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Volume 5, Wednesday March 11th, 2009

years jail for former finance officer A

former finance officer at the Andamooka Primary School received a three year jail sentence after pleading guilty to a number of larceny and dishonest dealing charges. The court heard that $241,907.05 had been defrauded from the Department of Education & Children’s Services (DACS). Cathy McCormack, formerly of Andamooka and in her 50’s, appeared before Magistrate Roseanne McInnes at the Whyalla Magistrates Court on January 23 where she received the jail sentence. It has a three month non-parole period. McCormack was also ordered to pay $5000 compensation to her former employer. McCormack was the finance officer at the Andamooka school when it was lost to fire early in 2006. McCormack was charged with 11 counts of larceny by a servant and 280 charges of dishonest dealings with documents. In the Whyalla Magistrates court, she pleaded guilty to a number of the charges. McCormack was reportedly the subject of a court order which prevented her from living in Andamooka or Roxby Downs.

Andamooka school fires a cold case A “We have a suspect and we know the fires were a result of arson but as with a lot of fire investigations, most of the evidence was destroyed in the fire,” said Detective Sergeant Peter Hore of Port Augusta CIB. “Despite an intensive investigation we could But Port Augusta CIB detectives are appeal- never find enough evidence to charge our susing to Andamooka residents that might be pect so for all intents and purposes the case is able to help them with any fresh information closed,” Hore said. to come forward. “However, if further information was to come

series of four deliberately lit fires which completely destroyed the Andamooka Primary School in the early months of 2006 has been declared a cold case.

forward from an Andamooka resident or anybody else who might be able to help us identify the person who set the school alight, we would re-activate the case at once.” The detective said special fire investigators had gone over the Andamooka fires and their conclusion was that all of the fires had been deliberately lit. The Andamooka public school was rebuilt last year at a cost of over $2 million.

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Monitor NEWS Family Focus with Tom Beever

Shame sham and time to stop The 13 directors and executives of Pacific Brands must surely be hiding under the biggest and best rock possible to escape the fall out from their appalling discission to sack 1850 employees not long after they had secretly agreed to collectively increase their pay packets from $7 million to 15.5 million. The widespread outrage towards Pacific Brands is more than justified and I personally don’t think the directors and executives will ever find a rock bigger enough to hide under. The huge pay gains they handed out to themselves apparently took place in March last year as Pacific Brands began a review to drastically cut factory jobs and overheads and it kind of makes you wonder how such despicable double standards could emerge from such qualified individuals. It’s great that the Federal Government and Federal Opposition have lead the outrage of Pacific’s tactless decision because it shows companies who want to act with such stupidity will be called into question and face possible repercussions. The company faced further public backlash when it was revealed they had received around $17 million in government grants over the years that went mostly toward research and development. I know we’re not supposed to mention the “U” word around here but I’m going to because I applaud the unions for jumping up and down in regards to Pacific’s dumb act of double standards and many of us believe the unions are right to consider blocking Pacific Brands from shipping taxpayer funded machinery off to China. I’d like to mention the “U” word again to thank the national secretary of the Maritime Union (Paddy Crumlin) because he said, “We call on the company to do the right thing by Australian taxpayers, the Government and the workers and work together to keep the jobs in Australia.” Hopefully such a request will be successful but further backlash and embarrassment fell upon Pacific Brands when it was revealed a former CEO received a $5.8 million handshake when he retired in January last year. On top of the widespread anger of the mass sackings was the unfortunate announcement that Sol Trujillo, the boss of Telstra, will soon collect a cool $20 million when he finishes up as Telstra chief on June 30. Not forgetting that it was he who axed 10,000 jobs and was the CEO when Telstra suffered a huge share plunge

Travelling tips

of 25 per cent. Fairness at work should be a basic right for all workers but tragically that isn’t the case and I guess history tells us that it has never been the case. Sure there are multitudes of people who love their job to bits and wouldn’t change it, or their boss for anything. But there are also multitudes of workers of all ages who are suffering, have suffered or have even lost their job because of unfair treatment in their place of work. Everyone expects to be treated fairly at work and it comes as a shock when it doesn’t happen. If the unfair treatment continues workers begin to feel vulnerable and stressed which can often impact upon their health or cause a massive amount of uncertainty at work or within the home. Being treated unfairly at work is not only a disgrace but it is totally unacceptable and not only should a serious question mark hang over the head of those who are responsible for it but it is high time they become accountable for it. The 13 directors and executives at Pacific Brands look like being accountable for their act of indecency and are no doubt wondering what their next move will be. But the 1850 workers who lost their jobs have a lot more to worry about because they are the ones who are worrying like mad about how they are going to put food on the table, pay bills and find another job. The incredible feedback from my recent article of, ‘Another Kind of Stench’ endorsed the fact that we have some appalling workplace problems in Roxby Downs and Olympic Dam and many amongst us should hang their head in shame and embarrassment because of what they are doing or have done to workers under their authority. Some have behaved so bad they ought to be encouraged to step aside. Others need urgent instructions from above or HR to attend compulsory education and training classes that focus on vital qualities such as decency, respect, building rapport by listening, effective leadership and communication skills. Hopefully those at Pacific Brands will be encouraged to do so the same but more importantly, let’s hope our Government can amend the current corporations law to give shareholders the power to block pay increases that will kill off the fat cat syndrome.


oxby’s remoteness sadly demands long and joyless trips across the vast plains of the outback to get to cities and towns across the country. Being trapped in a car for hours on end, especially with children, can be a stressful and sometimes daunting task. However, there are ways to make the drive pass quicker and more smoothly. The Monitor has unearthed some handy tips to help parents with the long haul out of town with the kids. Before venturing out, consider how far your children can tolerate being in the car in one sitting. Two to three hours gives you 200-300kms of travel and aiming for this twice a day can get you a fair distance - to Adelaide in fact. Boredom, of course, is a worry on trips so be sure to pack lots of drinks, snacks and bribes.

The occasional treat can save many a parent’s temper used judiciously, and remember, chewy lollies can be very time consuming. Games and pastimes are a must for travelling children. Trivia questions keep young minds active and distracted and thrilling anecdotes can have the imagination in overdrive. Books, colouring materials, small toys, music and even portable DVD players can help save parents from headaches. Ensuring you take regular breaks will not only make for a safer ride but will also help the kids from becoming bored. Ten minute pit stops are a great way to stretch the legs, allow the kids to work off built-up energy and break the monotony. Many road-side stops have playgrounds as do most country towns. Look for picnic facilities to enjoy a peaceful lunch.

Dunny budgie gets guernsey Dunny budgie is a fairly new, jocular term for a blowfly – according to Oxford University Press – which has made it the latest Australian word of the month. Dunny was first recorded as an Aussie word in 1933. It is thought to have derived from


dunnekin – an old English word meaning dung house – which was abbreviated to dun – and then the Aussies in their usual style added a y to make dunny – originally an unsewered outside toilet. Budgie is derived from budgerigar, an eastern NSW Aboriginal


Domestic Water, millions of litres

4.5 4.0 3.5 3.0 2.5 2.0 1.5 1.0 0.5 0.0

name for the small green and yellow parrot first recorded by the zoologist John Gould in 1840. The word budgie was first recorded in Australia in 1935. Dunny budgie brings together two well established words to make a new Australian word.

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Roxby Downs Water Consumption

Ensuring accommodation is planned well in advance can shave hours in finding somewhere to stay. Pre-book hotels or arrange to stay with friends and family well before the trip as cheap accommodation can be difficult to find off hand. Arriving at your accommodation early not only allows time to unwind but also lets the kids run around and enjoy being out of the car for the night. Parents need to be prepared for all complications on a long trip, so remember to bring plenty of tissues and wipes for cleaning spilled ice creams and lollies. It is very uncomfortable to travel sitting on a wet patch of ice cream. For safety, remember to swap drivers at regular intervals to make the trip safe. Arriving in an ambulance is not a good look.

Has he/she got a favourite thing to do?

Hopping around!

Are there any interesting thing about your pet?

Very gentle and cute

Do you have to do anything to keep your pet safe and well? Keep in cage away from

dogs or cats. Clean its cage regularly. Ensure it has fresh food and water daily.

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All domestic water in Roxby Downs, Andamooka and Olympic Dam is supplied from the Great Artesian Basin. The water is desalinated and chlorinated. Use water wisely in an arid climate. Owner: Page 2 – Wednesday, March 11th, 2009

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Roxby water to stay fluoride free By Zak Zeptner The lack of fluoride in Roxby’s drinking water supply has recently caused concerns. Water fluoridation helps protect teeth against decay and is the most effective way of allowing everybody access to the benefits of fluoride, according to Victorian Chief Health Officer, Dr John Carnie. The Council Water Manager, Trevor Kroemer told the Monitor there was a very minimal amount of fluoride in the water and that to add it would be a “big cost”. “I don’t know how you could safely add it to our system,” Mr Kroemer said. The Australian Dental Association’s policy on water fluoridation is that “where fluoridation of water supplies is effected, there must be adequate control and supervision of the procedure.” Mr Kroemer explained the pump systems concern-

ing the town’s water supply, noting the amount of water pumped can increase dramatically from 28-30 litres per second to 90 litres. This can present an issue for water fluoridation as there are great changes in the volume of water and “if you muck up with fluoride you can stuff things up worse than what you get without fluoride. “It’s not as easy as putting cordial into a glass and adding water, the dosing pump system needs to be calibrated correctly to dose into the water line and the changing volumes of the water makes this a difficult job,” said Mr Kroemer. An over-ingestion of fluoride can cause issues such as enamel fluorosis, which is a discolouration or mottling of the permanent teeth. Skeletal fluorosis can also occur, which is characterised by hypermineralisation and brittle bones. “The thing is if you add stuff to the water you’ve got to be able to measure

kids better off with flouride tablets

Kindergarten rumours put to rest

it correctly and while you might have it in the water, how do you know how many glasses to drink to get your fluoride? “If we’re going to put it in the water, who is going to drink it, how many kids drink the water?” asked Mr Kroemer. “If you’re going to put fluoride in the water, the kids have got to be made to drink it. “Most of the problems with kids’ teeth is not with the water, it’s with what they drink, like coke and drinks with sugar. And then people buy bottled water for their kids who don’t like drinking this water. “You’re better off giving your kids fluoride tablets and then you know the dose is right.” Mr Kroemer added that the Council was not against the idea of adding fluoride to the water supply but there was nothing in the water guidelines that fluoride must be present. “It’s not that we don’t

want to do it, the thing is we don’t need to do it.” Mr Kroemer said it was unlikely Council would add fluoride as it did not have the facilities to do it. Carrie Clark, Olympic Dam Community Relations Advisor, said that adding fluoride to the water is not for BHP Billiton to decide. “Ultimately, the decision to add fluoride to the drinking water in Roxby Downs rests with the Roxby Downs Council as the town’s water retailer,” she said. “At this stage, BHP Billiton has no plans to add fluoride after the desalination process.” Ms Clark said BHP Billiton had not been formally approached over fluoride levels and said that parents concerned about their children’s oral health should consult their dentist. And in relation to Roxby Downs water, Mr Kroemer said: “Our water is excellent.”

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Kindy Director Naomi Watts ... “get three year olds on the waiting list” By Zak Zeptner The Roxby Downs Kindergarten is not refusing admissions despite current rumours, assures Director Naomi Watkins. Over the past weeks, concerns have been raised regarding the high intake of children in the preschool program, particularly since high numbers means fewer places for children. These rumours have apparently sparked as a result of the Kindergarten having to restructure its pre-entry program. According to Kindergarten Director Naomi Watkins, the pre-entry program, which is a noncompulsory, non-funded program the centre has added to its program, is being reduced from a weekly service to fortnightly. Mrs Watkins assures the public this will not be permanent - it depends on pre-entry numbers on a

term by term basis. “If we fit too many preentry children into our main program our numbers will go over,” said Mrs Watkins. While intake numbers were currently high, the Kindy had not yet had to turn away children. “The pre-entry program is beneficial in a community like Roxby because we do have a high number of children and it’s a good way to integrate the children into our Kindy program before they start full time.” In the past, when numbers have been high the pre-entry program has been modified to allow all children the opportunity to receive the pre-schooling they need. “When pre-entry numbers are high in a particular term, the centre has accommodated them by offering one session a fortnight. “For example, 22 children can be split into odd weeks

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and even weeks, therefore it is easier for the Kindy to accommodate 11 extra children per week as opposed to the entire 22 children in one week.” Mrs Watkins says it’s a better alternative than no pre-entry program at all. “Our numbers are at the high end and that’s why we have to be careful about how many we enrol but we’ve found that splitting the pre-entry children has been a successful strategy in continuing the program.” The kindergarten has developed contingencies in the event of high numbers and is prepared with an action plan to inform parents of the issues surrounding intake numbers before refusing enrolments. Mrs Watkins said in the event of exceedingly high numbers, the pre-entry program would unfortunately have to be cancelled but she stressed it had not yet reached that stage.

If the pre-entry program was cancelled and preschool children were required to go on a waiting list, Mrs Watkins said consultations with the Education Department would be made to rectify the situation. “The Education Department would look at our attendance to decide extra staffing we were entitled to.” Mrs Watkins said an extra room could be used (the Koala Room) but only if the kindergarten got another teacher for duty of care. To employ another teacher would require an increase in funding, which the Education Department would be required to look into. The proposed expansion of Olympic Dam is also another consideration that must be taken into account, begging the question: will the Kindergarten facility expand? “This is the age old

tion,” said Mrs Watkins. “All I can say is BHP Billiton and the Education Department are more than aware of the capabilities of our current facilities. They are more than aware that our numbers can get high but it would come down to data collection and census information as to whether we need to negotiate extra staff and facilities.” Mrs Watkins advised parents to ensure their children’s names are on the waiting list when they turn three. “That way we know our projected numbers and can plan accordingly. “If you have heard rumours or are concerned about aspects of the program, it’s best to come to the horse’s mouth, so to speak. Put all your queries to us. “If things get too tight, the parental community will be informed before we reach bursting point.”

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Retailers asked to respect ANZAC Day

according to shop trading hours’ legislation. Industrial Relations Minister, Paul Caica, believes other stores should close during the morning. “We want to ensure that ANZAC Day is appropriMajor stores and super- ately respected with its markets are required to marches and ceremonies close on public holidays, remaining the focus of

or the first time in eleven years, ANZ AC Day falls on a Saturday, with many stores due to close to ensure the focus remains on the commemorations.

attention,” said Minister Caica. “We also want everyone to have the opportunity to pay tribute to those who served their country in times of conflict.” Roxby Downs Chairperson of the Retail Traders Association, Leigh Malcolm, said as far as he is concerned, ANZAC Day is

a public holiday, no matter what day it falls on. “I just think it’s a day for remembering all the people who sacrificed their lives,” he said. “I’ll be at the ANZAC Day ceremony and I imagine all my staff will be as well. “It doesn’t matter what

day it falls on. ANZAC Day is not about the retail…It’s a day to remember everyone who has fallen for the country so I think businesses should pay their respects. “It doesn’t really matter if no money comes in the till. Who cares?” In line with existing policy for ANZAC Day

arrangements, shop trading hours for April 25 will mean major stores will be closed all day, including department stores, major supermarkets, and electrical and larger sport stores. Small and speciality shops are being asked to voluntarily remain closed until midday, as a mark of

respect, including chemists, newsagents, delis, hairdressers, cafes and restaurants. “We have moved to gazette this arrangement as quickly as possible and advise employees and unions promptly so they can make the necessary arrangements,” said Minister Caica.

would be a benefit. “Any sort of shading area would be good. Obviously with the heat, getting back into really hot cars is not good,” he said. “Anything to make the shopping experience better would be favourable in my eyes and most of the trad-

ers, I think, would agree.” Mr Malcolm said the shopping mall expansion and shading structures could make shopping slightly difficult but would ultimately be better for everyone. “I think people will be hanging out to get more

choice; more shops means more choice and the people here are astute enough to know in the long run they will benefit from it.” Any shading plans and the mall expansion were not likely to proceed for some time according to Mr Malcolm.

“Realistically, I don’t think anything will happen until they know whether they’re going to expand the mall or not,” he said. BHP Billiton will release its Olympic Dam Environmental Impact Statement to the public on May 1

The car park on Tutop Street has been gifted with partical shade. What about the rest of the shopping car parks?

Roxby car parks in the shade By Zak Zeptner

Rox by D ow ns ha s experienced tremendous temperatures over this summer and with little car park shading in Richardson Place, vehicles have taken a hit from the heat. This observation begs the question: are there plans to provide shading to the car parks in the main street? The Monitor spoke with Richard Stabile, Roxby Central Property Manager: “We’re looking at the possibility of shading in some parts of the car park if we expand the centre,” he said. An expansion of the Roxby Central Mall has been proposed but no plans have been lodged with Council and they’re not expected until after BHP Billiton releases the Environmental Impact Statement for the Olympic Dam expansion. “Like everyone, we’re waiting to hear what an-

nouncements BHPB makes in the next month or so that will hopefully crystallise what’s happening with the shopping centre.” Mr Stabile last year said, “Clearly we cannot proceed until we know the full impact of the proposed expansion.” According to the plans released to The Monitor concerning the Mall expansion, some parking in the current car park will be lost but this will be compensated by a new car park on Norman Place behind the police station. Mr Stabile said the shading structure they’re looking at would be a hard structure, not shade sails or trees. “This is all speculative, of course. We haven’t sat down and actually plotted it out,” he added. Leigh Malcolm, Chairperson of the Roxby Retail Traders Association, said the issue of car park shading has not been raised in any traders meetings he had attended but he believes it

Thinker in Residence to look at how we use IT DEVELOPMENT ACT, 1993 MUNICIPAL COUNCIL OF ROXBY DOWNS NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR CATEGORY 3 DEVELOPMENT Pursuant to Section 38 (5) of the Development Act, 1993

Each year Premier Mike Rann invites two or three world-class thinkers to Adelaide to live and work. An appointment as an Adelaide Thinker in Residence is a prestigious role which recognises both exceptional talent and outstanding leadership.

Notice is hereby given that an application comprising a CATEGORY 3 DEVELOPMENT has been lodged with the Council for a development assessment. DETAILS OF THE APPLICATION ARE AS FOLLOWS DEVELOPMENT No. APPLICANT ADDRESS NATURE OF THE DEVELOPMENT SUBJECT LAND CERTIFICATE OF TITLE

692/2/09 TA and CL Oldfield Property Pty Ltd PO Box 13 Roxby Downs SA 5725 Establishment of a Bakery within the Shop/ Commercial Complex Lot 1376/1377 Tutop Street, Roxby Downs SA 5725 Volume 5696 Folio 365/366

The application may be examined at the Offices of the Council located at Richardson Place, Roxby Downs, during normal business hours and any person who desires to do so may make relevant representations in writing concerning this application to reach the Administrator, PO Box 124 Roxby Downs, South Australia, 5725 no later than 18th March 2009 Each person making a submission should indicate whether that person wishes to appear personally or be represented by another party before the Council in support of that submission. Please note that, pursuant to Section 38(8) of the Development Act, a copy of each representation received will be forwarded to the applicant for a written response. Bill Boehm


Page 4 – Wednesday, March 11th, 2009

Date 4th March 2009

South Australia’s current Thinker in Residence, Dr Genevieve Bell is visiting Roxby Downs this week as part of her mission to collect one million South Australian stories and she is keen to hear everybody’s personal story. Dr Bell, an Australian

anthropologist with an academic and industry background, is the Director of User Experience at Intel Corporation’s Digital Home Group in the US. She has an exceptional reputation and her research has provided considerable insight to the importance of culture in the adoption and adaptation of technology. While in SA Dr Bell is focusing on the way we are using new technologies in everyday life. Through extensive research she hopes to shed new light on further opportunities for broadband and other communication technologies. Part of her research is to meet with as many South Australians as possible gathering stories about how they are using different technologies to communicate. This is the purpose of her Roxby Downs visit. While in Roxby Genevieve will be speaking with students, mums, business people, and community leaders and connecting with as many groups as possible. The gathering of stories is not restricted to these sessions as everybody can participate by filling in postcards available at the

Visitor Information Centre or respond on line at www. As a senior Intel researcher, Dr Bell travels the world observing people in their homes to find out how they use and what they want from technology. She considers how people live and what matters to them; she brings the human component into discussions about technology, and passes on that knowledge for the development of new technologies. Born in Sydney, Genevieve now resides in Oregon. Her current work leads Intel’s new product strategy and sets company technology directions, program definition and execution. Dr Bell has experience in rural South Australia, having conducted several periods of ethnographic fieldwork in the State where she has built close ties to the Ngarrindjeri population. She will spend significant time working with regional and remote communities, Aboriginal people and people of culturally diverse backgrounds, identifying opportunities, spaces and barriers for further uptake of technologies.

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Government cracks down on hydroponics


&ƌĞĞYƚŽǁĞůĐŽŵĞŶĞǁƌĞƐŝĚĞŶƚƐƚŽƚŚĞƌĞŐŝŽŶ ůůĐŽŵŵƵŶŝƚLJŵĞŵďĞƌƐĂƌĞt>KD >ŝǀĞďĂŶĚ͞tŚŽ͛ƐKŶ&ŝƌƐƚ͟ ĐƚŝǀŝƚŝĞƐĨŽƌƚŚĞŬŝĚƐ By Zak Zeptner


he State Government is introducing new laws to combat the sale of equipment used for cultivating hydroponic cannabis. Police Minister, Michael Wright said the new legislation would regulate the hydroponic industry, making it easier for police to track buyers of the equipment. “If you’re using the equipment to grow tomatoes then you have nothing to fear but if it is for growing cannabis then you can expect a visit from the police,” he said. Under the proposed changes, people buying cer-

tain equipment will face a 100 point ID check that will be electronically transferred to police. “Every town has got some degree of drug problem, without exception, but the problem in Roxby is no different to any other town,” Detective Rod Ford said. Detective Ford went on to say drugs were transported into town rather than manufactured locally. “There’s certainly not an occurrence of locally produced cannabis or any other drug for that matter. “That pretty much fits in with the type of population we’ve got here too. We’ve got a couple of thousand people that commute so you’d expect those sort of

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

problems (drugs) would be imported, not localised.” The new laws will require hydroponic dealers to adhere to a strict licensing regime which takes into account reputation, honesty and integrity of person and the people they associate with. All employees of hydroponic dealers will need to undergo a fit and proper person test, electronic records will be required to be maintained of all items sold and to whom and sent to police. The Police Commissioner will also be able to object to an application for a licence or employment. “Police criminal intelligence suggests that some

hydroponic equipment dealers are assisting customers to set up hydroponic drug growing systems and then take an active role in the sale of the end product,” said Minister Wright. “They did this by selling the equipment, providing advice and arranging electricians to install the equipment as well as facilitating the purchase of dried cannabis for distribution to interstate networks.” Mr Wright said the Government is committed to stamping out the mass manufacture and distribution of illegal drugs in South Australia and will continue to reform the law as required. “This Government makes no apology for coming down hard on those businesses that have knowingly supplied equipment that has assisted in the cultivation and trade in illegal drugs. “We will continue to toughen the law and give our police what they need to combat the trade.” Detective Ford believes anything that helps limit manufacturing and sale of illegal drugs is a good thing. “I think it’s reasonably well known that certain hydroponic outlets are controlled by organised crime figures…so licensing suppliers is a good way of checking the credibility of these operators and of course, anything that reduces the incidence of cannabis cultivations has got to be a good thing.”



JOHNSTON WITHERS LAWYERS are now visiting Roxby Downs each month Offering professional legal advice and representation in most areas of law including: Industrial Employment Law Workers Compensation Wills Discrimination Law & Workplace Harassment

Criminal & Traffic Law Estates & Trusts Personal Injury Commercial

Medical Negligence Family & DeFacto Conveyancing Defamation

Nic Kernahan and Emma Wilkinson will next be in attendance at our offices of 1A Tutop Centre, 20-22 Tutop St., Roxby Downs on

15th April 2009 For appointments, contact us at:

17 Sturt Street, Adelaide SA 5000 Telephone: 8231 1110 (Adelaide) 8642 5122 (Pt Augusta) Fax: 8231 1230 Email: Web: Regional offices at Clare, Port Augusta and Whyalla

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Do you know the difference Plenty of works at the works offi ce between an Emu and a Wombat?


ast weekend when de s c r ibing the construction of a new school crossing on Pioneer Drive adjacent to St Barbara’s Primary School Municipality Works Manager Peter Keller called it an Emu Crossing. After further questioning it was revealed that across the State there are not only Emu crossings but also Wombat, Koala and Zebra crossings. Each of the crossings has a different set of rules that drivers need to be aware or they may receive large fines. In Roxby we only have Emu crossings at our schools one of which is situated in Arcoona Street and two in Pioneer Drive. We also have a Zebra Crossing in Richardson Place. The new crossing to be erected at St Barbara’s will also be in Pioneer drive. The Emu crossing consists of one or more red flags with the words “children crossing” on red and white posts. When the “children crossing” flags are displayed, drivers must give way to pedestrians crossing, or about to cross the road.

When the flags are displayed, the speed limit is 25 kph. When no children are present the normal speed limit applies. When travelling in other parts of SA watch out for Koala crossings. These have twin flashing lights on red and white poles on either side of the road. The flashing lights indi-

cate a 25 km speed limit which only applies when the lights are on. These are often used near schools and operate before and after school times. Another style is the Wombat crossing to assist people cross at busy local roads and the rules and speed limits vary a little from other crossings. They have a wide platform marked with the white

stripes of a zebra crossing, pedestrian walking legs signs and in some instances have yellow flashing lights Pedestrians may cross at any time with care. However, they should check that drivers have seen them and make sure there is a reasonable gap in the traffic so that drivers are able to stop. Distinguishing the type of crossing may be confus-

Kids cross safely at the Emu Crossing at RDAS

ing but do not be confused over the speed limit and the fines you will pay for you will pay for exceeding it. You will pay up to $541 dollars and lose 6 demerit points for speeding at any crossing. More importantly you may save a child’s live and yourself a life time of anguish.

The Municipal Works Office is a vibrant and busy place and on any given day the three works staff are flat out. They handle the immediate needs of the community, managing and maintaining ongoing projects and developing plans for projects about to come on line. “Maintaining and improving the town’s facilities, infrastructure and environment is a never ending task. We have dozens of jobs and projects in action at any given moment” said Works Manager, Peter Keller. “We have been looking at how to expand disabled parking, improve arrangements for the people (often elderly) who attend the BHP Billiton mine tours and the need for an additional loading zone, all in Richardson Place” said Mr Keller. “As a result we are creating a new timed bus park for the BHP Billiton tour bus, which had been using the disabled carpark in front of the Leisure Centre, while a new loading zone for commercial vehicles and an additional carpark for the public on the south side of Richardson Place.” Construction on the long awaited Emu crossing at St Barbara’s will commence during the next school holidays which will be complemented with 70 metres of footpath paving on Pioneer Drive and 98 metres on Gregory Street. The works will make the area safer and more aesthetic. Improvements to the Bopeechee Street spoon drain have just been completed, the street sweeper vehicle will be in town shortly as will a team to upgrade the line markings. In conjunction with Roxby Leisure improvements, the Works team is developing a soccer pitch while the ovals are about to be aerated and fertilized for the winter sports season. Mr Keller said “Of course we have to be very flexible as we never know when an urgent action will be required and we have to drop everything and respond immediately. Similarly there are the daily tasks that cannot be overlooked all of which have to be juggled around pushing out new works.” “The biggest frustration for us and often the community is the time some projects take to move through the development stage, to action and then completion. The reasons are varied and can be bureaucratic, as was with the Dog and Cat by-law passed last week after months of work, or it can be availability of contractors, budget considerations or simply a back log of work. “We aim to do our best and we do appreciate community feedback,” Mr Keller said.

STIMULUS PACKAGE – TAX BONUS CHECKLIST I have lodged my 2007–08 income tax return YES. Do nothing. We will send your payment to you if you are eligible. NO. You need to lodge by 30 June 2009. I have lodged my return but changed address since then YES. You need to contact us before 15 March 2009. NO. Do nothing. I have lodged my return but changed my bank account details since then YES. You need to contact us before 15 March 2009. NO. Do nothing. I usually get a cheque but I want this one-off payment deposited in my bank account directly YES. You need to contact us before 15 March 2009. NO. Do nothing. I use a tax agent but want this one-off payment deposited directly into my bank account YES. You need to contact us before 15 March 2009. NO. Do nothing.

Page 6 – Wednesday, March 11th, 2009

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News In Brief Anti-drink drive devices for SA offenders It will soon be mandatory for serious drink driving offenders in SA to have alcohol interlock devices fitted to their cars. Legislation has passed the SA Parliament providing for a disqualification period for drink drivers, then fitting a device to their vehicle for the duration of their disqualification. If the drivers blow any blood alcohol reading their car will not start. SA Road Safety Minister said about 3,000 drivers a year would be part of the scheme.

Two drinks per man, per day – per haps! Australians are being urged to drink less than two standard drinks a day and restrict themselves to four in any one session in new Government guidelines. The new guidelines have been released by the Government’s National Health and Medical Research Council. They recommend drinking less than two standard drinks a day to avoid alcohol-related disease and for people under 18, and pregnant and breastfeeding women, not to drink at all. Council’s CEO, Professor Warwick Anderson, said the guidelines aren’t telling you what you can or can’t do. “They aim to help Australians make their own informed choices about alcohol and how much risk they want to take with their health.”

Uranium industry looking healthier

Letters to the Editor

Thank you Roxby from Clean up Australia Day Dear Management and Roxby Monitor I am writing to express my thanks to your company for your sponsorship of Clean Up Australia Day 2009. A team of 79 Volunteers collected rubbish totalling 2 small skip bins, cans and bottles totalling 1/2 a small skip bin, 5 tyres, 2 Woolworths shopping trolleys and a car body. Added to this, another team collected half a trailer load of bottles and cans and car parts from the Dust Bowl.

This totals over 160 hours of labour keeping our town clean. Without the support of local businesses such as yourselves, this community event would have no method of rewarding volunteers for their valuable time and commitment. Thanks again for your support and please don’t hesitate contacting me for any further information. Kind Regards Stephen Moss Clean up Australia Day Coordinator

Letters to the Editor Your letters are always welcome at The Monitor. But please remember to give a name and address and also a phone number for verification purposes.

Monitorrial Seriously Edito Don’t The

We all find ourselves doing it at some time or other. I did it the other day. I took a quick flight back to Adelaide, off the plane into a few meetings and managed to squeeze in a meal with the grand children before another day of meetings and an afternoon flight back. It had been a crush fitting in the trip, being prepared for the meetings and coordinating the tight time frame. The adrenalin was running and I felt what we were initiating was pretty important I concentrated hard to keep focussed and in the end got a good result. On my way to meet up with the family I was thinking about what needed to be accomplished the next day. I was feeling quite im-

portant. When I arrived at the grandchildren’s house the three of them come out to greet me and over the next couple of hours I had a few minutes with each of them talking about what was important in their world. As you can imagine their world was far more interesting and important than mine and I listened intently, however one of them asked me why I had been away so long and when would I be back for a longer visit. I tried to explain that we had been short staffed and we were at a critical stage and as I looked into face and saw his blank expression I realised immediately I had done it again, taking myself and what I was doing far too seriously. It happens to all of us from time to time and that’s not to devalue the

work and what we do, it’s about the context we place the work and ourselves in. Sometimes we get tunnel vision and the focus becomes too narrow often cutting out some of the really, really important stuff. This is just a reminder to all of us, next you are getting too serious don’t, instead go hang out with the kids, arrange a fishing trip, sleep in, ring up your mum or best friend and get those feet down on the ground. Ray Goldie PS: I also dropped in to see my Dad, he’s 92, he doesn’t take life too seriously. He reckons it’s “all written in the book” so what’s the point of worrying about anything!

Contact us...

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Increased uranium oxide production from BHP Billiton’s Olympic Dam and Rio’s Energy Resources Australia Ranger mines are expected to drive a 5 per cent increase in Australia’s uranium production in 2009. Latest commodity forecasts from the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics estimate that the increased output will boost Australia’s uranium export earnings by 6 per cent to about $940 million in 2008-09. ABARE predicted that the combination of increased production and rising prices for the commodity would lift Australia’s uranium export earnings by a further 31 per cent to $1.2 billion in 2009-10. World uranium prices averaged $US61.80 a pound last year, a fall of 38 per cent on the 2007 average of $US99.30 a pound. Higher spot prices in 2007 were driven by a combination of strong demand and concerns about the availability of future supply. But moves by hedge funds to liquidate their uranium stocks during 2008 put downward pressure on the spot price, forcing it down from $US64.50 a pound in August to $US44 by October. ABARE said the removal of the ban on uranium mining is expected to result in the development of significant uranium deposits in WA. But any WA uranium production is not expected until 2014 because the development of regulatory frameworks, mine approvals and mine developments are not expected to be completed before 2013. Projects in the pipeline in WA include Mega Uranium’s Lake Maitland project and Toro Energy’s Centipede-Lake Way project, while SA has four new projects slated.

Local miners get ratings boost Two South Australian companies - Ramelius and Flinders Mines have been added to the S&P/ASX Top 300 list. Two big miners, Oz Minerals and Alumina, have been removed from the Top 50 list following the sharp declines in the share price of the two former high-flyers. Flinders Mines has a gold mine in Queensland and is working up an iron ore export mine in the Pilbara. Ramelius has the Wattle Dam gold mine in WA where it is just starting an underground operation. The underground mine is planned to produce 70,000 ounces of gold up to the third quarter 2010 at an estimated operating cost of A$385 per ounce and an estimated capital cost of $A190 per ounce. THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

Wednesday, March 11th, 2009 – Page 7


Monitor NEWS

Blue Light Disco this Friday


oxby Downs Police will host a Blue Light Disco on Friday March 13 in the Auditorium. Six to 11 year olds will have the chance to dance between 6pm and 7.45pm and the 12 to 17 year olds will party between 8.15pm and 10.15pm. Tickets are currently on sale at the Police Station in Richardson Place. Kids have the option to dress up in a Black Friday 13th theme. Constable Fiona Kerrish has been working tirelessly to develop the blue Light Disco, which hasn’t been seen in Roxby Downs for several years. “Blue Light is a community based program

where police can interact with kids and be seen in a social and positive light,” she said. “So in the future they can have a bit of a relationship with police and get to know us and if they’re in trouble or feel like they need to speak to someone they feel a lot more comfortable approaching us.” Considerable organisation has gone into the revival of the Blue Light Disco with police holding meetings with community members interested in helping, business contacted for sponsorship, equipment coordinated and DJs booked to provide a night of fun and entertainment. The disco will be a lockin event, meaning children will not be able to leave

until the conclusion of the event. Parents are advised that Dunes Café will be open during the six to 11 year olds’ session for those with reservations about leaving their children. The younger children will need to be collected inside the auditorium at 7.45 and there will be a register where parents can provide contact details if children wish to leave early. The $5 entry tickets also allow children to collect a drink and packet of chips and the only items for sale are glow sticks for $3. “This is so we can encourage kids to dance rather than spend their whole time deciding which lolly they want to buy,” said Constable Kerrish.

Other drinks and snacks will be provided for the older group. Constable Kerrish is hopeful for a successful night. “I’ve b e en here 15 months and there’s not been anything like it to my knowledge in that time but I think people do want community activities like this, so I’m confident we’ll get a reasonable number,” she said. The youth of Roxby Downs can expect a night of fun and dancing, according to Constable Kerrish, in a safe and relaxed environment. The Police thank everyone involved in the organisation and sponsorship of the Blue Light Disco.

Lake Mary


This was taken a week ago when a few Lake Mary fans had one of their last skiing sessions of the season.

Alliance One plan to avoid new ATM fees Alliance One Credit Union has joined a national network of ATMs to give customers the opportunity to avoid new direct charges for using other bank machines. From this week, ‘ATM Direct Charging’ is being implemented by the Reserve Bank of Australia in an attempt to make the ATM system fairer and more transparent. When a financial institution customer withdraws money from a foreign ATM, the owner of that ATM can now charge a fee directly to the user. Chief Executive of Alliance One, Mr

Page 8 – Wednesday, March 11th, 2009

Phil Lynch said joining the network, branded as rediATM, means that customers have access to an Australia-wide network of over 1,300 ATMs free from any direct charge. “Members are able to avoid the direct charge fee by using the rediATM network,” said Mr Lynch. “Members are not charged monthly account fees and also receive an allowance of free rediATM transactions each month.” The location of rediATMs in Australia can be found on the website

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper



Tennis club showcase serves up a winner


howcasing the R ox b y D o w n s Te n n i s C l u b turned out a great success last week. “The get-together at the tennis courts in Lions Park proved a good opportunity to show and tell the Community Forum about our need for change rooms and catering facilities so that we can cater for teams from out of town travelling to Roxby for a tournament,” said Neville Hombsch, president of the local tennis club. The showcasing of the tennis club was also a positive step in revitalising the Sport and Recreation Forum, one of the nine advisory groups to the Community Council according to Kaye Doyle, who heads up the sports advisory forum. Hombsch led a group of about 20 tennis club members and senior council members and other sporting clubs, who are members of the Sport & Recreation Forum, in a showcase of the tennis club. Council heard how the club was formed in 1989, how the money was raised to deliver three a-grade tennis courts back in 2004 and an account of the club’s needs and wants going forward.

Bill Boehm, Kaye Doyle, Suzanne Crafter and Neil Hombsch at the Tennis Showcase

An initiative of the Environment Forum

3 Green tips for being Community Smart:

1. Stay aware of what is happening in your community 2. Get involved in atleast one community group or set one up 3. Take part in community consultation processes


(Roxby Downs Branch of Cancer Council SA) AGM

7th April 2009 7pm Community Library New members welcome

Contact Michelle Hales on 0418 833 818 for a membership form

Meeting Dates

Arts and Culture Forum 25/03 7.30pm Community Board 30/03 7.30pm (non public)


If you would like to do a presentation to the Community Board please contact Michelle Hales to organise a date and time to be placed on the agenda. Requests close on the Wednesday prior to the Board meeting. Board meetings usually take place on the last Monday of the month.


Members of the community are encouraged to join any of the forums or partnerships. If you would like to join the Arts and Culture Forum, Education and Workplace Training Forum, Family and Youth Forum, Environment Forum, Sport and Recreation Forum or Volunteering Partnership you are welcome to attend any of the meetings. Meeting times appear in the Monitor on a regular basis. If you would like to join the Health Forum and/or Alcohol and Substance Abuse Partnership please contact Michelle Hales on 0418 833 818 or via email to: au to express your interest.


If you would like to find out more about any of the forums visit the website or contact Michelle Hales - Executive Officer Roxby Downs Community Board Inc. Mobile: 0418 833 818 Phone: 8671 0010 Fax: 8671 0452 Email: THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

The tennis club is one of the most popular and active in Roxby Downs with 100 paid-up members and another 30 stand-bys who can fill in when regular players have to cancel at short notice. Neville told the forum that the club wanted and needed facilities to change and store gear on site and that could house a fridge and facilities for catering lunches and after-tennis drinks that are needed to attract visiting teams from other country clubs. “An ATCO hut would be a good start and we would be happy to share with the cricketers and softballers if they would like,” Neville said. The synthetic courts need careful maintenance to make sure the right amount of sand is in the grass to prevent damage to the artificial grass. That was being carried out by the council very well according to Neville. Kaye Doyle described the showcase as a fantastic start to her program to kick-start the Sport & Recreation Forum which has been running in low gear for a while. One of the more negative notes of the night was the club’s report of frequent

bad language and public drinking in and around the skate park that sometimes occurs there. “The tennis club is a very energetic one and they have given us a lot of ideas about how to make the court area in Lions Park work better,” said Ms Doyle. “I am so happy that the meeting went so well,” Ms Doyle said. “The showcase style is a great opportunity for sporting clubs to share at a social level what they’ve got, their plans for the future and how others can assist them. “The ball is now rolling,” she added. The meeting was also attended by Bill Boehm, Town Administrator, Vicki Mason of the Community Board and Alan Male, manager of Roxby Leisure, the owner of the tennis courts. “It was a really good initiative for all of us to hear firsthand what the issues are and how the club would like us to proceed,” Mr Boehm said. “The council has commissioned a review of all sporting facilities, clubrooms, meeting rooms and especially multi-purpose clubrooms and it’s high on our agenda.”

Bailey Evens at Coaching

Scouts’ new group leader By Zak Zeptner Scott Martin is the new Group Leader of the Roxby Downs Scout Association. Following Trent Burton’s departure as leader, Scott readily took up the role out of a desire to provide the same enjoyment to the kids he received as a youngster. “My main interest is the kids,” Scott told The Monitor. “I got involved in Cubs when it started three years ago because I wanted my kids to have the same fun I had when I was a kid and if that took becoming a leader, well that’s what I did.” Scott was the assistant group leader to Trent and describes his ascension to the position as natural. Scott has a range of experience with the Scout, having previously been one as a child in Adelaide. “My Scouting days were great, we used to go away lots and do heaps of things and if I want my kids to have that same fun it was as simple as stepping up and getting involved.” Scott admits the role of Group Leader was thrust upon him with Trent’s departure however he is keen to take on the responsibilities involved with being the leader. “I’m great at a grass level, and at directing the lead.

It’s a role that requires a certain amount of nous and I can do it and I will do it until I find someone I feel is good enough to take on the position.” The responsibilities associated with the role of Group Leader are vast and already Scott has found himself inundated with paper work and organisation. “Within the first week of me taking on this role I’ve had that so many emails and I’ve spoken to headquarters and done a lot.” Already, Scott has managed to secure the district leader to come to Roxby to train the new Scout leaders, an act Scott says has not been achieved in the last two years. His plans for the Scout group are simple and involved getting as many people involved in the Scouts as possible. “I would like to get the kids land and a hall because at the moment we have got as many kids in the groups as we do on the waiting list. “I’d like to see them not miss out because that’s what I feel is happening at the moment because we’re in the church and we can only have so many kids there.” Scott says having a Scout Hall would allow for more

children to join the Scouts and would also allow for the group to have a sense of ownership. “We can’t put our stuff on the walls...we want to make the building ours and we can’t do that in someone else’s house, whereas if we had our own hall we could put everything in there and it would look like a Scout Hall. Nicknamed Baloo by the Cubs, Scott believes he has a tremendous amount of respect from the children. “I try to be as fair as I can to the kids and as friendly as I can be. It’s great to see the kids respect you and I try to be as helpful as I can with them. “I sort of step up and I’m loud and a bit forceful and the kids like and respect that. “It good to see the kids and a lot of them have really come out of their shells and are doing really well.” With the added responsibilities as Group Leader, Scott understands he will eventually have to step back from his active role as Cub leader to concentrate on the running of the groups. “I will miss spending so much time with the kids and always messing around with them; it’s all great fun.” Scott is confident the

Scouts have a strong future in Roxby Downs and will continue to support them and provide the best guidance he can. The Scouts are also look-

ing for new leaders to help run the groups. If you are interested in offering your support, contact Scott on 8671 1195. “The sky is the limit.”

Scott Martin new group leader Wednesday, March 11th, 2009 – Page 9

yre E

Elliston coast will take your breath away

eninsula P

Settled in the 1840’s, Elliston is a popular coastal town nestled around Waterloo Bay. The horseshoe shaped bay is protected by Points Wellington and Wellesley providing an ideal breeding habitat for many marine species. The reefed entrance to the bay provides spectacular ocean scenery and the waters are great for fishing, snorkeling and swimming and at the end of the day the day the sunsets will take your breath away. A walking trail linking the centre of town to the jetty and beach is a great way to stretch your legs, stopping off at the eateries and the Visitor Information Centre along the way. The VIC is located in the Community Hall – the largest mural in the southern hemisphere (500m square) painted by local artists and residents is a feature on the walls of the Hall, showcasing the history of Elliston. The cliff top drives are an essential part of any stay in Elliston, providing spectacular views of the Great Southern Ocean meeting the rugged limestone cliffs. Sculptures are doted along the cliffs adding further interest. (Elliston has held a Sculptural Festival bi-annually, the next one starts 28th March 2009 and runs for 3 months). Nearby attractions include Lock’s Well – a renown salmon fishing beach with a 300 step stairway to get you to the beach. A salmon fishing competition is run from June to August every year with competitors from all over Australia. Walker’s Rock is a popular beach at the southern end of the Lake Newland Conservation Park. It features a long white beach ideal for fishing, swimming, surfing and snorkeling For more information call into the VIC located at the Community Hall.

Shelly Beach Lodge Shelly Beach Lodge is a waterfront location situated on 100 acre of natural bush land. Adjacent to Mount Dutton Bay and overlooking Coffin Bay National Park the lodge is designed and operated to be as Eco friendly and kind to its surroundings as possible, The Lodge is powered by wind & solar leaving virtually no carbon footprint yet providing modern comfortable living. The separate 3 bedroom apartment accommodates up to 8 persons with most mod cons. Shelly Beach Lodge aims to set an example in energy efficient living that educates and inspires the guests who visit. The perfect stepping stone for what the region has to offer.

Rewards card for quality seafood experience

Receive great savings, top food and the best locations using the Rewards Card


way for visitors to really experience Eyre Peninsula. With twice as many experiences and tours available on the new card, a new feature will be exclusive food The new rewards card, tastings at various eateries which costs $69 for $100 featuring regional seafood worth of value, is a novel specialties including oyster

ourism Eyre Peninsula ha s launched its new seafood & beyond… rewards card.

omelet, seared Bluefin tuna and smoked Kingfish. The card enables the visitor to experience the best the region has to offer by taking part in seafood and aquaculture tours, other tours and exclusive regional food tasting experiences.

An interpretive CD produced in partnership with the Department of Environment and Heritage is included with every card sold. “As visitors travel around the region they can play the CD and learn about

Ceduna 4Fully self, 2 contained bathroom kitchen, Holiday excellent fishingLarge and crabbing Home Great for relaxing bedroom


Call 08 8625 2471 0427 095 527 ask for Barb


Cowell Holiday Cottage


20 kms south of Elliston 5 minutes to popular Locks Well salmon fishing beach 15 minutes to Sheringa Beach and Elliston beaches and jetty Central to local fishing spots Comfortable self contained Peaceful rural area Good country hospitality Accommodation for up to six people 3 bedrooms - kitchen with full facilities - freezer Campfire - in winter - and fish cleaning facilities.

C o n t a c t K a re n a n d B r u c e A ga r s 8 6 8 7 8 7 5 3 k a re n . a ga r s @ b i g p o n d . c o m night from $75 a ! for 2



Seafield Cottage Holiday Accommodation - Cowell SA



Page 10 – Wednesday, March 11th, 2009

Eyre Peninsula’s valuable seafood and aquaculture industry” said Ms Holland, chairperson Tourism Eyre Peninsula said. As a commissionable product for Eyre Peninsula, the seafood & beyond…rewards card, can be brochured and sold to consumers by wholesalers and travel agents both domestically and internationally. Ms Holland said ‘the new look seafood & beyond…rewards card is an exciting product development for Eyre Peninsula that embraces the whole region.’ “The seafood & beyond…rewards card is one of Tourism Eyre Peninsula’s biggest projects and we are proud to release the second edition. The smartcard concept has been used successfully by other tourism regions in South Australia to package and market tourism products” Ms Holland said. Further information: Tamara Neldner, SATC 8682 4688.

Like fishing?




Excellent position, walking distance from jetty, shops, etc. 50 METRES FROM MAIN STREET 6 Third Street, Cowell


Shed-ColourTV-Airconditioner-Fan-Heater-Microwave - BBQ - Washing machine - Fish cleaning - Crab cooker BRING OWN LINEN


Hosts: Anne & Mark Scammell


THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

yre E

eninsula P

Seafood & Aquaculture trail


Seafood & Aquaculture Trail. Believed to be the only one of its type in Australia, it showcases seafood and aquaculture experiences of the region. Highlights include southern One extraordinary expe- bluefin tuna, oysters, prawns, rience that is distinctive to whiting and murray cod being the region, is the self-drive farmed and processed.

urprise yourself in a region, which offers superb wilderness coastline, world-class seafood, contrasting landscapes and unique experiences.


The Fresh Fish Place You are invited to a ‘seafood lover’s guided tour’ of Port Lincoln’s leading multi-species fish processing factory. Included us a taste of delicious smoked fish, marinated calamari, octopus or soused scallops. Please wear enclosed shoes - food safety hats are supplied BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL - PORT LINCOLN VISITOR INFORMATION CENTRE PHONE: 1300 788 378 OR (08) 8683 3544 TOUR TIME: MON-FRI 10.30AM Adventure Bay Charters Close up Tuna Tour, a world first here in the seafood capital of Australia where you can hand feed and even swim with Port Lincoln’s most valuable fish. Try our new underwater viewing tunnel and enter the world of the tuna without getting wet. BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL –PORT LINCOLN VISITOR CENTRE PHONE: 1300 788 378 OR (08) 8683 3544 TOUR TIME: DAILY 10AM Marina Boat Cruises Cruise the spectacular waterways of Lincoln Cove and Lincoln Lakes on board the electrically powered ‘Telsa’. Discover Australia’s largest commercial fishing fleet, our millionaire’s playground and a brief overview of Port Lincoln’s various fishing industries. BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL - PORT LINCOLN VISITOR INFORMATION CENTRE PHONE: 1300 788 378 OR (08) 8683 3544 TOUR TIME: DAILY 10.30AM AND 3PM Triple Bay Aquaculture Cruise Enjoy an informative cruise while taking in the sights around beautiful Boston Bay. Learn about the lucrative aquaculture & southern blue fin tuna industries. Visit a working tuna farm and watch the fish being feed (seasonal). See seals lazing on the rocks or frolicking in the clear waters and enjoy the taste of mouth watering Sashimi tuna. BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL - PORT LINCOLN VISITOR INFORMATION CENTRE PHONE: 1300 788 378 OR (08) 8683 3544 TOUR TIME: DAILY BY APPOINTMENT – WEATHER & AVAILABILITY PERMITTING

Tastings of oysters, sashimi tuna and other seafood are part of the experience, with an opportunity to purchase fresh ocean catch after the tours. There is a variety of tours available stretching from Whyalla to Ceduna along the pristine coastline of Eyre Peninsula.

More Information For more information on Eyre Peninsula’s Seafood & Aquaculture Trail, contact an Eyre Peninsula visitor information centre, or or call 1800 067 739


Watch the expert filleting and processing all manner of scale fish including King George whiting, shark and other species. Sample some delicious seafood that will be filleted, cook or shucked during your tour. Please wear enclosed shoes - food safety hats are supplied BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL - CEDUNA VISITOR INFORMATION CENTRE PHONE: 1800 639 413 OR (08) 8625 2780 TOUR TIME: SUN, TUES, FRI 10.30AM Tours on the Trail vary from $10 - $75 per person depending on the activity.




Stuart High School Barramundi Murray Cod Tour A long way from the River Murray, home to Australia’s Murray Cod, this inland venture is a self-contained aquaculture operation specialising in rearing this threatened fish and Barramundi. Tours conducted during school holidays with prior arrangement. BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL - WHYALLA VISITOR INFORMATION CENTRE PHONE: 1800 088 589 OR (08) 8645 7900 TOUR TIME: MO - FR 9.30AM - 2.30PM

Coffin Bay Explorer Cruise the waterways of Coffin Bay with its spectacular sand hills, deserted beaches, rugged islands, playful dolphins, seals and abundant birdlife. Learn the history of the oyster industry and while at the oyster lease indulge your taste buds with Oysters fresh from the water. BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL PHONE: 0428 880 621 TOUR TIMES: DAILY 9.30AM (OCTOBER – MAY)



Elliston Crayfish See large, live crayfi sh in holding tanks, caught in the waters surrounding Elliston, on the west coast of Eyre Peninsula. Hand pick your fresh crayfish and while you explore the rugged coastline, Pedro will cook it for you. TOUR TIME: MONDAY – FRIDAY 3 – 5PM (NOVEMBER TO MAY) PHONE: (08) 8687 9069

Turners Oysters & Seafood Welcome to the gateway of oyster growing on the Eyre Peninsula. View bulk handling practices in action in the Aqa oysters shed. This land-based tour includes a tasting of a natural oyster and a DVD presentation on farming techniques. BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL PHONE 08 8629 2373 TOUR TIMES: DAILY 2PM (WEEKENDS BY APPOINTMENT)

Evans Oyster Shed Tour Come and visit our working oyster shed that includes a demonstration of a fully automated grading system. See the oyster punt that we use to work our lease and learn about the life-cycle of oysters. You also get to sample a delicious natural Streaky Bay oyster. BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL STREAKY BAY RTC & VISITOR INFORMATION OUTLET PHONE: (08) 8626 7033 TOUR TIME: TUES & WED 11.30AM (SA TIME) Streaky Bay Marine Products Specialising in a variety of seafood, including King George Whiting, Abalone and Blue Swimmer Crabs from the pristine waters of the Great Australian Bight. Supplying the freshest and best quality seafood both nationally & internationally since 1985. ADDRESS: 12 ALFRED TERRACE, STREAKY BAY SA PHONE: 8626 1161 OPEN: MON – FRI 8.30AM – 5.30PM SAT 8.30AM – 12NOON


Just 100 metres to the beach, Tumby Bay Daze is great for families


MOTEL n 21 modleyr ,

f a m i twin

queen, nits & single u

Free Austar 10 channels, fridge, toaster, tea and coffee facilities, air-conditioned, ensuite, colour TV, direct dial telephone, electric blankets



95.00 per 1 night 85.00 per 1 night $One queen or double One queen or double

New luxury 4 star

apartments 40 metres from water, magnificent views of Coffin Bay.

Close to shops and

Oyster Bed Restaurant.

Exquisite décor, 4

bedrooms, large patios and entertainment areas, individual BBQs, outdoor settings, sleep 4 & 5.

The house is spacious and fully self contained. It sleeps up to 12 people with two queen size beds, two double bunks (double bed on the bottom and single on top), an additional single bed and bunk and a futon which folds out into a double bed. Tumby Bay Daze has all the comforts of home including heating and cooling, large fridge, chest freezer, microwave, washing machine, TV and DVD and VCR. Outdoors is a large yard, three car garage, and BBQ. Other boredom busters also include table tennis and ‘foozball’ or table soccer.

Full cooking facilities TVs, DVDs, CDs Hairdryers Reverse cycle air-conditioning Laundry Complimentary tea and coffee Parking for boats



$ to $ a night per couple

Package deals AVAILABLE


for 2 peo y $10 extr ple a $5 child adults ren 8+


bed and two or three single beds.

bed and two or three single beds.

24 HOUR CHECK IN Phone 08

8629 2002 Fax 08 8629 2290

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

PHONE (08) 8685 4528 or 0429 696 000

0429 805 066

3 Sidney Rd, Tumby Bay Contact Ray & Kathy North on

Wednesday, March 11th, 2009 – Page 11

Out and About Katica turns 21

Katica celebrated her 21st Birthday with family and friends at The Dunes Cafe on Saturday the 28th of February. Guests dressed in their most el-

egant and smartest outfits for her Spring racing carnival theme. Anna Cockshell made a chocolate cake covered in pink icing, 10 of Katica’s special friends were pre-

DAVE KOVAC al artist Giclée Prints Loc

sented a cupcake with a small doll on top, to take home in a pink takeaway container at the end of the night. Tha party started at 8pm and finished at 12pm.


Birth Notice

‘Wedge-tailed Eagle’ Limited Edition of 25

$225 unframed $395 framed Contact Dave on 0409 726 252

This professional quality printing is done with high tech printers using archival inks & papers. EFTPOS available

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Domain Design’s Tips for Good Interior Design

Garden - an integral part of your living Y

our garden is an integral part of your living environment. The interior of your home will benefit enormously from a cohesive relationship with the garden. A lush perspective from the rooms of a house into the garden is uplifting so ensure that you give your garden as much attention as the rooms of your home. Make sure that you maintain lawns and plants in optimum condition. A good landscape designer will help you make lawn and plant selections which will thrive in the conditions. Then try to introduce outdoor furnishings and ornaments which complement those in the house. For example, an outdoor area off the living room will look fantastic if you introduce an outdoor setting with cushions which match the colour scheme of the cushions on the sofa. Outside your child’s fairy room, why not hang a purple crystal from the branch of a tree? And finally, keep everything clean and free of clutter – it does have a real impact on health and wellbeing to live in a space which you love and which looks loved. Domain Design

Shop 4 / 14 Tutop Street, ROXBY DOWNS, SA 5725 Ph 8671 3355 Fax 8671 3366 RLA # 208715 Architect – McBride Charles Ryan Architecture + Interior Design. Photographer – Louis Petruccelli. Image supplied by Domain Design

Spruce up will make your place easier to sell With more houses appearing on the market in Roxby Downs sellers should think about making their properties more attractive for a quick and easy sale. As reported in the Monitor last month, the financial crisis has not caused any major downturn in the local property market, but according to local agents, the market had been overheated and the recent softening in demand has returned the market to more realistic levels. Instead of being a sellers’ market where any property would sell quickly to a list of willing buyers - there is now a list of properties for sale so buyers can pick and choose. According to the Real Estate Institute of South Australia, the State’s peak real estate body, giving your home a good spring clean is always an excellent start when preparing your home for sale. The front door is the gateway to your home so make sure the area around the door is nice and tidy. Give it a good sweep so there are no cobwebs and then take a fresh look at the inside area that it opens up to. Does it appear welcoming? Perhaps consider placement of items such as a hallway table with a bunch of flowers or

a hatstand if it looks a little bare. If you have carpet in the home, getting it professionally cleaned will remove most of the day-to-day stains and give it a fresh lease of life. Don’t forget to clean or dust blinds and curtains as these can become quite dirty over time and easily overlooked. Throughout the house, make sure everything is neat and tidy and avoid clutter. Potential buyers often like to visualise their own furniture and belongings in a home, so it is important to keep the areas nice and open which will also make rooms appear larger. Consider placing items in storage if you feel that you have too much furniture. A fresh coat of paint can really lift the atmosphere within a home, but when considering colours, remember that everyone’s taste is different. So the safest colour choices are neutral tones. If you decide that painting throughout is not necessary, a thorough wall clean and paint touch-ups in high traffic areas will still make a big difference.


10 Mirra Street


Neat and tidy repainted 3 bedroom home with built in robes to all rooms, lounge with built in tv area and new carpet and new lino flooring to kitchen, dining and passage areas. Keep comfortable with reverse cycle split system air-conditioning and evaporative cooling. Outside has an undercover entertaining area with slate floor and for the handyman there are 2 large sheds approx 20 x 30 plus garden shed and single carport. The block also has rear gate access. A good family home.



Be the first to live in either of these 2 magnificent brand new architecturally designed steel constructed homes. Just a short drive to Roxby Downs townshipenjoy the peace and privacy of Andamooka. Escape the heat with reverse cycle split systems throughout plus ceiling fans and the spacious open plan living, dining and entertaining areas. Sensational centrally located kitchen with quality appliances in the hub of entertaining areas, 3 great sized bedrooms all with built in robes, desks and quality window fittings, 2 bathrooms, laundry and toilet. 2 large undercover patio areas at either end of the living areas, undercover car parking for 2 cars, lockable external storage areas, landscaped grounds, irrigation system + more. Come home to style and comfort each day. Available now. Contact Tania Noonan Wardle Co Real Estate 8633 4555 Tania .No onan@

ALI WEBBER Phone 0417 816 738

Email: website: Lic No. RLA 151074

To advertise here call Erin or Regina at The Monitor 8671 2683 THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

BUSINESS FOR SALE Roxby Lunch on the Run

$285,000 + SAV ($5,000)

Located in the heart of Roxby, this magnificent cafe turns over in excess of $14,000 per week and will return a working owner over $200,000 per annum. The business only trades 8.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. Monday to Friday and half a day on Saturday and Sunday. The business has great staff, a long term lease, excellent equipment and a real poten al to expand. If you are sick of mining have a look at this. Simon Winter 0419 828 689. Web ID# R4264

ROXBY DOWNS FOR SALE “NEEDED ONE LARGE FAMILY” $489,000 24 Curdimurka St This large family home features 5 bdrm, master with WIR & ens, other 4 with BIR’s, open space kitch/dine & 2 living areas with formal lounge & family room at opp end of the house. If you have got a large family, this could be the house for you. Call me now to arrange a private viewing. Craig Sumsion 0408 366 614 RLA 208715

ROXBY DOWNS OPEN INSPECTION 39 Hermit Street $380,000 Open 1.00 – 1.45pm Saturday 14h March Neat 2 bedroom home with fabulous entertainment area & large garage / rumpus. Ducted evap a/c & gas space hea ng. Come and inspect.

SERVICED OFFICES FOR HIRE Phone our office with enquires or bookings for the hire of office or boardroom space at the Roxby Serviced Office located at Shop 1A Tutop Centre Roxby Downs - available from 10th March 2009 If you are looking for • Free appraisals for Sales or Rental • Property Management • All Sales Enquiries in Roxby Downs and Andamooka,

Contact the team at Raine & Horne Roxby Downs

We’ll look after you Wednesday, March 11th, 2009 – Page 13



Free learning opportunities taken up T

he first round of the Roxby D ow ns Community Learning Places (CLP), a program offering free training places in selected TAFESA course modules, is halfway through its first round after kicking off early in February. Twenty one community members were placed on a variety of Senior First, Certificate III/IV Training & Assessment and Certificate IV in Business (Frontline Management) modules at the Roxby Downs TAFESA. All Community Learning places on the courses were confirmed by The Education & Workplace Training forum and proudly sponsored by BHP Billiton. “The quality of applicants was high as was the delight of those who successfully applied and are now in training or on their way to completing training,” said Education and Workplace Training Forum chair-

person, Juliette Demaine. In some cases applicants were offered more than one opportunity to participate in courses. CLP is a partnership between BHP Billiton Olympic Dam, TAFE SA and the Education and Workplace Forum and is designed to provide free nationally accredited training to eligible community members who are keen to add to or extend their skills in the workplace, community and family BHP Billiton has made two positions available for eligible community members to attend selected courses they are providing for their employees. “With our partners’ assistance this has created a great opportunity for the Forum to support community members in the Roxby Downs region to gain and build skills through increasing access to local vocational education places. The CLP program is a true example of business, Government and

the community working together to develop a unique way to address a community need,” said Mrs Demaine. The program caters for people who normally may not be able to access valuable accredited training. Priority for places will be given to applicants who are aged 15 years and over who are living or working in Roxby Downs or surrounding areas (Pimba, Woomera, Olympic Dam and Andamooka) and not employed fulltime. Eligible people include but are not limited to; • Long term unemployed • Part-time or casually employed • Young people who have not transitioned to further education, training or employment • Migrants, refugees and new arrivals from non-English speaking backgrounds • Sole parents • Parents returning to the workforce

• Mature aged people or pensioners in need of up-skilling • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders • People with a Disability (temporary or permanent) • Socio-economically disadvantaged Two positions are available in each of the following courses: a full Certificate in Senior First Aid and selected modules that form part of the Certificate III/IV in Training and Assessment and Certificate IV in Business (Frontline Management) There will be two more rounds of applications in 2009 – in June and August. All applications will be reviewed by a panel from the Education and Workplace Training. Applications for ROUND 2 open on Monday March 16. Applications forms are available from the Roxby Downs Council, TAFE SA Roxby Downs Campus or on

What’s On across





ROXBY DOWNS’ FAMILY PRACTICE Phone: 8671 3231 ROXBY DOWNS’ MEDICAL PRACTICE 9:00am-5:00pm Monday to Friday Saturday morning by appointment. Phone: 8671 1900 VISITING ALLIED HEALTH SERVICE DIABETES EDUCATOR - 9th & 24th Apr Phone: 86485706 OCCUPATIONAL THERAPIST - 20th March, 9th & 24th April Phone: 86485800 SPEECH PATHOLOGIST - 20th March, 9th & 24th April Phone: 86485800 PHYSIOTHERAPIST - 9th April Phone: 86485800 COMMUNITY MENTAL HEALTH WORKER 20th March, 9th & 24th April Phone: 86485800 DIETITICIAN - 20th March & 24th April Phone: 86485800 PODIATRIST - 24th April Phone: 86485500 CHILD & ADOLESCENT MENTAL HEALTH SERVICE - 9th April Confidential counselling for children up to 18 years. Phone: 1800819089 HEARING SERVICES 9:00am-2:30pm Monday to Friday Phone:1800 006 303 DOCTOR’S NEW SPECIALISED DRUG Phone: 1800 700 270 (Number for Medicare Use)

VISITOR INFORMATION CENTRE 8:30am - 5:00pm Monday to Friday 9:00am - 3:00pm Saturday 9:00am - 2:00pm Sunday Phone: 8671 2001 CULTURAL & LEISURE PRECINCT - MOVIES Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday Phone: 8671 2001 ROXBY DOWNS TODDLERS’ STORY TIME 9:30am - 11:00am Tuesday & Thursday (repeated) Fun for young children and mums Meet at Roxby Downs Library ANDAMOOKA TODDLERS’ STORY TIME 10:30am Monday - Fun for 1-4 years. Phone: 8672 7018 Meet at Andamooka Community Library PLAYGROUP - St. Barbara’s Parish School Call Jakki: 8671 2323 PLAYGROUP - Roxby Downs Kindergarten 10:00am - 11:30am Friday ROXBY DOWNS’ HEALTH SERVICES COFFEE MORNING 9:30am - 11:00am Thusrday Meet at the Dunes Café RAPTORS CYCLING CLUB 8:00am Sunday Social bike riding group Meet at Stuart Road roundabout ROXBY DOWNS’ CHILDCARE 6:30am-5:30pm Monday to Friday Phone: 8671 0911 MARKET DAY - March 21st - May 16th - June 20th

ROXBY DOWNS’ FAMILY AND YOUTH OFFICER Crisis and relationship councelling, mediation and support. Phone: 8671 2892 CRISIS CARE COUNSELLING Uniting Care Wesley Port Augusta Regional Women’s and Children’s Support Services: 1800 655 716 Crisis care line:13 16 11 For immediate response if feeling stressed call 0428 326 529 to speak with a counsellor 24/7 BREASTFEEDING ROXBY DOWNS’ GROUP 1:30pm - 3:00pm Third Tuesday of the month. At the Roxby Downs Public Library.

GENERAL INFORMATION SCHOOL TERMS 2008 Term 1: 27 Jan – 9 Apr Term 2: 27 Apr – 3 Jul Term 3: 20 Jul – 25 Sep Term 4: 12 Oct – 11Dec MT DARE HOTEL 8am – 9pm Open every day OUTBACK COMMUNITY GARDENS Phone: 8671 2892 ROXBY ROAD SAFE Phone: 8671 2892

CHURCH ROXBY DOWNS’ LUTHERAN CHURCH 10:30am 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th Sunday of the month 5:30pm 3rd Sunday of each month 9:30am every Sunday during school terms FAITHWORKS’ CHRISTIAN CHURCH An Assemblies Church meets every Sunday 9.30 am at Roxby Downs Catholic School Library ST. BARBARA’S PARISH CATHOLIC CHURCH Saturday 6:00pm & Sunday 9:00am 78 Pioneer Drive, Roxby Downs ANDAMOOKA/ROXBY BIBLE CHURCH 10:00am Sundays, Worship Service 6.30pm Fridays, Kids Club, 7 years + Phone: 8672 7213 ROXBY DOWNS COMMUNITY CHURCH 10am Sunday Worship. For other events & activities phone Alison 8671 1032

Page 14 – Wednesday, March 11th, 2009

COMMUNITY MEETINGS Community members are welcome to attend any meeting of the Roxby Downs Community Board, Forums and Partnerships - see schedule on the Community Matters page. For more information call Michelle Hales on 8671 0010 ROXBY DOWNS’ ROTARY CLUB 1st and 3rd Monday of the month Meet at the Dunes Café For more information contact Kaye Doyle ANDAMOOKA OPAL GIRL GUIDES Andamooka Community Hall Mondays from 5:00pm to 7:00pm Phone: 0427072710 OUTBACK MULTI-CULTURAL GROUP Phone: 8671 2892


Top Ten Singles

RIGHT ROUND Flo Rida Feat. Ke$ha LOVE STORY Taylor Swift HALO Beyonce THE FEAR Lily Allen GIVES YOU HELL The All-American Rejects YOU FOUND ME The Fray MY LIFE WOULD SUCK WITHOUT YOU Kelly Clarkson SOMEDAY SOON Natalie Bassingthwaighte GET SHAKY The Ian Carey Project ROCK & ROLL Eric Hutchinson

Top Ten Albums



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Zeppy’s reviews Movie Review: Righteous Kill

Thrillingly captivating To witness two of The Godfather figures come together on screen again is absolutely astounding and the same can be said for Righteous Kill. Here is a film that takes those little comments people say during cop movies, such as “just kill him”, and actually do it. I knew this film was going to be good from the moment it was confirmed Robert De Nero and Al Pacino, both of whom played the iconic role of The Godfather, were co-starting together. Both actors display the full range of their talent in this film, proving to the world exactly why they are hailed as kings of their craft. The storyline to Righteous Kill actually reminded me of a darker and grittier version of the Dexter series. De Nero and Pacino play two aging police officers, both holding the strong belief that criminals should pay for what they do. We follow the confession of De Nero’s character, who reveals in the opening sequence he has killed 14 people in his life. For a cop this does not seem so bad however we soon learn he is taking his beliefs to the next level and playing the vigilante street-cleaner. What makes this story interesting is both De Nero and Pacino are the police officers charged with uncovering the identity of this killer. We follow their story as they try to look for a murderer that is right under their noses. The murders are simple, the victims deserving and each scene propels the viewer closer to the gripping final confrontation.

I was interested to see the performance given by rapper Curtis “50 cent” Jackson, who plays a gangster drug dealer. To my surprise, he was actually a very good actor and pulled off his role with such precision I found my respect for this man climbing. The supporting cast were also exceptional, all playing their roles perfectly and without flaw. I did notice certain elements of predictability within this film, however that seemed to only heighten my anticipation levels as the film drew to a captivating and emotional climax. The killing scenes are realistic, the storyline is plausible and the production of this film is to be commended. The director clearly knows what he is doing and instead of focusing on dramatic Hollywood explosions and huge plot twists, focuses on a believable, character driven story that is captivating and entertaining. There were no high speed chases, huge shoot outs or cliché romance scenes, simply a well thought out character drama. Righteous Kill is a film for those sick of Hollywood. It is low key but so entertaining, playing on human

emotions rather than expensive stunts. This is a film I highly recommend to anyone with a n interest in the darker side of humanity, and who want to see two legendary actors combine their talent to create one great movie.

The Verdict: 8/10

Some love it, others find it foolish. In my opinion, if you want to escape from the realities of the world into a story that can been outrageous at times and captivating at others, then Gossip Girl is certainly a show worth watching.

The Verdict: 6.5/10

TV Review: Gossip Girl

Lifestyles of the rich and scandalous When originally hearing of this television series, like most guys, I assume, I was put off by the name of the show, believing this to be another stupid soap opera for teenage girls. After months of air time, I have discovered this show is not only liked by teenage girls but there is a collection of young guys out there who have found themselves hooked to this teen drama. I was apprehensive at first about watching Gossip Girl, thinking it would be a display of bad acting and terrible storylines. While it is not Oscar material, it is captivating. I describe Gossip Girl as The OC in New York, and in fact, The OC creator Josh Schwarts is behind the development of the show. The show centres on a collection of characters however the most predominate would be Dan Humphrey and Serena Van Der Woodsen. The two could not be more opposite. Dan is an average teenager from Brooklyn and Serena is a filthy rich socialite who has never gone a day without money. Both Dan’s and Serena’s worlds become intertwined as an attraction builds, and as all teenage soap operas go, relationships develop. The show also focuses on a range of other teenage and adult characters who constantly find themselves in interesting and entertaining situations. The lives of the rich and the contempt of the poor are displayed and like all soaps, every storyline is exaggerated for optimal drama.

Series one centres on the sudden arrival of Serena Van Der Woodsen, who mysteriously disappeared six months ago. Lives have changed since then, friendships have broken and the war of the socialite queens has erupted. While much of what happens in the show seems to be a dramatisation of seemingly small events, it does provide for an entertaining series that will, like any soap opera, have you hooked for more. The acting in some places is great, while in others it can be quite terrible. Still, Gossip Girl seems to have a fairly solid storyline, for season one anyway, and does offer several moments that will have you shocked, excited and stunned at what these rich characters do to remain rich and powerful. Some of the episodes can be slightly boring and unrealistic, however if there was one thing I took away from the show, it’s being rich definitely has its advantages. Sex, drugs, relationships and money are all part of a normal day for many of the characters in Gossip Girl, and the secrets others hold will have you gripping your seat in anticipation. It’s a teen phenomenon following in the footsteps of The OC.

involved and support your


Community Radio Station Visit or call 8671 2545 for more details


Sign up

March M and sav


arket Da




on your




It’s affordable, fun and best of all it’s a great way to meet like-minded radio enthusiasts!


Wednesday, March 11th, 2009 – Page 15


Monitor EMPLOYMENT/CLASSIFIEDS FOR SALE ANDAMOOKA, House and 2 vacant adjoining blocks $320k or 2 vacant adjoining blocks $80k each. Enquiries: 03 5562 7960 ROXBY DOWNS - 2 bedroom unit at Myall Grove Caravan Park, 18 months old, site approved to sell for $45000. Fully furnished, garden shed, pergola, atco and more. Contact Cindy or Geoff 8671 0568

PUBLIC NOTICE New Council By-law – No 2 – Dogs and Cats After a long period of preparation and consultation Roxby Downs Council hereby gives notice that the proposed By-law No. 2 - Dogs and Cats, made under the Dog and Cat Management Act 1995 and the Local Government Act 1999 has been ratified by Parliament and is now in place.


Key points of the new By-law for the management of dogs and cats in the Council area are: 1. Only two dogs and / or two cats allowed per property 2. Permits may be applied for additional dogs or cats under certain conditions 3. Cats must be registered, desexed and micro chipped 4. Cats must be contained on the property 5. Expiations will apply for dogs and cats wandering at large 6. Expiations will apply for dogs and cats if unregistered To assist in implementation, Council has granted a grace period ending on 31 August 2009 to enable all cat owners to: (a) become fully aware of the new cat laws (b) desex and microchip their cat/s (c) register their cat/s (d) make arrangements to contain their cat/s within their property During this period Council will not act on any enforcement provisions contained within the bylaw and will also waive registration fees for a desexed and microchipped cat of $28.00 for the 2009/10 year. However after this date normal penalties for keeping an unregistered cat/ dog will apply In order to register a cat the owner must complete a registration form and produce proof of desexing and microchipping. A certificate from a qualified veterinarian will suffice. Copies of the new By-laws are available at the Council office between 9.00am – 5.00pm Monday to Friday, or by visiting the website at www. A comprehensive advertising awareness campaign will commence shortly. For further enquiries, please contact the Council during office hours by telephoning Council on 8671 0010. Bill Boehm Administrator

Date 4th March 2009

IRRAPITANA - Large 3 bedroom, air-conditioning, roller shutters, built-in-robes, double driveway, veranda, manicured gardens, great family home, dishwasher, $465.00 per week. Contact: Phil 0411 313 373 or John 0408 087 424 ADELAIDE ACCOMMODATION WWW.SEACROFTAPARTMENTS. COM.AU. Semaphore $85 per night. Phone: 0412 106 646 ROXBY WINDSCREENS AND WINDOW TINTING CARS: domestic and industrial. Insurance Claims. Licensed Tradesmen. Ph 0411 215 787 or (08)

8671 1414

ROXBY TAKE AWAY AND PIZZA ARE looking for staff. Must be able to work nights and weekends. As shop is open 7 days a week. Come in and see us or phone 8671 0320 WANTED WANTED to Buy Adult trail bike, Honda 175 or similar please phone 0411 027 636 WANTED to Buy mini quad bike or 50cc mini bike please phone 0428 174 408

Big Warm Welcome Barbie this Saturday


free barbecue to welcome all newcomers to Roxby Downs will be held at the Lions Park lunchtime next Saturday. The event is put on by The Big Warm Welcome, a joint community project of the Roxby Downs Health Services and BHP Billiton Olympic Dam. The project aims to provide new residents with a personal and appropriate welcome by running monthly events and utilizing a network of volunteers and affiliated businesses and community groups. “There is a wealth of information available to new comers in Roxby Downs, and now there is a program to help residents to acces information and social networks,” said Jo Culf, coordinator of the Welcome Project. The Big Warm Welcome Walking Tour takes place on the first Monday of each month, meeting at 9am at the Sturt Pea sculpture. This tour allows new residents to meet in a relaxed way and find out a bit more about the services and facilities of the Roxby Downs township. Big Warm Welcome volunteers are able to meet new residents at a mutually convenient time to share information and build social networks. This allows additional support for those with English as a second language and ensures that the information provided is relevant to the new resident. Live music will be provided

by “Who’s On First”. Volunteers will be available to answer questions about services available in town and how to access them. New residents can use the locals as a resource – whether joining a sporting group, finding a sewing circle or just meeting new people, there is something to be said for a chat with someone local. Big Warm Welcome Community BBQ’s are held throughout the year to allow new residents to meet each other and existing locals. Community groups are invited to attend to share information about their activities and services. This social opportunity is a fun and relaxed event with live music, free food and activities for the kids. The Big Warm Welcome volunteers support other events such as Market Days, the Health Expo, and employer orientations. Volunteers are also available to meet with new residents at any convenient time and location; new residents just need to contact Jo Culf to make arrangements. Questions can be SMSed or voice messaged to 0422 000 210 anytime, or email Joanne.Culf@ Since commencing in September 2008, the Big Warm Welcome has supported more than 50 families with information and social support.








Valda Inglis School of Dance

Consults at 97 Pioneer Drive, Roxby Downs THURSDAYS 4 pm - 9.30 pm FRIDAYS 7.30 am - 12 noon

From 3 years, Boys and Girls Welcome

BLD - 173944

Ph 8671 1234 Fax 8671 2823 Mob 0407 711 234 38 Axehead Road, Roxby Downs, SA

By Appointment Only

By Fiona Pillar Dip Remedial Cert IV Bowen

Ph: 0417 860 130

•Remedial & Sports •Bowen Therapy •Traditional Thai •Hawaiian Ka Huna •Foot Massage •Relaxation & Pain Relief

Page 16 – Wednesday, March 11th, 2009

Highly experienced local trainer Other emergency training also available

First LessonFREE

Contact Steve Moore 0429 883 842

Dance Teacher qualified at The Royal Academy of Dance.

All enquires phone Valda on 0438 830 461 or e-mail

Pt Pirie & Adelaide Depots Antique & Household Removals Local, Interstate & Country Storage & Delivery Specialists

Ph: 0427 716 173 Roxby Downs À Pt Augusta À Pt Pirie

WE ARE YOUR LOCAL Carpet Cleaning Domestic Cleaning SPECIALISTS Window Cleaning IN Commercial Cleaning End of Lease Cleaning External Pressure Cleaning

B carpeook any clean t or house monthing for the o will recf March eive

10% disc oun


No job too big or small FOR A NO OBLIGATION FREE QUOTE PLEASE CALL (08) 8671 3302

Toni Love

Life Changing Massage

$150.00 per person

Introductory 6 week course available


•General Repairs •Fencing •Carpentry •Cabinet-making •Plumbing •Gas-fitting •Electrical •Carpet/Vinyl •Painting •Refrigeration

Nationally accredited HLTFA301B

Classical Ballet and Hip Hop

Starting Wednesday 4th March

PHONE 8645 0880

1 or 2 Day Courses Roxby Downs

Roxby Downs

Dr Mark Barns

Instant health fund rebates • 24 hour/7 day booking & enquiry service

Senior First Aid

Professional Counsellor BSW; Grad Cert (Addictions) Accredited Mental Health Social Worker

HeavyTruck Licences, HR, HC (Semi) Regional & Country Areas Serviced For enquiries and bookings: Phone: 8244-4374 Or 0417158098 Email: 660 South Road, Wingfield. S.A.



0427 744 275 Approved Health Care Provider under Medicare: 4098641J ABN: 21 951 033 269

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Monitor NEWS



Council would like to advise that between the hours of 10.00am – 12 noon on 25th April, 2009 the following roads will be closed for the Anzac Day Service: - Burgoyne Street - Arcoona Street - Norman Place - Tavern Road


Saturday 1st November saw the start of the Fire Danger Season. This will continue until 31st March, 2009. Some points to consider: - Cleaning up around yards Clean out gutters - Trim trees, especially those brushing against the house - Clear undergrowth where possible - Make yourself fully aware of the BBQ regulations When cleaning the rubbish, be aware of snakes and rodents. Please make known the total fire ban days. Incase of Fire dial 000. When next visiting the council office, please take your free copy of Preparing for Bushfires.


If you are unable to come into the council office during work hours, we do offer payment of any accounts via the Internet or credit card facility via the phone. Please call the office on 8671 0010 for details. GENERAL INFORMATION for Electricity & Water - Autopays & Direct Debits - All MONTHLY AUTOPAYS AND DIRECT DEBITS are taken out on the 20th of each month. - All QUARTERLY AUTOPAYS are taken out on the DUE DATE of the Notice - All QUARTERLY DIRECT DEBITS are taken out on the 20th day of which the notice is due.


The Opal Rd landfill does accept recycling or you can take it down to BSH in Gosse Street. Plastic containers are to be cleaned and no lids are to be left on. They accept paper, cardboard and plastics. It is appreciated if sorted.


If you are changing your address, you are required by law to notify all relevant departments. The council offer you a one stop shop, in so much as you can change the address of your electricity, water, voting, motor vehicles and dogs.


If infringement notices, whether it be parking or dogs, are not paid by the due date, then a fine will apply and court action will be taken.


Advertising on Council infrastructure such as light poles can attract expiation notices under the Local Government Act. If you spot any such advertising please notify the Council.


3rd quarter of rates for financial year 08/09, have now been issued. The due date for payment is 17th March, 2009. If you have any enquiries please contact Bronnie Warren on 8671 0010 during office hours.

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

Web: e-mail: Office hours: Mon to Frid – 9am to 5pm. After hours Emergencies, please phone 0419 892 870.


The Roxby Downs/Andamooka Sub Branch of the RSL, are holding two Anzac Day Services: 1. The Dawn Service, which is being held at the Olympic Dam Memorial Site on Blinman Road, opposite Camp 1 on the 25th April, 2009. 2. A commemorative service will be held on 25th April, 2009 at the memorial site in Richardson place starting at 10.50.


This is a friendly reminder from Council, that parking in the following zones is illegal: WITHIN THE ROXBY DOWNS TOWNSHIP: A loading zone - A drop off zone - A disabled park WITHIN THE RESIDENTIAL STREETS: - A nature strip - Local Government land. - Vehicle left on side of the road for greater than 24 hours - Parked in the opposite direction of oncoming traffic. Under the Local Government Act, Council has the power to instigate Infringement Notices and/or impound the vehicle(s) for the noted offence. If infringement notices are not paid by the due date, then a fine will apply. Please make yourself aware of all the parking regulations and signage.


- Dog registrations are for 12 months in the financial year calendar. (July 08 – June 09), NOT 12 month calendar year. Grace period for registration expired on 31 August 2008; thereafter an $80.00 expiation fee applies under Section 33 of the Dog and Cat Management Act. - Please also ensure that all dogs over the age of three months are registered, failure to comply can again result in an $80.00 Expiation Notice being issued. Cheaper fees shall apply for proof of desexed, micro chipped or trained dogs. - Make sure when changing your address, you also change the address of your dog(s)

DEPOSIT OF RUBBISH Under Local Government Regulations it is an offence to dump any rubbish on a public road or place. This will incur a fine.


The Opal Road Landfill is open from 1pm – 6pm, seven days a week. This is a FREE service. For Further information contact BSH Waste Solutions on 8671 1154. Collect your free magnet when next in the Council office.


Service SA operates at the Council Office on Wednesday and Thursdays ONLY, between the hours of 9.00am and 4.30pm. Council provides Transport Services including Vehicle and Boat Registrations and Licensing Transactions. No learner written theory tests will commence after 4.00pm.


Disconnection pending notices have now been issued. Please pay by the due date to avoid disconnection of power supply.


Accounts for 31 December 2008 quarter are now overdue. Reminder notices have been issued. Please pay by the due date to avoid further action.


Rann talks up ODX to Indian media

A Premier Mike Rann has talked up the Olympic Dam expansion project to a group of Indian journalists in Adelaide last weekend. The South Australian Premier, a long standing “admirer and friend” of India, said the province’s rich mineral resources should be fully utilised to beat global recession. BHP Billiton, which owns one of the country’s biggest mines ‘Olympic Dam’ in South Australia, would increase mining of uranium from 4,300 tonnes per annum to 19,000 tonnes, state Premier Mike Rann told visiting Indian journalists here. Rann, one of the influential leaders of the Labour Party headed by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, said that besides uranium, his government has supported a step up mining of copper from 180,000 to 730,000 tonnes and gold from 80,000 to 500,000 ounces. An Indian journalist wrote in the Channai News that Australia, a burgeoning economy, posted 0.5 per cent negative growth for the first time in eight years, triggering fears of economic crisis among its affluent 21 million people. “The Olympic Dam mine would surpass Chile Escondida to become the single largest mine in the world. No. 1 in uranium, No. 4 in copper and No. 5 in gold,” Rann said. “Once the expansion takes place, something like a million-and-a-quarter tonnes on rock will be moved every day by 10,000 workers.” The increase in mining of uranium, which

was hitherto confined to only three mines, would enable Australia to overtake Canada as the world’s leading supplier of uranium, Rann said. “Olympic Dam alone will produce 35 per cent of the world’s uranium and its reserves lasting for 100-150 years. It will supply more uranium than all of Canada’s mines put together,” he said. Rann, however, sounded non-committal about Australia reversing its decision not to supply uranium to India, but at the same time said the issue would be discussed by Rudd during his visit to New Delhi, expected to take place later this year. “There could be lot of negotiations,” he said, but declined to elaborate. Rann replied in negative when asked if Australia could benefit by supplying uranium to India, which plans to set up a number of nuclear power plants in the light of Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) and IAEA’s permission to New Delhi to take part in nuclear commerce for power generation. “I don’t think so. We have China, Britain and even the US shifting to nuclear energy in a big way in the coming years. There will be no dearth of buyers,” he said. Rann, at the same time, outlined the marked change in Australia’s policy on uranium mining, emphasising that its nuclear policy was not static.

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Senior Basketball results

Men 03/03/09

Jets def Hornridge 42pts to 35pts Danni Stetco 20pts & Tim Peterson,Brad Cooper 8pts ea Benchwarmers def Chocies 85pts to 19pts Tyler Goloding 41pts & Ethan Zeptner 11pts Rod’s def Devils 61pts to 33pts Peter Rhodes 20pts & Daniel Rogers 9pts

B Women 05/03/09

No 23 Tom makes some good plays for the Boomer

Cougars def Eagles 46pts to 12pts Ange Lamb 12pts, Kasiah Barrand 11pts & Stacey Dadleh,Courtney Brind 4pts ea Miners def Neons 26pts to 17pts Demmy Orr 12pts & Hannah Wurfel 6pts

A Women

Eagles def Devils 54pts to 15pts Ali Knights 14pts, Elysiah McCarthy 10pts & Sarah Weston 6pts Bulls def Wanderers 68pts to 29pts Bec Penglase 23pts, Nicole Hay 21pts & Mel Eggington 11pts

Ready to shot

Bradley Cooper looks for a break

No 23 Tom of Boomer

Netball in shots

Katica Cockshell of Phoenix Grace Hollit passes to a team mate

Hannah Wurcel attempt to shoot over Yvonne Klomp defence

Nicole Darling looks down court for a lead

Katica again in the action

Soccer in shots

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5:00pm on March 27th NAME ADDRESS PHONE No

2 DAY MOTOCROSS RIDING SCHOOL 21&22 MARCH SHANE METCALFE ACREDITTED LEVEL 2SX, MX AND FMX COACH Is a former Pro-Rider for nine years and is a multiple Australian and south Autralian Motocross and Supercross winner Presented by





Page 18 – Wednesday, March 11th, 2009

0418 890 923

Rafael Toledo of the Miners

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Devils claim top spot


l y m p i c D a m d e f e a t e d 2/19, Smith J 2-0-0/9, Geraghty 4-0-3/12 Roxby Rogues recorded an easy 130 run Wanderers by 25 runs in a low scoring affair at Roxby Downs victory over the Woomera Redbacks on the back of a fine century by Steve Westoval on Saturday morning.

Both teams were well below full strength for the see-sawing affair that saw 19 wickets go down for a two-team total of 219. The Devils batted first and managed to post 122 for the loss of nine wickets with Darren Leonard top- scoring on 39 and Phil Stacey making 31 as an opener. The Swaggies bowled and fielded very well with Luke Dunk capturing the wickets of Leonard, Charl Botes and Rein Geraghty to return the best figures. In reply Tim Arthur and Damien Smith had their side well ahead of the run rate despite the early loss of Rob Paxton until both lost patience and their wickets when set. Jason Carroll charged Mick Hoffmann and was bowled and when Dunk fell to a fantastic sprawling one hander down leg side by Leonard, Wanderers were struggling at 5/52. The inexperience of the bottom five on the list came through as Stacey and Geraghty mopped up and dismissed the Swaggies for 97. The win has put the Devils on top of the table for the first time since the opening round of matches but the results of next week’s last round could see Wanderers reclaim that spot. The Swaggies need to defeat the lowly Redbacks and then rely on Roxby Rogues to have their first win over Olympic Dam since last saeson’s Grand Final. SCORES Olympic Dam Shinnick c & b Luke - 4 Stacey c Arthur b Smith - 31 Leonard st Arthur b Dunk - 39 Botes c & b Dunk - 12 Eckermann c & b Carroll - 1 Clothier not out - 11 Geraghty lbw b Dunk - 0 Smith run out (Ryan Paxton) - 7 Hoffmann b Ryan Paxton - 8 Dadleh Jordan b Thompson- 0 Sundries - 7 Total 9/122 Bowling: Thompson 8-2-1/19, Luke 20-1/11, Carroll 8-1-1/24, Smith 8-0-1/26, Dunk 8-0-2/25, Paxton 6-1-2/16 Wanderers Arthur c Leonard b Botes - 14 Paxton Rob b Shinnick - 4 Smith c J Dadleh b Hoffmann - 37 Thompson run out (Stacey) - 13 Carroll b Hoffmann - 4 Dunk c Leonard b Stacey - 7 Hombsch J not out - 9 Hombsch N c Leonard b Geraghty – 1 Paxton Ryan c Leonard b Geraghty - 0 Male b Geraghty - 0 Sundries - 8 Total - 97 Bowling: Botes 8-2-1/17, Shinnick 80-1/27, Stacey 5-2-2/13, Hoffmann 8-1-

lake. The 156 run second wicket partnership between Westlake and Paul Trotta (80)was a welcome show of form for Rogues as the major round approaches. It was Westlake’s first ton in Roxby cricket and somewhat fortunate after being dropped early and then twice in the nineties. Daniel Young took 2/29 and ran out Randall Wyatt as fielding errors cost them dearly in their opponents mammoth 5/232. Woomera made only 102 in reply despite the batting efforts of Shannon Eccles who top scored with 25, Jeremy Moon unbeaten on 19 and veteran Justin Allchurch with 14. Slow bowler Bill Hiscox capitilised on the economic start by Toby Ferguson and Wyatt with new ball to finish with 4/25 from 7.2 overs. SCORES Roxby Rogues Wyatt run out (Young) - 13 Trotta c K Strawbridge b Fielding - 80 Westlake b Young - 107 Adams c Moon d Young - 0 Hiscox c & b Fielding - 2 Queale not out - 13 Bourne not out - 1 Sundries 16 Total - 5/232 Bowling: Payne 8-1-0/28, Fielding 80-2/51, Ingold 8-0-0/48, Moon 6-0-0/33, Allchurch 5-0-0/35, Young 4-0-2/25, Treloar 1-0-0/8 Woomera Redbacks Brace b Ferguson - 0 Eccles run out (Wyatt) - 25 Payne b Wyatt - 3 Allchurch lbw b Hiscox - 14 Fielding st Westlake b Hiscox - 14 Young b Trotta - 0 Ingold c Ferguson b Hiscox - 6 Moon not out - 19 Treloar b Pak Poy - 5 Strawbridge K b Pak Poy - 0 Strawbridge S c Adams Hiscox - 0 Sundries - 19 Total - 102 Bowling: Ferguson 8-1-1/20, Wyatt 8-1-1/20, Hiscox 7.2-0-4/25, Trotta 4-01/15, PakPoy 2-0-2/7 Table (1 match left) Olympic Dam 62 Wanderers 58 Roxby Rogues 34 Woomera Redbacks 9

Jason Carroll attacks for the Wanderers. OPEN 7 DAYS

Post Ofce & Motel

Behind the Famous Bottle House

Opal Creek Boulevard, Andamooka & after hours by appointment

Ph: (08) 8672 7007 Fax: (08) 8672 7062 Email:

woomera & districts football league inc are seeking goal boundary and field umpires, gate takers and scoreboard attendants for the 2009 season Phil Stacey plays it straight. THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

Lachlaun Geraghty was at the cricket with his Dad Rein who plays for Olympic Dam.


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Win a FREE trip to the Adelaide Sevens

Phone (08) 8671 2683


nternational Rugby Sevens and the Monitor are giving you the chance to win two return flights to Adelaide, three nights’ accommodation at the Hilton Adelaide and reserved seats for the International Rugby Sevens Adelaide.


The Sevens Adelaide event, with 16 international Rugby teams of seven-aside, will be held at the Adelaide Oval on April 3-5. Monitor readers can enter simply by filling in the International Rugby Sevens coupon on page 18. The flights from Roxby Downs will be on Alliance aircraft. The flight to Adelaide from Olympic Dam departs at 8:30am arriving at 10am. The return flight will leave Adelaide on Monday April 6 at 10:30am arriving back at Olympic Dam at noon. Three nights accommodation will be in a twinshare room at the Hilton Adelaide, in April 3 and out April 6. Two reserved seats to the International Rugby Sevens Adelaide, April 3-5

Fax (08) 8671 2843

The 2009 International Rugby Sevens Adelaide will be the third instalment of this fast, action filled event. There will be 16 teams competing at the International Rugby Sevens in Adelaide. The 12 teams qualified for each leg of the series are: Argentina, Australia, England, Fiji, France, Kenya, New Zealand, Samoa, Scotland, South Africa, USA and Wales. In 2008, the tournament had an overall economic impact of $4.6 million and more than 32,000 attendees over the two-days of competition - which was up from 25,000 the previous year. The 2008 champions were South Africa, who comfortably defeated New Zealand in the final. Australia finished 2nd in their pool and were later defeated by Tonga 21 -7 in the Semi Final of the Plate competition. Fiji was the 2007 Adelaide Sevens champions and defeated Samoa 21-7 in the Cup Final. Australia won the Plate Final defeating England 31-0. The International Rugby Board World Series Sevens is played across eight tournaments held worldwide from November 2008 through to May 2009.

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COME-N-TRY SOCCER Tuesday afternoons

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4-7 year olds 3:30pm 8-10 year olds 4:15pm 11-16 year olds 5pm Enrolments available at kiosk

COUNTRY ARTS SA ‘In the Top Paddock’ Exhibition Roxby Leisure Art Gallery March 13 - April 19 Artworks using the inherent qualities of plywood transforming it into serious and playful references to land use.


GHOST TOWN Rated M Duration 102 mins.

Rated M Duration 165 mins.

When Bertram Pincus dies unexpectedly, but is miraculously revived after seven minutes, he wakes up to discover that he now has the annoying ability to see ghosts. Stars Ricky Gervais, Greg Kinnear and Jordan Carlos. Screens: Saturday March14 @ 7:30pm, Sunday March 15 @ 12noon, Tuesday March 17 @ 7pm.

Tells the tale of Benjamin Button, a man who starts ageing backwards with bizarre consequences. Stars Brad Pitt, Cate Blanchett and Julia Ormond. Screens: Friday March 13 @ 7:30pm, Saturday March 14 @ 3pm

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