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Volume 4, Thursday 10th April, 2008


The Budget sub-committee of the Roxby Downs Community Board has presented a series of searching questions to the town’s Administrator Bill Boehm in relation to the council Business Plan and Budget. The committee is seeking clarification on a number of issues after it undertook an extensive analysis of the current Business Plan and Budget in order for it to prepare its intended input into the drafting of the 2008-09 Business Plan and Budget. The March meeting of the town’s Community Board was told the series of questions followed the good work of the former Board Chairman Chris Schultz and the Board in seeking more openness and transparency within the Budget process. In a surprise twist at the Board meeting, just before its close the Administrator Mr Boehm announced that he was withdrawing from attending future Board meetings and would be replaced by his nominated representative. “ I find it difficult to be the council representative on this Board as well as Administrator,” he told the Board. “You must have noticed that I don’t have much input on debates during Board meetings because I feel I can’t wear two hats. “So to this end I am withdrawing from future Board meetings and will appoint a council representative to attend on council’s behalf. “I have yet to announce who that representative will be but hopefully will make that decision within the next few

days,” Mr Boehm said. Earlier Mr Boehm told the Board that he would respond to the Budget subcommittee’s submission either prior to the next Board meeting or at the Board meeting planned for April 28th. The committee acknowledged recent amendments to the Local Government Act and its Financial Regulations as well as its General Regulations which makes it mandatory that Council prepare an Annual Business Plan in conjunction with its annual budget. The committee’s submission to Mr Boehm said it understands that the Business Plan must demonstrate clear and accountable links to Council’s longer term strategic planning and clearly identify the allocation of resources in its budget. To this end the committee sought clarification on a number of issues such as the operation of the council business unit set up for The Monitor Community Newspaper. It wants to know how The Monitor B u s i n e s s Un i t o f co u n c i l w a s established. What was the method of operation of this unit and how and where in the Council budget it was reported. The committee also wanted to know what were the fiscal checks and balances put in place to provide due diligence with the operation of the Business Unit. The questions followed research of the Business Plan, especially on page 16 which gives the 2006-07 Budget Summary (as a guide only to 2007-08) listing all of the Council’s Business Units income and expenditure. Continued on Page 4

Above: Mark Riccuito with just some of his fans who flocked to the town oval for a coaching session last week.

What a week for star visitors to Roxby Downs! See photos of the “Flying Under the Stars” fundraising event on Page 8.

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Monitor NEWS

The swags came for the nags The Photographs are taken from the recent William Creek Gymkhana and last year’s Marla Bronco branding, which is coming up again on April 26th and promises to be a great weekend. However at William Creek very hot conditions didn’t deter the competitors, who entertained the crowd with horse, motor bike and camel races. Major sponsor Oxiana Prominent Hill was represented at the meeting by Mr. Mick Wilkes and Mr Ross

Sawyers, who presented the William Creek Cup. The William Creek Cup, donated by Neville and Adriana Jacob of the William Creek Hotel, was won by Chading, owned and trained by the Macumba Station syndicate. Chading, ridden by Justin Nunn was bought at auction on the day by Gordon and Arnold Warren. Chading, with Justin aboard, also took out the Dick and Connie Nunn Memorial Cup. Phil Gee’s camels provided much entertainment during their races, no

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one knew what the camels would do next! Ryan Rankin from The Twins Station was Senior Champion in the Motorbike competition, while Clayton Warren, Anna Creek and Jake Aulich from Coober Pedy took out the Junior titles. Justin Nunn won Champion Rider in the Horse Events, sister Chloe Nunn won the junior award and Anna Greenfield was the juvenile winner. Colin Greenfield’s horse “Billy” was Champion Horse.


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Monitor NEWS

Heated debate over heated pool The Roxby Downs Swimming Club is concerned that concept plans have been drawn up for a new indoor aquatic swimming facility at the leisure precinct without any apparent stakeholder input. At the latest meeting of the town’s Sport and Recreation Forum, club president Darren Lowe asked a series of searching questions of Leisure Centre manager Alan Male. “Who has drawn up these plans, we haven’t been involved, in fact we haven’t been consulted,” he said. “To get to the concept plan stage someone must have had input, and I can assure you it wasn’t us,” Mr Lowe said. Mr Male replied that the plans are just that, a concept. “The concept is just a vision of what a facility could look like and the things that it might contain, it’s not a concrete thing,” he said. “Look I can’t say too much about it until I’ve had a chance to brief the town’s two major decision makers, the state government and BHP Billiton. “I was hoping to unveil them tonight but I’m having difficulty in setting an appointment with BHP Billiton to discuss it. “But I do hope that will happen within the next week and I can then give you a full run down at the next meeting of the forum,” Mr Male said. Swimming Club Secretary Phillipa Weltner said there was too much ‘secret squirrel’ business happening. “How much money has been spent so far on these plans, it must have cost a lot to get them drawn up,” she asked of Mr Male. He responded by saying the concept plans haven’t cost anything to develop. “The plans haven’t cost us anything to get them to this stage,” he said.

“I wrote the design brief which includes things like a drying area, fitness areas, a heated 25 metre swimming pool and 12 hundred square metres of office space on the second floor. “Once the concept gets approved by BHP Billiton then it goes to the next step of community input,” Mr Male explained. “The concept plans will be put on display and community input will be sought and I can assure you that I will have stakeholder negotiations to find out what it is you like or don’t like about the idea.” Mr Lowe responded by claiming that the information from the swimming club should have been sought prior to the concept plans being drawn up. “We just think it’s too far down the track now and by the time we get something back, it’ll be too late,” he said. Mr Male assured the club that its requirements and ideas would be taken into account once final plans are drafted. “Look, its just a concept at this stage, and who knows, the whole thing could fall over and not eventuate. “Just have a look at the concept plans for Victoria Park in Adelaide. “They were presented to the public and the council, and were knocked back,” he said. “Everyone and every sport club in town is frustrated at the delay with the release of the Town’s master plan through The Environmental Impact Statement being put together by BHP Billiton for its new expansion project. “The Roxby football club desperately wants to build its own clubrooms. “The darts club has $10,000 it wants to spend on its facilities but nothing really can happen until that master plan is out,” Mr Male said.

Above: Members of the CFS during the recent exercise on Gosse Street.

Gas explosion…just an exercise

A gas truck was unloading into the gas tanks on Gosse Street, but the hose came off during the decanting process – causing a gas leak and for one person to be injured at the scene . . . It sounds like a nightmare scenario and it would have been, had it actually happened. Fortunately it was just an exercise arranged by the emergency services in Roxby Downs to help them to test their emergency management plans. The Police, the Country Fire Service, SA Ambulance Service and the State Emergency Service were all involved in the exercise, which

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

“All of the agencies achieved the results that they were looking for and it showed us all that we do work well together and that the job will get done.” S e n i o r C o n s t ab l e M at i a s explained that training to manage emergency situations is essential, but that it also encourages a sense of camaraderie between the different emergency service agencies. “It was a good turnout by all of the agencies and it was nice to see lots of enthusiasm,” he said. “We were so pleased with how it all went that we will be looking at holding other exercises in the future.”

Another 2 Fokkers for Alliance

The dancer who did the ‘Real Dancing’ After excitedly announcing the appointment of a new Outback Dance and Drama teacher at the end of February, Coordinator Kirstie Goldfinch spent much of March feeling frustrated and disappointed. In the final February edition of The Monitor, Kirstie had announced that a new teacher named Hayley would be flying in and out of Adelaide and spending three days a week in Roxby Downs and the surrounding areas. However, Hayley only came to Roxby Downs twice and then in the third week, the problems began. “We were struggling to find flights within our budget and so on the third week, I actually asked her to drive,” explained Kirstie. “The thing is – she said yes and although I realise that it was a big ask, after she agreed to do it, we had been depending on her being here. “But the day before she was due to come up, she called and said that she wouldn’t be coming as she didn’t want to drive so far.” The following week was Easter and flights were very difficult to organise because of the long weekend and so Kirstie decided to cancel the full two weeks. “This was on the condition that she would come back here for the last three weeks of term. “I booked all of the remaining flights that night,” Kirstie said. Kirstie then started to have a bad feeling about things when she was not able to make contact with Hayley for the next few days. “I kept trying to reach her, but with no success and so on Wednesday morning I turned up to meet her at the airport as planned and I discovered that she hadn’t been on the plane. “I was just devastated,” she said. “I still couldn’t reach her and I just couldn’t believe that somebody could do something like that with no explanation.”

took place last Thursday night. Eddie Matias, Senior Constable and the officer in charge of Roxby Downs Police said that it was a great success. “The reason we hold these exercises is because it is so important to practice working together,” he said. “It means that we can identify our strengths and any shortcomings that we may have and then we can all work together to improve on any areas which we identify during the exercise. “There are always areas that could be improved, but we found these to be just training issues, so there was no real cause for concern.

There were five classes booked for that afternoon in Andamooka, three classes on Thursday afternoon in Roxby Downs and another two sessions arranged for Friday afternoon. “I had to run around trying to find someone to cover the classes, but it was such short notice and I just couldn’t expect somebody to step in an hour before it started,” she said. “Hindsight is a terrible thing – Hayley had lots of dance experience, but not really enough when it came to teaching younger children and I think that’s partly why she failed.” Kirstie has had no contact with Hayley since the last three flights were booked, but she has not stopped trying to get in touch with her. “I was so furious and also, so worried about all of the children who were looking forward to their classes,” she said. “But the parents have been so supportive, it’s really been unbelievable. “I’ve been blown away by the level of support and understanding that the community have shown me. “I would love to thank everybody who was there for me during this time.” Rather than giving up, Kirstie is very keen to try again. This time she is looking for a local teacher and there are some members of the community that she is interested in discussing this opportunity with. She is in the process of approaching them now to talk about the future of Outback Dance and Drama. Additionally, if there is anybody in the community who would like to be involved – it does not matter if they are professionally trained, as long as they are dedicated, creative and fun. Although a solid dance background is essential. Anybody that is interested can contact Kirstie on 867-27385 as soon as possible.

Alliance Airlines has announced the acquisition of a further two Fokker 50, 56 Seat turbo prop aircraft to join three similar aircraft already based at Adelaide Airport. These additional aircraft will be delivered to Alliance in early June 2008 and be progressively brought on line as additional fleet units over the subsequent three months. The Alliance fleet will then consist of a total of 16 aircraft comprised of 11 Fokker 100 jet aircraft and 5 Fokker 50 turbo prop aircraft based in three states and operating across Australia and within the Asia-Pacific region. This announcement coincides with the sixth anniversary of the company’s commencement of operations in Queensland in 2002 when it operated two Fokker 100 aircraft. “The arrival of these additional aircraft and the recent establishment of a major engineering base at Adelaide airport adds to the significant investment the company made during 2007 to support its operations to Olympic Dam and Oxiana’s Prominent Hill operation”, Scott McMillan, Alliance Airlines Managing Director said. Alliance commenced operations in South Australia on the 2nd July last year with two Fokker 50 aircraft and added a third in October and is currently operating 62 flights per week to and from Adelaide airport. Mr McMillan noted that “the fly in fly-out of staff from Adelaide to the remote mine sites of Olympic Dam and Prominent Hill to support ongoing exploration, extraction and processing of mineral reserves provides important economic benefits to both regional communities as well as the State. “Alliance is therefore delighted to be a cornerstone supplier to the resource sector within South Australia,” he said. To support this expanded operation, Alliance has recently occupied the largest hangar on Adelaide Airport and is progressively expanding the engineering capabilities of that facility to ensure the most efficient operation of the five Fokker 50 aircraft. This facility will be developed over time to support future Fokker 100 operations. The Alliance base in Adelaide now employs 53 staff, including flight crew, engineering, customer service, operational staff and management.

“Alliance has now achieved a major strategic objective of expanding the Adelaide base to a size that not only better supports its existing customers but ensures availability of capacity for future growth in the South Australian resource and other sectors,” Mr McMillan, said. Mr McMillan also acknowledged the support and encouragement Alliance had received from its customers, suppliers and very importantly all its staff during the last nine months of establishment. Alliance Airlines is a Brisbane based company specialising in the provision of contract charter services to the resources industry and high quality ad hoc charter services to a wide range of commercial and government customers. The company employs nearly three hundred staff with operations based in Brisbane, Townsville, Perth, Adelaide and Port Moresby. Alliance also operates a major maintenance base at Brisbane Airport specialising in the maintenance of Fokker 100 and Fokker 50 aircraft.


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Thursday, April 10, 2008 – Page 3


Monitor NEWS

Freight transport a joke in regional SA A raft of proposals aimed at improving the efficiency and productivity of the freight transport industry in regional South Australia has been unveiled in a major new report by the State’s peak transport and logistics industry group. The South Australian Freight Council released its latest report, entitled South Australia’s Freight Transport Systems: Regulating Freight, which calls on the immediate review by the Federal and State governments of a number of key regulatory issues hurting many regions of the State such as the far north including Roxby Downs. They include Facilitating Oversize Overmass Vehicles. Existing OSOM regulations have proved poorly equipped to deal with cranes, augurs and heavy mining equipment that have not been designed for Australian roads or regulations.

SAFC proposes a new “regulatory flexibility” to facilitate the movement of such equipment especially in light of the need for such movement if the Olympic Dam expansion goes ahead. Another issue includes improving road access for larger road freight vehicles. To remain nationally and internationally competitive, there is a need for ongoing productivity growth, and a reduction in the complex and costly maze of regulations governing heavy vehicle access. “In many instances, regional South Australia is the poor cousin to the bright lights of the Adelaide metropolitan area,” SA Freight Council Chairman, Vincent Tremaine, said. “Regional South Australia has a pivotal role to play in the future economic prosperity of this State, particularly as the predicted mining boom begins to take hold.

Council budget under scrutiny Continued from Page 1.

The only Business Units listed here were Municipal, Roxby Power and Roxby Water. Further questions contained in the committee’s submission involved the operation of the council Business Unit set up for Roxby Leisure. It wants to know how it was set up, what its method of operation is and where in the budget is it reported. The submission also asked Mr Boehm the question of where in the budget is the direct financial operation costs and balance sheet reported for Roxby Leisure. Other questions involved the contracting by council of outside consultant Goldie Strategic Development

and where in the council budget is it reported? It also asked whether a 10% increase in general rates is proposed to be levied within the next financial year, similar to previous years and what council’s expected or planned estimated deficit would be for the 2008-09 financial year. In its submission to Mr Boehm the committee said it sought clarification of the issues because it could not seem to find the answers within the current year’s budget or Business Plan. It says the answers may be plain and simple and quite readily accessible to the trained eye, but they sought Mr Boehm’s indulgence in that regard.

Above: Mark Ricciuto guiding youngsters during a training session at the town oval.

It was apt - a Roo and Kangaroo Youngsters waited for over an Crows jumpers hung loosely over more than a decade. hour, glancing towards the gate their blue, gold and red shorts. Both quietly spoken, but with at the town oval, shuffling in their Mark and Glen then organized sincerity and openness. shiny new boots, their champion the large throng into some kind They amicably mixed with the was on his way. of order to do a few drills with a throng after the formalities and put He was coming to run a quick tackling bag. on a fantastic show. football clinic with them. There were all shapes and sizes Money was raised hand over fist and ages. What a dream for them. as one of the ‘Roo’s’ signed gurnseys When former Adelaide Crows From little tackers to young teens, sold for $3,000, and Glen’s went for captain and icon of South Australian it didn’t matter to these two affable just over a $1000. football Mark Ricciuto jumped heroes. All money raised is going towards the fence with good mate, former The kids just thrived in their the Woomera and Districts Football Kangaroos star Glen Archer, the company. kids couldn’t hold back. Later that evening it was the League’s representative team that They bolted and gave him dads and mums turn out at the will play in the AFL’s inaugural and Glen a typical warm Roxby Roxby Downs Golf Club where ‘Miners Cup’ against a combined welcome. over 100 people flocked to hear the Broken Hill team as the curtain They didn’t speak, just looked in wisdom of these two powerhouses raiser to the Port Power and awe at their idol, as their brand new of Australian League Football for Richmond clash on June 21. Below: Glen Archer (Kangaroos) signing autographs on Wendesday’s session at the town oval.

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Monitor MINING

Marathon inches ahead at Mt Gee

Marathon Resources Limited has announced the first assay results from the most recent diamond drilling programs carried out at the Company’s Mt Gee uranium deposit in the Arkaroola Basin. Marathon continues to work closely with PIRSA on developing a suitable resolution for retrieval and disposal of drilling residue buried at Mt Gee. The company says once a decision has been reached the Company will announce the methodology, and implement rehabilitation as soon as possible. The results of its recent drilling include new information which points to a significant extension of known mineralisation at Mt Gee and

provides the potential for a major expansion of the uranium resource. The Mt Gee project, in the northern Flinders Ranges of South Australia, is a part of the Paralana Mineral System, which is a significant uranium-bearing mineral system identified within Marathon’s exploration licence. The project remains one of the largest un-developed uranium deposits in Australia. In September 2007 Marathon announced a revised resource estimate for the deposit giving an Inferred Resource of 42.8 million tonnes of mineralisation with an average grade of 629 ppm containing 26.9Kt uranium oxide. As a result of the revised resource model, Marathon has focused its

recent drilling in specific areas of the deposit, and with a view to developing an optimum plan to upgrade a significant portion of the Inferred Resource to Indicated Resource status. Work is also continuing on the Pre Feasibility Study (PFS) and Environmental Impact Study (EIS). This work started in December and is expected to take 12 to 18 months to complete. Marathon is a minerals exploration company focused on the development of Mt Gee. Marathon’s portfolio also includes highly prospective copper-golduranium properties in the Gawler Craton of South Australia.

New Uranium ore online in 2009 UraniumOne Australia will shortly start a drilling program to test what it describes as a “strategic” new target near its impending Honeymoon uranium mining operation in South Australia’s northeast. UraniumOne’s Vice President Exploration, Colin Skidmore, said the Honeymoon “Granite Project” was just two kilometres southeast of Honeymoon. “The target is a discrete circular body about five kilometres in diameter in magnetic and gravity data sets but only two known holes have been drilled into it,” Mr Skidmore said. “Neither hole tested the primary target which is in contact between uraniferous oxidised granite and strongly reduced metasediments so the post-Easter program holds considerable promise,” he said. “UraniumOne regards it as a strategic drilling campaign as any discovery could enhance Honeymoon’s mining operation and potentially extend its initial mine life.” The 82,400 hectare Honeymoon project area will become the site of Australia’s fourth operating uranium mine when it commences first production in early 2009 at a rate of 400 tonnes per annum. In addition to the Honeymoon Granite Project, UraniumOne is also targeting further exploration and development drilling of additional rollfront uranium deposits at Goulds Dam to the northwest of Honeymoon and

East Kalkaroo just two kilometres to the east on the same mining licence as Honeymoon. Goulds Dam has an Indicated Resource of 1.7 million tonnes at 0.12% U3O8 for an estimated contained 2,000 tonnes of uranium oxide. Goulds Dam’s baseline studies were included in the approved Honeymoon Environmental Impact Statement. Mr Skidmore said the additional infill and core drilling planned by UraniumOne for Goulds Dam would be a precursor to a pre-mining scoping study due to commence late this year. East Kalkaroo has an Indicated Resource of 1.2 million tonnes @ 0.074% uranium oxide for 910 tonnes of contained uranium oxide. Mr Skidmore said the mining feasibility for East Kalkaroo would continue once Honeymoon was in production. “A substantial part of the plant being assembled at Honeymoon could be relocated to Goulds Dam towards the end of Honeymoon’s mine life should Goulds Dam be approved for commercial production,” he said. Mr Skidmore said numerous targets outside the known resources had been identified from extensive geophysical surveys and were now drill ready. “These targets, particularly on the Ethiudna tenement upstream of Goulds Dam, have only been subjected to limited exploration but are considered to have the potential for larger mineralising systems akin to Four Mile – Beverly type resources.”

They’re both hot – sun and rocks The potential to combine geothermal energy with that of the sun to create “hybrid” energy solutions is being examined by one of Australia’s foremost geothermal developers, Petratherm Limited. The ASX-listed Petratherm says combining geothermal and solar energy into a hybrid is a natural evolvement for Australia’s renewable energy hungry economy and is ideally suited to the public expectations for climate-driven greener energy. Petratherm owns the advanced Paralana geothermal project in South Australia’s northern Flinders Ranges which is expected to provide Australia’s first commercial hot rocks electricity supply when it enters production early in 2010. “We are examining how geothermal and solar energy technologies can be united to form a hybrid solution,” Petratherm’s Managing Director, Mr Terry Kallis, said. Mr Kallis said few other countries were blessed with Australia’s solar footprint nor the natural abundance of its hot radiogenic granites. Mr Kallis who is also the Deputy Chairman of the new Australian Geothermal Energy Association said the company is examining the potential of combining solar with

geothermal to ‘top up’ the heat from the underground reservoir. “This could reduce the capital costs of drilling and improve the overall efficiency of energy production. “It is still early days but there could be significant infrastructure savings in particular by providing large-scale, base load power for remote or offgrid applications – notably in the booming mining sector,” he said. Mr Kallis said independent energy analysts, including the Electricity Supply Industry Association of Australia (ESAA), were tipping geothermal energy to supply 8% of Australia’s total energy consumption as early as 2030 – equivalent to around 4,000 megawatts per annum. He said the geothermal sector was, however, stepping rapidly up to the challenge, with more than 33 hot rock explorers now active in Australia and around 277 geothermal exploration licences granted – most of them in South Australia. The critical project issues facing all players, however, were a sufficient revenue stream that would be inf luence d in future by the price of carbon and competition

Innamincka Petroleum going for oil Innamincka Petroleum Limited has announced the start of drilling of its Yarrow North 1 exploration well, the third well in the Company’s 2008 drilling program. This well seeks to confirm an oil accumulation in a fault trap located to the north of the Yarrow gas field and west of the Yanpurra 1 well from which oil was recovered in a previous test of the target Tirrawarra Sandstone. Apart from the local trap, the Yarrow North 1 well may have greater significance in confirming a large combined accumulation encompassing the Yanpurra and Flax-Juniper accumulations. Innamincka Petroleum Chairman Adam THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

Johnson said Innamincka’s drilling activities underline the Company’s progression to becoming an emerging oil producer in 2008. “At the same time as the drilling program, the Flax EOR project is progressing well,” Mr Johnson said. Since the last update project development at Flax has been progressing well. Particular aspects include regulatory approval received for civil works associated with the processing facility and design of facility pipeworks near completion along with equipment orders being placed progressively. Negotiations for the workover rig to complete the Flax 5 and Flax 6 wells is underway.

Production is expected to commence from the Flax 1 well in May, followed progressively by other Flax wells. The start of gas injection is scheduled for late June / July. The company holds interest in three exploration permits which encompass approximately 4400 square kilometres of core Cooper Basin acreage. The permits are surrounded by existing oil and gas fields and are in close proximity to production facilities and major pipelines. Since company establishment in November 2003, Innamincka has discovered several hydrocarbon fields with estimated resources in excess of 60 BCF gas in place and 50 million barrels of oil in place.

amongst various power technologies in the national electricity market. Others include the significant capital cost of drilling, plant and grid connections and identifying and developing a thermal resource which offered sustained performance in temperature differential, volumes and achieved commercial rates of flow. Petratherm is progressing its flagship JV Paralana Project and is planning to drill its first deep well in the second half of 2008. The project is being developed in conjunction with leading Australian energy group, the listed Beach Petroleum Limited. Petratherm and Beach have already completed the major seismic study to determine where best to locate the 4 kilometre deep heat exchanger well. Initial commercialisation of Paralana will involve the deployment of a 7.5 MW power station and expanding to 30 MW over time, to supply the nearby Beverley Uranium Mine.

HYDRAULIC TORQUE WRENCHES 30mm to 150mm bolts See the Hytorc Bolting and resource website

for all the answers to your bolting needs 6 Eton Rd, Keswick Mob: 0412 828 060 Ph: 8293 8411 Fax: 8288 0477 Thursday, April 10, 2008 – Page 5



Monitor orial The


The Budget sub-committee of the Community Board is continuing the great work of former Board chairman Chris Schultz last year when he wanted more transparency and accountability in the Roxby Downs Council’s budget process. The committee is seeking answers to questions it feels important prior to setting up a series of meetings with the Administrator Bill Boehm, to put the community’s case for projects it feels important to be included in the 2008-09 Business Plan and Budget. It has spent considerable time going through the current budget and business plan to try and work out where and how all of the town’s services are reported in the budget with allocated finances, their actual spending and reporting procedures. It needs this information in order to make informed comment about resource issues and projected costs, the base cost of running its forums and partnerships, the Leisure Centre as well as this newspaper. It also needs to know the projected costs of the use of long term consultants that the council has employed, what they work on and where in the budget is it reported. It’s right that the committee seeks direction and the indulgence of the Administrator to point them in the right direction in their search for answers. The Administrator has promised he’ll be back with the answers prior to the next meeting of the Board on April 28th.

Letters to the Editor Sir, Most long term residents would probably agree that the Administrator can at times be reticent when it comes to making public comment on a local level. Fortunately he’s not so shy when it comes to talking outside our local community, so a lot can be learned from the many and varied transcripts published on the internet. For example, did you know that we might have an indoor pool this year? It was news to me. But I guess there’s no need to consult the community when you have ultimate power and aren’t answerable to them; and an indoor pool is a possibility for 2008 according to Bill Boehm’s Powerpoint Presentation at the November 2007 South Australia Works in the Regions Conference. ( G o t o ht t p : / / w w w. asp?id=19720&navfrp=594, scroll down to “Changing Communities: Meeting the learning and work needs of regions – November 2007” and you will be able to download Bill Boehm’s Powerpoint

Presentation for yourself.) It makes interesting reading , and explains quite a bit. For example in it, Bill doesn’t seem to recognise any Leisure Activities outside those controlled by himself and/or his consultant. Activities like lawn bowls, golf and motorsports don’t seem to exist or, at the very least, aren’t worth mentioning despite the fact that they’ve positively engaged more youth than his ‘Youth Services’ which have, apparently, been in existence since 2004 – although all I remember from that time was a cubby hole staffed by a couple of passionate people who seemed to volunteer more hours than they were paid for, and who were severely restricted in what they could offer due to lack of support from the council. Of course the problem with a Powerpoint Presentation is that, unlike the various interesting transcripts available on the internet, we don’t know what Bill actually said; and that would have been very interesting. For example slide 2 says, “Forget current ways communities operate and services are delivered for we are markedly different”. Surely that has to be the understatement of the century! I wonder if he explained our differences – that we are, by dic-

tionary definition, a dictatorship. It’d be pretty hard to imagine anything more markedly different than a dictatorship in a democratic country. Slide 25 proclaims “Opportunities Community Structure an ideal vehicle...if embraced” and pictures the jigsaw pieces of the Community Forums and Partnerships leading to the Community Board with a two way arrow between the Community Board and the Roxby Downs Council. It certainly looks ideal. And it would be ideal too, if only we could vote for the members of the Community Board and if the majority vote of the Community Board determined what was, and wasn’t done and, instead of an Administrator with ultimate power of veto, we had a CEO whose job it was to advise the Community Board and enact its decisions. Just imagine it! The Community Board says that the people of Roxby want a recycling service and the CEO says great, let’s see how we can get this done; the Community Board says the people of Roxby want cheap alternatives and, in keeping with the Indenture, the SA owned and operated Cheap As Chips is interested in opening a store up here, and the CEO says great, let’s

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see how we can get this done. And it goes on. Ah yes, just imagine. And there’s nothing wrong with imagining. I bet the audience at the presentation imagined that the Community Board were the democratically elected representatives of the community and the Council did everything possible to implement their wishes. Enjoy the slides. Many feature pictures that are blasts from the past – I guess members of forums etc aren’t looking so happy these days. And I wonder how many of you will immediately recognise the picture of Roxby Central on slide 14. See if you can guess the only angle which is unlikely to show rubbish and/or empty shops. And when you’ve looked at all the pictures, discovered all the errors, marvelled how our “Young community” aged 3 years from slide 10 to slide 11, been astounded that you live in a place that is “truly world class”, and wondered how much this Powerpoint Presentation must have cost us, go Google ‘Bill Boehm’ ‘pages from Australia’ and read some of the entries for yourself. Name and address supplied

Contact us... The Monitor is a community-owned initiative aimed at improving regional communication between the community, industry, small business and Local Government. Contributions are welcomed but The Monitor reserves the right to edit all material submitted in accordance with newspaper policy and legal requirements.

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Arts & Youth News Arts Matters Written by Rodney Mitchell Thanks to Baden Felton and his family for helping us with an excellent exhibition for Youth Week. It’s not very often that a young artist gets the opportunity to show their work to their community. Baden has shown great conviction in getting a body of work together and presenting it as all his own work. Thanks also go to Jeanette and the others in Baden’s family who supported him through this project. We are grateful to be able to give Baden a chance to receive some feedback on his work with grotesque characters and gothic iconography. His pencil work is very skilful and his study of anatomy has paid dividends. Apparently you need to study anatomy to be able to draw bodies. Baden has borrowed a copy of the original Grey’s Anatomy, the book not the TV show, and studied it carefully. It shows in his drawings. Thanks also to Jordan Scar who worked on work experience for the Leisure Centre in the lead up to Youth Week. Jordan helped with curating of Baden’s exhibition, she did graphic design and she assisted with sound production and lights for the Saturday night concert. Mass Chaos rocked the house big time. There were good tunes from the DJ and Amber Calling gave us a taste of rock and roll. Projecting from this distance, as every columnist must to some degree; I can say I have confidence that the Youth Week Concert will be truly a celebration of youth culture. Correct me if I prove to be wrong. I have confidence in Mass Chaos delivering the right balance of passion and incisive comment that teenagers expect of their poets. They will use language that respects the fact that there are quite some young people dancing to the music. Artists who come from small places are clever. They grow up having to consider the whole of the community, not just their little part of the community. It’s like people who have the security of growing up in a large family as opposed to those isolated by an indifferent neighbourhood. It’s Dave Grainey and the Coral Snakes from Millicent or Nick Cave from Wangaratta. Performing artists need to be let off the leash. When regional artists hit the city it often makes a loud noise. I hope all the young artists who took part in Youth Week go on to renew their confidence and continue to continue. Whatever. Whatever. Thanks to the Youth Advisory Committee for directing this event. Perdita Cooper has worked hard to establish herself as a trusted adult in Youth Services at the Leisure Centre. She won funding to support the committee and she has followed through with every assistance to the young people involved, including Mass Chaos. Nik, Emma and Boof had to weather the disappointment of being precluded from the Battle of the Bands in Balaklava. They shrugged it aside and got on with the job. So Balaklava doesn’t like pre-recorded sounds? It’s just a way of limiting the field.

Artists vie for rich reward

Australia’s richest radio play writing competition Here’s a chance for budding radio script writers in Roxby Downs to be recognised for their talents. The launch of Australia’s Richest Radio Play Writing Competition in Miles Queensland challenges writers around Australia to write a 30-minute radio play about contemporary issues that effect and impact upon our lives. Prize money of $6000 will be awarded to the top four scripts. The Dogwood Playwrights Initiative was recently launched by Murilla Shire mayor Roderick Gilmour at the Premiere of the 2005-06 DPI winning one act play script “Farmer will swap combine harvester for wife”. The quality of submissions from all over Australia has been phenomenal so far and Cr. Gilmour is advising potential new entrants that they still have until June 30 to submit their entries. Winners will be announced in September. Cr. Gilmour said the Murilla Shire Council is keen to support the initiative in its new format. “We hope that as a result of the Dogwood Playwrights Initiative, there will be original and exciting radio play scripts that will be enjoyed by the travelling public and radio listeners. “What a powerful way to make Australians think about their life and their culture. “I commend all aspiring and professional playwrights to participate in this, the Dogwood Playwrights Initiative,” he said. The top four scripts will be performed and recorded by members of the local theatre players and distributed as a double CD through the Dogwood Crossing Centre at Miles. More information is available at www.murilla.

PH: 8671 2545, SMS: 0407 979 918 Programs may change without notice

Artists from right across South Australia are invited to enter Australia’s richest prize for landscape painting, the $50,000 Fleurieu Art Prize. The Prize is the centerpiece of the 2008 Fleurieu Biennale which will be held in South Australia’s picturesque Fleurieu Peninsula from 7 - 30 November. Established in 1998, the Fleurieu Art Prize celebrates the enduring importance and the contemporary significance of landscape painting in the Australian art world. With awards totaling $91,000 and main prize on offer of $50,000, the program ranks as one of the most significant visual arts prize programs across Australia. Past Winners of the Fleurieu Art Prize include South Australia’s Robert Hannaford (1998) and New South Wales’ Elisabeth Cummings (2000) Joe Furlonger (2002), Ian Grant (2004) and Ken Whisson formerly from Melbourne, now residing in Italy (2006). In 2008, the judging panel will include Artist, Art Educator and Former Director of the Art Gallery of Western Australia and National Gallery of Australia, Betty Churcher, Artbank Director Geoffrey Cassidy and artist Philip Wolfhagen. Artists are invited to submit entries in the following categories: The Fleurieu Art Prize – for Australian landscape painting $50,000.

The Art of Food and Wine Prize – for paintings with a food and/or wine industry theme $10,000. The Fleurieu Peninsula Vistas Prize – for landscape painting of the Fleurieu Peninsula region $10,000. The Fleurieu Water Prize – for paintings with an environmental water theme $10,000. The Fleurieu Youth Scholarship – for a young Australian artist/s aged between 16 and 27 years towards the cost of a program of professional development up to $10,000. People’s Choice Prize – will be awarded to the painting in the Fleurieu Art Prize voted the most popular by public ballot. Chair of the Fleurieu Biennale Board, arts identity Nicky Downer encourages artists across the nation to enter. “The Prize is a national celebration of landscape painting and Australian art and artists. “The Fleurieu Art Prize is held in the Fleurieu Peninsula, a region which has long been a source of inspiration for some of Australia’s most important landscape artists,” she said. Entry forms for the Fleurieu Art Prize are available for download at or by calling Merilyn Cox Co-ordinator, Fleurieu Biennale on 08 8323 7984. Entries close Friday 1 August 2008.

Local artist Dave Kovac

“Lake Mary Sunrise” $385 unframed $625 framed






la ai



Limited Edition Giclee Prints This professional quality printing is done with high tech printers using archival inks & papers. EFTPOS available

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Contact Dave on 0409 726 252 5 - 6pm 6 - 7pm 7 - 8pm


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Monitor OUT & ABOUT

Above: Busses delivering people to the Marquee for the “Flying Under the Stars” Flying Doctor fundraiser held last Friday night.

Above: Rein and Elicia Geraghty at the “Flying Under the Stars” event. Below: Playing some favourites, Jon Stevens.

Above: One of the star attractions on the night, former Noiseworks and INXS frontman, Jon Stevens.

Above: Also in attendance, Peter Fitsimmons and John Eals. Below: Ann-Louise Heim, Paul Dunn (VP Finance) and Nicole McKay.

Page 8 – Thursday, April 10, 2008

Below: Another star attraction in attenance, funny man, Vince Sorrenti.

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REAL ESTATEReview Unravel the secrets of property investment


or years the affordability and misconceived complexity of how to successfully invest in real estate has led to many people burying their heads in the sand and watching with envy as others grow their wealth using good old bricks and mortar. Most people don’t realise just how affordable owning an investment property can be when done the right way. Well the good news is just about everyone, with the right knowledge and structure, can own an investment. Property Investment Planning, an Adelaide based company, can show anyone how to unravel the secrets of successful property investment. They offer a simple, hassle free

and most importantly, affordable program to help both the first time and seasoned investor secure their financial future. The Property Investment Planning program is based on purchasing purposely built property which has been designed to maximise the tax allowances. Did you know something as simple as the position of the clothes line can impact the amount you can claim? There is more to owning an investment property than just collecting the rent and utilising negative gearing. One of the most important things before you purchase is gaining the knowledge so you can develop a strategy to achieve your goals. Property Investment planning can show you how to reduce your tax by up to 50% and show you how to pay off your own home

up to 20 years sooner, while also growing your wealth and your property portfolio. If reducing your tax and paying your home off quickly isn’t enough motivation then think about this. Australians on average spend about 25 years in retirement which means it is estimated they will need almost $1 million in capital or savings to fund even a modest lifestyle. In addition to ongoing living expenses, many people forget to allow for new expenses such as cars, computers and mobiles no longer funded by their employer, or extra health and travel expenses. According to the ABS in 2006, the median income for individuals over 65 was only $363 a week which is only $18,876 a year, and this includes the age pension which according to Centrelink in 2008, was less than $14,000 a year for individuals.

As a result of poor planning, retirement for many Australians won’t be as enjoyable as they had imagined. To find out more about investing the smart way and securing your financial future, call Property Investment Planning today to secure a free, no obligation appointment with one of their Investment Strategists. It may be more affordable than you realise and you could very easily be one of those successful people you see on television talking how they accumulated 7 properties in 5 years. Property Investment Planning will also be visiting Roxby Downs on the 17th April and running a free 1 hour seminar on the smart way to invest in Adelaide property. Registrations can be made on 08 8372 7805 or online at www.

Renters still in the trap Despite some signs of cooling in the national housing market, more than half of Australia’s renters (52 per cent) feel they will never be able to afford their own home, new research from leading insurer AAMI shows. “The great Australian home ownership dream remains elusive for many of the nation’s renters, despite auction clearance rates falling and suggestions that interest rates may have peaked,” AAMI Public Affairs Manager Geoff Hughes said. “Australian renters are still reluctant to enter the housing market, with around four in 10

nationally (39 per cent) saying they are happy to rent and have no plans to have a mortgage.” The research showed that one-third of Australians (33 per cent) rent their home compared to 67 per cent who have a mortgage or own their home outright. Despite the apparent satisfaction among many Australians about renting versus owning their home, many still feel pressured to get into the housing market. “While some people are happy renting, around four in 10 Australian renters (37 per cent) still feel pressured to put a deposit on a

Are you managing your tax effectively and making the most of your income? Prophecy Wealth Management in conjunction with Hayes Knight SA invite you to a Tax Planning Strategy Seminar. Date: Thursday 17 April 2008 Venue: Roxby Downs Golf Club Rooms

Find out just how tax effective investment can: Q

Help you better manage your tax


Provide future income


Eliminate non-deductible debt – and improve your cashflow


Build wealth for your retirement and increase your family’s financial security


Fund children’s education

Session 1 4.30 pm Session 2 7.30pm Book early to secure your seat as places are strictly limited.

Please contact Julie Stanton on 1800 206 191 or

Steve Pike Adv Dip FS (FP) Senior Financial Planner

269 Pulteney Street Adelaide SA 5000 1800 206 191


Filled with natural light and a warm welcome is this lovely home with a timber deck and a country garden. The lounge is located at the front of the home and has a bay window which will amaze you with its size. The lounge is carpets and has reverse cycle air-conditioning along with ducted evaporative cooling. Timber polished floors will lead you from the entrance way into the living area/games room. Adjacent to this room is the kitchen/dining also with timber floors. The kitchen is a “U” Design and offers great storage and has a stainless steel dishwasher. The 4 bedrooms are all located in the passage with BIR’s in 2 and a built in cupboard in the 3rd. There is a large open room forming part of the passage which has numerous linen cupboards and is a great location for an ironing room or could possibly be utilised as a study. Nearby is the main bathroom / toilet and laundry all of heritage design. Outside is a secondary timber deck fully undercover with sun blinds to block out further heat. Sit and relax enjoying your favourite beverage and enjoying the sensational views to the pool. Otherwise you could always sit in the pergola area watching the kids play basketball. There is a large shed with rear gate access via the carport. This home would rent for in excess of $550 per week and the owners also have a depreciation schedule to provide the purchaser with. Price: Offers over $495,000 For more information regarding this property please contact Ali Webber - Wardle Co Real Estate 0417 816 738.

36 Fifth Street

Edwardian Villa

Grant Miles CEO 269 Pulteney Street Adelaide SA 5000

DISCLAIMER: Prophecy Wealth Management (ACN 108 731 193) and Stephen Pike are both Authorised Representatives of Hillross Financial Services Limited (ABN 77 003 323 055) AFS Licence No. 232705. This document contains information of a general nature only. It does not take into consideration the investment objectives, financial situation and needs of any particular investor. It is not a substitute for financial or other professional advice and as such should not be relied upon.

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

home, while one-third (29 per cent) say they have been financially disadvantaged because they rent and do not own their own home,” he said. Mr Hughes said interest rates remained a major impediment to Australians entering the housing market with almost half of renters nationally (43 per cent) saying rising interest rates had influenced their decision to continue renting. “With renters reluctant to enter the property market, competition for rental properties remains tight, with the research showing 15 per cent of renters nationally have been involved in bidding for a rental property,” he said. “And to make matters worse for renters, four in 10 (40 per cent) say they have been treated badly by real estate agents.” As rents across the country rise in line with interest rates, it is not surprising that many tenants opt to sacrifice their home contents insurance to be able to make their rent. “Renters are increasingly looking for ways to save money to afford higher rents, which is forcing many to cut discretionary spending on insurance,” Mr Hughes said. “Just over half of all renters (57 per cent) have home contents insurance, compared with almost all Australian homeowners (98 per cent), and less than half of renters (47 per cent) have bothered to update their contents insurance in the last five years.” He said one-third of renters (35 per cent) did not think their insurance would cover the full replacement of their belongings in the event of a burglary or fire. AAMI’s research also shows that renters were more likely to put their home contents at risk by not taking steps to sufficiently secure their belongings.

Light, bright & entertainers delight

C-1910 Superbly restored, central hallway, Baltic pine Àooring, grand archway. 3 bedrooms, 12’ ornate ceilings, cornices, exquisite lead lighting, ¿replace. Open plan with new designer kitchen, two-pak ¿nish, Mielle appliances, pantry, d/lights, r/w plumbed. Living area quality ceramic tiles, sparkling bthrm with spa-bath, modern laundry. Paved 2 car u/c carport, roller door. 2 bay garage, storage, wine room, 2nd w/c. insul games room, attached paved pergola. R/C A/C, seaviews. 150m to main street facilities. Auction: On Site 27th April 2008 at 11.30am USP Details: Bruce Hart 0427 591 666

Advertise here! Phone Regina or Erin on 8671 2683 Thursday, April 10, 2008 – Page 9


Thing of the past‌‌electric water heaters Electric water heaters in South Australian homes will become a thing of the past under new greenhouse gas emission standards announced by the state Government. Energy Minister Patrick Conlon said that new greenhouse gas and ow-rate performance standards for residential water-heater installations will take eect from July the 1st to encourage people into the gas, solar and heat-pump markets. “This approach is consistent with the Federal Labor Government’s commitment to phase out electric water heaters from 2010,â€? he said. “South Australia is already leading the nation

in improving the sustainability of houses and reducing the costs of energy for householders and this is another important step.â€? Residential water heating is a signiďŹ cant greenhouse gas source in South Australia, accounting for around one third of household energy-related greenhouse gas emissions. Electric water heaters have a higher greenhouse impact than other alternatives such as solar or gas systems. Mr Conlon said the new standards will apply to new or renovated homes at the time of development approval and for established homes at the

.((3$+($'2)5,6,1* ,17(5(675$7(6  /($51+2:7+528*+ 3523(57<,19(67,1*







24 Bagot St, Wallaroo, S.A . Investors, Please note, This wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t last long. DONâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;T MISS OUT !! It is rented to a quality tenant who does not want to move.

Lot 4, Fords Road, Pinery, S.A.

Pamir Court, Wallaroo, S.A. RARE VACANT LAND with sea views in the Marina Development. Large block of 703sqm with a 17.60m frontage. Has 2 street access. The caravan park is

VACANT LAND in new area, Approx. 840sqm, 28m frontage. Close to shops and schools, 5 min. drive to beach, ferry & hospi-

One main group who can beneďŹ t from such a move is potential ďŹ rst homebuyers who feel they have been priced out of entering the market. They may have been priced out of buying a home in the area they want to live in but with a clever investment property purchase and a little patience, these homebuyersto-be could find themselves residing in their desired suburb sooner than they think. Mortgage Choice National Manager Corporate Affairs, Warren Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Rourke, said many seasoned property investors have already jumped into the market again, recognising the large number of Australians needing rental accommodation. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Seasoned investors are buying more property not only to take advantage of capital

growth but also the countryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s historically low vacancy rates and rapidly growing population - and therefore the rental yield potential - along with the tax beneďŹ ts that are often involved,â&#x20AC;? he said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;They are buying in areas with no shortage of keen tenants, and which have strong property value potential over the next few years.â&#x20AC;? Recent Australian Bureau of Statistics data showed the total value of housing commitments rose a seasonally adjusted 3.7% in January with the total value of investment housing commitments contributing largely to the rise, increasing by a seasonally adjusted 8.3% over the course of the month. One only has to look at the surge in property values in an area such as Mandurah in Western Australia to see that the right buy at the right time can produce strong capital growth for property owners. The latest Real Estate Institute of Australia ďŹ gures show the five-year average return on property value ranges between 15.7% and 25.2% in all capital cities except Sydney (5.2% for three-bedroom houses and 4.8% for two-bedroom other dwellings).

HOBBY FARM WITH 2 or 3 INCOMES $343,000 some love and attention. This could be restored by a handyman for use as a holiday home or a third. income. This MEANS, you must make an oďŹ&#x20AC;er now to secure a rare property with such a potential to earn 3 passive incomes. All this and only 70kms from Adelaide

Over ten years, the average return is in double-digit ďŹ gures for every capital city. Other areas, such as Mandurah, show growth in value well outside this range. For people wanting to get into their ďŹ rst home, initially buying an investment property in an area about to experience rapidly rising values above and beyond the average (which takes careful research), then waiting until its value has increased significantly, can put them in a much better ďŹ nancial position for buying a home. They can use the equity (the dollar diďŹ&#x20AC;erence between the outstanding mortgage balance and the propertyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s current value) to purchase another property because banks will lend money against this equity. However, rental yield potential must also be considered along with the availability of tenants. A property that steadily grows in value is certainly beneďŹ cial for buying another property but the owner also should be receiving a reasonable return on their investment - if only to help pay the mortgage.

For private inspection on all properties Call Perry Valeondis on: 0417 842 706 Email-: perry@reď&#x20AC; Ofď&#x20AC; ce-: 08 8357 9001 Fax-: 08 8357 9008


across the road. Walk to the beach in 5 mins. Building your dream home so close to the beach is a rare occurence in Wallaroo. You can enjoy a coďŹ&#x20AC;ee on your balcony while

Diagonal Road, Wallaroo, S.A.

With the rental market at its tightest in two decades, Mortgage Choice sees buying an investment property as a clever option for many Australians â&#x20AC;&#x201C; as long as they do their research on rental yield and capital growth potential, and their ďŹ nancial situation allows it.

bathroom, open plan living and separate lounge.Finished with a spacious kitchen and recently replaced ďŹ&#x201A;oor coverings.

consisting of 3 bedrooms plus study, separate lounge, large kitchen/dining area. A full length verandah keeps the home cool with access to a double garage. Currently rented for $ 170 week to a long term tennant. There is also an old stone cottage, built in the 1900â&#x20AC;?s in need of

into the atmosphere. Mr Conlon said the state Government is again extending the Solar Hot Water Rebate Scheme, this time targeting it to low-income households to help them comply with the full standard. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The current eligibility criteria for the Rebate Scheme will apply for installations made up until May the 16th,â&#x20AC;? he said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;All applications under the current eligibility criteria will have to be received by June the 30th. â&#x20AC;&#x153;New criteria will apply for installations made after May the 16.â&#x20AC;? To complement the greenhouse performance standards, the Government is also introducing a ďŹ&#x201A;ow rate standard for all shower outlets connected to the newly-installed water heater. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The ďŹ&#x201A;ow rate standard, which can be achieved by installing a 3-star rated showerhead, will maximise the greenhouse savings and deliver important water savings,â&#x20AC;? Mr Conlon said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;This will help the residential sector decrease water consumption by 3.4 billion litres per annum within 12 years.â&#x20AC;?

Become a property investor


A great property in the centre of Wallaroo. Walk to shops, schools, pubs, beach. Nothing is far away. The home itself is a magniďŹ cent 3 bedroom, 1

This home is situated on approx. 9 acres with close to 350 olive trees, aged about 7 years old. There are about 15 rows and each row is a diďŹ&#x20AC;erent variety of olive. All these trees are watered by drippers, fed from mains water. There is a large transportable home on the property

time of water heater replacement. Operational water heaters do not have to be replaced until they reach the end of their working life. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Installing a low emissions water heater, such as high eďŹ&#x192;ciency gas, solar and heat pumps, in place of a conventional electric water heater can result in greenhouse gas emissions reductions of around two tonnes per household per annum,â&#x20AC;? he said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;This is equivalent to 40 thousand black balloons each year so, over a typical water heater lifetime, emissions reductions of half a million black balloons could be expected.â&#x20AC;? In January 2008, the State Government launched a public awareness campaign to highlight the link between energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. The campaign, featuring television and newspaper advertisements, uses black balloons to represent greenhouses gases. The average South Australian home produces about eight tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions, equivalent to releasing 160,000 black balloons

watching the sun set over the waters of North Beach. MAKE AN OFFER NOW and secure your position in this sought after area.


tal. Settlement to be in July 2008 when titles will be issused. Secure this NOW with a deposit

and while you wait for settlement, your builder can prepare the home designs and be ready to start building in July/August.

â&#x20AC;&#x153;More properties are also available for sale in Adelaide and all suburbs, right down to the south coast, whether to live in or rent out for investment.â&#x20AC;? Page 10 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Thursday, April 10, 2008

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ACROSS THE REGION SPORT Friday April 11th Roxby Downs Bowls Club Night Owls 8pm

Nippy Gym - Auditorium 9.30am - 11.30am Roxby Downs Desert Dirt Circuit Car Club night meeting Saturday April 12th Night meeting

Monday, April 14th Karate Auditorium Colts (Age 6-12) 6pm Juniors/Adults 6:45pm Contact Reinhardt Viljoen 0428843921

Roxby Downs Dirt Kart (go-karts) Club night meeting April 18th

Indoor soccer 6 -7pm

Roxby Downs Family Practice Phone 8671 3231 Roxby Downs Medical Practice Normal hours 9:00am-5:00pm Saturday morning by appointment only. Phone 8671 1900

Tuesday, April 15th Squash 7pm - 10pm

indoor soccer 6pm - 7pm

Eyebus Andamooka Thursday 15th May Roxby Downs Wednesday 14th May Thursday 15th May Woomera Wednesday 14th May

ladies Social Basketball 8.45am - 10am

Visiting Allied Health Service Occupational Therapist Speech Pathologist Dietician Podiatrist

Wednesday, April 16th Karate Auditorium

Child Adolescent Mental Health Services For appointments phone 1800 819089

Colts (Age 6-12) 6pm Juniors/Adults 6:45pm Contact Reinhardt Viljoen 0428843921

Hearing Services April 21st- 9.00am - 2.30pm For an appointment call 1800 006 303

Women’s & Mixed netball 6pm - 9.30pm Thursday, April 17th Indoor Soccer Leisure Centre Social matches from 6pm All welcome Contact Kenton Maloney 0408 797 158 Karate 6pm -8.30pm Squash 7pm - 9pm

Doctors’ New Specialised Drug Telephone Number for Medicare Use. 1800 700 270


Volleyball 7pm - 9pm

Come-n-try soccer 3.30pm -5.30pm

Surviving the early weeks and months with a new addition to the family is a whole new experience. Come and share your feelings & tips on how to make this special time easier on your older children. Monday, 14th April 1:00pm to 2:30pm Jen’s Place 17b Wilaroo Street

Yes, it’s that time again mums and dads. So if you have a pram and a pair of sneakers, Then come and get some exercise with our pram walking group. You may want to introduce a new mum or dad to the group. We meet outside the dunes café at 9.30am each Friday Pulse Fitness spin classes with Lorraine. The times are: Monday 6.30pm & Thursday 6.30pm Australian Breastfeeding Association Roxby Downs Branch Discussion Meeting: Your Toddler & New Baby

Crisis Care Counselling Uniting Care Wesley Port Augusta Regional Women’s and Children’s Support Services call 1800 655 716 or call the crisis care line on 13 16 11. For immediate response if feeling stressed call 0428 326 529 to speak with a counsellor 24/7

Roxby Downs Community Library Monday to Friday 8.30-5.00pm Saturday 9.00-12pm. Phone 8671 0660 for more information. Holiday activities:- Tuesday April 15th 10-11am Story & Activity Make your own royal crown or tiara Tuesday April 22nd 10-11am Story & Activity Make your own royal shield Toddlers Story Time Fun for young children and mums Roxby Downs Library Richardson Place Tuesdays 9:30 am – 10:30 am Playgroup St Barbara’s Parish School Phone Jakki 86712323

Normal weight gains Roxby Downs Health Seminar Room Family & Youth April 10th 7.30pm Community Board April 28th 7.30pm Education and Workplace Training April 30th 7.30pm For details on Community matters call Michelle Hales on 8671 0010

GENERAL INFORMATION Mt Dare Hotel Open every day 8:00am -9:00pm, 7 days. School Terms 2008

Roxby Downs Health Services Coffee Mornings, Thursdays 9.30am to at the Dunes Café.

Term 1 Jan 29th - April 11th Term 2 April 28th - July 4th Term 3 July 21st - Sept 26th Term 4 Oct 13th - Dec 12th

EVENTS & ENTERTAINMENT Coffee Mornings for Families Meet and chat for all families. New comers especially welcome.

Every Week Visitor Information Centre 8.30 - 5.00 Mon-Fri 9.00am - 3.00pm Sat 9.00am - 2.00pm Sun Phone 8671 2001

Every Friday Playgroup 10am - 11.30am Roxby Downs Kindergarten Phone 86710455

Cultural & Leisure Precinct Movies Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday (see schedule below) Phone 8671 2001

Events in the Far North: Oodnadatta Races May 17th Marla Bronco Branding April 26th Oodnadatta Bronco Branding 12th July Remarkable Ute Muster at Melrose Showground from April 18th to 20th

Roxby Downs Girl Guides meet at the Christian Community Church Monday nights 6-8pm. More leaders required. Call Kristie 0427072710 Roxby Downs Childcare Monday - Friday 6.30am-5.30pm Phone 8671 0911 for details Gym Cultural & Leisure Precinct Mon, Wed & Friday 6 am - 12pm & 2pm - 9pm Tues & Thurs 6am - 12pm & 4pm - 9 pm Saturday 8-12pm Sunday 11-2pm Phone 86710500

Every Sunday Raptors Cycling Club Social Bike riding group from 8am at the Stuart Road roundabout

Memories of Marree April 20 - 25th explore the railhead for the Old Ghan Roxby Downs Lutheran Church Sunday school 9.30am every sunday during school terms

Roxby Downs Market Days 2008 May 17th June 21st August 16th September 20th October 18th November 15th

Bingo every Sunday 1.30pm Tuckerbox in Andamooka. All proceeds go to the community AusKick all of 2nd school term for 10 weeks. It’s for the Under 7 age group as of Jan 1st this year. Call Brian Hombsch on 0417867093

COMMUNITY MEETINGS Community members welcome to attend any meeting of the Roxby Downs Community Board. April 10th - 9.30am- 11:00am

Soul Food A unique combination of inspirational readings from different faiths and deeper wisdom from all over the world. April 27th Cultural Gallery.

ROXBY DOWNS CULTURAL & LEISURE PRECINCT REGULAR SCHEDULE Cultural Precinct Visitors Information centre Dunes café Art Gallery


At the gallery

Monday Volleyball 7pm - 9pm Karate - 6pm - 8:30pm

Baden Ray


Open Mon – Fri 8.30am – 5pm

Ladies Social Basketball 8.45am - 10am

Sat - 9.00am - 3.00pm

Come-n-try Soccer 4.00 - 6.00pm

Sun - 9.00am – 2.00pm

Squash 7pm - 10pm

Leisure Centre


Indoor Soccer 6pm - 7pm Women’s & Mixed Netball 6-9:30pm

Mon, Wed & Fri – Fri 6am

Karate 7pm - 8:30pm

– 12pm, 2pm - 9pm


Tues & Thurs - 6am - 12pm, 4pm

Nippy Gym – Auditorium

Saturday 8am - 12pm Sunday 11am - 2pm

on show now


Rated: G Duration 86 mins One Elephone One World One Story. Horton the Elephant struggles to protect a microscopic community from his neighbours who refuse to believe it exists. Starring the voices of: Jim Carrey, Steve Carrel, Will Arnett & Isla Fischer.

Sat 12th - 1pm & 7.30pm Sun 13th - 12noon Wed 16th - 12 noon

Don’t miss all the

10,000 BC Rated: M Duration 108 mins

Kids Club activities

9.30am - 11.30am Squash 7pm-9pm

during the holidays.

Indoor Soccer 6pm - 8pm Karate 6pm – 8.30pm

Creche for patrons of the centre

Touch Football 7.30pm (town oval)

Mon –Fri 8.45am-12pm


THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

Felton until April 21


- 9pm

Phone: 8671 2001 Fax: 8671 2021 EVENTS OUTBACK CINEMA

Indoor Hockey 5pm - 9.30pm

Phone Perdita for more information

It takes a hero to change the world. A prehistoric epic that follows a young mammoth hunter’s journey through unchartered territory to secure the future of his tribe. Fir 11th - 7.30pm Tues 15th - 7pm

Sat 12th - 4pm Wed 16th - 3pm

Thursday, April 10, 2008 – Page 11



Youth program for disadvantaged kids Youth Off The Streets is calling for nominations for their Annual National Scholarship Program. The initiative developed by Father Chris Riley, CEO and founder of Youth Off The Streets, provides financial and personal support for young people to pursue their dreams in any field, including (but not limited to) education and training, visual or performing arts, sport, trade skills and music. “The aim of the Scholarship Program is to support young people who have a genuine desire to move forward but face significant financial and personal barriers which make their everyday goals a struggle,” Father Riley said. “We want to give all young people an equal chance in life.” This year, Youth Off The Streets will be awarding 20 scholarships.

Scholarship recipients will receive mentoring and funding of up to $5000 to help them achieve their goal. Each recipient and their guest will be flown to a gala dinner at the Hilton Hotel, Sydney to receive their award on Saturday, August 30. Nominations can be made by young people themselves, or on their behalf. To lodge a nomination and help a young person from Roxby Downs realise their dreams, visit the Youth Off The Streets website at www. to download a nomination form. The closing date for nominations is 5pm on May 9th. A past recipient William, aged 17, received a Youth Off The Streets scholarship in 2006 to support his talent in Artistic roller–skating. He was placed with a foster family

at a young age and has overcome many challenges with their support. In 2007, William competed at the Oceania and World Championships representing Australia. In 2008 he has decided to move on to ice-skating to advance his career opportunities. He is currently completing year 10 and attends a retail course at TAFE part-time. “I feel I was very privileged to receive a scholarship from Youth Off The Streets in 2006,” he said. My funds allowed me to train for and compete in the World Artistic Roller Skating Championships in 2007.” The Youth Off The Streets Scholarship Program would not be possible without the generous support of business and community members.

Board to expand its membership The Roxby Downs Community Board has decided to increase the size of its membership to overcome problems of filling vacancies when serving members resign. Currently there are 10 Board members with one vacancy caused by the resignation of Wendy Osborne who has moved to Tasmania. The Board was told at its recent meeting that five applications have been received for the vacancy. It was decided that if the quality of the applicants was high then the selection

panel, comprising the Board chairman and two other board members could recommend the appointment of up to three of the applicants. This would give the board a broader representation and allow for a more streamlined functionality should there become vacancies in the future. The selection panel’s recommendations will then be put to the board for endorsement by the town Administrator, Bill Boehm and BHP Billiton’s representative, Vice President of Government and Community Kym Winter-Dewhirst.

Community Board has a new Chairman The Roxby Downs Community lowing the great work of Chris Schultz Board has a new chairman follow- during his term of office in promoting ing its meeting last month. the aspirations of the community Managing Editor of the Monitor Newspaper, Les Rochester accepted the position along with new deputy chair, Yvette Mooney. The position became vacant late last year after the resignation of former chairman Chris Schultz who moved interstate. Ms Mooney had filled in as interim chair until the positions were declared open at the March meeting. “There are some big shoes to fill fol-

through the Community Board,” Mr Rochester said. “It is a challenge but one that the current board, full of enthusiasm and commitment to the Roxby Downs community will rise to I’m sure. “I’d like to publicly acknowledge the work of Chris and Yvette as well as the great input that the various forums and partnerships have into the operation of the Community Board. “It only makes our community stronger.”

What’s your dream? A new television campaign to help raise community expectations of what young people can achieve through increased school attendance has begun on Imparja. The “What’s Your Dream” campaign is aiming to promote positive messages

about education and employment for children, their carers and the community. It has been instigated by various organisations in response to community concerns about school retention rates and employment outcomes.

Upcoming meetings... Volunteering

April 14th 7.30pm

Environment Forum

April 15th 7.30pm

Community Board

April 28th 7.30pm

Education and workplace training

April 30th 3.30pm

Sport & Recreation

May 6th 7.30pm

Under discussion... Volunteering Forum

National Volunteering Week

Sports and Recreation Forum

Establishment of a Community Bus

Environment Forum


Meetings held Health

Arts and Culture Forum

Family and Youth Forum

Environment Forum

Sports & Recreation

Alcohol & Substance Abuse

Community members wishing to have input to discussions at Community Board meetings must notify Executive Officer, Michelle Hales on 0418 833 818 prior to the meeting date. Please note: Forums (Excluding Health and the Alcohol and Substance Abuse Partnership) are open to the general public. The Community Board encourage all members of the community to attend and participate. For further information on any of the Forums or Partnerships please contact Michelle Hales on 0418 833 818.

Page 12 – Thursday, April 10, 2008

Above: Cameron Spencer at last year’s Christmas pageant, shows how much fun it can be dressing up.

Get a hero and dress up

In an initiative to help raise money for local Australian primary schools and support children devastated by the impact of abuse, neglect and family violence, the Australian Childhood Foundation has invited more than 5000 schools to participate in its Childhood Hero Dress-up Day, which will be held on Friday June 13th. Students who wish to dress up as their childhood hero will be asked to donate $2.00 to their school. Fifty per cent of the funds raised will be retained by the school and 50 per cent will be donated to the Australian Childhood Foundation. The school that raises the most money will win a Fujifilm FinePix S5700 camera. The Australian Childho o d Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation that delivers a range of services to help put a stop to child abuse. Childhood Hero Dress-up Day gives children an opportunity to

acknowledge the heroes in their lives. A childhood hero could be a sporting identity, family member, community member such as a policeman, fireman, or a super hero. According to the Australian Childhood Foundation’s CEO, Dr Joe Tucci, the Foundation’s schools program is a critical component of its annual Childhood Hero Appeal. “Each year we are strongly supported by Australian schools,” explains Dr Tucci. “Schools are a critical avenue of getting information to teachers, parents, children and their local communities. “Childhood Hero Dress Up Day gives us all an opportunity to celebrate the fun, innocence and importance of childhood, while at the same time raise much needed funds for schools and the Foundation.” Schools are also encouraged to incorporate the theme of Childhood

Hero into the curriculum including Show and Tell, Art and Writing and Expression. “We believe every child needs a hero to make them feel special, loved and cared for,” Dr Tucci said. “Our annual Childhood Hero Appeal and schools program help raise awareness of the importance of heroes and mentors in children’s lives, particularly those who need heroes the most: children traumatised by abuse, family violence and neglect.” All money raised from Childhood Hero Dress Up Day will go towards counselling children who are victims of abuse, educational programs for professionals and parents and researching the effects of child abuse in the community. For schools interested in participating in Childhood Hero Dress Up Day, a registration site has been established at www.

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper



Companies get into volunteering

Getting to Uni is the aim

Trade Schools give a head start to youth The first school students are taking up high-level apprenticeships in engineering, construction and plumbing as the State’s new $29.5m Trade Schools for the Future open for business.

of qualified workers – including billions of dollars of projects in the pipeline – and it makes sense to match local school students to those opportunities. “The job opportunities emerging in South Australia, such as mining, defence and construction, often require people with formal, higher-level qualifications. “Trade school qualifications – which can range up to Certificate III level study – will give students an edge by allowing them to leave school with a head start into their chosen career,” she said. “Students work towards their qualifications through local schools, training providers and workplaces. “We wanted to get our trade schools up and running as quickly as possible to help meet the jobs boom in South Australia and the need in many industries for skilled workers. “Now the schools are open for business, the School to Work apprenticeship brokers are talking to local employers about opportunities for students. “Over time, we hope to have more than 1000 students in high-end trade school apprenticeships,” the minister concluded. The State Government announced its trade school initiative in 2006 and the first three schools opened in July 2007, with the remaining seven coming online from the start of 2008, ahead of schedule. The trade schools operate across regions, with at least one Work Skills Centre in each region acting as the lead school for their local Trade School for the Future. Trade Schools for the Future will be forging links with local TAFE and other training providers to deliver training for school students. The initiative is part of an overall $84m School to Work package that includes a new SACE and a requirement for young people to be learning or earning until they turn 17 from 2009.

An initial 140 students have registered for trade school apprenticeships through the State’s 10 trade schools, which are all up and running this year – two years ahead of the 2010 target date. The first Trade School for the Future enrolments come as a major briefing of business leaders is being planned to encourage local industries to consider the long-term benefits of taking on a school student apprentice. 20 school to work apprenticeship brokers are appointed to match students with local opportunities for apprenticeships in areas of key industry skills demand. Each of the 10 Trade Schools for the Future will stage regional promotional activities to get students, families, businesses and communities involved in building practical work skills among young people through the trade school concept. $8.3 million in capital works and information technology projects to support the trade schools are now underway. Education Minister Jane Lomax-Smith says it’s the start of an exciting new era to give school students a major head start in local careers, particularly in areas of skills demand. “Our trade schools enable students to study for their SACE while gaining a head start towards high-level qualifications that will take them into rewarding careers,” Dr Lomax-Smith said. “There is an increasing workforce demand for higher skilled people across a range of industry areas and our trade schools support this drive for better skills. “We have businesses and industries in need

Boosting the number of high school students heading for university, highly skilled jobs and careers in science and mathematics are the aims of a new four-point $5.7m state government initiative. Over three years, the new programs will help schools create ‘school to work’ initiatives that prepare students for highly skilled jobs in areas of key industry demand. It’s also hoped to encourage more students to pursue careers in science and mathematics and will target students who need to improve literacy and numeracy, including skills relevant to the workplace, before they begin the South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE). It’s aim is for students to become the first in their family to go to university. Government, Catholic and Independent schools across the State are being invited to apply to be involved, sharing in an initial $1.9m in grants with industry and university partners. A major part of the new SACE is making sure students are effectively prepared to move from school into further education, training and highly skilled jobs. The suite of new programs will help schools to pioneer innovative ways to keep students engaged in education and training and to prepare for work opportunities while they complete the SACE. Successful examples will be shared with schools across the State to give more students more opportunities to achieve their potential. The grants are in addition to $4.8m in grants, announced last month, to train more than 7500 teachers across Catholic, Independent and Government schools and trial elements of the new certificate before today’s Year 9 students start the new SACE from 2009. The new certificate builds on the strengths of the current SACE and will include compulsory English and mathematics subjects at Stage 1 (Year 11), a broader range of choices for students and agreed performance standards that students will need to achieve. The first students will graduate in 2011 with the new SACE ‘passport’ to a better future.

South Australian community organisations are set to benefit from more skills, knowledge and hands on deck following the launch of the new CorporateConnect 2008 program. The program will see 90 of South Australia’s businesses pledging volunteer hours for their employees to lend a helping hand in a range of South Australian community organisations. CorporateConnect 2008, is an initiative of the state’s business leaders and the state government. The innovative program aims to help community organisations, and the businesses who participate, enhance their profile and marketing opportunities, boost morale, increase skills and knowledge, as well as improve service delivery. The CorporateConnect program has allowed the development of a partnership with Heta Incorporated, whose skilled staff match business volunteers with community organisations, making it easier for businesses of all sizes to get involved in corporate volunteering. The results of corporate volunteering can have a great impact on community organisations, with the expertise business volunteers bring offering them access to a whole new range of skills areas including planning, marketing and finance. Even a small contribution from businesses helping out with fundraising, participating in board meetings, designing marketing materials, providing strategic and financial advice, painting and renovating - can make all the difference to a community organisation.

Positions Available at Roxby Downs Cultural and Leisure Centre Roxby Downs Cultural and Leisure Precinct are looking to Àll the following positions: -

Café Assistant 20 – 30 hours per week


Trainee projectionist 10 – 15 hours per week (positions could be combined) Please send Resume and Cover Letter via email to: David Masters Hospitality Manager Phone: 8671 2001 Mobile: 0409 888 923

AN EVEN START – NATIONAL TUITION PROGRAM The Australian Government is working collaboratively with the SA Government to coordinate tuition for students in SA who did not achieve one or more of the national benchmarks in years 3, 5 and 7 in 2007. This will be delivered through An Even Start – National Tuition Program in the 2008 school year. A rewarding opportunity exists for tutors to ensure that these students receive access to quality individualised tuition so that they reach their full potential. Tutors will need to: • Demonstrate their capacity to provide high quality tuition in reading, writing or numeracy • Acquire the ability to understand and meet the needs of the target student group and • Meet police checks. If you are currently teaching, studying to be a teacher, a retired teacher, non teaching staff with relevant experience or a qualified specialist service provider – teacher aid, integration aid, indigenous education tutor or speech pathologist, why not register your interest? You can register online at, or liaise directly with your local school to inform them of your interest. EDTREM011361


BUSINESS FORUM Ready and able to work Hear how you can tap in to a diverse, skilled and semi-skilled workforce, willing to reside or drive in and out Taste fine wines and enjoy finger food

Outback Cinema and Dunes Cafe - 7.00pm THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

Thursday, April 10, 2008 – Page 13


Monitor CLASSIFIEDS EMPLOYMENT “PART Time Administration and Procurement Assistant” – Kempe, Olympic Dam Site advertised Wednesday 2nd April, 2008. The correct closing date for applications is Wednesday 16th April, 2008. FOR SALE


Pt Pirie & Adelaide Depots Antique & Household Removals Local, Interstate & Country Storage & Delivery Specialists

Place your classified ad by phoning Regina or Erin on 8671 2683 today!

BUSES – 2 x 1987 2 door town buses 43 seat format – have undergone engineers Inspection for rust and frame damage and Have full certificates included (supplied for Seatbelt fitment) to comply with BHP/B site Roxby Downs À Pt Augusta À Pt Pirie Standards. Both are Mercededs 1418s, turbo’d and are road registerable. These vehicles are in good order and would make ideal motor home converters. They cost us $36,000.00 each and will now be sold Opal Road Landfill Opening disabled zone $227. on. Price $10,000 each. Contact Chris Hours Local Website 0418 181 085. The Opal Road Landfill Opening Visit your local website. Read

Ph: 0427 716 173

Council snippets

MOTOR yacht 45ft Roberts fiberglass. Excellent condition. Cruise anywhere also live aboard, has everything for comfortable cruising. Price $250,000.00. More information contact Ray on 0413449336. 1 male brindle Staffy pup 8 weeks old. Wormed, vaccinated and vet checked $400.00 phone 0427 844 945 2001 Mitsubishi Lancer GLI 1.8litre Manual – red duco, alloy wheels, sports steering wheel, CD player, immobiliser 96,000k’s - $11,000 contact Anthony 0401 137 246 REAL ESTATE 2 Bedroom Fully Self Contained Unit in Myall Grove Caravan Park. Includes all Furniture, Cutlery, Crockery. Has own inbuilt laundry with front load Washing Machine. All only 18months old. Includes site fees paid to end of Financial Year ($84/wk). Asking $155,000.00 all inclusive. Contact Chris 0418 181 085. PUBLIC NOTICES THERAPEUTIC Magnets Clinic prescripted made magnetic “pain relief” products. Underlays, back, knee supports, TENS machines. For professional advice ph: 0411 324 416

Hours are 1pm – 6pm, seven days a week. Residents are encouraged to utilise this FREE service as the dumping of litter in reserves or lands surrounding the town attract an expiation penalty fee of $315.00 as per the Local Government Act. Advertising on Council Infrastructure Advertising on Council infrastructure such as light poles can attract expiation notices under the Local Government Act. If you spot any such advertising please notify the Council. Dog Registration Dog Registrations for 2007/08 financial year are now overdue. Grace period for registration expired on 31 August 2007. Therefore an $80 expiation fee can apply, plus an expiation fee of $80 for every 14 days the dog remains unregistered. Rates The Third Instalment notices for rates were issued on 18/02/2008. The due date for payment was 17/03/2008. Please contact Bronnie Warren at the council on 86710010 with any enquiries. Water Readings for 31 st March 2008 quarter have commenced. Please ensure your meter is accessible. Electricity Quarterly meter reads have begun. Please make sure that your meters are accessible. Accounts for 31 st March 2008 quarter will be issued approximately mid April. Parking Residents should be aware of significant expiation fees for parking in a bus zone $73 and parking in a

what’s new at www.roxbycouncil. Service SA On Wednesday and Thursdays only between the hours of 9.00am and 4.00pm Council provides Transport Services including Vehicle and Boat Registrations and Licensing Transactions Rubbish Collection Residents are reminded that there is a limit of one bin per household for weekly rubbish collection and that it is the resident’s responsibility to ensure that bins are in serviceable condition with closable lids that prevent flies and birds from accessing rubbish. Please be diligent as littering attracts an Expiation Penalty Fee of $315.00 – ie over flowing bins. Waste Oil Disposal Council operates a waste oil collection facility at the Roxby Downs Landfill site. Disposal of all used motor oil at this facility is free. For Further information contact Council 8671 0010 or BSH Waste Solutions on 8671 1154. No cooking oils, coolants, diesel, or diesel blended fuels (bio Diesel) are to be deposited into the unit. This Facility is open 1pm -6pm seven days. Opal Road Landfill Opening Hours Open days and hours on a magnet are available at the front counter upon request. Hours are as follow 1pm – 6pm seven days a week. - see Council Office Hours – General Monday to Friday – 9am to 5pm For all after hours Emergency’s please contact the Emergency Phone on 0419 892 870


DEVELOPMENT ACT, 1993 MUNICIPAL COUNCIL OF ROXBY DOWNS NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR CATEGORY 3 DEVELOPMENT Pursuant to Section 38 (5) of the Development Act, 1993 Notice is hereby given that an application comprising a CATEGORY 3 DEVELOPMENT has been lodged with the Council for a development assessment. Details of the application are as follows DEVELOPMENT No.



Laguna Holdings


375 Goodwood Road Westourne Park SA 5041


Upgrade to existing Caretaker’s Accommodation


Lot 719 Olympic Way Roxby Downs


Volume 5140

Folio 495

The application may be examined at the Of¿ces of the Council located at Richardson Place, Roxby Downs, during normal business hours and any person who desires to do so may make relevant representations in writing concerning this application to reach the Administrator, PO Box 124 Roxby Downs, South Australia, 5725 no later than 17/04/2008. Each person making a submission should indicate whether that person wishes to appear personally or be represented by another party before the Council in support of that submission. Please note that, pursuant to Section 38(8) of the Development Act, a copy of each representation received will be forwarded to the applicant for a written response.

Bill Boehm Administrator

To have your birthday photo in The Monitor, drop in to the office, or email your photo to news@ themonitor. Left: Amy Rose Kemenyvary celebrated her fourth birthday on April 1st. She celebrated with friends and family at a “Sizzle” party on Saturday.




Senior First Aid 1 or 2 Day Courses Roxby Downs

Aboriginal Art Full Day Tour Painted Hills & Lake Eyre 2 hour Scenic Flight Lake Eyre 60 Minute Scenic Flight

Nationally accredited HLTFA301B

$150.00 per person Highly experienced local trainer Other emergency training also available

Everyone in Roxby Downs can enjoy the benets of banking with Big Sky.

Visit us in Tutop Street or call 8671 2555

1 Bill Rivers Avenue William Creek South Australia 5710 Tel: +61 (8) 86707962 Mobile:0433 767 727 Mobile: 0418 335 748 Fax: +61 (8) 86707962 E:

Contact Steve Moore 0429 883 842

A fun, non-competitive learning environment for all ages: newborns, children and adults! Come down and learn the joys of music, dance and other dramatic arts.


All welcome. We’ve got something to offer

Sunday Worship: 10am

Our venue is The Community Church on the corner of Tutop Street and Burgoyne Street, Roxby Downs.

All enquiries please call Kirstie on: (08) 8672 7385 or fax: (08) 8672 7385 or email

Page 14 – Thursday, April 10, 2008

Monday: Prayer - 7.30pm Tuesday: Mens Fellowship - 7.30pm Wednesday: Ladies KYB - 7.30pm Wednesday: Bible Study - 7.30pm Sunday Kids Church - during worship time

Corner Burgoyne St and Tutop St

Uniting and Angilcan sponsored. ph: 0409 68 67 68 A Protestant faith community

BLD - 173944

•General Repairs •Fencing •Carpentry •Cabinet-making •Plumbing •Gas-fitting •Electrical •Carpet/Vinyl •Painting •Refrigeration

Ph 8671 1234 Fax 8671 2823 Mob 0407 711 234 Shop 5/14 Tutop Street, Roxby Downs, SA THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper


Monitor SPORT

Above: Congratulations to the student at St Barbara’s Parish School who competed in the South Australian Catholic School Swimming Carnival in Adelaide last weekend. The team competed against eight other schools in their division. This was the first time the school had sent a team and they won their division. A special congratulations to Hannah who also won her age group. Above: Under 13 netball action. OPEN 7 DAYS

Post Ofce & Motel

Behind the Famous Bottle House Opal Creek Boulevard, Andamooka & after hours by appointment

Ph: (08) 8672 7007 Fax: (08) 8672 7062 Email: Above: Junior netball kicked off again last weekend.

Monitoring the SA Fishing Scene Local Hotspot

Land Based

Emu Bay Jetty is serving up a multitude of fish species. Anyone holidaying on the island this school holidays is in for a feast. Early mornings are producing mullet and the odd Whiting from the shallows. Try beach worms as they are irresistable to both these species. Late in the evening, salmon are on the menu with a school breezing through the jetty for a short period each day. To top this off, keep a squid jag out as a few 2kg specimens have been reported.

Most beaches at the foot of the Yorke Peninsula have mullet with Butler being the pick. Mt Camel Beach has salmon to 4kgs when the winds die down. Second Valley has a few small squid taking jags just after sunrise. Black Fellow Caves has tommies. One angler reported losing a head shaking beast from this location early last week.

Have a Photo or Fabulous Fishy Tale Email

FishWatch 1800 065 023 South Australian Illegal Fishing Hot Line

Whiting Sharks the correct name we are not sure of, however, they can be a pest when targeting KGW at night.


Above: Lightening carnival action from the weekend.

Sports Results from last week….. Wednesday Netball

Mixed Goal Diggers 36 defeated Bite Me 8 A Grade Cruisers 34 defeated IVS Phoenix Flames The Family 34 defeated Stingers 11 Old Skool 25 defeated Martini’s 17 33 West Coasters 32 defeated The Miners A 41 defeated Gecko Girls 31 Untalented Team + Boofa 13 B Grade Wanderers 33 defeated Roxby Indoor Hockey Milkshakes 27 All games were cancelled due to function Jaffas 33 defeated Miners B 19 last Friday night. THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

Trevally and rugger Snapper were on 7 mile reef out from Victor Harbour. Blue Crabs defy the change in seasons and are around the black pole out from St Kilda. Blue Fin Tuna schools are plentiful at The Hummocks and west of Kangaroo Island. Wirrina Cove has Whiting Sharks.

Fishing Charter Brokers Australia

0405 063 233 Affordable ‘Single Day’ & ‘Multi-Day’ Blue Chip Fishing Adventures “SA Rocky Island Night Charter” 4 days May 19th – 22nd 2008 Full Moon Fishing – Kingies, Tuna, Samson, Snapper, Blue Groper 5 spots only - $1750p/p – Meals, Tackle, Equipment, Live-Aboard

Thursday, April 10, 2008 – Page 15

Monitor SPORT The

Your Community Newspaper ~ Roxby Downs

Phone (08) 8671 2683

Fax (08) 8671 2843

Linfox lightning carnival results UNDER 12 ‘S final Olympic Dam 2 goals 3 points 15 8 points defeated Olympic Dam 3 Roxby Districts 4 goals 2 points 26 points defeated Roxby Districts 1 points points defeated Andamooka 2 goals goal 6 points Best on ground for the carnival 4 points 16 points LEAGUE final UNDER 16’S final Roxby Districts 1 goal 2 points Daniel Rogers from Olympic Dam.

Monitor The

Your Community Newspaper ~ Roxby Downs

Your Local Community Newspaper

Mandie Arnold

Regina Qualmann Customer Relations

Customer Relations

8671 2683

8671 2683

8671 2683

Donna Dishaw

Kathy Casey

Les Rochester

Graphic Design


Erin Robertson

Finance Administration

Managing Editor

8671 2683

8671 2683

8671 2622

The Faces Behind the Monitor! Page 16 – Thursday, April 10, 2008

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper


Reduce it by up to 50 %, pay off your own home sooner (up to 20 years) and create wealth through Adelaide property. We’ll show you how. Your...

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