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Volume 5, Wednesday June 3rd, 2009


A boat in

edition Stretching the boundaries


few households are seriously abusing the use of reserve land by treating them as their personal land to do with as they please. In what can only be described as overstepping the boundaries, these households have set up play equipment, chairs and dumped old building materials and rubbish in the reserves. One resident, who has a house that backs onto a reserve, has erected a basketball backboard, fixed permanent outdoor seating and has even built a pergola. Most concerning is the used building materials and other matter stacked up by the fence of the house which becomes a danger to any young children who decide to explore the dump area. In addition, the mini dump is an attractive habitat for vermin and could possibly be a fire hazard. Other abuses mentioned to The Monitor include a man who drives his car over the kerb then a short distance along a bituminised path, along a reserve past the back of several houses to park his car behind his own house. Also of note is an individual who drives his car over the kerb and across a playground area to reach his self built side-gate that opens onto the playground. Depending on the ownership of the land, there are procedures and fines that apply to those who abuse the use of public land. The State Government has just increased fines for those who misuse public land from a maximum fine of $100 to $20,000 in the worst cases. Dumping on reserves is not the only way residents are stretching the boundaries. Another common offence in Roxby Downs is cars parking on the verge; this includes when you only have two wheels on the verge. People regularly park their cars on the verge and are

causes concern


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breaking irrigation feeders and often impeding pedestrian traffic. The council currently have contractors completing maintenance on the irrigation of the verges and in some places, planting additional trees, however the work will be in vain if vehicles continue to wreck the irrigation. The argument that some of the streets are narrow is invalid. The width of the streets were planned to reduce car speeds to keep our families, particularly children, safer. The public spaces and verges are not personal land to be used as residents see fit. Unfortunately when one person abuses the privilege and no action is taken others think it must be okay for them. So one more household starts to dump and that leads to others following and it becomes a plague. The other issue that concerns all parties is the one of liability insurance. Should someone have an accident on any of the items or rubbish left around, who would be liable? A Government announcement advising of the tougher penalties states the ‘trashing’ of public land includes squatting, dumping rubbish, riding motor cycles through native vegetation, dumping car bodies and destroying sand dunes. Apart from the tougher fines, the authorities can also charge the lawbreakers any clean-up costs. Council are definitely cracking down on the misuse of public land, which includes people who leave cars and caravans and trailers parked on the street front for indefinite periods. Reserve lands in Roxby Downs are predominately crown land under the control and care of BHP Billiton for town development with a few owned by Council. Procedures and the application of fines or restrictions may vary depending on the authority responsible for the land.

the backyard

Safer roads in town

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An example of a reserve used as a personal storage area.

More photos of abuse of Reserve land on page 13 in the perfect beachside location. Spacious bungalows ideal for a weekend away or a relaxing family holiday. Stay and play at Adelaide Shores Resort. Book now at kwp!WBT10000


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Family Focus with Tom Beever

No Time Schedule On Grief

In last week’s article that was titled, ‘Better Days More Often’ I touched on the difficulty of trying to overcome the pain that grief or loss can bring. In a round about way I made the point that time doesn’t necessarily take away the pain of grief or loss but it can make our days to be better more often. Grief is best described as the emotional suffering we feel when something or someone we love is taken away from us and the more significant the loss, the more intense the grief. Grief can come our way in so many ways such as bereavement, a relationship break-up, loss of health, loss of a job, loss of a home, loss of friendship, loss of financial stability and the loss list goes on and on. Grief therefore is a natural response to loss and it really bugs me when those who are grieving are told it’s time to “move on” or to “get over it.” There is no set time schedule for overcoming our pain when we grieve but having said that; prolonged grief isn’t all that healthy either. When prolonged grief is evident it is important to talk to the right person about it. Prolonged grief is when a person has suffered a loss that they can’t seem to overcome and there are a lot of reasons for that to happen. If nothing is done to help overcome prolonged grief not so good days are likely to be more prevalent than good days. Prolonged grief therefore has the potential to lead to more acute conditions such as anxiety or depression and it would be wise to speak with your doctor well before that happens. The first stage of overcoming grief or loss is often shock and disbelief which is understandable because to lose something or someone we love, cherish or care about is to lose something of ourself. The Hospice Foundation of America suggests that the grieving process is more like a roller coaster ride than stages because just as a roller coaster ride is full of ups and downs and highs and lows that eventually become less intense. So too is the process of grief. I like that because roller coaster rides tend to be a lot scarier and uncontrollable at the beginning but as time goes by we tend to be able to manage the ride better. The same can be said about grief or loss, because at the beginning everything can be scary and uncontrollable


with many ups and downs and highs and lows. But as time goes by we begin to gradually manage life and living that little bit better. But just as a scary roller coaster ride can be hard to forget, so too can the journey of grief or loss. Patience therefore is a valuable tool in times of grief or loss so be patient with others when they grieve but don’t forget to be patient with yourself when you grieve. Keep in mind that by just being there for someone who is trying to cope with grief is the single most important thing we can do to help. My wife and I still remember the first knock on the door after our daughter had died. I wasn’t home at the time but two of my work mates, Brett and Stuart had come to see us. Brett was a hard man. He worked as a scaffolder by day and was a bouncer at night. He loved his Harley, his mates, a fight, a beer and was smothered in tattoos. I won’t go into Brett’s lifestyle but he was a loyal friend and the kind of person you would want to have fighting by your side in the trenches. Stuart was a mountain of a guy who was incredibly fit. He still rides a Harley and I hear he has reached his goal of becoming a Sergeant in Arms with a bikie gang. Stuart is younger than Brett, was heavily into kick boxing but also a loyal mate. Both were tough and ruthless. But we were great friends. Apparently Brett and Stuart couldn’t say much to my wife as they stood at our front door on that day because they were quite emotional and had tears streaming down their cheecks. I smile when I think of the two of them on that day because I can imagine them blaming each other for not saying something “helpful” before they left. But the gift of love and support these two guys gave us on that day and on the day of the funeral was overwhelming and priceless and we’ll never forget it. Never underestimate the healing capacity of just “being there” with those who grieve. We may not be able to take the pain away from those who grieve but our presence can certainly reduce the pain and serve as a reminder that there is life and love around them and that they aren’t alone. I say that through experience because that’s what people (including Brett and Stuart) did for me.

Domestic Water, millions of litres

Roxby Downs Water Consumption 4.5 4.0 3.5 3.0 2.5 2.0 1.5 1.0 0.5 0.0

Actual Target

The truth about creepy crawlies

verybody has a favourite story about creepy crawlies. Those little insects and rodents have spurned a powwerful wave of myths and fears throughout communities and families across the world.

4. MYTH - The Daddy LongLegs spider has the world’s most potent venom. FACT - Despite this myth being widely publicised, the venom of a Daddy long legs poses no threat to humans. 5. MYTH - People will swallow around 30 spiders while sleeping in the course of their lifetime. FACT - This widely circulated myth has absolutely no basis. In fact, the chance of someone swallowing even one spider during their lifetime is extremely remote. 6. MYTH- Cockroaches are attracted to your kitchen by crumbs and other food scraps. FACT - Cockroaches are generally in search of water, which they need far more frequently than food. 7. MYTH - In the event of a nuclear holocaust, cockroaches would be the only creatures on earth to survive. FACT - While cockroaches would fare better than humans in the event of a nuclear explosion, insects such as Fruit Flies and Flour Beetles are more resistant to radiation than cockroaches.

Principal Entomologist Gary Cochrane, has spent much of his professional career researching and outsmarting clever creepy crawlies, with the goal of helping homeowners to combat their pest problems. Throughout his time as an Entomologist, Gary has constantly been amused and at times bewildered, by many of the common myths that circulate throughout our communities in relation to these the smallest of beasts Gary has now compiled a list of some of the most well known myths around pests and has outlined the real facts behind these well aged misconceptions. Many of these myths are also all too familiar for local pest control manager from Whyalla Phil Mellor, who said they have encountered many dubious pieces of wisdom in the course of their work. “We are always hearing strange remedies for treating pests and old tales about the frightening powers of many pests,” Phil said. Below is a list of 10 myths most commonly confronted by Gary and 8. MYTH - Consuming vitamin Phil, with accompanying facts. B or garlic will make your skin less 1. MYTH - Mice love cheese. attractive to mosquitoes. FACT - Mice will eat cheese, but do not find it any more appealing than a majority of other foods. There are far more effective baits that are much more attractive to mice.

FACT - There is no evidence to suggest that eating any type of food will help you to repel mosquitoes. 9. MYTH – Both male and female mosquitoes bite. FACT – Only the female mosquito has the capacity to bite you and your pets. 10. MYTH - Bed Bugs are not visible to the human eye. FACT – Adult Bed Bugs can be spotted quite easily as they can grow up to 6.5mm in length. Facts and comments provided by Principal Entomologist, Gary Cochrane, and Whyalla Manager of Amalgamated Pest Control a wholly owned Australian Company

MYTH: Mice love cheese


- Cats are great deterrents of rodents.

FA C T Most pets are too well fed to need rodents as a food source. They may hunt down a rodent from time to time, but will offer little assistance in combating a serious rodent population. 3. MYTH - Rodents constantly chew and gnaw on things to keep their teeth short. FACT - Mice chew naturally to help widen openings and to gain nesting materials.



Have you go t unusual pet an a pet that haor special talents a ? If so

email Amber on agoldsworth ysp eirs@

Carla (black) Pet age: 3 & a half (Carla) 15 months (Scar) Scar (brown) FACT: Type/ breed: English Fave food: Chips The colours of english staffordshires are staffordshire & anything! red, fawn, white, black and blue. Pet name:

Has he/she got a favourite thing to do?

Chase each other and play tug-o-war

Are there any interesting thing about your pet?

They are mother and son after!

Do you have to do anything to keep your pet safe and well? You have to make

Mon 25 Tue 26 Wed 27 Thu 28 May May May May

Fri 29 May

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sure they have their immunisation, walk them and feed them.

Sun 31 May

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All domestic water in Roxby Downs, Andamooka and Olympic Dam is supplied from the Great Artesian Basin. The water is desalinated and chlorinated. Use water wisely in an arid climate. Owner: Page 2 – Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

pictured with Luke Evans THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper


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New approach to managing disability support


he South Australian Liberal Party are advocating a new approach to the distribution of resources and benefits to families with member with disabilities. Stephen Wade MLC and Shadow Minister for Disability Services recently visited Roxby Downs and Andamooka, and with local liberal candidate Chad Oldfield, to hear about the regions highly respected local disability program. The liberal’s policy which greatly draws on a model that has been very successfully applied in the UK which delivers control of the support services they chose to the individual or their carers . Mr Wade said “a Liberal Government will introduce Individualised Funding – a funding model which allows people to choose what services and supports best suits their individual needs.” “Under Individualised Funding, people with a disability develop a personal support plan within resources allocated according to their needs,” Mr Wade said. “If they choose, they can engage government, a nongovernment agency or a trusted individual to assist them.” Mr Wade said he was impressed with local support programs and that Individualized Funding was particularly relevant to regional areas where there is a not a critical mass of need to attract services under the current scheme. The program is based on a similar scheme applied in the UK which has shown Individualised Funding programs enhance the lives of people living with disability as they develop services that are better tailored to their lives and goals, “Individualised Funding will require Disability SA to be more efficient, transparent and people focussed,” Mr Wade said. “More targeted support means that fewer resources are likely to be needed to achieve better outcomes.” said Mr Wade. “The Liberal Party believes that people with disability

and those who support them understand their support needs better than politicians or bureaucrats,” Mr Wade said. “They have a right to make their own choices about their own lives.” A local issue mentioned by carers of children with disabilities was the need for playground areas to be fenced off so children, and particularly those with disabilities could not wander out onto the streets or roads while playing. Mr Oldfield saw there were also wider issues playgrounds that needed attention.

The SunSmart rules no longer apply

Concern over Swine Flu

By Krystle Bower

Concerns over Swine flu have reached Roxby Downs after residents were reported to have potentially come in contact with the virus. Despite showing no symptoms of swine flu, the family were kept in lockdown, as a precaution until further notice. The family has since been cleared of any health issues to do with swine flu, and are happy with the news, telling the Monitor that they were appalled with how long it took the authorities to contact them. The family had left the cruise, returning to Roxby Downs before hearing from NSW health department, that it is possible they could have the disease. The family was concerned for the relatives and friends they had visited in the 30 plus hours they spent on their trip home. Unease continues, with more than 330 confirmed cases of swine flu within Australia, (when the Monitor newspaper went to print) numbers are still expected to increase over the next few days. Australia’s chief medical officer, Professor Jim Bishop, says people should not be alarmed by the disease’s rapid spread. Last week it was reported that his ACT counterpart Dr Charles Guest said there was concern for a 20 per cent swine flu attack rate in the population. According to NSW chief health Officer Dr Kerry Chant deaths could be expected in Australia, however the analysis was based mostly on the foreign experience of swine flu. Professor Bishop says there are not enough local instances of the disease to anticipate how many people may be affected in the future, with figures possibly based on irrelevant overseas data. Health Minister Nicola Roxon says of the people who have been hospitalised

due to the swine flu, most have mild cases and are recovering. “We still need to advise the public that we can expect to see a continuing increase in the number of cases that will be confirmed in Australia,” she said. “If the disease does keep spreading a significant number of people are going to be affected but we’re working very hard to contain this.” Executive Officer/Director of Nursing for Health Services Janine Connell said it is important for people to be on the lookout for symptoms. “The residents of Roxby Downs just need to be on the lookout for cold or influenza like symptoms if you have been in contact with someone who has been overseas recently,” She said. “If you have any concerns that you may be infected with the virus you can call designated hotlines, or come to your local hospital.” The federal government has placed an order with drug manufacturer CSL to secure some of its swine flu vaccine, expected to be ready in months. Doses will be purchased to vaccinate about 10 million people. Since swine influenza infections typically present in humans as seasonal influenza, most of the cases are detected by chance through flu surveillance. Swine flu symptoms, similar to those of seasonal influenza may include: • Cough • Runny nose • Fever • Headache • Joint aches and pains • Fatigue • Nausea • Vomiting • Diarrhoea • Acute pneumonia The Federal Government has set up a swine flu hotline for public information: 1802007

JOHNSTON WITHERS LAWYERS are now visiting Roxby Downs each month Offering professional legal advice and representation in most areas of law including: Industrial Employment Law Workers Compensation Wills Discrimination Law & Workplace Harassment

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Nic Kernahan and Emma Wilkinson will next be in attendance at our offices of 1A Tutop Centre, 20-22 Tutop St., Roxby Downs on

9th June 2009 For appointments, contact us at:

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he onset of winter has pushed the UV level below three, which means it’s time to pack away the sunscreen: the SunSmart rules won’t apply for the next few months. From September to April it is vital to heed the SunSmart message to avoid skin damage. But, once the UV level drops below three the sun is no longer a danger to skin. In fact, the winter sun actually has health benefits says Cancer Council SA Chief Executive, Associate Professor Brenda Wilson. “The sun’s rays are our major source of vitamin D which is good for our health and keeps muscles and bones strong. Generally, between May and August the UV level drops below three on most days and it is no longer necessary to protect your skin from the sun,” she said. Sensible sun protection from September to April does not put people at risk of vitamin D deficiency but it

does ensure the risk of skin cancer is reduced. Some general tips for sun protection throughout the year in South Australia are: Check the SunSmart UV Alert everyday to ensure you are protected during the UV alert times. From beginning of September to the end of April, UV levels are three and above, strong enough to cause skin damage and skin cancer. During these months most people receive enough vitamin D simply by going about their day-to-day activities. Generally you only need a few minutes of sun exposure daily before 10 am or after 3 pm. From May to August when average UV levels are generally lower across SA (below three) sun protection isn’t needed by most people. Extra care should be taken if you are in alpine regions or near highly reflective surfaces such as snow or water. To get enough vitamin D during these months, it is recommended

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

that you expose your skin (hands, arms and face) to the sun for two to three hours over the week. “Adults and children with naturally very dark skin may need longer exposure times to the sun, and may be at risk of vitamin D deficiency. “Other at-risk groups include infants of vitamin D deficient mothers, people who cover their skin for religious or cultural reasons, patients with osteoporosis, the elderly, housebound or those in institutional care. People concerned about their vitamin D levels should discuss it with their doctor.” said Associate Professor Wilson. The SunSmart UV Alert appears on the weather page of The Advertiser and some regional newspapers and is available on the Bureau of Meteorology website For further information on sun protection and skin cancer visit the Cancer Council SA website, www. or call Cancer Council Helpline 13 11 20.


General Meeting Thursday 4th June 2009 7:30 pm at the Council Boardroom

ALL WELCOME Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009 – Page 3


Monitor NEWS

Students get innovative By Zak Zeptner


tudents were involved in an interactive science show last week when the Questacon Smart Moves program visited Roxby Downs Area School. The program was designed to inspire young people to be innovative with science, showing a number of inventions created by people all over Australia. “Questacon Smart Moves aims to encourage today’s youth to dream of ideas for tomorrow,� said Questacon Presenter Cecily Oakley. Cecily and her co-presenter Augusta Macdonald began the show at RDAS by having the students create inventions using four random objects, which spawned a range of creative responses including a hairclip shaped car with a bucket steering wheel that was powered by goats. With the students’ minds now open to ideas, Cecily and Augusta provided exam-

ples of innovative inventions created by a collection of people, from high school students to psychologists. Including a wetsuit that incorporates a life vest and scuba equipment, a hand eye coordination activity and a virtual reality program, the students were wowed at the possibilities of the future. During the show, the presenters called on volunteers to try out some of the inventions. Dylan Male achieved a high score using a hand-eye coordination device called an Accuball and Stuart Orr and Elyshiah McCarthy created ways to move water using random everyday items. A rough version of virtual reality glasses was also presented to the students, giving them an insight into what the gaming experience will soon become. With an endless possibility of ideas, the Questacon Smart Moves program hopes students will come away from the presentation with a greater understanding of science and hopefully, a desire to change the world by becoming innovative.

LEFT: Dylan Male tries his luck at the Accuball invention during the Questacon visit. ABOVE: RDAS student Stuart Orr uses a glove and a pipe to transfer water and Elyshiah McCarthy uses a funnel and stopper during a Questacon innovation challenge.

Flinders Ranges Properties among world’s best Two properties in South Australia’s Flinders Ranges are among the best hotels and resorts in the world, according to an inuential new coee table book set to be read by tens of thousands of prospective US travellers. The 2009 edition of Travel + Leisure’s book, World’s Greatest Hotels, Resorts and Spas, has just been released in the US and Canada, and it lists only four Australian getaways – three of which are in South Australia Flinders Ranges properties, The Prairie Hotel and Arkaba Station, were named amongst the world’s best along with North Bundaleer Homestead in the Clare Valley and have beaten accommodation from Queensland, Sydney and Melbourne to make it into the prestigious publication, where they are listed alongside the likes of Paris’s Château les Merles, Costa Rica’s El Silencio Lodge & Spa and Madagascar’s Relais de la Reine. The Prairie Hotel is one of the most famous Outback “pubsâ€? in the country, combining luxury eco-accommodation with its famous “Flinders Feral Foodâ€?, which is actually gourmet native Austral-

With scenery such as this, it is no wonder the Arkaba Station was named one of the best locations in the country.

ian cuisine. Located in the northern Flinders Ranges town of Parachilna (population seven), the hotel has played host to movie stars including Kate Winslet, and oers the chance for visitors to experience the Outback droving life portrayed in the ďŹ lm, Australia, with its new “Sunsets, Saddles and Shirazâ€? package. Meanwhile, Arkaba Station, in the Flinders Ranges, has been sold by Outback identities Dean and Lizzie Rasheed, and will reopen on 1 November as the latest luxurious wilderness destination in the award-winning Wild Bush Luxury portfolio. Under the Rasheeds’ ownership, Arkaba was already the perfect place for guests to soak up the avour of life on an authentic Outback cattle station, and Wild Bush Luxury intends to keep that experience and add to it, by refurbishing the station’s 1851 homestead to provide ďŹ ve ďŹ ve-star accommodation suites, a professional chef, and exclusive experiences such as horse riding with an Aboriginal elder and three-day guided bushwalks.


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Monitor NEWS

Aussie world first solves universal postnatal problems A Melbourne mum has developed a unique garment to help women recover from common post-natal health problems using compression.


ale circumcision is a complex and emotive health issue which has recently been the subject of a book and a public debate within the health profession and the general public. The debate is about the ongoing health issues that many health professional believe can plague some uncircumcised males. Dr Christine Bennett Chief Medical Officer with health insurer MBF believes “Foremost is the baby’s welfare. The current prevailing public policy in Australia suggests that there is no medical indication for routine neonatal circumcision. However, recent evidence does demonstrate a higher risk of some health problems in uncircumcised males. Ultimately, it is the parents’ decision, which should be respected and based on balanced, well-informed, comprehensive information. If you do decide to have your son circumcised, ensure it’s done by an appropriate and experienced practitioner.” The debate of whether to circumcise your child or not, is one that every parent faces at the time of birth of their son and are often swayed by the advice and opinions of family and friends. It is important that parents are presented with unbiased, accurate information so that they can make an informed decision as well as consider that the magnitude of some benefits depends on the age that circumcision is performed. Circumcision has been around for centuries and originally it was most likely done as a hygienic measure in hot, dry and often sandy environments and is still an important ritual in some religious groups. In recent years the rate of circumcision in Australia has fallen and it is now estimated that 10 - 20 percent of male infants are circumsised, however recent media reports are stating that the incidences of parents requesting circumcision is increasing. Possible complication for those being circumcised includes local infection, bleeding and damage to the penis. Serious complications such as bleeding and septicaemia may rarely even result in death. Some of the benefits of circumcision are: Reduction in urinary tract infections: the prevalence is higher in infancy than in older males. The risk of urinary tract infection is higher in males with underlying renal tract abnormalities and it is likely that “a small group of boys” will benefit from circumcision. Reduction of cancer: compared to uncircumcised men, circumcised men appear to have a lower risk of penile cancer and their female sexual partners may have a lower risk of cervical cancer. Penile cancer - this is rare but the risk is increased three - to six fold in uncircumcised men; . Reduction in sexually transmitted diseases (eg syphilis, gonorrhoea, herpes, HPV, HIV): the literature shows that generally, circumcision protects against contracting and passing on these diseases. The significant reduction in risk of acquiring sexually transmitted infections is an important medical benefit of circumcision and recent research has prompted the World Health Organisation to develop specific policy recommendations to expand and promote

male circumcision as a method of HIV prevention. Improved hygiene: genital hygiene is easier in the absence of a foreskin. In the end parents or parents to be must talk to people they trust which is an important step for parents in the decision-making process. The Monitor spoke to two local families both of whom chose circumcision for their children al be it for different reasons. A local mother and health professional said ’”In my opinion I feel that getting boys circumcised is best. I realise there are both good and bad sides to getting it done but think that for me the problems that can arise with not circumcising out weigh the reasons not to do it. I would much rather my son go through the small amount of pain at birth when he doesn’t remember it then having to have it done when he was 5 or older when it would definitely be a traumatic experience that he would remember forever.: A local father said “I would definitely get my son circumcised. I think it is important for a child to be the same as their dad and would not want them to need to have it done when they are older.”

General statistics

The rates of circumcision vary around the world and are subject to trends as medical and ethical issues are debated. • In recent years the rate of circumcision in Australia has fallen and it is now estimated that 10 - 20% of male infants are circumcised • Urinary tract infections affect 1 - 2% of boys but may be 5 times less frequent in circumcised boys • Circumcision has a complication rate of 1 - 5% and includes local infection, bleeding and damage to the penis. Serious complications such as bleeding and septicaemia may rarely even result in death • Penile cancer is rare - it affects 1 in 100,000 men in developed countries What are the benefits? • Reduction in urinary tract infections: the prevalence is higher in infancy than in older males. The risk of urinary tract infection is higher in males with underlying renal tract abnormalities and it is likely that "a small group of boys" will benefit from circumcision. • Reduction of cancer: compared to uncircumcised men, circumcised men appear to have a lower risk of penile cancer and their female sexual partners may have a lower risk of cervical cancer. • Penile cancer - this is rare but the risk is increased three - to six fold in uncircumcised men. • Cervical Cancer - uncircumcised men may be more likely to acquire and transmit the human papillomavirus (HPV) that is responsible for most cervical cancers. • Reduction in penile inflammation and retractile disorders: penile inflammatory disorders are less common in circumcised men but can develop whether or not circumcision has been performed. Uncircumcised males who retract the foreskin while bathing are less likely to experience problems with inflammation. Acute and recurrent problems of the foreskin can sometimes be managed medically but surgical intervention may be required. • Reduction in sexually transmitted diseases (eg syphilis, gonorrhoea, herpes, HPV, HIV): the literature shows

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

that generally, circumcision protects against contracting and passing on these diseases. The prepuce can act as a reservoir for viral organisms. The uncircumcised penis is protected by the foreskin and does not become keratinised and so is more susceptible to irritation. The significant reduction in risk of acquiring sexually transmitted infections is an important medical benefit of circumcision and recent research has prompted the World Health Organisation to develop specific policy recommendations to expand and promote male circumcision as a method of HIV prevention as part of an HIV prevention package. Circumcision does not provide complete protection against HIV and should not replace safe sex practices. • Improved hygiene: genital hygiene is easier in the absence of a foreskin. What are the risks? The rate of procedure-related complications is about 1 - 5% with most of these problems readily treatable with no long-term effects. • Pain and distress: surgical excision of the foreskin is painful. Safe and effective pain control exists and should be offered to all infants undergoing the procedure. • Bleeding and local infection: these are the most common, significant complications. The risk of severe bleeding is higher if there is an underlying problem such as haemophilia. Wound infection occurs infrequently and is usually mild enough to be treated with local treatment. • Cosmetic reasons: too much or too little skin removal may present problems. • Ulceration: irritation from wet nappies may cause ulceration in the first few weeks after circumcision. Ulceration may lead to stenosis or 'hardening' of the 'eye of the penis'. • Buried penis: refers to a penis that is buried under scar tissue that develops at the site of incision. It may occur if too much or too little skin is removed. Treatment is surgical. • Sexual dissatisfaction: Some literature indicates that the end of the penis becomes less sensitive when the foreskin is removed. However, most circumcised males do not describe psychological trauma or decreased sexual function as a result of being circumcised. What’s happening in Australia? In Australia circumcision is currently restricted in public hospitals in NSW, Victoria, Western Australia and Tasmania, with South Australia said to follow. Public hospitals will continue to provide circumcision where there is an identified need for surgery to improve the patient’s physical health. The medical reasons for circumcision may include the following: • Phimosis: a condition that prevents the retraction of the foreskin, which is either congenital or the result of infection. • Recurrent Balanoposthitis: generalised inflammation of the penis occurring as a complication of bacterial or fungal infection. • Paraphimosis: a condition characterised by an inability to replace the foreskin in its normal position after it has been retracted, which is caused by a narrow or inflamed foreskin. The Royal Australasian College of Physicians is reviewing its policy on neonatal circumcision with information to be released at the end of 2007.

“Compression is used to aid recovery after many types of surgery,” said Dr Grant Saffer, Melbourne-based obstetrician and gynaecologist. “It seems like a good idea to offer compression post-partum as well. ” During pregnancy both skin and muscles are stretched. On a smaller scale, lymphatic channels, blood vessels and connective fibres may also be damaged. In caesarian births, muscles, vessels and tissue are surgically cut. “Birth is a miracle and a wonderful thing,” says Sinead O’ Donovan, SRC Recovery Shorts creator. “But it can be physically and emotionally traumatic for some women, and most women will experience some level of discomfort afterwards.” Dr Saffer concurs. “The garment is a great idea,” he says. “The mums I’ve seen who are wearing the shorts say it makes them feel better, and anything that provides support and comfort to new mums has to be a good thing.” SRC Recovery Shorts assist in this by providing compression to the upper and lower abdomen and perineum. This assists recovery by: • Improving core stability • Aiding skin and muscle retraction to help the body regain its natural pre-baby shaped. • Reducing pain by providing support and compression. Support is an important part of the SRC Recovery Shorts offer. Physiotherapist Kylie Patterson

works with post natal women and says the support provided by the compression garment is the key to recovery. “During pregnancy, ligaments soften and stretch,” she says. “After birth it’s important to provide the external support for the body while the effects of the hormones wear off. External support via compression, such as that provided by SRC Recovery Shorts, reduces the likelihood of injury, especially given all the bending, lifting and carrying involved in caring for a new baby.” Sinead, who has a background in nursing and podiatry and qualifications in biomechanics, says that compression as a treatment for injury was first used in Ancient Greek times; now a specifically designed garment along with proprietary fabric is providing considerable benefits to new mums. Beyond recovery Recovery Shorts are designed to be worn in the first 8-10 weeks after birth. After this, women can wear SRC Sports Shorts for extra stability during exercise. Made from the same unique fabric as SRC Recovery Shorts, SRC Sports Shorts support the lower back, pelvis, abdomen, pelvic floor and legs, helping women get active safely. SRC Sports Shorts can also be useful for women who haven’t had babies but need extra lower back support, or women who had babies some years ago. SRC Sports Shorts also come in seven sizes. For further information:

State Emergency Service Can you see yourself in orange? State Emergency Service (SES) volunteers have an extremely exciting and challenging role. They’re the people in orange you often see on TV assisting in emergencies. At the SES, it’s a real team effort and we need lots of team players with a variety of skills. Not everyone has to hang off cliffs or cut people out of cars – we also need people to operate radios, observe, search, navigate, operate plant and machinery and lots more. You never know what challenge you’ll be facing next, but one thing’s for sure – it will never be boring! As the saying goes, this ain’t no picnic. After all, we’re not called the State Emergency Service for nothing. And the pay? Well, there isn’t any. However, the rewards are many – learning new skills, meeting new friends, keeping fit, gaining valuable qualifications, earning respect within the community, having fun, being active and working as part of a team. And remember, if you don’t want to participate in operational rescue activities, but still want to be involved, don’t be deterred. There are plenty of other duties within the SES. We’ve got the gear We’ve got the experience We’ll train you We’ll equip you All you need to bring is your energy and your enthusiasm! So if you want to be part of a team that really makes a difference, visit and click on ‘Join the SES’. Alternatively give us a call on 1300 364 587 or visit your local SES unit.


To circumcise or not?

For SES response telephone 132 500 For life threatening emergencies telephone 000 To volunteer visit or telephone 1300 364 587 Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009 – Page 5


Monitor NEWS




ith the proposed Olympic Dam expansion needing an additional 200 Mega Litres per day (ML/d) water was always going to be one of the biggest challenges for BHP Billion to overcome. Currently the mining operations and the township of Roxby Downs use water that is piped from two well fields in the Great Artesian Basin (GAB) under license from the South Australian Government. The challenge was to find a sustainable source that would be reliable and affordable. A coastal desalination plant at Point Lowly in Upper Spencer Gulf is BHP Billiton’s preferred primary water supply option. An option BHP Billiton says also creates a new South Australian Government water supply option for the towns in the Upper Spencer Gulf and Eyre Peninsula regions that currently take water from the River Murray Several other options were assessed including; • A third wellfield in the GAB – the two existing wellfields supplying the current operation could not sustain the additional demand. It would have been necessary to establish a third wellfield much further into the GAB to ensure the continuing protection of the GAB springs. The resulting production of much warmer water would have been technically difficult and very expensive to cool to the required temperature and pipe to Olympic Dam • Adelaide treated wastewater – the

majority of Adelaide’s treated sewage effluent is routinely discharged to the sea. The option of using this water via a 600 km pipeline to Olympic Dam was rejected because of its variable quality, and the existing and likely demands in the future for its use by industry on the Adelaide Plains • River Murray water – at a very early stage, BHP Billiton rejected the River Murray option because it would have run counter to South Australian and Australian government initiatives to remedy the ecological stresses of drought and of increased water abstraction from the river. The location of a coastal desalination plant for Olympic Dam required an environment where the performance standards for intake water quality and return water discharge could be met. Sites at Point Lowly, Port Augusta, Whyalla, south of Whyalla, south of Port Pirie and at Ceduna were assessed with Point Lowly, north of Whyalla, meeting the criteria and became the preferred option. The desalination option was also preferred because of international success. There are more that 12,300 plants operating in 147 countries. About 1,500 of the world’s desalination plants in 96 countries, including the existing plant at Olympic Dam, use reverse osmosis, and this method is proposed for the new plant. Water produced by the desalination process will be pumped by a 320km pipeline to Olympic Dam.

How reverse Osmosis work


it through a sand and coal based filter system. This system works in the same way as a domestic pool filter, trapping solid particles in the sand. Filtered seawater will then be pumped to the reverse osmosis plant The first step in the desalination where it will pass through high presprocess would remove suspended sure pumps that generate the force solids from the seawater by passing to push water through the reverse

everse Osmosis involves seawater being pumped through fine membranes to produce low-salinity product water and high-salinity return water.

osmosis membranes. The membranes separate fresh water from seawater. The return water will travel via an underground pipeline back to sea, where it will be discharged through a diffuser system into the deep, fast moving currents off Point Lowly. This ensures rapid mixing of the return water with seawater.

Australian Giant Cuttlefish.

Environmental Concerns

There were a number of environmental issues raised by the community, environmentalists and commercial fisher men that were thoroughly investigated by BHP Billiton’s EIS team. One of the concerns was the potential of the intake pipe to entrap both large and small marine organisms. The underwater intake structure is designed so that seawater is taken into the pipeline very slowly, slower than the prevailing tidal currents. This reduces the entrainment of

marine life into the structure. The water discharged back into the gulf would be a combination of brine (which is about twice as salty as seawater) and small quantities of anti-scalant chemical used to prevent scale accumulating on the membranes of the plant. The return water would be discharged at sea through a purpose built and designed diffuser, allowing it to be mixed with the ambient seawater by the strong currents off Point Lowly.

The placement of the outfall pipe and diffuser is critical to the process with the start of the diffuser would be at least 400 m off-shore and positioned on the sea floor in at least 20 m of water. The return water, which is denser than the ambient seawater, would be released under pressure from the diffuser and directed towards the surface to create jets of up to 5 m in height that would enhance mixing with water driven by prevailing currents.

Extensive modeling of Spencer Gulf and the area around Point Lowly has indicated that the return water would disperse rapidly, ensuring sensitive marine life such as the Australian Giant Cuttlefish would not be affected. The zone of ecological effect and the breeding habitat of the Australian Giant Cuttlefish are well separated both horizontally and vertically ensuring

the cuttlefish population is protected. This is because the higher salinity return water is heavier than normal seawater and would therefore fall towards the sea floor away from the breeding habitat. After considerable research into the impacts on marine life in the gulf and its potential impact on commercial fishing and aquaculture leases reports indicated that

Commercial and recreational fish species move throughout the gulf, including within the zone of ecological effect. Commercial fish species tested by BHP Billiton were found to be less sensitive to increasing salinity levels. Dispersion modeling showed that the zone of ecological effect for fisheries species would typically extend no more than 100 m from the outfall.

Impacts on Marine Life

Powering the desalination plant

Conceptual layout of the proposed desalination plant. The proposed desalination plant The electricity for the desalination would require 35 MW of electricity, plant would be supplied by renewable which would be supplied by a new 25 energy sourced from the National km 132 kV transmission line from the Electricity Market. Cultana substation. Looking for further information Page 6 – Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

on the Draft Environmental Impact Statement? Please visit our website or call our toll free information line on 1300 766 715

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Letters to the Editor The Roxby Districts Sporting Club would like to advise the public that the Letter to The Editor in last week’s edition (May 27th) was a personal letter from a club member and does not necessarily represent the views of RDSC. Steve Ryan President, Roxby District Football Club

News In Brief GEODYNAMICS investigate viability of a storage data centre


EODYNAMICS is investigating the possibility of co-locating a communications and storage data centre with its proposed commercial demonstration plant in the state’s far north. The geothermal explorer has engaged data centre specialist consultant Strategic Directions Group to undertake a detailed feasibility study of the concept. In preparing the business case for investment in the CDP, Geodynamics is looking at supplying electricity from the CDP to co-located consumers.

What to do Monitorrial in the face of o t i d E uncertainty The

We are experiencing very uncertain and unsettling times. The global financial crisis, the Victorian fires, the Queensland floods and the continuing droughts, not to mention the spectre of the consequences of climate change hanging over us and now swine flu is threatening our communities. The challenge at this time in history is that we have so many unknowns, so many uncertainties and so many clashing opinions it is often difficult to know what to do in the planning and living of our daily lives let alone for the long-term future. When, will the economy recover, the droughts, floods and fires stop, and the threat of medical pandemics such as swine flu cease? At a more personal level we are all wondering will our employers stay in business, will we have a job, what we do about our debts/ savings, will I be able to afford to maintain my children in boarding school, what will happen with house prices, could my child be infected by swine flu and will the Olympic Dam expansion proceed …………………

and if I survive all that will the consequences of climate change make life unbearable and eventually make the planet unliveable. If you go looking for advice from the ‘experts’ in any of these fields unfortunately it is difficult. They too are full of uncertainty and conflicting forecasts and interests. We are overwhelmed with information, advice, doom and gloom via all of the medias every minute of h the day. Some of it from quite dubious and uniformed sources. So what to do in a sea of uncertainty which is only challenged by a greater sea of uncertain opinion. Two things are important things to do. Keep aware of what’s going on and stay informed. For example if we actually have confirmed cases of swine flu in our towns we need to know what to do keep our families safe. If we need to handle our incomes and investments differently we need to seek advice. It would be irresponsible not to. Just be very aware of the credentials, experience and track record of your sources

Contact us... The Monitor is a community-owned initiative aimed at improving regional communication between the community, industry, small business and Local Government. Contributions are welcomed but The Monitor reserves the right to edit all material submitted in accordance with newspaper policy and legal requirements. The Monitor retains copyright for all images and text produced for, and published by The Monitor - Your Community Newspaper.

Address: 6 Richardson Place, Roxby Downs Write: PO Box 72, Roxby Downs SA 5725 Give us a call for sales, news etc on: Office (08) 8671 2683 Fax (08) 8671 2843 Email Directly to The Monitor:

of advice. Dig a little deeper than you might ordinarily do and don’t make snap decisions. As well as listening to your advisors listen to yourself and trust your gut. Most importantly, don’t get caught up in the drama of it all, don’t fall into the trap of negativity and living in an atmosphere of trepidation and fear. Most of what’s going on, we as individuals and as communities, cannot directly influence. Focus on what is good in your life and be proactive in what you can do. A parting thought remember the planet and the human race have been through many devastating periods in history and every time has survived. You may say but not at this scale, but that’s also what they were saying centaury’s ago and we are still here. Have seen some tough times this year as the financial crisis has taken hold and job losses the devastation. Ray Goldie

Letters to the Editor Your letters are always welcome at The Monitor. But please remember to give a name and address and also a phone number for verification purposes.

It is one of several options the company has identified... with communications links into the existing national networks, Geodynamics managing director Gerry Grove-White said. Geodynamics investor relations and public relations manager Jane Lowe said: “A data centre was not part of the earlier plans at the site, but the concept of providing power to a local project is an option.’’ “It all depends on the feasibility study, which has begun. However, there is no time-frame for when it will be completed.’’ The commercial demonstration plant is the second stage of Geodynamics three-stage business plan in the Cooper Basin region. The hot rocks explorer successfully proved its ability to extract heat from hydraulically stimulated hot fractured rock to create power last month, completing Stage 1. It is also close to commissioning its 1MW pilot plant to supply power to Innamincka after bringing a well blowout under control earlier this month. The CDP will be ideally placed to provide long term electricity supply contracts at competitive prices to the data centre, which is considered to be an intensive consumer of electricity. The detailed feasibility study will include identifying potential partners and selecting a preferred business model. Communications infrastructure costs (laying underground optical fibre) would be considerably lower than high voltage transmission costs. The Queensland-based Strategic Directions Group specialises in the development of state of the art data centres, and were the design authority for the Polaris Data Centre project in Springfield, Queensland. Geodynamics plans to build Australia’s first commercial-scale geothermal power plant and have it operating by 2012.

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009 – Page 7




Babies early years... Small brochure, big help

SURVEY your say?

d a h u o y e Hav

Closes Monday 8/6/09 CONTACT MICHELLE ON

0418 833 818

Memorials Wanda Dormehl

In August 2008 The Monitor interviewed Wanda Dormehl, an elderly woman who had been trying to return home to Middleburg South Africa, after being diagnosed with cervical cancer. Given little time to live, Wanda had expressed a desire to return home to South Africa. Her story touched the hearts of many when with joy she announced that she would finally be returning home. For everyone that knew Wanda, she was a bubbly and happy woman, who appreciated the beauty in life, and was never bitter about her illness. It is unfortunate to inform however, that on (date) Wanda Dormehl passed away aged (age) in (place of passing). Her daughter Courné Walkinshaw held a memorial for her mother at the Andamooka Bible Church, on Saturday May 30, with many close friends and family arriving to pay their respects. Wanda will be remembered as a fighter who once said, “Believe and have faith!”

Steve Jacob

Roxby gathers to say goodbye



round 130 Roxby residents gathered at the Golf Club to remember the life of Steve Jacob who tragically lost his life on May 8. Steve began working at the mine over 12 years ago and he and Carrie (Steve’s soul partner) set up their home together over seven years ago.

Karen Russell and Naomi Watkins.


he Roxby Downs Early Intervention Agency Group has published a small brochure to act as a guide for families on how to get the best support for children in their early years. An initiative of the Environment Forum

Getting married? 3 tips for a green wedding – travel

• Hold your ceremony and reception at the same place. It’s cheaper and easier to organise and there’s less travelling involved. • Encourage guests to car pool or offer a bus service. • Limit the number and choose fuel efficient wedding cars.

MEETING DATES - Environment Forum 9th June - Community Board 29th June

The brochure lists the health checkups babies and toddlers need to have between the ages of six months to five years and importantly it includes contacts should parents have any concerns about their child’s progress in any of these areas. The brochure also has messages (as a guide) from the babies and children about some of the mini milestones they will pass in their first four years and what parents can look out for. Did you know in their first few months babies explore toys by mouthing them, at 6 months babies will roll on their side and

Tom Beever, Family and Youth Coordinator, conducted the service and some of Steve and Carrie’s friends spoke. Each speaker told of Steve’s love and devotion for Carrie and their children. Steve was known as “Barney” to his workmates and he was a trusted worker that you could always rely on. Tom Beever said the service was a time to be together in order to remember a great friend and to support one another. Steve will be greatly missed by his family and friends. hold their heads up when you help them Carrie has been touched by the many people who have you sit up and at twelve months babies will supported her since Steve’s tragic accident. generally speak their first word. By two they will be able to point to their tummy, ears and nose, at three they will be able to say 1000 words, at four use sentences with five or more words and at five years they like to tell stories and jokes. There is much more in the brochure Would you know what to do if someone you knew along with sixteen contact points for was considering suicide? The same way that we can health professionals learn first aid for snakebites and broken legs, we can For such a small brochure it contains a learn vital first aid skills for someone who is thinking large amount of useful and essential conof ending their life. tacts for parents with young children. There are more deaths each year from suicide Developed by our local Early Interventhan in car accidents and the impacts on our rural tion Agency Group the concept for the communities are wide spread and devastating for brochure has been made available to other families, friends, work colleagues and team mates. regions. With sponsorship from bhp billiton, Lifeline The brochure is available from the Country to Coast SA Inc. is offering an opportuHealth Services, the notice board in Dunes nity for community members of Roxby Downs and cafe, Family Practice Clinic. surrounding areas to learn skills that can be used to recognize the warning signs and take action to prevent the immediate risk of suicide. There are limited spaces for 24 people for the two full-day Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) workshop on Wednesday, 18th & Thursday, 19th June 2009, which will be held at the Roxby Downs Golf Cub. Due to generous financial support from bhp billiton this internationally acclaimed workshop is being provided by accredited trainers at no charge to participants. Training materials and all refreshments will be provided. To reserve your place, contact Vanessa Boully on 8641 0633 or email lifelinevanessa@internode. Registration is essential. Registration forms can be obtained from the Roxby Downs Medical Centre, Alliance One Credit Union.

Become a Life Saver in your community!

Andamooka Hospital auxiliary


If you would like to do a presentation to the Community Board please contact Michelle Hales to organise a date and time to be placed on the agenda. Requests close on the Wednesday prior to the Board meeting. Board meetings usually take place on the last Monday of the month.

Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Your View

JOINING FORUMS Members of the community are encouraged to join any of the forums or partnerships. If you would like to join the Arts and Culture Forum, Education and Workplace Training Forum, Family and Youth Forum, Environment Forum, Sport and Recreation Forum or Volunteering Partnership you are welcome to attend any of the meetings. Meeting times appear in the Monitor on a regular basis. If you would like to join the Health Forum and/or Alcohol and Substance Abuse Partnership please contact Michelle Hales on 0418 833 818 or via email to: to express your interest.

FURTHER INFORMATION If you would like to find out more about any of the forums visit the website or contact Michelle Hales - Executive Officer Roxby Downs Community Board Inc. Mobile: 0418 833 818 Phone: 8671 0010 Fax: 8671 0452 Email: THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

Auxiliary President, Bob Amos and Clinical Nurse Donna Mason

A new Defibrillator Machine is Tuckerbox Restaurant August 15 - Camp Oven Cookout at urgently needed by the Andamooka the old Cottages Frontier Services Hospital . This electronic device administers an electrical shock to the heart in an attempt to restore normal rhythm, so it is an extremely vital piece of equipment for the Hospital. As these machines cost in the vicinity of $30,000, the Andamooka Hospital Auxiliary are running various fundraising functions over the next few months and desperately need the public’s attendance at same. The functions are: June 28 – Car Boot Sale/Garage Sale to be held in the APOMA Car park July 25 - Christmas in July Dinner at the

Bookings for all these events can be made by ringing Bob Amos - 86727239 Bev Burge - 86727119 To assist with this massive fundraising, Andamooka IGA has generously offered to donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of Community Chest items as advertised in their June 8th catalogue. Look out for these items (and maybe purchase extra) when you shop at the IGA and help the Hospital Auxiliary achieve their aim. Don’t forget, this Defibrillator COULD SAVE YOUR LIFE!!!

The Alcohol and Substance Abuse Partnership (a subcommittee of the Community Board) is currently managing a research project focusing on issues surrounding alcohol and drug abuse. The aim of the research is to develop a management plan that includes community wide strategies that reduce the incidences of alcohol and drug abuse and the associated impacts and to promote responsible drinking and healthy life styles. The research includes responses from a very comprehensive cross section of stakeholders and professional associated with the issues. Alcohol and Substance Abuse impacts on the whole community and we invite members of the public to share their thoughts and concerns about the topic. In particular the research team is interested in your responses to the following questions: 1. What are your concerns about alcohol and drug use in Roxby Downs and the associated problems? 2. What would you like to see done in response to these concerns/issues ? 3. Other comments and suggestions Comments in writing may be submitted via email to: or via post to: Roxby Downs Community Board Inc – Alcohol and Substance Abuse Partnership PO Box 85 - ROXBY DOWNS SA 5725 Closing date for public comments is 21 June 2009. Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009 – Page 8


Monitor NEWS

Andamooka’s fun for children By Zak Zeptner


he Andamooka Rural Children’s Centre is operating a new playgroup and Nippy Gym in town to meet family needs.

and will be a morning for all to enjoy. Both programs also offer the Learning Together program, which allows parents to document and film their children’s progress during the sessions. “This is a new and fantastic set of programs,” said Andamooka Primary Teacher Katie Johnson.

Nippy Gym, which has never before been seen in Andamooka, is being held every Monday in the Community Hall between 9.30am and 11am. Catering for children aged 0-3.5 years, the program is free and offers an area for babies and a large range of gross and fine motor skill activities such as music and dance. Monday The set up of the hall will change weekly to keep children engaged and is a chance for 9.30-11am - Nippy Gym families and children to interact. 8.30-11am – Kindy Tuesday mornings, between 9am and 11am, Tuesday will see a new Playgroup program on offer. 9-11am – Playgroup The playgroup and Nippy Gym is being fa12.30-3pm – Kindy cilitated by two teachers in an effort to support parents and children and is not in conjunction Wednesday with the kindergarten. 8.30am-2pm – Kindy The aim of the program is to provide parent Thursday and child interaction and for families to form 9.30am-12pm – Parent Group with free social networks. Activities such as cooking, craft are on offer crèche

Child play activities are as follows:

Caleb, Jodie, Alex, Chelsea, Taiin and Lara are busy cooking for Playgroup.

Safer roads in town A

Road work has been underway in Andamooka to provide safer intersections for drivers.

Andamooka Community Directory

fter much consultation with Transport SA, several intersections in Andamooka have been recognised as dangerous.

Frontier Services Andamooka

After lobbying to the Transport Department, funding was approved and construction began on creating a double intersection near the Opal Hotel to alleviate this problem. “We’re very happy this is being done,” said APOMA Chairman Peter Allen. “Instead of putting more sheeting on the road, we thought we would deal with the issue at hand and create a whole new intersection.” Taking approximately 5 days to build and a cost of $11,000, the residents of Andamooka can now drive safely without fear of an accident at this intersection.

Community Health Service Clinic opening hours

- Monday to Friday 9am to 12pm & 2pm to 5pm. - Wednesday closed from 2pm to 5pm. - Closed at all other times except for 24 hour emergencies. Phone: 8672 7087 (during work hours) or 0428 727 087 (after hours)

Country Womens Association

Andamooka Opal Fields Branch

Meet every 2nd Tuesday of the month in the CWA clubrooms.

Op Shop Hours

Andamooka community asks for answers

Wednesday 9.00am to 1.00pm Friday 9.00am to 1.00pm Saturday 9.00 am to 1.00pm

Andamooka Emergency Services


Anne Legg 0427 974 084


Stefan Bilka 0427 181 752


8672 7072


8672 7087 (work hours) 0428 727 087 (after hours)

Roxby Downs Health Services

Improved TV reception draws closer APOMA is in the final stages of accepting a quotation for individual householder installations for free-to-air television satellites. The television broadcast facility in Andamooka is still struggling, according to Peter Allen, and he is confident the installations should begin by the end of June. APOMA is also negotiating with the Outback Areas Community Development Trust to determine their contribution to the costing. The installation is expected to cost around $80,000 for the entire town, which, according to Peter, is quite cheap.

8671 9020

Poisons Information Centre 131 126

Roxby Vet

Lyn Breuer MP

0419 806 392

Port Augusta Vet 8642 0411

Apoma membership If you wish to become members of Andamooka Progress and Opal Miners Association, you can join at the office in the Community Hall. Fees are $55 Family, $33 Single and $16.50 for Pensioners. Membership entitles you to vote at the Annual General Meeting in August and to attend, free of charge, the BBQ’s held throughout the year.

The Andamooka Calendar Every Wednesday: WEB & NTERNET TRAINING AT THE LIBRARY Every Thursday 10.30am: TODDLERS STORY TIME Every Saturday from 1pm to 4pm: SEW N SEWS SEWING GROUP Call Anne on 8672 7077.

Birchman Group consultant Jim Scollon was in Andamooka to help teh community form a response to the EIS. Andamooka residents were recently involved in town meetings with Consultant Jim Scollon to help form a response to BHP Billiton’s Environmental Impact Statement. APOMA Chairman Peter Allen said the there was a reasonable turnout where community members had extensive discussions concerning issues the town would face if the expansion is approved. Issues such as water, power, roads, schooling, hospitals, the airstrip and policing were discussed, with the general consensus of the town, according to Peter, being for the expansion. “I think everyone is saying hurry up and start the expansion but we need assurances that things like

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

water and policing are looked after,” said Peter. Consultant Jim Scollon told The Monitor he was pleased with the response process, with a great deal of constructive input from the community. “The Response needs to give context to Andamooka’s goals and see how the expansion will impact those goals,” he said. “The expansion presents some clear opportunities for the town, but also some real risks and the community, quite rightly, wants to be prepared. “Understanding the responsibility between the community, APOMA, SA Government and BHP Billiton is what we are focused on.”

Member for Giles

Working with the community, For the community. For appointments call Lyn’s office Phone: 8645 7800 Fax: 8645 0713 Email: Westland Shopping Centre Whyalla Norrie, SA 5608 Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009 – Page 9

Out and About Worlds collide for Come Out By Zak Zeptner Last Wednesday saw Richardson Place transformed into a sea of colour and smiling faces as RDAS, Saint Barbara’s and Andamooka Primary School combined for the biennial Come Out parade. With the theme of Colliding Worlds, students dressed up as aliens, fictional characters, rocket ships and high school cliques to name a few in celebration of young people everywhere. Designed to inspire imagination in young people, RDAS Deputy Principal Helen Bennie said she was proud to be combining with the surrounding schools for this wonderful

event. “As you can see from our students elaborate costumes and artworks, classes have taken the theme Colliding Worlds and selected a variety of different ways to represent the ideas behind it,” she said in a speech to the community. “Thank you students and teachers for all of your hard work.” Students and community members were also treated to a dance performed by RDAS’s Year 5/6 Dance group to “The Way I Are” by Timberland, which received tremendous applause from the audience.

Enjoying her 80s themed 21st Birhtday is Krystle Bower with friends, Ebony, Jessica, Tania, Belinda, Kitty, Kylie, Sarah, Amanda H, Kelly, Nae, and Amanda B.

Page 10 – Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

Great 80s icons Ben (Anchorman) Glenno (Superman) and Russell (80s Pimp) helped Krystle celebrate her 21st Birthday. THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

Out and About Maria Annandale-James, Peter Keller and Graham Ferris raise money for cancer with a hot cuppa.

Michelle Hales, Margie Anchor, Kay Doyle and Bill Boehm.

Kay Doyle, Damian Smith and Mel Haynes.

Ashleigh Cupsch takes a scone from Emelia Mitchell during the Biggest Morning Tea.


A Cuppa for Cancer

he Big Morning Tea is just one of the many events held each year to raise money for vital cancer research.

Kelly Parkinson, Erin Robertson and Ali Knights enjoy a plate of scones for Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea.

Last year, The Big Morning Tea raised $10 million dollars to aid in the fight for a cure. Over 1,000 people generously make donations to cancer funds each month and with statistics showing 1 in 2 people will be diagnosed with cancer, there are millions of grateful people

around the world. The Relay for Life last year had 295 teams, 4172 people participating and over $1 million raised for cancer research. The dreaded disease changing the lives of many, it is the generous donations of community members at events that will one day help scientists find a cure and save countless lives around the world.

Tully and Fiona Kerris and Rod Ford at the Council’s Biggest Morning Tea.

Nina Andrews, Sharyn Jarman and Tiffany Wendland relax with a cuppa and a scone for Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea.

Farewell to the Netherys


Open Mike at Camp One

group of friends and colleagues joined together to farewell Sam and Claire Nethery on Friday night at the Roxby Downs Bowling



Sam, who has been at Olympic Dam for the past 5 years, first worked in Roxby as a vacation student returning when he completed his degree. The popular couple who have been very involved in the community are relocating to Darwin. Sam has been very active as a player and member of the Hornridge Football Club and a keen cricketer. Claire who has been a leader and one of the driving forces behind the success of the local scouts group has been in Roxby for 3 years.

he residents at Camp One had the first Open Mike Night in the village’s wet mess on Friday night.

Residents at Camp One formed a band for the night.

DAVE KOVAC al artist Giclée Prints Loc

Organiser Kerry Wild, Health and Lifestyle coordinator from SODEXO, said the night was a great success with local residents of the camp forming a 4 piece band specially for the occasion. The night, which also includd some cameo appearances from the chefs, will be a regular event once a month.

Optometrist visiting Roxby

‘Red-barred Dragon’ Limited Edition of 25

$250 unframed $425 framed

Saturday 20th June Sunday 21st June Seminar Rooms, Roxby Downs Health Services

Contact Dave on 0409 726 252 Sam and Claire thanks their friends for attending their farewell. THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

This professional quality printing is done with high tech printers using archival inks & papers. EFTPOS available

8642 2766 7 Chapel Street, Port Augusta


Call to arrange a consult today!

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009 – Page 11


Monitor NEWS

A boat in the backyard By Zak Zeptner


56 kilometres from the nearest port, Roxby Downs local Andrew Fyfe is building an 18th century style Brig in his back yard. The ten tonne vessel, modelled on the 1790s First Fleet Brig HMS Supply and christened The Puppy Cat, has taken over three years to design and will take another five to complete. Having worked as a Geo for ODX and now part time at Little Rascals Childcare, Andrew confesses he has no experience in building boats however he is thrilled at the opportunity to do so. “I always wanted to build a boat; even since I was a kid it’s always something I’ve thought about doing and then just three years ago I started designing it,” Andrew told The Monitor. “I was thinking about the answer to the question why I’m doing this and I though the best answer would be God


told me to,” he joked. Fortunately there is no imminent flood threatening the continent, however Andrew has adopted the nickname Noah from his friends and entertained the idea of leading plastic animals up his driveway two by two. Building a boat in the middle of the desert seems like a crazy idea, however, Andrew’s logic behind the decision not to do it at a marina cannot be flawed. “If I built it in Port Augusta or Whyalla it would take hours to get there every time, whereas here I can come out and work on it and I don’t have to pay rent for it in Port Augusta,” said Andrew. “I wanted to build it myself; if it sinks or swims, I made it. “The wood is buoyant so it will float but it’s just a matter of if it will float with the mast pointed up or not.” Stranger than building a boat in the desert is Andrew’s confession he has no experience in sailing. “In the sailing side of it I’m a bit of a novice so that will be fun because I will

Sprint for a cure ocal and former Crows players Trent Ormond-Allen will depart Roxby Downs this Friday on his 571 kilometre run to Adelaide.

Leaving from the Bianco Building Shed on June 5 Trent will get an early start on his marathon, starting at 6am to raise money for vital cancer research. To offer your support, come down to the Bianco Building Shed on Frome Street to see this athlete off on his long and arduous sprint towards a cure.


be in command of the vessel.” In a ten day period and already costing over $6,000, with another $20,000 expected, Andrew and his brothers-inlaw managed to turn a pile of wood into a skeleton of the boat and as the years progress, Andrew will turn the skeleton into a two mast vessel consisting of over 4,000 feet of rope and able to hold a crew of six. “Because I haven’t had any experience I’ve done a lot of learning,” he said. “The construction techniques I’m using are all established boat building techniques that I’ve researched but going from the theoretical knowledge to actually putting it into practice has been interesting. “When we first started putting it together one of the spars failed and the whole thing fell over so that was kind of bad. “You go back to the period the boat is modelled after and the shipwrights didn’t have the tools I’m using, but I am using some of the same joinery that they

used in the 18th century. “Once you start putting it together you realise how solid and secure it is and I’m really starting to get a sense of exactly how you would have made a boat 200 years ago. “There’s a lot of fine detail that you’ll never see when she’s finished because it’s all hidden somewhere on the inside.” The detail definitely matters to Andrew, who aims to have the boat resemble the original Brigs as much as he can, so much, in fact, he is attaching a 1790s cannon to the deck. “You can’t have a square rig without a cannon, it’s not natural,” said Andrew. “I’ve found a company that makes canons, so I’ll defiantly have one. “The gun is designed to shoot golf balls so I’ll be able to get in some long drives.” As Andrew progresses with his vessel, he plans to host an ‘it almost looks like a boat’ party to allow friends and neighbours to bare witness to his creation, and once completed, the traditional

breaking of a bottle against the bow will occur at the boat’s launch. Provided the boat sails, Andrew has big plans for his Brig. “This is where I go from being an eccentric to a full blow psychopath: if she launches and floats alright, we’ll sail around to WA and if that goes well, I’ll do a couple of Sydney to Hobart trips and then IF, and it’s a big IF, she is successful, she’ll be the smallest square rig vessel to circumnavigate the globe, so that will be our Guinness world record.” If the Brig sinks, however, an incident Andrew is hopin against, the boat will be transported to his wife’s family farm and placed in the damn for the kids to play on. “It will be the most expensive child’s toy in the world,” laughed Andrew. With any luck, the Puppy Cat will float and offer Andrew a fantastic and adventurous payout for his hard work and eccentric dreams.

Drivers still speeding

he need for speed is still a concern for road users, with new research showing almost three in five drivers still admit to speeding and it’s not just one group. While males do dominate the speeding figures, 64 per cent compared to women’s 54 per cent, it is not just city drivers and P platers. Research from SGIC shows there are few differences in age demographics when it comes to defying the speed limit. Sixty three per cent of those aged 16-29 admitted to speeding, for 30-49 year olds it was 65 per cent and it dropped to 51

per cent for those aged over 50. SGIC State Manager, Lee Jameson, said the results were concerning, with speeding generally considered to be one of the biggest problems on South Australian roads. “Sadly, so many drivers knowingly break the law and put their own life and the lives of their passengers and other road users at risk,” said Ms Jameson. “SGIC is appealing to all drivers to follow the speed limits at all times because they’re there for a very good reason.” According to the research, the most common reason for speeding were “it was

safe to do so” (24 per cent) and losing concentration (21 per cent). “Unfortunately many people still believe there’s a concept of ‘safe’ speeding, but in reality that’s not the case,” she said. “The faster you travel, the greater the distance required to bring your car to a complete stop – effectively multiplying your chances of crashing your car. “Drivers need to be aware of their own abilities and the car’s capability. It’s surprising just how long it takes to stop your car completely if you have to suddenly slam on the breaks.”

Local volunteers recognised A

s part of the State Cabinet visit to Roxby Downs last month, two locals were presented with the Premier’s Certificate of Appreciation for Outstanding Volunteer Services. Kane Honner and Leigh Witchard received this award for their dedicated service to the SA Ambulance Service, the State Emergency Service and the Country Fire Service. “These awards are a gesture of South Australians’ appreciation of the great work


volunteers do,” said Minister for Volunteers, Tom Koutsantonis. “Volunteers help make life in regional SA brighter and more enjoyable for everyone, especially in tough times.” Roughly 600,000 South Australians volunteer their time, contributing to the State’s social fabric, with their work accounted for $5 billion of the State’s GDP. “The capacity of volunteers is limitless,” said Mr Koutsantonis. “They kindly give their time to help people in need, do their bit in emergencies

and contribute to our culture and heritage through conservation, sport and recreation. “Volunteering keeps our regional towns strong and fosters community spirit. “These people have all made an outstanding contribution and, without them, our communities wouldn’t be as prosperous or united. “Their efforts make a real difference to people’s lives. South Australians are thankful for their hard work and commitment to making SA great.”

Interest in Freemasons

Many years ago Lodges were thought The Freemasons are a global brotherome local residents have shown interest in opening a Freemason to be secret societies but not so says Mr hood who transcends all religions, race or Assheton. creed. Lodge in Roxby Downs. “Lodges are community based with a The Lodge is only open to men. Freemason member James Assheton

has told The Monitor that there were already several people who live in Roxby that belonged to the Lodge, which dates back to the medieval Stonemasons in the 12th Century. Page 12 – Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

strong social framework and a focus on asAny person interested in joining a Freesisting charities and the wider community. masons Lodge should call Jamie Assheton No project is too small or too large”. “Our aim is to take a good man and make on 0438 876 152. For more information go to www.freehim better and our membership includes people from 20 to 90 years old,” he said. THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper



Stretching the Boundaries ...Continued from front page A pictorial view of how our Reserves are being abused. Who is the correct authority to manage these situations and work with the residents to remove items and rubbish?

Stage 2 - Only 12 houses left


he Copper Sands Stage Two housing release consists of modular house and land packages which are ready for purchasers to move straight in.

The Reserve can become a dangerous place for chikdren.

There are now only 12 houses left for sale in Stage Two. Details of available houses and application forms are available from the Town Office. Houses are being sold on a “first in” basis, meaning that the first application received for a particular house will be successful provided the applicant meets the

Another view of an extended backyard.

eligibility criteria. There are 123 blocks of land in Copper Sands Stage Three. Expressions of interest are currently being taken and forms are available from Town Office. It is intended that Stage Three will be sold as vacant blocks of land, with purchasers being able to choose which house they would like to build on the property. Some conditions will apply to the houses built including, but not limited to, that the houses will need to meet certain energy and water efficiency standards.


Canteen Assistant Manager Job Description and Person Specification is available from: Bev McKenna at Roxby Downs Area School or Phone: 8671 0011.

Closing date for applications:

Wednesday 10th June 2008 4pm Back yard extended out into the reserve.

Rubish dumped in the Reserve and scattered by the Crows and weather.

Shop 4 / 14 Tutop Street, ROXBY DOWNS, SA 5725 Ph 8671 3355 Fax 8671 3366 RLA # 208715

If you are looking for: • Free appraisals • Property Management • All Sales Enquiries in Roxby Downs and Andamooka OR • bookings for the hire of office or boardroom space at the Roxby Serviced Office located at Shop 1A Tutop Centre Roxby Downs My private driveway and dump.

More play equipment and hard rubbish.

Police Report and actions Loud Music continues to be an issue Police continue to be called to noisy parties. An Environmental Protection Order was issued to a home owner in Bopeechee Street on Thursday 28th and another occupier turned their music down on Wangianna Street on Saturday night. An occupier in Callitris St who was playing loud music during the day turned their music down after complaints from persons on nightshift who were unable to sleep due to the noise. Immediate loss of licence Three persons were reported for exceeding the prescribed concentration of alcohol this week with two issued immediate loss of licence (ILOL) for 12 months for readings of .102 and .175. A Probationary driver was issued an ILOL for recording a reading of .09. All will appear in the Roxby Downs Magistrates Court at a later date. Several other persons were fined or cautioned in relation to a variety

Contact the team at Raine & Horne Roxby Downs

of traffic offences including using a mobile phone whilst driving and speeding. Hoon Driver Clamped Earlier in the week a male had his vehicle clamped for seven days after being reported for misuse of a motor vehicle - doing donuts - and driving an unregistered and uninsured motor vehicle in the industrial area. An Attempted police evasion ends in arrest On Saturday night a 26 year old male from Andamooka was arrested for dangerous driving to evade police, misuse of a motor vehicle and exceeding the prescribed concentration of alcohol. A male passenger in the vehicle was also arrested for contravene direction to provide information - failing to truly answer- as to who the driver of the vehicle was. Both were bailed to appear in the Roxby Downs Magistrates Court in August. Firearm and ammunition offence Roxby Downs CIB arrested a male person for possession of 2000 rounds

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

of ammunition and possession of house breaking implements. Power Turn Off inconveniences householders Several occupiers in Santalum Way were inconvenienced after two electricity boxes were opened and power switches to a number of properties were turned off in the early hours of Sunday morning. It appears the only motive was to create an inconvenience to the occupiers. Anyone with any information in relation to this incident should contact Roxby Downs Police on 8671 0370. Warning to car owners RE: valuables Three youths were disturbed breaking into an unlocked vehicle parked under a carport in Mulgaria Crescent on Friday afternoon. Police remind all vehicle owners to ensure they remove valuable items from their vehicles and lock and secure their vehicles when leaving them unattended

We’ll look after your

COPPER SANDS STAGE TWO HOUSES AVAILABLE FOR SALE NOW A list of available houses and Terms & Conditions is now available. For more information contact Town Office on 8671 0155.

RESS: STOP P Interest f s n sio o Expres age Three t S for t land) (vacan epted ing acc now be n Office. by Tow

Applications welcomed from: BHP Billiton Employees Contractors Community Members Local Businesses Local Investors* (Conditions Apply)

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What’s On across





ROXBY DOWNS’ FAMILY PRACTICE Phone: 8671 3231 ROXBY DOWNS’ MEDICAL PRACTICE 9:00am-5:00pm Monday to Friday Saturday morning by appointment. Phone: 8671 1900 VISITING ALLIED HEALTH SERVICE DIABETES EDUCATOR 19th June Phone: 86485706 OCCUPATIONAL THERAPIST 4th, 5th & 19th June Phone: 86485800 SPEECH PATHOLOGIST 4th, 5th & 19th June Phone: 86485800 PHYSIOTHERAPIST 4th & 5th June Phone: 86485800 COMMUNITY MENTAL HEALTH WORKER 4th,5th &19th June Phone: 86485800 DIETITICIAN 19th June Phone: 86485800 PODIATRIST 19th June Phone: 86485500 CHILD & ADOLESCENT MENTAL HEALTH SERVICE 4th & 5th June Confidential counselling for children up to 18 years. Phone: 1800819089 HEARING SERVICES 9:00am-2:30pm Monday to Friday Phone:1800 006 303 DOCTOR’S NEW SPECIALISED DRUG Phone: 1800 700 270 (Number for Medicare Use)

VISITOR INFORMATION CENTRE 8:30am - 5:00pm Monday to Friday 9:00am - 12:00pm Saturday and Sunday Phone: 8671 2001 CULTURAL & LEISURE PRECINCT - MOVIES Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday Phone: 8671 2001 ROXBY DOWNS TODDLERS’ STORY TIME 9:30am - 11:00am Tuesday & Thursday (repeated) Fun for young children and mums Meet at Roxby Downs Library School Terms Only ANDAMOOKA TODDLERS’ STORY TIME 10:30am Monday - Fun for 1-4 years. Phone: 8672 7018 Meet at Andamooka Community Library PLAYGROUP - St. Barbara’s Parish School Call Jakki: 8671 2323 PLAYGROUP - Roxby Downs Kindergarten 9:30am - 11:00am Friday Contact Kylie 8671 2447 ROXBY DOWNS’ HEALTH SERVICES COFFEE MORNING 9:30am - 11:00am Thusrday Meet at the Dunes Café RAPTORS CYCLING CLUB 8:00am Sunday Social bike riding group Meet at Stuart Road roundabout ROXBY DOWNS’ CHILDCARE 6:30am-5:30pm Monday to Friday Phone: 8671 0911 MARKET DAY - June 20th - August 15th - September 19th

ROXBY DOWNS’ FAMILY AND YOUTH OFFICER Crisis and relationship councelling, mediation and support. Phone: 8671 2892 CRISIS CARE COUNSELLING Uniting Care Wesley Port Augusta Regional Women’s and Children’s Support Services: 1800 655 716 Crisis care line:13 16 11 For immediate response if feeling stressed call 0428 326 529 to speak with a counsellor 24/7 BREASTFEEDING ROXBY DOWNS’ GROUP 1:30pm - 3:00pm Third Tuesday of the month. At the Roxby Downs Public Library.

GENERAL INFORMATION SCHOOL TERMS 2009 Term 2: 27 Apr – 3 Jul Term 3: 20 Jul – 25 Sep Term 4: 12 Oct – 11Dec MT DARE HOTEL 8am – 9pm Open every day OUTBACK COMMUNITY GARDENS Phone: 8671 2892 ROXBY ROAD SAFE Phone: 8671 2892

CHURCH ROXBY DOWNS’ LUTHERAN CHURCH 10:30am 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th Sunday of the month 5:30pm 3rd Sunday of each month 9:30am every Sunday during school terms FAITHWORKS’ CHRISTIAN CHURCH An Assemblies Church meets every Sunday 9.30 am at Roxby Downs Catholic School Library ST. BARBARA’S PARISH CATHOLIC CHURCH Saturday 6:00pm & Sunday 9:00am 78 Pioneer Drive, Roxby Downs ANDAMOOKA/ROXBY BIBLE CHURCH 10:00am Sundays, Worship Service 6.30pm Fridays, Kids Club, 7 years + Phone: 8672 7213 ROXBY DOWNS COMMUNITY CHURCH 10am Sunday Worship. For other events & activities phone Alison 8671 1032

THINK PINK LADIES GOLF DAY 2009 ROXBY DOWNS GOLF CLUB Saturday 13th June - 10am brunch / 11:30am tee-off

Eating disorders:

The signs, the actions


n 2007, Australia’s biggest survey of young people found that 11-24 year olds worry more about their ‘body image’ than anything else. It’s a phrase that we often hear, but what do we mean by ‘body image’ and what sorts of problems can people run into when they’re stressing about it? The term ‘body image’ refers to the way a person thinks about his or her body and how it looks to others. I’m sure you’ve all heard friends or family say things like they’re ‘too fat’ or ‘too thin’ or heard others criticize their own appearance or those of people around them. These days we’re all aware of the images that the media show us on a daily basis. Magazines full of skinny female models, films featuring buff male action heroes and sports teams over-flowing with athletic young super stars. But remember, the media paints a very unrealistic picture of people’s bodies and puts enormous pressures on many young people every single day. For example, only about 5% of women are in the same height and weight range as the models we see in the media; the average female model is a size 8 while the average size of Australian women is between sizes 12 and 16. It’s a simple fact that most magazines fail to reflect the wide variety of shapes and sizes of today’s society, often causing stress and anxiety for their readers into the bargain. We know that worrying about body image can have an important effect on


So what are the warning signs that we might see in someone who’s having problems with their body image? Well, they might talk regularly about their weight, or about being unhappy with their size. They may avoid eating in front of other people, be secretive about the food they’ve eaten or pay regular visits to the toilet after meals. They might have low energy levels, appear moody, depressed or seem very critical of themselves. Some people will weigh themselves obsessively on a regular basis.


Eating disorders can also cause other problems with people’s bodies such as a lack of regular periods, weak nails, hair and bones, teeth breaking or wearing away and feeling cold in warm environments.

Community members are welcome to attend any meeting of the Roxby Downs Community Board, Forums and Partnerships - see schedule on the Community Matters page. For more information call Michelle Hales on 8671 0010 ROXBY DOWNS’ ROTARY CLUB 1st and 3rd Monday of the month Meet at the Dunes Café For more information contact Kaye Doyle ANDAMOOKA OPAL GIRL GUIDES Andamooka Community Hall Mondays from 5:00pm to 7:00pm Phone: 0427072710 OUTBACK MULTI-CULTURAL GROUP Phone: 8671 2892

people’s self esteem and mood. When people think they’re looking bad on the outside, they often feel bad on the inside as well, sometimes believing that they’re not worth talking to or being around. They may start to feel depressed or anxious and even think that life’s no longer worth living. When we talk about eating problems, two other words that are often mentioned are Anorexia and Bulimia. These are phrases that doctors use to talk about a range of illnesses (or ‘eating disorders’) that some people suffer from. People with anorexia are usually under weight but have a strong belief that they’re too fat and need to be thinner. Anorexia often starts in the teenage years and can happen for a wide range of reasons including previous experiences of abuse, difficulty coping with stressful situations or generally feeling out of control in their lives. People suffering from Bulimia may not be under weight but will usually take part in binge eating. That means eating large amounts of food in short spaces of time and then feeling guilty or ashamed about it. After binge eating they will often try and get rid of the food they’ve eaten by making themselves throw up, taking pills that make them go to the toilet or over – exercising. Again, Bulimia can happen for lots of different reasons (similar to those described for anorexia above) and, like anorexia, is seen in both men and women.

The signs The actions



Dr Andy Killcross - May 2009

So what can we do if we think someone we know might be having problems with their weight or body image? Well, there’s lots of great help available and so here are a few options to try: • Have a chat with your local family doctor (GP) • Have a talk to your local community nurses Petra and Kane. Call them on (08) 8671 9020. • Visit the fantastic website www. It’s got loads of great information and advice on a huge range of topics including weight loss, body image and eating. • Visit for information on healthy eating and nutrition. • Have a talk to your local foodie (dietician). They’re experts on healthy eating and nutrition and can also help if you’re worried about some one’s weight or eating habits. Roxby Downs have regular visits from Dieticians; ask at the Roxby Downs Hospital for more information or phone them on (08) 8671 9020.

YOUR Community Radio Station 105.5 RoxFM has a new look and an exciting


The renovations are complete, the website is up, and with heaps of new DJs on air -

WHAT’S NOT TO LOVE? Tune in to 105.5 RoxFM, check us out at or simply pop into the station on Richardson Place to find out why we’re “LOCAL, LIVE & LOVIN IT” (and how you can be too) Page 14 – Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

COMMUNITY RADIO THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper



Zeppy’s Review Movie Review: Valkyrie

High treason, highly enjoyable The true story of German Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg and his attempt to overthrow Hitler’s Nazi Government comes to life in this captivating and moving film about freedom, honour and loyalty. World War II is nearing its conclusion and the Führer is not conceding defeat. His actions are propelling Germany closer and closer to its end, taking as many lives with it as possible. The Führer’s vision, however, is not shared by all Germans, and with the desire to save the country from total destruction, a group of anti-socialist politicians and soldiers attempt to remove the Führer from power. “You can serve Germany or the Führer, not both,” is a line spoken by Stauffenberg at the beginning of the film and pretty much sums up his entire state of mind. Hitler is fighting a war that cannot end well for the people, which Stauffenberg discovers when he is wounded in an air raid in Tuscany. With his history and views of Nazi Germany, Stauffenberg is recruited into a resistance group to assist with the assassination of Hitler. The words of General Ludwig Beck set the tone of this film: “Remember, this is a military operation. Nothing ever goes according to plan.” Throughout World War II, there were 15 attempts on Hitler’s life, all unsuccessful. Possessing this knowledge, however, does not take away the suspense of the film. On the contrary, it heightens the tension, with the viewer praying for the outcome

that could have changed the course of history. The title of the film, Valkyrie, refers to an operation put in place concerning Hitler’s reserve army. It is this operation that forms the basis of the film. To stage a coup, one needs an army and what better way of overthrowing a government than with its own troops. Stauffenberg, with the help of several high ranking Generals and willing soldiers and politicians, attempts to turn Valkyrie against Hitler’s SS, using them to arrest the Nazi army under the rouse that they are attempting to take over the government. The plan, however, can only succeed if Hitler is killed and so an elaborate assassination attempt is designed to save Germany from its dictator. The themes represented throughout the film are powerful and provoking, showing a side of Germany during the war that many fail to notice. Not all Germans were blood hungry, Jew hating Socialist Nazis and Valkyrie certainly illustrates this point. The film starts out slow, focusing on the character of Stauffenberg and his internal turmoil between serving his country and remaining loyal to a tyrant. The pace, however, picks up as the film progresses, becoming as suspenseful as a thriller.

Consisting of an all star cast led by Tom Cruise as Colonel Stauffenberg, Valkyrie offers a range of acting talent that truly brings the story to life. Despite receiving ridicule from the media, Cruise performs outstandingly in this film, doing justice to the man he is portraying. His internal struggle is not over-exaggerated, meaning the viewer spends little time watching him brood over what is right and wrong and more time seeing his plans of treason come to fruition. Bill Nighy and Kenneth Branagh star as two Generals leading the military arm of the resistance and with Terrance Stamp as General and politician Ludwig Beck, the viewer is

sure to be wowed. Valkyrie is a historical film but it is also a suspenseful thriller about the determination of a group of courageous Germans doing what they believed was best for the good of the country. From the beginning of the film, where the viewer hears the sacred oath the soldiers of Germany took to serve Hitler, to the final, heart-wrenching scenes of courage and the fight for freedom, the viewer will come away with a greater understanding of what World War II did to the people of Germany.

thoughts, which the audience is already aware of, speaking to no one other than the wandering alley cat. It all looks very stupid. The several high profile cast members, including Scarlett Johansson, Eva Mendez and Samuel L Jackson, could not turn this failed attempt of a movie into something that works. Stupid scenarios, including a rookie cop who walks and talks like a robot and dumb clones that stab themselves, cause the audience to groan

in disdain, praying to be spared from this 108 minute nightmare. One can only hope that Frank Miller will forsake the over-used comic book crap and return to his original masterpieces. Hopefully Miller has learned his lesson and will pick up his game for Sin City 2, lest he sadly disappoint the audience again.

The Verdict: 7/10

Movie Review: The Spirit

Lacks Spirit It is no secret comic book adaptation are a popular trend in Hollywood and with the success of the rebooted Batman franchise and the Spiderman trilogy, it is no wonder the producers are latching on to the craze. However, there is a line between creating movies that people will enjoy and overusing foolish ideas. The Spirit is an example of the latter. From visionary genius Frank Miller, who was behind 300 and Sin City, one would have thought his newest comic style film would be a success. One would be wrong. The Spirit proved to be a magnificent failure. A horrendous script, outlandish plot and over the top acting put a serious dampener on this movie that should never have been given the green light. We follow the story of Spirit, a man with no identity who jumps from rooftops around the crime filled streets of Central City dressed in a black trench coat, a vibrant red tie and a mask that barely covers his face. Using the city as his weapon and shield, Spirit is on a mission to bring down notorious criminal, The Octopus. Why he is called The Octopus is beyond me – if he was a super villain mutant who fused himself with an octopus I could understand but he is simply an over the top man with a foolish name who hates eggs. Considering Samuel L Jackson played him, I would have thought his character would hold some depth. Sadly, even this cinematic genius could not bring life to the terrible script.

The Octopus dreams of becoming immortal and attempts to steal a vase containing the blood of mythical hero Heracles. If he were to drink the blood, he would elevate his status from mortal man to God. The Spirit, however, cannot let this criminal take control of such power and like all good superheros, vows to flout these evil plans. Enter Sand Saref, a former flame of The Spirit’s and an international jewel thief. Hoping to acquire the mythical fleece of the Argonauts, “the shiniest of shiny things”, Sand becomes the focal point of The Spirit. Hoping to prove Sand’s innocence from a murder she didn’t commit, while also stopping the evil Octopus and discovering the true secrets of his being, Spirit endeavours on a mission that takes him through the underbelly of his beloved city. Like I said, the plot is foolish. The dialogue was written as though a five year old had transcribed it and only five minutes of sitting through this film had me want to put an oxy torch to my eyes. With terrible soliloquies attempting to create a comic book atmosphere, Frank Miller has only worsened his own project. For example, there are several scenes where The Spirit rants off his

The Verdict: 3/10

Top Ten Singles Top Ten Albums BOOM BOOM POW The Black Eyed Peas WE MADE YOU Eminem JAI HO!(YOU ARE MY DESTINY) A.R. Rahman Feat. The Pussycat Dolls BREAKEVEN The Script NOT FAIR Lily Allen LOVEGAME Lady GaGa BAD INFLUENCE P!nk HER DIAMONDS Rob Thomas THE CLIMB Miley Cyrus NEW DIVIDE Linkin Park THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper


Eminem Green Day P!nk Lily Allen Taylor Swift Lady GaGa Soundtrack Pussycat Dolls The Script Little Birdy

Eminem and Black Eyed Peas hold on top of ARIA Charts Eminem’s album “Relapse”, already certified Platinum, has held at number one on the ARIA Album Chart for a second week as Black Eyed Peas hold at

one on the singles chart with “Boom Boom Pow” for a third consecutive week, whilst chalking up four weeks on top of the digital track chart.

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009 – Page 15




WWW.SEACROFTAPARTMENTS.COM. AU. Semaphore $85 per night. Phone: 0412 106 646

Management Committee calls for another AGM Unfortunately the club was unable to raise a quorum at the AGM. A new AGM date has been set for ALL FINANCIAL MEMBERS (and intending members) To attend the Roxby Downs Bowling Club on Monday 15th June @ 7.30pm Once again your attendance is essential for the formation of the new committee and planning of club activities for the next 12 months. For more information please contact the secretary

ROXBY WINDSCREENS AND WINDOW TINTING CARS: domestic and industrial. Insurance Claims. Licensed Tradesmen. Ph 0411 215 787 or (08) 8671 1414 FOR SALE 2XV8 Holden T5 Gearboxes. One rebuilt $800. One Not Used was told it’s fine $500. Vn Extractors from Cat forward $200. Vn 8 cyl 8bolt flywheel + new Clutch $500. Ph 0439 392 934

Robert Hutchinson 0414 917 584 Do you play bowls now? Do you wish to play during the next year? If so‘Your Club needs Your input’

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… find your balance in Woomera 475km north of Adelaide sits Woomera – a township rich in history and rich with opportunity! BAE Systems Australia manages a range of services in Woomera including the management of buildings, plant and equipment in the Woomera township and Test Range. We now invite you to apply for new opportunities on the team. FACILITIES MAINTENANCE SUPERVISOR As part of a small team, you’ll be responsible for managing the preventative maintenance program for fixed plant and equipment located in and around Woomera. As the ideal applicant you’ll have a trade background and qualifications (ideally electrical), knowledge of Australian Standards applicable to building maintenance and experience managing/supervising subcontractors. Hands-on leadership experience or at least potential is also important. FACILITIES CLERK (ADMINISTRATOR) If you have strong administrative and customer service skills – read on! As the Facilities Clerk you’ll operate the Facilities “helpdesk” and provide administrative support to the team. You’ll need to be computer literate, professional and courteous. A can-do attitude will ensure your success. These unique opportunities may suit individuals or a couple looking to relocate for career or lifestyle reasons. Rewards will include a supportive team culture, stable and permanent employment and generous benefits including housing subsidies and relocation assistance. An idyllic community lifestyle also awaits.

Bill Boehm

Interested? Visit us on-line to learn more and to apply:


26 May 2009

Confidential enquiries are welcome and may be directed to Kim Packer on 08 8480 8721.





Stephen Scott-Hoy B.Optom

Ne e d fri end ly, professi onal e ye c are and quality fashi on e ye we ar w ith a fu l l b ack-up s er v i ce? For bookings at:

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1 or 2 Day Courses Roxby Downs Nationally accredited HLTFA301B

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Sherri Seery Phone for appointment 0423393280 Pick up and delivery service Eftpos facilities Leads, Collars, Toys and Dog Treats now available.

Valda Inglis School of Dance Roxby Downs Classical Ballet

Lessons Starting Term 2 Tuesday 28th and Wednesday 29th April From 3 years, Boys and Girls Welcome Dance Teacher qualified at The Royal Academy of Dance.

Lessons available in Andamooka also in Term 2 All enquires phone Valda on 0438 830 461 or e-mail

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Junior Football Association Results



If you need to pay an account, and are unable to come into the council office during work hours, we do offer payment of any accounts by credit card facility via the Internet or the phone. Please call the office on 8671 0010 for details.

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WASTE MANAGEMENT DEPOSITING OF RUBBISH IS A FINEABLE OFFENCE IF: It is disposed of on the side of the road or in a public place. Depositing of goods, materials, earth, stone, gravel or any other substance on a public road or public place. Over - filling your house green garbage bin. The lid must be fully closed, otherwise the crows can get into the garbage and they start depositing your rubbish around the place. These offences can attract a $315 fine. OPAL ROAD LANDFILL (THE DUMP) AND RECYCLING: The Opal Road Landfill is open from 1pm – 6pm, seven days a week. This is a FREE service. Recycling can be taken to either the dump or BSH Waste Solutions on Gosse Street, or phone them on 8671 1154.


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Bulldogs drew with the Hawks 4 goals 6 points 30 points Hawks Goal Scorers: L. Rudiger - 2 goals, N. Calligaris and J. Brind - 1 goal each. Best players: 1st Jack Daly, 2nd Cody Trussler, 3rd Jayden Brind, 4th Miguel Booyens, 5th Adam Ryan Bulldogs Goal Scorers: S. King - 2 goals, L. Weston and .J Millard - 1 goal each st Best Players: 1 L Hancock, 2nd J Mason, 3rd A Hambleton, 4th B Evans, 5th D Lloyd


Bulldogs 9 goals 3 points 57 points defeated Hawks 5 goals 5 points 35 points Bulldogs Best Players: 1st D. Male, 2nd J. Elliot, 3rd J. Christall, 4th M. Alves, 5th A. Borgas Goal Scorers: D. Kraljev - 2 goals, B. Kelly, T. Wilson, J. Walker, J. Innes, A Wissel, H. French and D. Kenny - 1 goal each Hawks Best Players: 1st S. Orr, 2nd R. Wilson, 3rd J. Laurence, 4th D. Reid, 5th M. Netherton Goal Scorers: K. Ellis, S Orr, C. Haugum, D. Reid, J. Young - 1 goal each

What’s On s p o rt s

MONDAY KARATE - Auditorium * 6:00pm - 8:30pm VOLLEYBALL - Leisure Centre 6:30pm - 9:30pm SPIN - Pulse Gym 7:00pm

TUESDAY COME-N-TRY-SOCCER (JUNIORS) - School Oval 3:30pm - 6:00pm SENIOR INDOOR SOCCER - Indoor Courts ** 6:00- 8:00pm SENIOR BASKETBALL - Indoor Courts 7-10pm SQUASH - Leisure Centre 7:00pm - 9:00pm


FRIDAY INDOOR HOCKEY Juniors 5:00pm - 6:30pm Seniors 6:30pm - 8:30pm ASSOCIATION NETBALL Netball Courts 6.30pm and 8pm Friday 22nd May SOFTBALL town oval 6:30pm - 8:30pm Training/practice sessions


SUNDAY SOFTBALL - School Oval 10am Junior learn and play sessions

SPIN - Pulse Gym 6:00am KARATE - Auditorium * 6:00pm - 8:30pm WOMEN & MIXED NETBALL 6:00pm - 10:00pm

THURSDAY NIPPY GYM - Auditorium 9:30am - 11:30 am SENIOR INDOOR SOCCER - Indoor Courts ** 6:00pm Social matches SENIOR BASKETBALL - Indoor Courts 7-10pm SQUASH - Leisure Centre 7:00pm - 10:00pm

TOUCH FOOTBALL - Town Oval 6.30pm - 8.30pm

West Adelaide Football Club visiting Roxby Downs

14th – 17th June 2009

* Contact Reinhardt Viljoen on 0428 843 921 ** Contact Daniel Neyland on 0404376391

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Monitor SPORT

Senior Basketball Results Men’s Basketball May 26 Benchwarmers drew with Sharks 46 points each Goal Scorers: Tyler Golding 15 points, Callan Haugum 9 points, Dean Wall 15 points, Aaron Meates 9 points

Chocies defeated Hornridge Lakers 46 points to 15 points Goal Scorers: Nick Thompson 12 points, John Read 8 points, Tyrone Price and Damien Smith 3 points each Wolves defeated Jets 43 points to 38 points Goal Scorers: Greg Aird 17 points, Toby Chesson 10 points, Todd Paull 16 points, Danni Stetco 7 points

Women’s Basketball May 28 Eagles defeated DD’s 24 points to 22 points Goal Scorers: Stacey Dadleh 8 points, Deanne Hancock 6 points, Centaine Casserly 7 points, Mel Roach 4 points Neons defeated Cougars 30 points to 27 points Goal Scorers: Charlee Dalgleish 20 points, Erica Syvertsen 10 points, Kasiah Barrand and Chloe Barrand 8 points each

Women’s A basketball results Miners forfeited to Bulls Devils forfeited to Cougars

Indoor Hockey Results Blues 8 defeated Scorpions 7 Hot Shots 8 defeated Pythons 6

TouchResults Footy Noble Knights 7 defeated Safe As 5 Samoa 7 defeated Black Cats 3

OD: the team to beat By Bec Eli

Olympic Dam 1 has made a statement: they are back, and back in form. This week’s game against Hornridge 1 was always set to be a tough, physical match with little room for error. With either team yet to record a loss this season and both with line ups of talented and in form players, the game was set to be entertaining. Both teams were missing players but the early afternoon game in the stadium saw OD get off to a fast and solid start with good understanding between Montgomerie and Eli feeding into gaolers Hollitt and Ramsey. OD went into the quarter time break with an eleven goal lead, 18 to 7. Quarter time and Hornridge made changes in an attempt to stop the run of OD. With Cockshell and McLean, two of the Hornridge shooters, out this week, Harris joined Kay for the first quarter but changes were made at the quarter time break with in form Penglase being called on from the A2 side to join Kay in goals. This moved Harris into Wing Defence and Bowley

into Goal Defence. The pace and intensity continued in the second quarter and OD went into the half time break up by twelve. At half time DuBois came on for Munyard into Wing Defence for OD and again Hornridge made changes in defence. Hornridge came out firing in the third and for the first time in the match OD let scrappy passing and poor decisions creep into their game. By the three quarter time break Hornridge had pegged the margin back to nine. Hornridge made a strong start too and scored the first four goals of the final quarter but solid defence by Parks, Bell and DuBois steadied the game for OD. The final quarter continued to see accurate shooting from both teams and OD took away the two points with a 54 to 45 win. While OD had the win this week, be courtside next round when these two come up against each other, and you are sure to be entertained by a physical and high quality game. Miners 1 try new combinations In the other A1/A2 early game Miners 1 took on Miners 2.

Weir and Allen have returned to the line up for Miners 1 after injury and provide strength through the mid court and in defence. Miners 1 started the game with a fairly standard positional line up with the exception of Knights at Goal Attack and Finzell at Goal Shooter. The half time break saw Miners 1 with a twenty two goal lead, 37 to 15. Miners 2 made minimal changes at half time however Miners 1 used the lead as an opportunity to try new combinations and experiment with positions and they continued to push the margin. The final score line read 75 to 21 in favour of Miners 1. Miners White take victory The early B grade game saw Andamooka take on Miners White. Strong defence by Vears helped Miners White take out the game with a convincing win, 43 to 23. Zodiacs steal win In the other tight match of the day Zodiacs took on OD 2. With a more senior side taking the court this week, the Zodiacs got off to a solid start but it was OD who went into the quarter time break with a five goal lead, 15 to 10. Without changes to either

side at quarter time, Zodiacs had shrunk OD’s lead to just one by the long break. The third quarter and OD made several changes and Zodiacs only one, switching Hay from circle defence to the wing. Again the third quarter was tight with scores level at 30 a piece at three quarter time. With Zodiacs switching back to their starting line up they managed to get over the line by 3 goals, 44 to 41. Hornridge take control In the late B grade game OD 3 played Hornridge 3. The game got off to an even start and the quarter time break had Hornridge up by one. By half time they had stretched this margin to five and by three quarter time they were out by eleven. Not even the height and experience of Reid in defence for OD could stop the flow of goals for Hornridge who took out the game 32 to 26. There is no netball next week as Junior teams head to Adelaide for the County Championships at ETSA Park. The Association wishes all players, umpires, coaches and supporters the best of luck.

Injury doesn’t dampen play Wednesday Results Netball A Grade Redbacks 38 defeated IVS Phoenix Flames 36 Gecko Girls 43 defeated Zodiacs 32 Cruisers - bye B Grade Roxby Milkshakes 44 defeated Zodiacs 22 Pink Ladies 24 defeated HSB 22 Tangos 42 defeated Miners B 28 Mixed Wedgies 48 defeated Leed 12 Goal Diggers 50 defeated NPCC Guns 9 Redbacks 28 defeated Black Cats 15

By Adrian Harris In the first game of Softball this weekend, Woomera went up against Miners. The first innings saw Woomera begin batting and managed to put one run on the board, but Miners were quick to respond with a seven run reply. Woomera made some progress in the second innings, scoring three runs and limiting the Miners to one due to a desperate catch by Miners Pitcher Jamie Gilham. After sustaining a serious ankle injury, the Ambulance was called to the oval to take Jamie to the hospital, causing a commotion on the field and cutting into valuable game time. Miners managed to compose themselves for the remainder of the game, restricting Woomera to two runs in the third innings with a triple


play when a fly ball was caught preventing the runners on second and third from getting back to their bases in time. Miners then finished the game with two more runs of their own to with the end result seeing Miners win 10 - 6. The second and third games were forfeits with both Rebels and Full up winning 7-0, but there was still some action in the practice matches that were played. The game between Devil Cats and rebels featured plenty of entertainment. Kev Thomas from Rebels hit a big home run as well as taking two catches in the out field and Russell (Rusty) Marks joined his teammate with two of his own catches. Adrian Harris of Devil Cats had two catches hit at him at short stop. Both teams had several individual catches taken including one by a

young Luke (Surname unknown) in the out field that seemed to stay in the air forever. Great job mate those are difficult for veterans to take. The final game featuring Full Up’s against Shakers was a little less eventful with only a Catch to Hemi and a home run to Witap from Full Up; and Catches to Rob Kennard and Andrew Pickering from Shakers. All in all, there was a lot of fun from those who participated (excluding poor Jamie), so come and join in the fun next Saturday afternoon, June 6, as we play our first competitive games of the season at the freshly revamped Woomera school oval. The first game kicks off at 3pm between Devil Cats and Full Up, followed by Miners and Shakers at 4:30pm and finishing with Rebels and Woomera at 6pm.


JUNIOR BASKETBALL AGM The Roxby Downs Junior Basketball Association is holding its AGM on


Monday June 15 at 7.30pm

All are welcome to attend and all positions are declared vacant.

Nominations for positions can be sent to


The Secretary, PO Box 420 Roxby Downs or by email to The venue is still to be advised.


Post Ofce & Motel

Behind the Famous Bottle House

Opal Creek Boulevard, Andamooka & after hours by appointment

Ph: (08) 8672 7007 Fax: (08) 8672 7062 Email:

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Monitor SPORT

Step closer to the big league O

n a wet and soggy day at Richmond Oval on May 24, Roxby Downs Junior Football Association were represented at the inaugural West Adelaide Country Carnival. The players were aged under 15 and 16 years old and teams were made up of local boys and Roxby residents away at college. With three games set for the day, Roxby were up against two combined sides from the Riverland Football League and one from the Mallee Football League - much larger areas than our little Roxby. From the start of game one, Roxby took on Riverland and set the tone for a day of old fashioned wet weather football. The standard was set from the first contest as Kyle Forest came in from the wing and slide in to take the ball from the pack. Tom Schott, playing at full forward, showed he has all the class for the position, kicking two goals and narrowly missing a chequeside from the point post. Game two saw the competition step up as Roxby took on the might of the Mallee, who made up numbers with extra U16 players, but this didn’t deter the pace of Roxby. With big man Dan Reid diving on loose balls and then giving the on ball brigade first use at ball

ups, it allowed Ed Sach, Dylan Male and Mitch Blackie to push the ball forward, thanks to the talent of Jed Kenny, Schott and Nick Hombsch. The defense battled hard in all games with both Jacob and Callum Haugum rebounding balls and Victor Buza running out of defense. Bowdy Kelly found himself on much taller opponents but made sure nothing was easy. Game three was the by far the best contest of the day. All the players settled into the rhythm of playing as one Roxby side and also the pace of the game increased with the mid fields pushing back to help out the ever reliable back line. Ed Sach and big Dan Reid worked as one in the centre and the game turned in favour of Roxby. After the match, it was evident from all the opposition coaches how committed to the ball the Roxby players were, never taking a backward step and at the same time, never stepping out of the rules to lay physical pressure on players much bigger than them. The tackling was first class and was a show case for the local talent produced in Roxby. The games were the first step for selection to the West Adelaide Under 15 Country Championships Team, with Roxby having three

players selected: Ed Sach, Nick Hombsch and Tom Schott. “It was great to see Roxby represented in front of West Adelaide and they were impressed at the ability of all our players,” said Coach Scott Vears, “The boys were committed to the ball at every contest. “Our involvement with West Adelaide Football Club has only started this season, with hard work put into it by Pete Lindner and Harry Harrison and this sort of weekend is what can be achieved. “The trial games were great to see that our local competition is very strong and we are competitive against larger areas; I think it is the kids being committed to playing sport and playing it well.” The next step is a trip this weekend to Mildura to join the combined squad from Riverland, Mallee and Roxby to take part in the Sunraysia Carnival on Sunday. All the players and coaching staff would like to thank the RDJFA President, Harry Harrison, for his efforts in the small details required to make this happen. Thanks also to Sodexo for supplying breakfast and fruit for our players, Scott Vears for coaching and Kym Elliot for Assistant Coaching, and Steve Ryan for the general running around on the day.

Back Row: Josh Elliot, Mitch Blackie, Jacob Haugum, Stuart Orr, Tom Schott, Bowde Kelly, Luke Ryan. Middle Row: Dylan Male, Kyle Forest, Victor Buza, Nick Hombsch, Callum Haugum, Daniel Reid, Jed Kenny, Ed Sach, Scott Vears. Kneeling: Zac Ingles, Shaun Smith.

Local footy talent recognised By Zak Zeptner

Shaun King, Jack Daly, Ethan Zeptner, Jock Mason, Jadyn Bring and Keenan Ellis represented Roxby in the Northern Team.

Last fortnight saw six students from RDAS travel to Port Augusta to participate in a SAPSASA football carnival. Jack Daly, Jadyn Brind, Ethan Zeptner, Keenan Ellis, Jock Mason and Shaun King were selected to represent the area in the Northern Team, consisting of players from Port Augusta. Of the nine games played, the Northern Team took away six victories, displaying a range of talent that earned great recognition from the officials. Ethan Zeptner received the second best player award for the Northern Team and Jack Daly and Jadyn Brind were invited to try out for the Under 12 State Team. “The Northern side was a very talented team and Ethan was the best player

by far,” said Steve Daly, who attended the carnival. “We unfortunately lost a few games which we should have won but all up it was an excellent week of sports and the boys all worked very well together as a team.” The week could not have been any better for Jack Daly, who was selected to play in the Under 12s State Championships in Queensland later this year. Both Jack and Jadyn Brind were approached by the coach of the State Team, who offered them the chance to try out. Sadly, Jadyn was unsuccessful. Jack will spend each Sunday training in Port Augusta to prepare for the big match in Maroochydore this July.


c i s s a l Opal C

Jack Daly and Jadyn Brind were selected to try out for the SA Under 12s Championships team to play in Queensland.

Presented by:


SHOT TO S.A.F.G.A. Grades/Handicap 150 targets O.T.G High Gun 150 targets O.T.G 1st, 2nd, 3rd AA, A, B, C, Ladies, Veterans, Juniors (If sufficient number)

Saturday 20th June Sunday 21st June 100 Targets

50 Targets

(start at 9:00am)

(start at 8:30am)

Postal/Phone Nominations $90.00 Meals $50.00 (includes Saturday lunch and dinner, Sunday Breakfast and lunch) TO NOMINATE AND ALSO FOR CATERING PURPOSES PLEASE CONTACT


Sarah Perrett on 0439 684 101 - John Hender on 0417 885 900 - Matt Glassser on 0419 504 200 ANDAMOOKA RANGE LOCATION 3KM FROM ANDAMOOKA ON THE TORRENS LAKE ROAD, TURN LEFT AND FOLLOW THE ROAD

All Postal/Phone nominations by the 10th June will go into a drawn for 250 shotshells All Shooters will go into a drawn for a case of shells (500). Donated by Point Sturt Prime

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Your Community Newspaper ~ Roxby Downs

Competition strengthens

By Zak Zeptner

Hornridge’s Damien Hann and Roxby’s Brad Haliman fly high for the mark, determined to put their team on top.

It was strong playing and fast teamwork as Coober Pedy and Andamooka faced off for the first match on Saturday. The first goal was scored by the Saints after a series of hard tackles and fierce field work from both sides. The Roos could barely seem to get the ball to their end as the Saints turned up the pressure. Coober Pedy saw disappointment when a kick no more than fifteen metres from the goals missed its mark, flying on the full to give Andamooka possession. It was short lived for the Roos, however, as the Saints quickly took control, rectifying their failed kick with an awesome three goals. The Roos finally earned their first goal of the game as the clocked ticked down, fighting hard against Coober Pedy’s back line to bring it home. Following the Saint’s form, Andamooka missed as easy goal, kicking it on the full but much like Coober Pedy, they rectified this mistake with a another quick goal. The first quarter ended with the Saints leading 5-2 32 to Andamooka’s 3-0 18. The second quarter began in Andamooka’s favour as they sent the ball to goals straight out of the ruck with some fantastic teamwork. Just as the Roos looked to be picking up their game, the Saints intercepted the ball, sending it back to their forward lines to score their first goal of the quarter, followed quickly by another. Andamooka’s back line seemed to falter as the Saints sent through another two goals and after a collection of points from both teams, the Roos finally managed to break through to score another three goals. It was not enough to catch up with the Saints, who remained in the lead at half time with 107 67 to Andamooka’s 7-4 46. Determination from the Roos could not help them as the

Phone (08) 8671 2683

third quarter went underway, and although they managed to get in a few points, the Saints dominated them with goal after goal. The Roos would not go down without a fight, however, but try as they might, they only managed to up their score by another two goals at the conclusion of the third quarter with 9-7 61 to Coober Pedy’s 16-9 105. The final quarter was the Roos last chance to come back and they fought hard to gain the upper hand. Both teams seemed to fumble considerably with the ball as the clock ticked toward its conclusion and the Roos took the opportunity to score another four goals. It was no match, however, against Coober Pedy’s strong forward line as the Saints scored goal after goal, leaving the Roos far behind. The game ended in Coober Pedy’s favour, with the Saints scoring 20-13 133 to Andamooka’s 13-7 85.

Intensity on the field

The second match of the day was sure to be good one, with both Roxby Districts and Hornridge competing for the higher position on the ladder. The game began quickly with the Pies scoring the first goal straight out of the ruck. This was quickly matched by Roxby kicking a point and following it up with a goal to put them in the lead. The game intensified dramatically as the quarter progressed, with both teams displaying extreme power in their tackles and Roxby soon found themselves under the weight of Hornridge’s players, determined not to forfeit victory to the Miners. It was goal after goal for both sides as each score was matched by the opposition and the quarter ended with a one point difference in Hornridge’s favour at 4-4 28 to Roxby’s 4-3 27. The second quarter saw the game pick up with the Pies scoring another goal to increase

Fax (08) 8671 2843

their lead. It was short lived, however, as Roxby followed up a quick point with a goal and after the Pies stole another goal, both scores were level. It was Roxby that picked up the pace as the clock ticked on, scoring another two goals to give them the lead. The Pies put on the pressure as their opponents took control causing Roxby to falter in with several goal attempts, walking away with only a collection of points. The Miners lead the scoreboard at half time with 7-10 52 to Hornridge’s 6-5 41. The third quarter saw the Pies take control scoring the first goal but Roxby soon regained their composure and with some strong teamwork from the back lines, prevented the Pies from scoring and taking the ball to their end for goal. As time passed, Hornridge fought hard to take possession of the ball and while they managed several touches, Roxby kept the ball securely down their end of the field. After tough tackles from Hornridge, the Pies finally managed to steal the ball and kicked four goals for the quarter, bridging the gap between the scores and setting the stage for an intense final quarter. At the conclusion of the third quarter, Roxby remained in the lead by four points with 9-15 69 to Hornridge’s 10-5 65. It was a nail biting conclusion to the game as both teams fought hard to take victory. Roxby scored several points over the course of the game, missing many goals that could have propelled them into a massive lead. Fortunately for the Miners, those many points were also combined with several goals and with strong playing keeping the ball away from the Pies, Roxby emerge the victors to earn them second place on the ladder. Final scores for the game were in Roxby’s favour at 14-18 102 to Hornridge’s 11-9 75.

What’s happening at the Roxby Downs Cultural & Leisure Precinct ARID RECOVERY TOURS

roxbyleisure phone 8671 2001

Come and see for yourself!


Walking Tours are now being conducted.

Mixed games played Sunday nights

For bookings contact the Visitor Information Centre

New players welcome! Contact Bridget for more info 8671 0500

Phone 8671 2001


this week >

NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM 2 Rated PG Duration 105 mins.

FIRED UP Rated M Duration 90 mins.

Security guard Larry Daley infiltrates the Smithsonian institute in order to rescue Jebediah and Octavius, who have been shipped to the museum by mistake. Stars Ben Stiller, Amy Adams, Jonah Hill, Owen Wilson and Robin Williams. Screens: Saturday 6 June @ 7.30pm, Sunday 7 June @ 12noon, Tuesday 8 June @ 7pm.

The two most popular guys in high school decide to ditch football camp for cheerleader camp. For the girls and for the glory. Stars Nicholas D’Agosto, Eric Christian Olsen, Sarah Roemer and Molly Sims. Screens: Friday 5 June @ 7:30pm, Saturday 6 June @ 3pm.

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Swi ne fl u Your Community Newspaper ~ Roxby Downs causes concern the backyard newsletter Volume 5, Wednesday June 3rd,...

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