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Mining tax too much - BHP Billiton B

HP Billiton on Sunday expressed its disappointment with the Australian Government’s plan to impose a new resource rent tax. The imposition of this new tax would result in an increase in the total effective tax rate on the Group’s profits earned from its Australian operations from around 43 per cent currently to around 57 per cent from 2013. Multi-billion dollar, long-term investments in the Australian resources sector have contributed significantly to the prosperity of all Australians. In the last three years the resources sector has contributed 18 per cent of Australia’s GDP. It is the largest contributor to Australian export revenues at 42 per cent and has been the largest contributor to corporate tax revenues. Much of the profit in the sector has been re-invested in resource and infrastructure projects in Australia. A key factor underpinning the decisions behind these investments has been Australia’s reputation for providing a stable and competitive taxation regime. BHP Billiton Chief Executive Officer Marius Kloppers said, “The stability and competitiveness of the tax system have been central to the investment in resources in Australia. If implemented, these proposals seriously threaten Australia’s competitiveness, jeopardise future investments and will adversely impact the future wealth and standard of living of all Australians.” BHP Billiton recognises that governments will review taxation policy and rates from time to time. The Group,

There are 11 mines operating in SA and five more are to open by the end of the year. Jason Kuchel from the Chamber of Mines and Energy is worried the tax could have adverse effects. “The mining boom that the Government in South Australia is hoping for could be stifled and at very least put on hold while the resources industry works out what the effect is on each individual project,” he said. But SA Treasurer Kevin Foley sees it differently. “Not only am I not worried, I’m excited ... particularly by the type of projects we’re seeing in SA,” he said. “Smaller mines that may not reach profitability for some three or four years, under this new regime they won’t pay any tax.” But Opposition MP Iain Evans says big miners and jobs will be hit. “The Rann Government’s saying South Australia’s future is about BHP and the expansion of Roxby Downs - that will be a profitable mine. The Rudd Government is now planning a 40 per cent tax on its profits. That is going to have a jobs impact,” he said. BHP Billiton says it is disappointed its tax rate on profits will jump to 57 per cent. But Mr Foley says the state will benefit from the new The South Australian Government has brushed off concern from the mining industry that a new tax on mining infrastructure fund. The SA Government says it now plans to talk to the locompanies may slow projects and deter investors. The Government says there will be major pay-offs in cal mining industry to get a clearer picture of how it will be affected. other areas. however, has been advocating that taxation changes should be designed so that they preserve the basis upon which past capital investments have been made, maintain the future international competitiveness of Australia’s resources industry, acknowledge that different products have different return characteristics, and encourage private investment in infrastructure and processing. Mr Kloppers said, “The Government has not defined all aspects of the design, implementation and application of the new tax, and until they are clarified we cannot be certain what the full implications for the industry will be. However, this significant new tax will have the effect of making investments in Australia much less attractive.” The Government has indicated it will consult with industry regarding this new tax proposal and BHP Billiton will constructively contribute to this process.

Mining tax to bring big benefits: Foley

What will this mean for the Olypmic Dam expansion?

See page 14 for full details


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“This book will no doubt touch you incredibly and give you such an insight into the grief of losing a precious baby or babies” Trudi Penrose-Starr Co Founder Teddy Love Club Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support (TLC) is launching their first book “You are not alone” a compilation of over 40 shared stories from Australian families who have experienced the loss of their baby’s. The families have shared their heartbreaking story of love and loss but also hope and courage to face the future. FACT: Six babies are stillborn in Australia every day. The Book “You are not alone” will reach out and connect with other bereaved families and let them know they are not quite so alone.

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About Town

with Mary Lewis

Reverend Mary Lewis, Roxby Downs Christian Community Church and Andamooka Community Church



am one of the “new” people in town but “new” is “normal” for Roxby Downs. Most of us are coming and going, and all of us are attached to the mine site somehow. “Have you been on site yet? “ “No, I have to do the safety induction, the radiation induction, the underground induction, the manual handling induction, the evacuation and rescue induction, the hydromet, the SX ...” “Wow!! I didn’t know

you’d get to go underground” “Yes” I reply uncertainly. “I can do that after tomorrow’s session”. Gulp. Did I really write that? One more day and I face the reality of “going underground”. Another new thing to face up to, and I don’t actually know how to do it. Where I grew up people hopped into cages and the winder driver let them down – well he let men down; those who’d done the induction. Women! Women did not go underground. Rock falls, cave ins, collapsing

stopes; winder failure – all connected with women underground. That’s the trouble with new places – it’s all new and different and daunting and difficult to understand. The usual people and ways of doing things aren’t around. Everything has to be processed and examined and thought about. We long to relax in the familiar, even when we’re excited by the adventure. We get tired more quickly, we don’t sleep as well, our tempers are edgy, our children play up, we drink a bit more than we should

and we look out to be accepted and to fit in. Sometimes we do things that are out of character in order to fit in more easily, things that sit uneasily with us. We look out for people who are like us; it’s hard to build up a close community when everyone is so different from what we’re used to. It reminds me of the onion. My friend carries an onion around with her when she’s in a new place. She calls it her “cultural onion”. She’s a people watcher. I’m going to find the onion.

Breen Park in Woomera gets mentioned in an article in the recent SA Life – Secret Gardens

Domestic Water, millions of litres

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(The target line is the average use over the past 2 years for this month)


All domestic water in Roxby Downs, Andamooka and Olympic Dam is supplied from the Great Artesian Basin. The water is desalinated and chlorinated. Use water wisely in an arid climate.


native birds in the outback, along with electric BBQs, a playground and sound shell make it a great stop-over for families travelling or locals who want to enjoy the tranquillity. It is a wonderful place to relax and have a picnic lunch. Fridges and an ice machine are also available. Located at Girrahween Avenue, the park was de- Use of these facilities can be arranged with the Defence signed for family relaxation. Lush lawns, shady trees, Support Centre Woomera.

amed after Michael Breen, the first secretary of the Woomera Board and founding editor of the Gibber Gabber publication, the park includes extensive lawns, a rose garden, native trees and shrubs.

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Page 2 – Wednesday, May 5, 2010

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Advertising Consultant Far North THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper



By Millie Thomas

APLAN, “National Assessment Program Literacy and Numeracy” is a program that has operated Australia wide since 2008. All children from the school grades 3, 5, 7 and 9 are required to take the tests, being assessed in reading, writing, language conventions (spelling, grammar and punctuation) and numeracy. This year, the tests are being held from Tuesday, May 11 to Thursday, May 13, with results being sent to parents in mid September. The information from the test results gives the schools and systems the ability to compare their students’ achievements against national standards and with student achievement in other states and territories. It also monitors the students’ academic progress over the years. For a transient town like Roxby, however, this two yearly monitoring could be construed as fairly pointless, in “calculating” our schools’ reputation and academic prowess. Families are regularly filtering through the town, in accordance with the success (or lack there of ) of mine site operations. Why is it that the Teacher’s Union

plan to boycott this year’s NAPLAN testing? David Smith is one of a number of Australian Education Union officials that have visited regional areas in the last month to discuss NAPLAN and MySchool, and the effect on schools’ reputations. AEU concluded that they were not opposed to the tests, but rather the manner in which they were used on the MySchool website. “League tables” such as the data construed on the MySchool website have been used extensively in England, Mr Smith said. The “league tables” have been known to significantly affect a school’s reputation, resulting in one form or another of a change in curriculum, in order to better themselves with NAPLAN results, according to Mr Smith. Is this NAPLAN test relevant to all students across the board, or has the Education Department provided a black and white solution to a prism educational issue with schooling standards and monitoring? Georgina Arthur teaches at RDAS, and supports the NAPLAN testing as a good source for monitoring student’s progress, but stresses that conclusions must not be based only on these tests. “It’s a national test, its done everywhere in Australia so whether

they are at our school or another school, they still get the same data and individual results, but the only difference is, we (as a school) just don’t get them. So if they sat the year three test and moved to another school, the information would be sent to that school. The NAPLAN results stick with them, whichever school they’re in. “Basically its just one form of testing, it’s a snapshot taken about one term after they have started one of the years 3, 5, 7 or 9. It is designed to show what those kids know at that time. “We can’t predict what’s going to be in the test, but we prepare them for the test, so how to handle multiple choice, how to do a writing test and how to look for keywords and that’s what we do to prepare them. “I think we can use the data to help us see if there is an area that the students need to work on.

Disgrace to the fallen A

By Millie Thomas

s the ANZAC day celebrations were wrapped up on the weekend, and with it went the respect for our diggers. At 2:15 am on Sunday, April 25, a 31 year old man is alleged to have urinated on the new Anzac war memorial in Richardson Place. The man ha s b e en charged and will face court at a later date, but the question is, what is a suitable punishment for an

individual who not only displays public indecency, but dishonoured those who have in the past, given their lives for our freedom? Jack McGuire, President of the Roxby Downs and Andamooka RSL sub branch was absolutely disgusted when he learned of the dishonourable act. “I think it’s absolutely disgusting that someone inebriated or not, decided to desecrate a war memorial. “I’m assuming inebriation, but the fact that someone has desecrated a monument that is there to commemorate the sacrifices of so many is reprehensible, “If he had any guts at all, the bastard would publicly apologise,” said Mr McGuire. “To me, it’s not necessarily a case of punishment. If this person decides to publicly apologise for his stupidity, even that wouldn’t vindicate what he has done, but if he’s got any courage he would put his hand up, apologise and write a letter of apology to the

RSL,” he said. Relieving Officer in Charge Neil Wasley commented on the incident that happened over the weekend. “Police are dismayed at the lack of respect towards the people who fought for this country,” he said. As officer Wasley pointed out, which is confirmed by the Legal Services Commission of South Australia, “In any municipality or town it is an offence punishable by a fine of up to $250 to urinate or defecate in any place that is not specifically provided for that purpose”. The man may be charged with “drunkenness and disorderly conduct” (that is, under the assumption, that he was drunk) and/or “Indecent behaviour and gross indecency”. A person who behaves in an indecent manner in a public place, while visible from a public place, or in a police station or so as to offend or insult anyone is guilty of an offence punishable by a fine of $1250 or three months imprisonment.

Main Road, Port Pirie SA

SA Seafood Retailer of the Year award winner

“We have to be careful with the results, because as I said it’s a snapshot. If they’re nervous, even that can affect their results. The main thing to get across is that the RDAS students will be great at having a go at the test. “We will use the results to help develop their learning, but that’s not the only thing we use. “Parents, read the information the school’s putting out, and if you have any questions contact the school. At the

end of the day, you can support your kids by making sure they have an early night before the testing, getting them to reflect on how they went and just having a go, because its more important we do that and get a response than nothing at all. That’s what we impress on the kids it’s just a chance to try,” said Georgina. St Barbara’s Parish School made comment that they would be participating in the NAPLAN tests in May.

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03/10 9909

Local schools prepare for NAPLAN tests

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Outback advocates invited to make a difference

he State Government is inviting Outback residents with a passion for living in the region and a commitment to community service to nominate for membership on the new Outback Communities Authority. State/Local Government Relations Minister Gail Gago says that following the passage of legislation through State Parliament last year, the new seven-member governance authority will come into operation in July this year, replacing the former Outback Areas Community Development Trust. “The new Authority provides members, and residents more broadly, with a great opportunity to shape the future of Outback South Australia, a vast region covering 65 per cent of the State and serving about 3,800 people in 36 communities,” Ms Gago said. “This is a significant step forward in helping these communities manage the increasing demand for infrastructure and services, given the mining boom and growing tourism popularity

of the Outback.” Ms Gago is encouraging people from across the Outback to nominate for membership, with at least four of the seven members to be drawn from different Outback communities. “We are looking for people who will be good advocates for the Outback, people who have a real commitment to serving these communities and a passion for living in the region,” she said. “Given the more structured governance arrangements under the Outback Communities Authority, we are also looking for members with skills or experience in areas such as community governance, community engagement, strategic planning, financial management, business or law. “Once appointed, the Authority, with the support of State Government staff based at Port Augusta, will be responsible for developing a five-year strategic management plan, annual business plan and budget. “These plans will guide spending of new levies which can be introduced at a later date, for the benefit of Outback residents.

“The strength of the new Authority will be in its commitment to involve communities in decision-making and in setting long-term strategic directions. So all outback residents can rest assured that they will be consulted on important matters before they become part of the Authority’s work.” For details about nominating for membership of the Authority, see advertisements in local and metropolitan newspapers, on website of the existing Outback Areas Community Development Trust at or by phoning (08) 8204 8700. The closing date for nominations is Friday, 21 May 2010.

State/Local Government Relations Minister Gail Gago

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By Celeste Lustosa


he zebra crossings in Roxby Downs are not a new concern, especially when the children are going to or leaving school and the traffic gets a bit heavier and children too excited.



How safe is it to cross the streets in Roxby?

Roxby Downs Bakery


























Many Roxby residents have brought up this concern with friends, talked about it in informal chats and many have brought this up to the local schools, as a constant worry to make sure children are getting home safe. Unfortunately not many have done anything about it or come up with a solution to the problem. Luckily Debbie Smith is one of those who acknowledges a problem and steps forward to help people come up with a solution. The first thing that comes to mind is that Debbie is an alarmed parent who worries for her children’s safety. That is not the case. Debbie is a concerned citizen who believes that things like this are everyone’s problem. “The zebra crossings next to our schools are a huge concern as we feel children are not completely safe when crossing the street. “This is all about a community as a whole to put safety first in our day-today and not neglect that children are not being as careful as they should be when crossing the streets of Roxby,” Debbie said. She also believes that in a mining town like ours, where you have BHP preaching about safety at work, it is unacceptable that people don’t teach their children about safety at home as well. “We can’t rely on the fact that the drivers are always going to be alert and watch for the children crossing the streets with their bikes, skates or scooters, without even looking aside” she said. It is also important that we don’t wait until some tragedy happens in town and someone gets seriously injured or even worst (God forbidden!). Roxby Downs Area School principal Kath Macalister was approached by Debbie last week with a proposal to start an immediate community action on this matter. RDAS principal told The Monitor she shares Debbie’s concerns and agrees something needs to be done. “This is not a new concern and the school has made requests over time to have the crossing changed but we were told it is not an option. “Unfortunately the school doesn’t have staff available to put outside, so Debbie’s suggestion to create a group of adults, parents or not, to assist the

children crossing the street as well as the traffic flow is ideal,” Mrs Macalister said. When Debbie approached RDAS her idea was simple and yet seemed very efficient. “My idea is to create a group of people that is interested in getting involved in the community’s safety and start a roster where people will be allocated to help the crossing and the traffic flow. “It won’t take much of anyone’s time and if people offer to do it even only once a fortnight it will be fine,” Debbie said. According to Mrs Macalister RDAS will embrace the idea and promote internally in their newsletter, in order to get the parents attention and support. “The school takes this very seriously and people who are interested in assisting us with this action can contact their school and put their name down. “This will be an ongoing action,” said Mrs Macalister. RDAS has also recently got involved in the Roxby Road Safe Group and has one teacher representative and one student representative and they do their share of teaching about road safe in the classrooms, as well as try to discipline the children to always wear a helmet and safety equipment when riding their scooters, bikes or skateboards. “If children come to school on a scooter and without a helmet for example, the scooter gets confiscated,” Mrs Macalister explained. Debbie believes the school and the community have some responsibility in the children’s safety but without the parents setting an example and spreading the message, it will be hard to achieve a safer environment. “Parents need to bring awareness of road safety into their families and teach their children that traffic rules need to be respected. “But unfortunately we see many parents with their kids on scooter in the mall area; even though there’s a big sign there saying it’s not allowed to ride there. It is sad. “We hope the parents get involved in this community action and make sure they’re getting their kids safe to and back from school,” Debbie said. Debbie said she is also going to contact St. Barbara’s Parish School, as well as the Roxby Road Safe committee and get the roster to start as soon as possible.

If you are interested to participatecontact your school or Debbie Smith on 0428 401 518. Debbie is getting a group together to come along to the next Roxby Road Safe meeting on May 13th.


Page 4 – Wednesday, May 5, 2010

RDAS teacher Wade Ball stops the traffic so Debbie, Makenzie and Josh can safely cross the street THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper


A bit of the Barossa in the Bush

Kate Hobbs, Lyn Hobbs, Janine Walker and Andrew Winterfield ham it up for the Variety Club Bash Long Lunch at Roxby Golf Club.

Ministers in high places approve of Roxby’s practices


By Millie Thomas

e in Roxby live a fast lifestyle. We work 12 hour days and spend another four hours winding down. We drive fast cars and buy big houses. We may fly in and stay at camp, or may have lived here our entire lives, but one thing can be sure, there is no other town in South Australia that lives like us. So after coming from other, more even paced communities to a place like Roxby, just how is it possible to adapt to the hard working, hard drinking and hard mining culture we here in Roxby inhabit and indulge in? Reverend Mary Lewis, who joined our community just a couple of months ago is hosting a couple of visitors who are prominent members of the Anglican Church, both from our own Diocese of Willochra and also from the Diocese of Wakefield, namely Pontefract in the north of the United Kingdom. Bob Cooper is a vicar (their version of a priest) in Pontefract and is visiting Australia and the diocese of Willochra as part of his “sabbatical”, which is the Anglican ministries version of long service leave! During his sabbatical, a period of two months, Bob is spending most of his time travelling around the Diocese of Willochra, but is also extending his visit to incorporate Sydney. Vicar Bob told me the who, why, what and where of his trip and what he hopes to accomplish while he’s over here. “Sabbatical is long service leave but the idea is that you do some-

thing work related. So you don’t just come and swan around Australia for two months which would have been great. “I’ve come to the diocese of Willochra. Basically it’s the whole of South Australia apart from Adelaide and the Murray River. So it’s four times the size of the UK with the population of just about what my town is. I’m coming to look at how the church works here and perhaps learn something from it and perhaps teach something while I’m here,” said Vicar Bob. “I’m also possibly spending a week on an eco – spirituality retreat which sounds good, get back in touch with nature. It’s a time of prayer; reflection and reading, a time of silence just give you the opportunity to be quiet with God. A chance, if you like to recharge the batteries. “You often go on retreats to somewhere, where the veil between heaven and earth is really thin, it’s an opportunity really to immerse yourself in God’s presence for priests and selected people. It’s a time of regeneration and construction really, “When I was in my previous parish in the UK I was also a chaplain to Halifax rugby league club which is a professional rugby league club in England and got friendly with one of the Australian players so I’m going to go and see him and his family in Sydney and then home!” he said. Vicar Bob is accompanied in Roxby with Steve Clarke, who is the Ministry Development Officer for the Diocese of Willochra. “I assist people like Bob, who are making out that they’re working while on holidays. “I think this ( the Anglican church in Roxby) is a family church it’s cer-

tainly not excluding people but because of the demographics of this community we have people who inevitably come from somewhere else, it’s hard to say I come from Roxby Downs when Roxby Downs hasn’t existed for a long time. “Moving brings dislocation and also brings opportunity for reflection and re-evaluation. All of the data from the social work point of view says that when you change jobs, if you’ve got children, all those factors together with relocation point to this,” he said. “A lot of people are coming here because there’s a promise of more money so lifestyle expectations go up as well as disposable incomes, that’s got great benefits and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that but for those of us who work with people who are struggling with the effects of change, they often don’t manage those things very well. “Its one thing to work long shifts in a mining community for the money, but it starts to eat away at the heart of your family experience and those tensions are very, very real. “So I think that a church like this is very conscious of those dynamics and it seems to address them and help people, not just to solve the problems that arise after the fact that things don’t go well but rather with how do we build healthy family life, it’s not just a religious kind of life in terms of being moralising. “Saint Augusta, one of the great old Christian Saints said, “the glory of God is a human being fully alive” which is a fantastic vision. To be as healthily human as we can possibly be, to me is the objective,” said Steve.

By Millie Thomas          Variety Bash’s Barossa Long Lunch was held at the Golf Club last Sunday, April 25. It was part of a campaign to raise money to sponsor Kate Hobbs and Andrew Winterfield’s bash car in the annual Variety Bush Bash, which is due to start in August. Variety Bush Bash has been in operation since 1985 as an event for Variety, The Children’s Charity. The Bush Bash has raised in excess of $21.7 million for disadvantaged children and schools and regional schools over the last 20 years. To be able to register for the annual bash, you must enter with a car released before 1974 that is in standard condition and the drivers, which have been described as anything but standard issue, must stick to the one rule; don’t take it too seriously. Kate Hobbs and Andrew Winterfield have embarked on the bash route this year, and as part of their campaign, hosted a long lunch at the golf club last Sunday, April 25. “The day went great, it ran smoothly and everyone had a fantastic time and the weather was ideal with plenty of sun.  Everyone loved being out on the grass at the golf course,” said Kate. “There was a great turn out, with approximately 80 people attending, with about 20% from out of town.  It was close to what we expected and ended up being a perfect number for the day, “The Pétanque competition and chipping/putting was popular with everyone having a go,” she said. “There were plenty of nice wines with a great selection from the Barossa. This enabled Roxby to taste some wines not normally available up here. A huge thanks to Jess Walker for doing a magnificent job keeping everyone’s glass and ice bucket filled. “The auction went amazingly with Barossa identity Peter Feist as MC and auctioneer for the day getting everyone in the mood.  Most items were bid for in a frenzy with some great deals being had on wine magnums ranging from 1.5L to 6L, accommodation packages, a photo shoot, delicious foods (including a one metre long

Steiny’s mettwurst, a Maggie Beer pack and Barossa Olive Oil) in both a live auction and a silent one for the quieter individuals in the crowd,” said Kate. The day was catered for by Sodexo, who provided three buffet courses. “Everyone on the day said the food was magnificent and a real credit to Sodexo and those who prepared the feast. Nobody went hungry,” said Kate. Sodexo provided not only the food, but also the catering equipment ice and support staff for the day and according to Kate helped the day become the great success it was. With numerous options for each course, including my personal favourite, a crème caramel for dessert, it sounds as if the head cost of $75 well and truly paid for itself!   “The music was a pleasure to listen to with the smooth voice of Paula Standing from Adelaide headlining, supported by local musicians Andrew Winterfield, Rob McElhin-

ney and Yvette Mooney later in the day, and with Rob providing DJ music well into the evening for the dance floor. It was a great day for all!” she said. This is only the beginning. The Long Lunch raised a total of $13,000, but Kate and Andrew also have planned a quiz night to be held in June, at the Tanunda Club in the Barossa as well as a few smaller raffles in the near future. Kate and Andrew would like to extend their thanks to all of the sponsors of the event for their generosity towards the auction, catering, entertainment and general sponsorship of the event, 3M, Andrew Winterfield, Autopro Roxby Downs, BHP Billiton, Cellarmaster Wines, Haan Wines, Hongell Wines, Jen and Michael Houlden, John and Janine Walker, Kaisler Wines, Kate and Matt Hobbs, Lyn Hobbs, Maggie Beer, Maree Jackson and Phil Goldsworthy, Spot On Nuriootpa, Steiny’s Smallgoods and Yalumba Wines and The Monitor newspaper.

OUTBACK COMMUNITIES AUTHORITY – NOMINATIONS FOR MEMBERSHIP Nominations are sought for membership of the Outback Communities Authority, a new statutory body created by legislation passed by the South Australian Parliament in December 2009. The new Authority will replace the Outback Areas Community Development Trust in July this year. This is a new era in the governance and administration of the outback, as the Authority will empower outback residents to initiate and drive proposals for services. In addition to co-ordinating service provision, the Authority will promote improvements in public services and infrastructure in the Outback Areas such as public conveniences, emergency airstrips and local water supplies. The Authority will comprise seven members, and at least four of those members must come from the different outback communities the Authority will administer. Members may be appointed for up to three years, and may be eligible for reappointment. Members are entitled to travel and accommodation costs and may also receive rumeration for their services. Nominations are open to any person living in the outback, or who has interest in supporting and progressing the development of outback communities. While skills or experience in disciplines such as strategic planning, financial management, community governance, community engagement, business or law would be advantageous, a commitment to community service in the outback is equally important. The closing date for nominations is Friday, 21 May 2010. Nominations should be sent to “Outback Communities Authority Nomination for Membership”, Department of Planning and Local Government, GPO Box 1815, Adelaide 5001, or emailed to Further information is available from, or by telephoning Mr Mick Petrovski, Director, Office for State/Local Government Relations on 8204 8700. Hon Gail Gago MLC Minister for State/Local Government Relations


Johnston Withers Lawyers are now visiting Roxby Downs each month

Offering professional legal advice and representation in most areas of law including: Industrial Employment Law

Criminal & Traffic Law

Workers Compensation Wills

Estates & Trusts

Discrimination Law &

Personal Injury

Workplace Harassment


Medical Negligence Family & DeFacto Conveyancing Defamation

Nic Kernahan and Emma Wilkinson will next be in attendance at our offices of 1A Tutop Centre, 20-22 Tutop St., Roxby Downs on

12th May 2010

For appointments, contact us at:

17 Sturt Street, Adelaide SA 5000 Telephone: 8231 1110 (Adelaide) 8642 5122 (Pt Augusta) Fax: 8231 1230 Email: Web: Regional offices at Clare, Port Augusta and Whyalla

Steve Clarke, Mary Lewis and Bob Cooper in Roxby last week. THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

Wednesday, May 5, 2010 – Page 5


On the job in Roxby

By Natalia O’Hagan


or the past week a number of Roxby Downs Area School students have had the pleasurable opportunity to experience what life in the workforce is really like. It was interesting to see the diverse range of career aspirations that my fellow student’s have, for example, fashion design, retail, engineering and hairdressing. For the past 11 years the RITE (Roxby Industry Training and Education) program has given year 10 students this opportunity to find their potential and possibly use these new skills in the future. The government introduced the RITE program into schools because they felt the students needed to be thoroughly prepared for their life in the workforce. Roxby Downs Area School principal Mrs Kath McAlister had this to say about the program. “I’ve watched students go through the RITE program and walk around the town. “I am able to track students into the employment they have now, often gained from what they experienced whilst participating in the RITE program,” she said. The school expresses gratitude to all the local

Tegan Paull at her work experience with Mensland (Photo taken by Natalia O’Hagan)

MEETING DATES Environment Forum 11 May 7.30pm Roxby RoadSafe

13 May 5.30pm

and non-local businesses that have taken these students on board. The students are on work placement for one week out of the term and are expected to take full participation in everything that they are asked to do. One student,Tegan Paull, decided to undertake her work experience at retail establishment Mensland, and said, “I definitely want to work in retail in the future, “My boss has been really helpful he is really funny. I have learned lots of new skills like customer service and being able to handle money properly.” From my personal perspective, although my time at The Monitor has been brief I feel like I have learned quite a bit while here. I was really eager to experience everything they do here at The Monitor and was really surprised to see how much goes into producing this paper each week. I really think The Monitor deserves a lot more credit for what they do each week. Everyone here is so lovely and was willing to help me with anything. I’m so glad I was warmly welcomed into such a friendly and intelligent environment. I can’t express my appreciation any further. I would advise next year’s year 10 students to do their work experience at The Monitor newspaper because it is such a great place to gain experience and broaden your academic horizons.

Grey water a great asset


If you would like to do a presentation to the Community Board please contact Michelle Hales to organise a date and time to be placed on the agenda. Requests close on the Wednesday prior to the Board meeting. Board meetings usually take place on the last Monday of the month.


Members of the community are encouraged to join any of the forums or partnerships. If you would like to join the Arts and Culture Forum, Education and Workplace Training Forum, Family and Youth Forum, Environment Forum, Sport and Recreation Forum or Volunteering Partnership you are welcome to attend any of the meetings. Meeting times appear in The Monitor on a regular basis. If you would like to join the Health Forum and/or Alcohol and Substance Abuse Partnership please contact Michelle Hales on 0418 833 818 or via email to: au to express your interest.


If you would like to find out more about any of the forums visit the website or contact Michelle Hales - Executive Officer Roxby Downs Community Board Inc. Mobile: 0418 833 818 Phone: 8671 0010 Fax: 8671 0452 Email:

Hose from washing machine


Post Ofce & Motel Behind the Famous Bottle House

Opal Creek Boulevard, Andamooka & after hours by appointment

Lyn Breuer MP

Member for Giles

Working with the community, For the community. For appointments call Lyn’s office Phone: 8645 7800 Fax: 8645 0713 Email: Westland Shopping Centre Whyalla Norrie, SA 5608 Page 6 – Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ph: (08) 8672 7007 Fax: (08) 8672 7062 Email:

An initiative of the Environment Forum

G reen tip

Did you know?

If you want to make the most impact on your energy bills, you need to target water heating and house heating and cooling. They are by far the biggest energy guzzlers.


By Millie Thomas

nce again, the Environmental Forum’s Garden Competition takes feature in The Monitor.

Over the last month, the innovation of local Roxby gardeners has not failed to amaze. Even the simplest ideas can provide for practical and productive solutions to keeping your garden healthy and strong whilst being both economically and eco-system friendly. Nominations for the best tip featured in The Monitor will be open from August 28 until October 29, and until then The Monitor will be showcasing numerous local gardens on a monthly basis. From nominations, judging will take place in the fortnight following the closure of nominations and the winner will be announced on November 24th. There will be numerous categories to be assessed including water efficiency, energy consumption, aesthetics, and variety of plant species, functionality, productivity and garden waste management. Chris McGoldrick and his partner Helen Crisp have used an idea they got from their friends to harvest the grey water that was wasted every time they did a load of washing. They connected a hose to the water outlet of their washing machine and fed it onto a grassed area at the back of their house. So after a load of washing was complete, the grey, used water would be transposed onto their back lawn. “Our mates were doing it and their lawn looked really good and I didn’t really feel like using normal water to do it! (water the lawn),” said Chris. “There are no negatives. Everything

works alright there hasn’t been a problem. We didn’t switch detergents or anything. It just worked! I didn’t want to get too precious about grass, but I thought if I can grow grass I can grow other stuff! “I’ve been using it for about four or five months. It was real easy to set up. Got the hoses from Big W, you can get hoses specific for dispersing your grey water from there. “It’s not real hard, it’s not rocket science! If everyone did it, its all water saving. Many hands make light work,” said Chris. This is an easy and inexpensive way to both save time and water. Without thinking twice about it, your lawn will be watered in a matter of seconds, so long as you do your washing! Any garden tips that are sent into The Monitor will go into the draw to win a $100 gardening book pack (sponsored by the Roxby Council) and a feature in the newspaper that month. There are two categories to be judged, sustainability and innovation, with the prizes for each category being a voucher from Outback Landscaping and Supplies to the value of $500. This competition is proudly sponsored by local businesses Outback Landscaping and Supplies, The Monitor, Roxby Downs Environment Forum and RoxFM.

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper


News in brief Survey shows worse than expected locust influx The Department of Primary Industries and Resources South Australia has completed the first week of a locust survey in regions around the state and says the plague is worse than anticipated. The manager of Compliance and Surveillance, Bruce Baker, says the insects are making it hard for farmers to decide when to start sowing and says the problem is expected to return when eggs hatch in spring. He says the swarms are worst in the southern Mallee and in the north of the state above Orroroo. “We’ve got some significant detections east of Blanchetown and east of Swan Reach in that Mallee area, also around the Wunkar, Alawoona and north-east of Karoonda area,” he said. “We’ve also got areas just north of Morgan and then light scatterings further north until you get up to Orroroo and then it intensifies from there.” Rural sector struggles to lure workers South Australia’s peak farming body says farmers are struggling to attract staff back to the industry as it recovers from years of drought. The National Farmers Federation estimates there will be about 100,000 vacancies in the sector over the next five years because of improving economic conditions and recent rain. Peter White from the South Australian Farmers Federation says farming cannot compete with the salaries on offer in mining. “We have to make it an attractive career path for people and so forth,” he said. “One of the other issues is the ... [run-down] in facilities in a lot of country towns - schools, hospitals and all those sorts of things - they attract people into the regions where those facilities are available so that’s another issue that we need to try and sort out.” Swine flu jabs still safe for all: SA Health SA Health says children under five can still get swine flu vaccinations. It says cases of suspected adverse reactions have been to seasonal flu vaccinations interstate. That has led to a ban being imposed on the vaccinations for children under five. South Australia’s Chief Medical Officer Paddy Philips says there have not been adverse reactions to the swine flu vaccine. “Children over the age of five and adults should certainly continue to get the seasonal flu vaccines,” he said. “If parents are worried then certainly get the H1N1specific vaccine. “That’s been given in millions of doses with no adverse effects including in under five-year-olds.”


Thinker In Residence must deliver to the country

With the recent announcement by the State Government that SA’s Thinker in Residence is a Dutch Road Safety expert, comes the question, “How does road safety in the Netherlands relate to Road Safety in Australia and particularly the outback and country regions?” Many already question the wisdom and the results gained from past Thinkers in Residence and the cost to the South Australian taxpayer for these people to come here to think! There is proof that the Netherlands does have one of the best performing road safety records in Europe, and boasts a 40 per cent lower fatality rate than South Australia. Great figures in a country that is a fraction of the size of this state alone and where most roads are sealed or are super motorways. In fact the Netherlands is a country of 41,526 square kilometres compared to South Australia’ 800,624 square kilometres, little wonder then the fatality rate on roads is far less. What our Government needs to do with the next Thinker in Residence is get him out in the country, on roads that are narrow and dangerous or in the case of the far north the unsealed dust bowls or



0408 267 35 8

or email Last week’s Hot Topic: Do you think we will be better off under the new National Hospital Plan signed up by most states? How does, anyone know if we will better off under the Rudd Health Plan? No-one knows enough detail and it seems it is just a policy on the run to me. I hope it works but country hospitals had better be vigilant. B. Patient. RD

bogs depending on seasons. Travel the roads that are the only means for most to traverse the outback. Road Safety is important and anything that can lead to a reduction in the road toll is worth every cent. Never-the-less the outcomes for this Thinker in Residence will be an acid test for the Government and one which should prove the validity of this type of expense in the future. Maybe the best thing to curb road deaths is to lower the open road speed limit to 100, like that of Victoria, and if young drivers are the growing statistic in these fatalities then raising the licence age has to be considered. There is no easy answer but whatever solutions the Thinker in Residence comes up with MUST include country roads where statistically most of the fatalities happen. Perhaps our new Speaker of the House should invite him to spend a week or two touring the roads in the Far North. I am sure Lyn Breuer knows nearly every pothole in the Far North after years of driving around her electorate.

As a concerned parent I ask the question: What can we do the make our children safe from violence and foul language from the older school children that hang out in the mall and in front of Woolies after school each day? From Concerned Parent, RD

putting the prices up to squash that. Joe. RD Smoking cigarettes destroys your lungs no doubt about that, what we tend to forget is that Alcohol destroys families, friendships and futures! Plain labelling there might help too. A Non.

So much 4 country spirit, the reason I moved to 2 Roxby 10 yrs ago. The OlymPut a picture of Kev on front of every pic Dam airport staff could be a lot more packet,,that should drive people away. understanding and compassionate when Nick O’Teen. of OZ an older passenger made a mistake, not talk 2 them like they’re worth nothing and that’s putting it nicely. Not Happy Jan. They reckon we will get more beds in hospitals and better service un the National Health Plan. How can that be when there is a lack of doctors and nurses? JR, RD Not going to make a difference to me if the cigarette packs are plain. Just means they can sell them cheaper now as they can save on printing. Oops now Rudd is


What would make you stop smoking, price or health warnings?

Sheep tested in an attempt to reduce gas Researchers in Perth are trying to work out whether they can reduce methane emissions from livestock through breeding. The livestock industry is Australia’s second largest producer of greenhouse gases. Researchers in Perth believe genetics may play a part and have started measuring the methane output from large numbers of merino sheep. Andrew Thompson from the Department of Agriculture and Food says researchers are trying to determine whether some of the sheep produce more gas than others. “We need to not only identify the variation in methane emissions that are there, we need to work out whether it’s a heritable trait.” “It’s important that we’re on the front foot and understand what the opportunities are to reduce emissions through genetics, through selection of better animals.” Dr Thompson says the sheep are placed in a clear, ventilated box for an hour while their methane emissions are measured. The results will be collated and then given to farmers within the next couple of years. Anti-smoking action The Rudd Government announced last week a comprehensive package targeting smoking and its harmful effects, including an increase in the tobacco excise of 25 per cent. This increase in tobacco excise will provide an extra $5 billion over four years, which along with existing revenues from tobacco, will be directly invested in better health and hospitals through the National Health and Hospitals Network Fund. Cutting smoking will save lives, take pressure off our hospitals, and deliver significant economic benefits. It is one of the best investments in prevention, and keeping people healthy and out of hospital, that we can make. Smoking kills over 15,000 Australians every year, and is the largest preventable cause of disease and premature death in Australia. The social costs of smoking (including health costs) are estimated at $31.5 billion each year. Annually, over 750,000 hospital bed days are attributable to tobacco related diseases. The Government increased the excise and exciseequivalent customs duty rate applying to tobacco products by 25 per cent from midnight tonight. The excise on cigarettes increased from $0.2622 to $0.32775 per stick and loose leaf tobacco from $327.77 to $409.71 per kilogram of tobacco. This will increase the price of a pack of 30 cigarettes by around $2.16. This measure alone is expected to cut total tobacco consumption by around six per cent and the number of smokers by two to three per cent - around 87,000 Australians. THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

Wednesday, May 5, 2010 – Page 7


d r o w e h t s ’ m u M Don’t forget Mother’s Day on Sunday, May 9

What the kids say about their mums . . . . .

ASHTON - I like when Mum gives me presents on my birthday.

ELSIE - I love hugs with my Mum.

JAKE - I love my Mum because she hugs me when I’m sad.

MIKAYLA - I love cuddling with my Mum.

TAILE - I love to give Mum presents.

TODD - I like it when my Mum surprises me.


FLOWERS IN THE BUSH 23 Irrapatana Street, Roxby Downs Ph: 86711459 Mobile: 0408711459 Open all weekend

Make your mum feel special Mother’s Day is celebrated with great zeal and fanfare all across the world. The day marks an excellent opportunity to thank and express the deep felt gratitude to one’s mother. It is dedicated entirely to the leading lady of the family. Whilst the Super Moms sit back and relax on this particular day, children take up all their responsibilities. People of all the ages, from preschoolers to adults, contribute to make the day a special one for their mother. The celebrations in Australia are similar to that in United States, except for the traditional

custom of wearing a carnation. In Australia, colored carnations hold different meaning than the white ones. If a person is wearing a colored carnation, it signifies that his/her mother is living. On the contrary, a white carnation is worn to pay homage or tribute to a deceased mother. All across Australia, on Mother’s Day, children thank their mom for the undying love and care she showers on them. Right from the morning tea to the evening party, they try to articulate their feelings through

a number of small as well as large gestures. Mother’s Day is also an excellent time for the Australians to surprise the mums with gifts and tokens of appreciation. Traditionally, gifting fresh flowers has been considered the best way to articulate the feelings. However, with changing times and commercialization, the options are varied. Cards, expensive gifts, home decorations, novelty gifts, flowers, chocolates, perfume and surprise evening party, all pave the way to an exceptional retort for the Australians to pamper their moms.

Roxby Hourglass Jewellers Richardson Place, Roxby Downs SA 5725

Phone: 8671 0662


Happy Mothers Day 9 May 2010 Page 8 – Wednesday, May 5, 2010


THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper


Monitor NEWS

‘No means Yes’ local band

“We play classic pub rock, anything from the 60s to the present” By Celeste Lustosa


ichael Richardson on lead vocals, Rick all the people who attend to our shows. Foale on lead guitar and vocals and Aaron “Everyone knows what an important service the RFDS Courtney on rhythm guitar and vocals form supplies to the Australian Outback Community,” Michael told The Monitor. the local band ‘No means Yes’. The band was formed in May 2009 and as all the members work for MacMahons Underground at the Olympic Dam Operations it all really came about on one of their Tuesday night shift changes. “We were having a barbecue at camp when Rick shows up with his guitar and starts to play a few tunes. Before long Aaron picks up the guitar and starts to play a few tunes as well. Not long after, I’m over there with them and it all just kind of gelled, “The sound was good, so Rick suggested that we get together and maybe do something for the upcoming ‘Open Mic Night’ that the Olympic Village Tavern was hosting. It all just rolled on from there,” said Michael. All three local talents have played professionally across Australia. Aaron also has a solo side project and performs under the name of ‘The National Average’. He released a CD in 2006 called ‘Apathite’, which is all his own lyrics and music, except for his cover of Cool World, which is a Mondo Rock tune. “We play classic pub rock, anything from the 60s to the present,” Michael added. ‘No Means Yes’ played at the Olympic Dam Football Club on May 4th and everyone present enjoyed their gig. Michael explained that “the Olympic Dam Football Club has kindly let us exploit our wares since the inception of the band, allowing us to play initially for coworkers, but has since grown to a wide range of punters searching for a fun night out.” All the lads are asking for their show is that people make a donation to the Royal Flying Doctors Service. “All we ask is for people to make a donation to the RFDS. The band has made quite a few donations to the RFDS in the past, thanks to the kind donations and support of

To book ‘No Means Yes’ contact Aaron Courtney on 0428127835, Rick Foale on 0408856964 or Michael Richardson on 0400682908. You can also become a fan of ‘No Means Yes’ and ‘The National Average’ on Facebook and keep updated on the guys’ performances.

Poker tournaments gaining interest By Tina Swann and Michelle Ali


he Roxby Downs Club had a fantastic turnout for their third poker event on Monday night with 26 players turning up on the night to participate in a great night of cards. Play kicked off around 7.30pm with five tables of five with room for “The Bossman” (new club manager, Adrian Prosser) to move freely around the room. Unfortunately for Mr Prosser, playing poker for fun has become a thing of the past, as any player who takes him out of the tournament wins a bonus. The anticipated approach of Mr Prosser to your poker table definitely put a bit of a twist on the night, in an altered version of “Toss the Boss”. First player out of the tournament for the night was Gordon Swann and as the night progressed,

the number of players continued to drop until the final eight players was determined in a process of elimination. Congratulations to the final eight with Matt Holder, Dan Haines, Tina Swann, Adrian Prosser (The “Bossman”), Andrew Clarke finishing in the top five. Third place was won by Peter Coleman, who received a $30 voucher for the club, second place was won by Wi Pitau, who won a $75 voucher and the “Phil Ivey” of the night was new comer Troy Jarman, winning 1st place. Troy won a voucher worth $100 from The Roxby Downs Community Club. The famed status of

knocking out Mr Prosser went to Wi Pitau who ended up walking away with second place as well as a carton of beer for his efforts. May 3 was the start of our new season with points accumulating over the 15 weeks of play to win a “Super Prize”, which is to be announced... So all you eager Texas Hold ‘em Poker fans come down and give The Community Club poker nights a go. You never know your luck! As they say in the poker world all it takes is a “Chip and a Chair”. Until next week, start practicing and remember to bring your “Gameface”.

SPECIAL 3 New Releases and 3 Weekly DVD’s




Blockbuster - Richardson Place Phone 8671 0599

HYDRAULIC TORQUE WRENCHES 30mm to 150mm bolts See the Hytorc Bolting and resource website at for all the answers to your bolting needs 6 Eton Rd, Keswick 0412 828 060 Ph: 8293 8411 Fax: 8288 0477

DAVE KOVAC al artist Loc Giclée Prints

‘Red-barred Dragon’ Limited Edition of 25

$250 unframed $425 framed

Contact Dave on 0409 726 252 This professional quality printing is done with high tech printers using archival inks & papers. EFTPOS available

May is Morning Tea time. So tea up your friends or workmates and help tip the balance in the fight against cancer. It’s easy, it’s fun and together you’ll be making a big difference, because every cup counts. Register now, call 1300 65 65 85 or visit

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

Wednesday, May 5, 2010 – Page 9



I like making stables and playing with horses

I like to play with friends and make necklaces



I like to paint pictures of flowers and read books

Enjoy baking cookies


Sharon Lyons and Riley joy Richardson enfun Little Rascal’s day



Sarah Hanly the dresses up for Little Rascals fun day

Juanita van e sti Rooyen and Kria lot Reschke put intheir of thought to tle outfits for Lit Rascal’s fun day

BOOKWORM Heidi Tiller displays children’s books.


owner Tara Roberts, ls, and of LIttle Rasca nager, Ma Alicia Pratt, the fun dress up for day


gan Caitlin and Re le Burt enjoy LItt y da fun ls sca Ra


Wild, Amy Cox, Kerry n Leah Broughtoll at and Tash Carroay Amy’s birthd party


Trae van Laarhoven dropall tb kicked the foohis away from goal post


I like to make play doh and talk to the teachers


on I like playing th the couches wi my dinosaurs


d Phoebe Noll an Phoenix Tooleall enjoy the footb on Saturday



Simone Denven and Alice Lovelock at the Little Rascals fun day

and Nicole Paige oyen Jonata Van Roscals at The LIttle Ra fun day on Saturday

Page 10 – Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper



ck, Anthony Alco os, Toby Jane Span sey Ca Kim Simmons, David Simmons and the at Pattenden Irish Christmas

rrin Aren Sears, Keam Crowley, Grahison and Emma NeIrish enjoy RFDS’s the Christmas at y da Club on Satur night



resa Norm Evans, Teigh Baddeley, Le Sadler, y ce Malcolm, Tra s, Teya Sarah Barne on Dunn and Sim h Parker at the Iris Christmas

Gordon “Flash” v l” Ke Walters, “Coo rv Lewis and Me h Iris the at Rogers Christmas


Amy Cox blows out her candlesn with the childre at her party



s Father Christma lper and his little he at the Irish Christmas

Heidi and at Jasmine Tiller LIttle Rascals Fun Day


Bonne Opie and Meaghan Kiely enjoy watching the football on Saturday



Craig Wilson an se” John “Alphon s Anastasopolou y’s celebrate Am 30th in style

Brad and Amy Cox at Amy’s belated 30th birthday party on Friday night



Jaco Ellis, Ste Purvis ter Robbertse, Pe enjoy and Rod Smithnual An e’s Kemp Golf Day on Saturday

Jarrod Burdett, k tric Rick Russel, Pa son Brind adn Jack Millard at the Kempe Golf Day


y Kempe Golf Darrip, sponsors Jeff Ha , NIno Tormena y err Neville Stuchbse at and Heath Ca l the successfu event



rrip Putting is Jeff Ha se while his ambroe vill Ne er partn ks Stuchbery loo on

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

A group shot at d me Amy’s 80s the birthday

Wednesday, May 5, 2010 – Page 11

Travel Murray River Captain Cook Cruises - PS Murray Princess Discover the beauty

There’s water in our Murray!

Giant Pandas S

outh Australia’s capital city of Adelaide has pulled out the welcome mat for its two most anticipated new residents - Giant Pandas Wang-Wang and Funi, last December. Located adjacent to Adelaide’s magnificent Botanic Gardens in the centre of the city, the Adelaide Zoo has undertaken a major renovation in preparation for the pandas’ arrival. Both Wang-Wang and Funi enjoy state of the art accommodation, with each of the panda’s exhibits equivalent in size to a large house block. Visitors on the Panda Insights and Inspirations Tour will have prime access and viewing of the Giant Panda and Red Panda exhibits on a guided tour with an Adelaide Zoo host, before the Zoo opens for the day. They can talk with the Keeper and watch the Red Pandas being fed. They’ll also be the first visitors to see the Giant Pandas

being released into their day exhibits before joining a zoo keeper for an exclusive 40-minute personalised tour of the zoo. Visitors will also gain an insight into the life of a Giant Panda and learn about the bamboo, where it is sourced, how the zoo keeps up the supply for their daily intake as well as finding out about the genetic makeup of Giant Pandas and the efforts that are being made to save these endangered animals from extinction. Those on the exclusive Giant Panda Close Encounter - where numbers are strictly limited to a maximum of six - are in for an even more memorable experience, helping the Giant Panda Keeper to prepare breakfast for the pandas as well as placing bamboo and daily treats for Wang Wang and Funi in their enclosure areas. They’ll also get to spend more time with a Giant Panda Keeper as well as heading into the “inner sanctum”, viewing the Pandas in their night quarters and helping to release them into their day enclosures.

Panda Insights and Inspirations Tour costs $130pp Giant Panda Close Encounter costs $495pp Part proceeds are contributed to Conservation Ark program, the Royal Zoological Society of South Australia’s integrated science and conservation arm. Zoo Entry Prices: FAMILY 2 adults and 2 or 3 children $68 ADULTS Ages 15+ $26

South Australia’s section of the beautiful Murray River contains plenty of water for you to enjoy a river holiday, despite current low rainfalls throughout Australia. Whether you’re into high-energy watersports like waterskiing or jet boating, or prefer more laidback choices like a leisurely houseboat holiday, or fishing, the wide expanses of the

Murray River are the ideal holiday playground for you. The Murray River is an Australian icon. More than a hundred years ago, paddle steamers used to venture up and down the length of the river, transporting agricultural produce from riverside townships. While the age of the paddle steamer trade has gone, the river towns (and a few of the steamers themselves) remain - and they’ll offer you a warm welcome.

of the Murray River and secrets of Australian history on Captain Cook Cruises three, four and seven night adventures onboard the modern authentic paddle wheeler, the PS Murray Princess. You will experience incredible worlds of nature, history and culture in relaxed comfort, as the PS Murray Princess navigates more than 280 kilometres of the Murray River. See towering cliffs and picturesque gorges. Enjoy nature walks and eco-tours, see Australian wildlife including kangaroos and 350 bird species, discover the maze of back-

waters, creeks and lagoons and special native wildlife shelter. Visit a genuine woolshed and sheep station. Explore old towns, wineries and Aboriginal sites and dine under brilliant starlit skies and witness stunning sunrises. Guests will also discover the taste sensations of the Murray’s food and wine trail. Enjoy an Aussie style barbecue on the banks of the river and take a guided tour of a vineyard with wine tasting. An optional full day Barossa tour is free to seven night passengers. All cruises include meals, accommodation, complimentary scenic coach transfers from Adelaide or car parking in Mannum, most tours, all onboard facilities, use of two spas/saunas, sun deck, two bars/lounges, single sitting dining saloon and entertainment.

McLaren Vale and Fleurieu Peninsula


In McLaren Vale be sure to visit: his adventure playground is famed for its D’Arenberg: This winery includes a charming restaucoastal thrills, secluded beaches, adventurous rant on its enclosed, corrugated iron and glass verandah tours and unspoilt wildlife. that serves up fine cuisine overlooking a vista of vineyards.

It’s a paradise for divers and snorkellers, with dramatic shipwrecks and stunning marine life, including the famed Leafy Seadragon. And it’s alive with vibrant and creative festivals, events and art. McLaren Vale & Fleurieu Peninsula is home to some of the best produce and vineyards in the country. If you know about wine, you’ve certainly heard of names such as McLaren Vale, Langhorne Creek, and Currency Creek. You can find them all here. There’s stunning coastal walks, welcoming locals and character-filled towns. McLaren Vale & Fleurieu Peninsula - get into it!

Accommodation deals – Shorts You’ll find some great McLaren Vale & Fleurieu Peninsula accommodation deals in the Short Holidays book. Visit the short holiday section to grab accommodation, tour and hire packages. Boys are Back - the Movie McLaren Vale & Fleurieu Peninsula also forms the beautiful backdrop for the new Scott Hicks film, Boys are Back, now receiving great reviews. Check out The Fleurieu Peninsula to experience the stunning locations firsthand.

Fox Creek: Ancient gum and olive trees frame a lake full of water birds adjacent to the bridge which crosses Fox Creek on the way to the 19th Century stone cellar door. Look out for changing art exhibitions featuring local and regional artists. Wirra Wirra: At this friendly cellar door you can ring the 750kg Angelus Bell that sits on top of the winery and is used to mark the start and end of vintage. There are even toys and games for the kids while the adults enjoy wine tasting. Penny’s Hill: This small producer of hand-made, estate-grown wines includes the Red Spot Café with a refreshing tapas-style menu. Look out for friendly geese! Samuel’s Gorge: Wine tastings are held in a former olive press house in this winery which overlooks dramatic Australian wilderness in Onkaparinga River National Park. Other great wineries on the Fleurieu Peninsula include: Bleasdale: This is where Langhorne Creek’s wine industry began. Today owned and operated by fifth generation members of the Potts family, the winery’s red gum wine press is 15 metres long, 7 metres high, weighs 3.5 tonnes and was hand built in 1892. See it for yourself. Rusticana Wines (and Newmans Horseradish Farm): Enjoy a platter, coffee or glass of wine in picturesque Langhorne Creek.

CHILDREN Ages 4 - 14 $15 STUDENT/CONCESSION Student/Concession card must be shown $18 Zoo Opening Hours: Open every day from 9.30am - 5pm Zoo Shop open 9.30am - 4.45pm Reptile House open 10am - 4.30pm Nocturnal House open 10am - 4.30pm Walk-through Aviaries open 9.30am - 4.30pm



he Manna of Hahndorf is located in the heart of the beautiful Adelaide Hills and offers 50 brand new up-market motel rooms. Only 20 minutes from the Adelaide central business district and central to the Barossa, McLaren Vale and Adelaide Hills wine regions, the Manna of Hahndorf is surrounded by the wineries, cafes and galleries of Hahndorf. Enjoy superbly furnished Page 12 – Wednesday, May 5, 2010

rooms, featuring plasma televisions with Foxtel and wireless broadband internet, along with superior, executive, spa and family rooms. Heated pool and spa are available at the sister motel, Hahndorf Inn Motor Lodge, located 100 metres away. ‘The Haus’ Kitchen and Bar opens April 2010 and will offer a rustic and regional menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week.

SUPERIOR - From $145.00 for Room Only

One bedroom Superior room with one king size bed or two king size single beds or one queen size bed and all room facilities.

EXECUTIVE / FAMILY - From $165.00 for Room Only One bedroom Executive or Family room with one king size bed (Executive) or one king size bed and two trundle beds (Family) and all room facilities.

SPA SUITE - From $205.00 for Room Only

One bedroom spa suite with balcony and spa featuring one queen size bed and all room facilities. THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

PEST MANAGEMENT Roxby Downs Pest Management and Ensystex By Millie Thomas


s previously reported in The Monitor, Roxby Pest Management has changed ownership, and new owner John Giles, has made Roxby Pest Management part of his franchise, Outback Pest Control. John is prepared to bring everything the previous ownership did, plus a whole lot more. The last article written about the services Outback Pest Control outlined their use of Exterra Requiem bait, the eco – friendly alternative for termite interception and baiting. Outlined in this article is their use of Ensystex, a company that researches, manufactures and supplies premium quality, environmentally responsible, urban pest management solutions for use by professional pest managers; and has achieved a high international reputation for these products. Ensystex is focussed on the urban pest management market with its uniquely different profile. Where products require compliance to GreenSmart, Codemark, environmental, or other agreed product / service standards, Ensystex is committed to maintaining and improving upon those requirements. Ensystex’s vision is to be the ‘first choice for environmentally responsible, effective, long-term pest management solutions’. Ensystex is a privately owned company, dedicated to the supply of superior products to professional pest manag-

ers. As a research-based international company, Ensystex has active ingredient synthesis and product formulation facilities in 14 different facilities; two in the USA, two in Australia, one in Thailand, seven in China, one in Germany, and one in Russia. Research facilities are located in North Carolina, USA; and in Victoria and NSW in Australia. Ensystex has a background of over 75 years in pest management and a global team of dedicated pest management professionals. As a sister company to one of the largest pest control companies in the United States; Ensystex was founded to change the landscape of the pest control industry. To our knowledge, our effort represents the first time that pest control specialists have ever started a global chemical company intent on developing and marketing professional products.

Ensystex researches, develops, formulates, manufactures and supplies premium-quality, environmentally responsible urban pest management solutions for use by professional pest managers


ROXBY DOWNS PEST MANAGEMENT Domestic/Commercial • Termites - Exterra Baiting System • Flies - Spiders - Bees • Rodents - Cockroaches - Ants • Pretreats for new buildings • Weed Spraying TERMITE INTERCEPTION & BAITING SYSTEM TRAVIS HAGUE Phone/Fax: 8671 3343 • Mobile: 0427 280 291 JOHN GILES Phone/Fax: 8842 3566 • Mobile: 0418 813 272 Email: THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

Wednesday, May 5, 2010 – Page 13


Preparing for annual shoot at Andamooka

Monitor NEWS



By Natalia O’hagan

Uranium industry must apologise to Traditional Owners and banana growers


he Australian Greens have called on the uranium industry to apologise to Traditional Owners in the Pilbara, as well as banana growers, over factual errors in the latest issue of is flagship ‘Bulletin’ publication. Complaints have been made after representatives of the Canadian mining giant Cameco recently told Traditional Owners at a community information workshop in the east Pilbara community of Punmu that there was uranium in bananas, and that therefore they should not be worried about Cameco’s planned Kintyre uranium mine. “Mining uranium creates vast amounts of radioactive waste or

tailings that remain a health hazard for tens of thousands of years. The tailings inevitably leak – as we have seen occur at Olympic Dam and Beverley mines in South Australia and at Ranger mine in the Northern Territory, where 100,000 litres-a-day of contaminated water is leaking into groundwater beneath Kakadu. “To compare such serious, systematic health and environmental problems caused by mining uranium to eating a banana is misleading and frankly, offensive. “I am also concerned that the main publication of the Australian Uranium Association, which appears to be the source of the claim about bananas, also contains a false claim that a recent independent review recommended uranium be

removed as a ‘trigger’ for assessment under the Federal EPBC Act,” Senator Ludlam continued. “This is most definitely not the case. I suggest that if the association wants to retain any credibility at all, it retracts its error relating to the EPBC Act and that it also urges its member Cameco to retract its statement to the Martu people at Punmu on bananas, issue an apology to banana growers, and start providing full, honest, accurate information instead. “It’s a bad enough that a foreign mining giant such as Cameco spreads fictions to Aboriginal communities who would be on the frontline of their mining operations and it’s no better when misinformation comes from the industry’s peak lobby group.”

Western Australia rules out royalty hike for gold miners


estern Australia mining representative bodies welcome d Premier Colin Barnett’s decision to maintain gold royalties at their current levels.


Wayne McCarthy aka Ted at last year’s event

very year the Andamooka Gun Club host a two day shotgun event and in June this year it will fall on the 19th and the 20th with a total of 150 targets to be shot. They will also hold a sausage sizzle and wheelbarrow raffle at the next Roxby Downs Market Day, on May 15. This will be to help the Andamooka Gun Club raise money for new facilities and their up-coming event. The “Two day Opal Classic shotgun event” on June 19 and 20 starts on the Saturday at 9:00am and Sunday at 8:30am at the Andamooka Gun Club, located 3km north of Andamooka. The clay pigeon shotgun shooting competition will see 150 targets shot over two days, where competitors will be able to camp on the grounds, and meals will

be available for all meals Saturady and Sunday, excluding breakfast, at a head price of $50.00. Nominations to be eligable to shoot cost $90.00, with ammunition not included in price. Although last year the turn out “wasn’t that good,” organisers have high hopes for the competition this year, and hope the weekend will attract good numbers and keen competition. The Club encourages everyone to have a go, even though the thought of handling a fire arm may appear daunting to some. “I encourage everyone to go out to the gun club and give it a go because you never know what you might learn,” said Club member, Sarah Perrett.

Unlimited free transactions now offered by Alliance One Credit Union How does unlimited free transactions on a range of popular access services sound? That’s what you get with Alliance One Credit Union’s ‘Everyday Unlimited’ account. It’s banking made simple…a full access transaction account that gives you unlimited free transactions on a range of access facilities, all for a low monthly service fee. For just $5 per month, you receive UNLIMITED FREE transactions on rediATM withdrawals, EFTPOS withdrawals and Branch withdrawals.

Page 14 – Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Plus, you receive unlimited free transactions on a range of other payment and deposit services. Plus, all account holders receive the convenience and security of a Visa Debit card to use when purchasing or transacting. So pop in to Alliance One Credit Union at 26 Richardson Place (next to Subway) or call 1300 344 481 to ask about ‘Everyday Unlimited’, or visit Alliance One Credit Union at …its simple. And of course, some other terms and conditions and fees and charges apply. But they’re simple too!

This comes as Barnett announced in Parliament that he would not increase gold royalties in this year ’s budget. Barnett’s proposal to raise royalties for all commodities in next month’s budget attracted widespread criticism from the indus-


cluding Avoca Resources, Crescent Gold and Norton Gold Fields, said it welcomed the decision to retain gold royalties at their current level. GRRG spokesperson Warrick Hazeldine described the decision as a “win for common sense”, and one that would safeguard the sustainability of the state’s junior gold sector. The Association of Mining and Exploration Companies (Amec) also welcomed the announcement. Bennison urged the government to consult with industry in any future deliberations on the royalty regime and to avoid media debates.

Copper down as investors fret over Greece, China

opper fell last week, with non-U.S. investors hit by the euro’s slide versus the dollar due to growing worries over debt-laden Greece, and as market players worried demand might be slowing in top metals buyer China. Benchmark copper for threemonth delivery on the London Metal Exchange closed at $7 692 a t in official rings from $7 760 at the close on Wednesday. Earlier this month the metal used in power and construction touched $8,043.75, its highest since August 2008 but has since met resistance


try, especially the gold sector, which argued that the state would jeopardise future investments. Western Australia reportedly mooted a doubling of gold royalties to 5%. Barnett also said in Parliament that the issue of the discounted royalties applying to diversified mining giants BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto and whether the gap between lump iron-ore and fines iron-ore should be sustained had been discussed in government. The Gold Royalties Response Group, (GRRG), which consists of a number of gold companies in-

near the $8 000 level since. Hitting base metals, the euro neared one-year lows against the dollar after Moody’s cut Greece’s sovereign rating and placed it on review for a further possible downgrade. The market appears worried the world’s top consumer of base metals may be oversupplied with copper after imports in March jumped more than 50 percent to 337 125 tonnes. Last week China raised mortgage rates and down payment requirements to cool growth in the property sector, a major user of copper pipes and wiring. Aluminium closed at $2 320 versus $2 351. LME stocks for the

metal, used in transport and packaging, rose 2,325 tonnes to 4.57 million tonnes, remaining near record highs. A large portion of those aluminium stocks are tied up in financial deals. Steel making ingredient nickel closed at $27 095 from $26 975 while battery material lead was at $2 310 from $2 320. Metals traders have been focusing on dominant positions within the smaller LME metal markets, especially nickel. Zinc traded at $2 418 a t from $2 425 and tin was at $18 950 from Wednesday’s last quote of $19 000/$19 050.

A huge thank you from Roxby Downs Pest Management

tuey Clarke has kindness over the past taken his back 5 years, it has been truly pack sprayer and appreciated...” However, Stuey and is moving on. The man with a big grin , a heart as big as the outback, and a lovely wife (Cherie, the woman behind the successful man) farewelled Roxby after five years. Cherie says,“We have formed many great friendships over that time, and for that reason, we will be sad to leave, but we feel certain those friendships will continue long after we’ve left Roxby.’ She continued,“Stuey and I would sincerely like to thank everyone for their patronage, support and

Cherie want their patrons to know that they have left the business in the capable hands of John and Stacey Giles and Travis Hague, who will be living in Roxby and are experienced pest managers. Like Stuey and Cherie, the new owners are very customer focused. As Stuey and Cherie ride off into the sunset, they will be taking with them “...memories of pleasant and enjoyable experiences while living and working here in Roxby Downs...” THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper



Should kids in Primary School have to do homework?


“No, because young kids should be spending their spare time being kids.” Kylie Green and Dearne Masson

“No, too much responsibility already due to sporting commitments etc.” Jodi Brind

“No, because children need time to spend with family and to play.” Marie and Leo Mccormack

“Some homework is acceptable depending on the developmental nature of the child.” Julie Traeger

Make your mark on Roxby Support Roxby’s newest playground and family reserve The Friends of Community Playgrounds will be upgrading the Curdimurka Reserve

You can support this community project and become part of Roxby’s history by buying pavers All funds will be used to provide new play equipment and facilities such as shade, seating and picnic areas Application forms are available and payments can be made at Alliance One and Big Sky Credit Unions Corporate Sponsorship Packages available For further information contact Petra Noble on 8671 9020

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

Wednesday, May 5, 2010 – Page 15







Tarrot readings No longer at the Markets so have some fun and book a reading. Ring Janet ph: 0418846350



Oasis Pools & Spas are back! Thinking about putting in a pool? Why n ot make i t a freedom pool. Give Sue or Chris Bowskill a ring on Ph. 0409 286 480 or 0429 809 308

3 bedroom house, newly renovated bathroom, huge insulated shed, above ground swimming pool, outdoor entertaining area, price negotiable 0427 514 572 company or private tenants invited to apply

I teach a range of nylon and steel string acoustic styles Stef Saunders 0400 995 277

SENIORS Register your team NOW (Teams of 4 - to play order of merit) If you don’t have a team, please put your nomination form in and you’ll be allocated to a team. • Members (free) Non-Members $65.00

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@^MZ_\MOUœO 5ZPa_`^UMX ?[Xa`U[Z_ V` `RRXV[T N[ Re]R_VR[PRQ 1VR`RY :RPUN[VP S\_ \b_ <YfZ]VP 1NZ `VaR AUV` _\YR dVYY ]_VZN_VYf V[c\YcR _R]NV_V[T N[Q ZNV[aR[N[PR `R_cVPR \[ aUR ]YN[a Z\OVYR R^bV]ZR[a d\_XV[T V[ N d\_X`U\] AUR `bPPR``SbY N]]YVPN[a dVYY U\YQ N ¹QVR`RY ZRPUN[VP² aVPXRa 6QRNYYf aUR N]]YVPN[a dVYY QRZ\[`a_NaR N O_\NQ _N[TR \S Re]R_VR[PR d\_XV[T dVaU `XVQ `aRR_ Y\NQR_` aV]]R_` UVTU ]_R``b_R dNaR_ WRaaV[T R^bV]ZR[a N[Q 6[Qb`a_VNY CNPbbZ A_bPX` . P\Z]RaVaVcR U\b_Yf _NaR N[Q RePRYYR[a P\[QVaV\[` dVYY OR \[ \SSR_ S\_ aUR _VTUa ]R_`\[ F\b dVYY OR _R^bV_RQ a\ d\_X `\ZR \[ PNYY N[Q dRRXR[Q d\_X N` _R^bV_RQ

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JUNIORS â&#x20AC;˘ Members (free) Non-Members $45.00 â&#x20AC;˘ Commences Monday 17th May â&#x20AC;˘ Time Courts at 3:00pm

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Enquiries to or

.]]YVPNaV\[` PY\`R 3_VQNf !aU :Nf 

Phone: 8671 2683




A&J Noske Paving Building Contractors All aspects of paving and retaining walls Concrete work brickwork and ceramic tiling also rock style pavers made on site no cutting or transport Pompei style wood pizza ovens also constructed on site

Antique & Household Removals Local, Interstate Phone: & Country Storage

Goverment â&#x20AC;˘ Commercial â&#x20AC;˘ Residential


Contact: 0418833576

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Paint by Peter Arriving in Roxby Downs on 7 May Please ring to arrange a quote


0427 716 173

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REMEDIAL MASSAGE THERAPIST Melanie Bellin 0422 067 174

Lic. No. BLD175909

Peter Shimmin 0413 832 195

Pt Pirie & Adelaide Depots

Remedial Massage, Relaxation Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage, Corporate Massage, Pregnancy Massage Rebates available from most private Health Funds Gift Certificates

Specialising in: Heritage Repainting & Repairs

By appointment only ROXBY DOWNS

PORT PIRIE - PHONE 8633 2355 Fresh and Smoked Fish, Crayfish and Crabs, Oysters, Prawns, Scallops, Marinated Seafood and more.

Deliveries to Roxby Daily or call in and see our range of fresh fish

The Show That Keeps You Regular!

A Big Bowl Of Museli with Jack McGuire Proudly sponsored by Sodexo Remote Sites

Ladies, Gentlemen and baldie babies everywhere! As the name â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;muesliâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; suggests (derived from the German/Swiss word â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;musâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; meaning â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;a mixtureâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; ), this is a show that gives your ears the benefit of a healthy mixture to start your day. How?? Mmm â&#x20AC;Ś well â&#x20AC;Ś Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll be regular with the irregular as with the regular. Regular gossip from around the town and off the wide wide world of the web. Regular trivia and nonsense, regular interviews from â&#x20AC;&#x153;People in your Communityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; â&#x20AC;Ś thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s even a regular corner for the kids! All sprinkled with music from regular acts you know and independent artists from Australia and overseas that are dying to tickle your ears! Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a show that doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t take itself too seriously, so I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t expect the listener to either. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s me doing my â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;thangâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; â&#x20AC;&#x201C; having fun and bringing you along for the ride â&#x20AC;Ś now read the small print please! (The suggestion that the show - A Big Bowl Of Muesli - keeps you regular does not mean it should be used as a substitute for regular dietary fibre ... you have been warned!) Keep yourself regular with a Big Bowl Of Muesli from 6am - 9am every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning.

Email: Web: Page 16 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Wednesday, May 5, 2010

THE MONITOR â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Your Community Newspaper


Monitor NEWS

Movie Review S

as a former Black Ops expert (!) who refuses to put a shirt on. Climaxing on a ludicrous conjoined car chase, Date Night could (and maybe should) have been an absolute traffic accident. But amid the dumbness and dross, Carell and co keep mining shards of comic brilliance and, even more unlikely, some James Franco might be the disarming glints of emotion. best young actor in Hollywood Night At The Museum di(check out funnyordie. com, then watch him in Milk). Mark Wahlberg is leading-man poison but supporting-man genius (well worth that Oscar nod in The Departed). And, more often than not, Hollywood has no idea what to do with any of them. So they end up in movies like Date Night, in which Carell and Fey play Phil and Claire Foster, a middle-aged couple grinding through marriage, work and parenthood like robots. They love each other. They’re just tired. So they visit an expensive Manhattan restaurant to rediscover their passion for each other before they end up as another divorce statistic. Then, just when it looks like a witty exploration of adult relationships – an Apatow-esque drama of swears, subtlety and silliness – the movie spins off hopelessly into the night like a bizarre romcom remake of After Hours. At least, that’s just one of the many things that it might have been. Screenwriter Josh Klausner (Shreks 3 and 4) just keeps shovelling on more madness: mistaken identity, a pair of armed goons, Ray Liotta as a Mob boss, Franco and Mila Kunis as crims and, best of all, Wahlberg

teve Carell might be Hollywood’s greatest current tragi-comic thespian (if you’ve seen The Office US, you already know this). Tina Fey is one of America’s smartest, sharpest comediennes (she wrote Mean Girls, remember).

rector Shawn Levy keeps the movie barrelling along obliviously, seemingly without ever knowing or caring what he’s doing. Worth the ride? Yes. Pulling in all sorts of directions, Date Night is held together by a terrific cast that make a little go a long, long way. Somewhere in all of this there was a seriously good movie. As it is, we have a seriously weird one.


BUTTS AND GUTS - Pulse Gym - 9:00am X-FIT - Pulse Gym - 7:30pm BALLET - Auditorium - 3:30pm - 6:00pm SENIOR SOCCER - Sports Stadiums - 6:00pm JUNIOR NETBALL TRAININGS Outdoor Courts - 3:00pm-6:00pm SENIOR NETBALL TRAININGS Outdoor Courts - 6:00pm - 9:00pm SQUASH AUTUMN PENNANT Squash Courts - 7:00pm-9:00pm SENIOR BASKETBALL GAMES Sports Stadiums - 7:00pm-10:00pm COME AND TRY SOCCER Sports Stadiums - 3:30pm-6:00pm W&DFL FOOTBALL TRAINING Town Oval - 4:00pm- 9:30pm

WEDNESDAY BALLET - Auditorium - 3:30pm-6:00pm KARATE - Auditorium - 6:00pm-9:00pm BASIC STEP - Pulse Gym - 9:00am STRETCH & RELAX - Pulse Gym - 7:30pm W&DFL FOOTBALL TRAINING Town Oval - 4:00pm- 9:30pm WOMEN’S AND MIXED NETBALL Sports Stadiums - 6:00pm-9:30pm JUNIOR NETBALL TRAININGS Outdoor Courts - 3:00pm-6:00pm



Accounts for the 31st March 2010 Quarter have been issued. Please pay by the due date to avoid a late payment fee being added to your account.

The library is open 8:30am - 5pm Monday to Friday and 9:30am - 12noon Saturdays. Toddler story time is on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9:30am. Membership to the library is FREE and a wide range of resources are available including books, DVD’s, magazines and Internet facilities. All enquiries to 8671 0660



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X-TRAINER - Pulse Gym - 6:30pm JUNIOR NETBALL TRAININGS Outdoor Courts - 3:00pm-6:00pm SENIOR BASKETBALL GAMES Sports Stadiums - 7:00pm-10:00pm W&DFL FOOTBALL TRAINING Town Oval - 4:00pm- 9:30pm SQUASH AUTUMN PENNANT Squash Courts - 7:00pm-9:00pm JUNIOR INDOOR HOCKEY Sports Stadiums - 5:00pm- 6:00pm SENIOR INDOOR HOCKEY Sports Stadiums - 6:00pm- 8:00pm


SENIOR NETBALL GAMES Outdoor Courts & Sports Stadiums 6:00pm - 9:30pm

Accounts for the 31st March 2010 Quarter have now been issued. Please pay by the due date to avoid late payment fees being added to your account.

W&DFL JUNIOR FOOTBALL GAMES Town Oval - 8:00am-12:00pm W&DFL SENIOR FOOTBALL GAMES Town Oval - 12:00pm-5:00pm JUNIOR NETBALL GAMES Outdoor Courts - 9:00pm-1:30pm



JUNIOR NETBALL SQUAD TRAINING Outdoor Courts - 11:00am -12:00pm 3:00pm - 4:30pm


• New Council By-Laws require all cat owners to register their cats. Cats must be desexed and micro chipped before registration and proof taken to the Council office between 9.00 am – 5.00 pm Monday to Friday prior to registration. • New By-Laws also make it a requirement that all cats are to be restrained to the owner’s property • Registration fee for a micro chipped and desexed cat is $28.00. A fine of $80.00 will be imposed for any unregistered cats and if wandering at large a further $80.00 expiation fine will be imposed. • Council would like to advise that due to a new Council by-law; only two cats are allowed per property. Written application to the council for approval of more than two cats is required. • If you are having problems with stray cats, the council hires out cat traps for a refundable bond, just come into the council office. Once caught, council will collect both the trap and the animal. • Council is offering to anyone wanting to dispose of their cat/s to sign them over to Council and they will hand them over to the Vet for re-housing or humane disposal.





WARNING: Dogs registered with another Council are NOT considered to be registered within our Council. An Expiation Notice will be issued if not registered with us. Proof of registration with another council is required and only incurs a minimal transfer fee. • Council would like to advise that due to a new Council by-law; only two dogs are allowed per property. Written application to the council for approval of more dogs is required. • Council are receiving many complaints about barking dogs. If you have a complaint, please come into the council and collect the relevant complaint form. If you would like a booklet on ways to stop your dog barking, please come into the council and ask for your copy.

10 to 16 May 2010

JUNIOR NETBALL TRAININGS FRIDAY Outdoor Courts - 3:00pm-6:00pm SENIOR NETBALL TRAININGS Outdoor Courts - 6:00pm-9:00pm VOLLEYBALL - Sports Stadiums - 6:30pm W&DFL FOOTBALL TRAINING Town Oval - 4:00pm- 9:30pm KARATE - Auditorium - 6:00pm-9:00pm

Web: e-mail: After hours Emergencies, please phone 0419 892 870.

• Any unregistered dogs will attract an expiation fine of $80.00. This expiation can be repeated every 14 days until the dog is registered. • All registered dogs MUST wear their tags, otherwise a fine will be imposed. • Please also ensure that all dogs over the age of three months are registered, failure to comply can again result in an $80.00 Expiation Notice being issued.

WHAT’S ON sports MONDAY SPIN - Pulse Gym - 7:30pm

Office hours Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm Phone: 8671 0010 Fax: 8671 0452

Service SA operates at the Council Office on Wednesday and Thursdays ONLY, between the hours of 9.00am and 4.30pm. Council provides Transport Services including Vehicle and Boat Registrations and Licensing Transactions. No learner written theory tests will commence after 4.00pm. All enquiries can be directed to: 131084

RATES 2009/10 rates have been declared. Third quarters’ rates for this financial year were issued on 15.02.10. Payment is due on 17.03.10. If you did not receive a notice or have any enquiries please contact Bronnie Warren on 8671 0010 during office hours.

ARE YOU MOVING INTO OR OUT OF A PROPERTY AT ROXBY DOWNS? To connect your electricity supply, you are required to lodge the paper work with the Council before 3pm on the day of connection. When vacating a property, you are required to lodge the paperwork with the Council 2 – 3 days prior to the requested final meter reading date. If you would like this paperwork faxed or emailed, feel free to contact us at the above number.

HAVING DIFFICULTY PAYING YOUR ACCOUNT? Council is aware that some people may, upon receiving any of their Council accounts, experience difficulty with payment of them by the due date. Please feel free to visit the Council office and complete a Payment Arrangement Form as early as possible or phone and advise us.

UNABLE TO GET INTO THE COUNCIL OFFICE? If you need to pay a Council account, and are unable to come into the council office during work hours, we do offer payment via 2 ways: ∙ either by credit card facility via the Internet. Please include your account number in the reference area, and then advise us via email when making payment by Internet ∙ or by phoning us at the Council in work hours for over the phone payment.

POOL SAFETY AT HOME We would like to bring to your attention the

possibility of the dangers around the home swimming pool. Please ensure that pools are surrounded by child proof fencing, that the fence has required locking devices, is the correct height, and has a clearance to avoid climbing. If your pool is deeper than 300 millimetres and has a filtration system then you will be required to seek council approval. Information regarding the latest standards and regulations can be obtained from the Roxby Downs Council Office or on the Planning SA website Please note that it is an offence to fill a swimming pool with water if an appropriate safety barrier has not been installed. Council takes the matter of life safety associated with swimming pools very seriously. Council is currently undertaking random compliance inspections regarding Swimming Pool safety barriers associated with Approved Swimming Pools throughout the township of Roxby Downs. These inspections are aimed at ensuring the approved safety barrier has been installed appropriately and that the pool is adequately fenced with a complying swimming pool safety barrier.

WASTE MANAGEMENT OPAL ROAD LANDFILL AND RECYCLING ON GOSSE: The refuse centre is open from 1pm – 6pm, seven days a week. This is a FREE service and is located on Opal Road (just after BP on the left). Recycling can be taken to either the landfill or BSH Waste Solutions on Gosse Street. All enquiries can be made to: 8671 1154.


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Local ‘Phantom’ excels at Marla Bronco Branding By Celeste Lustosa The 5th Annual Marla Bronco Branding & Family Fun Day was held over the Anzac Day Long Weekend in Marla, South Australia. It was a smaller crowd this year, but there was still plenty of action. Former champions from SA Tony Williams and Eddie Nunn along with Roxby local Mark “Phantom” Spiers also fielded teams. Phantom (Mark Speirs) and Allan Fennell (Lambina Station) came first in the doubles event. The singles event was hotly contested with 14 nominations and teams travelling from far and wide to try and take home a share of the prize money. Bully Booth and his team B41 were popular winners, having supported the event for some time. There were eight teams nominated in the novice category, a novice being someone who has never won as a catcher at any bronco branding event. There were two teams from the Northern Territory, as well as a team of ‘old hands’ from Walatinna. In the end though, first place went to Donald Dodd of Mt Barry Station. The doubles event was the most popular of the day with plenty of people watching the action. Although there were only seven nominations in the event times were all very close. It was a good day for Club President Alan Fennell when he and The Phantom took home first prize. After the day’s activities, the crowd partied the night away with SA band ‘Rustflower’. The Committee would like to thank all the sponsors, volunteers, competitors and spectators for a great day

JUNIOR NETBALL Results 11 and Under - T-Birds 13 d Shooters 8, Lightning 4 d Bullets 2 13 and Under: Shooters 52 d T-Birds 14, Lighning 32 d Bullets 17 17 and Under: Shooters 43 d Lightning 30, T-Birds 45 d Bullets 27

and look forward to seeing everyone again next year. Bronco Branding is Australia’s traditional method of branding cattle in the bush. This unique method of branding stock has been practiced on most of the large stations throughout Australia. Marla Bronco Branding 2010 Results: Open Singles 1. B41 – Bully Booth 2. Mt Barry – Tony Williams 3. Corey Ferguson Open Doubles 1. Lambina Station – Alan Fennell and The Phantom 2. Nilpinna Station – Donald Dodd and Cam Williams 3. B41 – Bully Booth and Corey Ferguson Novice 1. Mt Barry – Donald Dodd 2. Chris Reynolds 3. The Cameleers – Mike Fennell

AGM Monday, 17 May at 7.30pm Boardroom in the Leisure Centre All positions vacant All welcome

Best Horse – Sweet Pea (Lambina Station) Tug-o-War – B41

NETBALL Results A Grade Olympic Dam A - 36 defeated Miners 1 - 33 GHD Gems – 49 defeated Hornridge 1 – 34

Hornridge 2 – 45 defeated Zodiacs 1 35 Olympic Dam B – 44 defeated Miners 2 - 35 C Grade Miners Red 59 defeated Olympic Dam C – 18 Hornridge 3 - 42 defeated Zodiacs 2 - 24

Prize Money and Trophies


ND LONGWEEKUEN 12 & 13 J E CONTACT Sharon Bell (Secretary) Phone: 8675 8307 or email for more info at: Page 18 – Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Encouragement Award – Shawnee Fennell

B Grade

Roxby Downs Junior Basketball Association

Mike Fennell in the Novice Event riding Sweet Pea.

Food & Drink Facilities Novelty Events

Kids Events Dances Saturday and Sunday Nights. Bronco Branding Draw Saturday Night Merchandise Stalls

Bookmaker (Local & National Races)

Roxby Downs Softball begins Sunday 9th May 11am at the Footy Oval until the school oval is completed. Anyone over 14 years of age can play. The Mixed Comp, is a very social event. Come on have a hit and a giggle, sausage sizzle and find out what our comp is all about. Contact Adrian 0408890117 for more information.



CF Group is ensuring coaches in the Woomera and Districts Football League become SANFL qualified and give players the best advice in training and on the field. An SANFL Level One Coaching Course was facilitated on April 17 at the Olympic Dam Club and was attended by 11 coaches. SCF Group Director Richard Sykes said the coaching course was a resounding success and an initiative his company was proud to sponsor. “Being involved in the coaches’ course and further football sponsorship in the region sees real results to allow more people to be involved in football whether it’s on or off the field,” Mr Sykes said. The level one coaching certificate is an important step for people to be independently responsible for a team. There are three levels of coaching courses, the final being by special invitation from the AFL. “There was a positive response from the participants and clubs involved in the course, and something that is going to reap rewards for the league straight away,” Mr Sykes said. “We see football as a true community unifier and a way to bring people together socially as it is so much more than just what is happening on the field on the weekend.” SCF Group has the naming rights sponsor of

the Roxby Downs Junior Football Association, which has its opening round this weekend being known as the ‘SCF Group Cup’. To precede the opening round of the SCF Group Cup, SCF Group division Simply Containers SA Country Business Development Manager Allan Brand ran a coaching clinic with 43 junior players on April 17. Mr Brand also works with West Adelaide Football Club as part of SCF Group’s sponsorship of the team to be its development officer in rural and regional SA, and is a qualified coach. He said he hoped the sponsorship from SCF for the junior league would help to invigorate the competition. “There is so much potential for the SCF Group Cup to grow and we are here to support the junior league,” he said. SCF Group will be in the region to host school clinics in mid-June, and will be hosting the Woomera and Districts Football League when it comes to Adelaide for the Miners Cup weekend at AAMI Stadium. Established in 1991, the SCF Group is a pioneering leader in logistics, storage and container solutions, which encompasses four divisions; Rail Containers, Tank Containers, Simply Containers and Container Rooms. These brands cater for rail, hazardous liquid transport, small business storage and accommodation.

Crows Club News CROWS HERITAGE JUMPERS Last Saturday the Crows wore a heritage jumper in the Showdown clash. The 2010 Heritage jumper features the name of every player to have played for the Adelaide Crows and the four senior coaches. Current players and coach are not included. 500 replica jumpers are on sale now from CROWmania in store or on line at au for $150.00. Last year they sold out in four days so be quick to secure your piece of history. The jumpers worn on Saturday by the players will be signed and auctioned on line from Monday, May 3,from 9am at with the auction open for seven days.

CROWS FOUNDATION RUBY CONNECTION LADIES’ LUNCH Raising funds for children in need this inaugural lunch is sure to become a fixture in the Adelaide social calendar. Featuring Caroline Wilson as guest speaker and emcee Ali Carle this lunch will be held on Friday June 4 from 12-3pm on the 19th floor of the Westpac Centre. A feature of the day will be the latest in accessories fashion from Gary Castle shoes and The Ivy Room. The cost is $95 per head and includes a two course meal and beverages. To book call Tilney Lewis on 8440 6666 or email THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper


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FOOTY SCOREBOARD Andamooka 13 goals 15 behinds 93 points defeated Hornridge 7 goals 7 behinds 49 points Best players for Andamooka: 1st B Haliman 2nd T Paull 3rd T Mulders 4th T Ripley 5th C Mulders. Goal scorers: T Paull 6 goals T Mulders S Rovelli 2 goals each M Bunnett M Dodd S Hall D McDonald 1 goal each. Hornridge best players: 1st B McEnvoy 2nd B Grimston 3rd M Blackie 4th R McDonald 5th J Elliot. Goal scorers: C Rainsford T Allen 2 goals each B Grimston D Hahn M Blackie 1 goal each.

Andamooka was under attack all day from the Hornridge boys, but in this case they managed to get the ball away.

Coober Pedy 9 goals 13 behinds 67 points defeated Roxby Districts 8 goals 12 behinds 60 points Best players for CP: 1st J McKenzie 2nd A Stalier 3rd S Nelson 4th B Buller 5th B Lennon. Goal scorers: B Lennon T Walker 2 goals each Z McKenzie C Warren J Chrisa C McKenzie B Buller 1 goal each. Best players for Roxby: 1st N Anderson 2nd J Tellfer 3rd J Pyke 4th J Rose 5th J Roberts. Goal scorers: S Kaminski S Finey J Roberts 2 goals each J Watson K Zeptner 1 goal each.

Andamooka shows signs of better things to come


By Scott Sauerwald and Greg Latham

t was a perfect day for football at WDFL headquarters on Saturday. In great weather, the much anticipated game started as a hard fought contest for possession by Hornridge hitting Andamooka players early with hard tackling. This was going to be the litmus test for the highly fancied Andamooka Roos, who had a point to prove after the hype of pre-season and the loss in the opening round. Although applying the pressure, the Hornridge efforts were unrewarded as Andamooka settled quicker after minimal possession to score the first goal after seven minutes. Andamooka maintained their composure and were much cleaner going into the forward 50 for the rest of the quarter piling on a further three goals. Hornridge applied good run out of defence but struggled for forward options only adding one goal for the quarter, which finished with Andamooka 4 goals 3 behinds to Hornridge 1 goal 3 behinds. More of the same was on show for the second quarter as Hornridge applied yet harder tackling from their back line pressure through players such as Cooper, McEvoy and Tutthill with Brayden McEvoy taking a great hanger inside the defensive 50 only to have the ball turned over in their forward 50.

Andamooka, although applying good attacking pressure, for nine scoring shots was wasteful as they only resulted in 2 goals 7 behinds to a paltry 1 goal 1 behind for Hornridge. The half score line saw the Roos open up a greater lead, but had they been more accurate in front of goal the result would have been sealed at the long break. Andamooka took the field in the third, more switched on than Hornridge who looked to have dropped their heads and lost their run. The Blues’ persistent pressure was headed by Luke Scobie, Toby Ripley and Troy Moulders. At about the halfway mark of this quarter and sparked by high emotion a melee broke out which added some tension and fire to the contest which saw Hornridge lift in their efforts until late in the quarter when Brad Cooper went off the ground with what seemed to be a hamstring injury. This resulted in a large hole in the Hornridge midfield and defensive pressure. Andamooka scored 3 goals 3 behinds to Hornridge 2 goals 2 behinds for the term and made the Magpies shot a victory appear more remote. There was a sign early in the last that Andamooka may have been in a position to completely run away with the game with two very quick goals. Hornridge responded to their coach’s passionate plea to play out the game and compete well. A highlight for Hornridge was Tyler Golding

supported by “Hotdogs” pushing hard all day supplying good run. Andamooka in the end never really looking in doubt ran out the game kicking 4 goals 2 behinds for the quarter to Hornridge’s 3 goals1 behinds their best quarter for the day.

Coober Pedy set the bar Three wins from three games shows the league’s big improvers Coober Pedy are going to be a force to be reckoned with this year. The Saints on their home ground were too fast and too skilled for the visiting Roxby Miners who showed a lot of spirit just going down by seven points in a low scoring game of defences. Again inaccuracy in front of goal cost both sides but did accentuate the pressure being applied. This Saturday will be a clash that will really test the Saints. The 2 pm game against Olympic Dam promises to be their biggest test to date. Playing away from home last year’s cellar dwellers against the last year’s premiers is sure to draw a big crowd. The early game is between Roxby Districts and Andamooka and this too will be the true test for the Roo boys to show if their recruits and pre-season training will pay dividends against the Red Army of players and supporters.


Bernard Lennon Ben Buller Ian Brown

Ben Grimston Mitchell Blackie Brayden McEvoy

Leaders Tally after round 3 Mitchell Blackie - 7 (Magpies)

Ben Buller - 4 (Saints)

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

Best players for Bulldogs: 1st A Hambleton 2ndH French 3rd B Kelly 4th J Mason 5th E Zeptner. Goal scorers: J Christall E Zeptner B Evans 2 goals each S Jorgenson D Kenny D Kraljev M Hanson 1 goal each. Best players for Hawks: 1st L Ryan 2nd J Grant 3rd M Hayball 4th A Ryan 5th J Brind. Goal scorers: A Ryan 2 goals J Priest R Wilson 1 goal each.

match on June 5th at AAMI stadium To enter, fill in the coupon below and drop the entry into: The Monitor Newspaper office, 6 Richardson Place Roxby Downs with your

Jake Roberts James Tellfer Kain Zeptner

Address ............................................................................... Phone number .....................................

Olympic Dam Devils

Limit one entry per person per edition of the Monitor Newspaper

3 Votes 2 Votes 1 Votes

Only original coupons will be accepted.


Winner drawn on May 28th, 12 noon at The Monitor office. Winner will be contacted by phone.

Bernard Lennon - 6 (Saints) Dyllon Male - 5 (Magpies)

Bulldogs 12 goals 2 behinds defeated Haeks 4 goals 4 behinds 28 points

Name ..............................................................

Roxby Districts Miners 3 Votes 2 Votes 1 Votes


Adelaide Crows vs Fremantle Dockers

Coober Pedy Saints

3 votes 2 votes 1 vote

Best player for Bulldogs 1st J Male 2nd S King 3rd L Weston 4th J Rigden 5thLinc Goal scorers for Bulldogs J Rigden 3 goals S King L Weston 2 goals each J Male Lewis 1 goal each Best players for Hawks 1st L Hobbs 2nd W Abbott 3rd J Arnold 4th D McGinniss 5th B Blane Goal scorers L Hobbs D McGinniss 1 goal each

The Monitor Newspaper has a family pass (or four adults) to give away for the

Votes for Round 3

Hornridge Magpies

Bulldogs 9 goals 10 behinds 64 points defeated Hawks 2 goals 3 behinds 15 points


of the Year 3 Votes 2 Votes 1 Votes


Andamooka Roos 3 Votes 2 Votes 1 Votes

Toby Ripley Luke Scobie Damien Hann

Sponsored by:

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Your Community Newspaper ~ Roxby Downs

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Fax (08) 8671 2843

Golf results from Saturday 1/05/2010 and Result From Saturday 24th of April 2010, Concord 24/04/2010. Engineering Stableford Comp Saturday, May 1. Overall winner Robert Charman and Damien Condon 65.00 Mixed winners Sally Benn and Paul Cuthbert 70.00 Ladies winners Julie Darling and Andrea Freeth 88.38 Junior winners Jackson Millard and Patrick Brind 88.88 Second winner Damien Flavel and George 68.00 Third winner Dougal MacLeod and Mark Dillon 68.50 Fourth winnerBen Chinner and Glen Mungur 68.75 Fifth winner Luke Budden and Eric Wognli 69.25 Sixth winner Greg Buddden and Chris James 69.75 Seventh winner Neville Petherick and Geoff Darling 73.88 Eighth winner Colin Fraser and Matt Parish 74.00 Ninth winner Jarrod Burdett and Rick Russell 74.38 Tenth winner Brad Cox and Shane Hunter 77.00 Eleventh winner Ian Jorgedsen and Rob Paxton 78.00 NTP div 1 Glen Mungur NTP div 2 Damien Flavel NTP ladies/jnr missed Long drive div 1 Horrie Long drive div 2 Brad Cox Long drive ladies/jnr Julie Darling

What’s happening at the Roxby Downs Cultural & Leisure Precinct

roxbyleisure phone 8671 2001

this week >

PICTURED ABOVE: are the winners from the Kempe Golf day on Saturday, Kempe Manager Neville with the overall winner Rob Charman and Damien Condon. PICTURED LEFT: Peter Tegen chips the ball onto the green and directly at the pin. RIGHT: Sally Benn holes out during her round.


outbackcinema outback

COUPLES SPECIAL SCREENING of ‘Date Night’ Saturday May 8, 7.30pm 2 tickets for $20 movie is open for normal viewing



outbackcinema outback

Great WIG & WINE DELIGHT Mother Saturday 8th May, 7.30 > 11.30pm Day g s ift Tickets $18 presold (or $20 on the night) idea! There will be entertainment, fun & games...with supper & bubbly.

Limited tickets available from Roxby Leisure, so get in fast!

THE SPY NEXT DOOR Rated PG Duration 94 mins.

THE LAST SONG Rated PG Duration 107 mins.

DATE NIGHT Rated M Duration 88 mins.

Former CIA spy Bob Ho takes on his toughest assignment to date: looking after his girlfriend's three kids, who haven't exactly warmed to their mom's beau. Stars Jackie Chan, Amber Valetta, Madeline Carroll. Screens: Saturday 8th May @ 3pm, Sunday 9th May @ 11am.

A drama centered on a rebellious girl who is sent to a Southern beach town for the summer to stay with her father. Stars Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth, Greg Kinnear, Bobby Coleman. Screens: Friday 7th May @ 7.30pm, Sunday 9th May @ 7.30pm, Wednesday 12th May @ 10am MUMS AND BUBS.

A case of mistaken identity turns a bored married couple's attempt at a romantic evening into something more thrilling and dangerous. Stars Tina Fey, Steve Carell, Mark Wahlberg, Leighton Meester. Screens: Saturday 8th May @ 7.30pm COUPLES SPECIAL, Sunday 9th May @ 3pm, Tuesday 11th May @ 7pm.

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper


The Monitor Newspaper