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Bus service lost!

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It was confirmed late last week that the daily Stateliner Bus Service to Roxby Downs will cease as of July 29 due to a lack of patronage and the spiralling costs of fuel. A spokesman from Stateliner’s head office confirmed the closure of the service saying it was no rumour. “The last service from Port Augusta goes out on July 28 and the last service coming down from Roxby is the 29th.” He also stated that there was a possibility of a community service from Roxby to Port Augusta, but that has yet to be decided upon. The Stateliner spokesman told the Monitor there had been a steady drop off in custom and the company had downsized the service to a mini bus to try and make it more profitable, “but we are just losing huge dollars on it every time we travel”. “It is just not being used enough. The fuel costs are absolutely caning us at the moment but it was just a damn pity people weren’t using it.

“We work very close to BHP Billiton regarding rosters to make sure we were running at the right time but they just weren’t patronising it.” He said they were travelling with an average of three or four people and the freight component of the business couldn’t carry it. “There’s that many freight guys going up there now, our freight’s drained off and they do a door to door service which we just cannot offer. “I’ve got to tell you it has been a hard decision – we’ve been looking at this and sorting things out for the past two years trying to make it work, trying different things, to try and make it viable.” He said the company would have loved to remain in Roxby but conceded in the end they just could not keeping the service running at a loss. Local businessman Leigh Malcolm said that the Stateliner Bus Service had been a very important daily link for his Hourglass Jewellery business and he like others around him used the freight

Volume 4, Thursday 17th July, 2007

delivery almost daily. Mr. Malcolm said he would have to source other general delivery services or air freight but expected the options to be a lot more expensive. Local agent for Stateliner, Ian Johnson at the Roxby Downs Newsagency said he could not comment on the closure of the service until he receives official notification in writing. “I will be looking around at what I can find to keep the service going - it’s a community passenger service and we need something in Roxby,” said Mr. Johnson. He told the Monitor that people can’t always get a flight, while others say there are those who just don’t like flying. “Really at this stage I can’t comment because I don’t know enough about their side of the business. They do it and do it well and if they can’t do it, I can’t see too many other people doing it successfully,” concluded Mr. Johnson.

A home away from home? Identifying and resolving the problems of isolation among people living in BHP Billiton’s village accommodation are being given a higher priority by both ESS Worldwide Services and BHP Billiton. ‘We look after some 1150 people at the Olympic Village. Isolation and the associated problems that go with it are very real in mining communities across the country, not least at Olympic Dam,’ Project Manager, ESS Worldwide Services, Mr Eddie Vahldieck said. ‘We’re working with BHP Billiton to ensure living in remote camps is a more rewarding experience and to take away the feeling of isolation that many workers go through.’ he said. Olympic Dam Vice President, Human Resources Paul Walters agrees. “Working away from home certainly has its challenges and we try to make village life as much as a ‘home away from home’ as we can. “We are committed to a major investment program of upgrades to both Roxby and Olympic Villages. In fact, in the last six months alone, we spent $1.4 million on improvements at Olympic Village including major upgrades to the gym, squash courts, volleyball courts, new barbecue areas and wet mess. “These facilities, along with the Health and Lifestyle Coordinators employed by ESS, go a long way in helping village residents relax and maintain a healthy lifestyle outside of work. And this is just the start – there are many more improvements to come.” Last week ESS appointed its second Health and Lifestyle Coordinator at Olympic Village (see Profile Anna-Maria Tassone). “Part of the HLC’S role is to provide social and sporting activities that promote well being. Obesity, fitness and alcohol consumption are the key areas that our HLCs address,” Mr Vahldieck said. Full time gym instructor Lorraine Dubrey spots for Mark Edmonds during a recent gym session at the Olympic Dam Village.

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Amber wins Woomera poll A casual vacancy recently occurred on the Woomera Board, and an election was held to fill this position. There were three nominees, Ross Jordan, Nadira Pardo, and Amber Budden. The election was held last Saturday and Amber won the poll and was duly elected the newest Board Member, and will complete the term of office due to expire in October 2008. Amber said she is looking forward to supporting the community and hopes that her past and present relationship with Woomera, and the Woomera community, will be of benefit to the town. Amber has spent over 20 years in Woomera and is very honoured to have been elected onto the Woomera Board.

Family Focus

Tom Beever Roxby Downs Family and Youth Officer

Take Time To Smell The Roses


ast week a past client came into my office to thank me for the help I had given. The once anxious client was now over the moon with life, work and Roxby Downs. It was wonderful to see such vitality and excitement and to know all was now well.

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There are obviously many things in life that can trouble us which of course includes the gut wrenching times when things aren’t all that good at work. We have all grappled with life or work related problems at some stage or another or have tossed and turned in bed at night in the hope of unraveling them. To offer positive solutions and successful outcomes to all life and work related problems would be an impossible task but keep in mind that there is always something that can be done. But regardless of what we do or what our circumstances are, there is one vital factor we all need to be reminded of at times; and that is to take time to care for ourselves and those of our loved ones at home. I say that because not only is it wonderful to feel good and enjoy a happy home but they are the two major aspects of a healthy life. I’ve always said home is THE one place where we can rest, repair and prepare. Meaning, we may not be able to solve the dilemmas of life or work but home is the one

place where we can rest, repair and prepare for whatever may lay ahead. President Theodore Roosevelt (Past President of the United States) once said, “I’d rather spend time with my family than with any of the world’s notables.” Meaning, his home was his safe haven in the midst of all that went on around him. Home is where we can love and be loved and what better source is there to gain the strength and inspiration we need to help make it through our day. Thankfully we all now know the huge impact stress can have on our health. Stress also has a huge impact on our society and it’s estimated that job stress costs billions of dollars annually…particularly through absenteeism. Take time, with your family, to smell the roses. Sit together and try to work out ways to establish quality good fun time together. When Mother Teresa received the Noble Peace Prize she was asked, “What can we do to promote peace?” Her answer was, “Go home and love your family.” Meaning if we want to make an impact in life, the best place to start is at home. To be in Roxby purely for work would be a tragedy. Why? Because if our focus is on what we make we have the potential to lose what we’ve got!

Working in Roxby Downs? We’d love you to join us in Orroroo 350 kms from Roxby Downs

We’re only a small community but we’ve got a big heart We are very proud of our hospital and health services, exceptional educational facilities, shops and supermarkets, pubs, cafes and sporting facilities. The mighty Roos, our fantastic footy and netball clubs are consistent flag winners in the district. Only 3½ hours from Roxby, a new lifestyle for your family is well within your reach. You will find our real estate prices a great catch. There’s a number of very affordable established family homes and building blocks now available. Compare the value of living in Orroroo. Go to, click on House and Land and be pleasantly surprised how affordable living in Orroroo can be • Roxby Downs $395,000 • Port Augusta $200,000 • Whyalla $205,000 • Orroroo $115,000 source: SA REI Dec 2007 Need more information on living in Orroroo? Call Tony Renshaw at the District Council of Orroroo Carrieton on 08 8658 1260 or 0428 581 582.


Small Community – Big Heart!

You can live in Orroroo... Work in Roxby Downs Page [00] – Thursday, [month 00], 2006

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Monitor NEWS

New outdoor barbecue and shade areas

Beach volleyball, basketball and tennis courts

Swimming pool and shade areas

A home away from home He also agreed that residents of Roxby Downs could also play a role in helping village residents resolve their isolation issues. ‘The residents contribute financially to the community in Roxby Downs. In that sense, they are part of the town. I’d like to see more interaction between the townspeople and village residents so that they don’t feel like they are unwanted stran-

gers here,’ he said. Mr Vahldieck said the appointment of HLCs was brought about by a national mining industry move to enhance mining camps lifestyles. ‘Apart from being mindful of mental health issues we also believe by introducing healthy nutrition and exercise programs we can have healthier workforce. In turn this can potentially lead to

Recently paved car park

from the front page

employees being fitter for strenuous work and ‘With the labour shortage in mining operations already apparent and likely to further inreduce the rate of absenteeism. crease, mining companies recognise the need to “We believe these measures can also reduce the not only provide financial incentives for workers risk of injury in the workplace and thus workers but also increased health and lifestyle services compensation claims. In an over all sense, our and we are already seeing workers choose sites programs create a happier workforce with better that provide these over those that do not,’ he team morale,’ Mr Vahldieck said. said.

Joint exploration venture

Parking at a premium in CBD ROXBY DOWNS: Without introducing timed parking and employing a general inspector, long stay parking will remain a problem in Richardson Place. Responding to complaints about the parking practices of many, Municipal Works Manager, Mr. Peter Keller told the Monitor that local businesses are potentially losing customers as employees and, students and teachers take up prime parking spots in the busy main street. He believes the only way to fix the problem is for timed parking, but other than that co-operation from the traders is essential. “If they insist that their staff won’t use premium parking it would go a long way to fixing the problem. “They are actually taking away trade from themselves by allowing it to happen.” He said because of that, the drop-in opportunity that the business people are missing out on could be considerable. A count of parking spaces in the main street verifies there are 100 ordinary car parks and three disabled car parks. Mr. Keller said that with the ample off street parking available to motorists behind the central shopping plaza, the TAFE and the school, there should be no need for overstay parking in Richardson Place. “In fact it is probably as close if not closer to the main shopping complex by parking at the rear,” he said, “and I have never yet seen it full. “It is just as close to walk into the school from the back car park as it is from the road.” He said there are some people who are deter-

mined not to be reasonable about this matter. “There have also been calls from motorcyclists to have dedicated parking in the main street. It is all well and good, but if I take up a car space for two motorbikes or two car spaces for four motor bikes you lose too much.” He explained if council provides two motor bike spaces at the top of the street and they want to stop and do something at the bottom end of the street, they will naturally use a car space and everyone will lose. “Then we would have to turn around and put up signs ‘no motor bikes allowed’ and all you’ve done is used up a car space that 85% of the time there won’t be any bikes at all, so you can’t even put a car there.” According to Council there is more than enough parking but they consider people are basically being lazy. Council is currently targeting the following areas of parking around the town. Parking in disabled zones without a permit. Parking in the bus zone opposite Roxby Central. Parking near pedestrian crossings to drop off and pick-up children. Freight delivery vehicles parked near pedestrian crossings. Parking on the boundary between residence and the road. Leaving vehicles including trailers and caravans on roads for more than 24 hours. Under the Local Government Act, Council does have the right to issue fines and or impound offending vehicles, but at this time ask people consider others in the Roxby township both for safety reasons and appearances.

Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corp (JOGMEC) has announced an agreement with Australia’s Minotaur Exploration Ltd to explore for rare earth minerals and copper in South Australia. It is planned the two will explore two deposits in Mabel Creek, about 800 km northwest of Adelaide, where Minotaur’s feasibility study had shown positive results. The area is close to BHP Billiton Ltd’s Olympic Dam copper-gold-uranium mine. JOGMEC and Minotaur are also jointly exploring other deposits in Roxby Downs, also near the Olympic Dam mine, seeking copper, gold and uranium.

Solomons Flooring, South Australia’s oldest Flooring Retailer is offering the people of Roxby a fantastic opportunity to purchase floor covering in the comfort of their own home. A representative of Solomons will be in Roxby Downs July 25-27 to provide in home Measure & Quotations on its great flooring range including Timber, Laminate, Vinyl and Carpet. We will offer a number of great specials across our range for those who take advantage of this opportunity.

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Correction In the Monitor edition July 3, we published a photograph of an Olympic Dam Airport female worker loading heavy baggage onto an Adelaide-bound flight. We incorrectly captioned her as ‘Gayleen’. This was incorrect. Her name Kayleen Greagen. The Monitor apologises to Ms Greagen for this error.

Thursday, July 17, 2008 – Page 3


Monitor NEWS

Anna-Maria has new challenges By Sol Pizanez Two o’clock Monday afternoon, she arrives punctually for our interview. She looks familiar to me, but not because I knew her: it’s her facial features. She has not only a distinctive Latin look, she also has a very Latin name, just like me. She reaches her hand out and says ‘Anna-Maria’ - with an Australian accent which should not really surprise me. Meet Anna-Maria Tassone, only 21 years old. Her Latin name and looks are because her parents are Italian. They came to Australia 30 years ago, met and were married here. For someone so young, she has already had an accomplished career. Originally from Mildura she moved to Adelaide to complete a Bachelor of Applied Science (Recreation Planning and Management) at UniSA. She has worked as a tennis coach and as a Project Officer in an assistant marketing role for the Roxby Downs Leisure Centre. Now she has a new challenge: as the Health and Lifestyle Coordinator for ESS (Compass Group) at Olympic Village to find ways to encourage 1000 residents take part in a range of healthy leisure and lifestyle activities It may be some challenge. ‘Through my past work I have experience and knowledge of recreation and fitness. Anna-Maria said. ‘I chose the job because I love sports, especially tennis, and I really care about health. The job allows me to combine both. The challenge is to make the residents lifestyles healthier.’ she said. ‘My objective is to increase the rate of residents participation in leisure events and activities and for them to socialize together in a healthy way, so that they can enjoy themselves,’ she said. She arrived to Roxby Downs on February this year because her fiancé was appointed to a position at Olympic Dam. ‘Roxby Downs is a nice town, with an excellent infrastructure’, AnnaMaria said about her first impression of her new home town. ‘What I love in here are the green lawns all the year long and I also like the lifestyle. It’s really easy to meet new people, even though some tend to quickly move on,’ she said.

Blink and you will miss it

Scouts for Woomera? Moves are afoot to inaugurate a Scouts group in Woomera. Four adults and 15 children have already expressed an interest in forming a Scouts group in the town. The organisers are co-

ordinating with the Scouts state office in Adelaide. Anyone interested in joining Woomeraa Scouts can call Nadira Pardo on 0411 674 986.


By Erin Robertson

Under Instructions from Public Trustee 10 am 2 August on site 1 Woodroffe Crt Port Augusta West

On corner allotment in quite street, transportable neat and tidy 3 bedroom security blinds built-in robes, ducted air conditioning with 2 split system back up’s. Heated by Vulcan gas, with flooring neutral carpet and lino. Open living kitchen / dining opening to outside paved patio living area. Out sided is exceptional with large enclosed paved carport with electric rollers, adjoining a 2 car powered shed. Attractive easy to maintain garden on dripper system. All in all a lovely well improved property that will not disappoint! Elders Real Estate Port Augusta 86422512 RLA 122431 Graeme Jones 0428 863 243 ID332025

Vera Dwyer and Katanna Veljaca enjoyed the show

The cinema version of “Sex and the City” has come and gone from the Roxby Downs silver screen. The local premier of the worldwide phenomenon was on July 4th with a special “Girls’ Night Out” theme. The female dominated audience followed in the high-heeled footsteps of the fashionable characters in the film by dressing up and enjoying the event with close friends. Arguably the most anticipated film of the year, “SATC” as it has become affectionately termed, has left the Roxby Downs screen less than a week after the premier. It is the discretion of film distribution companies that determines the arrival, departure and amount of screenings that each film will be allocated. Most viewers applauded the television to screen transition, with some returning to see the film for a second time. “I saw the film when I was recently away and couldn’t resist seeing it again,” said Vera Dwyer at the final screening in Roxby Downs on July 8th. New films including “Get Smart” will soon be screening at the Roxby Downs cinema. Be sure to get in quickly so as not to miss a top class cinematic experience.

The 14th ONESTEEL OUTBACK CUP 2008 Saturday 9th August


South Australia’s Northern most registered Club Race Meeting

with $35,000 STAKE MONEY Page 4– Thursday, July 17th, 2008

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper


Monitor NEWS Career Speak . . . .

Helping to plan your future


he Roxby Downs Education and Workplace Training Forum will present Career Speak, a four day speakers’ program next month. From August 11 to 14, Career Speak will give students from years 8 to 12 and their parents the opportunity to attend to different presentations from a wide range of industries, professions and tertiary institutions. The aim of the event is to open students’ eyes to the world of career possibilities.

The speakers may provide clearer direction to the students by opening up new opportunities previously not considered. Alexis Savaidis, 20 years old, will be one of the inspiring speakers of the event. Alexis is originally from Whyalla. She started her own radio show, ‘Lex FM’, as a volunteer at the age of 15 with 5YYY Whyalla’s community FM radio station. Then she moved around Australia working as a copywriter and announcer at 5CS Port Pirie’s radio station and as host and promotion

coordinator at FM 104.7 Canberra’s station. Then Alexis took up a job where she once dreamed about working: at SAFM Adelaide, where she is currently working as a radio presenter and is the youngest Operation Manager at SAFM. The participants of the event will be able to interact with the speakers on a question and answer round and will receive a ‘show bag’ for collection of brochures, information, giveaways and career material. By Sol Pizanez

Roxby Downs - Relay for Life

Six teams already registered Holiday Fun in Roxby

Seen last week enjoying their school holidays are Keeley Flavel 7 and her brother Kade 5. They loved getting out on their scooters in Richardson Place.

Guides on the move! Meetings will be at Andamooka Hall The Roxby Down Girl Guides are moving to the Andamooka Community Hall. The APOMA President Mr. Peter Allen approached leader Kristi Jackson who lives in Andamooka and suggested to utilise the hall through Girl Guides. Being unable to find any leaders to keep Guides running in Roxby the move to Andamooka was the only way forward. Girls who have been attending Girl Guides in Roxby are encouraged to continue going to Andamooka Girl Guides every Monday night from 5pm till 7pm. The new group will be called the Andamooka Opal Girl Guides. Leaders are in the process of organising the Andamooka Community bus to travel to and from Roxby every Monday night thanks

to the APOMA committee. The person behind all this is Kristi Jackson who came up with the idea to start something for girls in Andamooka. The parents have to travel to Roxby for their children to play sports or attend another activity of their choice and this will be the first event like this for Andamooka and is great for the community. There is a Roxby and Andamooka Community Barbecue on July 21 between 5pm and 7pm. “We would like to see lots of parents and children turn up and the Girl Guides will entertain you. During the night the girls will play games speak about how to earn their badges and how much fun they have and make new friends,” said Julie Wright, Roxby Guide organiser.

“Pack your tent, lace up your shoes, bring your friends and family and join us” call The Cancer Council SA Relay For Life. The Cancer Council SA is planning a fund raising event in the fight against cancer. “Here is a wonderful opportunity for the Roxby Downs community to show the rest of the South Australia what we are really made of, our wonderful generosity and commitment to a worthwhile cause,” said Steven Edwards, Chair for Relay For Life. Already Roxby has six teams entered and the hope is for many more to register. The carnival style team event will take place on Roxby Downs Oval on the weekend, October 11 and 12. Everyone can join in. “We need sporting groups, community organizations, business houses or just a group of friends to register a team and commence fundraising,” Mr. Edwards said. All you have to do is register a 10 to 15 people team and prepare your tent, sleeping bag and whatever you need for camp overnight on the town oval and keep the baton moving out of respect for those people living with cancer. “Registering early gives

Fax: (08) 8671 0180

“It might be easier to list what we don’t do”

ngineering (Charlton Road, Olympic Dam) Come and talk to the boys at Precision Engineering (Charlton about what we can Road, do for Olympic you! Dam) about what we can do for


THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

registration form at the Roxby Downs Library. A special mention to the sensational effort of early team captain registrations: Leslie Teare with The Hoodoo Guru Swamis Team, Clint Gow–Smith from the

Roxby Downs Tavern with the Jack Dancers Team, The Roxby Downs Council Team, and Phillipa Weltner with three teams from the Swim Club. Now is the time to register your team.

Voluteer firefighter spreads the word with kids Volunteer firefighter Steve Moore, who is with the CFS in Roxby attended to the Kids Holiday Program last Monday, where he shared some valuable information on fire safety. He also pointed out that anyone aged 11 - 18 you can too join the CFS cadets. From Cub Reporter Amber Goldsworthy-Speirs


Ph: (08) 8671 0177

Machining Specialised equipment and machinists - we have the capability to produce “one off” or multiple items according to your needs in a choice of a wide range of materials. Fabrication Any metal fabrication work, choice of materials to suit your needs. Specialising in TIG, MIG, Plasma, aluminium and stainless steel work. Trailer repairs and modifications. Steel Supply Large range of steel in stock - Pipe, RHS, SHS, Flat bar, Angle etc in a wide variety of lengths and gauges. I Beam and C Section, ideal for retaining walls. Fencing material in a variety of styles and designs as well as general purpose sheds and carports. Mechanical Services Repairs/maintenance on motorcycles, earth moving equipment and forklifts. Hydraulic services and repairs, air-conditioning service and engine reconditioning. Exhausts - fabrication to supply. Agents for: Aggreko gen sets & cooling units, All Spitwater products, JSG Industrial, Enerpac Fluid Power Systems and Chicago pneumatic air tools.Come and talk to the boy

your team more time to raise funds right up to the culmination, the relay itself, that’s when we all celebrate our achievements and commence the Relay For Life, recognizing those that have succumbed, those that have survived and those who will be stricken with this terrible condition.” Mr. Edwards asks the community to “take a minute to reflect on who you know, or knew that falls into one of these categories. Now is the chance to make a difference”. Relay for Life is a vital source of income for The Cancer Council SA. Every donation allows them to further expand the cancer research, education, prevention and support. “The state record for funds raised as a result of Relay For Life is $275,000 in Adelaide, the regional record (Mt Gambier) is $162,000. My committee’s initial target is to exceed the regional record”. The event is complete with live entertainment, free breakfast, spot prizes, free massages and much more. If you want to learn more about the Relay for Life event call 1300 656 585 or visit the website for detailed information. To register your team you could pick up a

are now visiting Roxby Downs each month Offering professional legal advice and representation in most areas of law including:

HYDRAULIC TORQUE WRENCHES 30mm to 150mm bolts See the Hytorc Bolting and resource website

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Workplace Harassment



Nic Kernahan and Emma Wilkinson will next be in attendance at the ofces of Lin Andrews Real Estate, 3 Richardson Place, Roxby Downs on 3 September, 2008. For appointments, contact us at:

17 Sturt Street, Adelaide SA 5000 Telephone: 8231 1110 (Adelaide) 8642 5122 (Pt Augusta) Fax: 8231 1230 Email: Web: Regional ofces at Clare and Port Augusta (also visiting Whyalla) Thursday, July 17th, 2008 – Page 5

Monitor NEWS The

Andamookian Diary Mr Pat Conlon Minister for Trams, Buses & Trains Parliament House North Tce Adelaide


Dear Pat, I hear you are going to put trains in the south corridor – which corridor, the one in Parliament House, (it can’t be in mine as I live in a shed and don’t have a corridor) or the left lane of South Road. Whatever, I hope it works as the other brilliant ideas haven’t been much chop. The reason I am writing to you is, what do you do with your old trains – the ones that I presume you are going to replace with imported stuff. I for one would like you to put them in the far north corridor to Richby Up (sorry, Roxby Downs), to cut down on the fuel emissions and the drivers who, in their fancy new cars and think they are bullet proof, tear up the road to work at Olympic Dam. Could we have our own trains to Roxby, thereby creating employment for laying the line, repairs to the engines and carriages, railway stations, guards etc. Of course, we would need a buffet car on board and sleeping cabins for the passengers as it would probably take a day or two to get here. Then from Roxby to Andamooka, how about giving us your old trams and the tram lines you ripped up, or have you recycled them. We might need a buffet carriage on that too, as it may take a bit long to get the workers home in time for a meal. Please don’t tell me you have sent them to the St Kilda playground or the Barossa Valley for accommodation at some fancy winery. I realize we would need some infrastructure to set up the train and tram lines and a bit of a concrete platform, but surely you have some left over or lying around. As for the workers, give the blokes at Mitsubishi a ring – they would probably love a job and some of them could fix up the old engines etc. Now for the buses Pat. Guess what, we don’t need any of them as we live in Bus City. Everywhere you look, there is a bus in the front or back yard. I have one that still goes, has five beds in it and a “small room”. I thought that with all the buses in Andamooka, I could save on fuel and catch one to work. I waited and waited on the corner, but no bus came past so maybe I will get my bus out and have my very own bus run. Please Pat, don’t come near it as I want this to work. But speaking of buses, this must be the bus cemetery of the world as most of them are not very well and are about to pass away, if they haven’t already. How come they remain standing when they die? Has anyone seen one fall over? How on earth did they all get here? Mine came from Germany so I have been told, but why end up here along with all the other buses. Anyhow Pat, good luck with your corridors and your latest venture, and don’t forget to write. Heather Hounslow

The Monitor hit the streets to find out what kids and families are doing on school holidays?

Monserrat Polanco (from Chile) and Florencia (7 years old). Florencia: ‘We are going to Adelaide to see the whales, if we are lucky. And I want to go ice skating.’

Patrick Jeffs (9) and Liam Houlahan (9). Patrick: ‘I will watch TV every day and eat a lot of ice cream.’ Liam: ‘I am going camping.’

SOUL FOOD A combination of inspirational music and readings from different Faiths and Deeper Wisdom from all over the World.

Margaret Polack (from Newcastle) and Lauren (4). Lauren: ‘I am showing Roxby Downs to my aunty who is having her first visit here.’

Sunday 20th July at 11.00am Cultural Complex Gallery For further information Phone 0400 995 277


Sean Bedding and Josh (5). Sean: ‘I am visiting dad for 2 weeks and we are going to play new Play Station.’

Bell JetRanger Helicopter currently based at the Prairie Hotel, Parachilna, Available for General Charter Aerial Photography and Film Work Mining Work including Exploration Transportation of Personnel and Cargo Survey Work Scenic Flights

Leanne Viljoen (South Africa), Kristy (7) and Eryn (3). Leanne: ‘We are planning a big birthday party for Kristy and we are going to Andamooka Church Kids Group to have some fun playing and reading the Bible.’

Contact Ben at the Prairie Hotel on (08) 8648 4844 or

Stephen Scott-Hoy B.Optom

Need friendly, professional eyecare and quality fashion eyewear with a full back-up service? Monthly visits - Examinations bulk-billed. Page 6 – Thursday, July 17th, 2008

See the Eyebus when it visits. For bookings phone:

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Monique Hewitson (8). ‘I ride my bicycle every day and read books from the library.’

To advertise here phone 8671 2683

Wilma Mungur (from South Africa), Alexa (7) and Eryn (3). Wilma: ‘We are going out for lunches and we’ll see a lot of movies.’ THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper



l a i r o t Edi

Last bus out of Roxby? Last week’s verification that Stateliner is pulling its daily service to Roxby is a blow, yet in the circumstances, fully understandable. The company has tried everything over the past couple of years to make the service viable and no doubt the straw that broke the back is the huge hike in fuel costs. There can be no denying the passenger service is not as well patronised as it may be, the cheap freight to and from the town is a distinct benefit to customers, and for those without their own transport and who hate air travel it is the only other access in and out of Roxby. When Stateliner stops running the service on July 29, there will be a void, with some saying freight

companies will pick up the parcel deliveries and airlines will benefit, but in the case of airlines you can’t always get a flight and the cost to some is prohibitive. But you have to wonder how much longer a lot of these services can keep going under the same pressures Stateliner and other transport companies are experiencing through the high cost of fuel? Will there be more to follow this trend of cutting unprofitable services? The remoteness of Roxby makes it essential to retain transport services and while BHP Billiton subsidises one service for its own workers, it appears others aren’t so lucky.

Letters to the Editor

same . As well as the fire pit littered with broken bottles etc., the bin was filled to overflowing and the bushes shown in earlier images had been pulled out . I dare say these would be the same people that complain about youth and vandalism. Bob Jensen Manager – CAT Rental Olympic Dam

Keep Roxby Tidy Sir - Attached are images of the BBQ area situated off the bypass road opposite the Andamooka turn off . After recently cleaning up the mess and making the site tidy I was amazed to find that a group of people I saw using it on the weekend of June 28th left it as shown . I thought there may have been a chance that they would have returned last weekend to tidy up but as of yesterday morning th e s i te w a s th e



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61 7211 SA Head Office Ph (08) 83 8671 0071 www.thirsty Ph s wn Do y xb Ro , ce Pla rdson Roxby Downs Tavern Richa

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South Australia’s Country Health Care Plan

More funding. More services. No hospital closures. There has been a lot of talk about the Country Health Care Plan, but here are the facts:

A new taskforce has been appointed.


























JAM DOH/0134

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Tax & Finance

See inside for important facts and information

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Thursday, July 17th, 2008 – Page 9

Tax & Finance Increase your tax return benefits with a high interest savings I

This tax time make your tax return work for you! Other investment options are also available. Alliance One Credit Union has been established in Roxby Downs So why not make your tax return work even better by placing for over eight years. it into a high interest savings account that maintains access full As a mutual organisation, members and community come first. access whenever you need it! Alliance One is owned by its members, so the focus is on returning In other words, you don’t need to lock your money away to get benefits to the community. a better return. Deposit your tax return and any other savings into Alliance One Alliance One understand you Credit Union’s eSmart Internet saver and you can earn 6.75%p.a. all have goals and dreams. The on amounts over $5,000. local knowledge and experience Simply come into the branch on Richardson Place, which is con- means Alliance One can offer you veniently open until 6pm on Thursdays, and our staff will assist you a range of products and services in opening a membership and your internet saver account. to help make those goals and Interest is calculated daily and paid every 28 days, so you don’t dreams a reality sooner; whethneed to wait too long to see your savings grow. There are no ac- er you want to travel the world, count keeping fees and access to your money is available via our or travel around in a new set Internet and telephone banking services. of wheels, Alliance One offer a

sn’t it a great feeling to get your tax return back after a year of hard work?

number of specialised loans and products to help you on your journey. At Alliance’re worth more! Visit Alliance One Credit Union at 26 Richardson Place or give them a call on 8671 1755 to see how the eSmart Internet account and other investment options can assist you.

... TAX TIPS e extra what will you do with th

When you get your tax cash? • • • • • •

refund this year

card Pay off my debts/credit on ati nu ran pe Su Top up my d Put it in a managed fun ree sp Go on a shopping Take a holiday Put it on the mortgage

Cathy Keller and Leanne Pringle at Alliance can help you get the best tax return benefits.

Common mistakes claiming rental deductions Tax refunds in 14 working days at a great price* Visiting Roxby Downs all year round

1 Tax Return from $130 2 Tax Returns from $210 * Subject to ATO process

Roxby Downs Accounting Page 10 – Thursday, July 17th, 2008

Phone during office hours on 1300 728 048

PEOPLE who plan to dive into the investment property market this year are being warned by the Australian Taxation Office to avoid making mistakes. It said there were some common mistakes made when claiming rental deductions and the penalties could be costly. “The comprehensive tax office guide, Rental Properties, can help investors get it right first time,’’ the ATO said. It said there were two categories of rental property expenses that could be claimed: *Expenses for the year you paid them, such as council rates, repairs, insurance and loan interest. *Expenses that are deductible over a number of years, such as borrowing costs, creating structural improvements and costs of depreciating assets. “You cannot claim costs associated with acquiring or disposing of a property, but they may form part of the cost base of the property for capital gains tax purposes,’’ the ATO said. “Renovation costs and costs to repair damage,

defects or deterioration existing on purchase cannot be claimed as an immediate deduction. These costs are capital expenditure, depending upon what is repaired or improved, and must be claimed as either decline in value deductions over the asset’s effective life, or as capital works deductions over 40 years,’’ it said. The free information booklet for inv e s to r s i s av a i l ab l e at w w w. ato . g o v. au or by telephoning 1300 720 092. Common mistakes * Claiming deductions for rental properties not available for rent. * Incorrectly claiming deductions for properties only available for rent part of the year, such as a holiday home. * Claiming the cost of structural improvements as repairs when they are capital works deductions. Overstating deduction claims for the interest on investment loans which have a private portion.

ATO eyes self-managed super How much harder is it getting for small business owners to run their own super fund? Both the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia (ASFA) and the Financial Planning Association of Australia want DIY super fund trustees to have the same minimum educational standards as financial planners. On top of this, the Australian Tax Office has flagged that any-

one running a self-managed super fund (SMSF), who also owns a business in difficulty, will be in their sights. According to Michael Rice, of Rice Warner Actuaries, it doesn’t have to be that hard to run a DIY super fund; accountants are allowed to help people set one up and many are aligned with planners. “But my personal view is the investment strategy of these

funds should be signed off by an authorised representative and the investments should be limited,” says Rice. “Struggling businesses may mean that there’s a shortage of liquidity. It can be tempting to write out a cheque from the super fund and like a problem gambler, the owner intends to pay the money back but instead, may end up in a spiral where they can’t.”

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Tax & Finance

Geared up for the next land release! R

oxby Downs is a boom town. But, as most of us who live and work here know, Roxby Downs is also bursting at the seams. Housing demand here is a huge issue. And while the next land release will certainly help ease demand, it will in no way signal the end of the accommodation crisis. The average worker in Roxby Downs earns an average $20,000 a year more than the rest of the state. So what are you spending that money on? Chances are, a big chunk of it goes into paying off someone else’s mortgage. So that’s where Big Sky steps in. Because we know how important housing availability is, we can help you get your finances ready in time for the next land release. But in order to own your own home in this mining town, some of the things you need to do are

get ready for your new home

Consolidate your debts

Consolidation of your debts is something worth considering. It may reduce your overall repayment to a manageable level and reduce the interest rate you are paying. The best bet is to talk to a Big Sky consultant about how to solve your financial blues as you don’t want to dig yourself into a bigger hole.

Start Saving Money A slow and steady savings plan offers a vari-

ety of benefits. It allows you to feel secure about meeting your needs. And it makes it possible for you to save a deposit to purchase your first home. At Big Sky, we offer an at-call savings account, Net Invest, that offers you a great interest rate. You can access your funds via the telephone or A credit rating is very important when you need via internet-banking and the best thing of all is to arrange a loan or a mortgage. If you have a poor that this it doesn’t cost you anything to. history of managing credit, the steps you should take to improve your credit rating are: The benefits of getting your finances ready • Receive financial counselling now are endless: you will have your debts under • Plan a budget control; you will have established a good credit • Pay your rent and other loans on time rating; and, hopefully, saved a bit of cash in the • Establish some savings process. All this will work towards fast-tracking • Never be late when it comes to making the process of purchasing a property when the repayments on credit cards or loans time is right.

Establish a Good Credit Rating

Visit Big Sky at the Roxby Downs Service Centre at in Tutop for further information on how to get prepared for the future. Phone:: 8671 2555.

Lizelle Celotti, Jenny McNamara and Allanah O’Hagan can give you sound financial help.

X TIPS . . . ct date. TA Date the contra

Because we know how important housing availability is; we can help you get your finances ready in time for the next land releases.

normally Defer Sale r capital gains tax is late in a financial year consider, fo te da al os sp di e Th year. A few set is contemplated Where a sale of an asrring the contract until the new financialcapital gains where possible, defentract signature could delay payment of weeks deferral in co tax by a year. vantaged ial year will also be ade current nc na fi nt ue eq bs su a year are less than th Deferral of the sale to s in the subsequent te ra x ta g in ail ev pr if the year. THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

Owning your own home is the Australian dream and requires hard work. To assist, you should establish a good credit rating, consolidate your debts, and start saving money.

For information on how Big Sky can get you ready for your new home, visit us at the Roxby Downs Service Centre in Tutop Street or call us on 8671 2555 or visit

Big Sky Credit Union Ltd ABN 51 087 651 358 AFSL 240735 BSB 803-228. Terms and conditions apply. Any advice given about this product is of a general nature only and does not take into account your individual objectives, financial situation or needs. This product is issued by Big Sky Credit Union. This product is available as part of your Credit Union Account and Access Facility.

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Tax & Finance Good news on Tax Cuts

. TAX TIPS . .

Good news for individuals as there are Personal Tax Cuts for 2008/09. See below:

iversity, college, Self-Education Expenses e student studying at un A part-time or full-tim education may be able to claim the school, or other place of ere must be a direct connection No claim is cost of self-education. Th current work activities. between the study and undertaken to get a new job, or to allowable where study is or income earning opportunity. open up a new business

Tax Thresholds

Tax Rate %

Audit Activities The ATO are going to focus on work related expense 0 - 6,000 0 claims in the 2007/08 year for travel agents or consult6,001 - 34,000 15 ants, fitness and sporting industry employees, construction industry employees, guards and security employees 34,001 - 80,000 30 and mining site employees. 80,001 - 180,000 40 Heather Jensen of Cedar Accounting and Financial 180,000 plus 45 Solutions Pty Ltd can help you navigate your way through taxation complexities. You can phone 08 8376 2181 or From 1 July 2008, the Medicare levy surcharge email to find out more or thresholds will be increased for singles (from $50,000 to arrange an appointment. to $100,000) and for those who are members of a family (from $100,000 to $150,000). These thresholds apply for taxpayers who do not have adequate private health insurance. Low Income Tax Offset (LITO) From 1 July 2008, the LITO will increase from $750 to $1,200 and will begin to phase out from a taxable income of $30,000. Taxpayers eligible for the full LITO will not pay tax until their annual income exceeds $14,000 (up from $11,000) and minors will not be taxed until annual Heather Jensen, Chartered income exceeds $2,667 (up from $1,667). Accountant and Tax Agent, will be Child care tax rebate—greater claims From 1 July 2008, the child care tax rebate (which is consulting from Villa 11 Melaleuca paid through the Family Assistance Office) for out-ofpocket child care expenses will increase from 30% to Drive, Myall Grove Caravan Park Roxby 50% and the maximum claim will increase from $4,354 Downs every day from Saturday 26th to $7,500 (indexed) per child, per annum. Education tax refund July to Saturday 2nd August. From 1 July 2008, families receiving FTB Part ‘A’ with children undertaking primary or secondary studies will To make an appointment please be eligible to claim a refundable tax offset in respect of eligible education expenses incurred from this date Phone: (08) 8376 2181 (e.g. Laptops, education software, school text books and stationery). The tax offset will be claimed through the individual’s tax return for the relevant income year. Eligible parents will be able to claim the following - 50% tax offset each year for up to $750 of education expenses for each child Cedar Accounting and Financial attending primary school (i.e. A maximum tax offset of Solutions Pty Ltd ABN 62 096 352 859 $375 per child, per year) and or 50% tax offset each year for up to $1,500 of education expenses for each child at71 Moseley Street, Glenelg SA 5045 tending secondary school (i.e. A maximum tax offset of $750 per child, per year).


Previously CP & A Accountants

CLAUDE PENCO will be available to assist you with all your taxation and accounting needs from the 29th of July to the 5th of August inclusive, consulting at Room 10 Roxby Downs Motor Inn Richardson Place.

For an appointment please call (08) 8243 1949 0r 0437 166 929

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Tax & Finance Tax Return Time and Your Mortgage



t is so tempting to grab your tax return money and treat yourself to luxuries such as a high-tech gadget, a night out on the town, clothes, furniture, holiday, extra spending money, etc etc etc. If you’re lucky enough to have it to spare, that is.Being sensible can seem fairly boring but sometimes it pays dividends in the future. Let us look at some simple facts that may surprise many Australians.National Manager Corporate Affairs for Mortgage Choice, Best in the Mortgage and Finance Industry*, Warren O’Rourke encourages borrowers to think about their future financial situation before spending their tax return dollars. “It may not feel exciting to do so, but thinking about long-term benefit rather than short-term frivolity when it comes to spending your return can save thousands of dollars and time on your mortgage. The same applies to making the most of the tax cuts that come in on July 1, 2008,” he said .“If you knew you could save thousands of dollars and months or years from a mortgage simply by contributing your tax return or putting in a little extra per week, would you?” One lump sum of $500 put into the average mortgage ($250,000 at 9.4 per cent p.a.) will save around $7,872 in interest on the total loan amount plus three months off a 30-year loan term. If you did this every year, dividing the return and paying

it every month ($41.67) over the 30 year term, you will save around $58,595 in interest on the total loan amount plus 34 months off the loan term. One lump sum of $1,000 put into the average mortgage will save around $15,489 in interest on the total loan amount plus seven months off a 30 year loan term. If you did this every year, dividing the return and paying it every month ($83.33) over the 30 year term, you will save around $101,974 in interest on the total loan amount plus 61 months off the loan term. One lump sum of $2,000 put into the average mortgage will save around $30,018 in interest on the total loan amount plus 15 months off a 30 year loan term. If you did this every year, dividing the return and paying it every month ($166.67) over the 30 year term, you will save around $163,799 in interest on the total loan amount plus 99 months off the loan term, i.e. over eight years! When it comes to spending the July 1 tax cuts, impressive progress can also be made.“An extra $20 per week put into the average mortgage will save around $105,320 in interest on the total loan amount plus fi ve years and two months off a 30 year loan term. An extra $30 per week will save approx $139,947 in interest and will subtract six years and 11 months,” said Mr. O’Rourke. “Adding extra money to the mortgage will also help people cope with another rate rise if one was to occur. Remember, the concern about high infl ation and possible future rises remains.”

Investing the smart way For years the affordability and misconceived complexity of how to successfully invest in real estate has led to many people watching with envy as others grow their wealth using good old bricks and mortar. Well the good news is just about everyone, with the right knowledge and structure, can own an investment. Property Investment Planning, an Adelaide based company, can show anyone how to unravel the secrets of successful property investment. They offer a simple, hassle free and most importantly, affordable program to help both the first time and seasoned investor secure their financial future. The Property Investment Planning program is based on purchasing purposely built property which has been designed to maximise the tax allowances. Did you know something as simple as the position of the clothes line can impact the amount you can claim? There is more to owning an investment property than just collecting the rent and utilising negative gearing. One of the most important things before you purchase is gaining the knowledge so you can develop a strategy to achieve your goals. Property Investment planning can show you how to reduce your tax by up to 50% and show you how

Local business has years of experience servicing region Ian M. Godfrey and Associates has the experience to help you with all your tax needs, having serviced Port Augusta and the north for more than 32 years. Mr Godfrey said it was important for people to get their tax return right every year. He said the taxation office had sent 700,000 random letters to taxpayers over two years regarding work-related expenses. These included car and travel expenses, protective clothing, self-education and expenses such as telephones, seminars, computers and tools. Mr Godfrey said it took longer than usual to prepare a tax return now because of the complexity of this issue. “You should allow more time when you see your accountant (because of this),” he said. Justification must be provided for all work-related expenses, as well as receipts or other evidence. Mr Godfrey said capital gains tax was another important issue relating to tax returns. This tax could apply on share dealings and property sales (but not all). “Taxpayers get the cheque and think they have to pay tax on the whole proceeds, but this is not always the case,” Mr Godfrey said. Profit is based on the difference between the deemed cost and the selling price among other things. It is best to take all the relevant information to an accountant and they can handle this issue for you. There are several compulsory answers that must be provided in this year’s tax return. If they are not provided the return will not be accepted.

The best way to handle this is to consult an accountant to ensure your tax return is completed correctly and your return will be accepted. Mr Godfrey said refunds were coming back within two weeks of the returns being electronically lodged by accountants.

Rebates may apply for superannuation and medical fund contributions, as well as out-of-pocket medical expenses in excess of $1,500, family day care, etc. Mr Godfrey is a registered tax agent and registered company auditor as well as a fully qualified ac-


Ian M. Godfrey & Associates PUBLIC ACCOUNTANTS & TAX CONSULTANTS 8 Stirling Road, Port Augusta

For all your accounting and tax needs Consulting in: Port Augusta, Wilmington and Roxby Downs Caravan Park, Pioneer Drive

Quality work assured and flexible hours Posting of tax information accepted at PO BOX 238, WILMINGTON 5485

Consulting Mondays and Tuesdays in July and August from 9am, flexible hours at The Roxby Downs Caravan Park, Pioneer Drive Cabin 51 opposite Reception.

For appointments telephone IAN GODFREY

(08) 8642 5000 • Mobile 0419 825 254 to pay off your own home up to 20 years sooner, while also growing your wealth and your property portfolio. If reducing your tax and paying your home off quickly isn’t enough motivation then think about this. Australians on average spend about 25 years in retirement which means it is estimated they will need almost $1 million in capital or savings to fund even a modest lifestyle. In addition to ongoing living expenses, many people forget to allow for new expenses such as cars, computers and mobiles no longer a 50/50 ainment How to claim meal entert be claimed as a minor benefit , or dealt with under funded by their employer, or extra health y ma nt me Meals entertain and travel expenses. According the ABS method - but not both. in 2006, the median income for individut to be income als over 65 was only $363 a week which efits allows half the benefitax deductible. ben ge frin al me h wit g lin t is only $18,876 a year for individuals. As The 50/50 method of dea t to fringe benefit tax. The other half is simply no a result of poor planning, retirement for tax deductible, but subjec many Australians won’t be as enjoyable as where the 50/50 method efit exemption for meals ben r no mi a im they had imagined. cla t no y An employer ma To find out more about investing the is adopted. nt smart way and securing your financial ful with all meal entertainme ture, contact Property Investment Pland, the employer must dea mpt minor benefits. pte ado n bee has d tho me exe ing If this ning today on 08 8372 7805 or online at with no exclusions, includ under the 50/50 method

. TAX TIPS . .

Paying too much tax? Reduce it by up to 50 %, pay off your own home sooner (up to 20 years) and create wealth through Adelaide property. We’ll show you how. e on the s i l a t i p Ca g&

inin m , e c n defe ation boom popul r Adelaide! o

tipped f

Call or email us NOW to learn the smart way to invest before you purchase. Invest in knowledge. It’s one of the best investments you’ll make.

08 8372 7805 THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

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On-time tax Who do you returns will help trust with the child support finances? Separated parents who do not lodge Ludwig said.

their tax returns may ďŹ nd themselves paying too much or receiving too little child support, following the start of the new Child Support Scheme on July 1 2008. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The changes in the new Child Support Scheme make it more important than ever for all separated parents to lodge their tax returns,â&#x20AC;? the Minister for Human Services, Senator Joe Ludwig, said. Under the scheme, if a customer has not lodged a tax return for two years, and the CSA has no information about their earnings, a default income will be used to assess how much child support they should pay or receive. If the default income is higher or lower than the customerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s actual taxable income, then their child support assessment could be incorrect. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Both customers can ensure their assessment is right by giving the CSA their correct income details and lodging their tax return on time,â&#x20AC;? Senator

Taxable income forms the basis for calculating the amount of child support that should be paid or received by separated parents. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I recently announced several tough new initiatives to enhance the CSAâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s ability to collect overdue child support, including a change to tax return rules,â&#x20AC;? Senator Ludwig said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;This means for the 2007/08 ďŹ nancial year all Child Support Agency parents mustlodge a tax return.â&#x20AC;? Previously only paying parents were required to lodge a tax return for child support assessment purposes. The only exceptions now are parents with an annual taxable income of less than $18,252 and those who received Australian Government pensions, allowances or payments over the entire period. â&#x20AC;&#x153;This new initiative will mean more tax returns are lodged, child support assessments are more accurate and more parents will meet their child support obligations,â&#x20AC;? he said.


MSI Global Alliance spokesperson Charles Hornor mployers, public trust Malcolm Turnbull over Wayne Swan to manage their business, commented, â&#x20AC;&#x153;We saw a few very interesting diďŹ&#x20AC;erences in the results from last year - in particular priests seem household expenses

In a recent survey carried out by legal and accounting group MSI Global Alliance in June 2008, 1112 businessowners and members of the public were asked who they would trust to run their business and household ďŹ nances respectively, Federal Treasurer Wayne Swan or his opposite number Malcolm Turnbull. Fifty-seven percent said they would trust Malcolm Turnbull over Wayne Swan to manage their household budget while 64% of business-owners concurred that, of the two, they would also prefer Malcolm Turnbull to run their business ďŹ nances. These results were part of a broader annual survey conducted by MSI Global Alliance where respondents were asked to rate how much they trusted a range of 42 diďŹ&#x20AC;erent people and organisations, from our political leaders and charity organisations to teachers and home cleaners. The survey results provide a clear picture of those we trust and those we have less faith in. In a follow up survey from 2007, Aussies and Kiwis agree most health professions continue to hold our trust with ambulance drivers, nurses, pharmacists, doctors and dentists topping the list. Once again telemarketers, car salesmen and real estate agents rate as least trustworthy.

to have renewed our trust in both countries.â&#x20AC;? There were also a few notable diďŹ&#x20AC;erences as the Kiwi lawyers topped the trust ranking, while Aussie lawyers come in at 20. It would seem that Telstra took a dive for the worse dropping six places, while Telecom New Zealand gained six places on the New Zealand chart. However, there was a common understanding that accountants are trusted on both sides of the Tasman. On a political note the leaders of both countries are still more trusted than the opposition leaders, with the Prime Minister in Australia winning our trust over the opposition. However with the impending election in New Zealand, it seems the kiwi vote is very close with only one ranking in trust separating the two. Interestingly â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;politicians in governmentâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; in New Zealand have fallen four places while politicians in opposition have jumped six places. Mr Hornor commented, â&#x20AC;&#x153;Comparing the results from last year, highlights some deďŹ nite common believes, with health professionals being a clear winner, is that because we dare not question those who look after our health. Yet, we continue to doubt the professions that are known for not telling the truth, government leaders, telemarketers, real estate agents and car salesmen.â&#x20AC;?



:(&$1+(/3<28$&+,(9(<285*2$/6 ,1&5($6(\RXUQHWWZRUWK 675$7(*,=(DQGSODQ  ),1$1&(\RXUSRUWIROLR 0(1725DQGJXLGH\RXVWHSE\VWHS ),1'WKHULJKW3523(57,(6 %8,/'\RXUSURSHUW\SRUWIROLR



 Page 14 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Thursday, July 17th, 2008



THE MONITOR â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Your Community Newspaper

Tax & Finance

TAXATION/ACCOUNTING Are you a..... Small Business Owner • Carpenter • Plumber • Tiler • Electrician • Concrete Contractor • Paver or other Trades Professional For your work completed on time or your money back

8642 5244 28 Jervois Street, Port Augusta

SEAGRIMS ACCOUNTING – Pt Augusta providing quality service


During the 2008 tax season Seagrims Accounteagrims Accounting was formally known as Augusta Accounting Services ing clients can forward their tax information to our office and their Income Tax return will be and is situated at 28 Jervois Street. prepared and returned for checking and signature

Over the last 4 years Seagrims Accounting has provided a quality taxation and bookkeeping service to the Port Augusta area. The Pt Augusta office is part of the Seagrims Accounting group which has Offices in Whyalla, Kadina and Adelaide. The team at Seagrims Accounting can assist Individual and Business clients with their taxation and accounting needs.

before lodgement with the Australian Taxation Office. Tax Return preparation fees are from $110 and can be deducted from a refund which should be due 14 days after lodging the Income Tax Return. Contact our office on 8642 5244 to receive a Tax Return Preparation checklist by post or email.

For all your taxation and financial advice you can’t do better than the businesses who have advertised in this feature.

Our Service - Expect Excellence

RIDGEHAVEN 4 & 4a Hawke Street. From $305,750 each Fantastic Investment. 2 House and Land packages. Save $$Thousands on Stamp Duty. Torrens Title. 3Br en suite Wi Robe. Lock up Garage, insulated walls & roof, Ducted R/c air, Perimeter paths, driveway, fences. Frank Sloan 8159 0515 0423 493 807

PENNINGTON 6A Torrens Crescent. $335,000 BRAND SPARKLING NEW. 3Br en suite WI Robe, huge, open plan living, double auto , roller door carport, floor coverings,air cond, insulated, perimeter paths and driveway, 2.7 m ceilings. Close to Cheltenham redevelopment. Frank Sloan 8159 0515 0423 493 807

HILLBANK Lot 741 Ashwood Boulevard House & Land From $299,950 LOOK at THIS! 4 Br double carport with garage front insulated, en suite, air cond, mirrored robes, & lots lots more. 390 sq m block Frank Sloan 8159 0515 0423 493 807

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

CLEARVIEW 16A Coleridge Crescent $389,950 Superior Quality & Style. Just about Clearview’s best! Council approved & ready to go. Larger 458 sq m block. Double garage with auto roller door. Fantastic bay window villa.3br ensuite etc, Kitchen/ meals & huge 5.6m x 4.3m family room, Much much more Frank Sloan 8159 0515 0423 493 807

CLEARVIEW 16 Coleridge Crescent $374,950 Council Approved, Ready to Go. 3Br return verandah villa style. Auto roller dor to garage, 2.7 m ceilings, Insulated, air cond, driveway and perimeter. Paving, fencing & much much more. Frank Sloan 8159 0515 0423 493 807

HILLBANK Lot 741 Ashwood Boulevarde From $288,950 House & Land Package. WOW – What Value ! An affordable 3Br home with carport Umr, insulated air cond perimeter paths driveway and more Frank Sloan 8159 0515 0423 493 807

SALISBURY NORTH 7 & 7A Gooranga Avenue $259,959 each UNDER CONSTRUCTION NOW! 3Br Lock up Garage en suite Wi Robe,second bathroom ,sep toilet, beaut kitchen/dining/family room. BONUS extra lounge/home office. Fences paths driveway air cond floor covs. Note The Value ! Frank Sloan 8159 0515 0423 493 807

INGLE FARM 63a Baldock Road from $290,950 HOUSE and LAND PACKAGE. 3BR Villa – en suite –WI Robe : Bonus – extra lounge/computer room. Handy to K-Mart, TT Plaza etc. Save $$Thousands on Stamp Duty. Frank Sloan 8159 0515 0423 493 807

TAPEROO 1B Beatty Avenue $310,000.00 300m to Seafront! 3Br courtyard villa with direct internal access from garage.279 Sqm Courtyard block Ideal investment or retirement Frank Sloan 8159 0515 0423 493 807

Thursday, July 10th, 2008 – Page 15



Shop 4 / 14 Tutop Street, ROXBY DOWNS, SA 5725 Ph 8671 3355 Fax 8671 3366

ROXBY DOWNS 3 Blanche Court 3 bdm, office, pool


11 Arcoona Street 3 bdm, in-ground spa


10 Emeroo Court 3 bdm, double garage


4 Hamilton Court 3 bdm, study, pool


3 Melaleuca Court 3 bdm, 2 bathrooms


Unit 3 / 30 Myall Street 2 bdm, 2 bathrooms


4 Phibbs Court 4 bdm, 2 bathrroms


17 Wangianna Street 4 bdm, 2 bathrooms, pool


6 Alford Court 4 bdm, workshop

Price on applica on

29 Irrapatanna Street 3 bdm, formal lounge Price on applica on MYALL GROVE CARAVAN PARK 12 Grevillea Circuit 3 Bdm cabin Cabins 23, 27, 28 + 46 32, 42, 43, 44 + 45 RENTAL IN MYALL GROVE 3 Hakea Way 1 bdm caravan with bathrm

A little bit of luxury in Roxby Downs 3 Blanche Court $685,000 Do you need a home and an office? This property has both. Features include 3 bedrooms – the master with ensuite and extra large walk-in robe, the kitchen has been updated in gleaming white, with formal lounge and dining rooms, plus a separate family room. The office located at the front of the house with its own external entrance gives you choices and may be a 4th bedroom. Outside you will find a double carport under the main roof at one end of the house and the double garage/workshop at the other. Entertain family and friends in the secure rear yard which boasts large verandah and a fibreglass salt water in-ground pool. Who could want more! For details on this property and many more, please phone Craig Sumsion on 0408 366 614 We’ll look after you!

Let me entertain you! REAL ESTATE ROXBY DOWNS


18 Curdimurka Street

$200,000 ea

$285 p/w


31 Gregory Street

2 brand new commercial office areas for lease each approx 93m2

$210,000 $220,000

Lot 1002 D50743 4 bdm, 3 bath, block 875m2


Lot 211 3 bdm, 1 bath, block 1430m2


Lot 255 Land, small dwelling, block 983m2 $99,000 Lot 257 3 bdm, 1 bath, block 1882m2


Lot 290 1 bdm, garage, block 1076m2


Lot 300 2 bdm, 1 bath, block 1954m2


Lot 383 4 bdm, extensive garaging


ANDAMOOKA RENTALS Lot 300 Govt Rd - 2 bdm, 1 bath $220 p/w 1/339 Govt Rd – 2 bdm, 1 bath $195 p/w 2/339 Govt Rd – 2 brm, 1 bath $195 p/w Lot 650 Govt Rd – 4 bdm, 1 bath $230 p/w Lts 674-9 Govt Rd – 5 bdm, 2 bath $300 p/w If you are looking for • Free appraisals • Property Management • All Sales Enquiries in Andamooka, • Roxby Downs or Woomera

Contact the team at Raine & Horne Roxby Downs

We’ll look after you

PROUD SPONSORS OF THE ROXBY RACES 2008 Page 16 – Thursday, July 17th, 2008

23 Arcoona Street 18 Curdimurka Street This home has everything for the family that loves to entertain all year round. The entertainment area has been designed as an additional outdoor living room completely undercover with its own bar made from polished timber sleepers with captivating bench tops, cupboards, bar fridge and power points – TV stand so you can watch the football and enjoy the fresh air at the same time. If this doesn’t sound relaxing enough, add the trickle of the water feature to the equation and you should be set. When you thought it couldn’t get any better it does! – Just a stone throw away is the fully fenced fibre glass swimming pool with its own built in table and chairs to enjoy a cold beer at. If the pools a little too

Maitland Fruit & Veg Shop

brisk swing away in a hammock and enjoy the sunshine and sensational views. The man of the house will be most impressed with the 922 sqm that he gets to play with, 1 large shed, 1 garden shed, 1 pump shed, 3 storage yards, one that offers great flexibility for renovations to the home if ever desired, but what’s best is that you would never know they were there. The inside of the home consists of 4 bedrooms with en-suite and BIR’s to all. Large open plan living area. Lounge has just had new carpet laid and has a timber venetian which ties in well with the timber appearance lino in passage, dining and kitchen and the timber dado rails that divide the 2 warm colours of cream and latte together. The kitchen has a gas stove, dishwasher and overlooks the entertainment area. The home has ducted evaporative cooling, gas heating, watering system and double carport. Great location, extremely close to playground, school and shops. This home is in immaculate condition and is an absolute must to view so you can appreciate all the hard work that has been done. Contact Ali Webber – Wardle Co Real Estate to arrange a time 0417 816 738. $495,000. RLA # 151074.

28 Robert Street, Maitland - Yorke Peninsula Business & Freehold Plus SA Lotteries Prime corner position, shop has easy street access & good location exposure with average turnover of around $300,000 per annum. Sale includes all shop fittings and Isuzu Truck. tFruit & Veg shop on this spot for 71 years tHistoric Store building with rear access Area 210m2 approx. tTwo cool rooms & store room tHigh ceiling, plenty of natural light There is a real sense of community in Maitland, a small and friendly place to live. For sale by tender: Offers in excess of $120,000 Tender closing Monday 4th August at 11.00am No tender will necessarily be accepted. Vendor reserves the right to accept any Tender prior to the closing date. For further information or to arrange an inspection please contact: Wendy Burman 0407 708 742


Lots 167 + 168 1 bdm, 1 bath, block 2185m2

$450,000 - $460,000

4 bdrm home with tiled lounge, dining, kitchen & passage, Timber kitchen with halogen lights, ornate timber fireplace appearance surrounding gas heater. Large 12 x 6 x 3 m shed, above ground in ground pool with palms, citrus trees, small patch of lawn.

ANDAMOOKA Lot 48 2 bdm, 1 bath, block 1478m2


4 bdrm home with sensational outdoor undercover living areas that include bar, water feature & pool nearby, 2 sheds, 3 storage yards all fenced off, 922 sqm of land, large lounge room with new carpet, repainted with timber dado rails, ensuite, BIR’s, double carport.

More readers, More results in The Monitor


5 bdrm home with 2 living areas, located on 945sqm, 2 mins walk from shops, new inground fibreglass swimming pool, large shed, outdoor entertainment area with bar and corner garden with pond. 2 bathrooms - one bathroom new, automatic rollershutters to most exterior windows, timber floating floors throughout.

40 Bopeechee Street


3 professionally packaged 2 bedroom units with their own yards, fully furnished with new modern decor incl leather recliners, flat screen tvs. All 3 units have been repainted throughout in neutral tones with new floor coverings, window treatments and new kitchens. Ducted evap cooling throughout, carport for each unit. Currently rented at $1,000 per week. Ideal to rent to a company.

22 Pine Crescent

$395,000 - $410,000

3 bedroom home with great location opposite childrens playground. Property has been repainted throughout within last 3 years, great size living and open plan kitchen/ dining area. Passage way leads you to the 3 bdrms all with BIR’s and the toilet, bathroom and laundry. Outside is an undercover entertainment area, garden shed. Currently leased until Nov 2008 at $450 pw.

25 Finniss Street

$450,000 - $460,000

4 bedroom home with formal lounge area, large open plan dining, kitchen and extra living area. Main bedroom has ensuite and BIR’s. There is a spa outdoors with timber decking, large paved full length verandah and a second entertaining area next to the large shed, rear gate access, currently rented until Oct 2008 at $490 pw.

Martin Stringer Real Estate Manager 0417 897 159

Ali Webber Property Consultant 0417 816 738

Tania Noonan Property Manager 0438 797 687

Lic No. RLA 151074

Phone 0417 816 738

Email: THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

Out and About LEFT: Birthday girl Teresa and her partner Leigh Malcolm at a party in her honour recently. RIGHT: Jessica McKinnon was one of the many helpers at Speedway last week. In between driving in events herself, she was the official starter.

“McSteamy” was a big hit at the recent Fashion Parade for the school.

ABOVE: Every good barbecue needs a great cook. Sam Andrews was just that man at Teresa’s party at her home recently. ABOVE: Enjoying the racing at the Speedway are Mark and Melissa Allen with their children Brianna 1, Owen 4 and Molly 11. RIGHT: Tony Webber, the youngest driver of the Webber Racing Team prepares for racing. Webber went on to set a new long track record during the afternoon. Ashleigh Kane 8 (back) with Georgia Greenfield and her twin sister Erin 10 at the recent St. Barbara’s Sports Day.

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

Thursday, July 17th, 2008 – Page 17



Maintaining SPOTLIGHT ON YOU Self Ever wanted definition in your quadriceps? Pulse Gym has the perfect exercise for you that you can perform anywhere. By incorporating small exercises in your daily routine, you can improve your health and wellbeing, as long as you adopt a healthy eating regime. Coordinating healthy eating and active living is one step closer to an all round healthy lifestyle. Read on for the perfect definition in your thigh! Tips to always remember before starting any exercise: · Engage abdominal muscles - switch the inner abdominal muscles on, which helps the body balance and establish the correct posture. · Always keep your body in line – be sure that your feet, knees, hips, shoulder and head are facing forward. · Use correct breathing techniques – breathing out on the extraneous part of the exercise (the hard part) · Always warm up the muscles that are to be targeted when using weighted exercises. Never use weights on cold muscles!!! · Always stretch after a workout – this releases lactic acid in the muscles and aids in recovery. It will also improve flexibility if done on a continued and regular basis. · Do NOT let your knees go past you toes

Exercise of the week: Squats Muscles Targeted: Quadriceps (also working hamstrings) 1. Engage abs (switching the inner abdominal on which helps the body balance and it also gives correct posture). 2. Feet should be shoulder width apart. 3. Keeping body upright, (stomach braced and back straight) sit back lowering bottom, as though you are sitting on a bench or chair. 4. Your knees should be at a 45 degree angle, and should not pass your toes. 5. Push back up to starting position, pushing through the heel of your feet. 6. Repeat 12-15 reps of 23 sets


· Knee must not go over toes. · Keep abs engaged at all times. · Use correct breathing techniques, e.g. breathing out on the hard part of the exercise, for squats it’s when pushing up.

Q. Full Name A. Leigh Michael Devlin Q. Nickname A. Devo Q. Where are you from? A. Mallala, South Australia Q. How long have you been in Roxby? A. A Three years Q. Occupation A. Wind Wizard Q. Favourite food A. Mandarins - the best fruit ever! Q. What hobbies do you have? A. Football, Basketball, Soccer Q. What is your idea of fun? A. A night out with the lads Q. Winter or summer? A. Probably winter, don’t get to play footy in the summer Q. What is something you consider you do really well? A. Eat tacos, i haven’t met anyone that can eat as many as me Q. What frustrates you? A. Port Power Q. What is your favourite quote? A. “We’re a drinking team with a football problem” - Jason Eckerman Q. What would you do with

$10million if you won it? A. Shout the Roxby boys a serious footy trip - think West Coast two years ago/buy a mandarin tree that would fruit all year round Q. Who would you least like to sit next to on a plane and why? A. The co-pilot, cause i know nothing about flying a plane Q. What is something about you that not many people would know? A. I play the piano Q. If you had one wish, what would it be? A.Very cliche but world peace would be pretty solid

What’s On s p o rt s



NIPPY GYM - Auditorium 9:30am - 11:30 am

KARATE - Auditorium * 6:00pm Colts (Age 6-12) 6:45pm Juniors/Adults

INDOOR SOCCER - Leisure Centre 6:00pm Social matches Contact Kenton Maloney 0408 797 158

INDOOR SOCCER 6:00 - 7:00pm VOLLEYBALL - Leisure Centre 6:30 - 9:30pm

KARATE - Auditorium 6:00pm - 8:30pm


SQUASH - Leisure Centre 7:00pm - 9:00pm

LADIES SOCIAL BASKETBALL - Indoor Courts 8:45am - 10am

SENIOR BASKETBALL - Indoor Courts 7:00pm - 10:00pm

COME-N-TRY-SOCCER - Indoor Courts 3:30pm - 6:00pm


SENIOR SOCCER - Indoor Courts 6:00pm - 7:00pm

JUNIOR HOCKEY 5:00pm - 6:30pm

SQUASH - Leisure Centre 7:00pm - 9:00pm

ASSOC NETBALL 6:30pm - 9:30pm


SENIOR BASKETBALL - Indoor Courts 7:00pm - 10:00pm

JUNIOR NETBALL 9:00am - 1:30pm

WEDNESDAY WOMEN DAYTIME BASKETBALL - Indoor Courts 9:00am - 10:00am KARATE - Auditorium * 6:00pm Colts (Age 6-12) 6:45pm Juniors/Adults

FOOTBALL 8:15am Mini Colts 9:15am Junior Colts 10:15am Senior Colts SUNDAY SOFTBALL - School Oval 11:30 am - 4:00am

WOMEN’S & MIXED NETBALL - Indoor Courts 6:00pm - 9:30pm FOOTBALL

TOUCH FOOTBAL - Town Oval 6:30 pm




andamooka vs coober pedy 2:00pm

hornridge vs roxby districts * Contact Reinhardt Viljoen Phone: 0428 843 921

ARIA Charts Celebrate 25 years

Keep watching this space for more exercise tips!! Page 18 – Thursday, July 17th, 2008

Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) celebrates 25years since its first chart distribution on July 10th 1983. ARIA Chart is Australia’s top music chart and provides a reliable and accurate reflection on over-the-counter and digital music sales at over 1100 national outlets. Initially, ARIA Chart focused on singles and albums but has since diversified to encompass genre-specific charts including Urban, Country, Classical and Digital Tracks. “The chart tracks every trend and movement in consumer behaviour and reflects the success of every marketing initiative,” said ARIA Chairman and President and CEO of Warner Music Australasia, Mr Ed St John. “The ARIA Charts have been a mainstay of the music world for a quarter of a century and their evolution has been remarkable,” he said.

Recent innovations of the Motorola ARIA Charts include the live unveiling of the top 40 singles chart every Sunday on Nova radio stations nationally and online at, as well as a weekly top10 countdown on MTV Australia. “Over the years, ARIA has continually invested substantial resources to create advanced data systems which have produced ARIA’s wide range of charts and services,” said Mr Denis Handlin AM, ARIA board member, Chairman and CEO of SONY BMG Music Entertainment Australia and New Zealand. The first chart 25years ago featured Bonnie Tyler’s Total Eclipse of the Heart at number one on the singles chart and Michael Jackson’s Thriller on the album chart. Check out the weekly ARIA Chart updates each week on the Lifestyle page of The Monitor.

Robertson’s Rambles Hunting Techniques A respectable young male walks into a pub and sidles up to the bar alongside an attractive young female. He swiftly sums her up as one of the most exquisite specimens of the opposite sex. He can smell her perfume and quickly checks his breath before giving himself the all-clear. He hesitates before boldly offering to purchase a beverage for the beautiful lady. With an icy glance and a flick of her long lustrous locks, she rudely rejects his offer, before walking away. His generous offer stomped out like the butt of a cigarette. A respectable young female walks into a pub and sidles up to the bar alongside an attractive young male. She swiftly sums him up as one of the most exquisite specimens of the opposite sex. She glances at his hand holding an empty glass and notes that he is not wearing a wedding ring. She checks his shoes and observes smart dress shoes that compliment his designer jeans. His hair is styled nicely, but not overly metro-sexual. She nods to herself, reapplies her lipstick before boldly asking the stranger whether he would buy her a drink. The male obliges and they spark a conversation. When a female approaches a male, she will usually be acknowledged and assisted. When a male approaches a female, he runs a high risk of being ignored and even offended. Many films illustrate the sexual power of the female and her ability to ‘get what she wants’ simply through her flirtatious behaviour. These characters are particularly easy to identify in earlier films. The 1953 film “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” starring Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russel depicts the two main characters plotting to pounce on prospective prey by using seduction to tempt their victims into a marriage. Women will generally sum up their prey according to its presentation and potential. Men are more likely to determine their prey according to its sexual prospect. Women are fussy when selecting male potential. Men are not as fussy when on the prowl. She is the lioness that sums up her prey and pounces at her will. He is the hyena that is willing to scavenge scraps. Admittedly, these are stereo-types, generalisations if you will. I am the first person to acknowledge that and will allow for exceptions to the rule. Although the aforementioned may be the case for some, many women are able to scavenge with the best of them. Similarly, there are men who choose to be selective in their choices when it comes to the opposite sex. In the past, a licentious female was considered immoral and shameless, while a celibate male would have been questioned of his sexuality. In recent years, with media influences and activist movements, people have come to accept varying approaches to sexual behaviour. It has become socially understood that women, like men, have the same urges when it comes to the opposite sex. It is also accepted for a male or female to withhold from wanton sexual behaviour for their own personal reasons. Promiscuity has been in our midst since before my birth and longer. This behaviour is not limited to the male or the female; erogenous thoughts are very much on the minds of both sexes. Throughout the years, men have publicly exhibited their hunting techniques and achievements whilst women have sat under the glow of a white halo. Ladies and gentlemen, please: the men have not been accomplishing their sexual feats with imaginary people. Shock horror: women have been doing the same thing, but have used discretion to conceal their amorous behaviour. Today, the discretion tends to have slipped somewhat and the hunting ground is open slather. All for one and one for all.

by Erin Robertson

Top Ten Singles I KISSED A GIRL Katy Perry NO AIR Jordin Sparks Duet With Chris Brown WHEN I GROW UP The Pussycat Dolls TAKE A BOW Rihanna VIVA LA VIDA Coldplay LOVE SONG Sara Bareilles AMERICAN BOY Estelle Feat. Kanye West SEE YOU AGAIN Miley Cyrus FOREVER Chris Brown CLOSER Ne-Yo THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper




Opal Road Landfill Opening Hours The Opal Road Landfill Opening Hours are 1pm – 6pm, seven days a week. Residents are encouraged to utilise this FREE service as the dumping of litter in reserves or lands surrounding the town attract an expiation penalty fee of $315.00 as per the Local Government Act. Rubbish Collection Residents are reminded that there is a limit of one bin per household for weekly rubbish collection and that it is the resident’s responsibility to ensure that bins are in serviceable condition with closable lids that prevent flies and birds from accessing rubbish. Please be diligent as littering attracts an Expiation Penalty Fee of $315.00 – ie: over flowing bins. Deposit of Rubbish etc Under Local Government Regulations it is an offence to deposit rubbish, goods, materials earth stone gravel or any other substance on a public road or place. This will incur a penalty and a fine. Abandoned and Illegally Parked Vehicles The Roxby Downs Council is concerned with the number of vehicles including, trailers and caravans which have been either parked or abandoned on the Road edge, as well as on the council verge between the road and the property boundary. Parking illegally in Richardson Place is also a concern. Council in the first instance will target the owners of the offending vehicles by issuing written warnings to the owners detailing what charges could be implemented if the vehicle is not moved or parked correctly. Areas to be targeted are a follows: · Parking in disabled zones without a permit. · Parking in the bus zone opposite Richardson Place. · Parking near pedestrian crossing to drop off and pick up school children. · Freight vehicles parked near pedestrian crossings to pick up and deliver goods.

· Parking on the boundary between residence and road. · Leaving vehicles including Trailers and Caravans on roads for over 24 hours. · Parallel parking – the driver must position the vehicle to face in the direction in which vehicles could lawfully travel on that part of the road If the offending vehicle is not removed or parked correctly, under the Local Government Act, Council has the power to instigate infringement Notices and/or impound the vehicles for the noted offence. Please consider others in the Roxby Downs area and for safety reasons as well as appearance of the community, please park correctly. Parking Residents should be aware of significant expiation fees for parking in a bus zone $79.00 and parking in a disabled zone $235. Other fines are stopping in loading zone $33, failing to park on road $33 (except in median strip parking area)in accordance with ruleparallel parking and failing to park vehicle wholly within parking bay $20. Advertising on Council Infrastructure Advertising on Council infrastructure such as light poles can attract expiation notices under the Local Government Act. If you spot any such advertising please notify the Council. Dog Registration Dog registrations for the 2008/09 financial year became due and are payable from the 1st July 2008. Grace period for registrations expires on 31 August 2008; thereafter an $80.00 expiation fee applies under section 33 of the Dog and Cat Management Act. Please also ensure that all dogs over the age of three months are registered, failure to comply can again result in an $80.00 Expiation Notice being issued. Rates The Fourth and final instalment notices for rates have now been issued and were due for payment on

16th June 2008. Please contact Bronnie Warren at the council on 86710010 with any enquiries. Water & Electricity Quarterly meter readings for Water and Electricity commenced 30th June 2008. Please ensure your meters are accessible. Accounts for the 30th June 2008 Quarter will be issued approximately mid July. GENERAL INFORMATION for Electricity - Autopays & Direct Debits • All MONTHLY AUTOPAYS AND DIRECT DEBITS are taken out on the 20th of each month. • All QUARTERLY AUTOPAYS are taken out on the DUE DATE of the Notice • All QUARTERLY DIRECT DEBITS are taken out on the 20th day of which the notice is due. Local Website Visit your local website. Read what’s new at www. Service SA On Wednesday and Thursdays only between the hours of 9.00am and 4.30pm Council provides Transport Services including Vehicle and Boat Registrations and Licensing Transactions. Waste Oil Disposal Council operates a waste oil collection facility at the Roxby Downs Landfill site. Disposal of all used motor oil at this facility is free. For Further information contact Council 8671 0010 or BSH Waste Solutions on 8671 1154. No cooking oils, coolants, diesel, or diesel blended fuels (bio Diesel) are to be deposited into the unit. This Facility is open 1pm -6pm seven days. Opal Road Landfill Opening Hours open days and hours on a magnet are available at the front counter upon request. Hours are as follows 1pm – 6pm seven days a week. - see Council Office Hours – General Monday to Friday – 9am to 5pm For all after hours Emergency’s please contact the Emergency Phone on 0419 892 870 Centrelink Services Centrelink Services at the Roxby Downs Council have now ceased from 30th June 2008. Please contact Centrelink for nearest local office/agency on 1800 050 004 or via the Internet on

Happy Birthday

Been spotted by The Monitor? Photos are available for purchase from our office. Call 8671 2683.

ACCOMODATION ADELAIDE Accommodation au Semaphore from $70 per night. Phone: 0412 106 646. FOR RENT BEACH House for Rent. Middleton SA. Pets OK, sleeps 9. Phone: Tania 0412 766 410 or 8296 6410. MUSIC LESSONS LITTLE Sax each day keeps the blues away! Lessons for saxophone, clarinet, guitar, flute & trumpet (qualified teacher). Call Gaynor 8671 0921 / 0408 011 169. SELF HELP DETOX & Self Test Kits available. B-Clear; Zydot; Stat-Flush; Ultra Wash; Artificial Urine. Discreet delivery. Phone: John 0417 807 463 or 08 8377 1200. 181 Seacombe Road, South Brighton SA 5048.

PUBLIC NOTICE SUNDAY 20.07.08 Coles undercover car park port augusta 8.30A.M. – 12.30P.M. Store holders. Bookings essential enquiries: 8642 3459

For Sale, For Rent, Give Away, Lost, Wanted, Garage Sale, Accommodation

Classified Adverts $8.00 for the first 20 words

To celebrate a friend or family member’s birthday, send through your snap shots to

$5.00 for every 10 words or part thereof after

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A fun, non-competitive learning environment for all ages: newborns, children and adults! Come down and learn the joys of music, dance and other dramatic arts.

Senior First Aid 1 or 2 Day Courses Roxby Downs Nationally accredited HLTFA301B

$150.00 per person

Our venue is The Community Church on the corner of Tutop Street and Burgoyne Street, Roxby Downs.

All enquiries please call Kirstie on: (08) 8672 7385 or fax: (08) 8672 7385 or email

Everyone in Roxby Downs can enjoy the benets of banking with Big Sky.

Visit us in Tutop Street or call 8671 2555

Highly experienced local trainer Other emergency training also available Contact Steve Moore 0429 883 842


BLD - 173944

•General Repairs •Fencing •Carpentry •Cabinet-making •Plumbing •Gas-fitting •Electrical •Carpet/Vinyl •Painting •Refrigeration

Ph 8671 1234 Fax 8671 2823 Mob 0407 711 234 Shop 5/14 Tutop Street, Roxby Downs, SA THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

Pt Pirie & Adelaide Depots

All welcome. We’ve got something to offer

Sunday Worship: 10am

Antique & Household Removals Local, Interstate & Country Storage & Delivery Specialists

Ph: 0427 716 173 Roxby Downs À Pt Augusta À Pt Pirie

Monday: Prayer - 7.30pm Tuesday: Mens Fellowship - 7.30pm Wednesday: Ladies KYB - 7.30pm Wednesday: Bible Study - 7.30pm Sunday Kids Church - during worship time

Corner Burgoyne St and Tutop St

Uniting and Angilcan sponsored. ph: 0409 68 67 68 A Protestant faith community

Thursday, July 17th, 2008 – Page 19


Monitor SPORT

Opal Classic The day we played at AAMI Woomera and Districts Vs Broken Hill a hit with shooters By Leigh Devlin

By “Straight Shooter” Yet another thriving “Andamooka Opal Classic” event was held on June 21 and 22 with some 30 or more shooters from all over Australia attending. There was never a dull moment, much to learn and laughs to be had. A big thank you to all those who travelled, near and far, your support is always appreciated. Thank you to those “family members” who gave their valuable time, your efforts were second to none. Thank you to “the cooks” many full tummies confirmed a job well done. Thank you to all our sponsors, having proved extremely helpful to our club your generous assistance made heavy work a much lighter load. Thanks to all who support us in buying tickets in the “Friday night raffles”. Community support this past year has been overwhelming and made many a luxury possible. A big thanks to all at “The Monitor”, as a result of your kindness through advertising more people are showing an interest therefore creating the opportunity for future members, thus being exactly what we need. Last but not least thank you to all the current club members who spent their time and much valued effort making the club what it is today and the “opal classic” a shooting success.


SATURDAY 21st June 1st place Dennis Bailey 2nd place Andrew Farr 3rd place Wayne Mccarthy

SUNDAY 22nd June

1st place Rowan Young 2nd place David Bishop 3rd place Dennis bailey JUNIORS 1st place Joey Googliodolo LADIES 1st place Sarah Perrett OVER ALL HIGH GUN (highest score over both days) Rodney Ahrns ANDAMOOKA GUN CLUB “members only” HIGH GUN Wayne Mccarthy PERFECT ROUND Johnny Googliodolo “scoring 25 out of 25.”

The biggest football match in the last 10 years for the Woomera and Districts Football League was played at AAMI Stadium last weekend with the underdogs the mighty ‘Wedgies’ taking out the inaugural Power Miners Cup. After six weeks of Sunday trainings constantly pushing through niggling injuries from the day before and sore heads from the night before, the team finally was down to the selected 23 and made their way to Adelaide to take on the highly rated Broken Hill side that boasted two AFL Scholarship holders and a very successful representative tradition. Coach Woody Turner had selected a team that would run, tackle and play fast football, the only doubt was the size of the team with the average height far less than our counterparts. Our Captain, Ryan Schell insisted the need for hardness around the packs, knowing it may not be our skill but out heart and our want that would get us over the line. After the long bus trip we arrived at Fort Largs Police Academy to stay, little did we know beforehand that the hall across the road would house our enemies for the next 48 hours. We then piled back onto the bus and headed to Alberton Oval for our last training session together before the big day Finally the day was upon us, the nerves were starting to rise and the lads were certainly a little edgy after breakfast, especially after seeing what mother nature had in store for us – very cold conditions with a serious south-westerly. A quick walk along the beach with a little kick and it was off to AAMI Stadium. The CAT Grader and Atlas Copco Simba greeted us at the oval, with a few photos taken before we left for change rooms and the game ahead. Schelly again drummed into us the need to be hard, the need to want the ball more than your opponent, the first quarter showed that we were focused and up to the task. Josh Moyle’s attack on the footy in the first clash of the game set the scene and setup Steve Chapman to kick the first goal. After the opening ten minutes it was Broken Hill to settle first, putting the Wedgies defence under pressure with constant entries into the forward line, Schell, Moyle and Uhlik though were able to ensure the entries didn’t result into goals. Whilst we were able to find plenty of the footy and probably had more of the ball in the first half silly skill errors due to the pressure of the big game cost us from being further in front at the first break. The second quarter was more of the same, strong hard football by both teams, Schell was doing the job for us in the backline, whilst Dan-

iel Rogers and Cody Kenny started to find the footy through the centre giving Nigel Shinnick and Stuart Ferenci a look at the goals. No side though was able to find that gap from the other until we dropped our bundle a little and started to make the simple skill errors again that had cost us in the first quarter. The Broken Hill side started to pick up the pace and sensed that we may have stopped our hard and fast football. The lead soon changed and before we knew it Broken Hill was in front by a couple of goals at the main break. Woody urged us to continue to play our game, enforcing that it would be the hard football that would get us over the line. The third quarter is known as the premiership quarter and although a premiership was not on offer we played like it was the last game we would ever play. Kicking against a two to three goal wind things started badly with Broken Hill kicking the first goal of the quarter, suddenly that kicked us into gear, Rogers, Tyrone Price and Cheyne Johnston in the midfield started to find more of the footy and the rotation of Brett Chesson and Jason Eckermann across the wing and in centre meant we had fresh legs going in the latter half of the third quarter and into the last quarter. Ricky Prosser goaled and the momentum was going our way into the final stanza with a one goal lead. The three quarter time break was full of passion, Woody pleaded with us for one more final effort to push us through the last quarter. Captain Schell told us to believe in ourselves, that we could match a team with our heart and our attack on the footy. The last quarter saw us move into a commanding position, the move by Woody to put Dale Summerton up forward was a master stroke kicking two goals in quick succession in the last. Rodney Cunneen across half forward continued to work hard and kicked an absolute ripper from the boundary line to break the already Broken Hill. Stuart Ferenci took some big marks and provided the large pro wedgie crowd with a few highlights. Like any good side though Broken Hill continued to work themselves back into the game, pushing forward hard but Ryan Schell continued to stand up, repelling almost every attack forward with a lack of interest for his own safety backing back into packs and marking the ball. When it wasn’t Schell it was Uhlik, battling hard all day with every ounce of energy in his body and providing plenty of run out of defence for the forward line. Broken Hill kicked a couple in the last to give us a bit of a scare but it was too late and we won by 2 points. The feeling of jubilation and happiness within the team was unparalleled with one player saying to me that it was the best

48hrs of his life. The best players were easy to pick, Ryan Schell absolutely dominated at Centre Half Back and kept us in the game during the second quarter. Daniel Rogers worked all day with hard footy giving the runners options with his handball and work in and around the packs. Cody Kenny was named as third best, his delivery up forward and patrolling the half forward line was awesome to be around. Mentions certainly need to go to Greg Latham who rucked well all day, Cheyne Johnston playing off the half forward line played good hard footy all day and Dale Summerton kicking crucial goals in the last quarter to win the game. The game and weekend as a whole was an absolute success with a couple of the lads commemorating the win with a bit of paint on the skin during the early hours of Sunday morning. Credit needs to go to Pete Lindner and David Shipway who were the driving forces behind the Power Miners Cup. Schelly explained it perfectly after the game during the presentations when he said “you are the guys that put in the effort but we are the guys who get to benefit from it”. Barry Mitchell and Graham Warren need to be thanked for all their efforts behind putting the team and sponsors together and getting the lads down to Adelaide safely.. Deb Steinhauser, Bev Zeptner and Tracey Ryan who continue to spend their time on their club and association without thanks.

Above: Coach Woody Turner and Captain Ryan Schell with the Miners Cup.

Raptors are rapt in Roxby

Above: Nine of the 15 members of the newly formed Roxby Raptors Cycling Club. THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

There are the Toronto Raptors, the Canadian NBA basketball team. There are the Ogden Raptors, an American professional baseball team and in Denmark there are the Randers Raptors, a floor ball team. Now, in Roxby Downs we have the Roxby Raptors, our very own cycling club. The story goes like this: three guys go for a leisurely Sunday ride around Roxby Downs early in 2007 and end up forming a cycling club, the Roxby Raptors. The Raptors did not take long to spread their wings, rapidly gaining new members and attracting sponsorship from Roxby businesses. Now in 2008, the Raptors have up to 15 riders, seven of whom took part in the recent Tour de Heart. The club has just affiliated with Cycling SA (CSA) which has provided opportunities for riders to have specialised coaching and to take part in CSA competitions. The Raptors have become a very active sporting body in Roxby Downs, a town where the surrounding roads are ideal for recreational and competitive riding. Road bikes are available from the Building Healthy Communities organisation and the Roxby Leisure if people want get into the sport – or just try it out. The Roxby Raptors stage rides every Sunday morning, meeting at 8am at the Stuart Road round-about. At the end of the ride participants usually have drink and a chat at the Dunes Cafe and sometimes a barbecue breakfast. Anyone be interested joining the Roxby Raptors, contact Maree Jackson 0439 683 519.

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Woomera & Districts Football League Premiership Table Team Pld W Roxby Districts 9 8 Olympic Dam 9 6 Andamooka 9 5 Hornridge 8 2 Coober Pedy 9 1

L D G 1 163 3 147 4 98 6 92 8 52

For B 129 103 72 67 42

P 1107 985 660 619 354

Against G B P 63 51 429 66 60 456 96 75 651 96 69 645 218 158 1466

Points 258.04 216.01 101.38 95.97 24.15

16 12 10 4 2

Hockey players wanted! Season two of the senior indoor competition starts on Friday, August 1 at the Roxby Leisure Centre. Games are played each Friday night and no experience or equipment is necessary. Hockey is a great alternative to the usual mainstream sports and creates an opportunity to meet new people whilst improving your game skills.

Junior Hockey is also held on Friday nights and will resume on July 25 - the first week of third term. Four to seven year olds play at 5pm, followed by 8-13 year olds at 5.45pm. If you are interested in playing please complete a nomination form at the Leisure Centre kiosk. For further information contact Bridget on 8671 0500.

Young Roxby netballers excel at Carnival Roxby Downs Netball Assoc had three teams participate in the Spencer Gulf Carnival at Port Pirie on Sunday 29th June. Congratulations to the 15 and unders who won Division 2. They won 2 of 6 minor round games which put them into the semi final of div 2, defeating Port Augusta. Then they played Port Pire in a nail biting grandfinal, to win by 1 point. The 13 and unders won 1 of 4 minor round games which put them into the semi final against Port Augusta, they played their best game but lost by 5 points. The 11 and unders won 2 of 6 minor round games, then beat Port Pirie in their semi final, progessing through to the Division 2 grand final

where they played a marathon match against Port Augusta. At full time the game was a draw at 10 all. Another ten minutes was played but the result again was another draw. Extra time was played and Roxby eventually went down by two goals, the final score 17 to 15. Thanks go to coaches Kae Jenke, Tony Weir, Grace Hollitt, also to team managers Trish Hendry, Kate Weir, Leah Rasheed, and umpires Jodie Brind, Karen and Emily Traeger. This year the Roxby Downs Netball Association has not had a volunteer Squad Co-ordinator so Michelle Casserley who is busy as Secretary has worked tirelessly organising our Junior Netball Carnivals, so a big thankyou also goes to Michelle.

Below: 15 and under.

Back: Renee Rohrlach, Tori McGauchie, Jess Reid, Chloe Barrand, Courtney Sims, Kae Jenke ( Coach). Front: Trish Hendry (team manager), Bonnie Moroney, Elizabeth Gray, Tegan Paull, Mardi Hendry.

Right: 13 and under.

Emily Daly, Kate Weir (team manager), Hannah Rigden, Keira Clarke, Centaine Casserley, Tony Weir (coach), Madison Evans, Roxanne Smirnios.. Front: Zoe Male, Danielle Weir, Hannah Wurfel, Leah Hendry.

Below Right: 11 & under

Back: Grace Hollitt (coach), Alex Lowe, Tayla French, Meg Rasheed, Erika Syvertsen, Kayley Watkins. Front: Flo Moraga, Cheleigh Verrall, Julia Weltner, Meg Prior.



36 Hole Championship for A, B and C grade - 19th and 20th July 18 Hole Championship for Ladies and Juniors 20th July First tee off 10 am. Nominations by 17th July to Open to all Club members Evening meal supplied each day.

Page 22 – Thursday, July 17th, 2008

Roxby Downs Golf Club Results By Erin Robertson Leed Engineering and Construction sponsored the Stableford Golf Competition held at Roxby Downs Golf Club on the 12th July when 27 players took to the course. Mark Dillon was the overall winner with 39 points on a 5 way count back. The division 1 competition was taken out by Robin Passmore on 37 points, division 2 went to Damien Condon on 39 points and Fiona Bilney won the ladies competition with 36 points. Men’s sweepstakes went to Chris Zanker, Reinhardt Viljoen and Paul Cuthbert all with 39 points and Uleen Pearce took the ladies’ sweepstakes with 36 points. The best long drive (Hole 3) went to Rob Charman in division 1, Damien Condon in division 2 and Uleen Pearce for the ladies/juniors. Nearest to the Pin (Hole 2, after second shot) went to Dougal Macleod in division 1, Damien Condon in division 2 and Shaun Smith for ladies/juniors. A chilly, windy and overcast day did not deter any competitors who all enjoyed another successful day at Roxby Downs Golf Course.

Come and try karting day

On Saturday, July 26 the Desert Dirt Kart Club is conducting a come and try day for all those budding kart drivers, young or old. The day starts at 12 noon and the track will be open until 4 p.m. with members lending their karts to give people the opportunity to try the sensation of driving a go kart. The minimum age is seven but other than that there are no other restrictions, except the usual drink driving laws. So come and have a try – you never know you could be the next club champ just waiting in the wings or it may even be a stepping stone to the big time of car racing. Canteen facilities will operate throughout the day. The Roxby Downs track is situated on Opal Road behind the Dirt Circuit. THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper


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Football results from Round 11 - July 12

Big wins for top two Roxby Districts and Olympic Dam both recorded huge wins on Saturday to consolidate their top of the ladder rankings in the Woomera and Districts football competition. In the only game played at the Roxby Oval, OD coach Les Myles had his players at their peak and from the first bounce dominated the Roos in almost every position. Given first use of the ball by their big ruckman Greg Latham, Olympic Dam were never going to allow the Roos to repeat their surprise win of the previous week. With winners all around the ball, Andamooka had no answers with Summerton and Moyse booting five each and the “new look” Shinnick ever dangerous when on the ball or in the pocket. Ex Crows player Trent Ormond Allen is still running into form, but showed his class every time he got near the action; the highlight being the long spiral from outside the 50 to score the first of the 22 goal haul for OD. Again Scott Montgomerie showed his class with a best on ground performance and for a big man he moves and marks exceptionally well and provides much of the drive out of the centre and around the packs.

It was a disappointing crash to earth for the Andamooka boys who will have to rally when they meet Coober Pedy on Saturday. They do have the talent and the leg speed to match the others and will be out to prove their premiership win of last year can be repeated, especially on the day the club celebrates its 20th anniversary. But for most local footy followers they can’t wait for the round 14 clash of the titans on August 2 when Roxby Districts takes on Olympic Dam for top spot. Until then both clubs will have to maintain the intensity to stay in front of the pack. PICTURED TOP LEFT: Olympic dam’s big man Scott Montgomerie pulls in a great one hander in front of Andamooka player Robert Kraac on Saturday. TO RIGHT: Cam Green put in another strong performance for the Green and Golds. RIGHT: A new look Nigel Shinnick took to the park on Saturday and despite being in the veteran class these days is a ball magnet. BELOW: David Moyes gets his kick away despite a strong attempt to spoil from the Kangaroo’s Justin Watson.

Olympic Dam 22 goals 13 points 158 points defeated Andamooka 4 goals 3 points 27 points. Best players for OD 1st D McKenna, 2nd C Green, 3rd S Montgomerie, 4th D Moyse, 5th D Summerton. Goal scorers D Moyse, D Summerton 5 goals each T Ormond Allen 3 goals ,S Montgomerie, R Myles, N Shinnick 2 goals each D McKenna, D Rogers, G Latham 1 goal each. Best players forAndamooka 1st A Monfries, 2nd T Ripley, 3rd R Kraack, 4th S Hall ,5th R Brens. Goal scorers T Ripley 3 goals, S Hall 1 goal. Roxby Districts 30 goals 23 points 23 points 203 points defeated Coober Pedy 10 goals 8 points 68 points Best players for Roxby Districts 1st S Crafter-King, 2nd R Prosser, 3rd T Paull, 4th B Chesson, 5th J Roberts. Goal scorers T Paull 7 goals, R Prosser 6 goals, D Kaminski D Bown 4 goals each, J Roberts 3 goals, B Chesson R Schell, C Kenny, B Haines 1 goal each. Best players for CP 1st C Jonas 2nd J Burns, 3rd S Nelson. Goal scorers C Jonas 3 goals, Z McKenzie 2 goals, B Buller 2 goals each J Burns, G Maxwell, B Lennon

The Roxby Districts Sporting Club are holding their 2008

Sponsors Night on the 26th July

Tickets $20 at the door or for pre-sales contact Deb on 8671 0240 Doors open at 7:30pm Semi Formal Dress – Shirt and Tie All welcome

ANDAMOOKA ROOS F.C. 20th ANNIVERSARY When: July 19, 2008, 7 p.m. (Following the Andamooka v Coober Pedy Match at Roxby Downs town oval) Where: Andamooka Hall Includes: Live Entertainment, Guest speakers, Food and beverages, Best team of the 20 years and more continuing through to Sunday R.S.V.P: or for more info contact Michael 0400 288 412 or Janine 0427 710 127. THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

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Karate Kids of Roxby Bill Jones 11 and Sasha Goranova 7 show some of their style at last week’s Roxby Karate Club. Both Bill and Sasha have been members of the Roxby Shoto Kan Karate Club for the past two and three years respectively and enjoy the discipline and training in the art of self defence. The club which has been running for the past 10 to 12 years and has a huge following of juniors. Oneof the two intrusctors, Deanne Hancock said they teach 30 kids between the ages of 6 and 12 and there are 20 adults involved in the senior ranks under coach Reinhardt Viljoen. The club meets on Monday and Wednesday evenings and welcomes new members.

Reunion of Andamooka Roos By Erin Robertson Andamooka Football Club will be celebrating its 20th year this Saturday, July 19 at the Andamooka Hall from 7 pm. The evening will comprise of guest speakers including the current captain Rob Kraack (2002 – present) and several past coaches. Former president and secretary, Zolly Ferenci will MC the evening while “Bad Bad Boys” from Whyalla will provide the musical entertainment. Organisers anticipate over 200 people will attend the event. Members of the Andamooka Football Club will monitor the evening to help ensure the evening is problemfree and fun for all. “It’s been a long time coming and a lot of work has been put in by members of our committee to organise,” said the club president Ian Tuohy. “I hope those who attend have a great time and enjoy catching

Page 24 – Thursday, July 17, 2008

up with old friends. Go the Mighty Roos.” Over the past 20 years, the club has taken four premierships, most recently in 2007. With new coach, Mr Corey Lynch, the team is looking strong as they aim to be victorious again in 2008. Free buses will be available from the Lions Park in Roxby Downs at 6.30pm and 7pm to take you to the event. Buses will be leaving the Andamooka Hall in one hour intervals from 11.30pm until 2am. A door charge of $20 will cover dinner and entertainment and drinks can be purchased from the licensed bar at the venue. The 2008 team will be playing Coober Pedy at the Roxby Downs oval at 12pm the same day and invites all present and past players, supporters and sponsors, to join in the club’s birthday celebrations.

Roxby Golf Club Championships By Erin Robertson

Exact Mining is sponsoring the Roxby Downs Golf Club Championships on July 19th and 20th. The highlight of the golfing year has arrived again, with keen golfers gearing up for another brilliant day enjoying the superb greens at the Roxby Downs golf

course. With a 36 hole course for men’s A, B and C grades and an 18 hole course for the women’s and juniors, it is set to be a great day out. Nominations are due by 6 pm on Thursday, July 17. Late nominations are accepted but those golfers will have to start at the end of the field.

The golf course is back with green fairways as well as immaculate greens and is set to provide a great challenge for all golfing backgrounds. Presentations will be after Sunday’s round at 5.30pm and prizes for NTP, Long Drives and best strokes will be awarded for both days. Dinner will be provided both Saturday and Sunday nights.

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