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Vandals put lives at risk

ONGOING VANDALISM…Glazier Ted Wright hefts the rock that vandals pitched through a school window at Roxby Downs Area School last week. Mr Wright attended the school twice in the first two days of the vacation, while in the second week, Roxby Downs Council staff were called out to safeguard live electrical wires exposed by vandals at the Roxby Downs football oval.

ROXBY DOWNS...Community assets by vandals. have, once again, been the victim of “More than $50,000 a year goes just on school holiday vandals this month. repairing vandalism every year,” But, vandals aren’t just costing the com- municipal works manager David Watson munity money - they’re now risking their told The Monitor. own lives - according to police and “It’s a lot of work, and a lot of wasted Roxby Downs Council. ratepayers’ money. In this case, the The latest spate of vandalism saw more damage is incredibly dangerous and than $2500 damage caused to facilities somebody’s going to get hurt if it at the Roxby Downs football oval and continues.” Lion’s Park. Roxby Downs Area School was another “Once again, the Lion’s Park and town victim of vandalism these school oval has been the victim of serious holidays, with vandalism – the big tradesmen concern here is that replacing two these vandals are It’s a lot of work, and a lot of windows in the playing with live wasted ratepayers’ money first two days of electricity and In this case, the damage is the school someone could get incredibly dangerous and holiays. seriously hurt or somebody’s going to get hurt if it RDAS principal killed,” senior con- continues. Davud Watson Jim Michalanney stable Scott Cheers Municipal Works Manager said that, while told The Monitor. vandalism to “In the early hours school property in of Sunday, July 17, vandals pulled down Roxby Downs is quite low compared to fencing at the Lion’s Park, broke into metropolitan schools, it is an ongoing light tower control boxes at the oval and cost. Mr Michalanney said school ripped out live wiring, smashed light children are warned to stay off school fittings and have sawn through one of premises so that they are not suspects in the braces on the wooden tables at the these crimes. Lion’s Park. “It is an offence to be on school grounds “Police are calling for witnesses, or at certain times of the evening,” snr cst anyone with information, to come for- Cheers said. “We’d ask the community ward and help us with this investigation.” to report any incidents of local vandalism Roxby Downs Council reports costs of or trespass on school grounds by telmore than $1000 a month to repair ephoning Roxby Downs police on 8671 ongoing damage to community facilities 0370.”

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In this case it would be hard to be judgemental of the decision made by the well-known community members, Graham and Bronwyn Warren. Graham has had extensive experience in the development of local football at all levels which leaves little doubt that he is capable of making an informed decision in the best interest of his child and deserves due respect. This is not a unique problem as this extract from Mick Malthouse’s notes about his start in football illustrates: Mick Malthouse – “I started in the Wendouree West under-14s when I was eight years old - not because I was good, but because they couldn’t find any other kids who wanted to play. My family lived in Wendouree West, but the club didn’t offer any age group above about under-14s, so a lot of players continued their football at other local clubs like Redan and North Ballarat. I went to North Ballarat (where he played two seasons of senior football in the Ballarat Football League)”. So in closing, we do need to look after our kids, the clubs, coaches, players and parents all have a responsibility to ensure this happens in any sport. Creating opportunities rather than limiting them and supporting our youth to pursue their passion for football, is our aim at Olympic Dam Football Club. At the end of the day, I think the statistics say it all – one possession, one kick and one goal - possibly the ideal introduction into the “big league” for ‘Boof’ Warren. Yours sincerely, Pete Lindner, President - Olympic Dam Football Club.


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Mt Dare Homestead

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feel it is my obligation to respond to a letter written to the editor in the last edition of The Monitor (Thursday July 7, signed ‘a concerned mother’). I would like to start by highlighting the facts omitted by the writer in this letter. The game in question was Olympic Dam vs Coober Pedy, played at Coober Pedy on June 18, 2005. The 13-year-old boy was Adam ‘Boof’ Warren and the consenting parents are Bronwyn and Graham Warren. It is important to note at this point both teams had recruited 13-year-old players for this game and had met prior to the commencement of the game to discuss the inclusion of both junior players. Firstly, as a club we believe a responsible approach to this issue was taken by both clubs prior to Adam playing on this day, a meeting between club officials prior to the game ensured awareness of both Adam’s age and another junior on the opposition who played on this day as well. We pride ourselves on giving juniors in our club every possible opportunity to improve their skills and enthusiasm for the game of Australian Football, this particular day presented one of those opportunities. The view of the concerned mother is her own personal view, and possibly the view of other parents with footballers in the junior ranks. We respect those views but also recognise that others may have differing opinions. We always ensure that our desire to be a successful football club does not influence the final decision of playing any junior, that decision has, and always will,

8825 2007

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Dear Editor, and the community of Roxby Downs, On behalf of my wife and myself I would like to thank the people of Roxby Downs/Olympic Dam for the welcome and ongoing support they have given to our son Paul Roadley and his wife Mal, plus animals, as they started a new part of their life in your community. When they left on New Year’s Day we wondered what they were getting themselves into. In their phone calls, emails and visits back here they have commented on the new friends they have made both socially and through work, and of how much they enjoy their new lifestyle. My wife, myself and our fouryear-old granddaughter are looking forward to our visit this month to experience for a few days your community, lifestyle and the scenery away from the big smoke. Many thanks to you all, James and Agnes Roadley Geelong, Victoria.

1300 1300 38

L.J. Hooker Moonta

Mortgage Choice

Thanks for the Junior footballers in the ‘big league’ Editor, warm welcome Dear ultimately, rest with the parents. As the President of the Olympic Dam Football Club I

Total Rainfall for this period 18mm Proudly sponsored by

Roxby Downs Alive Ph: 8671 0500

My friends and The Monitor’s regular readers are perfectly aware that I normally have an opinion on everything - but when it comes to telling people how to raise their children I have trouble finding a clearly black or white place to stand. Ask me about whether children should eat Whiz Fizz for breakfast or how to handle a mid-shop temper tantrum and I’ll give you a clear, and probably quite loud, opinion. But when it comes to kids and sports - the line seems to become a little more blurred. The talk of the town, right now, revolves around a tiny handful of young teenagers who have stepped up to play football in ‘the big league’ - as ODFC president Peter Lindner so cleverly phrased it. I’ve talked to parents, players, community members and I have to say - I don’t have a hard and fast opinion on this one. All of the parents I’ve spoken to - the ones who support young teenagers joining local league games and the ones who are horrified - all have very legitimate opinions. Would you risk your children getting hurt in a game of football? We’d all say - “of course not!” And I believe local parents opposing the move are sincere in their concerns. But don’t we risk sporting injuries for ourselves and our children every day? Aren’t their 40-year-old men being carted off the field on a Saturday and junior footballers playing kids twice their own size in their own, appropriate grade? You can get hurt playing cricket or netball too. And where do we draw the line - size, age, weight or ability? Who decides who can play and who can’t? In a town of this size, with all the restrictions that shift work and a fluid population places on our sporting groups - this certainly isn’t the first time a junior this young has joined the senior ranks. I remember cheering on my teenaged class mates, myself, when I was in high school here. Did local parents and football clubs act responsibly when they let young Adam ‘Boof’ Warren step out on the field at Coober Pedy this month? I believe so. Players and clubs were well informed, 13-year-old ‘Boof’ and his equallyyoung Coober Pedy counterpart were both keen, and parents were ready on the sideline to step in. But then - if ‘Boof’ had been hurt - what way would public opinion be swaying right now? The fact is, the AFL - and at least some of our local clubs are not opposed to juniors playing senior football if they have parental approval and, in this case and subsequent cases, all players were duly informed. One of the most practical precautions I’ve heard so far is requiring junior players - especially ones so young - to wear an armband, identifying them to their fellow players? But, in the midst of this whole football furore - the one thing I am very clear on is that I believe, it is imperative that all players are aware of their young opponent. I liken this to playing a pregnant opponent in netball or volleyball - everyone must be aware of the possible consequences of playing.

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper


Woomera wins tourism conference

photograph by Neil Ryan

SES…Local SES volunteer Lol Wilton shows Keri Moss and Ros Forward the search location near Pimba where a Woomera driver was recently rescued after becoming bogged.

SES warning for Outback drivers WOOMERA…Local emergency services have reminded fourwheel-drivers to be prepared when driving in the Outback following a late-night search earlier this month. Roxby Downs SES, police and Woomera CFS were called out to search Island Lagoon, South of Woomera when a driver became bogged and police lost contact with him. The driver became bogged at 2pm in the afternoon, emergency services were called out at 8pm, the man was found at 1.30am and SES staff were heading home at 3am, according to Mrs Wilton. “Our warning to drivers is that you just never know what’s going to happen – you have to be prepared for an emergency,” Roxby Downs SES unit manager Lol Wilton told The Monitor. “When you’re out driving, take water and blankets, make sure your radio is appropriate, notify people where you’re going and when you expect to be back. “You need permission from station owners if you are going near a station and you need to know exactly where you’re headed. “When you’re out four-wheel driving, go in pairs – never go on your own – you should always have another vehicle with you to get you out of a bog. “This isn’t someone’s back yard, it’s a big place to be searching at 1.30 in the morning with no moon. “It was around four degrees Celsius when we got home – not a good time to be stuck out in the desert – and I’d hate to think what the temperature would have been like out in the open.” Around 12 volunteers and local emergency services officers assisted in the search. “It was a chance to work with the Woomera CFS and the people of Woomera who volunteered,” Mrs Wilton said. “The SES is often called on to work alongside other emergency services here in the Outback. “And while we appreciate the opportunity to work together with these other local services, we’d rather see drivers go out well-prepared and come home safely and quickly. “This most recent search, however, was a good experience for the volunteers who did go out, and a good warning to the community to be prepared.”

WOOMERA…Woomera will host the 2006 Visitors Information Centre conference, show-casing local facilities and underlining the conference theme – ‘the focus on diversity’. The news was announced last month at the 2005 VIC conference in Loxton, attended by Angela Nicholls on behalf of BAE Systems and the Woomera Heritage and Visitor Information Centre. Woomera beat out submissions from both the Murraylands and Whyalla to win the conference. “For the newly formed ‘Woomera Tourism Group’, the opportunity to host the conference has come at an ideal time as it provides another avenue in which to promote Woomera,” BAE Systems operations team leader Angela Nicholls told The Monitor. “This group has only met a couple of times, but the enthusiasm of the various organisations to work together toward promoting tourism in Woomera and moving forward together will ensure that Woomera becomes an interesting place to stop overnight and explore the region. “As a community, we should ensure that visitors are made welcome and encourage them to visit the museum, enjoy the parks and stay and have a meal in the local clubs and hotel.” Ms Nicholls said that “like many of the tourists that visit here, VIC representatives…at the conference…did not realise that you could actually visit and utilise the great facilities Woomera has to offer”.

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CONFERENCE CELEBRATIONS… Woomera Heritage Centre staff celebrate the news that Woomera will host the 2006 Visitors Information Centre conference, from left, Janie Kalbfleisch, team leader Angela Nicholls, MaryAnne Armstrong and Shelley Brown.

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Far north and regional police report

FORUM MEETINGS...Community Board members and local residents, from left, Wendy Osborne, Melissa Allen, Myra Kasisi, Wendy Campbell and Alexander, 1, and Phillipa Weltner at the recent public meetings to discuss community forums and partnerships.

Invites interested: • Individuals • Community Groups • Health Professionals • Health Agencies To an information evening concerning the formation of the

The Roxby Downs

Health Forum The Roxby Downs Health Forum is a key segment in the Roxby Downs Community Management Structure and will be responsible for implementing the Health segment of the Roxby Downs Community Plan.

Monday July 25, 7.30 pm Roxby Downs Cultural Precinct Theatrette Forward Notice: Arts and Culture Forum meeting will be held on Wednesday August 10, 2005 at 7.30 pm at the Roxby Downs Cultural Precinct Theatrette

Community keen to support forums ROXBY DOWNS… More than 50 local community members have put their hands up to join the newly-created Community Forums and Partnerships. Just before going to press the Community Board advised The Monitor that a total of 54 nominations have already been received. Board facilitator Ray Goldie said the Community Board is “delighted” with the community response.

Paul G. Doubé

BARRISTER & SOLICITOR Specialising in Family Law and attending at the Roxby Downs Magistrates Court circuit for all traffic and criminal matters. Next visit: July 27 and 28, 2005 Call Paul for an appointment on

8351 5911 or 0417 896 345

“Given we have only had five information evenings so far this is a fantastic result,” Mr Goldie told The Monitor. “To have 54 people put their hands up to support their community at this early stage is a great start,” he said. “It is a real indicator of the high level of acceptance of the Community Plan and its management structure by the wider community, but the Board is not complacent and they are still seeking nominations.” The next round of community meetings will include ‘health’ on Monday, July 25, and ‘arts and culture’ on Wednesday, August 10. Both sessions will be held at the Cultural Precinct in the theatrette from 7.30 pm.

FAR NORTH AND OUTBACK…Roxby Downs police received a report of property damage to the rear entrance doors to a Richardson Place business premises on July 13, 2005. Approximately $500 damage was caused to the hinges of the doors. Police received a report of damage to a motor vehicle parked in Richardson Place, when an unknown person walked over the top of the vehicle overnight on July 13. On the same day, in an unrelated investigation, a 28-year-old man from Roxby Downs was reported for driving without due care as a result of investigations into an accident that occurred at Olympic Dam on June 7, 2005. Police received a report of the theft of a subwoofer and a quantity of CDs from a motor vehicle from a Finniss Street residence that occurred sometime between July 8 and July 11, 2005. On July 12, police received a report of a broken window to a classroom at St Barbara’s Parish School late in the evening. A yellow Suzuki RM250 motorcycle valued at about $9000 was stolen from the rear yard of an Olympic Way address on July 11, 2005. Inquiries in relation to this matter are continuing. Police received a report of an assault on a man in Arcoona Street, Roxby Downs, in the early hours of July 10, 2005. The investigation is continuing. A 19-year-old Roxby Downs man was reported on July 9, 2005, for driving while disqualified from holding a drivers licence and was also issued an expiation notice for exceeding the pre-

scribed concentration of alcohol. A 33-year-old Roxby Downs man was reported for driving an unregistered and uninsured motor vehicle on July 8, 2005. Police received a report of a nonaggravated serious criminal trespass and theft from a Richardson Place business premises on July 7, 2005. Various items were stolen after entry was gained by forcing a door lock. Also on July 7, a 30-year-old Roxby Downs man was reported for theft following a report being received of about $35 in goods being stolen from a Gosse Street business premises. Following reports of a vehicle being driven erratically and forcing other vehicles off the road on the Stuart Highway on July 7, 2005, Roxby Downs and Woomera police attended the scene of a single vehicle roll over about 70km south of Woomera. The vehicle was identified as being the same vehicle and as a result the 34year-old Roxby Downs man was arrested for driving in a manner dangerous, driving under the influence and refusing to give police his name. The vehicle was written off as a result of the roll-over, and the driver only received minor injuries and refused medical treatment. Police have received a report of damage caused to the glass/perspex in the entrance doors to the Roxby Central mall that occurred overnight of July 6, 2005. Police received a report on July 4, 2005 of the theft of a large sum of money from a purse believed to have been dropped in the driveway of a Mulgaria Crescent residence.


A truly local approach to banking at the National The National Australia Bank (National) has a long and proud history in Roxby Downs, having operated in the area since 1987. The National’s Roxby Downs team has provided local people and businesses with an extensive range of banking services, face-to-face. Through living, working and playing in Roxby Downs, our team understands the importance of community involvement and support. Come and visit us today at the National Centre, Shop 1, Richardson Place. Our people Our team of seven staff are well placed to provide all facets of transactional banking, international transactions, personal, home and business lending, as well as financial planning. Specialist bankers visit the branch regularly to provide face-to-face financial advice on business and personal banking, agribusiness and wealth management. New faces From August 1 our popular Branch Manager, Joanne Dillon, is going on maternity leave. Joanne is being replaced by the very capable and experienced Johan Simon, who has relocated from Newcastle in New South Wales. Johan takes over leadership of our experienced and committed team comprising: Chris Kaminski - Sales & Service Adviser Chris has been with the National for 12 years, all of them at Roxby Downs Branch. Chris has performed a variety of jobs in branch, and is the main contact for customers for term deposits and new accounts. Jane Rigg - Sales & Service Adviser Jane joined the National in late 2004 after more than seven years’ banking experience. With her wealth of knowledge and great customer service skills, Jane assists our customers with all their convenience banking, account structures, fees and other account information.

Page 4 - Thursday, July 21, 2005

Adele Rhodes - Service Adviser Adele is the newest member of the team, having joined us in July 2005. Adele has a strong customer service background, and joins us after 12 years as manager of a healthcare organisation in Whyalla. Sandy Visser - Teller Sandy joined the bank in November 2004 from a strong clerical and hospitality background. Sandy’s strong commitment to customer service makes her an integral part of our team. Tracy Lepinath - Teller Tracy joined the team in February 2004, and is committed to ensuring the National’s customer service is the best in town. Elizabeth Stevens - Teller With over 10 years’ of banking experience, Elizabeth is one of our most experienced tellers who can assist you with your everyday banking needs. Supporting our community Our team lives and works in Roxby Downs, and we also enjoy being active in the community. Like all National branches across the country, we support local community organisations such as the Police Golf Day and RFDS Auction and the Roxby Downs Area School, by volunteering with these organisations. During 2004 we donated $1000 among groups such as the Roxby Downs Outback Fringe Festival and the Roxby Downs Gymkhana and Picnic Racing Club. This year our team has supported our local community radio station RoxFM. Our contacts Please come and see us any time at the Branch, located at Shop 1, Richardson Place or call us on 8671 0046 to arrange an appointment.

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper


Celebrate with RoxFM this New Year’s Eve ROXBY DOWNS…Roxby Downs police have advised that, due to staff shortages, a representative from Transport SA will not be at the Roxby Downs Police Station this week, and the next visit will be from July 26 to July 28, 2005. All general inquiries in relation to Motor Vehicle Registration and Licensing should be directed to TransportSA on 131 084. OUTBACK…Roxby Downs’ Outback Fringe Festival will share in more than $77,000 in grant monies awarded to Outback and Flinders Ranges festivals this month. The money, allocated under the SATC’s regional events and festivals program, will go to several regional festivals including the Coober Pedy Opal Festival, the Glendambo Outback 4x4 Endurance and Field Day, and Tastes of the Outback. ROXBY DOWNS…KESAB Tidy Towns judge Ross Swayne has recommended a swathe of improvements to the southern side of the township following his visit earlier this month. “We recommend the southern area (of Roxby Downs) be the focus of a concerted effort to over come the problem…of years of tree growth time lost,” Mr Swayne said in his report. “The visual comparison between the southern area, parts of which must be five to six years old, and earlier areas with integrated streetscape plantings, is dramatic…the streetscape is aesthetically fractured. Plantings in the southern area are mostly low-growing shrubs with big gaps in the streetscape. It does not favourably compare with other areas of the town where tall street trees give an aesthetic, canopy impact. Pioneer Drive is an obvious, best-practice example.” During the local visit, Mr Swayne also visited St Barbara’s Parish School and the Roxby-Woomera recycling depot. Results from the visit will be announced in December of this year. WOOMERA…The Woomera community played an integral part in the Australian Defence Force exercise ‘Raptors Claw’ this month. The 10-day exercise involved soldiers from throughout the state who set up roadblocks, practiced searching techniques and were involved in mock battles on the outskirts of town. Community members weren’t left out of the excitement, with several locals stopped for vehicle checks and at least two local youths posing as “enemy insurgents”. Woomera Area School students enjoyed a mock exercise at the end of the 10-day period and were given a chance to talk to soldiers and examine equipment. ROXBY DOWNS…Little Rascals Child Care Centre has continued to expand its successful OSHC program, not only before and after school, but also through the school holidays. “The need in Roxby Downs to provide quality vacation care programs is a necessity in a town with so many children,” centre director Karen Mentiplay told The Monitor. “We aim to provide a service where children can enjoy entertaining as well as educational experiences. “Little Rascals’ vacation care program has been devised to suit children five to 12 years old and we aim to keep both the children’s minds stimulated and bodies active. “Activities such as shadow puppets, science day, clay creations and tiedyeing give the children the opportunity to be creative and express themselves.” Turn to Pages 16 and 17 for a complete photographic coverage of the Roxby Downs community’s school holiday fun.

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

ROXBY DOWNS... Community radio station 105.5 RoxFM is calling on local residents to celebrate at home this New Year’s Eve. RoxFM will host a street party on December 31, in Richardson Place. The event will be jointly hosted by RoxFM and the Roxby Downs Youth Services. Families are invited to come along and settle in for an allages evening of live entertainment. Local bands Antacid and

AftaShok will hit the stage, along with some of RoxFM’s most popular DJs. Event coordinators are calling for local community and sporting groups to host food stalls on the evening. More sponsors are also needed to support the event. To find out more about the RoxFM/Youth Services New Year’s Eve street party, telephone 8671 2545. Or pledge your support for the event by emailling roxfm@

ROXFM...Local community radio station DJs Shane ‘Crusty’ Foster and station manager Tina ‘Twisty’ Foster with grandson Zac invite local families to enjoy an all-ages New Year’s Eve street party in Roxby Downs this year.

New service centre opens in Marree MARREE…Marree opened the doors to improved communication last month with the official opening of the Marree Rural Transaction Centre (RTC). Federal Member for Grey Barry Wakelin officially opened the centre on June 27, 2005. “The Marree RTC will provide new and enhanced services for the area including public access to internet, online banking, State and Australian Government information and services,” Mr Wakelin said. “It will also provide videoconferencing facilities, access to the Australian Government Regional Information Service, health and ageing information, facilities for visiting service providers including TAFE and employment services.” The Marree community has welcomed the RTC and its many associated employment opportunities. “Development of our

RTC...The newly-opened Marree Rural Transaction Centre. new RTC provided increased work opportunities from the initial building stage, landscaping and management of the RTC,” a community spokesperson told The Monitor. “Local people were employed through the Construction contractor Bungala Aboriginal Corporation – from October 2004 to the completion of the building in June. “This project is one of which the whole of the Marree community can be proud of.” John Cobb - parliamentary secretary to the Minister for Transport and Regional Services said the RTC was the re-

sult of a partnership between the Federal Government, the Marree Progress Association Inc and the Marree community. “The Australian Government has provided $231,924 to help establish this important new community facility,” Mr Cobb said. There are 239 RTCs approved across Australia providing access to basic private and government transaction services, he told The Monitor. “Communities which have opened RTCs have reported renewed local optimism.” Mr Cobb said.

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Unique opportunity for UK student Amy ROXBY DOWNS… English university student Amy Shepheard has been living and working in Roxby Downs this month gaining work experience at the Roxby Downs Veterinary Clinic. Miss Shepheard comes from Sussex in the south of England and has taken a gap year off before she starts studying at the University of SOAS in London. She told The Monitor she has always wanted to see Australia and has a few relatives in this country. When the opportunity came to work at the veterinary clinic and experience a true outback town, she grabbed the opportunity. “This is such a great town” she said. “I can’t believe that such a nice

Volunteers needed for family support program

VET VISIT…UK university student Amy Shepheard has joined the Roxby Downs Veterinary Clinic team, with ‘Gidget’, who is seeking a more permanent home locally. place exists out in the middle of the desert. There’s a really good atmosphere here and all the people I’ve met here

Page 6 - Thursday, July 21, 2005

are very friendly. “Seeing how the Roxby Downs vet practice operates has been a fantastic opportunity - it’s not everyday that you get to meet people who have such a passion for their job.” During her stay, Ms Shepheard was particularly taken by ‘Gidget’ – a one-year-old Terriercross seeking a home. “I really like Gidget,” Miss Shepheard told The Monitor. “If I didn’t live in England I would be tempted to take her home with me, she is so beautiful and spirited – I’d like to see her get a nice home locally.” If you can offer Gidget – or another abandoned animal - a home, please contact the Roxby Downs Veterinary Clinic on 8671 0730.

BIG SPLASH...Six-year-old Cooper DuPlessis of Roxby Downs hits the road and tests the waters following the community’s recent wave of wet weather.

Wet winter for Roxby Downs ROXBY DOWNS…Roxby Downs and surrounding outback communities have enjoyed a spate of unseasonably wet weather this month. Rainfall for July so far is more than 32ml, compared to 10.6ml for all of July 2004 and 3.4ml in July 2003. In fact, the closest comparable rainfall for the month came in July 1996, when the region recorded rainfall totalling 36ml. Before that, July 1986 registered the highest recorded total to date of 50.2ml.

Peter Clemett – technical officer for the Bureau of Meteorology’s Climate and Consultative Services in Adelaide – told The Monitor that, typically, winter is dry throughout the Roxby Downs region. In contrast, in June and July this year, the Far North and Outback recorded above average rainfall. In June, several stations in the Far North reported totals ranging from 25mm to 50mm – well above the usual, below-10mm average for the region at this time of year.

ROXBY DOWNS…A revitalised ‘Strengthening our Families’ program is gearing up and calling for volunteers interested in supporting local families. The ‘Strengthening our Families’ program has received significant funding from WMC Resources to ensure the life of the project and organisers are now calling for hands-on helpers. “Because so many of our local families don’t have extended family support, especially when they’re new to town, ‘Strengthening our Families’ provides a support network for those people – as well as an opportunity to make new friends and meet new people,” community health nurse Kathy Wooldridge told The Monitor. “Volunteers receive training with Child Youth Health Services to understand their role and requirements and there is full support for volunteers from CYHS and the local community health services. “‘Strengthening our Families’ provides practical help for parents of children aged zero to five-years-old. “Even with our latest funding, it’s really important that we attract volunteers because the ‘Strengthening our Families’ program will not work without that extra support. “Whether you can offer an hour or a full day – anything will be helpful,” Mrs Wooldridge said. To learn more about the program, or to offer your time, contact community health nurse Kathy Wooldridge by telephoning 8671 9020.

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Local students have the RITE stuff ROXBY DOWNS…RITE – the Roxby Downs Industry Training and Education initiative tailored to local youth and business needs - has been running locally now for more than seven years. The prime goal is to assist students with their transition from school to the world of work with the recognition of transferable work skills. Through RITE students learn about occupational health and safey, equal opportunity and workplace regulations and guidelines. “It’s all about learning responsibility and accountability to employers, team work and effective communication skills,” RITE coordinator Yvonne Cloke told The Monitor. “All these skills carry on into any career pathway. “Students write letters of application, resumes and sit formal job interviews prior to commencing work in the workplace.” The students are supported by Yvonne Cloke - vocational education coordinator/career and transitions advisor - who links school, industry and registered training organizations. At Roxby Downs Area School, teacher and counsellor Kate Bennie delivers this program to students and acknowledges it as being a worthwhile opportunity for students. “The benefits to the students from doing this program is that they achieve SACE recognition and it gives them the opportunity to look at the options of School-Based New Apprenticeships as an alternative academic pathway,” Mrs Cloke told The Monitor. “It also gives them an insight into vocational education and training (VET) opportunities and pre-voc opportunities offered through TAFE SA. “This program couldn’t run without the outstanding support of local business which is ongoing and dependable. “But the credit really has to go to our students, 99 per cent of whom perform well, do their best and benefit significantly by participating in the program – they’re the winners in the whole scheme of things.” More than 10 local Year 10 students have completed their RITE training in the first semester, with more set to kick off a new program in Term 3.

BEN... Ben Hicks jumps in at the deep end of the hospitality industry at the Oasis Restaurant and the Tavern during his RITE training.

ROXANNE...Year 10 Roxby Downs Area School students Roxanne Rusin gets some fashion tips at Roxby Downs Mensland during RITE.

SAM...Sam Sunners got a taste of both hair styling and small business up close at Red Sands Hair Design as part of RITE.

MICHAEL...Michael Burger gets some hands-on skills at Beaurepairs during the Semester 1 RITE training at Roxby Downs.

DANIKA...Danika Perrett tries her hand at customer service and gains some café know-how at Le Funke Cafe during the recent RITE program.

CODY...Year 10 Roxby Downs Area School student Cody Richards completes his RITE program at Roxby Downs Leisure Centre.

TAX TIME Ian M. Godfrey & Associates PUBLIC ACCOUNTANTS & TAX CONSULTANTS 8 Stirling Road, Port Augusta

For all your accounting and tax needs Consulting in: Port Augusta, Wilmington and Roxby Downs Myall Grove Caravan Park

Quality w or k assured wor ork and fle xible hour flexible hourss Posting of tax information accepted at PO BOX 238, WILMINGTON 5485

Consulting Mondays and Tuesdays from July 11 to August 30 from 9am, flexible hours at The Myall Grove Caravan park – Cabin 12.

For appointments telephone IAN GODFREY (08) 8642 5000 • Mobile 0419 825 254

NATHAN...Nathan Granger learns some handy skills at Beenham Elite Building. RIGHT...Brad Spillman reaches for the sky during RITE with some help from Beenham Elite Building.

Stephen Scott-Hoy B.Optom Need friendly, professional eyecare and quality fashion eyewear with a full back-up service? See the Eyebus when it visits... Roxby Downs - 8671 2001 Andamooka - 8672 7007 Woomera - 8673 7473 Monthly visits - Examinations bulk-billed. Serving rural and regional South Australia since 1990.

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ABOVE RIGHT...Lachlan Zupp was out and about on the job at Cavpower during the first round of RITE training for 2005. More than 10 local Year 10 students have completed their RITE training in first semester, with more set to kick off a new program in Term 3.

NAOMI...Naomi Buran gets some on-the-job training at Far North Photographics during the RITE program.

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THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

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Knock ‘em down at Woomera

NIPPYGYM…Sue Grimm and Lorraine Tyler take time out at NippyGym with Sarah, 5, Zac, 4, and Alex, 8, during school holidays.

Fun for under fives NIPPYGYM…Make time for fun at NippyGym on Mondays and Fridays, from 9.30am to 10.30am. The revitalised NippyGym program for zero to five-year-olds has been relocated to the Roxby Downs auditorium, making it easy to enjoy a coffee and cookie with friends following your NippyGym session. NippyGym coordinator Sue Grim said the popular long-running play program now boasts a whole new range of fun and safe equipment for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers. “It’s a great place for kids to run and

climb while parents have a chat,” she told The Monitor. “NippyGym is Dad-friendly, and we now have two permanent staff members to keep things running smoothly.” Mrs Grim said NippyGym is a great chance for parents to meet other locals, build networks, and to help children try new things and just have fun. Parents can purchase 20-visit passes for NippyGym to save on costs. For more information about this popular local service, drop into the Roxby Downs Leisure Centre or telephone 8671 0500.

Children’s clothes and accessories YOU’RE KIDDING… The You’re Kidding team will be back in Roxby Downs soon – showcasing a complete and affordable range of babies and children’s wear. You’re Kidding stocks all the practical needs for your baby, in one place – whether you’re looking for socks, singlets, hats and shoes or the top brands in kids’ clothing. You’re Kidding have been visiting Roxby Downs for more than seven years and will be back in town around September, this year. Bev Van Wyk and her friendly team are very aware of local needs and preferences, offering affordable alternatives for children’s clothing and accessories right here in Roxby Downs – four

times a year. Get a good start on your seasonal wardrobe for the kids and choose from a variety of great brands - Peter Rabbit, SP Girl, Nuggets, Purr Girls, TwoDogs and Roar - for boys and girls of all ages. If you’re looking for accessories, it’s all here – from shoes to sunglasses – with You’re Kidding expanding its stock of children’s footwear in time for their upcoming visit to Roxby Downs. When in Roxby Downs, You’re Kidding operates out of the Auditorium. You’re Kidding takes credit cards and the business is happy to take phone and mail orders – just phone 0407 714 372. Next time you’re visiting You’re Kidding, ask Bev and the friendly team

about the range of adult and teen clothing also on offer.

BOWLING…Scott Walsburg, 16, and Barnett Ferris, 18, get their eye in for a little 10-pin bowling at Woomera during the school holidays. Group bookings are available for Range Tours, Out-of-hours Bowling, Museum and Package Deals. Give us a call to arrange a package to suit you.

Dewrang Avenue, Woomera, South Australia Come and visit the Woomera Heritage and Visitor Information Centre. The new interactive museum provides an interesting look at Woomera through history, informative displays including a range of artefacts, rockets and missiles on display. While you are here visiting check the extensive range of unique souvenirs. Inside the Woomera Heritage Centre is a six lane, ten-pin bowling alley and the Outback Diner offers meals, drinks and snacks. Phone/Fax: (08) 86737042 Email: Website: Open 7 days a week 9.00am to 5.00pm 28th Feb to 5th December 10.00am to 2.00pm 6th Dec to 27th Feb (Closed Christmas Day)

WOOMERA…Woomera youth enjoyed a combined fun and food school holidays package at the Woomera 10-pin bowling alley and Heritage Centre last week. Following a complete overhaul and refurbishment of the popular 10pin bowling facilities, the Woomera Heritage Centre offered a school holidays package to local youth including chips, drinks and a spin on the lanes. Heritage Centre staff said the overhaul was especially important in response to rising tourism numbers and regional interest in 10-pin bowling from Roxby Downs. The bowling alley is open seven days a week, from 9am to 5pm, and at other times by arrangement for functions. In addition to its 10-pin bowling facilities, the Woomera Heritage Centre houses the new interactive museum. Take a walk through the history of this unique Outback community and learn about Australia’s own international space base.

Great range of clothing from babies to adults! See the ladies and teenagers range at Glenelg store “Funkee Chic” 49 Jetty Road, Glenelg • (08) 8376 6277 Clothing for kids of all ages at You’re Kidding Welland Shopping Centre Port Road, Welland • (08) 8241 7273 or the Mega-store at You’re Kidding, Katherine Clothing for all ages, mens and ladies fashions 19a Katherine Terrace, Katherine • (08) 8971 2377

It’s stacks of fun for kids under 5. Come along and let the kids run, jump, play and meet new friends. Mondays and Fridays – 9.30am to 10.30am at the Roxby Downs Auditorium $5.50 per child • $8.00 per family JUST SHOW UP – NO BOOKINGS NECESSARY. ENTRY VIA DUNES CAFE THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

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Buy all your babies’ needs Calling all witches and wizards! ANN’S BABY BOUTIQUE… Ann’s Baby Boutique in Whyalla stocks a full range of children’s and baby clothing and accessories. Whether you’re looking for premmie baby clothes or teen fashions up to size 14, Ann’s Baby Boutique stocks affordable, quality products in a range of wellknown brands. Ann’s Baby Boutique in George Avenue, Whyalla, has been estab-

☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺

lished locally for more than 15 years. For an affordable alternative to stock your nursery or outfit your child, Ann’s Baby Boutique’s prices are comparable to many of the metropolitan shops, and a lot closer to home. Or if you’re looking to make something unique for your child, Ann’s Baby Boutique also stocks all your knitting needs – from yarns and needles to a huge range

of patterns. Whether you’re looking to purchase prams, strollers, cots or car seats - work with Ann Hawley and her friendly team to get the best bargains on quality accessories. Ann’s Baby Boutique is happy to take orders over the phone and ready to match prices so you don’t have to travel too far for the big bargains when you’re setting up your nursery,

Prams, cots, carseats Nursery furniture and accessories Stockists of: Valco, Mother’s Choice, Emaljunga, Steelcraft Casual & smart babies & children’s clothes, sizes 00000 – 14 Standard school uniforms, size 4 – XL Formal wear for that special occasion

Phone and mail orders welcome

Ph: 8645 5461

69 George Street Whyalla

PICHI RICHI RAILWAY...Pichi Richi Railway invites budding wizards and witches to join the fun on the Wizards Explorer train, departing from the magic platform. This wizards and witches-themed train, a two- hour return trip, is a magical experience aimed at five to 12-year-olds. Passengers will enjoy decorated carriages, volunteers in costume, and quizzes with prizes on famous young wizards and witches. This mysterious and enchanting train will not be able to be seen by those not in their Wizards Uniforms, (so come dressed up as your favourite Wizard or Witch). A number of special spells have been cast on the train to protect all Wizard Apprentices from evil magic. Knowledge of famous young wizards will be tested, and a magical, mystical time will be had by all Apprentices. This trip is guaranteed school holiday magic to be had by all children and parents! The next Wizards Explorers is scheduled for Sunday, October 9, departing Port Augusta Railway Station at 3pm. For further information and bookings of rail journeys with Pichi Richi Railway please contact Pichi Richi Railway Bookings (free call) 1800 440 101, or the South Australian Travel Centre on 1300 655 276.

Family fun at the Outback Cinema

Come and experience Adelaide’s Best Kept Secret at

North Eastern Community Hospital Private means Private We offer the following: Pregnancy, Maternity, Medical and Surgical Services Conveniently located 8km NE of the CBD Staffed with highly experienced & dedicated obstetric team Large range of obstetricians to choose from A family friendly environment (family rooms with double beds) Every room is a private room with ensuite facilities Planning a Family classes are held in the evening Birth and Parenting classes held in the evenings or on weekends After Discharge We offer a lasting and supportive relationship after delivery and discharge, offering support with infant feeding, parenting skills and family well-being Monthly mother & baby afternoon teas North Eastern Community Hospital 580 Lower North East Road Campbelltown SA 5070

Ph: 8337 7200 or fax 8365 1139

Call the Maternity Unit Manager on 8337 7200 to discuss your individual needs or to arrange a tour.


Showcase your business in your community newspaper! The Monitor offers you the opportunity to be part of our fortnightly features - just phone 8671 2622 or email - TODAY!

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WITCHES AND WIZARDS...Enjoy a magical experience aboard the Pichi Richi Railway’s ‘Wizards Explore’ train on October 9, 2005.

MOVIES AND MUNCHIES…Layla Moseby Read, 2, and dad John Read enjoy popcorn during the school holidays movie program at Roxby Downs’ Outback Cinema. Join the fun with the Outback Cinema Kids Movie Club!

OUTBACK CINEMA...Join the Outback Cinema’s free Kids Movie Club and make the most of your movie fun! The Outback Cinema Kids Movie Club, in Roxby Downs, is aimed at children aged four to 12-yearsold. The club is absolutely free to join - just fill out a form at the Cultural Precinct and receive a voucher, every birthday, for a free movie ticket and popcorn, automatically sent to your child. Kids Movie Club members receive a quarterly newsletter including games, competitions, cooking and jokes - as well as a chance to win great prizes. Or keep up to date with the latest themed movie parties at the Outback Cinema. Roxby Downs’ Outback Cinema offers a variety of family and adult movies, every week, in the comfort of a 60-seat theatrette. For more information talk to the friendly precinct team by telephoning 8671 2001. Why not make the most of your last weekend of school holidays in Roxby Downs and turn to Page 19 for the latest movies and viewing times. Look out for Outback Cinema times, every fortnight, in The Monitor. The Monitor community newspaper, and fortnightly Outback Cinema times is available by logging onto

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Nursery expansion at Burnside Hospital BURNSIDE WAR MEMORIAL HOSPITAL… In the past five years, there has been a baby boom at Burnside War Memorial Hospital. In 1999-2000, there were 467 births at Burnside; by the end of June, we expect to have managed the arrival of around 1100 new South Australians in the preceding 12 months! On May 5, the Maternity Unit had what is believed to be a record-breaking day, with 10 babies born, including two sets of twins. The phenomenal growth in demand for obstetrics has had a major impact on the Level 2 (low dependency) nursery, with facilities being stretched almost to their limit. Burnside has now invested a significant amount of money in extending the nursery and its equipment so that the Hospital can easily accommodate six neonates requiring this level of care. The renovation work was undertaken without closing the nursery, being carefully managed to ensure there was no major impact on services. Around 20 square metres of floor space was added to the nursery by enclosing and redeveloping part of the corridor on the unit’s eastern side. A new assessment room has also been created primarily for ante natal patients requiring acute assessments. New equipment in the nursery includes two state of the art Dräeger C2000 Isolette costs, valued at $28,000 each, one most generously donated by the Burnside Hospital Foundation.

NURSERY EXPANSION...Your newborn is in the safest of hands following the expansion of Burnside War Memorial Hospital’s birthing unit and nursery. The demand for obstetrics has also led to the expansion of the unit from 15 to 20 beds with the refurbishment of five existing adjacent rooms on the southern end of Von Rieben South ward. Clinical Manager, Margie Bartholomew expects that the unit will set yet another record high number of births in 2005 – 2006 and is looking forward to continuing to lead her team through a busy and productive time ahead. Please feel free to give her a call on 8202 7219 if you would like more information.

The best way to shift that baby weight COHENS LIFESTYLE… Are you a serial dieter? Hitting the gym to lose weight doesn’t work for everyone and there is a reason why. “It’s all linked to a few specific hormones,” says Cohen’s Lifestyle Clinic director Bev Sekulla. “Once they go out of balance, almost anything a person puts in their mouth goes into storage regardless of how much exercise they do.” “Many people who come to us are exercising regularly and following good nutrition yet find they still cannot maintain their ideal weight.” “Also, simply losing the weight doesn’t fix the

problem which is why many Australians have become serial dieters. We help people to understand the deeper problem and then make the necessary lifestyle changes to regain control over their weight for life.” Medical researchers are now admitting that hormones play a significant role in obesity. According to international obesity expert and obstetrician/gynaecologist Dr Rami Cohen “Obesity is a disease which has little or nothing to do with lack of self discipline.” Twenty years ago after years of intense medical research, Cohen pioneered a unique method

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

of preparing an eating plan for each individual from a simple blood test. Cohen’s personalised eating plan balances several key hormones with specific food combinations and quantities that the body starts burning its own fat. On Cohen’s lifestyle program 70 per cent of clients have lost between seven to 10 kilograms in their first four weeks alone. No artificial substances, drugs or injections are involved. The body corrects the chemical imbalance naturally. One of the crucial elements of Cohen’s Lifestyle program is the unique stabilisation

process following the weight loss that allows clients to stay in control of their weight for life. The many health benefits of this breakthrough program experienced by past clients include rapid fat-loss (not muscle), no hunger or cravings, lowering of high blood pressure, reduced cholesterol, improved cellulite, improved skin elasticity, increased energy, improvement of diabetes, polycystic ovarian syndrome and some menopause symptoms. For more information contact Cohen’s Lifestyle Clinics in Adelaide on 8172 1050 or visit www.lifestyleclinic.

A good education is a matter of planning LIFE PLAN…These days a good education comes at a price – whether that education is public or private. Education costs are continuing to rise at a rate greater than inflation. Even if you are sending your child to a public school it could cost you up to $35,000 to cover the expenses of primary, secondary and tertiary education. What can you do? You can either meet the costs of your child’s education as they arise (an approach that can often stretch the family budget to uncomfortable levels and cause unnecessary sacrifices) or you can start a savings plan now to help you meet those future education expenses. By having a savings plan you can partly or fully meet the expenses of your child’s primary, secondary and tertiary education. This disciplined approach will help provide your child with a good well-rounded education and not place any unnecessary strain on your personal finances as education expenses arise. For more information call Lifeplan on 1300 1300 38.

Visiting services C O M M U N I T Y HEALTH…Roxby Downs Community Health hosts a variety of visiting specialist services. Talk to your local GP for a referral and book an appointment with paediatrician Dr Nigel Stewart - ph 8671 1900. Child Adolescent Mental Health appointments - contact 1800 819 089. Adult Mental Health Service - for appointments contact 8648 5800 or emergency 131 465. The Child Health Team works with children from birth to 18 years, their families and the community to support child development and achieve better health outcomes. For an appointment, contact 8648 5800 (free service).

Woomera Community Hospital Community Midwife: Janelle Whelan available for antenatal checkups. Visits by prior arrangement, contact Woomera Hospital ............................................... 8673 7788 Community Mental Health Nurse: Rob Wastell ............................................................. 8648 5800 Community Nurse: Kathy Wooldridge for general health information and support. Immunisations contact Woomera Hospital ..................................................................... 8673 7788 CYH (Child Youth Health) monthly and by appointment contact Woomera Hospital ........................................................................................................... 8673 7788 or Deb Harper .................................................................................................................. 8671 9025 or 24hrs & (free service) .................................................................... 1300 364 100 For further information, contact the Woomera Hospital

8673 7788

Roxby Downs Health Service Community Midwife: Janelle Whelan is available for antenatal checkups (free service) .. 8671 9020 Community Nurse: Kathy Wooldridge is available Mon – Fri for general health information. Immunisation clinic open Tuesdays 9am – 12 noon or by appointment ........ 8671 9020 Adult Mental Health Nurse: Rob Wastell (free service) ....................................................... 8648 5800 or emergency ............................................................................................................................ 13 14 65 CYH (Child Youth Health), Tuesdays open clinic 9am – 12 noon or by appointment for health checks, weight & measures. Contact Deb Harper (Mon – Fri) ........................... 8671 9025 or 24hrs or (free service) .......................................................................... 1300 364 100 Allied Health Assistance: Karen Russell for early childhood and family support program (free service) ........................................................................................................... 8671 9020 Roxby Downs Health Service (Hospital) open 24hrs .......................................................... 8671 9020

VISITING SERVICES: Paediatrician: Dr Nigel Stewart (need GP referral) ............................................................. 8671 1900 Child Adolescent Mental Health (free service) ................................................................ 1800 819 089 The Child Health Team: Dietician, Occupational Therapist,Physiotherapist, Speech Pathologist. To make appointments, information and referals (free service) ....... 8648 5800 Visiting Podiatrist ................................................................................................................... 8648 5800

For appointments or more information please contact:

8671 9020

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Just about everything at Just Kidding store JUST KIDDING…When you’re in Adelaide these school holidays, stop kidding around – drop into Just Kidding on Franklin Street and gear up for some serious shopping. Parents-to-be and ready-made mums will find themselves in baby paradise with everything you could ever need for a new arrival – plus plenty for older siblings to enjoy. Over the past 10 years Just Kidding has become the largest baby store in Adelaide and one of the largest in Australia – owner/manager Karen Lows said the store specialises in everything for baby. And she means everything! Nursery furniture, room settings, plastic playhouses, ride-ons, pedal cars, trikes and scooters, art and craft, puzzles, manchester, mobiles, intercoms and monitors, booster seats, safety accessories, educational and infant toys, beach and garden toys, baby feeding products, trampolines, wall decors, play equipment, prams and pushers – all under the one roof. Mrs Lows said Just Kidding stocks great quality brands such as Safe n Sound, Steelcraft, Emmaljunga, Peg

Perego, Nuk and Avent – including a wide range of quality prams and a large range of the popular modern three wheel joggers. Free off-road parking and a city central location makes shopping at Just Kidding very convenient – no need to drive all over Adelaide, dragging children in and out of shopping centres. It’s all in one place at Just Kidding at 70 Franklin Street, Adelaide. Mrs Lows said Just Kidding’s vast baby and nursery supplies are complemented by a wide range of giftware and excellent variety of educational toys as well as clothing up to size two. Not going to Adelaide these holidays? Then The Monitor’s readers can find out more about Just Kidding on-line at Just Kidding accepts all major credit cards and you can talk to Karen Lows and her friendly team to organise freight for most goods or to order something special for your special little one. Telephone 8221 6006, email or drop into Just Kidding at 70 Franklin St, Adelaide.

Accommodation for travelling mums Enjoy a PORT AUGUSTA HOSPITAL...Not keen to travel too far when you have your next baby? Worried about continuity of care between your hospital and your local health services? Thanks to the Port Augusta Hospital’s family accommodation service, you can enjoy the privacy of your own temporary home just a stone’s throw away from the hospital’s specialist care. And then, when you return home to the Outback or Far North, you can continue to consult some of the same specialists from Port Augusta, who regularly visit your region. The PAH offers a variety of accommodation solutions for visiting mums-tobe and families from isolated communities in the Far North and Outback. One of these is the hospital’s ‘family house’. This service - which is fullyfunded by the Patients Assistance Transport Scheme (PATS) - has, historically, been utilised mostly by Roxby Downs families. As many as 300 births occur at the PAH every year. In fact, Port Augusta represents the Far North and Outback’s core medical service, where new mothers can take advantage of the many specialists at the

day out in Woomera

ALTERNATIVE ACCOMMODATION...Port Augusta Hospital offers a range of accommodation support services for visiting families, including an overnight family room for new parents. PAH before returning to home. Continuity of care is then guaranteed through regular regional visits by some of the same specialists to centres like Roxby Downs and Coober Pedy. “Not only is Port Augusta a great opportunity for families to tap into the specialist medical services on offer, but while the family is staying down with mum there are other community services like childcare, playgroups and libraries available,” the PAH community midwife said. If you are lucky enough to know when you are having your baby at PAH, you can book the family accommodation by phoning the

Ward Clerk – 8648 5616, Monday to Friday. Or in an emergency, the accommodation can be assigned as available to visiting families. Other local accommodation is covered by PATS so talk to the helpful staff at the PAH about your accommodation options. A family room is also available at the hospital, for mums having natural births whose partners are keen to stay the night. With these services in place, Roxby Downs residents can transfer back to Roxby very quickly, within two days of their birth, for continued hospital support or something less formal such as midwife visits at home.

Support for Coeliac sufferers Educational & Infant Toys

Trikes & Scooters Puzzles Jigsaws

Booster Seats

Safety Accessories

ts Car Safety Restrain

Intercoms & Monito rs Manchester


s Battery & Pedal Car

Nursery Furniture

70 Franklin St, Adelaide • Ph: (08) 8221 6006 Web: • Email: OFF STREET PARKING AVAILABLE

COELIAC SOCIETY...Did you know up to one in 100 Australians has coeliac disease? However, only 10 to 20 per cent of coeliacs are diagnosed, despite showing the classic symptoms of the disease. Coeliac Disease is a permanent intestinal intolerance of wheat. People with coeliac disease have an allergic reaction to gluten – a protein found particularly in wheat, rye, barley, triticale and possibly oats. People with coeliac disease remain sensitive to gluten throughout their life. Common symptoms in children can be abdominal distension, pain and flatulence, nausea and vomiting, diarrhoea or constipation, large, bulky foul stools, poor weight gain, weight loss, delayed growth or delayed puberty, tiredness, anaemia, and irritability. Because the symptoms can mimic other sicknesses, coeliac disease is often hard to diagnose – the correct diagnoses can only be made by showing that the bowel lining is damaged due to its insensitivity to gluten. The first step is a blood test which is very

accurate - an antiendomysial antibody test. Then, if a positive reading is obtained, a small bowel biopsy is recommended for confirmation. It is also useful to have family and relatives screened for Coeliac Disease. An underlying genetic predisposition is present in children at birth – around 10 percent of those closely related to other coeliacs will also have the disease. Some infants become instantly ill as soon as gluten is introduced to the diet while others develop problems slowly over several years. In untreated coeliacs, the lining of the intestine can become inflamed and the villi inside the bowel are unable to break down and absorb nutrients in food. Coeliac Disease can be effectively managed and treated by a lifelong gluten free diet. For more information about Coeliac Disease and to mail order a variety of gluten free foods, recipe books and information call the Coeliac Society of South Australia in on 8365 1488 or go to their store at 5/88 Glynburn Road Hectorville SA, 5073.

WOOMERA…Pack up the family, invite some friends and take a day trip to Woomera these school holidays. Plan a picnic or barbecue in Breen Park with fully equipped free barbecue area, lawns, playground and numerous birds. Visit ‘Missile Park’ or, during the summer, take a dip at the Woomera Pool. Your day can even extend into the evening to enjoy the hospitality of the Eldo Hotel, RSL or the Sports Club. Take in a movie at the Theatre or view the night sky and stars at the Observatory. There is a range of accommodation available from backpacker’s rooms to self-contained units. Whatever you decide to do, don’t forget to visit the Woomera Heritage and Visitor Information Centre. Explore the Rocket Range History in the interactive Rocket Range Museum. Then stay on and enjoy some lunch with daily lunch specials. Then challenge the kids to a game of 10-pin bowls. After hours bowling bookings are available for groups – kids birthday parties, work functions etc. Contact the Centre to arrange a package including catering. Contact the Woomera Heritage and Visitor Information Centre to help facilitate your visit and to ensure that you take advantage of the various facilities available squash and tennis courts, beach-sand volleyball court, gym, golf course, theatre, 10-pin bowling, and lawn bowls.

Modern, fully equipped, specialist maternity service supported by fantastic local network of specialists and midwives

Port Augusta Hospital & Regional Health Services Inc Hospital Road, Port Augusta

Phone: 8648 5616 Fax: 8648 5564

Page 14 - Thursday, July 21, 2005

• Qualified obstetrician • Modern facilities • Nursery specialists • Post natal and ante-natal education and support • On-site paediatricians • Family stay room • Lactation specialists and breast-feeding support • Beautiful, modern, fully equipped birthing suites with baths • Shared care with GPs, community midwives, obstetricians • Single and double rooms available • Continuity of care for your baby

Accommodation prior to having your baby is available for you and your family. Bookings can be made by contacting the Ward Clerk of Casuarina Ward on 8648 5616 – Monday to Friday 9am to 3pm.

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

Thursday, July 21, 2005 - Page 15


Kids keep busy during school holidays BEAD BUDDIES…Brigitta Martin, Jaspar, 4, and Eloise, 5, beading headbands at RDCCC.

ABOVE…Morgan, 3, Inca-Jayde, 6, and Erin, 3, show off the beaded headbands they made at Roxby Downs Child Care Centre during the school holidays.

SCRAPBOOKERS...Duncan, 10, and Emily, 6, get some scrapbooking hints from Karen Grantham at Little Rascals Child Care Centre.

READY TO READ…Roxby Downs Child Care’s Julie Fortington settles down with Tom, 4, Aedan, 4, Nicholas, 4, Blaze, 3, and Tyne, 3, for a story during school holidays. Last names are omitted in accordance with centre policy.

LEFT...Caitlin, 3, and Clinton, 3, enjoy some dolls house fun at Little Rascals Child Care Centre. Last names are omitted in accordance with centre policy.

NIPPY GYM FUN...Local children of fitness-keen parents were treated to some NippyGym fun at the Roxby Downs Leisure Centre creche, while their mums and dads hit the gym equipment for their workouts. Roxby Downs Leisure Centre offers a creche for centre-users and gym-goers fivedays-a-week between 9am and noon. NippyGym itself will resume on Mondays and Fridays, from July 25 - 9.30am till 10.30am.

ABOVE…Connecting the pieces at Roxby Downs Child Care Centre, from left, Aatman, 3, Kaiden, 3, and Kallie Falland with Jaylee, 10 months. Last names are omitted in accordance with centre policy.

ABOVE LEFT...Lots of Lego for Andrew, 8, Josh, 8, Jarryd, 9, and Jack, 6, at Little Rascals Child Care Centre.

CUDDLE TIME...Serena Tolson with Amy, 2, at Little Rascals Child Care Centre.

LEFT...Pram pushers Judy Cagney, Connor, 10 months and Sam, 2 at LRCCC. Last names are omitted in accordance with centre policy.

Get your refund sooner with Electronic Lodgement

Call NOW to make an appointment

School starters

• Personal and Business Taxation

NEW STARTERS... St Barbara’s Parish School transition LGA students from left, five-year-olds Tessa, Alan, Corey, Divine, Isaac, Nicholas and Breanna - will begin full-time school next week.

• Bookkeeping and Payroll • BAS and GST

Phone 8642 5244

• Business Consultant

After hour appointments available.

• Registered Tax Agent


Last names are omitted in accordance with school policy.

28 Jervois Street, Port Augusta

The RoxFM Copper Card WE’VE GOT ONE! HAVE YOU?

RoxFm Copper Card Specials for the Month of July All specials are exclusive to Copper Card holders on presentation of their card.

Auto Pro:

25% off Sound 4 stereos.

Roxby Downs IT

25% off domestic service rate. Phone 8671 0364.

Beauty by Nancy:

$5 off a set of acrylic nails. Phone: 8671 1023

Roxby Downs Mensland:

40% off all Winter clothing.

Half price PC games in stock.

Roxby Downs Newsagency:

Spend over $10 and receive a free engraved pen (cond. apply).

Roxby Downs Pharmacy:

15% off wind chimes.

Synapse Body Therapy:

Brenda will do a complete facial with every heat therapy massage booked. Phone: 8671 3039.


$15 men’s haircuts. Phone 8671 0214.


Free ice-cream cake for birthday draw at the end of each month.

Blockbuster: Comfort Inn, Port Augusta: (Adelaide side of town)

10% discount on presentation of Copper Card. Discount not available with any other offers. Phone: 1800 066 262.

Creative Trims & Crafts:

10% off all stitchery kits. Phone 8671 0153.

Desert Decor:

Buy two candles and get 20% off the third.

Far North Photographics:

6x4 reprints 30¢, 5x7 digital prints $1, 6x8 digital prints $1

Flowers in the Bush:

10% off fresh flowers. Phone: 0408 711 459.

LeFunke Cafe:

$2.50 coffee’s all day, every day.

Mitre 10:

10% off storewide.

Outback Cinema:

Buy one movie ticket and get one free.

Outback Landscaping & Supplies:

A frosty 14.44% off all plants.

Red Sands Hair Design:

Ladies cuts $15 with every full colour service, cuts with Cel – men’s at $7.50 and kids at $5. Phone 8671 3039.

Page 16 - Thursday, July 21, 2005

Due to technical difficulties, RoxFM will be opening a new Webpage very soon. Unfortunately is no longer available and we are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. If you wish to contact RoxFM via email, our temporary email address is: Thankyou for your patience, our new Webpage is coming soon.

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Buy your Copper Card from RoxFM studio, located at Richardson Place. Also available at Desert Decor, Outback Landscape & Supplies and Dunes Cafe. Cost $25.00 and you will receive hundreds of dollars of savings throughout the year. Proud sponsors of RoxFM.

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OSHC vacation fun and games

Mini-Monitor BIRTHDAYS

HARVEY...Harvey Clarke celebrated his first birthday on June 16, 2005.

OSHC…Playing ‘helter skelter’ at Roxby Downs’ Out of School Hours Care during the school holidays, from left, James, 10, Kyle, 6, and Nick, 10. Last names are omitted in accordance with OSHC policy.

QUICK DRAW…Skyla, 6, and Hannah, 7, draw up some fun at Roxby Downs’ Out of School Hours Care during the school holidays.

KARRIE…Karrie Hayes celebrated her sixth birthday on July 19, 2005.

AMELIA…Amelia Brouns celebrates her second birthday on July 24, 2005.

GEORGIE…Georgie Dixon celebrates her first birthday on July 25, 2005.

HIRE HYDRA ULIC TORQUE WRENCHES HYDRAULIC 30mm to 150mm bolts SOUTHONS...Catie Southon turned five on July 20, while her sister Lilli was three on June 9.

TAEGAN...Taegan Williams celebrated his second birthday on July 17, 2005.

HYTORC POLICY 50% off rental costs applied as discount on new equipment

Celebrate your child’s birthday in

6 Eton Rd, Keswick

The Monitor Your Community Newspaper.

0412 828 060

Drop into our Richardson Place office, call 8671 2683 for your birthday photo or email

Ph: 8293 8411 Fax: 8288 0477

BEAD CRAFT…Piecing together some fun play-time at Out of School Hours Care during the school holidays, from left, Amy, 9, Joel, 6, and Amy, 5. Last names are omitted in accordance with OSHC policy.

Mini-Monitor NEW ARRIVALS MINA ROSE… Josh and Petra McArthur, of Roxby Downs, welcomed the arrival of their daughter Mina Rose on June 16, 2005. Mina was born at Whyalla Hospital weighing 3150gms (7lb). BABY PHOTOS... Welcome the birth of your newest family member FREE in your community newspaper The Monitor - ph 8671 2683! THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

Thursday, July 21, 2005 - Page 17

ROXBY DOWNS COUNCIL NEWS Roxby Downs Council News page is a paid, community news service.

More nominations welcomed for forums


Upcoming Works...Contract for footpath reinstatement works in sections of Hermit Street has been awarded. Works scheduled to commence on 11 July 2005. Roxby Power is about to commence an audit for ESCOSA in relation to its Retail and Distribution Licenses. Works in Progress...Upgrade of Plant Room at the Swimming Pool has continued. Continued inspections of township streets as a prelude to future road resealing program. Reviewing Memorial Wall Project for Richardson Place Works underway with kerb repairs and Hermit Street footpaths Town Oval light tower maintenance Ongoing electrical upgrade at Visitor Information Centre Data loggers to be connected to both town water supply and Sewer Pump Station A. Completed Works...Audit of all power meters has been undertaken. Pump Stations C and F rebuilds are now completed. Potable water is now available to irrigation tanks for use if needed. All streetlights have been checked and repaired where necessary. Parking...Ongoing parking control action is being undertaken around town with several warning notices being issued. Residents are reminded that parking in the Richardson Place Bus Zone is restricted to buses only and that along with parking on road side verges is a traffic offence subject to the issue of infringement notices. Vandalism...Council urges all residents to report instances of vandalism to the police and Council. This is your community and your rates are being wasted by these types of action so your help is essential. Electricity Cent a Meters...Council has purchased 5 analyser meters for customer service purposes. These meters are available for hire from Council for a small fee. Meters will assist customers to monitor their power usage. Rates...Final instalment for the 4th quarter was due on 16 June 2005. Arrears for those with more than two (2) quarters will be sent to the Collection Agency. If you have difficulty in paying, please contact Bronnie Warren to make payment arrangements. Water Accounts...Water accounts have now been issued. Due date for payment is 15 August 2005. Water & Electricity Meter Readings...Electricity accounts have now been issued. Due date for payment is 3 August 2005. Dog Registrations...Dog Registrations for the 2005/ 06 financial year became due and payable from the 1 July 2005. Owners have until 31 August 2005 to have their dog registrations renewed. Local Website...Visit your local updated website. New Forums have now been added. Read what’s new and have your say in the Forums at Street Lighting...Is there a street light not working near your home? Please include the exact location (street, house number) when reporting to assist in easy identification for repair. Rubbish Collection...Residents are reminded that there is a limit of one bin per household for weekly rubbish collection. Opal Road Landfill Opening Hours...Tuesdays, 8am to 12 noon, Thursdays 1pm to 5pm, Saturday & Sunday 10am to 4pm. Out of hours access call 8671 1154. Council Office Hours – General...Monday to Friday – 9am to 5pm.

Incorporating ROXBY WATER ROXBY POWER (Water & Sewerage (Electricity Supply) Services)

Richardson Place PO Box 124, Roxby Downs SA 5725 Ph - 08 8671 0010 Fx - 08 8671 0452 Email - After Hours Emergency Contact Ph - 0418 892 870

Page 18 - Thursday, July 21, 2005

Council staff moving on COUNCIL CHANGES…Roxby Downs Council will farewell two of its staff this month. Municipal Works Manager Robert Barker leaves Roxby Downs for Ceduna this month where he will begin work as a Heavy Vehicle Compliance Officer for Transport SA. Mr Barker originally came to Roxby Downs in June 2000 for a threemonth fill-in position – five years later he is ready to try something new. Customer Service Officer Hayley Speck is also seeking a career change after a year with Council. She will move to Alice Springs this month where she will live with family while gaining experience and training in the hospitality industry.

COMMUNITY BOARD…The Roxby Downs Community Board is delighted with the community’s response to its call for nominations to the Community Forums and Partnerships. Just before going to press the Community Board advised that a total of 54 nominations have already been received. “Given we have only had five information evenings so far this is a fantastic result,” Board facilitator Ray Goldie said. “To have 54 people put their hands up to support their community at this early stage is a great start,” he said. “It is a real indicator of the high level of acceptance of the Community Plan and its management structure by the wider community, but the Board is not complacent and they are still seeking nominations.” To date, the Board has held information nights for sport and recreation, business, education and workplace training and family and youth with evenings for health being held on Monday, July 25, and Arts and Culture on Wednesday, August 10. Both sessions will be held at the Cultural Precinct in the theatrette from 7.30 pm. The Board will continue to accept nominations for all forums and partnerships. “It is not necessary to wait for information evenings before nominating, nor is it too late if an information evening has already been held,” Mr Goldie said. “Nominations will remain open until all positions are filled.” In contrast, final nominations for the Community Board are now closed. “It is expected that the nominees for the Community Board will be interviewed and appointments finalised by the end of August.” Mr Goldie said that “overall the Community Board is ahead of its timetable to have all of the forums and partnerships up and running by September 30. Nomination forms are available from the Roxby Downs Council front desk and electronically on “The next five years will see unprecedented changes in Roxby Downs and this is exceptional opportunity for individuals and those who represent community organisations and special interest groups to have an input into their community,” Mr Goldie said. “No previous experience is required, just a genuine interest in the sector for which you nominate.”

Council’s commitment to the Community Plan C O M M U N I T Y BOARD...Congratulations to all those who have attended the initial run of Community Forum presentations and for those that have put their names down to become members of the initial steering groups. Responses have been

very encouraging. Thus far, successful presentations have been held for the Family and Youth, Sport and Recreation, Education and Workplace Training and Business Forums. Additional presentations will be held for the Health

sector this month and for Arts and Culture in August, so watch The Monitor and listen to RoxFM for further updates. Assisting the community to implement the 2005 Roxby Downs Community Plan is a major emphasis for Council. While adopting the vi-

sions and recommendations of the Roxby Downs Community Board is one thing, providing support by way of appropriate human and financial resources is another. Council is strongly committed to this process and is in the process of insti-

gating several positive changes. It is envisaged that the Community Board currently being recruited and all of the Forums will begin reviewing and commence action on their section of the Plan’s implementation by September 2005.


July 2005 Australian Breastfeeding Association Wednesday, July 27 9:30am to 11:00am Breastfeeding discussion “Double Troubles”- Tandem Feeding Ph 8671 0867 August 2005 Roxby Book Club Monday, August 1 7:30pm start Roxby Downs Community Club Ph Bek Garwood – 8671 1106 HotShots Camera Club Sunday, August 7 Dunes Cafe 1pm to 4pm Ph Yvette - 0409 506 213

Calcutta Night Friday, August 19 Roxby Downs Community Club Book early and buy your tickets from The Club Ph 8671 0117

Outback Cup Ball Saturday, August 20 8pm till late Roxby Downs Community Club Tickets available on the night.

RDAS P&F Market Day Saturday, August 20 9am till 1pm Richardson Place, Roxby Downs

Police Golf Day & RFDS Auction Saturday, September 17 Ph Shirley Gow - 8671 1213

Chicken & Champagne Breakfast Saturday, August 20 Roxby Downs Community Club Beer Garden Book at The Club Ph 8671 0117

Woolbalers B&S Glendambo Saturday, November 26 Phone Leah Giles - 0400 858 071

September 2005

November 2005

Roxby Downs OneSteel Outback Cup 10th Outback Cup Saturday, August 20 Gates open 9am, racing starts at noon. Roxby Downs & Districts Racecourse Tickets at the gate

Woolbalers Recovery Glendambo Sunday, November 27 Ph Leah Giles - 0400 858 071

Register your event FREE in your community newspaper.

Phone 8671 2683 or email to book your event in ‘What’s On!’ The ‘What’s On!’ Free Community Calendar is proudly sponsored by Roxby Downs Council.

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

OUT & ABOUT SPONSORS...Gordon Visman from Jeff Hort Engineering and Don Mancini from Louminco were on hand this month to present Roxby Darts premiership trophies at the winter season presentation dinner as part of their companies’ ongoing support as major sponsors of the local Roxby Darts competition.

QUILTERS’ FAREWELL...Quilter Julie Nixon, back, centre, is farewelled by friends and quilting students, from left, front, Sarah Cordy with William Denholm, Di Brooks, Cheryl Boothey, back, Megan Denholm, Robyn McInnis, Ros Boothey and Julia Allen.

DARTS NIGHT... Ellie Price from Andamooka, joined Emma Dunn and Stephanie Asplin of Roxby Downs, and Karrie Price of Andamooka at the recent Roxby Darts presentation dinner.

Ph: 8671 2001 ...for up-to-date movie guides every time!

MEXICAN PARTY… Garry Millar travelled south of the border for a Mexican-themed party this month with party hosts Lindy McAskill and Glenn Bassett.

SOUTH OF THE BORDER...Myra and Collin Kasisi, with Bella, 18 months, dressed to impress for Lindy McAskill and Glenn Bassett’s recent Mexican party in Roxby Downs.

GUYS NIGHT OUT CAN COMPETITION WINNER… Cara Brittain is the latest winner in one of the Roxby Downs Ochre Cellars’ ongoing promotions, taking home a Jim Beam & Cola ‘Can Fridge’. Ochre Cellars staff Peter Lyon and Des Taylor present Ms Brittain with the fridge last week. “I was pretty shocked when I heard I’d won because I really wanted the ‘Can Fridge’,” she told The Monitor.

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

ct Tour – Dire Full Month old Coast from the G Olympic Dam Football Club, Friday, July 22, 2005 at 7.30pm and Woomera Sports Club on Saturday, July 23 at 7.30pm Tickets available at the door For further information phone 0418 713 971

Friday, July 22 – Tuesday, July 26 The Heffalump Movie – Rated: G. There’s something new in the Hundred Acre Wood. Fri, Sat & Sun 11am. Herbie Fully Loaded – Rated: PG. Lohan, the new owner of Number 53 the free-wheelin’ Volkswagen bug with a mind of its own, puts the car through its paces on the road to becoming a NASCAR competitor. Fri, Sat & Sun 2pm. Friday, July 29 – Tuesday, August 2 War of the Worlds – Ray Ferrier is a working class man living in New Jersey. He’s estranged from his family, his life isn’t in order, and he’s too caught up with himself. But, the unthinkable and ultimately the unexpected happens to him in an extraordinary sense. His small town life is violently shaken by the arrival of destructive intruders; aliens which may have come en masse to destroy Earth. As they plow through the country in a wave of mass destruction and violence, Ray must come to the defense of his children. Fri 8:30pm; Sat & Sun 2:30pm; Sun & Tues 8pm.. Madagascar – Rated: PG. At New York’s Central Park Zoo, a lion, a zebra, a giraffe and a hippo are best friends and stars of the show. But, when one of the animals goes missing from their cage, the other three break free to look for him, only to find themselves reunited on a ship en route to the island of Madagascar. Fri 6pm; Sat & Sun 12 noon.

Thursday, July 21, 2005 - Page 19

property spotlight

.. . . . s u ith w l l e S

North East

NO STRESS NO FUSS 1289 North East Road, Tea Tree Gully SA 5091 (08) 8395 2233 LOOKING FOR PROPERTY MANAGEMENT? Phone us – we’ll look after you. Wayne Lawson 0421 636 338

David Murley 0412 050 200

“Putting you first”

Local Penny Coleman 0418 974 384 8671 0653

6 Coolibah Drive – “Investment with a difference”. Executive family home of 4 bedrooms, master with ensuite, BIRs to all, large formal entrance, formal dining, good sized lounge and family room. Double carport, swimming pool and entertaining area, heating, cooling and 2 Colorbond sheds. Leased at $365/week. $325,000. Web ID 779884. 34 Axehead Road – “Invest for your CTGroup of 3, 2 future”. A R bedroom units all on 1 NTtitle. Built-in robes, good O size lounge, kitchen and C R bathroom, leased at E D per week. Invest now. $450,000. approximatelyN $650 U Web ID 783231. 5 Anna Court – “Quality home”. 3 bedroom home, BIRs, huge rumpus/ study with full length built-in cupboards, lounge/dining, well equipped gas kitchen/dishwasher, heat/cooling, double garage, pergola / verandah, single carport, room to park the caravan and extra car, manicured front and rear, fully irrigated gardens. Rent potential $330/ week. Good buying at $264,950. Web ID 783282. 15 Finniss Street – “Well positioned”. 3 good size bdrms, master with ensuite & WIR, BIR CTopen plan to 1 other, A lounge/ dining, floating t/ TRkitchen N floors, with gas COstove, ample cup boards R and dishwasher, ducted evap DE air-cond & split R/C air-cond. Outback style rear N verandah with pattern paving, tool shed, U pool with spa (solar heated), easy care f/fenced, salt water rear garden. RP $330. $263,500. Web ID 783253. Andamooka, Lot 65 – “Why Rent” when you could buy this three bedroom family home. Also offering large L-shaped lounge large dining, spacious gas kitchen, rangehood and ample cupboards, large walk-in pantry. Refrigerated air-con, double garage with pit and great views. Only $69,950. Web ID 783265. 3/46 Aquila Boulevard – “On Your Marks, this one won’t last!!” Built in 1988, three bedrooms all with BIR’s. Well maintained location amongst a group of five currently leased at $250 p/w. Only $210,000. Web ID 793473. Andamooka, Lot 102 – “This Castle Needs Completing” This home, consisting of kitchen, lounge and bedroom is undergoing extensive incompleted extensions. The property has its own mineshafts & sits on 4,790sqm and has views across the opal fields. Also included is all furniture including refrigerator washing machine. Only $79,950. Web ID 793294.

Page 20 - Thursday, July 21, 2005

Develop your property portfolio 24 IRRAPATANA ST...Enjoy the features of this Roxby Downs home, including a large gabled roof, outdoor entertaining area with paving and spa, beautifully handcrafted stone and timber feature barbeque area

436 SCENIC DRIVE, NAPPERBY…$393,000 Knight’s Cottage (Bed & Breakfast)

The home, set on 10 acres, is approx 9 years old and comprises of 3 bedrooms (2 with built-ins), a bay window and combustion heater, generous lounge room with an archway opening to the dining area. The well-appointed kitchen over looks the casual meals or family area which leads out to a well-established pergola. Other features are the modern two-way bathroom, fully ducted reverse cycle air-conditioning, double garage under main roof and a secluded spa room, which can be used by the guests. The cottage is a splendid hideaway which includes 2 bedrooms, open space lounge, kitchen and dining area, modern bathroom, fully furnished and equipped with linen. For all year comfort there is ducted refrigerated air-conditioning and for those cozy winter nights a pot belly heater. This bed and breakfast opportunity has a 3½ star rating with the RAA. To the outside there’s a huge 52’ x 30’ shed with pit, power, c/floor, shelving and benches, a 30’ x 17’ implement shed, wood shed, kangaroo yard, abundance of native trees and a orchard and herb garden. This is a rare opportunity to break into the lucrative tourism industry within 10mins of the regional shopping centre of Port Pirie.

162 Ellen Street, Port Pirie

Phone: (08) 8632 1511 Fax: (08) 8633 0411



This meticulously maintained family home is well worth your consideration. Comprising 4 good size brms, all with good quality bir’s and ensuite to master. Open plan living/dining and kitchen with loads of cupboard space and gas stove, lino and carpets in good condition, original bathroom in excellent condition, gas wall furnace and ducted evap a/c. Large gabled roof, outdoor entertaining area with paving and spa, beautifully handcrafted stone and timber feature BBQ area, good size work-shop and garden shed. This property represents an outstanding opportunity for the investor that likes it “easy” as the Vendor intends to lease back this property for a long term.

$265,000 60 PIONEER DRIVE


Well maintained family home comprising 3 brms, all with built-in robes, 2 of which are double in size, central bathroom with near new vanity cabinet and fully enclosed shower cubicle, updated eat-in kitchen including pantry, cosy living room with gas heating, ducted evap. a/c, ceiling fans to all brms and living area, floor coverings and window treatments in excellent condition. Exterior is also packed with features including a large workshop with single vehicle access, dble carport, outdoor entertaining area including in-ground spa and paving, exterior awnings to the front of the property, large veggie-plot area suitable for the green thumb, lawn and even a chook yard. INVESTORS NOTE: This home has the potential to achieve $340.00pw.

$270,000 11/6 PHIBBS COURT


2 Bedroom brick unit in Phibbs Court complex offering open plan living/dining adjacent to a very functional kitchen including a near new stove and plenty of cupboard space, built-in robes to both bedrooms and both bedrooms of reasonable size, small rear courtyard and one car parking space. Within a few minutes walk of the Roxby Downs CBD and ideally suited to the landlord seeking a low maintenance investment property in a highly sought after location. Currently leased to a very good tenant at a rate of $250.00 per week until 12th May 2006.


Very well presented family home that offers 4 brms, huge master brm with walk-in robe and ensuite, all other brms of good size and include built-in robes, open plan kitchen, dining and lounge room, kitchen includes dishwasher, lots of cupboard space, 3-door pantry, separate gas cooktop and wall-oven, tiled floors throughout and carpet to brms and lounge, ceiling fan to dining room and master bedroom, gas wall furnace to living area, ducted evap. air-cond, suede effect feature walls to living, dining and master brm, large laundry with exterior access, both bathrooms include glass screens and roller shutters to front windows. Large outdoor undercover/ paved entertaining area, bird aviary, large shipping container for storage, greenhouse, deep blue pool with paving, rock water feature, gazebo and single c/port with roller door. An inspection of this property will IMPRESS!! INVESTORS NOTE: This home has the potential to achieve $360-365pw.


“HELP! – We haven’t got much stock left – Have you considered selling your home or investment property.” LORRAINE AUBREY 8671 2000 or

LIN ANDREWS…If you’re looking for a real jewel for your property portfolio, then look no further than 24 Irrapatana St, Roxby Downs. This meticulously-maintained family home is well worth your consideration. The property comprises four good-sized bedrooms, all with good quality built-in robes and an ensuite to the

master bedroom. Open plan living/dining and kitchen, a kitchen with loads of cupboard space and gas stove are real highlights of this home. All linoleum and carpets are clean and in good condition. The original bathroom is in excellent condition, complemented by a gas wall furnace and ducted evaporative air-condi-

MIRANDA 30km South of Port Augusta. 850m2, close to beach, great view of Flinders with 20x40 Colorbond garage with electric roller doors, full length gabled verandah. Power on block, septic. $65,000. 0429 822 781

69 Burgoyne Street, Roxby Downs Large four bedroom home (main with ensuite and WIR). Big lounge and family, plenty of kitchen cupboard space, 2 linen cupboards. Reverse cycle ducted air-con, full length rear verandah, security roller blinds to front windows, above ground pool, low maintenance gardens, undercover parking for 3 cars and satellite dish. $259,900

3 Wirrda Street, Roxby Downs “Complete Package”Four bedroom home with built-ins and carpet, large carpeted lounge complete with reverse cycle air-con, floating timber floor to dine, family and kitchen (incl. dishwasher), large linen cupboards, in-ground fibreglass pool surrounded with paving, 6m x 6m shed with concrete floor, power and vehicle access, pergola / patio area at rear with decking, established gardens on auto retic system. Nothing to do but move in. $296,000 Don’t trust just anyone with your valuable investment. Property Consultant Geoff Chick knows the local market and can help you get results!

Geoff Chick 0417 816 738 OVER 14 YEARS OF LOCAL KNOWLEDGE

tioning for complete, allyear-round comfort. Outside, the large gabled roof outdoor entertaining area boasts tasteful paving and a spa, a beautifully-handcrafted stone and timber feature barbeque area, good size work-shop and garden shed. This property represents an outstanding opportunity for the investor that likes it “easy” as the vendor intends to lease back this property for a long term at a rate of $350 per week. For further information or to arrange an inspection, please contact Lin Andrews Real Estate Roxby Downs on 8671 2000 or 0400 980 338.

RENT SELL & BUY your home in our Real Estate Review every fortnight Telephone The Monitor’s sales team

8671 2622

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper



BOSTON, Henry Joseph (Harry). 31/1/22-10/7/05 – We miss you Dad and Poppa, from your son Richard (Rick), daughter Sheila and daughter-in-law Maya, grandchildren James and Melanie and great-grandchildren Tyson and Dale. Funeral to be held in Andamooka on Saturday, July 23, 2005 at 10.00am. All friends welcome.

ARB 3/4 roof rack to suit Nissan Patrol GU. Adjustable legs. Good condition. $850 new - will sell for $450. Ring Chris on 0428 155 026

CARAVAN 30ft Caravan with 30ft solid annexe in Myall Grove Caravan Park. Three bedrooms, side patio, kitchen, ensuite toilet and shower, fully-fenced. $8000 ono – serious buyers only. Phone 0407 571 123.


SHIPPING Containers. 20 and 40 foot. From $1,000 each inc GST. At Olympic Dam ph 8671 0336 (bh). STAINLESS steel food grade sheets. Approx .55m x .68m x .7m, .625m x .625m x .7m, 2.1m x .45m from $6 per sheet inc GST. At Olympic Dam ph 8671 0336 (bh). WHEELIE bins, new, 240 litres $55 each plus GST or 2 for $100 plus GST. At Olympic Dam ph 8671 0336 (bh). WOODEN railway sleepers, 2.4 metres long, from $15 each incl GST. At Olympic Dam ph 8671 0336 (bh).




WE would like to express our gratitude to those that helped us out and gave their best wishes during Jill’s recent illness. Jill is fit & well and home at Billa Kalina station. Yours sincerely, Colin, Jill, Laura, Anna and Bridie Greenfield.

Roxby Traders Mitre 10 are pleased to offer two casual positions. These are for normal week day hours as well as alternate weekends. Apply in writing to: The Manager (Private & Confidential) Roxby Traders Arcoona Street Roxby Downs SA 5725 Applications close 5:30pm, August 5, 2005


Pt Pirie & Adelaide Depots Antique & Household Removals Local, Interstate & Country Storage & Delivery Specialists

Ph: 0427 716 173 Roxby Downs À Pt Augusta À Pt Pirie


MOTOR VEHICLES HYUNDAI Lantra Sportswagon 1997. Manual, air-conditioning, power steering, immobiliser. 14,500 kms. XAP-133. $7,000 ono. Phone 8671 1887, 0400 146 006, 0427 960 242.

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Sales Representative The Monitor wishes to engage a self-motivated “people” person to act as the papers’ sales representative for local and regional businesses. If you like building strong relationships with people, can think creatively, would thrive in a busy, deadline-driven environment and have competent skills in the Microsoft Office Suite, this may be your next career move. The position includes sales, building customer loyalty and the development of innovative sales promotion and packaging. The Monitor has been acclaimed by readers, advertisers and the newspaper industry and offers our sales representative an established client base, sales systems, training and management support. While your previous experience will be highly regarded, we are willing to help you grow into this position. The position offers a generous retainer and commission scheme.

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Thursday, July 21, 2005 - Page 21


Sharp shooters ahead in winter darts season

Andamooka Opal Showroom Post Office and Motel

Behind the Famous Bottle House Opal Creek Boulevard, Andamooka OPEN 7 DAYS and after hours by appointment Ph: (08) 8672 7007 • Fax: (08) 8672 7062 Email:

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BODY CHALLENGE...Liz Sutherland kicks up the intensity on her personal gym program through the Roxby Downs Leisure Centre’s 12-week body transformation challenge.

Challenge marks four-week milestone BODY CHALLENGE… Liz Sutherland is four weeks into the local ‘Body Transformation Challenge’ at the Roxby Downs Leisure Centre gym and is already feeling great. Liz Sutherland joined the gym in February 2005, but saw the challenge as a chance to step up her performance and shake up her program. “I was ready for a change and to challenge my-

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Page 22 - Thursday, July 21, 2005

self,” Sutherland told The Monitor. “The program has been a big time commitment, six days a week but on that seventh day I can do what I want, eat what I want – and that’s great! “I’ve really enjoyed it - I can feel myself getting stronger already and I’m seeing the difference in how my clothes fit.” Liz Sutherland is one of 40 participants in the gym’s 12-week ‘Body Transformation Challenge’ which is now four weeks along. Gym manager Michelle Duggan reported that enthusiasm has been high in this year’s competition – especially between the five sets of couples who have signed on for the program. “People are noticing changes in their clothes and it’s been great for participants’ self-esteem,” she told The Monitor. “They’re more open to the whole experience after four weeks, they’re asking questions and

learning all the time – which is extremely important because without that education a lot of people fall down in the long-term. “We’ve been very happy that, from our first challenge, there are still a lot of people who come out to the gym regularly – they’ve made it part of their day-to-day life. “The hardest part of any exercise program is getting started – but we’ve got great people and a lot of enthusiasm up here to make it easier.” Duggan said support – at home and in the gym – was essential for challenge participants to include the program into their daily routines. “Everybody’s very supportive of each other and the gym instructors have been great,” Sutherland said. “I think you need all those things – the support, the motivation and that free day every week - to make a long-term commitment to this kind of challenge.”

DARTS PRESENTATION…Summer season winners at Roxby Downs Darts were presented with trophies at the Olympic Dam Football Club on Saturday, July 9. Sharp Shooters took home the premiership and minor premiership titles – from left, front , Emma Napper, Kate Napper, Dan Haines, Kevin Napper and Shane Adams, winner of the highest aggregate. DARTS….Roxby Downs Darts League was on target for its winter season this month. In Round 1, Broken Arrows, Sharp Shooters and Roxby Wolves battled for first place with seven games won and two lost. D Haines took home the first 180 badge of the season while highest peg-outs went to A McNamara on 115 and E napper on 51. D Haines also took out the top score of 200, while E Napper in the ladies made a top score of 121. In Round 2, summer season premiers the Sharp Shooters moved to the fore with 16 games, ahead of Desert Rats on 13. Highest scores: Men – D Haines, S Bell and C Lucas on 200. Women – E Asplin 200. Highest pegout: Men – A McNamara on 115. Women – E Napper 51. D Haines, C Lucas, S Bell and E Asplin all took home 180 badges. By Round 3 Sharp Shooters were well-entrenched in first place with 25 games won – 12 games ahead of Desert Rats. Highest scores: Men – D Haines, S Bell and C Lucas on 200. Women – E Asplin 200. Highest pegout: Men – A McNamara on 115. Women – R Harris 57. 180 badges were awarded to D Haines, C Lucas, S Bell, K Napper and E Asplin.

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Time for 10th 2005 Outback Cup Sporting

photographs by Neil Ryan

FOOTBALL...Competition continues to be close in the latest round of W&DFL football.

Rivals clash in Round 11 WOOMERA & DISTRICTS FOOTBALL LEAGUE…Results of Round 11, July 9, 2005 are as follows. Olympic Dam 18 goals 13 points 121 points defeated Roxby Districts 5 goals 12 points 42 points. Best players for OD - first P Kemp second T King third S Montgomerie Goal kickers - T King six goals; N Shinnick three goals; J Payne and J Kroll two goals each; T Noxton, P Kemp and S Daly 1 goal each. Best players for Roxby Districts - first R Prosser, second M Katzorke and third D Taylor. Goal kickers - R Prosser three goals, Jack Orr and T Desfontaines one goal

each. Andamooka 9 goals 15 points 69 points defeated Hornridge 7 goals 6 points 48 points. Best players - first W Ivens, second W Boswell and third S Hall Goal kickers - J Abraham three goals; S Hall and C Hanslow two goals each, A McCullock and W Boswell one goal each. Best players for Hornridge - first D Quakkawood, second G Wood and third D Hann. Goal kickers - M Gow three goals; D Hann and G Wood two goals; R Gander one goal. Results of Round 12 unavailable at time of printing.

New netball season set to start up NETBALL…Programs for Season 2 of Wednesday night netball are now available from the Roxby Downs Leisure Centre. The season starts on August 3, and organisers are encouraging netballers to get their programs early to ensure the season runs smoothly. NETBALL...T-Birds Goal Attack Lorraine Girdham takes control of the ball at Saturday netball.

Roxby Downs basketball results BASKETBALLL…Basketball results are as follows: July 6, 2005 - A Grade Women: Devils 39 (K Bennett 13) defeated Eagles 33 (N Hay 10). Chocies 33 (S Dadleh 10) d Bulls (B Penglase 13). July 5, 2005 - C Grade Women: Wanderers 37 (T Moyle 15) d Eagles 20 (J Nowak 6). Tandles 30 (A Freeth, J Jones 10) d Spectres 22 (A Wallace 6). Men: Chocie Soldiers 46 (J Reid 22) d Magpies 38 (K Zeptner 14). MPR Magpies 68 (B Elson 23) d Bradken Bears 45 (D Seidel 20). Jets 51 (D Kaminski 14) d Jets B 42 (S Ryan 18). June 30, 2005 - A Grade Women: Eagles 45 (L Sutherland 15) d Chocies 26 (S Dadleh, A Roberts 8). Bulls 44 (B Penglase 20) d Dev-

ils 34 (T Coombes 11). B Grade Women: Eagles 60 (R Williams 22) d Bulls 10 (A Nedelcovic 4). SSA Cougars 42 (R Sheppard 16) d Jets 35 (A Lamb 15). Devils 52 (B Ramsey 16) d Devils2 20 (W Moy, A French 6). June 28, 2005 - C Grade Women: Eagles 27 (J Nowak 13) d Spectres 21 (A Wallace 14). Wanderers 23 (K James 8) d Tandales 22 (C Bennie 10). Men: MPR Magpies 63 (M Gow, B Elson 19) d Magpies 26 (T Rowan 12). Chocie Soldiers 40 (J Ried 12) d Jets B 37 (S Ryan 13). Bradken Bears 73 (D Siedel) d Jets 60 (T Chesson 26). June 23, 2005 - A Grade Women: Chocies 43 (V Buza 16) d

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

Devils 38 (T Coombes 14). Eagles 35 (N Hay, E Nielson 8) d Bulls 33 (L Girdham, B Penglase 12). B Grade Women: SSA Cougars 63 (L Evans 20) d Bulls 19 (M Kiely 9). Devils 47 (S Weston 21) d Eagles 24 (T Sadler 9). Jets 34 (D Judd 10) d Devils2 27 (M Kittle 8). June 21, 2005 - C Grade Women: Tandales 39 (C Male 14) d Eagles 36 (J Nowak 11). Wanderers 54 (K James 20) d Spectres 10 (A Wallace 10). Men: Jets 55 (B Chesson 22) d Magpies 42 (T Rowan 12). Chocie Soldiers 48 (J Reid 12) d MPR Magpies (K Williams 11). Bradken Bears 43 (D Seidel 14) d Jets B 41 (M Pranic 18).

OUTBACK CUP…Saddle up for the 10th Roxby Downs OneSteel Outback Cup on Saturday, August 20, 2005. “After the success of 2004 it’s going to be another big event this year and the committee is really keen,” Roxby Downs and Districts Racing Club secretary Barry Paterson told The Monitor. “Nominations were great and the atmosphere was a lot of fun last year, so everyone’s fired up for another great Cup next month. “Some of our leading trainers and apprentices will be back in Roxby Downs for the event. “There’ll also be some characters like racing personality and jockey Phil McEvoy who will host the Calcutta at the Roxby Downs Community Club. “Tony ‘Pilko’ Pilkington 5AA breakfast announcer will call the fashions of the field and the colourful Mark Liddimore will again call the Cup after more than five years, locally, behind the microphone.” The Cup weekend kicks off on Friday night, August 19, at the Roxby Downs Community Club with the Calcutta. Book early and buy your tickets from the Club – tickets are $1 to win a horse in the Calcutta. Kick off Saturday in style with a chicken and champagne breakfast in the Club beer garden – book early by phoning 8671 0117. The gates open at Roxby Downs Racecourse for the 10th annual Roxby Downs Onesteel Outback Cup at 9am on Saturday, August 20, 2005 Tickets are on sale at the gate - $10 or $6.50 concession, with children under 16 free. Cap off the celebrations at the Outback Cup Ball from 8pm till late, following the Cup. Tickets are available on the night, at the Roxby Downs Community Club.

Junior football update ROXBY DOWNS JUNIOR FOOTBALL…Results for Round 10, July 9, 2005, are as follows: Junior colts under 12s - Hawks 6.9.45 def Bulldogs 5.1.31. Bulldog goals: J Kenny 1, S Symonds 1, S Reynolds 1, K Lynch. Hawks goals: A Wissteli 1, J Haugum 2, T Sutherland 1, T Hombsch 1. Bulldog best players: D Male, B Johnson, N Hombsch, T Russell, A Bishop Hawks best players: T Sutherland, J Hombsch, T Hombsch, R Adamson, A Wissel. Senior colts under 15 - Razorbacks 18.6.114 def Dragons 11.7.73. Razorbacks goals: A Warren 4, K Zeptner 4, B Halliman 4, K Reynolds 3, L Munro 2, S Traeger 1 Dragons goals: T Paull 6, J Hombsch 3, J Bowden 1, J Beenham 1. Razorbacks best players: K Zeptner, B Haliman, N Fernendez, A Dunkley, L Munro. Dragons best players: T Paull, J Bowden, C Buran, J Hombsch, J Stephens. Junior sports reporter, Toby Sutherland.


Calendar Proudly sponsored by

Woomera & Districts Football League July 23, Saturday Round 13 W&DFL 12noon OD vs Coober Pedy 2.20pm Hornridge vs RD BYE - Andamooka July 23, Saturday Desert Dirt Kart Club Day meeting 1.00pm start July 23, Saturday Roxby Downs Golf Club Par July 24, Sunday Roxby Downs Golf Club Stroke July 30, Saturday Round 14 W&DFL 12noon Coober Pedy vs Andamooka 2.20pm OD vs Hornridge BYE - Roxby Districts July 30, Saturday Roxby Downs Softball 12 noon Shakers v Black Cats; 1:30pm Rebels 1 v Who Cares; 3:00pm Less Spots v Rebels 2 July 30, Saturday Roxby Downs Golf Club Stroke MM August August 6, Saturday Round 15 W&DFL 12noon Andamooka vs RD 2.20pm Hornridge vs Coober Pedy BYE - Olympic Dam August 6, Saturday Roxby Downs Golf Club Stroke MM August 7, Sunday Roxby Downs Softball 12noon Black Cats v Rebels 1; 1:30pm Shakers v Rebels 2; 3:00pm Less Spots v Who Cares August 7, Sunday HotShots Camera Club 1:00pm to 4:00pm Dunes Cafe August 13, Saturday – 1st Final 12noon 3rd vs 4th 2.20pm 1st vs 2nd August 13, Saturday Roxby Downs Softball 12noon Shakers v Less Spots; 1:30pm Black Cats v Who Cares; 3:00pm Rebels 2 v Rebels 1

August 20, Saturday Desert Dirt Kart Club Day meeting 1.00pm start August 20, Saturday Roxby Downs Golf Club Stableford August 20, Saturday Outback Cup Roxby Downs Race Course August 20, Saturday Roxby Downs Softball Final August 20, Saturday OneSteel Outback Cup Roxby Downs Race Cource August 21, Sunday – Preliminary Final 2.00pm Winner of 3rd & 4th vs loser of 1st & 2nd August 21, Sunday Roxby Downs Golf Club Stroke August 27, Saturday – Grand Final at 2.00pm winner of 1st final (1st or 2nd) vs winner of preliminary final August 27, Saturday Roxby Downs Softball Final August 27, Saturday Roxby Downs Golf Club Par August 28, Sunday Roxby Downs Golf Club Foresome Champs September September 3, Saturday Roxby Downs Softball Final September 3, Saturday Roxby Downs Golf Club Stableford September 10, Saturday Roxby Downs Golf Club Par September 17, Saturday Roxby Downs Golf Club Ambrose RFDS September 17 & 18, Desert Dirt Kart Club Outback Classic 2 day event Start 4.00pm on 17th September 17, Saturday Police Golf Day & RFDS Auction

August 13, Saturday Roxby Downs Golf Club Ambrose

September 24, Saturday Roxby Downs Golf Club Stroke MM

August 19, Friday Calcutta Night Roxby Downs Community Club

October October 15, Saturday Desert Dirt Kart Club Night meeting 7.00pm start

August 20, Saturday Roxby Downs OneSteel Outback Cup, 10th Outback Cup Roxby Downs & Districts Racecourse

October 16, Sunday Desert Dirt Kart Club Practice Day 1.00pm

August 20, Saturday Outback Cup Ball Roxby Downs Community Club

November November 12, Saturday Desert Dirt Kart Club Night meeting 7.00pm start November 13, Sunday Desert Dirt Kart Club Practice Day 1.00pm


Olympic Dam Cnr Gunson & Kanyaka Streets PO Box 64 Roxby Downs

Woomera & Districts Football League

Phone: 8671 0018

Ph: 0407 121 777 or 8671 0161.

Thursday, July 21, 2005 - Page 23

Lavrick Engineering


Your Community Newspaper

BOC Gas and Equipment Mechanical Repairs Air-conditioning New Car Servicing & Warranty Olympic Way OLYMPIC DAM SA 5725 Ph: 86710404 Fax: 86710418

Body challenge update

W&DFL games reports

Local netball results

Page 22

Page 23

Page 23

Football furore

FOOTBALL...Angry parents have hit back at detractors after their 13year-old son played against senior players in the Woomera and Districts Football League this month. Graham and Bronnie Warren have responded to an angry letter writer in last issue’s Monitor who asked them “what were they thinking” to let 13year-old Adam ‘Boof’ Warren hit the field with the Olympic Dam Football Club earlier this month. Mr Warren responded both as a parent, and as president of the Woomera and Districts Football League. “At the end of the day it comes down to the parents, the club and the coaches to decide - and Boof was proud to play,” Mr Warren told The Monitor. “We, as parents, had signed the appropriate forms and were right there on the sideline to see him play. In fact, HITTING BACK...Adam ‘Boof’ Warren, 13, and his father I was coaching Coober Pedy on the Graham, hit back at detractors after being condemned day and they also had a young 13for Adam playing against senior players in the W&DFL. year-old who wanted to play.” Mr Warren said the SANFL’s only restriction on players aged 17 and un- ‘Boof’ was devastated by the letter Downs where young people are der hitting the field for senior games when it appeared in the community playing at senior levels - where is parental permission. newspaper on July 7, 2005. does this person get off attacking “That is an AFL ruling and applies to “He had a great game, he was men- us this way?” clubs right across the state,” ‘Boof’ himself defended he said. the decision to play for “I believe the Woomera and I am appalled that a club would recruit a ODFC - where he has been Districts Football League child of that age to play against men. a supporter and water boy promotes sportsmanship and And to the parents of the child, what for more than five years. a safe game for all ages and were you thinking...or not thinking? “I was involved in a coachsizes of players. ‘a concerned parent’ Letters to the Editor ing clinic at Coober Pedy “But we have to ask where The Monitor Community Newspaper - July 7, 2005 on the day and all the playwe draw the line - is it age? ers knew me, and knew I Is it weight, size or is it exwas playing” he told The perience? Monitor. tioned in the OD newsletter as ‘su“At a local level, the league cannot pick and choose who is allowed to per sub Boof’, he was 10 foot tall “I’m not the only 13-year-old that play and who isn’t if they have that and bullet-proof...then he read the has played in the league and I don’t letter. know why people have made such parental permission.” Mrs Warren told The Monitor her son “There are a lot of sports in Roxby a big deal about me playing.”

The Monitor - Your Community Newspaper talked to local football supporters this week about their opinions on whether children as young as 13 should be playing in the senior league. This is some of their opinions...

JILL KONING…”I think it’s absolutely atrocious,” said football mum Jill Koning. “I feel very, very strongly about it, because they are just too little, no matter how skilful they are.”

P E T E R LINDNER…ODFC president Peter Lindner has played local football for 16 years. “My opinion is that as long as the clubs approach it responsibly, the final decision should always be up to the parents, but everyone’s got to look after the kids.”

MARKO NEDELKOVIC…Local teenager Marko Nedelkovic, 15, currently plays for the Andamooka Roos alongside senior players and in the local Under 16s league. “It’s good experience and it’s lots of fun,” Nedelkovic said. “It’s their parents’ decision – and the players’.”

TOBY FERGUSON… Local footballer Toby Ferguson said “it would be nice to be able to say that 13-year-olds could play and not risk getting hurt, but it’s hard to guarantee that they won’t”. “They are 13 – most of them are only little boys.”

DEBRA STEINHAUSER...“I just think it’s up to the parents,” Mrs Steinhauser said. “It is the parents’ call – they know what their child is capable of doing safely.”

Have your say on this issue by emailing The Monitor at

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Page 24 - Thursday, July 21, 2005

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Thursday, July 21, 2005 Mini Monitors school holiday fun Subject to Deposited Plan Approval, due July 2005 (or settlement by negotiation). •...