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‘Hoons’ put Outback residents at risk GLENDAMBO…Local ‘hoons’ have threatened the safety of Glendambo residents by “ripping up” the community’s airstrip with their motor vehicles, according to the Glendambo Progress Association. “It’s a very important lifeline for the town that’s been jeopardised through the actions of some morons,” Glendambo Progress Association chair and long-time local resident Sue Sandars told The Monitor. “The thing is, if the airstrip is unusable – if someone needs to be flown up, if there’s an accident or snakebite - that person’s stuffed,” she said. “Let’s just hope it’s not their life that depends on the airstrip being useable, or that they are responsible for someone else’s death through such a stupid act.” Glendambo Progress Association will now contract someone to grade and roll the airstrip before the RFDS can use it safely, Ms Sandars told The Monitor. “There’s acres and acres of land for these people to go be revheads – why destroy something so important? “It’s not just happening here, it must be happening in a lot of small areas. Continued on Page 4...

FOSSIL FIND...Local amateur fossil hunters Tom and Sharon Hurley display some of the pieces from their collection including icthyosaur vertebrae and fossilised fish.

Fossil hunters’ big find ANDAMOOKA...A find by local amateur fossil hunters may change the face of Australian palaeontology. Long-time Andamooka residents Tom and Sharon Hurley believe they have discovered a new species of pleisiosaur while fossil-hunting in western Qld earlier this year with long-time collector ‘Dinosaur Dick’ Suter and palaeontologist Ben Kear. “It was found during our May dig this year - we were all out looking and I just happened to find the end of the nose and these inch-long teeth sticking out of the rock,” Mr Hurley told The Monitor. “To find something like this, the head of a 10m

pleisiosaur - it’s the holy grail of Australian palaeontology. I felt about 12 feet tall.” During the dig, fossil-hunters found dozens of marine specimens including icthyosaurs, sharks and fragments of an armoured dinosaur. While it will take more than 12 months to confirm whether the long-necked dinosaur specimen is actually a new species of pleisiosaur, the find has already prompted new interest in the field of marine reptiles from the Early Cretaceous period. Locally, Tom and Sharon Hurley are working on a proposal to showcase their own family collection in Roxby Downs.



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Dear Editor, What a great read your editorial was last week and gives some insight into ‘Roxby’ life. I just had to shake my head after reading your column and then the ‘Letter to the Editor’ (The Monitor - October 13, 2005). You ask “Why is it BHP Billiton’s responsibility to ensure your rent is low....” etc and “Where does this welfare mentality come from in a community that makes so much bloody money?” - well, you only have to look across the page...local business is obviously one source I ask you, why is it that the first suggestion for ways to manage to feral cat population was “pressure BHP Billiton to provide free neutering and microchipping for all cats where the owner pays rates or rent in Roxby Downs”? It seems not only is BHP Billiton ‘responsible’ for their employees but also the entire cat-owning population of Roxby Downs. This comment is made by the local vet...the man responsible for neutering and microchipping...I don’t see the offer of free or discounted services being made by him but it seems OK to ‘pressure’ BHP Billiton to do so. Whatever happened to individual responsibility? If you own a cat, just as any other pet, then be responsible for it. I think people should neuter and microchip their pets but the cost should be borne by them not someone else. Come on pet responsible Maree Dunn, Far North & Outback.

8823 3704

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Dear Editor, Good on Adam ‘Boof’ Warren playing A-grade for OD in football. (The Monitor – July 21, 2005) He has got good support from his parents. I don’t think they would let him play if he couldn’t cope. I have a daughter that played her first A-grade game at the age of 12 in netball. Yes, I know what you are thinking - netball is different than football - but in netball you can get some stronger and bigger girls than her…but she coped pretty well there. I think if a younger girl or boy plays any sports at a young age, they and their parents will know how far they can go. So anyway, Boof, good on you and good luck and show everybody how you can play and cope playing in A-grade. Tammy Hill, Roxby Downs.

Take responsibility A model cat owner?

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Good for you ‘Boof’

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Page 2 - Thursday, October 27, 2005

Dear Editor, Outback air strips shouldn’t be used as personal race ways or burn-out venues. Glendambo’s air strip has been the victim of such mindless action by some (unknown) moronic idiots. As chairperson of the Glendambo Progress Association, and a resident of Glendambo for seven years, I am angered that such damage has been done to such an important life-line for not only residents of Glendambo, but to the many visitors we have. I can only hope that the person or persons responsible are not in urgent need of being flown out by the RFDS, because, due to their thoughtless, selfish act, it is not possible for the plane to land. It could well be their life, or worse, they could be responsible for someone else’s life depending on the air strip being operational. Glendambo Progress Assocation will not tolerate such behaviour, and will push for the prosecution of offenders under the new hoon laws, which includes hefty fines and a seizure of vehicles. Sue Sandars, Glendambo.

New aerial means bigger and better local community radio station - Page 4

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Airstrip ‘hoon’ damage “selfish” and “moronic”

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Dear Editor, In reply to the Letter to the Editor from Dr Andrew Melville-Smith (The Monitor - October 13, 2005). Dr Andrew Melville-Smith, I don’t think your letter in The Monitor was very fair - taking a cheap shot at Elissa Doherty’s journalism. The only facts I see she had wrong is your being seen as the model cat owner. Your cat ‘Boss’does not stay on your premises. I have seen it go to the toilet in the gardens in the main street, sleep on the tables we have to sit at and chase lizards in the rocks by the Post Office. I have asked your nurses to restrain it and then, the very next day, seen it up to its old tricks again. These are not the kind of measures I would like to seen taken by someon selling this destructive kind of animal in an environmentally-fragile area like Roxby Downs. Martin Kittel, Roxby Downs.

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A precious loss ‘Low act’ by local thief

Challenges ahead for community newspaper ROXBY DOWNS…The Monitor – Your Community Newspaper faces some big changes in the New Year. “There are two things that are consistent at The Monitor,” executive manager Ray Goldie said - “the paper’s growth and the everchanging staff line-up” The paper - which is almost three years old - has grown from strength to strength and now employs eight people. The publication has been well recognised by its peers in the newspaper industry as a high-quality regional newspaper, Mr Goldie said. Like many Roxby Downs businesses the biggest challenges in developing the paper over the past two years has been the high turnover is staff. “So far we have had five pregnancies and a number of staff relocate because of their partners’ career advancements. “This challenge has never slowed down the paper’s growth and every time we lose a staff member someone else has stepped forward and carried on the good work,” Mr Goldie said. In December The Monitor will farewell three key staff when the paper’s manager Mandie Arnold and editor Seonie Lyon will be leaving town and graphic artist Tonya Volk leaves to have a baby. “Mandie, Seonie and Tonya will be sorely missed,” Mr Goldie said. “However, that is the nature of operating a business in Roxby Downs. “The changes have given us the opportunity to restructure all positions and prepare the paper for the next surge of growth.” Mr Goldie said the new positions create opportunities for new dedicated people to step up and express their talents through the operation of this dynamic community service. The positions of Newspaper Manager and Journalist are advertised in today’s paper and applications are expected from both within and beyond Roxby Downs. Previous newspaper experience is not essential but will be highly regarded.

ROXBY DOWNS… of their hands and feet, Local support is available and we were able to hold for parents who have lost them and have them with infants and babies to us for as long as wanted – illness or tragedy. it just gave us some concrete memories. Roxby Downs resident Kathy Hoffman – who lost “For Mick, particularly, it twin daughters during made it more real for him pregnancy due to and he was able to complications – is part of understand what I was a local and discrete going through so that we support group in Roxby were able to support each Downs. other.” “I had twin girls – REMEMBRANCE... Mrs Hoffman also found Madeline and Ashleigh – Local mum Kathy help in the form of support they were born at 20 Hoffman celebrates from friends and other weeks and didn’t her three children people who had suffered survive,” Mrs Hoffman nine-month-old Alex similar losses. told The Monitor. and her much“For people who’ve lost Support was crucial for missed twins children, I’d encourage both Mrs Hoffman and Madeline and you to talk to people her husband Mick – who Ashleigh. who’ve been through it – now have a third daughter, just normal, everyday nine-month-old Alex. talks – have a cry and share your “The girls were conceived through IVF - experience. It was our first go with IVF, so we were a “People who haven’t lost can be very bit blasé about it. supportive but they really, cannot It didn’t really hit us, how serious IVF understand. was until we lost the girls and were trying for our daughter Alex – she was our fourth “Everyone’s tragedy is a very personal experience. Everyone needs support. attempt. “When it happened, it just felt so unreal Everyone deals with it differently.” – but we had really good family support There are local parents in Roxby Downs, dealing with these losses – and and were able to willing to help. bury the girls, so Our Children Did Exist we���ve got a To learn more gravesite which “I’ve lost two children”, I hear myself say, about local gives us a place And the person I’m talking to just turns away. support, to go to, to visit Now why did I tell them, I don’t understand. t elephone It wasn’t for sympathy or to get a helping hand. them. K a t h y I just want them to know we’ve lost something dear. “The Women’s I want them to know our children were here. Hoffmann – ph and Children’s They left something behind which no one can see. 8671 1236, or Hospital were They made just two people into a family. Roxby Downs a b s o l u t e l y So, if I’ve upset you, I’m as sorry as can be. Community brilliant – they You’ll have to forgive me, I just could not resist. Health Services t o o k I just want you to know that our children did exist. – ph 8671 9020. photographs, Author Unknown plaster models

photograph - Zak Zeptner

Live Band: Boxcutters November 18

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THEFT...Roxby Downs SES unit manager Lol Wilton displays an e-flare, similar to the three stolen during this month’s Richardson Place fire. munity, if you see these flashing lights somewhere – please let the police know so we can get them

back.” Police have some leads in the theft and are continuing to investigate.

BANDANA DAY...Throughout Roxby Downs this week, local residents like Ruth Folwell and Marilyn Perkins showed their support for teenagers with cancer by buying CANTEEN bandanas.

Great Bottle Shop Specials and Give Aways Taking Bookings for Christmas

ROXBY DOWNS… Roxby Downs SES is calling for the return of three e-flares stolen from Richardson Place while emergency services were busy fighting fires. SES unit manager Roxby Downs Lol Wilton told The Monitor that replacing the red and blue flashing e-flares will be a costly exercise for the volunteer organisation. “To the person who stole the flares, we need them back – you’ve stolen from a volunteer organisation and it’s just low,” Mrs Wilton said. “Drop them off behind the SES shed on Olympic Way and no one will be the wiser, but our SES will be saved a big chunk of money. “And to the wider com-

Tropicana Seafood Sensation

Saturday November 19 - All Seafood menu 6pm till late

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Saturday December 10 - Traditional Christmas Dinner with Live Entertainment Bookings Essential Ph: 8671 0311

Thursday, October 27, 2005 - Page 3


‘Hoons’ damage airstrip Continued from Page 1... Andamooka Progress and Opal Miners Association (APOMA) spokeswoman Jean Lawrie said hoons on the airstrip had been an ongoing issue for Andamooka until recently. “Action by police and local vigilance has really made a difference,” Mrs Lawrie said. “APOMA sent out a clear message that Andamooka residents would not tolerate this kind of damage. “These people were not cheating APOMA, they were cheating the wider Andamooka community because everyone contributes to the cost of maintaining the airstrip. “There are businesses in town who depend on planes coming in – but if the airfield is not up to scratch then we risk an accident – and no one wants to see that.” Woomera-based police officer Brevet Sgt Neil Wasley said Far North police will not tolerate ‘hoon behaviour’. “It is an offence against the ‘hoon’ driving legislation - if you are caught, your vehicle can be impounded and you face fines of up to $1200,” he said.

ROXBY DOWNS…Eight interviews for positions on the Roxby Downs Community Board were held on October 19, 2005. The remaining interviews will take place next week. Details of the successful applicants will be announced in the next edition of The Monitor. With all the Forums now up and running the formation of the Community Board is the final step in establishing the structure recommended in the Roxby Downs Community Plan. photographs - Neil Ryan

AIR AFFAIR…Olympic Dam hosted a ‘flying’ visit from the ‘Great Circle Air Safari’ on October 1, 2005. Right, Jim Whalley is pictured with his 1952 DeHaviland Chipmonk, while some planes, above, have traveled all the way from Seattle, USA, for the historic race.

Signal boost for RoxFM goal of boosting R O X B Y the signal to D O W N S … listeners in RoxFM began Andamooka. broadcasting over a wider “We are region this week, changing from a after replacing dipole to colinia the radio aerial in order station’s aerial to squirt the and boosting the signal all over community town rather than station’s signal. just in certain parts,” RoxFM R o x F M technical committee advisor Geoff members expect Osborne told to now broadcast The Monitor. a clearer signal to those areas of NEW AERIAL...RoxFM volunteer “This is the first Roxby Downs DJs Geoff Osborne and Shane of two aerials to and surrounds ‘Crusty’ Foster pull down the be raised at the who were station’s old aerial in order to station, the currently on the boost the station’s signal with a current one fringe of new aerial. eventually reception. becoming a After starting with only January 2003, RoxFm stand-by for the station. a handful of DJs in has now grown into one “RoxFM would like to of the Outback’s most give a big thank-you to successful community Olympic Dam radio stations with more operations’ communthan 70 members and 20 ications section for all DJs. their time and effort Specialising in Family Law The new aerial is the first with the raising of the step towards RoxFM’s aerial.” and attending at the Roxby Downs Magistrates

Paul G. Doubé

BARRISTER & SOLICITOR Court circuit for all traffic and criminal matters. Next visit: November 1 & December 30, 2005 Call Paul for an appointment on

8351 5911 or 0417 896 345

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Local Artist DAVE KOVAC Available now – Contact Dave on 0409 726 252 Page 4 - Thursday, October 27, 2005

WOOMERA…The Woomera Astronomy Group will host a public viewing of the ‘Opposition of Mars’ on October 29, 2005 at Woomera’s Bake Observatory. This year presents viewers with a good opposition of Mars - not as good as the Great Opposition of Mars in 2003, but the best one until 2018. From September through October is an excellent time for people to observe this fascinating phenomenon. Opposition refers to when a planet is opposite the Sun in the sky. This can only happen to outer planets, as Earth must pass between the Sun and the planet. The Earth passes Mars in its orbit every 26 months, and at this time there is a good view of the Red Planet. There will be telescopes viewing the opposition as well as other celestial bodies from around 10pm. BYO refreshments. ROXBY DOWNS…The Bluelight Outback Rock Tour ‘05 hosted a Blue Light disco in the Roxby Downs Auditorium on October 15, 2005. Featuring Adelaide band Liquid Phoenix and DJ Hamish, the disco was well patronised for the primary session with almost 100 in attendance. “Unfortunately, the secondary session which was hoped would relieve youth boredom as raised in the recent Youth Development consultancy was poorly patronised with only about 30 in attendance,” organisers told The Monitor. “However, all those who attended had a good night making this a worthwhile exercise.” ROXBY DOWNS…As part of the Sport and Recreation Forum a Sports and Leisure Survey is being conducted to gather information about programs, facilities and activities. “The survey will be a chance for clubs and groups to provide comprehensive details on their activities and programs offered, and raise issues of concern,” Community Board executive officer Michelle Hales told The Monitor. “The survey results will be used to identify gaps, establish a database for distribution of sport and recreation forum information, to promote the range of sport and recreation opportunities on offer through the Roxby Downs website. Importantly the data collected will be used to connect people to clubs. New arrivals are often keen to play sport or participate in a range of recreational activities but don’t know where to start or who to contact. Joining a local club is a great way for new arrivals to settle into the community and quickly make new friends.”

Far North and Outback regional police report A 23-year-old Roxby Downs man was arrested for assault on October 21, 2005. On October 22, 2005, a 20-year-old Roxby Downs man was arrested for assaulting a police officer. On October 23, 2005, a 33-year-old Roxby Downs man was reported for disorderly behaviour. On 22, October 2005, a report of assault was received from a 20-year-old Roxby Downs man. Police are seeking witnesses to the assault which occurred in the Roxby Downs Tavern car park and on Tutop Street, Roxby Downs, in the early hours of Saturday, October 22, 2005. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Roxby Downs Police Station on 86710370 or Bank SA Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000. A 22-year-old Roxby Downs woman was arrested for assault occasioning actual bodily harm after an incident in the early hours of the morning on Arcoona St. She was later bailed to appear in the Roxby Downs Magistrates Court on November 30, 2005. The male victim received serious injuries to his

mouth and will require considerable dental work. Police and SA Ambulance Services attended the scene of a dune buggy rollover just off the Andamooka Rd on October 13, 2005. The area concerned was considered not to be a road-related area and no police action will be taken against the driver who suffered severe hand injuries and was airlifted to Adelaide by the RFDS. A silver BMX bicycle was stolen from the front yard of a residence in Torrens Court, Roxby Downs on October 14, 2005. The bicycle has not yet been located. A 17-year-old Roxby Downs woman was reported for theft of money from a local business on October 11, 2005. A 70-year-old Andamooka woman and 20-year-old Roxby Downs man were both reported for theft when they were detected in separate incidents shoplifting from the local Woolworths supermarket in Roxby Downs last week. THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper



An Andamooka ‘adventurer’turns 65

TUCKABOX STEVE… ‘Tuckabox’ Steve Smirnios turned 65 last week, celebrating 44 years in his adopted home of Andamooka. ANDAMOOKA…Greek ex-patriot ‘Tuckabox’ Steve Smirnios turned 65 last week, celebrating 44 years in his adopted home of Andamooka. ‘Tuckabox’ Steve came to Andamooka looking for adventure and expecting to manage the tiny mining town’s ‘Tuckabox’ Restaurant – and found himself playing an important role, supporting many of the community’s opal miners. At a time when migrants from all over the world settled in Andamooka in the hopes of ‘striking it lucky’, ‘Tuckabox Steve’ provided free meals to many of the not-so-lucky locals. “I was looking after the miners, they’d come in twice a day for a meal, and when they struck opal some would pay me and some would run away – but I’ve done alright over the years,” Mr Smirnios told The Monitor. “A lot of people got their start that way and, over the years, I’ve seen a lot of stories you just wouldn’t believe come through the ‘Tuckabox’ – everything under the sun.” An opal miner himself since 1963, ‘Tuckabox Steve’ originally came to Australia from Greece and landed in Sydney at the age of 14. “It was all I knew, I came as a student to Sydney, but I came to Andamooka looking for adventure – I didn’t know what to expect though, Andamooka was a shock to me. “On our way to SA we stopped at Mount Gambier and I asked my partner if Andamooka would be like that – he said it would be even better, because it had a river down the main street.” Mr Smirnios said he had enjoyed watching the changes in Andamooka over the past 44 years. “Without Olympic Dam and Roxby Downs in the 1980s, Andamooka would be a ghost town,” he told The Monitor. “I believe the future of Andamooka is all tied up with Roxby Downs.”


LOCAL CARERS...Carers of children with disabilities from Roxby Downs, Andamooka and Woomera gathered at the Roxby Downs Tavern this month for their biannual ‘Care for Carers’ meeting.

Caring for local carers ROXBY DOWNS… Local carers hosted their biannual ‘Care for Carers’ meeting last month to share tales and swap ideas about caring for their challenged children. This annual event saw local parents and service-providers discuss the needs, not only of intellectually disabled children in the Far North, but also the needs of their carers. Event coordinator Barbara Drechsler told The Monitor it is important for local carers to share information about doctors, specialists - and to just be with people who understand what they are going through . Although carers receive an allowance, they are generally unpaid workers, saving the government millions in training and payment. Roxby Downs mother Virginia King cares for two children with special needs – one with autism and a second with Cystic Fibrosis.

Her children’s needs include physiotherapy twice a day, speech coaching, special dietary requirements and highlevel supervision. The pair are home-schooled and, as a result, respite is difficult for Mrs King to obtain. “You have to take each day as they come and just get up and do it,” she said. “There is no point in breaking down and getting depressed as it is useless.” “I have received a strange happiness from my children - they are great kids and they make me a better person. Ms Drechsler said some carers face isolation within their own communities as a result of their responsibilities. While carers said local facilities and attitudes were improving, respite services are desperately needed for local carers in isolated areas.

Question…When will Roxby Downs have an elected council? The background…In the mid 1990s a town board of local representatives was elected by the community to advise Roxby Downs Council on community issues. This board was disbanded in the new millennium in favour of the Community Board which was designed to develop the Community Plan. The original Community Board, appointed to develop the plan, will now be superseded by a new community-nominated board announced last week. The new board’s role will be to network between forums, partnerships, the community and council, to hold the vision of the Community Plan and evaluate the forum process as it evolves. Another of the board’s roles will be to make recommendations to the council on policy. Roxby Downs Council is currently headed up by Town Administrator Bill Boehm under the auspices of the Roxby Downs (Indenture Ratification) Act 1982 that binds both the State Government and Olympic Dam owners BHP Billiton. Answer...It is not in the power of Roxby Downs Council to initiate an elected council. This step would need to be agreed to by both the State Government and the owners of Olympic Dam. Under the Indenture Agreement, in order for the community to be administered by an elected council, the town would need to operate at a profit. Roxby Downs this year operated at a deficit of $1.7 million which will be supplemented by both the State Government and Olympic Dam owners BHP Billiton under the Act. Current indications from both Council and BHP Billiton suggest the town would need a minimum permanent population of around 9000 people to support an independent council and rates could be expected to increase significantly. Email your ‘Community Question’ to

BACK IN BUSINESS…Dr Andrew Melville-Smith, ‘Minka’ and Roxby Downs Veterinary Clinic staff Kerry Dunn, Rachael Edwards and Michelle Stevens celebrate being back in business, in a new venue, following the $1M fire that destroyed the original clinic on October 10. Fire investigators have ruled that the fire was the result of an electrical fault in a hydro bath.

New Aussies

CITIZENS…Mark Scott, right, and the Rajegaonkar family of Roxby Downs are the Far North community’s newest Australian Citizens. Their ceremonies were held at the Roxby Downs Council office on September 29, 2005.

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

Thursday, October 27, 2005 - Page 5

MINI-MONITORS photograph - Zak Zeptner

PRE-KINDY...Roxby Downs Kindergarten played host to its newest influx of four-year-old pre-kindy children last week. Pre-kindy participants visit the kindergarten on Friday mornings in preparation for the full-time kindergarten program next term.

Expanded program for Nippy Gym ROXBY DOWNS…Roxby Downs’ Nippy Gym program is now open three days a week – Monday, Wednesday and Friday – from 9.30am till 10.30am at the Roxby Downs Auditorium. The expanded program includes new equipment and a fresh focus on very young toddlers. Nippy Gym is for children five years and under and incorporates a safe play space full of toys, climbing equipment and tumbling mats - with a fun, social atmosphere for parents and children alike. Family prices are available, along with 20-visit passes. For more information, contact the Roxby Downs Leisure Centre – ph 8671 0500.

NIPPY GYM…Denise and Jacques Malan, 2, at Nippy Gym.


Taking power beyond the Horizon • PLUMBING • ELECTRICAL • AIR-CONDITIONING • GAS FITTING Olympic Dam Cnr Gunson & Kanyaka Streets PO Box 64 Roxby Downs ASHTON…Rebecca Southon and Nicholas Honner of Roxby Downs welcomed the birth of their son, Ashton William Honner on October 5, 2005 at Flinders Medical Centre. Ashton weighed 9lb14oz (4479gm). Ashton is a little brother for Charli-Rose, 20 months, pictured, and Brayden, six.

Phone: 8671 0018

NIKKITA…Roxby Downs residents Tanya Field and Paul Honner welcomed the birth of their daughter Nikkita Honner on October 5, 2005, at Whyalla Hospital. Nikkita weighed 3345g (7lb 6oz) and is a sister for Jordan, 4.

Mini-MonitorBIRTHDAYS WHY CELEBRATE ALONE? Share your child’s birthday celebrations with literally thousands of people in The Monitor Your Community Newspaper. Drop into our Richardson Place office, in Roxby Downs, or call 8671 2683 for your child’s birthday photo.

BRAYDEN…Brayden Michels turned one on October 24, 2005. Photos published in The Monitor are available for just $5 from our Richardson Place office in Roxby Downs. JASMINE…Jasmine Ziberna turned eight on October 21, 2005. CIERA...Ciera Jeffrey celebrated her first birthday on October 9, 2005.

Stephen Scott-Hoy B.Optom Need friendly, professional eyecare and quality fashion eyewear with a full back-up service? See the Eyebus when it visits... Roxby Downs - 8671 2001 Andamooka - 8672 7007 Woomera - 8673 7473 Monthly visits - Examinations bulk-billed. Serving rural and regional South Australia since 1990.

Page 6 - Thursday, October 27, 2005

NIKITA…Nikita Eckermann turns three on October 31, 2005.

BRANDON…Brandon Ainslie turns three on November 6, 2005.

LACHIE…Lachie Eckermann turned five on October 11, 2005.

JAYDEN...Jayden Saunders was four on September 29, 2005.

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper


$30,000 grant gets kids back in the pool

Youth on the Job A ‘good news story’ sponsored by Career Employment Group.

REMEMBRANCE DAY...The Roxby Downs and Andamooka R&SL is sounding out a call for new, younger members to join the local branch.

Join the ranks for Remembrance Day ROXBY DOWNS…Roxby Downs and Andamooka R&SL is calling for an infusion of ‘new blood’ this Remembrance Day. When the community bows its head for a minute of silence on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, local R&SL president Bob Stainer hopes a few more of those people will be new affiliate members of the R&SL. “We’re inviting local residents to celebrate Remembrance Day with ‘the ranks’ this year,” Mr Stainer told The Monitor. “Many locals are eligible to be affiliate members of the R&SL – they just need to fill out the forms. “This is a chance to support your local veterans and commemorate their efforts for many years to come.” Mr Stainer will step down as president of the Roxby Downs and Andamooka R&SL this year, after seven years at the post. “It’s important that new, younger members take up the role and continue the R&SL traditions,” Mr Stainer said. “It’s important because the traditions need to be remembered, and continued, long after the veterans themselves are gone.” Sign up to be an affiliate member of the Roxby Downs and Andamooka R&SL in this week’s The Monitor – Page 26 – or phone Bob Stainer on 8671 0163.

SCHOOL POOL… Andamooka Primary School students Mikayla Petrovic, 5, Jeremy De Cornez, 8, Adyn McCarthy, 5, and Tom Glover, 5, can’t wait to get back in the pool this summer, thanks to a state grant of $30,000 to refurbish, reseal and refill the Andamooka School Community Pool. ANDAMOOKA…Andamooka residents will relax in their local swimming pool this summer thanks to a $30,000 grant to upgrade the Andamooka School Community Pool. Andamooka Primary School principal Angela Turner said the Department of Education grant is good news for school students and the wider Andamooka community alike. “The pool has been closed on and

off for a couple of years now,” Ms Turner said. “But with this money, the pool can be refurbished, resealed and refilled. “The pool is crucial in a small town like this – most of the students will spend their holidays in the pool once it’s opened. “And, once it’s open again, the school will be able to run a comprehensive swimming program every day.”


RITEstuff GROWING INTEREST…Andamooka Primary School students Adrian D’amore, 11, and Kyle Gwin, 13, watering newly-planted native trees at APS – the first in a series of steps to revitalise the school’s grounds.

Growing plans for Andamooka school

LETICIA DAVIES...15-year-old Leticia has chosen the Dunes Café to complete her work placement in the RITE program which began last month. Desiring to one day work in a café, Leticia feels the Dunes will be a good place to gain first hand experience and knowledge in the business. “I was nervous to begin with but now I’m excited,” Leticia said. “I’m getting used to the tasks and the staff are more used to me so now I’m more confident in what I’m doing.” Having tasks such as serving customers, preparing food and drink and organising functions makes working at the Dunes an enjoyable job,” Leticia said. THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

ROXBY DOWNS...A growing Roxby Downs business has provided an apprentice opportunity for one of the community’s newest residents this month. Abby Couzner, 18, of Port Pirie moved to Roxby Downs this month to be closer to her partner and take up an apprenticeship with new local businesss Zealous Hair and Beauty. Chantelle Kostrz has just recently opened the salon in Gosse St, Roxby Downs, and sees Miss Couzner’s apprenticeship as an opportunity to pass on more than 10 years of experience. “Abby has a real passion for hair and some solid vocational experience and I’m very excited to be able to offer her an apprenticeship,” Ms Kostrz told The Monitor. “Abby brings with her a fresh eye and youthful appeal to Zealous Hair and Beauty - and we’re looking forward to being able to tap into that inventiveness.”

CEG Celebrating Local Success

by Zak Zeptner

LETICIA...Leticia Davies, 15, working at the Dunes Café in Roxby Downs for RITE.

APPRENTICE...First-year apprentice Abby Couzner began her placement with Zealous Hair and Beauty’s Chantelle Kostrz this month.

ANDAMOOKA… Andamooka Primary School students will play a key part in beautification of the school grounds with the assistance of an $8500 Federal Government grant. The first stage of the school’s revitalisation program will include community consultation with a team of landscape architects. “Our plan is to design a mini Arid Lands-style development which is sustainable here in the long-term,” APS principal Angela Turner told The Monitor.

“Our students are already planting native trees around the school grounds and we’ll be able to link the new plans into the curriculum. “We’ll be propagating native plants for the school and the wider Andamooka community


and encouraging more local fauna. “Next year’s curriculum will have a strong focus on what is special about Andamooka and our local environment – so there’ll be lots of things happening.”

CEG will recognise the “Apprentice of the Year” with an award ceremony in Roxby Downs on Friday November 4. Currently CEG have apprentices doing electrical, instrumentation, plant fitting, machining, plumbing, painting, boilermaking, commercial cookery, diesel mechanic, refrigeration, various school based and full-time traineeships.

Explore your choices TODAY! FREE SERVICE provided by Shane Thomson Roxby Downs Office: PO Box 50, Roxby Downs Ph: 8671 3033 • Mobile: 0429 697 481

Len Kay Driving School


Visiting Roxby Downs every Thursday Student Driver Tuition Log Book Training & Practical Testing Modern Automatic Car bookings essential Ph - 8642 6603 Fx - 8642 6603

Thursday, October 27, 2005 - Page 7

Page 8 - Thursday, October 27, 2005

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

Thursday, October 27, 2005 - Page 9

Page 10 - Thursday, October 27, 2005

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

Thursday, October 27, 2005 - Page 11

Page 12 - Thursday, October 27, 2005

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

Be part of a growing enterprise RAINE & HORNE... Roxby Downs will have a whole new place to shop in the New Year, with the Tutop St development well on the way to completion . Raine & Horne North East will act as real estate agents for the six-store development which is expected to be completed by the end of the year. The business will also establish its own local office in the new complex which is expected to throw open its doors in 2006. Office space still remains in the complex, and Raine & Horne North East directors David Murley and Wayne Lawson are calling for potential tenants to register their interest now! “This new development will ensure that businesses and service-providers stay in step with the future requirements of the Roxby Downs region as the community continues to grow,” Mr Lawson told The Monitor. “Raine & Horne North East has been working closely with the Roxby Downs and surrounding communities for more than two years although our personal involvement with the community goes back even further,” director Wayne Lawson told The Monitor. “We’re keen to expand our

relationship with the region and continue working more closely with the growing Roxby Downs community. “Roxby Downs has been good to us from the first day we came here and we’ll continue to put back a lot into the community - this

NEW DEVELOPMENT...Raine & Horne North East directors Wayne Lawson and David Murley are now calling for businesses interested in being part of the exciting new Tutop St development set to open in 2006.


Penny Coleman 0434 124 719

part of our ongoing commitment and association with the Roxby Downs, Andamooka and Olympic Dam communities. “In fact, this entire development is good news for Roxby Downs. “It is a reflection of the confidence that businesses and investors have in this vibrant Outback community. The Tutop St complex will be convenient to existing

facilities with great access and good parking, co-director David Murley told The Monitor. “Interest has been solid so far and the offices are filling up fast. Mr Lawson and Mr Murley said some shop spaces were still available in the Tutop Street development, perfect for professional offices or retail. Offices are available from

54m2 or larger, and lessees can tailor ‘fit-outs’ to suit their needs. “Rents will be very competitive and we will continue to work closely with the site supervisor Geoff Bone.” For more information contact Raine & Horne ph 8395 2233, Wayne Lawson 0421 636 338 or David Murley 0412 040 200.

8395 2233

Sell with us...

Wayne Lawson 0421 636 338

new, permanent office is just the next step. “We know what it’s like to start small - with our co-directors we’ve seen Raine & Horne North East grow into one of the industry’s leaders. “This new enterprise is just

David Murley 0412 050 200

Rachel Longden 0434 124 720

11 Alberrie St– “Add this to your Investment Portfolio!” Family home of 3 good sized bedrooms all with BIR’s, large rumpus, spacious lounge & dining, gas kitchen, ducted evap air-con & ducted gas heating. 2 driveways, 2 garden sheds, leased @ $300 p/w until June 2007 with right to review rent June, 2006. $254,950

“Putting you first”

David & Wayne with the Finalists Certificate from the REI for the 2005 Excellence Awards, Medium Office at the Hilton Hotel.

Wayne Lawson

0421 636 338

Local – Penny Coleman

David Murley

0434 124 720

0412 050 200

(08) 8395 2233 1289 North East Road, Tea Tree Gully SA 5091

6 Coolibah Drive – “Investment with a difference”. Executive family home of 4 bedrooms, master with ensuite, BIRs to all, large formal entrance, formal dining, good sized lounge and family room. Double carport, swimming pool and entertaining area, heating, cooling and 2 Colorbond sheds. Leased at $365 per week. $325,000. Web ID 779884.

23a & 23b Hermit Street – “Another Blue Chip Investment!” Pair of brick veneer maisonettes comprising 3 bdrms, all with BIR’s, spacious lounge and dining with access to entertaining area, gas kitchen with ample cupboards and range hood, bathroom with shower recess, vanity unit and bath. Ducted evap cooling and gas space heating, carport UMR, pergola, easycare front gardens, concrete sleeper retained lawn and garden areas to rear. Close to all amenities and both tenented @ $250 per week. $430,000

211 Government Road Andamooka –“The Opal Palace, Nest or Invest.” 3 bdrm family home, huge tiled lounge with feature double doors to front & hallway, good size dining, updated timber kitchen with heaps of cupboards, island bench & utensil drawers, gas stove, range hood, large updated bathroom, large enclosed rear verandah area, huge shaded pergola area, another side pergola area. Carport, workshop, storage area and aviary. Rock gardens and local stone retaining walls, excellent views from front verandah, a/c and more. inspection a must. $149,950. Web ID 795213.

2/46 Aquila Boulevard –“Investment Treasure Chest.” Built in 1998, three bedrooms all with built in robes, spacious lounge, dining & kitchen. Full length front bull noseverandah. Ducted evap cooling throughout. Carport under main roof, pergola, garden shed. Auto irrigation. Leased @ $250 p/w till April 2006. $210,000.

33a & b Bopeechee St– “Another Gilt Edged Investment!” Pair of masonettes on one title offering 3 bdrms all with BIR’s, spacious lounge & dining, gas kitchen, ducted evap air-con, gas wall furnace, new drapes & curtains, c/port UMR, garden shed & both tenanted at $240 per week. $379,950

Lot 600, Government Rd, Andamooka –“Solid Brick Investment.” Solid brick, 2 bedrooms, both carpeted, lounge, kitchen and dining all tiled, r/c air con. Garage, car port and partially furnished on 2091m2 lot. $97,500

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

Thursday, October 27, 2005 - Page 13

Rivergum’s exclusive offer for Roxby readers R I V E R G U M HOMES…Rivergum Homes are proud to exclusively offer to The Monitor readers their yet-to-be-released, redesigned Silky Oak four-bedroom home. Currently under construction at their Hackham display village, this home is not yet available to the open market, giving the people of Roxby Downs the opportunity to be the first in line for what’s sure to be a highly-popular design (pricing to be confirmed). Designed in collaboration with leading Adelaide architects, there is a lot to like about the new Silky Oak 4 bedroom design. To start, the home has been designed with open-plan living spaces to balance a family’s competing needs and entertaining areas are plentiful. There is two independent living areas plus a perfect area for a spacious deck at the rear of the home, allowing for indoor/outdoor living and entertaining. The gourmet kitchen includes ample bench space, an abundance of cupboards, as well as Rivergum’s new standard European stainless steel appliances. Sleeping areas in the Silky Oak are zoned, with the main bedroom positioned to the left of the entrance and the minor bedrooms to the right of the home, close to the three-way family bathroom, with separate powder room, toilet and bathroom facilities. For mum and dad the main bedroom is well sized and offers direct access to the outside. It includes large his and hers walk in robes and a generously sized ensuite with a double shower and dual vanities. The home has been designed to take advantage of natural light, with plenty of windows,

RIVERGUM HOMES...Rivergum Homes is offering this yet-to-be-released Silky Oak four-bedroom home exclusively to Roxby Downs readers of The Monitor - Your Community Newspaper. The home has been designed with open-plan living spaces to balance a family’s competing needs and entertaining areas are plentiful. creating a very inviting and open feel to the design. Outside there are also plenty of talking points. This single-storey family home has a façade which has a timeless feel and is sure to impress passer-bys and visitors. It features two gables, concave verandah, single hung windows and entrance door with side light. Rivergum Homes Sales Manager, Craig Lamb said “families who are looking for a spacious, free flowing home with a strong emphasis on indoor/outdoor entertaining will like the new Silky Oak design”. “Considerable time has been


taken to ensure this design meets today’s family needs. “However, we also have the flexibility to turn this plan into something to please individual tastes. In fact, at Rivergum Homes we offer this flexibility in design throughout our range of homes,” he said. The release of the new Silky Oak design is not the only new announcement from Rivergum. “We are also excited to announce that we have just increased our standard schedule of fittings for our range of homes and that these can be viewed in our brand new in-house One Stop Shop Selections Centre.

“Our new centre includes a full bathroom, kitchen and an extensive choice in the latest fittings, fixtures and colours. “With all the products right there at our clients finger tips, upgrade choices and informed decisions can be made to incorporate the styles, the comforts and modern conveniences they deserve in their new home,” Mr Lamb said. “Our upgrade Selection Centre has already received an excellent response from our country clients, as it means they can come to the one place to make all of their decisions on fittings and colours for their home, rather than being sent to several different locations to complete

those important choices,” he said. Rivergum Homes are South Australia’s leading country and coastal builder and to compliment their ongoing growth have recognised the need to provide excellent customer service. “To meet our commitment to customer service, we now have five Customer Service Representatives, each dedicated to looking after minimal clients throughout the council approval process and construction of their home,” Mr Lamb said. Rivergum recently visited Roxby Downs and completed a number of Building information sessions.

They hope to be able to conduct another Building Information Session in the near future for people who were unable to attend previously. However, in the in the interim, David Bertelsmeier of Rivergum Homes, a former Roxby Downs resident, will be visiting the area regularly to assist home buyers. Rivergum Homes have displays located at Parafield, Hackham, Middleton and Mawson Lakes. For further information on Rivergum Homes, details on their new Silky Oak design and their special Roxby Downs home packages, please contact David Bertelsmeier on 0438 575 047.

Adelaide to Andamooka

– We offer customers the widest range of finance no matter where they live. Capitalcorp – Australia’s National Finance Broker Capitalcorp Financial Services is one of Australia’s largest finance brokerage firms. The company is 100% Australian owned, and has the reputation of quickly sourcing financial packages structured to meet personal and business needs. We specialise in providing simple and flexible solutions for individuals and companies alike, throughout the country. From mortgages and vehicle finance, to debt consolidation and personal loans, Capitalcorp offer customers anywhere in Australia the strengths and advantages of a national finance broker. Phone: 1300 367 937 Email: Web: Page 14 - Thursday, October 27, 2005

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

First impressions count

Handy tips for first-home buyers

OUTBACK LANDSCAPING & SUPPLIES…Attractive, well-presented homes are usually the most popular properties on the market so it is important for vendors to consider what can be done to make the home most appealing. There are many little things that a vendor can do to give the property a facelift which are modest in cost and will reap financial rewards in the longrun and this week we will look at the things that you can do to the outside of your property. The front garden is one of the first things a purchaser will see when they arrive at the property. Is it neat and tidy? Does it welcome people to the property? Making a good first impression with your garden is what will catch your potential buyers’ eye and make your property stand out from the rest. “The lifestyle for Roxby

REISA…The Real Estate Institute of SA offers some solid advice for first homebuyers. Before looking at properties, be clear about what you are prepared to pay. It is essential that you have a budget and stick to it. Only look at properties within your designated price range so that you get a clear understanding of what type of properties you are in the market for. Discussing your budget with local real estate agents also helps them identify potentially appealing properties for you. Give agents a range that you will consider. Consult a lender such as Adelaide Bank to discuss what amount you can borrow and what you can comfortably repay. Buying property is exciting, but to make sure that the excitement doesn’t wear off after settlement, it’s essential to be comfortable with your regular mortgage repayments. Your circumstances may change in the future so don’t forget to factor in a little give. Your lender, such as Adelaide Bank will sit down with you individually to discuss your situation. They will also discuss mortgage insurance if required. If you are a first homebuyer, the Federal Government offers $7000 to encourage people to invest in their own home, subject to certain conditions such as residency requirements. Also, the State Government offers some mortgage duty and stamp duty relief, although this is only applicable for properties purchased for less than $250,000. Your lender should be able to advise on any Government assistance that you may qualify for. Don’t forget to factor in the extra expenses as they will make a big difference. Government charges will hit you hardest – stamp duty, the Lands Title Office charges and mortgage duty. Visit REISA’s website and download the Government charges chart so you know the charges associated with buying property. Then there are the other expenses – building inspections, conveyancing fees, mortgage insurance, council rates, water rates, removalists costs. Make sure you are realistic about these costs and add them into your budget. For more handy investment and home-buying advice from REISA, log onto

Downs is very much outdoors, which is why it is important to have great landscaping - you don’t judge a book by its cover but you do judge a house by its garden,” Outback Landscaping and Supplies manager Vicki Mason told The Monitor. “In Roxby your outside area is where you will do most of your entertaining and is just as important as any other room in your house.” If your garden leaves a little to be desired, invest some time in cleaning it up and then visit the local nursery to buy some flowering plants and shrubs to fill any open spaces. For around $100, you should be able to purchase a nice range of plants that will ensure your front garden has some colour, looks neat and welcomes potential buyers inside. Keep things low maintenance though – new owners, especially investors, aren’t keen to take on any

Kadina's Finest Residential Development (situated off Cornwall St, Kadina East)

BLOCKS ARE SELLING NOW... All services underground - power, water, common effluent Bitumen roads and concrete kerbing From only $58,000 Selling agents: LJ Hooker Kadina / Wallaroo 6a Graves St, Kadina. Ph 8821 3666

big landscaping jobs up front. Native plants are the key in a low-maintenance, low water-use garden, Ms Mason told The Monitor. “It’s lovely to have exotic plants in your garden but they require a lot of maintenance in the dry conditions of Roxby Downs – and these days there are so many natives with excellent colours and flowers,” she said. Ms Mason also recommended automatic sprinklers or manual timer irrigation and appropriate mulching for gardens. Perimeter fencing can also make all the difference to the streetscape appeal of your property. If your property has a wooden fence, consider giving it a fresh coat of paint. Brush fences can be repaired for a modest cost if starting to look a little tired or if you have a hedge fence, trim it up so your property looks neat and tidy.

And don’t forget your backyard – is it tidy? Is your outdoor furniture clean and strategically placed to invite purchasers to use the area for en-

tertaining? For more advice on improving your investment from the Real Estate Institute of SA, log onto

Aldinga Beach

Bayswood Estate • Great selection of vacant land • Close to shopping centre and transport • Buy in a growth location • Keenly priced from $69,000

Sellicks Beach

Bluewater Estate • Sensational location by the beach • Lovely water or hills views • Ideal for holidays or just living • Priced from only $110,000 Tony Blagrove LJ Hooker Aldinga

8556 5249 0427 800 099

Books aren't judged by their covers but houses are...... ...let Outback Landscaping & Supplies help your house look like a home. Cnr Olympic Way & Callana Road Roxby Downs

Ph: 8671 0131

Fax: 8671 0088

From The Dunes to Dalhousie Springs, everyone’s reading Your Community Newspaper The Monitor, a not-for-profit community newspaper, is distributed to more than 18 Outback communities in three states and the Northern Territory, FREE, every fortnight. No other locally-based newspaper reaches more people in the Outback than The Monitor. Read The Monitor FREE, every fortnight, at

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

Thursday, October 27, 2005 - Page 15

Advertise your real estate the right way ADVERTISING...According to the Real Estate Institute of SA (REISA), advertising is an essential part of selling real estate and issues such as the placement, timing and extent of advertising need to be negotiated prior to putting the house on the market. A selling agency agreement is normally used for the vendor and real estate agent to clearly outline all the terms and conditions needed to sell the property. The agreement should give authority to the agent to find a buyer on behalf of the vendor and include a potential selling price, all the essential advertising infor-

Investing in Property? We can help! • •

Waterfront property at Wallaroo Marina

Copper Cove Marina Hotel Apartment Suites

• Marina waterfront townhouse packages • Metro Brisbane residential rental property • Low entry cost, positive cash flow, rentals If investing in residential real estate is your thing, we have many options to help you increase your portfolio. Contact: Michael on

8823 3861 or 0428 294 141

28 Hughes Street, Wallaroo SA 5556



mation, selling fees and other charges. Vendors should always make sure they know what terms and conditions are included before signing the selling agency agreement. They should also carefully read any advertising and promotional materials prepared by the agent and approve it before it is published. In contrast to most fees that are charged by real estate agents, the vendor may need to pay marketing fees irrespective of whether the property is sold. The level of these expenses, however, will be set by the vendor in the selling agency agreement. If the agent exceeds the advertising limit, this will be at their own expense. If the advertising amount has not been fully spent, the vendor will be entitled to a refund. Sellers should not give an agent, auctioneer or developer any money for advertising until they have seen a marketing plan with a schedule of how and when the money is to be spent. The agent is not permitted to seek a general marketing levy where there is no accountability for the actual cost of the services provided. While the means and methods of advertising can vary, it still remains the most powerful tool to sell properties. Now-a-days, advertising techniques can reach a large proportion of people through the internet and mobile phones, as well as the traditional forms such as newspapers, signboards and brochures. The Monitor - Your Community Newspaper offers several reliable advertising alternatives for real estate agents and private home sales. In addition to more than 3000 newspaper delivered FREE throughout the Far North and Outback every fortnight, The Monitor on-line also receives around 4000 hits every month. Reach more readers for your real estate adverts in The Monitor.



Ariston 5.5kg Front Load Washing Machine.

Ariston 7kg Front Load Washing Machine.

600rpm spin speed, adjustable temperature control up to 90°C, AAAA water rating, eight wash programs, automatic anti-crease phase on synthetic and wool programs, half load option.

LED display, 1000rpm maximum spin, 30 minute daily wash, adjustable wash temperature, super wash option plus easy iron and rapid wash option, delay time up to nine hours. AAAA water rating, Woolmark ‘Platinum Care’ endorsed.





Ariston 6kg Front lOad Washer / 3.5kg Dryer Combo. Nine washing programs, time and sensor dry, Cashmere Gold cycle for delicate wash wool items, 30 minute daily wash, variable spin speed up to 1200rpm, rapid wash, delay start timer, automatic variable loading, 180 degree door opening, three levels of automatic drying (iron, dry and extra dry). 2 year warranty AL128D



Ariston 12-Place Setting Dishwasher. New rotary program selector, three wash temperatures, six wash program sincluding daily and rapid wash, delay start up to 12 hours, wash phase indicator lights, height adjustable top basked, water stop flood detection. L63X

NAB home loan package now offers Roxby Downs residents triple the savings

NATIONAL AUSof more than TRALIA BANK… $200,000. Managing a home The package also fealoan, credit card and tures a National Visa bank balance no Gold Card without any longer means Roxby annual credit card fee Downs residents need for the first 12 months to do ‘triple time’ to and 0% p.a. for up to keep on top of their six months on balance accounts. transfers from nonThe National Australia NAB credit cards, as Bank’s (NAB) Home well as a Smart Access Loan Triple Saver savings account with brings all of your ac- SAVINGS...NAB Roxby no monthly service counts into one bundle Downs Branch Manager fees or account transthat not only saves Johan Simon knows the im- action fees when using time, but will leave portance of flexibility in NAB facilities. extra dollars in your banking. “This is a flexible, pocket both now and functional package in the future. that fits perfectly with For a limited time, the Home Loan the needs of home buyers, especially Triple Saver offers NAB customers those within the dynamic Roxby the chance to have their application Downs community,” said NAB Roxby fee and monthly account keeping fees Downs Branch Manager, Mr Johan waived on new (or increases to existSimon. ing) Base Variable Rate Home Loans “At a time when our community is growing and people are looking to buy property, Triple Saver offers the opportunity to secure the loan you want, while saving dollars for the things you need when setting up a new home.” 7b CURDIMURKA STREET The Home Loan Triple Saver allows “COMING SOON” 3 bedroom duplex / courtyard home. Securely leased for 12 for a choice of weekly, monthly or months for $295.00 p/w. fortnightly repayments, with no extra $230,000 fees for making additional lump sum 4b CACATUA CLOSE payments. “GREAT RETURN - LOW RISK INVESTMENT” 3 bedroom courtyard home, open plan living, dining and kitchen, ducted evaporative air-conditioning, master Mr Simon said the Home Loan Triple bedroom located at the front of the property and the other Saver package was another example bedrooms are located to the rear. All bedrooms include bir’s, 2-way bathroom with access from master bedroom as well. of how the NAB is responding to the Low maintenance outdoor area including under cover shade area with cement, single carport and extra room to park other needs of home buyers, including those vehicles. Currently leased to excellent tenants for $300pw until in the Roxby Downs community, June 11, 2006. which it has served for 17 years as the $230,000 town’s first and only bank. 30 FINNISS STREET “A ROCK SOLID INVESTMENT IN ROXBY” “The mining community knows the 4 bedroom family home with very solid lease to BHP Olympic importance of flexibility in banking Dam Operations (Formerly WMC) until 26th October 2007, with an option for renewal of a further 3 years for $1,238.39 per and we at the NAB are committed to calendar month. Repainted throughout within the past 12 months and also new carpets, walk-in-robe and ensuite to providing that service,” he said. very large master bedroom, all other bedrooms include builtin-robes and are also quite reasonable in size, good size open Full details of the range of options and plan living, dining and kitchen with gas stove, immaculately kept inside and out by the BHP tenant, ducted evaporative savings under the Home Loan Triple air-conditioning, master bathroom with fully screened shower. Saver package can be obtained Located on a very decent size block, small garden shed, under cover single caprort, rockery to the front of the home, through the NAB Roxby Downs small lawned area, undercover and paved outdoor entertaining area and plenty of space for the kids. branch. “I encourage people to visit our $260,000 branch so we can explain the full ben60 PIONEER DRIVE efits of the package and how it could “SURPRISINGLY SPACIOUS & HOMEY” Well maintained family home. 3brs, all inc bir’s, near new work for you, but as it is only availkitchen inc pantry, living room with gas heat, duct evap a/c, ceiling fans. floor coverings & window treatments in excellent able for a limited time, it is important condition. Exterior packed with features inc large workshop, to act now,” Mr Simon said. dble carport, outdoor entertaining area in-ground spa,


awnings to the front, large vegie-plot area, lawn & chook yard. Investors Note: Potential rent $330p/w once settled.


34a & 34b TILIQUA CRESCENT “BRAND SPANKIN’ NEW” 2 x brand new 4 bedroom executive courtyard homes (on their own titles), front entry is through the formal lounge, master bedroom enters from the formal lounge and includes an ensuite and walk in robe, all other bedrooms are reasonable in size, good quality floor coverings throughout including floorboards, carpets and tiles, open plan kitchen, dining and living area, very well equipped kitchen including stainless steel appliances and pantry, ducted reverse cycle air-conditioning, master bathroom including bath and fully enclosed shower, both properties very tastefully decorated throughout and also feature top quality fixtures. Sliding door access to the outdoor entertaining area, lawn area, large carport area with automatic rollers doors and low maintenance front and back gardens. Both properties leased for $360.00 per week each for 12 months.


Free Delivery to ROXBY DOWNS!

$280,000 per property LORRAINE AUBREY 8671 2000 or

Page 16 - Thursday, October 27, 2005

SELL, BUY &RENT! in the Outback’s fastest-growing community newspaper!

Contact Gail Heritage at The Monitor Ph - 8248 2450

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A home with split personality

SARAH PAVILION...Sarah Homes’ Pavilion 3E design offers flexible solutions for family homes. SARAH PAVILION…The Pavilion 3E from Sarah Homes has been designed to take into account the different needs of different households. With the pavilion concept the living areas are kept completely separate from the bedrooms” Sarah Homes Marketing Manager Helen Lowrie said. “This way the kids can run amok at one end of the home while the parents have a sleep in” The pavilions are joined by the entry way which has floor to ceiling glass both at the front and back allowing natural light to flood into the house. Feature bulkheads are placed either side of the entry to create architectural interest. A curved roof and corrugated iron give the house a contemporary feel while also blending into a rural setting. Extensive decking runs from the front of the entry around the dining area. “The decking provides the equivalent of an extra room or two for entertaining and living” said Ms Lowrie. “Sliding glass doors open from the dining area to provide an indoor/outdoor entertaining option. “The use of corrugated iron helps reflect a contemporary feel. The Pavilion 3E is so different from a design point, there is nothing else like it out there.” Another aspect of the pavilion design was allowing the house to “grow”. “With this design extra pavilions can be added to either side which is ideal for a growing family” Ms Lowrie said. “Large expanses of glass allow people to take advantage for views.” All three bedrooms are located in one pavilion which includes an ensuite to the main suite with corner shower and vanity.

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

The main bathroom is also included in this wing. The second pavilion houses the combined living and dining area overlooked by the kitchen with island bench and double sink, stainless steel appliances and a door providing outdoor access. A space saving aspect of the house includes the laundry which has been designed to sit behind a sliding door in the kitchen. The house is priced from $77,940 and is on display at 142 Port Wakefield Road, Cavan and is open 7 days a week from 11am to 4.30pm.

Aldinga Beach

Bayswood Estate • Great selection of vacant land • Close to shopping centre and transport • Buy in a growth location • Keenly priced from $69,000

Sellicks Beach

Bluewater Estate • Sensational location by the beach • Lovely water or hills views • Ideal for holidays or just living • Priced from only $110,000 Tony Blagrove LJ Hooker Aldinga

8556 5249 0427 800 099

Thursday, October 27, 2005 - Page 17


BANDANAS…Wendy Osborne, Leticia Davie and Lyn Bishop of the Dunes Café support children with cancer by wearing their CANTEEN bandanas.

Sunday, November 20

8 hours of Pure Scrapping Indulgence.

BUCKS NIGHT…Enjoying a boys’ night in before the wedding of local residents Owen Belsey and Helen Smith, from left, back, Terry ‘Brushy’ Brusnahan, Owen Belsey with Elijah Trasy (13 months), Tony Olivastri, Andrew McNamara, Jarred Moore, front, Gary Smith, Les Trasy and Bob Brown.

Book TODAY to spend the day scrapping and creating memories for your loved ones!

Cost $90.00 (This includes: ALL WORKSHOP PROJECTS, Lunch, Afternoon Tea, Tea / Coffee.)

HEN’S NIGHT…Local bride-to-be Helen Smith, standing, centre, celebrated her upcoming wedding with her mum Natalie Smith, bridesmaid Jackie Olivastri and other friends at the Oasis Restaurant at the weekend. PINK LADIES…More than 30 women attended a ‘Girls Night In’ hosted by Anne Potter, standing, centre, on Friday, October 21. The evening was a fundraiser for Breast Cancer research and all participants joined in for the ‘think pink’ theme, raising $435 for the cause.

Time: 9:30am - 5:30pm. With all this FUN stuff to do, you’ll be inspired to FILL the 12x12 Album you’ll received as part of your PROJECT PACK!! Bookings MUST be made and a $50.00 deposit paid by November 1. Some tools will be required. GIFTS & DOOR PRIZES, and lots of PURE SCRAPPING FUN! Red Dunes Scrapbooking Phone: 8671 1937 19 Gregory Street OR go to to book your place

Permanent Make-up


Deep Medical Peel (new skin in 10 days) Dermabrasion Weight Loss Botox Injections Multi Laser Treatments

Showcase your talents at the Twilight Street Festival on Saturday, April 8, 2006. Performer registration forms are available from Suzanne on 0408 319 363 or The Festival provides amateur and professional performers alike to perform to the wider community of Roxby Downs.

For further information contact

Wendy Osborne - 0438 447 278 Proudly Sponsored by Your Community Newspaper

Facial Lifting

Qualified Dermal Therapist Kim Chi Pham (BHSc)

Lavender Beauty Clinic October Permanent Make-up Specials: Eye-Brows $250 Eyeliner $280 Lip Line $150 Full Lip$395 Try it and discover a revolutionary way to enhance your natural beauty.





RDAS P&F Quiz Night Friday, October 28 Oasis Restaurant 7:30pm November 2005 Australian Breastfeeding Assoc Wednesday November 2 9:30am - 11:00am Community Health Seminar Room

Show, Shine ‘n Ride November 12 9:30am 11:30am Roxby Central Shopping Centre followed by ride ‘n shine out to Andamooka for lunch at the Tuckerbox Restaurant. Gold coin donation. Phone Alex 0417 816 807

The Woomera Big Night Out Pink & Black Ball Saturday, November 5 The Eldo Hotel 8pm til late Ph - 0409 690 482

The Outback International Dinner Saturday November 19, 6:30pm, St. Barbara’s Courtyard Bookings: Lenny 8671 2384 School 8671 3207

Remembrance Day Friday November 11. Richardson Place memorial. 11am Service Phone: Bob Stainer 8671 0163

Scrap-A-Thon, Red Dunes Scrapbooking Sunday November 20 Phone Jane 8671 1937

Australian Breastfeeding Assoc Friday November 25 9:30am - 11:00am Community Health Seminar Room Woolbalers B&S Glendambo Saturday, November 26 Phone Leah Giles 0400 858 071 Woolbalers Recovery Glendambo Sunday, November 27 Phone Leah Giles 0400 858 071 December 2005 Roxby Downs Christmas Pageant December 17, 2005 Live entertainment kicks off at noon. Book your float now! Ph Alex Barker – 8671 0010

Phone 8671 2683 or email to book your event in ‘What’s On!’ The ‘What’s On!’ Free Community Calendar is proudly sponsored by Roxby Downs Council. Page 18 - Thursday, October 27, 2005

CANTEEN…Laura Rocca and Melissa James of Woolworths, Roxby Downs, wearing their bandanas to support CANTEEN for children and teenagers with cancer. Woolworths was one of a series of local businesses selling bandanas for CANTEEN this month.

THINK PINK… Ruth Folwell, Lorraine Tyler and Karen Russell helped raise awareness for breast cancer research fundraisers throughout Roxby Downs this week by brightening up their individual workplaces and ‘thinking pink’. Ph: 8671 2001

...for up-to-date movie guides every time! ...for up-to-date movie guides every time!

Friday, October 28 – Tuesday, November 1 The Adventures of Shark Boy & Lava Girl in 3D – Rated: G. Fri 7pm, Sat & Sun 12 noon, Sun 7pm. Stealth – Rated: M. Sat & Sun, 3pm, Tues 8pm.

Friday, November 4 – Tuesday, November 8 Serenity– Rated: M. Sat 3pm, Sun 12 noon & 8pm. Cinderella Man– Rated: M. Fri 8pm, Sat 12 noon, Sun 3pm, Tues 8pm.

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

Fringe to focus on local talent

The Swindler Family Comedy Show

regardless of your level of skill; OUTBACK FRINGE this festival is designed to proFESTIVAL…The Annual Outvide a platform for amateurs back Fringe Festival kicks off and professionals. in April 2006. VISUAL ARTS…The Visual The twilight street festival will Arts category is unique, exbe one of the main focus points pressing and capturing the comfor Roxby Downs in 2006, munity vibe. event organisers are very exPainters, sculptors, body artists, cited about the focus on local charcoal and pavement drawtalent and the opportunity of ings, potters, sketchers – living busking during the twilight art. street festival on Saturday evening. MUSICAL ARTS…The Musical Arts category is a melting The Twilight Festival and street pot of artists, all demonstrating busking provides both amateur their own brand of beat. and professional performers From 10-year-old piano accoralike with the opportunity to dions to rock bands. showcase their talent to the wider community. The opportunities are endless! The festival is designed to alWhat is street theatre and low the communities a chance busking? to view the variety of high Busking is the art of street perstandard artists found in our forming. BUSKING...Drummers Anneke very own backyard. Unlike any other type of perand Hein Botes added some There will be three main cat- local colour to the street formance it is unique in style egories; Performing Arts, performances at OFF ‘03. with musicians, performing artVisual Arts and Musical Arts. ists and other disciplines showcasing their talent on the Highlights will include stilt walkers, belly dancers, acrobats, theatre, living pavement. statues…enjoy the vision, colour, fun – spectacular! Allow your mind to go beyond the general images Or even better, come along and be part of the action! associated with ‘busking’. PERFORMING ARTS…The performing arts cat- Visit to receive your regegory is seeking artists from a variety of disciplines, istration form or contact Wendy on 0438 447 278 to be part of OFF ‘06.

Friday November 4, 2005 Bar opens 7:30pm Show starts 8:00pm Roxby Downs Auditorium Theatre Style Seating $22.00 Adult $14.00 Child 17 yrs & under $64.00 Family 2 adults / 2 Children Suitable from 6 years up

Family Night out with Magic, Tricks, Jokes & Pranks For more information, contact the Roxby Downs Cultural Precinct on 8671



Free travel seminars in Roxby Downs PHIL HOFFMAN TRAVEL… Travel is truly one of the best gifts on earth we can give ourselves. It enlightens the soul, enriches the spirit and stretches the imagination. Proudly voted Australia’s No.1 Travel Agency in 2005, Phil Hoffmann Travel extends to you a commitment of service and quality customer care.

Our service is built on extremely high standards of customer care and personalised service, by Consultants who are trained to listen to their clients’ requirements. Let them advise the best arrangements to suit your individual needs – at a competitive price! Phil Hoffmann Travel delivers the most unique and exclusive Australian and overseas cruise products direct to

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

you. A dedicated Cruising team caters for this rapidly growing holiday choice for the discerning traveller. Our specialised Group Tours team has developed the ‘Phil Hoffmann Travel Touring Collection’ providing the largest range of quality escorted tours offered in South Australia. These tours offer security and comfort, new friendships

and company whilst travelling, and an experienced Tour Escort with a common interest in discovering new and unique destinations. Experienced Consultants from Phil Hoffmann Travel will be holding free Travel Seminars in Roxby Downs on November 18 and 19– presenting on Resort and Tropical Holidays, Europe, Fun Cruising and Adventure

Travel. Come along to our Travel and Cruise Expo on November 6 at the Hilton Hotel Adelaide, for your chance to win great prizes, talk to our travel partners, our expert managers and consultants, experience our free travel seminars and take advantage of the exclusive - one day only travel specials available.

Thursday, October 27, 2005 - Page 19


Fun for all at BHP Billiton Family Day

ROCK CLIMBING...One of the highlights of the day was rock climbing in Richardson Place for the pre-teens at Family Day.

HUMPHREY BEAR...Humphrey Bear stole the show at the BHP Billiton Family Day earlier this month.

EMERGENCY SERVICES...Local residents took a closer look at the important work done by our local Olympic Dam Emergency Services Officers.

SAUSAGE SIZZLE...Olympic Dam employees donated their time to help make Family Day such a success. photographs - Jason Stringer

BALLOON FUN...Barry Dellow, above, was one of the volunteers supporting Family Day. LIFE BE IN IT...Family Day’s youngest participants enjoyed Life Be In It games, left, and a chance to take control of the fire hoses, right.

OLYMPIC DAM… Olympic Dam hosted its annual Family Day in Richardson Place, Roxby Downs on Saturday, October 15. With BHP Billiton now at the helm after the acquisition of WMC Resources earlier this year, the day was a chance for locals to find out more about the new company - as well as enjoy a family day out, a BHP Billiton spokesman told The Monitor. Family Day marked the summer opening of the Roxby Downs Leisure Centre Swimming Pool. “There were lots of activities for kids and adults alike to enjoy and the grassed area in the middle of Richardson Place was a hive of activity with a freestanding rockclimbing wall, sumo wrestling and Life.Be.In.It games underway all day. “The rockclimbing was especially popular, with long lines of kids waiting for their turn all day, as was the Roxby Rocket.” The highlight of the day for many of the children (as well as many of the adults) was Humphrey Bear, who performed two shows on the pool lawns and also wandered around the event posing for photos. “A big thank you goes to some 65 volunteer BHP Billiton Olympic Dam staff, who gave up their Saturday to help out,” event organisers told The Monitor. “Their assistance was greatly appreciated and there is no doubt the event would not have happened without them.”

LOCAL, LIVE AND LOVING IT! RoxFM AGM RoxFM is having their Annual General Meeting on November 12, 2005 at the Roxby Downs Cultural Precinct Theaterette at 7:30pm. The AGM will be followed a light supper and a movie. Nominations for positions open will be accepted up until the start of the AGM. To be eligible to vote or nominate you must be a financial member by October 31, 2005. Be part of your community radio. Nomination forms available from RoxFM offices in Richardson Place.

Friendly faces of RoxFM

Email: or

Tina Foster Station Manager

SMS your request on 0407 979 918 or phone 8671 2545 Page 20 - Thursday, October 27, 2005

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

Thursday, October 27, 2005 - Page 21

Student citizenship award

AWARD...Year 7-12 assistant principal Joslyn Fox and Year 11 student Jamie-Lee Oldfield with Her Excellency Marjorie Jackson-Nelson On October 13, 2005, RDAS Year 11 student JamieLee Oldfield was one of 10 recipients of a South Australian Student Citizenship Award. Presented by Her Excellency Marjorie Jackson-Nelson, these awards go to students who have shown an outstanding commitment to community involvement. A wide cross-section of South Australian schools were represented at the reception, including Maitland Area School, Urrbrae Agricultural College, Tatachilla Lutheran College and Saint Johns College. It was interesting to note that country schools were so prominent, reinforcing the notion that they provide opportunities for young people to be involved in helping create their own community. “It was a real honour to receive this award,” JamieLee said. “It was an amazing experience to actually meet the Governor and to visit Government House.” Jamie-Lee’s parents and sister attended the reception along with Year 7-12 Assistant Principal, Mrs Joslyn Fox. A light afternoon tea was provided, along with a photo opportunity with Her Excellency after the awards ceremony.

Sister Pat’s

photograph - Zak Zeptner

BILLION BEATS…Reception students, from left, back, Hailey, Caleb, Millie, Eloise, front, Inca and Penny enjoy the fun and fitness of Billion Beats Day at RDAS.

Students get moving for Billion Beats Day Billion Beats Day is a Celebration of the International Year of Sport and Physical Education was Australia’s largest physical activity day last week - on Friday, October 21. Organisers Totally Active and the Australian Council for Health, Physical Education and Recreation (ACHPER) say that the campaign is to help raise awareness in children and parents, of the long-term benefits of a more active and healthy lifestyle. It is also to recognise, celebrate and promote the excellent work teachers are already doing. Billion Beats Day = 1 Billion Active Heartbeats. We are one of hundreds of schools and associations taking part in this campaign, where it is anticipated over 200,000 children will join in and be active during the event. The ultimate goal will be for the total number of active heartbeats to exceed one billion on the day! We feel immensely proud to be a part

of this special event increasing awareness of the need for regular, quality physical education and to motivate children to be more healthy and active in their lives. Here are the details of our event: All students from R – 6 were involved in a range of activities for Billion Beats Day. They included • Health Hustles and circuits in the Rec Centre. • Skipping and tennis on the tennis courts. • Soccer, tee ball, Kanga Cricket and minor games on the oval. Once all of the data has been collected, in a later edition of The Monitor I will inform you of how many beats our R6ers achieved. A big thank you to all R-6 teachers and students for joining in and having fun and for supporting this fantastic event. Belinda Ramsey, R-2 PE Teacher.

Get your tickets for Quiz Night! Dear Parents and Friends, Welcome back to the last term of school this year, hope everyone had an enjoyable school holidays. Firstly, thank you to the whole school community for donations for P&F Quiz Night We have had a wonderful response and it will help contribute towards P&F Quiz Night prizes. The class with the best box of donations will receive from P&F $500 to spend on student resources. Well done to all! P&F have made the following donations: • The Garden Project which is the beautification of the breezeway area near Mrs Pedler’s class. • $150 towards student awards for Presentation Night this year • $600 towards a fridge for Life Skills Program for the Special Ed Class and students in the same block. Tomorrow night, October 28, is the P&F Quiz Night at the Oasis Restaurant 7pm for a 7.30pm start. Tickets are $12 each and available from Desert Décor until sold out. Great prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and last table winners. There will be games, auctions and an all round fun night. The winning table also gets to ‘own’ the Gnome of Knowledge for a year and set the questions for the next Quiz Night. All money raised benefits the students of our school. The next and last P&F Market Day for the year will be Saturday November 19. Our final P&F meeting for the year will be on Wednesday November 2 at 7.30pm. All are welcome. We still need more volunteers as we only have 6 parent committee members, one teacher representative and Sister Patricia on our committee. So think about joining next year in 2006 if you would like to help contribute to your children’s education at Roxby Downs Area School. Annette Jackson, for the RDAS P&F Committee.

thought for the day The importance of physical activity for all ages

Old age is like everything else. To make a success of it you’ve got to start young. Fred Astaire

Upcoming Ev ents Events Oct 28

P&F Quiz Night at the Oasis Restaurant.

Nov 2

R-6 Assembly 11.30am 7-12 Assembly 10.10am

Nov 4

Year 12 exams commence

Nov 7

Science Questacon, Yrs 7-11

Nov 8

Roxby Road Safe, Yrs 11 & 12

Keep up-to-date on school happenings every week with RDAS Reminders. To be included on the Reminders distribution list, email

Page 22 - Thursday, October 27, 2005

Generally, kids and teenagers love to be active, and making physical activity a part of their daily routine is not only fun, but also healthy. It is now known that kids aged 5-18 years of age need at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity everyday. Why you may ask? Well there are many benefits to being physically active, it: • Promotes healthy growth and development • Builds strong bones and muscles • Helps to achieve and

maintain a healthy weight • Improves cardiovascular fitness and heart health • Improves balance and develops skills • Provides opportunities to make friends • Improves posture, confidence and self esteem So what do we mean by ‘moderate’ and ‘vigorous’ activity? A moderate activity will be equal in intensity to a brisk walk and could include a number of activities such as bike-riding, skateboarding, dancing or if younger,

any sort of active play. More vigorous activities will make kids “huff and puff” such as organised sports like football, soccer and netball, or activities like running, swimming laps or training for sport. For kids aged 512, vigorous activities may be accumulated in intermittent bursts ranging from a few seconds to several minutes, so any sort of active play will usually include some vigorous activity. Adolescents, aged 12-18, should try to include 20 minutes or more of vigorous activity three to four days a week for ad-

ditional health benefits. What about TV and computer games? It is recommended that children should not spend more than two hours a day using electronic media for entertainment (eg computer games, TV, Internet). Television viewing of more than two hours a day in childhood and adolescence is associated with poor fitness, smoking, raised cholesterol and being overweight in adulthood. So, children should be out and about having fun and being active with

friends, especially during daylight hours and on weekends. Children and adolescents need the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities that are fun and suit their interests, skills and abilities. Variety will also offer your child a range of health benefits, experiences and challenges. Remember, any activity that sees your child expend energy is good! Information provided by Dieticians from Port Augusta Hospital & Regional Health Service.

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

National award for local teacher Healthy lunchbox hints The ‘Go for 2&5’ fruit and vegetable campaign in South Australia was launched on the 29 th April 2005, by Hon Lea Stevens, Minister for Health. The aim of the campaign is to: • increase awareness of the need to eat more fruit and vegetables, and • to encourage consumers to increase their consumption. Most people know that fruit and vegetables are ‘good for you’. The fact is that eating more fruit and vegies may be the single most important dietary change we need to improve our health and reduce the risk of disease. Adults need to encourage children to try a variety of different types of fruit and vegies every day. On average SA adults eat around 1½ serves of fruit and 2½ serves of vegetables each day…so, we are already halfway there. One serve of fruit is 150 grams of fresh fruit.

TEACHING AWARD...Principal Jim Michalanney presents teacher Lyn Ferenci with her National Excellence in Teaching ‘community merit’ award. Congratulations to Mrs Lyn Ferenci who has received a National Excellence in Teaching 2005 ASG Community Merit Award. Mrs Ferenci is one of only 123 excellent practitioners nationally to receive this award from across Australia. Recipients of this award are teachers who actively engage students in worthy activities within the community and encourage the local community with opportunities to support and participate in the activities of the school. Mrs Ferenci has a long history of contributing to our school community both here and at Andamooka. She has instigated the ‘Clubs’ pro-

gramme for Middle School students with activities ranging from dance to enterprise activities. She has organised a Community Studies programme incorporating CFS training and First Aid certificates. She has worked with disinclined students on a number of programmes, she overviews the Gifted and Talented programmes as well as currently being the Assistant Principal of the R-6 school. Her passion is Middle School Students and providing the best opportunities for boys. Congratulations and well done Mrs Ferenci!

Volunteer group’s first meeting Last week the Roxby Downs Area School Volunteer Group met for the first time to begin making resources for teachers. This is a very time consuming task for teachers so this support will allow teachers to have more time to focus on students and their classes. The response from interested parents and caregivers has been fantastic so far, with more than 25 people registering their interest. The group will meet weekly in the staff room on Tuesdays, between 8.30am and 10.30am. Any other intersted people who would like to donate some of their time are encouraged to come along for a coffee and chat, and meet other parents, while helping. A big thank you goes to these volunteers and also to those who regularly help teachers in the classroom, your time and dedication is greatly appreciated by staff and students

PARENT VOLUNTEERS...Teacher Carol Lindner meets with local parent volunteers to make up teaching resources at the RDAS volunteer group’s first meeting. More than 25 parents have registered for the group, but more volunteers are always welcome. Meetings are held on Tuesdays in the staffroom between 8.30am and 10.30am.

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

A message from the Principal Dear Parents & Friends, Welcome back to Term 4…Welcome back to our final term for 2005. Like most people I hardly believe how fast the year goes. It is very pleasing to see how positively the term has begun with staff and students quickly settling into learning programmes. We would like to make a special welcome to our new Reception students: Jaylen Absalom, Jayden Chandler, Lachlan Eckermann, Stanley Halfacre, Nathan Hooper, Amy Kynoch, Aeden Lyon, Jayme Mansell, Brianna Player, Lauren Schell, Miranda Syvertsen, Kaedyn Volk who begin their first few weeks of their schooling life in Ms Underwood’s Headstart programme. We wish them every success and fun in their years of learning ahead of them. We also welcome Mr Greg George who comes to us from Quorn. He will be teaching mostly Year 8/9 Maths and Science for the remainder of the term. Congratulations Mrs Lyn Ferenci…Mrs Lyn Ferenci has received a National Excellence in Teaching 2005 ASG Community Merit Award. Mrs Ferenci is one of only 123 excellent practitioners nationally to receive this award from across Australia. 2005 Quality Assurance Results…Thank you to those families who were chosen randomly and responded to our recent Quality Assurance questionnaire. We are pleased to report that the ratings out of six show a slight improvement overall from 2004 to 2005. A more detailed report will be sent home to parents soon. Parent Survey…Parents are asked to fill in and return a brief survey sent out on the back of this week’s RDAS Reminders. You are asked to comment on what you feel is progressing well, what areas we could improve on and some opportunity for general comments. We are always looking to improve our provision of quality outcomes to students and we welcome any constructive advice to do so. Billion Beats Day…Congratulations all students and staff who took part in the “Billion Beats Day” recently. It was wonderful to see all students in R-6 involved in physical activities spread across the oval, netball courts and recreation centre. Activities included circuits, health hustles, minor games, skipping, kanga cricket and simplified T-Ball, soccer and footy. Well done in the Year of Sport and Physical Recreation. Sunsmart/Uniform…The students and staff are required to wear a broad brimmed hat, sunscreen and appropriate protective clothing whilst out of doors at school We ask that all students are aware of their responsibility to protect

themselves from the serious effect of ultra violet light and possible melanomic skin cancer. We also thank the majority of our students for regularly wearing their uniform. Those with outlandish or inappropriate clothes will be sent home to change. Parents & Friends Quiz Night…I commend to you the upcoming P&F Quiz Night to be held at the Roxby Downs Motor Inn Oasis Restaurant this Friday 28th October at 7.30pm. This is historically a great fun time with plenty of challenges throughout the night. A lot of hard work goes into preparing for the night and any money raised goes towards providing for the extra shade, seating and grounds upgrade as decided by the P&F group. We thank Mrs Sheila Culf and her hard working group of parents for their wonderful contributions to our school. Tickets ($12 ea) and table bookings are available from Desert Décor ph: 86712638. Children’s Week…We have been celebrating National Children’s Week here all this week. Staff and students have been engaged in a number of fun activities at recess and lunch times. The Student Voice committee have been integral in organising these events. Earthquake Tragedy in Pakistan – Fundraiser…As you would all know there has been reportedly 80,000 people perish in the recent earthquake in Pakistan. Nearly a whole generation of children have been tragically killed in some areas where schools and buildings have collapsed. This Friday we will be having a Casual Clothes day to raise money to help rebuild schools and offer the 2 ½ million homeless people some relief. Mr Muhammad Tatla our Science/IT teacher is from Pakistan and will be talking to certain groups of students about his homeland this week. Fortunately none of his immediate family has been affected. Computers for Sale…We change around 40 computers each year to enable us to sustain the excellent network we have in this school. Therefore we have computers for sale for the excellent value of $200 (Celeron 700), $100 (Celeron 433) and $50 (Celeron 233). All computers come with basic operating programmes already loaded and mouse and keyboard. Please contact the Front Office for further info. Congratulations Jamie-Lee Oldfield…Well done Jamie-Lee Oldfield who was recently awarded a South Australian Student Citizenship Award by the Governor. Please see further information elsewhere in this newsletter. Jim Michalanney, Principal.

Thursday, October 27, 2005 - Page 23

COMMUNITY PLAN UPDATE The Roxby Downs Community Plan Update page is a paid community service, provided by the Roxby Downs Council.


In fulfilling the recommendations of the Community Plan we have made a commitment to communicate widely to the community. We are achieving this through fortnightly articles and information pages in the The Monitor and on Rox FM. After two years of consultation – endless meetings, workshops and discussions you may have thought your input is over and that it is time for action not talk. However, now and in the future, your voice still needs to be heard. The needs of the town will evolve and change as the town grows and what was relevant 12 months ago may need to revisited. There are many ways to have a say: complete a survey, join a forum, attend a meeting, write a letter, talk to a member of a Forum or the Community Board or contact Michelle Hales – Community Development Officer. Communication is not always about highlighting what is wrong but also to celebrate what is good in our community.

HEALTH The Healthy Town Concept is a feature of the Community Plan enthusiastically embraced by people attending the first Health Forum meeting on October 17. A holistic approach is required to tackle improved health and wellbeing in the community. People working in areas such as mainstream health, alternative thera- JEAN LAWRIE... pies, community care, Andamooka diet, mental and physical resident Jean wellbeing came along. Lawrie has been As well as learning about appointed interim how the Forum will func- chair of the Health tion the group were asked Forum. what they consider to be the current main health issues. These were identified as obesity and drug and alcohol abuse. Representatives from Andamooka added that their aging population is also affected by diabetes, stroke and feelings of isolation. The Forum recognised the strong links with other forums and partnerships including Family and Youth, and Alcohol and Substance Abuse and the need to include Andamooka in strategies. Expanding representation was also discussed and it was agreed that a broad range of perspectives are essential. A number of suggestions were put forward including the Ambulance Service and a person working in health at the Mine. The meeting concluded with the appointment of Jean Lawrie as interim Chair. The Forum was keen to meet as soon as possible to review and discuss the implementation framework. The next meeting has been scheduled for November 2.


Guest speakers on a variety of topics attended the latest meeting of the Business Forum on 17 October. Adrian Nicolau explained his role as the newly appointed Business Advisor of the Northern Regional Development Board. In addition to providing advice to business he also manages the NEIS (New Enterprise Incentive Scheme) program in this region. This is a Federal program which helps unemployed people to develop viable businesses. Tom Beever talked to the group about his role as Family and Youth Officer and work in the Strengthening Families Program and Welcome Program. Representatives from BHP spoke about the current situation relating to the availability of light and heavy industrial land. They have only received four enquiries in the last 12 months relating to light industrial land and suggested that if people are interested that they need to forward a letter expressing interest to Mick Miller at the Town Office. Executive Officer Alex Barker distrib-

uted a copy of the business survey and advised that he will be starting his visits to businesses to gather information soon. Members of the Forum are keen to see the results and asked Alex to prepare an interim report on his findings for the next meeting. Alex also indicated that he has organised a seminar specifically for homebased businesses for November 22. The seminar will cover topics such as taxation, insurance and legal requirements. Alex is also working on developing marketing materials that promote Roxby Downs as a great place to invest and set up business. He played a promotional CD that was produced for the Northern Regional Development Board in early 2004 and asked for feedback from the group. It was agreed that although the promotional CD needs updating and rebranding from WMC to BHP the basic idea is a good one. The next meeting of the Business Forum will be held on Monday, November 14.

SPORTS & RECREATION Twenty-three people representing 15 sports responded to the invitation to attend the second meeting of the Sport and Recreation Forum on 19 October. Ray Goldie gave a presentation on the structure of the Forum and its connection to the Community Board. Those present were introduced to Alan Malea Sport and Recreation consultant - who will be working with Council, sporting and recreation groups, and facilities managers to identify needs, concerns and strategies for future development.

Alan highlighted that there is a lack of information on what is currently available. Steps have been taken to gather this information via a sport and leisure survey which was handed out on the night. Information gathered will also be added to the website and hopefully this will encourage new arrivals interested in playing sport to contact clubs. There was some uncertainty as to the definition of recreation and Alan explained that recreation covers both active and passive pursuits. Exam-

ples include bridge, chess, and darts. Recreation also covers artistic pursuits such as quilting so there is a direct link to the Arts and Culture Forum. The group were asked to have a look at the implementation framework for sport and recreation and come back to the next meeting with comments, priorities, and changes. The appointment of a chairman has been deferred until the next meeting. If your group has not yet received a survey please contact Michelle Hales on 8671 0010.


The community’s aspiration to be a Family Orientated Town was the focus of discussion at the first Family Youth Forum meeting on October 18. It was noted that the absence of the extended family has a significant impact for people living in Roxby Downs. Grandparents, for example, are important role models for each genera- MELISSA ALLEN.. tion. .Local mum Melissa Many issues in the com- Allen has been munity stem from appointed interim chair of the Family Parenting. As part of its charter the and Youth Forum. Forum will work on ways to address some of these issues such as encouraging speakers to come to town to support positive parenting initiatives. The recent review of youth by Jack Wade was raised and the role and connection of the proposed Youth subcommittee to this Forum was explained. Broadening the Forum’s representation was also discussed and it was noted that the majority of people who had nominated did not represent any particular organisation but were there because of community interest. Those present agreed that this was a positive thing. Family and youth crosses over into many other aspects of community and therefore has links across all other Forums particularly Health, Housing, Education, and Sport and Recreation. It was suggested that members of the Forum could attend other Forum or Board meetings to raise issues or gather information. The group were asked what they considered were the hidden issues in the community relating to Family and Youth. All agreed that domestic violence and gambling are a concern. The meeting concluded with the appointment of Melissa Allen as interim Chair. The Forum were keen to meet again as soon as possible to review the implementation framework. A follow-up meeting was held on October 25, with a new meeting date to be advised.


Be part of the solution and come along to one of the upcoming Community Plan forums to have your say and make a difference. Business Forum November 14 12.30pm Health Forum November 2 7.30pm Arts & Culture November 26 7.30pm Sport and Recreation TBA - early November Family & Youth TBA - early November Workplace Training TBA - early November The complete Roxby Downs Community Plan, developed by the Community Board in consultation with the local community over the past eighteen months, is now available for download at

Do you have an issue that you want raised at any of the Board meetings or Forums. Do you have suggestions, ideas or feedback that you want passed on for consideration at any of the meetings. If so please send an email to Michelle Hales Executive Officer of the Community Board community@roxbycouncil or send a letter to Michelle at PO Box 124 Roxby Downs SA 5725

The faces behind the paper! Gail Heritage

Tonya Volk

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Social and Sports Photographer

Page 24 - Thursday, October 27, 2005

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

CLASSIFIEDS COUNCIL SNIPPETS Independent Country Newspaper The Monitor is a quality country newspaper produced in Roxby Downs, and is distributed across the far northern regions of South Australia including Andamooka and Woomera. Roxby Downs is situated 550kms North of Adelaide and offers individuals and families an excellent lifestyle and facilities. Community owned and operated, The Monitor has been acknowledged for the quality of its journalism and production. This small but vibrant paper offers its journalist the opportunity to make a significant contribution through reporting hard news and community activities and initiatives. The successful applicant will be a Grade 4 + journalist and have the experience to build on the strong foundations already established by this publication. There is a rare opportunity for a qualified journalist to edit an independently owned paper that is the main communication source accross the region. Applications can be sent to: ‘Confidential’, Executive Manager, The Monitor, Goldie Strategic Development, Level 2, 22-26 Vardon Ave, Adelaide SA 5000 or email to Applications close November 11, 2005.

Your Community Newspaper

Lavrick Engineering Book Keeper / Finance Casual Position • Reconcilliations • Finance • Book keeping • Excel / Word

NEWSPAPER MANAGER Independent Country Newspaper Established in 2003, The Monitor - Your Community Newspaper, has been an outstanding success which has led to a staff restructure and the creation of a new position of Newspaper Manager. A diverse and demanding position, this role includes the management of people, business and sales. Duties will include staff development, budgeting, financial reporting and support to the sales team. The successful applicant will have the experience as a manager or supervisor who can motivate staff, building on the existing team spirit, report on financial performance and have a sound understanding of sales and customer relations. This is a full time position predominantly Monday to Friday with some flexibility on when the hours are worked. The position of Newspaper Manager provides the opportunity for the successful applicant to be the driver of a successful community service and be the leader of a team that will continue to improve the papers’ performance and value for the community of Roxby Downs and the Far North. Applications can be sent to: ‘Confidential’, Executive Manager, The Monitor, Goldie Strategic Development, Level 2, 22-26 Vardon Ave, Adelaide SA 5000 or email to

Roxby Downs, South Australia

Upcoming Works...Assessment of air conditioners in Stadiums 1 and 2 and leaking roof. Completed Works...Pool upgrade has now been completed. Electrical upgrade of Recreation Centre control boards. Replacement of regulatory and instruction signs to township roads. Works in Progress...Sewer Pump Stations E, F and G have been having problems with massive quantities of oil and fat causing blocking to pumps and pipe work. Council reminds residents to refrain from placing fat and oil into household drains. Parking...Parking audit has been carried out to vehicles parked on Council verges. Active parking control program will be administered. To avoid an expiation fine, please do not park vehicles on Council road verges. Road Closures...Will take place in the southern subdivision due to site works. Vandalism...Council urges all residents to report instances of vandalism to the police and Council. This is your community and your rates are being wasted by these types of action so your help is essential. Rates...Rates for the 2005/06 financial year have been declared and Rates Notices with accompanying Budget and Rate Summary Explanation have been issued. First instalment was due on 30 September 2005. A fine of 2% applies to overdue rates. Water and Electricity Accounts...Water accounts have been issued and due for payment on 11 November 2005. Electricity accounts have been issued. Please pay by the due date of 9 November 2005 to avoid further action. Dog Registrations...Dog Registrations for the 2005/06 financial year became due and payable from the 1 July 2005. Grace period for registrations expired on 31 August 2005. Thereafter an $80 expiation fee applies. There has been an increase in the numbers of wandering dogs in the township. Residents are reminded to keep gates closed or locked to avoid dogs wandering. Local Website...Visit your local updated website. New Forums have now been added. Read what’s new and have your say in the forums at Street Lighting...Is there a street light not working near your home? Please include the exact location (street, house number) when reporting to assist in easy identification for repair. Rubbish Collection...Residents are reminded that there is a limit of one bin per household for weekly rubbish collection. Opal Road Landfill Opening Hours...Tuesdays, 8am to 12 noon, Thursdays 1pm to 5pm, Saturday & Sunday 10am to 4pm. Out of hours access call 08 8671 1154. Council Office Hours – General...Monday to Friday – 9am to 5pm.


Roxby Downs, South Australia

Roxby Downs Council snippets is a paid community news service


Applications close November 11, 2005.

Your Community Newspaper

Roxby Downs Netball Association Do you or your daughter play Saturday Netball? For the 2006 season to go ahead, we need your support. If there is a lack of support, the season may be cancelled.

Approx 25 hours per week (negotiable). Wages negotiated on experience.

Roxby Downs Netball Association AGM

0418 815 436

Send applications to: Kathy Wilby Lavrick Engineering PO Box 21 Olympic Dam SA 5725

will be held on Monday October 31, 2005 at 8pm At the Roxby Downs Leisure Centre (Upstairs function room)

These and more photographs available from The MonitorYour Community Newspaper.


Applications close Monday October 31, 2005.

Roxby Districts Sporting Club Require

Senior Football Coach & Players in the 2006 season. WANT A CHANGE FOR THE BETTER? Excellent permanent employment oppurtunities exist in our rapidly growing area and we are the family oriented club in Roxby Downs celebrating our 20th year in 2006. Initial enquiries to Mark Katzorke: Ph. 0418 832 082 Applications for Senior Coach close November 4.

CLEANERS WANTED Experienced cleaners required for Commercial Premises.

The Roxby Downs Cultural Precinct is seeking a highly motivated and experienced person to undertake the exciting development, supervision and operation of its catering activities at the Dunes Café. The successful applicant will have broad hospitality experience with food preparation, staff supervision and staff training experience considered highly desirable. Flexibility in working hours is a prerequisite as the position requires regular weekend, public holiday and outof-hours function work. A detailed position description can be obtained by contacting the Precinct on (08) 8671 2001. Written applications should be marked “Confidential” and addressed to: Karyn Biggs Manager Roxby Downs Cultural Precinct PO Box 98 Roxby Downs SA 5725 Applications close Thursday, November 10, 2005


As per Roxby Downs Netball Association Constitution, one nominated delegate from each senior team must be present.

Any enquiries please call:

Cafe Supervisor


To all the people who helped save our patient’s lives and in helping us set up again after the fire. In particular, we would like to thank the SES, especially Matt Rowney, for their help. Our cat Boss is fine.

JUST $5 Phone 8671 2683 FOR SALE YAMAHA TTR90 Excellent condition $1850. Blue fox pants and jersey $110. Ph 8671 2704 or 0418 824 484

We are back in business as usual at the

Old Butcher Shop in the Mall.


Ph: 0419 388 172 PUBLIC NOTICES Richardson Place PO Box 124, Roxby Downs SA 5725 Ph - 08 8671 0010 Fx - 08 8671 0452 Email - After Hours Emergency Contact Ph - 0418 892 870 THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

FLOW YOGA Monday nights 7.30 8.30pm. Upstairs at the Rec Centre. $6.00 per class. Phone Michelle Kittel 0419 859 545 LEARN TO FLY Roxby Downs Aero Club, phone Ben Hammond 0407 974 002, Jim Spring 0417 867 812 or Phil Goldsworthy 0417 810 494.

Part Time Administration Officer

Pt Pirie & Adelaide Depots Antique & Household Removals Local, Interstate & Country Storage & Delivery Specialists

Ph: 0427 716 173 Roxby Downs À Pt Augusta À Pt Pirie

20hrs per week, must be available to cover leave. Salary is negotiable depending on qualifications and experience. Ph: 86711344 or email Applications close Wednesday November 2, 2005.

Thursday, October 27, 2005 - Page 25


OD Football Club presentations

Overwhelming support for Milo ‘Have-a-Go’ Cricket

CRICKET...Milo ‘Havea-Go’ Cricket started last week in Roxby Downs with more than 60 participants aged five to 10 years old. Coordinator David Boyle, above, will show young cricketers to the basic skills of the game.

ODFC BEST & FAIREST… Peter Lindner (Club President), Clive Ross (sponsor - General Manager of United Group Resources), Cameron Green (winner Best and Fairest), Paul Kemp (runner-up Best and Fairest), Scott Pinnegar (sponsor - Coates Hire) and Wayne “Woody” Turner (Coach) at the Olympic Dam Football Club’s presentation night at the weekend. LIFE MEMBER... Brian Partington was presented with Life Membership of ODFC by Club President Peter Lindner. Brett Hornhardt also received life membership on the evening. Olympic Dam netball players recognised on the night included A-Grade best and fairest Asha Shinnick, runner-up Nicole Richter and Grace Hollitt who was awarded the ‘Coach’s Award’. 

Join the Returned & Services League of Australia (SA Branch) & Celebrate Remembrance Day with the Ranks this year. Application for Membership AFFILIATE I,






hereby apply to become an Affiliate Member of the .......................................... SUB-Branch of the Returned & Services League of Australia (S.A. Branch) Incorporated and duly declare that I will abide by the Rules of the said Sub-Branch in this respect. I claim qualification in the indicated category:

Netball Relaxed start to cricket season

NETBALL…Results from Roxby Downs Netball, October 19, 2005, are as follows: A-Grade - Gecko Girls 23 defeated Cruisers 19 (S Moyle). B-Grade - Keeches 16 d Playa 13. Tandales 28 d Shorties 6 (P Smith). Blue Jays 32 d Pink Ladies 26 (M Smith). Mixed - Hornridge 31 d Bowheelers 17 S Richards). Makrats 24 d Playas 5 (N Backhouse). Alle Katz 32 d Spankees 6 (M Katzorke). Miners d Isotopes on a forfeit. Results from September 21, 2005: A-Grade - Gecko Girls 39 d Mak Ladies 26 (A Shinnick). B-Grade - Keeches 43d Pink Ladies 40 (M Elliot). Miners 57 d Playas 6 (B Allen). Shorties 25 drew Blue Jays 25 (Z Grigg). Mixed - Hornridge 32 d Miners 11 27 (D Smith). Makrats 39 d Bowheelers 23 (B Bishop). Alle Katz 39 d Playa’s 8 (D Walters).

CRICKET...Scott MacKenzie and Michael Ingold from the Woomera Redbacks Cricket Club relax in the shade before taking to the field in the first game of the season at the weekend. Woomera defeated Olympic Dam on the day, while the Wanderers went on to defeat Rogues. Read your next issue of The Monitor for full results from this and upcoming cricket games.

Marree Gymkhana

A Wife or Husband ....................................................................... F C P Widow or Widower ................................................................... F A P Son or Daughter ....................................................................... F T T L Son-in-law or Daughter-in-law ................................................. F I E I Mother or Father ....................................................................... F C G C Sister or Brother ....................................................................... F K O A Grandchild ................................................................................. F R B Nephews and Nieces ............................................................... F Y L Brothers-in-law or Sisters-in-laws ........................................... F E of a person who is eligible for Ordinary Membership of The Returned & Services League of Australia, or a person who, at the time of death, was eligible for such Membership. 10. Spouse of Affiliate member ...................................................... F 11. Person awarded the Certificate of Merit or the Certificate ..... F of Appreciation of the RSL. 12. Paramilitary forces of the State and Commonwealth. ............ F Such as Fire Brigades, Regular & Volunteer, St. John Ambulance personnel, Registered Nurses, Police, Civil Defence Groups, State and Commonwealth Emergency Services. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

If ticked questions 1 to 9 please state: Full Name of service person to whom applicant is related ................................................................ APPLICANT’S SIGNATURE

................................... DATE

Proposed by .................................... Seconded by


RELATIONSHIP VERIFIED ACCEPTED BY SUB-BRANCH: ..................................... (Honorary Secretary) Date: ....................................... Send your application to Roxby Downs & Andamooka R&SL PO Box 396 Roxby Downs SA 5725

Page 26 - Thursday, October 27, 2005

CORPORATE CUP...The Lin Andrew’s Lightning, from left, April Martin, Josh Jefferson, Ali Webber, Annette and John Banning playing in the ‘Corporate Cup’ at Roxby Downs Bowls Club last month. Organisers heralded the event - won by ‘The Dirt Pigs’ - as an all-round success.

MARREE GYMKHANA…The annual Marree Gymkhana was held on Sunday, October 2, 2005. Some of the event’s results are as follows: Leading Jockey - Clayton Oldfield, Leading Adult (gymkhana) - Shannon Bell, Leading Child - Jemma Hunt, Leading Horse – Widget. Children’s Walk and Trot - Jemma Hunt, Donald Dodd, Danielle Dodd. Olympic Dam Guinea Stakes - Cobra on Garron Stuart, Willy Wagtail on Brian Maroney, Imran on Jim Nunn. Barrel Race Open - Shannon Bell on Widget, Shannon Bell on Buddy, Jim Nunn on Blondie. Children’s Barrel Race Bianca Dodd on Flo Jo, Jemma Hunt on Petals, Donald Dodd on Lucky Luke. Oasis Café Monte Carlo - Danae Hunt-Akbar, James EllisNunn, Koebyn Dadleh-Nobes. VC Oldfield Memorial Cup - Cobra on Garron Stuart, Ted on Clayton Oldfield. Mungerannie Hotel Thread the Needle - Shannon Bell/Jess Kemp,Tracey Warren/Richard Hunter, Karolyn Dadleh/ Garron Stuart. Marree Outback Roadhouse and General Store Bracelet Compass Boy on Lizzie Crosby. CB on Clayton Oldfield. Marree Hotel Cup - Compass Boy on Lizzie Crosby. CB on Clayton Oldfield. Packsaddle Store and Ridsdale Electrical Flag and Barrel Garron Stuart, Shannon Bell, Richard Hunter. Cowarie District Bred Flying - Imran on Jim Nunn. Willy Wagtail on Brian Maroney. Ted on Clayton Oldfield owned by Dion Khan. Ladies Bending Race - Shannon Bell,Bianca Dodd, Danielle Dodd. Children’s Bending Race - Donald Dodd, Jemma Hunt, Danille Dodd.

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper


Roxby Downs Leisure Centre

photographs - Neil Ryan

2005 Sporting Calendar October October 22, Saturday Roxby Downs Cricket Assoc. 9:30am Olympic Dam vs Woomera. Roxby.

FAMILY COMPETITION… Darren Laurence working on his son Jack’s kart before racing in the J-Junior Class.

DIRT KARTS…Peter Fortington working on his kart before racing in the KT100 Class at Roxby Downs Dirt Karts.

Dirt Karts gear up for State Titles DIRT KART…Roxby Downs Dirt Kart racers are putting in time to prepare themselves and the local track for the State Titles event in May 2006. Results from the October meeting were as follows: J-Junior - First Sam Freeman - 94 points (Angas GoKart Club, Strathalbyn), second Ben Roulstone - 80 points, third Jonty Dear - 76

points. fourth Brayden Gerrity - 72 points, fifth Jack Laurence - 60 points, sixth Lachlan Cates - 24 points and seventh Duncan Atkins 0 points. 125cc - After some very close good racing, Owen found it very hard to drive with three tyres, and Peter Cates found out that the chain has to stay in one piece if he is to finish. Peter was running in first position

going into the final with ‘Brushy’ in third. During the race Peter broke his chain, and this put ‘Brushy’ in the lead after the final had been run, Owen did not have enough points to catch ‘Brushy’ even after finishing in first place in the final. First Terry Brushnahan - 79 points, second Owen Belsey - 77 points, third Peter Cates - 74 points.

Junior tennis results J Thomson 4 defeated J Kenny 2. J Dear 4 defeated S Allen 1. T Hancock 4 defeated A Blake 0. L Ryan 4 defeated R White 3. Doubles - R Hamblin & J Thomson 4 defeated T Hombsch & J Kenny 1. S Allen & L Ryan 4 defeated J Dear & A Blake 3. Junior Girls Singles - M Evans 4 defeated G Shields 1. C Lange 4 defeated E Daly 1. C Dalgleish 4 defeated O Jansen 1. N Trewartha 3 defeated S Vanlaarhoven 1. N Thomson 3 defeated H Wurfel 2. Doubles - C Lange & E Daly 4 defeated M Evans & G Shields 1. C Dalgleish & O Jansen 4 defeated N Trewartha &

Behind the Famous Bottle House

S Vanlaarhoven 3. C Lange & E Daly 4 defeated H Wurfel & N Thomson 2. Division 2 - N Thomson 4 defeated J Lange 0. D Kenny 4 defeated F Crafter-King 3. B Evans 4 defeated J Daly 3. A Ryan & G White 4 defeated B Fairlie & E Greenfield 2.

Opal Creek Boulevard, Andamooka OPEN 7 DAYS and after hours by appointment Ph: (08) 8672 7007 • Fax: (08) 8672 7062 Email:



Your Community Newspaper

are offering you the chance to


2 nights accommodation at the KANGAROO ISLAND SEAFRONT for 2 adults, twin share, in a Garden Chalet with Continental Breakfasts. (Sponsored by KANGAROO ISLAND SEAFRONT and PHIL HOFFMANN TRAVEL).

Volleyball VOLLEYBALL…Results from October 17, 2005, are as follows: A-Grade - Phoenix 84 defeated Benders 69 (C Munyard). B-Grade - Block It 101 defeated Tigers 85 (B Penglase). Nancy’s 100 defeated Tri Hards 56 (M Pranic). Volleyball is played Monday nights at Roxby Downs Leisure Centre.

Andamooka Opal Showroom Post Office and Motel

JUNIOR TENNIS… Roxby Downs tennis results from October 21 and 22, 2005, are as follows: Junior Boys - Roddicks 4 sets 20 games defeated Federers 2 sets 15 games. Singles - N Fernandez 4 defeated J Hombsch 1. N Hombsch 4 defeated E Sach 2. T Harbridge 4 defeated J Christall 2. R White 4 defeated T Hill 1. T Hill 4 defeated S Beever 0. Doubles - J Hombsch & N Hombsch 4 defeated N Fernandez & E Sach 0. T Harbridge & T Hill 4 defeated J Christall & R White 0. Rafters 6 sets 25 games defeated Hewitts 1 set 16 games. Singles - R Hamblin 4 defeated T Hombsch 3.

KT Open - First Peter Cates - 80 points, second Owen Belsey - 74 points, third Ashley Einchner - 69 points, fourth Peter fortington - 57 points, fifth Darren Laurence - 28 points. Notice to all racers - the November race meeting has been cancelled due to track preparation work for the State Titles in May, 2006. The track is closed until January, 2006.

Red Hot Tip #5:

Be prepared to diversify your investments across multiple market sectors.

1300 1300 38

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

Return passenger ferry fares for 2 adults and a standard vehicle with Kangaroo Island SeaLink. 2 adult fares on the SeaLink Highlights Day Tour. Prize is valid until December 1, 2006. Name: _________________________________________________________ Address: _______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ________________________________ Phone: _______________________ Conditions of Entry: Travel excluded during SA school holidays and long weekends. Prize is non-transferable or redeemable for cash. Prize does not include personal expenses and is subject to availability, seasonal restrictions and the Phil Hoffmann Travel Schedule of Professionalism. Post your entry to “Phil Hoffmann Travel Competition”, PO Box 72, Roxby Downs SA 5725 or drop into the entry box at the static display in the Council Chambers, Richardson Place, Roxby Downs. Competition starts August 18, 2005 and finishes last mail 5pm, December 8, 2005. Total prize value is $934.40. Competition will be drawn at The Monitor office, Richardson Place, Roxby Downs on December 9, 2005 at 12 noon and the winner will be informed by phone. Winner will be published in December 15 edition of The Monitor Newspaper. “SA Lic No T05/3324”.

October 23, Sunday Roxby Downs Cricket Assoc. 8:30am Rogues vs Wanderers. Roxby. October 29, Saturday Roxby Downs Golf Club Presentation Dinner October 29, Saturday Dirt Circuit Fun Night Racing starts at 7pm October 29, Saturday Roxby Downs Cricket Assoc. 8:30am. Olympic Dam vs Wanderers. Roxby. October 29, Saturday Roxby Downs Cricket Assoc. 4:30pm Woomera vs Rogues. Woomera. October 29, Saturday Roxby Downs Junior Basketball - at stadium October 31, Monday Roxby Downs Netball Association AGM 8pm Roxby Downs Leisure Centre (Upstairs Function Room) November November 4, 5 & 6 Royal Lifeguard Society Lifeguard Training Course Contact Leisure Centre 8671 0500

November 5, Saturday Roxby Downs Junior Basketball - at stadium. Fees to be paid in full by this game. November 5, Saturday Roxby Downs Cricket Assoc. 9:30am Wanderers vs Woomera. Roxby. November 6, Sunday Roxby Downs Cricket Assoc. 8:30am Rogues vs Olympic Dam. Roxby November 12, Saturday Roxby Downs Cricket Assoc. 8:30am Wanderers vs Rogues. Roxby. November 12, Saturday Roxby Downs Cricket Assoc. 5:30pm Woomera vs Olympic Dam. Woomera. November 12, Saturday Desert Dirt Kart Club Night meeting 7.00pm start November 13, Sunday Desert Dirt Kart Club Practice Day 1.00pm November 19, Saturday Roxby Downs Cricket Assoc. 8:30am Wanderers vs Olympic Dam. Roxby. November 19, Saturday. Roxby Downs Cricket Assoc. 5:30pm Rogues vs Woomera. Woomera.

Wa nt to be a Want Lifeguard this Summer? The Leisure Centre is holding a Royal Lifesaving Society Lifeguard Training Course on the 4th, 5th & 6th November. For more information call the Roxby Downs Leisure Centre on:

8671 0500

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Your Community Newspaper ODFC presentation night

All the region’s sport in your community newspaper


for the Outback! The Monitor newspaper is a not-for-profit community enterprise, based in Roxby Downs. Every fortnight 3100 newspapers are available FREE to more than 18 Outback communities in SA, NT, Qld and NSW. On top of that, more than 4000 people log on every month to read The Monitor FREE, on-line. So why don’t you get your good news - and an update on the latest local sport - in the Outback’s fastestgrowing community newspaper.

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Olympic Way OLYMPIC DAM SA 5725 Ph: 86710404 Fax: 86710418

Milo ‘Have-a-Go’ cricket

The Monitor

Page 23

BOC Gas and Equipment Mechanical Repairs Air-conditioning New Car Servicing & Warranty

Page 21

SUB-MINIS… Rob Lawson gives Amber Symons, 6, a boost up to the basket at season’s start last week right, while, below, Glenn Bassett helps Rory McAskill, 7, up to the basket.

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Junior basketball starts off strong JUNIOR BASKETBALL…Friday night saw the start of the junior basketball season with sub-minis taking the court first. President Liz Sutherland was very pleased with the opening weekend saying “a huge thank-you to all the committee for their hard work in getting to this point. “Junior basketball has a great future in Roxby given that about 70 sub-minis have registered.” Results from October 22, 2005, are as follows: Under 12 Girls - Rangers 20 (M Rhodes 12) drew Flames 20 (M O’Neill 8). Capitals 24 (J Langdon-Oats 20) d Lightning 20 (N Trewartha 14) Under 12 Boys - Razorbacks 29 (J Perry 12) d Crocs 12 (Z Sutherland 12). Tigers 15 (J Katzorke 6) d Pirates 10 (N Whitfield 6). Bullets 14 (C Haugum 12)

Page 28 - Thursday, October 27, 2005

d Kings 13 (J Thomson 12). Under 14 Girls - Rangers 22 (A Roberts 14) d Flames 14 (G Shields 10). Breakers 14 (S Steff 8) d Suns (E Gray 6). Capitals 31 (J Reid 10) d Lightning 10 (T Mansell 4) Under 14 Boys - Hawks 28 (B Gerrity 12) d Kings 21 (T Schott 6). Razorbacks 46 (J Hombsch 25) d Pirates 24 (J Kenny 14) Under 16 Girls - Breakers 46 (B Allan 18) drew Flames 46 (R Sheppard 31). Under 16 Boys - Lakers 53 (T Paull 38) d Wizards 46 (M Barrand 21). Bullets 54 (T Chesson 40) d Raptors 40 (K Zeptner 18). Under 18 Mixed - Opals 55 (M Weaver 26) d Boomers 39 (T Paull 12). Toby Sutherland, junior sports reporter.

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