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Volume 4, Thursday August 21st, 2008

Warning! BHPB shareholders are targets of scam


OXBY DOWNS owners of BHP Billiton shares are being targeted by an opportunist company to buy their shares at half their value. One such shareholder alerted The Monitor to the scam last week saying that while he was aware of the value of his shares and what the company Hassle Free Share Sales was trying to do, other investors might simply respond to the acceptance form without checking all the details. The letters being received by some of the shareholders indicates the number of shares owned by the person and makes the offer to buy them at $17.63, even though recognising the fact the

actual BHP share price at the time of offer was $37.15. These unsolicited offers by opportunists like Hassle Free Share Sales Pty. Ltd. are not new and there are a number of other companies operating in similar ways. Hassle Fee Share Sales has been making the same offers for Wesfarmers shares and also Woodside Petroleum and are not endorsed by the companies concerned. The Australian Securities and Investment Commission, the corporate watchdog, is apparently powerless to ban such offers if the share values are clearly disclosed.

ASIC banned similar company Share Buyback Group from making offers after ruling in 2007 that the company’s actual name could mislead shareholders. It was revealed then that new offers could be made by Hassle Free Share Sales, a separate company but with a common director. Ms Suzane Forster owns the company Hassle Free Share Sales Pty Ltd and is not associated with BHP Billiton or any of the other companies she has made offers for in the past. Shareholders who receive these offers should know that they don’t have to accept any offer and by ignoring the letters the offer will lapse. Anyone who may be tempted by the Hassle

Olympic Ambassadors Kyle Vander Kuyp and Robbie Crowther with the Roxby Downs Olympic Torch

Olympics - Roxby style

Free Share Sales offer should consider seeking independent financial advice from a qualified professional advisor before making any decision. They are also advised to read the documentation carefully, check the current market price and check all other options available. Had the Roxby Down’s man responded to the Hassle Free offer for his particular portfolio of BHPB shares he would have lost $421,600 on current share value. Anyone wanting more information on Hassle Free Share Sales Pty Ltd’s unsolicited offer or other unsolicited offers for shares refer to ASIC’s “FIDO” website for guidance.

BHP Billiton proudly supplied the metal for medals for this year’s Beijing Olympics and in keeping with the spirit of the games, hosted an Olympic Sports Day at Roxby Downs last Friday. Students from Roxby Downs, St. Barbara’s, Woomera and Andamooka schools took part in the fun day and all received commemorative medals for their efforts. SEE STORY PAGE 16


Monitor NEWS

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Family Focus with Tom Beever

Great Work Great Initiative I’ve just come back from my early evening jog and what a delight it was. I’ve always enjoyed jogging and working out and have done so since I was thirteen. My elder brother was into amateur wrestling when we were younger and I remember hopping on the back of his motor bike when I was 13, in order to attend a wrestling competition and compete for his club. We lived on the east side of Melbourne when we were growing up and I still can’t remember my brother telling me that we had to go ALL the way to Geelong to compete! Geelong was like, forever away in those days and I’m not sure how good motor bike seats are today, but the motor bike seat I sat on for nearly two hours way back then felt like a damn brick! Anyway! I ended up coming second in my division and therefore won a silver medal and it was from that day on that I began my journey into competitive sports and keeping fit. The difference between the jog I have just come back from and all the others I’ve had in my near six years of living in Roxby…is the fabulous brand new footpaths along Burgoyne Street and Olympic Way. If you haven’t noticed, take a drive, or preferably walk along the Burgoyne Street footpath and you’ll see there is

now a brand new section of footpath that starts from the driveway into the Myall Grove Caravan Park, and extends all the way down Olympic Way to the corner of Burgoyne Street. I’ve obviously noticed all the work that has been going on in regards to the construction of the fabulous new footpaths. But I just wished I had taken the time to stop and thank the workers for what they were doing because the footpaths will greatly benefit many residents and families for years to come. I probably didn’t stop because I knew it would be too hard to wind myself up again. But, after a bit of research, I discovered that the construction of the new footpaths was a BHP Billiton initiative. I congratulate BHP Billiton because they saw the need to provide more safe places for us to walk (or jog) and they set out to do something about it. I would also like to thank York Civil because they were the ones who BHP Billiton asked to construct the new footpaths. Some of my fondest memories as a little boy were the times my Grandma would come to stay at our home. On one of those occasions we all went for a long walk to our local football oval in order to enjoy Carols by Candlelight. To have our beautiful Grandma walk and talk with us on that occasion was so special and a

great memory! Family walks are special. We would all remember the happy times when we walked and talked with those whom we love. Children especially love to walk and talk with mum and dad and our gorgeous Roxby weather enables us to enjoy the benefits of short or lengthy walks, or jogs along safe footpaths regardless of our family situation. The other benefit of walking is that it’s good for us. Walking is good for our heart, it’s good for our lungs, it’s good for the muscle and bone growth of children and it’s good for our feeling of wellbeing. Walking has also been shown to improve self esteem, relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety, and improve moods. It’s great to take a break from the busyness of home or to take an after dinner walk on a lovely spring, or cool summer evening. But it’s a relief to know that jogging on the side of the road in the dark around the top of Burgoyne Street and Olympic Way is now over. I congratulate the drivers who waved and showed consideration to nutty people like me who love to get out in the dark in order to do our thing. But I congratulate Bhp Billiton for their great initiative and York Civil for work well done. Take a walk…you’ll be glad of it.

Trial flight for workers from Eyre Peninsula Framed $375 Unframed $225 EFTPOS Available

Last week it was reported that a new air service for Eyre Peninsula workers to Roxby Downs would commence on the weekend, initially flying in and out of Andamooka. The Wudinna council wants the flights to help overcome the dislocation caused by an exodus of workers to the mining industry. The report stated that the council is in negotiations to overturn a BHP Billiton policy barring single-engine aircraft from its Roxby Downs airstrip which has threatened the trial program.

Greyhound Australia offers a daily Express Coach service and an overnight national Parcel and Freight service from Olympic Village, Roxby Downs and Woomera. Daily Express Coach services connect to Pimba and then north to Coober Pedy and Alice Springs or south to Port Augusta and Adelaide.

Tim Scholz, Wudinna Council Chairman says Andamooka was used as a landing strip in the meantime for the first flight this weekend. “The Andamooka Progress Association is being very supportive and they’ve offered the use of a bus service to take people across to Roxby Downs, but it’s certainly not the simplest way of approaching this trial project,” he said. “It would make much more sense to land right at Roxby Downs, that’s certainly our preferred option,” Mr. Scholz told the ABC.

BHP DISCOUNT BHP staff, BHP Contractors and their families can take advantage of the following discounts with Greyhound; 20% off Express Travel and 10% off Parcel and Freight services. For further details contact Greyhound on 1300 473 946

COACH TRAVEL - visit, call 1300 Greyhound (1300 473 946) or visit our Olympic Dam site office on Yundnamatana street or the Roxby Downs Newsagency at Shop 20-21 Richardson Place.

FREIGHT - visit or call 1300 656 532. Page 2 – Thursday, August 21st, 2008


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Monitor NEWS

Derrick passes on his positive outlook on life By Zak Zeptner Students sat captivated as STAR Group Senior Constable Derrick McManus shared his experience of being shot 14 times by a high powered rifle in one of South Australia’s greatest police sieges. One would imagine being shot would have a considerable impact on one’s life, and Derrick is no exception; the impact, however, was positive. The STAR Group member spent three hours bleeding alone while fellow officers attempted to mount a rescue mission while a gunman remained barricaded in his house, shooting at police. After a lengthy recovery period, Derrick is back working for STAR Group and as a motivational speaker for people all over the country. Roxby Downs Area School year 10 to 12 students were lucky enough to hear from Derrick and his positive outlook on life. “I like to be lighthearted in life,” Derrick told students while showing photographs of his extensive injuries. “The ambulance officer who got to me first thought I only had about 30 minutes left to live, due to the amount of blood I’d lost,” commented Derrick. Fortunately, Derrick’s thoughts remained positive, a key element of his speech, even after he lost feeling in his arms and legs and began to see the “white light”. It was this incident that inspired Derrick to speak with people about life, the choices we make, keeping positive and being focused. Derrick began his speech with a heart wrenching video presentation outlining STAR Group, the notorious siege and his recovery period. “It made me want to cry,” said RDAS councillor Bec Eli. With the students captivated by the details of the shooting, Derrick used this experience to illustrate his theories towards attitude. “Be passionate about what you want and you’ll be prepared for what may come,” said Derrick. Throughout the talk, Derrick stated several elements people need in order to achieve their goals: motivation, focus, skills, a mentor and high self esteem. Some may ask how to achieve these essentials and Derrick’s answer was simple: the power of thought. “Keep positive and don’t let negative thoughts in.” Derrick is a true example of positivity leading to success. From the minute he was shot, Derrick knew he could not give up. “At that point, anything better than death was a bonus,” said Derrick. Derrick was so positive, in fact, he was joking in the ambulance about getting shot. “We had diving training the next day and the Sergeant in charge was a strict guy who didn’t like excuses for lateness or absence, so I called my mate over, who ran to my side expecting my final words of love for my family or some life wisdom, and I told him to tell the Sergeant I might not make it to training. He called me a clown.” Humour is a virtue Derrick enjoys and loves it when people speak their mind, a comment he made when students asked why the police simply didn’t throw a grenade into the house so they could get to Derrick. Derrick thanked the students for their honesty and offered another anecdote about his experiences.

Keynote speaker, Derrick McManus pictured after his talk with Roxby Downs Area School students, Kristen Warby, Karly McDonald, Tim West and Wayne Vangelder “I was at a talk and there was a camera man there, so I asked him what he was here to speak about and without thinking, the camera man said, ‘I’m just here to shoot you’.” A good story, motivational tips and a humorous speaker was a thrilling experience for students, many of whom stayed after the talk to hear more of Derrick’s adventures and lessons in life. “It was really good to hear from Derrick, understanding that even when terrible things happen, the good is still there,” said captivated student Karly McDonald. The good, for Derrick, is essential. When asked if he wanted revenge on the man who shot him, Derrick had only one thing to say. “If I wanted revenge, I would have it, but then

what kind of a person would that make me? I’d be just like the gunman.” In fact, Derrick would relish the opportunity to have a “friendly chat” with the man who caused him so

much harm, just to understand why he did the things he did. While this may never happen, Derrick is content with simply passing on his advice to students.

“Showing kids there are so many choices and options available to them is a great thing and seeing the light go on in their eyes is an incredible feeling,” Derrick told The Monitor.

Thought equals results, as Derrick says, and hopefully the students of Roxby Downs Area School will use the advice Derrick has bestowed upon them to better themselves in life.

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Sodexo new Olympic Dam village provider In a statement to The Monitor, Mr. Paul Walters, Vice President Human Resources Olympic Dam, said that Sodexo was selected after an extensive tender process in accordance

with BHP Billiton’s Global Sourcing Guidelines. Sodexo was selected for its innovative and fresh approach to village management, with a number of exciting changes expected to be implemented in the Roxby and Olympic villages over the coming months. “The transition from the current provider, ESS, to Sodexo has already begun with Sodexo expected to take over from 10 September. A team is in place to

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

ensure a smooth transition,” said Mr. Walters. Recruitment and premobilisation activities are well underway and all current ESS employees will be given every opportunity to apply for employment with Sodexo. He said, “BHP Billiton Olympic Dam thanks ESS for their support of our operations over the past years and welcomes Sodexo Remote Sites to Roxby and Olympic Villages.”

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odexo Remote Sites (formerly known as Universal Sodexho) is the new provider of Village Management Services for BHP Billiton Olympic Dam.

Thursday, August 21st, 2008 – Page 3


Monitor NEWS

Still working in her first job after 25 years! Meet Helen Goldfish. Originally from Murray Bridge, Helen moved to Adelaide at the age of 16 with her family as her father was appointed to a manager’s role at Woolworths in Adelaide. A year after the move, Helen got her first job and commenced her career at “Woollies”, joining her dad, her brother Derek and later her sister Carol, who started working at different branches of the Woolworths chain. Still at school, 17 year old Helen worked as casual employee, 12 hours a week on Thursdays nights and Saturdays. She started filling shelfs, straightening the clothes area and working on the check out for a year in Adelaide’s Gilles Plains branch. “I still remember my first day as it was yesterday. My supervisor asked me to tie my hair back. I didn’t like that,” Helen recalled. Forgetting that event she stayed at this branch for 10 years doing a 25 hour part time administrative job. “Woolworths gave me plenty opportunities to advance in my career,” she said. After some years she was promoted to an auditor’s role. “The job as branch auditor gave me the opportunity to travel around. I went to Darwin, Alice Springs, Tasmania and Brisbane.” “What I love are the people. The staff makes Woollies a really good company to work for,” she said when she was asked about the benefits of working for a big company. Helen said, “It’s an excellent company that gives the opportunity to work with a lot of people of all age ranges.” Helen arrived in Roxby a year ago, with her partner, Peter, who was appointed to a position at Cav Power and their two kids, Kane, 4 years, and Sean, 2 years. They would like to stay in town, “As long as the kids, Peter and me are happy.” They are having a good time in Roxby. “We participate in Toddler Story Time at the Public Library and in the Community Club. On weekends we are exploring around Roxby, travelling and seeing the countryside. And Peter is teaching me to drive a manual 4WD!” she said. “In my free time I love to take the kids for a walk and ride their bikes and I like to cook, especially desserts. My speciality is the chocolate mud cake.” On August 8th Helen celebrated 25 years working in “Woollies” and the Adelaide Area Management flew to Roxby on Thursday, August 14th to celebrate with her. Happy 25th anniversary, Helen! We wish you many more!

Plans for the Christmas tree Festival By Krystle Bower


f ten the b e st thing about small towns is how they celebrate every event as a community. One example of a good community event in Roxby is the Christmas Tree Festival. The first Christmas Tree Festival was 12 years ago, when a member of the public thought Roxby needed to bring some spirit back

to the community. “The first year, was such a success,” said Helen Edwards, the creator of the event, “I actually got the idea from a Port Pirie Festival,” she added. The Festival only ran the one year, and for 10 years after nothing like it was repeated, then 2 years ago another community member came forward to put a festival together again, and now after two consecutive

Stephen Scott-Hoy B.Optom

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years, Gaylene Crane is stepping up to the plate for the first time, to organise another Festival for Roxby Downs.

event, in any of the categories, which are Individual, Community Group, Family Group, Junior Primary, Primary, and Secondary.

The event, which encourages the community to get involved, has promised us something special this year. In previous years, Christmas Trees were the only acceptable entry, but this year the organisers are deciding whether they should allow the community to enter wreaths as well, in the hope to get more people involved.

The organisers are encouraging anyone to make a tree or wreath and enter the competition, however, at this stage entry fee is to be advised. The Festival is expected to be held in late November, with the exact date to be confirmed later.

The Christmas spirit is really what it is all about and with people from over 52 countries represented in Roxby there is bound to be quite different ideas about Christmas. The winners of the categories will get a prize for their efforts.

The entries will be judged a week before the event, by the financial supporters, and then displayed when the winners collect the prize. This year’s organisers are hoping for a large turnout in the hope of encouraging more Christmas Spirit through Roxby Downs.

“Last year they had about 30 entries, we hope All community members to get more this year,” said are welcome to enter the Gaylene Crane.

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The Auditorium Cultural Centre Precinct Roxby Downs Fri 22nd-Mon 25th August THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper


Monitor NEWS

Residents live in fear Burgoyne Street used as a race track

By Sol Pizanez


ne issue that is currently alarming many Roxby Downs’ residents and Roxby Road Safe is the behaviour of drivers in the streets. “We are deeply concerned about speed in the town at early hours in the morning and late hours in the night,” said Tom Beever, Roxby Road Safe chairperson. Drivers take advantage to break laws and speed limits during the nights, when police are not always patrolling. “It is unbelievable what some people are doing in Roxby streets,” Mr. Beever said. In the past weeks, neighbours are complaining about drivers doing burnouts, “donuts” and speeding along Burgoyne Street and then around the town centre. “It’s about the noise made by cars driving out of control using roads as race tracks, speeding, doing burnouts and basically driving erratically,” said a worried resident on Burgoyne Street. “If you are trying to sleep they wake you up. If you are awake they scare you,” she said. Residents on Burgoyne Street live terrified

thinking a car could crash into their houses. And it is not too crazy to think that it could happen. Six years ago a speeding driver lost control of his car and smashed into the main bedroom of the house on the corner of Burgoyne and Agonis Streets. “Fortunately no one was killed,” said Mr. Beever. As a safety measure some houses built concrete pillar fences and brought boulders in case another car lost control. The resident said, “But that is not the solution. It is not the answer to live in our houses as if they were bunkers, being afraid and not sleeping at nights.” In summer this year a drink driver who was also on drugs smashed a car into a shed near the corner of Aquila and Santalum Way. Again, happily, nobody was hurt or killed. Mr. Beever said, “I also ask Roxby drivers to slow down whilst turning corners. There have already been two really serious car accidents in Roxby because of speed and drink driving when they tried to negotiate a corner too fast.” Drivers affected by alcohol avoid main streets to evade the police and speed in narrow streets with parked cars on either side of the road and

therefore have more chances of having an accident. “We live in a small town, where everything is not more than 20 minutes walking. There is no excuse to drink and drive. “It takes less than a blink of an eye to lose a life in a crazy and unnecessary car accident because of the speed, alcohol or both of them together,” he said. “When is there going to be another accident with a car driving straight into someone’s bedroom. What are we waiting for - someone actually getting seriously injured?” said the neighbour of Burgoyne Street resident interviewed. “If drivers don’t start to be conscious about speed and drink driving it is only a matter of time before another accident will happen. Someone is going to die,” a concerned Mr. Beever said. “Just to jog drivers’ memories: Driving in excess off 50km/h in Roxby Downs is an offence,” Mr. Beever said. Police ask Roxby residents to take note of car’s number plates and call them so they can follow up drivers’ actions.

Cartoon Comment

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Monitor NEWS “Herding cows to save lives”

The Bush to Burra Cattle Drive is an Australian first… A

group of enterprising Mid North businessmen, farmers and residents has got together to raise money for health services and hospitals within the South Australia’s Mid North – by driving cattle. People are being offered the chance to join a testing five-day cattle drive (complete with a 400-strong herd) from the outpost of Whyte Yarcowie through the Booborowie Valley to the historic mining town of Burra. Cattle drives are nothing new, but there are three principle differences to this event. 1. Anyone can join – but you’re encouraged to bring your own horse and camping gear 2. It costs just $250 per day if you BYO horse, $400 if you borrow one of theirs – the latter being at least half the price of a regular cattle drive. 3. Profits will go to local health services with the intention of assisting them to buy much-needed medical equipment. Held on October 7th – 11th 2008 over five days and four nights, the event is not only significant for its good

intentions, it also follows part of the historic stock droving route used by Sir Sydney Kidman. “We’re using real drovers on one of Australia’s most important stock routes,” says organiser Graham Radford. “I mean, it’s the real deal out here! The valley’s really pretty, the history of the area is remarkable. There’ll be plenty of stories along the way.” Radford, who has been a local trail guide in the region for 15 years, believes the event offers some extra authenticity, giving horse-owners the chance to saddle up and put their four-legged friends through their proper paces with real stock. “The five-day drive will cover 56km,” he says. “So I guess it’s a terrific opportunity to work with your horse outside of the paddock, dress circle or the arena.” Horse owners paying $250 per day get three meals – ‘real bush cooking’ – plus live music by local and visiting artists each night. “You’re responsible for your horse, and its feed. If you’ve got any back-up crew – maybe someone supporting in a 4WD – then we’re saying they can pay $90 per day which covers all their meals and entertainment.”

There are 60 riding slots each day, 50 of them for horse-owners, 10 of them for horse hirers. “If you’re paying $400 to hire a horse, then we’ll be responsible for looking after it, plus we’ll loan you all the camping gear – so you get it cushy!”

The drive’s completion will coincide with the Burra Show where all participants enjoy a night of music and festivities within the Burra Showgrounds. For bookings and enquiries, contact Burra Visitor Information Centre on (08) 8892 2154.

Flow Line looking back from Habanero 3 to Habanero

Exciting news in Cooper Basin drilling

Jolokia 1 drilling progress

Geodynamics recently advised that the drilling of Jolokia 1 in the Cooper Basin is progressing well with exciting prospects for its hot rocks power generation project. The 244 mm (9 5/8”) diameter casing has been run successfully to its design depth of 3,776 metres and Geodynamics advised that at a depth of approximately 3,805 metres, the first small fracture in Jolokia was intersected. This is exciting news as it confirms existence, earlier than expected, that the Jolokia location has water saturated over pressured granites consistent with the three Habanero wells. The forward drilling program will now focus on completing the well to intersect the target fracture zone. The casing and cement job has been pressure tested to prove its integrity, and drilling has commenced in the 216mm (8½”) open hole section using the proven managed pressure drilling approach to drilling the fractured granite. The current depth is 3,818 metres. Jolokia 1 is located approximately 9 km from Habanero and is targeting fractured granites at a similar depth known to be 10°C hotter than the Habanero wells. Its target well depth is 4,250 metres.

Closed loop flow test update The commissioning sequence of the closed loop test

equipment has commenced with the flow line successfully flushed with water. This was followed by pressure testing the entire assembly, commissioning of the re-injection pump and associated controls. Commencement of the closed loop testing program will immediately follow completion of these activities. The closed loop test with injection of chemical tracers will run for a period of sixweeks. Upon the completion of this remaining test and external validation of the results, the Company envisages announcing that it will have successfully completed Stage One of its business plan i.e. ‘Proof of Concept’.

Steam flow from Habanero

When Jacob’s Dad passed away after returning from East Timor, he and his family were devastated. That’s when Legacy stepped in to offer practical help like education assistance, financial hardship relief, health and ageing needs, and a lifetime of social and emotional support. Legacy helps many brave families like Jacob’s every week of the year. Please, help us keep going. Donate to Legacy or become a volunteer.

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Page 6 – Thursday, August 21st, 2008


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We also like to help unearth new talent.

“We are painting our country.” RAWA School students, Kunawarritji Community, East Pilbara WA.

At the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, as yet unheard of athletes from around the globe are competing for medals proudly supplied by BHP Billiton.

involving nine remote Aboriginal art centres and communities across the Pilbara, Kimberley and Midwest regions. The Project celebrates the lives, stories and histories of

We’re just as proud to encourage young talent closer

Aboriginal people and maps the richness and complexity

to home, even when there are no cheering crowds, no

of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal experiences from Ârst

podium and deÂnitely no gold, silver or bronze medals

contact through to present.

to be won.

Together, the art centres and cultural organisations

In partnership with Martumili Artists, BHP Billiton is

involved represent a powerful force in the push to ensure

supporting Indigenous culture and heritage through arts

the talents and experiences of remote Aboriginal people

enterprises in the Martu communities of the Western Desert.

and their communities are celebrated in a thriving context.

The partnership is an integral part of the Canning Stock

helping a community to reach back into its past. BHP0012_RM_DA_40x7

Route Project, a contemporary arts and cultural initiative

It is one instance where resourcing the future involves

1 THEBHP0012_RM_DA_40x7.indd MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

14/8/08– 2:17:13 Thursday, August 21st, 2008 PagePM7


Monitor NEWS

A plea to help the special needs kids of Roxby As seen by parent Yatsuko Howes In a young town like Roxby Downs it is safe to say that the children are among the vulnerable, hence the children of special needs belong to the weakest. Their circumstance are far from an ideal one; living in the outback affects their lives badly in several ways. The aim of this article is to inform people of the realities that the special needs children face, otherwise, the kids are almost invisible and their problems are unknown, outside their families, teachers and carers. As a mother of an autistic son, I would like to draw the picture of autistic children in the special needs class in Roxby Downs Area School, because I know them better than other children. Their situation provides a good example to demonstrate how the government fails our children. There are eight children from age five to 13 in the special needs class. Six out of the eight suffer from ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder). The class is run by one of the two teachers assigned to the class with two SSOs (School Services Officers). Each child has their own difficulties, according to the degree of disabilities. Autism is a complicated intellectual disability with various different forms; its cause is yet unknown; hence its treatment diverse. One of the common symptoms is communication impairment and lack of common sense.

Quentin watching a dvd with Yatsuko in her house. Some autistic boys in the class are barely verbal; almost all of them with behavioral issues. They have sensory problems; they tend to have very poor find motor skills. The inability to communicate with others causes them frustration, leading up to emotional meltdown. I know my writing does not really express the magnitude of the hardship each family has been going through. The recent Australian film called ‘Black Balloon’ has an authentic representation of an autistic boy and his family (please watch it if you can). To overcome these difficulties, the children require professional help from experts such as speech pathologists, occupational therapists and psychologists. The special needs children are entitled to receive these services from these professionals through DECS (Department of Education and Children’s Services) in theory. But, most unfortunately, they have not received the necessary services for a long time. The shortage of speech therapists is particularly severe.

Not a single speech therapist from DECS has ever visited to the RDAS for years. And it is not because there is no speech pathologist in the area, there is a one who visits Roxby Downs from Port Augusta every fortnight. Unfortunately for the kids in Area School, she works for the Health Services, not for DECS. She is only allowed to see children under four, before the school age. This is utterly ridiculous. Some children are diagnosed before the age four, but the others are found with the condition at a much later age. Most of autistic kids have to have various therapies for at least several years. Autism is a life-long condition. No cause has been found, and therefore no cure has been discovered. Only constant therapies and education can improve the condition. The territorial bureaucracy between the Health Services and DECS has created the inefficient system of service and that ignores the significant characteristics of the disease. Without

applying any flexibility to the existing system for the benefit of the children, the government deprives medical and educational rights of the children. South Australia has a non-beneficial organisation called Autism SA, whose goal is to lead ‘the way through knowledge, understanding and acceptance’ (Quoted from their own brochure). Autism SA offers ranges of services including training, school support to diagnosis. Unfortunately, again, we are not able to get their services because most of them are available in Adelaide only, where they are based. The service they provide us is only a twice-a-year visit to the school. Needless to say, that is not enough. I have shown above the appalling situation of the autistic children. The location of outback cannot be an excuse. We pay our tax equally with urban counterparts. We are treated as second-class citizens, without any sign of care and compassion from authorities.

Three weeks to go until Roxby Downs heads to Birdsville Races Race lovers from Roxby Downs have two weeks to make final preparations before heading to the outback for the Birdsville Races on September 5 and 6. Greyhound Australia Chief Executive Officer, Robert Thomas, said residents still have time to take advantage of a special charter tour from Roxby Downs to the unique Birdsville Races. The return trip includes most meals while in Birdsville, accommodation in Greyhound’s Tent

City, and a commemorative Birdsville Races t-shirt. “Crowds of more than 6000 celebrate the carnival each year enjoying two days of quality outback racing and two great nights of live entertainment,” Mr Thomas said. “Great acts, class horseracing and premium hospitality makes for a fantastic weekend in the heart of Australia’s outback.” Mr Thomas said catching a Greyhound bus to an event like

Charity of the month at the Roxby Downs Community Club

the Birdsville Races makes a lot of sense giving travellers a hassle free and environmentally friendly way to enjoy the weekend. “Catching a bus will ensure a safer and easier trip home after a weekend jam packed with horse races, whip cracking, sideshows and excited crowds,” he said. Travellers who plan on heading to Birdsville for the Races on the 5th September are advised to book as soon as possible because seats are selling fast.

Suzanne Crafter recieving the us$263.95 donation on behalf of the Tennis Association from Steve Ellerd.


Fantastic opening night for Karla Branch

ast Sunday, August 17 was the opening of the Karla Branch art exhibition at the Roxby Downs Art Gallery. The set of 24 paintings and more than 20 pieces of jewellery will be on display until September 4th. “We had the best sales ever with 17 pieces being sold on the opening night. Karla did a great job,” said Gallery Director Gaylene Crane. In only one night Karla almost sold of all the paintings on show. “I am very happy. It was really exciting,” said Karla Branch. “I like the idea that people buy my paintings because they like them and will enjoy Page 8 – Thursday, August 21st, 2008

them hanging in their houses,” she said. This is the fruit of 6 months of work, “I finished almost a half of the paintings in the past couple of months.”

“I want to continue painting and this exhibition makes me feel like creating new things,” Karla said when she was asked about what will happen if she sold out.

Kym Buttery and Claudia Mitchell enjoying the exhibition. THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper


Monitor NEWS Not constructive politics

Letters to the Editor Ridiculous opinions and expectations

understanding and cementing the concept within them.So think carefully before the criticism about teachers is made! Half a day is nothing just think….where would you be today without your teachers? Anonymous Roxby Teacher Sir - I write in response to the incredibly ill-informed and disrespectful author of the letter “Teachers need a Reality Check” 14/8/08. This parent stated their complaint that their children “did nothing” in the afternoon Sir - I was appalled by lives. If a child cannot read hours following the half day strike, that teachers are being “so greedy” in their union’s demands and that “the the letter written in about the teacher is blamed. majority of teachers are on $70,000” or “undoubtedly the teachers. I am a new When are parents going to teacher and I am astounded be held accountable for not higher” in Roxby Downs. Obviously this person has little to no understanding of by the ignorance of some helping students at home? what being a teacher involves. We are no longer surprised people in our community. It is a constant battle to People who comment get some parents to care about the lack of knowledge communities across Ausabout teacher’s work need tralia have of our profession. But we are sick of it. People about their children’s eduwho make comments that they surmise from watching to live at my house for a cation let alone do someCurrent Affairs shows on television probably shouldn’t week. I am at school at thing about it! make stereotypical and completely untrue statements in 7:30am every morning and Not all teachers went on leave at 4pm. a public forum. strike! Did the reader note But... I then go home and The Roxby Downs reality is that a proportion of the that? workers in our town are earning excellent wages; and work another 4-5 hours a I think people need to be let me be clear – it’s not the teachers. The recent win for night. That is just to keep careful before they judge. the Victorian Teacher’s Union bears no implications for up. teachers in South Australia excepting that it leaves us as Teachers are accountable Name and address supthe new lowest paid state in the nation. for so much in students’ plied Not all teachers join unions, not all of us strike, not all of us work for the Department of Education and it’s certainly not all or even a majority of us who earn anything close to $70, 000 pa until a minimum of 10 years in the job and then have to study to qualify for the Advanced Skills Teacher Classification. Working in Roxby Downs has zero bearing on our wages. But we do all cop ridiculous opinions and expectations from parents and communities almost on a daily basis. We do all have that in common. The most insulting part of the letter to the editor was the complaint about having to teach your own children some facts about numeracy and reading each night. Well, fancy having to be responsible for helping your child succeed? Fancy having to make the effort to support their learning? Fancy having to supplement individual attention for the benefit of your child’s future? Who would believe that these parents think it is the entire responsibility of teachers to raise their children? They are your children, they are your responsibility to love, nurture and educate on a daily basis. YOU are the constant in their lives, beyond the time they spend with one teacher in one year, they need your teachings and attention too. These are the things teachers expect of parents but it’s almost like some parents have gone on strike…I wonder, when their demands end?

Not all teachers were on strike!

Sir - In reply to recent comments made by the Member for Hammond Adrian Pederick MP regarding the country health plan being used by the Liberal Party as a political football. Why deny it when it is patently clear to all that the present statements and actions of the Liberals are strategically aligned with the 2010 election? Again I ask the question, “How many country Members of Parliament made formal submissions to the Health Minister in regard to the Country Health Plan?” Perhaps Mr Pederick could start by advising this newspaper of the specific dates and circumstances of his personal representations to the Health Minister on the local health services and needs in his electorate during the year or so prior to the release of the Country Health Plan. We should also ask how many country Members of Parliament have actually met with communities in their electorate to

discuss health issues and needs during this period, and what is the Liberal country health plan alternative? It is disappointing that what we now have is a political process that is moving further away from the people it is supposed to serve. The language of “them and us” and “political enemies” is simply not constructive for country South Australians. Real leadership and a focus on the common good is what country people need. Political football is about winners and losers. We just don’t need it. Rather we should all be working together to support country people and country communities, especially at this time of need for our fellow South Australians who live and work along the Murray River. Wilbur Klein President, SA Nationals

Your letters and opinions are always welcome. Just remember to put your name and address on any correspondence and a phone number for verification purposes.


If you think Climate Change won’t hurt our economy, think again.

Name and address supplied

Don’t criticise teachers Sir - I am writing to you regarding the letter published in your paper on Thursday. August 14th on page 6 entitled: ‘Teachers Need a reality Check’. To those out there who think teachers are becoming greedy over pay rates a reality check is of high importance. A lack of information is allowing parents and other community members to be misled to the true facts that are causing teachers to strike. It was mentioned previously that teachers come out of University on a decent wage of $50,000, if only this was the case. A reality check for those unsure, I have been a teacher for almost three years, both in the city as well as Roxby Downs and I have not even achieved this wage yet. Furthermore, teachers in the Roxby Downs area are no better off than the teachers in the city. If I were to still be teaching in a school in Adelaide I would be on exactly the same wage as I am here! I think some members of the public are the one’s who need the reality check not us teachers! The pay rise we are asking is little, 21% is not much over three years with the inflation we are facing in the current economy and the role we are expected to play within a child’s life. As teachers we are being held responsible for more and more roles to assist your children. Not only are we accountable for your child’s academic abilities such as reading and writing but we are now taking on additional roles within the system. We are helping many learn how to tie their shoes, be toilet trained, teaching them about sex education and drugs, fight childhood obesity, we are nurses when they are hurt or sick, counsellors when they argue. Teachers are expected to be educators, friends, parents, adults, policemen, supervisors and playmates all at the same time. If our role is to simply look after your kids while you earn more than us, then keep them at home, don’t send them to school. Get a “teacher” to teach them at home and a babysitter. Chances are you will shell out more for the babysitter alone than what we in schools gets paid to do. We are sick of being ridiculed by those who think they know better! Those who criticise need to take a day in our shoes. We deserve our share of pay! Every day we show up to work, when we are sick, we still work. We spend hours planning programmes suitable to what each individual child is in need of, we question every day what it is your children will be doing, we work during our holidays, gaining more knowledge in order to offer your child the most current programmes to achieve success. Now you say we don’t deserve the pay for our efforts. If homework is an issue, if it’s such a burden don’t bother, however realise that your child needs constant reinforcement and if it is not followed through at home it gets lost. It is not that we are asking for our jobs to be done for us, but a practice to assist your child in THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

Australia is already a hot and dry continent. Climate change will mean more severe droughts – reducing our water supplies, threatening agriculture and risking higher food prices.

Scientists warn that climate change will cause more severe bushfires, storms, cyclones and floods. This is already pushing up insurance premiums.

Major tourist attractions like the Great Barrier Reef, Kakadu Wetlands and the Australian Alpine areas are all threatened by rising temperatures – risking thousands of jobs.

To protect our economy, we must act now. We’re developing a Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme to tackle climate change, putting a limit on carbon pollution and encouraging cleaner energy solutions. Because by acting today, we can protect tomorrow. We want to know what you think, so to find out more and to have your say, call 1800 057 590 or visit Think Climate. Think Change. We can’t afford not to.


Authorised by the Australian Government, Capital Hill, Canberra.

Thursday, August 21st, 2008 – Page 9


HOUSING LAND SA MID NORTH Port Germein - where Flinders Ranges meet the sea. Friendly Fishing Township with Amenities. Provincial City, National Parks & Sea nearby. Drive time - 20 minutes. Port Pirie - 3 hours Adelaide – 4 hours Roxby. Serviced ¼ Acre + blocks. Only $50 – 52 k. Family living? Investment? Retirement? Sea Change?

Further info from Owners Ph: (08) 8323 9650 Email:

REAL ESTATE 3A & B Myall Street


2 x 3 bdrm brick courtyard homes with adjoining carport, open plan living, dining and kitchen area, large windows at front, “U” shaped kitchen, all rooms BIR’s. Large entertainment area, garden shed, low maintenance gardens. Combined rental of $785 pw.

31 Gregory Street

Accommodation for Proposed Olympic Dam Expansion B

The first stage of the process will pre-qualify developers able HP Billiton has initiated a three-stage process to identify developers interested in financing and con- to demonstrate they have the experience, expertise and financial to undertake significant parts of the development. structing housing and other accommodation in Roxby capacity The further stages will comprise – Downs as part of the proposed Olympic Dam Expansion. - Invitation for expressions of interest from selected ‘pre-qualiThe company is inviting developers to provide a range of options for the Olympic Dam operational workforce according to the demand and living preferences of the emerging workforce including – - Housing to be available for purchase or rental for those employees and their families who are permanent residents of Roxby Downs - Suitable unit accommodation for employees working on a ‘long distance’ commute roster

fied’ developers - Direct negotiations with one or more parties, a more selective tender process or some other arrangement to be determined BHP Billiton’s preference is that a small number of developers will be selected to be responsible for the design, financing and construction of the required accommodation. The plan is to develop the accommodation progressively between 2010 and 2018 subject to approval of the proposed expansion project by the Federal and South Australian Governments and the BHP Billiton Board.

1 in 2 SA First Homebuyers Fear Affordability of Repayments


eventy-nine per cent of S outh Australian first homebuyers-to-be will need to make sacrifices in order to purchase a home, according to the 2008 Mortgage Choice Fi r s t H o m e b u y e r s This 3 bedroom home would make a great investment or Survey. can also offer you the opportunity to reside.

50 Pioneer Drive -

$450,000 - $460,000

4 bdrm home with tiled lounge, dining, kitchen & passage, Timber kitchen with halogen lights, ornate timber fireplace appearance surrounding gas heater. Large 12 x 6 x 3 m shed, above ground in ground pool with palms, citrus trees, small patch of lawn.

23 Arcoona Street


5 bdrm home with 2 living areas, located on 945sqm, 2 mins walk from shops, new inground fibreglass swimming pool, large shed, outdoor entertainment area with bar and corner garden with pond. 2 bathrooms - one bathroom new, automatic rollershutters to most exterior windows, timber floating floors throughout.

40 Bopeechee Street

Currently leased until December, 2008 at $400 per week, BIR’s to all bedrooms, evaporative cooling, brand new gas heater, new gas oven in kitchen, outdoor undercover entertainment area with large shed and rear gate access via single carport. The garden is in need of a little tender love and care – but once the gardens were tidied up rental increase would need to be considered. This could be your opportunity to secure a property at a reasonable price in a mining town that’s booming and make some improvements down the track. Located in close proximity to school and main shopping complex. For further information please contact Ali Webber - Wardle Co Real Estate 0417 816 738.

However, this was a drop of 15 percentage points from the 2007 survey and the smallest number for any state, indicating that SA residents are willing to wait longer to achieve their home ownership goals rather than make changes to their lifestyle. The annual survey, of people looking to purchase their first home in the next five years, also found that for almost half of respond-

22 Pine Crescent


SOUTH AUSTRALIAN BIOSECURITY STRATEGY 2008-2013 The draft South Australian Biosecurity Strategy 2008-2013 proposes a policy & planning framework to manage biological threats posed by pests, weeds, and diseases to primary industries, natural environments and communities.


3 bedroom home with great location opposite childrens playground. Property has been repainted throughout within last 3 years, great size living and open plan kitchen/dining area. Passage way leads you to the 3 bdrms all with BIR’s and the toilet, bathroom and laundry. Outside is an undercover entertainment area, garden shed. Currently leased until Nov 2008 at $450 pw.

$450,000 - $460,000

4 bedroom home with formal lounge area, large open plan dining, kitchen and extra living area. Main bedroom has ensuite and BIR’s. There is a spa outdoors with timber decking, large paved full length verandah and a second entertaining area next to the large shed, rear gate access, currently rented until Oct 2008 at $490 pw.

43 Arcoona St


3 bdrm home with new kitchen, stainless steel appliances, modern glass splashbacks, new wet areas including bathroom, toilet & laundry. Recently repainted, 2 reverse cycle split systems, dining area opens onto BBQ outdoor entertaining area, garden shed and 20 x 20 single garage with roller door.

The strategy aims to ensure that biological threats in South Australia are managed effectively through collaboration and participation by governments, industries and communities.

JOHNSTON WITHERS LAWYERS are now visiting Roxby Downs each month Offering professional legal advice and representation in most areas of law including: Industrial Employment Law Workers Compensation Wills Discrimination Law &

Criminal & Trafc Law Estates & Trusts Personal Injury

Medical Negligence Family & DeFacto Conveyancing

Workplace Harassment



Nic Kernahan and Emma Wilkinson will next be in attendance at the ofces of Lin Andrews Real Estate, 3 Richardson Place, Roxby Downs on 3 September, 2008. For appointments, contact us at:

17 Sturt Street, Adelaide SA 5000 Martin Stringer Real Estate Manager 0417 897 159

“It’s a reality that in order to achieve the ’Great Australian Dream’ of owning your own home, sacrifices will be necessary. The fact that

the number of people planning to sacrifice is slightly down on last year’s figures might indicate a decision to simply take longer to buy rather than cut back on life’s pleasures,” said Ms Sheppard. “Regardless, it could be said that having to make sacrifices is a positive step because it helps people to understand the reality of a mortgage before they commit to one. “Too often, new mortgage holders start spending up on new furniture, luxury items, etc, that they actually can’t afford. This is a large contributor to ‘mortgage stress”.


3 professionally packaged 2 bedroom units with their own yards, fully furnished with new modern decor incl leather recliners, flat screen tvs. All 3 units have been repainted throughout in neutral tones with new floor coverings, window treatments and new kitchens. Ducted evap cooling throughout, carport for each unit. Currently rented at $1,000 per week. Ideal to rent to a company.

25 Finniss Street

ents (49%) the largest concern about buying a home was, by far, not being able to afford repayments if interest rates rise. Only 5% blamed rental costs as the reason why they had not bought yet. Nine per cent intended to buy within the next six months, 30% within 12 months, 33% within two years and 30% within five years. Mortgage Choice Media Support Manager, Kristy Sheppard said today’s SA first homebuyers face a number of challenges in entering the market.

Ali Webber Property Consultant 0417 816 738

Tania Noonan Property Manager 0438 797 687

Telephone: 8231 1110 (Adelaide) 8642 5122 (Pt Augusta) Fax: 8231 1230

Lic No. RLA 151074

Email: Web:

Phone 0417 816 738

Regional ofces at Clare and Port Augusta (also visiting Whyalla)

Email: Page 10 – Thursday, August 21st, 2008

The draft strategy covers threats to the following biosecurity sectors: animal health, aquatic animal health, aquatic pests, plant health, public health, social amenity pests and diseases, terrestrial vertebrate pests, weeds, wildlife health and other terrestrial environmental pests and diseases. Individuals and organisations with an interest in biosecurity are invited to contribute comments on the draft strategy. The draft SA Biosecurity Strategy 2008-2013 and a summary brochure are available via: • Web site – • Telephone – (08) 8226 7980 • Fax request – (08) 8463 3366 • Email – Written submissions should be addressed to Biosecurity Strategy Consultation • Posted – GPO Box 1671, Adelaide SA 5001, or • Faxed – (08) 8463 3366, or • Emailed – Submission deadline – 5pm Friday 26 September 2008. Questions or comments about the consultation process can be directed to: • John Hannay, PIRSA, (08) 8226 7980 or email • Tim Reynolds, DWLBC, (08) 8303 9501 or email • Vicki Linton, DEH, (08) 8222 9416 or email PRIIND012221

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Silent Auction will aid local Scout Group

stylish funky maternity solutions

Collingwood tragic Tom Beever puts in his bid for the silent auction with Scout Group leader Trent Burton and Football Show co-hosts Greg Latham (back) and Scott Sauerwald.

Monitorrial The


Care givers need support in remote areas Walk a mile in the shoes of a care giver or a parent of a child suffering a disorder like autism in a place like Roxby Downs, and you will immediately feel the isolation and the tyranny of distance between you and any support. While that is not the fault of anyone in particular, it is evident there are broad rules set for what level of care is available and that may be fine when you live in the city or close to it. These bureaucratic lines drawn in the sand must be looked at by the government, so people in remote areas don’t feel alone and isolated. Take for instance the parents of a child with autism living in Roxby; they cannot get professional speech therapy help here after their child turns four, even though there are monthly visits by those very people who can offer a vital and much needed support service. It would seem these poor parents, and there are several in town, are virtually on their own and in some respects are prisoners in isolation. Autism SA works out of Adelaide but

cannot cover this remote area other than a 1300 info line. The visiting professionals are not allowed to take on extra children over four – so what happens to these local families living without the help? The beliefs of Autism SA are that support is best provided to children with autism when parents and professionals work together in a spirit of mutual respect and co-operation. How can parents in Roxby access that type of help? For the parents of any child with this unfortunate disorder they have a lifetime of learning ahead, as they grow in their understanding of the disorder and the ever changing issues they face day by day. These local people don’t get the respite offered in the city, they can’t access the training options, the peer mentoring, or clinical support. Spare a thought for these local parents or other care givers who are doing it tough in more ways than we can possibly imagine.




• Computer gait analysis • General and Diabetic Foot Care

• Computer Generated Orthotics • Heel pain • DVA Patients • Childhood walking • Ingrown Toenails abnormalities • Childhood Walking Abnormalities • Work Injuries • Sport related foot problems • Shoe Advice • Ingrown toenails • Sports Injuries

Mobilisation and Manipulation Treatment Present Joint this advertisement & receive FREE FOOT EXAMINATION AND ADVICE for $5.00 which will be donated to Canteen NOW AVAILABLE Roxby DownsAvenue, Family Practice 251 Deakin Mildura 8586 Phone 5455 by appointment. 5022 0321 Email: Email

Footy Guernsey up for auction

145 Unley Road, Unley SA 5061 Phone/Fax: 8272 3719 Web: 10% off for all Roxby Downs customers who visit us in Adelaide

Ph: (08) 8671 0177 A signed and framed Collingwood Football Club Fax: (08) 8671 0180 guernsey is being auctioned by the Roxby Downs Scout Group as a major fundraiser to help get the boys to the “It might be easier to list what we don’t do” next Jamboree. With the help of local radio station RoxFM and the Machining Friday night Football Show team of Scott Sauerwald, Specialised equipment and machinists - we have the capability to Tom Beever and Greg Latham, a silent auction will be produce “one off” or multiple items according to your needs in a held over the next few weeks after which a winner will choice of a wide range of materials. be announced. Fabrication Collingwood’s number one ticket holder in Roxby Any metal fabrication work, choice of materials to suit your Downs and Magpie mad Tom Beever, has already thrown needs. down the gauntlet saying this is his and his bid will win! Specialising in TIG, MIG, Plasma, aluminium and stainless steel Co-host and perhaps the other Collingwood supporter in work. Trailer repairs and modifications. Roxby Downs, Greg Latham has other ideas, so there is Steel Supply already a battle on between ‘Pies, - not really that unusual Large range of steel in stock - Pipe, RHS, SHS, Flat bar, Angle etc in the Magpie army! in a wide variety of lengths and gauges. I Beam and C Section, But for Footy Show guru Scott they can have the guernideal for retaining walls. Fencing material in a variety of styles and designs as well as general purpose sheds and carports. sey. He says that if there was going to be a good fundraiser Mechanical Services it should have been a Hawthorn jumper up for grabs. Repairs/maintenance on motorcycles, earth moving equipment Listen to the Friday night’s footy show on RoxFM and and forklifts. Hydraulic services and repairs, air-conditioning servsee how the silent auction is progressing. ice and engine reconditioning. Exhausts - fabrication to supply. As somebody quipped this may well be the last signed Agents for: Aggreko gen sets & cooling units, All Spitwater Collingwood jumper with Alan Didak’s name on it, so it products, JSG Industrial, Enerpac Fluid Power Systems and could be a collector’s item if you share the Beever pasChicago pneumatic air tools.Come and talk to the boy sion. To place your bids call into RoxFM and fillout the ngineering (Charlton Road, Olympic Dam) Come and talk to the boys at Precision form. Engineering (Charlton Road, Olympic Dam) about what we can do for you ! It’s as easy as that - and you know you are supporting about what we can do for you! the largest Northern Scout Group in South Australia.


Olympic Dam (Ref: 944) With over 30 years experience in the Construction and Maintenance Services Industries, MIE have become renowned for their specialist instrumentation and electrical expertise. MIE have rapidly grown since being acquired in 2005 by Monadelphous Group Ltd. MIE continue to operate as an independent division allowing them to further develop in their specialist field, strengthening their presence across Australia.

MIE are currently seeking applications for project work at Olympic Dam for the following positions: • Electrical Tradespersons • Electrical / Instrumentation Dual Trade • Instrument Technicians Attractive remuneration rates and working conditions apply. Applicants should possess: • SA Electrical Worker’s Licence • Current CPR/LVR Certificate • Working knowledge of AS3000 & SA Electrical Safety Act • Proven reliability & enthusiasm • Ability to work effectively both as part of a team & independently Applications will be treated in the strictest of confidence. All interested applicants should log onto our web site at to download an application form. Please forward all applications to or fax (07) 3368 6777 quoting Ref Number (944)

PO Box 1872, Milton, Queensland 4064 T: 07 3368 6700 F: 07 3368 6777


THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

Thursday, August 21st, 2008 – Page 11


Monitor NEWS

A dream comes true for Wanda By Krystle Bower The story of Wanda Dormehl’s life is no ordinary one. Filled with drama, heartache and miracles, it is inspiring and makes you believe that if you put your mind to it anything can happen. When Wanda Dormehl, came to visit her daughter Courne’ Walkinshaw in Roxby Downs, in June 2007 she didn’t expect to stay very long, however, a visit to the doctor produced shocking news, Wanda was diagnosed with terminal ovarian cancer. Described as a caring person, Wanda is still concerned for others’ needs more than her own, “I love people, I love children, especially babies,” said Wanda. “She loves to help people,” Courne’ commented, “all her life she has looked after other people, she is a very good grandmother, and a very good mother.” Wanda has always had a passion for life, some of her favorite things include, reading, knitting, and baking, “I love to bake,” she added. Wanda came to Roxby Downs, all the way from Middleburg South Africa; the trip was intended to be short and everything was wonderful until one day she became too ill to even get out of bed. Having had previous problems, Wanda knew she needed to see a doctor, however, after being given a clean bill of health multiple times when seeing a doctor in South Africa, Wanda never expected to be diagnosed with cancer. She initially went to Doctor Lockwood here in Roxby Downs, who immediately noticed a problem, and sent her to the Port Augusta Hospital for scans. The scans showed that Wanda had a perforated colon, and she was rushed to the Adelaide hospital for emergency surgery. Although the surgery went well the colon did not stay mended for very long, and Wanda was told she would have to have the surgery again. She refused to go through the procedure a second time, as she didn’t find it at all pleasant, and after spending three weeks in hospital, they discharged her with just one thing to say, without the surgery she only had a week to live. For Wanda the news was devastating, however, her daughter


Courne’ commented, “Mum never had bitterness, she accepted she was ill, but wouldn’t give up hope,” which is true of the 65 year old, still residing in Roxby Downs. Wanda had just one dream she wanted to come true, and that was to go home to South Africa. For a while she was too ill to think about making the trip home, but now after spending 14 months in Roxby Downs, Wanda flew out of Adelaide last Friday morning to Johannesburg South Africa. A special mention was made of all the people who helped in the difficult times. Wanda would like to thank; the Flying Doctor Service, Doctor Lockwood, Community Nurses, the hospital staff in Roxby Downs, and Adelaide, Frontier Services, Tom Beever, her personal helper Yvonne Vytis, palliative care people, and eve-

ryone in the Roxby Downs community who helped her get this far. Also a special thanks goes to her daughter, Courne’, son-in-law John, and grandson Manton Walkinshaw, for everything they have done for her, to make her recovery as successful and pleasant as it was. Wanda hopes after reading this people can appreciate what they have in life, and Australia. She said if she hadn’t come to Australia she would not have found out she had cancer, and she would not have survived it because South Africa has no public health service. “A lot of perseverance” says Wanda of her dream to one-day return home. “We have been saying goodbye for two weeks now, she has touched so many people in the community and in return they have all prayed for her to make it through, and here she is,” says her daughter Courne’. “It’s important to remember to eat healthy, this is so true, eat healthy, think healthy, a lot of laughter, a lot of love, to help her through it,” adds Courne’. Wanda credits her recovery to the people in Roxby Downs and is in awe of how the community has come together, and cared for one another. Now Wanda can fulfill her dream of returning home, with just one message to leave behind, “believe and have faith!”

Yarnballa Festival gets funding

Umeewarra Director Vince Coulthard said, he Federal Arts Minister Peter Garrett has announced a funding package for “Yarnballa will represent Aboriginal artists and the Yarnballa Festival of Aboriginal performers from Port Augusta and the surArts and Culture to be held in Port rounding areas.” “We hope to establish Yarnballa as an anAugusta in October. Speaking in Adelaide last week, Mr Garrett said, “For many Indigenous communities, these arts and cultural activities are their lifeblood, generating economic benefits, showcasing the skills of Indigenous artists and performers, and keeping communities connected.” The $85,000 grant will be used by Umeewarra Aboriginal Media Association to produce a large scale, multi-arts festival that provides a showcase for Indigenous visual and performing artists in the Port Augusta region.

nual event on the Port Augusta calendar and we’d like to see it grow into the future,” Mr Coulthard said. The four-day Festival will be held in Port Augusta from October 23 to 26. It will include an art exhibition featuring new works by celebrated local artists and a contemporary dance performance choreographed by former Port Augusta dancer Gina Rings. Rings, who danced with the acclaimed Bangara Aboriginal dance company, will also direct

the opening ceremony on the Port Augusta Foreshore on Friday 24th October. The music program will feature loads of local talent and performers from the APY Lands and the west coast. There are artists lined up from Ceduna, Coober Pedy, Whyalla, Port Lincoln and Ernabella. The legendary reggae band No Fixed Address will headline an all day concert and a great comedy and short film program will be offered. Yarnballa will also host a series of workshops designed to encourage local artists and musicians to improve their skills, branch out in new areas and also to market and promote their work.

Andamookian Diary By Heather Hounslow Thank goodness for Saturday mornings, I can sleep in. So what I can hear you saying. Well, it is like this. Every week I buy what is called a Dream Pack from the X Lotto Agency and that gets me a ticket for every day of the week that a draw takes place, except if I buy it on a Monday, I get one for that night’s draw, but not for Wednesday, and vice versa, if you get my drift. Now many of you, except if you work at Richby Up (Roxby Downs) would take a Saturday morning sleep in for granted without even thinking of being up and dressed and waiting for the phone to ring at 9a.m. with THE GOOD NEWS. So, as there is no lotto draw on a Friday night, I can sleep in without worrying about the phone ringing. Don’t any of you smart alecs ring me at 9am on ANY day. Now the reason I can’t sleep in on the other days is because (a) I have to get up for work and (b) what if the phone did ring and I hadn’t got out of the shower, let along got dressed. Can you imagine a naked, OVER 50’s (I lie, it is over 60) crazy woman running around the street screaming “I’ve Won, I’ve Won!”. That would not be a good look, particularly first thing in the morning, and more so if you hadn’t had breakfast. So, now do you get it? There I am every morning except Saturday, dressed to the nines, full warpaint on (or poly filler as some would say) ready to accept the dream call from a lady at the Lotteries Commission to advise me of my good fortune and more importantly HOW MUCH. Can you imagine what it is like for that person who rings the winners? Only a saint would not think “you silly b…., you don’t sound as if you need it”. Or talking to those winners who declare they are going to give most of it to charity. SUUURE! How come I didn’t receive any of it as I am a real charity case, (after all, I do live in a shed with a MOTH who goes shopping at Mitre 11 – Andamooka Tip). Come to think of it, I still haven’t heard from my veerrrry best friend in Richby Up who won over one million dollars recently. I am sure I am related to them, maybe I was the flower girl at their wedding. Did I tip my basket of rose petals over great aunt Martha, or poke out my tongue at Grandpa Henry? Sorry if I did, but then again I was only a little girl. But, please ring anyhow. I am also waiting on a call from the RSL, Deaf Society, Boystown etc. who have luxurious homes to be won. Can you imagine us flying to the Gold Coast to visit and stay in our new million dollar home? I mean, it can’t be much different to “the shed” can it? Maybe the views out over the inground pool, with the river flowing past the manicured lawns (might need that tractor sprinkler thing the MOTH found at Mitre 11 after all), laying back on the sun deck, might be a tad different to the views I currently have of mullock heaps. I would need to give this some serious thought, which of course would include checking out the local Op Shop and the local Dump, just to see what the shopping is like. I think they have water there, hence the pool and river, so no more waiting for the tanker to arrive, and we would even have the paper delivered. Maybe it will be a LOT different to “the shed” after all. And where would the mere male store all his treasures that he has found over the years. I bet the neighbours of the dream mansion would not appreciate a monstrous shed built on the property, and the two trailers and ditch witch and sewer machine parked on the front lawn, alongside the lengths of pipe and copper tube that he needs for his plumbing jobs. Of course, we would need to work – how do we pay the rates on the mansion every year with only the rent from “the shed” coming in. Yes, you guessed it, no way would I sell the shed or the treasures, but I will still get up, get showered and dressed and made up in time for that 9a.m. phone call. By the way, the other lotteries, i.e. the mansions are drawn at 2p.m. so I guess I am going to have to knock of work early on those draw dates so that I don’t make a scene in the office. I think I will still need the job.

“It might be easier to list what we don’t do”

Ph: (08) 8671 0177 Fax: (08) 8671 0180 Come and talk to the boys at Precision Engineering (Charlton Road, Olympic Dam) about what we can do for you! Page 12 – Thursday, August 21st, 2008

Machining Specialised equipment and machinists - we have the capability to produce “one off” or multiple items according to your needs in a choice of a wide range of materials. Fabrication Any metal fabrication work, choice of materials to suit your needs.Specialising in TIG, MIG, Plasma, aluminium and stainless steel work. Trailer repairs and modifications. Steel Supply Large range of steel in stock - Pipe, RHS, SHS, Flat bar, Angle etc in a wide variety of lengths and gauges. I Beam and C Section, ideal for retaining walls. Fencing material in a variety of styles and designs as well as general purpose sheds and carports. Mechanical Services Repairs/maintenance on motorcycles, earth moving equipment and forklifts. Hydraulic services and repairs, air-conditioning serv-ice and engine reconditioning. Exhausts - fabrication to supply. Agents for: Aggreko gen sets & cooling units, All Spitwater products, JSG Industrial, Enerpac Fluid Power Systems and Chicago pneumatic air tools.Co

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

Out and About . . . at the Races

ABOVE: Peter Barber, Margot Duke and Staffy trying out for the best hat competition. BELOW: Tracey Oldfield and Regina Qualmann looked lovely for thier big day and the after race party. ABOVE: Brothers in arms, Joe and Mat Sampson enjoying the Roxby Races. LEFT: Jane Rogers looked the part in her basic black outfit and matching hat. BELOW: Trish Aartsen, Sam Luckett, Chloe Jones having champagne between races.

ABOVE: Dean Coats, Brett Chesson, Rodney Cunnenn, Brodie Vandenbrink had a boy’s day out. BELOW: Kate Hobbs, Sally Benn and Chloe Harsley were among the many ladies who made the effort to dress-up for Roxby’s annual race day.

ABOVE: Mickey Mitru and Tara Mann trackside.

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

Thursday, August 21st 2008 – Page 13



Maintaining SPOTLIGHT ON YOU Self Did you have too many roasts and red wines over the winter months? Now is the time to kick start a new fitness regime to shed those unwanted kilos. Follow the professional tips for Roxby Pulse Gym and include it with a daily fitness routine. Remember, a minimum of 30mins a day is all you need to start being healthier. Whether it be pushing the pram to and from the park or going for a jog, every bit counts. Before embarking on any form of exercise there are some specific tips that must be followed in order to avoid any injury and to obtain optimum performance. Tips to always remember before starting any exercise: · Engage abdominal muscles - switch the inner abdominal muscles on, which helps the body balance and establish the correct posture. · Always keep your body in line – be sure that your feet, knees, hips, shoulder and head are facing forward. · Use correct breathing techniques – breathing out on the extraneous part of the exercise (the hard part) · Always warm up the muscles that are to be targeted when using weighted exercises. Never use weights on cold muscles!!! · Always stretch after a workout – this releases lactic acid in the muscles and aids in recovery. It will also improve flexibility if done on a continued and regular basis.

Exercise of the week: BICEP CURL

· Standing with feet shoulder width apart, keeping feet straight or slightly turned out. · Pull your shoulders back, your abdominals towards your spine and check that your back is long, lifted and straight. · Arms are straight down from the shoulders, palms facing the front. · Using Dumbbells, or even a pair of tins from your cupboard, bend your arms from the elbow to contract the Bicep. · Keep your elbows in line with your shoulders and your body when you raise and lower the weight.

Q. Full Name A. Natalie Anne White Q. Nickname A. Nat, WaWa - affectionatley given to me after a certain costume at a Roxby fancy dress! Q. Where are you from? A. Adelaide Q. How long have you been in Roxby? A. 2 years Q. Occupation? A. Human Resource Advisor with BHP Billiton Olympic Dam Q. Favourite Food? A. Indian, love a good curry Q. What hobbies do you have? A. Sport. Cycling, Running, Gym, Netball Q. What is your idea of fun? A. Anything that involves good friends. Q. Winter or summer? A. Summer. It’s easier to cool down than it is to warm up Q. What is something you consider you do really well? A. Getting out of bed in the morning. I’m a morning person. Q. What frustrates you? A.Delays of any kind: airports, traffic lights etc. Q. What is your favourite quote? A.“Watch this space, cos I’m going all the way” Q. What would you do with $10million if you won it?

Never too young…

A.Probably buy a place on Lake Como, Italy Q. Who would you least like to sit next to on a plane and why? A. A stranger. I don’t want to make conversation or try to squeeze past to go to the toilet Q. What is something about you that not many people would know? A. I can speak German, although it’s getting a bit rusty these days. Q. If you had one wish, what would it be? A. To have a life-time of health and happiness.

Parenting Quote of the Week… “Too often we give children answers to remember rather than problems to solve.” Roger Lewin


· Always use a slow controlled movement. · Breathe out as you pull the weight up towards the shoulder. · Pull you abdominals towards the spine as you breathe out.

Robertson’s Rambles

Strengthening Our Families can provide a volunteer to support you to enjoy and strengthen your family relationships. You can get more information from Jo Culf at the Roxby Downs Health Services on 8671 9020 or Strengthening Our Families is proudly supported by BHP Billiton Olympic Dam.

I recently read an article about a Jewish Bobba (grandmother) who decided she was not going to let age get in the way of her fun. At 73years, she dragged her reluctant husband to Proserpine for a jet-skiing adventure. By the jetty, they were greeted with instructors who provided the safety measures that had to be adopted whilst on the water. The reality of her fragility kicked in and she chose a bracha (blessing) for her life before her and her husband whipped away on their red and white jet-ski. Alas, all went well and soon she found herself screaming in delight as the warm, salty water sprayed her weathered face. Age should not disable someone from achieving their dreams. When I was 22years young, I was walking to catch a train at North Wollongong station. Providing a safe passage across the tracks was a pedestrian bridge with 43 steps on each side. Upon climbing the first half of the bridge, I began to descend the other. But the temptation of the shiny hand-rail became too much; I balanced myself carefully on the banister and slid (very quickly) to the bottom of the bridge. As I giggled with delight, I made my way to the ticket box. The conductor looked concerned and asked, “Aren’t you too old to be sliding down the rail?” to which I responded, “You are never too old! I plan on doing that for the rest of my life!” More often than not, people can get caught up in social expectations of people and as such assume that they can’t do things because “they are too old”. These constraints should not stop anyone at any age from having fun. Later in life, people may have gained a couple of kilos, or had surgery, or just become less active. These factors may lend someone to believe they cannot do something they thought they could 20years ago. It is a matter of restructuring your mindset in order to achieve your dreams. Just because you’re older doesn’t mean you are too old. Bobba proves that anything can be achieved regardless of age. Look up at your mountain, put one foot in front of the other, and conquer your dream. Never say never, because at some point, never will come up a bite you in the behind. Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well-preserved body, but rather, to skid in sideways, Champagne in one hand - chocolate covered strawberries in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming ‘Woohoo What a Ride! Now, get out there and write a book, climb a tree, book in a shark dive or take a trip overseas. Life is what you make it, don’t let it make you.

by Erin Robertson

Ramsey welcomes airstrip funding Keep watching this space for more exercise tips!!

Federal Government funding for safety upgrades to the Hawker, Manna Hill and Glendambo airstrips has been welcomed by Federal Member for Grey Rowan Ramsey. The funding will allow a range of essential safety upgrades including all-weather access for the Royal Flying Doctors, the extension and re-sealing of runways, animal-proof fencing and

the installation of runway lighting. Funding for remote airstrips in Grey will help ensure people living in remote and isolated areas of Grey can access regular and reliable air services. “It is essential for rural Australians to have access to air services, especially in times of medical emergencies,” Mr Ramsey said.

“Rural people, especially in isolated areas, depend on air transport for a diverse range of services including the delivery of essential goods and mail and to convey medical personnel, teachers and families in and out of their communities.” Airstrips to receive funding include- Manna Hill- $219,000; Glendambo- $234,000; Hawker$83,584.

Advertise here. Phone The Monitor on 8671 2683 THURSDAY 9am 9-11.30am 11.30am-1pm 1-5pm 5pm 5-6pm Summo & Schultzy 6-7pm 7-8pm

PH: 8671 2545, SMS: 0407 979 918 Programs may change without notice

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TUESDAY 9am 9-11.30am JOB BOARD 11.30am-1.30pm RoxFM Mix 1.30-4pm COUNCIL SHOW with Damian and Trevor 4-5pm RoxFM Mix 5pm PRINCESS PRESENTS with Suzie 5-8pm TLC with Casey 8-9pm Job Board RoxFM Mix WEDNESDAY THE SCOREBOARD with Scott & Tom 9am REQUEST SHOW 9-10am 10am-12 noon 12-1pm RoxFM Mix 1-1.30pm 1.30-4pm 4-5pm RoxFM Mix 5pm AUSSIE SHOW with Fin & Murray 5-6pm RoxFM Mix 6-7pm REQUEST SHOW with Scott 7-9pm

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COMMUNITY RADIO “LOCAL, LIVE AND LOVIN’ IT” Page 14 – Thursday, August 21st, 2008

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ACCOMMODATION ADELAIDE Accommodation Semaphore from $70 per night. Phone: 0412 106 646. FOR SALE

TOYOTA Landcruiser 2004 Grey mica., V8, auto, Tow Bar, Bull Bar, Alloy’s, rear spoiler, tint, running boards, mats front and rear all genuine Toyota. No OFF road use. long reg,83,000 kms, purchased new full service history. Private sale Adelaide $39.5000 ono. Can email photo’s. Reg HAS 000. Ph: 0408 817 971or A/H 8277 9614 TOYOTA Hilux 2.8 litre Diesel 4wd Dual cab Tray top utilty 1996. Has had engine re build 12 months with receipts to show. Good reliable work horse, tidy condition, white duco 2nd owner with books. Long Rego. Private sale Adelaide $7,500 ono. Reg WBG 148. Ph: 0408 817 971or A/H 8277 9614. WORK WANTED

PAINTER & Decorator requires work in Roxby Downs – call Dan Eaton 0409 661 644 EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST

DEVELOPER seeks expressions of interest for the leasing of an accommodation village in Andamooka. Available for lease, in whole or in part, will be 34x 2-bedroom self-contained homes, accommodating up to 136 people. The homes will be brand new, fully furnished, high-end developments with air-conditioning, stainless steel appliances, separate laundry and solar power. Development expected to complete late 2009. Interested parties will have the opportunity to dictate the desired layout and furnishings of the homes. The development is flexible and all expressions are welcomed. To submit expressions of interest or for further details please contact or 0423 131 477. Expressions closing 5pm Tuesday 26th August. PUBLIC NOTICES

A1 INTRODUCTION SERVICE. For permanent and meaningful relationships. Ph: 07 55 365 333 7 days Or logon to www. ARBONNE-SWISS skincare is now available in Australia. Botanically based and internationally acclaimed. Shop from homethe supermarket and chemist are not your only choices. Experience finest quality at affordable prices. For a free sample call Sabine 0408404744. 35% discount available. Rare home business opportunity too. www. arbonneadelaidesouthaustralia.myarbonne.

COUNCIL SNIPPETS Opal Road Landfill Opening Hours The Opal Road Landfill Opening Hours are 1pm – 6pm, seven days a week. Residents are encouraged to utilise this FREE service as the dumping of litter in reserves or lands surrounding the town attracts an expiation penalty fee of $315.00 as per the Local Government Act. Open days and hours on a magnet is available at the front counter upon request. See www. Rubbish Collection Residents are reminded that there is a limit of one bin per household for weekly rubbish collection and that it is the resident’s responsibility to ensure that bins are in serviceable condition with closable lids that prevent flies and birds from accessing rubbish. Please be diligent as littering attracts an Expiation Penalty Fee of $315.00 – ie: over flowing bins. Deposit of Rubbish etc Under Local Government Regulations it is an offence to deposit rubbish, goods, materials earth, stone gravel or any other substance on a public road or place. This will incur a penalty and a fine. Abandoned and Illegally Parked Vehicles The Roxby Downs Council is concerned with the number of vehicles including, trailers and caravans which have been either parked or abandoned on the road edge, as well as on the council verge between the road and the property boundary. Parking illegally in Richardson Place is also a concern. Council in the first instance will target the owners of the offending vehicles by issuing written warnings to the owners detailing what charges could be implemented if the vehicle is not moved or parked correctly. Areas to be targeted are a follows: · Parking in disabled zones without a permit. · Parking in the bus zone opposite Richardson Place. · Parking near pedestrian crossing to drop off and pick up school children. · Freight vehicles parked near pedestrian crossings to pick up and deliver goods. · Parking on the boundary between residence and road. · Leaving vehicles including Trailers and Caravans on roads for over 24 hours. · Parallel parking – the driver must position the vehicle to face in the direction in which vehicles could lawfully travel on that part of the road If the offending vehicle is not removed or parked correctly, under the Local Government Act, Council has the power to instigate infringement Notices and/or impound the vehicles for the noted offence. Please consider others in the Roxby Downs area and for safety reasons as well as appearance of the community, please park correctly. Parking Residents should be aware of significant expiation fees for parking in a bus zone $79.00 and parking in a disabled zone $235. Other fines are stopping in loading zone $33, failing to park on road $33 (except in median strip parking area) in accordance with rule- parallel parking and failing to park vehicle wholly within parking bay $20. Advertising on Council Infrastructure Advertising on Council infrastructure such as

Waste Oil Disposal Council operates a waste oil collection facility at the Roxby Downs Landfill site. Disposal of all used motor oil at this facility is free. For Further information contact Council 8671 0010 or BSH Waste Solutions on 8671 1154. No cooking oils, coolants, diesel, or diesel blended fuels (bio Diesel) are to be deposited into the unit. This Facility is open 1pm -6pm seven days. Council Office Hours – General Monday to Friday – 9am to 5pm. For all after hours Emergency’s please contact the Emergency Phone on 0419 892 870

light poles can attract expiation notices under the Local Government Act. If you spot any such advertising please notify the Council. Dog Registration Dog registrations for the 2008/09 financial year became due and are payable from the 1st July 2008. Grace period for registrations expires on 31 August 2008; thereafter an $80.00 expiation fee applies under section 33 of the Dog and Cat Management Act. Please also ensure that all dogs over the age of three months are registered, failure to comply can again result in an $80.00 Expiation Notice being issued. Rates The Fourth and final instalment notices for rates have now been issued and were due for payment on 16th June Are now due for all dogs over 2008. Please contact Bronnie Warren 3 months of age. at the council on 86710010 with any enquiries. Water Registration fees must be paid by Accounts for 30th June 2008 Quarter 29th August 2008 or late fees will are now overdue and late fees have been issued. Please pay by the due date to apply and fines may be imposed. avoid further action. Payment can be made at the Council Electricity office between 9.00am and 5.00pm Accounts for June Quarter are now overdue. Late payment fees have been Monday to Friday. applied. For more information please contact GENERAL INFORMATION for Electhe Council office on 8671 0010. tricity - Autopays & Direct Debits • All MONTHLY AUTOPAYS AND DIRECT DEBITS are taken out on the 20th of each month. • All QUARTERLY AUTOPAYS are taken out on the DUE DATE of the Notice • All QUARTERLY DIRECT DEBITS are taken out on the 20th day of which the notice is due. Local Website Visit your local website. Read what’s new a t w w w. Service SA On The Cancer Council SA Red Sands Branch is calling on the community to Wednesday and Thurshelp raise a record $675,000 on Daffodil Day Friday 22 August, to help days only bring hope to those affected by cancer. between the hours Daffodil Day, now in its fifteenth year nationally, remains one of 9.00am of Australia’s most popular fundraising events because it and 4.30pm inspires belief that one day, cancer will be beaten. Council provides TransFresh Daffodils and merchandise can be purchased port Servicfrom in front of the community Library from 8.30am es including Vehicle and and then at 5 pm Boat RegisAll money raised goes to Cancer Council research, trations and Licensing education and patient support programs. As little as $5 can Transacprovide support to those newly diagnosed with cancer. tions


Give a gift to help those affected by cancer





Life Changing TAXATION/ACCOUNTING Are you a..... Small Business Owner • Carpenter • Plumber • Tiler • Electrician • Concrete Contractor • Paver or other Trades Professional For your work completed on time or your money back

8642 5244

28 Jervois Street, Port Augusta PROVIDING A COMPLETE SERVICE

BLD - 173944

•General Repairs •Fencing •Carpentry •Cabinet-making •Plumbing •Gas-fitting •Electrical •Carpet/Vinyl •Painting •Refrigeration

Ph 8671 1234 Fax 8671 2823 Mob 0407 711 234 Shop 5/14 Tutop Street, Roxby Downs, SA THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper


Everyone in Roxby Downs can enjoy the benets of banking with Big Sky.

Visit us in Tutop Street or call 8671 2555 Senior First Aid 1 or 2 Day Courses Roxby Downs Nationally accredited HLTFA301B

$150.00 per person Highly experienced local trainer Other emergency training also available Contact Steve Moore 0429 883 842

By Appointment Only

By Fiona Pillar Dip Remedial Cert IV Bowen

Ph: 0417 860 130

•Remedial & Sports •Bowen Therapy •Traditional Thai •Hawaiian Ka Huna •Foot Massage •Relaxation & Pain Relief


Evans Mini Earthworks

Provides the following services in Roxby Downs & Andamooka • Bobcat Hire • Tipper Hire • Post Hole Boring • Sand, Gravel, Barkchip, etc. • General Yard Cleanup • Rubbish Removal For your FREE quote, please phone Ian: 0439 287 205 or Jodie: 0400 087 066, or Email: Locally owned business!

Thursday, August 21st, 2008 – Page 15


Monitor SPORT

BHP Billiton Roxby Downs Olympic Sports Day On Thursday, Kyle Vander Kuyp visited Olympic Dam site in the morning to briefly talk to the weekly management meeting about his role as a BHP Billiton Olympic Ambassador and his sporting career. He then took a hurdles clinic in Roxby Downs for year 8,9,10 students from the area school, first giving a talk to the students about the path that had led him to achieve so much in his sporting life. He spoke about the decisions he had made as a teenager - including staying at school to complete year 12 at a time when his athletics career was taking off - and then told the students about what it was like to be a 13-time national champion, compete at two Olympics, four World Championships and four Commonwealth Games. Thursday afternoon, he was joined by fellow Olympic Ambassador Robbie Crowther and visited Olympic Dam. This was a Los Tintos’ players Kate Hobbs, Andrew Winterfield and Andre Jarrad preparing a move on volleyball court last monday against Los As Say Toon Us.

Volleyball Looks can be deceiving


Recently 11 people from different divisions of the mine were involved in a training session where they were taught the finer points of lawn bowls.

hat may look like a bit of fun was actually an important training sessions for a group of BHP Billiton employees.

But it wasn’t so much the bowls that was the important subject - it was the training and each had to do a presentation on the training as part of a train the trainer session.

Bowls training Holly Tranfield

Results for Go Karts 2 day event KT OPEN: 1st DARREN LAURENCE 2nd FORREST 3rd SMOKIE DAWSON J JUNIOR 1st JACK LAURENCE 2nd JAYDEN DAWSON 3rd NICKY CALLIGARIS ROOKIES Great racing between Lachlan Ali and Brodie Walsh, for their 1st race meeting. Great racing over 12 heats by all drivers in all classes, with Darren Laurence coming out in front by 1pt in the KT open class. A big thank you to Roxby Autopro for sponsoring this 2 day race meet.

Roxby Downs Golf Club Results LEFT TO RIGHT: C Grade Champion Xavier Spokes, Julie Penna from Weir Minerals, Open Champion Paul Neikel, Ladies Champion Ullen Pearce and B Grade Champion Craig Smith.

Page 16 – Thursday, August 21st, 2008

that a lot of time and work had gone into them. Olympic Dam employee Graham Warren MC’d the event, which was officially opened by Olympic Dam Vice President Finance Paul Dunn. After the Parade of Nations Robbie and Kyle carried a replica of the Olympic Torch and lit the ‘cauldron’ to officially begin the activities. The students were divided up into groups and rotated through four sport stations - soccer, netball and basketball, shot put/turbo javelin, and sprints/hurdles. It was great to see so many of the students having a go and getting involved. After lunch, Kyle and Robbie (who signed hundreds of autographs during lunch) were interviewed on stage, with both sharing their thoughts around

177 points. Darren Eckermann was the B-Grade Open Nett winner on a score of 137 followed by Don Shields on 148 points. The Open C-Grade winner was Xavier Spokes with an overall total gross score of 193 points, followed by Rob Paxton on 195 points. The Open C-Grade Nett winner was Shaun Smith with an overall Nett score of 131 points followed by Chris Zenker on 146 points. The women’s overall winner was Uleen Pearce on 104 points, followed y Janette Pickstock on 106 points. Adele Wallace took out the women’s overall Nett score on 72 points. Another successful day at the golf course with all competitor enjoying the weather and healthy rivalry.

their sporting achievements. The kids were very impressed to hear that Robbie can jump more than 8m in the long jump, which was easily longer than the stage they were standing on, or more than the length of a parked car! The day concluded with thank you speeches from students from each of the schools. The day couldn’t have been possible without the support of the four schools (especially Woomera and Andamooka, who travelled to Roxby for the day) and the volunteers who helped out. Senior students from Roxby Downs Area School participated as volunteers throughout the day; while a large number of Olympic Dam employees also volunteered their time to ensure the day ran smoothly. Thanks also to all the parents who came out on the day and enjoyed the celebration with us.

What’s On across


HEALTH ROXBY DOWNS FAMILY PRACTICE Phone: 8671 3231 ROXBY DOWNS MEDICAL PRACTICE 9:00am-5:00pm Monday to Friday Saturday morning by appointment. Phone: 8671 1900 VISITING ALLIED HEALTH SERVICE Occupational Therapist -Speech PathologistDietician - Podiatrist Phone: 8671 9020


EVENTS & ENTERTAINMENT VISITOR INFORMATION CENTRE 8:30am - 5:00pm Monday to Friday 9:00am - 3:00pm Saturday 9:00am - 2:00pm Sunday Phone: 8671 2001 BINGO (All proceeds go to the community) 7:00pm Tuesdays At Tuckerbox in Andamooka CULTURAL & LEISURE PRECINCT - MOVIES Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday Phone: 8671 2001

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By Erin Robertson

WHEIR Minerals sponsored the Roxby Open Championship on the 16th and 17th of August at the Roxby Downs Gold Club. Great weather tempted more competitors to the course making for a strong field and close competition. The A-Grade Open winner was Paul Niekel with a handicap of 6 and an overall total gross score of 160 points followed by Tom Beckett with an overall total gross score of 162. Dougal MacLeod was the Open Nett winner on 148 points followed by Robin Passmore with a score of 149 points. In B- Grade the Open winner was Craig Smith with an overall total gross score of 176 points, followed closely by Tony Hollbrook on

great opportunity for the two Olympic Ambassadors to see first-hand how the metals in the Olympic medals (copper, gold and silver) are produced and get a close look at them as final products. On Friday, more than 900 students from Woomera Area, Andamooka Primary, Roxby Downs Area and St Barbara’s Parish schools attended the Olympic Sports Day, which aimed to celebrate BHP Billiton’s sponsorship of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. BHP Billiton supplied all of the raw materials for the gold, silver and bronze medals at the Games. A highlight was the Parade of Nations when the schools paraded banners they had made representing countries competing in the Olympics. The designs were fantastic and it was evident

Community members welcome to attend any meeting of the Roxby Downs Community Board Community Board, Forums and Partnerships see schedule on the Community Matters page For more information call Michelle Hales on 8671 0010 ROXBY DOWNS ROTARY CLUB 1st and 3rd Monday of the month Meet at the Dunes Café. ANDAMOOKA OPAL GIRL GUIDES Andamooka Community Hall Mondays from 5 pm to 7 pm Contact 0427072710 OUTBACK MULTI-CULTURAL GROUP Phone:8671 2892 ROXBY DOWNS CFS ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 7:30pm September 4th. All welcome.


GENERAL INFORMATION SCHOOL TERMS 2008 Term 3: July 21st - September 26th Term 4: October 13th - December 12th MT DARE HOTEL 8am – 9pm Open every day PRELIMINARY NOTICE ST BARBARA’S PARISH SCHOOL FETE Friday 19th Sept 5:30pm-9:00pm Market Stalls, Entertainment, Bar facilities and much more. Everyone welcome. OUTBACK COMMUNITY GARDENS Phone: 8671 2892 ROXBY ROAD SAFE Phone: 8671 2892

CHURCH ROXBY DOWNS LUTHERAN CHURCH 9:30am every Sunday during School Terms

CHRISTIAN CHURCH BIRDSVILLE RACES - Fri. 5th - Sat. 6th September FAITHWORKS An Assemblies Church meets every Sunday th 26 HAWKER ART EXHIBITION - 15 Sept. - 8 Oct. 5:00pm at Roxby Downs Catholic School Library

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What our “armchair” experts have to say about footy finals Scott Vears AFL: Geelong because they’re in front of everyone else and have few weak points. Local: Roxby Miners because they are a very even team. Mail Medal: Ricky Prosser because he’s a standout player week in, week out.

Ethan Zeptner AFL: Geelong because they’ve barely lost this year and seem to be the red hot favourite. Local: The Roxby Miners because they started off well and should finish the same way. Mail Medal: Ricky Prosser because he’s a great player and I think he gets lots of votes from the umpires.

Great night of racing at Red Dunes Haydn Edwards AFL: Geelong because they’re stronger and smarter with greater ability. Local: Roxby Miners because the way they’ve played this year is great and they’re quicker and faster and on the day, they’ll have the drive. Mail Medal: It’s a hard one but I think Ryan Schell will win because of his leadership abilities, his knowledge of the game and his outstanding abilities.

Jordan Christall Who will win the AFL: Geelong because they won last year and they seem to have the better team this year. Who will win the local football: The Roxby Miners because they started off really well and hopefully they’ll keep it up. Who will win the Mail Medal: Daniel Rogers because he is really good at his position and is always in there doing his best.

A sensational night of motorsport entertainment was had at the Red Dunes Raceway on Saturday night. Crowd numbers were down but a field of 18 sure made for some great entertainment. We welcomed new vehicles onto the track this month Steve Ingham RD21, Paul Francis RD73, Ben and Tony Brown RD999 and a competitor from Arno Bay, Greg Gator AB243. We lost one car during practice, Deb Beenham RD51 with a shredded tyre due to a guard rubbing but Deb jumped into her son James vehicle and literally drove the wheels off it to pick up 2nd place in the modified section. As always, there were a few incidents. Tony Brown RD999 caught the dirty line coming out of pit corner, lost the back of the car, spun and hit the wall backwards which put his vehicle out for the night. Car Hobbs RD69 after winning the race, showed the crowd the correct procedure for reverse parking after going over the finish line at a rate of knots and not taking pit corner slowly. He hit the wall backwards. The rest of the field had quite a job trying not to hit him. The open wheelers were a sight to be seen, Tania Johnson RD40 had the rest of the field in her rear vision mirrors all night

Leisure Centre Sports Results Harry Harrison AFL: Geelong because Buddy Franklin can’t kick straight. Local: Andamooka because I have faith the team will train hard and play the best team game in the grand final. Mail Medal: Ryan Schell because of his consistency, he’s a fair player and doesn’t back chat the umpires.

Matthew Daddow AFL: Hawthorn because they’ve got Buddy Franklin. Local: I’d like to see Roxby win but I think it will be Andamooka. Mail Medal: Tyrone Price because he’s - how do you say it? – a perfect footballer.


12” and 16”Dkids bikes, bmx, mountain bikes, road and 12” and 16” kids bikes, bmx, mountain comfort bikes. bikes, road and comfort Sub bikes. Brands: Avanti, Specialized, (womens) Raleigh, ABD Brands: Avanti, Specialized, (womens) Raleigh, ABD and Sub Tarini and Baskets, Tarini Pack Racks, Helmets, Accessories: Trainer wheels, Accessories: Trainer wheels, Pack Racks, Helmets, Glasses, Gloves, Shoes, Top Baskets, Brand Clothing and much more Glasses, Gloves, Shoes, Top Brand Clothing and much more Service workshop - Victoria Parade, Port Augusta ServiceDelivery workshopto- Roxby VictoriaDowns Parade, Port Augusta arranged Delivery to Roxby Downs arranged Ph: 8641 1128 Fax 8641 1129 OPEN 6 DAYS

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as she led from the front. Steve Bell RD23, Geoff Munro RD19 and Steven Webber RD50 showed great speed and driving skills while trying to catch her. The modified class had the biggest field for quite some time and produced some sensational driving. With Carl Bartlett RD38 and Deb Beenham RD53 both driving different cars it made for great entertainment. Shannon Warren RD44 showed his car has what it takes to take out third place. Action aplenty in the street stock class from the very first race which saw John Webber RD25 turned around on the infield. Jonathon Hills RD42 and Tony Webber RD1 continued their great rivalry with Tony taking the honours this month. Special thanks this month to the “Rocketman” Paul Arnold for stepping up at the last minute to drive the Roxby Rocket for the kids, it’s definitely a treat they enjoy and travelling around the track makes them feel apart of the racing. The next meeting will be held on Saturday, 13th September with racing starting at 7 pm. Come and join us for a great nights entertainment before we head off to Port Pirie for the second round of State Titles.

Results: Street Stock 1st Tony Webber RD1 2nd Jonathon Hills RD42 3rd James Beenham RD53 (Count back) Open 1st Tania Johnson RD40 2nd Steve Bell RD23 3rd Geoff Munro RD19 Modified 1st Carl Bartlett RD38 2nd Deb Beenham RD53 3rd Shannon Warren RD44 All Comers 1st Paul Arnold RD19 2nd Steve Bell RD23 3rd Tania Johnson RD40 Sportsperson of the Day: Kat McKinnon Best Presented Vehicle: Steve Ingham RD21 New Lap Record/Short Track Anticlockwise Street Stock: Tony Webber RD1 2.58.94

What’s On s p o rt s

Wednesday Netball


A Grade Redbacks 28 defeated Gecko Girls 23 Miners A 37 defeated Phoenix Flames 30 B Grade Pink Ladies 37 defeated Miners B 30 Jaffas 24 defeated Milkshakes 18 Tangos- Bye Mixed Martini’s 39 defeated Thunderphoenixcougarbirds 8 TBA 35 defeated Jam Donuts 7 Big Rascals forfeited against West Coasters Goal Diggers 26 defeated Old Skool 24

Indoor Hockey Hot Shots 10 defeated Blues 3 Scorpians 13 defeated Pythons 3

Have you seen a


in Monitor you’d like? Phone 8671 2683 and place your order

KARATE - Auditorium * 6:00pm Colts (Age 6-12) 6:45pm Juniors/Adults INDOOR SOCCER 6:00 - 7:00pm VOLLEYBALL - Leisure Centre 6:30 - 9:30pm TUESDAY LADIES SOCIAL BASKETBALL - Indoor Courts 8:45am - 10am COME-N-TRY-SOCCER - Indoor Courts 3:30pm - 6:00pm SENIOR SOCCER - Indoor Courts 6:00pm - 7:00pm SQUASH - Leisure Centre 7:00pm - 9:00pm SENIOR BASKETBALL - Indoor Courts 7:00pm - 10:00pm WEDNESDAY WOMEN DAYTIME BASKETBALL - Indoor Courts 9:00am - 10:00am KARATE - Auditorium * 6:00pm Colts (Age 6-12) 6:45pm Juniors/Adults WOMEN’S & MIXED NETBALL - Indoor Courts 6:00pm - 9:30pm

S A T U R D A Y 2 3 rd A U G U S T

FOOTBALL FINAL 3 v s 4 12pm 1 v s 2 2pm

THURSDAY NIPPY GYM - Auditorium 9:30am - 11:30 am INDOOR SOCCER - Leisure Centre ** 6:00pm Social matches KARATE - Auditorium 6:00pm - 8:30pm SQUASH - Leisure Centre 7:00pm - 9:00pm SENIOR BASKETBALL - Indoor Courts 7:00pm - 10:00pm FRIDAY JUNIOR HOCKEY 5:00pm - 6:30pm SENIOR HOCKEY 6:30pm - 8:30pm ASSOC NETBALL 6:30pm - 9:30pm SATURDAY JUNIOR NETBALL 9:00am - 1:30pm FOOTBALL 8:15am Mini Colts 9:15am Junior Colts 10:15am Senior Colts SUNDAY SOFTBALL - School Oval 11:30 am - 4:00am TOUCH FOOTBALL - Town Oval 6:30 pm




* Contact Reinhardt Viljoen Phone: 0428 843 921 - ** Contact Kenton Maloney: 0408 797 158

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Strong defence Mel Tucker with the ball, is guarded by Natasha Moroney and Erin Robertson of the Miners while Redbacks team mate Chloe Barrand gets ready for a rebound.

Miners Through To Grand final By Delinda Cuthbert


Green Devils have played off on three occasions throughout the season and the result has been 2 games to 1 in favour of the Devils. The margins of these games however have all been under 7 goals; this game could go either way. Miners brimming with confidence can momentarily relax while they enjoy a week break prior to the Grand final on the 29th August.

iners 1 are through to the 2008 Grand final after a dominant victory over the Green Devils on Friday night. In recent years Green Devils have completed the minor competition successfully and have faced Miners in the second semi final. ornridge 2 set themselves up for a This final proving to be the Devils nemesis Premiership opportunity after defeathas once again claimed its victim with what ing Yellow Devils by 15 goals in the A2 would be described as a shock display of competition. Hornridge strong throughout netball. the court dominated the game from start Miners who were obviously focused on the win to finish.


from the first whistle scored 5 unanswered goals. Meaghan Kiely again a strong contender for Miners 1 was inspirational in her shooting efforts, rarely missing a goal opportunity. The Devils out of sorts were outplayed all over the court and were down by 9 goals at the first break. Miners were relentless in their attack in the second and third quarters dominating the game, and were out rebounding at both ends of the court. Miners Vicky Peters was hard working. Peters was responsible for many turnovers and opportunities for her team through the centre court. The Devils managed a minor improvement during the third quarter but still went down, Miners increasing the margin to 20 goals at the final break. Devils approached the final term with only a glimmer of hope to attempt to salvage what was already lost. Pressure aside the Devils looked like the team of old attacking and defending, turned the ball over on several occasions, the final term in favour of the devils by 9 goals, reducing the margin to 11, the final result Miners 1, 53 to Green Devils 42. Devils are now faced with the task of taking on Hornridge 1 this Friday, a battle surely to be hard won. Hornridge 1 and

Yellow Devils with moments of success, continued working tirelessly but were unable to match the ability of the opposition. Sophie Wissell was strong in defence for the Hornridge side, competing against the height of Libby Steer from Yellow Devils. Wissell defending within the goal circle intercepted the feed on several occasions. Hornridge looking unbeatable were up by a 15goal margin at the final break when Yellow Devils finished evening the final term with 7 goals apiece. Final result in favour of Hornridge 42 goals to Yellow Devils 27. Yellow Devils will take on Miners 2 this week, whilst Hornridge 2 sits the week out in preparation for the Grand final.


ur B Grade competition produced a sizzler when OD Devils drew with Andamooka 32 goals apiece at full time. OD Devils were the initial leaders in the game outscoring the opposition 12 goals to 8 in the first quarter. Andamooka not outdone evened the second quarter and managed to win the third term by 1 goal. The third quarter margin reduced to 3 goals,

Katie James (left), and Tara Wood (Hornridge) are being denied the ball by OD Devils’ Vicky Hockley Page 18 – Thursday, August 21st, 2008

the game was still up for grabs. Andamooka with support on their side started to hit their target at the required time, Tegan Kelly for the Andamooka Roos shooting well for her team, supported by playing partner and mother Jen Kelly who combined had the team on a winning role, until at the final whistle the score revealed a draw. At this point the teams were required to play time on. Unfortunately for the Roos this overtime was all that was needed for the Devils to take home the win. The Devils outscored their opposition again 7 goals to 1 in the overtime period. OD Devils celebrating their successful passage through to the grand final, whilst the Andamooka Roos are now to play Miners 3 in the Preliminary Final this Friday. Final result OD Devils 39 goals defeated Andamooka 33. Miners 3 had a solid victory over Hornridge 3 in the elimination final. Hornridge 3, affected considerably by injury and illness, were only able to scrape a team of 7 together this number included injured player Chloe Barrand who sustained an ankle injury at the teams training session on Tuesday night. Injury it seemed was destined to upset the Hornridge balance and be a deciding factor in the game when goal shooter Mel Dunn suffered injury to her hand in the first quarter, it was thought that Dunn’s injury severe enough to withdraw from the game, however the gutsy player continued the game through to the final whistle. Hornridges woes were Miners successes the young team held a positive lead from the first quarter and maintained throughout the remaining three terms. Miners maintaining a consistent line-up provided good competition for the more experienced Hornridge team, to their credit the young side have worked their way through to the Preliminary final to oppose Andamooka, Miners victorious 29 goals to Hornridge 20. Hornridge

now eliminated will have to regroup and look forward to 2009. Our Continuous Raffle winners for wk 9, 15th August were Tori McGauchie and Tegan Kelly. Congratulations to our winners.

Scheduled games for Friday 22nd August A Grade 6.00pm

A2 Preliminary Final Yellow Devils vs. Miners 2

Ct 1 7.15pm B Grade Preliminary Final Andamooka vs. Miners 3 Ct 2 8.30pm

A1 Preliminary Final Green Devils vs Hornridge 1

Ct 1

Results from Semi Finals 15th August A Grade Miners 1, 53 defeated Green Devils 42 Hornridge 2, 42 defeated Yellow Devils 27 B Grade OD Devils 39 defeated Andamooka 33 Miners 3, 29 defeated Hornridge 3, 20

Strong defence by Chloe Jones and Vicky Hockley makes it hard for Hornridge Goalie Kayla Langdon during Friday night’s all important last round game.

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Results have no bearing on ladder In the last round before finals, the four top sides in the Woomera and District Football League went through their paces, with the outcomes having no bearing on the premiership ladder position. While there were no sheep stations on the end of things, and with several key players missing from most line-ups, a victory was still worth the psychological edge in the final series. For Olympic Dam and Roxby Districts with the edge over the rest there was a bit of pride on the line and both teams scrambled home for victories in what could be described as two lack lustre games. In the early match the strong wind played havoc with scoring and the Hornridge defence was under extreme pressure from Olympic Dam early in the game. It was only very late in the first quarter when the Hornridge Magpies got the ball past half forward to post a score. But even with the wind OD made some silly choices going forward and could have been further ahead by half time.

Just when it looked like Hornridge were capitulating, the boys came out with renewed vigour and confidence in the third term kicking two early goals and taking it right up to the premiership favourites. The strong three to four goal wind blowing to the dam end of the oval certainly helped and they didn’t squander any opportunities. First A grade gamer, young Victor Buza made an impressive debut and will certainly be a player of the future. Olympic Dam held the lead at the last change albeit by eight points, and as hard as they tried the Magpies couldn’t beat the wind and a fired up OD team that had been challenged and revved up by coach Les Myles. Hornridge can deem themselves unlucky in one sense, but unfortunately they didn’t do enough in the first half. The final scoreline of OD 11-9 to Hornridge 7-5 was unflattering for the Magpies and especially the defence who to a man, battled hard in that do or die last term.

Roxby District go into finals with a win In the later game Roxby District Miners had to find some winning form before finals, and while their victory was far from convincing, a win is a win! Still with six of its starting line-up missing through injury or holidays the Miners took on Andamooka as slight favourites, but even the most ardent of the red and white army weren’t confident until half time, when they held a three goal advantage and had the strong wind at their backs in the third term. Again the third quarter hoodoo for Andamooka was costly when Roxby added 3-6, at the same time keeping the Roos scoreless. In the last Andamooka even with the wind had no answers to the stronger run of the Miners and now look even further depleted with one of their defenders unlikely to start in the finals due to a broken finger.

Playing his first A grade game, young Victor Buza gets a kick away before being tackled by Cam Green. Buza made an impressive debut.

Woomera & Districts Football League Inc Results Olympic Dam 11 goals 9 pts 75 defeated Hornridge 7 goals 5 pts 47

Best players for OD 1st D Moyse 2nd D Rogers 3rd L Copeland 4th T Martin 5th S Chapman 6th A Petty 7th S Freeth 8th A Sheilds Goal Scorers D Moyse 4 L Copeland 2 S Chapman 2 T Martin 1 S Montgomerie 1 A Petty 1 By the end of the game Roxby Districts Best Players for Hornridge 1st T Price 2nd W Moroled comfortably and go into the first semi ney 3rd B Cooper 4th V Buzza 5th T Arthurs final against arch rivals, Olympic Dam Goal Scorers W Moroney 2 S Moroney 1 D Johnson with a confidence boosting win. 1 R Briggs 1 N Burton 1 Finals start Next week both the first and second semi-finals will be played on Saturday with Roxby Districts 9 goals 10 pts 64 defeated AndaAndamooka facing off against Hornridge mooka 5 goals 4 pts 34 and it’s going to be a tough one to predict the winner. On paper one would think Best for Roxby Districts 1st B Chesson 2nd J Orr 3rd the Roos, but certainly not on last week’s J Eckermann 4th K Zeptner 5th T Roberts performance. Goal Scorers J Roberts 3 R Prosser 3 B Wray 2 T RobWhen Olympic Dam lines up against erts 1 Roxby Downs in the later game you can Best for Amdamooka 1st S Hagerstrom 2nd M Uhlik expect some fireworks as both teams are 3rd D Mcdonald 4th A Monfries 5th D Mordaunt expected to be at near full strength. Roxby Goal scorers A Monfries 1 J Bowden 1 T Ripley 1 L still has a bit to prove but nerves will play Brind 1 S Hagerstrom 1 a big part in who wins this one. For mine, Olympic Dam has the overall strength to win, but Roxby District will BELOW: Ricky Prosser gets a handball away in start sentimental favourites. It should be a cracker of a final series. front of the Roos’ Warrick Monfries.

In the back! Ryan Briggs took the mark and/or the free ahead of Paul Trotta.

A. Noble & Son Ltd. presents

18 Hole Stableford 9 Hole Ambrose (For non-golfers if numbers permit)

Saturday 30th August 11.00am Tee-off

Prize Divisions Include: Overall Winner, Div. 1 Winner, Div. 2 Winner and Ladies All Divisions: Longest Drive, NPT. THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

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Moto-X event bigger and better Over 700 people flocked to the Roxby Desert Moto-X Club Inc. Freestyle spectacular on Saturday night for a feas of fast racing, exciting stunts and some big spills. Event organisers are thrilled with the attendance and new facitlities at the course were tested to the limits with a bumper crowd. Spokesperson for the club Carmen Alves said it was “heaps” bigger than last year and the gross takings are expected to be just over $22,000. She said that 60 bikes were entered for the big program of racing with riders coming from Whyalla, Port Augusta, Port Pirie and Adelaide as well as one sidecar team from Victoria. Luke Arbon and his fellow freestyle riders put on a wonderful display of airborne acrobatics which held the large crowd breathless as they tested their skills to the limit. Again the club acknowledged the support of its sponsors and the efforts of Roxby Engineering and Fabrication for building and supplying the new freestyle ramp. Carmen told The Monitor the canteen did a roaring trade with a small band of helpers run off their feet throughout the evening. She praised the girls from the hairdressers who not only offered sponsorship for the night, but also volunteered to help at the canteen.

Dirt Bike Dare Devils

Page 20 – Thursday, August 21st, 2008

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For the perfect pool and yard call Yards 0418 859 637 or Pools 0447 839 635 R O X B Y OXBY DOWNS owners of BHP Billiton shares are being tar...