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Water’s on its way

IN THE TRENCH…Volunteer Donna Waters is one of a small group of Andamooka residents who have helped dig more than 30km from Olympic Dam to Andamooka for the township’s new water pipeline.

ANDAMOOKA…Andamooka residents can expect to locallyaccessible water by Christmas. Volunteers and ‘work for the dole’ participants are currently working to lay the more than 30km of pipeline from Olympic Dam to Andamooka which will pipe water to a central reservoir in the small opal mining township. Until now, local residents have had to purchase water from local carting businesses who trucked tanks from Olympic Dam. The new pipeline and central reservoir is expected to reduce residents’ water costs significantly, Andamooka Progress and Opal Miners Association (APOMA) chair Pat Katnich told The Monitor. Andamooka residents currently pay around $15 a kilolitre for water, due to cartage and time involved. In contrast, Roxby Downs residents pay around $1.25 per kilolitre through the local municipal council. “This is very good news for the community and its terrific to have that water so close now,” she said. “As far as APOMA’s concerned we’re really happy – it’s all on schedule and should be commissioned and all happening by Christmas.” Ms Katnich emphasised that residents would not automatically have more water available to homes. “The pipeline means

a supply right here, rather than 30km away,” she said. “There’s not going to be much more water for Andamooka residents, but it’ll be much more accessible and cheaper. “We will continue to discourage swimming pools and non-essential use of potable drinking water in Andamooka. “As the town grows, we’d encourage people to collect rain water, put in more rain water tanks, use the town’s dam water or consider greywater recycling systems. Ms Katnich said BHP Billiton, local businesses and volunteers had played a significant part in the laying of the 30km pipeline over more than two weeks. Olympic Dam asset leader Dean Dalla Valle told The Monitor that BHP Billiton was pleased with the cooperative effort. “BHP Billiton recognises that a more reliable water supply is a very important issue for Andamooka,” he said. “The Andamooka Progress and Opal Miner’s Association has been working for a long time to secure funding for the project and we commend their efforts. “Now that the funding is available, we are working with the Association to finalise some of the technical issues associated with establishment of the pipeline and linking it to our desalination plant at Olympic Dam.”

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Port Hughes/Moonta Bay

Stage II Release, Available Now 67 Residential Allotments priced from $75,000 • NO time limits to build • Services provided including: • Bitumen Roads • Concrete kerbing • Water to front of allotment • Electricity to front of allotment • Effluent to front of allotment

$1000 will secure your choice of allotment/s now! Subject to Deposited Plan Approval, due July 2005 (or settlement by negotiation). L.J. HOOKER Moonta/Wallaroo Phone: 8825 2007


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Dear Editor I would like to take this opportunity, through your newspaper, to congratulate the Management and Staff members of the Roxby Downs Health Service and the Woomera Hospital on their recent accreditation renewal received from the Australian Council of Health Care Standards. This accreditation is a really great achievement and one that both staff, and the community alike, should be proud of. It’s wonderful to see a rural health service show such commitment to the continual improvement of the services it offers to the local community. Well done to everyone involved. Lyn Breuer MP, Member for Giles.


On August 13, a 16-year-old male youth from Roxby Downs was reported for theft. Following a series of reports, a 22-yearold man and a 19-year-old man, both from Roxby Downs, were reported for nonaggravated serious criminal trespass and theft on August 8. A report was received from an Olympic Dam resident of property damage to a vehicle in Olympic Dam on August 9, 2005.

Police received a report of theft of electricity from a Roxby Downs business on August 2, 2005.

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A report of assault was received from a 28-year-old Roxby Downs resident on August 6, 2005.

A 24-year-old Roxby Downs man was arrested on August 5, for assaulting a

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Outback Racing

Saddle up for the 11th Onesteel Outback Cup. For all the details, turn to Pages 20 & 21.

the Weather at a glance... Minimum & Maximum Temperatures for the period August 2, 2005 to August 15, 2005 Date 02/08/05

Minimum 4.6°

Maximum 22.1°

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Page 2 - Thursday, August 18, 2005

A 31-year-old Roxby Downs man was reported for failing to keep left, having an unauthorised passenger in tray of vehicle and exceeding the prescribed concentration of alcohol on August 1, 2005.


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Onesteel Piping Systems

Also on August 4, a report of non aggravated serious criminal trespass and theft was received from a Roxby Downs business where a door had been forced and property stolen.

On the same day, in an unrelated incident, a 24-year-old Roxby Downs man was reported for driving an unregistered and uninsured motor vehicle.

1300 852 300

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Police received a report of non aggravated serious criminal trespass and theft from an Olympic Dam business on August 4, where a door had been forced and cash stolen.

An 18-year-old Roxby Downs woman was reported on August 2, for driving an unregistered and uninsured motor vehicle.

8632 6281

8671 0573

A report of ‘assault family member’ was received from a 28-year-old Roxby Downs resident on August 5, 2005.

A 22-year-old Roxby Downs man was arrested on August 6, 2005 for disorderly behaviour.

8675 8358

Native Animal Network

family member, breaching a restraining order, driving under the influence, exceeding the prescribed concentration of alcohol and driving while disqualified.

On the same day, a report was received from a Roxby Downs business of property damage where a window was broken.

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Nacos Credit Union

Roxby Downs Youth Centre

Congratulations to health team

ROXBY DOWNS… Roxby Downs received a report of property damage to a vehicle on August 12.

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Lin Andrews Real Estate Marree Aboriginal School

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Roxby Downs regional police report



















Total Rainfall for this period 1mm Proudly sponsored by

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What is the most powerful force in nature? A tornado can drive a corn cob through concrete and the deep sea pressure of water can tear metal apart. But I’d lay my bets that peer pressure causes more damage than any other natural force. Peer pressure, in my view, is akin to gravity - it’s everywhere and the more weighed down you already are, the more it affects you. But I’m not talking the same old clichés about youth and children here - I’m talking about all of us. Who here honestly doesn’t care what anyone else thinks about them? If that was really true you would drink with your boss on the weekends and, trust me, Pumpkin Patch and Osh Kosh B’Gosh would be making quite a lot less money out of Roxby Downs. But we all did get the ‘peer pressure talk’ at school or from our mums years ago so I’m not going to waste my time convincing you to resist. Instead, I’m asking you to embrace peer pressure and use the power for good. Would a night out at the pub with our sporting buddies go so badly wrong if there were a few more people ready to say “come on mate, time to rein it in”? Here’s a revelation for you, if you’re having a good time and one of your mates is going too far and ruining someone else’s good time - it is your business. If you throw in your two cents then you’re probably doing that person a favour because, let’s face it, how many of us really want to be known as “that idiot from the other night”? Don’t just say no to drugs - say no to...well I’m not supposed to actually print the word I was thinking so let’s call them ‘dummies’. Our last round of local court reports boasted an unusual number of assaults and, to be fair, most of them were alcohol-related. What surprised me, though, was how so many of these people had a “damn good reason” for their attacks, despite the severity. So I’ve decided, it’s time to reclaim our right to a night out without brawls, harassment, drink spiking or drunk drivers. But you, and only you, can make it really hard on yourself, and your friends, to ruin someone else’s night out. So embrace the power of peer pressure and get out there and wield a little bit of it!

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Roxby residents mark VP Day NOSTALGIA...For local residents Bob Stainer, above, and Jim Spring, below, the ‘Connie’ was a familiar step back in time.

HISTORY ON THE WING...Woomera Area School students, from left, Alex Mackenzie, 14, Lauren Hartley, 16, and Jamie Surman, 17, waiting for their chance to hop on board the ‘Connie’.

Woomera welcomes history on the wing WOOMERA...More than 200 people hit the Woomera tarmac last week to welcome Australia’s only flying ‘Super Constellation’. The 1950s aircraft was restored by the Historical Aircraft Restoration Society in the 1990s, who brought the ‘Connie’ to Woomera on Thursday. School students, tourists and local residents lined up across the tarmac to step into the plane and back in time.

ROXBY DOWNS... Roxby Downs residents joined the national celebrations for the 60th anniversary of Victory in the Pacific (VP) Day on Sunday, August 14, 2005. The Roxby Downs and Andamooka RSL hosted a community commemoration on Sunday, with federal funding providing support for refreshments and a barbecue tea. “VP Day is being celebrated right around Australia,” local RSL president Bob Stainer told The Monitor. “This is a time to celebrate the victories, that bring war to an end and bring our soldiers home. “There’s a lot of history involved, and those who don’t know the history

VP DAY...Local RSL members Allan Simmonds, Krys Kilgariff and Matt Gow celebrate Victory in the Pacific Day in Roxby Downs. should get to know more about it, and about the people in our community who contributed to our way of life.” The Roxby Downs and

Andamooka RSL’s next project will be relocation of the Richardson Place memorial prior to Remembrance Day services on November 11.

For some local rsidents, the ‘Connie’ was literally a little slice of personal history. For Roxby Downs’ Bob Stainer, the ‘Connies’ were responsible for ferrying him from Saigon to Bangkok in the 1960s for his leave from the Royal Australian Regiment’s First Battalion during the Vietnam War. In contrast, JimSpring - also of Roxby Downs - remembers flying in a ‘Connie’ as an eight-yearold in 1953 when his family moved interstate.

Locals lend a helping hand ROXBY DOWNS...Wool-worths staff have invited local shoppers to lend a helping hand and support the Adelaide Women’s and Children’s Hospital this month. In Roxby Downs, a team of Woolworths staff led by Shirley Gow are raising money for the ‘fresh future’ fund. “There’s a lot of local children who’ve been born or treated at the Women’s and Children’s - this fund is very relevant to Roxby Downs families,” Mrs Gow told The Monitor. Guess the lolly jar, buy a helping hand or a lucky square, or just keep an eye out for the August 20 cake stall and the upcoming lamington drive to support the cause at Roxby Downs Woolworths.

HELPING HANDS...Local Woolworths staff Shane Jury and Shirley Gow urge local shoppers to buy a ‘helping hand’ and support the Adelaide Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

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The kindest cut

VETS & PETS...Veterinary student Lisia Sturn and Dr Andrew Melville-Smith are urging pet-owners to desex their animals this month. ROXBY DOWNS…August is National Desexing Month and local veterinarians are urging pet-owners to ‘make the kindest cut’. “This message is particularly relevant for Roxby Downs where pregnant pets contribute to the feral animal population and endanger the native animal populations,” Dr Andrew Melville-Smith told The Monitor. “People make all kinds of excuses, but a responsible petowner will desex their cat or dog. “If local residents get their cat or dog desexed at Roxby Downs Veterinary Clinic this month, the animal will receive free microchipping. If you then register your microchipped pet with the national registery, they’ll give half that fee to the RSPCA.”

OPEN DAY... Meet some of the local wildlife close up at Arid Recovery’s upcoming Open Day. Join wildlife walks and spotlighting tours, or just learn more abou the local arid environment.

Arid Recovery open day OLYMPIC DAM...The Arid Recovery reserve will throw open its gates to the public on Saturday, September 3, 2005. The award winning reserve will host nature walks, children’s activities, competitions, spotlighting and wildlife walks. “September is Biodiversity Month, September 7 is national Threatened Species Day and September 11 is the first ever National Bilby Day - three great reasons to celebrate,” Arid Recovery publicity of-

ficer Yvette Mooney told The Monitor. “It’s a great time of the year to visit the reserve, the nights are not so cold and the wildflowers are coming out.” Ms Mooney said. The reserve gates open at 2pm on Open Day and all activities are free, but some of the night activities require bookings. For more information, or bookings, contact Arid Recovery on 8671 8282 or log onto

New support for local business call for local business isROXBY DOWNS… sues,” Mr Barker told The Alex Barker has been apMonitor. pointed as economic development officer for “I’ll be helping link local Roxby Downs, Andpeople to the appropriate amooka, Woomera and specialists and organisaPimba this month. tions, and help source incentives from a range of The new position will exgovernment services. “I’ll pand on his original role liaise with key industry as the region’s tourism groups, service sectors product development ofand local government on ficer, complemented by matters pertaining to rethis new, more hands-on gional economic developbusiness role. ment. My role will require ALL BUSINESS... Mr Barker will act as a me to advise, support, netAlex Barker has key adviser to assist busiwork and disseminate innesses in the region, to im- been appointed as formation throughout the Economic prove economic viability, local business commuDevelopment Officer help establish new businity.” nesses and existing ones, for the region. In his new role, Mr implementing the business-related outcomes of the 2005 Roxby Barker has been appointed as the Roxby Downs Business Forum’s executive ofDowns Community Plan. Mr Barker described himself as “a man ficer and will work closely with associwith many bosses” as he will be working ated subgroups in retail, commercial, closely with local business forums, contractors and tourism sectors. Roxby Downs Council, the Northern A local of almost three years, Mr Barker Regional Development Board and the and wife Megan are now expecting their Office of Regional Affairs, as well as rep- second child, and “welcome the opporresenting the region on a series of boards tunity of continuing to be a part of the and committees. “I’ll be the first port of vibrant Roxby Downs community”.

Page 4 - Thursday, August 18, 2005

OLYMPIC DAM…The latest round of aerial baiting at the Arid Recovery reserve was completed last week. “This year we are trialling quarterly baiting,” project officer Jenny Stott told The Monitor. “In the past we have found that the baiting is an effective way of controlling cat and fox numbers. However, after three months the cat and fox numbers begin to increase through reinvasion from areas outside the baited zone. So we think that if we bait quarterly we can keep the numbers of cat and foxes low throughout the year and this will allow the bilbies on the outside of the reserve to flourish.” The last round of baiting was held in April, and the next is planned for November, 2005. Baits are poisonous to domestic pets. Do not touch any small, dried meat you may find lying on the ground within the baiting zone. Full baiting details – Page 16. ROXBY DOWNS…Roxby Downs Council will crack down on owners of unregistered dogs this month. If you have not registered your dog for this year, the Council deadline is August 31, 2005. Owning and keeping an unregistered dog is an Offence under the Dog and Cat Management Act 1995 and is punishable by an expiation fee of $75 under section 33. Unregistered dogs will be impounded, and potentially destroyed, if unclaimed. Registration fees for 2005/2006 are: nondesexed dog $40 and desexed dog $30. Registration is valid until 30 June 2006 Further information can be obtained from the Roxby Downs Council, Monday to Friday during business hours or by telephoning 8671 0010. WOOMERA…Construction of the Woomera Marine Centre is well under way this week with tanks and pumps now being installed. Cold water fish will be the first live additions to the new facility, followed soon after by tropical marine fish. When construction is completed the centre will be open to local residents, but an official opening will be held in February 2006 to coincide with a major tourism launch for the facility. OLYMPIC DAM…BHP Billiton announced its successful compulsory acquirement of all WMC Resources Ltd shares on August 2. Employees at Olympic Dam saw the final touches to the takeover set in place including a new Olympic Dam logo in the BHP Billiton colours of copper, black and white, replace the longrunning blue of WMC. BHP Billiton now owns 100 per cent of WMC Resources Ltd shares. For more information, in SA, contact jane.h.belcher@bhp ROXBY DOWNS…After a successful Irish Christmas in June this year, the Roxby Downs RFDS Auxiliary is gearing up for its next annual fundraiser – the annual Police Golf Day and Auction on September 17, 2005. Local businesses are invited to donate auction items now, by contacting Shirley Gow - ph 8671 1213. Mrs Gow said local residents are also welcome to call to volunteer to “lend a hand on golf day” or just to learn more about the Roxby Downs RFDS Auxiliary.

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OD update OD UPDATE...Welcome to OD Update, your update of what happened in the last month at Olympic Dam (OD). Brought to you by OD Public Affairs, this is where you can learn about how the operations works, keep in touch with all the latest OD news, and have your questions about us answered. OLYMPIC DAM FATALITY...On July 19, a long Serving and highly-respected employee, Karl Eibl, was killed in an accident underground. BHP Billiton has given the utmost priority to support for Karl’s wife, Mandie, and their sons, Nicholas and Liam, since this tragedy. BHP BILLITON INTEGRATION...With BHP Billiton now owning 100 per cent of WMC Resources shares, the integration of Olympic Dam continues. Signage both on and off-site is being replaced with new signs bearing the BHP Billiton logo, while branding on vehicles has also been updated. Work is also underway to design a new uniform for Olympic Dam employees to replace the current WMCbranded designs. 2005 SERVICE AWARDS...A group of Olympic Dam employees, their partners and managers gathered at the Roxby Downs Cultural Precinct on Saturday night for the 2005 Staff Service Awards. The annual event, which was opened by Asset Leader Dean Dalla Valle, recognises employees who have reached significant years of service to the company. Recognised on the night were: 35 years - Jim Spring, 30 years - Jim Perkins, 25 years - Jeremy Folwell, Zolly Ferenci, Peter Ross, Donald Casserly, 20 years - Kerry Gum, Gary Butterfield, 10 years - Gaby Alberts, Andrew Bennett, Jim Bowden, Grant Cradock, Nicholas Jarman, John Maynard, Jim Mccarthy, Christian Mcarthur, Darren Niejalke, Luis Orgaz, Gary Pepper, Roger Scholefield and Mark Whitfield. ASMV NOMINATIONS OPEN...Applications to this year’s Australian Student Mineral Venture (ASMV) close on 31 August - are you interested in applying? Organised by the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy Education Endowment Fund, the ASMV aims to attract more students to enrol in minerals industry courses at university. To be held in January 2006, the Southern Region ASMV is open to students completing year 10, 11 or 12 in 2005 who are interested in a career in science or engineering in the minerals industry. The program is fully-residential and students will visit open-cut and underground mining operations, geological sites (such as the Flinders Ranges) and minerals processing facilities throughout south-eastern Australia. Social activities are also included. To find out more or to download an application brochure, visit the ASMV web page at But hurry - applications close 31 August! GOT A QUESTION?...Need to find something out about OD? Email your questions to The Monitor and we’ll answer them in the OD Update next month!

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SOUP DRIVE...St Barbara’s Parish School student collected more than 150 cans of soup for the St Vincent De Paul’s recent can drive. Eight-year-olds James, Meg, Lauren and Maggie display their collection. Children’s last names ommitted in accordance with school policy.

JEANS FOR GENES…St Barbara’s Parish School SRC students helped raise money for research into genetic diseases on Jeans for Genes Day.

The denim approach ROXBY DOWNS…St Barbara’s Parish School students in Roxby Downs raised $460 for research into genetic diseases on Jeans for Genes Day – Friday, August 6. The school’s student representative

council hosted a gold coin donation casual clothes day at the school. Students were encouraged to do extra jobs at home for pocket money to purchase their own Jeans for Genes badges on the day.

Mapping the Outback MAP...SES’s Mark Longmire recognises Neil Ryan for his work on a new regional emergency services map.

Taking power beyond the Horizon • PLUMBING • ELECTRICAL • AIR-CONDITIONING • GAS FITTING Olympic Dam Cnr Gunson & Kanyaka Streets PO Box 64 Roxby Downs

Phone: 8671 0018

Get your refund sooner with Electronic Lodgement ROXBY DOWNS...Roxby Downs man Neil Ryan was recognised last week for his production of a regional map for the local State Emergency Service. On Wednesday, August 11, Unit Manager Lorelle Wilton and members of the Roxby Downs State Emergency Service, took time out from a Road Crash Rescue training session to present Neil Ryan with a commemorative citation and SES plaque as a token of thanks for Neil’s contribution to the local unit. Mr Ryan worked closely with SES’s Mark Longmire to produce a map showing relevant detail to enable the SES to plan and execute search and rescue operations around Roxby Downs.

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ASTON…Aston Culf celebrated his fourth birthday on July 27, 2005.


TASMA…Tasma French celebrated her fourth birthday on August 8, 2005.

Order your photograph by phoning 8671 2683.

NICOLE...Nicole Scholefield turned eight on August 11, 2005.

SAM…Sam Garwood turned three on August 6, 2005.

NASA...Nasa Kalbfleisch turned five on August 16, 2005.

SYDNEY…Sydney Hannaford celebrated her first birthday on July 30.

Share your child’s birthday celebrations with literally thousands of people in

PHOTOS g Seen somethin you like in The Monitor?

HAILEY...Hailey Crowhurst will turn six on August 24, 2005.

The Monitor Your Community Newspaper. MIKAYLA...Mikayla Flood celebrated her fourth birthday on August 10, 2005.

TAYLA…Tayla Fry celebrated her second birthday on July 15, 2005.

Drop into our Richardson Place office, in Roxby Downs, or call 8671 2683 for your birthday photo.


ANGUS... Roxby Downs residents Peter Paisley and Bree Galbraith welcomed the birth of their first child Angus Galbraith Paisley on July 16, 2005, at the Flinders Hospital, Adelaide. Angus weighed 4054g (8lb 15oz) at birth. Peter Paisley is a cofounder and long-term organiser of the annual Boogie in the Bush which was postponed this year as a result of Angus’ birth on the original, planned date of this year’s event.

Page 6 - Thursday, August 18, 2005

BIANCA…Roxby Downs residents David Marshall and Megan Lownsborough welcomed the birth of their daughter Bianca Eloise Aimee Marshall on June 28, 2005, at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital, Adelaide, weighing 3500g (7lb 14oz).

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Hospital visit for Year 1 students ROXBY DOWNS…On Wednesday, August 3, Year 1students from Roxby Downs Area School were taken on a tour of the Roxby Downs hospital. “We were taken on a tour by hospital nurse Emma Butts,” Miss Steele told The Monitor. “Emma showed us the patients’ and doctors’ rooms, explained the machines and equipment in the hospital. “She helped the students to learn lots of information about doctors, nurses and the hospital. “Some highlights were the theatre, the x-ray machines and seeing Miss Steele have her blood pressure taken. “The students left the hospital with theatre masks, hats and gloves - all very keen to be the next best doctors and nurses of the future!” SHOWBAGS…Four-year-olds Tasma and Erin take a sneak peak at their ‘early years learning packs’ this month. Children’s last names are omitted in accordance with kindergarten policy.

Support for little learners ROXBY DOWNS...Roxby Downs Kindergarten has produced an ‘early years learning pack’ to highlight the importance of preschool programs. Through government funding, the kindergarten produced a pack with information on children’s developmental milestones and a range of resources for parents including play dough, a collage pack and early literacy and numeracy activities. “Preschool education plays a vital role in providing children with an opportunity to learn through play-based curriculum,” kindergarten director Naomi Watkins told The Monitor.

CHECK-UP…Nurse Emma Butts gives teacher Bec Steele a check-up with the help of RDAS Year 1 students during a class visit to Roxby Downs hospital.

Great gardening results for Outback students ANDAMOOKA…Andamooka Primary School students in Years 4 to 7 are growing snow peas, broccoli, carrots, chilli and daisies, as well as native trees. The project complements the school’s Arid Lands project where students have planted more than 30 native trees and shrubs behind the school buildings. “As well as the obvious benefits – like the vegies they’ll produce – the children are enjoying the rewarding experience of growing plants and learning how to help things grow,” teacher Renae Schmidt told The Monitor.

Starting school

CLOSED FOR STOCKTAKE GREAT GARDENING…Andamooka Primary School students Kyle, 11, and Peter, 9, water their personal gardens. Students’ last names omitted in accordance with school policy.

Roxby Traders Mitre 10 will be closed Tuesday, August 23 due to Stocktake. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

RECEPTION...New Reception students at Woomera Area School, from left, Kira Trott, Kani Reiri, Jaik Bannerman and Nasa Kalbfleisch.

TAX TIME PRE-KINDY…Roxby Downs Pre-Kindy children were presented with their decorated kindergarten hats this month. The named and decorated hats have been a fun symbol of the local kindergarten students for more than three years. Showing off their new hats were, from left, soon-to-be-four-year-olds Jack, Jimmy, Amy and Samuel. Children’s last names are omitted in accordance with kindergarten

Stephen Scott-Hoy B.Optom

accordance with school policy.

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NEW STUDENTS…Reception students Amelia, 5, and Conor, 5, started school at Andamooka Primary School with teacher Mel Kemenyvary. Students’ last names omitted in


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Consulting Mondays and Tuesdays from July 11 to August 30 from 9am, flexible hours at The Myall Grove Caravan park – Cabin 12.

For appointments telephone IAN GODFREY (08) 8642 5000 • Mobile 0419 825 254 Thursday, August 18, 2005 - Page 7

Healthy snack ideas (Information provided by dietitians from Port Augusta Hospital & Regional Health Service) Snacks are an important part of a child’s diet - young kids only have a small stomach and often eat many snacks during the day, while active older children and teenagers may need extra snacks for energy and growth. With snacks making up such a large part of a child’s diet, it is important that they provide the nutrients needed for energy, health and growth. Snacks should also be low in fat, sugar and salt to reduce the risk of diabetes, heart attacks and high blood pressure when children are older. Healthy and tasty snack ideas to try include: Æ English muffins, crumpets or toast with jam, honey, vegemite or cheese. Æ Fruit loaf or home-made fruit muffins. Æ Breakfast cereal with low fat milk (try serving in a plastic cup or container with a lid and shake until frothy). Æ Toasted sandwich. Æ Plain popcorn (unbuttered). Æ Rice crackers such as Sakata. Æ Corn on the cob. Æ Vegetable sticks and dip (eg hommous, tzatziki). Æ Fresh fruit - try cutting up into finger food, or make fruit kebab sticks. Æ Small containers of tinned or stewed fruit in natural juice. Æ Low fat yoghurt (try freezing in summer) Æ Fruit smoothie made with low fat milk and yoghurt/ice cream (add ice cubes in summer) Æ Small flavoured milk such as Feel Good or Take Care brands. Æ Dried fruit/nut mix for children over five.

SCIENCE BUFFS... Some of the RDAS junior students who performed exceptionally well in the recent national schools science competition.

A scientific turn of mind Students from RDAS demonstrated high levels of skills when they participated in the recent Australasian Schools Science Competition. Year 4 students Artem Chebotenko and Jacinta Gallpen both received Distinctions. This meant they scored in the top 11 per cent of entrants in their year level in the state. Caroline Wissell (Year 3), Josiah Whittaker

(Year 4), James Culf (Year 5) and Sophie Lepinath (Year 5) all received Credits. They were ranked in the next 20 per cent of entrants in their year level in the state. Well done to all these students! Secondary student certificates will be presented to recipients at their assembly on Thursday, August 18, 2005.

CITIZENSHIP...RDAS Year 11 student Jamie-Lee Oldfield has been recognised in the 2005 Student Citizenship Awards.

Jamie-Lee receives SA student award

School snippets UNIFORMS...A reminder that all students are dressed appropriately in school uniform as determined by the Governing Council. Please ensure students are appropriately for school as some uniform choices may require us to send students home to change. TAMAGOCHIS...A reminder that these items are not to be brought to school as they cause disruption in classes. HEADLICE…Please continue to be vigilant in checking your children’s hair for headlice. Parents will be notified of repeat occurrences of headlice within a short time frame by post.

RDAS RAPPERS...Reception students from Mrs Pam Pedler’s class at Roxby Downs Area School performed the Humpty Dumpty Rap at the junior assembly last week.

Parents and friends report

Sister Pat’s

y a d e h t r o f t h g u o th

Don’t fail for want of trying. Give it a go.

Upcoming Ev ents Events Aug 20 Aug 22 Aug 22-26 Aug 24 Aug 29 Aug 29

P&F Market Day & Kids Market Day SACE Information Night Years 10 & Year 11 Book Week Open Day Parent session - Dr Michael Carr-Gregg 7.30-9pm Student Free Day - Staff training ‘Student Wellbeing’ with Dr Michael Carr-Gregg

Page 8 - Thursday, August 18, 2005

RDAS Year 11 student Jamie-Lee Oldfield has been recognised in the 2005 Student Citizenship Awards. Jamie-Lee will receive a medallion from the South Australian Branch of the Order of Australia Association. She will be presented with her medallion at Government House by the Branch Patron and South Australian Governor, Her Excellency, Marjorie Jackson-Nelson on October 13. This award recognizes the outstanding contribution Jamie-Lee has made to both the school and wider community Jamie-Lee is a Student Voice representative, sailed on the One-and-All, competes in local gymkhanas, is a recipient of the Duke of Edinburgh Awards, raises and shows her own cattle, plays sport locally and volunteers at The Monitor community newspaper.

WISHING WELL GARDEN…RDAS Year 1s and Year 4s joined forces this term to design and build their own wishing well garden outside the school canteen. The garden is one of several peer support projects where older and younger students will work together to beautify the school grounds. The garden includes decorated pavers, flowers and a wishing well and the building project was supported by local parents and businesses in response to letters from the students themselves. “The volunteer support was great,” teacher Georgina Arthur told The Monitor. “The children designed the garden themselves and we had a lot of parents doing the hard jobs, like concreting, and supervising the students’ work.”

Dear Parents and Friends, Welcome to another fortnightly newsletter. Firstly, our P&F Market Day on Saturday August 20 will be a special one, it’s our ‘Kids’ Market Day’ as well. Your children may have a stall to sell their pre-loved toys, games, books, bikes – anything they would like to sell. A parent must be with them to supervise at all times. For bookings, phone the Roxby Downs Area School on 8671 0011 by Friday, August 19. A $5 fee applies, which will be collected on the day. Parents and Friends have donated $500 to the RDAS students’ dance club for the ‘Rave’ competition to be held in Port Pirie. Good luck to all students involved. Yes it’s back – and will be happening on Friday, October 28, 2005 at the Oasis Restaurant - the P&F Quiz Night, more details to come in the following newsletters in The Monitor, so put this one down in your diary, as there will be limited seats. Our next P&F meeting will be on Wednesday, September 7 at 7.30pm in the school staffroom. All are welcome. We still need more volunteers as our numbers are down. Annette Jackson, For the P&F Committee. THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

Buddy of the week ‘Buddy of the Week’ Awards were awarded last week to R-2 Winner – Rory McAskill and 3-6 Winner – Lucy Noll. The following students received achievement awards at the recent R-6 Assembly. Congratulations to these students: Year R-2 Achievement Awards Miss van der Hucht – Jake Gotch, Brodie Daddow, Matthew Woolford. Mrs Pedler – Sam Michels, Caleb Grohs, Cooper DuPlessis. Mrs Zeptner – Jhy McCarthy, Joel Kenny, Michaela Ryan. Mrs Cormack/Mrs Van Laarhoven – Jack Flavel, Nick Thompson, Mitch Ryan. Mr Petty – Brody Allen, Kiaran Dadleh, Amy Absalom. Miss Steele/Mrs Ramsey – Angus Harrison, Amber Symons, Keely McAskill. Miss Orchard – Hayden Cradock, Jacob Williams, Alynnta Tahu. Miss Campbell-Colquhoun/Mrs Christall – Amber Goldsworthy-Speirs, Kyle Leecroft. Dance/Drama – Trae Van Laarhoven. Year 3-6 Achievement Awards Mr Jones – Billy Weltner, Akala Kittel, Nikki Warthold. Miss Berryman – Daniel Adamson, Bill Jones, Cameron Schofield. Miss Arthur – Alex Tyler, Tamika Siegmann, Curtis Stokes. Mr Bice – Jarryd Kelly, Millie O’Neill. Mr Gera – Kirsten Hollobone, Daryl McCourt, Tyson Hill. Mrs Partington/Mrs Haddock – Dylan Male, Keren Luke, Reece Andrasic-Watkins. Mr Wyskamp– Tyla Richardson, Maddison Rhodes, Centaine Casserly. Miss Hollitt - Shauna Franks, Wade Doherty, Brooke Molyneux. Mr Summerton – Cameron Schodde, Brodie Farnham. Special Ed Miss Bennett– Ashleigh Murray. Dance/Drama – Luke Ryan.

Dr Michael Carr-Gregg to speak to parents at RDAS Dr Michael Carr-Gregg will talk to local parents at Roxby Downs Area School on Monday, August 29. He will also work with RDAS teachers for a series of staff development sessions on the studentfree day the following Tuesday. Described recently as Australia’s Dr Phil, Michael is one of Australia’s highest profile psychologists, He works at the Albert Road Centre for Health in Melbourne. He is a founding member of the National Coalition Against Bullying and an official ambassador for the National Depression Initiative beyondblue as well as Mindmatters one of 16 youth suicide prevention programs run by the the Federal Government. He is a columnist for Girlfriend Magazine and Australian Doctor and regularly appears on TV and radio. For more information, telephone the school on 8671 0011.

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

A message from the Principal

WELCOME... RDAS students Brodie, 12, Jacob, 12, Georgia, 11, and Brittnee, 12, welcome the community into the school for Open Day.

Welcome to RDAS On Wednesday, August 24, Roxby Downs Area School will throw open its doors to the wider Roxby Downs community. All classrooms will be open for parents, caregivers, business and community members as well as members of the media to observe and participate in learning activities. There will be a morning tea held between 10.30am and 11am followed by an assembly featuring students performing and displaying their work. An information board is placed in the local shopping precinct where further information can be found regarding Open Day. Take part in guided tours conducted by staff and students of the school at

9am and 10am by meeting our senior school leaders in front of the Community Library who will be pleased to take you on a journey of learning at RDAS, beginning with our highlyrespected and recognised school entry ‘Headstart’ program, right through to our senior school and the excellent facilities we provide for these learners. With more than 600 students at our school we offer a wide range of programs for diverse needs. We hope you’re able to attend to participate and recognise the achievements of our excellent area school. Ben Summerton, on behalf of the Open Day Organising Committee.

DANCERS...Mr Hodgson and members of the RDAS Dance Club who travelled to Port Pirie last week for the annual Rave Dance Competition.

Boot Camp for local dancers The Dance Club is an elective run on Friday afternoons. Last week, they entered the Rave Dance Competition in Port Pirie at the Keith Michell theatre, which was held on Wednesday, August 10. There were eight school groups that took part. Our RDAS group is organised by Mr Hodgson and was choreographed by Frankie Wilson until she moved away. Emma Warren then choreographed the group with help from Laurel McGauchie, Lorraine Girdham and Courtney St John. The costumes were made with help from Kerry Worby,

Jody Rosser and Vicki McGauchie. We would also like to thank Annette Speck who drove the bus and helped with make-up, photos and lots more. The group consisted of 19 dancers, Courtney St John, Danhi-Rae Vanzati, Emma Warren, Kimberley Smith, Laurel McGauchie, Lorraine Girdham, Shelby Davies, Tara Jordan, Emma Richards, Sariana Zamora, Alex Ingham, April Burgess, Demi Goldfinch, Hayley Vosnarski, Jade Lee, Kaitlin James, Kristen Worby, Madeline Robinson and Kelly Reid. The dance routine was called Boot Camp and, as we are from a town that only exists

for mining, we decided to use this theme.

The first part depicts the miners working hard under ground in the hot dusty mine. The second part of the dance depicts the end of the shift and the miners put on their party gear and head out into the town to relax and live it up before their next shift starts. The competition was of a high standard and the girls performed with a lot of pride and professionalism. We did not come in the top three, John Pirie High won the top spot but the experience from taking part was fantastic. The Dance Club.

Dear Parents and Friends. DR MICHAEL CARR-GREGG VISIT...Parents are reminded to keep the night of Monday 29th August free. We have organised nationally acclaimed child psychologist Dr Michael Carr Gregg to hold a parent session on child and adolescent wellbeing. Some of the topics he will cover are: „ The need for positive parenting. „ Mental health and depression. „ Understanding the needs of adolescents. „ Drugs and alcohol abuse amongst adolescents. I suspect that many of us parents would like a greater insight into these issues and how we can become better parents. Please let the school know a.s.a.p. if you wish to reserve a seat as I imagine this will be a very popular session. OPEN DAY...Next Wednesday, August 24, we invite all school community members to visit our school and view our facilities and programmes in operation. You will be able to visit classrooms, both the junior and senior school, and join us for a Morning Tea and whole school assembly. All of our specialist programmes such as Indonesian, Physical Education, Technical Studies, Stretch, Headstart, Information Technology etc. will be on show. We are proud of our school and hope that many of you can join us for an hour or so during this morning. We especially invite any prospective parents and those of our secondary students. Often secondary students will try to dissuade their parents from attending. Please do not be daunted as it is a fairly low key day and you should enjoy the visit. SACE INFORMATION NIGHT...SACE Information Night will be held next Monday night, August 22. If you have a child entering Yar 11 or 12 in 2006, then this is a must attend session for you. The subject choices your child makes influence their likelihood of success in these two years. This is a difficult time for both students and parents, as you need to look at every option and determine the best pathway into either tertiary education, further training or the workforce. Please make sure you set aside this evening from 7pm onwards in the Theatrette. 9-A-SIDE FOOTBALL...This Friday, August 19, some our Year 6/7 students supported by Mr Zane Petty will travel to Woomera to compete in the SANFL 9-a-side Football Carnival against other teams from the northern areas including Andamooka, Woomera and Coober Pedy. Our school will be fielding three teams, a Year 6 and a Year 7 boy’s team and a combined Year 6/7 girl’s team. BOOK WEEK...Book Week activities will be held throughout Weeks 4 and 5. Our theme for Bookweek this year is “Reading Rocks in Roxby”. All classes are being involved to some degree celebrating Book Week with displays, activities and competitions. Please make sure you get a chance to visit the Library during these weeks to see the celebrations about the beauty and value of books to our every day life. HEALTHY EATING...We should all be aware of the importance of correct nutrition on the ability of the brain’s functions, the ability to learn, to be on task and to achieve your child’s fullest potential at school. This is, of course, aside from the physical benefits including the reduction of childhood obesity and all the accompanying health benefits. Currently we have a committee reviewing our Canteen Menu as well as the general diet of our students. Members include representatives from Student Voice, the Health Centre, staff and parents. The school community will be surveyed over the next few weeks as to what currently exists as far as attitude and knowledge and thoughts on how we can improve. Two important considerations to remember are: breakfast is the most important meal of the day and we are what we eat! WINTER TOPS...Currently students are being surveyed as to a suitable winter top. Parents will also have an opportunity to indicate their preference as well. This has been in response to the need for a common uniform winter top suitable for all students. We have far too many varieties of tops that students appear in each day. Once acceptance of an appropriate school top has been achieved then this will be the expectation for all students. FAREWELL...We farewell Mr Daniel Cojocea who finishes up here at school on Friday, August 19. We thank him for all of his efforts over the last two and a half years and wish him and his wife Alina all the best in the future. We should be able to announce his replacement by the time this edition is published. Jim Michalanney, Principal.

Thursday, August 18, 2005 - Page 9

Page 10 - Thursday, August 18, 2005

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

Outback Fringe ‘05 Outback stopover for Goers ROXBY DOWNS…What do you want? That’s the question the 2006 Outback Fringe Festival committee is asking the Roxby Downs, Andamooka and Woomera communities this month. Planning is already underway for the 2006 festival, with committee members hoping to build on the success of the festival’s first two years. Interested volunteers met with newly-appointed festival coordinator Wendy Osborne last week to ‘brainstorm’ for next year’s event. To air your comments or highlight your suggestions for the 2006 Outback Fringe Festival email Or why not log onto and check out the Outback Fringe Festival chat forum to have your say? To play a more active part in the festival, come along to the next meeting of the 2006 Outback Fringe Festival committee at the Dunes Café on Monday, August 22 at 6.30pm.

ing d a e R Meg’s lenge Chal

ROXFM… Mr Goers, an SA radio aficionado of op-shops all personality over SA Peter Goers visited Roxby made special mention of D o w n s t h e recently to make a Andamooka CWA opsurprise appearance shop in his on community Sunday Mail column the radio station 1 0 5 . 5 following RoxFM. weekend. “And then, Mr Goers had on his radio attended the evening show ABC Country the next Hour 60th year RADIO PERSONALITIES...Local celebrations RoxFM DJs and volunteers Wendy Monday, he at Oodnadatta and Geoff Osborne with SA radio m a d e and found identity and newspaper columnist mention of himself sitting Peter Goers. Roxby and next to a t h e W M C wonderful Resources spokesman Goers was interviewed time he had,” Mr who arranged a tour of by local DJ Geoff Osborne told The Arid Recovery, Olympic Osborne who then took Monitor. Dam and Roxby Downs him on a ‘cook’s tour’ of Mr Goers has indicated for the Adelaide DJ and Andamooka – with a he would like to come columnist. special stop-over at the back to Roxby Downs During the visit, Mr Andamooka CWA. for the 2006 Outback Fringe Festival and is currently negotiating with the festival committee.

Ph: 8671 2001 ...for up-to-date movie guides every time!

Friday, August 19 – Tuesday, August 23 House of Wax – Rated: MA. Car troubles sideline a group of teens in the quiet town of Ambrose, Louisianna. Directed to the only business that can offer assistance - a creepy gas station owned by a suave bad boy named Bo - the stranded kids are lured deeper and deeper into Bo’s web. Fri, Sun & Tues 8pm. Because of Winn-Dixie – Rated: PG. A 10-yearold, abandoned by her mother when she was three, moves to a small town in Florida with her father, a preacher. While there, she adopts a stray dog whom she names after the local supermarket where he was found. With her goofy pooch by her side, she meets an eclectic group of townspeople and rekindles an almost lost relationship with her father. Sat 2pm; Sun 12noon & 3pm Friday, August 26 – Tuesday, August 30 Monsters In Law – Rated: M: The love life of Charlotte is reduced to an endless string of disastrous blind dates, until she meets the perfect man, Kevin. Unfortunately, his merciless mother will do anything to destroy their relationship. Fri 8pm; Sat 3pm; Sun 12noon & 8pm. Because of Winn-Dixie – Rated: PG. Sat 12noon & Sun 3pm.

Music Corner supporting music in Roxby Downs

Reach more readers in The Monitor!

Limited edition signed prints of original pastel works YOUNG READERS...Some of the RDAS students who have already completed this year’s Premier’s Reading Challenge. PREMIER’S READING CHALLENGE...Students involved in the challenge will complete their reading at the end of Week 7, by September 9. At Roxby Downs Area School, students can return their forms to Michael Wyskamp. With less than five weeks to go, Mr Wyskamp congratulated the local students’ efforts, with special mention for the first three RDAS students to complete the challenge - Jake Meyer, Darcy Lindner and Ryan Adamson.

Framed $150 Unframed $75 JAM SESSIONS...The next SpinFX community jam sessions will be held at the Roxby Downs Tavern on Sunday, August 21, from 1pm till 4pm. Meet other local in a fun, social atmosphere and share music.

Local Artist DAVE KOVAC Available now – Contact Dave on 0409 726 252

Pianos from

$2995 JSX Head

Now in stock Keyboards

From $160 Yamaha Clavinova

From $1695 Brass & Wind From $349

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

2006 Outback Fringe Festival Meeting

‘Proudly supporting ROXBY musicians.’

Start Music Today, enjoy it for a lifetime......

What do you want? Bring your ideas and suggestions for the 2006 Outback Fringe Festival, and be part of this great community event!

Whatever your passion, we have the instrument!

Date: Monday, August 22, 6.30pm Venue: Dunes Café, Cultural Precinct

Free delivery to you Phone for catalogue

For further information contact

1300 853 358 Whyalla – Salisbury

Wendy Osborne - 0438 447 278 Proudly Sponsored by Your Community Newspaper

Pictures for illustration purposes only

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Page 12 - Thursday, August 18, 2005

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THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

Thursday, August 18, 2005 - Page 13



HYTORC POLICY 50% off rental costs applied as discount on new equipment

FAREWELL…Mick Miller, Mel Vanzati, Gary Baldwin, KatieJeyn Romeyn and Peter Lindner at a farewell party for KatieJeyn at the Roxby Downs Tavern this month.

6 Eton Rd, Keswick

0412 828 060 Ph: 8293 8411 Fax: 8288 0477

Book a photographer for your social event.

Phone The Monitor - 8671 2683.

NOSTALGIA… Ben and Bek Garwood took a step back in time to the 80s for a party with friends earlier this month. TOO COOL…Scott and Kristin Humphries out in Roxby Downs for an 80s theme party.

A WHOLE LOT OF 80s…Amber Cameron, Maree Jackson and Cande Irarte timewarped back to the 80s last week, for a theme party with friends. 80s FUN …Jenny Stott and Karl Newport. dressed for an 80s party.

Andamooka Opal Showroom Post Office and Motel

Behind the Famous Bottle House Opal Creek Boulevard, Andamooka OPEN 7 DAYS and after hours by appointment Ph: (08) 8672 7007 • Fax: (08) 8672 7062 Email:

MOVING ON…Kaleb Gigney, Jess McKinnon, Cel Fernandez, Kelly Baker and Mickey McDonald at Cel’s farewell party last week. Cel is leaving local business Red Sands Hair Design to continue his apprenticeship at Hair Evolution in Whyalla.


Friendly faces of RoxFM

Visit RoxFM online!

Tina Foster Station Manager

SMS your request on 0407 979 918 or phone 8671 2545 Page 14 - Thursday, August 18, 2005

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

Thursday, August 18, 2005 - Page 15

Phone Loans! Fast Going to Adelaide to buy a car? Pre-arrange your finance and insurance and make it a smooth trip.

NO DEPOSIT to approved applicants

We can access over 500 cars, utes, sports, 4x4's, wagons, 7 seaters etc Phone our Manager Gary Dickeson on 0421 911 228

QUICK AND SIMPLE LOANS* *Finance and insurance arranged through Capitalcorp Financial Services Adelaide.

WILMINGTON… Secure a piece of Wilmington’s history by purchasing 1 Main North Rd, the town’s original police station. Over more than 100 years, the property has served as a police station, court house and local council chambers. Still boasting many of the original features including two holding cells, the property is now a comfortable and unique home.

A slice of history LIN ANDREWS REAL ESTATE… Tenders were called for the erection of a Police Station in March 1880 and the building was duly completed and commissioned for use on December 20 of the same year. The first police officer to be stationed at Wilmington was Mr Richard Spicer, 2nd Class Mounted Constable. The building was then used for the next 91 years as a police station including quarters, court house chambers, cells, fodder room and coach house and ultimately was de-commissioned as a police station in 1971. It was then utilised as the Local Council chambers almost immediately until the Council amalgamated with Mount Remarkable in approximately 1980. Since that time, it has been occupied by the vendor as a private residence. Originally the building consisted of the Court House which is located on the left hand side of the dwelling. Inside the Court House it is split level and

includes an open fire-place, picture rails, 16 foot ceilings and ceiling fans, with the Court House Chambers located at the rear. There are two holding cells at the rear of the Court House, both still including their shackles and one of them even including it’s original bed and pillow. Also to the rear of the cells is the fodder room and coach house in their original condition. Also part of the original building was the front three rooms in an L-shape adjoining to the court house. These rooms were most likely originally utilised as the police station rooms and residence for the Police Officers. The rooms are now utilised as a lounge room and two bedrooms. In the master bedroom there is an open fire place and the lounge features a combustion heater. Constructed around the time of World War One was the second stage of the dwelling located at the left hand rear

side of the building - now utilised as an office and featuring pine floorboards. Most likely added as a third stage when the dwelling became a private residence were the bathroom, kitchen, laundry and pantry room. The kitchen features lots of cupboard space, with overhead cupboards featuring recycled leadlighting from yesteryear, a slow combustion stove that is also used for room heating, cooking and even heating the hot water to service the home, there is a woodbox in the kitchen with access from the outside to give easy access for filling up. Situated on a reasonable size corner allotment, with big native gum trees, fruit trees, cottage garden, rainwater tanks, vegie patch, two outside toilets, a wood shed and overlooking the local mountain range is this home with huge potential for the buyer with a keen eye. For further information about this slice of Wilmington’s history, please contact Lorraine Aubrey at Lin Andrews Real Estate - Roxby Downs on 8671 2000.

BankSA boosts lending services in Roxby Downs House For Sale 20 The Crescent, Burra SA 5417 ................ $290,000 Magnificent family home set on a large corner allotment overlooking the tranquil tree lined Burra Creek. 5 y/o single brick residence, colorbond roof, neutral tonings, garage UMR, verandah on 3 sides. Bright spacious rooms. Kitchen: W/I pantry, dishwasher, ample cupboards, wall oven, bench plates. Dining/family living room: slow combust heater. Formal dine/lounge: camber, carpeted. Main bedroom: bay window, WIR, ensuite & carpet. Bedroom 2 (or study), Bedrooms 3 & 4 with BIR’s. Double colorbond shed. Ducted evap air-con (8 outlets). Ceiling, external & selected internal walls insulated. 20,000 litre rainwater supply with mains loop. Established garden with drippers & pop-up sprinklers. Close, safe to access Community School along Burra Creek, no roads to cross. Virtually new home waiting for new owners. Inspect to appreciate.

Landmark 3 Market Square, Burra SA 5417 Ph: 8892 2003 Fax: 8892 2225 Darryl Venning Mob: 0407 723 323

Page 16 - Thursday, August 18, 2005

BANKSA…BankSA has reinforced its commitment to Roxby Downs with the appointment of local resident Naomi Campbell as the region’s mobile lending manager. A familiar face to many, Ms Campbell lives with her husband and two children in Andamooka and is actively involved in the local community through sporting clubs, school associations and social networks. In her new role, Ms Campbell will provide home loan advice and assist customers with residential loans throughout Roxby Downs and the North West region. BankSA Regional Manager Chris Cottrell said Ms Campbell was committed to creating “win-win” situations for BankSA customers. “Having worked for BankSA since 2001 and previously for a major national airline, Naomi understands how to tailor services to suit individual requirements,” he told The Monitor. Ms Campbell said she believed strongly in providing personalised customer service and going the extra mile for customers. “Great banking service is about ensuring the customer receives the best outcome for their needs,” she said. THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

Taking the great outdoors indoors SARAH HOMES... Light- weight, attractive and modern, Sarah Homes’ three bedroom Hayborough 3e is the ultimate entertainer ’s home, creating a great environment year-round. Simple forms, large windows and wraparound decking provides families and couples with an informal home for today’s lifestyle. Clad in a planking the Hayborough can also assume a contemporary look by substituting the timber with corrugated iron. Helen Lowrie from Sarah Homes said the Hayborough 3e was designed for modern lifestyles, where the interior flows into the exterior.

“Increasingly people are looking for more casual entertaining space in their home” she said. “The Hayborough design is a perfect example of relaxed and informal living because of its simple but effective use of space.” “While the decking is a major feature of the home, the Hayborough also allows view from every angle of the living room through its placement of large open windows.” “The standard balcony width is 2m x 13m long, but most clients adapt the deck to suit their property, and it can be built to what ever size you want.” The ‘Hayborough 3e’ is clad with Hardiplank,

... Sell with us..

NO STRESS NO FUSS 1289 North East Road, Tea Tree Gully SA 5091 SARAH HOMES... Check out the new range of Sarah Homes. giving it a rural feel. It’s lightweight, cool in summer and warm in winter. The house comes with three bedrooms and two bathrooms and has a total of 123m2 living area. It is priced from $83,490. For more information contact 8301 8333 or sarah

Wayne Lawson David Murley 0421 636 338 0412 050 200 Confused about your insurance? Get with the strength. MGA Insurance Brokers Port Pirie.

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Strength, Security, Commitment


This meticulously maintained family home is well worth your consideration. Comprising 4 good size brms, all with good quality bir’s and ensuite to master. Open plan living/dining and kitchen with loads of cupboard space and gas stove, lino and carpets in good condition, original bathroom in excellent condition, gas wall furnace and ducted evap a/c. Large gabled roof, outdoor entertaining area with paving and spa, beautifully handcrafted stone and timber feature BBQ area, good size work-shop and garden shed. This property represents an outstanding opportunity for the investor that likes it “easy” as the Vendor intends to lease back this property for a long term.



Well maintained family home comprising 3 brms, all with built-in robes, 2 of which are double in size, central bathroom with near new vanity cabinet and fully enclosed shower cubicle, updated eat-in kitchen including pantry, cosy living room with gas heating, ducted evap. a/c, ceiling fans to all brms and living area, floor coverings and window treatments in excellent condition. Exterior is also packed with features including a large workshop with single vehicle access, dble carport, outdoor entertaining area including in-ground spa and paving, exterior awnings to the front of the property, large veggie-plot area suitable for the green thumb, lawn and even a chook yard. INVESTORS NOTE: This home has the potential to achieve $340.00pw.

$270,000 11/6 PHIBBS COURT


2 Bedroom brick unit in Phibbs Court complex offering open plan living/dining adjacent to a very functional kitchen including a near new stove and plenty of cupboard space, built-in robes to both bedrooms and both bedrooms of reasonable size, small rear courtyard and one car parking space. Within a few minutes walk of the Roxby Downs CBD and ideally suited to the landlord seeking a low maintenance investment property in a highly sought after location. Currently leased to a very good tenant at a rate of $250.00 per week until 12th May 2006.


Very well presented family home that offers 4 brms, huge master brm with walk-in robe and ensuite, all other brms of good size and include built-in robes, open plan kitchen, dining and lounge room, kitchen includes dishwasher, lots of cupboard space, 3-door pantry, separate gas cooktop and wall-oven, tiled floors throughout and carpet to brms and lounge, ceiling fan to dining room and master bedroom, gas wall furnace to living area, ducted evap. air-cond, suede effect feature walls to living, dining and master brm, large laundry with exterior access, both bathrooms include glass screens and roller shutters to front windows. Large outdoor undercover/paved entertaining area, bird aviary, large shipping container for storage, greenhouse, deep blue pool with paving, rock water feature, gazebo and single c/port with roller door. An inspection of this property will IMPRESS!! INVESTORS NOTE: This home has the potential to achieve $360-365pw.


“HELP! – We haven’t got much stock left – Have you considered selling your home or investment property.” LORRAINE AUBREY 8671 2000 or

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“Putting you first”

Local Penny Coleman 0418 974 384 8671 0653

Andamooka, Lot 102 – “This Castle Needs Completing” This home, consisting of kitchen, lounge and bedroom is undergoing extensive incompleted extensions. The property has its own mineshafts & sits on 4,790sqm and has views across the opal fields. Also included is all furniture including refrigerator washing machine. Only $79,950. Web ID 793294. 6 Coolibah Drive – “Investment with a difference”. Executive family home of 4 bedrooms, master with ensuite, BIRs to all, large formal entrance, formal dining, good sized lounge and family room. Double carport, swimming pool and entertaining area, heating, cooling and 2 Colorbond sheds. Leased at $365/week. $325,000. Web ID 779884. 3/46 Aquila Boulevard – “On Your Marks, this one won’t last!!” Built in 1988, three bedrooms all with BIR’s. Well maintained location amongst a group of five currently leased at $250 p/w. Only $210,000. Web ID 793473. 1 Blanche Crt – “ I n v e s t m e n t Opportunity.” Well postioned 4 bedroom, ensuite and BIR's, good sized lounge, sep dining, gas kitchen, heating/ cooling, carport, UMR, currently leased at $1043 /month until 2006. $249,950 Web ID 758450.

211 Government Road Andamooka –“The Opal Palace, Nest or Invest.” Spacious family home of 3 bedrooms (large masters), huge tiled lounge with feature double doors to front and hallway, good size dining area, beautiful updated timber kitchen with heaps of cupboards including island bench and utensil drawers, gas stove and range hood, large updated bathroom, large enclosed rear verandah area, huge shaded pergola area with crazy stone retaining walls, another side pergola area - excellent for entertaining. Parking x 2 in carport, workshop, storage area and aviary. Sereral rock gardens and local stone retaining walls, excellent views from front verandah, air conditioning and more. inspection a must. $149,950. Web ID 795213. 10/30 Burgoyne Street – “Appealing, Affordable & Convenient.” Lovely family home built in 1998 offering 3 good size bedrooms, master with walk through wardrobe to 2 way / 3 way bathroom, compact lounge, large dining area, kitchen with gas stove & range hood, new floating timber floors, ducted evap air-con, along with 3.5 hp r/r split system, carport UMR with drive through lockable gates, fabulous paved & covered entertaiing area with fernery, water feature & BI gas BBQ. Large colourbond garage with light & power, easy care front & neat gardens with lawn & auto irrigation. Rent potential of $300 per week. $235,950. WebID 795413.


Reach more readers in The Monitor Thursday, August 18, 2005 - Page 17



The Roxby Downs Council News page is a paid community service, provided by the Roxby Downs Council.


Upcoming Works...Training exercise to be held at the Town Water Supply by the CFS, Ambulance and SES. Review of footpath and landscape of southern subdivision. Asset upgrade of the Roxby Downs pool and Plant Room. Works in Progress...Swimming pool plant room re-fit. Filter re-fit to the swimming pool. Irrigation to main oval under review. Completed Works...Thank you to householders involved in the recent valve maintenance, your cooperation was much appreciated. We apologise for any inconvenience Connection of services to at least 20 in fill blocks. Costly repairs to sewer connection and mains in Pioneer Drive, Wangianna Street area due to tree roots. Hermit Street footpath program. Repairs to roll over kerb in Arcoona Street and Stuart Road. Repairs to footpath in Arcoona Street. Parking...Ongoing parking control action is being undertaken around town with several warning notices being issued. Residents are reminded that parking in the Richardson Place Bus Zone is restricted to buses only and that along with parking on road side verges is a traffic offence subject to the issue of infringement notices. Vandalism...Council urges all residents to report instances of vandalism to the police and Council. This is your community and your rates are being wasted by these types of action so your help is essential. Council has recorded significantly-increased vandalism rates at the Lions Park Electricity Cent a Meters...Council has purchased 5 analyser meters for customer service purposes. These meters are available for hire from Council for a small fee. Meters will assist customers to monitor their power usage. Rates...Rates Notices for the 05/06 Financial Year will be issued in late August. Final instalment for the 4th quarter was due on 16 June 2005. Arrears for those with more than two (2) quarters will be sent to the Collection Agency. If you have difficulty in paying, please contact Bronnie Warren to make payment arrangements. Water Accounts...Water accounts are now overdue. Your prompt payment would be appreciated to avoid further action. Electricity Accounts...Reminder Notices have now been issued and due for payment today – 18 August 2005. A late payment fee will be added to overdue accounts and disconnection pending notices will be issued. Dog Registrations...Dog Registrations for the 2005/06 financial year became due and payable from the 1 July 2005. Owners have until 31 August 2005 to have their dog registrations renewed. Fireworks...Fireworks are only allowed to be set off by a pyro-technician with the appropriate permits. Fines are applicable if not adhered to. Local Website...Visit your local updated website. New Forums have now been added. Read what’s new and have your say in the Forums at Street Lighting...Is there a street light not working near your home? Please include the exact location (street, house number) when reporting to assist in easy identification for repair. Rubbish Collection...Residents are reminded that there is a limit of one bin per household for weekly rubbish collection. Opal Road Landfill Opening Hours...Tuesdays, 8am to 12 noon, Thursdays 1pm to 5pm, Saturday & Sunday 10am to 4pm. Out of hours access call 8671 1154. Council Office Hours – General...Monday to Friday – 9am to 5pm.

Incorporating ROXBY WATER ROXBY POWER (Water & Sewerage (Electricity Supply) Services)

Richardson Place PO Box 124, Roxby Downs SA 5725 Ph - 08 8671 0010 Fx - 08 8671 0452 Email - After Hours Emergency Contact Ph - 0418 892 870

Page 18 - Thursday, August 18, 2005 cat and dog owners in Roxby Downs, Andamooka and Olympic Dam. Arid Recovery, in Roxby Downs, is again conducting aerial baiting for feral cats and foxes this month. Aerial baiting was conducted earlier this month, over two days, replicating baiting done in previous years. 1080 poison baits have been placed within a 20km radius of the Arid Recovery fence to reduce feral cat and fox numbers in the area surrounding the reserve. Baits will be distributed by air: „ Within the Olympic Dam Mine Lease. „ Within surrounding pastoral properties. „ Within the area between Roxby Downs Township Buffer and Olympic Dam Village Buffer (see map below). „ On the Andamooka mine lease.

Baits will not be aerially distributed: „ Within 2km of Roxby Downs township. „ Within 2km of Olympic Dam village. „ Within 2km of Andamooka township. „ Within 250m of Olympic Way, Andamooka Rd and the Borefield Rd.

Baits will be placed by hand within the high security Olympic Dam mine fence.

Aerial baiting was carried out on August 15 and 16, 2005. Arid Recovery Aerial Baiting Program 2005


Baits will be poisonous to domestic pets, so please restrain your dogs/cats or ensure they wear muzzles when in these areas. Do not touch any small, dried meat you may find lying on the ground within the baiting zone! Baits remain poisonous to animals for prolonged amounts of time. For further information please contact Arid Recovery on 8671 8282, or email arid.recovery@

This community announcement is sponsored by the Roxby Downs Council and The Monitor - Your Community Newspaper.

FREE COMMUNITY CALENDAR August 2005 Calcutta Night Friday, August 19 Roxby Downs Community Club Book early and buy your tickets from The Club Ph 8671 0117 RDAS P&F Market Day Saturday, August 20 9am till 1pm Richardson Place, Roxby Downs Chicken & Champagne Breakfast Saturday, August 20 Roxby Downs Community Club Beer Garden Book at The Club Ph 8671 0117 Roxby Downs OneSteel Outback Cup 10th Outback Cup Saturday, August 20 Gates open 9am, racing starts at noon. Roxby Downs & Districts Racecourse Tickets at the gate

William Creek Campdraft & Bronco Branding Friday, September 23 & Saturday, September 24 Ph Randall Crozier -8670 7978

Outback Cup Ball Saturday, August 20 8pm till late Roxby Downs Community Club Tickets available on the night.

October 2005 Community Jam Session Sunday, August 21 1pm till 4pm Roxby Downs Tavern

RFDS AGM Tuesday, October 11 November 2005 Woolbalers B&S Glendambo Saturday, November 26 Phone Leah Giles - 0400 858 071

September 2005 Arid Recovery Open Day Saturday, September 3 Ph Yvette 8671 8282 Police Golf Day & RFDS Auction Saturday, September 17 Ph Shirley Gow - 8671 1213

Woolbalers Recovery Glendambo Sunday, November 27 Ph Leah Giles - 0400 858 071

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Phone 8671 2683 or email to book your event in ‘What’s On!’ The ‘What’s On!’ Free Community Calendar is proudly sponsored by Roxby Downs Council.

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BIRTHDAYS SIMON LOCKWOOD…Happy birthday Simon for August 6. We love you. Olga, Seva and Marko.

Church Times

Book now for September, 2005.


St Barbara’s Catholic Church Roxby Downs Saturday evening 6pm Sunday morning 9am

8558 8396 ADVERTISE...Reach more potential buyers in The Monitor community newspaper - ph 8671 2683.

Andamooka Catholic Church Sunday 11am first and third Sunday of every month

LEARN TO FLY Roxby Downs Aero Club, phone Ben Hammond 0407 974 002, Jim Spring 0417 867 812 or Phil Goldsworthy 0417 810 494.

IN MEMORIUM HOFFMANN, Madeline Kate (26 August, 2002) and Ashleigh Brooke (27 August, 2002). Baby twin daughters of Kathy and Mick. Unseen by others they walk by our side, too dearly loved for death to divide. They’re not just a memory or part of our past, but part of us all as long as life lasts. Happy 3rd birthday our sweethearts. Love Mummy, Daddy and your new little sister, Alex. xxxx

St Michael’s Catholic Church, Woomera Sunday 5pm All denominations welcome

TIRED of ironing or just haven’t got time. $30 a basket, call Jan on 8671 3358. TOTAL LEARNING Educational products, DK CD ROMS, books galore and activities/games. Join as a consultant and enjoy the best home library, earn an income and work your own hours. HOST a “Book Look” and receive FREE gifts! BUY direct from a catalogue Phone: 08 8333 2367

Roxby Downs Lutheran Church Sunday 10.30am and Sunday School – 9.30am Roxby Downs Christian Community Church Sunday 10am


Andamooka Community Church Sunday 2pm

03 KTM 250SX, $6,000 ono and WB ute. Reg VPJ 670. Good work car! $3,000 ono. Phone 0417 877 436

Pt Pirie & Adelaide Depots

SHIPPING Containers. 20 and 40 foot. From $1,000 each inc GST. At Olympic Dam ph 8671 0336 (bh).

Antique & Household Removals Local, Interstate & Country Storage & Delivery Specialists

STAINLESS steel food grade sheets. Approx .55m x .68m x .7m, .625m x .625m x .7m, 2.1m x .45m from $6 per sheet inc GST. At Olympic Dam ph 8671 0336 (bh).


Desert Springs Church Sunday 10.00am at the Roxby Downs TAFE College.

Ph: 0427 716 173 Roxby Downs À Pt Augusta À Pt Pirie


WHEELIE bins, new, 240 litres $55 each plus GST or 2 for $100 plus GST. At Olympic Dam ph 8671 0336 (bh).

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WOODEN railway sleepers, 2.4 metres long, from $15 each incl GST. At Olympic Dam ph 8671 0336 (bh). 30ft Caravan with 30ft solid annexe in Myall Grove Caravan Park. Three bedrooms, side patio, kitchen, ensuite toilet and shower, fully-fenced. $6000 ono – serious buyers only. Phone 0407 571 123.

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Solid support from sponsors

PAT ON THE BACK...Local sponsors congratulate jockey Peter Johnstone on his win in the 2004 Beenham Elite and ESS/Sabis Class B Handicap. Sponsor support is again strong in 2005 for this annual Outback event.

SPONSORSHIP...Sponsorship support for the Onesteel Outback Cup is, once again, strong in 2005. More than 25 local businesses and a team of dedicated volunteers have thrown their support behind SA’s northern-most registered race meeting. This year, the Onesteel Outback Cup boasts prizemonies of $30,000. “We really want to thank our supporters and sponsors,” Roxby Downs and Districts Racing Club president Stuart Cormack told The Monitor. “We’ve got some new sponsors on board this year, and we’re happy to welcome them - but we also want to thank those long-time businesses who have supported us from the beginning.”

Proud sponsors of the 1000m Class B Handicap Electrical z Industrial z Safety 16 Gosse St, Roxby Downs

Ph - 8671 3111

are proud to support the Onesteel Outback Cup

Your local horticultural specialists 20 Olympic Way, Roxby Downs

Ph: 8671 0131

FASHIONS OF THE FIELD...Donna Dryburgh was named best dressed lady at the 2003 Onesteel Outback Cup - lined up with nine other finalists in Roxby Downs Race Day’s first-ever ‘Fashions on the Field’ competition. This year’s event, again sponsored by AllStaff Resources, will be run slightly differently with heats held throughout the day.

Fashions on the field FASHIONS OF THE FIELD...The hotly-contested AllStaff Fashions on the Field will again showcase the Outback’s best-dressed ladies in 2005. This year’s competition will see heats held after Races 2 and 3, culminating in a final after Race 4 - just before the Onesteel Outback Cup. So throw on your raceday finery and

hit the track for Fashions of the Field on Saturday, August 18, 2005. Could you be this year’s ‘Miss Outback’? The event will be sponsored by AllStaff with cash prizes for winners. Impartial judge and SA Jockey Club representative Sharon Forrester-Jones will judge the fashions on the day.

Come have a ball CUP BALL...The 2005 Outback Cup Ball will be held at the Roxby Downs Community Club from 8pm till late on Saturday, August 20. Top off a great weekend of racing fun by dressing up and getting down to the music of live band Aftashock. Tickets are available on the night from The Club. The trophies for leading jockey and trainer will be presented at the ball.

CUTE COUPLE... Fiona Campbell-Colquhoun and fiancé Jay Perkins celebrated the title win of ‘Mr Outback’ at the race ball in 2003. This year’s Outback Cup Ball will be held at the Roxby Downs Community Club.

Saddle up for the SA Outback’s richest racing event: It all starts on Friday night, August 19, at the Roxb wns Community Club Calcutta and Phant om Race Call. xbyy Do Downs Phantom Book early and get your tickets from The Club – Ph: 8671 0117. en & Cham pagne Breakf ast on Saturday morning Champagne Breakfast Enjoy a Chick Chicken before racing begins, at the Roxby Downs Community Club. Book at The Club – Ph: 8671 0117.

steel e n O s n ow Roxby D

p u C k k c c a a b t t u u O

Gates open at 9am, Saturday, August 20 – racing starts at noon. The Onest eel Outback Cup, ‘F ashions of the Field’, liv e ent er tainment, kids ent er tainment Onesteel ‘Fashions live enter ertainment, enter ertainment and a full pr ogram of racing. Tickets at the gate - $10 or $6.50 concession, U16 free, program Marquee Packages from $35 per person. Ball from 8pm till late at the Roxby Downs End off the evening at the Outback Cup Ball, Community Club. Live Band Aftashock. Tickets are available on the night from The Club – Ph: 8671 0117

A great piece of Aussie culture that shouldn’t be missed. Page 20 - Thursday, August 18, 2005

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper


Champagne start to Outback event

Family fun RACE DAY...Bring the family along to the Onesteel Outback Cup on Saturday, August 20 for a day of all-ages fun. While you’re enjoying Fashions on the Field or lining up for a punt with the three on-site bookmakers, your children can enjoy free rides and sideshows. Meet the jockeys and trainers, or chat to some of SA Racing’s most colourful identities. Bring a chair, grab refreshments, and then settle the kids in the shade for one of the Outback’s most competitive horse racing events.


for the Outback! A SOLID START...Leading jockey Bradley Vale kicks off last year’s OneSteel Outback Cup positively with a win in the Class B Handicap on ‘I’m Petal’ ahead of Michael Vassallo, right, on ‘Face of an Angel’. Many of the state’s top jockeys will, once again, hit the local track in 2005.

Saddle up for Outback Cup ONESTEEL OUTBACK CUP...Excitement is high and organisers are positive for the upcoming 11th Onesteel Outback Cup on Saturday, August 20. Jockeys and trainers from throughout the state will compete for $30,000 in prizemonies in this, SA’s northern-most registered race meeting. The day promises fun for all the family with free rides and a new sandpit area for the children, Fashions on the Field and a packed day of racing. Other associated events will include the Friday night Calcutta and Phantom Race Call, the Saturday morning Champagne and Chicken Breakfast, as well as the Outback Cup Ball on Saturday night - all at the Roxby Downs Community Club. Jockey, commentator and all-round racing identity Phil McEvoy will be a guest commentator throughout the weekend’s events, while SA Jockey Club’s Sharon Forrester-Jones will judge the Fashions of the Field. Together with racing identity Dean Sullivan, the three will be on hand to offer a few unofficial tips to local punters. As in previous years, the event will boast three onsite bookmakers to add to the atmosphere of the day. In preparation for the event, Roxby Downs and Districts Racing Club are currently busy improving and upgrading the clubhouse and spectator facilities.

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

CHAMPAGNE BREAKFAST...The annual champagne and chicken breakfast will, this year, be held in the Roxby Downs Community Club beer garden.

BREAKFAST...Start race day off in style this year at the Roxby Downs Community Club’s Chicken and Champagne Breakfast. This year’s breakfast will be hosted in the Club’s newly-upgraded beer garden, in true al

fresco style, on Saturday, August 20. So throw on your raceday finery, and settle in for a luxurious and fun start to race day. Bookings are essential so reserve your table by telephoning the Roxby Downs Community Club – 8671 0117.

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CUP FUN... Race Club volunteers Amber Dixon, Ros Boothey and Kathy Wilby sported the coveted OneSteel cup at the 2004 Calcutta.

Friday night fun CALCUTTA...The excitement all starts on Friday night, August 19, at the Roxby Downs Community Club Calc-utta and Phantom Race Call. This fun event, is the perfect way to get into racing mode for Sat-urday’s Onesteel Out-back Cup and bag yourself a winner for the big day. Calcutta participants ‘purchase’ a horse and then share in the ‘winnings’ from the Calcutta pool. Jockey, commentator and Outback Cup-devotee Phil McEvoy will again be a fun and vocal part of this year’s Calcutta festivities. Book early and get your tickets from The Club.

Thursday,August 18, 2005 - Page 21


On-court tennis action

AUCTION...Daniel, 8, and Callum Adamson, 4, display some of the AFL memorabilia to be auctioned as a fundraiser for the Roxby Downs Junior Football Association.

AFL items for auction JUNIOR FOOTBALL…Roxby Downs Junior Football Association will auction a variety of AFL memorabilia as its major fundraiser this year. Signed items for auction have been donated from the Adelaide Crows, Port Power, Collingwood, Geelong and the West Coast Eagles. All items will be auctioned at The Roxby Downs Community Club on Friday, August 19, immediately after The Roxby Races Calcutta at approximately 8.00-8.30pm. For any information, contact Jill Koning – ph 8671 0673 or 0417521194.

Indoor volleyball results VOLLEYBALL…Volleyball results from August 8, 2005. A Grade - Phoenix 90 defeated Benders 67 (M Maciejewski). B Grade - TBA 85 defeated Nancy’s 62 (A Tyler). Block IT 101 defeated Tigers 75 (A Beattie). Results from August 1, 2005: A Grade - Prophets 68 defeated Phoenix 56 (N Ryan). B Grade - Block It 137 defeated Tri Hards 57 (P Rocque).

4WD club back on track 4WD CLUB…The Woomera 4WD Club will host its next event this weekend – August 20 to 21 – with a drive along the Dog Fence to Tarcoola and Fox Glove Swamp as well as Commonwealth Hill. Other upcoming events in clued a trip along the Goodes Track from Tarcoola to Ceduna in September and a day-trip to Ironstone lagoon Mines and Monaleena. Memberships cost $30 per single or $40 per couple. For more information, contact secretary Greg Suares - ph 0438 233 762.

defeated J TENNIS…Roxby Thomson 1. Downs Tennis Association will Division 2 - T Hill host its AGM on 4 defeated M Evans Friday, September 3. E Daly 4 9, at 7.30pm in the defeated B Weltner Recreation Centre. 1. N Thomson 3 defeated B Evans 2. A nomination day H Wurfel 4 for the summer defeated R Connell season to start 0. October 21 & 22 will be held on Results from Sunday, September August 7, 2005: 4, 1pm to 3.30pm, Division 1 - T at the Lion’s Park Hombsch 4 courts. defeated E Sach 0. Memberships are J Hombsch 4 $70 per family, $30 defeated V Buza 2. per single and $20 N Hombsch 4 for juniors. defeated S Allen 1. J Thomson 4 A Junior defeated K Connell Tournament will be 2. T Hombsch 4 held on Sunday, defeated N September 25 Hombsch 1. R cost is $2. Hamblin 4 defeated Nominations will J Hombsch 0. V be accepted by Buza 4 defeated J Michelle Thomson Thomson 2. K - ph 86711384, and Connell 4 defeated Linda Evans - ph S Allen 1. 86711386, for WINNERS...The Winners’ charles Division 2 - N division 2, U/16, Walker gives a backhand return Thomson 4 U/14 and U/12 against his Smashers opponent defeated T Hill 3. boys and girls. last week. M Evans 4 defeated Winners of all H Wurfel 1. B divisions except Evans 4 defeated R Connell Division 2 will represent defeated K Connell 1. Roxby Downs at the Divison 2 - M Evans 4 0. Regional Tournament at defeated J Daly 1. E Daly 4 In senior tennis, results are Port Pirie in November. defeated B Evans 2. T Hill 4 as follows: Junior Tennis Results from defeated H Wurfel 1. N Division 1, Round 5, July August 14, 2005, are as Thomson 4 defeated R 31: Winners d Smashers 28 Connell 1. games to 24 and Aces d follows: Division 1 - T Hombsch 4 Results from July 31, 2005: Volleys 30 games to 26. defeated K Connell 1. V Division 1 - T Hombsch 4 In Round 6, on August 7: Buza 4 defeated N Hombsch defeated S Allen 0. R Smashers defeated Volleys 2. R Hamblin 4 defeated N Hamblin 4 defeated J 36 games to 22, while Aces Hombsch 2. J Hombsch 4 Thomson 1. E Sach 4 d Winners 31 games to 29. defeated S Allen 1. J defeated J Hombsch 2. N In Divison 2, Round 5, July Thomson 4 defeated E Sach Hombsch 4 defeated K 31: Smashers 30 d Winers 2. T Hombsch 4 defeated V Connell 2. R Hamblin 4 22. Volleys 33 d Aces 20. Buza 0. R Hamblin 4 defeated T Hombsch 2. J defeated S Allen 0. J Hombsch 4 defeated K Round 6, August 7: Volleys Hombsch 4 defeated J Connell 1. E Sach 4 defeated 36 d Smashers 20. Winners Thomson 1. E Sach 4 S Allen 2. N Hombsch 4 32 d Aces 21.

Local netball news

NETBALL...Belinda Ramsay’s throw is intercepted outside the goal in last week’s game.

Softballers swing into finals SOFTBALL…Softball results from Saturday, August 13, are as follows: Shakers vs The Scrubas – Shakers won 16 to 8 Black Cats vs Who Cares – Who Cares forfeited Rebels 1 vs Rebels 2 – Rebels 1 won 18 to 16. In this Rebels vs Rebels playoff, Jacob Haugum played an outstanding game for Rebels 2, taking two catches at third base and making a double play. Ben Summerton pitched well for Rebels 1 in the first innings, fielded well at centrefield and batting well scoring a home run in the

last innings. Jacob was voted the best player on the ground for Rebels 2 by his team and Ben Summerton was voted the best player for Rebels 1 by his team. Finals start this Sunday as race day is on Saturday. The draw will be advertised in the window at Sports Power. Softball results from August 7: Rebels 1 vs Black Cats – Black Cats won 14 -9 In the second game – Rebels 2 won 14 -10 against the Shakers. Who Cares vs The Scrubas – The Scrubas won 20 - 1

NETBALL…Roxby Downs netball results from August 10, 2005, are as follows: B Grade - Pink Ladies 25 defeated Tandales 24 (T Michels). Keeches 26 defeated Miners 24 (S Wissell). Blue Jays defeated Playa’s on a forfeit. A Grade - Gecko Girls 26 defeated Mak Ladies 23 (C Bennie). Mixed - Hornridge 27 defeated Playa’s 9 (M Gow). Alle Katz 37 defeated Bowheelers 23 (I Gildrist). Makrats 24 defeated Isotopes 8 (N Backhouse). Miners11 29 defeated Spankees 20 (L Devlin). August 3, 2005: B Grade - Keeches 49 defeated Pink Ladies 7 (S Wissell). Miners defeated Playa’s on a forfeit. Blue Jays 39 defeated Shorties 10 (G Hollitt). A Grade - Cruisers 34 defeated Mak Ladies 31 (E Neilson). Mixed - Bowheelers 33 defeated Makrats 16 (T Gaddy). Alle Katz 37 defeated Playa’s 2 (R Allen). Hornridge 31 defeated Miners11 9 (M Gow). Spankees 25 defeated Isotopes 11 (W Jordan).

The faces behind the paper! Gail Heritage

Tonya Volk

Manager 8671 2683

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Graphics 8671 2683

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Editor 0408 267 358

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Social and Sports Photographer

Page 22 - Thursday, August 18, 2005

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Miners pipped by one point

COOBER PEDY...Coober Pedy’s junior side played in Roxby Downs for the first time this month. Assistant Coach Robin Walker, front, recognised the game’s best players for Coober Pedy, from left, Kyle Larkins, 13, Bernard Lennon, 13, Kasman Kelly, 15, and Dougie Finn, 12.

Coober Pedy fields junior team

W&DFL FOOTBALL…Hornridge and Roxby Districts will vy for a finals berth this week after the Miners lost to archrivals OD by just a point at the weekend. Results from the Woomera and Districts Football League games on August 13, 2005, are as follows: Hornridge 7.6.48 defeated Andamooka 5.8.38. Goals Hornridge - T Hoffman 2, D Hahn, R Briggs, W Feltus , D Rowe, M Gow 1 goal each Best Players n/a. Goals Andamooka - K Williams, C Anso, T Pycroft, A McCullock 1 each Best - R Kraak, T Pycroft, T Crisp. Olympic Dam 11.6.72 defeated Roxby Districts 10.11.71. Goals Olympic Dam - J Kroll 3, N Burton, King, 2 each, M Freeth, B Hamilton, N Shinick, A Monfries 1 each Best players - T Martin, M Carthow, P Kemp, K Croul, B Hamilton. Roxby results n/a.

Umpires recognised

to enjoy themselves and feel part of a team. “These boys are the future of football in Coober Pedy.” Razorbacks 11 goals 6 points 72 points defeated Coober Pedy 2 goals 4 points 16 points. Best players for Razorbacks - first A Moss second C Buran third T Paull fourth N Mc Phail fifth S Traeger Goal kickers - T Paull 4 goals J Callery two goals; K Reynolds, K Zeptner, N McPhail, B Spillman and B Halliman one goal each Best players for Coober Pedy - first B Lennon, second D Finn, third K Larkins, fourth C Kelly, fifth A O’Toole Goal kickers - A Warren and D Stewart one goal each. Results from August 13, 2005: Under 12 - Bulldogs 7.10.52 defeated Hawks 3.4.22 Bulldogs - Goals Jed Kenny 1, Shaun Reynolds 1, Victor Buza 1, Tim Harbridge 1, Jackson Thomson 1, Alex Bishop 1, Shaun Smith 1. Best Players - Koby Lynch, Dylan Male, Brodie Farnham, Shaun Smith, Victor Buza. Hawks - Goals Alex Wissel 1, Thomas Schott 2.

Best Players Lewis Grantham, Jack Hombsch, Alex Wissel, Adam Blake, Jack Bruce. Senior Colts Under 15 Dragons 10.8.68 defeated Razorbacks 8.4.52 Dragons - Goals J Hombsch 3, A Moss 1, J Beenham 1, J Bowden 1, C Lynch 1, J Callery 1. Best - A Moss, J Callery, S Murray, C Hocking, D Jackson. Razorbacks - Goals B Haliman 3, D Male 1, B Spillman 1, C Barrand 1, T Cox 2. Best B Haliman, N Fernandez, B Spillman, E Sach, L Munro.

Red Hot Tip #1: Develop a weekly budget. Yes. It’s a ridiculously simple suggestion, but very few people actually get around to doing it and it can provide you with clearer understanding of how much it costs to run a household and what you can allocate to savings.

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CLASH OF THE TITANS...Olympic Dam and Roxby Downs vied for top spot at the weekend’s preliminary final. The Devils came out on top at the end of the day though, by a single point, leaving the Miners to battle Hornridge for their second chance at a finals berth.

JUNIOR FOOTBALL… Results for the Roxby Downs Junior Football Association, on August 6, 2005, are as follows: Junior Colts Under 12s Hawks 6 goals 5 points 41 points defeated Bulldogs 2 goals 1 point 13 points. Best players for Hawks first S Clarke, second J Homsch, third A Wissel, fourth B Penington, fifth L Grantham Goal kickers - B Pennington two goals; S Clarke, L Grantham, J Homsch and S Beever one goal each. Best players for Bulldogs first D Male, second J Kenny, third S Symonds, fourth B Felton, fifth S Reynolds Goal kickers - J Kenny two goals. In the Under16s, a combined Roxby Downs team played Coober Pedy in the junior team’s first game in Roxby Downs. Assistant Coach Robin Walker welcomed the opportunity for Coober Pedy juniors to play against the Roxby Downs side. “It was important for the kids and a great experience for them - some of them have never played before,” Walker told The Monitor. “They came down to Roxby



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UMPIRES...Woomera and Districts Football League president and long-time local umpire Graham Warren presents Ricky Leue with the ‘umpires encouragement award’ at this month’s Mail Medal count dinner. Ricky Leue received the encouragement award – “Ricky never missed a week, made himself available, and we need more dedicated volunteers and umpires like him,” Warren told The Monitor. “All our umpires this year did a great job and we’d like to see some more people join the ranks and have a go next season.” THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

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Woomera & Districts Football League August August 19, Friday Calcutta Night Roxby Downs Community Club

September 17 & 18, Desert Dirt Kart Club Outback Classic 2 day event Start 4.00pm on 17th

August 20, Saturday Roxby Downs OneSteel Outback Cup, 10th Outback Cup Roxby Downs & Districts Racecourse

September 17, Saturday Police Golf Day & RFDS Auction

August 20, Saturday Desert Dirt Kart Club Day meeting 1.00pm start August 20, Saturday Roxby Downs Golf Club Stableford August 20, Saturday Roxby Downs Softball Final August 21, Sunday – Preliminary Final 2.00pm Winner of 3rd & 4th vs loser of 1st & 2nd August 21, Sunday Roxby Downs Golf Club Stroke August 27, Saturday – Grand Final at 2.00pm winner of 1st final (1st or 2nd) vs winner of preliminary final

September 24, Saturday Roxby Downs Golf Club Stroke MM October October 1, Saturday Roxby Downs Golf Club Ambrose October 2, Sunday Roxby Downs Golf Club Stroke October 8, Saturday Roxby Downs Golf Club Stableford October 15, Saturday Desert Dirt Kart Club Night meeting 7.00pm start

August 27, Saturday Roxby Downs Softball Final

October 15, Saturday Roxby Downs Golf Club Stroke MM / AGM

August 27, Saturday Roxby Downs Golf Club Par

October 16, Sunday Desert Dirt Kart Club Practice Day 1.00pm

August 28, Sunday Roxby Downs Golf Club Foresome Champs

October 22, Saturday Roxby Downs Golf Club Closing Day Ambrose

September September 3, Saturday Roxby Downs Softball Final September 3, Saturday Roxby Downs Golf Club Stableford September 10, Saturday Roxby Downs Golf Club Par September 17, Saturday Roxby Downs Golf Club Ambrose RFDS

October 29, Saturday Roxby Downs Golf Club Presentation Dinner November November 12, Saturday Desert Dirt Kart Club Night meeting 7.00pm start November 13, Sunday Desert Dirt Kart Club Practice Day 1.00pm

SUPPORT YOUR SPORT Woomera & Districts Football League Ph: 0407 121 777 or 8671 0161.

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Prosser sweeps the medals count

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MAIL MEDAL…Roxby Miners’ Ricky Prosser swept the pool at this month’s Mail Medal, taking home the Mail Medal with 48 points, ahead of teammate Steve Owens on 25 points. In this, Prosser’s first season with the Miners, he took home The Monitor Best and Fairest, the Leading Goal Kicker Award and the Best Under 21 Award. “I’ve really enjoyed my first year in Roxby Downs,” Prosser told The Monitor. “I was playing for Tintinara in the South East, but Roxby has really been a great group of guys to play alongside. “I didn’t get these awards by myself – I have to say thankyou to all the guys in the midfield who got the ball to me, every game, to take the kicks. “And ‘good on you’ to all those guys who get up on night shift to make sure we field a side every week. “I’d also like to thank the umpires for doing their part – we wouldn’t have a league without them.” Third-runner up in the medal count was Austin Monfries from Olympic Dam on 22 points, while Paul Kemp from Olympic Dam on 17 points was 4th. Other highlights of the Mail Medal presentation night, on Saturday, August 8, were the naming of the W&DFL ‘team of the year’ and the presentation of a ‘life membership’ to Kym Clarke from Olympic Dam who also received his 100 game award on the night.

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MAIL MEDAL... The W&DFL ‘team of the year’, above, was announced at the recent Mail Medal, which was won by Ricky Prosser, left, ahead of teammate Steve Owens.

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