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Volume 29, Thursday 22nd February, 2007


By Les Rochester There’s likely to be a number of surprises in the much anticipated Master Plan for Roxby Downs when it is unveiled by BHP Billiton by mid-year. At least two community groups, the Roxby Downs Horse and Pony Club and the Racing Club are expecting to have to relocate from their current premises to make way for residential developments. Roxby Downs Council Administrator, Bill Boehm said there’s a lot of speculation within the community about what will be contained in the Master Plan. For example, the development of the town into a concentric Central Business District. “There’ll be a lot of opportunity for residents and organisations to have their say about the plan once it is released for public comment by the company,” Mr. Boehm said. “The opportunities are immense for clubs and groups. “But at the moment it makes planning difficult for the council. We have to be circumspect at what we put our money into, because we don’t know if it will be there tomorrow,” he said. “For instance take the new skateboard track being developed. We asked the company about the site and it told us that the long term future for that particular

location was secure, so we went ahead and built it. In a Letter to the Editor (see page 4) a concerned resident expressed their view about the Master Plan and the development taking place and urged residents to have their say. The letter stated in part…” We should be a ‘show case’ town with leading environmental sustainable initiatives such as community based recycled effluent used for landscaping (at least), retention of rainwater (mandatory), water recycling initiatives, solar powered community infrastructure (street lighting etc), energy ef f icient housing and buildings, environmentally friendly suburbs (containing natural vegetation) - which in turn will be family friendly and enticing to live in,” the resident wrote. The view is one that has been expressed by many at a number of different community activities. Spokesman for BHP Billiton, Richard Yeeles said the master plan forms part of the Environmental impact Statement (EIS) which is due for release by the middle of the year. “I can tell you that in developing the master plan the company has placed a very high priority on the needs of the recreation and sporting groups in the town,” Mr. Yeeles said.

Fish breeding in the desert. See photographs from the Woomera Marine Centre on Page 9

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Monitor OPINION Photograph by Scott Cheers

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Sheild Shrimp . . . the age warriors They’ve come from the time before mankind. They have outlived the dinosaurs. They are the oldest living species on earth. The Shield Shrimp species scurrying around in our dams and lakes since the big rain are more than 220 million years old. They are truly pre-historic. You can see them in the shallow pools or at the waters edge at Lake Mary. The shield shrimp that live here in the outback is the Triops australiensis and it relies on temporary ponds filled by heavy downpours of rain.

Here it lives under submerged plants protected from the sun and eats decaying organic material (detritus). Eggs hatch as soon as rain creates a suitable habitat and the microscopic larvae develop into adults within a few weeks. As the ponds dry out the adults die and are eaten by birds. Eggs are remarkably resistant to dry conditions and remain viable for anything up to ten years. They may be blown by the wind to reach unusual locations like the top of Uluru. Human activity, such as con-

structing dams, provides the shield shrimp with extra habitat. They have been found on every continent except Antarctica, but there are only 15 species worldwide, all in one family. Shield shrimps also known as Tadpole Shrimps, have a prominent, hardened shield that covers the head and thorax of the animal. The last segment of the abdomen bears two slender ‘tails’. From underneath they have a mass of feathery legs, sometimes as many as 60 pairs. Some species are hermaphroditic and reproduce sexually

132 500

the Weather at a glance... CONTACT The Minimum & Maximum Temperatures for the period February 5, 2006 to February 11, 2006


either through cross-fertilisation or self-fertilisation. For one species, a period of dry conditions is necessary for the development of all their eggs. Once immersed in water (as the temporary pools are filled), eggs may take as long as two weeks to hatch, but usually take between one and three days. Larvae go through a series of moults and, in less than 24 hours, resemble the adults. Within seven to ten days of hatching, a female shrimp can produce her first brood of eggs. Resting eggs as old as 27 years have hatched successfully.

























Total Rainfall for this period 0.0mm Proudly sponsored by

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Top cop resigns Takes job at mine

Above: Nationals candidate for Grey, Wilbur Klein.

Klein on uranium N

ationals candidate for Grey Wilbur Klein, predicts the next federal election will be called before November the 11th this year, to beat the start of the major grain harvest around the country. Speaking in Roxby Downs during a catch up visit with relatives, Damien Farr and his wife Elissa and 2 month old daughter Aliyah, Mr. Klein said it’s likely the election will be held in October. Turning to matters of uranium, when asked for his stance on the nuclear debate, he said he supports the mining and sale of uranium to responsible countries, but has reservations about its use in nuclear power plants in Australia. “Scientists need to look at alternative power sources to using nuclear, but if it is proved to be environmentally friendly, and the waste disposal issue is resolved, then I’d seriously look at it,” he said. “This debate is about being scientifically informed. For instance, we need to look at the research being put into providing clean coal power stations which would reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions, currently being put into the air-shed.” When asked about the water crisis facing the nation, Mr. Klein was forthright. “It is important to remember that the water issue is not just about saving the River Murray - it’s also about restoring the Great Artesian Basin which waters the vast inland, including the pastoral region in the north of our state. “Management of the pipeline currently under construction from the River Murray to Kimba, and the desalination plant planned for the Eyre Peninsula primarily to supply water to Roxby Downs, are among the local water security projects already under way, initiatives that need to be taken into account in any ‘National Plan for Water Security’,” he said. A dislike for new communications technology such as email, has prompted Mr. Klein to plan for regular face-to-face meetings with communities in the remote northern parts of the Grey electorate if he gets elected. “Email is too impersonal. I’m prepared to ‘swag it’, just to find out first hand what the issues are that confront the people of Grey. I’ll be no sundowner,” he said.

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

Sergeant in Charge of the Roxby Downs Police, Richard Hobbs has resigned from the South Australian Police Force. Sgt Hobbs will take up the position of Superintendent of Asset Protection at BHP Billiton’s Olympic Dam mine. It’s a surprise move for the policeman who was contemplating a move to Adelaide to take up the jobs as General Duties Supervisor at the Sturt Patrol Base. He’ll take up the new job on February 26th. In looking back at his career in Roxby Downs as the senior police officer, Sergeant Hobbs called his first week in town ‘A baptism of fire’. It was 2001, the Hobbs’ arrived on a warm, October Monday and less than a week later part of the mine went up in flames. “It was the second of the SX fires,” Sergeant Hobbs said. “I was at home hanging pictures and I got a phone call that there was a fire at the mine. “I called it my baptism of fire, and it hasn’t let up since,” he said. Late last year, after nearly five and a half years as Sergeant in Charge of the Roxby Downs Police Station and twenty as a country policeman, he relocated with wife, Denise and children Lucy and Yasmin to Adelaide. But the surprise offer of the job at Olympic Dam was too good to refuse. “I’ll be on a fly in fly out basis,” he said. “So I’ll still have ties to the community.” “Both myself and my family have loved being here in Roxby Downs, we would have loved to stay longer, but it couldn’t be,” he said. Looking back on his time in the area, Sergeant Hobbs was pleased with what he had achieved. “My gut feeling is that things have improved, the crime figures don’t really show a reduction in the crime rate, but they don’t take the population increase into account. “When I first got here we had a lot of youth issues but we have actively policed some of the underlying problems Above: Sergeant Richard Hobbs and over time we’ve built up a rapport with the youth. “The current group are a good bunch,” he said. He also said the town used to be a lot rougher than it is now. “Friday night is still called ‘Friday Fight Night’ at the Tavern, but that no longer really fits,” Sergeant Hobbs said. “In April 2003, I wrote a letter to the paper saying my four staff had been injured five times while on duty the month before, these days I can’t remember the last time someone was injured.” “The nature of the people has changed and the community has a lot more respect for us than they had when I arrived. “If the expansion goes ahead it is going to be difficult for policing because of the rapid increase in the size of the town,” he said.

Beer prices up The re commende d price of tap and packaged beer in South Australia has risen. It means that when customers order tap beer in Roxby Downs hotels or clubs, they are likely to encounter approximate price rises of between 5c and 20c, depending on the

product purchased. “The rise in recommended beer prices can be mainly attributed to the residual effect of CPI (Consumer Price Index) increases and the flow-on costs to hoteliers, such as wages and cost recoveries,” AHA (SA) General Manager Ian Horne said.

CAREER EMPLOYMENT GROUP Field Officer – Roxby Downs Darren Roads Ph: 0429 678 171 Email: Field Officer – Roxby Downs Phil Lacey Ph: Please contact the office on 8671 3033 Mobile: 0427 615 961 Email: Administration Assistant –Roxby Downs Ph: 8671 3033 Fax: 8671 3066 Email:

Our office is located at 21 Burgoyne Street ROXBY DOWNS SA 5725 (PO BOX 50) Office Hours Monday - Friday 9.00 am – 1.00 pm

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Thursday, February 22, 2007 – Page 3


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Your comment

What sort of live entertainment would you pay for in Roxby?

Michelle and William Bennet – “My children really enjoyed the circus workshop so a performance for them or a mini workshop would be good.”

Linda Farrell – “A band, probably something for kids, a kid’s show.” Scott Sauerwald – “A big Australian act up here once a year. If we can get a very solid Australian entertainer up here in an open air venue, that’s what I would like to see.”

Do you need help to stay at home?

Zak Sauerwald – “Somewhere for underage people to go, djs, bands, lights, stuff like that.”

Commonwealth Carelink Centres Freecall™ 1800 052 222*

* Calls from mobile phones are charged at applicable rates

Authorised by the Australian Government, Capital Hill, Canberra.

Letters to the Editor hmaCarelink

Would you like information about the wide range of community care programs and services available to help you stay at home? Call Freecall™ 1800 052 222* or visit one of the Commonwealth Carelink Centres around Australia to get information about services in your local region.

Kasiah Barrand - “Concerts, I like rock music personally, but it would be great to see an Adelaide or Australian act like Evermore or End of Fashion, something like that”.


$29 990


6 Seater Air Conditioning

Dual Airbags

Dual Tanks Barn Doors

4.2 Litre Diesel

Vent Disk Brakes

Power Steering

Limited Slip Diff.

Coil Springs REG. IC8K521


32 Main North Road, Prospect

8344 6099 a/h 0418 833 273 P

Selling quality cars since 1950 Page 4 – Thursday, February 22, 2007

Our Town, Our Future It’s a great thing to see the buzz around town in the lead-up to the proposed expansion of the BHP Billiton mine. This should mean great things for our community, with an increase in population and surely an increase in supporting services. The Monitor has had numerous articles surrounding these issues for many months and I urge each and every community member to speak up and have their say about topics that are important to them and our town. I would like to raise two things I think are keystone issues in the sustainability of our town and our future – our Environment and the happiness of our community! I believe these two things go hand in hand and am concerned that they are not being taken seriously by planners of our future and our opinions on these issues are not being sought. We have all seen the new development occurring on Stuart Road for a said 125 residential blocks……it’s a bit hard to miss the open ‘sand pit’ devoid of most of the naturally occurring native vegetation! How sad to see all that bush and rolling sand hills wiped out (now blowing away in the wind) with only a few singular original trees remaining. If this is a development for our community, where was the chance for the community to view the plans and have their say? By the looks of things there is more development around the corner. On the south-western side of town at the end of Agonis Street, there is more broad scale clearing and earth works – has anyone heard about this one, seen plans or had the chance to comment? My queries and concerns are a mile long and I have been unable to get answers to any of them from Council or BHP Billiton. We should be a ‘show case’ town with leading environmental sustainable initiatives such as community based recycled effluent used for landscaping (at least), retention of rainwater (mandatory), water recycling initiatives, solar powered community infrastructure (street lighting etc), energy efficient housing and buildings, environmentally friendly suburbs (containing natural vegetation) - which in turn will be family friendly and enticing to live in. If we don’t ask the difficult questions and have our say, the Roxby we know and love today may be a thing of the past. Signed Anonymous.

Police news A 32-year-old man was reported for driving an unregistered and uninsured motor vehicle on a road on February 10. A 20-year-old Roxby Downs man was reported for throw missile and assault at the Roxby Downs Club on February 9. A 27-year-old man was reported on February 9 for driving unlicensed. An investigation was initiated on February 8, into the theft of a wallet, camera and cash from a Roxby Downs residence when person/s entered unlawfully. Also on February 8, in an unrelated incident, a 32-year-old man was reported for driving under the influence of alcohol. An instant drivers licence disqualification was issued to him at the time. Police received a report on February 5, regarding the theft of a spanner set from Mitre 10. The set, worth $300, was taken during the day. A 45-year-old man was reported for driving under the influence of alcohol and driving an unregistered motor vehicle on February 5. Enquires are continuing in regards to a male assaulting a patron and staff member at a local licensed premises on February 4. Police took a report over the same weekend in regards to property damage caused to a door when unknown person/s entered a yard unlawfully and attempted to gain entry to the residence. No entry was gained. Lake Mary is still flowing and attracting leisure seeking visitors for their recreational boating activities, users of this beautiful area are advised that the area is considered as a road or road related area. As a road or road related area compliance with licensing and registration requirements is required, along with any other provision of the Australian Road Rules, Road Traffic Act and Motor Vehicles Act such as compliance with the Prescribed Concentration of Alcohol. Users of Recreational Pleasure Craft are reminded that all provisions of the Harbours and Navigation Act apply to the use of vessels in this area. It is currently Fire Danger Season and members of the public are reminded that there are restrictions on the lighting of fires in the open. When a Total Fire Ban is declared a fire can not be lit in the open. Details of the restrictions that are applicable and Total Fire Ban advices are available on the CFS website or by contacting them on 1300 362 361.

Petrol and Gas prices

Fuel Watch

Each week, The Monitor will run a comparison of petrol and gas prices between Mobil and BP service stations in Adelaide and Roxby Downs, taken on the same day and time, so we can see the disparity.




Mobil BP

129.8 129.9

89.5 89.5

117.9 117.8

51.9 51.9


Fall off in petrol sniffing Petrol sniffing on the APY Lands has more than halved in just 12 months, an independent report has found. The survey, carried out in September last year by Nganampa Health Council – an Aboriginal owned and managed health organisation on the APY Lands, shows 60 per cent less people were sniffing petrol on the Lands than around the same time in 2005. This is in addition to a 20 per cent drop recorded by Nganampa Health Council between 2004 and 2005. Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation Minister, Jay Weatherill, said the results were testament to the strength and determination of the local community. “Petrol sniffing has been a significant problem on the APY Lands for many years so reducing it by 80 per cent in just two years is a fantastic achievement. “We have all seen the devastating effects on sniffers, their families and the wider community –increased violence, the breakdown of family structures, degradation, disability and death. “Aboriginal people on the Lands have stood together with a ‘no tolerance’ attitude to petrol sniffing. It is clear that they want a better quality of life – for themselves and their children - and they know that curbing petrol sniffing is a real key to achieving that,” he said. In September 2006, 70 people (4.2 per cent of the population) aged between 10 and 40 were noted as sniffing petrol since the previous survey. This is compared to 178 people (or 11.3 per cent of the population) in the same age group surveyed in 2005. THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper


Monitor NEWS

Local Mosquito. Photo by Scott Cheers

Beat the buzz

There’s a buzz around town. The grey clouds at Lake Mary are not filled with rain….but mozzies. There are over 300 different species of mosquito in Australia. Their bite can transmit debilitating diseases like Australian Encephalitis, Ross River Virus, Barmah Forerst, Dengue Fever and Malaria and their presence can clear an outdoor party or barbeque in under thirty seconds. Chairperson of the Health Forum, Sue Houlson said given the recent heavy rains in Roxby we need to take care as mosquito numbers could increase dramatically. “The mozzies seem to come to town when we have had some rain and there is still water around,” Mrs Houlson said. “Mozzie bites affect people differently, for many it’s a little reaction, others get a large, red, itchy lump at the site of the bite. “Children seem to react much

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more than adults, mosquito bites often make them very miserable and unwell. “If you do get bitten an icepack will help with the swelling and pain and antihistamines may help reduce the itchiness and local symptoms,” she said. To avoid becoming a banquet for mosquitos, Mrs Houlson recommended avoiding the outdoors around sunset and sunrise, wearing long sleeved, loose fitting clothing, using insect repellents, checking the insect screens on windows and doors and installing mosquito nets over beds. Mosquitos lay their eggs in water and most tend to inhabit an area fairly close to where they hatch. Water and Sewer Manager for the Roxby Downs Council, Trevor Kroemer, said our mosquito problem for the year is only just beginning. “Council can clear the water of mosquito larvae around town but

Above: Bush gets it’s champion. Photo by South Australian Tourist Commission.

people have to actively police their own property,” Mr Kroemer said. “The sewer lagoons don’t really breed mosquitos, they require dead still water and not much of it, 2 – 3 mm will do as long as it is there long enough for them to breed. “Our storm water dams along Olympic Way and the one between Myall Grove Caravan Park and Camp three are regularly treated. “If we see any sitting water in or around town we treat it, but people need to take preventative measures around their own home,” he said. Regularly emptying all containers around the house and garden that contain water, like animal water bowls, pot plant saucers, tyres and guttering, can drastically reduce the number of mosquito nesting sites and may help control their population in built up areas. Insect coils, sprays and bug zappers may also help reduce numbers.

Roxby plan impact

At the recent annual general meeting of the Roxby Downs Racing Club, discussion centred on the future of the race course. “We don’t know what’s in the final Master Plan but at this stage we have to start thinking about moving, so 2007 is going to a big year for the club,” President Stuart Cormack said. In addition, the Pony club has held discussions about its future on its current site, and is resigned to the fact that they’ll be facing a move to new premises. It is understood both the racing club and horse and pony club expects to be relocated west of

town, out near the Dirt Racing circuit. Mr. Boehm said everyone needs to have a bit of patience. “What it will mean is a better outcome for everyone.” When the Master Plan is released for public comment Mr. Boehm urged all residents, clubs and organisations to get heavily involved in the process. “I urge everyone to have input into the plan and that means community groups writing submissions to the company, sporting and social clubs putting in individual comment, and residents having their say,” he said.

“Once the process is over, it’s too late to say, what about this or that. So get in, have a look at the plan and make constructive comment. It’s your one big chance to affect the outcome,” Mr. Boehm said. The Roxby Downs Council will be making a detailed submission to the Master Plan on behalf of the community. “We want to provide a united community viewpoint with meaningful comments and constructive detail, once we’ve seen the plan and know exactly what areas will be affected, and how we as a council can work within that framework,” he said.

Champion to lead Bush Tucker Research The Desert Knowledge Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) has appointed a community development champion from rural South Australia to lead its research into bush products. Born, bred and based in Port Augusta, Ms Jenny Cleary manages a national team of researchers working on a wide range of projects aimed at strengthening the bush foods industry across desert Australia. The Bush Products Project contributes to the development of this emerging industry in areas such as horticulture and wild harvest of bush foods, wood, fibre and craft products. Ms Cleary said the research seeks to boost the dollar value from bush products and the number of desert people, especially Aboriginal people, making a living from the industry. “It is one of seven core research projects of the Desert Knowledge CRC and investigates the economic benefits desert people and their communities may derive from this growing industry and the capacity they need to support it. The project involves research on market and industry development, branding and policy related matters, on how to attract investors, the diversification of bush livelihoods and the creation of Aboriginal enterprises,” she said.

Ms Cleary joins the nationwide research network from Rural Solutions SA, a South Australian Government owned consultancy business, where she was Program Leader Community Development. Her passion for building sustainable desert communities has seen her and her team accomplish several successful initiatives. Among them are Outback Connect, a project funded by the Department of Further Education, Employment, Science and Training (DFEEST) which trains people from rural and remote communities in internet use, and a multi-agency partnership that developed an electronic tool for these communities to self-assess their capacity to take part in natural resource management. Desert Knowledge CRC’s Managing Director, Ms Jan Ferguson said Ms. Cleary’s appointment is indicative of our ongoing development of partnerships in South Australia. It strengthens our collaboration with the SA Government and we are particularly pleased that the Outback Areas Community Development Trust, which plays a major role in supporting desert communities, has agreed to provide the funds necessary to keep Jenny based with Rural Solutions SA in Port Augusta.

The Australian Government Department of Families, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (FaCSIA) is calling for applications from experienced service providers in nominated locations to deliver the first stage of its

Personal Helpers and Mentors Programme. The Personal Helpers and Mentors Programme is an Australian Government initiative and forms part of the Council of Australian Governments’ National Action Plan on Mental Health 2006-2011. The programme will provide $284.8 million over five years from 2006 for approximately 900 workers to assist people who have a severe functional limitation resulting from a mental illness to: • manage their daily activities; and • access a range of community, social support, accommodation, health, welfare and employment services when they need them. The first stage of the programme is the funding of service providers to implement demonstration teams in selected demonstration sites across Australia.

ROXBY DOWNS Tuesday 20 February @ 7.30 pm Ambulance Station Burgoyne Street, Western end of Hospital

The application package, including the nominated demonstration sites, is available on the FaCSIA website at: or by calling the Personal Helpers and Mentors application hotline on: 1800 665 986 The hotline is available from Monday to Friday from 9am-5pm AEDT (Australian Eastern Daylight Time) commencing on Monday 5 February 2007.

Supper will be provided. SAAMSE011091

Applications close at 5pm on Friday 2 March 2007.

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

FaCSIA is committed to having service providers to deliver the programme in the nominated demonstration sites from May 2007. hmaC057090 Thursday, February 22, 2007 – Page 5


Monitor NEWS

Chasing the horizon 88 years young “Once you shooed the flies away, and opened your eyes, it was bad luck if you didn’t like Andamooka, because the mail truck wouldn’t be back for a week.” These are the poignant words of Richard ‘Dick’ Clark who recently celebrated his 88 birthday in the opal mining town. “I came here straight after the war in 1946, and there were only 20 people here then, but she’s changed a lot since then,” he said. Dick Clark has had a hard life. “I fought with then 23rd machine gun regiment in the Middle East, all those years ago in Syria,” he said “After that stint they dropped 3,000 of us troops off in Java, but after the Japanese took Singapore they kept rolling down and soon took Java, and for us the war was over. “I spent three and a half years working on building railways as a prisoner of war, it was a hard slog, but you looked for the lighter moments with your mates, just to keep sane,” Dick said. But what took him to Andamooka in 1946. “Oh that,” he quipped as if there was no plan. “I had a friend out of Alice Springs who mined Mica. So I got on the train from Sydney to Port Augusta to go and see him, but on the trip I met a couple of fellows from Lightening Ridge who were going to the ‘Mooka’. “So we jumped off in the Port (Port Augusta), waited a week for the Tea and Sugar train to Pimba, waited another week for the mail truck, and took off to Andamooka where there was supposedly some opal,” he said. “Everything used to take a week, so you learnt to have a lot of patience, because jumping up and down did nothing other than to give you blisters on your feet,” he smiled. “I can’t remember how many times we had to stop and push that darn truck out of sandy bogs, because there were no roads back then, but it took a full day to get here from Pimba.” He stopped and took a sip from his beer, a little gleam in his eyes as he continued. “This place really took off in the 60’s, we had more than 1,000 people here, prospecting and digging for opal. Ah, they were the days. “We used to have all night gambling and fun sessions at the old Tuckerbox, with my mate Steve, but how things have changed now,” he said. “All the miners suddenly rushed to Coober Pedy in the 70’s when the eight mile was discovered, and Andamooka hasn’t been the same since,” Dick said. With 61 years in Andamooka Dick has a simple solution for a long life. “Yep, it’s just good luck. You don’t have any control over it, so why try and change it, why fight it, just get out and bloody well enjoy it while you can,” he reached for a freshly made cup of tea, stood up and went to greet some more well wishers.

RoxFM will have a Crusty and Twisty shaped hole in it soon, Shane and Tina Foster are off to see Australia. Tina, who has been at RoxFM since its inception, said it is time for the couple to follow their dreams. “We’ve had a few health scares over the last few years and we decided we don’t want to grow old, finish work and not get to enjoy ourselves,” Tina said. “Touring Australia is something we’ve always wanted to do. “As soon as our mobile home is finished, we’ll be off. “Shane and I have thoroughly enjoyed our time at RoxFM and loved Roxby Downs. “We’ve raised three children here, had two weddings in town and had four grand-

children incubated here, but it is time to move on,” she said. Tina resigned as Station Coordinator at the end of January. The RoxFM board will be taking over the running of the station until a replacement is found. “I think it has developed into a terrific community radio, a great place for everybody and people should get more involved,” Tina said. “It’s going to be really hard to leave RoxFM, but we’ll still be doing our shows until we go,” she said. Crusty and Twisty will be on the airwaves until they begin their grand adventure, tune in to 105.5 to catch their swan song.

Woomera girl follows her heart The driving force behind the Building Healthy Communities (BHC) project left town last week. Jacqui Trinne, who has been guiding the project in the area for twelve months, is following her heart to New South Wales. “I came up here for work and that was my focus, then I met a really nice man,” Ms Trinne said. “He’s with the Department of Defence and based in Newcastle, so that’s where I’m going,” she said. Ms Trinne, who has been guiding the BHC project for the last twelve months, said she is proud of what she was able to achieve in the region. “We had seven goals addressing the needs of Woomera, Roxby Downs, Andamooka and Pimba. “And it has gone extremely well. “We were able to facilitate the legislation of the smoke free mall in Roxby Downs, strengthen networks to develop support structures and facilitate

a regional approach to the Women’s and Children’s Support Service from Port Augusta,” she said. Ms Trinne was also pleased with the way the Woomera Fitness Challenge went. “The community approached me to see if I could help them and I designed a range of programs. “They lost a combined 102kgs and had some very significant, positive outcomes,” she said. Ms Trinne, who left the region last Friday, said she was sad to be going, but was looking forward to the lifestyle change and to being with Michael. “I’ve loved Woomera, it’s so unique, I embraced the town as soon as I drove in. “I’d like to thank the Roxby Downs and Woomera Health Services, Janine Connell, Brett Humphries and the BHC steering group members. “It’s been an absolute pleasure,” she said.

Above: Year 11 Physics student, Daniel Watson

Fire up my bunsen

Sick of spending your days in a sterile laboratory? Do bunsen burners light your fire? Does curling up with a trigonometry book sound like a great night in? Then the Rann Government wants you! Mathematicians and scientists are being offered scholarships to train as teachers under a new state government initiative that may help put them into remote schools. ‘New Beginnings’ is a $14,000 scholarship to encourage scientists and mathematicians to undertake post-graduate education qualifications. Education Minister Jane Lomax-Smith said it will work alongside a program developed last year to encourage maths and science teachers to take a seachange in a country school, such as Roxby Downs. “The Rann Government has introduced a number of initiatives to attract teachers to country schools and support them in their first years on the job,” Dr Lomax-Smith said. “Country postings can earn teachers significant incentives, including up to an extra $32,000 over five years, depending on their location. “We have a record number of registered teachers in South Australia, but many of our country schools find it difficult to recruit qualified science and mathematics teachers. “We are rolling out these new initiatives to boost the number of teachers specialising in science and mathematics subjects and to encourage them into country schools,” she said. Roxby Downs Area School Deputy Principal, Helen Bennie said the new initiative is a wonderful idea. “We need to encourage maths and science teachers to our country communities. “This year we have a maths coordinator at RDAS whose job it is to develop the maths curriculum in the area. “A stimulating curriculum gets the students involved, and of course there is a need for trained maths and science teachers everywhere,” Ms Bennie said.

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Find out how you can take part in the Call Cohens Lifestyle Program in the privacy of your own home. (08) 8172 1050 Page 6 – Thursday, February 22, 2007

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Lot 157 Government Road More secure than fort knox 5 year old steel frame house offering 3 bedrooms, large lounge, spacious dining & adjacent well equipped kitchen, large bathroom, separate toilet & laundry, ceiling fans in all rooms, split system reverse cycle air conditioner, solar HWS, 9m x 8x 3 door garage & adjacent 7.5m x 8m 2 door garage with pit & adjacent workshop, 10,000 gallon RW tanks, incomplete granny flat, shade house, outdoor storage shed, fully fenced with gate & more all on 1682sqm allotment. $245,000 Web Id: 860689

Sell with us.....

Roxby Downs

Shop 4, 14 Tutop Street, Roxby Downs SA 5725

Lot 13 Government Road, Andamooka - Located In Elevated Position Family home of 2 bedrooms with timber panelling, cosy lounge with panelled walls, kitchen/dining with gas stove & wood stove, laundry/bathroom with bath, shower & toilet, air cond, carport, verandah & tool shed, rain water tanks & more. $159,950. Web ID. 853041. Lot 22 & 557 Government Road - Two Lots for the Price of One 2 bedrooms of good size, small family room, spacious kitchen/dine with portable 2 burner gas cook top, air conditioner & pot belly stove, large all weather verandah/ pergola area, 35ft x 22 ft galvanised iron garage, carport, rain water tank, fully fenced all on combined lot size of 1942 sqm. Offers over $110,000 plus. Web ID: 858605

MORELLA HOUSE THE KEY TO THE CLARE VALLEY A truly amazing architecturally designed property of some 12 main rooms.Built from reclaimed and recycled materials. Currently ran as a B&B, downstairs there are two self-contained suites to die for, with Gothic Bar, huge living areas, superb bathrooms with quality fittings & early 1900’s claw foot bath. Upstairs are three main bedrooms, master being of huge proportions with walk in robe & beautiful ensuite with sunken bath.The living area is stupendous with an incredible open fireplace as the main feature. Further improvements are a tennis court, large shedding with power & concrete floor Mains water and over 125,000ltrs rainwater available. Set on 16 acres of Clare Valley bushland. A ONE OF A KIND THAT DEMANDS YOUR ATTENTION Price: Offers: - Above $1,100,000. Contact: Matt O’Donoghue - 0414836664

Lot 35 Government Road, Andamooka - A Real Gem In Andamooka A fantastic package including 4 large bedrooms (bed 4 could be teenager’s retreat). Large dining featuring local stone wall, lounge with skylight and timber panelled walls, kitchen with gas stove & range hood & plenty of cupboards, large bathroom with large shower cubicle & handrail, toilet & washbasin and incorporating laundry area, heating cooling, large rear verandah with surrounding garden beds & gardens. Pergola area & adjacent large aviary, shade house area with plants, 30ft x 20ft gi garage, powered & with storage shelving, double carport with workshop & pit, rear lobby with wash stand. $249,950. Web ID. 849608. Lot 157 Government Road, Andamooka - More Secure than Fort Knox Approx. 5½ years old. Steel framed home offering 3 good size brs, lge lounge, spacious dining & adj well equipped kitchen, large bathroom, & laundry, split system r/c air con, ceiling fans, solar HWS. Security system, 9m x 8m 3 door garage & adj 7.5m x 8m 2 door garage with pit & adj workshop. 10,000 gallons of rain water tanks, plenty of potential with incomplete “granny flat”. Fully fenced corner allotment of 1682sqm. This is a solid investment. $245,000. Web ID: 860689. Lot 690 Government Road, Andamooka - An Andamooka Rarity Good size flat allotment of 1103 sqm with 45 sqm Shack (3 rooms) and galvanised iron rainwater tank, concrete slab was put down to accommodate two storey dwelling. $100,000. Web ID: 858739 Lot 161 Government Road, Andamooka - Nice Family Home 3 good size bedrooms, kitchen with gas stove, spacious family/dine, bathroom with shower cubicle & wash basin, good size laundry, sep toilet, storage room, carport, gi tool shed, 1 x 2000 gallon, 1 x 1000 gallon poly RW tanks & 1 x 500 gi & more. All furniture included. Located with views over town. $167,500. Web ID. 853067.

(08) 8671 3355

Lot 58 Government Road, Andamooka - What A Gem! Consists of huge family & rumpus room, 10’ feature, timber panel walls & ceilings, lead light glass panel windows, built-in bar, pot belly stove & full size billiard table, ducted evap air/con, deluxe kitchen with dual sink, dishwasher, 6 burner stove, electric heating, rangehood, ample cupboard. Three large underground bd/rms with ventilation shaft cooling. Approx 15m x 5m front garage with roller door. Three bay carport. Above ground chlorinated swimming pool with shade sail. 1 x 5000 gallon, 1 x 2000 gallon, 1 x 1000 gallon rain water tanks. Views to the horizon. All on approx 1699m of land. $225,000 neg. Web ID: 858329 Lot 433 Government Road, Andamooka - The Surpise Is Inside The home offers one good size bedroom with feature timber walls, large lounge with reverse cycle air conditioner, spacious kitchen, good size dining area with servery window to lounge, heat/cool plus ceiling fans, carport, large verandah, easy care gardens with local stone retaining wall and more. $145,000. Web ID: 858576 Lot 439 Government Road, Andamooka - An Ideal Home to Just Move In Yes, just move in! All the furniture is included. Recently painted, very tidy 3 bedroom home, open plan kitchen, dine, lounge, gas heating & 1.5hp air conditioner. Well equipped kitchen with ample cupboards, updated bathroom. Full length front verandah, 2 carports, enclosed outdoor entertaining area. 2,000 gallon & 1,000 gallon water tanks. All on 2700m2 of land. An absolute bargain. High $100,000Ks. Web ID: 855043 Lot 541 Government Road, Andamooka - Ivest in the Future One bedroom home. Ideal single person’s accommodation. Includes 1 bedroom, open plan lounge, dine, kitchen, full length verandah, carport, powered garage & 2 rain water tanks. All on corner lot of 1003m2. Close to shops & school. Currently leased at $140 per week. $159,950 Web ID: 855197 Lot 689 Government Road, Andamooka - A Sound Investment Home of 3 bedrooms, 2 with built-in robes, open plan living area offering good size lounge, dining area & large kitchen with gas cooker, ample cupboards & breakfast bar, bathroom with shower, good size laundry, r/c air cond & pot belly stove, large front shade cloth enclosed front verandah, large garage, carport (under construction), large poly rainwater tank and more all on an allotment of 1120sqm. $219,950 Web ID: 858708 Lot 642 Government Road, Andamooka - Another Little Gem Compact home offering 3 good size bdrms all with air conditioners, spacious lounge with air conditioner & ceiling fan, separate dining area and adjacent kitchen, return verandah (2 sides can be used as carports – parking x 4), two rain water tanks & more all on 1040 sqm allotment. $179,950. Web ID: 858541

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Venue: Roxby Downs Motor Inn Richardson Place, Roxby Downs Date: 28th February 2007 Time: 6:45 Registration for a 7:00pm Start to 9:00pm seminar.

Phone 8110 9888 to secure free registration or email enq

email enquiries@iron Thursday, February 22, 2007 – Page 7



Above: Tom Beever and Scott Sauerwald of the Family and Youth Forum.

Developing safer communities

Youth the main focus Desperately Seeking Susan, Tom, Jerry or Bob, the Youth Centre are advertising a Youth Activities position this week and hoping to interest more than one person in the job. “We are hoping for at least two people to fill the positions,” Family and Youth Officer, Tom Beever said. “We are looking for people able to lead and also create youth activities for particular age groups, 12 and up and 12 and under. “In the past we have run programs for ages 12 to 25, what we need is a facility that caters to all young people. “The presence of Youth Activities officers will mean the Youth Centre is not going to be sitting idle, it will be used far more often and cater to different age groups.

“That doesn’t mean all the young people will be together all the time, we’ll have separate programs to cater for the different age brackets,” he said. Family and Youth Forum Chairperson, Scott Sauerwald said the Youth Centre plays an important part in the development of Roxby’s youth. “The Youth Centre highlights a feeling of community belonging amongst youth,” Mr Sauerwald said. “They want to be involved in community decision making. “There is a huge potential to tap into that age group and get them involved in community exercises like building a playground, developing the skate park surrounds, tree planting and things like that,” he said.


Roxby Downs is a one hundred per cent safe community to live in, right? Not so, say The Family and Youth Forum. Making Roxby Downs a safer place for all community members was a hot topic of conversation when the Forum met early last week. “Roxby is becoming more urbanised and the horrible crimes of the city do visit themselves on us,” Chairperson Scott Sauerwald said. “People need to think about the physical dangers and also learn to keep their house safe, lock the doors, keep the car locked, things like that,” he said. Mr Sauerwald said crime rates in general rise with population growth and the Family and Youth Forum are hoping to prepare the community before the expansion project gets off the ground. “I think we all have the right to be safe and feel safe,” Mr Sauerwald said.

The Board is seeking nominations from people interested in filling these vacancies. If you are passionate about our community and wish to become more actively involved in community life please contact Michelle Hales on 0438 871 153 or for further information and a nomination form. Nominations close 25 February 2007

“People need to be mindful and not take it for granted that when we walk around at night nothing is going to happen, it can and sadly it will,” he said. Mr Beever, who held a self defence course for women last year, said every woman who attended had experienced difficulties, either in Roxby or elsewhere. “The success of the course showed there are women in town who see the need to learn how to protect themselves if and when they need to. “Every woman present had a story to tell and some of them were Roxby based,” he said. Representatives of the Family and Youth Forum will be visiting the schools to see what awareness programs are in place and then developing strategies to combat those areas not already covered.

Pet management community meeting Got a pet? Want to have a say in its future? Then get along to the Dunes Café at 8pm on February 28. Follow ing up on the Pet Management survey circulated last year, the Pet Management SubCommittee have organised a public meeting to discuss four new bylaws proposed for Roxby Downs. “The survey which has been

circulating received overwhelming support for the proposed new bylaws,” committee member, John Read said. “It was fantastic, we were amazed at the support shown for the initiatives we proposed,” he said. The new bylaws propose extending registration fees and fines to cats. Also a requirement, all com-

panion pets in Roxby must have identification (collar and tag or microchip), all dogs and cats contained within houses or yards when not under supervision and desexing all cats and dogs except for breeding animals. To have a say in the future of your companion animal, get along to the community meeting at the end of the month.


The Roxby Downs Community Board Inc. is responsible for the implementation of the Roxby Downs Community Plan. Due to the recent retirement of Richard Hobbs and Tony McGauchie from the Community Board two vacancies currently exist.

“If that means putting measures into place to prevent and/or, if needed, combat potential dangers or attacks, we need to go ahead with that. “This may include self defence classes for young men and women, having someone come up and give a speech about home security and really looking at raising awareness and getting people to believe Roxby can at times not be safe,” he said. Family and Youth Officer and Forum member, Tom Beever said people in Roxby have been lulled into a false sense of security. “In my role as Family and Youth Officer I have been telling young people that we are a town just like any other, we have had attacks and it is likely there will be more to come,” Mr Beever said. “It doesn’t take much for someone to step over the line, it happens in other communities and it sure as heck can happen here.

Volunteering Partnership Education and Workplace Training Community Board Family and Youth Forum Arts and Culture Forum Alcohol & Substance Abuse Partnership Business (TBC)

19 February 20 February 26 February 5 March 7 March 8 March March

7.30pm 12.30pm 7.30pm 7.30pm 7.30pm 7.30pm

Dates and times of meetings were correct at time of publication. For further information and check venue locations please contact Michelle Hales on 0438871153

Ways to have your say Do you have an issue that you want raised at any of the meetings? Do you have suggestions, ideas or feedback that you want passed on for consideration and action? Would you like to come along to a meeting and speak about a topic? Would you like to join a forum or partnership? Page 8 – Thursday, February 22, 2007

Web Log a question, comment, suggestion at community.



community@ Michelle Hales Executive Officer or Community Board communitygarden@ PO Box 124 Roxby Downs SA 5725

Telephone Mobile: 0438 871 153 Michelle Hales

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Marine Centre in the outback! Here’s a little glimpse of what is on offer at the recently opened Woomera Marine Centre. The extensive display of both freshwater and saltwater species also comes with descriptive comments about their life cycle, habitat and food sources. It is open to the public and offers a rare chance to see fish species that you would otherwise have to don scuba gear to see. Below: Clown Surgeon fish. Left: Goldfish

Above: Turtle Below: A pair of discus.

Below: Clown fish

Below: Butterfly fish.

Below: Seahorses

Left: Yabbie

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Thursday, February 22, 2007 – Page 9

Cowley’s have it covered Lake Mary is flooded and water sports have hit the Outback and anyone looking for a bit of real, adrenaline pumping fun should look no further than this. Check out this three seater WaveRunner Jet Ski from Cowley’s Motorc ycle s , Por t L incoln – the Eyre Peninsula’s Official WaveRunner dealer. If you are looking for a new leisure sport that can involve all your family and friends, a jet ski is ideal.

Above and below: Photos of the beautiful Lake Mary situated south of Roxby Downs.

terrific deal, but are also receiving full after sales service which is second to none. And there is talk of the Cowley’s team coming to Roxby Downs with a jet ski of their own for free demo rides…. so everyone in town could soon be feeling the rush! Anyone with further questions about the WaveRunner range or the Cowley’s visit should contact the Cowley’s Team in Port Lincoln on 8682 4444.

To advertise in one of our many features, contact Heather on 8671 2683

Goldstar Allycraft

Genuine BIG BONUSES for any boating purchase from Roxby clients!

At just $12,000 ride away, you could be jet setting (or skiing) Lake Mary this weekend. Not only do you receive the ski, you also get the trailer and 12 months registration so you can be hitting the water immediately with no mucking around. These products have never been easier to own with attractive finance options through YMF. With a professional sales and service team you know you can trust, you are not only getting a


• 200 New and Used Boats to Choose From • Sportscraft, Haines Signature, Centurian, Allycraft, Goldstar, Four Winns - on our website • Thousands of Accessories • Come and see us or shop online Cnr Tapleys Hill Road and Port • Huge Range of Spare Parts Road, Royal Park, 5014 • See our online bargains

Ph 08 8444 2428 Fax 08 8444 2448

Page 10 – Thursday, February 22, 2007

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Get your tastebuds sizzling at Mitre 10 Tis the season to be sweaty. Summer - The very word conjures images of long hot days and even longer nights, of pool parties, barbeques and outdoor entertaining. And what could be more Australian than throwing a couple of prawns on the barbie and settling back for a great night in? Get down to Mitre 10 to see the latest range of great outdoor entertaining ideas. BBQ Prawns with Chilli and Lime Dipping Sauce Ingredients 500g green prawn tails, deveined Sea salt flakes 2 tablespoons grated palm sugar 2 tablespoons boiling water 1 tablespoon fish sauce Juice and zest of one lime 1 chilli, deseeded and finely diced 1 spring onion, finely sliced

Be ‘seen’ on Lake Mary

Method Toss prawns onto a flat, hot, oiled barbeque plate, cook for two minutes, turn, cook for a further two minutes or until just cooked through, remove from heat, sprinkle with sea salt flakes, heap onto a large plate and serve with Chilli and Lime Dipping Sauce.

Lake Mary is booming. People with “I’m working on a Roxby Downs page on canoes, ski boats, jet skis’ and the our website at www.camerowatersports. latest wake boards are doing their so the residents can see what we’ve got on offer exclusively for them. thing on the lake.

Chilli and Lime Dipping Sauce Dissolve the palm sugar in the boiling water, add all other ingredients, stir to combine.

With this in mind Adelaide’s oldest and top retailer of water craft, Camero Watersports have put in place a special offer for Roxby Downs residents. Owner of Camero watersports Dick Smith said they have the best makes and prices with top brands such as Winger and Invader canoes in Adelaide. “We’re selling these canoes to the people of Roxby for just $595, and we’re throwing in a fully cushioned seat and a nylon paddle, but also we’re putting them into town ‘freight free’.

“We want them to enjoy the Lake and the associated activities,” Mr. Smith said. “We’ve got 2 year money back guarantees on gear. We’ve got everything you possibly need. “We’ve got the good brands, the good gear and the best prices in Adelaide.” “Also on offer are wake boards that come with boots for just $499, knee boards, you want it on the water, then we’ll get it to you freight free and with ongoing support behind you. “So get out and enjoy the lake with camero watersports.”

Arcoona Street Roxby Downs SA, 5725

Phone: 8671 0322 Fax: 8671 0338

To relax at the BBQ get the Hunter 5 piece outdoor setting for just

Divers doing it in the desert Roxby Downs has a couple of newly certified scuba divers after they successfully completed their course at Edithburgh on Yorke Peninsula recently. A marketing drive into remote South Australia by Adelaide based, Underwater Sports, through its stall at Roxby Down’s market day caused a flurry of activity in town. Students were signed up and underwent extensive theory and practical sessions after gaining a diving medical from a doctor, which basically ensures you are in a reasonably healthy condition and not suffering with heart problems. The theory sessions include a basic understanding of pressure, what happens to the body and air spaces such as ears and sinus when a diver descends, and what happens to the lungs when a diver starts towards the surface. It also includes a basic understanding of breathing compressed air at depth and how nitrogen is absorbed into the blood which determines how

long a diver can stay at a particular depth without the need to decompress on the way to the surface. Once the basic theory has been completed, student divers are then g iven a brief multiple choice examination and head to the swimming pool for some practical instruction. They learn how to breath slowly and continuously whilst on scuba, how to clear their mask of water should it be knocked during the dive, and how to get buoyancy to a state of weightlessness. The final day before certification is a boat dive to 60 feet or 18 metres for about

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper


40 minutes where, under observation they can explore the underwater world armed with the knowledge they gained during their course.

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Price includes deluxe seat and paddles, freight inc.


61 O’Sullivan Beach Road, Lonsdale

All boards complete with boots & fins, price includes freight


$495 Includes paddle, drippers and deluxe seat, freight inc. Thursday, February 22, 2007 – Page 11



Housing bubble deflates Above: Brad and Joanne Witt, Carpenters.

New business bringing quality service to town Is your home in need of a facelift, extension or renovation? Can’t find a builder who will take on the job? Never fear Roxby Downs, there is a new business in town that could make life for home owners and renovators a whole lot easier. Brad and Joanne Witt, specialising in carpentry, joinery, verandas, sheds, fences, general home extensions, improvements and renovations, have just set up business in town. Mr Witt, who has worked in the building trade since he was 16, is a qualified carpenter/joiner and holds a builder’s licence. He prides himself on providing quality service and feels that Roxby Downs is a town that is growing fast. “I think there could be an area of expansion in the needs of private home owners and investors in the area,” he said. “What I’m basically trying to do is pick up all those small jobs people can’t find anyone in Roxby Downs to do, there seems to be a need for a smaller builder up here.” To take advantage of the services of Brad and Joanne Witt, Carpenters, call 0407 717 619.

Page 12 – Thursday, February 22, 2007

The effect of three interest rate rises in seven months has seen a softening in South Australia’s housing market towards the end of 2006 South Australian approvals fell by 12.1 per cent over the month of December to 855. For detached houses, approvals fell by 12.7 per cent to 697. Approvals of flats, units and apartment fell by 9.7 per cent to 158. Australia’s peak building industry body, HIA, said that the figures are a disappointing end to 2006 for South Australian housing. Over the second half of the year there were 5,233 dwellings approved, down 15.5 per cent on the 6,197 approvals recorded over the first half of 2006. HIA’s South Australia Executive Director, Mr Robert Harding, said that the slowing in dwelling approvals over the year coincided with a deterioration in housing affordability, as well as a State economy which has not seen the primary sector gains on offer in Western Australia and the Northern Territory. “While we are not in a situation of meltdown, this quiet but steady fall in the rate at which new houses are being added to South Australia’s housing stock is causing distortions throughout the rest of the economy,” Mr Harding said. “Housing affordability remains stuck at record lows, vacancy rates for rental properties are at breaking point, and there has been no let up in the cost of raw land for development,” he added. “With an increasing number of South Australian residents either renting or paying off a mortgage, the deterioration in housing affordability and the barriers to bringing affordable housing to market should rank alongside climate change and water management as issues of national importance in 2007,” Mr Harding said. On a state by state basis, seasonally adjusted approvals fell by 25.2 per cent in Tasmania, 5.3 per cent in Western Australia, 1.5 per cent in New South Wales, and 1.4 per cent in Victoria. Approvals rose by 9.4 per cent in Queensland.

Australia in the box seat to benefit from Uranium With world uranium prices at record highs, Australia has an unprecedented opportunity to expand its uranium industry and ensure the Australian economy is in the box seat to benefit, Australian Resources Minister Ian Macfarlane said. At the final meeting of the Uranium Industry Framework (UIF) Steering Group, Mr Macfarlane announced the start of an Implementation Group to work through the UIF recommendations and guide the Australian uranium industry forward. “The meeting marked a major milestone for the UIF initiative, as the Steering Group hands over to the new Implementation Group to begin the next phase of the process,” Mr Macfarlane said. “The benefits of uranium have been well documented – global demand has soared and uranium prices are now at record highs over US$70 a pound. “Nuclear energy, the end use for exported Australian uranium, is also

recognised as the world’s only zero greenhouse gas emission technology to be able to provide base load power, a major positive in fighting global climate change. “But as promising as all this sounds, the backwardness of State Labor Governments that persist with bans on uranium mining and exploration is limiting the opportunity Australia has with around 40% of the world’s uranium reserves. “Going into its April National Conference, the Labor Party knows well that it has reached a fork in the road on uranium mining policy. If State Labor Governments persist with illogical, inconsistent and anti-competitive policies it will hinder our prospects. “ The imp or tant work of the Implementation Group, to be chaired by Mr Mark Chalmers, Managing Director of Uranium Equities Limited, must continue, and I look forward to the implementation framework the Group will provide,” the minister said.

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National Organ Donor Awareness Week More organs needed and tissue, including heart valves, bone tissue, bone marrow, skin and eyes. Organ and tissue recovery takes place after all efforts to save a life have been exhausted and death has been legally declared. There is no age restriction on becoming an organ donor, Australia’s oldest was 85, the youngest, a newborn baby. The Australian Organ Donor Register is administered by Medicare and provides a simple way for people to consent to becoming an organ donor. Consent can also be indicated on your driver’s licence. “On the licence application form there is a question about being

prepared to become an organ donor,” Department of Transport, Energy and Infrastructure’s Wendy Wright said on her fortnightly trip to Roxby Downs. “A positive answer is put on your licence as an indication of consent. “That consent can be given on both licence applications and renewals, or people can go onto the National Organ Donor Registry,” she said. The 18th – 24th of this month is National Organ Donor Awareness Week. To become a potential donor, register with the Australian Organ Donor Registry and indicate consent on your driver’s licence.

New service Obesity for people and with hep C Cancer in rural SA

Australian children will face an increasingly higher risk of cancer in adulthood unless more is done to reduce childhood overweight and obesity, according to the Cancer Council of Australia. The Council’s CEO Professor Ian Olver warned that a more concerted effort was needed to combat obesity in order to minimise what would be an ‘inevitable growth’ in the incidencde of cancers and other chronic diseases. “Today’s school childrenm are being put at greater risk of contracting obesity related cancers and other diseases in later life and that has to be a big concern for all parents,” he said.

People with chronic hepatitis C often do not feel ‘safe’ to disclose their health status to others due to fears that they will experience negative reactions or discrimination from those they tell. People with hepatitis C often experience a sense of isolation from those around them and prefer to stay ‘in denial’ about how the virus is impacting on their lives, rather than risk telling the wrong person. For those people with hepatitis C living in small communities in rural and regional areas of South Australia, it can be difficult to find others with hepatitis C to talk Do you have hepatitis C? to about managing this chronic disease. Want to talk with others Robbie was infected with hepatitis C virus over 20 years ago and has been living in rural SA for many years. in rural SA? Robbie has recently completed training as a hepatitis C peer educator with the Hepatitis C Council of SA. Robbie and other peer workers form the Council will run a monthly phone link-up starting on 27 February between 1pm – 2pm, for people with hepatitis C living in rural and regional SA. “ I know what it is like to have hep C living in a small country town’ said Robbie ‘ it can be very lonely’. Leslie Wightman, Acting Coordinator of Education at Monthly HEP C info phone link-up the Hepatitis C Council of SA said ‘’These phone link-ups Free! will be a ‘safe’ place for people with hep C in rural areas Contact Leslie Wightman to talk to each other, and get accurate information and for more information and to book a place support for an hour each month for the cost of a local call. There is no need to give names and the peer educa- by calling the HEP C INFO & SUPPORT LINE tors can give accurate information as well as share their on 1800 021 133 or 8362 8443. experiences of hep C ‘. There are 10 places each month for the phone link up. Hepatitis C Council of SA To book a place for this service or to find out more ring Leslie on 1800 021 133 or visit the Council’s website at www.hepcouncilsa.asn. Stephen Scott-Hoy B.Optom au. Contact Leslie or Robbie Need friendly, professional eyecare and for interview quality fashion eyewear with a full A/g Coordinator back-up service? Education Program See the Eyebus when it visits... Hepatitis C Council of Roxby Downs - 8671 2001 SA Andamooka - 8672 7007 08 8362 8443 0428 220 078 Woomera - 8673 7473 leslie@hepcouncilsa.asn. Monthly visits - Examinations bulk-billed. au Serving rural and regional South Australia since 1990.

GET linked up!

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Above: Just some examples of healthy snacks that can be packed in school lunches.

Healthy snacks for school Ever have a dilemma? Try filling a kid’s lunchbox. With the new school year in full swing parents are trying to dream up healthy midday meals and snacks for the lunch box. Whyalla Hospital and Health Services Dietitian, Vikki Boulton, said children should eat three main meals and two to three snacks a day. “They need to be nutritious, tasty, quick and easy to prepare,” Ms Boulton said. “Snacks based on fruit and vegetables, reduced fat dairy products and whole grains will contribute to your child’s nutritional needs and improve the overall quality of their diet,” she said. Ms Boulton’s snack suggestions include a slice of fruit loaf, small pita bread spread with cheese, peanut butter or grated

carrot, rice crackers, baked wheat pretzels, microwave popcorn, dried fruit, fresh fruit, low fat yogurt and salads. Ms Boulton warned people to take care when purchasing commercially prepared snack foods. “There are many commercial snack foods available in the supermarket,” Ms Boulton said. “They can contain a lot of hidden fats and/or sugars. “Check the nutritional panel and choose product with under 10g fat and 10g sugar per 100g/100ml. “Involve your child in choosing their own snacks from a range of healthy options.” “Children who are involved in their own food choices may be more likely to change to good life-long eating habits,” she said.


COMMUNITY HEALTH NURSE – ROXBY DOWNS (PART TIME PERMANENT) $59,004/$62,283 RN2 Duties: In consultation with the Nurse Unit Manager, Roxby Downs/Woomera and as a member of a multidisciplinary Health Service the Community Health Nurse will ensure high quality Primary Health Care for the Community of Roxby Downs. A Registered Nurse who through education and experience has the developed nursing skills and knowledge to assist them in fulfilling the role of a Community Health Nurse in the Roxby Downs Health Service. In consultation with the Nurse Unit Manager, Roxby Downs/Woomera, uses the process of nursing to deliver comprehensive nursing care to patients admitted, to or serviced by the Roxby Downs Health Service. A Registered Nurse who provides support and direction to Registered and Enrolled Nurse, as well as Student nurses on Tertiary placement. Qualifications: Registered or eligible for registration as a General Nurse by the Nurses Board of South Australia and who holds, or who is eligible to hold, a current practicing certificate. Special Conditions: This is a part time position working 64 hours per fortnight and salary will be adjusted according to actual hours worked. Duties may be Physically and Mentally demanding. Some overtime may be required covering the are due to staff shortages. Some after hour’s work is anticipated. Some intrastate travel may be required. A current driver’s licence and willingness to drive is essential. 5 day/week position. Job share and hours may be negotiable. The appointee will be subject to a satisfactory Criminal History Check. Enquiries to: Ms Janine Connell, EO/DON Roxby Downs Telephone (08) 8671 9022 email Job & Person Specification from and Applications to: Ms Denise Grantham, Human Resource Officer, Port Augusta Hospital & Regional Health Services Inc., Hospital Road, Port Augusta SA 5700 Telephone (08) 8648 5697 email Note: Applicants are requested to forward an original application plus three copies and include the name, address and contact number of three current referees. All applicants are required to address the Job & Person Specification in their application. People of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent are encouraged to apply. Further information and all vacant position listings for the Region can be obtained from our Website Closing date: 23 February 2007 POAUHO011075

Australia has one of the highest organ and tissue transplant success rates in the world….and one of the lowest rates of donation. Over 8,000 people are undergoing dialysis treatment, but less than 25 per cent will make it onto the official waiting list for a kidney. It is considered futile to put any more on, according to Transplant Australia, as there are simply not enough organ donors. Only around one per cent of people who die each year can become organ donors. Of those, only a small proportion are registered with the Australian Organ Donor Registry. Donations can include organs, like kidneys, heart, lungs and liver,

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Photo Competition

Above: Damien James, Andrew Moss and Cameron Lambert at the Skate Park

Get a Life!

Community Studies, sounds dull, right? Wrong! Life, arts, technology, sports…this is a class with a difference and it’s proving very popular with the Roxby Downs Area School’s Year 11 students. “It’s a subject with a community focus,” Community Studies teacher and RDAS Deputy Principal, Helen Bennie said. “It’s about building independence and teaching students how to work with adults.” The program has a number of different focuses for the students to choose from. Some have elected to work on the skate park, others are involving themselves in netball coaching, designing web pages or working to improve school facilities. “It’s a really good subject and it helps the kids develop independence and communication skills,” Ms Bennie said. “Some of them already have a high level of community awareness, some don’t, this

program helps develop it,” she said. Student Damien James, who elected to become involved with the skate park development, said he is really enjoying the class. “It’s your choice, you find something in town that helps the community and lend a hand,” he said. Family and Youth Officer, Tom Beever said it is a good way to get young people interested in community affairs. “As a community we shouldn’t underestimate the value of our young people, they have lots to offer and they want to be involved. “Some of the projects that took place at the Youth Centre last year had community development aspects to them and the young people really responded to that, you could see they were really enthusiastic and energetic about it,” Mr Beever said.

Here’s a great opportunity to have your photographs printed in great colour for all to see, and be in the running to win $50 each month for the best photograph submitted. The photographs must be original high resolution images taken in 2007. They must depict the ‘outback’. Unusual landscapes, sunsets, flora or fauna. Macro images, close-ups, portrait or panoramic. We’ll start to print your photographs in the first edition in March. You can email your photographs as jpg attachments to …. Please include your full name, address and telephone contact number and a short description of the photograph…what is it? Where is it ? etc. Only two of your best shots at a time can be submitted. You can enter each month if you want. There is no age limit. The monthly winner will be determined by the editor of The Monitor. So get clicking and get them in as soon as possible. By entering the competition you give all rights to The Monitor for unlimited use of the photographs for any commercial purposes in the promotion of the region.

Making a Splash! Give your tots a chance to survive around water. Enrol them in the annual VacSwim program. VacSwim, the summer vacation swimming program at the Roxby Downs Cultural and Leisure Precinct, was a great success this year with over 100 children attending to learn about water safety. The program catered to ages 5 – 15 and ranged in skill level from D1 to the Bronze Cross. Recreation Programs Coordinator, Bridget Fenoughty said the program went really well. “We had a lot of interest and a great turnout every day. “The kids seemed to enjoy it, the weather was good, except for the last day when it rained, and we handed out around 120 certificates of participation. “All in all, a great success,” she said. Manger Roxby Leisure, Alan Male is a big fan of the VacSwim program and actually took part in it when he was young. “It’s an absolutely invaluable water safety program that has been around for as long as I can remember. “It gives access to each and every child wishing to be involved in water activity. “The centre fully supports its ongoing program in town,” Mr Male said.

arts matters

Has everybody settled in yet? I know the Arts and Culture For um h a s . We h a v e settled into what promises to be a year of learning and activity in the arts here in Roxby Downs and region. Alex Mendelssohn is in New York participating in an up market art expo. I don’t know how he does it. After he’s finished in New York he is going By Rodney Mitchell back to Santa Fe where he has a permanent exhibition up and then on to Las Vegas. I think Alex will break in to the market this time. The work he has been doing over the last 12 months, since he returned from America last February, has been a step up for Alex. His abstracts are getting wilder and more cerebral all the time. I’m not sure what lurks in the mind behind the painting of these generous and well endowed demon and angels but I’ve got an idea the Americans will like it. Dave Kovac was a bit miffed that I let slip that he is going to the South East Sculpture Symposium. He reckons everyone will be expecting him to become a Michelangelo overnight. I can just see Dave standing outside his Andamooka studio, looking over towards Lake Torrens while carving some out-sized Fauna in stone. But I’m not given to overly raising people’s expectations. It is great to see our artists spreading their wings and embracing the world outside Outback Lakes. The great thing about living in a boom town is that we all come from somewhere else. We are nomadic. Some more than others. Alisa Teletovic has arrived in Roxby Downs and we have been lucky to have a space in our Precinct Gallery program opened up by the postponement of Salt Mines: Concertina. By the time you are reading this, her work will be up in the Gallery. Pop through one day and take a look. If you want more information go to her site at www., or you could leave a comment in the visitor’s book at the Gallery. Artists love that sort of feedback from the punter. Kym Needle did well. He didn’t sell much, at those prices, but some of the comments people left were telling, “…a lovely outback experience.” “… a great opportunity for the children to compare the same view with different colours and talk about perspective. Great work” “…interesting sort of cubism crossover.” Heady stuff. Talking about heady stuff, did I mention that the Arts and Culture Forum have bitten the bullet and set the dates for the red eARTh Festival? It will run from August 4-19 in this year. That’s right folks; two weeks of arts workshop, performances exhibitions and screenings co-ordinated by our very own Arts Forum. They are also looking to support the School’s newly formed Come Out Committee. Our Come Out parade will be on Thursday the 17th of May. The call is out for all those adults who might like to support students and their teachers as they celebrate being young and being creative. Ask your kids what they are fabricating for the Come Out Parade.


Friendly faces of RoxFM

Email: or

Tina Foster Station Manager


SMS your request on 0407 979 918 or phone 8671 2545

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Employment and

Workplace Training

Every Thursday

Taking your job and training advertisement where no other media can

Are you looking for work? Then look no further than REXCO PEOPLE.



TRUCK DRIVERS We are currently looking for experienced truck drivers holding a MC licence. The successful candidates will be required to drive interstate and intrastate. They must be flexible with hours, be able to truck share and be able to drive B-double tankers and general cargo. Above all, candidates must be flexible in all aspects of the position. Positions available out of Barossa, Griffith, Mildura, Melbourne & Sydney.

(TEMPORARY UP TO 30/06/2008) $51,319/$53,690 ASO4

DIESEL MECHANICS We currently have 2 positions available for qualified diesel mechanics based in Tanunda. Would prefer fleet experience. This is a 4 x 10 hour day per week permanent position.

Duties: The incumbent is accountable to the EO/DON, Roxby Downs Health Service/

OPERATIONS PROGRAMMER We have two positions available for Operation Programmers. Candidates must have good computer skills in word and excel, and good numerical skills. We are looking for someone who has a rostering, scheduling and planning background. Transport industry experience preferred. This is a 5 day per week permanent position based in Tanunda.

Woomera Hospital to coordinate and deliver a detailed two year project plan that meets the requirements of the “Building Healthy Communities” initiative and the needs of the Project Steering Group in the cluster of Andamooka, Roxby Downs and Woomera. The project plan will provide a comprehensive direction of both the strategic and operational delivery of a community focused primary health care strategy in the target communities. The Project Officer is required to report regularly to the Project Steering Group in the cluster of Andamooka, Roxby Downs and Woomera. Special conditions: A current SA Driver’s licence and willingness to drive is essential. The position involves extensive travel between the communities of Roxby Downs, Woomera and Andamooka. The positions may require out of hours travel and work. The appointee will be subject to a satisfactory Criminal History Check. The position will be based in either Roxby Downs or Woomera. Hours may be negotiable. Enquiries: Ms Janine Connell, EO/DON, Roxby Downs Health Service, (08) 8671 9022, Email: Job & Person Specifications from & Applications to: Ms Denise Grantham, Human Resource Officer, Port Augusta Hospital, Hospital Road, Port Augusta, 5700, telephone (08) 8648 5697 Email: Note: Applicants are requested to forward an original application plus three copies and include the name, address and contact number of three current referees. All applicants are required to address the Job & Person Specification in their application. Further information on Region can be obtained from our Website People of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent are encouraged to apply.

INDUSTRIAL CLEANERS Do you have Industrial Cleaning experience? If so, we need you. Our client requires a number of experienced water pressure cleaners, ideally with exposure to quarries etc. PLANT OPERATORS We are currently sourcing applications for experienced candidates in Heavy Machinery and Plant Operation. The successful candidate will have the following tickets: Excavator Front End Loader Dozer Grader Haul Truck Mining experience in Heavy Machinery HC Licence preferred Training Qualifications an advantage This is long term employment in the Barossa Valley area. This position offers stability in a great working environment. The Barossa is a great place to live and work, with hours that will suit a family life. LABOURERS & T/A’S We have a shutdown coming up in the Barossa area and require experienced T/A’s and labourers with the following qualifications: Forklift Ticket Confined Space trained Heavy Engineering/Processing Labouring Mechanical Aptitude Bobcat Ticket looked upon favourably


Closing date: 23 February 2007

The shut down will begin late April 2007 and run for approximately 3 weeks. We will also require labourers for a pre-shutdown clean early April. All interviews will be held locally. To apply for any of these position please forward your resume to Rexco People PO Box 60 Kensington Park 5068 Attention Kate Seabrook Fax: (08) 8563 0059


If you are 25 years or older and considering a career change there will soon be more opportunities to gain new skills or upgrade your qualifications. From 1 January 2007, Work Skills Vouchers of up to $3000 will be made available for people 25 years and older who don’t have formal qualifications. Vouchers can be used at public, private or community training providers to pay for Year 12 or equivalent courses or vocational Certificate IIs. From 1 July 2007, wage subsidies for apprentices 30 years and older will be made available. Up to $150 per week in the first year and $100 per week in the second year will be available to apprentices aged 30 years and older or their employer (depending on award arrangements) in trades experiencing strong skill needs. Incentives for Higher Technical Skills will provide up to $4000 to employers of workers wishing to commence or upgrade their skills to Diploma or Advanced Diploma qualifications, particularly in engineering from 1 January 2007. For more information call 13 38 73 or visit

25 years or older? Career change? Want to upgrade your skills? or call 13 38 73 Authorised by the Australian Government, Capital Hill, Canberra.

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Council snippets



URGENTLY. Hard worker, living locally. Manual tasks no problem. Yellow Card. Kitchen skills. Please phone JOSH 0438 374 871


PUBLIC NOTICES GUITAR tuition. Wide range of acoustic styles. Phone 0400 995 277

TRANSPORT / REMOVALS 03benhall161106

Pt Pirie & Adelaide Depots

On the morning of 5 April 2006, Barry Brooks was driving a dump truck on Haul Road, Olympic Dam. In the course of driving the vehicle, his vehicle struck an indentation/hole in the raod causing him to sustain head and neck injuries. The indentation/hole was likely caused by another motor vehicle including a heavy vehicle. Any persons having knowledge or information in respect to the circumstances of the collision, the cause of the indentation/hole or the description of vehicles driven on Haul Road on the morning of 5 April 2006 are requested to contact Hugh Rischbieth at Johnston Withers, Solicitors, 17 Sturt Street, Adelaide, 5000 or by telephoning on (08) 8231 1110 or mobile 0400 033 551.

Church Times

Antique & Household Removals Local, Interstate & Country Storage & Delivery Specialists

Ph: 0427 716 173 Roxby Downs ! Pt Augusta ! Pt Pirie

CLASSIFIED PRICES FREE...‘For sale’ to the value of $50 or ‘to give away’ classifieds are FREE for the first 25 words and $5 for every extra 20 words in 10pt Arial. GENERAL...General classifieds are $8 for the first 20 words and $5 for every extra 10 words or part thereof. $12 for the first 25 words in 11pt Arial. $8 for every extra 20 words. $15 for the first 25 words in 12pt Arial. $11 for every extra 20 words. $2 for every line of bold text up to five words. $5 for a 2pt box around your advert. $22 for a photo one column wide, to a depth of 5cm.

Andamooka Catholic Church Sunday 11am first and third Sunday of every month

Desert Springs Church Sunday 10.00am at the Roxby Downs TAFE College.

St Barbara’s Catholic Church Roxby Downs Saturday evening 6pm Sunday morning 9am

Andamooka Community Church. Sunday 2pm

Roxby Downs Lutheran Church Sunday 10.30am and Sunday School – 9.30am

Roxby Downs Christian Community Church Sunday 10am

St Michael’s Catholic Church, Woomera, Sunday 5pm All denominations welcome

2005/06 Annual Report Council has adopted its Annual Report for the operations of Council for the 2005/06 financial year. A copy may be obtained by contacting the Council Office. Opal Road Landfill Opening Hours The Opal Road Landfill Opening Hours are 1pm – 6pm, seven days a week. Residents are encouraged to utilise this FREE service as the dumping of litter in reserves or lands surrounding the town attract an expiation penalty fee of $315.00 as per the Local Government Act. Fire Prevention Please contact the Roxby Downs Council for any questions relating to the fire danger season, fire bans or permits. Advertising on Council Infrastructure Advertising on Council infrastructure such as light poles can attract expiation notices under the Local Government Act. If you spot any such advertising please notify the Council. Dog Registration Residents are reminded that you must notify the Council within 72 hours if your dog is moved to different premises, the dog dies or is missing or the ownership of the dog is transferred to another person. Failure to notify the Council of any of these changes can attract an $80.00 Expiation Notice. Please also ensure that all dogs over the age of three months are registered, failure to comply can again result in an $80.00 Expiation Notice being issued. Rates Second quarterly instalment notices have been issued. Due date for payment was 18/12/06. Remaining quarters due dates are 16/03/07 and 18/06/07. Please contact Bronnie Warren at the Council on 86 710 010 for any

payment arrangements or enquiries. Fines will apply to all overdue accounts. Water Water accounts have now been issued. Please pay by the due date of 15th February to avoid a late payment fee. Electricity Electricity Billing Notices for Quarter ended 31st December 2006 are now overdue and Reminder Notices have been issued. Please pay by the due date to avoid a late payment fee. Parking Please be aware that there has been an increase in the expiation fee for parking in a bus zone, it has gone up to $73 from $47. Justice of the Peace Justice of the Peace services are available at the Council offices by appointment only. The Justice of the Peace is registered for South Australia only; therefore proof of residency is required. Please contact Council front desk for further details. Local Website Visit your local updated website. New Forums have now been added. Read what’s new and have your say in the Forums at www.roxbydowns. com. Rubbish Collection Residents are reminded that there is a limit of one bin per household for weekly rubbish collection and that it is the residents responsibility to ensure that bins are in serviceable condition with closable lids that prevent flies and birds from accessing rubbish. Please be diligent as littering attracts an Expiation Penalty Fee of $315.00 – ie over flowing bins. Opal Road Landfill Opening Hours 1pm – 6pm seven days a week. Council Office Hours – General Monday to Friday – 9am to 5pm. Visit your local community website at:


For all your lending, investment, insurance, nancial planning & everyday banking needs. Visit us in Tutop Street, call 8671 2555 or explore


WE EXCHANGE, SELL & BUY Paperback Novels, Comics Selected Magazines Mon - Thurs 9.00am - 5.00pm Friday 9.00am - 7.00pm Saturday 9.00am - 1.30pm 22-24 Twin Street Adelaide SA 5000





& much more

SEE US AT MARKET DAY ON FEBRUARY 17 0411 073 100 or email

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For all your Quilting needs • Embroidery • Ribbons • Beads • Laces • Haberdashery •PFAFF Machines & accessories


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SCRAPBOOKING WORKSHOPS ON SATURDAY 17 FROM 9:30AM IN THE LIBRARY For more information and to book a space please call Jane on 8688 2969! Visit our updated website at Contact Jane on 8688 2969

The Salt Bush Café Richardson Place, Roxby Downs

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Monitor SPORT

Above: Re-elected president of the Roxby Downs Race Club, Stuart Cormack.

Racing’s big year Weekend cricket action Above: Simon Westlake of Rogues.

The Onesteel Outback Cup will be run in Roxby Downs on Saturday August 4th this year. For the first time in its 14 year history the cup is likely to feature a local horse that is trained in Roxby Downs, and this has the town’s Racing Club excited. Horses that have been owned by people in Roxby Downs but trained outside of the town have run in the race before, but this could be the first time a truly local has had a run in the cup over 1600 metres. Local trainer Cherie Seery is yet to make her decision, but the racing club is hopeful that the horse she picks for the cup run will get a start. The prospect was highlighted at the club’s recent annual meeting at which its President, Stuart Cormack was re-elected along with Secretary, Barry Patterson and Treasurer, Rhonda Powell. The club has a new Vice-president with Kerry Gum being elected to the post to replace club stalwart Jim Spring who will

become a general committeeman. “It’s going to be a great year because the club is starting in a very positive financial position to plan for the cup in August,” Mr. Cormack said. “We’re going to have to revamp the Fashions on the Field segment because we’re being swamped with entrants, it is proving ever popular. “Last year the crowd swarmed through the gates an hour before the first race, and our catering facilities were fully taxed all day. “So we need to look at getting an earlier start to cope with that demand,” Mr. Cormack said. “Unfortunately we’ll have to reorganise the entrance gate to prevent the large number of ‘drive throughs’ that we had last year, you know, people who drove through without paying which cost us money. “But it’s going to be a full event card, and a very exciting time and I think we’ll be on a winner,” he said with a wink.

Summer tennis results In Round 6 tennis, the Echidnas had a strong win over the top placed Platypus’ on Saturday night, and have replaced them at the top of the ladder. On Friday night, the Wombats, led by Stacey Connor in her first match for the season, just snuck past the Possums, with the Wombats up by six games, with both teams winning four sets. This keeps the Possums just one win behind the top-two ranked Echidnas and Platypus’, and the Grand Final berth, and while the Possums are trailing in the competition, if they can find form for the last 3 matches, they could still make the Grand Final. Left: Neville Hombsch with a fine serve during his game of tennis on the weekend.

Premiership table after 6 rounds Echidnas Platypus’ Wombats Possums

Points 8 8 6 2

Sets 32 28 21 21

Won 241 240 192 207

Lost 183 219 244 234

% 132 110 79 88

Rogues scored a breakthrough win when they defeated Olympic Dam by 21 runs in a high scoring match on Saturday at Roxby Downs oval. The relatively new club in the Roxby Districts competition have had a few chances to take the points against the top two sides this season but until this weekend had failed to land the winning blow. Rogues skipper Paul Trotta was inspirational in the field with two run outs and an excellent catch in the outfield as his side defended their total of 6/232 against a somewhat depleted but determined Devil’s batting line-up. Randall Wyatt and Andy Clafton made the most of Olympic Dam’s very inconsistent fielding effort to make 74 runs each while Alan Woolford played the proverbial captain’s knock for the Devil’s with

a punishing 108 in 92 minutes. However the Rogues stuck to the task at hand and dismissed their opponents for 211 in 36.4 overs.

on Saturday evening by dismissing Woomera for paltry 19 runs to set up the easiest of victories and stay in touch with top spot. Bowling honours for the Swaggies SCORES went to Ryan Selkirk with a susRogues tained spell of six overs that netted 6/232 Wyatt 74 Clafton 74 him the remarkable figures of 6/10 Westlake 21, Parker 2/32 Woolford while Wally Broome (7) top scored 2/42 Field 1/23 Harris 1/38 for the Redbacks in what may well Catches: Wellington 2, Field, Stutley, be the lowest score recorded in the Speirs, Warren Association’s short history. Defeated Olympic Dam SCORES 211 Woolford 108 Harris 26 Roberts Wanderers 24, Trotta 2/38 Dadleh 2/57 Clafton 0/20 Smith 16 no 1/26 Nethery 1/27. Defeated Catches: James 2, Trotta, Nethery Woomera Run Outs: Trotta 2, Westlake 1 19 Broome 7 Selkirk 6/10 Gudger 1/9 Carroll Wa n d e r e r s m a d e s h o r t 1/0 work of the trip south to play Catches: Briggs 4, Carroll Woomera at O’Donoghue Oval Run Outs: Brad Bennett, Carroll

Rouges favour Woomera The Rouges cricket club have decided to play their final minor round game against Woomera at Woomera on February 24th. The match is scheduled to be played in Roxby Downs on the Saturday morning at 9.30am but club captain Paul Trotta said his team has decided to change the venue to help out the Woomera team. “It’s a great venue to play cricket, especially as a day-night match under lights,” he said. “The atmosphere is great, just like a carnival and it’s just our way of offering a hand of support to the local club. “The cricket will be just as fierce, but afterwards we can celebrate with them in a social atmosphere,” he said.

Andamooka Opal Showroom Post Ofce and Motel

Behind the Famous Bottle House Opal Creek Boulevard, Andamooka OPEN 7 DAYS and after hours by appointment Ph: (08) 8672 7007 • Fax: (08) 8672 7062 Email: 05dukes161106

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Customer Service Officer Full time (one position) Due to a recent restructure, Council seeks the services of a suitable person to ll the position of Customer Services Ofcer. This is an ideal opportunity for an energetic person with the appropriate skills and commitment to service our community. As part of our small interactive team you will have the opportunity to work over a variety of operational areas with a customer service focus. As the public face for Council, this position is one of the primary customer service contacts and involves a variety of administration tasks and clerical functions associated with customer liaison including receipting, banking, handling telephone and customer enquiries, mail, ling, reception work , photocopying, typing and general administrative assistance to other staff and consultants. Whilst Local Government or previous ofce experience is important, talented juniors with the necessary skills and maturity will also be well regarded. Salary and conditions will be in accordance with the Roxby Downs Council Enterprise Agreement. Work will be for a minimum of 38 hours per week. Copy of a position description and further enquiries may be obtained by contacting Bronnie Warren, Customer Service Supervisor, telephone 8671 0010. Applications close 12 noon, Tuesday, 27 February, 2007 Thursday, February 1, 2007 – Page 19

Monitor SPORT The

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TOP LAP FOR A LAP TOP He may follow in the wake of Grant Hackett or Keiren Perkins as a long distance swimmer, but he’s only 6 years old, and he’s from Roxby Downs. Young Jake Gotch (pictured) completed 114 laps of the Roxby pool in the club’s lap-a-thon to raise money for a new laptop computer. “He’s blown us out of the water, shocked his parents, and became the surprise packet within our club with his high acheivment,” club coach, Ms. Phillipa Weltner said. The swimmer who did the most laps on the night was 11 year old Kane Mooney who chalked up 206 laps of the pool. In total the swimmers did just on 2,800 laps, all of which were sponsored by residents and businesses. “What a fantastic achievement, we will not know how much we’ve raised for a couple of weeks as we have to find out how much BHP Billiton will donate to the club under its Matched Giving program,” Ms. Weltner said. “The boys and girls who took part in the event, were enthusiastic and determined to do as many laps as they could, it’s a real tribute to them and their stamina. “We had parents on the sideline helping out to keep the swimmers hydrated, counting laps and times, it was a buzz. The club needed to raise money for a laptop computer so it can have all of the club registration details, the contacts for all of the swimmers and other information on the one computer. “In the past club records have been lost because they were kept on someone’s computer, and because of the transient nature of Roxby Downs, were lost when those people moved out of town.,” Ms. Weltner said. “At the moment the Secretary, President and Treasurer have the records on each of their personal computers, so we need to get that information on one the club owns. “It’s all part of our strategic management at the club. “We want to expand the database to include individual times and other pertinent information so we can pick our best relay teams, and individuals for certain events,” she said. The club is deep into planning for the annual Roxby Downs swimming carnival to be held at the swim centre on March the 10th. “But first up will be the Junior sprint titles to be held tomorrow,” Ms. Weltner said. “The fastest 3 swimmers in their divisions will go to Adelaide later in the year to compete against other swimmers from country regions in the state titles. “As you can see, we have some real good prospects within our club, they just love to swim, and to see such determination from people so young, I have nothing but admiration for them,” she said.

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