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Volume 4, Thursday December 11h, 2008

Residents outraged By Zak Zeptner Roxby residents are angered at having to compete with out of town bookings and private functions at the auditorium and swimming pool. Several respected community members have voiced their concerns to The Monitor, outraged at the lack of availability of public facilities. “It’s ridiculous we have to compete with book and shoe shops from out of town. It’s supposed to be for community use and out-of-towners get it before us,” said an infuriated community member. The concerns raised not only extend to out-of-town people using community facilities but also to the alleged astronomical prices being charge for use of these amenities. “You shouldn’t charge per chair and per table to hire the auditorium; there should be a token cover for the community. It shouldn’t be trying to make money off the community; there shouldn’t be separate charges for everything,” commented another Roxby resident. According to this resident, the cost to hire the auditorium is extensive; not only must people book the hall but separate charges exist for the use of chairs, microphones, lighting and the hiring of staff to supervise the event. “The chances of getting it for a start are limited because other people from out-of-town get it and when we do get it, the cost of hiring it is ridiculous.” The Leisure and Cultural Facilities issued a statement to The Monitor in response to these comments. “Under the Trade Practices Act the Centre cannot discriminate against outside traders by denying the opportunity for some retail to occur but naturally this is not the prime focus of this space. “We have various polices in place to ensure equity for community access with the rates charged to local community groups not on a strict commercial basis. In the case of

genuine hardship, fees can be and are often reduced by application.” According to the statement, the Leisure and Cultural Facility is a wholly owned Council facility in which all revenue derived is put towards reducing the cost to ratepayers and improving services to the wider community. In the last 12 months, only five percent of bookings in the Leisure Centre were from outside users and 18 percent in the Cultural Centre, though these included State and Federal Government agencies. Unfortunately, local performance writer/director Sheila Culf feels differently to this declaration and is outraged at the difficulty of obtaining the auditorium, which is the only venue in town with a suitable stage and lighting. “It should be made much more available for the purpose of local performances and less available for making money out of people selling things from in there,” said Mrs Culf. “I’m angry, I think it’s wrong. I know it isn’t specifically a community hall but it’s the nearest thing we’ve got to one and it just seems to me to be used as a money making venue.” Spokesperson for the Leisure and Cultural Facilities Alan Male responded with the following. “Given the huge diversity of services delivered, access to space is severely limited. It is often very difficult to provide large blocks of time for rehearsal space, given the demand, but provided that adequate booking notice can be provided, the ability to access the facility for the actual performances is usually possible.” Unfortunately, Mrs Culf is not satisfied with such a statement. “There are plenty of sporting venues around town - two gyms, tennis courts - but no specific performance venue, which makes it very difficult to put on a performance. It’s an amazing feat when we do manage to put on a performance because we don’t have a proper venue to set up,” she said. Another Roxby resident has raised

concerns over the use of the swimming pool, with particular concern over it being closed to the public for private functions. “It’s a public facility but it’s being used more like a private business with no consideration to local rate payers who use it,” said this community member. The Leisure Centre, however, defended this claim, stating it is not operated as a private business but does try and run on professional and commercial lines. “Whilst this will invariably deny some that wish to have a swim, the revenue derived is invaluable as the Council has tight budgets. Importantly, this revenue allows for additional services such as five early morning lap swimming sessions per week; this service is heavily subsidized. “We are fortune that the facility is extremely attractive and that a number of local businesses and community groups wish to conduct various functions.” The Leisure Centre furthered its statement but adding all the private functions in the pool over the past weeks were for local businesses, community groups and residents who were able to “enjoy the community’s facilities as is their expectation as rate payers.” Unfortunately, with only one swimming pool and auditorium in town the issues of adequate space and availability to the public will continue until expansions occur or new facilities are created. “In the future, this and many other access and facility issues are being addressed, as is generally increasing the scope and variety of services,” commented Mr Male The Leisure and Cultural Centres have stated: “From time to time residents can, as a matter of course, raise issues and concerns direct in person or by letter to the Centre and an appropriate response will be provided.”

Merry Christmas Santa made his special appearance at last Saturday’s Christmas Pageant, sending smiles of delight across the faces of people young and old. Santa was the finale to the parade that saw countless local floats on display, delivering lollies to the swarms of eager children.




Monitor NEWS Family Focus with Tom Beever

People Of Inspiration A mate (Greg) recently asked who is the Australian sporting figure I would like to sit and talk to the most. I don’t know who you would choose but it was an easy question for me to answer because I have been inspired by the same sporting figure since I was in my early teens. Yes, yes I know that was a long time ago but in my eyes this Australian sporting figure is one of our most gifted sports persons of all time. I can understand if you’re thinking I’m probably talking about someone from my beloved AFL football team, but I’m not. However! The electrifying sporting figure I am talking about does happen to follow the same AFL team as myself. I love questions like Greg

asked because it’s a great way of hearing an intimate story, or reasoning as to why someone has inspired us. The world is filled with inspirational people and sometimes we need not look any further than within our own circle of family or friends. That is certainly the case for my family and I because my dad was an inspirational person to all of us, as well to many others. I value so much about my dad and that especially includes the precious time of around 25 years ago when he and I sat together in the kitchen at home. It was then that dad started to talk about some of his experiences in Borneo and New Guinea through the Second World War. It was an incredible journey that dad took me on that day and my mum said a little later

that dad had never ever spoken like that before, not even to her. It was a great honour and privilege to hear some of my dad’s painful, yet private journey through such a significant part of his life, and I’m sure you have had similar experiences with your parents. I talk about my dad for two specific reasons. One, because he was an inspirational person and secondly to remind all parents that our children watch us. I don’t mean our children consciously watch our every move. But our children will consciously and subconsciously see who we are as a person as well as a parent. Just as we saw who our parents were as people… so too will our children see who we are. It will be us that will determine whether our children see us as inspirational or someone they won’t want to be like. Our children won’t give a rat’s backside if we’re some famous person who has achieved

all sorts of extraordinary accomplishments in life because we’ll always be mum and dad to them. But our children WILL form an opinion about us just as we did with our parents and it’s up to us as what that opinion will be. Another mate (Scott) was present when Greg asked who is the Australian sporting figure I would like to sit and talk to the most and I don’t think Scott would mind me saying that he said he would choose Ron Barassi. Ron Barassi is an absolute aussie rules living legend to the point where he was given the name, ‘Mr Football’ by he’s own peers! It was great to hear why Ron Barassi was a source of inspiration to Scott and I just wished we had more time together to hear more of his reasoning as to why he looked up to Ron Barassi so much. By now you would be wondering who the Australian sporting figure is that has in-

A rattle and a doll A big teddy bear For my baby sister To show that I care

Could I have some perfume? Or perhaps a new dress, In fact even jewellery… It’s what mum will like best.

And for dear old grandad I won’t forget, I fishing rod and tackle And a fishing net

Then I think I might need a race car And race track with it too It’s for my little brother Please make it blue.

And dearest friend Santa All that I need Is to know Christmas spirit Is still alive in me!

Unless you know the recipe, delicious international cuisine often eludes the cooks of Australian Households. The Monitor aims to bring to the kitchens of locals a vast array of scrumptious international dishes for all occasions. Explore the delicious tastes of the world as we bring to you a range of recipes anyone can whip up in no time.


Veronica Espinoza

Spaghetti pie



This Sunday 20 December 2008 9:30am—12:30pm @ The Lion·s Park



Merry Christmas!


lationship Lionel and his father enjoyed. Sadly, Lionel’s dad (who was a professional boxer in the then travelling tent fighting circuit) died when Lionel was 14, which meant he never got to see his son reach his full potential as a human being and professional boxer. Lionel won the Australian amateur flyweight boxing title at the age of 15. He made his professional boxing debut when he was 16. He won the Australian Bantamweight title at the age of 18 and went onto defeat a Japanese boxing legend to win the World Bantamweight title at the age of 19. We all have our reasons why we look up to certain people who inspire us and I hope there has been more then one person who has inspired you. But keep in mind that we can be more than a positive influence in the lives of others and what greater place to start then in our own home.

InternatFavourites ional

Dear Santa Dear Santa, for Christmas May I please have? A lawn mower or BBQ Not for me, it’s for dad!

spired me for so long…well, it’s Lionel Rose. Lionel Rose is one of our greatest boxers of all time. Sure he fell into some difficulties after he retired but he is without question our greatest ever indigenous fighter and was in fact, our first indigenous boxer to win a world boxing title. Two things inspired me about Lionel Rose. First of all it was Lionel’s amazing boxing ability. Even up until this day, he is still one of the most exciting and electrifying fighters I have ever seen. I still haven’t seen anyone throw triple left hooks like him. Secondly, as a teenager I was incredibly impressed by his loyalty to his family. Even though Lionel grew up in pretty humble circumstances in country Victoria, he never lost sight of who he was or where he came from. Lionel’s dad was his idol and greatest mentor, which not only speaks a lot about his dad, but it also speaks a lot about the re-

Bring Water Bottle Hat Sunscreen Something for the BBQ Anything fun!


½ kg spaghetti ilk 200ml condensed meese 300gr grated tasty ch 6 eggs 50gr butter Salt Aniseed

Method Preheat oven to 220°C.

Cook the spaghetti al dente. Grease with butter a 20x20x7cm deep oven proof dish. Beat 2 egg whites until light. Combine the 2 egg yolks, the milk and salt. Add the spaghettis and the 200gr grated cheese and combine Put the spaghetti mix in the grease oven proof dish. Beat the 4 egg whites until light, add the yolks and salt. Add the eggs mix over the spaghetti. Finally sprinkle with aniseed. Bake for 35 minutes.

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Page 2 – Thursday, December 11th, 2008

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Monitor NEWS

Reserve Bank injects $10 billion

One kilometre radioactive trains W

ith the proposed expansion of BHP Billiton’s Olympic Dam mine, trainloads of radioactive material could pass through Alice Springs daily to Port Darwin by 2016. The 1km train shipment would travel through the Northern Territory to be stored at Port Darwin awaiting exportation. The Greens, however, have condemned the proposal with major concerns of derailments, radioactive dust escaping from ‘closed wagons’ and long-term effects to the environment. The trains will transport copper concentrate and trace uranium. BHP Billiton’s Olympic Dam’s

Expansion project public affairs advisor Anita Poddar said, “What we’re talking about is a very low level of radioactivity. While it could be detected within 10 metres of the rail, outside that area, it would be hard to detect above normal levels.” Ms Poddar said the shipment would most likely be exported to China, stating the company hoped to have its environmental impact statements completed by April with approvals by 2010. Alderman Jane Clark, chairperson of the Environmental Advisory Committee said, “There is also the potential if BHP’s transport option is approved, that this will be used as a precedent. So if Cameco starts mining the Angela-Pamela deposit,

it might follow suit and transport uranium directly through Alice Springs to Darwin.” Aldermen discussed at the Alice Springs Town Council’s Ordinary Council Meeting the possibility of diverting part of the railway around the town to help ensure the safety of residents. It is unknown whether this would be a viable option for BHP Billiton to consider. “We recognise a derailment is a possibility, but because of the low level of radioactivity, there is very little risk of any damage to the community or environment,” said Alderman Clark. If all approvals go through as expected this transport option could be up and running by 2016.

Port Pirie’s Olympic Dam? Potential for an Olympic Dam will have a good indication of the size Southern Flinders Ranges Developtype mine in Port Pirie has raised the within the first year. ment Board Mark Malcolm hopes for hopes of Rex Minerals with drilling in “It’s too early to say how large the the site to go to a full project feasibilprogress at a Wandearah farm. deposit is and the likelihood of it be- ity stage. Project operator Rex Minerals is ing a mine, however we do expect “It will be a terrific outcome if we hoping to find copper-gold deposits some mineralisation at the explora- are able to find the mining boom is at the site, with Managing Direc- tion site,” he said. closer to home,” he said. tor Steven Olsen stating they have The company’s exploration is The drilling site lies on the Gawler had the exploration license for some based on a large magnetic and gravCraton, which is one of the most protime. ity anomaly. Retail spending is expected to be significantly boosted by the Reserve Bank’s cut “It is quite possible that Olympic spective locations in the world for “Ideally we are looking for a simiin the cash rate. lar style of deposit to that found at Dam, one of the world’s largest cop- copper. “The best outcome is that it could Olympic Dam or Prominent Hill,” per deposits, could easily fit in the On December 2 The Re- rowers. The ANZ and West- and businesses is likely to he said. Wandearah anomaly and contain a potentially hold 10 to 100 millions of serve Bank of Australia cut pac both cut mortgage rates see private demand remain tonnes of at least one percent copper,” With drilling underway, Mr Olsen large deposit,” said Mr Olsen. the official cash rate by a full by 0.8per cent. subdued in the near term,” Chief Executive Officer of the said Mr Olsen. is optimistic for the site, saying they 100 points or one percent“What I say to them is he said. age point. The recent rate cuts their competitors have The move is expected to shown that a full flow-on combined with the GovPh: (08) 8671 0177 inject $10 billion into the of this cut is possible. Get ernment’s $10.4 billion economy and keep Australia your skates on and pass it emergency spending packFax: (08) 8671 0180 out of recession. through,” the Treasurer age and the fall in the Australian dollar is expected to This is the fourth rate cut said. Machining in three month taking the Mortgage rates are now significantly stimulate the Specialised equipment and machinists - we have the capability to rate down to 4.25 per cent, a down to between 6.75 per economy. produce “one off” or multiple items according to your needs in a Interpreting Mr Stevens rate last reached in Decem- cent (from Commonwealth choice of a wide range of materials. INSULATION MATTERS Cellulose Fibre Insulation ber 2001. and NAB) to 6.91 for the comments analysts expect Fabrication Supplied & pumped in for less than $2000 to most homes! The official interest rates ANZ and Westpac. this cut to be last big inAny metal fabrication work, choice of materials to suit your have not been lower since For a borrower with a terest rate reduction, with needs. IF YOU HAVE BATTS—YOU HAVE GAPS May 1973, when Gough $400,000 standard mort- economists forecasting that CSIRO reports: 5% gaps = 50% reduced performance Specialising in TIG, MIG, Plasma, aluminium and stainless steel Whitlam was prime min- gage, the official rate cuts there may be another 0.5per work. Trailer repairs and modifications. INSULATION MATTERS Cellulose Fibre Insulation ister. totaling 3 percentage points cent rate cut in February Steel Supply •Eliminates your gaps Federal Treasure Wayne since September have trans- and possibly another 0.25 Large range of steel in stock - Pipe, RHS, SHS, Flat bar, Angle etc in a wide variety of lengths and gauges. I Beam and C Section, Swan departed from the lated into savings of almost per cent cut after that. •Cuts your power bill by as much as 50% ideal for retaining walls. Fencing material in a variety of styles and Government’s standard $800 a month or a 23.5per Macquarie Bank chief •Enhances your home’s resistance to fire designs as well as general purpose sheds and carports. economist Brian Redican request that banks pass on cent reduction. •Vermin resistant Mechanical Services The Reserve Bank’s Gov- said that for large busi“as much as possible” of the Repairs/maintenance on motorcycles, earth moving equipment official rate cut to demand ernor Glen Stevens said that nesses, the level of rates was •Reduces your outside noise and forklifts. Hydraulic services and repairs, air-conditioning servthat all banks give borrow- the current financial crisis is not the key issue in deciding •Recycled product—made from old newspapers! ice and engine reconditioning. Exhausts - fabrication to supply. ers the full benefit. testing the resilience of the whether investment went Agents for: Aggreko gen sets & cooling units, All Spitwater • Up to 12° cooler in summer The major banks moved Australian economy with ahead, but it was more critiproducts, JSG Industrial, Enerpac Fluid Power Systems and quickly to announce cuts to confidence of consumers cal for smaller business •Up to 12° warmer in winter Chicago pneumatic air tools.Come and talk to the boy Business borrowers have their lending rates, but only and business sapped by fiTURNING YESTERDAY’S NEWS “It might be easier to list what we don’t do” the National Australia Bank nancial market turbulence not fared nearly as well, INTO TOMORROW’S INSULATION. and the Commonwealth and tumbling commodity with most business borrowCome and talk to the boys at Precision extended the full percent- prices. , ing costs falling by less than INSULATION MATTERS—It really does! Engineering (Charlton Road, Olympic Dam) age point reduction to both “More cautious behav- 2 percentage points since Call us 08 8825 3373 about what we can do for you! mortgage and business bor- iour by both households their peak in August.

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Glass Jewellers

Thursday, December 11th, 2008 – Page 3



Community Person of the Month

Avril Luke’s years of volunteer work

Child Care Benefits at risk if children are not immunised on time!

Winner of December’s Volunteer of the month is local Avril Luke. Avril volunteers her time for the Parents and Friends association of RDAS, costume sewing for school activities and shows and helping out with rosters, duties and singing at the church. Avril is also the Market Day co-ordinator, and she is part of the

Recent changes to the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register rules mean that your child must be fully immunised within 1 month of their 4th birthday or you will not receive your child care benefit. This rule change will take affect from 1 January 2009.

For further information contact the Family Assistance Office

Phone 136 150 Website:

An initiative of the Environment Forum

3 green tips to simplify your life: Be Smart 1. Create your own compost 2. Give unwanted goods to charity 3. Use a re-useable bag when going to the shops

Volunteers Forum Partnership. “As the Market day co-ordinator I wanted to thank the school administration, because I wouldn’t have been able to do it without them,” Avril said. Avril enjoys any chance she gets to volunteer her time, but admits she would not do it for something she was not passionate about. “Chose an area you can be passionate about; if you can’t do it, don’t do it. Just make sure you love what you are doing, then it’s not work,” Avril said. Avril has been a volunteer for more than 30 years, originally starting out as a basketball coach, which she attributes to a need to share. “I loved the game, and I wanted to share my skills and talent; I wanted to give something back,” Avril said. “It’s very rewarding and I have got a lot out of it and so has my family. It’s taught us to work together

and share with others.” The most rewarding thing Avril has experienced is when someone comes up to her to say thank you or a student gives her a note of appreciation. “It makes me happy to know I have touched someone, or helped them some way or another,” Avril said. Avril is happy with the direction volunteering is headed in Roxby Downs, but adds: “Without Volunteers (Roxby Downs) wouldn’t survive, it’s a volunteer based town, when you look at all the community groups that rely on volunteers, and most of the time they are unnoticed.” Avril will donate the $100 she has received from Big Sky to the community radio station ROX FM because it is “run by Volunteers and is community based.” “ROX FM is constantly giving back to the community and the school.” Avril will continue to volunteer over time and is glad she was nominated as volunteer of the month.

Operation Flinders World Class

I speak of Operations Flinders. I was fortunate to spend two days in the Operation’s home base at Angepina Station just 50 kilometres east of Leigh Creek. I was on a mission and it had two components: to meet up with the Roxby Girls who were about to finish their seven day trek across 108 kilometres of Flinders Rangers wilderness and to witness firsthand how the field operations were managed. Operation Flinders, stated in 1991 by visionary teacher and army Captain Pamela Murray-White, has since undergone an independent evaluation which rated the program as the best in the world for achieving significant outcomes with young people. Having watched the program operate over two days left me in no doubt as to why Operations Flinders has reached such a high status. When I arrived on site there were three teams totalling 45 people out on exercises. Each team consisted of 10 participants and five leaders. The exercise is so tightly organised the teams never meet up and all act as self contained units. Seemingly they are all alone trekking in the wilderness with nothing but a hand held radio as their only source of communication with the outside world Behind the rugged terrain there is a support team of twenty or more who are monitoring the teams and supporting operations in numerous ways. The hub of the operation is the communications room where the team monitor the locations and progress of all the teams, the weather and other essential data. Outside the main operations rooms

there is a fleet of 4 wheel drive vehicles including a fully equipped ambulance. There are two paramedics on site for the duration of the programs. 100 metres from the ops room is the kitchen where Helen prepares meals for the support team and the groups out in the field. Water of course is an issue for the teams who are restricted by how much they can carry. Each night as the groups reach their camp, water and food is delivered. There is an Operation Flinders abseiling team that works with each team and all the while the Operations admin manager Di is keeping the paper and organisational flow in line. On my last evening and day I observed the essence of people who are so dedicated to Operation Flinders. What was so clearly evident over dinner was that these people were a family, a family who openly and enthusiastically welcomed visitors and were open to share their passion. In the morning it was the last day for this group of operations and there was work to be done. It included a load of logistics and cleaning and everyone was involved whether it be the cleaning of ablutions and accommodation blocks and equipment, checking inventory or finalising of paper work. The vast majority of the support team are volunteers; the program would not last without them and many others like them. Operation Flinders is a wonderful program very professionally operated with its roots based in the meticulous logistics and organisation of the Defence and Police Forces, and moulded to take young people through a gruelling life changing adventure.

Big Sky is proud to support your local community member of the month



t takes courage to take it on in the first place; it takes persistence, continual learning and an undying commitment to keep it going and improving until it is recognised as the best in the world.

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Page 4– Thursday, December 11th, 2008

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper


Monitor NEWS

Boost to Counselling Services


r Nadira Pardo has opened a new clinic in Woomera, offering professional counselling services to families, couples and individuals in need. Dr Pardo will offer her services around the clock 24/7 to accommodate shift workers living in Roxby Downs and Woomera. Dr Pardo is a full member of the Australian Psychological Society as well as the Counselling Association of South Australia. She is a full Professor of Psychology and Business, teaching at California Southern University, North Central University and Eurasia National University, where she primarily supervises masters and doctoral students on their research. Dr Pardo also teaches a wide

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him and her to send the senses into overdrive and possibly pull in that special someone with a new scent. Sports Power is overstocked with all your sporting goods, from equipment to clothing, there is everything here for the physical activity types. Television, movies and games are a massive hit at Christmas so pop into Blockbuster and have a browse through their collection of DVDs, games and system consoles, all at excellent prices. If it’s personal beauty you’re keen to give to someone these holidays, Tandales Hair and Beauty has got you covered with hair and skin care products at stellar prices. Not just for the mums and women,

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Ugly Parent Syndrome raises its head The three loves that tend to dominate all talk when us dads get together are our wives, our kids and our sport. Sadly though, there are times when our combined passions for our kids and sport can lead to heated

emotions. There was such an incident at a recent grand final match held at the Sport and Recreation Centre where an altercation between two players sparked unwarranted involvement by a parent.

The incident spilled beyond the field onto the sidelines and caused the game to be cut short. The incident involved a person who would be more than aware of the issues of the syndrome and shows the ease with which we

Let’s talk about insulation How much do you really know about your home’s insulation? South Australia only required ceiling insulation since 2004 but even today it is not regulated. Now climate change and energy crisis top every government agenda and insulation is recognized internationally as the greenest, most efficient and simplest addition to every home. Double glazing windows, stopping drafts, changing light globes are valuable, but if you have poorly in-

stalled insulation – your home will never be energy efficient. The type of insulation and installation method makes a huge difference to the comfort, safety and efficiency of your home. Unless batts are cut to size on the building premises, they leave gaps in your ceiling. These unavoidable gaps allow your hard earned dollars to escape by increased need to cool your home. Cellulose Fibre is a recycled, high performance

insulation recommended internationally to create an efficient thermal blanket in homes. Retrofit or install Cellulose Fibre and reduce your carbon footprint, save money, and just simply feel better. Act now to improve your insulation. Cellulose Fibre professionally installed also offers security of being fire and vermin proof. Insulation Matters serves Roxby Downs, offering professional service and installation of Cellulose Fibre.

can be dragged into a situation. Competitive sports are great for our kids to participate in but we must remember: the matter will be dealt with via strict policies laid down by the Sports and Leisure Centre.

Contact Insulation Matters Phone: 08 8825 3373 Fax: 08 8825 1961, e-mail: reception@ insulationmatters. Lutz 0428 255 661 or Ros 0428 255 666 or call in at 34 Hills Road MOONTA SA 5558

THURSDAY 9am 9am-11.30am 11.30am-1.30pm 1.30-4pm 4-5pm 5pm 5-6pm

PH: 8671 2545, SMS: 0407 979 918 Programs may change without notice

FRIDAY 9am 9am-3pm 3-4pm 4-5pm 5pm 5.00-6pm 6-7pm 7-9pm SATURDAY 10am-12pm 12-1pm 1-2pm

range of classes including counselling psychology, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, and psychopharmacology (medications used in mental health treatments). She also has extensive experience in Industrial/Organisational Psychology, applying psychological principles to business environments and teaches Human Resource Management, Consumer Behaviour, and Marketing. Dr Pardo has had her own private practice in many countries, working since 1985 in the mental health profession, and has successfully treated many people suffering from a wide range of mental health issues including: depression, anxiety, phobias, behaviour management, addictions, personality disorders, and family issues. She does not specialise in one

particular type of therapeutic technique, but prefers to adapt a client’s treatment plan to the individual’s personality, lifestyle, and context She has extensive experience with a wide range of therapeutic techniques, having lived in eight countries, and working as a professor and consultant in 24 others. She also is able to adapt therapies to a wide range of religious contexts, having worked with clients from many different cultures and faiths. Confidentiality is guaranteed in accordance with the profession’s code of ethics. To make an appointment, call or SMS Dr Pardo on 0411 674 986. Her office is located between the post office and the radio station in the Woomera town square off Dewrang Avenue.


are now visiting Roxby Downs each month Offering professional legal advice and representation in most areas of law including: Industrial Employment Law Workers Compensation Wills Discrimination Law & Workplace Harassment

Criminal & Traffic Law Estates & Trusts Personal Injury Commercial

Medical Negligence Family & DeFacto Conveyancing Defamation

Nic Kernahan and Emma Wilkinson will next be in attendance at the offices of Lin Andrews Real Estate, 3 Richardson Place, Roxby Downs on 21 January, 2009. For appointments, contact us at:

17 Sturt Street, Adelaide SA 5000 Telephone: 8231 1110 (Adelaide) 8642 5122 (Pt Augusta) Fax: 8231 1230 Email: Web: Regional offices at Clare and Port Augusta (also visiting Whyalla)

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Thursday, December 11th, 2008 – Page 5


Monitor NEWS

Techno Thinkers say thanks By Class Teacher, Miss Lownsborough

Year two students Demi Gow-Smith, Jade Rudiger and Makayla Pertrovic display their final technology products.

Throughout the year the community and school have teamed up to provide opportunities for learning with tools and materials in technology. It has been my first year teaching hands on making to so many junior primary students and I have really enjoyed the student enthusiasm with the process of problem solving in design, making and appraisal. It is great to see their delight with the completed models and designs. The students have just completed woodwork projects including solving the door slamming problem with a door wedge and making a toy car. They are very proud of the finished items and have suggested ways to improve on design and processes for construction For many junior primary students it has been the first time to use a hammer , clamp or screwdriver. They had to learn the names and safety rules for using materials and tools. Many materials have been supplied throughout the year by local businesses.

We would like to say thanks to Mine Power Solutions for supply of copper wire used to make the Perentie Sculpture and the wood donated and cut by employees at MPS that became the base of each car. The Perentie was exhibited at Port Augusta Arid Botanic Garden and then featured in a stage show dance performance. Rachel Young instigated our involvement in this regional project and took part in lessons to design and construct the sculpture. We benefit from local talent and skills. You can now see The sculpture in the front foyer at Roxby Downs Area School. Thanks also to Mitre 10: Roxby Traders who supplied wood off-cut that became the other parts of the car. Year seven students from Mr. Bull’s class assisted with hammering tasks to put the wheels on and Mrs. Rudiger donated time to support classes in construction and end of term projects. The students look forward to more opportunities to demonstrate creative thinking and making skills throughout 2009.

Roxby’s hottest songs New Years is almost upon us has and what better way to celebrate it than with a countdown of the community’s favourite songs of all time hosted by ROX FM. Residents of Roxby Downs, Andamooka and Woomera are invited to vote for their favourite songs by filling out an entry form in The Monitor Newspaper. “For a while people have been bugging us to have some sort of New Years event but we thought it was a big ask to have our volunteers putting time in on New Years, so instead we have a countdown,” said ROX FM Manager Kristina Meredith. By voting for your favourite songs, you go into the running to win

an iPod Touch, kindly donated by the Roxby Downs Community Club. The winner will be drawn at random with runners-up having their choice of one of three CD packs. The most popular songs as voted by the community will be placed on the countdown, ending at midnight. “Scott Sauerwald and myself have been keen to do some sort of version of Roxby’s hottest 100 and we thought this was a good opportunity to do that,” said Kristina. Pick up a copy of The Monitor for your chance to win some fantastic prizes.

Expressions of interest

Classical Ballet Classes Starting 2009 Term 1 of the school year Dance Teacher qualified at The Royal Academy of Dance. Starting age for classes from 3 years Girls and Boys welcome spaces will be limited All enquiries: Phone Valda Inglis 0438 830 461

HOLIDAY HOUSE Family Friendly Holiday Beach House Clean, Fully Furnished Middle Beach – 40mins from Adelaide Bookings – 08 8358 0277 Page 6 – Thursday, December 11th, 2008

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper



Monitorrial The


Consider the cost It’s the big time of the year for retail, particularly the big emporiums and chains. Their very viability depends on how well they perform during Christmas and New Year sales. Though the scale may be different the same applies to small and regional businesses. Therefore it’s inevitable a call to shop local will be heard at this time of year. It’s a fair call; local businesses provide local jobs, use local services such as clean-

ers, freight companies, newspapers and maintenance contractors. They stimulate local economies. I hear time and time again that we don’t have enough variety of goods or stores and that local business overcharge. There never is enough choice: the more we have the more we want and we are limited by the number of shops, but have you really looked at the depth of merchandise our local businesses

carry? We are fortunate that the shops we do have are well stocked, so have a real good look before you head out of town. The big point of course is ‘the price ‘ – it is fair to say that most items will cost more in Roxby Downs and there are more reasons than just freight. The price of a product is determined by many things and one turnover. The more you sell of a particular product the more you may be able to lower the margin. That can be a challenge for a regional business who is attempting to give you variety but for many lines sells so little. My experience is that for most items, prices in Roxby are competitive given these two factors alone, particularly when I consider the cost of

shopping elsewhere. Local businesses won’t always have what we want but let’s at least shop local as our FIRST option and shop out of town as a last resort. Another factor to consider is that we need healthy businesses in Roxby Downs. If the local businesses aren’t profitable we will not attract the best operators nor will we attract new retailers. Consider the cost of not shopping local: less non mining jobs, less shops and services and higher prices. Of course this is a double sided sword. If the retailers do not provide the best range of product, excellent service and competitive pricing they don’t deserve your custom. Ray Goldie

Letters to the Editor To the Editor, I was recently a spectator at a social hockey Grand Final at the recreation centre in Roxby Downs. After the half time bell, the score was leaning in favour of the Scorpions and this continued through the second half. With five minutes to go, the score was 5 - 2. More interesting than the score board was a biff brewing between two players on the court. One male aged around 16 and another perhaps around 22 years of age were quarrelling pettily over game-play. I can understand healthy competition on the court as I myself am a sportsperson so I assumed it would die out due to the score and the nigh end of the game when the two men shook hands. Then I realised there

was a third person in the stalls participating in this verbal row on-court, who appeared to be the father of the younger hockey player. When the two men on-court grabbed each other’s shirts and started to get physically aggressive, the gentleman in the stands went flying into the ruckus and chose to also get physical. This was appalling behaviour for any grown man, especially if he was the father of one of the players. Instead of getting involved in the fight, he should have removed his son from the altercation. Being a well-known football umpire in the region, this man should have known better. When the umpire dismantled the drama and sent the offenders to the stalls to “cool off ” the

game recommenced. Not for long – the verbal banter ensued between the party-poopers before the father, once again, threw himself across the stalls at the opposing culprit. The umpire blew his whistle for a second time, but this time to end the game with four minutes remaining. I was disgusted to see such behaviour at a “social” sporting event. There were children in the stalls – a woman who sat near me had her personal belongings smashed and another innocent bystander had his head pushed into the ledge as a result of the father’s erratic behaviour. To the youngsters who were blueing – learn sportsmanship and know that it is only a game. To the older man – lead by example and grow up!!

Stephen Scott-Hoy B.Optom

Need friendly, professional eyecare and quality fashion eyewear with a full back-up service? Monthly visits - Examinations bulk-billed.

See the Eyebus when it visits. For bookings phone:

Roxby Downs - 8563 0102 Andamooka - 8672 7007 Woomera - 8673 7473 Serving rural and regional South Australia since 1990.

Parenting Quote of the Week… The volunteers, Steering Committee and supporters of Strengthening Our Families would like to wish everyone a very MERRY CHRISTMAS! Strengthening Our Families can provide a volunteer to support you to enjoy and strengthen your family relationships. You can get more information from Jo Culf at the Roxby Downs Health Services on 8671 9020 or Strengthening Our Families is proudly supported by BHP Billiton Olympic Dam.

Load Up with Real Deals for Chrissie



700ml - each

Real Locals, Real Value.

8 for



Johnnie Walker Red Label / Southern Comfort



345ml - each


14.99 5L - each

Berri Casks

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

Thank you for supporting independent Bottle-Os

ANDAMOOKA Andamooka Liquor Store Lot 1002 Main Rd Ph: 8672 7183

Redback Cristal

Woodstock & Cola / Highland & Cola

The Bottle-O supports the responsible service and consumption of alcohol. All specials valid until 21/12/08 or while stocks last. Retail quantities only. No trade supplied. Prices may vary in country areas due to freight. Cash and Carry only. Prices include GST where applicable. Tobacco & Alcohol not sold to under 18’s. These specials are not available at the Bottle-O Neighbourhood stores.

Thursday, December 11th, 2008 – Page 7


Monitor NEWS

Big Skys Gift Stars of Tomorrow Perform Big Sky’s gift to Roxby Downs residents is a revamped office at their Tutop Street premises, from which they will provide a host of new services.

It is only six sleeps until the new services, including full transactional and business banking, with much more available.

Last weekend, the office was being partially transformed to facilitate the new services for when they open on Wednesday December 17.

Outback Dance and Drama held its end of year concert on Tuesday December 2 at the Auditorium. From tiny tots to teenagers they all got to strut their stuff before an enthusiastic group of family and

ABOVE: Tradesman working through the weekend to transform Big Sky Office. RIGHT: Big Sky will offer full cash banking services from Thursday December 17.

friends. Every participant was a star, whether they were ballet dancing in pink tutu’a or cheerleaders of tomorrow. The concert is now available on DVD from Kristy .

The kids of Outback Dance and Drama displayed a range of exceptional talent at last Tuesday’s concert.

experience the benefits of change Introducing a new Community Banking Solution to Roxby Downs. A full transactional banking provider based in Roxby Downs Business banking facilities Full range of banking products and services Everyone in Roxby Downs and surrounding districts can enjoy banking where members benefit Commitment to supporting the Roxby Downs Community with the Big Sky Foundation A new look Service Centre for your comfort

11/08 7819

• • • • • •

For information on our products and services call us on 8671 2555 or 1300 654 321, or visit our website at Privacy: If you do not wish to receive any further communication regarding our products and services, please contact Big Sky. Big Sky Credit Union Ltd ABN 51 087 651 358 AFSL 240735 BSB 803-228 Web: Email:

Page 8– Thursday, December 11th, 2008

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper


Monitor NEWS

Romantic proposal accepted By Zak Zeptner A creative and romantic marriage proposal was accepted last month when Lee Richardson proposed to his partner Sharon-Lee Lyons through the Coats display board outside BP. Congratulations are in order for the newly engaged and expecting couple who plan to spend many years together in Roxby Downs. The idea came to Lee after weeks of contemplating the best way to propose and with a bit of quick organisation, popped the question for all to see on November 9, Sharon’s birthday. “I got her up in the morning, blindfolded her and took her to BP,” said Lee. “I took the blindfold off, got down on one knee and let the sign do the talking.” Tears of joy filled Sharon’s eyes as both were lost for words in this overwhelming and truly memorable moment. “Through gulps of tears, Sharon said yes; she was very happy,” said Lee.

Hairy men raise $22,000

Lee purchased the engagement ring from Roxby Hourglass Jewellers who, he says, were extremely helpful. The sign was organised through a friend of Lee’s working for Coats, though as he explains, they were slightly reserved about what he would write on the sign, since it was kept a secret. “I had to tell one of them but it was all kept a big secret,” said Lee. Photos of the sign were posted on Lee’s and Sharon’s Facebook site and friends and family were all advised of one of the happiest days of this couple’s lives. “Trust you to make a statement like that, Richo,” was the general statement from friends when learning of this romantic endeavour, followed closely by “about time!” November 9 will be a day to remember for this couple and, with the anniversary of the proposal occurring on Sharon’s birthday, Lee says it will be hard to forget. The Monitor congratulates Lee and Sharon and wishes them all the best for the future.

The men of Roxby Downs took up the Movember challenge with a vengeance over the past few months, raising over $22,000 for The Prostrate Cancer Foundation and Beyond Blue. The Moes were all shapes and sizes making their hosts look regal, sinister, authoritive and

in some cases just plain hairy. Well done organisers Skye and Michael Little, Leah Spencer and Holly Transfeild, with big thanks to sponsors BHP Billiton, Skilled, Movember. com and Griffen Adelaide Hills.

ABOVE: Scott gives that look.

ABOVE: Hair everywhere on Rudy and Rob. RIGHT: Charles Walker, best Moe in character costume

RDAS party at the pool Timmy, Jamo, Pacman and Irish strutt they stuff.

LEFT: Ashton, Madison, Katie, Kiri, Becki, Sarah and Jess enjoy hanging out at the pool. BELOW: Centaine makes her splash. LEFT BELOW: Artem relaxing by the pool.



Six complimentary tickets to the Carrieton Rodeo, Rodeo Merchandise, including Esky, hats, echo holders, stickers and more! Total prize valued at $250.00

Name: Address: Phone: Competition drawn Friday 19th December 2008 Conditions of entry: Competition commences Dec 4, 2008 & closes 11am Dec 19, 2008 and will be drawn at The Monitor office at 1pm on this day. The winner will be notified by phone. Total prize value is around $250. Post your entry to Carrieton Rodeo Competition, PO Box 72, Roxby Downs, SA, 5725 or drop in the box at the front office of The Monitor in the Council Chambers, 6 Richardson Place, Roxby Downs.

JURA IMPRESSA FULLY –AUTOMATIC COFFEE MACHINES For the Home or Office Ph:08 8231 00855 M:0433 180 387

F:08 8231 0688



FINE CHOICE DISTRIBUTION PTY LTD 264 Gilbert St ADELAIDE SA 5000 Jura IMPRESSA S9 One Touch One Touch Cappuccino THE WORLDS BEST, Cappuccino at a touch of a button. Self-Cleaning, Easily programmable, one-position Cappuccino THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper


Thursday, December 11th, 2008 – Page 9

Merry Christmas


We would like to wish our community a safe and happy festive season, and thank you for your support in 2008

Page 10 – Thursday, December 11th, 2008

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper


Christmas Celebrations

Checkout Roxby Downs Christmas Lights 94 Tiliqua Cresent 29 Wattle Drive 44 & 40 Pine Cresent 12 & 24 Agonis Road 5, 13, 19 & 30 Ceratonia Curcuit 15 Curdimurka Street 5, & 6 Mulga Court 12 Bopeechee Street 41 Finniss Street 7 Clayton Court 82 Stuart Road

SportsPower would like to wish all customers and members of the Far North community a very Merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year. Be sure to get down to the Roxby Downs SportsPower store in Richardson Place for all your sporting requirements AND to fill the Christmas stockings!!


Thursday, December 11th, 2008 – Page 11


Monitor NEWS

Roxby, the musical The term musical may not be strictly correct but the clever musical numbers in the cabaret performance of BANG, staged at the Sporting Car Club, were a big hit with the enthusiastic audience. Sheila Culf ’s production managed to combine a history lesson, comedy and song into a witty and fun look at the history of Roxby Downs and Olympic Dam. With a cast of 23, including a four piece band, Sheila took us on a journey which started with the first surveys and testing of the mine site, and concluded in 2008, noting major events, interesting trivia and a few pokes at the establishment. The show was very informative: did you know that the keys to the first house in Roxby Downs

were handed over at precisely 2pm on the January 27, 1987. The house was situated at lot 20 Olympic Way. The cabaret took on the persona of a film documentary. All of the performances were great with stellar efforts from Ben Summerton as the film-crew coordinator, Bec Gardner as the somewhat confused and air-head Lulu and Zak Zeptner as the voice of the invisible film director. The biggest applause was for the musical numbers. Shelia’s original lyrics put to some well known songs were very clever and witty. The words set to the ‘Neighbours’ theme, and ‘We Are Little Vegemites’ were fun, but the very cleverly produced and written song set to Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ was by far

the best of the night. The dancers showed some real style, particularly in a spirited version of the Can Can and the casts’ en-

thusiastic disco performance to ‘Oh What a Night’ definitely stood out. The performance was Written, Directed, Cho-

reographed and Produced by Sheila Culf. The cast rehersing the Oh What a Night number

Christmas tree festival a success On Wednesday December 3, Christmas Tree Festival organisers held an event at the Roxby Downs Tavern. Organisers Jennifer Houlden and Gaylene Crane prepared prizes to be handed out to the winners of the event as well as small gifts for the entrants and judges who volunteered their time for the event. The event was successful with 17 trees entered through a wide range of categories. “We put a lot of work into this event,” organiser Jennifer Houlden said. The winners of the event were: Community Group - Adult: Strengthening Our Families Community Group - Child: Roxby Downs Child Care Centre Individual - Adult: Suzanne Crafter Individual - Child: Jessica Houlahan Business: Big Sky Credit Union Junior Primary: Miss Garland’s Year 2 Class at RDAS Family: Paisley Family People’s Choice: First Place: Harry Harrison Second Place: Zealous Beauty & Hair Third Place: Red Sands Cancer Council Branch

Organisers Gaylene Crane and Jennifer Houlden.


Lot 301 The Terrace, Port Pirie This first class executive property has all the features one could need to enjoy the better things in life, immaculately presented brick home with 3 bdrms, 2 with matching stylish timber bir, main with walkin and ensuite. Large lounge with combustion fire place for those romantic nights at home as well as gas heating, split system & ducted evap a/c. Open plan large kitchen/dining/family room with lots of cupboard space, walkin pantry, modern stylish bathroom. Outside there are beautifully designed gardens front & rear, 20x20 lined rumpus room with bathroom/toilet, r/c a/c ideal for a 4th bdrm or games room plus another separate lined room which could be used as another bdrm, 25x10 approx workshop, undercover entertaining, dbl carport. Secure separate backyard designed for the children’s entertainment with basket ball hoop and loads of room for them to play. There is also approx 7000sqm of land at the rear of the property which is ideal for horses or the kids to ride there bikes, all up the property sits on approx 8200sqm and offers a unique and comfortable lifestyle, call and arrange your own personal viewing today you wont be disappointed! Contact Mark Vardy Phone 0428 993 301 Price: On Application

Ph: 8642 5777 71 Commercial Road, Port Augusta RLA 206858

PORT LINCOLN POINT BOSTON (beachside development – 12kms north of Port Lincoln)

3 Dress Circle Ocean Front Blocks of approx 820m2 with 20m frontages. Breathtaking ocean views in a location that cannot be repeated. These exclusive ocean front blocks will never be more affordable! SLASHED to $340,000 - $355,000. Vendor’s Instructions – Present all offers Property ID – 2588525 on Kris Papagiannis – 0421 620 308 – all hours MichaelKris Real Estate RLA – 212749 Page 12 – Thursday, December 11th, 2008

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper



Cut $59,000 off your mortgage Mortgage Financier Mortgage choice have shown how prudent property owners can use the recent rate cuts to save tens of thousands of dollars off their current mortgage. Mortgage Choice say those already repaying a mortgage will gain significant benefits from the RBA rate cut. If their lender follows suit and matches the 100 basis point drop, a borrower with a $250,000 mortgage over 25 years at 7.78% (current standard variable average) will see their monthly repayment of $1,893.25 decrease by $161.20 to $1732.02. If a mortgage holder decides to ignore the recent rate cut and continue paying at their ‘usual’ repayment level, the extra

$161.20 per month would eventually save them close to $59,000 and approximately four years nine months off their loan With mortgage interest rates are at their lowest point in years will no doubt further encourage the 31% of respondents to a recent Mortgage Choice survey (completed in November) who said they would buy a property in the next 12 months. Mortgage Choice Senior Corporate Affairs Manager, Kristy Sheppard said, “those who dream of owning property and are confident their income level will remain stable should consider entering this ‘buyer’s market’”. “With falling interest rates, relatively stable or slightly drop-

ping property prices, historically low rental vacancy rates, high migration levels, limited land release, little competition for keen buyers, plus the Government’s fiscal stimulus plan and first homebuyer incentives, the scene for all manner of Australian property buyers is looking brighter. “For those who are armed with knowledge of the property market and/or have trusted mortgage and property professionals working with them, now is a great time to consider taking advantage of the current conditions deterring a number of Australians from entering the market and causing some to exit it”.

MARION BAY Marion Bay Holiday Villas

FOR SALE Marion Bay Holiday Villas ANDAMOOKA

2 Blocks and a house Phone/Fax

0885 882 380 or 0429 093 983

Each Villa features: • self-contained spacious and modern • one or two bedrooms, queen bed, • close to beautiful beaches and Innes National Park • TV/VCR/CD/DVD. R/C air conditioning • fully equipped kitchen with microwave • private verandah overlooking secluded gardens, barbecue facilities

Book your relaxing seaside holiday now! Ph: 8854 4142 mobile: 0408 324 768 email: If you mention that you read this in The Monitor newspaper, we will offer you a 10% discount for any off season accommodation.

ROXBY DOWNS Ali Webber Phone 0417 816 738

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, thankyou for your support throughout 2008.

Email: Web: Lic No. RLA 151074

3 Blanche Crt

$575,000 - $585,000

4 bdrm hm with office and separate entrance. New white kitchen with 900mm gas oven, sinkerator, dishwasher, & storage areas with roll down doors. Down lights throughout. Casual living area has handmade jarrah timber bar with brass features. Combination modern tiles & timber floors throughout. Formal lounge room, main bdrm with en-suite and WIR. Reverse cycle A/C & evap cooling. Outside is large undercover entertainment area with tropical roof, mains gas for BBQ, ice machine connection, dimming lights, bird aviary, views to pool. Garden shed, workshop, dbl carport & double garage with roller doors.

Unit 6, 39 Windermere Cres, Mawson Lakes

31 Gregory Street $420,000

33 Finniss Street $415,000

5/6 Phibbs Crt $275,000

4 bdrm home with tiled lounge, dining, kitchen & passage, Timber kitchen with halogen lights, ornate timber fireplace appearance surrounding gas heater. Large 12 x 6 x 3 m shed, above ground in ground pool with palms, citrus trees, small patch of lawn. Leased until March 2009 at $480pw. Tenants are negotiable with lease & prepared to vacate prior to lease expiry date.

4 bdrm home with timber floor boards to living area, kitchen & dining overlook large undercover decking area and has full size walk in pantry, Large shed approx 20 x 30. Leased to a company until May 2009 at $460pw subject to 6 monthly market rent increases.

2 bdrm brick apartment, BIR’s to both rooms, open plan living, small courtyard with pergola, close to shops, currently leased at $345 pw to cor p orate comp any until July 09 subject to 6 monthly increases.

30 Olympic Way


3 bdrm hm located on lg corner block, living area has modern carpet, curtains & feature wall. New Baltic pine timber kitchen, gas oven. Access to entertainment area via sliding door, fully paved with garden beds, , 2 garden sheds with rear gate access. Leased at $460 pw until Sept 09 subject to 6 monthly market rent reviews.

60 Pioneer Drive

2 year old, 2 storey, 3 bedroom plus study, overlooking a park with fantastic views across the lake. This unique home is of a different design.It offers 2 bedrooms and a study area on the ground floor. The main bedroom with ensuite has direct access to front yard. The second bedroom and bathroom/laundry complete the ground level. The kitchen is upstairs with an open plan lounge/dining area with balcony. Enjoy the views while you are having your meals or sit on the balcony for a coffee.There is ducted reverse cycle airconditioning and alarm, double garage with remotes, security gates and a dedicated visitors carpark. A GREAT RENTAL INVESTMENT PROPERTY ! Be Quick for this, as there is a shortage of good quality properties in this area.

18 Shearwater Way, Thompson Beach, S.A. $ 189,000

WHAT VALUE !! Just bring a pillow, blanket and food, light the fire and enjoy a wine in the peace and quiet of beach side living. Live here full time or just use as a weekender. This area is renowned for large blue crabs and big whiting. Just an easy 50 minute drive from Adelaide through Dublin on the main Port Wakefield Road. This home features 3 large Bedrooms, main with built in, separate lounge with combustion heater for winter warmth, dining and modern kitchen. Has sea views from dining room and back verandah. Fully ducted with evaporative cooling for those hot summer days. Also has a large lockable shed with double doors. Take your fishing rod or crab rake and in 5 minutes you can walk to the beach.OR put a tenant in the home and let them pay the mortgage. THOMPSON BEACH is growing fast. Don’t miss out !!!

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper


3 bdrm hm, repainted in modern colours, casual living area has timber venetians, adjacent is upgraded kitchen/dining area with pantry. All 3 bdrms have BIR’s, main bdrm has glass sliding door to outdoor entertainment area so you can enjoy your own private spa. Workshop rear gate access via single carport. Leased to a company until Feb 09 at $470 pw. Available to owner occupy thereafter.

Units 8,9 & 12, 55 Grasswren Way, Mawson Lakes, S.A. BRAND NEW $ 450,000 - $ 480,000

$ 465,000


Located on the Southern end of Yorke Peninsula and only three hours leisurely drive from Adelaide these eight superior self contained modern villas are set amongst an oasis of natural bird attracting trees and lawns and are on three titles. Two by one bedroom and six by two bedroom villas only a short stroll to safe swimming beach or ten minute drive to spectacular Innes National Park with its famous surf breaks, top fishing and long sandy beaches. This business is an ideal sea change lifestyle showing good returns and potential for growth and expansion or creating community titles (STRC). Price : $1.35m Agent: Patrick Opie Phone: 88544122 RLA: 100637 Web Id: PO1489

And take advantage of the $21,000 First Home Buyers Grant on new homes + the $4,000 State Grant - that’s $25,000

INVESTORS TAKE NOTE -: There is a 2 year rental guarantee offered by the developer at $ 400 week. ALL THESE WONDERFUL FEATURES: 24 HOURS ACCESS TO YOUR BRAND NEW: Magnificent indoor heated pool; Family sized spa; Swim jets for lap swimming; Fully equipped air conditioned gym. PLUS ALL THIS IN YOUR BEAUTIFUL NEW HOME: Beautiful brand new contemporary townhouse; 3 bedrooms; 2 bathrooms including ensuite; Double garage; Terrific open plan living areas; Spacious master bedroom with balcony!; Built in robes in all bedrooms; Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning; Lovely new kitchen with island bench; Paved outdoor entertaining area, Double security gates to both complex and your home with intercom; Alarm system; Automatic watering system; Separate toilet downstairs; Linen storage; Understair storage; Modern decor; European tiling downstairs; Quality carpets upstairs; Overlooking a beautiful family park; Close to transport, shopping, schools, hotel and university;Quality fixtures and fittings throughout.

For private inspection on all properties Call Perry Valeondis on: 0417 842 706 Email-: Office-: 08 8357 9001 Fax-: 08 8357 9008 RLA – 199505

Pamir Court, Wallaroo, S.A. MARINA BLOCK $245,000 RARE VACANT LAND with sea views in the Marina Development. Large block of 703sqm with a 17.60m frontage. Has 2 street access. The caravan park is across the road. Walk to the beach in 5 mins. Building your dream home so close to the beach is a rare occurence in Wallaroo. You can enjoy a coffee on your balcony while watching the sun set over the waters of North Beach. MAKE AN OFFER NOW and secure your position in this sought after area.

Thursday, December 11th, 2008 – Page 13


Monitor NEWS

Page 14 – Thursday, December 11th, 2008

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper


Monitor NEWS

UNBREAKABLE TOUGHNESS & RELIABILITY • 3.0L direct injection turbo diesel • Renowned T/D performance and fuel economy



$27,490 DRIVEAWAY with Toyota Genuine ELA Tray metallic paint $300 extra




TURBO DIESEL MODELS IN STOCK NOW • Dual SRS airbags • Economy of a 4 cylinder


AUTOMATIC MODELS NOW AVAILABLE • Economy of a 4 cylinder • Dual SRS airbags

colour paint $300 extra



$32,490 DRIVEAWAY metallic paint $300 extra

with Toyota Genuine ELA Tray metallic paint $300 extra


Available on 2008 compliance plate vehicles purchased and delivered between 1/11/08 and 31/12/08. Excludes demos. Open to Private or ABN buyers at participating dealers. Not available with any other registered fleet discounts or offers. Toyota reserves the right to extend any offer.



Over the past three months, the Australian dollar has fallen approximately 35% against the Japanese Yen. This means Toyota Australia must increase its prices on imported models from January 1st, 2009.

The good news is that at this stage there will be no recommended retail price increase on the locally manufactured four-cylinder Camry and V6 Aurion or imported Prius models. Better still, with excess 2008 stock to clear, you can still drive a great deal on a new Toyota at today’s prices by seeing your Toyota Dealer soon. TOYOTA’S BIGGEST STOCK CLEARANCE EVER CAN’T LAST FOR EVER! These impending price rises combined with 40,000 cars to move, means there has never been a better time to take advantage of Toyota’s biggest stock clearance ever. There are great drive away prices across Australia’s favourite range of cars from the Yaris and Camry right through to Prado and LandCruiser. And when Toyota says Driveaway pricing they mean it. You won’t pay any additional CTP, Rego, Stamp Duty or Dealer Delivery costs, just one low Driveaway price on selected 2008 compliance plate stock. You’ll also be pleased to know that Toyota now also has a great supply of Turbo Diesel stock for HiLux, HiAce, Prado and LandCruiser 200 buyers. THERE’S NO BEATING AN UNBREAKABLE HILUX During Toyota’s Biggest Ever Stock Clearance, you can Driveaway in a manual 4x2 Work Mate Single Cab Cab-Chassis HiLux with a Toyota Genuine ELA tray for just $19,990, no more to pay! That’s hard-working value considering it comes standard with new 15” wheels, plus a powerful 2.7 litre VVT-i petrol powerplant that has a braked towing capacity of 2250kg (a), and a 76

litre fuel tank. And if shifting gears isn’t your bag, HiLux Work Mate is now also available in an automatic from August 2008 production (price for automatic model differs). THE TRADIE’S MATE AT MATES’ RATES The Toyota HiAce has long been the badge of the professional tradesman. And right now, it’s a badge that’s even easier to buy. $32,990 gets you a 2.7 litre petrol long-wheel-base manual model, Driveaway with absolutely no more to pay. You’ll also find that Toyota has already loaded it for you with dual SRS airbags, power front windows, an MP3 compatible CD sound system and LPG compatibility. THE ULTIMATE FAMILY SUV IS PACKED FOR CHRISTMAS Throw in the family, get out of town and make a few memories of your own with a Kluger KX-R 2WD, 5 seat automatic. It offers all the safety of Vehicle Stability Control and Traction Control, ABS with Electronic Brake-force Distribution and Brake Assist. Not forgetting a reversing camera (b), 17” alloy wheels, 200kW of power, 2000kg of braked towing power (a) and Optitron instrumentation. And you get all of that for the sensational Driveaway price of $39,990. A REFINED OFF-ROADER FOR ONE VERY ROUGH COUNTRY With its combination of refined power and intelligence, the Prado GXL Petrol auto is the thinking man’s (or woman’s) answer to whatever Australia can throw at you. Just look at what you can Driveaway with for just $54,990. There’s an MP3 compatible 6 disc CD changer, Bluetooth (c) for your mobile phone, dual front zone auto air conditioning with rear cooler and dual front SRS airbags.

Plus there’s the powerful 4.0 litre V6 VVT-i engine capable of braked towing up to 2500kg (a) of boat, caravan or whatever you need, DAT including Active Braking with Intelligence (AB-i), and all the room and comfort you could want for eight passengers. Alternatively, Toyota Dealers now also have stock of the brilliant Turbo Diesel model as well. Either way, you’ll be on a winner. KING-SIZED DEALS Right now there’s no better value than the LandCruiser 200 GXL petrol auto. You can Driveaway in the “King Off the Road” for $69,990 and also take advantage of a sensational 5.9% p.a. (d) finance rate. And that includes a range of features far too long to list here amongst which you’ll find CRAWL 4WD control, 6 SRS airbags, kinetic dynamic suspension and multi-terrain ABS. Or, if you’d prefer, you’ll also find the equally tough Turbo Diesel in stock too. AUSTRALIA’S FAVOURITE CAR COMPANY, AUSTRALIA’S FAVOURITE VALUES Being Australia’s Number One Car Company, Toyota has a pretty good handle on what Australians look for in a car. So they design vehicles that maximise fuel efficiency and safety while minimising your running costs. And there’s no better example of that than the Toyota Service Advantage (e) which gives you one transparent capped price for standard scheduled services over the first 3 years or 60,000km, whichever occurs first.

STOCK CLEARANCES DON’T GET ANY BIGGER THAN TOYOTA’S BIGGEST EVER. With 40,000 cars to move and Driveaway deals with absolutely no more to pay on Australia’s favourite cars, there’s never been a better time to see your Toyota Dealer for a big deal. So get in today because Toyota’s Biggest Ever Stock Clearance must end December 31.

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NAT (excl. QLD & WA)

Disclaimer: Available on 2008 compliance plate vehicles purchased and delivered between 1 November and 31 December 2008. Excludes demo models. Open to Private or ABN buyers at participating dealers only. Not available in conjunction with any other registered fleet discounts or offers. Toyota reserves the right to extend any offer. Optional extra of Metallic Paint at additional cost. Recommended driveaway price includes 12 months registration, 12 months compulsory third party insurance, dealer delivery and stamp duty. At participating Toyota dealers only. (a) Towbar capacity subject to regulatory requirements, towbar design, vehicle design and towing equipment limitations. (b) The rear view camera does not provide a comprehensive view of the entire rear area of vehicle and should only be used as an aid for viewing when reversing. (c) The Bluetooth word mark is owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. BluetoothTM will only operate with telephones enabled with compatible BluetoothTM wireless technology (HFP (Hands Free Profile) v1.0 and OPP (Object Push Profile) v1.1 international standards). OPP functionality only works on satellite navigation equipment. (d) Comparison rate of 5.9% per annum applies to approved Toyota Financial Services consumer customers. APR of 5.9% available to approved business customers. Conditions, fees and charges apply. Comparison Rate of 5.9% based on secured 5 year Consumer Fixed Rate Loan of $30,000. WARNING: This comparison rate is true only for the examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts might result in a different comparison rate. A comparison rate schedule will be available from your participating Toyota dealer. Offer valid for vehicles purchased and delivered between 1 November and 31 December 2008. (e) Toyota Service Advantage pricing represents the maximum amount payable for standard scheduled servicing which is as per ‘maintenance for normal operating conditions’, outlined in the Service & Warranty Handbook’s service schedule, for the first 3 years, or 60,000km whichever comes first (up to 4 standard scheduled services for Camry and Aurion and up to 6 standard scheduled services for all remaining vehicles). Service Advantage excludes Government and Rental vehicles and certain other exclusions apply.

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COUNCIL SNIPPETS Web: www.roxbycouncil. com Email: BUSHFIRE PREVENTION: Saturday 1st November saw the start of the Fire Danger Season. This will continue until 31st March, 2009. Some points to consider: - Cleaning up around yards - Clean out gutters - Trim trees, especially those brushing against the house

- Clear undergrowth where possible - Make yourself fully aware of the BBQ regulations When cleaning the rubbish, please be aware of snakes and rodents. Incase of Fire dial 000 When next visiting the council offices, please take your free copy of Preparing for Bushfires OPAL ROAD LANDFILL OPENING HOURS: The Opal Road Landfill Opening Hours are 1pm – 6pm, seven days a week.

FOR SALE SUBARU WRX 2007 model, NT Reg-922 808, as new, no modifications, colour white, 32,000kms, one owner, $34,000 ONO call Bill a/h 08 8952 3289 mobile: 0429 139 078 22FT caravan/annex.onsite w.i.w.o Pt Wakefield Caravan Park $17,500 newly renovated. phone 0886684208 or 0429002158. ROXBY WINDSCREENS AND WINDOW TINTING CARS: domestic and industrial. Insurance Claims. Licensed Tradesmen. Ph 0411 215 787 or (08) 8671 1414 OUTBACK GOVERNESS FOR BILLA KALINA STATION TO supervise 3 children, Yr 1, Yr 3 and Yr 5 through School Of The Air. You need to be self-motivated and enthusiastic to work with children on a cattle station. Excellent wage. Single acc. NW of Roxby Downs. Ph: 08 86 728936 –Jill. ACCOMMODATION ADELAIDE Accommodation Semaphore $85 per night. Phone: 0412 106 646 PORT AUGUSTA FLEA MARKET

SUNDAY 14.12.08 Coles undercover car park Port Augusta 8.30a.m. – 12.30p.m. Store holders. Bookings essential. Enquiries: 8642 3459

Residents are encouraged to utilise this FREE service as the dumping of litter in reserves or lands surrounding the town attract an expiation penalty fee of $315.00 as per the Local Government Act. Collect your free magnet when next in the office. RUBBI SH C OL L E CTION: Residents are reminded that there is a limit of one bin per household for weekly rubbish collection and that it is the resident’s responsibility to ensure that bins are in serviceable condition with closable lids that prevent flies and birds from accessing rubbish. Please be diligent as littering attracts an Expiation Penalty Fee of $315.00 – ie: over flowing bins. Disposal of old batteries can be deposited at the Opal Road Landfill Dump. DEPOSIT OF RUBBISH ETC: Under Local Government Regulations it is an offence to deposit rubbish, goods, materials earth, stone gravel or any other substance on a public road or place. This will incur a penalty and a fine. WASTE OIL DISPOSAL: Council operates a waste oil collection facility at the Roxby Downs Landfill site. Disposal of all used motor oil at this facility is free. For Further information contact Council 8671 0010 or BSH Waste Solutions on 8671 1154. No cooking oils, coolants, diesel, or diesel blended fuels (bio Diesel) are to be deposited into the unit. This Facility is open 1pm -6pm seven days. ILLEGAL PARKING: This is a friendly reminder from Council, that parking in the following zones is illegal: WITHIN THE ROXBY DOWNS TOWNSHIP:

- A loading zone - A drop off zone - A disabled park WITHIN THE RESIDENTIAL STREETS: - Parking on a nature strip - Parked on local government land. - Vehicle left on side of the road for greater than 24 hours - Parked in the opposite direction of oncoming traffic. Under the Local Government Act, Council has the power to instigate Infringement Notices and/or impound the vehicle(s) for the noted offence. If infringement notices are not paid by the due date, then a fine will apply. Please make yourself aware of all the parking regulations and signage. A D V E RT I S I N G O N COUNCIL INFRASTRUCTURE: Advertising on Council infrastructure such as light poles can attract expiation notices under the Local Government Act. If you spot any such advertising please notify the Council. DOG REGISTRATION: - Dog registrations are for 12 months in the financial year calendar. (July 08 – June 09), NOT 12 month calendar year. Grace period for registration expired on 31 August 2008; thereafter an $80.00 expiation fee applies under section 33 of the Dog and Cat Management Act. - Please also ensure that all dogs over the age of three months are registered, failure to comply can again result in an $80.00 Expiation Notice being issued. - Make sure when changing your address, you also change the address of your dog(s) If infringement notices are

not paid by the due date, then a fine will apply. RATES: 08/09 Financial year Rates have been declared and have been issued. Due date for the 1st Quarter was 30th September 2008. The 2nd Quarter instalment accounts have now been posted. The instalment due dates are: 16th December 2008, 17th March and the 16th June 2009. If you have any enquiries please contact Bronnie Warren on 8671 0010 during office hours. ELECTRICITY: Readings for December quarter will begin 29th December 2008. Please ensure your meters are accessible. Accounts for 30th December 2008 quarter will be issued approximately mid January. WATER: Quarterly accounts for the 30th September 2008 are now overdue. Reminder notices have now been issued with the late fee added. PAYMENTS: If you are unable to come into the council office during work hours, we do offer payment of any accounts via the Internet or credit card facility via the phone. Please call the office on 8671 0010 for details. GENERAL INFORMATION for Electricity & Water - Autopays & Direct Debits - All MONTHLY AUTOPAYS AND DIRECT DEBITS are taken out on the 20th of each month. - All QUARTERLY AUTOPAYS are taken out on the DUE DATE of the Notice - All QUARTERLY DIRECT DEBITS are taken out on the 20th day of which the notice is due. LOCAL WEBSITE & EMAIL ADDRESS:




Dr Mark Barnes Consults at 97 Pioneer Drive, Roxby Downs THURSDAYS 4 pm - 9.30 pm FRIDAYS 7.30 am - 12 noon Instant health fund rebates • 24 hour/7 day booking & enquiry service

PHONE 8645 0880

Book now! 0438 20 40 32 Now at Roxby Downs!

0438 20 40 32

BLD - 173944

Ph 8671 1234 Fax 8671 2823 Mob 0407 711 234 Shop 5/14 Tutop Street, Roxby Downs, SA Page 16 – Thursday, December 11th, 2008

Neither the highest or lowest tender may be accepted. Autorished by APOMA Committee. Contact phone ANN - APOMA Office 8672 7152 - BILL 0409 676 269 OPEN 7 DAYS

Post Of¿ce & Motel

Behind the Famous Bottle House

Opal Creek Boulevard, Andamooka & after hours by appointment

Ph: (08) 8672 7007 Fax: (08) 8672 7062 Email:


Antique & Household Removals Local, Interstate & Country Storage & Delivery Specialists

$50 Big brand cars -

off windscreens on moustache presentation

$360 fitted

Ph: 0427 716 173

Call Dave for quote! 8671 1414

Roxby Downs À Pt Augusta À Pt Pirie

(women exempt)

Senior First Aid 1 or 2 Day Courses Roxby Downs Nationally accredited HLTFA301B

$150.00 per person HeavyTruck Licences, HR, HC (Semi) Regional & Country Areas Serviced For enquiries and bookings: Phone: 8244-4374 Or 0417158098 Email: 660 South Road, Wingfield. S.A.

PROVIDING A COMPLETE SERVICE •General Repairs •Fencing •Carpentry •Cabinet-making •Plumbing •Gas-Àtting •Electrical •Carpet/Vinyl •Painting •Refrigeration

Specifications may be viewed at the APOMA Office - from 9 am to 3pm Tenders close 12 noon on 18th of December.

Roxby Windscreens

Pt Pirie & Adelaide Depots

Keep your car cool this summer by up to 60%!

* Darkest legal tint * Lifetime warranty

Tenders are being called for the Resheeting of the Nikolic Drive - Andamooka



7TH JANUARY 09. COUNCIL OFFICE HOURS – GENERAL: Monday to Friday – 9am to 5pm. For all after hours Emergencies, please phone 0419 892 870. CHRISTMAS HOURS AT THE COUNCIL AND LIBRARY: Both venues will be closed from 12.00pm 24th December and re opening on the 5th Jan. 2009. SERVICE SA within the Council, will be closed from Thursday 18th December and will re-open on Wednesday 7th January 2009. For Service SA enquiries please phone 131084.



Visit our website and read what’s new: If you need to contact us, please Email: SERVICE SA: Service SA operates at the council office on Wednesday and Thursdays ONLY between the hours of 9.00am and 4.30pm. Council provides Transport Services including Vehicle and Boat Registrations and Licensing Transactions. No learner written theory tests to be started after 4.00pm. PLEASE NOTE, SERVICE SA AT THE COUNCIL, WILL BE CLOSED FROM THURS 18 DEC TILL WED

Highly experienced local trainer Other emergency training also available Contact Steve Moore 0429 883 842


grooming service

Everyone in Roxby Downs can enjoy the bene¿ts of banking with Big Sky.

Visit us in Tutop Street or call 8671 2555

Heated hydrobath Clipping Blowdry and nail trims

Sherri Seery Phone for appointment 0423393280 Pick up and delivery service Eftpos facilities

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Monitor NEWS

Volleyball 2008 an interesting Year

Roxby Power’s Electricity Tariffs & Charges adopted by Roxby Downs Council as Power Distribution Authority pursuant to Section 18 of the Roxby Downs (Indenture Ratification) Act 1982. Unless otherwise noted rates & tariffs are effective from 1 January 2009 and include GST) TARIFFS FOR CUSTOMERS < 160 MW hr per annum

Supply Charge $ per qtr.

M - DomesƟc Light & Power C - Charitable InsƟtuƟons J -Oī Peak Hot Water

$38.75 $38.75 Nil

S - General Supply


SOLA - Solar Buyback D & N - General Supply Time of Use

Supply Rate Cents per 18.90 18.90

President Kate Hobbs reported on the 2008 Volleyball season in her annual report. Kate said “2008 has been an interesting year in Roxby volleyball. We’ve seen the competition go through some tough times mainly brought about by a large turnover in players. We’ve lost a number of teams this year and the remaining teams have sometimes struggled for players. However, despite this, the association has seen membership numbers grow as new players join our ranks and many new teams start up. The move to a combined competition has been interesting. It’s pleasing for me to see the standard of the traditionally B-Grade teams jump to a whole new level. Even without formal experience in the game, a number of new players have made leaps and bounds to become key role players on the court. We may return to a two-grade competition next year.” Reflecting on the year she said “Memorable moments this year include the Association’s Relay for Life

9.00 20.25 (first 7500 per qtr) 19.70 (thereaŌer) 16.00 23.50 (peak 7am to 9pm Mon - Fri) 12.50 (other Ɵmes)


TARIFFS FOR CUSTOMERS > 160 MW. hr per annum

Supply Charge $ per mth

Annual Max Demand Rate $ per KVA per annum

HVD - High Voltage Demand (> 1000 kVA)



11.75 (peak 7am to 9pm Mon - Fri) 6.50 (other Ɵmes)

Supply Rate Cents per

LLVD - Large Low Voltage Demand (> 1000 kVA)



12.20 (peak 7am to 9pm Mon - Fri) 7.00 (other Ɵmes)

LVD - Low Voltage Demand (>300kVA < 1000 KVA)



12.50 (peak 7am to 9pm Mon - Fri) 7.50 (other Ɵmes)

MLVD - -Low Voltage Demand (>100KVA <300KVA)



14.50 (peak 7am to 9pm Mon - Fri) 8.25 (other Ɵmes)

LVB - Low Voltage Business (<100 KVA 2 Rate)


20.25 (peak 7am to 9pm Mon - Fri) 8.00 (other Ɵmes)

SEMI FINAL SHOTS. LEFT: Simon for Benders spike against Bum taps. RIGHT: Kate Hobbs from Los Tintos fighting a ball on the net with Andres Fierro from Los As Say Toon Us.

Roxby Downs Businesses opening times OVER Holiday PERIOD BUSINESS

MISCELLANEOUS CHARGES Special Meter Reading Fee (VacaƟng & Transfers within Roxby Downs)

$32.50 during business hours $80.00 aŌer hours

New Account Fee (Includes Special Meter Reading Fee)

$65.00 during business hours $112.50 aŌer hours

ReconnecƟon Fee (Non payment)

$85.00 during business hours $132.50 aŌer hours

General Account / AdministraƟon Fee (Excludes Special Meter Reading Fee)


Late Payment Fees (Sent with reminder noƟces) Meter InspecƟon Fee (Quick Test) Meter Test Fee (Full Test) Meter upgrade from 1 to 3 Phase 3 Phase Service Pillar Replacement Monthly Service Charge for Customers > 160MW hr per annum includes meter reading, meter access and communicaƟons fee. Bank dishonoured Bank fee incurred transacƟon Credit Card TransacƟon No charge Fee

$15.00 $55.00 $110.00 $400.00 $750.00 $95.00

Interest on Late Payments

As determined by retail licence.

Security Deposit

$450 as determined by retail licence. CondiƟons apply. (GST not applicable)

Other Fees

Details available from Council


Tariīs are set in accordance with SecƟon 18(16) and 18(17) of the Roxby Downs (Indenture RaƟficaƟon) Act 1982.

Roxby Water’s Sewerage & Water Charges adopted by Roxby Downs Council as Water Distribution Authority pursuant to Section 13 of the Roxby Downs (Indenture Ratification) Act 1982. Rates & charges are effective from 1 January 2009. WATER CHARGES All ProperƟes Supply Charge First 34 kl 34 – 120 kl Over 120 kl Access Units (Based on the size of water meter) 20mm service connecƟon 25mm service connecƟon 50mm service connecƟon 80mm service connecƟon Freehold land abuƫng a water main with no service connecƟon.

Charges per access unit per quarter $40.00 $1.40 per kl $2.75 per kl $4.25 per kl Number 1 1.5625 6.25 16 1

SEWERAGE CHARGES All ProperƟes: Sewerage charges for all properƟes are based on establishing property units for each type of property according to use, as per guidelines established by the South Australian Local Government AssociaƟon.

$126 per property unit per quarter


$ per item

Special Meter Reading Fee

$30.00 during business hours $77.50 aŌer hours

General Account / AdministraƟon Fee (Excludes Special Meter Reading Fee)


Late Payment Fee (Sent with reminder noƟces) Other Fees

$15.00 Details available from Council

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effort, where as a group made up of members from across a number of competing teams, the Safe Sets made a tremendous effort. Others were, the Round Robin competitions and the outdoor competition held last summer at the Lions Park” Kate is looking forward to seeing if the association can try something similar to the outdoor games this summer, or perhaps bring in beach volleyball, which we have been discussing throughout last year. On a more personal note Kate said “this year has been a tough one for me as the head of a dwindling committee. I would like to take this opportunity to thank those people who have put in many long hours to make this competition happen over the year. Most of the work that it takes to keep this going is in the background and often goes un-noticed by the rest of the association. To the people who come along early each Monday night to set up and who stay back late, I thank you.”

Roxby Downs Family Practice Accident and Emergancy Department Hospital reception Roxby Downs Family and Youth Officer Andamooka Girl Guides Scouts Outback Multi Cultural group Roxby Downs Lutherin Church Anglican/Uniting Christian Community Church Visitors Information Centre Playgroup Roxby Downs Childcare OSHC Roxby Downs Club Roxby Downs Tavern Roxby Downs Library Big Sky Credit Union National Australian Bank Alliance One Credit Union Roxby Downs Newsagent Roxby Downs Pharmacy Roxby Downs Council Service SA -through Council Roxby Downs Pool Dunes Café Pulse Fitness Studio Roxby Downs Cinema Youth Centre Hourglass Jewellers Pet Shop and Veterinary Clinic Roxby Downs Post Offfice



19th Dec 24 HRS

5th Jan 24 HRS

25th, 26th Dec 1st Jan 19th Dec

Open all other times 5th Jan

17th December 3rd Dec 12th Dec No Changes No Changes

27th Jan 27th Jan 3rd Feb No Changes No Changes

25th Dec 3rd Dec 22nd Dec 20th Dec 25th Dec Not Closed Midday 24th Dec 25th, 26th Dec, 1st Jan 24th Dec 25th, 26th Dec, 1st Jan 25th Dec 25th, 26th Dec, 1st Jan Miday 24th Dec 18th Dec 25th Dec 25th Dec 25th Dec 24th Dec 25th Dec 25th, 26th, 27th, 28th Dec, 1st Jan 25th, 26th, 27th, 28th Dec, 1st Jan 25th, 26th, 27th, 28th Dec, 1st Jan

5th Jan 27th Jan 5th Jan 5th Jan Open all other times 12pm -2pm 25th Dec 5th Jan Open all other times 5th Jan Open all other times Open all other times Open all other times 5th Jan 7th Jan Open all other times 5th Jan 5th Jan 5th Jan 12th Jan Open all other times Open all other times Open all other times

ROXBY DOWNS SPORTS PERSON OF THE YEAR AWARD Now is your opportunity to publicly recognise those people who have contributed significantly to sport in Roxby Downs. Applications are now open for the Roxby Downs Sports Person of the Year Award. The Roxby Downs Sports & Recreation Forum on behalf of the community to formally recognise individual sporting achievements by promoting this annual award. Outstanding sporting achievements occur both on and off the field and those nominated do not necessarily have to be outstanding athletes. Exceptional “team players” or sporting administrators are equally worthy. The Award will be announced on Australia Day 2009. Nominations forms are available from the Roxby Downs Sports and Recreation. Nominations are to be returned to the Roxby Downs Council Office - Richardson Place Roxby Downs or by Fax on 08 8671 0010 or email community@ NominaƟons Close at 5.00 pm on Tuesday 13th January 2009 and will be received and considered in strictest confidence by the Sport and RecreaƟon Forum. Chairman Roxby Downs Sport & RecreaƟon Forum

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Monitor SPORT

Netball Finals fast and furious


A Grade Miners 38 defeated Gecko Girls 17 Best on Court in Grand Final: Kasiah Barrand (Miners) Runner up Best & Fairest for season: Fiona Kerrish (Redbacks) 13 votes Best & Fairest for season: Lena Allen (Gecko Girls) 14 votes

B Grade Tangos 17 defeated Roxby Milkshakes 14 Best on Court in Grand Final: Meg Elliot (Tangos) Runner up Best & Fairest for season: Rachel Prior (Pink Ladies) 14 votes Best & Fairest for season: Sophie Wissell (Tangos) & Tracey Michels (Pink Ladies) 15 votes


a st We dne s day three grand finals were played in the Wednesday night netball competition. All of the games were played at a fast pace with no quarter given, The B Grade final was a very close

affair with the teams level at every quarter except for the final siren by which time the Tangos had squeezed out a 3 goal win. In the A grade final the Miners easily accounted for the Gecko Girls and The West Coasters beat the Martini’s by 8.

Mixed West Coasters 28 defeated Martini’s 20 Best on Court in Grand Final: Dion McEvoy (West Coasters) Runner up Best & Fairest for season: Wade Ball (Old Skool) 14 votes Best & Fairest for season: Sarah Kay (West Coasters) 18 votes

ABOVE: The ball attracts a crowd as this Geckos attack. ABOVE: Great defence from Julie Tovo. BELOW: Long accurate passing was a feature of the Miners Game pass. RIGHT: Miners streach to spoil pass to Gecko Girls.

RIGHT: The Gecko just outreach the Miners in this tussle.


12” and 16”Dkids bikes, bmx, mountain bikes, road and 12” and 16” kids bikes, bmx, mountain bikes, road and comfort bikes. comfort Sub bikes. Brands: Avanti, Specialized, (womens) Raleigh, ABD Brands: Avanti, Specialized, (womens) Raleigh, ABD and Sub Tarini and Baskets, Tarini Pack Racks, Helmets, Accessories: Trainer wheels, Accessories: Trainer wheels, Pack Racks, Helmets, Glasses, Gloves, Shoes, Top Baskets, Brand Clothing and much more Glasses, Gloves, Shoes, Top Brand Clothing and much more Service workshop - Victoria Parade, Port Augusta ServiceDelivery workshopto- Roxby Victoria Parade, Port Augusta Downs arranged Delivery to Roxby Downs arranged Ph: 8641 1128 Fax 8641 1129 OPEN 6 DAYS

TO ALL TRADE AND HANDY PERSONS! Are you spending too much money on building supplies and hardware? Do you want to save money? If so, read this important notice; Mid North Builders Supplies at Laura offer excellent pricing and professional service and specialise in:-

Roofing, gutters, etc ~ Verandahs ~ Carports ~ Sheds Fencing supplies ~ Hardwood & treated pine decking Mid north builders supplies also stock a large range of:-

Structural timber ~ Kiln dried permapine Plumbing supplies ~ C section Edwards solar hws Timber mouldings ~ Plywood ~ Reinforcing mesh Structural pipe ~ Fibre cement sheets & planks. Plasterboard (unbeatable prices) Page 18 – Thursday, December 11th, 2008

Mid North Builders Supplies now service the north and can arrange delivery right to your front door or building site. They offer design service and advice. Give them an opportunity to quote your jobs. You will be pleasantly surprised how much money you have saved. For a no obligation quote or advice on your job, contact mid north builders supplies at Laura. Ph. 08 86663 2467 Fax. 08 8663 2225 Email.

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Rogues dominate/Wanderers on top


The Devils were rescued by Dion McEvoy with an unoxby Rogues recorded its third win for the season with an easy eight wicket win over the beaten half century that included four sixes and 30 runs from Darren Leonard and 29 from Phil Stacey. Woomera Redbacks on Friday night.

Toby Ferguson finally got due reward for his fine bowling this year by claiming 5/11 as the home side once again fell for a lowly score. All out for 67 the Redbacks dismissed two Rogues batsmen before the winning runs came up in fifteenth over with Paul Trotta (21) and Bill Hiscox (15) unbeaten at the end. Vince Berkelaar top scored for Woomera with 34 and while Paul Watkinson (11) Robbie Rye and Steve White gave a bit the rest of the batting line capitulated rather sadly. Micky Ingold with 1/18 bowled well for Woomera with the new ball as did Sam Nethery for Rogues while Jordan Dadleh put in a cameo performance by taking two wickets in seven deliveries without conceding a run. SCORES Woomera Redbacks Rye b Ferguson - 9 Berkelaar b Ferguson - 34 Watkinson c Wyatt b Nethery - 11 White b Ferguson - 5 Turner b Ferguson - 0 Ingold b Trotta - 0 Hirschaussen b Ferguson - 0 Hutchens K b J Dadleh - 1 Couzens run out (Jackson) - 0 Searle c McDonald b J Dadleh - 0 Hutchens not out - 0 Sundries - 7 Total - 67 Bowling: Ferguson 7-3-5/11, Nethery 8-1-1/16, McDonald 5-0-0/34, Trotta 4-2-1/2, J Dadleh 1.1-1-2/0 Roxby Rogues Wyatt b White - 22 Trotta not out - 21 Westlake b Ingold - 13 Hiscox not out - 15 Sundries - 4 Total- 2/75 Bowling: Ingold 7-2-1/18, White 4-0-1/34, Searle 3-0-0/8, Turner 1-0-0/8, Berkelaar 1-0-0/7 Wanderers won a keen contest over Olympic Dam at Roxby Downs oval on Saturday morning by four wickets to take outright top spot on the ladder after eight rounds. Set 163 runs to take the points the Swaggies who were without Ryan Briggs achieved the target in the thirty eight over after Ryan Selkirk clubbed another century to put his side in a strong position. Considering the lushout field and conditions that once again suited the bowlers Olympic Dam posted quite a credible score after being 4/36 at the end of the fourteenth over.

Wanderers themselves were looking shaky at 3/23 but Selkirk and Damien Smith (25) added over eighty runs runs for the fourth wicket to put the batting side in a sound position. Olympic Dam who were without a quartet of fast bowlers had three chances in the field to dismiss Selkirk but unfortunately could not bring any to fruition and his match winning score included seven sixes and nine fours. SCORES Olympic Dam Moroney W c J Hombsch b Kavanagh - 16 Thompson lbw b Carroll - 5 Shinnick c N Hombsch b Grimston - 3 Woolford c Selkirk b Carroll - 0 Leonard c & b Anthony - 30 Stacey c Selkirk b Smith - 29 McEvoy D not out - 56 Eckermann run out (Kavanagh) - 0 Moroney S b Kavanagh - 1 Geraghty not out - 2 Sundries - 19 Total - 8/162 Bowling: Carroll 8-1-2/22, Grimston 5-0-1/16, Smith 7-2-1/23, Kavanagh 5-0-2/26, Wilson 8-0-0/40, Arthur 2-0-0/15, Anthony 5-1-1/11 Wanderers Selkirk c & b Moroney - 106 Wilson c Moroney b Woolford - 5 Grimston b Shinnick - 4 Carroll run out (McEvoy) - 0 Smith b Moroney - 25 Anthony c Shinnick b Moroney - 1 Watkins not out -15 Arthur not out - 5 Sundries - 3 Total - 6/164 Bowling: Woolford 8-2-1/18 Shinnick 8-1-1/24 Stacey 5-0-0/26 Moroney 8-2-3/31 Thompson 5-0-0/50 Geraghty 4-0-0/15 Table: Wanderers 36 Olympic Dam 32 Roxby Rogues 20 Woomera Redbacks 2 Roxby Districts cricket resumes on January tenth when Olympic Dam meets Roxby Rogues in Roxby and Wanderers play Woomera in a day/night game at O’Donoghue Oval.

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Are calling for the bar and canteen tenders for the 2009 football season Apply in writing to the Secretary of The W&DFL Inc PO Box 330 Roxby Downs 5725 Tenders close the 31st Dec

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Shots from last Saturday morning

Indoor Hockey has finished for season. Both Hockey and Wednesday Netball will resume in February next year.

TOUCH FOOTY Samoa 10 defeated Solomon Islands 4 Noble Knights 7 defeated Tonga 5

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A chat with Warren Tredrea A

s promised, The Monitor brings to you the third in a series of exclusive interview with the sport stars who attended the ‘From the Sports Desk’ night last November. What follows is a chat with Port Power Footballer Warren Tredrea. The Monitor: From your short visit here, what do you think of Roxby Downs? Warren Tredrea: It’s good; it’s the first time I’ve been here. Our footy club comes out here a fair bit but I haven’t been on any of the trips so far. I had a tour before and I can’t believe how many houses are going up around here. It’s pretty unbelievable, we whinge at training when we go through 36 degrees and it gets up to 56 here which is amazing. The people here are very friendly and it’s good to be up here. Unfortunately it’s only for a short period of time as I’ve got to get back and start running again. The Monitor: You are a very busy man, how do you find time to fit everything in? Warren Tredrea: I had to get permission from the boss, Mark Williams, to come here because we started training about ten days ago. Obviously the footy club does a lot of community based stuff and they’re pretty receptive of people getting around to different areas to promote the footy club and the positives that go with that. I think the most important thing is you just enjoy getting out amongst it. For us the lifestyle really is a bit shot because it’s football and home-life and that’s it, you don’t necessarily get to go away at the times your family goes away. You’re restricted as to what you can actually do in footy season out of footy season but this is a good opportunity to get away for the night, meet new people, experience new things and spread a positive message. The Monitor: What do you do for

fun in your free time? Warren Tredrea: I mostly look after daughter and change nappies at the moment. Other than that I do some work for Channel Nine in Adelaide and I’ve got a share in a hotel in Adelaide. I’m getting towards the end of my career and spending a lot of time at things like this (visiting Roxby), getting out and meeting people. Part of the footy industry is getting out and meeting different people, seeing new places and giving me the opportunity I might not have had, so you just sit back and realise how lucky you are. The Monitor: If you weren’t a Football Player, what direction do you think your life would have taken? Warren Tredrea: I think maybe a copper – I read real crime novels and I got really excited about CSI until I realised that it’s just Hollywood junk. I’ve found on Foxtell the CI channel with real life stories and for some reason the gorier they are the more interest I am in them. I think if footy didn’t work out I would have been a detective, putting away the bad people; it’s a bit goody two shoes. It’s a bit ridiculous but I think the way TVs heading there’s a lot more stuff to keep me entertained.

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“It’s just hard work and dedication and you have to sacrifice a lot of things on the way.”

those wishing to follow in your footsteps of becoming an athlete? Warren Tredrea: I think the main thing is just to enjoy what you’re doing, whether it’s footy, swimming or cricket, be active and just work hard and listen to your coaches, the rest takes itself. When I first started out I never knew I was going to play 200 games in the AFL. It’s just hard work and dedication and you have to sacrifice a lot of things on the way. My mates all used to go out on weekends and I stayed at home watching a movie with my parents because I had a big game the next day. I think it’s important you work hard, you listen to what your coaches say and obviously you’ve got to sacrifice something along the line.

The Monitor: How is the 2009 season shaping up? Warren Tredrea: It’s going good. We’ve only been back about a month. We’ve been training really hard. We had a solid two hour training session in 37 degree heat, even though I said it’s nothing to what you get up here but when you’re running up to 10kms its difficult. We’re really pushing the envelope so we know that were going to be as best as we can for the start of the year. You just hope come round one there won’t be any injuries – we’ll be able to get through as best as we can. The Monitor: What advice would you give to

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Red Dust n’ Us Art Exhibition Johanna Sampson & Lesley Pedersen Roxby Leisure Art Gallery December 7-28

AUSTRALIA Rated M Duration 165 mins.


Set in northern Australia before World War II, an English aristocrat who inherits a sprawling ranch reluctantly pacts with a stockman in order to protect her new property from a takeover plot. As the pair drive 2000 head of cattle over unforgiving landscape, they experience the bombing of Darwin, Australia, by Japanese forces firsthand. Stars Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman, Bryan Brown. Screens: Thurs 11 Dec 11am, Fri 12 Dec 7pm, Sat 13 Dec 11am & 3pm, Sun 14 Dec 12noon, Tues 16 Dec 12noon, Wed 17 Dec 2pm

Rated G Duration 111 mins.

Rated G Duration 98 mins.

As seniors in high school, Troy and Gabriella struggle with the idea of being separated from one another as college approaches. Along with the rest of the Wildcats, they stage a spring musical to address their experiences, hopes and fears about their future. Stars Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale. Screens: Thurs 11 Dec 3pm, Fri 12 Dec 12noon & 3pm, Sat 13 Dec 7:30pm, Mon 15 Dec 3pm, Tues 16th Dec 7pm

In the distant future, a small waste collecting robot inadvertently embarks on a space journey that will ultimately decide the fate of mankind. Stars the voices of Ben Burtt, Elissa Knight and Sigourney Weaver. Screens: Mon 15 Dec 11am, Tues 16 Dec 4pm, Wed 17 Dec 11am

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