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Volume 4, Thursday April 26, 2007


Written by Les Rochester

he face of Roxby Downs is about to dramatically change.

In a pre-emptive strike to the Master Plan being developed as part of BHP Billiton’s Environmental Impact Statement, the state government has issued a Plan Amendment Report detailing its vision on how the town will look by 2013. It includes such things as a new school, new retail and commercial centre, motel complex, a new town oval, civic centre and other facilities. The Minister for Urban Development and Planning, Paul Holloway said because of the significant growth in mining and outback tourism, Roxby Downs is currently experiencing significant development pressure, independent of the proposed major expansion of the Olympic Dam mining operations. “If the expansion at Olympic Dam goes ahead the population will grow to more than 10,000 people in a very short time,” he said. “This anticipated growth will place considerable speculative development pressures on the existing township. “Community consultation has shown there is a current need for additional and improved civic, retail, commercial and entertainment facilities independent of the proposed Olympic

Dam expansion,” he said. The planning changes basically mean deleting the whole of the Community and District Business Zones and include them in a new Zone called the Town Centre Zone. This new zone will cover an area from Pioneer Drive south to Stuart Road, west to Olympic Way and east to Arcoona street. In preparation of an overall draft Master Plan for Roxby Downs as part of BHP Billiton’s EIS, consultation has taken place with the community and key stakeholder groups. Mr. Holloway said considerable discussion has also occurred with the Roxby Downs Council culminating in the council requesting the Plan Amendment. In effect, under the PAR, any new development applications put before council from last Thursday will be subject to this Draft Town Plan. It is to stop development applications being put in by speculators. The PAR will amend the current Roxby Downs (Municipality) Development Plan. Once it goes through the public consultation phase with any amendments adopted by the D e v el o p m e nt Po l i c y Advisory Committee, the Minister will consider it for approval, (with or without the amendments) or refusal. For a more detailed breakdown of the draft Town Plan see Pages 4 - 5.

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Above: Inside Woomera’s Detention Centre.

An exclusive look inside Woomera’s former Detention Centre. Photo’s Page 9.

Inside today: Pages 4 & 5 Roxby’s planned makeover in detail

Aussies still want their ‘sickies’

Although Australians have more mandatory annual leave than most other places in the world, 43% of Aussies say they have chucked a sickie rather than take annual leave. The phenomenon of taking sick leave rather than annual leave is set to increase with the abolition of compulsory days off for public holidays according to a survey of 1,694 respondents.

The minimum four weeks annual leave that is mandatory in Australia is amongst the highest in the world, yet 40% of Aussies say they do not think the four weeks paid-holiday is sufficient according to a survey by Talent2, Australia’s leading human resources and recruitment firm. Ms Laura Mabikafola says that Australians are some of the hardest working people in the world. The 60-hour-working-week is not uncommon, and many people are tied

to their jobs 24 hours a day, thanks to the advent of the mobile phone and the blackberry. “Australians are happy to work hard and have an excellent work ethic, however they have a reasonable expectation that they should be rewarded for their hard work with some extra rest and relaxation,” she said. In Canada, workers receive only 10 paid days off a year, in Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan it’s only seven days.

Australians get more paid-holidays than most countries in the Asia-Pacific region, however 40% say they should be paid to take more holidays according to the survey. “Four weeks paid holiday is the average across the western world, particularly with it being the standard for the European Union,” Ms. Mabikafola said. “Australians need a decent opportunity to relax and recharge in order to do their jobs properly.

“Employers need to be flexible with the way they treat employees when it comes to taking time off work, however. “Many workplaces are introducing the option for employees to take a set number of “bed days”, for example, where an employee can call in and take the day off, no questions asked. “Sometimes we just need to recharge our batteries, even when we haven’t got a holiday planned,” she said.


Monitor NEWS

Above: Beltana Mine. Photo courtesy CSIRO.

Beltana’s long wall on the map


SIRO, Australia’s premier industr ial re se arch and development organisation, has signed a Letter of Intent to commercialise revolutionary new mining automation technology with one of the world’s largest mining original equipment manufacturers. Above: A picture from last year’s dawn service at Camp Victory, Baghdad.

Roxby on Anzac Day

A tinge of orange light washed the horizon from the Olympic Dam mine as the bugler, John Hender, played the last post at the Dawn Service in Roxby Downs yesterday morning. A gathering of more than 60 people huddled together as they paid their respects to the men and women who had fought for their freedom in all the wars where Australia committed troops.

It was a heartfelt scene as they remembered those who had fallen, giving up their lives for their country. The Anzac Day service organised by the Roxby Downs/Andamooka Returned and Services League then moved to the memorial plaque in Richardson Place for the Memorial Service. The gathering had been joined by

members of the Roxby Downs Scouts who took part in the service after an absence of many years. RSL Secretary/Treasurer, Wayne Morris said he was delighted the Scouts took part in the services as it is a tradition in many parts of the country. Next week the Monitor will bring you a photograph montage of Anzac Day in Roxby Downs.

This follows the success of trials at the massive Beltana coal deposit just east of Roxby Downs and south of Leigh Creek. A pre-commercial prototype of the technology has been operating at Xstrata’s Beltana longwall mine for some time. In 2006, for the third year in a row, Beltana was the highest producing longwall mine in Australia at 6.8 million tonnes. It managed to top its nearest rival by almost two million tonnes. In underground longwall coal mining, a large shearing machine with rotating cutting heads is driven back and forth across the coal face.

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Each run across the face removes a massive ‘slice’ of coal. This form of underground coal mining accounts for about 90 per cent of underground coal production in Australia, which is about 70 million tonnes a year. CSIRO has been working on a long-term Australian Coal Association Research Program (ACARP) funded project to develop new technology to locate and guide coal cutting equipment in longwall mines. “The goal was to provide automated systems that would allow people to move away from hazardous equipment,” Dr David Hainsworth, Senior Principal Research Engineer with CSIRO Exploration and Mining said. “If you can move people even 50 metres away from where the action is, you can improve safety by being away from the mechanical and hydraulic energy and dusty environment.” It is hoped that a finalised licensing agreement will be completed and signed by 31 May 2007.

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Kyla from Aura Clinic & Spa (Broken Hill) will be visiting Roxby Downs on Sunday 13th & Monday 14th May 07.

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High level delegation to visit Roxby

RFDS gets millions The Royal Flying Doctor Service has welcomed the announcement by the Prime Minister, that its Commonwealth funding will increase by more than $150 million over the next four years. Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) National CEO, Nigel Milan, said the more than 170 per cent funding increase acknowledged the environment the iconic service operates in has changed dramatically in the past 10 years. “The additional funding provides certainty and sustainability and ensures the Royal Flying Doctor Service can focus on what it does best, providing vital top-level medical care to regional and remote communities,” Mr Milan said. “The service is flying more hours and kilometres than it was 10 years ago and also faces increased costs in a variety of other areas including: doctors’ and nurses’ salaries, staff accommodation, medical equip-

ment, fuel and sooner-than-expected aircraft replacements.” The RFDS commonwealth funding will increase from around $90 million over four years to more than $240 million. $191 million is earmarked for primary health care services, with the remainder for aircraft acquisitions. Last financial year the service flew 20.4 million kilometres up from 14.5 million kilometres in the 1999-2000 financial year. That’s a 40 per cent increase in six years. Over the same period the number of RFDS medical clinics increased from 6,383 to 11,617 and the number of patient contacts from 183,587 to 237,143. Mr Milan echoed the Prime Minister’s call for the States to increase their contributions to the RFDS’s operating costs. “Even with this Commonwealth funding boost and the generous annual contributions from our

donors, the service still requires additional State funding to service the increasing number of patient transfers from regional to metropolitan hospitals,” Mr Milan said. “Those inter-hospital transfers, which include metropolitan to metropolitan for organ transplants, are services provided to the States and should be funded by the States”, Mr Milan said. “We also ask that our generous benefactors maintain or even increase their support, particularly in the area of aircraft purchases,” he said. There are a number of reasons for increased demand for RFDS services. Many patients previously treated in country hospitals now have to be flown to larger metropolitan hospitals with access to appropriate advanced medical equipment and expertise and there have been changes in treatment protocols, requiring more frequent and rapid transport to metropolitan hospitals.

A high level delegation of more than 60 ambassadors to Australia from around the world will visit Roxby Downs next week. The group includes the ambassadors from the United States, Great Britain and China as well as Australia’s Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Alexander Downer. BHP Billiton has been asked to host the visit. Company spokesperson Catherine Mooney said: “The only thing I can tell you is that the visit gives the company the opportunity to showcase its operations to the world.” The ambassadors will be given a full briefing on the proposed expansion plans for the Olympic Dam mine as well as a tour of the site. They’ll spend some time in the township of Roxby Downs and will be driven, in three luxurious coaches around the town on a tour.


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ETSA moves on Prominent Hill ETSA Utilities is about to start site works on a major project to deliver electricity to the new Prominent Hill Gold and Copper mine, 170 kilometres north of Roxby Downs. The contract is worth more than $50 million. The Prominent Hill mine, south-east of Coober Pedy, is being developed by Oxiana and will go into production in the last quarter of next year. ETSA will build a substation on the site and a 170-kilometre power line from Olympic Dam. ETSA Utilities’ chief executive Lew Owens said work is on schedule. “All of the contracts and ordering of equipment such as transformers and the massive towers to carry the transmission line have been placed and the project managers have been engaged,” he said. “The first camp, we call it the northern camp, will be at Mount Able, just south of the Prominent Hill mine and is being set up at the

moment. “Surveying of the route for the transmission line is almost complete and contractors will start earthworks within the next few weeks. “Camp Two will be established at Parakylia just north west of Roxby Downs so building of the transmission line infrastructure can start from both ends,” Mr. Owens said. Oxiana Limited, developer of Prominent Hill, awarded the contract to build a 170km, 132kV line from Olympic Dam to the new mine. A 105km, 33kV line will also be built along with a new 45MVA sub-station while voltage control equipment will be installed at the mine. Mr. Owens said a reliable electricity supply was vital for Prominent Hill to proceed. “Prominent Hill will be one of the world’s best new copper-gold mines and ETSA Utilities is proud to deliver the electrical infrastructure that will allow this important project to go ahead.

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

“ETSA Utilities won the contract by reinforcing it had the skills and expertise to deliver this project, which has major economic benefits for South Australia.” Line construction is expected to be completed by March next year, which will allow testing before the mine moves into full production. About 150 ETSA Utilities employees will be involved in the project’s design and construction. The open-pit mine has an initial life of 10 years and will employ about 400 workers, with the base and precious metals earmarked for export. Mr Owens said South Australia’s mining industry needs more electricity infrastructure for the boom to continue. “ETSA Utilities is a leader in delivering electricity to the mining sector,” Mr Owens said. “A 12km, 132kV line for OneSteel’s expanded Iron Duke mine near Whyalla has been completed this year and we are currently working on a 60km, 66kV line for Australian Zircon in the Riverland.”

Thursday, April 26, 2007 – Page 3


Monitor NEWS

Roxby make over

Continued from Page 1

In a unique move The Town Centre Zone will comprise 7 policy areas: Retail core, Education, Community, Business, Retail Showroom, Tourist Accommodation and Medium Density Residential. The draft Master Plan being developed as part of BHP Billiton’s EIS seeks to provide a clear direction for the future of the township to respond to current community issues and to ‘position’ the town to respond to current development pressures. The draft Master Plan proposes improvements to the existing facilities and the inclusion of new ones, especially within the town core. The policy contained in the state government’s PAR uses the draft master Plan as a basis for the proposed framework and structure for the town centre area.

Above: The Roxby Downs Community Club may have to relocate to make way for a supermarket.

Relevant strategic directions A

ccording to the government the Plan Amendment recognises and supports the key objectives of the South Australian Strategic Plan, in particular ‘Objective 1: Growing Prosperity’ and ‘Objective 5: Building Communities’.

Above: The bowling club will have to relocate to accommodate new businesses.

The proposed amendments are intended to develop and reinforce Roxby Downs’ role as a vibrant, family friendly, healthy and economically sustainable community. The proposed PAR will assist in providing a greater range of goods and services in the township, thereby making it a more appealing

town in which to permanently reside. This will assist in addressing the issue of population turnover and the recruitment and retention of staff. The proposed PAR will also assist in improving the amenity of Roxby Downs as a tourist destination and make it a more attractive destination for overseas migrants. The proposed PAR supports the following Strategic Plan targets: To match South Australia’s share of international migrants to Australia with the state share of the overall national population over the next 10 years.

Exceed Australia’s average productivity growth within 10 years. Treble the value of South Australia’s export income by 2013. Increase visitor expenditure in South Australia’s tourism industry. Make South Australia a favoured mineral investment destination. Maintain and develop viable regional population levels for sustainable communities. Reduce regional unemployment rates and to build and maintain infrastructure to develop and support sustainable communities in the regions.

Above: The Caravan Park on the corner of Pioneer Drive will be levelled to make way for a new school.

Submission process Written submissions on the draft PAR will be received for a period of 2 months, from last Thursday to Tuesday 19 June. Submissions should be sent to: ‘The Presiding Member, Development Policy Advisory Committee’: • By post to: Planning SA, GPO Box 1815, Adelaide SA 5001 • By email to: Please note: Public submissions will be available for viewing from Wednesday 20 June 2007 until the conclusion of the public hearing (see below), on the website at www. and at Planning SA, Level 5, 136 North Terrace, Adelaide. Submissions close at 5.00pm Tuesday 19 June 2007. Your written submission should also clearly indicate whether you wish to be heard at the following public hearing. Page 4 – Thursday, April 26, 2007

Above: The BMX track will be flattened to make way for a 30 room motel and new police station.

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper


Monitor NEWS

Why the re-zoning


he Roxby Downs town centre is currently comprised of a District Business Zone supporting existing retail and administrative uses and a Community Zone supporting educational, recreational and health care uses.

Above: The land behind the Golf Club will be developed into a multi-use Sports precinct with a new Main oval, as the current Town Oval will become part of the RDAS school grounds.

The new facilities to be built The aim of the PAR is to retain Richardson Place as the civic and community focus of Roxby Downs to ensure that all new civic functions are concentrated on Richardson Place which will be extended to form a T-junction with Olympic Way. New civic and community facilities will be introduced amongst the existing retail development to provide greater variation and vitality. The civic and community facilities will be extended along the new extension to Richardson Place. A new Town oval will be established as part of a new multi use sport and cultural facility to be sited on the southern side of the Roxby Downs Golf Club. A new secondary school will be established on the site of the Pioneer Drive Caravan Park and the existing No.1 oval will be dedicated to mainly schools use, and upgraded. A new civic centre incorporating the following, council offices, government offices, the community newspaper ‘The Monitor’ and community radio ‘Rox FM’ will be built. A new 30 room, 3 star hotel will be built at the corner of the extended Richardson Place and Olympic Way across the road from the Town Camp. The main aim for the retail sector is to maintain a single town core for Roxby Downs creating an attractive, vibrant retail and commercial area focused on Richardson Place. Improvements to retail provision will be promoted that will benefit existing and new residents and encourage visitors. That’ll happen by introducing retail provision to the north side of Richardson Place as well as a high density residential area between the existing retail centre and Olympic Way.

There’ll be plans for a new supermarket to be constructed close to the existing retail area more than likely on the site of the Community Club and Bowling Club which will have to relocate. Two-storey mixed use buildings along the extension of Richardson Place will be built, including ground floor retail and upper-storey residential or commercial office space. Design Guidelines will be introduced to establish two-storey buildings as the main built form, using high quality materials that are in keeping with the character of the arid landscape. Design retail and commercial premises to cater for equitable access in accordance with relevant Australian Standards and to construct awnings of a minimum 5.5 m width to all new buildings to provide visual interest and shade, and increase outdoor dining opportunities. The plan calls for the Promotion of a consistent retail frontage by establishing an unvarying alignment for building setbacks as well as a signage policy to reduce clutter and irregularity. All new development proposals will have to provide a context plan demonstrating how the building fits within the context of its new surroundings and how view lines have been accommodated. The streetscape also comes in to calculations by the introduction of high quality paving materials to all new footpaths, and upgrade the existing paths to match. There’ll be provision for new street lighting, using attractive well-designed, energy efficient lighting fixtures as well as providing safe and accessible pedestrian links from commercial and retail areas to car parks, public open spaces and residential areas.

The government believes the Roxby Downs Development Plan does not adequately reflect the intent and objectives of Centres and Retail Development. The primary objective of Centres is, shopping, administrative, cultural, community, entertainment, religious and recreational facilities located in integrated centres. The government says the provision of two zones (Community and District Business) within the Council’s Development Plan delineates rather than integrates those elements of the above objective. The proposed introduction of a single zone (The Town Centre Zone) with a number of policy areas resolves this inconsistency of the Roxby Downs Development Plan.

The existing District Business Zone comprises 98,797m2 of which 23,901m2 or 24% remains undeveloped. This undeveloped portion is divided by a main road and is comprised of smaller parcels pf land which are not appropriately located to support a second supermarket or discount department store in line with anticipated future consumer demand. The government says to this end, and to allow for additional non-retail commercial activities such as banks, real estate agents, financial business and consulting rooms, an expansion of the District Business (to be designated as the Town Centre Zone) is warranted. Such an expansion would provide for an additional 15,000m2 of land zoned for non retail commercial uses and 12,000m2 of land zoned for retail commercial use, bringing the total land available for commercial use to 125,797m2. This represents a relatively modest expansion in overall commercial use of 21%.

In advocating an expansion of commercial activity, the proposed PAR envisages only minor changes to the total footprint of the town centre and adjoining residential zone. Such changes do not compromise the objective of a ‘compact’ District Centre. The government’s Statement of Investigations summarises the issues facing the Roxby Downs Council including the lack of prescription in the current Development Plan regarding the District Business Centre; the need to resolve inconsistencies between the Development Plan and State Government Policy with regard to Centres and Retail Development; and the need to provide additional commercial land in the town centre. The investigations centre on the subject area and recommend zone changes to enable a more efficient, flexible and sustainable Town Centre. The investigations conclude that the proposed amendments accord with the Planning Strategy and complement existing Development Plan Policy.

Roxby’s economic and retail expenditures

Based on a variety of data including the Household Expenditure Sur vey, ABS Census and National Accounts, residents in Roxby Downs have a total available retail expenditure of approximately $47m, which is approximately 12% higher than the average for South Australia as a whole. By 2013, total available retail expenditure is forecast to be approximately $121m, based on an expanded population and with allowance for real growth in retail spending. Of this $121m, $54.9m will be on food, $63.8m on non-food and $2.4m on services. With regard to the food-related expenditure, an estimated $17m will be on food, liquor and groceries, which is the core market serviced by supermarket traders. The remaining expenditure on food includes spending on takeaway food, cafés and restaurants. Based on a floorspace audit undertaken in April 2006, total retail floorspace provision in Roxby Downs is estimated at approximately 6,580m2, of which an estimated 4,200m2 is located at the Roxby Downs Central Shopping Centre.

The largest tenants include the Woolworth supermarket (2,200m2) and the Mitre 10 store (approximately 2,000m2). Non-retail tenants account for approximately 700m2 of floor space, and comprise bank, credit unions, post office, and real estate. An estimated $15.5m in retail expenditure currently escapes from Roxby Downs to other shopping locations such as Port Augusta, and Adelaide, and this represents approximately 33% of total available retail expenditure. Most of this escape spending is in non-food merchandise, as there is a relatively ‘captured’ market for food and services type retail facilities. For example, escape spending is estimated at 7% of available spending on food shopping, and 16% of spending on retail services, while escape spending on non-food items is estimated at 58% of available spending. Assuming a total retail expenditure of $121m by 2013; maintenance of the existing rate of escape spending; and shops continuing to generate approximately 85% of sales from non-permanent residents and visitors, then total sales potential is estimated at approximately $94m. Based on typical industry trading levels, the total supportable

floorspace would grow from the existing 6,580m2 to approximately 17,000m2 by 2013. This represents a growth of approximately 10,500m2 over the period. It is important to note that not all of this retail development potential would be located in the town centre. For example, there may be potential for an additional provision of non-food merchandise that may include some homemaker-type stores (eg furniture, electrical). Some of this development potential may be accommodated out of town, including along Olympic Way, in proximity to the industrial estate. Importantly, the retail assessment shows that a second supermarket is likely to be supportable in the town centre, although further work needs to be undertaken in order to investigate when this facility could occur. Preferably, this development would consist of an integrated centre comprising a supermarket plus associated specialty stores (say,15 or so stores, or approximately 1,500m2 or so). This new development would therefore involve a total development size of approximately 4,500 – 5,000m2.

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Thursday, April 26, 2007 – Page 5



Monitor l a i r o it The


The majority contents of the Draft Master Plan being developed by BHP Billiton as part of its Environmental Impact Statement for its planned expansion of its Olympic Dam mine has now been publicly released. Its come through an unlikely source. The Roxby Downs Council has sort a PAR through the State Government’s Planning division and most of its information has come from the Draft Master Plan. This is a vital time for the residents of Roxby Downs. It’s a time for you to have a say on how this town is planned and developed over the next ten years and beyond. Submissions are open for 2 months, so make the most of it. Read the document. You can request a copy either through council or the state planning department, or pull it down from its website au/go/roxbyPAR. The detail is quite expansive. There’s provision for new medical facilities, a new school, motel development, civic centre and a multipurpose cultural and sporting centre which will include a new town oval. The CBD will be expanded through the extension of Richardson Place to connect with Olympic Way. This is where the major of development is focussed. You need to determine what you would like to see developed. Put it in your submission and remember to include in it whether you would like the opportunity to address the government committee at a public hearing session to be held in Roxby Downs. The committee will not hold a public hearing unless you specifically request to address it. So that’s in the fine print, and I urge you to read the document carefully. The Monitor will continue its own investigations into the PAR and will bring you the latest. It is an opportunity for all of the town’s Forums to get active on this issue. It will have a direct impact on all residents, so you’d think the Business Forum will hold a meeting to formulate its strategy because they’ll be significantly effected. The same with the Family and Youth Forum, and others like the Recreation and Sport Forum. Volunteering and the Environmental Forum. They can not allow this major planning change to go unanswered. It’ll be too late after the event. The time for you to have a say is now. Tell them what you want. Tell them what the town needs. Tell them how they should go about it.

The Monitor wants your views Petrol & Gas prices Each week, The Monitor will run a comparison of petrol and gas prices between Mobil and BP service stations in Adelaide and Roxby Downs, taken on the same day, so we can see the disparity. ROXBY DOWNS Mobil BP



143.8 143.9

89.5 87.9

116.9 119.9

48.5 59.9


Fuel Watch

If you have a comment to make on the new Town Plan put it in writing and send it to We want you to take ownership of this vital issue, afterall it is your town and your future. If you want to remain anonymous you can sign your letter as such, but in the email to me, you must give me your name and address. These details will not be published, if that is your wish. All efforts will be made to publish as many letters on this issue as we get.

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Page 6 – Thursday, April 26, 2007

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The Monitor retains copyright for all images and text produced for, and published by The Monitor Your Community Newspaper. Now available in four states and more than 18 outback communities, including William Creek, Marree, Lyndhurst, Innamincka, Leigh Creek, Marla, Oodnadatta, Port Augusta, Whyalla, Broken Hill, Mt Dare, Birdsville and outback station communities.

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Workers claim Internet boosts productivity A new international workplace survey has found that 83% of Australians use email, Internet, or both while at work and most are convinced it makes them more productive. The survey by global recruitment agency, Kelly Services, found that the use of online communications has extended across most of the workforce with 71% using both email and Internet, 9% using email only, and 2% using Internet only. Just 9% used neither. Australia’s use of online communications was one of the highest of all the countries in the survey, ranking 8th out of 28 countries. However the explosion of unnecessary and time-wasting emails was one of the biggest sources of complaint. There was widespread acceptance that the technology has a positive impact on the quality of work. Some 64% said that use of email increases productivity, while 62% said that the Internet increases productivity. “It is clear that use of online commu-

nications is now extremely widespread in the Australian workplace and is contributing to improvements in productivity,” Kelly Services Country Manager, James Bowmer said. The Kelly Ser vices Global Workforce Index sought the views of approximately 70,000 people in 28 countries including almost 2,000 in Australia. Both men and women were equally enthusiastic users of email and the Internet. Those in the 25-54 year old age bracket were the most intensive users. The survey also sought to identify the incidence of emails identified as spam, as well as those that were simply time wasting and unnecessary. Some 35% of workers said they received high levels of emails that were either time wasting or unnecessary. While this was at the lower level of the international scale, it points to the volume of emails that are directed to people without a clear purpose.

Telstra business awards open Entries for the 2007 Telstra Business Awards are now open, and Telstra urges all Roxby Downs businesses to enter the Awards and complete a review of their business plan. The entry process requires the nominated businesses to step back and reflect on their achievements, as well as identify

opportunities for further success. Entries for the Telstra Business Awards are open for Australian businesses with up to 100 employees and which have been in operation for more than three years. Awards are offered in five categories with a total national prize pool of up to $400,000.

At last there’s some good news about cancer.

Look ma, no wires

The Roxby Downs Community Library has gone wireless. As of last week, laptop owners have been able to take their own computer to the library and log on to a free wireless network. “It’s an extension of the internet access we currently offer,” Community Library Manager, Marie Trezise said. “We already have free internet access on four computers, this new wireless network will allow people to access the internet through our server on their own machine,” she said. The wireless connection is an initiative of the Public Libraries Service (PLS), which plans to install the network across the state by the end of the financial year. “It was trialled successfully in

Adelaide, so the PLS decided to extend it to the rest of the state,” Ms Trezise said. “I think it’s fantastic, it allows me to work on my laptop in my office, which I couldn’t do before. “And it frees up the four machines we have so more people can use it at once. “It also provides internet access to people who are travelling and have their own laptops, meaning they don’t have to transfer information from one computer to another,” she said. Public Libraries Services Manager of Special Projects, Jo Manuel said the Libraries Board of SA is very keen to support any initiatives across the state that benefits communities. “The demand for free internet

National cer vical cancer vaccinations begin April 2007. Cervical cancer is the second most common cancer in women worldwide which is almost always caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). The good news is that a new vaccine, developed in Australia, can protect against HPV, the cause of up to 70% of cervical cancers. The other good news is that the Australian Government is making the

access via public libraries continues to increase,” Ms Manuel said. “Free internet access has been one of our key service provisions since the technology became available. “The wireless project is something that gives people another option to access that free service,” she said. Roxby Downs Community Library members can register and hook themselves up to the wireless network straight away. Non-members will need to register as library users before gaining access. For further information or to register your details, contact the Roxby Downs Community Library on 8671 0660.

cervical cancer vaccine available free to all females aged 12 to 26 under the National HPV Vaccination Program. For girls at school, the program starts in April 2007. A consent form will be sent home shortly for parents to fill in and return. For women who have left school, and are under 27, the free vaccine will be available from your GP or community immunisation clinic from July. The vaccine doesn’t prevent all cervical cancers, so regular Pap smears are still essential. But a free cervical cancer vaccine is still very good news for women. Help protect your daughter from cervical cancer. Sign the consent form.

For more information: National Immunisation Hotline 1800 671 811 Authorised by the Australian Government, Capital Hill, Canberra

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

Thursday, April 26, 2007 – Page 7



Above: Andamooka residents take advantage of the Frontier Services bus to shop in Roxby Downs.

What about Roxby?


lack of services in Roxby Downs for people with disabilities and the aged has been a hot topic of conversation at recent Health Forum meetings. Chairperson, Sue Houlson said the limited services in the area are not sufficient to meet demands. “Most services in our region go to Andamooka as they have an aged population,” Mrs Houlson said. “We have a very real need for services in Roxby which are not available. “There are kids in town with disabilities and people who need home care within the community. “We do have visiting service providers from Port Augusta who come up regularly, but we do not have any permanent disability services in Roxby Downs,” she said. To combat this, the Health Forum is hoping to raise funds to identify specific needs within the community. “If we could employ someone to map the existing services and identify gaps we could lobby for improve-

ment,” Mrs Houlson said. This lack of services is placing stress on the Andamooka Community Support Service (ACSS), which is called on frequently to pick up the slack. “We are struggling to meet the needs in Andamooka, to then get extra demands from Roxby, which are legitimate demands, is stretching our current resources until we end up spread so thin I sometimes feel we are not helping anybody sufficiently,” ACCS Coordinator, Mary Sherlock said. A subsidiary of Frontier Services Uniting Church in Australia, the ACSS is funded by Home and Community Care (HACC), a central element of the Australian Government’s aged care policy. The funding enables the ACSS to care for the elderly and disabled people of Andamooka. “Ninety percent of our funding is meant for Andamooka,” Ms Sherlock said. “We are able to provide some support to the people of Roxby, but we are not able to supply nearly enough.

“In a recent successful funding submission I mentioned a growing need for services in Roxby Downs, but was told the town is not on HACC’s radar. “I think this is because they are not getting any information about the needs in Roxby. “HACC is known as the funding body for frail and aged people, but they also provide funding for younger disabled people and their carers,” she said. Ms Sherlock added her voice to Mrs Houlson’s to call for funding to employ someone to investigate the special needs required by the Roxby Downs community. “For HACC to become aware of what is needed in Roxby we must first identif y the community’s requirements and present them in a statistical manner,” Ms Sherlock said. “Anecdotally we have been informed that there are needs within Roxby Downs for service provision that are not being met and we are aware the services we are providing are just the tip of the iceberg,” she said.

A call to arms

Numbers have drastically fallen in the Family and Youth Forum, prompting remaining members to issue a call to arms to the Roxby Downs community. “ We need an injection of new blood,” Chairperson Scott Sauerwald said. “People go away, work shift work, move out of town, all of these things have an impact on our membership.” The Forum develops and promotes measures that impact upon or support families or young people in Roxby Downs. “Whether it is campaigning for more childcare spaces, working

with people from the Health Forum, helping coordinate youth activities or looking at the changing face of public safety in our town, the Family and Youth Forum is on hand to tackle it,” Mr Sauerwald said. “Often we are the first point of contact for people in need and we do what we can to provide a link between the community and services in town,” he said. Mr Sauerwald is hoping for a diverse range of new members to fill the Forum ranks. “Age is no barrier, qualifications are no barrier, we value stay at home carers as much as working professionals.

“We’d like teenagers to come along and share their concerns and grandparents who are visiting long or short term to raise their issues. “If you have an idea or an issue, whether it is big or small, we want to hear about it. “Anyone who has a vested interest in the community is welcome,” he said. To find out more about the Family and Youth Forum or to register your interest in becoming a member, contact Scott Sauerwald on 0437 816 903 or simply pop along to their monthly meeting.

Opportunities at the Op Shop The Andamooka Country Women’s Association (CWA) Op-Shop is looking for volunteers. Located in the heart of Andamooka, the CWA Op-Shop is the one of the most successful opportunity shops in Australia. Assistant Manager and Assistant Secretary of the Andamooka CWA, Anne Legg said working at the shop is great fun. “I’ve been working at the shop for two and a half years and I just have a ball up there,” Ms Legg said. “The op-shop is so important to our community, any money we make goes back into the town.

“If anyone has a few spare hours a couple of days a week and is looking for something to do, the Andamooka Op-Shop needs volunteers. “If you can spare some hours, we can help you fill them,” she said. The ladies of the Andamooka CWA Op-Shop would like to thank their volunteers and everyone who leaves donations. The Andamooka CWA Op-Shop is open Wednesdays from 9am – 1pm, Fridays from 9am – 3pm and Saturdays from 9am – 1pm. To find out more information, or to express your interest in volunteering call 8672 7044, 8672 7171 or 8672 7125.

A cup of soup for a parched land The South Australian Country Women’s Association (SACWA) is cooking up a batch of soup to aid drought victims and everyone is invited to take a cup. “We will have many different types of soup available,” Assistant Secretary of the Andamooka CWA, Anne Legg said. “People can either purchase a cup or take some home in a container.” All proceeds from the Drought

Relief Soup Day will go to the SACWA Emergency Aid Drought Relief Fund. “It’s a great cause and we are asking everyone to come to Andamooka and purchase some soup to raise fund for drought victims,” Ms Legg said. Soup will be available from 11am, Thursday, May 10 between the Andamooka IGA and bottle shop.

MEETING DATES Community Board Education and Workplace Training Sport and Recreation Forum Arts and Culture Forum Family and Youth Forum Alcohol & Substance Abuse Partnership Volunteering Partnership Health Forum

30 April 1 May 1 May 2 May 8 May 10May 14 May 15 May

7.30pm 12.30pm 7.30pm 7.30pm 7.30pm 7.30pm 7.30pm 7.30pm

Dates and times of meetings were correct at time of publication. For further information and check venue locations please contact Michelle Hales on 0438871153

Ways to have your say Do you have an issue that you want raised at any of the meetings? Do you have suggestions, ideas or feedback that you want passed on for consideration and action? Would you like to come along to a meeting and speak about a topic? Would you like to join a forum or partnership? Page 8 – Thursday, April 26, 2006

Web Log a question, comment, suggestion at community.



community@ Michelle Hales Executive Officer or Community Board communitygarden@ PO Box 124 Roxby Downs SA 5725

Telephone Mobile: 0438 871 153 Michelle Hales

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Above: “Bond Girls” Alex James, Mel Farrelly, Kevin and Yvette Mooney and Bec Gotch.

Above: Photographic display at Innamincka at their recent “Cooper Creek homestay” held between April 6 - 13.

Above: Danielle Bradford, Aphrodite Bolger, Lisa McCuish and Phillipa Welner dressed up at the Oasis.

Above: Wedge-tailed Eagle.

Above: Youth art exhibition as part of Youth Week.

Above: Photography competition entry: The Bottle House at Andamooka. Submitted by Trish Leis.

Above: Artwork displayed during Youth Week at the Roxby Downs Art Gallery.

Above: Wedge-tailed Eagle Page 10 – Thursday, April 26, 2006

Above: Photographic competition entry: Orb Weaver spider. Submitted by Annarien Robertse

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Andamooka achievers honoured

A small function in Andamooka on Friday saw the local volunteers who worked on the town’s new water supply pipeline recognised for their services. State Minister for Local Government Jennifer Rankine presented Graham Edwards, who represented the 30 volunteers on the project with the inaugural Outback Community Service Award. The Minister also presented Mike Freeman of the Andamooka Progress and Opal Miners Association with a community award recognising the role APOMA played in the delivery of the water supply. A number of guests were invited to the function and joined the minister for a light luncheon after the presentations.

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Thursday, April 26, 2007 – Page 11


Resources boom boosts regional housing market Above: Site works start on a new subdivision adjacent to Olympic Way

“Large home, large block” FOR SALE



Four bedroom home, all with built-in-robes. Ensuite to main bedroom. It boasts an open plan lounge and dining area and the kitchen comes with dishwasher. The entry opens to a spacious lounge. There is ducted air conditioning throughout the home with gas heating and reverse cycle air conditioner.The house has a front verandah and a full length, rear verandah. Drive through carport under main roof. Double iron garage, with power. There is lots of room for kids to play on aprox 1100m2 of land.



Median house prices in South Australia’s regional centres have continued strong in the latest March quarter, largely thanks to the growing resources boom, the Real Estate Institute of South Australia (REISA) says. The median house price for country SA rose to $208,000 for the March quarter, up from $202,000 from the December 2006 quarter. The statewide median price is now $278,000, up from $257,000 12 months ago. REISA President Mark Sanderson said regional jobs growth in a range of areas had contributed to March’s solid results. “With a 6.6% increase over the past year, regional SA has once again performed exceptionally well,” he said. “We are seeing the initial effects of the mining boom start to trickle into our housing market. “We’re also seeing more interstate investors and more ex-patriots returning to live in SA, which shows what a great state this is.” Whyalla recorded the strongest growth in the state, with its 33% leap in median prices over the past year, rising by nearly 11% in the past three months alone. This compared to an 8.1% statewide rise for the past 12 months and 2.96% for the quarter. Whyalla’s median price now stands at $220,000, up from $198,500 in December and $165,000 at this time last year. Murray Bridge was also a big winner, with median prices rising nearly 11% over the past 12 months to $205,000. Port Augusta recorded an 11% drop from the December 2006 quarter, down to $155,000 from $175,000, but prices are still up nearly 9% on this time last year. Growth in Port Lincoln was also stronger than the state average, with a 12-month rise of 8.5%.

Play your part in local history help name the new subdivision The release of land, as part of the longawaited South East Subdivision in Roxby Downs is just around the corner, and BHP Billiton wants you to get involved. BHP Billiton is strongly committed to Roxby Downs and, through the upcoming land release (and more planned for the near future), aims to help create a strong and viable community. “We are extremely excited about the town’s growth and want to ensure that Roxby Downs will be the ‘preferred mining town’ within Australia. This only means good things for our community and the people who make it tick,” says Olympic Dam Vice President Human Resources, Paul Walters. The release of land in the South East Subdivision (as it is currently known) will happen in the next two months, so BHP Billiton needs your help to create a name for the new area. The subdivision will be made up of 121 houses created by some of South Australia’s most reputable builders. Roxby Downs, Andamooka and Woomera residents are invited to have their say – what is your choice of name for the new subdivision? Where would

you like to live? What name do you think is appropriate for Roxby Downs? This is your chance to ‘Think Ahead’ and name the next Roxby Downs house/land development. We’ve come up with some ideas which you can vote on - they are: Roxby Plains The Rocks Terra Plains Red acre Copper Sands Or, you may have a completely different suggestion … we want to hear those too! To have your say, either visit www. and vote in the web poll, email or mail to “South East Subdivision, PO Box 150, Roxby Downs SA 5725”. All feedback will be welcomed – we want you to have your say and maybe make your mark in our local history books! The most popular name or best suited suggestion will be chosen by Olympic Dam management and publicised in local media in mid-May. So get brainstorming, we need your feedback by Wednesday 2nd May.

3 POGONA COURT OFFER BETWEEN , - ,

4 bdrm brick executive home. Formal tiled entrance way leads to large Tasmanian oak kitchen overlooks pool and entertaining area. Large Formal lounge area. Main bdrm has bay window and access to 2 way bathroom. 4th bdrm tiled & has sliding door to entertaining area great as an extra room or office. Tool shed, rear gate access, single carport with access to house via kitchen. Beautifully landscaped gardens. Rental potential $550 PLUS per week


3 Wandana Place, TUMBY BAY


4 bdrm home, BIR’s, ensuite, recently recarpeted throughout, spacious lounge with room ACTfor 2 entertaining NTR O areas, adjacent is dining and kitchen C R UNDEarea. Large allotment with garden shed, lawn, pergola & rear gate access available from double carport. Currently leased BHP at $370 pw expiring June 2008.



4bdrm brick executive home with double sized bedrooms, large ensuite and 3 way bathroom with spa for other 3 bdrms. Open plan living area with tiles, kitchen has bay window & overlooks entertainment area and pool, large pantry, dishwasher & electric oven. Formal lounge & family room both full of character, evap cooling, gas heating, dbl carport with roller doors, large shed. Tropical gardens. 24 MYALL STREET

OFFERS OVER $330,000

3 bdrm home completley renovated. New timber gourmet kitchen with oven, dishwasher & pantry. Two tone colours in living areas with dusty pink & cream & jarah timber picture rails that compliment the polished floor boards. Combustion fire heater, reverse cycle aircon & evap cooling. 2 entertainment areas, all bdrms with BIR’s, beautiful window treatments throughout. Large 20 x 30 shed with rear gate access, carport with roller door. Currently tenanted until Feb 2008 at $400 pw subject to rent increase in August 2007.

Martin Stringer Real Estate Manager

Ali Webber Property Consultant

Tania Noonan Property Manager

Phone 0417 816 738

Email: Page 12– Thursday, April 26, 2006

FOR SALE 3 bedroom/2 bathroom executive residence in the Tumby Bay Marina. With solid timber kitchen & quality fittings throughout including aircon, piped sound system, BIR’s, double garage UMR with 10’ clearance, huge rainwater tanks plus quality pontoon. A prestige property with unsurpassed views of boat-ramp & waters of Tumby Bay.

$700,000 negotiable Contact Karen Watson (08) 8688 2666

Lot 749 Andamooka FOR SALE Central, raised block (2150m2 total) with township views on a no-through road. Comfortable, newly renovated 2-3 bedroom home including paint & oors. This charming ex-Woomera home also has a large lounge, bathroom, 2 car carport & circular drive. Reverse cycle air conditioning & an outdoor, contained child-safe entertainment area. 9000 gallons water capacity in two tanks. All services are connected. The house is in a quiet location, close to shops, school & services. Inspection by appointment. Ph Roger on 0429 672 215 or 8672 7267

3 Pogona Court The Sweet Life - At a REDUCED Price This delightful 4 bedroom brick home is simply stunning with its beautiful well landscaped garden that leads you to the entrance featuring, leadlight windows. Step inside & be truly captured, the tiles have feature patterns & down lights lead you to a divine Tasmanian oak kitchen that is central to everything and you can view the pool, entertainment area, lounge & dining. The lounge has been designed with plenty of room in mind & measures approx 5.5m x 5.5m is fully carpeted & has a ceiling fan, lovely window treatments and a unique shaped display area. Main bedroom has bay window, ceiling fan & access to main shower area with its own toilet. 3 of the 4 bedrooms are carpeted with the 4th having tiles with a sliding door that has access to the pool and entertainment area. This room could easily be used as an office. The main bathroom has a separate powder room with vanity & large timber framed mirror. The laundry is a great size & also has sliding doors that lead you to the clothesline.

The entertainment area has a full length undercover vernadah and is completely paved. This area overlooks the fibreglass pool which is fully fenced and has its own BBQ area with mains gas outlet—great for a Sunday BBQ with the family! This property has a single carport with room for 2 cars & has a panel lift roller door being installed soon. The carport has access to a short passage way that brings you into the kitchen area. There is also a shed that is the size of approx 2 garden sheds joined & has rear gate access to this point. All gardens are on a fully automatic watering system. This home is serviced by reverse cycle air-conditioning ducted throughout. Current owners must sell due to relocating & other commitments and have recently reduced their price to offers between $447,000 - $448,000. Great price for a 4 bedroom brick executive home - take advantage and experience some instant capital growth. To arrange a private inspection on this property please contact Ali Webber - Wardle Co Real Estate 0417 816 738

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The beat of life


he human heart – to its rhythmic beat we tread the measure of our lives, but unfortunately, we don’t always take the best care of this essential organ. Next week is Heart Week and the theme for 2007 is Chest Pain – Call 000 because every minute counts. Heart Foundation CEO SA, Geoff Halsey said each year coronary heart disease causes the death of almost 25,000 Australian men and women.

“Fifty per cent of deaths from heart attack occur before the person reaches hospital,” Mr Halsey said. “We need all Australians to recognise the signs and know what to do immediately to save lives. “Too many people are losing loved ones because they take too long to call for an ambulance – in fact less than 15 per cent of Australians get to hospital within an hour of experiencing heart attack warning signs,” he said. Heart attack warning signs include

Number change for specialised drugs

pain in the chest, pain spreading to the upper body, discomfort in the upper body including heaviness in the arms and a choking sensation, breathing difficulty, nausea, vomiting, cold sweats, dizziness and light-headedness. Anyone experiencing any of those symptoms should stop what they are doing, rest, tell someone what they are feeling and call 000 if the symptoms become severe or last beyond 10 minutes.

Health students get help whilst bush training A new support resource to help students on rural health placements stay mentally healthy has been produced by the National Rural Health Network (NRHN) and beyondblue, the national depression initiative. The Guide, When the cowpat hits the windmill: a guide for staying mentally fit for students, focuses on mental health issues faced by Australia’s future rural and remote health workforce while on placement or working out bush. “Medical, allied health and nursing students face both personal and patient mental health issues while on placement or working out bush,” Mr Nicholas Moore, NRHN Co-Chair said. “The issues facing rural and remote health professionals are well documented. Health professionals out bush are working longer hours, have a lack of resources and are working in a challenging environment,” he said. “Our students face these exact

same issues while on placement particularly as their placement is often far away from family, friends and other social supports” Ms Lydia Scott, AURHA Rural Health Club President said. “This Guide helps students prepare as much as possible for their move into rural and remote healthcare. “Working and living in rural and remote Australia provides students with amazing professional and personal opportunities…but it’s hard. This resource provides them with an-all-in-one document about what to expect, how to deal with mental health issues and most importantly where to go for help”, Ms Scott said. “But it’s not only personal mental health issues that these students face. Students on placements will be seeing patients alongside a supervisor. “Mental health issues in rural and remote communities are on

the rise and our students need to be prepared for what they will be dealing with when seeing patients”, she said. Chairman of beyondblue Jeff Kennett said depression is a common condition among medical professionals. “Suicide rates among doctors are consistently high – particularly among male doctors. We also know that overall suicide rates are higher in rural areas compared with metropolitan ones. “You can’t look after your friends, family or in the case of doctors – your patients – if you don’t look after yourself first. We hope this new resource will not only help the future rural health workforce deal with the mental health problems they’ll find in rural communities but most importantly help them stay well themselves, so they can fulfill their career dreams and help others,” he said.

Medicare Australia’s 1800 telephone lines for a specific group of specialised drugs has been consolidated into one number, 1800 700 270. Numbers, 1800 005 570, 1800 242 679, 1800 700 270 and 1800 819 296 will continue to operate for a period of six months, diverting callers to one number, 1800 700 270, which will provide doctors with four options: 1. Breast Cancer/Pulmonary Arterial Hy p er tension and I V F/GIF T programs; 2. Biological Agents for Anthropathies and modafinil for narcolepsy; 3. Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia/Gastrointestinal stromal tumour/Lung Cancer/Chronic Plaque Psoriasis/

Age Related Macular Degeneration programs; 4. Botulinum Toxin under section 100 program. “Upon dialling, doctors are directed to an interactive voice response menu where they can immediately choose their preferred option,” Medicare Australia’s Dr Peter Sexton said. “The change is designed to provide doctors with a more streamlined service. They can now ring one number but don’t have to wait to hear all options before selecting the one they want.” This new Medicare Australia initiative aims to provide doctors with a more effective and efficient service regardless of the specialised drug requested.

Brussel’s get the thumbs down In a recent survey commissioned by leading food brand Birds Eye, potatoes have come up trumps while brussel sprouts have been voted the least favourite vegetable. The ‘Children’s Survey 2007’ found that of 500 children surveyed, most named brussel sprouts as the worst vegetable, with 77% claiming bad taste was to blame. John, 8, verified this finding by stating ‘everyone hates them’ and Michelle, 14, claimed ‘it’s a family tradition to hate brussel sprouts’. Ashley, 11, hated them even though he had ‘never had them before’. However, the majority of children revealed that they would eat vegetables if they were blue, tasted like chocolate, or smelled like flowers. Surprise findings included the much maligned broccoli being voted as the fourth favourite vegetable by the children surveyed. 66% of children surveyed said that they would prefer to eat a plate full of veggies rather than tidy their room whilst 30% of children surveyed claimed to eat vegetables because their parents make them or for reward. “This research was undertaken to get a snapshot of what Aussie kids like and dislike on their dinner plates,” Birds Eye Marketing Manager, Glenn Myatt said. “By better understanding children’s attitudes towards vegetables we aim to help parents come up with solutions for fussy eaters.”

According to the survey peas and mushrooms rank alongside brussel sprouts as least favourite vegetables, with comments such as ‘peas take up too much space on my plate’ (Danny, 9) and mushrooms ‘pop up in the yard’ (Yasmin, 11). Overall, when asked why they didn’t like vegetables, 57% of children responded that they didn’t like the taste, with texture (11%), look (8%) and smell (5%) also cited as reasons. On the flip side, children aged between 2 and 14 voted the humble potato as best vegetable, with corn and carrot not far behind. And if parents are looking for more creative ways to present meals, some children suggested that they would eat their vegetables if they were shaped like iPods, or smelled like cats or mowed grass. Are we creating little monsters? Australian parents could be sending the wrong message to their children by forcing them to eat their vegetables using stern words or rewards. Michael Grose, one of Australia’s leading authorities on parenting and family matters says common dinner-threats include not getting dessert, not leaving the table or having a privilege taken away unless vegetables are eaten. “Offering a reward to your child for eating a vegetable reinforces the fact that you recognise it doesn’t taste very good,” he said.

Hints and tips for fussy eaters Michael Grose, a leading expert on parenting and family matters, recommends the following techniques to get those fussy eaters eating their vegetables.

Attack on Breast Cancer The BreastScreen SA Mobile Breast X-Ray Unit was in Roxby Downs last week, offering free screening mammograms to women aged over 40 years. BreastScreen SA Promotions and Education Manager, Karen Shepherd said the unit hoped to screen 150 local women. “The primary target group is women aged 50 – 69 and we had a great response while we were in Roxby Downs,” Ms Shepherd said. “We know it is sometimes difficult for women living in rural and

remote areas to gain access to health services. “BreastScreen SA is committed to bringing the mobile unit to Roxby Downs every two years, which is the recommended screening interval. “With early detection, there is a greater chance of successful treatment,” she said. In 2003 almost 12,000 new cases of breast cancer were diagnosed, according to the Health Registers and Cancer Monitoring Unit. Head of the Unit, John Harding said the death rate has fallen since

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

1990, but urges women not to be complacent. “The death rate has fallen from 30 per 100,000 women of all ages in 1990, to 23 per 100,000 in 2004,” Mr Harding said. “And the decline was even greater in the target age group of 50 – 69 years. “The message is clear; when women attend BreastScreen Australia for early detection screening, any cancers found are more likely to be smaller and more treatable,” he said.

of the planning process. Research conducted by Birds Eye found that children have vivid imaginations and should be encouraged to use them.

4. Don’t offer rewards and bribes. 1. Involve your children in the cookOffering a reward to your child for ing process. This is a good starting eating a vegetable is just reinforcing point as kids are more likely to eat the fact that you agree that it does not something they have had a say in taste good. making. Don’t be too ambitious, start with once a week and ritualise 5. Don’t make a big deal of it. Unless the experience. children have a medical condition, don’t become too perturbed if they 2. Avoid turning your home into a don’t eat their meal. Kids survive and will not starve if food is available. restaurant. It is very common for parents to prepare 2 or 3 different meals every night to suit fussy 6. Good eating habits = better pereaters. Try substituting instead. For formance. As children reach the example, if your child doesn’t like fish, cusp of adolescence (11 or 12 years give them sausages but keep the side old) health messages become more relevant. Telling your sports-crazy dishes the same. child that eating healthy food will 3. Cook in fun and interesting ways. make him kick the football further is Be creative and let your kids be part more likely to resonate.

Stephen Scott-Hoy B.Optom Need friendly, professional eyecare and quality fashion eyewear with a full back-up service? See the Eyebus when it visits... Roxby Downs - 8671 2001 Andamooka - 8672 7007 Woomera - 8673 7473 Monthly visits - Examinations bulk-billed. Serving rural and regional South Australia since 1990.

Thursday, April 26, 2007 – Page 13



U arts matters

Above: Brodie Goldfinch provides light and sound to the youth arts workshop.

Small is excellence

Last week’s Youth Week was revelry for the young people who Nick Fernandez joined Rodney you can end up with excellence, remained in town for the school Mitchell for a music and technical and excellence will always attract a great success. Following on from the early start at Roxby Downs Area School, the Youth Centre and Country Arts SA’s Rodney Mitchell took up the baton to provide a week of

holidays. The Art Gallery displayed an excellent range of art created by our local youth and the auditorium rang with music as Bodie Goldfinch, Jade Bishop and

workshop. “It was a small workshop, but in the arts small is beautiful,” Mr Mitchell said. “With small you get concentration, when you get concentration

an audience. “For my part I really appreciated the opportunity to work one on one with some very fine young musicians,” he said.

Port Augusta gets The Angels 2007 has seen The Angels playing indie-rock venues to young crowds and they are astounded as to the response from these rockers. John Brewster says: “I look down into the crowd and see all these young faces dancing and rocking out to our music – it’s just great!” The Angels are excited about recording new tracks they have recently written. No studio date has been set but you can rest assured when they put them down - the new music will be well worth the wait. The Angels will perform at the South Augusta Football Club on May 12th.

Last week was Youth Week.

It was busy at the cinema, especially with younger children. In the auditorium we continued our Youth Arts Workshop. There weren’t a whole lot of teenagers about. A lot of families had gone camping or visiting Grandparents. But families can’t do that all the time. We had teenagers working around By Rodney Mitchell the Cultural Precinct. We were also happy to be able to provide the auditorium as a work space for a couple of our more creative male teenagers. Thus far our Youth Arts Workshop has attracted more girls than boys. The Rave Dance group at school has been making solid progress. There were a few boys brave enough to do the Raw Dance workshop in March, but both the Youth Arts Working Party and the school have been struggling to hook boys into dance programs. Sport is a major interest and preoccupation for many young men and women, and that is probably how it should be. Sport is not the only way to get fit. Every community throws up its creatives. These are the young people who might not be motivated quite so much by competitive sport, as by collaborative play making. Singing, dancing and making things. So we made music in the auditorium. We learnt about the technical systems. The 32 channel Soundcraft Desk. The automated lighting programmer. The monitor speakers and the stage talkback system. The more people we have that are skilled in this area the better and we need adult supervisors as well as young adults. It was a small workshop, but in the arts small is often not so bad. With small you can get concentration. When you get concentration you can end up with excellence, and excellence will always attract an audience. With more people listening and dancing we get higher rates of participation. So, along with working through the technical problem solving inherent in any theatre space, we sang songs and swapped ideas. We listened to favourite songs, and we finished songs that had been left half written. We weren’t swamped by footloose bands of teenagers. All the better. One of our young men, recently arrived from Gawler, has ordered up the aerosol to tackle creative solutions at the skate park. The idea is that creative design will survive the vanity tagging that seems to be still the rage with some. As we move our creative types towards good design and effective teamwork not only do we reap a rich harvest to see, hear and enjoy, but we give young people the chance to practise skills and processes that may well make them very employable indeed. If you read the current management texts they will tell you that the future workplace is all about collaboration and teamwork. Hands up those people who heard Geoff Goodfellow perform his poetry at Outback Fringe 04? The Red eARTh Festival Working Party and the Roxby Downs Area School are interested in hearing from people who have an opinion.


Friendly faces of RoxFM

Email: or


SMS your request on 0407 979 918 or phone 8671 2545 Page 14 – Thursday, April 26, 2007

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ACROSS THE REGION SPORT 11.30am Rebels 1 v Devil Cats 1.30pm Rebels 2 v Shakers Friday April 27th Roxby Downs Bowls Club Night Owls 8pm Monday, April 30th Karate Auditorium Colts (Age 5-12) 6pm Juniors/Adults 6:45pm Contact Tracey Fouet 0400 894 429

Roxby Downs Mens and Womens Basketball Winter Competition May - October Sports Centre


Indoor soccer 6 -7pm Tae KwonDo - Auditorium from 6.30pm Contact Andrew Murdy 0418 804 398

Roxby Downs Family Practice Phone 8671 3231 Roxby Downs Medical Practice Normal hours 9:00am-5:00pm Saturday morning by appointment only. Phone 8671 1900

Roxby Downs Market Days May 19th June 16th August 18 September 15th October 20th November 17th

Roxby Downs Childcare Monday - Friday 6.30am-5.30pm Phone 8671 0911 for details Gym Cultural & Leisure Precinct Monday to Friday 6 am-12pm & 4pm - 9 pm Saturday 8-12pm Sunday 11-2pm Phone 86710500

Eyebus Woomera May 23rd Andamooka May 24th Roxby Downs May 24th Visiting Allied Health Service Occupational Therapist Speech Pathologist Dietician Podiatrist

Toddlers Story Time Fun for young children and mums Roxby Downs Library Richardson Place Tuesdays 9:30 am – 10:30 am

Child Adolescent Mental Health Services For appointments phone 8648 5800

Playgroup St Barbara’s Parish School Phone Jakki 86712323

Hearing Services April 26 - 9.00am - 2.30pm For an appointment call 1800 006 303

Indoor Soccer Leisure Centre Social matches from 6pm All welcome Contact Kenton Maloney 0408 797 158


Coffee Mornings for Families Meet and chat for all families. New comers especially welcome. Dunes Café 9:30am – 11am

Roxby Downs Softball League Sunday May 6th


Mt Dare Hotel Open every day 8:00am -9:00pm, 7 days.

Community members welcome to attend any meeting of the Roxby Downs Community Board.

RFDS Roxby Downs Auxillary Irish Christmas June 23rd at the Roxby Downs Community Club

May 14th - 9.30am- 11:00am Normal weight gains Roxby Downs Helath Seminar Room

School Terms 2007

Community Board April 30th - 7.30pm Council boardroom Family & Youth Forum May 8th - 7.30pm Council Boardroom

April 30 - July 6 2007 July 23-September 28 2007 October 15-December 14 2007 Art Gallery Exhibitions 1 – 30 April 2007 Youth Week Photography Expo 1 – 16 May 2007 Come Out Youth Arts Festival TBA 17 May – 12 Jun 2007 A Tribute to Iris Frame Iris Frame

Arts & Cultural Forum May 2nd - 7.30pm Foyer Cultural & Leisure Precinct

June 15 – July 29 Art Quilts Heather Carey

Alcohol & Substance Abuse Partnership May 10th - 7.30pm Council Boardroom

Performing Arts June 2007 Comedy Festival Country Arts

Education & Workplace Training Forum May 15th - 12.30pm Council Boardroom

Roxby Downs Kindergarten Phone 86710455

Every Week Visitor Information Centre 8.30 - 5.00 Mon-Fri Phone 8671 2001

For further details on Community matters call Michelle Hales on 8671 0010

Sport & Recreation Forum May 1st - 7.30pm Foyer Cultural & Leisure Precinct

Every Friday Playgroup

Woomera & Districts Football League Saturday April 28th 12 noon Hornridge v Andamooka 2pm Roxby Districts v Olympic Dam

Health Forum May 15th - 7.30pm


Roxby Downs Community Library Monday to Friday 8.30-5.00pm Saturday 9.00-12pm. Phone 8671 0660 for more information.

Wednesday, May 2nd Karate Auditorium Colts (Age 5-12) 6pm Juniors/Adults 6:45pm Contact Tracey Fouet 0400 894 429 Thursday, May 3rd Tae KwonDo Auditorium From 6:30pm Contact Andrew Murdy 0418 804 398

Leisure & Cultural Centre Movies Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday Sunday (see schedule below) Phone 8671 2001

Every Sunday Tour De Desert Cycling Social Bike riding group from 8am Contact Daryl Wake 0408 188 685


Volunteering Partnership May 21st 7.30pm

Don’t forget to enter your photographs in The Monitor’s monthly competition. $50 prize money to the best photograph every month. Photos need to be high resolution, digital shots and can be emailed to

ROXBY DOWNS CULTURAL & LEISURE PRECINCT REGULAR SCHEDULE Cultural Precinct Visitors Information centre Dunes café Art Gallery Open Mon – Fri 9 am – 5pm Saturday & Sunday 9am – 5pm During school holidays Leisure Centre Gymnasium Mon – Fri 6am – 12pm 4pm - 9pm Saturday 8am - 12pm Sunday 11am - 2pm Creche for patrons of the centre Mon –Fri 8.45am-12pm

The normal sports schedule resumes from the 30th April when school goes back

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

Phone: 8671 2001 Fax: 8671 2021 EVENTS OUTBACK CINEMA

SPORTS CALENDAR Monday Volleyball 7pm - 9pm Nippy Gym – Auditorium 9:30am - 10:30am Karate - 6pm - 8.30pm Tuesday Squash 7pm - 9pm Indoor Soccer 6pm - 7pm Taekwondo 6.30 – 8.30 12 years and over Basketball 7pm - 9pm Soccer on Tuesday 6pm – 7pm Wednesday Women’s & Mixed Netball 7-9pm Karate 6pm - 8.30pm

Art Gallery Program Now Showing 12 April - 4 May Youth Arts Exhibition RDAS Students

Thursday Nippy Gym – Auditorium 9.30am - 11.00am Squash 7pm-9pm Indoor Soccer 6pm -7pm Taekwondo 6.30pm – 8.30pm 12 years and over Basketball 7pm - 9pm Soccer on Thursday 6pm – 8pm Netball training on the outdoor courts 6pm – 7:30pm

We have a social mixed competition starting soon… Please register your interest with Bridget at the Leisure Centre. Both new and experienced players welcome!!

Coming Soon 7 - 19 May Come Out Youth Festival Art Exhibition.


Rated M Duration 124 mins.A man (Sandler) who lost his family in the September 11 attack on New York City runs into his old college roommate (Cheadle). Rekindling the friendship is the one thing that appears able to help the man recover from his grief. Starring: Adam Sandler, John Cheadle, Jada Pinkett Smith, Liv Tyler & Donald Sutherland. Sat 28th Sun 29th Tues 1st May


Ph 8671 0500

12pm 3pm 7pm


Rated MA Duration 121 mins. Nicholas Angel is a London cop with an incredibly high arrest record. Angel is sent to the sleepy and seemingly crime-free village of Sandford where he is partnered with the over eager police officer Danny. Danny being a huge action movie fan believes his new big-city partner might just be a real-life “bad boy,” and this might be his chance to experience real gunfights and car chases.Starring: Simon Pegg, Martin Freeman, Bill Nighy, & Robert Propper. Fri 27th Sat 28th Sun 29th

8pm 3pm 12 & 7pm Thursday, April 26, 2007 – Page 15

Monitor’s TIME OUT

Page 16 – Thursday, April 26, 2007

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Getting your money for you The Office of Workplace Services (OWS) continues to make sure employers pay workers their full legal entitlements, with latest figures showing underpayments recovered for over 6300 employees in its first year of operation total over $10.1 million. Claims investigations in March this year returned over $1.2 million. OWS Director Nicholas Wilson says these results stem from investigations and targeted audits since OWS commenced operations as an independent agency on 27 March 2006. “It is a basic right of all workers in Australia to be paid correctly for their hours worked, rates of pay, leave entitlements and employment status,” Mr Wilson said.

“OWS will act on all justified claims regardless of the amount, with no minimum threshold. “Most employers do the right thing by their employees, and make sure they are aware of their obligations. “Making sure staff are paid correctly is easy. OWS publishes fact sheets and time and wages record keeping templates, which help prove the amounts paid are correct. “Employers who want tailored arrangements for their workplaces can easily set up agreements that give absolute certainty about wages and conditions. “Employers must understand not paying workers correctly can and does prove costly,” Mr Wilson said. “OWS seeks voluntary compliance but will not hesitate to pursue cases

through the courts, where severe penalties of up to $33 000 per offence can be applied, in addition to recovery of any unpaid entitlements. If any worker is concerned they are not being paid their entitlements, they should contact OWS immediately. For information or to lodge a claim, individuals can contact OWS via the HelpLine on 1300 724 200. Employers are also encouraged to contact OWS to access the range of resources available to avoid the potential risks of underpayment. “The central role of OWS is to ensure that the rights and obligations of workers and employers under workplace law are protected, understood and enforced fairly”, Mr Wilson said.

Young science a key to industry Young people in South Australia with ideas that will benefit Australia’s rural industries can apply for up to $10,000 under a national awards programme. Minister for Ag riculture, Fisheries and Forestry, Peter McGauran, encouraged South Australian residents aged 18 to 35 to apply for the 2007 Science and Innovation Awards for Young People in Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry.

“These awards present a great opportunity for young scientists and innovators to contribute to the future of our rural industries by helping them to convert their ideas into reality,” Mr McGauran said. “This year there are 18 awards on offer – 10 that are industry-based, and one from each State and Territory. “Since 2001, 100 young people from around Australia have received awards – 12 being from South Australia.

ARA training now available in SA

The Australian Retailers Association (ARA) has announced its new partnership with Integrity Business College to provide and coordinate retail training services in South Australia. South Australian retailers from metropolitan or remote centres now have direct access to the comprehensive range of ARA training services. In addition, the Online Virtual Retail Institute has a particular relevance for retailers in remote and regional South Australia. The ARA Integrity Business College service includes an initial training and consultancy assessment, providing businesses with training in all facets of retail. Additionally, mystery shopping, business consultancy and customised training to suit individual stores are also available. The ARA Integrity Business College provides flexible delivery, offering on the job, classroom, and virtual online interactive classrooms. It delivers to national and international companies and travels to regional areas. It will deal with both training and membership queries, with other ARA services like industrial, tenancy and other retail advisory services continuing to operate via 1800 262 313. THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

The awards are co-ordinated by the Bureau of Rural Sciences, which is part of the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, and jointly supported by several industry Research and Development Corporations (RDCs). The award recipients will be announced by Mr McGauran at a ceremony in Canberra later in the year. Applications close at 5pm on 15 June 2007 and can be lodged online at

Money push on careers Australians will benefit from better career information and advice due to a $1.86 million funding boost for a number of innovative career development initiatives by the federal government. Parliamentary Secretary for Education, Science and Training, Pat Farmer,said that despite record low national unemployment figures of 4.5 percent – the Howard Government is far from resting on its achievements. “Globalisation, competition, skills shortages and an ageing population present all of us with new and urgent challenges. “These new initiatives are designed to help young people get excited and involved in their career development and help career advisers to broaden their knowledge and skills.” Th e $ 1 . 8 6 m i l l i o n Au s t r a l i a n Government commitment will enable

new occupational videos to be broadcast on the ABC network new scholarships for TAFE and university career practitioners to participate in further study and industry placements. There’ll also be an update and expansion to resources for career practitioners as well as state-based conferences to bring together the Career Advice Australia network. “The Australian Government has funded the National Career Development Week from 4-10 June, to help everyday Australians understand the importance of career development and to show them how they can get the skills that they need to achieve the life that they want to live,” Mr Farmer said. In 2007, the Australian Government will spend over $98 million on career development initiatives.

Position vacant Accounts Administration - Full Time The Roxby Downs Cultural and Leisure Precinct is seeking a highly motivated and experienced person to take control of the accounts receivable / payable and general financial administration. The successful applicant must have: • broad accounts administration or financial experience • excellent interpersonal, customer service and organizational skills • experience in MYOB accounting software (essential). For a copy of the position description or for more information contact Alan on 0438 010 088 or email Applicants must forward applications to Alan Male, Manager Roxby Leisure, PO Box 300, Roxby Downs 5725 Written applications addressing the position description must be received before close of business, Friday 30th April 2007.


Position Vacant


Recreation Activities Officer - Full Time

Café & Kiosk Assistants

The Roxby Downs Cultural and Leisure Precinct is seeking motivated people, with a customer service focus for our Hospitality areas. The successful applicants should possess broad hospitality experience • customer service skills • organizational skills • Some weekend and out of normal hours work will be required. Excellent pay rates and working conditions apply to all Roxby Downs Cultural and Leisure Precinct positions. For a copy of the position description or for more information contact Sarah Barnes on 86710500 or email Applicants must forward applications to Sarah Barnes, HR Coordinator Roxby Leisure, PO Box 300, Roxby Downs 5725 Written applications addressing the position description must be received by close of business, Friday 30th April 2007.

Roxby Leisure, Youth Recreation Services provides programs, events and activities to enhance the development of young people aged from 10 years to 18 years. An opportunity exists for an enthusiastic, innovative and self-motivated person or persons to develop and provide, in a team environment, these services to young people within the community of Roxby Downs. • • • • •

Experience in planning and delivery of activities to a diverse range of young people, as well as strong written and verbal communication skills are essential. A major part of this role during 2007 is to develop recreation activities programs for the young people of Roxby Downs. A relevant qualification in Recreation Activities delivery and/or previous experience in youth program or general recreation program planning and delivery is desireable. Previous experience in working with young people in a recreational activity based level is highly desirable. This role does require out of normal hours and weekend work. For a copy of the position description or for more information contact: Alan on 0438 010 088 or email Applicants must forward applications to Alan Male, Manager Roxby Leisure, PO Box 300, Roxby Downs 5725 Written applications addressing the position description must arrive before the close of business, Friday 30th April 2007.

Thursday, April 26, 2007 – Page 17



Council snippets


Pt Pirie & Adelaide Depots Antique & Household Removals Local, Interstate & Country Storage & Delivery Specialists

Ph: 0427 716 173 Roxby Downs ! Pt Augusta ! Pt Pirie



Church Times

GUIDES SA Public meeting, Roxby Downs Motor Inn. Monday 30th April. 6.00pm Representatives of Guides SA will be in attendance along with District Leader, Julie Steele. All ideas welcomed. Volunteers and parents please attend. For further details, please contact Julie Steele on 0448 693 502 or Guide Headquarters on 8418 0900. HOUSE FOR SALE 3 Bed/Rms. Steel frame, corner block. New Bathroom & Kitchen, ßoating ßoors, custom built spa, sheds, covered outdoor entertainment area. $345,000 ONO. Phone 0400 449 632. FOR SALE DUCTED Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner. 3.5 HP, 6 years old. Temperzone. $1500. Ph 8671 0824

Andamooka Catholic Church Sunday 11am first and third Sunday of every month St Barbara’s Catholic Church Roxby Downs Saturday evening 6pm Sunday morning 9am Roxby Downs Lutheran Church Sunday 10.30am and Sunday School – 9.30am St Michael’s Catholic Church, Woomera, Sunday 5pm All denominations welcome Faithworks Church Sunday 10.00am at the Roxby Downs TAFE College. Andamooka Community Church. Sunday 2pm Roxby Downs Christian Community Church Sunday 10am

5.0L Injected Windsor engine with low kms. Includes V8 radiator and heaps of spares. Make and offer. Phone 0419 925 530. MOTOR VEHICLES FOR Sale. NISSAN PATROL Ford 351. Four speed, gas, mag wheels, Bull Bar, Spotlights, Roof Rack & Tough Truck. 1984 model. Reg# ULS 462. $1500 ONO. Ph 8672 7073

GIVE AWAY 2 good watch dogs. Would suit yard or industrial setting. Please call 0418 904 586.

Opal Road Landfill Opening Hours The Opal Road Landfill Opening Hours are 1pm – 6pm, seven days a week. Residents are encouraged to utilise this FREE service as the dumping of litter in reserves or lands surrounding the town attract an expiation penalty fee of $315.00 as per the Local Government Act.

Rates The third quarterly instalments are now overdue for payment; please pay immediately to avoid late fees. Please contact Bronnie Warren at the Council on 8671 0010 for Fire Prevention any payment arrangements or Please contact the Roxby enquiries. Fines will apply to Downs Council for any ques- all overdue accounts. tions relating to the fire danger season, fire bans or permits. Water 31 March, 2007 Quarterly Advertising on Council accounts have been issued. Infrastructure Please pay by the due date of Advertising on Council 15 May, 2007 to avoid the late infrastructure such as light fees. poles can attract expiation notices under the Local Electricity Government Act. 31 March, 2007 Quarterly If you spot any such advertis- accounts have been issued. ing please notify the Council. Please pay by the due date of 4 May, 2007 to avoid further Dog Registration action. All electricity billing Residents are reminded that enquiries to Sarah Janout on you must notify the Council 8671 0010. within 72 hours if your dog is Parking moved to different premises, the dog dies or is missing or Please be aware that there the ownership of the dog has been an increase in the is transferred to another expiation fee for parking in a person. bus zone, it has gone up to $73 Failure to notify the Council from $47. of any of these changes can Justice of the Peace attract an $80.00 Expiation Justice of the Peace services Notice. Please also ensure that all are available at the Council

Phone 8671 0153

24 Curdimurka Street

Sewing machine technician in Roxby Store Friday May 11 •Bookings essential •PFAFF Machines & accessories Open: Monday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday 9.30am to 2.30pm Closed Tuesday & Wednesday or phone for an appointment




Mon - Thurs 9.00am - 5.00pm Friday 9.00am - 7.00pm Saturday 9.00am - 1.30pm

PHONE 8223 3922 22-24 Twin Street Adelaide SA 5000

Rubbish Collection Residents are reminded that there is a limit of one bin per household for weekly rubbish collection and that it is the residents responsibility to ensure that bins are in serviceable condition with closable lids that prevent flies and birds from accessing rubbish. Please be diligent as littering attracts an Expiation Penalty Fee of $315.00 – ie over flowing bins. Opal Road Landfill Opening Hours 1pm – 6pm seven days a week. Council Office Hours – General Monday to Friday – 9am to 5pm. Visit your local community website at: www.roxbydowns. com


Phone 8671 0270 and 0417 858 295 Adult and all age activities sponsored by the Anglican and Uniting Churches of Australia

Roxby Classic Clean

Ph: 8671 1234

For all your cleaning requirements

Fax: 8671 2823 Mob: 0407 711 234

Vinyl Stripping and Resealing

Houses Flats

Shop 5/14 Tutop Street Roxby Downs SA

Yards Cleared


Gutters Cleaned


BLD - 173944

Lawns Mowed

Providing a complete service: ! ! ! ! !

" General Repairs " Carpentry " Plumbing " Electrical " Painting

" Fencing " Cabinet-making " Gas-tting " Carpet/Vinyl " Refrigeration


Page 18 – Thursday, April 26, 2007

Local Website Visit your local updated website. New Forums have now been added. Read what’s new and have your say in the Forums at www.roxbydowns. com

Meeting Every Sunday at 10 am and 7.30 pm Corner Tutop & Burgoyne Streets, Roxby Downs


For all your lending, investment, insurance, nancial planning & everyday banking needs. Visit us in Tutop Street, call 8671 2555 or explore

offices by appointment only. The Justice of the Peace is registered for South Australia only ; therefore proof of residency is required. Please contact Council front desk for further details.



Creative Trims & Craft

dogs over the age of three months are registered, failure to comply can again result in an $80.00 Expiation Notice being issued.



0408 805 092.

Phone Faye 0407 898 803 or 0448 287 227 8671 0049

Reasonable Rates Free Quotes Honest and Reliable

Johnson’s Lawn & Garden ∞Automatic Irrigation ∞Sprinkler System installation & maintenance ∞Prepare & install instant turf ∞Mulch and garden preparation

Phone Brent on 0411 042 423 or 8671 0891 THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper


Monitor SPORT

Money for jam


ttention all Roxby sporting groups – here is your chance to get a cut of the state government’s Active Club grant cash cow.

Above: Football action from the 2006 season.

Football season opens this weekend T

Over $1 million is available to community sports organisations. President of the Junior Basketball Association in Roxby Downs, Pat Coombes said she would be interested in pursuing a grant. “It sounds great. “These things are usually aimed at professional groups, which often have sponsors, a lot of community groups don’t have any, so it’s nice to see something we might be eligible for. “We’ll definitely look into it further,” she said. There are three types of grants available. Local Initiative grants will award up to $10,000 for programs that expand the range and quality of active recreation and sporting experiences in a local area by purchasing equipment or conducting programs. Minor Capital Works grants of up to $20,000 are available for the construc-

tion or upgrade of facilities and Youth Encompassing Sport grants of up to $10,000 are for projects that promote and deliver sport and active recreation programs to youth. Minister for Recreation, Sport and Racing, Michael Wright said he is looking forward to receiving applications from community sport and recreation groups. “Better facilities and services are an essential part of getting more people involved in physical activity and I am urging grassroots sporting organisations to apply for financial assistance,” Mr Wright said. “Grants are now available to help the state’s sport and recreation groups provide a better experience for all participants. “The Rann Government has provided more than $11 million dollars in Active Club grants since 2002, ensuring more people have access to a healthy and active lifestyle,” he said. To find out more about the Active Club grants, or to pick up an application form, contact the Grants Consultant at the office for Recreation and Sport on 8416 6708 or visit them online at au.

All pundits are going for One of the team’s to watch this he Football season will kick off in Roxby Downs Andamooka over Hornridge and season will be the very cashed up Roxby Districts over Olympic Coober Pedy Saints which have on Saturday

At 12 noon Hornridge lines up against Andamooka which has prepared itself well during the off season. The main game at 2pm on the town oval will see last year’s Premiers Olympic Dam battle with old foes Roxby Districts which is looking for a lift this season following some exciting recruiting since last year. Coober Pedy will have the opening round bye.

Dam because of the unknown quality of Roxby’s pick-ups from the south-east of the state and Eyre Peninsula. Roxby is looking taller up forward and is in the enviable position of having a number of highly rated mid-fielders and on-ballers to select from for the opening game. The Olympic Dam camp have been playing their cards close to the chest and their first hit out for the season will give an indication if they have come back to the field.

strong backing from a number of sponsors, particularly from Adelaide. Although the continual 900 kilometre round trip each weekend must have an effect on the players, their enthusiasm and recruitment drive during the off season will put them in good stead. The League may now ponder the idea of scheduling games at Coober Pedy now the Saints have had new changerooms built at their headquarters.

Monitoring the SA fishing scene Compiled by Peter Medhurst

Local Hotspot

Land Based

Cape Douglas and Nene Valley have plentiful supplies of garfish schooling the shallow water. The fish are of mixed sizes and though thumpers are Have a Photo or Fabulous Fishy Tale present - sizes should be watche.d Email Floating rigs with burley cages and gents are working well in the early mornings, however action throughout the day is possible. Calm days are the best in these tranquil bays and throw a cockle out every now and then for the odd big whiting which cruise through.

Halls Beach has a superb gutter located in front of the car park which has nice salmon striking metal lures. A Port Noarlunga jetty fisherman bagged a couple of nice 10lb Snapper. Salmon was his target however he was pleasantly surprised with his catch. S e c o n d Va l l e y ’s second bay had nice King George Whiting and Leather Jackets biting earlier in the week. Robe breakwater has tommies inside it.


FishWatch 1800 065 023

Port River mulloway fishermen are having a great season live baiting salmon trout for the aewsome predator. The submarine base is the pick of locations though nice runs are possible anywhere that deep water exists and trout are present. Tuna in the 30 - 50lb range are also giving anglers fantastic sport fishing and large vessels can find them from Cape Borda to West Bay.

South Australian Illegal Fishing Hot Line One very nice Flathead. Drifting with a slab of cuttlefish produced this magnificant specimen at Wirrina Cove.

Fishing Charter Brokers Australia

Are you ready to glow? The Roxby Downs Golf Club has come up with a novelty event that’ll surely keep the Bilbys heads down tomorrow night. They’re holding a night golf competition over 7 holes in a four person ambrose format. For the quirky or concentration orientated golfer you will be provided with balls and light sticks but you must bring your own torch. Now there’s no limit or specification on the size of torch, so really anything goes here, but we don’t know whether spotlights are allowed.

There’ll be a sausage sizzle and registration is between 6.30pm and 7.30pm and the cost is only $15. But wait there’s more. The $15 includes the deposit cost of the ball. But you’d better bring a few more in your kit, just in case. If you want to book early, and maybe get to tee-off as those last slivers of sunset disappear altogether then give Robin Passmore a call on 0437 613 344. By the way, there’s no full moon scheduled for tomorrow night. So it will be dark, very dark.

Want to see photos of your sport on this page? Phone The Monitor on 8671 2683 and let us know when your sporting event is being held!


2004 BLACK GRANGE HSV 0-100 5.7 seconds

Post Ofce & Motel

0405 063 233 Affordable ‘Single Day’ & ‘Multi-Day’ Blue Chip Fishing Adventures 57ft Modern Vessel Departing Darwin & Avail for Sole Hire or join our mixed adventure listed below

‘NT remote 5 Days & 5 Nights’ – 2 Bunks June 30 - July 5 Normally $2810 Now $2000 THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

Behind the Famous Bottle House Opal Creek Boulevard, Andamooka & after hours by appointment

Ph: (08) 8672 7007 Fax: (08) 8672 7062 Email:

> Managing Directors personal vehicle. >Truly immaculate inside & out. DVD screens in headrests. >Satellite surveillance. $50,000 – no trades. >Reg no XAP711 >Never been in an accident.

PH 0428 810 558

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Monitor SPORT The

Lavrick Engineering BOC Gas and Equipment Mechanical Repairs Air-conditioning

New Car Servicing & Warranty

Your Community Newspaper ~ Roxby Downs

Phone (08) 8671 2683

Olympic Way OLYMPIC DAM SA 5725 Ph: 86710404 Fax: 86710418

Fax (08) 8671 2843


Have you ever watched someone struggle? I mean really struggle with something that you’ve already learned, hitting a baseball, hitting a golf ball, hitting a tennis ball or windsurfing. And, in watching, have you reacted with giggles and guffaws, or empathy and understanding? I’ll bet it was the latter, because windsurfers, by nature, don’t laugh at other windsurfers (or skiers or skaters or dancers). Having been there before, they understand what the other person endures. It’s getting to be like that on Lake Mary, as we all try out our new windsurfers, knee boards, jet skis and boats. We may be rusty or we may be just learning, but for some, they’ve already been through it to master the craft. Just remember how you felt the first time you experience the eye-widening sensation of sailing faster than ever before, while hooked in to your harness, how your lower back feels after a day of more uphauling than sailing, how it feels to arrive at the water, see whitecaps, and have your adrenaline - or apprehension - pump up your heart rate. Then there are your frustrations. The frustrations of not enough wind, or too much wind, not enough sail, or too much sail, trying a new technique, falling every time, and not knowing why. How about the exasperation of learning to adjust and readjust the harness-lines, or learning to control the sail during a beachstart? Or realizing that the reason why the sun is suddenly so bright is that your $120 sunglasses are slowly sinking to the bottom? Finally, there’s the hair-tearing frustration of driving hours to a sailing site, encountering perfect conditions, then discovering that you forgot to bring your mast. Windsurfing involves surfing on water with the aid of a sail. The equipment includes a board with a sail attached to a free-moving mast. Foot straps help the person to remain secure on the board. The person holds a horizontal boom and moves the sail to catch the wind. The physical skills required are balance and stamina, rather than brute force. For a well-trained and safety conscious participant, the risk of injury (compared to other sports) is relatively low. So do a mast start, the wind is blowing well, Lake Mary looks fantastic, and its dusk as you disappear into the sunset.

Monitor The

Your Local Community Newspaper

Your Community Newspaper ~ Roxby Downs

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Manager 8671 2683

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Phone: 08 8671 2450 Fax: 08 8671 0850 Specialist Labour Hire Providers Although Australians have more mandatory annual leave than most other...


Phone: 08 8671 2450 Fax: 08 8671 0850 Specialist Labour Hire Providers Although Australians have more mandatory annual leave than most other...