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Business as usual

COMMUNITY TALKS...Long-time local and Olympic Dam employee of more than 16 years Luke Haddock talks with Olympic Dam Asset Leader Dean Dalla Valle at BHP Billiton’s recent community information sessions.

THEATRE TRIO...Mel Rose, Jane Rogers and Karim Gilleland will star in this week’s showing of the locallywritten play ‘Only Reason’.

Local actors step into the spotlight ROXBY DOWNS…Roxby Downs’ own Unfinished Business Theatre Company will host its first local performance tomorrow night – ‘Only Reason’. ‘Only Reason’ - a stage play for over 16s - takes a humorous look at current attitudes to safe sex, at the Roxby Downs Cultural Precinct Theatrette on Friday, June 24. Originally written by Sheila Culf as a film for three women and seven men, it has lain dormant for over a decade until this year when it’s relevance to today was real-

ised. The Unfinished Business Theatre Company consists of a group of dedicated enthusiasts who, due to work and family commitments, could only rehearse after 9pm. “Although we’ve worked hard, it’s been great fun,” Mrs Culf said. “If the audience get half as much from this as we have, everyone will go home happy.’ Limited tickets are now available from the Cultural Precinct at a cost of $10 - for mature audiences only.

OLYMPIC DAM...While WMC Resources employees in Melbourne face upheaval and job losses, at Olympic Dam business continues as usual following the first stages of takeover by mineral giant BHP Billiton. “The aim was to give Roxby Downs residents a chance to learn more about BHP Billiton, which is the world’s largest diversified resources company,” a BHP-B spokesperson said. “Similar sessions have been held on site at Olympic Dam over the last two weeks, with more than 1400 employees and contractors attending.” Almost 100 community members - including community leaders, business people, employees, employees’ spouses, contractors and even a few interested tourists - attended the meetings. “We were very pleased with the level of community interest shown,” the spokesperson said. “There has been uncertainty in the town since the Xstrata bid for WMC was initiated last October. Community reaction indicates comfort with the fact that uncertainty about the future ownership of Olympic Dam has now been removed.” “Similar information sessions will be held in Woomera and Andamooka in the near future.” The public information sessions come hard on the heels of the news that BHP Billiton will compulsorily aquire all WMC Resources shares after achieving more than 90 per cent interest in the operations.

Is yyour our bank taking yyou ou ffor or a ride? Get a free home loan health check with Mor tgage Choice. Mortgage Kerry Dunn will be visiting Roxby Downs on June 24 and 25. Phone Kerry on 0407 861 273 or Toll Free on

1300 852 300

Working in partnership with local business!

This week, The Monitor asked BHP Billiton all those questions you want answered. SHIFT CHANGES...Don’t expect shifts to change at Olympic Dam, right now, BHP-B is confident that the local site is in line with world’s best practices. FLY-IN FLY-OUT...BHP-B says it’s committed to the township of Roxby Downs and the community as a solid centre for its employees. Fly-in fly-out, while applicable to some employees, will not phase out community living. HOUSING...BHP-B will continue to investigate solutions to the local housing crush. PAYS...Former WMC Resources employees can probably expect their pays to go fortnightly when the site comes on line with GlobalSAP in 2006.

Port Hughes/Moonta Bay

Stage II Release, Available Now 67 Residential Allotments priced from $75,000 • NO time limits to build • Services provided including: • Bitumen Roads • Concrete kerbing • Water to front of allotment • Electricity to front of allotment • Effluent to front of allotment

$1000 will secure your choice of allotment/s now! Subject to Deposited Plan Approval, due July 2005 (or settlement by negotiation). L.J. HOOKER Moonta/Wallaroo Phone: 8825 2007


Cars vandalised Alpine Constructions 8671 2007 Andamooka Health Services 8672 7087 Andamooka Opal Showroom 8672 7007 Andamooka Primary School 8672 7018 Andamooka Support Service 8672 7238 Augusta Accounting 8642 5244 Beenham Building 8671 1234 Birdsville Hotel (07) 4656 3244 BOC Gases 8671 3289 Broadspectrum 8671 2450 Camel Cup 8675 8222 Capitalcorp 8232 0811 Cavpower Cat 8671 0014 Cedar Accounting 8377 1024 Cool or Cosy 13 33 34 Cowell Electric Supply Pty Ltd 8671 0018 CPS Credit Union Pt Augusta 8642 4600 Crediflex Whyalla 8644 2708 Desert Springs Church 0427 663 033 Elsewhere Hotel 8675 7781 Eyebus Optometrists 8671 2001 Financial Management & Taxation Services 8251 7927 Flinders Ranges Real Estate 8648 6069 Flinders Travel 8632 2677 Glendambo Outback Resort 8672 1030 Glendambo Mobil Service Station 8672 1092 Guys/Girls Night Out 0418 713 971 Ian Godfrey & Associates 8667 5018 Innamincka Trading Post 0418 322 091 Investors Club 0419 031 981 Johncor Transport 0419 601 980 Lavericks Engineering 8671 0404 Leigh Creek & Regional VIC 8675 2723 Life Changing Massage 0417 860 130 Lin Andrews Real Estate 8671 2000 LJ Hooker Moonta 8825 2007 Marree Aboriginal School 8675 8358 Mortgage Choice 1300 852 300 Mortgage Force 13 14 97 Mt Dare Homestead 8670 7835 Nacos Credit Union 8671 1755 Nationwide Training-Australia 1300 720 123 Native Animal Network 8671 0573 Outback Landscaping and Supplies 8671 0131 Peter Tonkin Realty Yorketown 8852 8179 Pink Roadhouse, Oodnadatta 8670 7822 Port Augusta Public Library 8641 9151 Powerstate Credit Union 8642 5211 Raine and Horne 8395 2233 Roxby Downs Area School 8671 0011 Roxby Downs Catholic Church 8671 0925 Roxby Downs Child Care Centre 8671 0911 Roxby Downs Community Church 8671 0270 Roxby Downs Community Health 8671 9020 Roxby Downs Community Library 8671 0660 Roxby Downs Council 8671 0010 Roxby Downs Cultural Precinct 8671 2001 Roxby Downs Junior Basketball 8671 0634 Roxby Downs Leisure Centre 8671 0500 Roxby Downs Lutheran Church 8671 1300 Roxby Downs Medical Practice 8671 1900 Roxby Downs Pest Management 0427 280 291 Roxby Downs Police 8671 0370 Roxby Downs Tavern 8671 0071 Roxby Downs Youth Centre 0407 719 714 Roxby’s Nail & Beauty 0427 772 917 RoxFM Community Radio 8671 2545 Share School 0419 800 922 South Community Centre Library 8087 3494 Spud’s Roadhouse, Pimba 8673 7473 The Loan Market 8842 3010 The Monitor - Your Community Newspaper 8671 2683 Unité Accountants 8364 0350 Walford Anglican School 8272 6555 Wardle Real Estate 0417 816 738 Woomera Area School 8673 7287 Woomera Board Office 8674 3226

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Page 2 - Thursday, June 23, 2005

Three vehicles were damaged and property stolen from motor vehicles parked on ‘the Lot’ on Olympic Way, Roxby Downs, on June 18, 2005. Police would like to warn members of the public of the risk of leaving vehicles parked overnight on what is commonly referred to as the ‘The Lot’, which is the parking bay just south of the BP on Olympic Way commonly used to display vehicles for sale. According to police, vehicles that are left there overnight are all too often the target of damage, theft or worse still, stolen all together. Police are urging car owners to remove vehicles prior to darkness. A 23-year-old Salisbury Heights man was reported on June 18, 2005 for Due care. A 43-year-old Roxby Downs man was reported for exceed PCA after being detected by a mobile random breath test on June 17, 2005. A 42-year-old Roxby Downs man was reported for exceed PCA after being detected by a mobile random breath test on June 13, 2005. A report was received on June 13, 2005, relating to the theft of a CD player and CDs from a motor vehicle at Camp 1 Olympic Dam. A 27-year-old Roxby Downs man was reported for exceed PCA on June 12, 2005. A report of was received on June 12, 2005 relating to two windows being smashed at the Roxby Downs Area School. A 25-year-old Port Augusta man was reported for exceed PCA on June 11, 2005. A 14-year-old Roxby Downs youth was arrested for two counts of aggravated serious criminal trespass and one count of theft on June 9, 2005. A report was received relating to the theft of a mobile telephone on June 6, 2005.

VANDALISED... Vehicles parked at ‘the Lot’ on Olympic Way over the weekend were vandalised. Police are urging car-owners to remove their vehicles prior to darkness to avoid incidents of this type. According to police, vehicles that are left there overnight are all too often the target of damage, theft or stolen all together.


SEONIE LYON Editor of The Monitor Your Community Newspaper

t BHP Billition buyou

The name may change but it’s business as usual at Olympic Dam this week.

the Weather at a glance... Minimum & Maximum Temperatures for the period June 7, 2005 to June 20, 2005 Date 07/06/05

Minimum 6.5°

Maximum 26.2°








































Total Rainfall for this period 16.2mm Proudly sponsored by

Roxby Downs Alive Ph: 8671 0500

In some parts of the world, the authorities will cut off your hand if they catch you stealing. So what do they do if you’re caught vandalising someone else’s property? Do badge-wielding graffiti-artists rock around to your house and start smashing up your stuff? Do they knock a few holes in your walls, write their names with lighters on the roof and pull up all the sprinklers in your front yard?’s the ‘teenage tantrum’ of criminal activities isn’t it? Break it because it’s in the way, smash it because it sounds great! But really, could these sad, petty people get away with it if the rest of us had our eyes open? Everyone carries a mobile phone these days, why aren’t a few more of us using them to call the police when we see vandalism happening? Especially when I know that, in these cases, police rely heavily on eyewitnesses to make any kind of conviction. This weekend is a great example, when more than half a dozen cars on ‘the lot’ near BP had their windows broken and their badges ripped off. To be fair, I know several community members called the police on Saturday morning just everyday dog walkers and joggers - but they took the time to pick up the phone and call it in. Funnily enough, a few of them even called me so - to those people - thankyou for not ignoring this sad, senseless incident. Is there a way to make it easier for community residents to report these crimes and support our local law-enforcers? Where is our Neighbourhood Watch in a town where our neighbours are all just a shout-over-the-fence away? With local police stretched thin over a large region and wider authorities less-than-interested in the ‘small crimes’ that, more than any others, eat away at our local lifestyle and standard of living - why aren’t we, as residents, taking more responsibility for crime reporting? When you hear a woman screaming in your street - do you pick up the phone? When you hear tyres screeching and the sounds of metal on metal - do you stick your head out of the window? When it’s your car getting its windows smashed - will your neighbours be watching? THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper


$90,000+ grant success ROXBY DOWNS… Roxby Downs Child Care Centre will launch a major upgrade of the centre after being awarded a grant for more than $90,000 from the Federal Government this month. The grant was awarded under the Federal Government’s ‘minor capital upgrade program 2005’ and administered by the Department of Family and Community Services. The money will go towards installing outdoor shade, softfall and fencing, together with an upgrade of both inside and outside fixtures. “It was quite a process, getting together all the information to meet the grant criteria,” centre manager Michelle Paull told The Monitor. “We worked closely with OH&S specialist John Warneke to prepare an ‘Occupational Health and Safety’ report. “The staff and management committee also contributed to the plan. “This grant means a lot for the future of the centre – we will now be able to continue to ensure a safe environment for children, families and our staff. “With so many plans for expansion at Olympic Dam, we feel there will be more demand on our services as the town grows and these improvements will help us meet that need.” Mrs Paull told The Monitor that, “as a community, not-forprofit business”, the centre will use local labour and source local supplies for the upgrade. “This grant benefits not only the centre but the whole, local community – our client fami-

DUMPED PUPPIES... Veterinary nurse Kerry Dunn displays two of the kelpie puppies given away to local children without parental permission at the weekend. The Roxby Downs Veterinary Clinic has labeled the dogs’ owner as “irresponsible”

Puppies ‘dumped’ at market RDCCC...Roxby Downs Child Care Centre’s Michelle Paull and Michael Saunders with children, from left, Matthew, 4, Hudson, 3, Tyne, 3, and Hayley, 2. Last names ommitted in accordance with centre policy.

lies, future residents, our staff and local business,” she said. “Roxby Downs has had some great things happen over the past few months and, as a township, I think we’ve become more visible on the Government’s radar. “We’d encourage other community organisations to get out there and seek grants because the community as a whole can really benefit. “The Government offers so many great opportunities and the Roxby Downs Child Care

Centre is very proud to be the recipient of this good news, this time.” Federal Member for Grey Barry Wakelin welcomed the grant, one of several worth a total of $170,273 awarded to childcare services throughout the electorate. “These improvements are vital to providing a safe and healthy environment for children in care and will go a long way to assuring parents in Grey that the highest quality child care is being provided to their children,” Mr Wakelin said.


home,” Dr Melville-Smith said. “This person is obviously a most irresponsible owner and this sort of behaviour is totally unacceptable…we have filed a report with the RSPCA because we regard this as animal cruelty”. Dr Melville-Smith said he believed the puppy-owner did not live locally and “came to Roxby Downs to dispose of the puppies”. “A number of local people have expressed anger that people should come to our town and use it as a dumping ground for their unwanted puppies,” he said. “If anyone has any information about this cruelty case, they should contact the RSPCA in Whyalla on 8644 0172 and speak to Inspector Clair Howard.”



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NATURAL RESOURCE MANAGEMENT... Federal, state and local representatives met in Roxby Downs last week to discuss natural resource management in the region and to experience local issues up close.

33 34



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Local natural resource management ROXBY DOWNS…A series of Natural Resource Management meetings were held at Roxby Downs on June 14, 15 and 16, bringing together people from the local area and beyond to discuss environmental issues and implement programs. On Tuesday the Rangeland Integrated NRM Board met for a presentation from Travis Gotch who is based in Roxby Downs. Travis is the project officer for a project on the Great Artesian Basin Mound Springs. Michelle Watson, another Roxby downs resident also presented information on her project looking at threatened animals in the region. This was followed by a barbeque and night inspection of the Arid Recovery site. Wednesday morning the Kingoonya Soil Board met while Travis Gotch conducted an inspection of the Bubbler and Blanche Cup Mound Springs areas with a group of very interested Australian and State Government representatives, along with South Australian Arid Lands NRM Board members and staff.

ROXBY DOWNS… The Roxby Downs Veterinary Clinic has hit out at an “irresponsible” dog owner who allegedly gave away puppies to young children in Roxby Downs without consulting parents. The dog owner, who has been reported to the RSPCA, allegedly gave a number of young kelpie puppies to children at the Roxby Downs P&F Market Day – several of which were then handed over to the veterinary clinic. According to veterinarian Andrew MelvilleSmith, other puppies were released by the children and were later found wandering around Roxby Downs. “The Roxby Downs Veterinary Clinic has had a number of angry parents pleading with them to take the puppies as they can’t offer them a

In the afternoon this group rolled up their sleeves and pulled, cut and removed 120 cactus plants recently discovered on Andamooka station. This exercise brought home to the party the difficulties and the remoteness in dealing with Natural Resource Management issues in the arid areas of the state. Thursday saw the meeting of the Joint Australian and State Government Steering Committee, the Consultation of the South Australian State NRM Plan and the first meeting on the new South Australian Arid Lands NRM Board. The SAAL Board has the responsibility of managing Soils, Water, Pest Plants and Pest Animals in the arid lands of the state an area comprising more than 52 per cent of the state. Chris Reed, Presiding Member of the SAAL Board, said “it is great to get a lot of people that are involved in NRM from a federal, state and local level into a location like Roxby Downs to experience first hand the real issues of the region and to become aware of the challenges that we face in the delivery of NRM into the region”.

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

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Thursday, June 23, 2005 - Page 3

NEWS advertisement

The safest choice for Olympic Dam BOC…BOC has been supplying gas since 1997 to WMC and contractors through Lavrick Engineering. The new Olympic Dam BOC store opened in 2004 to supply safety equipment such as glasses, uniforms, gloves and boots to the Olympic Dam workforce. Olympic Dam’s BOC store is currently offering 20 per cent off Steel Blue footwear until the end of July, Brent Harper – manager of BOC in Yudnamatana St, off Charlton Rd, at Olympic Dam – told The Monitor. “Come in and talk to the friendly team about this deal, or the wide range of safety and welding products now available at Olympic Dam. BOC offers personal pro-

SAFE WORK...Talk to the friendly staff at BOC in Olympic Dam about their range of safety equipment and welding products. tective equipment for a vast range of industry segments. BOC customers are many and varied, and come from diverse industries such as mining, automotive, chemical, transport, construction, fabrication, engineering, general trade, logistics, hospital-

Andamooka Opal Showroom Post Office and Motel

Behind the Famous Bottle House Opal Creek Boulevard, Andamooka OPEN 7 DAYS and after hours by appointment Ph: (08) 8672 7007 • Fax: (08) 8672 7062 Email:

ity, food and service. What’s common throughout all these industries is the need to work in a safe environment. Changes in Occupational Health and Safety legislation has forced many industries to look closely at the way they operate and BOC has helped customers through this. BOC in Olympic Dam is proud to have worked closely with the Olympic Dam, Roxby Downs and Andamooka communities for more than eight years now. “We have our main gas production on site, employing around 10 people locally. “However, our compressed gas and associated services will continue to be managed by Lavrick Engineering – ph 8671 0404.

HISTORY BUFFS…Working on the beginnings of a scrapbooking history project for Roxby Downs, from left, Adele Rhodes, Chris Kaminski, Vicki Willshire, Felicity Foggo and Lorraine Meisser.

Locking local history down in scrapbooks ROXBY DOWNS…A group of local amateur historians are keen to put Roxby Downs’ beginning on paper, as part of a pictorial and written scrapbooked record. “We have formed a steering committe and would like to invite interested people to attend our first meeting on July 3, at a place yet to be decided - to form a group of dedicated scrapbookers to create a written and pictorial history of our town, Roxby Downs,” scrapbooker Jane Southon told The Monitor. “We also welcome any past and present Roxby residents to send in photos and stories of the town’s early years. “We will return the photos once we have them reprinted or people could reprint them themselves and donate the photos for the project which will, eventually, be available for public display. Red Dunes Scrapbooking will donate supplies to the project and the group will also seek financial backing from other sources for the project. For further details please keep an eye out for more information in The Monitor about the meeting on Sunday, July 3.

WOOMERA…Expressions of interest are sought for forming a committee to hold a Woomera Town Ball. Please call Paula Mackenzie on 86743211 or 0419519 963 for further information or to register your interest in helping organise this event. PORT AUGUSTA…Port Augusta Magistrate Clive Kitchin – a familiar face in the Roxby Downs Magistrates Court and regional circuit – was awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia this month in recognition of his ongoing community commitment and long-running dedication to the Royal Flying Doctors Service as national president. ROXBY DOWNS…The Roxby Downs RFDS Auxiliary will host its annual Irish Christmas on June 25, 2005. The long-running social event will be held at Roxby Downs Community Club, at a cost of $25 per head for a three-course meal. The evening will include auctions and raffles, with all proceeds going to the Royal Flying Doctors Service. WOOMERA…The Church of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints meets at the Woomera Community Centre every Sunday at 2pm and anybody is welcome to attend this service. For more information please ring David Boyle on 8671 1956. OUTBACK…Tourists travelling through the state’s far north may find themselves a little confused this month, following a name change of SA’s nine major road routes. Changes include the newly-named Kempe Rd – from Coober Pedy to Oodnadatta, named for pastoralist Bob Kempe; the Ankata Painted Desert Road – from Cadney Park to the Coober PedyOodnadatta Rd, named for the bearded dragon traditionally associated with the Painted Desert area; while the Coober Pedy to William Creek road will be renamed the William Creek Rd. The State Government has initiated the naming of major routes in SA to improve identification of routes for travellers and to create a regional identity for tourists.

Forums further interest in Community Board ROXBY DOWNS…Community Board members have reported that the early interest in nominations for positions on the Community Board and Forums is turning into a flood of nomination forms following the first round of communtiy forums. Forums have already been held for the Family and Youth, Sports and Education, Business and Education and Workplace Training. Each forum has formed a small core group who will continue to recruit members until they have a full representation for their interest group. All groups are still seeking additional members. Nominations forms can be obtained from the Council reception or on-line at the web site. Meetings for Health are planned for early July and Arts and Culture in mid August.

“With an additional 20 applications received over the past few days the process has really gained momentum,” said Board member Phillipa Weltner. “However, we cannot be complacent and there is still a long way to go. “By the end of September we expect to have 50 people engaged in the community - board, forums and partnerships. “We encourage people who have interests in the wider community to apply for a position on the Board and those who have a special interest in a particular area to apply for a position on a Forum as soon as possible.” Partnership groups will begin being formed in August. For more information, log onto www.roxbydowns. com.

The faces behind the paper! Gail Heritage

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Social and Sports Photographer

Page 4 - Thursday, June 23, 2005

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper


Good taste and great fun with RoxFM ROXBY DOWNS…Community radio station 105.5 RoxFM hosted a wine tasting night on Friday, June 17. More than 40 people attended the fundraiser, raising around $120 on the night, with more funds still coming in from wine sales. Local DJ Shane ‘Crusty’ Foster said RoxFM organisers “were happy with the evening – it was a great response because we really didn’t know what to expect”. “It was a good night and we might do something similar later in the year.” Wines were provided by Stonyfell Cellars, with a percentage of wine sales going back into the radio station.

HOUSING...More than 180 Olympic Dam employees attended a series of housing information sessions last week.

WINE TASTING…Helle Ehvart from Stonyfell Cellars serves up a glass of wine for RoxFM station manager Tina Foster at the radio station’s recent fundraiser. Local wine tasters enjoyed music, nibbles and a range of

Stonyfell Cellars wines on the night.

Ready, set, read!

CEDARVILLE SINGERS...The Cedarville Singers will host a free concert tonight at the invitation of the Andamooka Bible Church.

BOOK WORMS…Local readers Katherine Moseby and Bek Garwood will join other keen book worms at Roxby Downs’ new book discussion group next month. ROXBY DOWNS…Local readers can now discuss their favourite books with the inception of a new book discussion group in Roxby Downs next month. The group will meet on the first Monday of every month, at the Roxby Downs Community Club, from 7.30pm. Organiser Bek Garwood has invited local readers to leave the kids at home for the evening and join the grown-ups for a night of ‘book talk’. A list of books will be supplied by the Onkaparinga Library and readers are invited to come along on Monday, July 4, to help choose a reading list for the local group. For more information, or to register your interest, email Bek Garwood at

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

International performers set to sing up a storm ANDAMOOKA…The Andamooka Bible Church will, this week, host a visit by the internationally-renowned Cedarville Singers. The Cedarville College Singers from Cedarville, Ohio in the USA, have been performing for more than 100 years since the university’s inception. Tonight – Thurday, June 23 – they will top off their Australian tour with a performance at the Roxby Downs Auditorium, at 7pm. Since flying into Australia earlier this month, the group has performed in Sydney and Melbourne, before travelling inland to see ‘the real Australia’ and sing for the Andamooka, Olympic Dam and Roxby Downs communities. Tonight’s free concert is the result of an invitation by Andamooka’s own Paul Christensen and will feature 15 young a Capella singers aged between 18 and 22.

Housing opportunity for Olympic Dam employees OLYMPIC DAM…Olympic Dam employees are lining up to purchase land and homes in the upcoming Roxby Downs land release. A total of 45 blocks of land will be released for sale within the Roxby Downs township limits in the new financial year. More than 180 local residents have already attended a series of information sessions about the housing release. The sessions were a chance for eligible employees to hear from Housing Project Coordinator Pru Barratt and Alpine Constructions representatives Michael Bowman and Robert Papillion. “We are very excited to be at the launch stage,” Mrs Barret told The Monitor. “This is a great opportunity for people who have expressed interest in building homes in Roxby Downs.” “Olympic Dam has contracted Alpine Constructions as a preferred builder for the new land release to ensure the availability of quality homes and to counter many of the problems often associated with building a home in Roxby Downs such as lack of tradespeople, accommodation etc. “While employees can choose their own builder if they wish, Alpine will offer discounts for volume sign-ups. “To be considered for this land release,

eligible employees must now complete a confirmation of interest form - given out at the information nights - and return it to the Town Office by June 30. “Land allocation will then begin and eligible purchasers will be contacted.” Eligibility has been given to employees who have expressed interested in purchasing land and who have not previously purchased land or a house from WMC Resources in Roxby Downs. A list was then drawn up and sorted into date order based on the employee’s start date as a permanent employee with WMC, Mrs Barret said. “Land will be allocated by a selected team of WMC personnel with family size and position on the list taken into account,” she said. The 45 blocks are classed as ‘infill’ blocks and are situated in various locations around Roxby Downs. At the information sessions, attendees were told the cost of the blocks will be around $40 per square metre, although this is still awaiting ministerial approval. The price will cover development costs only and no profit will be made from the sale of these blocks. Olympic Dam has also reduced employee costs by levelling all 45 blocks and building retaining walls where necessary, as well as connecting gas, water and electricity.

Stephen Scott-Hoy B.Optom Need friendly, professional eyecare and quality fashion eyewear with a full back-up service? See the Eyebus when it visits... Roxby Downs - 8671 2001 Andamooka - 8672 7007 Woomera - 8673 7473 Monthly visits - Examinations bulk-billed. Serving rural and regional South Australia since 1990.

Thursday, June 23, 2005 - Page 5


Auskick kids have a ball


ZACHARY…Roxby Downs residents Toby and Gemma Ferguson welcomed the birth of their son Zachary Bruce on May 26, 2005, at Burnside War Memorial Hospital. Zachary is a brother for Bella, 2, and weighed 4734g (10lb 7oz) at birth. MITCHELL… Roxby Downs residents Sarah and John Price welcome the birth of Mitchell. He was born on May 30, 2005 at the Whyalla Hospital weighing 3390gms (7lb 7oz). Mitchell is pictured with his older sister Georgia.

AUSKICK...Roxby Downs Auskick participants Nick Thomson, 6, and Mitch Ryan, 6, received their Auskick packs last month from SANFL representative Shane Grimm.

FOOTY FANS...Auskick kids Jack Daly, 8, Jakob Noll, 6, and Daniel Adamson, 8, receive their Auskick packs.


DIVINE...Divine Togara celebrated his fifth birthday on June 12, 2005.

SNAKE STUFF... RDAS students Matthew Tilbrook, 10, Shannon Swann, 9, and Cameron McLeod, 11 handled a python with the help of Mark Dorse during the recent ‘Dangerous Australians’ show.

MERSADE...Mersade Fraser celebrated her second birthday on June 10, 2005.

“New Boarding – The Walford Way” Walford is much more than just an academically excellent school - it is also very much a school on the move. The Walford ethos remains one of its greatest strengths. Walford is a school where the pastoral care of each girl is of paramount importance. The school offers a friendly, family oriented environment where respect for others, for cour- In 2005/2006 Walford is embarking tesy and for community are upon a new era in boarding with the strongly encouraged. development of an exciting new

Page 6 - Thursday, June 23, 2005

student accommodation. New, purpose-built, contemporary facilities will include suites of 4-6 individual rooms with ensuite bathrooms and internet connections. The School welcomes visits to the school and conducts Principal’s tours on a regular basis as well as personalised individual tours. For further information and tour bookings, telephone 8373 4062 or email THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper


Get passionate about pathways KADINA…Local parents, youth and educators are invited to participate in the upcoming ‘Passionate About Pathways’ miniconference at the Kadina Town Hall on June 24 and 25. Are you interested in a career for either yourself or your children; knowing more about traineeships/ apprenticeships; how to apply for work – what works and what doesn’t; adding to your employability skills; networking with others – local and otherwise? Then this conference is for you! Employers may want to have a say about qualities you are looking for or find out more about apprenticeships and traineeships, incentives, etc. Jobseekers and students may want to know what work you are suited to; how to select a career and how to determine a pathway, and go for it! Educators may want to gain more skills in career counselling and learn more about the qualifications for career counselling Parents may want more skills in: supporting your children on a pathway to success; mentoring, looking at options; considering counsellors’ skills and finding more about local and distance opportunities. For more information, phone Annie Payne or Janette Castle on 8821 3355.

The force is strong in Roxby Downs STAR WARS...Roxby Downs Outback Cinema hosted a fancy dress event to commemorate the launch of Star Wars III - Revenge of the Sith at the weekend. David Brown, far left, Joshua Paniora and Jamie Bishop, left, joined the Jedis for a fun afternoon out.

photographs - John Warneke

JEDIS...Andrew, Ben and Sarah Christenson at the Roxby Downs launch of Star Wars III - Revenge of the Sith.

Taking power beyond the Horizon • PLUMBING • ELECTRICAL • AIR-CONDITIONING • GAS FITTING PRINCESS POWER... Princesses Tyla Richardson and Shannon Swan. WINNERS... Andrew Christenson and Jamie Bishop won ‘best costumes’ at the local launch of Star Wars III - Revenge of the Sith at the Roxby Downs Outback Cinema.

Olympic Dam Cnr Gunson & Kanyaka Streets PO Box 64 Roxby Downs

Phone: 8671 0018

Youth’s turn to have a say ROXBY DOWNS…Roxby Downs Youth Services has embarked on an important planning project to identify a series of three-year youth development goals supported by a detailed operational plan. “We believe this plan will become the platform from which our community can secure support for the implementation of key youth development projects,” steering committee member Ben Garwood told The Monitor. “It will also feed into the Roxby Downs Family and Youth Forum to assist that group in achieving their objectives. RDYS and WMC Resources have joined forces to engage Jack Wade from Perseus Australia Pacific to undertake a process of community

consultation to develop the plan. Mr Wade will host a community information/ consultation night from 7pm on June 30 at the Roxby Downs Cinema. This is an open invitation for anyone to enquire about and / or contribute to the Roxby Downs Youth Plan. There are a number of ways in which you can have your say: • Attend the consultation night on 30 June (7pm at the Roxby Downs Cinema) • Phone Jack Wade on 0403 460 551 or email him at • Call Bec Penglase on 0407 726 021 or email her at • Log onto and join the online forum.

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Thursday, June 23, 2005 - Page 7

Page 8 - Thursday, June 23, 2005

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

CAMEL CUP...Get on up to Marree next month for the uniquelyAustralian Marree Camel Cup.

BIRTHDAY...Ted Jones of Andamooka celebrated his 90th birthday last week with a visit to Alex Mendelssohn’s exhibition. Mr Jones is pictured with daughters Valerie Jones, Sharon Hill, and nephew Gavin Kerstan with wife Tamara - winners of the exhibiton door prize.

Saddle up for the Camel Cup MARREE…Saddle up for the annual Marree Australian Camel Cup on Saturday, July 9, 2005. According to organisers, “the Marree Australian Camel Cup is an amazing spectacle of racing camels in action at Marree the home of the Afghan Cameleers”. “Experience the spills and skills of camel racing in the Outback of Australia. “Racing commences approximately 10am, with fun throughout the day and then the night brings entertainment with an open air concert until midnight.” Enjoy a full program of races and novelty events, followed by the ‘Open Air Country Concert’ featuring non-stop music from 7pm till midnight by ‘Beyond the Reef’. Bring a chair or rug but leave your esky home and enjoy a day of family fun with live bands, camel and pony rides, donkey races, a lolly toss, open fires and bookmakers for a little fun punting. The bar is open till midnight and food and refreshments are available. Or why not extend the weekend enjoyment and check out the Afghan Camelmen project – July 8, 9 and 10. Learn about the Afghan camelmen’s contribution to the Outback and inland Australia. This event will incorporate an Afghan feast, an exhibition of Afghan Camelmen’s photographs and family trees, a photographic competition, guided tours through the Afghan section of the Marree cemetery and a book launch – ‘In the Tracks of the Camelmen’ – with signings by author Pamela Rajkowski. Tickets for the 2005 Marree Camel Cup are available at the Marree Race Course on the day, or phone 8675 8222 for more information.

Andamooka scrapbooking SCRAPBOOK FUN...A group of Andamooka mums have been meeting recently at the Andamooka Primary School for a social session of scrapbooking. Organisers invite other local residents to come along and join in. For more information contact Mel Kemenyvary at the school. Visiting scrapbooker Jane Southon, above, met with the local group to discuss techniques. THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

GUYS NIGHT OUT EXHIBITION...Andamooka artist Alex Mendelssohn’s latest exhibition was received warmly this month.

Warm response for ‘Future Art’ ANDAMOOKA ARTIST…Andamooka artist Alex Mendelssohn opened his ‘future art’ exhibition at the Roxby Downs Art Gallery last week. More than 30 people attended the public opening on Thursday, June 9. “I was very pleased with how it all went,” Mr Mendelssohn told The Monitor. “I think there was a very warm response for my work, which I appreciated.” Three of Mr Mendelssohn’s works were auctioned on the evening, raising more than $550 for the art gallery, with a fourth painting won as door prize by Tasmanian visitor Gavin Kerstan. More than 40 of Mr Mendelssohn’s works will be displayed during the exhibition, which runs until the end of June, 2005.

ct Tour – Dire Full Month t s a old Co from the G Olympic Dam Football Club, Olympic Dam Football Club, Sunday, July 17, 2005 at 7.30pm Friday, July 22, 2005 at 7.30pm and Woomera Sports Club on and Woomera Sports Club on Monday, July 18 at 7.30pm Saturday, July 16 & 23 at 7.30pm Tickets available at the door For further information phone 0418 713 971



♦ New Menu ♦ New Chef ♦ New Atmosphere ♦ Better Service! Come in and see the difference for yourself! Entertainment for Friday, June 24:

Front Bar Live Band ‘Lil Starred Captain’ from 10pm. Drink Specials.

Cafe Bar Live Acoustic duo ‘The Pragmatics’

from 8pm

...for up-to-date movie guides every time! Friday, June 24 – Tuesday, July 5 Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy – Rated: PG. Journeyman Arthur Dent is whisked off the Earth seconds before it is demolished to make way for a hyperspace bypass. Sadly, his day has only just begun. Sat & Sun 2pm; Sun & Tues 8pm. Mr & Mrs Smith – Rated: M. A married couple are getting bored with their quiet domestic life. What they don’t know, however, is that they’re both assassins, secretly hopping the world and killing for hire. Fri, Sun & Tues 8pm; Sat & Sun 2pm. Friday, July 8 – Tuesday, July 12 Madagascar – Rated: PG. At New York’s Central Park Zoo, a lion, a zebra, a giraffe and a hippo are best friends and stars of the show. But, when one of the animals goes missing from their cage, the other three break free to look for him, only to find themselves reunited on a ship en route to the island of Madagascar. Sat, Mon & Tues 11am; Sun & Tues 2pm; Sun 7pm. (Subject to change, please check dates and times closer to the release dates). The Longest Yard – Rated: M. Paul “Wrecking”Crewe was a revered footballl superstar back in his day, but that time has since faded. When a messy drink driving incident lands him in jail, Paul finds he was specifically requested by Warden Hazen, a duplicitous prison official well aware of Paul’s athletic skills. Fri & Tues 8pm; Sat & Mon 2pm; Sun 11am. Friday, July 15 – Tuesday, July 19 Batman Begins – When fate prevents him from avenging the deaths of his parents, young Bruce Wayne flees to Asia where he seeks counsel from a dangerous ninja cult leader. When he returns, Bruce finds that Gotham City has become overrun with crime and corruption. Fri, Sun & Tues 2pm; Fri & Tues 8pm; Sat & Mon 11am; Sun 2pm. Madagascar – Rated: PG. Fri, Sun & Tues 11am; Sat & Mon 3pm; Sun 7pm. (Subject to change, please check dates and times closer to the release dates).

ROXBY DOWNS TAVERN Norman Place, Roxby Downs 1 00 71 Ph: 867 8671 007

2005 Marree Camel Cup At the Marree Race Course

on Saturday July 9 10am till late

Come along and enjoy a great day of fun

• 13 Camel races • Novelty events throughout the day • Children’s entertainment • Live band direct from Sydney

Phone: 8675 8222 for further enquiries Tickets available at the gate. Thursday, June 23, 2005 - Page 9


CrediFlex – the answer to your financial needs


CREDIFLEX WHYALLA… CrediFlex is a national finance brokering company which has recently expanded into South Australia. CrediFlex helps CREDIFLEX...Talk to Barry people access Phillips and Alan Holmes at lenders and takes CrediFlex in Whyalla. the worry and fuss out of applying for panies, and specialise in finance. Business Finance includCrediFlex is staffed by ing Hire Purchase, Chatexperienced Banking tel Mortgage, Leasing, and Finance profession- Equipment Finance, traals and currently is the ditional Business Bankonly intermediary in ing facilities as well as Chattel and Business Residential Housing and lending in Australia that Land Finance. is a Quality Endorsed Alan Holmes, Regional Company. (ISO accredi- Manager of CrediFlex tation 9001:2000) (SA) is based in CrediFlex has Whyalla, and has vast accreditations with most experience in all facets of Australia’s leading fi- of lending with more nance institutions in- than 20 years of expericluding banks, credit ence in banking. unions and finance com- He previously held

managerial positions in Whyalla, Pt Augusta and Roxby Downs. Alan is in touch with local conditions and demands, and has a wealth of experience in residential and investment housing, business, retail, agriculture, aquaculture, Local Government and mining. Alan will offer personalised service and looks forward to building a long and solid relationship with people not only in Whyalla, but in Roxby Downs and Port Augusta. Talk to Alan today on 86442708 or 0418 816 680, email alanholmes or, for more information, log onto www.crediflex. com.

Bring in this ad and receive a 10% discount on your tax return! DONT MISS OUT! On booking your appointment, be sure to discuss any queries you may have and deductions you may be entitled to.

Paul Bartley makes his first visit to Roxby Downs for 2005. Consultations in Room 50 at the Roxby Downs Motor Inn on Thursday, July 14 – Thursday, July 21

Bookings can be made on Ph: 8364 0350 Email:

Places fill fast, so get in early and book now!

Page 10 - Thursday, June 23, 2005

LOCAL ADVICE... Chat to the friendly NACOS staff in Roxby Downs for advice about your insurance needs and investment and savings programs, from left, Ben Chinner, Sue Davies an Karena Scott.

Safeguard your lifestyle with solid insurance NACOS CREDIT UNION...No one wants to focus on the bad things that could happen - but it pays to be prepared. Take a look around you at your home, your contents, your car and assets - are you fully insured? Just how much are you really worth? And if you lost it all tomorrow, would your insurance really conver it? Don’t be caught out, talk the friendly team at NACOS Credit Union in Roxby Downs for professional ad-

vice about how to insure your lifestyle. When you’re juggling your finances this tax season, make sure you take the time to come into NACOS Roxby Downs for a free quote. And, while you’re at it, why not ask the team about their high interest internet accounts or a Christmas Club for your tax return this year. For more information, drop into NACOS Credit Union, Richardson Place, Roxby Downs, or telephone 8671 1755.

Unite’s top 10 tax tips Alan Holmes 0418 816 680

Barry Phillips 0407 266 154

Traditional Values / Modern Solutions

CrediFlex (SA) • Business & Franchise Loans • Commercial, Investment & residential property • Office plant & machinery • Earthmoving, Haulage and equipment finance • Leasing and chattel mortgage • In excess of 20 providers to choose from

CrediFlex (SA) offers you • In excess of 90 yrs experience in banking and finance • Long term relationships • Team of professionals • Comprehensive financial solutions

Phone Whyalla on

8644 2708

UNITÉ ACCOUNTANTS...This year, when you’re preparing your tax return, don’t forget? 1 Travel to your accountant to prepare your return is deductible; 2 Superaanuation contribution for spouse co-contribution for low income earners; 3 Income protection insurance is deductible; 4 Negative gearing will need to be reevaluated with the change in tax rates; 5 Hold shares for more than 12 months to receive the discount method; 6 Check the benefits of private health insurance; 7 Remember to receive a refund you need receipts; 8 Rental Properties need receipts for all items; 9 Don’t forget travel and... 10 Depreciation. Or just chat to the friendly team at Unité Accountants - phone 8364 0350.

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Mortgage Choice - three times a winner

MOVING... Meet CPS Credit Union’s friendly staff at their new office in Port Augusta.

A new move for CPS CPS CREDIT UNION…CPS Credit Union Pt Augusta is moving to Shop 1, Wharflands Plaza, on Monday, July 18, 2005. CPS offers a comprehensive range of products from savings and term deposits through to loans, small business packages, financial planning and tax advice. The new state-of-the-art Personal Financial Centre will feature a ‘Member ’s Lounge’ with PlayStation® game consoles and a children’s play area, an Internet Banking Kiosk, two 24 hour ATMs – with nearby car parking and shopping facilities.

CPS Credit Union can help Olympic Dam employees borrow 100 percent towards their home loans subject to valuation, terms and conditions. Manager Matt Leonard will continue to visit Roxby Downs’ members once a week. Matt has 12 years of experience in the financial services industry. If you wish to make an appointment with Matt please phone 8642 4600 or call in and visit the team’s brand new premises, located opposite Woolworths in Port Augusta, from Monday July 18.

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

MORTGAGE CHOICE...It was ‘three times a winner’ for Mortgage Choice as the company scooped the pool at the Mortgage Industry Association Awards held in the Gold Coast earlier this month. Mortgage Choice was the most successful broker of the night, taking out top honours in three award categories. These were: MIAA Originator of the Year [30+ staff], MIAA Originator of the Year [6-29 staff] and MIAA Originator of the Year [2-5 staff]. Local Mortgage Choice consultant, Kerry Dunn said being named MIAA Originator of the Year is a terrific reflection of the everyday professionalism, commitment and service displayed by all associated with Mortgage Choice. “This award recognises the organisation with the best and most consistent dedication to a strong customer service philosophy and objectives, its staff and franchisee relationships, and its industry leadership,” she said. “The fact that the company

is continually being recognised for its achievements speaks volumes for the quality of the Mortgage Choice system and the quality of the people such as myself who are committed to making it work.” For further information, please contact Kerry Dunn from Mortgage Choice on 1300 852 300 or 0407 861 273.

MORTGAGE CHOICE...Kerry Dunn and the team at Mortgage Choice offer solid advice and mortgage solutions.

Now available for End of Year Tax Strategies

Call today to make an appointment Phone 8642 5244

• Personal and Business Taxation • Bookkeeping and Payroll • BAS and GST • Business Consultant • Registered Tax Agent

AUGUSTA ACCOUNTING SERVICE 28 Jervois Street, Port Augusta

Thursday, June 23, 2005 - Page 11


Take a new look at how you pay tax

Refinancing with reduced costs. MORTGAGE FORCE…Recently the SA government has agreed to reduce the stamp duty burden on consumers with the abolition of some of our stamp duties. As of July 1, stamp duty on mortgages for residential home owners will be abolished. This will reduce the cost of purchasing a new home and will eliminate the stamp duty cost associated with refinancing from one organization to another. This will put pressure on the banks to ensure they are looking after you, their client, as there will be a greatly reduced cost in transferring your loan to another lender! Currently there are some great deals with lenders having no application fees, so the cost of transferring lenders is very low. At Mortgage Force we deal with over 30 different lenders and have software that provides us with up to date rates information, so we can advise you on the home loan that is right for you. Contact Gael Pettingill or Mary Tarling at Mortgage Force on 13 14 97 for your no obligation discussion on your home lending finance.

Phone Loans! Fast

RURAL INVESTMENTS...More investors are looking for rural opportunities. Source – Stanley Thompson Valuers.

More investors making the move to the country MORTGAGE FORCE…While Adelaide has experienced a boom in coastal living, dubbed the ‘sea change’ - there is also a new trend evolving which is being categorised as the ‘tree change’. Buyers are turning their attention inland to crisp air and open green space, at a much more affordable price range than the option of a beachside property, and inturn; prices are surging to keep in line with demand. This is evidenced in the solid growth of median prices for rural residential living properties, which doesn’t include premises with primary production. 2004 displays a large peak in the number of sales in this top end bracket, and 2005 is set to match the large number of transactions. These properties average parcels of

Going to Adelaide to buy a car?

NO DEPOSIT to approved applicants

We can access over 500 cars, utes, sports, 4x4's, wagons, 7 seaters etc Phone our Manager Gary Dickeson on 0421 911 228

*Finance and insurance arranged through Capitalcorp Financial Services Adelaide.

Page 12 - Thursday, June 23, 2005

Source – Stanley Thompson Valuers.

Mortgage Force wins small business award

Pre-arrange your finance and insurance and make it a smooth trip.


land around 30 hectares, and living space in the vicinity of 300m2, thus offering generous proportions inside and out. The strong top end sales inturn has delivered a market worth over $53 million for properties over $500,000 in 2004, with 2005 also set to match total market value. With pressures on city and coastal real estate increasing, along with improved infrastructure making regions more accessible, and the increasing realisation of the lifestyle benefits derived from rural living, growth for rural retreats is expected to continue heading forward. For any queries on finance for rural properties contact Gael Pettingill or Mary Tarling at Mortgage Force on 13 14 97.

MORTGAGE FORCE…It’s almost that time of year again when investors start looking at their tax situation and give consideration to pre-paying interest for the 2005-06 financial year. By pre-paying the next financial year’s interest on an investment loan prior to 30 June, you may be able to claim the interest on your 2004/05 tax return. This lump sum claim may be of benefit to those expecting a large tax bill. Sounds great, but unfortunately not all lending products (and for that matter not all lenders) allow their customers to do this. This is usually due to system issues, as to claim a tax deduction it is recognised that there must be a financial benefit, for example a reduction in the interest rate payable, to pre-pay interest. Not all lenders’ systems can handle this. There are some great deals available with discounts of up to 0.35 per cent per annum available on some standard fixed rates when interest is pre-paid. In addition, some banks now offer pre-paid deals on fixed rates as long as five years. In this case the client agrees to pre-pay the interest each year, at the agreed rate, for the term of the loan. And our advice to you - remember to look at ‘Rate Lock’. Your local Mortgage Force Consultants, Mary Tarling and Gael Pettingill, will be able to assist you with all of your finance requirements. Contact Mortgage Force Consultants on 13 14 97.

MORTGAGE FORCE...Corey Drew and the team at Mortgage Force have been recognised for their hard work.

MORTGAGE FORCE…The South Australian office of national home loan originator Mortgage Force has won the Financial Services category of the 2005 Messenger Small Business Awards for the City and Eastern Region. The awards, co-sponsored by AGL and Bank SA, were announced at a gala function at the Hilton International Hotel in Adelaide on Friday, April 1 with State Manager Corey Drew present with his wife, Rebecca. Clients had nominated Mortgage Force for its customer service through the City, Eastern Courier and Eastern Torrens Messenger Community Newspapers; an attribute for which the company has steadily built a reputation. Established in Perth in 1991, Mortgage Force expanded to accommodate offices in each of the nation’s major cities and some regional areas. However, the South Australian office has been operating for less than two years with this award coming at a key stage in its development.

“We’re very proud of the award as it is judged purely on customer service and client feedback,” Mr Drew said. it is most rewarding for the hard work put in by our team here in South Australia.” Before opening the office with his wife in 2003, Mr Drew spent 17 years in banking, which included senior positions in both New South Wales and South Australia. Mrs Drew has a background in finance including two years with Mortgage Force New South Wales. Both natives of SA, they have built a quality team of professional consultants to cater for an emerging client base. “We are very proud of our consultants and the service we offer and it is very satisfying to know that we have left such a positive impression on our clients,” Mr Drew continued. This award is complemented by the recent approval of Mortgage Force’s Australian Financial Services License by the Australian Securities Investments Commission (ASIC), believed to be a first in the mortgage origination industry.

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper


Plan for your child’s education Tax solutions for local people LIFEPLAN EDUCATION SAVINGS PLAN… “There is no such thing as a free education anymore – whether it’s in the public or private school systems,” according to Lifeplan Funds Management Managing Director Chris Wright “Our research indicates educating a child can cost up to $200,000 for a private education and university degree,” he said. “A similar education in the public system, coupled with a university degree, can cost in excess of $35,000 – still a substantial commitment in anyone’s language. At current rates, the addition of boarding fees for a child’s five-year secondary education can add more than $50,000 to the total cost. “For many of us, our children’s education can be the

biggest investment of our lives, behind the family home. “This plan is a purpose-built education investment designed to help reduce the increasing financial difficulties of educating a child - nothing else has the simplicity, flexibility and security that we have designed,” Mr Wright said. “The tax benefits available to investors are a significant advantage of the Plan, they offer a smart way of maximising savings for education expenses by reducing the amount of tax payable.” Key elements of the Lifeplan Education Savings Plan and more information - including an on-line education calculator - is available at the Lifeplan Website on or by telephoning 1300 1300 38.

TESTIMONIAL - Mortgage Choice Dear Kerry and the team at Mortgage Choice, I felt compelled to write and thank you. Mark and I weren’t sure what to expect when we made an appointment for you to come and see us at our home in Roxby. We figured that it wasn’t going to cost us anything to see you so we had nothing to lose. Little did we know exactly how much we had to gain! From the minute you walked into our house I realised that you were a down to earth person and that you would be up front and honest with us about everything regarding our home loan. I could never have imagined that you would be able to save us nearly $80,000 in interest over the life of our loan. It wasn’t just that, you helped us to rearrange our finances so that we weren’t paying between 10-12 per cent for our car loans so we saved money on them as well. We truly appreciate the way that you kept us informed every step of the way through the entire process, the fact that you made all the phone calls to the banks and besides supplying our personal documents we really didn’t need to do anything. The way you selected a bank and a loan to suit us was great but the most amazing thing for us is that we have now bought our first investment property and we were able to do that because you showed us how we could access the equity in our home. The fact that you don’t charge for your services at all, along with your professional attitude and extensive knowledge, has been a fantastic help to us but the fact that you cared and took the time to actually consider what we wanted and needed is the reason why we have been able to accomplish everything that we have. I will be sure to recommend you to all of my friends and family here in Roxby Downs and also in Adelaide because I know that you will be able to help them regardless of where they live. LOCAL FAMILY...Mel and Mark Thank you for everything, Katzorke, along with their family, have benefited from Mortgage Choice’s Mel Katzorke, recommendations. Roxby Downs.

IAN M GODFREY & ASSOCIATES...Fullyqualified accountant Ian Godfrey will offer Roxby Downs and regional clients solid advice in their own backyard from next month. Mr Godfrey will be in Roxby Downs from July 11 to August 19, consulting Mondays and Tuesdays at Myall Grove Caravan Park Cabin 12. Consulting times are flexible, to suit local working restrictions, so book your appointment now by telephoning 8642 5000. Ian M Godfrey & Associates has been visiting Roxby Downs for the past 12 years. Mr Godfrey has extensive experience with mining communities and is familiar with the Far North of SA so you can be sure that you’re getting the most relevant advice. With more than a decade of local consulting, Mr Godfrey is well known to Roxby Downs residents and well-re-

spected. Ian M Godfrey & Associates public accountants and tax consultants are based in Port Augusta at 8 Stirling Rd, but Mr Godfrey will be consulting in Port Augusta, Wilmington and Roxby Downs this tax season. Quality work is assured and Mr Godfrey offers flexible hours to suit cli-

ent needs. For all your accounting and tax needs, visit Ian M Godfrey and Associates. Or chat to the friendly team about posting your tax information to PO Box 238, Wilmington 5485. For appointments telephone Ian Godfrey 8642 5000 or mobile 0419 825 254.

TAX TIME Ian M. Godfrey & Associates PUBLIC ACCOUNTANTS & TAX CONSULTANTS 8 Stirling Road, Port Augusta

For all your accounting and tax needs Consulting in: Port Augusta, Wilmington and Roxby Downs Myall Grove Caravan Park

Quality w or k assured wor ork and fle xible hour flexible hourss Posting of tax information accepted at PO BOX 238, WILMINGTON 5485

Consulting Mondays and Tuesdays from July 11 to August 29 from 9am, flexible hours at The Myall Grove Caravan park – Cabin 12.

For appointments telephone IAN GODFREY (08) 8642 5000 • Mobile 0419 825 254

Financial Management & Taxation Services Pty Ltd John Flanigan, Registered Tax Agent of Financial Management & Taxation Services Pty Ltd will be visiting Roxby Downs on

July 22, 23 and 24 to attend to Taxation Returns. For an appointment, phone

1800 823 555 or 0407 399 945 ABN 98 077 525 743

A visit with Mortgage Choice’s Kerry Dunn won’t cost you a cent... ...but it could save you thousands! Local residents can now access the services of Mortgage Choice - Call Kerry Dunn on 1300 852 300 and arrange a free consultation during her visit to Roxby Downs on June 24 & 25 and July 29 & 30. Working in partnership with local business!

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

Are you interested in any of the following? Refinancing your mortgage Giving your existing mortgage a health check Looking to buy your first or subsequent home Loans for self employed people

Toll Free:

1300 852 300 Thursday, June 23, 2005 - Page 13


Grab hold of your goals Solid INVESTORS CLUB®… According to the National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling in 20032004 the number of Australian millionaires grew 11 per cent to an estimated 117,000 - doubling every four years! Compare that to the world average of 7.5 per cent. The centre gave the example of millionaire Chris Seidler who was quoted as saying “It just sort of happened”. “All of a sudden you get some money and you buy a property, take out more loans, buy more property….one day I went ‘wow, we really do live in the lucky country’.” Great sentiments but “luck” has little to do with it,

according to the Investors Club®. Lucky is winning the lottery, it is not succeeding in any plan or job. You are not “lucky” in achieving your goals – it takes focus and action – not “luck”. It’s gaining the knowledge, learning the skills and taking action – without the right kind of “action” the rest means very little. The Investors Club® can help you make the right decisions Please see our meeting information on this page or contact Roy Bettison on 0419 031 981 or

Learn about the sharemarket, locally SHARE SCHOOL….Judging by the demand for Trevor Ellis’s unique share market information, there is obviously a growing need in country areas, for information on how to assess the share market more effectively and treat it as a business person would. Trevor and Dawn Ellis and the team from their Adelaide based Australian Share Market Training Centre Pty Ltd , are doing tours through many country areas. They have been helping people take a professional approach to investing in shares for seven years. On their travels, they have spiked the interest of fruit growers, doctors, mechanics, solicitors, pharmacists, builders, boat builders, farmers, business owners, real estate agents, retirees and people from all walks of life. Due to the overwhelming response and the high demand for their unique knowledge of the share market and their DIY Home Study Video Training Courses, they have chosen to visit Roxby Downs on June 27, Whyalla on June 29, and Port Lincoln July 1.

These free information sessions will be followed up three months later by a special five hour “Let’s start trading with real money” workshop, on a date to be fixed in August 2005, for the new members who enrol in these amazing courses. As Trevor says: “People don’t know what they don’t know.” That is why everybody who already has shares or those who know absolutely nothing about the share market and also those who are about to plunge into the share market for the first time, need to come to one of these information sessions whether they think they need to or not. Trevor said he is amazed at the large number of people who attend his seminars, who say they are running their own Super Fund and yet once they hear what he has to say, they admit that they need to know much more about it. Trevor says “If the best person to look after your investments and your money is you; Then be kind to yourself and come and find out how to do it properly.” For more information, phone 1300 360 787.

Shares & YOU

Let Me Show You How Simple It Can Be To Make Serious Money From The Share Market

FREE Seminars

Monday, June 27, 7.00pm at the Cultural Precinct

Do Not!

Other Venues: Whyalla, June 29 Pt Lincoln, July 1 Enquiries 1300 360 787

Buy or Sell Another Share Until you get this vital information! Attend my seminar and YOU could be eligible to receive A FREE TV / VCR Combo (240/12 volt) For your Car Caravan or Boat (Conditions apply)

Australian Share Market Training Centre Pty Ltd 128 Fullarton Rd Norwood 5067 ABN 30 783 164 002

“We do not give investment advice or make securities recommendations. Contact a licensed investment advisor or securities dealer for investment advice or securities recommendations.”

Trevor Ellis (Proprietor)

“Life Will Be Different Once You Know This”

advice at tax time CEDAR ACCOUNTING… Are you unsure about some of the recent changes to the rules surrounding tax and superannuation, such as tax cuts, maternity payment, mature age tax offset, choice of superannuation, super co-contribution and the child care rebate? If so, you are not alone. More Australians than ever are seeking the assistance of an experienced and educated professional to guide them. Chartered Accountant Heather Jensen, of Cedar Accounting and Financial Solutions Pty Ltd, is one such professional who has witnessed the many legislative changes, and as a result, has transitioned her business to offer a full suite of Financial Services for the everyday Australian. In addition to the individual and business tax advice offered as an Accountant, Heather is able to offer numerous services as an Authorised Representative of Professional Investment Services Pty Ltd (AFSL 234951) such as personal budgeting, debt management and superannuation through to retirement planning and asset protection strategies. Heather will be in Roxby Downs and Andamooka from July 22 to July 27, 2005. Phone 08 8377 1024 to find out more, or to arrange an appointment with Heather.

The Investors Club ®

Paying Too Much Tax? Learn how to invest in property and become financially independent without using your own money. The Club has helped 4041 of our members to purchase 6119 properties (at December 2004) in the 10 years since it’s inception.

Roy Bettison Will show you how The Investors Club ® can be the key to your financial independence.

FREE Presentation: Saturday July 2nd at 7:30pm Roxby Downs Bowls Club Burgoyne Street

Jeff Hart Of Club Financial Services, 442 Pultney St Adelaide, (08) 8232 7600 will show you how to launch your real estate portfolio with a BANG!

Bookings are essential so please call Roy on 0419 031 981 or (08) 8345 4311 For more information have a look at Page 14 - Thursday, June 23, 2005

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Council Snippets is a paid community information column, supported by Roxby Downs Council.

Upcoming Works…Footpath reinstatement works in sections of Hermit St. Works in Progress...Asset inspections in Leisure Centre including investigation to improved operation of rear access points. Plant room upgrade at Swimming Pool Conducting inspections of township roads as a prelude to future road resealing program. Water valves are being replaced around town in the vicinity of Hermit St, Stuart Rd and Kenneberry Cres. Letterbox drop notifications and advertising on ROXFM is being carried out. Council regrets any inconveniece. Currently experimenting with supplementary aeration to the sewer lagoons Electrical switches being replaced in Burgoyne and Arcoona Streets. Completed Works...Selected street tree prunings. Grading and rolling of Opal Road Tender for footpath works in Hermit St. Investigation of several sewer mains by use of a camera to detect location and extent of any tree root infestation. Budget Requests...Residents who have a request that they wish to be considered for the 2005/06 Budget should forward them in writing to the Council Office by letter, fax or email. The following Council staff may be also contacted to assist. Municipal Works – Dave Watson; Electrical Works – Dave Hallett; Water & Sewerage Works – Trevor Kroemer. Parking...Residents are reminded that Parking in the Richardson Place Bus Zone is restricted to buses only and that along with parking on road side verges is a traffic offence subject to the issue of infringement notices. Vandalism...Council urges all residents to report instances of vandalism to the police and Council. This is your community, and your rates being wasted. Electricity Cent A Meters...Council has purchased 5 analyser meters for customer service purposes. These meters are available for hire from Council for a small fee. Meters will assist customers to monitor their power usage. Rates...Final instalments for the 4th quarter was due on 16 June 2005. Arrears for those with more than two (2) quarters will be sent to the Collection Agency. If you have difficulty in paying please contact Bronnie Warren to make payment arrangements. Water Accounts...Final notices have been issued for Overdue Water Accounts. Payment is required by the due date to avoid further action. Water & Electricity Meter Readings...Water and Electricity meter readings will commence on Monday, June 20, 2005. Please ensure that our staff have access to your property meters. Fireworks...Fireworks are only allowed to be set off by a pyro-technician with the appropriate permits. Fines are applicable if not adhered to. Mosquito Control...Residents are reminded to throw away any unwanted containers which hold water – old tyres, drums, place sand in pot plant bases, to seal or cover all openings in raintwater tanks and to ensure that roof gutters are not holding water. Wear loose clothing , apply insect repellent that contains DEET (Diethyl Toluamide) and use mosquito coils for outdoor activities. Local Website...Visit your local updated website. New Forums have now been added. Read what’s new and have your say in the Forums at Street Lighting...Is there a street light not working near your home? Please include the exact location (street, house number) when reporting to assist in easy identification for repair. Rubbish Collection...Residents are reminded that there is a limit of one bin per household for weekly rubbish collection. Opal Road Landfill Opening Hours...Tuesdays, 8am to 12 noon, Thursdays 1pm to 5pm, Saturday & Sunday 10am to 4pm. Out of hours access call 08 8671 1154. Council Office Hours - General...Monday to Friday—9am to 5pm

Incorporating ROXBY WATER ROXBY POWER (Water & Sewerage (Electricity Supply) Services)

Richardson Place PO Box 124, Roxby Downs SA 5725 Ph - 08 8671 0010 Fx - 08 8671 0452 Email - After Hours Emergency Contact Ph - 0418 892 870

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ROXFM…Raising a glass, and money for RoxFM, from left, Janelle Whelan, Phillipa Weltner, Leslie Teare, Deb Harper and Kristin Bannear. GOOD TASTE…Wendy and Darren Lowe, left, at the recent RoxFM radio station wine tasting fundraiser.

BIRTHDAY… Neil Reimann and Nicole Hay celebrating Nicole’s 35th birthday last week.

BIRTHDAY GIRL…Mel Vanzati helped Nicole Hay celebrate her 35th birthday in style last week.

WINE TASTING…Brent and Deb Harper at the recent RoxFM wine tasting.

EXHIBITION…Andamooka residents Alison Waldey, left, and Kay Fotiou, catching up with former local Melanie MacLeod at the opening of ‘Future Art’ in the Roxby Downs Outback Art Gallery. CELEBRATIONS…Steve and Suzie Garwood celebrating friend Nicole Hay’s birthday last week.

FREE COMMUNITY CALENDAR June 2005 RFDS Irish Christmas Dinner Saturday June 25, 7pm Roxby Downs Community Club. Australian Breastfeeding Association Wednesday, June 29, 9.30am to 11.00am. Discussion at the Community Health Seminar Room. Ph: 8671 0867. July 2005 Outback Tourers Rum Run July 2, 2005. Roxby Downs to Glendambo. Ph - 8671 0849.

Australian Breastfeeding Association Friday, July 8 9:30am to 11:00am Coffee Morning Phone: 8671 0867

November 2005 Woolbalers B&S Glendambo Saturday, November 26 Phone Leah Giles - 0400 858 071

Oodnadatta Bronco Branding July 16th. Enquiries Tony Williams ph 86707961

Woolbalers Recovery Glendambo Sunday, November 27 Phone Leah Giles - 0400 858 071

Australian Breastfeeding Association Wednesday, July 27 9:30am to 11:00am Breastfeeding discussion “Double Troubles”- Tandem Feeding Phone: 8671 0867

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Phone 8671 2683 or email to book your event in ‘What’s On!’ The ‘What’s On!’ Free Community Calendar is proudly sponsored by Roxby Downs Council. Thursday, June 23, 2005 - Page 15

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Page 16 - Thursday, June 23, 2005

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THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

Thursday, June 23, 2005 - Page 17

What’s on in R-6 Leapfrog Learning…A new program has commenced each Monday to Thursday morning, with a group of enthusiastic Year 1 students participating in an early literacy program with teacher, Ms Sam Dalgety and SSO Anne Marie Stoltz. This program provides for students in need of extra assistance in developing literacy skills, so that they may experience greater success at school. Peer Support…All R-6 classes are currently involved in a Peer Support program where older classes work with younger classes on activities related to the development of social skills and an understanding of the school’s values. These Peer Support teams are involved in many exciting projects including beautifying the garden area near the canteen with a wishing well, painting murals, making quilts and so on. We can’t wait to see some of their combined efforts once completed. Many of our older students are displaying tremendous leadership skills during these activities. Many thanks to the P&F committee for providing funding for some of these projects. Woomera Camps…Each of the Year 5 and 6 classes has recently participated in a 2-day camp to Woomera. While on camp these students enjoyed an ‘Amazing Race Around Woomera’, ten pin bowling and visits to the Heritage Centre and weather station. From all reports, the majority of students were well behaved; staff and students had a fantastic time and a lot was learnt about the history of the local area. A big thankyou to the teachers, support staff and parent helpers for contributing to the success of these camps. Sports Days…On Wednesday both the R-2 and 3-6 Cohort held their Sports Days on the school and town ovals respectively. Despite the brisk weather, all students involved themselves in the many running, throwing and jumping activities with parents, friends and teachers cheering them on. A big thankyou to the organising committees for making this a well run and enjoyable day and to the P&F committee for running the canteen and having plenty of hot coffee! Thanks also to the many parents who attended. The winning house of the 3-6 carnival was Torrens with the overall winner to be decided when combined with the 7-12 results. Year 3-6 age champions will be announced at a forthcoming assembly. Lyn Ferenci, R-6 Assistant Principal.

Sister Pat’s

y a d e h t r o f t h g u tho

A day on the farm

DRESS-UP DAY… Students from Mrs Cormack and Mrs Van Laarhoven’s Year 1 class enjoyed a ‘Farm Dress-up Day’.

TRACTOR…Layton, right, and Connor with the John Deer tractor Connor created with his mother at home.

Students from Mrs Cormack and Mrs Van Laarhoven’s Year 1 class enjoyed a ‘Farm Dress-Up Day’ on June 9, 2005. The day was a final celebration of the term’s learning. From Week 1 to 6 the class was focussing on farms. “We decided to do farms because many children in the class have connections with farms in the mid-north,” teacher Sally Cormack said. “It was a very relevant theme.” The class incorporated the farm theme into all subjects. “The children enjoyed lots of literacy and language experiences - big books focusing on farms and farm animals. “We learnt farm songs and the children did lots of art including farm murals using real grains and wool. “We had a big focus on eggs for science. We looked at the different parts of eggs, made egg shell chalk, grew wheat inside egg shells and made scrambled eggs. The students even made butter in the classroom with marbles in cream.” “Children loved the farm day, they really had a great time and throughout the term there were lots of visual displays the children contributed to, bringing in photographs, produce and even shearing equipment.”

P&F Report Dear parents and friends, Welcome to another fortnightly newsletter. Just a few reminders, we had our P&F Coffee Morning and IT presentation yesterday (June 22). Will let you know review in next newsletter from those who attended. The P&F has a Nutrimetics Shower Gel Drive Fundraiser on at the moment – for every $6 gel sold, $1 will be donated to the P&F. Make sure your order forms and money are back to the school front office by tomorrow, Friday, June 24. There will be no P&F Market Day in July due to school holidays. On behalf of our president Sheila Culf, we would like to thank Liz Sutherland and Louise Forrest and parent helpers for doing the canteen on the RDAS Sports Day, June 15. Your efforts were much appreciated by all. Our next P&F meeting will be held on Wednesday, July 6, 2005 at 7.30pm in the school staffroom. Hope to see some new faces as we’re always looking for more volunteers to join the P&F. Thanks. Annette Jackson for the P&F Committee.

Fun activities for Reception students ACTIVITIES... On Tuesday afternoons Mrs Pedler’s and Mrs Zeptner’s Reception classes combine for fun activities ranging from letter writing, far left, through to cooking with local parents, below.

The manner of giving is worth more than the gift. P Corneille

Upcoming Ev ents Events June 27 June 27 July 4 July 5

Semester 2 begins for years 7-12. Year 10 Whyalla Camp, continues until July 1. Sensational Science Performance - Years 1-6. Early Closure - 2.10pm.

Our bursar will be away in Week 9 of this term. If you have accounts due or monies for camps and performances, please see Annie Uhlik this week.

Page 18 - Thursday, June 23, 2005

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

Sports day action

SPORTS DAY...Adrian Dunkley gets a grip during the recent RDAS senior school Sports Day. Children from all grades competed in a variety of events last week. Overall results will be announced at assembly this week.

HURDLES...Kerry Stuckey, April Burgess, Teagan Brusnahan and Kimberly Smith grab some air in the hurdles. LONG JUMP...Miss Underwood cheers on her Head Start students as they fly into the Long Jump.

BEAN BAG BINGO...Mrs Zeptner’s Receptions scramble for the ‘buttons’ in Bean Bag Bingo. BIG LEAP...Teagan Coombes takes flight during the Long Jump. THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

GAMES... Junior primary students enjoyed a series of fun games such as, above, sack races, and right, the tennis ball shot put at Sports Day.

A message from the Principal Dear Parents and Friends. Sports Day Participation…Last week we held both the R-2/3-6 and 7-12 Sports Days. For those who were present both days were extremely successful. Many had commented that they were the best Sports Days held here at school for several years. I was particularly pleased with the endeavour of all participants and several records were broken. Thank you to all parents who supported the students on the day particularly the 7-12 day. Many thanks to the House Captains for encouraging their peers to participate so well. Thank you also to the organising committees from each cohort for doing such a wonderful job. Congratulations to Torrens House for winning the 3-6 Sports Day. The results of the 7-12 Sports Day have not been tabulated as yet. Educonnect…This week our service provider is changing allowing us to have nearly four times our former bandwidth. We now have 1mb of download capacity. As a result of the change all student and staff email addresses will change. Facilities…Currently we are negotiating for our heating and air conditioning units to be replaced. Whatever option we look at it seems the expense is going to be quite high. Many are concerned that the evaporative coolers are not particularly effective over 35°. Given that we often have temperatures in the high 30’s and into the 40’s we may need to look at refrigerated air conditioning. However with this is the increase in electrical capacity needed and the ensuing increase in tariff to the school. All rather big expenses. You can be assured that the Facilities Committee will be working to provide the best alternative for the school. We are also looking at turning the “old” garden area near A Block into an extension of the hard-play area. We also look to enclose this new hard play area and the Year 3 – 6 play equipment with fencing. This will allow a safe play area for our special students as well as giving the Year 3 – 6’s a separate play area. Camps…This year staff have been working on a refurbished continuum for camping experiences in our school. Due to increase in expenses we look now to have Year 3 – 6 camping experiences every alternate year at a local venue. The following overview of camping experiences is as follows: Reception/Year 1 -. Each class to do at least one excursion each year. A sleepover is optional. Year 2 - Each class to have an overnight sleepover at the school. Excursions if appropriate. Years 3/4 - Odd years – all classes to have an overnight camp at Woomera. Even years – all classes to have a two night camp at Point Lowly. Years 5/6 - Odd years – all classes to have an overnight camp (at a local location such as Wirraminna). Even years – all classes to have a three night camp at Melrose. Years 7 - All classes to annually have a three night camp at Erappa. Adventure/high rope activities. Possibly a tenting experience as an alternative. Year 8 - All classes to annually have a four night camp in Adelaide Year 9 - All classes to have a four night camp at Port Vincent. Aquatics activities. Year 10 - Rite program – local or regional work placement. Year 10/11 - Possible biannual camp to Canberra/snow each even year. Year 12 - Possible curriculum camp in term 1 where relevant. The Year 10/11 major trip will need considerable planning and fundraising. Those in

Year 9 and 10 this year had better start thinking about this for 2006. Year 11 and 12 mid-year exams...Next week marks the beginning of our Semester 2. The Year 11 and 12’s are undergoing mid-year exams this Thursday and Friday. These bring particular pressures on students, parents and staff. However there are some suggestions for both parents and students as you navigate your way through this time. The top seven tips for students are: Plan your time. Build up study time to 20 – 40 minutes with five minute stretch breaks in between. Go for three sessions. Vary your revision subjects. Start with your least favourite and finish with your strongest: no more than three subjects a night. Put past exams behind you. Past exams are history: focus on what’s next. Use the room you are studying in to help you: put posters up, shut your eyes and try and remember what’s on them; spread your notes out in sequential order and talk yourself through them. Be your own teacher – talk yourself through answers to questions and instead of trying to remember lots of information turn it into questions to answer. Rather than cram – graze! Make summary maps of all the topics you are likely to be asked about and then sit back and go over them quickly. Breathe deeply at the beginning of the exam; chew a glucose sweet; read through all the questions and write any notes or formulae next to the question straight away. Pick your banker questions and start with ones which you know you can do. Remember to use the number of marks for each question as a guide and make sure you have a go at the compulsory questions. If you are running out of time do a question in outline only – write notes on the key points, use key words or if it’s maths the key formulae. The top seven tips for parents are: Anxiety – yours and theirs. Firstly, the more anxious you are, the more anxiety you transmit. Avoid stories about how stressful you found exams. This doesn’t help. Careful planning and use of time, building in breaks when studying and sharing leisure time in between helps. Friends can be a big distraction! Limit access to friends during study time – this includes texting! Mobile phones in exams are a no no! Last year there were 300 disqualifications because of phones. Have a quiet word and keep yours off. Study space. Make sure your offspring has somewhere quiet to spread out and put learning resources out. This might include sticking up summary posters. Sleep. Restrict cramming before an exam. Encourage early night and early rise with some proper breakfast. Talk, talk. Talk through any anxieties and listen to them rather than trying to correct them. Stop banging on about neatness, spelling and grammar in exams! Only five per cent of the marks are allocated to spelling, punctuation and grammar – so that you can still get 95 per cent and an A*. What are your last words as they go off? Positive? Negative? Coercive? Threatening? Go for something supportive. Sincere Condolences…We extend our deepest condolences to Yvonne, Dave and Sabrina Pattenden on the sudden loss of their son and brother Lloyd. Yvonne is the school’s IT Support School Services Officer. Lloyd was a student here from 1993 to 2001. Our heartfelt sympathy goes to the Pattenden family on this very sad occasion. Jim Michalanney, Principal.

Thursday, June 23, 2005 - Page 19



CHEST of drawers, 90H X 150W X 45D, as new, $450: Lg auto washing machine, Kleenmaid, $200. ph 86711382 or 0417711538. CONCRETE Railway Sleepers. 2.5 meters long. $17 each inc GST. Ph 8671 0336. SHIPPING Containers. 20 and 40 foot. From $3,000 each inc GST. At Olympic Dam ph 8671 0336. SHIPPING Containers. 20 and 40 foot. From $1,000 each inc GST. At Olympic Dam ph 8671 0336. STAINLESS steel food grade sheets. Approx .55m x .68m, .625m x .625m, .7m x .7m, 2.1m x .45m from $6 per sheet inc GST. 11/97 Ford Courier Dual Cab, Petrol, VIN JCOAAASGHCVK70665, Rego WBK-133. 87,441 kms $4,700 plus GST. 11/97 Ford Courier Dual Cab, Petrol, VIN JCOAAASGHCVK70945, Rego WBK-131, 80,171 kms $5,000 plus GST. WHEELIE Bins, new, 240 litres $55 each plus GST or 2 for $100 plus GST. WOODEN Railway Sleepers, 2.4 metres long, from $15 each incl GST. At Olympic Dam ph 8671 0336 (bh). 20 FOOT container – hydraulically lifted sides to enable direct access. Ideal as workshop. 12V over hydraulics $3,500.

POSITION OPEN President Roxby Downs Junior Basketball All Nominations to: The Secretary PO Box 421 Roxby Downs Prior to Sunday, July 3 as we have a Meeting at the Roxby Downs Club at 2:30pm and a President will be elected on that day. Further details, please contact Bev Roberts on 8671 0634

Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience caused as we have now relocated to 77 Stuart Road, Roxby Downs a photo you li


Phone for an appointment


Located at our Olympic Dam Branch, the person we are seeking will be responsible for maintaining the parts warehouse and handling customer enquiries along with other duties relating to the distribution of Caterpillar and associated parts. The successful person will have: • A sound heavy vehicle background with a strong emphasis towards customer support • Good organisational, sales and communication skills • Basic computer literacy skills • Excellent time management skills • The ability to work with minimal supervision. • Excellent customer service ethics • A current drivers license Duties include, but are not limited to: • Warehouse responsibilities – receipt/dispatch of goods • Hydraulic hose making and identification • Parts Delivery • After Hours Call Outs, based on a roster system • Interpret parts required for CAT/Elphinstone equipment The successful applicant will need to be available for an on call roster and be willing to work underground, when required, once competent in the role. Above award conditions, a good working environment and other associated allowances are offered with this position. Enquiries can be directed to Brian Vonthien on 08 8671 0014. Written applications including a detailed Resume can be forwarded to: The Human Resources Manager Cavill Power Products Pty Ltd PO Box 84 Enfield Plaza SA 5085 Phone: (08) 8343 1600 Fax: (08) 8269 6086 Email:

York Civil Pty Ltd is a leading civil engineering and construction company in South Australia. Due to continued growth in our Olympic Dam operations we seek a suitably experienced diesel mechanic to fill a full time role based at Olympic Dam. Duties will include maintenance and repairs to a large fleet of earthmoving and transport equipment. The successful applicant must be able to demonstrate a sound understanding of the mechanical, hydraulic and electrical systems associated with heavy machinery. Reporting to the Site Manager (Olympic Dam) and Plant Manager (Adelaide) you will need to be suitably qualified and ideally possess a HC driver’s license. Excellent wages and conditions with regular overtime available will be offered to suitable candidates. Working arrangements including work roster and service vehicle will be negotiable. Camp accommodation can be provided if required. Written applications supported by a detailed resume including references to be forwarded to: The Plant Manager York Civil Pty Ltd PO Box 23 North Adelaide, SA, 5006 Facsimile 08 8239 1561 or 08 8671 3314 Applications close 30 June 2005

Church Times

St Barbara’s Catholic Church Roxby Downs Saturday evening 6pm Sunday morning 9am Andamooka Catholic Church Sunday 11am first and third Sunday of every month St Michael’s Catholic Church, Woomera Sunday 5pm All denominations welcome Roxby Downs Lutheran Church Sunday 10.30am and Sunday School – 9.30am Roxby Downs Christian Community Church Sunday 10am

on it or A dv er ti si ng in Th e M Want to advertise your business in the Far North region?

Andamooka Community Church Sunday 2pm

Call Jodie Day on 8671 2622 to discuss a package that will suit your advertising needs.

Desert Springs Church Sunday 10.00am at the Roxby Downs TAFE College.

Page 20 - Thursday, June 23, 2005

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VERY nice 4 bedroom home, open plan lounge, dining, kitchen. Salt water pool. 6 person heated spa, entertaining area and lots more. $365.00 per week. Phone 0434 124 719.

0427 772 917

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ROXBY Second Hand Furniture. Trading Hours Mon – Fri 11.30am-2pm and Sat and Sun 2pm-4pm or, by arrangement by phoning 0428 138 758.

THREE bedroom home, b/in, large lounge, kitchen, dining, small study, inground salt water pool, double garage. Gable entertaining area. Long lease available $350.00 per week. Phone 0434 124 719.

Roxby’s Nail and Beauty

Have you seen

LEARN to fly Roxby Downs Aero Club, phone Ben Hammond 0407 974 002, Jim Spring 0417 867 812 or Phil Goldsworthy 0417 810 494.

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Cattle drive ends at Marree Races

GOLFERS...Andy Searle, Joe Blatchford, Shane Bowden and Brett Woodall.

ELDO GOLF CLASSIC...Top, the event’s first-ever joint champions, from left, Mark Dillon, Kerrin Dryburgh, John Kerr, Chris Pillar and sponsor Nick Flanagan of Mayfield; above, left, Gayle Siersma and Peter Wooldridge with sponsors Ian Gill and Allan Frederick; 2004 Eldo champion Chris Kenny; right, at Woomera, golfers Wally Broome and Charlie Payne with sponsors Ian Gill and Allan Frederick at one of the Woomera courses famous ‘water tank tees’.

HORSEBACK...Gymkhana Competitors, from left, Ellen Litchfield (Marree), Sam Finn (Orroroo) and Chelsea Finn (Orroroo) await their events, while, right, Lachlan Johnson competes in the prestigous senior whip cracking competition. .

First-ever joint champions for Desert Golf Classic RACE-GOERS....Lachlan Scammel, Lochlan Fargher, Alice Fargher, Lucy Scammel and Byron Crawford enjoy a day at the races.

BIRTHDAY...Tim Hombsch , Thomas Goode, Haley Diment , Scott Fleetwood, Stacy Oldfield, Tom Dearlove and Pete Wiseman help Stacy celebrate her 21st at Marree.

GREAT AUSTRALIAN CATTLE DRIVE…On Friday, June 10, 484 head of cattle and 14 weary drovers rode into the once unheard of township of Marree, completing the final leg of the Birdsville to Marree Cattle Drive. Spanning more than six weeks and incorporating 550 riders, 170 horses, three outback events, two baby calves and many aspiring romances, the 2005 Great Outback Cattle Drive went out with something almost unheard of late in the outback. Rain. The first spots started to fall as the drovers drafted the cattle, and it continued on into the night. This was a godsend for Boss Drover, Shane Oldfield, as there was just enough rain (16 mm) for him to call off the sale of the cattle and take them back home to Clayton Station. The perfect ending for Mr Oldfield, who claims a good time was had by both clients and drovers on the cattle drive. “We had a good cross-section of drovers, and everything ran smoothly. Tom Curtain, country music singer, kept everyone entertained.” Said Mr. Oldfield.

“This drove was a lot less stressful than the last one, as we had more drovers and more time to re-organize and re-cooperate after each lot of riders.” “From South Australia’s tourism point of view it was a great success, it really put SA back on the map.” Marree’s Gymkhana and Picnic Races, over the June long weekend, was “a huge success” according to Nicky Prosser, secretary of the Marree Picnic Race Club. Mrs Prosser told The Monitor that “For the first time ever the Marree School, Marree Progress Association and Marree Picnic Race Club have worked together to co-ordinate the event.” “It worked out really well and it was good for the community to all be working together towards something”. “It was the biggest races we’ve had since the last cattle drive, and everyone had a good time, which is what really matters!” Outback Roving Reporter, Jamie-Lee Oldfield.

MARREE RACES… The Marree Picnic Races and Gymkhana was held over the June long weekend to mark the end of the Great Australian Cattle Drive. Results from gymkhana events were as follows: Leading Adult Rider – Corey Ferguson. Leading Child Rider – Bianca Dodd / Chloe Mengerson. Leading Horse – Flowjo – Robert Khan / Princess – Kaeli Mengerson. Children’s Walk and Trot – Sam Finn, Codi. Walk Trot and Gallop – Reg Dodd, Flowjo. Flag and Barrel – Corey Ferguson, Woody. Can and Stick Race (under 10) – Chloe Mengerson, Princess. Bending Race (under 10) - Chloe Mengerson,

Princess. Bending Race (under 13) – Bianca Dodd, Flowjo. Bending Race (under 16) - Sam Finn, Codi. Bending Race (open) – Bridie Ferguson, Debbie. Ladies Bending Race Holy Ferguson, Princess. Junior Whip Cracking – Donald Dodd. Monte Carlo (under 10) – Ian Barty, Red. Barrel Race (under 13) - Bianca Dodd, Flowjo. Barrel Race (under 16) – Kaeli Mengerson, Blondie. Barrel Race (open) Corey Ferguson, Woody. Ladies Egg and Spoon Race – Ellen Litchfield. Musical Chairs – Bridie

Ferguson, Debbie. Walk, Trot and Gallop Relay – Clive Dodd’s Team. Iron Man Competition – Greg Warren. Ladies Foot Race – Emily Simms. Senior Whip Cracking – Reagan Austin, Ruby. Ladies Horse Race (200m) – Jenny McCormack – Jacko. Aviary Stakes 100m Foot Race – Adam Litchfield. Envelope Race – Garren Dodd. Saddle Up Race - Corey Ferguson, Woody. Ladies Stepping the Distance – Kristy Tannebring. Scott Denny Memorial Rescue Race – Adam Litchfield and Corey Ferguson, Bloom.

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

Race results: Publicans Sprint (400m Open) – Jenny McCormack riding Crazy Cotton. Open Bracelet (1000m) – Tara O’Donnel riding Henry Sees Gold. Vin Bullen Memorial (600m District Bred) – Garren Stuart riding Cobra. Bush Pubs Dash (400m Open) – Justin Nunn riding Vainest. Northern and Exchange Hotel Cup (1600m Open) - Helen Gower riding Ivory’s Choice. Claypan Stakes (1400m Open) – Tara O’Donnel riding Dontaine. Leading Jockey - Tara O’Donnel. Outback Roving Reporter, Jamie-Lee Oldfield.

ELDO DESERT GOLF CLASSIC…In an unprecedented clash, the Eldo Desert Golf Classic declared its first-ever joint champions over the long weekend. In the week leading up to the Eldo Desert Classic, the districts of Woomera and Roxby Downs had some good rains. This was a great help in preparing the courses for the Eldo. Up to then everything was very dry on the rough dusty and churned up by the wildlife and golfers. The rain helped compact the sand making the rough conditions a little easier. The Mayfield/Metlabs Eldo Desert Classic of 2005 had a dramatic finish. After the first round on the Roxby Downs course the leaders were John Kerr and Chris Pillar who came in with a 5 under 67. This pair had a three shot lead on their nearest rivals Mark (Horrie) Dillon and Kerrin (Bunny) Dryburgh who carded a two under 70. The next round on Saltbush Meadows in Woomera would be the decider. For John in his first Eldo the Woomera course would be a challenge but his partner Chris Pillar would be the perfect foil. Chris is a past winner of the Eldo and a past resident and member of the Woomera course. With Chris’s experience on the course and John’s power, this pair were the hot favourites to take out the title. Their main challengers, Horrie and Bunny, were no strangers to the Woomera course playing together as a team for the last three years so they were in with a very good chance as well. For those taking a punt on the result the roughies would be the local pair of Wally Broome and Charlie Payne who know Saltbush Meadows like the back of their hands. Wally and Charlie had faired extremely well on the Roxby course with a 77. The Roxby course is always difficult for the Woomera boys finding it hard to come to terms with the grass greens. On the other hand the Roxby golfers find it difficult to play on the sand greens of Woomera. Sunday in Woomera was cool and windy making the course tough. Paired together for the final round John and Chris, Horrie and Bunny set off the 1st tee. John and Chris birdie the 1st with a par for Horrie and Bunny. Horrie and Bunny hit their straps after the 1st hole and were 4 shots up coming to the 8th hole. This short par 4 is always a definite birdie chance as the bigger hitters can drive the green. John took advantage of the short hole putting his drive on the green and Chris sunk the put for an eagle. Horrie and Bunny managed to birdie the hole and were still 3 up but failed

to take advantage of the last hole by carding a bogie. After 9 holes the pairs were even for the championship. At the 14th hole Horrie and Bunny dropped in an eagle wiping out two bogeys on 11 and 13. John and Chris were struggling a little, bogeying 10 and 13. The game was getting to be a match play situation. At he tee of the 18th Horrie and Bunny were 2 up and needed to hole out one shot better than their partners to force a play off. All John and Chris needed was to match their opponents score on the hole. Things could not have been any tighter than this. John and Chris couldn’t match Horrie and Bunny on the final hole and the match stood at a draw. In the clubhouse were Nick Teare and Trevor Ellice who had a great round of 67 but that was still four shots adrift of the final group. Wally and Charlie gave it a good run with their 69. After cards had been checked and scrutineered, a sudden death play off over holes one and two was arranged. After two holes there was no winner but the was almost no light left. They attempted to play one again but all the drives couldn’t be located as it was almost dark. The decision was made to declare joint champions for the first time in the history of the event. On the whole a fitting finish to a titanic struggle between the two teams. In Division II clear winners were a sponsor team of Allan Frederick and Ian Gill who will be back next year to defend as they had a great weekend. The sponsors have also agreed to a three year sponsorship deal for the Eldo Desert Classic. There were some close results for the Nett winners in both Divisions. In Div I two Woomera teams struggled for the honour with Andy Searle and Joe Blatchford pipping Wally Broome and Charlie Payne at post by a mere 0.5. In Div II team Beveridge and Robert Paxton and John Lachmond were tied at the end of the event. Packy and John had a better back 9 holes than Di and Hugh to win the Nett Div II. The Eldo was a successful event and enjoyed by all those who took part. This is a unique event in outback golf with two very contrasting courses played. With sponsorship from Mayfield and Metlabs secured over the next three years the clubs can now concentrate on promoting The Eldo Desert Classic Australia wide and improve on the numbers of teams playing. Thursday, June 23, 2005 - Page 21

SPORT Junior netball

Action-packed racing

JUNIOR NETBALL… Junior Netball Results from June 18, 2005. Under 11s - Lightnings 22 defeated Opals 4. Shooters 19 defeated T-Birds 9. Under 13s - Bullets 37 defeated Lightnings 14. TBirds 33 defeated Shooters 11. Under 18s - Lightnings 50 defeated Opals 25. T-Birds 41 defeated Shooters 28. June 4, 2005 Under 11s - Lightnings 15 defeated T-Birds 12. Under 13s - T-Birds 33 defeated Lightnings 10. Under18s - Lightnings 48 defeated T-Birds 41.

SWING THING...Bec Penglase comes out swinging at softball on Saturday.

Softball action SOFTBALL…Round 6 Roxby Downs Softball Results. Black Cats 32 d Who Cares 4. Nick Fernandez pitched well for the Black Cats, while Adrian Harris took a catch at short stop and made a triple play. In game two, Shakers 13 d Scrubbas 9. Damien Walters pitched well for the Scrubas and took a fantastic catch. Glenn Bassett pitched well for Shakers. Rebels1 21 d Rebels2 11 in the third game of the day. Rebels2 started off well scoring nine runs in their first innings. Mark Pranic from Rebels2 played well at catcher in the last innings and took a great catch off Nicko’s hit from Rebels1. Tony Jordan from Rebels1 took a spectacular catch off Steve Bice’s hit from Rebels 2 at second base. Next week’s matches will be played on Saturday June 25, 2005. Rebels 1 vs Shakers– starting at noon. Rebels 2 vs Who Cares– starting at 1.30pm. Black Cats vs The Scrubas– staring at 3pm. A reminder to all players, if you are playing at noon you are expected to have helpers at the oval at 11.30am to assist setting up the diamond. If you are the last team to play you need to help pack up at the end of the match. Please be at the grounds at least fifteen minutes prior to start of each match. Any questions or concerns please call Natalie Jones 0412 782 018 or Lol Wilton 8671 2882.

Junior tennis JUNIOR TENNIS…Junior Tennis Results from weekend’s competition. Division 2 - Z Hodgetts 4 defeated M Evans 2. T Hill 4 defeated B Evans 1. B Weltner 4 defeated R Connell 0. J Dadleh 4 defeated S Greenfield 1. Division 1 - T Hombsch 4 defeated K Connell 0. R Hamblin 4 defeated N Hombsch 2. J Hombsch 4 defeated J Thomson 2. N Hombsch 4 defeated S Allen 0. T Hombsch 4 defeated N Hombsch 0. J Hombsch 4 defeated S Allen 1. K Connell 4 defeated J Thomson 2.

Softball Reporter, Natalie Jones.

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LADYLIKE...The Bulls and Chocies mix it up in the key during last week’s competion.

On-court clash BASKETBALL…Basketball Results from June 16, 2005. A Grade Women - Devils 63 (T Coombes 31) defeated Eagles 32 (N Hay 12). Bulls 44 (B Penglase 18) defeated Chocies 16 (R Sheppard 6). B Grade Women - SSA Cougars 20 defeated Devils 0 Forfeit. Jets 36 (D Judd 10) defeated Bulls 25 (M Kiely 12). Eagles 31 (T Sadler 13) defeated Devils2 10 (Z Grigg 6). Results from June 14, 2005. C Grade Women - Wanderers 37 (K James 18) defeated Eagles 23 (J Nowak 9). Tandales 22 (A Freeth 6) defeated Spectres 10 (L McIlwanie 6). Mens - Jets B 81 (M Pranice 30) defeated Magpies 48 (T Paull 25). Chocie Soldiers 61 (G Nielson 19) defeated Bradken Bears 17 (J Banning 8). Jets 43 (D Kaminski 22) defeated MPR Magpies 42 (D Taylor 15). June 9, 2005 A Grade Women - Devils 46 (N Richter 20) defeated Bulls 33 (B Penglase 15). Chocies 20 defeated Eagles 0 Forfeit. B Grade Women - SSA Cougars 50 (R Sheppard 24) defeated Eagles 29 (L Reid 12). Devils 48 (S Weston 18) defeated Jets 45 (A Lamb 22). Bulls 32 (M Kiely 12) defeated Devils2 30 (M Kittle 12).

DIRT CIRCUIT…Another great night of car racing was held on May 28, 2005, that once again attracted great crowds even though the weather was a little cold and brisk. Car numbers were down due to State Titles being held on the May long weekend at Black Rock and Roxby experienced a few car problems including one of their best RD50 Steven Webbers open wheeler only being able to complete one race. However the club still did Roxby Downs proud and came in third place overall in the State and remembering Round 2 will be held in Roxby Downs October long weekend being 2nd October so Roxby might just have what it takes to take out first in the State. So ensure you add that date to your calender to go and support the local drivers and give them some home spirit and enjoy the action packed day which should see approximately 100 drivers covering all classes. The standard class raced as one class for the first time for 2005 which saw some great, tight competitive racing. Damian Jones RD96 raced his new standard saloon Commodore and showed the crowds exactly how it’s suppose to be done – not bad for a five month break from racing! Clytie Sneyd also upgraded her standard car to one of the new Commodore saloons and showed considerable improvement now she’s got some power theres no stopping her!! Social Class started off with 4 cars but reduced quickly to 2 due to car problems however Jess McKinnon and James Beenham hussled to the chequered flag. If you have been thinking of getting involved in car racing and want to experience the adrenalin rush, this class is a great start to learn racing lines and become competitive without the pressures of the experienced drivers, for further information please contact Steven Webber 8671 2774 or any other committee member. Our next meeting will be held on Sunday, July 31, starting at 1pm, so if you want to enjoy some sunshine and get out of the house, head on out with the family for an action-packed day. Results from the event were as follows: Social - James Beenham 28, Jess McKinnon 27, Anthony Stuart 4. Standards/Modifieds - Damian Jones 26, Tony Webber 25, Wayne Dempsey 24. Open Modified - Geoff Munro 21, Don Mckinnon 16, Wayne Dempsey 16 third on a countback. All- Comers - Wayne Dempsey, Damian Jones, Chris Dawson. Best Presented: Tony Webber RD 13 – Sponsored by: LinAndrews Real Estate, Cavpower, Waldorf Fiducialfinancial services. Sportsperson of the day: Matthew Beenham Ali Webber, Dirt Circuit Reporter.

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SPORT SPORT Coober Pedy community welcomes the OD Devils COOBER PEDY…Olympic Dam Football Club travelled the four and a half hours to Coober Pedy on Saturday, June 18, to face the Saints on their home turf. This is the first time in more than nine years that Coober Pedy has hosted a premiership points game in the township limits. On the Saturday morning, Woomera and Districts Football League (W&DFL) hosted a coaching clinic attended by around 40 children and youth. “It was a rewarding day for all, but football was the real winner,” W&DFL president Graham Warren told The Monitor. “To see the kids’ smiling faces and the community all along the sidelines – it was great. “The whole day was brilliant, it was very well-organised - Coober Pedy had a new scoreboard and the oval was presented well. A crowd of about 250 came to watch the game and it was great fun - the whole day was great.” The football game was followed by an after-game function at the local RSL. Mr Warren congratulated Olympic Dam Football Club for its conduct during the Coober Pedy away game. “The offer to travel to Coober Pedy came from OD as a football club – it wasn’t programmed but ODFC offered to play a game up there. “Next year, if I’m president and the current committee agree, we’ll play at least four home games in Coober Pedy.”



Calendar Proudly sponsored by

Woomera & Districts Football League

SENIOR COLTS...Nick McPhail tests the mettle of coaches Darren Male, kneeling, Andrew Farnham and Richard Gander during U16s football training.

Call to support Colts SENIOR COLTS...Coaches are calling for more support for Roxby Downs’ U16s football team. Richard Gander told The Monitor that the Senior Colts were severely lacking on-field and off-field support so far this season. “These kids are the future of local

footy - some of them have real talent and we don’t even have someone to fill up their water bottles on a weekend,” Gander said. “We’re calling on parents and senior footballers to get involved - even if its just washing guernseys on a weekend. “These kids deserve some support.”

Competition closing in for Round 8 FOOTBALL…Woomera & Districts Football League results for round 8 June 18, 2005. Roxby Districts 16 goals 23 points 119 points defeated Hornridge 10 goals 9 points 69 points. Best players for Roxby - 1 st S Owens, 2 nd B Chesson, 3rd R Prosser. Goal kickers for Roxby - R Prosser, M Castle 3 goals each D Kaminski, P Clarke 2 goals each M Katzorke, S Crafter King, D Dake, P Chesson, J Robbins, Jack Orr 1 goal each. Best players for Hornridge - 1 st T Swanson, 2 nd A rd Webster, 3 J Stanies. Goal kickers for Hornridge - J Thorpe 3 goals Mark Gow 2 goals A Watkins, W Feltus, A Webster 1 goal each. Olympic Dam 14 goals 16 points 100 points defeated Coober Pedy 4 goals 11 points 35 points. Best players and goal kickers for OD unavailable Best players for CP - 1st M Barnes, 2nd A Waer, 3rd J Burns. Goal kickers for CP - M Barnes 2 goals C Barnes, T Wale 1 goal each. Junior Colts Under 12 Bulldogs 13 goals 5 points 83 points defeated Hawks 10 goals 7 points 67 points. Best players for Bulldogs - 1 st J Bush, 2nd K Lynch, 3rd N Hombsch, 4 th B Johnson, 5 th T

June June 25, Saturday night Woomera Round 9 W&DFL 5.30pm Hornridge vs OD 8.00pm Andamooka vs Coober Pedy BYE - Roxby Districts June 25, Saturday Roxby Downs Softball 12 noon Shakers v Rebels 1; 1:30pm Rebels 2 v Who Cares; 3:00pm Black Cats v Less Spots. June 25, Saturday Roxby Downs Golf Club Stroke MM July July 2, Saturday Round 10 W&DFL 12noon Andamooka vs RD 2.20pm Hornridge vs Coober Pedy BYE - Olympic Dam July 2, Saturday Desert Dirt Kart Club Practice day - start 1.00pm July 2, Saturday Roxby Downs Golf Club Ambrose July 3, Sunday Roxby Downs Softball 12noon Who Cares v Shakers; 1:30pm Black Cats v Rebels 2; 3:00pm Rebels 1 v less Spots July 3, Sunday Roxby Downs Golf Club 4BBB Combined Par July 9, Saturday Round 11 W&DFL 12noon OD vs RD 2.20pm Hornridge vs Andamooka BYE - Coober Pedy July 9 & 10 Roxby Downs Golf Club Club Championships July 16, Saturday Round 12 W&DFL 12noon OD vs Andamooka 2.20pm Coober Pedy vs RD BYE - Hornridge July 16, Saturday Roxby Downs Golf Club Stableford

CLASH...Hornridge Magpies and Roxby Miners battle for the ball at the weekend’s match. Russell. Goal kickers for Bulldogs - K Lynch 3 goals, B Farnhan, J Elliot, J Dadleh 2 goals each, N Hombsch, J Thomson A Bishop, S Reynolds 1 goal each. Best players for Hawks - 1st J Hombsch, 2nd C Shodde, 3rd B Kelly, 4 th R Richards, 5th S Clark. Goal kickers for Hawks - J Hombsch 6 goals, R Richards 2 goals, J Haugum, L Ryan 1 goal each. Senior Colts Under 15 Dragons 16 goals 7 points 103 points defeated Razorbacks 12 goals 5 points 77 points.

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

Best players for Dragons - 1 st T Paull, 2nd N McPhail, 3 rd C Buran, 4 th K Perrett, 5 th J Hombsch. Goal kickers - N McPhail 5 goals, T Paull 4 goals, J Homsch 3 goals, J Bowden 2 goals, S Murray, C Buran 1 goal each. Best players for Razorbacks - 1st K Reynolds, 2 nd K Zeptner, 3 rd B Halliman, 4th T Cox, 5th B Kelly. Goal kickers for Razorbacks - K Reynolds 5 goals, B Halliman 4 goals, M Barrand, J Beenham, T Cox 1 goal each.

July 23, Saturday Round 13 W&DFL 12noon OD vs Coober Pedy 2.20pm Hornridge vs RD BYE - Andamooka July 23, Saturday Desert Dirt Kart Club Day meeting 1.00pm start July 23, Saturday Roxby Downs Golf Club Par

• Sports and Remedial

July 24, Sunday Roxby Downs Golf Club Stroke

July 30, Saturday Round 14 W&DFL 12noon Coober Pedy vs Andamooka 2.20pm OD vs Hornridge BYE - Roxby Districts July 30, Saturday Roxby Downs Softball 12 noon Shakers v Black Cats; 1:30pm Rebels 1 v Who Cares; 3:00pm Less Spots v Rebels 2 July 30, Saturday Roxby Downs Golf Club Stroke MM August August 6, Saturday Round 15 W&DFL 12noon Andamooka vs RD 2.20pm Hornridge vs Coober Pedy BYE - Olympic Dam August 6, Saturday Roxby Downs Golf Club Stroke MM August 7, Sunday Roxby Downs Softball 12noon Black Cats v Rebels 1; 1:30pm Shakers v Rebels 2; 3:00pm Less Spots v Who Cares August 13, Saturday – 1st Final 12noon 3rd vs 4th 2.20pm 1st vs 2nd August 13, Saturday Roxby Downs Softball 12noon Shakers v Less Spots; 1:30pm Black Cats v Who Cares; 3:00pm Rebels 2 v Rebels 1 August 13, Saturday Roxby Downs Golf Club Ambrose August 20, Saturday Desert Dirt Kart Club Day meeting 1.00pm start August 20, Saturday Outback Cup Roxby Downs Race Course August 20, Saturday Roxby Downs Softball Final August 21, Sunday – Preliminary Final 2.00pm Winner of 3rd & 4th vs loser of 1st & 2nd August 27, Saturday – Grand Final at 2.00pm winner of 1st final (1st or 2nd) vs winner of preliminary final August 27, Saturday Roxby Downs Softball Final September September 3, Saturday Roxby Downs Softball Final September 17 & 18, Desert Dirt Kart Club Outback Classic 2 day event Start 4.00pm on 17th

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Work Cover Accredited By Appointment only Located at: 97 Pioneer Drive, Roxby Downs

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SUPPORT YOUR SPORT Woomera & Districts Football League Ph: 0407 121 777 or 8671 0161.

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BOC Gas and Equipment Mechanical Repairs Air-conditioning New Car Servicing & Warranty Olympic Way OLYMPIC DAM SA 5725 Ph: 86710404 Fax: 86710418

Eldo Outback Desert Golf Classic

Marree Races & Cattle Drive

Call for U16s Football Support

Page 21

Page 21

Page 23

The Outback’s dirtiest weekend

MUDFEST…Chad Pedersen from Roxby Downs hit the Glendambo circuit for the first time this year and is keen to come back in 2006. WINNERS...Event winners, from left, third place-getter and 2004 winner Grant Evans, first Carl Baldwin and second, Conrad Evans.

GYM JUNKIE...Gaylene Crane, winner of the 2004 ‘Body Transformation Challenge’ is urging other locals to take up the challenge.

Take up the challenge! THE BEAST…Russel Stolz and sons Bryce, 10, and Hayden, 8, from Roxby Downs spent more than six months preparing ‘The Beast’ for competition at the Glendambo Outback 4x4 Endurance this month. The family were spectators during the 2004 event and were keen to be in the middle of the action this year, rather than on the sidelines. GLENDAMBO OUTBACK 4X4 ENDURANCE…More than 1500 people attended the two-day Glendambo Outback 4x4 Endurance this month. A strong contingent of Roxby Downs and Andamooka drivers competed in the field of 16 drivers, with organisers keen to see even more locals on the track next year. “We attracted a lot of keen competitors from 4WD clubs across the state, but it was good to see a lot of locals out on the track too,” event coordinator Dave Boothey told The Monitor. “We were happy to see one of our past-competitors (Carl Baldwin of Smoky Bay) take the trophy this year, despite not finishing last time. “Carl proved that money isn’t everything, and persistence pays off, recording the fastest lap on three wheels as anybody did on four.” Baldwin finished the course in a flat 18 minPage 24 - Thursday, June 23, 2005

ANDAMOOKA MUD RAT…Jamie Glover and Kelvin Bull put the ‘Andamooka Mud Rat’ through its paces at the Glendambo Outback 4x4 Endurance this month. The vehicle – winner of last year’s ‘Worst Show and Shine’ - lived up to its name on the day.

utes, more than six minutes ahead of his nearest competitor, despite dislodging a tyre during the event. Baldwin beat out last year’s winner Grant Evans and his brother Conrad to take the trophy. Boothey said the day attracted a strong contingent of local families, who lined the track to cheer on drivers. Roxby Downs competitors Barry Dellow and Brad Winter - winner of the ‘Worst Show and Shine’ trophy - urged local drivers to give the event a go in 2006. “It doesn’t matter how rough your vehicle is - you’ve got to get out there and get into it.” “It was good to see so many families up there for a day trip – but it’s a family kind of a day,” Boothey said. “It really has been a successful event but the figures aren’t in yet. “We’re expecting to hand over a substan-

B&B RACING…First-time racers Barry Dellow and Brad Winter, from Roxby Downs, brought home the ‘Worst Show and Shine’ trophy from the Glendambo Outback 4x4 Endurance this month.

tial amount to AngelFlight and our other participating charities. “We’re more than happy with the event itself – in fact everybody’s pretty happy, including the businesses involved. “I know it’s just going to be bigger and better next year,” he said. “Next year’s event organisers are trying to secure an international vehicle sponsor as the major sponsor – but we can’t give anything away, just yet. With next year’s promotions already in mind, organisers Dave and Margie Boothey are keen to collect copies of video footage and photographs of the weekend. “We want to produce a DVD that will be for sale, and the proceeds from that will also go to AngelFlight, and raise the profile of the event,” Boothey said. To contribute to the DVD, please contact Dave Boothey – ph 0429 002 158 or the Glendambo Outback Resort at 8672 1030.

BODY CHALLENGE…The second Roxby Downs ‘Body Transformation Challenge’ kicks off next week at the Leisure Centre. More than 30 locals will join the 12-week program in an effort to change their lifestyles, their body shapes and win big prizes. For Gaylene Crane, one of last year’s major winners, the program renewed her ongoing love of the gym. “I did the challenge in 2004 because, after my fourth child, I wanted to lose weight,” Crane told The Monitor. “I had always loved the gym but when I read up on the internet about the ‘Body for LIFE’ program I was very impressed. “The local challenge was very motivational but simple – it’s all common sense. “The gym program was easy to follow but effective and the challenge kept you going back to the gym because you kept seeing results, in yourself and in other people.” Crane said one of the benefits of the challenge was the friendships she made as a result. “It’s a friendly and supportive environment and there’s so many benefits. “The challenge promotes a really positive lifestyle – you feel better, you sleep better and you find yourself a little better organised – but most of all it’s fun.” The challenge incorporates a tailored fitness and eating plan, ongoing assessments, a training diary, two free ‘Boot Camp’ classes, before and after photos, motivational sessions and social activities. Keep watching The Monitor for updates and personal achievements during the Roxby Downs Leisure Centre’s 12-week ‘Body Transformation Challenge’.

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Subject to Deposited Plan Approval, due July 2005 (or settlement by negotiation). Good news page Arts & Entertainment • NO time limits t...


Subject to Deposited Plan Approval, due July 2005 (or settlement by negotiation). Good news page Arts & Entertainment • NO time limits t...