalling. The plot was filled with awful one-liners, unbelievable situations (such as surviving a nuclear explosion in a fridge!) and an ending so anti-climactic it made me want to curse George Lucas and Steven Spielberg to the fiery depths of Hell. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was, in my opinion, an outstanding failure and the fact producers are considering a fifth instalment causes me to lose all faith in Hollywood. It is understandable even the greatest filmmakers have a few flops under their belts but seriously, Spielberg, you can do so much better. The Verdict: 1.5/5


Book Review: Raven’s Gate


Gateway to evil

nthony Horowitz is definitely an author to admire, with countless awards and several highly successful books to his name. One of his newest series to emerge is the Power of Five cycle, with the first book entitled Raven’s Gate.

Visit your local library soon and open the magical world of books.

The story centres on 14year-old juvenile delinquent Matt Freeman after he is arrested and entered into a foster care program in the rural town of Lesser Malling. Matt is sent to live with Mrs Deverill, a mysterious and witch-like woman. From the moment Matt arrives,

he finds himself engulfed in strange and otherworldly dealings as mysterious events begin to occur. What follows is a search for answers as Matt witnesses strange occurrences from the people of Lesser Malling, events that can only be described as supernatural. In no time at all, Matt is thrust into a world of conspiracy and nightmarish dealings. The title comes into play when it is discovered Raven’s Gate is an ancient archway which, if opened, will allow unspeakable evil into the world. Secret societies, supernatural powers and an ancient

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What’s On the


mission to prevent evil from entering the world all provide for a thrilling and entertaining read. Raven’s Gate and the Power of Five Series may be targeted towards teens however it makes for a good read for all ages. Raven’s Gate is a captivating and imaginative book that has and continues to capture the minds of readers of all ages. I wouldn’t be surprised if a movie adaptation was in the works somewhere down the line. Funny, dark and adventurous, this modern fantasy is definately a book to add to the collection, even if it’s just for the kids.

ROXBY DOWNS’ FAMILY PRACTICE Phone: 8671 3231 ROXBY DOWNS’ MEDICAL PRACTICE 9:00am-5:00pm Monday to Friday Saturday morning by appointment. Phone: 8671 1900 VISITING ALLIED HEALTH SERVICE Occupational Therapist -Speech PathologistDietician - Podiatrist Phone: 8671 9020 CHILD ADOLESCENT MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES Phone: 1800 819 089 HEARING SERVICES 9:00am-2:30pm Monday to Friday Phone:1800 006 303 PRAM WALKING GROUP 9:30am Friday Meet outside the Dunes Café PULSE FITNESS SPIN CLASSES - Leisure Centre 6:30pm Monday & Thursday DOCTOR’S NEW SPECIALISED DRUG Phone: 1800 700 270 (Number for Medicare Use) ROXBY DOWNS’ FAMILY AND YOUTH OFFICER Crisis and relationship councelling, mediation and support. Phone: 8671 2892 CRISIS CARE COUNSELLING Uniting Care Wesley Port Augusta Regional Women’s and Children’s Support Services:1800 655 716 Crisis care line:13 16 11 For immediate response if feeling stressed call 0428 326 529 to speak with a counsellor 24/7 BREASTFEEDING ROXBY DOWNS’ GROUP 1:30pm - 3:00pm Third Tuesday of the month. At the Roxby Downs Public Library.

COMMUNITY MEETINGS Community members welcome to attend any meeting of the Roxby Downs Community Board Community Board, Forums and Partnerships see schedule on the Community Matters page. For more information call Michelle Hales on 8671 0010 ROXBY DOWNS’ ROTARY CLUB 1st and 3rd Monday of the month Meet at the Dunes Café For more information contact Kaye Doyle ANDAMOOKA OPAL GIRL GUIDES Andamooka Community Hall Mondays from 5:00pm to 7:00pm Phone: 0427072710 OUTBACK MULTI-CULTURAL GROUP Phone: 8671 2892

CHURCH ROXBY DOWNS’ LUTHERAN CHURCH 9:30am every Sunday during School Terms FAITHWORKS’ CHRISTIAN CHURCH An Assemblies Church meets every Sunday 9.30 am at Roxby Downs Catholic School Library ST. BARBARA’S PARISH CATHOLIC CHURCH Saturday 6:00pm Sunday 9:00am 78 Pioneer Drive, Roxby Downs ANDAMOOKA/ROXBY BIBLE CHURCH 10:00am Sundays, Worship Service 6.30pm Fridays, Kids Club, 7 years + Phone: 8672 7213


EVENTS & ENTERTAINMENT VISITOR INFORMATION CENTRE 8:30am - 5:00pm Monday to Friday 9:00am - 3:00pm Saturday 9:00am - 2:00pm Sunday Phone: 8671 2001 BINGO (All proceeds go to the community) 7:00pm Tuesdays At Tuckerbox in Andamooka CULTURAL & LEISURE PRECINCT - MOVIES Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday Phone: 8671 2001 TODDLERS’ STORY TIME 9:30am - 10:30am Tuesday Fun for young children and mums Meet at Roxby Downs Library PLAYGROUP - St. Barbara’s Parish School Call Jakki: 8671 2323 PLAYGROUP - Roxby Downs Kindergarten 10:00am - 11:30am Friday ROXBY DOWNS’ HEALTH SERVICES COFFEE MORNING 9:30am - 11:00am Thusrday Meet at the Dunes Café RAPTORS CYCLING CLUB 8:00am Sunday Social bike riding group Meet at Stuart Road roundabout DADS AND KIDS October 26th - November 23rd December 21st For Dad’s and kid’s of all ages Meet at the Lions Park ROXBY DOWNS’ MARKET DAYS November 15th ROXBY DOWNS’ CHILDCARE 6:30am-5:30pm Monday to Friday Phone: 8671 0911 TODDLERS’ STORY TIME - Fun for 1-4 years. 10:30am Manday Phone: 8672 7018 Meet at Andamooka Community Library

The Outback 2008 International Dinner - 6.30pm - 10.30pm Saturday Novemeber 8 St. Barbara’s School Courtyard Ticket: $20 Adult, $5 Children, $50 Family (2 kids or more) Contact School or Fr Brian on 8671 3207

GENERAL INFORMATION SCHOOL TERMS 2008 Term 4: October 13th - December 12th MT DARE HOTEL 8am – 9pm Open every day OUTBACK COMMUNITY GARDENS Phone: 8671 2892 ROXBY ROAD SAFE Phone: 8671 2892

FAR NORTH EVENTS Flinders/Outback Regional Awareds Presentation Dinner - Standpipe Hotel Wednesday Novemeber 19

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Opal Road Landfill Opening Hours The Opal Road Landfill Opening Hours are 1pm – 6pm, seven days a week. Residents are encouraged to utilise this FREE service as the dumping of litter in reserves or lands surrounding the town attract an expiation penalty fee of $315.00 as per the Local Government Act. Open days and hours on a magnet are available at the front counter upon request. See Rubbish Collection Residents are reminded that there is a limit of one bin per household for weekly rubbish collection and that it is the resident’s responsibility to ensure that bins are in serviceable condition with closable lids that prevent flies and birds from accessing rubbish. Please be diligent as littering attracts an Expiation Penalty Fee of $315.00 – ie: over flowing bins. Deposit of Rubbish etc Under Local Government Regulations it is an offence to deposit rubbish, goods, materials earth, stone gravel or any other substance on a public road or place. This will incur a penalty and a fine. Advertising on Council Infrastructure Advertising on Council infrastructure such as light poles can attract expiation notices under the Local Government Act. If you spot any such advertising please notify the Council. Dog Registration Dog registrations for the 2008/09 financial year became due and were payable from the 1st July 2008. Grace period for registration expired on 31 August 2008; thereafter an $80.00 expiation fee applies under section 33 of the Dog and Cat Management Act. Please also ensure that all dogs over the age of three months are registered, failure to comply can again result in an $80.00 Expiation Notice being issued. Rates 08/09 Financial year Rates have been declared and have been issued. Due date for the 1st Quarter was 30th September 2008. The following instalment dates will be 16th December 2008, 17th March and the 16th June 2009. If you have any enquiries please contact Bronnie Warren on 8671 0010. PLEASE NOTE: Fines will apply for all overdue accounts. Electricity Quarterly accounts for the 30th September 2008 have been issued. Please pay accounts by 3rd November 2008 to avoid late payment fees. Water Quarterly accounts for the 30th September 2008 have been issued. Please pay accounts by the 17th November 2008 to avoid late payment fees. GENERAL INFORMATION for Electricity - Autopays & Direct Debits • All MONTHLY AUTOPAYS AND DIRECT DEBITS are taken out on the 20th of each month. • All QUARTERLY AUTOPAYS are taken out on the DUE DATE of the Notice

Pursuant to Section 249 (7) of the Local Government Act 1999, Council adopted the following By-laws on 13 October 2008.

• All QUARTERLY DIRECT DEBITS are taken out on the 20th day of which the notice is due. Local Website Visit your local website. Read what’s new at Service SA On Wednesday and Thursdays only between the hours of 9.00am and 4.30pm Council provides Transport Services including Vehicle and Boat Registrations and Licensing Transactions Waste Oil Disposal Council operates a waste oil collection facility at the Roxby Downs Landfill site. Disposal of all used motor oil at this facility is free. For Further information contact Council 8671 0010 or BSH Waste Solutions on 8671 1154. No cooking oils, coolants, diesel, or diesel blended fuels (bio Diesel) are to be deposited into the unit. This Facility is open 1pm -6pm seven days. Council Office Hours – General Monday to Friday – 9am to 5pm. For all after hours Emergency’s please contact the Emergency Phone on 0419 892 870.


Dust off your tents and camp for free!

Hundreds of happy campers are expected to visit BIG4 Oasis Tourist Park in Coober Pedy next Now in its fifth year, Come Camp is fast becoming a popular event for many families, with BIG4 Oasis Tourist Park host Robyn Russell busily organising the night’s activities to make this year’s Come Camp on Friday, November 7 the most successful ever. “We have an indoor swimming pool that’s converted from a water tank, which is unique and we have BBQ facilities as well. Our park still has plenty of sites available, so hurry to the BIG4 website and book your spot,” said Robyn. This year, Come Camp is also supporting their charity partner, The Humour Foundation’s Clown Doctors, with Robyn encouraging all locals to support this welldeserving charity. “We’ll be donating money from the sale of BIG4 memberships. We are sure every-

Notice of Road Closure

A wide range of acoustic nylon and steel string styles taught by Stef Saunders 0400 995 277.

Section 33 Road Traffic Act 1961

ROXBY WINDSCREENS AND WINDOW TINTING CARS: domestic and industrial. Insurance Claims. Licensed Tradesmen. Ph 0411 215 787 or (08) 8671 1414 FOR SALE HOLDEN, VU 11 – S- UTE, 60,000km, 2002, white, $15,000 phone 0439 869 959 FOR SALE – SUZUKI Grand Vitara, 120,000km, 2001, white, $13,000 phone 0439 869 959. LEXUS IS200 Sports sedan customised pearl black. $19,000 ono. 0421 522 211. PROFESSIONAL MASSEUR SPORTS and Therapeutic Massage. Phone Les 0417 639 150. DESERT DETAILING FOR all your personal and business vehicle detailing call Mel on 0429 486 022.


By-law No 1 – Permits and Penalties By-law No 2 – Dogs and Cats A copy of the By-laws can be inspected at the Council office during office hours

one will get behind this wonderful cause on the night,” said Robyn. More than 130 family friendly BIG4 Holiday Parks across Australia will take part in Come Camp this year, with Coober Pedy residents only needing to bring a tent, camping gear and a sense of adventure. Terry Goodall, CEO of BIG4 Holiday Parks, says Come Camp with BIG4 is the perfect opportunity for new and seasoned campers alike to enjoy the outdoors with a free night of camping. “The best part of Come Camp is that visitors get to experience the thrill of sleeping under the stars, making new friends and enjoying camping in a safe and comfortable environment,” said Mr Goodall. To reserve a camping spot for this not to be missed family event, head to big4.

Requires shelving for storage in their Shed. Any type - Any condition Will accept donations or willing to pay Please contact Trent Burton 8671 0157 or 0417 235 779

Is hereby given that the Administrator of the Roxby Downs Council on 23 October 2008 made the following orders; That the Administrator of the Council exercises the power vested in the Administrator under the Roxby Downs (Indenture Ratification) Act 1982 and Section 33 of the Road Traffic Act 1961 and Clause F of the instrument of General Approval of the Minister 28 November 1999. Pursuant to Section 33(1) of the Road Traffic Act 1961 declare that the event described below is to take place on the road described below is an event to which Section 33 of the Road Traffic Act 1961 applies; and Pursuant to Section 33(1) (a) of the Road Traffic Act 1961, make an order directing that the road on which the event is to be held and any adjacent or adjoining roads specified below can be closed to all traffic except police and emergency vehicles and vehicles involved in the event for the period commencing 7.00am on Saturday 15 November 2008 until 6.00pm on 15 November 2008. ROAD: Richardson Place EVENT: BHP-Billiton Family Day ADJACENT / ADJOINING ROADS: Burgoyne Street, Arcoona Street, Norman Place, Roxby Club Car Park Entrance into Richardson Place and Tavern Road Roxby Downs. Pursuant to Section 33 (1) (b) of the Road Traffic Act 1961 make an order directing that persons taking part in the event be exempted in relation to the road from duty, to observe the Australian Road Rules specified below subject to any conditions described below and attached to the exemption. Australian Road rules Exemption and Conditions Rule 230: Crossing the road Rule 234: Crossing the road on or near a crossing for Pedestrians Rule 238: Pedestrians travelling along the road. W. J. Boehm Administrator 23 October 2008

Pt Pirie & Adelaide Depots Antique & Household Removals Local, Interstate & Country Storage & Delivery Specialists

Ph: 0427 716 173 Roxby Downs À Pt Augusta À Pt Pirie PROVIDING A COMPLETE SERVICE

BLD - 173944

•General Repairs •Fencing •Carpentry •Cabinet-making •Plumbing •Gas-Àtting •Electrical •Carpet/Vinyl •Painting •Refrigeration

Ph 8671 1234 Fax 8671 2823 Mob 0407 711 234 Shop 5/14 Tutop Street, Roxby Downs, SA Page 16 – Thursday, October 30th, 2008

Life Changing Massage By Appointment Only

By Fiona Pillar Dip Remedial Cert IV Bowen

Ph: 0417 860 130

•Remedial & Sports •Bowen Therapy •Traditional Thai •Hawaiian Ka Huna •Foot Massage •Relaxation & Pain Relief


Evans Mini Earthworks

Provides the following services in Roxby Downs & Andamooka • Bobcat Hire • Tipper Hire • Post Hole Boring • Sand, Gravel, Barkchip, etc. • General Yard Cleanup • Rubbish Removal For your FREE quote, please phone Ian: 0439 287 205 or Jodie: 0400 087 066, or Email: Locally owned business!

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Monitor SPORT

What’s On s p o rt s


NAB 4 Person Ambrose October 25 Golf Day


verall winners for the day we Chris Zanker, Brian Ferguson, Allan Freeth and Tony Richter with a handicap of 12.125, Gross of 67 and Nett of 54.875.

Runners up were Robert Charman, Damien Condon, Robert Gray and Dougal MacLeod with a Handicap of 8.125, Gross of 84 and Nett of 55.875. The Ladies winners were Julie Darling, Andrea

Freeth, Tom Beckett and Uleen Pearce with a Handicap of 16.5, Gross of 73 and Nett of 56.5. The mixed winners were Glen Mungur, Sally Benn, Adele Wallace and Xavier Spokes with a Handicap of 13.875, Gross of 71 and Nett of 57.125. The Sporting Challenge/NAB Rising Star winners were Steve Ryan, Dave Kaminski, Steve Kaminski and Steve Pakpoy with a Handicap of 13.5, Gross of 79 and Nett of 65.5.

Roxby Downs Indoor Soccer Round 8 has come to an end and the race getting their first win of the season to climb off for second position on the leader board is the bottom of the leader board, and every soccer team now has at least one victory. tightening. Thursday night saw the Blues team decimated The round started with a forfeit by ConHydro to the Young Guns, handing over a victory. Young Guns had a scratch match to fill the time, scoring 5 points to go on the leader board, and considering the Young Guns’ form, it may prove to be a favourable result for ConHydro. The first real match of the round was a close encounter between Coates and the Dirt Pipes, with the Pipes

by the smelter shutdown. With a few players unable to attend the match, the team had to take on a couple of subs from the Young Guns. Reds got off to a good start going in 4-0 at half time, but a much closer second half saw the blues make 2 points but it still wasn’t enough. Reds walked away with a 6-2 Victory. The last match was a close tussle between the evenly matched Wolves and Miners, with the Miners coming from behind and taking the lead through a great strike from Andres Fierro. Penalty points are now being deducted for missing referees; it would be a good time for teams to keep tabs on this issue for the remainder of the season and make sure they have a Referee. The Soccer teams had a scratch match for fun.


KARATE - Auditorium * 6:00pm Colts (Age 6-12) 6:45pm Juniors/Adults

NIPPY GYM - Auditorium 9:30am - 11:30 am

INDOOR SOCCER 6:00 - 7:00pm

INDOOR SOCCER Leisure Centre ** 6:00pm Social matches

VOLLEYBALL - Leisure Centre 6:30 - 9:30pm SPIN - Pulse Gym 7:00pm TUESDAY

KARATE - Auditorium 6:00pm - 8:30pm

COME-N-TRY-SOCCER - Indoor Courts SQUASH - Leisure Centre 3:30pm - 6:00pm 7:00pm - 9:00pm SENIOR SOCCER - Indoor Courts 6:00pm - 7:00pm SQUASH - Leisure Centre 7:00pm - 9:00pm TOUCH FOOTBALL - Town Oval 6:30pm WEDNESDAY KARATE - Auditorium * 6:00pm Colts (Age 6-12) 6:45pm Juniors/Adults WOMEN & MIXED NETBALL 6pm - 9:30pm SPIN - Pulse Gym 7:00pm

FRIDAY JUNIOR HOCKEY 5:00pm - 6:30pm SENIOR HOCKEY 6:30pm - 8:30pm SUNDAY SOFTBALL - School Oval 11:30 am - 4:00am * Contact Reinhardt Viljoen Phone: 0428 843 921 ** Contact Kenton Maloney: 0408 797 158

The quiz night of all quiz nights!


Get a table of 10 friends together and prove you have what it takes to be the brainiest bunch in town!

All proceeds to Novita Childrens Services an SA children’s charity providing much needed care to many disabled children in Roxby Downs and over 1,300 children throughout the state.

Saturday November 1 @ 7pm Auditorium @ Cultural Precinct Tickets only $15 per head (purchase as tables of 10 people) Tickets on sale from 13th October at the Vistor Information Centre or telephone 8671 4000 Platters of nibbles provided on each table. Beer, wine, & soft drinks will be available for purchase. Don’t forget gold coins to play games on the night and improve your chance of winning some fantastic prizes!

Ages 18+ only (licensed event)

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children’s services

Thursday, October 30, 2008 – Page 17


Monitor SPORT LEFT: Adam Ryan tears down the court in an attempt to avoid the opposition.

Results for 25th October

Round 2 UNDER 12 GIRLS 36ers drew with Devils 18 points each Lightning 38 points defeated Wildcats 27 points UNDER 12 BOYS Kings 12 points defeated Spirits 11 points Cruisers 16 points defeated Wildcats 9 points UNDER 14 BOYS And 1 35 points defeated Pistons 33 points Sonics 41 points defeated Bullets 36 points

ABOVE: Alex Lowe looks for her teammates as she prepares to dribble the ball down court.

UNDER 14 GIRLS Slamdunks 22 points defeated Sixers 21 points Wildcats 32 points defeated Phoenix 18 points UNDER 17 GIRLS Cougars 30 points defeated Steelers 26 points Jets 29 points Devils 8 points

ABOVE: Amelia Cooper passes the ball in hopes it won’t be intercepted. RIGHT: Abby Hick and Charlee Dalgleish.

UNDER 17 BOYS Hornets 55 points defeated Rockets 50 points And 1 52 points defeated Celtics 35 points

Roxby Districts FC seek applications for SENIOR COACH 2009 season Players and support staff also wanted Applications Close – 14th November 2008 Apply to: The Secretary - RDSC Po Box 235, Roxby Downs SA 5725 Or Contact Steve Ryan 0407 715 106

BELOW: Jordan Christall, number 8 and David Allen.

Elders Carrieton Campdraft November 1st & 2nd 2008 Carrieton Polocrosse Grounds

RIGHT: Toby Smith flies down the court for a lay-up as Keenan Ellis tries to intercept.

SCA Affiliated (Far West Point Score Dra )

Andamooka Football Club

Saturday 7.00am start

Annual General Meeting

Saturday Night Roast, AucƟon & Entertainment

Will be held on November 24 at 7 p.m. at 35 Aquila Blvd Roxby Downs Everyone welcome to attend and support your club and have a say.

Auction Items include: A Marion Bay – SA Fishing Charters, 1 one accommodation and dinner, guarteened to catch fish, Kenworth reversible jacket & bag, Meat Tray, Ranges Saddler, Wine, Fruit / Vegetable, Geoff Morgan -painting, Wayne Matten $180.00 Bag and much more. Full Drink and canteen facilities are available / breakfast Sat and Sun morning / Horse yards available (byo) rope. Camping / Hot showers / Toilets

ENQUIRES: Paddy Rowe - 08 86589076 or Karen Finn - 08 86581347

Page 18 – Thursday, October 30, 2008

Phone 0427 334 883 for further details

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Monitor SPORT

More Basketball success at Roxby Downs Area School L

ast Friday two year 8 te ams he ade d down to Whyalla to compete in the South Australian Senior School Sports (SASSSA) competition. Our boys’ team went through the day undefeated to finish top. Our girls team only lost one game finishing second overall. The best news of the day was now both teams have qualified for the Regional State Games being held in Adelaide on Thursday the 6th of November. This is the third team to qualify for Roxby, after the year 10’s made it through last term. All teams are busy training and preparing for the trip. A great effort by all teams! Year 8 boys team: Coach Adele Rhodes Centaine Casserly - Maddison King - Emily Daly - Chloe Barrand - Elyshiah McCarthy - Tegan Paul - Maddy Rhodes Year 8 Boys Team: Coach Ali Knights Bowde Kelly - Callan Haugum - Nicholas Hombsch - Dylan Male - Josh Elliot Ed Sach - Joel Vanzati - Kyle Forest

Junior Basketball winners

Roxby Downs Tennis


12” and 16”Dkids bikes, bmx, mountain bikes, road and 12” and 16” kids bikes, bmx, mountain bikes, road and comfort bikes. comfort Sub bikes. Brands: Avanti, Specialized, (womens) Raleigh, ABD Brands: Avanti, Specialized, Sub (womens) Raleigh, ABD and Tarini and Baskets, Tarini Pack Racks, Helmets, Accessories: Trainer wheels, Accessories: Trainer wheels, Pack Racks, Helmets, Glasses, Gloves, Shoes, Top Baskets, Brand Clothing and much more Glasses, Gloves, Shoes, Top Brand Clothing and much more Service workshop - Victoria Parade, Port Augusta ServiceDelivery workshopto- Roxby Victoria Parade, Port Augusta Downs arranged Delivery to Roxby Downs arranged Ph: 8641 1128 Fax 8641 1129 OPEN 6 DAYS OPEN 7 DAYS

Post Ofce & Motel

Behind the Famous Bottle House

Opal Creek Boulevard, Andamooka & after hours by appointment

Ph: (08) 8672 7007 Fax: (08) 8672 7062 Email:

Seniors Tennis results Friday night Pines defeated Wattles 9 sets to 3 Saturday night Myalls defeated Gums 7 sets to 5

Juniors Tennis results Mardi Hendry def Jackson Millard 6-4 Cody Innes def Bowde Kelly 6-5 Emily Daly def Jordan Christall 6-4 Madison Evans def Leah Hendry 6-2 Jack Daly def Layton Weston 6-0 Caleb Vears def Adam Ryan 6-4 Jack Collins def Ryan White 6-2 Bowde Kelly def Luke Ryan 6-5 THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

18 Holes - Four Person Ambrose 8th November 2008 Register a team 7.30 am for an 8.30 start or by early email to

Novelties for the day Long Drives, NTP’s Team prizes on the day Overall, Mixed, Ladies and NAGA Non golfers and beginners welcome

or phone through to 0437 613 344

Presentation drinks and nibbles after the game for golfers, family and friends Thursday, October 30, 2008 – Page 19

Monitor SPORT The

Your Community Newspaper ~ Roxby Downs


Phone (08) 8671 2683

Fax (08) 8671 2843

Visitors take easy victory By Gerard Secker Roxby Rogues easily accounted for the Woomera Redbacks by seven wickets in their day/night clash at O’Donoghue Oval on Saturday evening, when they dismissed the home side for 98 runs and then posted a winning score in the 25th over. In a top effort for the visitors, Jeff Martlew returned the fine figures of 4/19 from his eight overs, bowling into quite a strong wind. Redback’s skipper Adam Willis continued his good form by top scoring on 24 and taking 2/5 from six overs with the new ball but received little support when batting apart from Robbie Rye, Mitch Blackie and Joey Payne who all reached double figures. Most of the runs for Roxby Rogues came from the bat of Rick Walker, who top scored on 39, and Paul Trotta with 35 not out as an opener. SCORES: Woomera Redbacks: Willis 24, Pillar 0, Rye 17, White 0, Blackie 11, Crisp 1, Payne 11, Martin 1, Ingold 1, Young 9 n/o, Hutchens 0 Sundries 23, Total 98 Ferguson 2/16, Martlew 4/19, Adams 1/12, Mulders 2/12, Walker 1/5 Roxby Rogues: Trotta 35 n/o, Wyatt 17, Martlew 2, Walker 39, Haines 0 n/o, Sundries 7, Total 3/100 Rye 0/18, Willis 2/5, Ingold 0/27, White 0/16, Pillar 0/10, Blackie 0/11, Hutchens 1/2

Worst ever performance

Young left arm bowler Ryan Paxton took career best figures of 7/14 as Wanderers thrashed Olympic Dam by 96 runs at the Roxby Downs oval on Sunday morning. The Devil’s put in arguably the worst batting performance in their history when they were skittled for just 36 runs, chasing the Wanderer’s total of 8/132. Paxton, who took the new ball from the southern end, bowled with unerring accuracy and late movement of the ball in claiming the scalps of Wayne Moroney and Allan Woolford in his bag of seven in eight straight overs. Earlier, Damien Smith (46) and Ryan Selkirk (29) were the chief run scorers for the Swaggies as Mick Hoffmann took 4/19 with his leg spin and Shawn White 2/24 with the new ball. Only Craig Nichols, who finished on 16 not out in the number three spot, showed any true application to the task at hand as several batsmen played poor shots in bringing about their downfall. The victory puts Wanderer on top of the table and although it is only early days yet they have been notoriously slow starters in recent seasons so the signs are good while the capitulation by Olympic Dam is probably a “kick in the pants” that, hopefully for them, will do more good than harm. SCORES: Wanderers: Selkirk 29, Smith 46, Watkins 0, Briggs 6, Gow-Smith 10, Johnson B 6, Johnson 0, Cavanagh 12, McKenna 12 n/o, Paxton 4 n/o, Sundries 9, Total 8/132. White 2/24, Woolford 0/18, Smith 1/22 Eckermann 0/18, Thompson 1/20, Hoffmann 4/19 Olympic Dam: Thompson 2, Moroney 5, Nichols 16 n/o, Woolford 0, McEvoy D. 0, McEvoy B. 5, Warren 0, Eckermann 0, Smith 0, White 0, Hoffmann 1, Sundries 7, Total 36 Paxton 7/14, Briggs 1/7, Hombsch 1/11, Johnson 1/0

What’s happening at the Roxby Downs Cultural & Leisure Precinct

TOUCH FOOTY Social games

roxbyleisure phone 8671 2001


this week > Page 20 – Thursday, October 30, 2008

6.30pm Tuesdays Town Oval Social competition starting November 4 Contact Bridget on 0419 888 365


Pulse Aqua 6pm Mondays Pulse Spin 7pm Mondays 6am Wednesdays Pulse Step 7pm Thursdays Bootcamp 9am Saturdays

EALGE EYE Rated M Duration 117 mins.

MAX PAYNE Rated MA Duration 100 mins.

Jerry and Rachel are two strangers thrown together by a mysterious phone call from a woman they have never met. Stars Shia LaBeouf, Michelle Monaghan, Rosario Dawson, Ethan Embry, Billy Bob Thornton. Screens: Saturday 1 November 7.30pm & 1pm

Coming together to solve a series of murders in New York City are a DEA agent whose family was slain as part of a conspiracy and an assassin out to avenge her sister's death. Stars Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis, Ludacris, Chris O’Donnell with Nelly Furtado. Screens: Friday 31 Oct 7.30pm, Saturday 1 Nov 4pm, Sun 2 Nov 1pm

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