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Volume 4, Thursday April 3rd, 2008

BOLD PLAN FOR CAMP T he BHP Billiton owned and operated Olympic Dam village is expected to be shutdown and relocated within the next 3 – 5 years.

The camp which has accommodation available for 1,000 workers is currently home to 200 permanent BHP Billiton employees, with the remainder for contractors and fly-in fly-out operations. It’ll be replaced by a brand new facility on the southern side of subdivision B which is currently being filled by high quality transportable accommodation on the southern approaches to Roxby Downs. BHP Billiton’s vice-president of Human Resources Paul Walters said Olympic Village is old and tired and has served its purpose. “We’re currently spending about $1 million to put in squash courts, a beach volleyball court and wet mess as an interim measure,” he said. “However we have to look long term for this mine. “It’s no good just putting in another camp to take its place because it’ll only have a real life span of 10 years or so. Most mine camps around the country are established for short term operations over 10-15 years. Mr Walters said the Olympic Dam mine is different because it’s going to be around a lot longer than that, so we need to plan accordingly for that longlivity,” he said.

“We’re currently going through a tender process for the new facility on the southern side of subdivision B adjacent to Olympic Way. “It will not be a camp as such but more like a village where we’ll have good villa style accommodation and services to match. “It’ll have its own sporting facilities, swimming pool, newsagent and the like and will be close to town so businesses in Roxby Downs can benefit,” Mr Walters said. They’re bold plans but when you consider the expected life of the planned open cut mine at Olympic Dam of at least 100 years, then the boldness is justified. “The tenders we’re calling for are operators of the new facility as we’ll lease that side of the facility out,” Mr Walters said. “The operator will be responsible for everything in the new style village concept, including running the newsagency and other services,” he said. Initial thinking is that the village could house between 500 to 1,000 employees at any one time. It is on the drawing boards but has yet to go through BHP Billiton’s exhaustive executive approvals process. However with the Environmental Impact Statement expected to be released later this year for the new open pit mine, approval for the new camp may be quicker than expected. The site has already been chosen.

Above: Camping gear unloaded as patrons flocked back for the Friends Of Arid Recovery 10th Reunion

Former Roxby Downs concrete contractor gets 16 years jail with a non parole period of 10 years over a $25 million fraud. Full story Page 3.

Key Biodiversity help sought The South Australian Arid L ands Natural Resources Management Board needs your help. The public are encouraged to comment on a draft biodiversity strategy that has been prepared over the past two years, resulting in a series of six documents. The documents have been produced in collaboration between the NRM Board and the Department for Environment and Heritage. One of the documents is an over-view of the whole strategy and the other five focus on key bio-regions in the arid lands of South Australia. Merri Tothill from Rural Solutions SA, who is coordinating the public consultation, says that it is important to manage all of our natural resources in the

best way possible. “We need to look at how we can conserve and manage native plants and animals and determine which areas have the highest value. “This includes understanding how much of a specific habitat exists, identifying any threats to that habitat and determining priority areas to work on,” she said. From Tuesday April 1st the public have been able to access these documents via a link on the SA Arid Lands NRM website – The comment period will last until June 30th 2008. “People should go to the website to access the strategies and they will also be able to fill out an electronic form and add their own comments,” explained

Ms Tothill. “We would like to encourage people to add any ideas they have about ongoing management or how they would like to be involved in the future. “We would really like to hear from as many people as possible,” she said. “This issue should be important to everybody living in South Australia.” Comments will be collated and each one added to a report that will be presented to the Board. The Board will decide what should be included in a final document. This will be used to guide the management of biodiversity conservation in the area for the next 10 years.


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Win a great Spitfire print

With Anzac Day approaching you can win a magnificent full colour print of ‘Shark Patrol’ the Mk V111 Spitfires of the Grey Nurse Squadron from 1945 in this Monitor exclusive give-away. All you have to do is email a short story of 400 words on why you are fascinated by Spitfires to the editor of the Monitor at (editor@themonitor. The competition closes on April 24th. The print is co-signed by 12 victory ace Wing Commander Bobby Gibbes DFC, Squadron Leader Bruce Watson DFC and Flight Lietenant

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Ted Sly DFC. In Shark Patrol, Wing Commander Bobby Gibbes leads No. 457 Squadron RAAF on a sortie in early 1945. The Spitfires were based at Moratai island in the Halmaheras in mid 1945. Flying on Gibbes wing is F/L Ted Sly in ZP-Q while S/L Bruce Watson leads another section in ZP-W. All three of these pilots saw service in Europe and or North Africa with the RAF and RAAF before returning to Australia and the war in the south west Pacific. No 457 Squadron was formed in

the United Kingdom in June 1941 and saw combat on the Channel front before being withdrawn and sent to Australia in mid 1942 to deal with the Japanese who had been bombing the Australian mainland since February of that year. Together with No. 54 and 452 Squadrons, 457 Squadron became part of No.1 Fighter Wing under the command of the legendary Wing Commander Clive Caldwell. Equipped with the Spitfire Mk VC, No.1 Wing moved into the Darwin area in February 1943, No. 457 Squadron began receiving the new Mk V111 Spitfires in 1944.

Page 2: Examples of some of the amazing Spitfire prints available to purchase, inlcuding Shark Patrol, Blue Skies over Darwin and Queenslander over the Western Front.

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Kistler moves out of Woomera

The United States based NASA organisation has terminated its agreement with Rocketplane Kistler, which was to begin trial launching of its K-1 space re-supply rocket from Woomera later this year.

The Oklahoma Citybased firm was one of two companies NASA selected in August 2006 to split $500 million in public funds to help build and demonstrate competing launch systems capable of delivering cargo to the International Space Station. The other company was El Segundo, California based Space Exploration Technologies. NASA made the COTS money contingent on meeting periodic technical and financial milestones. NASA has reopened its competition for the $174.7 million that Rocketplane Kistler lost out on. The winner of that renewed competition would have to demonstrate the ability to deliver cargo to the international space station, just as Rocketplane Kistler was required to do. The company was supposed to raise $500 million in private investment by May last year, but the company didn’t hit that goal - and as a result stopped development work on its K-1 launch vehicle. NASA already had paid $32.1 million to Rocketplane Kistler for meeting earlier milestones. The company won’t have to give that money back, but it will lose out on the remaining $174.7 million that was set aside for future milestones. NASA needs to have a replacement

system for resupplying the space station by 2010, when the space shuttle fleet is due to be retired. The $500 million effort - known a s th e C o m m e rc i a l O r b i t a l Transportation System program, or COTS - was designed to encourage low-cost options for that resupply. NASA has other options as well, including other countries’ space transports (such as the Russian Soyuz or Europe’s ATV) and eventually the agency’s own Orion crew transportation vehicle. The Orion is being developed under a multibillion-dollar contract with Lockheed Martin, and is due to enter service in the 2014 time frame. N A S A’s a g r e e m e n t s w i t h Rocketplane Kistler and SpaceX, the other company to receive money through the COTS program, called for resupply capability to be demon-

Get your brollies out – it’s going to be wet It might just be time to get your umbrellas out of hibernation and start keeping them by the door. According to the Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology, parts of South Australia, including the Roxby Downs area, could very well see a wetter than normal season this autumn. The National Climate Centre has predicted that there is a 60% chance of rainfall here exceeding the autumn median. Officials say that this would be as a result of cooler than average waters across the equatorial Pacific in association with La Niña and continuing higher than average temperatures in the central to south-eastern Indian Ocean. Northern Queensland and parts of New South Wales could also be seeing more rain between now and May. Meanwhile, Victoria and Tasmania could well be seeing less rainfall than usual.

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strated by 2010. In August 2006 Kistler said work on a $100 million launch site at Woomera was expected to start in October that year and be completed by the end of 2007. At the time Kistler Woomera chairman Alan Evans said the contract meant “hundreds of jobs” would be created within the aerospace industry in South Australia. “The jobs will be within the high-level end of the spectrum of the space industry, which is great news for the state,” he said at the time. K-1 was to have crew transportation capabilities, meaning the Woomera site could have seen astronauts leave from Australia. The site was also planned to be used to transport satellites into space for telecom companies and defence organisations. The K-1 launch vehicle was designed to be re-used 100 times. It was planned to be powered by liquid-propellant engines and to land back on Earth with the help of parachutes and airbags. “Woomera was chosen because it can be used for polar and equatorial launches and because of its clean land areas,” Mr Evans said at the time. “Kistler has already spent US$700 million developing this idea.” Rocketplane Kistler had said their sub-orbital XP Spaceplane was scheduled for first flight in late 2008 the same schedule as the K-1. However, The Monitor understands that all facilities, materials and equipment belonging to Rocketplane Kistler have been removed from Woomera and stored in a warehouse in Canberra.

This week in history . . . On April 6th 1986, the world saw the birth of the modern Olympic Games. These Summer Games were held in Athens, Greece at the ancient Panathenaic Stadium. There had been a gap of 1500 years since the Ancient Olympic Games had stopped being celebrated in Ancient Greece. The Games of the I Olympiad, as they were officially known, were held between April 6th and April 15th. There were 14 nations that participated – including Australia, which won a total of two medals, both of them gold. These were won by Edwin Flack for the 800 metre and 1500 metre events. A total of 241 athletes from around the world competed in the Games, but none of them were women, who were not allowed to take part.

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Former Roxby contractor gets 16 years jail A former major contractor with the Western Mining Company at Olympic Dam has been sentenced to a total of 16 years imprisonment with a non parole period of 10 years in the Adelaide District Court. Romeo Pacifico, also known as Richard Sambora, pleaded guilty to 18 counts of demanding on a forged instrument and one count of false pretences. The maximum penalty for the forgery charges is 14 years imprisonment and the maximum penalty for the false pretences charges is four years imprisonment. In sentencing Sambora His Honour Judge Wayne Chivell said the accused also asked him to take into account another 17 offences which involved obtaining finance worth more than $7 and a half million. These offences occurred between January 1998 and April 2002. They involved obtaining money from finance companies using forged documents. Sambora who was born in Adelaide is now 44 years old. Mr Justice Chivell said in 1990 Sambora started up his own business using a concrete pump contracted to Fairmont Homes and in 1995, he was fortunate to get a contract with Western Mining at Roxby Downs. “Initially the contract was for six months, but it was then extended,” the Judge said. “During that time, your business expanded greatly, and by 1999, you were operating a total of 12 machines which cost a total of $14 million. “By 2002, you had lost everything as a result of your offending . “It is obviously true that you became hopelessly over-geared, you were unable to service the repayments on the money you had borrowed, so you began rob-

bing Peter to pay Paul using forged documentation to satisfy the finance companies of your financial health,” Mr Justice Chivell said. “It must be observed that these companies were very ready, or seemed very ready, to lend large amounts of money to you on what seemed to me to be relatively flimsy evidence of credit-worthiness. “Indeed, the world financial system is just now coming to terms with the economic effects of a decade of irresponsible lending. “However, that does not reduce in any way the moral blameworthiness of what you did. “You effectively stole this money, and it does not render you any less a thief that you had credulous victims.” The Judge said apart from the 2007 offence, the total amount that Sambora obtained, or sought to obtain, by either the uttering of forged documents, or by false pretences, was over $25 and a half million. “Much of this money was used to pay off other loans which were included in the total. “In all, the victims lost $8,742,319 as a result of your criminal behaviour. Mr Justice Chivell then leveled harsh criticism of Sambora during sentencing. “I do not accept that your conduct was entirely motivated by the need to repay your creditors,” he said. “There is evidence of the purchase of luxury cars, for example, the repayment of very large credit card accounts which evidence suggests that at least some of the money was used to finance an expensive lifestyle. “Large sums of this money remain missing and are untraceable and you have not provided a satisfactory explanation of where it all went,” he concluded.

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Remote airstrip grants open T

he Australian Government is calling for applications under the second round of its $22 million Remote Aerodrome Safety Program. The first round generated widespread interest amongst remote and isolated communities, with a total of 25 aerodromes across the country receiving around $1 million to help improve their safety and accessibility. A further $5 million will be made available for repairing and upgrading runway surfaces, safety equipment such as runway lighting and navigation aids and infrastructure such as animal proof fences. The scheme does not cover works that involve terminals, hangars, buildings or on airport commercial developments. Through RASP, the Australian Government is helping to maintain access to air services to the nation’s remote and isolated communities such as essential supplies, mail, passenger transport and medical care like that provided by the Royal Flying Doctor Service. This is particularly important where road access is unavailable, unreliable or disrupted for extended periods due to the wet season. A key feature of the program is the participation of state, territory and local governments. Project applications will be assessed through a cooperative process including relevant Australian Government agencies and the Royal Flying Doctor Service. Applications must be submitted by Thursday April 24th.

We’re a weird bunch Australian Traveller magazine once again celebrates the splendour and diversity of Australia in its special issue, revealing the list of 100 Things You Can Only Do In Australia. South Australian marvels like The Great Artesian Basin, travelling the longest straight stretch of railroad across the Nullarbor, the infamous Coober Pedy spaceship, flying over the Marree Man and playing the world’s longest golf course from Ceduna to Kalgoorlie all made the list. “It’s astonishing to learn just how many truly unique experiences, geological oddities and rare flora and fauna exist only in Australia,” Australian Traveller editor Greg Barton said. “We live in a vast and ancient country, and it’s amazing to discover that we have so many of the oldest, tallest, fastest, rarest and above all weirdest things in the world. “These are 100 amazing experiences and things that exist nowhere else in the world.”

Daylight savings ends Sunday

Don’t forget to turn your clocks back one hour before you go to bed on Saturday night because it’s the end of Summer Daylight Savings time. An extension of daylight saving is being piloted in South Australia to bring the state into line with NSW, Victoria, the ACT and Tasmania. They all extended the daylight saving period so that it ends on the first Sunday in April 2008 and then begins on the first Sunday in October 2008. The State Government’s decision follows broad consultation with the South Australian community, which indicated majority support for the extension. SafeWork SA received around 6,500 responses via phone, email, letters and an online survey of the South Australian Strategic Plan contact group. Premier Mike Rann said 67 per cent of the total response supported the proposed concept. “The community has shown a strong level of support for an extension of daylight saving. “Consistency with the eastern states who observe daylight saving will be more convenient for South Australian businesses and help them avoid added costs and confusion. “We are simply following other States in starting daylight saving three weeks earlier and finishing one week later. “To do other would have meant that for some weeks, South Australia would have been one and a half hours behind the other States, not half an hour. “This would have had a detrimental impact on SA businesses as well as airline and other scheduling. “In addition, extended daylight hours allow people to have more time for recreation after work and more time with family. “The Government also recognises the significant opposition to the proposal, especially from those living on the West Coast. “We will work with regional councils and community organisations to develop ways of reducing the impact of extended daylight saving. “The Government wants to see how this extension of daylight saving works over the course of a year before making the decision about whether it should become a permanent fixture,” Mr Rann said. The extension will give South Australians around an extra month of daylight saving. Since 1995, daylight saving has begun on the last Sunday in October and finished on the last Sunday in March. This proposal will see us receive an extra four to five weeks of daylight saving.

Lunch on the Run kept on the run Roxby Lunch on the Run is now open in its new location in Roxby Central, just opposite Woolworths. The Manager, Kelly Visser, says that business has been crazy so far and it has exceeded all of his expectations. “Even on our first day, we had 70-80 more customers coming through than we had expected,” he said. “People were waiting for food for longer than we would have liked, as it got so busy, but systems are being put in place to deal with that situation in the future,” Mr Visser said. There are a wide range of dishes and drinks available, from Steak Burgers to Cappuccinos. Opening times are 7.30am-4.00pm Monday to Friday and 8.00am-2.00pm on Saturdays. Page 4 – Thursday, April 3rd, 2008

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Can you save a mate?

ou may have never heard of save-amate, but that is all about to change. Save-a-mate (SAM) is a program run by Australian Red Cross and supported by BHP Billiton that aims to promote the health and wellbeing of young people. They hope to do this by providing education and support on key current and emerging health issues, but particularly those relating to alcohol and other drug use and mental health. One of the programs that they run is the Alcohol and Other Drug Emergencies (AODE), which is designed to educate young people about drugs and alcohol and to teach them how they can support their friends and peers who may encounter these issues. Project Officer Chanelle Corena and Trainer Shaun Taylor have just been up to Roxby Downs to spread the word about the program and to actually train some trainers, who can now continue the important work of educating and supporting our youth. Chanelle Corena explained that it takes approximately 40 hours of training for somebody to become a trainer themselves. “We follow a set course, where we do some very in depth training,” she said. “We cover public speaking skills, dos and don’ts, how to best manage behaviour and common questions – it’s really a case of trying to prepare the future trainers for what they can typically expect and what might come up.” Chanelle and Shaun took their team to the High School, where they were able to actually observe two sessions with young people present, so that they could see what really happens in a live setting. “The message is such an

but only if the children bring them up. It is a rule of the program that the trainers never introduce new drugs to the young people in conversation; instead, they allow them to prompt which drugs are discussed based on their own knowledge or experiences. This should reassure parents who may be worried about their children being given a list of new drugs that are available – SAM is a child safe program. Chanelle and Shaun always encourage young people to talk in the third person, as they feel that this encourages them to open up and they believe it is so important that they are able to participate. “It’s a very interactive program,” Chanelle said. “We want young people to talk about their experiences or the experiences of others that they may have witnessed. “We try to tailor each session to be all about them and we believe that they find this very empowering and it gives them increased confidence.” The program has been so successful in Adelaide that the South Australian Red Cross is now keen to spread the message to the regional and rural towns in the State. “We are so excited about being here and being able to do this and we are very confident with the trainers we now have in Roxby Downs,” Chanelle said. The pair is hoping to come back to town in six months time to see how the program is going, but in the meantime – there are now trainers here who can go into the schools and work with young people to get this message heard. More trainers are always needed. If you as an adult or a parent are interested in learning more about the SAM program, then you are encouraged to contact Perdita Cooper, the Roxby Downs Youth Advisory Council Coordinator.

Above: Perdita Cooper, Yvonne Klomp, Bridgette Fenoughty, Shaun Taylor (SAM Trainer), Chanelle Corena (SAM Project Officer), Jessica Finzel and Gaylene Grane. important one,” Shaun said. “Young people need to know what alcohol and drugs can do to the body and we want to be able to train them to recognise, prevent and respond to an alcohol or other drug related emergency. “We’re not here to tell young people what to do, we never judge anybody, we’re trying to educate them so that they can be safe and make informed decisions,” he said. “They are responsible for their own actions, but we want to empower them so that they can make safer choices and be the first line of defence for their mates. “Of course we put across the

message that it’s safest not to become involved with alcohol and drugs, but if they are ever faced with a related situation or emergency – we want them to have the necessary tools to be able to respond to it in the best possible way.” Red Cross hopes that the program will have a ripple effect, with young people communicating with other young people about these issues. “Not many young people are aware that Alcohol and Tobacco are the biggest killers in Australia,” said Chanelle. “And we always find that they’re really surprised by the dangers of caffeine too.” It is not coffee that Chanelle

and Shaun find that young people are drinking in excess, as usually they tend to think of it as an older persons drink. Red Bull, Mother, V – these energy drinks are the ones that are being consumed in sometimes dangerous quantities. “It’s recommended that you don’t drink more than two of these types of drinks in a given day, but some young people will drink as many as five and they don’t seem to realise that they’re having the same amount of caffeine that you would find in 10 or 12 cups of coffee,” explained Shaun. “There is a legitimate risk of addiction in these cases and it can also cause other mental

Youth Fest is a feast

April 5th is nearly upon us and that signals the start of National Youth Week. Roxby Downs Youth Advisory Council has arranged a day full of exciting, free events on Saturday and all young people in the area are encouraged to take part. Beginning at 9.00am, there are going to be a series of three Hip Hop Dance Workshops with Jess Finzel. Pre-school and primary school aged children are invited from 9.00am-10.00am, teens will be catered for from 10.30am-11.30am and from 12.00pm-1.00pm there will be an open workshop for anyone who wants to come back, join in or even to try dancing for the very first time. Perdita Cooper, the Youth Advisory Council Coordinator, says that any young people who are interested will need to register at

the Youth Centre in advance. “We really want to encourage lots of young people to sign up and to give it a go,” she said. “Even those who have never tried anything like this before or may have never even considered it - it’s always great to try new things.” At 10.00am, there are SK8 and BMX Workshops at Lions Park. Prizes will be available, but you do need to be wearing a helmet to join in the fun. Registration at the Youth Centre before Saturday is essential. On Saturday night, there will be an evening of live music in the Auditorium. Amber Calling, an Adelaide band will be performing, with support from local youth artists Mass Chaos. The night starts at 7.00pm and is open to all young people between the ages of 12-17.

It will be a fully supervised, alcohol and drug free event and there will be a lock-in from 7.30pm-11.30pm. Tickets need to be collected from Perdita Cooper at the Youth Centre by close of business on Friday and people should act fast, as there will only be a limited number of tickets available. The following week on Saturday April the 12th, our local band Mass Chaos will be performing again, but this time at the battle of the bands BOBFEST in Balaklava. “It is so important for the talented young people of Roxby Downs to be involved in something like this,” Ms. Cooper explained. “They get to showcase their talent, they get to perform and everybody should support them at this exciting time.”

Big flashy scoreboards The new multi Score Boards will so busy,” he said. are currently being fitted with work be installed in the Leisure Centre “It is used by the school all day being completed during the next two Stadium during the upcoming and then by after school clubs from to three weeks. 3.30pm onwards. school holidays. Landscaping of the netball courts is The Manager of Roxby Leisure, Alan Male, said it’s hoped to start the installation on April the 14th and be completed within three days. “It has been a case of trying to fit the work in, as the stadium is always

“We really needed a few full days to be able to carry out all of the work involved,” Mr Male said. The Leisure Centre foyer has now been repainted. Further work, including display racks, shelving and new cabinets

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

due for completion later this week. New features include hard stand areas, general landscaping, shaded areas and some new tiered seating. Bird-proof rubbish containers will also be provided around the courts.

health issues. “Panadol is another issue,” he said. “It is one of the most harmful drugs to overdose on as it can cause kidney failure. “One girl took 13 tablets in one day, which if you think about it - is only a few more than the maximum you’re supposed to take in one day, but she died - her kidneys shut down. “It’s a drug that you can purchase easily in the supermarket, but it carries a very real risk that not many people would even consider.” Of course, it is not just the dangers of legal drugs that are covered in the sessions, illegal drugs can be talked about too,

Stephen Scott-Hoy B.Optom

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Monitor l a i r o The



rom looking at the stars to looking at packing crates.

That appears to have been the fate of Rocketplane Kistler, the USA Californian based aerospace industry player. It was to have had its first test flights on its K-1 rocket re-supply vehicle

from the Woomera rocket range later this year, but instead its equipment and facilities have been packed up in containers and I understand are now in a warehouse in Canberra. It was a bold move for NASA to give Kistler part of a $US500million contract to design, build and fly a vehicle that could take off and re-supply the International Space Station. It is something that it needs to

do before 2014 when the current fleet of NASA space shuttles are decommissioned. NASA set rigorous event and reporting milestones for Kistler, especially in the financial arrangements sector. It had to get significant funding from the private sector for investment into its project, but even after a short extension it failed to meet the NASA deadline late last year. NASA then withdrew its option and access to further US Government funding for the project. Other aerospace consortiums are now lining up to get the lucrative contracts. However, its not all about money. Its about getting supplies to the space station on a regular and safe basis so the station can continue its expansion and maintenance programs whilst astronauts live aboard.

It’s a complex and dangerous business, this space flight. NASA itself has had plenty of misfortune in this regard especially with the tragic loss of life aboard Challenger. But there have been others as well throughout its history. So NASA needs to get this re-supply vehicle right. It needs to be robust and consistent. It needs to have a life of at least 100 trips to the station per vehicle, making it financially viable and reliable. But what of all the hype surrounding the Kistler entry to Woomera. It was to have provided more than 200 jobs locally plus given the state’s economy, let alone its image, a real shot in the arm. The local region would also have made gains through the purchase of local products and the increase in spending by those who would have

been employed by Kistler. It would have returned the Woomera rocket range back to its former glory days. It is a unique range because of its vast size and its location well away from any significant population centre. When news breaks of events planned for Woomera, such as new players in the space race you can’t help but acknowledge the lack of ferver by the locals. They have been down the disappointment road many times so don’t get too excited by announcements of new plans for the range. They adopt the attitude of ‘well we’ll wait and see.’ If it happens it’ll be great, if it doesn’t well then we haven’t lost any sleep over it. And they have been sleeping well lately.

Letters to the Editor Dear Editor With apologies to ABBA... In May those water rates arrive upon my doorstep Oh yeah, and I am really terrified of what I might have to pay Every time I think of The Bill I get to feeling quite ill Water Rates – however you look at it, it seems unfair Water Rates – I seem to be paying more than my share Water Rates- can’t afford to f lush the loo Water Rates – only flush when there is a *** Water Rates – really dreading my Water Rates Woe, woe, woe, woe Water rates – really dreading my water rates! Arthur Brain Outback emcee (Name and Address supplied)

Our growth down to migration A new publication shows that skilled migration is the main ingredient in South Australia’s population growth. The 2008 edition of the Department of Immigration and Citizenship publication Population Flows: Immigration Aspects, shows that South Australia’s one per cent growth rate in 2006-07 included net overseas migration of 13,146 people. “The 8977 skilled workers who arrived in South Australia in 2006-07 accounted for almost 69 per cent of overseas permanent additions to the state,” the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, Senator Chris Evans, said. More than 28 per cent of skilled migrants were born in the United Kingdom. About 20 per cent were born in India, more than 16 per cent in China, 4.4 per cent in Malaysia, and 3.5 per cent in South Africa. “The top occupations of the skilled permanent additions include accountancy, computing, nursing, building and engineering, and administration and management,” Senator Evans said. “Overall, people born overseas made up one fifth of the South Australian workforce.” Senator Evans said 16.8 per cent of overseas permanent additions to South Australia in 2006-07 were family-stream migrants while 10.2 per cent came under Australia’s humanitarian program. “Population Flows: Immigration Aspects shows that 39.3 per cent of South Australia’s overseas-born people come from the UK,” Senator Evans said. “Italy, Germany, New Zealand and Greece are the next largest birthplace groups. “The UK was also the leading birthplace of permanent additions to South Australia in 2006-07, followed by India, China, Afghanistan and the Philippines.” The publication also shows that SA attracted 100,000 overseas visitors in 2006-07 who nominated the state as their main place of stay in Australia, a 14.6 per cent increase on the previous year.

The Weather at a glance Minimum & Maximum Temperatures for the period 25th - 31st March 2008

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Roxby Hourglass Jewellers Richardson Place Roxby Downs SA 5725

Specialising in hand-crafted diamond engagement rings. All jewellery and watch repairs.

Phone: 8671 0662

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Friends of Arid Recovery need you It was a grand weekend out at the Arid Recovery reserve as celebrations went into full swing for the 10th anniversary of the group’s volunteering organisation Friends Of Arid Recovery. Former members of FOAR came from around the country and brought their swags and tents to camp overnight whilst enjoying the reunion. It was planned to coincide with the Annual General meeting of FOAR which will be held at the Tavern at 2pm on Sunday April the 6th. There’s been a number of long term

members of FOAR who have decided to take a break from committee and volunteering positions this year. So FOAR needs you. This is an important meeting so if you want to get involved in Arid Recovery then this is your opportunity. Make sure you attend the AGM on Sunday and ensure the ongoing success of the great work undertaken out at Arid Recovery. Nominations can be made prior to the day via email at friendsofaridrecovery@



SIDE OF BEEF (approx 100kg carcus weight) @ $9.00/KG - receive all cuts plus liver, kidney and bones QUARTER BEEF (approx 50kg carcus weight) @ $10.00/KG - receive all cuts plus bones PACKS (approx 18 – 20 kg) @ $234 - $260 - receive all cuts



We arrange delivery to your door ($8.00 per box/20kg approx) Page 8 – Thursday, April 3rd, 2008

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Amuseical was Amaz-ing The world class cabaret troupe, Amuse-ical strutted their stuff on the auditorium stage last week to the amusement of students from the Roxby Downs Area School. The workshop and concert on Friday night was sponsored by BHP Billiton Olympic Dam. Here are some of the most interesting moments from the workshop. Above: Local residents Chad and Tracey Oldfield welcomed the birth of their second daughter, Georgia Grace Oldfield on February 21st at Jamestown Hospital. Georgia weighed 7lb 2oz. Pictured with her cousin, Charlotte Dun and big sister, Olivia Oldfield.

Black Point (Pine Point) Yorke Peninsula S.A.

Are you managing your tax effectively and making the most of your income?

13-17 Victory Crescent

Prophecy Wealth Management in conjunction with Hayes

Inspect By Appointment

1.64 Acres Of Secluded Beachfront Paradise E56445

Immaculate improvements incl. solid brick home on commanding elevated position with sea views across the Gulf and Black Point to Adelaide. Entertain by the pool on the paved pergola overlooking the ocean. Detached office, 6 bay garage, landscaped gardens and many quality features. Access to secluded beachfront and boat launch in front. Sale terms and details from Agent. Submissions of Interest Closing 21/4/08 (unless sold prior) Web ID 705041 Sam Carter 0427 621 275/Mark Carter 0418 825 673

Knight SA invite you to a Tax Planning Strategy Seminar. Date: Thursday 17 April 2008 Venue: Roxby Downs Golf Club Rooms

Find out just how tax effective investment can: Q

Help you better manage your tax


Provide future income


Eliminate non-deductible debt – and improve your cashflow


Build wealth for your retirement and increase your family’s financial security


Fund children’s education

Session 1 4.30 pm Session 2 7.30pm Air Conditioning Sales & Service

Roxby ervicing s s s e in s u oka” “Local b Andamo & s n w Do Specialising in complete range of energy efficient systems Residential and Commercial Reverse cycle systems Evaporative cooling 20 Gosse Street, Roxby Downs SA

Call today for inspection & advice 8346 7388 or 0408 815 282 THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

Book early to secure your seat as places are strictly limited.

Please contact Julie Stanton on 1800 206 191 or

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DISCLAIMER: Prophecy Wealth Management (ACN 108 731 193) and Stephen Pike are both Authorised Representatives of Hillross Financial Services Limited (ABN 77 003 323 055) AFS Licence No. 232705. This document contains information of a general nature only. It does not take into consideration the investment objectives, financial situation and needs of any particular investor. It is not a substitute for financial or other professional advice and as such should not be relied upon.

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Tax Matters Tax Deductions – Part 2

Investing the smart way

can never stress too much that keeping receipts and which you use will depend on your individual and records will often assist us in making every circumstances. At the very least you should maintain a log book to available claim on your tax return.

Some of the items that you are able to claim follows on from those that we discussed in February. Sickness and Accident Insurance premiums are claimable if you have insured against loss of income. If you have this type of insurance this can often be a substantial claim and is often overlooked by many people. Car expenses are often misunderstood and are an item that seems to come under scrutiny from the tax office, therefore it is important to claim the correct amount and to have the proof required. The vehicle that is being claimed for must be owned or leased by the individual making the claim in other words you can not claim for someone else’s vehicle. Generally you can not claim travel from home to work unless a few specific conditions are met. One exception is those who carry heavy tools or equipment to and from work. Assuming there is no secure storage at work for tools or equipment these people may be able to claim travel from home to work. Other claims for motor vehicle expenses relate to those who directly use their vehicle for work for example trips to collect parts, to drop off items to customers or to pick up the mail. These trips are directly claimable. If you have two jobs and travel directly between the first and second job then this is also a tax deduction. There are several methods of claiming car expenses

record the business trips that you make and if you are able to keep records of expenditure this could also help. If you believe that you should be claiming motor vehicle expenses and would like to know what records to keep please contact our office for a discussion. If you would like a free envelope to keep your receipts in with a checklist of tax deductions please call Roxby Downs Accounting on 1300 728 048 or email tony@bde. with your name and address and we will send this out to you. Tony Dutton is the principal of Roxby Downs Accounting and is regularly in the area to assist locals. Don’t forget if you have not lodged your tax return yet time is running out. Contact us to help you if you have not lodged your tax return.



Offers over $495,000

4 bdrm home, 2 living areas, kitchen with stainless steel dishwasher, 2 decks for entertaining 1 fully undercover, other overlooking front garden, pergola, swimming pool, large shed with rear gate access. Reverse cycle aircon and ducted evap cooling. Rental potential $550 Plus per week.


$445,000 NEG

3 bdrm home located on lg corner block with upgrades incl timber floating floors, new tiles in dining/ kitchen and wet areas, feature walls, timber venetians and downlights. Double carport with roller doors, roller shutters to front of home, outdoor entertainment area, 20 x 20 shed + garden shed. Currently leased to BHP until April 2009.


Tax refunds in 14 working days at a great price * Visiting Roxby Downs all year round.

1 Tax Return from $130 2 Tax Returns from $205

Offers over $460,000


4 bdrm courtyard home with BIR’s, 2 way bathroom accessible from main bedroom, 2 living areas one at the front of the home and the other located at the rear. Kitchen is “U” shaped, adjacent is dining with sliding door to access outdoor entertainment area. There is a lawned area with garden shed. Single carport with roller door. Currently rented at $400 per week until Sept 2009.


Martin Stringer Real Estate Manager 0417 897 159

1300 785 313 or 08 8382 9364

Visit ou

Visit our website...



Offers over $380,000

Phone during of¿ce hours on

4 bdrm with ensuite, BIR’s, & new carpet, open plan living, timber floating floors throughout living, kitchen and passage. Home has been repainted. Outside there is a shaded pergola area paved with range plants, towards the rear of the home is a further 2 entertianment areas, small patch of lawn & 2 garden sheds. R/C Aircon, gas heating and evap cooling. Currently rented at $500 per week - can be available to occupy from June 2008.

* Subject to ATO process.

Roxby Downs

utilising negative gearing. One of the most important things before you purchase is gaining the knowledge so you can develop a strategy to achieve your goals. Property Investment planning can show you how to reduce your tax by up to 50% and show you how to pay off your own home up to 20 years sooner, while also growing your wealth and your property portfolio. If reducing your tax and paying your home off quickly isn’t enough motivation then think about this. Australians on average spend about 25 years in retirement which means it is estimated they will need almost $1 million in capital or savings to fund even a modest lifestyle. In addition to ongoing living expenses, many people forget to allow for new expenses such as cars, computers and mobiles no longer funded by their employer, or extra health and travel 8642 5777 Global expenses. According the Real Estate National ABS in 2006, the median Local income for individuals over You 65 was only $363 a week which is only $18,876 a 1 Giles St Port Augusta year for individuals. Discover the Wow Factor As a result of poor planQuality is the word, newly tiled entry to ning, retirement for many the brand new kitchen, ornate arched Australians won’t be as windows overlooking the swimming enjoyable as they had impool and paved out door entertaining agined. area – huge family/lounge. Ensuite to main bedroom, built-ins in 2 & To find out more about 3 bedroom. 2 undercover carports with roller doors. Easiest of back investing the smart way yard to care for + garage for the workman. and securing your financial future, call Property Price: By Negotiation Mark Vardy 0428 993 301 Investment Planning today Kristy-ann Falcione 0428 831 136 to secure a free, no obliga13 Melrose Terrace tion appointment with one Wilmington of their Investment StrateStress Free Living gists. 3 bedroom Boomerang They will also be visiting Home situated on outskirts Roxby Downs on the 17th of Wilmington with stunning views of park and ranges, open plan April and running a free 1 lounge with open re, R/C Air conditioning, large kitchen with walkhour seminar on the smart in pantry and dishwasher, large rumpus or games room, 20 x 25 gaway to invest in Adelaide rage with pit, 2 x garden sheds all on 2027 m2 block. Approximately property. 25 minute drive to Port Augusta. Registrations can be Price: By Negotiation Web ID: SPA080302 made on 08 8372 7805 or Mark Vardy 0428 993 301 online at www.piplanning. 10 Victoria Parade, Port Augusta

For years the affordability and misconceived complexity of how to successfully invest in real estate has led to many people watching with envy as others grow their wealth using good old bricks and mortar. Well the good news is just about everyone, with the right knowledge and structure, can own an investment. Property Investment Planning, an Adelaide based company, can show anyone how to unravel the secrets of successful property investment. They offer a simple, hassle free and most importantly, affordable program to help both the first time and seasoned investor secure their financial future. The Property Investment Planning program is based on purchasing purposely built property which has been designed to maximise the tax allowances. There is more to owning an investment property than just collecting the rent and

Ali Webber Property Consultant 0417 816 738

Tania Noonan Property Manager 0438 797 687

Phone 0417 816 738


427/19 Holdfast Promenade

Great investment opportunity This is a great opportunity to purchase an apartment in a fantastic location just metres to the beach, cafes and restaurants of vibrant Jetty Road at Glenelg, This spacious 1 bedroom with open plan living with views across Colley reserve and marina. Being on the fourth floor you will have one of the best seats in the house to enjoy events like the recent Tour Down Under and Bay Sheffield Races. Perfect for the astute investor. Situated in a highly sought after holiday destination allows you to holiday with family and friends at your leisure while earning a great income for the remainder of the year and experienced on-site managers are in place to nurture your investment. This apartment includes a secure car park and use of all facilities including Gym, Sauna, Steam room, spa and Lap pool. A furniture package can also be negotiated with the sale. Offers $350-380,000. Contact Andrew, 0400310862

Paying too much tax? Reduce it by up to 50 %, pay off your own home sooner (up to 20 years) and create wealth through Adelaide property. We’ll show you how. .30pm 7 th April 7 1 s r nn u Th Motor I s n w o Roxby D

Learn the smart way to invest before you purchase at our FREE one hour seminar Call or register online now to secure your place!

8372 7805 Page 10 – Thursday, April 3rd, 2008

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Nippy Gym - Auditorium 9.30am - 11.30am

Friday April 4th Roxby Downs Bowls Club Night Owls 8pm

Roxby Downs Desert Dirt Circuit Car Club night meeting Saturday April 12th Night meeting

Monday, April 7th Karate Auditorium Colts (Age 6-12) 6pm Juniors/Adults 6:45pm Contact Reinhardt Viljoen 0428843921

Roxby Downs Dirt Kart (go-karts) Club night meeting April 18th

Indoor soccer 6 -7pm

Roxby Downs Family Practice Phone 8671 3231 Roxby Downs Medical Practice Normal hours 9:00am-5:00pm Saturday morning by appointment only. Phone 8671 1900

with a new addition to the family is a whole new experience. Come and share your feelings & tips on how to make this special time easier on your older children. Monday, 14th April 1:00pm to 2:30pm Jen’s Place 17b Wilaroo Street Doctors’ New Specialised Drug Telephone Number for Medicare Use. 1800 700 270


Volleyball 7pm - 9pm Tuesday, April 8th Squash 7pm - 10pm

Crisis Care Counselling Uniting Care Wesley Port Augusta Regional Women’s and Children’s Support Services call 1800 655 716 or call the crisis care line on 13 16 11.

Eyebus Come-n-try soccer 3.30pm -5.30pm

Andamooka Thursday 3rd April Roxby Downs Thursday 3rd April Woomera tba

indoor soccer 6pm - 7pm

Visiting Allied Health Service Occupational Therapist Speech Pathologist Dietician Podiatrist

For immediate response if feeling stressed call 0428 326 529 to speak with a counsellor 24/7

Monday to Friday 8.30-5.00pm Saturday 9.00-12pm. Phone 8671 0660 for more information. Holiday activities:- Tuesday April 15th 10-11am Story & Activity Make your own royal crown or tiara Tuesday April 22nd 10-11am Story & Activity Make your own royal shield

ladies Social Basketball 8.45am - 10am

Child Adolescent Mental Health Services For appointments phone 1800 819089

Wednesday, April 9th Karate Auditorium

Women’s & Mixed netball 6pm - 9.30pm Thursday, April 10th Indoor Soccer Leisure Centre Social matches from 6pm All welcome Contact Kenton Maloney 0408 797 158 Karate 6pm -8.30pm Squash 7pm - 9pm

Yes, it’s that time again mums and dads. So if you have a pram and a pair of sneakers, Then come and get some exercise with our pram walking group. You may want to introduce a new mum or dad to the group. We meet outside the dunes café at 9.30am each Friday Pulse Fitness spin classes with Lorraine. The times are: Monday 6.30pm & Thursday 6.30pm Australian Breastfeeding Association Roxby Downs Branch Discussion Meeting: Your Toddler & New Baby Surviving the early weeks and months

For details on Community matters call Michelle Hales on 8671 0010

GENERAL INFORMATION Mt Dare Hotel Open every day 8:00am -9:00pm, 7 days.

Playgroup St Barbara’s Parish School Phone Jakki 86712323

School Terms 2008

Roxby Downs Health Services Coffee Mornings, Thursdays 9.30am to at the Dunes Café. Coffee Mornings for Families Meet and chat for all families. New comers especially welcome.

Term 1 Jan 29th - April 11th Term 2 April 28th - July 4th Term 3 July 21st - Sept 26th Term 4 Oct 13th - Dec 12th Events in the Far North: Oodnadatta Races May 17th

Every Friday Playgroup 10am - 11.30am Roxby Downs Kindergarten Phone 86710455

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Toddlers Story Time Fun for young children and mums Roxby Downs Library Richardson Place Tuesdays 9:30 am – 10:30 am

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Roxby Downs Health Seminar Room

Roxby Downs Girl Guides meet at the Christian Community Church Monday nights 6-8pm. More leaders required. Call Kristie 0427072710 Roxby Downs Childcare Monday - Friday 6.30am-5.30pm Phone 8671 0911 for details Gym Cultural & Leisure Precinct Mon, Wed & Friday 6 am - 12pm & 2pm - 9pm Tues & Thurs 6am - 12pm & 4pm - 9 pm Saturday 8-12pm Sunday 11-2pm Phone 86710500 Roxby Downs Community Library

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COMMUNITY MEETINGS Community members welcome to attend any meeting of the Roxby Downs Community Board. April 10th - 9.30am- 11:00am Normal weight gains

Marla Bronco Branding April 26th Oodnadatta Bronco Branding 12th July Remarkable Ute Muster at Melrose Showground from April 18th to 20th Memories of Marree April 20 - 25th explore the railhead for the Old Ghan Roxby Downs Lutheran Church Sunday school 9.30am every sunday during school terms Bingo every Sunday 1.30pm Tuckerbox in Andamooka. All proceeds go to the community AusKick all of 2nd school term for 10 weeks. It’s for the Under 7 age group as of Jan 1st this year. Call Brian Hombsch on 0417867093 Soul Food A unique combination of inspirational readings from different faiths and deeper wisdom from all over the world. April 6th Dunes 11am

ROXBY DOWNS CULTURAL & LEISURE PRECINCT REGULAR SCHEDULE Cultural Precinct Visitors Information centre Dunes café Art Gallery


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Monday Volleyball 7pm - 9pm

The Arid

Karate - 6pm - 8:30pm Tuesday

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Mon, Wed & Fri – Fri 6am

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Creche for patrons of the centre

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Mon –Fri 8.45am-12pm


THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

exhibition March

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- 9pm

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Indoor Hockey 5pm - 9.30pm

Lap Swimming Mon, Wed & Fri: 6am - 8am Mon - Thurs: 6pm - 7pm Weekends: 9am - 10am

APRIL RAMBO Rated: R Duration 91 mins You can only imagine the truth. Heroes never die...They just reload. In Thailand, John Rambo joins a group of mercenaries to venture into war torn Burma and rescue a group of Christian aid workers who were kidnapped by the ruthless local infantry unit. Fri 4th April - 7.30pm Sat 5th - 1pm & 7.30pm

RUN, FAT BOY, RUN Rated: M Duration 100 mins Love, Commitment, Responsibility. There’s nothing he can’t run away from. A chunky, clueless guy leaves his pregnant fiancee on their wedding day only to discover - 5 years later - that she is his one true love. But in order to win back her heart, he looks to finish his first marathon while making her realise her new man is the wrong guy for her. Sat 5th April - 4pm Sun 6th April - 12pm Tues 8th April - 7pm Thursday, April 3rd, 2008 – Page 11

Arts & Youth News Life among the dunes

Arts Matters Written by Rodney Mitchell


The exhibition by the Arid Recovery at the Cultural Precinct has been a great success, with visitors flocking to the gallery to learn more about the history of this uniquely local institution. “This exhibition celebrates Arid Recovery’s 10 year anniversary,” Manager, Adam Bester said. “It displays a timeline beginning when we began in 1997 right up to present day and gives us a chance to put some of our archive items on display,” he said. The Arid Recovery exhibition will finish up this week, so get into the gallery and check it out.

The band is called Amber Calling and our own musicians trade under the name mass chaos. Let’s hope that is no sinister portend for those in the hot seat doing a lighting design and the sound production. The last thing you need in an all purpose auditorium doubling as a rock venue is chaos. It may seem like fun in the mosh pit, but in the bio box perched high above the action it will be all order and science. That’s what we are planning for anyway. It is a good sign that people are feeling more and more confident about using our auditorium for performance events. BHPBilliton hosted the Amuse-ical and that took four more radio microphones than we have in the cupboard. The band this Friday night uses ear plug monitoring. Our technical crew here includes one Stewart McIntyre who has vast experience in sound engineering. We are lucky to have Stewart on the ground here and ready to work on the odd occasions that we need that extra expertise. Especially lucky when it comes to expanding the range of the acts we can attract to our auditorium. Performing shows come with a variety of demands. Some, like the Amazing Drumming Monkeys and Sean Choolburra are relatively self sufficient. They are used to playing in all sorts of venues including what some people call un-managed theatres. They bring the whole kit and caboodle with them. The sound and the lights and, in the case of Raw Dance: Raw Metal, the staging as well. Other performers aren’t quite so used to working the margins. They rely on us to provide technical facilities we may not have yet. The aforementioned radio microphones are one example. The earplug monitoring system that Amber Calling uses is another. Performers are always fronting us with technical information. Some of the electronic techniques we are in good position to deliver, and some are currently beyond our reach. The initial investment in the sound and lights systems in the auditorium was comprehensive and world class. The challenge now is to upgrade that system to make it easier for our technicians to meet more and more of the sophisticated demands of those performers that play the managed theatres. Here I am alluding to theatres in the calibre of the Helpmann Theatre in Mt.Gambier and the Middleback in Whyalla. These theatres have permanent staff and some of those staff are highly trained stage mechanists and live production engineers. Our auditorium falls somewhere between the managed and the unmanaged categories. As our community grows in size we will grow our theatre so it can technically meet the demands for more and more travelling shows. There has been some talk about redeveloping the cinema into a small theatre. That might suit some one and two hander shows but the pressure will build for a purpose built theatre.

Local artist Dave Kovac

“Lake Mary”






la ai



$325 unframed $525 framed

Limited Edition Giclee Prints This professional quality printing is done with high tech printers using archival inks & papers. EFTPOS available

Contact Dave on 0409 726 252

PH: 8671 2545, SMS: 0407 979 918 Programs may change without notice

outh Week starts with a bang here on Saturday night. We have some local musicians playing alongside a band from the big smoke.

Monday 7 - 9am 9am 11am - 12pm 12 - 1pm 1 - 3pm 3 - 5pm 5pm 5 - 8pm

Easy listening music JOB BOARD Easy listening music AUSTRALIAN COUNTRY with Wendy Easy listening music ROXFM’S YOUTH PRESENTERS JOB BOARD Easy listening music

Thursday 8 - 9am 11.30 - 1pm 3 - 5pm 4pm 5pm 5 - 6pm 6 - 7pm 8 - 10pm


Tuesday 9am 11.30 - 12pm 12 - 1pm 1 - 3pm 3 - 5pm 5pm 5 - 7pm 7 - 8pm


Friday 4am 9am 7am - 1pm 1 - 2pm 2pm 3 - 5pm 5 - 6pm 8 - 10pm


Wednesday 7 - 9.30am 10-12pm 1 - 2pm 2 - 3pm 3 - 5pm 5 - 6pm 7 - 8pm


Saturday 8am - 12pm GAUD-MORNING with Gordon 1 - 8pm Easy listening music 8pm - 12am Easy listening music Sunday 8 - 12pm 12 - 1pm 8 - 10pm

YOUR STANDING IN IT with Geoff NEW AUSSIE MUSIC with Fin & Murray SUNDAY MELTDOWN (Heavy) with Sam & Steve

COMMUNITY RADIO “LOCAL, LIVE AND LOVIN’ IT” Page 12 – Thursday, April 3rd, 2008

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper



Eddy the Echidna! Following on from last years successful Christmas Pageant, Big Sky has released the name of its Echidna. With hundreds of submissions from kids around Australia, the final name selected was Eddy! Eddy is a derivative of the name Edward, which means wealth protector. This is a very appropriate name given the special eKids Savings Account which has been developed by Big Sky to promote saving for young people. There were about 80 entries into naming the echidna from Roxby. Each child that entered the competition was phoned the following week and asked to visit the office to pick up a ‘thankyou gift’ for participating (which was a whis-

tling Frisbee). Four lucky draw winners were randomly selected from the entries received. Tori, standing proudly holding her certificate in the middle, was one of the winners; winning a gift certificate of a $30 gift voucher to spend at the local toy shop and a Frisbee. Of the seven kids from around Australia who selected Eddy, three came from Roxby Downs all winning for themselves $100 to put into the eKids account if they wanted to open one with Big Sky Big Sky says thanks to everyone who participated in naming Eddy! Picture (from left to right) James Begg 12 years old, Tori Capurso 6 and Miki Gordon 5 and Eddy.

Right: Winners of the recent Big Sky Credit Union Echidna naming competition, local children James Begg, Tori Capurso and Miki Gordon with the newly named Eddy the Echidna.



Administration Assistant

In House Accountant / Bookkeeper

With the changing requirements of the business ODT are seeking the services of another Administration Assistant who will be required to work on a full time basis in a well organised and friendly environment. The successful applicant will need to possess the following capabilities. • Excellent Computer and data entry skills • Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel and Publisher • Ability to undertake general clerical duties • Have a high attention to detail • Excellent communication skills • Ability to work as part of a team

ODT are seeking the services of an enthusiastic person to join their team on a full time basis. The successful applicant will undertake debtor and creditor control and will be responsible for data entry up to Trial Balance stage. Sound computer skills in Accounting, Word and Excel are essential Secretarial duties may be required as directed.

Written applications can be posted to: The Office Manager, PO Box 31, OLYMPIC DAM SA 5725 Marked “Attention Val” Or emailed to

Written applications can be posted to: The Office Manager, PO Box 31, OLYMPIC DAM SA 5725 Marked “Attention Val” Or emailed to

ADMINISTRATION AND PROCUREMENT ASSISTANT Australian owned organisation - Permanent part time – 30 hours per week - On site position at Olympic Dam Kempe Maintenance and Engineering Services, a part of the Kempe Group is currently seeking a competent and experienced person to support their team located on site at Olympic Dam. Reporting to the Site Operations Manager, duties include: • Assisting with collection and maintenance of data for the BHPB Key performance Indicator (KPI) reports • Developing action plans as per Key Result Area (KRA) process • Data entry • Update and maintain training records • Providing assistance to Procurement Officer • Maintaining stationery and crib supplies • General filing and administrative duties To be successful in this role you will have • Excellent written and verbal communication skills • Sound knowledge of Microsoft Office applications including Excel • Self motivation and the ability to work unsupervised • Experience in a similar role If you are looking for a challenging role in an exciting organisation, please email your covering letter and resume to by Wednesday 16th March 2008.




If you enjoy being a leader, you’ll get real satisfaction from being a Seaman Officer. During your training, you’ll learn how to control the movement, safety and running of Navy ships. You’ll also manage and guide your team of sailors through their duties in a wide range of tasks both at sea and ashore. You’ll then be provided with the opportunity to sub-specialise as a Principal Warfare Officer, Submariner, Mine Warfare and/or Clearance Diving Officer, Navigator, or Hydrographer – its your choice.

As an Operator Supply in the Army you’ll be working for one of Australia’s largest logistics organisations. With an array of supplies ranging from tanks and artillery to t-shirts and pens, this is not your average storeperson job. This role involves a wide range of clerical, warehousing, workshop planning, and supply duties. You will play a crucial role in ensuring the Army has the supplies it needs to get the job done whether at home or on deployment abroad.

If you can think under pressure, multitask as you accept and analyse incoming information to make potentially life-changing decisions, this could be the opportunity you’re looking for. As an Air Combat Officer you’ll receive full training, which will allow you to develop and apply a diverse range of skills, leading your team to mission completion.



Do you get a buzz out of working with sophisticated technology? As a Marine Engineering Officer you’ll have a job that provides a constant challenge, being the expert responsible for the advanced technical systems that keep your ship operational. From resource management to mechanical and electrical supervision, you’ll be calling the shots.

Do you have a flair for problem solving and like to take things apart to see how they work? A role as a Technician Electronic Systems could be your perfect job. You’ll maintain some of the most sophisticated equipment in the Army – think night vision goggles, laser rangefinders, radar, communications, navigation and more.



Are you fascinated by advanced electronics? As a Weapons Electrical Engineer Officer you’ll be responsible for leading a team managing and operating some of the most advanced combat, navigation and communications systems on the planet Constantly working with state-of-the-art technology will ensure you stay at the forefront of developments in your chosen field.

Does the idea of working with missiles and associated systems and technology appeal to you? As an Operator Ground Based Air Defence you’ll be part of a team using the RBS70 missile system to detect, identify, acquire and engage hostile aircraft. It’s a challenging and vital role.

AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL Looking for a challenging, satisfying and exciting job in a tight-knit team? As an Air Traffic Control Officer you’ll be using advanced technology and communications systems to control pilots during take-off, landing and taxi at airstrips all over Australia, and the world. Full training is provided too!

PLUMBER As a plumber, you’ll support air operations by using your skills to install, maintain and repair water, sanitary, sewerage and gas systems as well as performing general plumbing tasks. You will receive training in general and specialist vehicle operation and also participate regularly in ground defence exercises, providing temporary water reticulation and sewage treatment service.


Call 13 19 01 or visit THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

Thursday, April 3rd, 2008 – Page 13



DEVELOPMENT ACT, 1993 MUNICIPAL COUNCIL OF ROXBY DOWNS NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR CATEGORY 3 DEVELOPMENT Pursuant to Section 38 (5) of the Development Act, 1993 Notice is hereby given that an application comprising a CATEGORY 3 DEVELOPMENT has been lodged with the Council for a development assessment.


Customer Service Officer  Roxby

Details of the application are as follows DEVELOPMENT No.


How good would it be to find a job where you’ll be challenged, rewarded and have fun? We believe in providing outstanding service to our customers through fantastic people and right now we’re looking for a Customer Service person to join our team on a fixed term 12 month maternity leave replacement contract!

MOTOR yacht 45ft Roberts fiberglass. Excellent condition. Cruise anywhere also live aboard, has everything for comfortable cruising. Price $250,000.00. More information contact Ray on 0413449336.

As a division of Wesfarmers Ltd, Blackwoods is Australia’s leading supplier of industrial and safety products. Our customers include many of the country’s largest and leading companies who all rely on us to provide all their workplace needs…

Laguna Holdings


375 Goodwood Road Westourne Park SA 5041


Upgrade to existing Caretaker’s Accommodation


Lot 719 Olympic Way Roxby Downs


Volume 5140

Folio 495


Our friendly team at Roxby Downs process customer orders; handles sales enquiries, build great relationships with our customers and have fun. You don’t need to know anything about our products or systems because if you’re willing to learn and have a positive attitude, we’ll teach you!

LOST 1 new Blue and Black Jet Pilot life jacket XL, at the lake 4 weeks ago. Phone 0417 373 938. PUBLIC NOTICES


Applications to be forwarded by 11th April to:



GARAGE Sale – 8 Nyaroo Court – 6th April, 2008 8.30a.m. to 2.00p.m.

Richard Smith or Marlene Walsh Ph: 08 8671 0700

THERAPEUTIC Magnets Clinic prescripted made magnetic “pain relief” products. Underlays, back, knee supports, TENS machines. For professional advice ph: 0411 324 416

FOR SALE BUSES – 2 x 1987 2 door town buses 43 seat format – have undergone engineers Inspection for rust and frame damage and Have full certificates included (supplied for Seatbelt fitment) to comply with BHP/B site Standards. Both are Mercededs 1418s, turbo’d and are road registerable. These vehicles are in good order and would make ideal motor home converters. They cost us $36,000.00 each and will now be sold on. Price $10,000 each. Contact Chris 0418 181 085.

REAL ESTATE 2 Bedroom Fully Self Contained Unit in Myall Grove Caravan Park. Includes all Furniture, Cutlery, Crockery. Has own inbuilt laundry with front load Washing Machine. All only 18months old. Includes site fees paid to end of Financial Year ($84/wk). Asking $155,000.00 all inclusive. Contact Chris 0418 181 085.

LAND for Sale – Near Wallaroo. Tickera, approximately 17kms from Wallaroo. 1000m+ allotments with excellent sea views. Great fishing and crabbing. From $135,000. Contact Neville or Ryan, Professional, Kadina (08) 8821 3933. Have a look in the school holidays!!

For all your advertising needs, phone Regina or Erin on 8671 2683


The application may be examined at the Of¿ces of the Council located at Richardson Place, Roxby Downs, during normal business hours and any person who desires to do so may make relevant representations in writing concerning this application to reach the Administrator, PO Box 124 Roxby Downs, South Australia, 5725 no later than 17/04/2008. Each person making a submission should indicate whether that person wishes to appear personally or be represented by another party before the Council in support of that submission. Please note that, pursuant to Section 38(8) of the Development Act, a copy of each representation received will be forwarded to the applicant for a written response.

Bill Boehm Administrator

ACCOMMODATION AVAILABLE 23ft JAYCO HERITAGE CARAVAN. With enclosed annexe & roll-out awning. (3 y.o.). Includes A/C, heating, microwave, gas & electric hotplates, gas oven, washing machine, TV, stereo system, DVD player, island double bed, full size wardrobes, ample storage space, clothes line, rear shower, toilet & handbasin. $45,000. Ph: 0427 213 200

Council snippets

Pt Pirie & Adelaide Depots Antique & Household Removals Local, Interstate & Country Storage & Delivery Specialists

Ph: 0427 716 173 Roxby Downs À Pt Augusta À Pt Pirie

Opal Road Landfill Opening Hours The Opal Road Landfill Opening Hours are 1pm – 6pm, seven days a week. Residents are encouraged to utilise this FREE service as the dumping of litter in reserves or lands surrounding the town attract an expiation penalty fee of $315.00 as per the Local Government Act. Advertising on Council Infrastructure Advertising on Council infrastructure such as light poles can attract expiation notices under the


1 or 2 Day Courses Roxby Downs Nationally accredited HLTFA301B

$150.00 per person Highly experienced local trainer Other emergency training also available Contact Steve Moore 0429 883 842

Local Website Visit your local website. Read what’s new at Service SA On Wednesday and Thursdays only between the hours of 9.00am and 4.00pm Council provides Transport Services including Vehicle and Boat Registrations and Licensing Transactions Rubbish Collection Residents are reminded that there is a limit of one bin per household for weekly rubbish collection and that it is the resident’s responsibility to ensure that bins are in serviceable condition with closable lids that prevent flies and birds from accessing rubbish. Please be diligent as littering attracts an Expiation Penalty Fee of $315.00 – ie over flowing bins. Waste Oil Disposal Council operates a waste oil collection facility at the Roxby Downs Landfill site. Disposal of all used motor oil at this facility is free. For Further information contact Council 8671 0010 or BSH Waste Solutions on 8671 1154. No cooking oils, coolants, diesel, or diesel blended fuels (bio Diesel) are to be deposited into the unit. This Facility is open 1pm -6pm seven days.


BUSINESS INFO Senior First Aid

Local Government Act. If you spot any such advertising please notify the Council. Dog Registration Dog Registrations for 2007/08 financial year are now overdue. Grace period for registration expired on 31 August 2007. Therefore an $80 expiation fee can apply, plus an expiation fee of $80 for every 14 days the dog remains unregistered. Rates The Third Instalment notices for rates were issued on 18/02/2008. The due date for payment was 17/03/2008. Please contact Bronnie Warren at the council on 86710010 with any enquires. Water Final Notices have now been issued please pay by due date to avoid further action. Electricity Q uar terly meter reads have begun. Please make sure that your meters are accessible. Accounts for 31 st March 2008 quarter will be issued approximately mid April. Parking Residents should be aware of significant expiation fees for parking in a bus zone $73 and parking in a disabled zone $227.


Darren Lind

Provides the following services in Roxby Downs & Andamooka • Bobcat Hire • Tipper Hire • Post Hole Boring • Sand, Gravel, Barkchip, etc. • General Yard Cleanup • Rubbish Removal For your FREE quote, please phone Ian: 0439 287 205 or Jodie: 0400 087 066, or Email:

Evans Mini Earthworks

Finance Consultant

0419 929 737 • • • • • •

Home Loans Investment Loans Home Equity Release Debt Consolidation Self Employed OK Renancing & Leasing

Locally owned business! PROVIDING A COMPLETE SERVICE

All welcome. We’ve got something to offer

Sunday Worship: 10am

Monday: Prayer - 7.30pm Tuesday: Mens Fellowship - 7.30pm Wednesday: Ladies KYB - 7.30pm Wednesday: Bible Study - 7.30pm Sunday Kids Church - during worship time

Corner Burgoyne St and Tutop St

Uniting and Angilcan sponsored. ph: 0409 68 67 68 A Protestant faith community

Page 14 – Thursday, April 3rd, 2008

BLD - 173944

•General Repairs •Fencing •Carpentry •Cabinet-making •Plumbing •Gas-fitting •Electrical •Carpet/Vinyl •Painting •Refrigeration

Ph 8671 1234 Fax 8671 2823 Mob 0407 711 234 Shop 5/14 Tutop Street, Roxby Downs, SA

Everyone in Roxby Downs can enjoy the benets of banking with Big Sky.

Visit us in Tutop Street or call 8671 2555 THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper


Monitor SPORT

Indoor Hockey Results for games played Friday, 28th March Skilled 8 goals defeated Devils 2 goals Raw 9 goals defeated Scorpians 7 goals Hot Shots- Bye


12” and 16”Dkids bikes, bmx, mountain bikes, road and 12” and 16” kids bikes, bmx, mountain comfort bikes. bikes, road and comfort Sub bikes. Brands: Avanti, Specialized, (womens) Raleigh, ABD Brands: Avanti, Specialized, (womens) Raleigh, ABD and Sub Tarini and Baskets, Tarini Pack Racks, Helmets, Accessories: Trainer wheels, Accessories: Trainer wheels, Pack Racks, Helmets, Glasses, Gloves, Shoes, Top Baskets, Brand Clothing and much more Glasses, Gloves, Shoes, Top Brand Clothing and much more Service workshop - Victoria Parade, Port Augusta ServiceDelivery workshopto- Roxby VictoriaDowns Parade, Port Augusta arranged Delivery to Roxby Downs arranged Ph: 8641 1128 Fax 8641 1129 OPEN 6 DAYS

Wednesday Netball Mixed

Old Skool 17 West Coasters- Bye

Flames- Bye

B Grade

Stingers forfeited against the Andamooka Roos Wanderers 33 defeated Martini’s 32 defeated The Rookies 35 defeated Miners B 26 Family 13 Gecko Girls 23 Tangos 27 defeated Bite Me 35 defeated the Miners 33 defeated Roxby Milkshakes 23 untalented team + Boofa 9 Cruisers 28 Jaffas- Bye Goal Diggers 36 defeated IVS Phoenix

A Grade


Above: Regina Qualmann about to send a sizzler to the other end of the court. OPEN 7 DAYS

Post Ofce & Motel

Football boots Netball Shoes Winter apparel

Behind the Famous Bottle House


Opal Creek Boulevard, Andamooka & after hours by appointment

Ph: (08) 8672 7007 Fax: (08) 8672 7062 Email:

Ph (08) 8671 2777 Richardson Place, Roxby Downs

Monitoring the SA Fishing Scene

Above: Night Owl’s action as Robert Grey sends a bowl down the green.

Local Hotspot

Land Based

St Kilda has good salmon trout. Both boaties and shore based anglers are reaping the rewards. Half Pilchard, Cockle or silver halco twisties are the go. Early mornings tend to be the most productive with a little burley stimulating the school into action.

Wool Bay Jetty has tommies and squid in the evening. Semaphore Jetty has mullet and good blue crabs. Backy Point located on the Eyre Peninsula has a nice salmon school coming into casting range most evenings. One lucky angler nabbed a 4kg Snapper there recently. Sugars Beach has small salmon trout – check size limits as most are under.

Boaties Tuna are about in good numbers. Vessels patrolling The Cabbage Patch to South Neptune Island have found fish in the 10 – 30 kg bracket. Most lures are doing the job though the old favourite Smiths Jig is still the best. Isolated location The Straights within Glenelg River has the odd Mulloway and big Bream hitting sp’s and trolled mullet baits. Marino has squid being caught a few nautical miles from shore. Marino can be a dangerous beach launch – be careful

Have a Photo or Fabulous Fishy Tale Email

FishWatch 1800 065 023 South Australian Illegal Fishing Hot Line

Blue Fin Tuna Schools are here. They normally hang around until May, June or July depending upon the season.

Above: Cricket’s season 2007/2008 trophy winners.

The Premiers keep celebrating The historic win by the Roxby Rogues Cricket team in this year’s grand final continues to be celebrated. At the club’s season wind up it was a great night to reflect. Travis Uma for the bowling average, Paul Trotta for taking 7 for 6 against the Wanderers in the preliminary final, and

Toby Ferguson who took 5 for 15 against the hapless Wanderers during the season. Jordan Dadleh picked up the Junior Encouragement Award, Randall Wyatt the Club Champion, the batting average and aggregate and fielding whilst Dave Barnes won the Captain’s trophy.

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

Fishing Charter Brokers Australia

0405 063 233 Affordable ‘Single Day’ & ‘Multi-Day’ Blue Chip Fishing Adventures “SA Rocky Island Night Charter” 4 days May 19th – 22nd 2008 Full Moon Fishing – Kingies, Tuna, Samson, Snapper, Blue Groper 5 spots only - $1750p/p – Meals, Tackle, Equipment, Live-Aboard

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Monitor SPORT The

Your Community Newspaper ~ Roxby Downs

Phone (08) 8671 2683

Fax (08) 8671 2843

Roxby footy on the national stage On June the 21st the Woomera and Districts Football League representative team will play a curtain raiser against Broken Hill at AAMI stadium in Adelaide. It’ll be the curtain raiser to the Port Power v Richmond clash. League President Peter Lindner said this will represent a unprecedented opportunity for our league and the players to put football on the map not only for Roxby, Andamooka and Coober Pedy but for the whole Northern South Australian Outback. The League Executive has determined the best approach is to set up a separate structure and system. “This will allow the sub committee to focus on the success of the event and ensure we field a competitive side on the hallowed turf of one of footy’s biggest stages,” Mr Lindner said. “This inaugural opportunity for players involved in the W&DFL represents a chance to be proud ambassadors for what will become an annual traditional event called the Power Miners Cup between two proud Mining Football Leagues.” The sub committee has been formed to specifically deal with all the issues arising around this representative game and report back to the league at each meeting. The sub committee will consist of the following people and positions President (P Lindner), Vice President (G Warren), Commissioner (Justin Bauer) and Team Manager (Barry Mitchell). The Coaching position will be filled by Wayne “Woody” Turner. Woody has been associated with the W&DFL since 2005, he has coached Olympic Dam to premierships in 2005,2006, prior to which he was West Augusta’s Senior Coach in 2000 and 2001. He also has a close association with North Adelaide coaching the North Adelaide Under 15 Country side in 1998 and 1999, he also has also been the SANFL Development Coach for the North Adelaide Zone. For the selection committee clubs will nominate 1 person per club at the next League Meeting. This person is someone the club regards highly enough to have a balanced view of football and is prepared to nominate players with best ability regardless of which team they play for. All current Coaches are to be excluded from being the club representative.

Monitor The

Your Community Newspaper ~ Roxby Downs

Your Local Community Newspaper

Mandie Arnold

Regina Qualmann Customer Relations

Customer Relations

8671 2683

8671 2683

8671 2683

Donna Dishaw

Kathy Casey

Les Rochester

Graphic Design


Erin Robertson

Finance Administration

Managing Editor

8671 2683

8671 2683

8671 2622

The Faces Behind the Monitor! Page 16 – Thursday, April 3rd, 2008

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper


For the perfect pool and yard call Yards 0418 859 637 or Pools 0447 839 635 R O X B Y Former Roxby Downs concrete contractor gets 16 years j...