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Volume 4, Thursday 30th November, 2006


Will the heat go out of the market with the new subdivision?

By Les Rochester The imminent release of about 125 building blocks in a new subdivision south-east of Stuart Road is expected to stabilise house prices in Roxby Downs. According to real estate agent with Raine & Horne Mr Wayne Lawson, the release of the new blocks will relieve the pressure on rental accommodation. “I don’t expect it to have the same impact as the crash in property prices the town experienced back in 1999-2000 when rents fell from $350 a week to $200-$230 a week. “That was a different scenario. There was an oversupply of housing and not much demand. At the moment the reverse is true, where there still is a huge demand for housing and rental accommodation,” he said. “Current prices are way overheated, there’re just too high, because people’s expectations are over the top on what they want to get for their property. “The buyers and investors are not around as they were this time last year. They’re still willing to pay a realistic price, but not something that is quite fanciful,” Mr Lawson said. Agents in Roxby Downs are of the opinion that the new subdivision will not have an immediate impact on the market other than to stabilise it.

Real Estate Consultant for Wardle Real Estate, Ms Ali Webber said many people have been concerned about the land release and what it may do to the current market. “During the last few months, we have certainly experienced a decrease in the average median sale price but it has begun to rise again along with greater interest from investors,” she said. Ms Webber said whilst this development and further development announcements have slowed the market and made it a little unstable for the time being it is hard to pin point exactly the cause. “Although there are whispers about BHPBilliton releasing many more subdivisions it all comes back to two words, supply and demand,” she said. Her comments are supported by Mr Wayne Lawson. “It’s quite simple really. It’s going to take at least 18 months to two years to have a house built on the new site, so in the short term, no, it will not have an effect. “The interest rate hikes over the last few months have also helped rein things back in with some sellers dropping prices 20 to 30 thousand dollars just to clear them,” Mr Lawson said. Work on the new subdivision is expected to be completed before Christmas.

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Roadworks, guttering, stormwater and sewerage infrastructure have all but been completed. This subdivision will include three large allotments which are proposed for high density, town house style accommodation. In its last newsletter to employees BHPBilliton said options were being considered for the allotments which could contain 40, two-bedroom and three-bedroom townhouses, providing 120 additional units of accommodation. The company said it had activated plans for two further 100-lot subdivisions in Roxby Downs, as it continues to meet the critical shortage of accommodation for its workforce. Back in June the company reported it had 225 parties interested in house and land packages and that homebuyers will be able to select from three, four and five-bedroom houses as well as twobedroom duplex style accommodation. The packages are to be sold at the cost of the land and the building construction with no profit to the company. BHPBilliton said those prices will be kept low as it will be able to achieve discounted costs for each type of house through bulk ordering and its direct project management of the construction work. Construction is expected to begin early next year.

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Recycling, would you pay?

A recent online poll asking the community if they would support recycling received an overwhelming result in favour. The Monitor hit the streets and asked people not only would they support recycling but would they agree with an increase in rates to meet the costs. Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary

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Michelle Hollingsworth “Absolutely, I fell guilty throwing all that rubbish away” “Why not? At the end of the day it is the environment we are talking about”

Di Matthews “I believe in recycling, someone has to save this poor planet.” “I guess so, they go up eventually regardless, if it is for a worthy cause....”

A recent on poll taken on showed overwhelming support for kerbside recycling in Roxby Downs. One hundred and five people cast votes. Ninety-four per cent said they would support the endeavour, five per cent said they would not. Economic Development Officer of the Roxby Downs Council, Alex Barker, said the results were encouraging. “Recycling is important for our environment and our children,” Mr Barker said. “And with the increased prices in recyclable material it has become cost beneficial to recycle.”

Braydon Thomas “I would support it, but I don’t think the rates should be raised to cover it”

“The cost to the community is a major hurdle, but the long term benefits to the environment will out way those costs,” he said. The Environmental Partnership, who initiated the poll, will now draft a letter to the council outlining the results and undertake studies to determine the costs and benefits of setting up a kerbside recycling service in town. Roxby resident, Nick Harvey said he would like to see kerbside recycling go ahead. “I lived in Busselton and we had kerbside recycling, it was no harder than taking one bin out each week,” he said. Alana Gillings agreed. “It would be good for the environment, if

people had a recycling bin in front of them, they’d use it,” she said. Tracey Kynock said she would like to see kerbside recycling but thought manufacturers should look at the way they package things as well. “We are becoming such a wasteful society,” Ms Kynock said. “At my house we fill our green bin every week, it would be nice if we could recycle everything.” “If we were provided with bins from the council people would put more effort into recycling,” she said.

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the Weather at a glance... CONTACT The Minimum & Maximum Temperatures for the period November 20, 2006 to November 26, 2006


Marilyn Perkins “I absolutely would support kerbside recycling, it’s a great thing” “If it was a reasonable amount I’d support it.”



















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Monitor NEWS

Last drive for the mob ?

The Great Australian Outback believe it,” she said. concluded. Cattle Drive is the latest victim The event’s ambassador Mr. Keith Events SA , of the nation’s worst drought in Rasheed, owner of the Wilpena the logistics arm Pound Resort, said the whole idea of Tourism SA, 1,000 years. of a cattle drive is to have the cattle in better condition at the end of the drive than when they started. “In reality, you’re taking them to market, and feeding them up, putting condition on them throughout the drive because of the good feed along the way,” he said. The 500 head of cattle will be sourced from Anna Creek Station along with the 150 horses needed for the drive. “It’s dry up there, very dry and not much feed along the Oodnadatta Track , so what we’re going to have to do is hand feed the cattle with lucerne hay the entire trip, where normally we’d just supplement them. “The horses, which do more work than the cattle will be fed special pellets, and we’re taking a road train carrying water for the stock,” Mr. Rasheed explained. “Tourism SA is happy with the bookings, its full steam ahead, but we needed to make modifications because of this drought which is affecting the whole country. “The modifications will result in big costs savings on feed,” he said. “But the event is an unusual experience for people. “The city folk come here all twitchy, even more so than the cattle, but when we settle them down, take them on the drive, it calms them down and they return back home relaxed. “It is a big and important event for the region, it showcases our outback to the world,” Mr. Rasheed

How the drive started It’s a romantic trip, a trip retracing the legendary feats of bygone drovers who herded thousands of head of cattle down the Oodnadatta and Birdsville Tracks. The Great Australian Outback Cattle Drive started in 2002, as part of the Year of the Outback to celebrate the bush, droving and pioneering history of Australia. The drive was a recreation of the splendour and romance of the legendary cattle drives, a 515 kilometre journey down the dusty Birdsville Track. The aim of droving cattle was to take the mob from one point to another and have them arrive in better, or at least the same, condition as they were at the beginning of the drive. Maintaining the health of the horses was also an important aim of any drive. Following on from the success of the 2002 event, The Great Australian Outback Cattle Drive was held as a stand alone event in 2005, which was led by Australia’s most famous and

has been widely advertising and marketing the event in countries such as France, USA, UK, Denmark, The Netherlands, NZ, Switzerland and Germany.

Rounding mob, photo up the cour of TourismSA tesy

Participants in the 2005 Cattle Drive

experienced drovers and involved 500 head of cattle and 120 horses, with participants living and breathing the Outback experience each day. Next year the drive will once again showcase the wonder and beauty of the Outback, this time through a journey down the rugged terrain of the legendary Oodnadatta Track from May 5 - June 10, 2007. Mr. Keith Rasheed, owner/operator of the Wilpena Pound Resort was instrumental in the concept, development and operation of the inaugural drive back in 2002. In 2005, he was Cattle Drive stock route manager, in charge of the drovers and tailers, as well as making sure the cattle moved down the track. In 2007, Keith Rasheed is the event ambassador for The Great Australian Outback Cattle Drive and he says this time around, even though the drive is shorter, it will generate more international interest and coverage than previous events. Promoting the outback is in his blood.

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Oodnadatta hit by loss of drive

The people of Oodnadatta are disappointed the town has been cut from the itinerary of the Great Australian Outback Cattle Drive. The manager of the Oodnadatta Hotel, Mr. Allan Poole said the town will miss tens of thousands of dollars in revenue it expected to be generated with the town being at the start of the event. “But, it ripped us apart, when we found out the drive was to be shortened and that Oodnadatta was no longer in the event. “How can you have a cattle drive down the Oodnadatta Track w ithout including Oodnadatta,” he questioned. “The town’s racing club changed the date of its annual race meeting to coincide with the start of the cattle drive, but what are we going to be left with now, empty starting gates. It’s just a shame, a real shame.

“It’s not the fault of the local community, they’re struggling, they need help, I know it’s because of the drought, but really the best part of the track is from Oodnadatta to William Creek anyway. It just doesn’t make sense,” he said. The operator of the Oodnadatta roadhouse, Mrs. Lynnie Plate said when she was first told the event wouldn’t include the town, it was devastating news. “It came as such a surprise, it literally took my breath away, because I know how much the town was counting on it. “Financially, up here, we’re quickly dying, infrastructure is being lost daily, it’s a sad state of affairs. “This event would have given us such a boost, economically, but also with morale as people would have had a little spring in there step, even if it was for a couple of days,” Mrs. Plate said.

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

“It is a bit depressing. You can imagine all of the build up during the past 18 months, everyone was excited, then the rug gets pulled and you fall flat on your face. They say the bush is a hard place, and I intend to agree with them,” she said. A spokesperson for EventsSA, the organisers of the drive, said the decision to reduce the drive had taken into account the drought, the lack of feed and the welfare of the livestock. “We’re trying to minimise the impact on Oodnadatta. All of our fuel and stores for our transport group will be purchased in the town. “All of our staging and rigging contractors who’ll be required to build the make-shift camps prior to the start will be housed in Coober Pedy. “We know it will have an impact but we’ll try and reduce it as much as possible,” he said.

We know 3G We know our Region We (probably) know you Call in for a full appraisal of the benets of the Next G network to you.

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Tourism South Australia broke the news about scaling back the Cattle Drive to a meeting in Oodnadatta which has angered and disappointed residents and business owners. “These places up here are dying, they need help, they don’t deserve to be deserted,” the disappointed manager of the Oodnadatta Hotel Mr. Allan Poole said. However communities bordering the route such as Roxby Downs are still expected to reap the benefits as the town is being promoted as an enroute site for tourists to make their way to the drive via the Borefield Road. The drive, organised through Tourism South Australia, from May 5 to June 10 next year has been dramatically scaled down because of the lack of natural feed along the Oodnadatta Track. Instead of its planned route from Oodnadatta to Marree, the Drive will now start at Anna Creek Station and continue to Marree, cutting out the first three stages of the original seven stage event. O wner operator of the Oodnadatta Roadhouse Mrs. Lynnie Plate said she was bitterly disappointed by Tourism SA’s decision to cut Oodnadatta out of the drive. “They came up here last week for a meeting, and silly me. I thought they were going to offer us more money to do some marketing, but then they dropped the bombshell. “It left me numb, I still can’t

Thursday November 30, 2006 – Page 1


Monitor NEWS

Water, water everywhere…………... With summer just about on us, the Roxby Downs Environmental partnership is about to enlist the help of residents to find ways on how to conserve water. With debate raging throughout the country over water rights, access to rivers, water restrictions and conservation methods, the partnership, in conjunction with the town council and BHPBilliton are looking at ways the town’s water usage can become more efficient. The town’s chief executive officer, Mr Bill Boehm said the residents are already doing a great job of water conservation, but there may be ways we haven’t thought of that can be used. “The town already has unique planning requirements whereby we have reduced lawn areas in home gardens, and our water pricing policy helps control wastage. “The council has a step price water system that actually penalises big water users, because the same method

is applied right across the board. “Business and industry are charged the same rate as residents, there’s no discount for them,” Mr Boehm said. Consumption of water in the town has steadily been in decline during the past four years. In 2003-04 consumption was 438 litres per head per day including the council’s water usage for parks and gardens. In 2004-05 consumption fell to 425 litres per head per day and last year, 2005-06 consumption fell even further to 415 litres. Under the town’s indenture agreement with BHPBilliton, the company supplies the town with 650 litres of water per head per day, but that doesn’t include water for parks and gardens. “The biggest users of water of course are people with swimming pools, because of the high evaporation rate and spillage,” Mr. Boehm said “The conservation initiative is being driven by the community, which is

heartening, as they are interested and committed to water conservation, and they can drive this initiative.” Plumb ers in Rox by D ow ns already have a kick start in water conservation. Environment and Conservation Minister, Gail Gago has launched a new training course under the Eco Smart Environmentally Sustainable Plumbing Program. It is designed to raise awareness in the plumbing industry of water and energy initiatives, as well as encouraging plumbers to promote wise water use to customers in the course of their work. Such things as water efficient shower roses and tap fittings, garden watering devices and water efficient hot water systems. The new initiatives for the town will be gradually unveiled during the next few months. Right: An exapmle of water being misused.

Harsh! Or Appropriate?


INVITATION TO APPLY FOR FUNDING Community organisations are invited to apply for funding under the Australian Government’s Stronger Families and Communities Strategy.

STRENGTHENING DROUGHT AFFECTED COMMUNITIES LOCAL ANSWERS In recognition of the severity of the current drought, Strengthening Drought Affected Communities - Local Answers, will provide funding for projects in areas declared to be Exceptional Circumstances or areas that can demonstrate significant hardship as a result of the drought. Local Answers funds small-scale, time limited projects that will help build skills and social supports. Applications CLOSE Wednesday 20 December 2006. Application Form and Guidelines are available at or by phoning the Local Answers toll free hotline on 1800 607 839. Indigenous applicants may also contact the Local Answers Indigenous toll free number 1800 625 136. TTY service 1800 260 402 is available for people who have a hearing or speech impairment.


PUBLIC NOTICE OF RENAMING & RENUMBERING OF ROAD WESTERN PORTION OF AQUILA BOULEVARD Residents are advised that pursuant to the provisions of the Roxby Downs (Indenture Ratification) Act 1982 and sections 219 and 220 Local Government Act 1999 Council has resolved that: !" !"

The western portion of Aquila Boulevard be renamed to Agonis Road and Street numbers 156A, 156B, 158A, 158B, 158C, 162B, 162A, 159, 161, 163, 165, and 167 Aquila Boulevard be renumbered to respectively 9A, 9B, 7C, 7B, 7A, 3B, 3A, 12, 10, 8, 6, and 4 Agonis Road

The purpose of this street name and numbering change is to maintain the orderly numbering and naming of roads in Roxby Downs and to avoid potential confusion as a result of a change to the original planned alignment of Aquila Boulevard which will no longer link Arcoona Street with Burgoyne Street as originally intended. To aid in a transition new street signs will shortly be erected with the new street name of AGONIS ROAD but Council has ensured that these signs will include a reference to the former Aquila Boulevard. Please also note that street numbering at the eastern end of Aquila Boulevard that commences at Stuart Road will remain unaltered.

Bill Boehm Administrator Thursday November 30, 2006 – Page 1

of the Liberal Party that caught my eye was the pledge to bring about change in regards to sentencing laws that would see a minimum jail term of 10 years for rapists and 20 years for murderers and appropriate minimum jail terms for violent criminals. Ars onist s , ar me d robb ers , pedophiles, those convicted of indecent assault and other sex crimes are also set to face mandatory minimum jail terms if the Victorian Liberal Party is elected to office Tom Beever that would turn out to be one of the Family and Youth Officer biggest shake-up’s of sentencing laws in Victorian history. Family Matters Throughout the election campaign Victorians have been caught up in the Victorian Liberal Party also a lengthy election campaign over the promised to introduce anti-social last couple of months that led them laws in which police would have more power to issue non-criminal orders to the polls last weekend. I have an interest in politics so I on people causing a public nuisance have enjoyed reading what the various or behaving in an intimidating way, political parties have been offering automatic prison terms for people Victorians as an incentive to vote for who breach community service them. One of the election promises orders three times or more (known as “three strikes and you’re out”) and provisions for young criminals aged under 17 years to be publicly named and identified. The proposals were welcomed by victims Section 33 Road Trafc Act 1961 groups but condemned by social groups and the NOTICE existing government Is hereby given that the Administrator of the Roxby because they were seen Downs Council on Monday 20 November 2006 to be unjust and not made the following orders; likely to reduce crime. That the Administrator of the Council exercises I don’t know about the power vested in the Administrator under the you but I see the good Roxby Downs (Indenture Ratification) Act 1982 and not so good in the and Section 33 of the Road Traffic Act 1961 and proposals. The good Clause F of the Instrument of General Approval is that hopefully some of the Minister 28 November 1999. o f th e d i s g r a ce f u l inconsistent sentences Pursuant to Section 33(1) of the Road Traffic Act would be leveled out so 1961 declare that the event described below is to that those who are found take place on the road described below and is an guilty of terrible crimes event to which Section 33 of the Road Traffic Act will receive consistent 1961 applies; and minimum sentences of

Notice of Road Closure

Pursuant to Section 33(1) (a) of the Road Traffic Act 1961, make an order directing that the road on which the event is to be held and any adjacent or adjoining roads specified below can be closed to all traffic except police and emergency vehicles and vehicles involved in the event, for the period commencing 4.00pm on Saturday 9 December 2006 and expiring 1.00am on Sunday 10 December 2006. ROAD: Richardson Place Roxby Downs EVENT: Christmas Pageant ADJACENT / ADJOINING ROADS: Burgoyne Street, Arcoona Street, Norman Place, Tavern Road Pursuant to Section 33 (1) (b) of the Road Traffic Act 1961 make an order directing that persons taking part in the event be exempted in relation to the road from duty, to observe the Australian Road Rules specified below subject to any conditions described below and attached to the exemption. Australian Road rules Exemption and Conditions Rule 230: Crossing the road Rule 234: Crossing the road on or near a crossing for Pedestrians Rule 238: Pedestrians travelling along the road.

W. J. Boehm Administrator

some worth. I say that because over the years many would agree there have been some appalling inadequate sentences handed down throughout Australian courts to those who have been found guilty of some shocking crimes. For instance in Victoria alone, statistics show that the average minimum sentence for rapists in the past five years is just 4.75 years, female murderers 12.9 years and male murderers 14.4 years all of which seem incredibly in-adequate and an insult to the victims and/or their families. On the other hand, there is a great deal of concern by many in regards to the not so good aspect of the Victorian Liberal Party’s law and order policy. Such concern is firmly entrenched in human rights and social justice issues as well as the fear that mandatory sentencing may force magistrates and judges to jail offenders rather than consider the alternative of community service or rehabilitation. Especially! Since there have been occasions where people have been found to be proven not guilty whilst serving time in prison and because of the alarming statistics of the mandatory sentencing laws of Western Australia and the Northern Territory. One of such statistic of the Northern Territory’s mandatory sentencing law is the young aboriginal boy who was put into jail for, among other things, stealing Textas. A week later, the boy was dead. Whatever our viewpoint is in regards to mandatory sentencing and regardless of who is elected to govern Victorian, I hope there will always be serious but friendly widespread debate and dialogue before there is ever any move to change something that may threaten the basic right to build decent communities, protect all citizens and rehabilitates those who offend.

SES do it hot and dirty The State Emergency Service unit at Innamincka was put under pressure recently on a three day training course, “Nature’s worst brings out the best in us”. They had to deal with incidents involving storms, floods, marine, a road crash, confined space, vertical (cliff, mine and cave) rescue, a land search and urban search and rescue. The seven members of the unit displayed vigor and enthusiasm during intensive instruction in very hot and trying conditions. Most of the first day involved theory, then knot tying and rope handling and learning safety procedures before some practical experience lifting a casualty into a litter and securing. SES spokesperson Joan Osborne said this was an important exercise, so that when the litter was turned upside down, we didn’t lose

the casualty. “Very important when transferring a patient to a helicopter or hauling up a cliff,” she said. After more tuition on road crash rescue, rescue scene safety and managing a casualty, the unit members were ready to put their newly acquired knowledge into practice, with a call to a vehicle accident with a trapped driver. “In 43 degree heat everyone did their best as we applied what we had learned, and finally our SES volunteer, the driver, was removed from the wreck and placed on a litter ready for transfer. “ H o p e f u l l y, when confronted with the real thing, we will acquit ourselves well,” Ms Osborne said. “Our thanks go out to all of our supporters because without their donations, our unit couldn’t undertake such training in order to have them ready for an emergency.”

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper


Monitor NEWS

Delegation to woo Roxby residents

CEO of the Pt Pirie Regional Council, Mr. Ian Burfitt and the Mayor, Mr. Geoff Brock.

A delegation from the Port Pirie Regional Council and the Southern Flinders Ranges Development Board are out to ‘woo’ the residents of Roxby Downs. The council’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr Ian Burfitt said with the proposed mine expansion at Olympic Dam, the council thought it needed to improve relations with its near northern neighbour. “We’re coming up to your patch to show the residents what we have to offer in Pirie. The great shopping, the history, our people. We want you to use our city as a stop-over or enroute point in your travels,” he said. The six member delegation will be in Roxby Downs for two days from December 7 and will set up a large, colourful display in Richardson Place. “Our focus will be on the people of Roxby Downs. The community. “We’ll have a brochure delivered to every house beforehand, and if residents bring that brochure along to our display they’ll go into a draw for a return flight for the whole family, over Port Pirie and the Southern Flinders Ranges,” Mr Burfitt said.

Port Pirie expects to attract investment dollars as part of the flow on effect to Spencer Gulf communities from BHPBilliton’s Olympic Dam expansion. “Look, we already have residents of Pirie working at the mine site. They drive back home as part of their four on and four off shifts, so its just a natural progression that we need to strengthen ties with Roxby Downs,” Mr Burfitt said. “ We a re w o rk i n g w i th o th e r organisations in an attempt to upgrade the Port Pirie aerodrome to cater for medium size commercial aircraft. “We’re the only major town in the gulf that doesn’t have a commercial airlines flight schedule, so we’re trying to change that to cater for the fly-in fly-out operations of the mine,” he said. “Already our butchers and retailers supply products to the residents of Roxby Downs, and it’s just a natural progression that we should showcase those services along with other facilities we have to offer. “We’re looking forward to it. Whilst there, we’ll also talk with community leaders, BHPBilliton representatives as well as the local council,” he concluded.

Caravan crash Letter to the Editor.................................................... teaches tough lesson Alternate solutions to banning the bomb

c)GIVE THE OFFENDERS THEIR OWN FLOAT – and let everyone else bomb them! This is a modern variation of the stocks. Perhaps if the offenders experience what they inflict on others they may rethink their actions in future. Even if the opposite case proves true and they actually enjoy it, the goal of averting random bombing of the parade has still been achieved. I hope my ideas will inspire someone to conceive the final solution because I’m sure there is one. I wish everyone in Roxby a safe and enjoyable parade day, whatever they do. Carl Horton

As a dedicated reader of the Monitor, I have been following the ongoing debate over the issue of water bombing floats in the Roxby Downs Christmas parade. While I definitely agree we must conserve water and the participants should not have to endure any undesirable attack, I noted with disappointment and concern that all the youth comments in a related article clearly showed they were unanimously and unashamedly determined to continue their attacks. Unfortunately, I suspect that the best efforts of organisers, police and parents to ban this activity will not prevent the looming disaster. In his famous book ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’ Dale Carnegie said, “A drop of “ Water cannons and pistols honey catches more flies than a gallon of gall.” not welcome at Pageant” Believing this to be true, and that successful enforcement of a strict “Ban the Bomb” policy may be problematic, I would like to present some possible alternatives to the parade organisers and other community leaders to consider: a)ARRANGE A WATER BOMB ACTIVITY AT THE LOCAL POOL TO COINCIDE WITH THE SCHEDULED PARADE TIME– perhaps something similar to paintball where participants form teams and keep score. This will contain the water usage and ‘fallout’ to an environment which is already water-friendly and supervised. If the carefully-planned activity is clearly more fun and appealing than bombing the parade it should prove an irresistible attraction. The carrot can often be more effective (and cheaper) than the stick and may even produce a surprising benefit that the stick never would. b)DESIGNATE A “BOMB’’ FLOAT AS THE ONLY TARGET – select/design a float ridden by adults willing to get wet and educate the bombers to direct their energies towards this float only. If the undesirable behaviour can’t be stopped completely, maybe it can be modified/influenced/ controlled.

A 32 year old man from Port Germein had a lucky escape when he lost control of his vehicle whilst towing a caravan just north of Woomera on Saturday night. The man had just bought the caravan earlier in the day in Roxby Downs and was towing it back to Port Germein when the accident happened shortly before 6pm. According to police the vehicle was travelling at about 100 kilometres an hour on the downhill section of the highway, 10 kilometres north of Woomera, when the caravan began to sway from side to side. Senior Sergeant Richard Hobbs of Roxby Downs Police said it appeared the driver attempted to apply the brakes to stop the caravan from swaying when it flipped over, snapped the tow ball and rolled several times. “The male driver was not hurt in the accident and there was no damage to his motor vehicle,” Sgt Hobbs said. It is understood the driver did not have insurance on the caravan which made it difficult to have the wreck towed away from the site. Most of the Woomera SES unit were officially engaged at the Glendambo B & S ball and the Roxby Downs unit was called to clear the wreckage from the highway. “When towing a caravan, boat or trailer, drivers need to be experienced in what happens when towing at speed, especially downhill,” Sgt Hobbs said. Driving educators warn against braking when a vehicle under tow begins to sway from side to side. “Generally in those circumstances it is better to apply a little power to break the momentum of the towed vehicle, in this instance, a caravan, from its perilous swaying attitude,” Sgt Hobbs said. Driver education suggests 80 kilometres an hour is a maximum speed for towing a vehicle. The driver now has the responsibility of clearing the wreckage from the side of the road, otherwise the Department of Transport will clear the site and send the driver a bill for the work.

Roxby Downs pays for its isolation

Left: Whyalla freight delivery to Roxby Downs THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

Roxby Downs residents pay more for freight on products trucked into the town than most other South Australian centres because of its isolation, according to freight operators servicing the town. The Manager of Roxby Traders Mitre 10 store Mr Wayne Gillings said the town suffers from not having other manufacturing businesses that transport products out of town. “Unlike most other centres, freight contractors normally leave Roxby Downs empty because they don’t have the ability to back-load, thereby reducing the cost of incoming freight. “As a business, of course we have to pass on the cost of that freight, but I guess, across all of the products in store our average freight cost is about 6 percent,” he said. “The roller-coaster ride with fuel prices has a significant impact on our prices as well because 90 percent of our products are freighted in from Adelaide, six days a week “However there are some products in store that don’t attract freight, but others, the big bulky items such as electrical and building supplies, naturally attract a high freight cost,” he said. The “Monitor” surveyed a number of freight contractors who believed the cost of freight into Roxby Downs was at the higher end of the rate scale. As an example, cement can be trucked to the Eyre Peninsula for $30 a tonne, but that same load could cost $60 to get it to Roxby Downs and that price gets past onto the consumer. A fresh food freight operator, Mr Paul Bolton of Johncor Freight says he attempts to keep the freight costs down, and just charges by the box.

“The cost per box is 6 dollars. Now that box could be the size of a shoe box or an insulated cool store box. “The average size box I guess is about 600x200x350, so it depends on what people order, and how much goes into the box,” he said. “I pick up orders from Port Pirie, Whyalla, Wilmington, Quorn and Port Augusta, and deliver to the door in Roxby Downs. “I was forced to increase the freight cost in December last year because of those soaring fuel prices, and since then, I’ve tried to absorb those costs as best I can, because I provide a service to the community,” Mr Bolton said. One of the major retailers in Whyalla, Mr Warick Harding from Harding and Manning said his company doesn’t have a hard and fast rule for the cost of freight to Roxby Downs. “We don’t have a set rate. It largely depends on the cost and size of the product sold. “Sometimes we’ll send the product to the consumer in Roxby direct from the manufacturer, which saves the consumer the cost of freight. “Then sometimes, depending on the cost of the item, we’ll absorb the cost of freight in order to make the sale. So it does pay to shop around and negotiate the freight component of the sale price,” he hinted. An example of this is the freight cost on 10 bales of oaten hay from Port Augusta. One quote was for 4 dollars an item which would have cost $40 in freight, whilst another was 5 dollars freight cost for the entire load of 10 bales. “So you see, it pays to haggle the price of freight because you don’t know what’s available until you ask,” Mr Harding said. Thursday November 30, 2006 – Page 1



Tough new smoking laws introduced

Shift work and the problem of sleep

Men’s Business

Community Club employee, Alana Gillings in a non-smoking area of the club To u g h n e w a nt i - s m o k i n g licence. free. legislation was introduced in State “You’ve got to have one, it is one “Personally, I think that is enough, Parliament earlier this month. of the many services we at the Club people have a choice. They can On Thursday, November 16, it are obliged to have,” he said. choose to go into the non-smoking became illegal to smoke cigarettes in The Club is also getting ready for areas or the smoking areas,” he a car containing a child under the age the ban that will come into effect said. of sixteen, to sell tobacco products on October 31 next year, when Manager of Quit SA, David in non transparent packaging or sell all enclosed hospitality venues, Edwards , disag re e d, stating less than 20 cigarettes in a pack. including pubs and clubs, will surveys run by Quit SA showed “The fact is that 1,500 South become completely smoke free. overwhelming support for banning Australians are dying each year Plans are underway for a beer smoke in pubs and clubs. from tobacco smoking which is the garden that will comply with the “Second hand smoke is a toxic mix single biggest cause of premature new laws, but Mr Ellard said he of chemicals,” Mr Edwards said. death in our state,” Mental Health still believes the ban will have an “It contains over 4000 chemicals and Substance Abuse Minister, Gail adverse effect on business in the like arsenic and formaldehyde. Gago said. short term. “On behalf of those people “The legislation will considerably “The non-smoking bar at the club who enter those environments, increase the number of offences is used far less than the smoking particularly those who work in that can receive on-the-spot fines bar,” Mr Ellard said. them, it really is time that exposure and will send a strong message to “When we become totally non- was removed,” he said. retailers breaking the rules.” smoking people will still come, but According to the State New restrictions will be placed on they’ll be sitting outside in the beer Government, the new legislation point of sale displays and the annual garden. will make South Australia’s laws the tobacco merchants licence fee will “The way we have the Club set-up toughest in Australia. rise from $12.90 to $200 a year. now is good, we have a non-smoking Minister Gago said she hopes Roxby Downs Community dining room and a non-smoking bar. the tough new measures will help Club Manager, Stev Ellard, was I do believe the gaming room should achieve the Strategic Plan target of philosophical about the jump in be non-smoking, which would make reducing youth smoking by 10 per the price of a tobacco merchant’s half of our establishment smoke cent by 2014.

Roxby Downs Health Meeting


Stephen Scott-Hoy B.Optom

Roxby Downs Health Centre Board members Robert Havelberg, Sally Burgess (Deputy Chair) Ann Johnstone (Chair) Ellen Ingold and Bill Boehm meet with community members in Roxby Downs on Friday 24 November

Need friendly, professional eyecare and quality fashion eyewear with a full back-up service? See the Eyebus when it visits... Roxby Downs - 8671 2001 Andamooka - 8672 7007 Woomera - 8673 7473 Monthly visits - Examinations bulk-billed. Serving rural and regional South Australia since 1990.

Thursday November 30, 2006 – Page 1


with John Ashfield Shift work – work that occurs outside usual day-time working hours, is increasing in many Australian industries. About 25 percent of employees work shifts and, with a burgeoning resources industry, the number is set to increase substantially. Whilst it creates many potential advantages in productivity and profitability, it also has many inherent risks and hazards for employees. One of the most serious and persistent problems shift workers face is sleep disturbance, cons e quenting sle e p deprivation. Like other animals, humans have natural body rhythms that are regulated by a circadian clock in the brain; a clock that is linked to nature’s pattern of light and darkness, and which follows a 24-hour cycle of wakefulness and sleepiness. This clock also regulates corresponding cycles in body temperature, heart rate, high and low digestive activity, and so on. That’s why the human desire to sleep is greatest between midnight and

6 a.m. Shift workers commonly feel drowsy at work in the night-time, and find it difficult to sleep during the day, even if they are “dog tired,” because it is contrary to the settings of their circadian clock. In fact, such disruption causes symptoms similar to jet lag. And though one might expect the body to eventually adjust, generally it can’t, and that’s why so many shift workers suffer ongoing sleep problems. Given that most shift workers have been found to sleep an hour or two less in daylight hours and have poorer quality of sleep than night-time sleepers, it’s of paramount importance for them to do everything possible to maximise their chances of sound sleep. Continued poor quality sleep is unfortunately associated with not only increased potential for workplace accidents and injuries, but also psychological and physical ill health. Some key strategies to help with falling asleep and staying asleep include: § After a night shift wear sunglasses until you get home. Bright light sends the message to your brain to be awake. § Go to sleep as soon as possible after work, and set yourself a sleep/wake routine that you stick to even on weekends. § Try to control noise and disturbances: use a “do not disturb” sign on the

front door, lower the ring tone on your phone, use earplugs, let the neighbors know your sleep routine. § Sound-insulate your bedroom, and block out all sources of light. § Avoid caffeine five hours before bedtime. Alcohol can disturb your sleep as well. § Have only a snack before bed, not a big meal. Have regular meal times. § Keep the room temperature cool; it will improve your sleep. § Exercise regularly after, not before sleep. § Prepare for sleep with a warm shower or bath, and use a calming music CD or relaxation technique. If, despite your best efforts, you still experience sleep problems, be sure to talk to your doctor; you may need advice on a sleep therapy. Dr John Ashfield is the Men’s Health Project Officer, with Lower Eyre Health Services. Comments and feedback can be forwarded to: ashfield. For men’s health information in your area, contact Jim Herbert (Men’s Health Project Officer, Country Health SA - Port Augusta: herbert.jim@saugov. This column is supported by Building He alth C ommunitie s (Woomera, Andamooka & Roxby Downs).

International Day of Disabled Persons

Here in Roxby Downs, the community has the opportunity to support International Day of Disabled Persons on December 3 by donating to a very worthy local cause. William Granger is a young man from Andamooka who was born with Spina Bifida, which has left him unable to walk. Andamooka is not the easiest place to get around in a wheelchair and, like all 17 year olds, Will values his independence. A th re e - w h e el - d r i v e motorcycle that will carry his wheelchair can be built for him, but will cost $10,000 – $15,000. Long term friends of the family, Annette Jackson and Vicki Mason, decided to take up the cause and set up a fundraiser to get Will his motorcycle. “Will is an amazing young man,” Mrs Jackson said. “He is always happy, always smiling and an avid Crows supporter.” Colle ction tins have been placed around Roxby Downs, Andamooka and Olympic Dam communities and Will has been named the Roxby Downs Community Club’s charity of the month. Mrs Jackson said she is very pleased at the way the community have responded to the fundraiser. “The generosity of people just touches my heart, before we even got the collection tins in the door people were putting money in, and of course, the guys at the Club have been absolutely fantastic,” she said. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), one in five Australians has a disability. That is twenty per cent of the population. International Day of Disabled Persons will be held on Sunday, December 3, and this year the United Nations (UN) is seeking to promote understanding and foster support for the rights, dignity

William Granger will have greater mobility in a 3 wheeler drive motor cycle wheel chair. and well being of those living with a disability. The world-wide theme for 2006 is ‘E-Accessibility’ - making information technology more readily available to people with disabilities. The Secretary-General of the UN, Kofi Annan, said this year’s theme reminds us of the need to make the Internet available to everyone. “On this International Day, let us pledge again to do our utmost to achieve the vision of an inclusive, people-centred, development-oriented information society,” Secretary-General Annan said. “And let us re-double our efforts to ensure that persons with disabilities can exercise their human rights and play their full part in the economic, social and political lives of their societies,” he said. To help Will get his wheels, donate at the Club or at one of the many venues displaying his tins.

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

Thursday, November 30, 2006 – Page 7



International Volunteer Day Tuesday, December 5, is an ideal time to focus on the invaluable contribution volunteers make, not only within our community, but all over the country. Over six million adult Australians volunteer each year, donating well over 800 million hours of their time and contributing several billion dollars to the economy, according to the Volunteering Australia website. Former CEO, Sha Cordingley, said volunteers are the lifeblood of their communities. “Some of our most vital community services, including beach patrols, rural firefighting services and environmental programs, rely on the support of volunteers,” Ms Cordingley said. “Even in our day to day lives, RDAS Canteen looking for volunteers volunteers keep our communities safe, our children educated, our roads hazard There has been a lot of talk about members to the community’s many free and our environment clean.” “As a community we have to ask volunteering in Roxby Downs lately, as worthy organisations. the Volunteering Partnership tackle the International Volunteer Day (also ourselves where would we be without sticky problem of how to attract new known as Thank a Volunteer Day) on volunteers, so it’s timely that we say

thanks,” she said. So how do we attract new members to our volunteer organisations? “It’s all about raising community aw arene ss ab out the v alue of volunteering, particularly amongst y o u n g p e o p l e ,” R ox b y D o w n s Community Development Officer, Michelle Hales said. “Our volunteers are invaluable, a lot of projects just wouldn’t get off the ground without their contribution, energy and ideas.” “Volunteering gives people a chance to make their community a better place.” “International Volunteers Day is a great way to focus on the value of volunteering in building better communities,” she said. Unit Manager for the Roxby Downs State Emergency Service (SES), Lol Wilton is one Roxby Downs residents who understands the satisfaction volunteering can bring.

She signed up at the SES around five years ago when one of her children passed away from cancer. “My son just faded away and I was helpless to do anything to prevent it,” Mrs Wilton said. “I needed to feel useful again, so I joined the SES.” Shortly after, a need arose within the Country Fire Service (CFS) for day time truck drivers, so Mrs Wilton decided to volunteer there as well. “People volunteer for various reasons, to perform a service to the community, meet new people and learn new skills.” “They should never feel shy about coming forward, there are a lot of community based services they could be volunteering for in Roxby Downs,” she said. International Volunteer Day is a chance for our community to recognise and celebrate our volunteers. Thank a volunteer today.

Volunteer organisation audit A recent audit by the Volunteering Partnership turned up a wide range of volunteer organisations in Roxby Downs. The following is a list of just some. Arts Development Officer Family and Youth Officer Frontier Health Services Roxby Downs SA Ambulance Service RDAS – Classroom Assistance RDAS – Canteen RDAS – Parents and Friends Roxby Downs CFS Roxby Downs SES RoxFM Royal Flying Doctor Service Aux RD Cricket Association Hornridge Sporting Club Junior Basketball

Arid fence volunteers

News in brief

Section 33 Road Trafc Act 1961

NOTICE Is hereby given that the Administrator of the Roxby Downs Council on Monday 20th December 2006 made the following orders; That the Administrator of the Council exercises the power vested in the Administrator under the Roxby Downs (Indenture Ratification) Act 1982 and section 33 of the Road Traffic Act 1961 and clause F of the instrument of General Approval of the Minister 28 November 1999. Pursuant to section 33(1) of the Road Traffic Act 1961 declare that the event described below is to take place on the road described below is an event to which section 33 of the Road Traffic Act 1961 applies; and Pursuant to section 33(1)(a) of the Road Traffic Act 1961, make an order directing that the road on which the event is to be held and any adjacent or adjoining roads specified below can be closed to all traffic except police and emergency vehicles and vehicles involved in the event for the period commencing 9am Saturday 2nd of December 2006 unil 5.00pm Saturday 2nd December 2006. ROAD:

Richardson Place Roxby Downs


Olympic Dam Family Day


Burgoyne Street, Arcoona Street, Norman Place, and Tavern Road

Pursuant to section 33(1)(b) of the Road Traffic Act 1961 make an order directing that persons taking part in the event be exempted in relation to the road from duty, to observe the Australian Road Rules specified below subject to any conditions described below and attached to the exemption. Australian Road Rules Exemption and Conditions Rule 230: Crossing the road Rule 234: Crossing the road on or near a crossing for Pedestrians Rule 238: Pedestrians travelling along the road

WJ Boehm Administrator 23 November 2006

Thursday November 30, 2006 – Page 1

No longer voices over the airwaves

Festival of the trees

Don’t forget to visit the Festival of the Trees display in the Art Gallery during December. The Community Board has entered a tree with the theme “Community Board – Connecting Our Community” and encourages everyone to support this great community initiative. Events such as these bring the community together for collective celebration.

Career Expo debrief

For the last meeting for the year the Education and Workplace Training Forum focused on the Outback Career and Employment Expo. Members discussed what worked well and what could be improved for next year’s event. The decision was made to hold the event earlier around July which will give school students more time to make decisions about their career paths and further education. The Forum will be writing a final report for distribution to sponsors.

Health forum

The Health Forum encourages all members who have attended meetings during the year to attend the meeting on December 12 to celebrate the year’s achievements.

Cancer Council branch update

Interest in setting up a branch remains high and information is being gathered on the legal requirements and paperwork required to establish a local branch. A letter will be sent to all of those people who have registered an interest advising of the date to meet to discuss the way forward. It is anticipated that this meeting will take place in late January due to the large number of commitments in December. If you are interested in becoming involved please send your contact details to Michelle Hales on 0438 871153 or

MEETING DATES Alcohol & Substance Abuse Partnership Health Forum Family and Youth Forum Environment Partnership Volunteering Partnership Community Board

30 November 12 December 12 December 17 January 22 January 29 January

Dates and times of meetings were correct at time of publication. For further information and check venue locations please contact Michelle Hales on 0438 871 153

0427 800 157 8671 2892 8672 7238 0408 847 790 8671 0011 8671 1475 8671 0011 1300 364 587 0408 886 091 8671 2545 8671 0343 0409 677 619 0437 891 605 8671 0513

Many of these organisations are actively seeking new volunteers. If you see something you would like to become involved in, give their representative a call. If you represent a volunteer organisation and would like to be included on future lists, call Executive Officer of the Roxby Downs Community Board, Michelle Hales on 8671 0010.

For further details visit:

Notice of Road Closure

Rodney Mitchell Tom Beever Mary Sherlock Dawn Kroemer Carol Lindner Jane Johnson Avril Luke Brett Atkins Lol Wilton Tina Foster Wendy Osborne Gerard Secker Meegan Barlow Pat Coombes

7.30pm 7.30pm 7.30pm 7.00pm 7.30pm 7.30pm

Faces were put to voices. Voices, heard daily, as they call out over the School of the Air. It is a novel experience for children from Leigh Creek to meet their teachers face to face. But that’s what they did recently at a ‘mini school’ at Innamincka. Ms. Jayne-Marie Barns of Gidgealpa Station said there were some very excited kids as we don’t get to see each other as often as we would all like to. The ‘camp’ in the local bunkhouse was attended by nine students ranging from Reception to year 7, two governesses and four mums from around the area. Unfortunately, the newest ‘Flinders Footprint’ (the name given to the area of coverage of School of the Air from Port Augusta) students, Alison and Yasmin Wilson of Innamincka, were unable to attend. Teacher, George Cafcakis who is based in Leigh Creek, organized activities for the group which included making Christmas decorations , jewellery and decorating ginger bread men with help from George’s wife Jan. Emma Fatchen from Leigh Creek gave a talk about water safety in the bush and a refresher course on C.P.R. Living in remote areas as these children do, Mr. Johnathon Woods from National Parks gave the group a talk on the Cooper Creek and the wildlife around our special part of Australia. During the ‘camp’ Nick Reick from Bollard’s Lagoon celebrated his 11th birthday as they played in the mud created by a light downpour of rain, something they haven’t seen for sometime.

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper


Monitor MINING

Roxby Downs loses its visionary

Former Labor MP Norm Foster, who stood up against his party to push through the establishment of Roxby Downs has died at the age of 85. ‘Stormy’ Normy as he was affectionately known by both sides of state parliament, crossed the floor in 1982 to vote with the Liberals to pass the Olympic Dam Indenture Ratification Act. Current Premier, Mr. Mike Rann, who was a senior adviser to the Labor Opposition at the time, distributed a pamphlet severely opposing the mine, even calling for a boycott of BP, which was one of the mine partners. However, as Premier, Mr Rann has paid tribute to the former state and federal MP. “I think Norm will be remembered most of all by members of parliament and those who served around parliament house for his nickname ‘Stormy Normy’. “He was called Stormy Normy because I don’t think there’s been a more colourful

Is copper still the ‘darling’

The heady days of soaring commodities prices, especially copper, appears to have stabalised off the peak it hit back in May this year. Just six months ago the big miners, Rio Tinto and BHPBilliton hit peaks in their share price as copper was the ‘darling’ of the traders worldwide. During this period BHPBilliton hit its high of $32AU whilst Rio Tinto climbed to $88AU. However they have steadily declined in share price as the flood of money from Fund managers has dried up, with copper losing about 20 percent of those early gains. According to ABN AMRO commodity analyst Nick Moore there’s been a shift in emphasis away from a market in deficit, transitioning towards one in balance or surplus, and the inventories are a window on this. “Despite falling from its peaks, copper remains well above long-term average prices and prices should still be strong because of continued demand from China. But stockpiles are growing,” he said. As an indication on share movements between the two stocks, during trading on the Australian Stock Exchange on November 21, BHPBilliton shed 24 cents to $25.81 whilst Rio Tinto shed 33 cents to $72.67. Head of investment strategy with AMP Capital Investors, Shane Oliver said there is a bit of rotation into defensive stocks after the market ran too hard earlier member this year. of this “The recent housing data out of the United States has parliament raised investors’ concerns about a hard landing for the and he’s one of the great characters that was around in the ‘60s and ‘70s,” the Premier said. When Mr Foster crossed the floor in 1982, it paved the way for the state’s first uranium mine to go ahead, but led to Norm being forced to resign from the Labor Party. MEYERS Engineering Services was established in 1968 With the ALP’s left faction vehemently opposed to mining, Foster became a pariah. to supply South Australian industries with a high-quality But later that year at the ALP National range of sealing devices and technical advice and has Conference, the Left was rolled and the been a long time supplier to Olympic Dam. The company commenced trading with the Olympic Three Mine Policy came into being. It was a huge ground shift for the party. Dam division in 1987, and the site has been visited and ‘Stormy Normy’ was a member of the supported by Darren Meyers since 1989. Before constructing its existing plant, Meyers Waterside Workers’ Federation based at Engineering Services originally supplied gland packing Port Adelaide prior to entering politics. His legacy is now the thriving town of and mechanical seals to the Olympic Dam Project. Meyers currently employs personnel in Roxby Downs Roxby Downs. The State government has asked who support the operation of all types of pump overhauls BHPBilliton to name a street in its new including the Warman slurry pumps, valve repairs and overhauls, actuator repairs, Larox cloth filter roll rebuilds subdivision in memory of Mr. Foster.

U.S. economy. And that is driving down stocks exposed to the U.S. housing market,” he added. “A sharp slowdown in the U.S. housing market could cut demand for industrial metals such as copper,” he said. In September this year the International Monetary Fund (IMF) predicted the price for copper worldwide could fall by as much as 50 percent during the next five years, because of the downturn in the US housing market, a fall in demand from China and growing stockpiles of copper.

Copper bundles at the refinery

Approaching 20 years of service

and the supply of Peerless packaged pumps systems to ensure its clients receive a high-quality overhaul. The company is ISO 9001 certified and 2000 Quality accredited. As of March 2001, Meyers Engineering Services became part of Tyco Flow Control Pacific. Tyco has provided substantial depth and resources to Meyers since Tyco is known to offer a large product range and diversity. Meyers Engineering Services looks forward to a continual, mutually successful relationship with BHP Billiton, and to providing ongoing support to the Olympic Dam operation.

•Southern Cross Pumps, Windmills & Tanks • Mechanical Seals for all Pumps •Pump Services & Repairs • Hydraulic Equipment & Supplies, Sales & Service •Peerless Centrifugal Pumps • Grease Max Automatic Lubrication Systems

A Division of Tyco Flow Control Pacific Allotment 17 Charlton Road, Roxby Downs 5725

Ph: 0418 821 767 22a Taminga St, Regency Park 5010

Ph: 08 8440 5999

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

Thursday November 30, 2006 – Page 1

support Shop Locally and local business

Busting out all over

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Kyla Quinn will be in Roxby Downs and available for consultations on Sunday 10th Dec. Phone today to reserve your appointment Zealous Hair & Beauty: Chantel 8671 3039 or for further information Kyla Quinn 0411 113 308 Page 10 – Thursday, November 30, 2006

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

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A wide range of gourmet hampers available. We have Baby hampers, BBQ boxes, Chocolate boxes, Coffee Indulgence packs, Pamper packs and much more. Fantastic Gift ideas to suit all occasions and all budgets.

Until December 24 Call now to order your personalised gift or Christmas Hamper Call Rachel 0409 281 171

Flowers in the Bush For the freshest flowers and gift baskets for Christmas. Thanking Clients for their patronage in 2006. See you in the New Year. We will be closed from December 25 - January 15 23 Irrapatana Street, Roxby Downs

Ph: 8671 1459 or Mob: 0408 711 459

! "#$%&!'(#)*+,(!#-!*./,(.,/!/,&,'0#.,! 1,()*$,1!/0(#230!,.3*.4! 5#./%$/!21!/#!6,!,&*3*6&,!-#(!7899! $%10!6%$:!#--,(4! "#$%&!;,()*$,<!"#$%&!;2''#(/4! 5%&&!=+%>!?!@#!/#+%A4!

Consultation and surgery by appointment

8671 0730 •Pet Supplies •Premium Foods •Grooming •Boarding (cats only)

We would like to thank all our patrons for 2006 and look forward to seeing you all in the New Year. Treat your pet to something special this Christmas.

Ph 8671 3000

Shop Early Shop Locally Christmas Bargains

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

!"#$%"&'(("))&*+(,-.")& /,&01233456& )+7")89"#$%":+((")):#+(,-.");($#&

Staff would like to wish all their patrons a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Desert Décor Ph 8671 2638

C a rds s e l Cand ing Paper Shoe s p p a G r l a c W mour a r b a Forma c i r B l and much, much more....

Thursday, November 30, 2006 – Page 11




high $400,000’s

4 bedroom, brick executive home with en-suite & walk in robe. Other 3 bedrooms are serviced by a 2 way bathroom. Formal lounge, large open plan casual dining and family room. Kitchen overlooks entertaining area and swimming pool surrounded by a landscaped garden. R/C aircon, ceiling fans to all rooms, Double carport, large shed - currently leased to BHP until 05.06.07 at $500 p/w.



3 bedroom home, formal entrance - flows into large lounge area and dining with glass sliding doors that lead to relaxing outdoor area. Kitchen has a dishwasher and a new gas oven. All rooms have BIR’s & evap cooling. Roller shutters, garden shed, large back-yard. Currently leased to a company until Nov 07. 15 MAIREANA CIRCUIT Price reduction $430,000

4 bdrm brick home, main bdrm has bay window, en-suite & WIR, Formal lounge is situated at front of house followed by large living area incl. dining and family room which opens onto large paved area and overlooks inground swimming pool.Other 3 bdrms are in seperate passage way with a 2 way bathroom. Dbl carport. 1 CACATUA CLOSE

high $400,000’s

4 bdrm executive modern brick home only 2 years old! Formal lounge & family room as well as a games room. Upstairs has an inviting parents retreat. Kitchen has stainless steel fridge that is fully plumbed into home also included is a 64 jet therapeutic spa. Large shed at rear of property. ANDAMOOKA Lot 356 Government Rd $165,000 3 bdrm home on 1500 sqm, Main bedroom has another room to the side that would make an impressive en-suite, extensive tiling throughout kitchen & dining, new carpet in lounge. Refrigerated A/C, combustion Þre, ceiling fans, large shed with pit, carport adjoining shed. Rental potential $200-$220 pw. Lot 319 Government Rd $135,000 Neat & tidy 3 bdrm, recently repainted, great opportunity for 1st home buyer or investor. Bathroom is accessible from kitchen. Shower ßoor completed with Andamooka stone, enhancing its character. Refrigerated A/C, carport. 9,000 gallon underground water tank. Rental potential $170-$180pw. Lot 340 Government Rd Offers Over $210,000 3 bdrm home with all the comfort required. Has been renovated and is quite modern, new ßoor coverings to kitchen, dining and lounge, new bathroom, toilet, laundry. 2 entertainment areas one with cast iron wood Þre. Upstairs is an atco, great to run a business from. Carport to protect up to 6 cars. Rental potential $250 pw PLUS. Lot 68 Government Rd Offers Over $80,000 1 bedroom Woomera hut with dugout underneath. Dugout is only approx 50% completed. So if you are after a unique piece of real estate - this may be your opportunity. Lot 614 Government Rd $120,000 2 bedroom house with outdoor entertaining area, carport generous size lounge room with R/C aircon, large block with room for 2nd dwelling. Rental potential $160 pw.

Tania Noonan Martin Stringer Ali Webber Real Estate Manager Property Consultant Property Manager

Phone 0417 816 738 Email

21 Hermit Street “Your own Tropical Paradise” Feel the warmth as you enter this much loved and cared for family home. Located in a prominent position on a large corner allotment and surrounded by tropical gardens. The main bedroom has been tastefully renovated and is generous in size. It has a walk thru robe followed by the en-suite with double vanity, large timber wall mirror and glass shower alcove. It truly is a great getaway for the parents and has dimming down lights to create the mood required. Superb polished timber french doors open onto the large outdoor entertainment area that has been pattern paved and has retaining walls that flow throughout the yard. With the luscious green lawn you can escape to your own tropical paradise whilst the kids play and enjoy the cubby house and sandpit. There is a formal entrance way that emerges to the spacious lounge area, dining and kitchen, with gas oven, plenty of room for the fridge and dishwasher to

make life that little bit easier. The other two bedrooms are of great size and both have BIR’s. The home is fully serviced by evaporative cooling and gas heating . A single carport provides protection for the family car and there is plenty of storage room with the garden shed and if that’s not enough there’s certainly room for a pool or large shed. Rear gate access is available in two arrears to the back yard. This home is currently owner occupied but would have the potential to rent for $420 per week PLUS in the current market. If you would like to arrange for a private inspection or require any further information please contact Ali Webber - Wardle Co Real Estate. 0417 816 738. $430,000.

FOR SALE & REMOVAL BY EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST Building used as ofce complex, easily transformed to large home • 6 ofces/bdms • kitchen & dining • boardroom/lounge • reception/Living room • verandah more $$$ savings For more details or to view, call

HOUSE FOR SALE PORT GERMEIN 3 Bdrm – Lounge – Dining – New Kitchen ≈ Family Room with Breakfast bar ≈ Polished Floors ≈ 2nd Septic Tank ≈ Split System Air Con ≈ Verandah – Carport ≈ Fully Fenced – Shade House ≈ Lawns – Garden On large Block $210,000 Private Sale Ph 0414 868 624

Hambours Real Estate Kapunda 8566 2209

Durable Affordable KIT HOMES

Water Front

Web Id 244582

Your Home........ Your Way ..........

! ! ! ! !

Durable, Strong and Lightweight Meets Australian Building Standards Cost Effective Building Methods Professional Helpful Staff Designed To Suit Your Budget And Lifestyle

(08) 8281 8488

Lot 1 Pt Wakefield Rd., GREENFIELDS (Enter via 136 Ryans Road, GREENFIELDS)

! Using only Bluescope steel for Australian conditions 50 year warranty ! Termite proof ! Noncombustible ! Dimensional stability

For Your FREE Information Pack Please Mail Us This Coupon: Name:.......................................... Adress......................................... Phone No. ...................................

Haslam Auction Friday 19th January 2007 at 2pm On the property situated at South Terrace, Haslam. 4 bedroom house, kitchen, large family/dining room, lounge with A.C., bathroom, toilet. Solar HWS. 45,000 litre concrete rain water tank plus mains through house. Double car shed/workshop plus boat shed and plenty of parking space. Large allotment containing 1,466m². Remarks: Haslam is situated approx 40 kms from Streaky Bay and 30 kms from Smoky Bay. Excellent fishing and boat ramp. This is an opportunity to purchase a water front property with uninterrupted views of the jetty and pristine waters of Streaky Bay. Terms: 10% deposit on day of sale, balance at settlement 16th February 2007 Full particulars and inspections by appointment Elders Limited 7 – 9 Jubilee Rd., Streaky Bay 8626 1298 Rob Stephens 0428 626 106



“Visit our Display Homes” 9am - 5pm Mon-Fri 12-4pm Sunday 12-4pm Public Holidays

* Transportable Homes * Holiday Homes * Pole Frame Homes * Owners Designs Welcome

* Granny Flats * 2 Storey Homes * Commercial - Domestic

8283 0477

Lot 9 Port Wakeeld Road, Paraeld Gardens SA - Fax 8281 7451 1km North of Globe Derby Park

Builders Lic. GL 56332 Page 12 – Thursday, November 30, 2006

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper


Monitor OUT & ABOUT Left: Danielle, Maddison, Matilda and Lauren all thought the disco was great!

anrah, Maddy & Above: Stephanie, Sch Blue Light Disco the at Lauren having fun

Blue Light Disco a huge success

Above: Hamm ing it up

at the senior di sco

The auditorium ‘Rocked’ last Friday night with of over 300 young people attending the two Blue Light disco sessions. The night was a huge hit with all age groups declaring it was a great night and saying “we want more’. A huge vote of thanks to our local police and parents who organised the evening and helped out on the night.

unger disco goers Above: Some of the yo

Above: William burns some rubber on the dance floor with Karra

ht was cool! ught the nig o th n a Se & es Above: Myl

Above: Bec was queen of the disco, especially when giving away prizes.

Above: Caleb Vears thought the disco was a winner and won himself a prize as well.

Food and Wine Festival set to return Despite a very hot and busy weekend the Mines and Wines Gourmet and Food Festival had a good turnout with a constant flow of people all day. The event was co promoted by Kirrihill Wines and Cardinham Estate with food presented by the Prairie Hotel Parachilna and North Star Hotel at Melrose. Organiser Tania Matz said “ we have been pleased with the response and the appreciation of the wines we have presented. We plan to return twice next year with two different and very special functions. Meanwhile those who missed out on buying wine a can visit the winery’s web sites for more detail of how to purchase.

The RoxFM Copper Card WE’VE GOT ONE! HAVE YOU?

RoxFm Copper Card Specials for the Month of December All specials exclusive to Copper Card holders on presentation of their card.

2B Healthy Health Shop, Pt Augusta: Auto Pro:

10% off storewide, delivered to your doorstep every Thurs. for $3.00 Phone: 8641 3633 20 litre red metal jerry cans for just $44.00.

Basically Baskets: Blockbuster:

Free Lindt chocolates with any orders over $40. Phone 0409 281 171 $5.00 off any CD in store

Roxby Downs Newsagency:

Spend $10 & get receive free Christmas wrap

Creative Trims & Crafts: Dam Clean Car Wash

20% off all bag handles Free blue chamois or wet wipe

Roxby Downs Pharmacy:

15% off all Dr LeWinns

Roxby Downs Taxi:

$1.00 off local fares. Phone 8671 1100

Desert Decor Dunes Cafè:

20% off all kids shoes Free slice of Christmas cake


With any body massage, receive a free body polish.


Free ice-cream cake for birthday draw at the end of each month.

Doc Vis Carpet Cleaner: Far North Photographics:

15% discount on all work. Phone 0437 423 123 5x7 and 6x8 enlargements only $1.00, normally $8.00.

Zealous Hair and Beauty:

Half price hair cuts when you ask for Lacey. Phone 8671 3039

Flowers in the Bush: Leisure Centre Kiosk

10% off fresh flowers. Phone: 0408 711 459 Buy a large slushy & receive a free zooper doper ice block

Lunch on the Run Mitre 10:

$2.00 hot chocolate and coffee’s to take away 20% off all Manchester

Outback Cinema:

Adults at children’s prices, excludes movie marathons, girls night out & special promotions.

Outback Landscaping & Supplies:

15% off all pots, 25% off all Christmas decorations & lights, 10% off all irrigation.

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

Saltbush Cafè:

Free glass of wine with evening meal

Roxby Downs Club:

Free garlic bread in Steakhouse Restaurant.

Roxby Downs Mensland:

20% off all surf wear

Email: Website:

Merry Christmas and a Happy New year from RoxFM and all our Community Sponsors

Thursday, November 30, 2006 – Page 13

A forest of good wishes

Some of the trees on display at the recent Festival of Trees

Roxby Downs Festival of Tress has been a tremendous success with 27 variations on the Christmas tree being delivered to the organisers. The displays showcase people’s creativity, imagination and skill. The trees include intricate and simple designs and all have a character of there own. The trees form a forest of goodwill and good cheer which will delight the youngest child to the eldest in our community. Make sure you visit the Art Gallery to see the display. Judging for the best trees will take place before the end of the school year. The festival was last held in 1997 and the organisers now plan for festival to be an annual event and are hoping for double the entries in 2007.

Limited edition signed prints of original pastel works Framed $200 Unframed $75

Local Artist DAVE KOVAC Available now – Contact Dave on 0409 726 252

Roll Up! Roll Up! Join the Circus before the holidays! Cirkidz Workshops In the Auditorium Cultural Precinct Roxby Downs Amazing circus feats, fun workshops and entertaining performances… Cirkidz is an Adelaide based, not for prot organisation where people from 4 years to adults can discover the fun of circus. Cirkidz workshops teach people of any age and ability fun circus skills through the ‘Cirkworkz’ program.

Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd December 2006 ‘L’Tackers Tackers Tweens Teens Adults 16+

4-5 yrs: 10.00-11.00am; $25 for 2 days 6-8 yrs: 11.30-12.30pm; $25 for 2 days 9+ yrs: 1.00-2.30pm; $30 for 2 days 13-16 3.00pm–4.30 pm; $30 for 2 days 7.00 pm-8.30 pm; $40 for 2 days

For further information and to book call or email the Cultural Precinct Telephone: 8671 2001 Fax: 8671 2021 Thursday November 30, 2006 – Page 1

Recently all the Forums came together for a celebration at Dunes. This was the last Community Conversations for the year. These get-togethers are an opportunity for people who volunteer their time to participate and have their say in the local government of this place, to meet as a larger group and swap ideas. At the first Community Conversation ten weeks ago Jane Coshutt presented her working party’s plan By Rodney Mitchell to establish a community garden. The idea was given support from members of the Family and Youth Forum, who gave birth to this particular working party, and support came also from members of other Forums. BHPB have promised land, and they have promised land ahead of the planned expansion, so it looks like all of Jane’s hard work, (she has been working on this for over a year now) may come to something after all. She now has a strong working party, the Family and Youth Forum, the Arts and Culture Forum and BHPB behind the proposal. If the Community Board is persuaded, then the Council will be in a position to act with confidence that this is one home grown initiative that enjoys broad support. The Community Garden Working

arts matters

Party intends to hold social events on the new site, when that is allocated, to build a membership base that will further prove that the community is behind the idea. Then it will be over to you. Residents, teachers, grey nomads and others that would like to use the garden facility, but haven’t been able to get involved in the politics of getting the proposal up. The mine gives us all a reason to be here, it pays for a lot of stuff, but it doesn’t tell us how to live as a community. That’s something we need to work out for ourselves. BHPB are having a Family Day in and around the Cultural Precinct and the swimming pool on Saturday. What a terrific opportunity to thank BHPB for what they do to try to strengthen our community. The Matched Giving Program, the support of local not-for-profits, the granting of a land lease to establish a community garden, to name just a few examples. I’d also like to thank Roxby Traders and Roxby Takeaway for coming on board as sponsors of our Circus Skills Workshop which is on all weekend in the auditorium. For small business to get behind a local Youth Arts Skills Workshop shows great vision. It is for all ages and places are almost full. But how can I thank businesses, big and small, without acknowledging the people who give of their valuable time to work for the community for nothing. The CFS volunteers, the SES volunteers and the sporting coaches and administrators are the most obvious. But there are many others. The Community Board and Forum members, the volunteer dance drama tutors and the volunteer visual artists and performers who do their best to air the creativity bubbling under the surface here in Roxby and Region deserve our thanks too. THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper


! SPORT Friday, December 1 Junior Basketball Leisure Centre 9:30am – 4:05pm Roxby Downs Bowls Club From 7:30pm Contact Jim Bowden 0417 084 112 Junior Basketball Leisure Centre Under 10 Girls 4pm – 6:45pm Saturday, December 2 Junior Basketball Leisure Centre 9:30am – 4:05pm Cricket 8:30am Olympic Dam Vs Rogues 5pm Wanderers Vs Woomera Monday, December 4 Volleyball Leisure Centre 7pm – 9pm Tuesday, December 5 A- Grade Mens Basketball Leisure Centre 7pm – 10pm Wednesday, December 6 Karate Auditorium Colts (Age 5-12) 6pm Juniors/Adults 6:45pm Contact Tracey Fouet 0400 894 429 Netball Woman’s And Mixed Leisure Centre A Grade 6pm – 7:40pm B Grade 6pm – 7:40pm Mixed 7pm – 9:20pm Contact Mel Katzorke 0439 993 196 or Cultural Precinct 86710500 Thursday, December 7 Tae Kwon Do Auditorium From 6:30pm



Contact Andrew Murdy 0418 804 398 Indoor Soccer Leisure Centre From 6pm Contact Kenton Maloney 0408 797 158 Swimming Club Trainings 4:30pm – Dolphin 5:15pm – Swordfish 5:45pm - Stingray Basketball A & B Grade Women Leisure Centre 7pm - 10pm Friday, December 8 Lawn Bowls Roxby Downs Bowls Club From 7:30pm Contact Jim Bowden 0417 084 112 Junior Basketball Leisure Centre Under 10 Girls 4pm – 6:45pm Swim Club Time Trials From 5pm HEALTH Eyebus - Thursday Dec 7 Visiting Allied Health Service Occupational Therapist Speech Pathologist Dietician Podiatrist Child Adolescent Mental Health Services For appointments phone 8648 5800 Visiting Diabetes Educator Roxby Downs Hospital Mike Porter will be available to answer any questions relating to diabetes and those wanting to know more. Are they at risk, they have it, they care for someone or they just want more information. Hearing Services Nov 30 9am - 2.30pm For an appointment call 1800-006303 Every Week Every Monday Roxby Downs Community Health Services - Pram Walking Group 9.00am at the Dunes Cafe.

Followed by morning tea. Phone Gaye Smith on 8671 9020 for more info. Visitor Information Centre Monday – Friday 8:30am – 5pm Saturday – Sunday 9am – 5pm Leisure & Cultural Centre Movies Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday Sunday (see schedule below) Cultural & Leisure Precinct Creche for patrons of centre Monday 8:45am – 12pm Gym Cultural & Leisure Precinct Monday – Friday 6am–12pm Saturday 8am – 12pm

Every Friday Playgroup Roxby Downs Kindergarten 10.30 am – 12.00 noon Contact 08 8761 0455 10:30 am 12pm Every Saturday Youth Centre 1pm – 4pm Every Sunday Tour De Desert Cycling Social Bike riding group from 8am Contact Daryl Wake 0408 188 685 EVENTS AND ENTERTAINMENT November 24 Festival of Trees Roxby Downs Library COMMUNITY MATTERS Meeting Dates November 30 – Alcohol & Substance Abuse Part December 12 – Health Forum December 12 – Family & Youth Forum

Nippy Gym Auditorium Cultural & Leisure Precinct Every Monday 9:30 am – 11:00 am Every Thursday 9.30am-11.00am

DECEMBER December 1 Youth Formal, Ages 12-18 Tickets on sale now, contact Kristy Sunners, Matt Lewis, Tegan Brushnahan or Kerry Knipe to get a ticket. Tickets cost $10 December 2 -3 Circus Kids Skilled Workshop December 2 BHP-Billiton Family Day

Scrapbooking Scrap Togethers St Barbara’s Art Room From 7:15pm Wednesday nights Contact Vienessa Goodwin 0417 753 597 Toddlers Story Time Fun for young children and mums Roxby Downs Library Richardson Place 9:30 am – 10:30 am Playgroup Dunes Café Cultural & Leisure Precinct 9:30am – 11am Every Wednesday

December 2 Leigh Creek Christmas Pageant December 5 Roxby Downs Area School Senior Graduation December 6 Roxby Downs Club Members Christmas Show Need to register children for Santa by November 29 December 8 Children meet Santa in Maree

Playgroup St Barbara’s Parish School 9:30am 11am Contact 8671 8:30am – 11:30am

December 9 Christmas Pageant

Coffee Mornings for Families Meet and chat for all families new comers especially welcome. Dunes Café 9:30am – 11am

December 31 Birdville Hotel New Year’s Eve party

Christmas Morning Tea for Parents Roxby Downs Community Health and Child Youth Health

Deb, Sue, Gaye and Karen are holding a morning tea to say Merry Christmas. 1st December Dunes Cafe 9.30 onwards Come along for some cake and information on School Holiday’s Clinic times.

NEW POOL SCHEDULE POOL OPENING TIMES 2006/2007 11th December 2006 to 28th January 2007

GENERAL PUBLIC Monday to Friday 12noon - 8pm


10am - 8pm


Monday to Friday - 6am - 9am Mondays to Thursdays - 7pm - 8pm (2 lanes) Weekends – 9am - 10am


Mondays to Thursdays

5.30pm - 8pm (3 lanes)


VACSWIM- 8th-18th Jan Junior swim- 22nd Jan-2nd Feb


Open 10am-8pm Christmas Day-Closed New Years Day-12noon-8pm


‘GREASE’ NIGHT SATURDAY DEC 2ND 2006 8:00PM ADULTS $10 KIDS $8 FAMILY (2 Adults 2 kids) $30 Table of 10 $80.00 BYO Drinks Light Supper Provided by The Andamooka Frontier Hospital Auxiliary Movie Trivia, Door Prizes Raffle Tickets and More Prizes for Best Dressed Couple, Best Dressed Individual, Best Dressed Kids and Best Dressed Table Silent Auctions – Jack Absalom Signed Print, Dave Kovac Signed Print and Alex Mendelssohn Original, Russel Ingel Framed Signed Cap, Peter Brock Signed Mirrors, Opal and More Music from the 50’s, 60’s 70’s and 80’s To Dance the night away Come dressed as Sandy, Danny, Rizzo, Frenchie, Kenickie Or your own Teen Angel and dance the night away.


Roxby Downs Cultural and Leisure Precinct Regular Schedule

Cultural Precinct Visitors Information centre Dunes café Art Gallery Open Mon – Fri 8:30am – 5pm Saturday & Sunday 9am – 5pm Leisure Centre Gymnasium Mon – Fri 6am – 12pm Saturday 8am-12pm Pool Times NOTE NEW SCHEDULE FROM DECEMBER 11. SEE WHAT’S ON FOR DETAILS Public - current to Dec 10 General Public Mon - Fri – 3-6pm Weekends 10am-8pm Lap Swimming Mon-Fri 6-8:30am Weekends 9-10am Swim Club Mon-Thur (3 lanes only) 4:30-7pm Creche for patrons of the centre Mon –Fri 8.45am-12pm

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

Sports Calendar


This Week 30 Nov - 7 Dec Thursday Nippy Gym – Auditorium 9.30am - 11.00am Squash 7pm-9pm Indoor Soccer 6-7pm Taekwondo 6.30 – 8.30 12 years and over

Art Gallery Program

Monday Volleyball 7-9pm Nippy Gym – Auditorium 9:30am - 10:30am

Join The Circus Learn to barrel walk, tumbling, unicycling, plate spinning and much more at the Cirkidz Workshops. Sessions for children from 4 years of age to adults. Saturday 2 – Sunday 3 December. Act Now to reserve a place in this once in a life time opportunity call Rodney on 8671 2001 or Fax 8671 2021 or email

Tuesday Squash 7-9pm Indoor Soccer 6-7pm Taekwondo 6.30 – 8.30 12 years and over Wednesday Women’s and Mixed Netball 7-9pm

Now Showing Festival Of The Christmas Tree Coming Soon Shovel Fishing Tom & Sharon Hurley Announcements

Outback Cinema

December SAW III

Rated MA. Amanda, Jigsaw’s apprentice is asked by Jigsaw to capture Dr. Lynn Denlon to keep Jigsaw alive for one final test. While Jeff is faced with a difficult situation of his own trapped in a freezer, only getting colder by the second, he must decide whether or not to save another of Jigsaw’s victims Denica. Starring: Tobin Bell, Shawnee Smith, Angus Macfadyn & Bahar Soomekh

Friday 1st Saturday 2nd Sunday 3rd Tuesday 5th

7:30pm 12:00pm 3:00pm 7:00pm

Little Miss Sunshine Rated M. Olive is a little girl with a dream: winning the Little Miss Sunshine beauty pageant. Her family wants her dream to come true, but they are so burdened with their own quirks, neuroses, and problems that they can barely make it through a day without some disaster befalling them. Circumstances conspire to put the entire family on the road together with the goal of getting Olive to the Little Miss Sunshine contest in far off California. Starring: Toni Collette, Abigail Breslin, Greg Kinnear & Paul Dano

Saturday 2nd Sunday 3rd Tuesday 5th

3:00pm 12:oopm & 7:00pm 4:00pm

Thursday, November 30, 2006 – Page 15


Page 16 – Thursday, November 30, 2006

Roxby’s 7 DAY TV Guide

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

Employment and

Workplace Training

Every Thursday

Taking your job and training advertisement where no other media can

Leading Telstra Dealership Requires A part time Sales Assistant In their newly opened Roxby Downs Store

Read The Monitor online every week at www.themonitor, Go directly to Current Issue, Employment & Workplace Training, Whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s On or TV guide for all your up to date information

Child Care Staff Wanted Due to the demand we are seeking Childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Services Professionals, and Assistants Staff are required for the provision of high quality child care in a local privately owned centre in Roxby Downs. Are you studying or working in child care? Wishing to pursue a career in child care? We would like to hear from you. Please contact Nicole or Tara on 0405 601 528

If you embrace technology are enthusiastic and love to help people you should talk to us

Maintenance Contracts Manager

Hours are: Mon â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Friday 11.00am to 3.00pm late night shopping Thursdays Saturdays 9.00am to 11.30 pm

Jeff Hort Engineering is major provider of both engineered products and services into the mining industry nationally. Providing a complete service to large international clients, Jeff Hort Engineering has gained a reputation for providing the highest level of engineering support and solutions to its clients. With the increased demand for its services, a Maintenance Contracts Manager is required to manage a major contract on one of the largest operations within Australia. This role presents an opportunity to utilise your managerial skills and streamline onsite procedures including job scheduling, planning, estimating and communications with the client. Leading a team consisting of Supervisors, Leading Hands, Planners and Tradesmen, you will showcase your knowledge of mineral processing and maintenance to ensure client demands are met in a timely and efficient manner.

Forward resume to: The Manager Rodda Communications Shop 15b Richardson Place â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;In the Mallâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; For further enquiries call Jeff on 08 8821 4111 Applications close: December 7, 2006

This is a permanent position offering free accommodation with on-suite, air-conditioned with meals provided. Salary will commensurate with experience and a fully maintained vehicle provided. For further information, please contact: Russell Teichmann T 02 9249 2299 E

Specialist Recruitment

Should you prefer not to receive updates such as this in the future please call us on the number shown.


G;<A>4;847 5;C5\__\gba\fT__TUbhgf`TeggXV[ab_bZl\aabiTg\baTaW ZeXTggT_Xag!<YlbhjTagTV[T__XaZ\aZVTeXXeTaWTV[TaVX gbXkc_beXeXfbheVXbccbegha\g\XfTfjX__TflbheT`U\g\baf jXĂ&#x20AC;eXg[XVb`cTalYbelbh!G[\a^T[XTW!G[\a^5;C5\__\gba!

Are you looking for work? Then look no further than REXCO

REXCOâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S JOBS LIST

TRUCK DRIVERS We are currently looking for experienced truck drivers holding a MC licence. The successful candidates will be required to drive interstate and intrastate. They must be ď&#x20AC;&#x201A;exible with hours, be able to truck share and be able to drive B-double tankers and general cargo. Above all, candidates must be ď&#x20AC;&#x201A;exible in all aspects of the position. Positions available out of Barossa, Grifď&#x20AC; th, Mildura, Melbourne & Sydney. OPERATIONS PROGRAMMER We have two positions available for Operation Programmers. Candidates must have good computer skills in word and excel, and good numerical skills. We are looking for someone who has a rostering, scheduling and planning background. Transport industry experience preferred. This is a 5 day per week permanent position based in Tanunda. DIESEL MECHANIC We currently have 2 positions available for qualiď&#x20AC; ed diesel mechanics based in Tanunda. Would prefer ď&#x20AC;&#x201A;eet experience. This is a 4 x 10 hour day per week permanent position. LABOURERS? TRADES ASSISTANTS We require labourers and trades assistants with current forklift licence for work in the Barossa area. All contract work, long and short term contract available. BOILERMAKERS We have posisions available for fully qualiď&#x20AC; ed boilermakers with stainless steel experience in the Barossa area. Please submit your resume for a prompt reply. Excellent working conditions with loads of potential. OTHER General Labourers with forklift licence Fitters â&#x20AC;&#x201C; with forklift licence Machine Operators â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Kilns, Mills, Weighbridge and Gantry Cranes Excavator experienced operators

B?L@C<674@Âť4VbccXe"heTa\h``\aXB_l`c\V7T` cebVXffXfbeXTaWeXĂ&#x2030;aXfcebWhVgfbY\agXeaTg\baT_fgTaW\aZ T__bag[XbaXf\gX!AXTeUlEbkUl7bjaf\fT`bWXea Yh__l Xdh\ccXWgbjaf[\cbYTebhaW'(##cXbc_XUbTfg\aZ gbc V_TffeXVeXTg\baT_V\i\VTaWXWhVTg\baT_YTV\_\g\Xf! G[\f\fTZeXTgc_TVXYbeYT`\_\XfTaWlbhaZcebYXff\baT_f gb_\iXTaWjbe^TaW`T^Xg[X\e`Te^!

E89<A8ELCEB68FF G86;A<6<4AF @H?G<C?8EB?8F G[\f\flbhebccbegha\glgb]b\abhejX__Xdh\ccXWTaWWXW\VTgXWgXT` jbe^\aZ$% [bheWTlTaWa\Z[gf[\YgfbaTYbhe ba"Ybhe bYYebfgXe TUhfehafgbTaWYeb`Cbeg4hZhfgTgbVb\aV\WXj\g[g[XfXf[\Ygf! ?bb^YbejTeWgbXkgXaf\iXgeT\a\aZZbbW`baXlTaWg[XfXVhe\gl bYTfhccbeg\iXTaWfhVVXffYh_Vb`cTalgbUTV^lbhhc! Lbhj\__UXcTegbYT`h_g\ f^\__XWf[\YgVeXjjbe^\aZ\ag[XEXĂ&#x2030;aXel! G[XEXĂ&#x2030;aXeleXVX\iXfVbccXeTabWXfYeb`g[XVTfg\aZTeXTTaWeXĂ&#x2030;aXf g[X`gb,,!,cheXVbccXeVTg[bWX!G[\fTeXT\ffhU]XVggbTUbiX TiXeTZX[h`\W\glfbg[XTU\_\glgb[TaW_Xg[X[XTg\fiXel\`cbegTag gblbheXa]bl`XagbYg[Xeb_X!G[Xeb_XT_fb\aV_hWXfVbaf\WXeTU_Xjbe^ j\g[V[X`\VT_f! LbhTeXg[XfbegbYcXefbaj[b_\^XfcebVXff We\iXajbe^\aTUhfl Xai\eba`Xag!LbhaXXWgbUXc[lf\VT__lĂ&#x2030;gTaWT_XegTfg[XfXeb_Xf fb`Xg\`Xf\aib_iXjbe^\aZTg[X\Z[gfTaW\aVbaĂ&#x2030;aXWfcTVXf! J\g[TfTYXglYbVhfXWTgg\ghWXfb_\WgXT`Xg[\VTWe\iXgbfhVVXXW TaWTVb``\g`Xaggb_XTea\aZlbhj\__g[e\iX\ag[\feb_X! EXYAb-G@B%*%+#,!4cc_\VTg\bafV_bfX'c`@baWTl $$7XVX`UXe%##)!


All interviews will be held locally in the Barossa area.

To apply for any of these position please forward your resume to Rexco People


Contact Kate Seabrook Ph: (08) 8563 3123 Mob: 0412 591 090 Fax: (08) 8563 0059 THE MONITOR â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Your Community Newspaper

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Roxby Downs Myall Grove Caravan Park

ROYAL Flying Doctor Service AGM Tuesday 12th Dec 2006 7.30PM Roxby Downs Community Club.

CARAVANS 4 Sale. On site 23ft caravan with soft paved annexe off side. Car space and clothes line on permanent site at Roxby Downs Caravan Park. Neat tidy caravan in good order with renovations.Great investment for rental income. $32,000. Must Sell asap. ONO. Ph 0439 745 104



Roxby Downs Junior Football Association Seek applications for • u10 coaches • u12 coaches • u16 coaches • Auskick Co-ordinator/s for the 2007 season Expressions of interest to: The Secretary Roxby Downs Junior Football Assoc. PO Box 330 Roxby Downs SA 5725

Person required for Casual Cleaning position


Phone: (08) 8671 1991 Fax: (08) 8671 1099


1 x Fischer Price Doll House $175.00 ono 1 x Tallboy Dresser, cedar stained $220.00 ono 1 x Baltic Pine leadlight entertainment unit, including Akai 80cm TV, Pioneer surround sound DVD system. $2200.00 ono 1 x Atco, 2 bedrooms, wet areas, kitchen dinette. 40ft x 10ft. $13,000 ono

Applications available from Myall Grove Caravan Park

Antique & Household Removals Local, Interstate & Country Storage & Delivery Specialists

Ph: 0427 716 173 Roxby Downs ! Pt Augusta ! Pt Pirie

Church Times Andamooka Catholic Church Sunday 11am first and third Sunday of every month


Ph: 8671 1991 Notice of Meeting

Contact 0417 885 670



Invites local workers to join a national protest against the Federal Governments IR Laws

MOONTA BAY – AAA **** Modern luxury apartment. Absolute beachfront, no roads to cross, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. All linen provided. Ph 88253343.www.

Pt Pirie & Adelaide Depots

Must have current drivers licence Starting at 8.00am-12 noon


YORKE Peninsula - Over 170 houses to choose from. Ph 08 8832 2623. Book your Christmas getaway now.


Thursday Morning commencing at 8.30 am finishing at 9.30am At the Roxby Downs Tavern The event will be a nationally televised with speakers and entertainers including Greg Combet, Sharan Burrow and Jimmy Barnes.

The Telstra access route running parallel to Olympic Way on the western side is not to be used. Rehabilitation for this trail is about to commence. The trail will be sign posted NO ACCESS with bunting and other methods being used along the route making it unusable and inaccessible. DO NOT IGNORE THESE SIGNS AS THEY ARE A WARNING TO YOU that the area is under rehabilitation and the environment has changed. Please respect our unique surrounding environment by riding/driving on established roads. For more information contact the BHP Billiton Environment Section on 8671 8369.

Phone Heather on 8671 2683 and book your classified space now!

St Barbara’s Catholic Church Roxby Downs Saturday evening 6pm Sunday morning 9am Roxby Downs Christian Community Church Sunday 10am St Michael’s Catholic Church, Woomera Sunday 5pm All denominations welcome Andamooka Community Church Sunday 2pm Roxby Downs Lutheran Church Sunday 10.30am and Sunday School – 9.30am Faithworks Church Sunday 10.00am at the Roxby Downs TAFE College.


Creative Trims & Craft

Phone 8671 0153

24 Curdimurka Street

For all your Quilting needs • Embroidery • Ribbons • Beads • Laces • Haberdashery •PFAFF Machines & accessories Open: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday. 9.30am to 2.30pm Closed Wednesday or phone for an appointment

For all your lending, investment, insurance, nancial planning & everyday banking needs. Visit us in Tutop Street, call 8671 2555 or explore


WE EXCHANGE, SELL & BUY Paperback Novels, Comics Selected Magazines Mon - Thurs 9.00am - 5.00pm Friday 9.00am - 7.00pm Saturday 9.00am - 1.30pm 22-24 Twin Street Adelaide SA 5000


Scrapbooking & Papercraft now open at

24 Spencer Street Tumby Bay From the Desert to the Sea we have all your scrapping needs! Come in and see us or visit our website at Contact Jane on 8688 4252 (Eyre Peninsula) or Vienessa 0417 753 597 (Far North SA)


landscaping & S U P P L I E S Cnr Olympic Way & Callana Road Roxby Downs

Ph 8671 0131 / Fax 8671 0088

• Spiders • Mice • Termites

• Flies • Mozzies

• Ants • Cockroaches

(inc. full termite insurance and accreditation) Fully licensed with SA Health Commission – Lic. No. 200453365

Phone Stuart or cherie 8671 3343 or 0427 280 291

The Salt Bush Café

Ph: 8671 1234

Richardson Place, Roxby Downs

Fax: 8671 2823 Mob: 0407 711 234

Your local Seafood Provider!

21 Gosse Street, Roxby Downs SA BLD - 173944

Providing a complete service: ! General Repairs ! Carpentry ! Plumbing ! Electrical ! Painting

Red Dunes

! Fencing ! Cabinetmaking ! Gastting ! Carpet/Vinyl ! Refrigeration

Page 18 – Thursday, November 30, 2006

Please contact Tara Edmunds your local supplier on 0427 024 014 or Place order before Tuesday for delivery Friday after 10am. All C.O.D. Freight & Packaging extra 80c p/kg or Filled Foam box $10.00 Some stock always on hand. No order to big or too small. Delivery within Roxby FREE!

8671 0600

Breakfast 7.30am – 5.00pm Mon, Tues, Wed & Lunch 8.00am – 5.00pm Sat 8.00am – 2.00pm Sun Breakfast 7.30am – 2.00pm* Thurs, Fri, Sat & Lunch * Light Meals & Beverages still available after 2pm Dinner 6.00pm – 9.00pm Thurs, Fri, Sat

Fully Licensed • Bookings Appreciated Bring this ad in to receive a complimentary glass of white wine with dinner. THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper


Monitor SPORT

Tennis Results

Cricket Results

Platypuses 8 set,s 62 games defeated Possums 4 Sets, 44 games Echidnas 10 sets, 62 games defeated Wombats 2 sets, 25 games

Wanderers cruise to a big win

Ladder after 4 Rounds Points





























With all courts being available to play on, competition reverted to including singles. The Platypuses and the Echidnas were able to take advantage of their opponents missing strong players to record big wins and take the top two places on the ladder leading into the Christmas break. However with five rounds of competition to still be played after the break, there is plenty of time for the Possums and the Wombats to recover. It is hoped that the synthetic lawn tennis courts will be re-laid over the summer break, and that should hopefully lead to some even better tennis being played.

Night Bowls Results




Beenham’s Bungups





















Rock Rollers



PBW & Assoc



Better Halves



Beenham’s Boobs



Lekka Gogga






Mitre 10









Right: Josh does his side kick as part of his grading. Below: Josh and Zoe spar. Below right: Jared, Daniel, Steve and Neel are put through their paces.

Rogues James Ballestrin Trotta Thomson Crosby Clafton Garland Howard Martlew






c c c c

Harper Tebble Watkins Harper

b b b b b b

Thompson Bennett Thompson Harper Bennett Bennett

10 13 22 24 10 4 20 0

not out not out Sundries Total

15 7/149

Bowling: Smith 6-0-0/41 Carroll 6-0-1/28 Thompson 6-1-2/18 Watkins 2-0-0/12 Bennett 6-0-3/19 Harper 3-0-1/19 Condon 1-0-0/8

On a very warm night all 16 teams were present to battle out round eight of the current night owls competition. There were a couple of really close games, in matter of fact they were draws. Cracker Jack played against the the Pirates and it was a close fought game all night but in the end it was a draw between the two teams holding up the bottom of the ladder. The Yorkews and NFI, currently holding down fourth and fifth on the table respectively also fought out a draw. NFI jumped out of the blocks and had a handy lead early on in the game, leading by 12 at one stage, but then the Yorkes fought back to drag it back to a draw on the last end. The match of the night was between first and third, Beenham’s Bungups and the Norms, there was only two points in it at the ninth end but then the Norms scored 26 to four in the last three ends to run out winners 72 to 48. PBW and Associates had the same score against Lekker Gogga but achieved it by being too steady for the whole game. The Rock Rollers celebrated their third win for the season with a massive score of 81 to 39 against a depleted Carefactor. Crowless have had a bit of an up and down season but this round was definitely one of their ups defeating the Better Halves 82 to 38. Beenham’s Boobs thought they were in with a big chance to win the glasses for the night when they defeated Mitre10, in a stellar display of bowling, 84 to 36. It was not to be as Enterprise defeated the Matadors 85 to 35, this leaves Enterprise undefeated for the season but still not on top. Please note that due to BHP Billiton holding their Christmas party next Friday there will be no bowls untill the following Friday which will be last round for this season. There will be a barbecue on that night for all night owls bowlers. Scores after round 8

Wanderers easily accounted for Rogues at Roxby Downs oval in a match reduced to 30 overs under the Association heat guidlines. Rogues started brightly and eventually made a credible 7/149 but in response openers Brent Harper and Ryan Briggs remained unbeaten to give the Swaggies a percentage boosting ten wicket victory in just 23 overs.

Wanderers Harper not out Briggs not out Sundries Total

78 76 6 0/160

Bowling : Trotta 4-0-0/29 Martlew 4-0-0/31 Geraghty 3-0-0/28 Garland 5-0-0/34 Benson 5-0-0/29 Clafton 2-0-0/7

Shakey Olympic Dam have easy win Olympic Dam overcame five dropped catches while fielding and a poor start to its batting to eventually defeat Woomera by six wickets in their 35 over day-night clash at O”Donoghue Oval. Devil’s all rounder Paul Kemp easily took out man of the match honours with six wickets and an unbeaten 33 with the bat. After a bright start the Redbacks lost their way again and were all out for 104 with Wally Broome top scoring on 47 and fellow opener Chris Pillar recording 25. Joey Blatchford (3/21) and Andy Searle (1/13) had their opponents on the ropes at 4/31 but the Redbacks could not land the killer punch as Kemp and Craig Nichols steadied with an unbroken stand of 78 for the fifth wicket. It could be said that the home side’s efforts were hampered by being one batsmen short and Wayne Clark was unable to take the new ball as he was called out to attend a road accident. Woomera Pillar Broome Jeffrey Clark Payne Spaeth Searle Blatchford Ingold Martin Gore

lbw c Nichols c Nichols c Hoffmann

b b b b b b b

Botes Kemp Hoffmann Kemp Kemp Kemp Casey

b b

Kemp Kemp

25 47 3 14 4 2 3 0 0 0

not out c Kenny did not bat Sundries Total

6 104

Bowling: White 4-0-0/20 Harris 4-0-0/18 Botes 7-1-1/23 Hoffmann 7-2-1/21 Kemp 4.4-1-6/13 Casey 4-2-1/7 Olympic Dam Kenny c Blatchford b Leonard lbw Blatchford Casey c Spaeth b Botes c Payne b Kemp not out Nichols not out Sundries 11 Total 4/109

Searle Blatchford Blatchford

17 10 2 0 33 26

Bowling: Blatchford 6-2-3/21 Searle 5-1-1/13 Clark 6-2-0/33 Jeffrey 6-2-0/19 Gore 2-0-0/7 Payne 2-0-0/8 Martin 1-0-0/5

Taekwondo –Gradings Fast and Furious The Roxby Downs Taekwondo Club members underwent a grading session on Saturday November24 and Sunday November 25 under the eye and guidance of Adrian Hitch from Adelaide. All grades were available for grading and the student’s enthusiasm was matched by their skill and speed. Some of the action was fast and furious as the students demonstrated their skill levels as the basic exercises right through to intricate and strategic defensive movements for the fight

segments. A highlight of the grading for some was the board breaking exercise which required as much precision, speed and above all a focussed and still mind. The gradings were a great success with many members moving onto higher belts. Taekwondo is held on Thursday nights. For further information call Andy Murdy on 0418 804 398

Andamooka Opal Showroom Post Ofce and Motel

Behind the Famous Bottle House Opal Creek Boulevard, Andamooka OPEN 7 DAYS and after hours by appointment Ph: (08) 8672 7007 • Fax: (08) 8672 7062 Email: 05dukes161106

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

Thursday November 30, 2006 – Page 1

Monitor SPORT The

Your Community Newspaper ~ Roxby Downs

Phone (08) 8671 2683

Fax (08) 8671 2843

Junior champions 3rd place Jayden Dawson, 1st place Jack Laurence, and 2nd place Thomas Wilson

The KT Open Edition winner was 1st Ashley Eichner, 2nd Smokie and 3rd Ray Forrest accepted on his behalf by Mark (Manager of Coates Hire).

Winners of the 125cc Division were 3rd place Paul Willshire, 2nd Peter Cates,(not present) and 1st Terry Brushnahan The winners at the presentation were:Senior Club Champion Ashley Eichner Junior Club Champion Jack Laurence Rookie of the Year Nick Callgaris KY Open Winners 1st Place Ashley Eichner 2nd Place Smokie 3rd Place Ray Forrest 125 CC Winners 1st Place Terry Brusnahan 2nd Place Peter Cates 3rd Place Paul Willshire Most Improved Senior was Rick Wilesmith Most Improved Junior Nick Calligaris

Jack Laurence Junior Club Champion and Ashley Eichner Senior Champion will need to extend their sideboards to display their trophies

Nick Calligaris was voted the Most Improved Junior and Rookie of the year.

Youth is the Go Kart Clubs future

Go-karting club targets youth

The Roxby Downs Desert Dirt Kart Club is about to focus on developing the youth in the club, which it believes will sustain its long term future. Club President Paul Willshire said the club has issued an open invitation to the town’s youth, both Go-karting. It’s about to be the next ‘in thing’ boys and girls, to come out and get involved in for the youth in town. go-karting.

Rookie of the year Nick Calligaris strutts his stuff “The benefits to young people are immeasurable. Learning about motors, commitment and dedication, the necessity of rules and organisation and not least, learning how to drive,” he said. The club recently held its presentation night at Lions Park celebrating a good year capped off by a very successful SA State Titles in May. “We can’t do these things without the wonderful

and dedicated support of our sponsors including Coates Hire, Ware Products, Car Rentals and BHPBilliton. “But there’s a special group who work in the background to make it all happen. They’re the women of our club, Kathy, Lil, Leanne, Karen, Vicki and Jacki who give their commitment and time to the sport,” Mr Willshire said.

y a B n io r a M ic t s a t n Escape to Fa

Book now for the 2007 Tuna Fishing Season ….. …….Ask us about charter ights direct to Wedge Island …. Wedge Island four day trips now available. Fishing for Sampson, Tuna, Snapper, Nannigai, Morwong, Whiting, Kingfish and more! Fo all enquiries and bookings visit or Phone 08 8854 4098 Mobile 0407 619 197

Deep sea shing a speciality at some of South Australia’s premier shing destinations. 18sashing161106

Thursday November 30, 2006 – Page 1

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper


Members Xmas Show Wed 6th December Santa For The Children, Giveaways. Raffl es, Etc. All Members To Register Their Children For Santa By The...


Members Xmas Show Wed 6th December Santa For The Children, Giveaways. Raffl es, Etc. All Members To Register Their Children For Santa By The...