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Scheduled Township Electricity Maintenance Power Outages Cancelled The Scheduled Township Electricity Maintenance Power Outages have been cancelled, due to unforeseen circumstances. Residents are asked to disregard the map and instructions communicated previously, as the works will be rescheduled. We apologise for any inconvenience.

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Volume 11, Wednesday, June 18, 2014

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Lucky escape for Jixx

Jixx the dog, with vet Andrew Melville-Smith, suffered minor burns during a house fire in Andamooka.

B U I L D I N G G R E AT M E N .

Our aim is to create a strong, family-style environment in which the boys look out for, and respect each other. To be a boarder at St Peter’s College, Adelaide, is to be part of an inspiring social and emotional environment where each boy thrives. The Saints boarding community is a safe, homely experience providing boys with a warm, familial and supportive community.

To learn more St Peter’s College invites prospective parents to speak with Head of Boarding, Paul Brown and Marketing and Communications Manager, Tracy McNamara regarding Boarding on Saturday 21 June at the Roxby Downs Market Day and visit St Peter’s College. St Peters, Adelaide, Australia, 5069 +618 8404 0400 | | @SPC_Adelaide CRICOS Provider No. 01535E. The Anglican Church of Australia Collegiate School of Saint Peter, trading as St Peter’s College.

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magine being trapped in a fire and how scary that would be? Jixx the dog suffered from just that the other weekend. Jixx was in his kennel when a fire ignited at his home in Andamooka, off Opal Creek Boulevard, just after 4am Sunday, June 8. Jixx’s escape passage became blocked after a shade cloth collapsed during the fire and as a result the dog suffered minor burns to his nose, eyes and back legs. He also sliced open one of his paws. The CFS eventually cleared a path for Jixx to get out and he bolted off down the street hiding in a yard down the street. “He is very lucky,” Roxby Downs veterinarian Andrew Melville-Smith said. “He only sustained burns to a small percentage of his body, so his burns were only minor, but they could have been a lot more severe. “Often when animals get stuck in fires like this, they injure their lungs through all the smoke inhalation.” Jixx has been boarding at the Roxby Downs Veterinary Clinic since the fire and has received treatment for his burns and his paw and is expected to make a full recovery. The Veterinary Clinic will continue to be Jixx’s home for a little while longer until his family can pay off the bill following the loss of their house. “We are accepting donations from the public to help with the bill,” Mr Melville-Smith said. “We have already received a few donations. “We will be providing a little help ourselves by lowering the cost of the bill and we are happy to take donations here (at the Roxby Downs Vet). “We’ll do as much as we can to help out.”


Monitor NEWS

Postie Bash’ Rednecks sell 200 dozen oysters WRITTEN BY PATRICK GLOVER


he Redneck Racers have kick started their fundraising for this year’s Roxby Downs Community Postie Bash by selling 200 dozen oysters raising $500. “We have had good support from the community, for both the team and the event,â€? team captain Krissy Heaney said. “We have raised around $700 already, not including prizes (for their rae), and it is still early.â€? The team came up with the idea to sell oysters after a few of the team members made a trip to Streaky Bay recently. “We were already getting oysters for some friends and word spread so we thought why not,â€? Mrs Heaney said.

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Only 166 dozen oyster orders were made by the community but the crew brought 200 dozen so they had spares and just as well they did with the Gun club cleaning them out of their spares in one order. “We only had 75 orders on the night before we were due to head down and then the next morning we woke up and we had 130 orders, then in the end we ďŹ nished up with around 166 orders,â€? Mrs Heaney said. “They sold really quickly and we still have people asking for them.â€? The Redneck Racers are made up of ďŹ ve riders and three pit crew members, with two team members coming from Victoria, one from Port Pirie and the remaining ďŹ ve from Roxby Downs. Everyone in the team has done the race at least once with one of

the Redneck Racers, Rob Hall, gearing up for his third Postie Bash, having competed in the ďŹ rst two events and boasting second place and the best dressed award in the second event. “It’s a bit of fun,â€? Mr Hall said. “Get the group together and support a community event.â€? The oyster drive will not be the only fundraising event the team holds with a rae to begin in a few weeks time and running until the start of the event and a male team members to do a body wax to raise money. “As soon as they set the dates we started fundraising,â€? Mrs Heaney said. PICTURED LEFT: Redneck Racers Josh Jigney, captain Krissy Heaney and Rob Hall with their bike and some Streaky Bay oysters.

Restrictions in license found


he Roxby Council’s license redeďŹ nition will impose some restrictions on regular local sporting events, and pre booked licensed events in the license area, it has been revealed. In a letter addressed to stakeholders from the Sports and Recreation Steering Committee – a group currently conducting a review on sports and recreation events and facilities in Roxby, some major changes of access to the area were identiďŹ ed. One sporting group – the Roxby Downs Netball Association is possibly facing a decline in spectator numbers, after it was revealed the current ‘bring your own alcohol’ policy to Friday night games may no longer be valid. However, RDNA President Susan Turley said the committee were still of mixed opinions about the change. “The committee have met in a normal meeting and it has been briey discussed and there are mixed opinions,â€? she told The Monitor last week. While BYO alcohol will no longer be available, Roxby Leisure will oer the sale of alcohol to spectators, as revealed in the letter. “Current BYO arrangements must cease under the new liquor licensing arrangement, however the pur-

chase of alcohol can be negotiated with Roxby Leisure prior to netball events,â€? the letter stated. “When alcohol is not being provided as part of a licensed event, the town ovals, including netball courts, will legally become a ‘dry/alcohol-free zone’.â€? An opportunity to pre book up to 10 community event in the licensed area a year has been presented – with the option of having alcohol supplied. “Under the new licensing arrangement, there is a provision for up to 10 designated community events per annum within each licensed area (refer to licensed area map). Community events such as Relay for Life will be able to pre-arrange the sale of alcohol during their events,â€? the letter states. However, supplied alcohol to an event such as Relay for Life works against the organisations morals and beliefs system. “Even drinking moderate amounts of alcohol daily increases the risk of cancer and risk increases with higher amounts of alcohol. Relay for Life is a popular event with young people, so alcohol should never be provided. “Furthermore, venue restrictions and local policy between the volunteer committee and sta may mean your event is alcohol-free,â€? the Relay for Life website states. BY MILLIE THOMAS

Junior sports to be alcohol free


unior sports in Roxby Downs will remain strictly alcohol free events – a notion that was put in writing by the Sports and Recreation Review Steering Committee recently.

Saturday, June 21

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Support Red Nose Day this June


1300 1 RED NOSE 1300 173 366

** note- We remind all competitors that we are a black flag club and although we use MA rules as a firm guideline we do reserve the right to combine and or alter specific classes to accommodate all riders abilities, ages and bike capacity .

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20° Five Port Augusta 10°/19° Day Leigh Creek 9°/19° t s Foreca Adelaide 12°/17° Page 2 -- Wednesday, June 18, 2014

In an open letter sent to sports and recreation stakeholders in Roxby Downs last week, a number of sports and recreation events and issues that have fallen under the Roxby Council’s liquor license redeďŹ nition were addressed. The supply of alcohol at junior sporting events, or lack thereof, was one that was a no brainer for the Steering Committee and Roxby Downs Junior Football President Matthew Daddow. “We don’t really need alcohol in junior sport, I mean that’s just ridiculous to be honest,â€? Mr Daddow told The Monitor last week. “I think it’s a pretty fair decision.â€? The letter said the Roxby Downs Community had provided feedback to both Roxby Council and the Liquor Licensing Commission opposing the sale of alcohol during junior sport games. “The Liquor Licensing Commission is supportive of this arrangement and, as such, no alcohol will be available for purchase or consumption during these times,â€? the letter stated. “When alcohol is not being provided as part of a licensed event, the town ovals, including netball courts, will legally become a ‘dry/alcohol-free zone’.â€? Mr Daddow said the restriction on the provision of alcohol at junior sports would not aect the community in any way, with little to no alcohol consumed at these events. “I mean very rarely do I see alcohol sold at a junior footy event. And pretty much we’ve kept it that way as a committee anyway,â€? Mr Daddow said. “We don’t need alcohol. I mean the kids are around it at the league, but, there’s obviously responsible service of alcohol.â€? He explained it had remained that way during the entirety of his time on the committee, and would remain that way. “Junior footy won’t support alcohol at any of their events, and never has, so it’s business as usual as far as I’m concerned.â€?

BY MILLIE THOMAS THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper


Monitor NEWS

Roxby Council’s liquor license explained... Committee review to lead to bar grant scheme


grant scheme for the town oval bar takings will be presented by Council following a review of sport and recreation activities and facilities in Roxby Downs.

The review, which is being undertaken by the Sports and Recreation Steering Committee and made up of various local sporting stakeholders, will aim to fairly redistribute income from alcohol sales at the town oval – amongst other prevalent sports and recreation bodies. The Roxby Downs town oval bar – which was originally managed by football clubs within the Far North Football League – has now changed hands, with Roxby Council applying for a redeďŹ ned licensed area – including the town bar. Council has stated the move was necessary to enable the ongoing sale of alcohol at sporting events in Roxby Downs, and despite wide spread uncertainty about the nobility behind the move – Far North Football League President Henry Andryszczak and Roxby Downs Cricket Association President Paul Trotta have supported it. “Roxby Council applied for a redeďŹ nition of the existing license arrangement to ensure all clubs previously involved would not be disadvantaged by a loss of access to a license in the future,â€? a letter to stakeholders from the Steering Committee states. While the Council’s licensing application to the Liquor Licensing Commission declares all income from alcohol sales must be legally retained by the licensee (Council), the letter has stated Roxby Council’s acknowledgement of the importance of these funds to sporting clubs. “Both Roxby Council and the Sport and Recreation Review


Steering Committee are very aware of the importance of alcohol sales in fundraising for clubs,â€? the letter to stakeholders stated. “All proďŹ ts from the sale of alcohol will be redistributed to sporting or community organisations via a comprehensive grant system that will be developed following the Sport and Recreation Review Steering Committee review, which is currently underway. “Under the new arrangement, club volunteers will continue to run the bar and ďŹ nancial grants will be provided to clubs from Roxby Council, as the Licensee, recognising the work of volunteers.â€? The grant scheme is planned to be in place by 2015. Mr Andyszczak said the league would work closely with the

Committee. The Sports and Recreation Steering Committee is a transparent mechanism to guide the ongoing management of the liquor license.â€? Mr Trotta said the scheme would work, provided stakeholders work together, and agreed some communication could have been better. “Regardless if it is a grant scheme or something else, if all stakeholders work together eectively there will be a good outcome,â€? he told The Monitor last week. “The initial communication between the council and the sporting stakeholders was poor, which unfortunately led to many misunderstandings. “However, recent communication from the Committee to the sporting stakeholders which clearly stated the intent behind developing a grant scheme should help in clarifying the situation.â€? While initial communication from Council planted a seed of doubt in both the community and stakeholders, Mr Trotta was conďŹ dent that while working together, no club would be left out of pocket. “This has been clearly stated publically as the Council’s intention, and myself and the other sporting representatives on the Committee will be working with Council representatives to ensure the ďŹ nal solution delivers this,â€? he said. “I can appreciate, despite the recent communication from the Committee, that some sporting stakeholders may still be wary of Council’s intensions.  But I believe now that everything is on the table, and if sporting groups want to be part of the solution, they need to attend the meetings and have their say.â€? BY MILLIE THOMAS

...Regardless if it is a grant scheme or something else, if all stakeholders work together effectively there will be a good outcome ... Steering Committee, despite an initial lack of communication from Council. “The league has received recent correspondence from the Sports and Recreation Steering Committee, which has outlined how the guiding principles of how the liquor licence will be dealt with going forward. One of the key points to the League, according to Mr Andryszczak, is that the league would continue to oversee and manage alcohol sales, with proceeds being redistributed to clubs and organisations. “This has addressed our earlier reservations. How this will look like is being worked through by the Sports and Recreation Steering

What the license means for 2014


hile the Sport and Recreation Steering Committee may be developing a bar takings grant scheme for 2015 – some stakeholders may wonder – where does that leave clubs for the rest of 2014? Local football club Andamooka – who holds the current tender for the town oval bar will continue to operate the bar on the same volunteer based system it has previously. However – the takings from the bar will, in accordance with the new liquor license, initially go to council. The club will be given a grant to reect the takings of the 2013 season, ‘as a minimum’ according to a letter from the Sport and Recreation Steering Committee. “The Far North Football League will continue to oversee managem e nt o f F N F L events, including alcohol sales, going forward. It is expected that volunteers from the clubs will continue to run the bar, as assisted by a Responsible Service of Alcohol certiďŹ ed bar supervisor (Roxby Council or Far North Football League appointed RSA holder/s),â€? the letter stated. It also announced the bar will be able to be open an hour before and an hour after all Council sanctioned football games, as well as during the event. Aside from these times, the area will become a dry zone. The 2014/15 cricket season and Roxby Downs Cricket Association will be placed under the same agreement. “Roxby Council has committed to the same arrangements that currently apply to the Andamooka Football Club, ensuring clubs running the bar during cricket matches will not be any worse o under the proposed grant arrangement, as the


amount clubs receive will reect previous year’s takings,â€? the letter stated. “The community grant system, providing a redistribution of proďŹ ts after that period will be reviewed by the Sport and Recreation Steering Committee to ensure the funds are returned to the stakeholders who contribute to the community as volunteers. Roxby Districts Cricket Association President Paul Trotta and Andamooka Football Club president Ian Tuohy are happy with the arrangement so far. “I don’t have any issues with this in principle, however we need to agree on the ďŹ nal details before the season starts,â€? Mr Trotta said. As is consistent with the football league, the cricket association will continue to oversee the management of cricket events and alcohol sales for the 2014/15 season. Volunteers are also expected to continue to run the bar with the assistance of a Responsible Service of Alcohol certiďŹ ed bar supervisor. As with the arrangement with the football league – the bar will be able to be opened an hour before and after cricket matches, as well as during the game. During other times, the area will be a dry zone. “I think this will be an inconvenience for some,â€? Mr Trotta said. “E.g if a football or cricket club want to have a beer after training, they will need to organise drinks through the Leisure Centre. People will have to work within the new rules.â€? BY MILLIE THOMAS

I don’t have any issues with this in principle, however we need to agree on the final details before the season starts







What isn’t affected by the license


he proposed area of the Roxby Council’s redeďŹ ned liquor license reaches over many sporting and recreational event locations. However – the proposed license area will not aect every social and sporting event in Roxby – as revealed by the open letter from the Sport and Recreation Review Steering Committee last week. While the license covers both the town oval and school oval, reaching over the tennis and netball courts, the Lions Park and Skate Park are exempt from the license. “The redeďŹ nition of the licensed areas does cover the tennis courts, meaning alcohol cannot be consumed in this area unless provided by the Licensee. However, the new licensing arrangement will not impact tennis patrons viewing tennis matches from the Lions Park, as Lions Park is not included in the licensed area,â€? the letter outlined. Roxby Downs Tennis Association President Mark Lecons said while the prospect of playing tennis in a dry zone was not the ‘be all and end all’, many members enjoyed having a drink while watching the game. “Because tennis is at such a time that you go straight from (work to) home to tennis, you have a couple of beers and watch the tennis,â€? he said last week. “(But) it’s not a life threatening thing.â€? Any area within the licensed area is declared a ‘dry zone’ in the absence of a Council sanctioned event – such as weekly football and cricket games, and pre-booked events such as Relay for Life. Any sporting and/or social events outside the licensed area will be able to carry on as normal – including those in Richardson Place such as the annually anticipated Rotary Club of Roxby District Christmas Pageant.

“Community events taking place in the main street will not be impacted by the redeďŹ nition of the liquor licensing arrangement, as the main street does not fall within the designated licensed area. For one-o community events held in the main street, such as the World Food and Music Festival, a limited liquor license will be sought from the Liquor Licensing Commission as has been done in previous years. “The annual Christmas pageant will remain a BYO event, managed by the Roxby Downs Rotary group and sanctioned by SAPOL,â€? the

events “Community taking place in the main street will not be impacted by the redefinition of the liquor licensing arrangement.


letter stated. Rotary Club of Roxby District Treasurer Sandy Sumsion said the announcement came as a great relief. “The Christmas pageant works really well in its current structure,â€? Mrs Sumsion told The Monitor last week. “If they were to change it in anyway, I feel it would lose its avour and its importance for the broad cross section of the community that enjoy that particular day.â€? As the Christmas Pageant’s current structure accommodates a ‘bring your own alcohol’ policy, Mrs Sum-

sion said she didn’t believe there was a need to change anything in regards to that. “It goes back to that old saying – if it’s not broke, don’t ďŹ x it, so let’s just leave it the same. We have been now coordinating that particular event for a number of years, and the local police would be the ďŹ rst to tell you – there are no adverse behavioural issues after that event. “In fact, that event has less happening on it than any other Saturday or Friday night,â€? she said. Mrs Sumsion added it was important that the nature and importance of the event, which is anticipated as a family friendly and festive event each year, wasn’t lost. “If it gets all too hard, then I know the Rotary Club would have to reconsider whether it was an event that they would continue to coordinate. Because it is a logistical challenge, it gets supported well by other businesses and people within the community. “But if you just try making it too much more diďŹƒcult, then we’d have to reconsider, and I don’t know that there’d be any other groups that would happily put up their hand to do it,â€? she said. Other regular and annual events outside of the licensed area – including those at the dirt circuit, golf course, race course, motocross club and other sporting and recreational facilities will not be impacted. BY MILLIE THOMAS



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Monitor NEWS

Adopt a Bettong




Arid Recovery Education and Community Officer Perri Carter with a plush Bettong.


,QGʝȸHʣLʋɚ3ԦDWɛ 'ʝXɳʕʜXɢ By Nidya Budiarso ,QʔȾHʏȲʑQWɡ Part A: ͻϱϬϬŐƉůĂŝŶŇŽƵƌ;ƉƌĞĨĞƌĂďůLJŚŝŐŚƉƌŽƚĞŝŶŇŽƵƌǁĞƵƐĞ ƚŽŵĂŬĞĂďƌĞĂĚͿ ͻϱϬŐŵŝůŬƉŽǁĚĞƌ ͻϳϱŐĐĂƐƚŽƌƐƵŐĂƌ ͻϮϱϬŐƐƚĞĂŵĞĚƉŽƚĂƚŽĞƐ;ŵĂƐŚƚŚĞŵĂůůͿ Part B: ͻϭϭŐŝŶƐƚĂŶƚLJĞĂƐƚ ͻϭϱϬŵůǁĂƌŵǁĂƚĞƌ ͻϭƚƐƉƐƵŐĂƌ ;ŵŝdžƚŚĞŵĂůůƵŶŝƚŝƚƌŝƐĞƐŽƌĞdžƉĂŶĚƐͿ Part C: ͻϮĞŐŐLJŽůŬƐ ͻ^Ăůƚ ͻϳϱŐŵĂƌŐĂƌŝŶĞŽƌƐŚŽƌƚĞŶŝŶŐƐ




f someone came up and asked you what a Burrowing Bettong was, would you know the answer? Most people would say ‘no’, and that is something the Arid Recovery is about to change. Thanks to a new initiative locals can now own their own Bettong. You don’t actually get to take it home … but it is the next best thing. ‘Adopt a Bettong’ allows anyone to sponsor a real Bettong, each with its own unique name and characteristics, and get regular updates on what it is up to in the Arid Recovery reserve. The plan is all in the

name of raising funds for future Bettong programs. Bettongs are very social creatures which Arid Recovery Education and Community Officer Perri Carter said was perfect for the animal adoption program. “It suits to give them a name because of their character,” Ms Carter said. “They come up and play at your feet, they are very inquisitive and so we thought this would be a good way to raise some funds in order to maintain our current research and so we can conduct more research projects in the future.” The adopt a Bettong program was first revealed to the public at a recent market day, where 10 Burrowing Bettongs

Apology to Mr Bill Boehm I prepared a document titled “Submission on the Roxby Downs Council’s Proposed Cultural Leisure Centre Precinct Development” dated 23 April 2014 (“the submission”). The submission was prepared by me following an on-line survey which I had created seeking opinions and comments from the public in relation to the proposed redevelopment of the Cultural and Leisure Precinct in Roxby Downs. In the submission I reproduced comments and opinions from respondents to the survey. Contained within those comments and opinions was a comment which imputed Mr Bill Boehm, the Administrator of the Roxby Downs Council was untrustworthy, corrupt and had not acted in the best interests of the Roxby Downs Township and/or Council. This comment was not my opinion nor has ever been my opinion nor do I believe the same to be in any way true. I acknowledge that the inclusion of the comment has caused Mr Bill Boehm hurt, distress and embarrassment and I unreservedly apologise for the same. I further acknowledge Mr Boehm’s concerns as to the online survey methodology. I have taken on board such concerns and welcome the critique of the Submission. Paul Trotta Author of the submission of the Roxby Downs Council Proposed Cultural and Leisure Precinct Redevelopment, dated 23 April 2014

were adopted. Since then a further seven have been sold through online sales. When you adopt a Bettong you receive a pack which comes with a card with your Bettong’s name on it and what makes it unique, a plush Bettong and a year’s subscription to Arid Recovery. Bettongs can be adopted from the Visitor Information Centre and online at au. Bettong’s were once one of the most widespread of all Australian mammals but can now only be found on four small islands off the coast of Western Australia. Arid Recovery began their research on the Bettong in 1999 obtaining a number of them from Barrow Island off the Western Australian coast. A number of research programs have been conducted in the hope they can be re-introduced into the wild. “We have tried a couple of external releases but they didn’t go very well,” Ms Carter said. “We are trying to teach them to be predator aware. “They are very social animals and sometimes that can lead to their demise.” Arid Recovery started in 1997 and aims at looking after animals in a closed environment away from wild cats and foxes. Not only do they look after Bettongs, but also other animals including the Greater Bilby, StickNest Rat and Western Barred Bandicoot.

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he generosity of the Roxby Downs community has come to the fore following a house fire in Andamooka last weekend.

Local photographer Hayley Scrivens has been the main instigator of this generosity by first offering a free photography session for the family to replace their lost photos, before encouraging others to make donations. “I know it (the photo shoot) can’t replace all the photos they have of the kids since they were little, but it’s the only thing I could offer them and I kept thinking about what it would be like to lose every photo I have of my daughter,” Mrs Scrivens said. “I then encouraged others to post donations or offers of their services they could provide, and when someone asked where donations could be left I just offered my place because I have a large undercover area out back that I can lock up. Mrs Scrivens’ mother works at the Andamooka Primary School and has been taking the donations with her to school each day and dropping them off at the Hall. So far the family have received a queen bed, a fridge, a mattress, a dryer, clothing, food (including cooked meals), toiletries, cooking appliances, towels, sheets and bedding as well as vouchers and offers have been made to donate more furniture. “I’m not surprised at the donations because I’ve seen great generosity in this community before, but it has re-affirmed to me that this is a wonderful town in which to bring up my daughter,” Mrs Scrivens said. “The generous spirit of this community is truly heart-warming, and whilst I still haven’t met the family who lost their home, in the communication I have had with them they have expressed how moved they are by the generosity of strangers.” But Mrs Scrivens believes, while all of the donations have been fantastic, one of the kindest acts came while the family was stuck in Port Augusta following the long weekend. “Someone I believe deserves a lot of praise is George Rogers and his family,” Mrs Scrivens said. “I believe they paid for Julie’s (mother of the family effected by the fire) petrol to come back from Port Augusta (they have never met before) and have found the family a place to live. “George has contacted me via text to let me know they have a trailer ready to help the family move in with all the donated goods. “I’ve witnessed many acts of kindness this week, but George Rogers’ efforts deserve a special mention.” Mrs Scrivens is still taking donations, and said there are still plenty of people contacting her on Facebook asking what the family still needs. BY PATRICK GLOVER

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New voices for the community WRITTEN BY PATRICK GLOVER


he community will have two new voices in Michelle Davis and Nidya Budiarso as the two take over as Chairperson and Vice Chairperson of the community board. The two have identified transparency, multiculturalism and being a voice for the community as their main aims when they step up on the board. “We have a lot going on throughout the town at the moment and we want to be a voice for the community,” Mrs Davis said. “We want to bring the board together and we want to bring the council and Bill together and the whole community together - we’ll come together as a united group and do the best we can for the town itself. “We want transparency and we want processes put in place to help that journey run smoothly.” Mrs Davis has been on the board for four years, having been a part of the road safety forum for all four, and has stepped up from her role as Vice Chairperson following the departure of the last Chairperson Teresa Malcolm. “It’s been an interesting ride with the board,” Mrs Davis said. “I sort of got thrown in with everything that was happening around town at the time so it’s certainly been a bit of a rollercoaster ride I guess. “It’s been challenging but it’s been fun.” Mrs Davis said her role was to be the facilitator of the board and she hoped she could bring the board together to have a complete understanding of what the community wants. Mrs Budiarso is a little newer to the board having only joined at the beginning of the year and being a permanent resident of Australia, with Australia being her second country. She jumped at the opportunity to be a part of the board to add the position to her already impressive list of volunteering roles in the community and another way to act as a voice for multicultural people. “I am one of the radio hosts for “Mosaic Moments” (a multicultural radio program) at Rox FM and I am also part of Multicultural Forum and volunteer at Roxby Downs Area School.,” Mrs Budiarso said. “So, when Reverend Mary Lewis approached me to join CBC, I took the opportunity as I know I can expand my networking and share my experiences and knowledge in another level. “In addition to it, I feel that I can be the voice or bridge for the community especially immigrants who live in Roxby Downs. “I can make people more understanding of the differences but actually we are the same, we are only human. “Sometimes people are shy to tell what they need, it’s not easy because our cultures are different, so I feel if I’m there I can be the voice, not only for the multicultural but for the whole community.” Mrs Davis said the community was still not 100 per cent aware of what the Community Board does with some people thinking of the board as “just volunteers”, which she said was incorrect and downgrading. “Everything relies on volunteers; there are a lot of events in this town that wouldn’t happen without volunteers,” she said. “So for the board to be referred to as ‘just volunteers’, really does hurt me. But Mrs Davis and Mrs Budiarso want to change that perception. “The perception of the community board from a community perspective is they don’t really know what we do,” Mrs Davis said. “Get it out there, we’re here and this is what we do and what we want to do, change the perception.” Mrs Budiarso is hoping the change of personnel would encourage people to come up and talk to herself or Mrs Davis in the street and help relay messages to the council and BHP Billiton. “If you see me or Michelle, we can talk to the community board,” Mrs Budiarso said. “These two can tell what we need, they can be out interim. “We want them (the public) to come up to us and say ‘hey Nidya, hey Michelle, is it possible to have this done’, so that is what we are trying to offer, that everyone can come up and talk to us hopefully, and hopefully we’ll be able to transmit the message.” The board has recently pushed for more community consultation and has received it with two workshops being run recently to get the community’s thoughts on the redevelopment of the leisure centre. “Transparency is the biggest thing at the moment,” Mrs Davis said. “From a whole community perspective, there has not been enough consultation with the community and I think that is the first thing we need to address and we’re in the process of changing that.” Mrs Davis and Mrs Budiarso are hoping these workshops will become more of a regular occurrence, giving the people more of an opportunity to get their point across, as well as having the new heads of the community board to relay a clear message. An emergency board meeting was called recently, and was held without the presence of BHP Billiton THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

New community board chairperson Michelle Davis and Vice chairperson Nidya Budiarso in the Roxby Downs main street.

and Council representatives. Mrs Davis said it was so the other committee members could have a chat, and feel free to speak, with each other as to why they were on the board, and what they were trying to achieve so everyone was on the same page moving forward. “We never sit and talk to each other,” she said. “We needed to come together and discuss all of that so we are a united entity going forward.”

First year Rotarian to take over as president


he Rotary Club of Roxby Districts will swear in a new President this weekend with Laura Van Der Hucht taking over from John Davis. The Rotary club will hold their annual handover this Saturday night, also celebrating the clubs sixth birthday, in which Ms Van Der Hucht will be sworn in. “It’s a step outside my comfort zone,” Ms Van Der Hucht said as to the reason why she took the position. “It’s a new challenge for me outside of work.” Ms Van Der Hucht has been in Roxby Downs for seven years but has only just recently joined up with the Rotary club with her one year anniversary coming up when she takes the top job. She is confident heading into this role due to the support she will receive from her fellow board members to help make her role a lot easier. “We have a really good board, they are very eager,” Ms Van Der Hucht said. “We have our first meeting next week so we will see how that goes.” Ms Van Der Hucht is hoping she can

Incoming Rotary Club of Roxby Districts president Laura Van Der Hucht.

bring a new range of people to the Rotary club and get the club involved in more things within the community. “I am enthusiastic to help the community and get Rotary out there,” she said. The event will be attended by a number of Rotary dignitaries including District Governor Barbara Wheatcroft and District Governor Elect John Campbell. Ms Van Der Hucht’s parents will also be making the trip up while a number of family members from Victoria will also be attending.

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Note from the Editor


he editor would like to officially respond to any inference from a text published in its Opinion section last week.

The text, in our Text Talk section, and not the opinion of The Monitor or the editor, suggested the football oval toilets were covered in mouse faeces. This is not the case. According to a local footy club spokesperson, large numbers of mice have not even been seen in Roxby Downs this season. The item was published only with the intent to highlight the strong community desire for more expenditure on local sporting facilities, such as the toilets at the town oval, which have been mentioned as one of many local facilities needing priority attention. The Monitor acknowledges the fantastic work of the local Far North Football League volunteers, who have to clean other people’s “filth” in these facilities, often in extreme conditions. The spokesperson said this season volunteers have had to fight constantly to clean the area of black flies attracted by the oval lights, due to the extended warmer weather. The spokesperson said that had meant someone was often cleaning the toilets on Friday night, and again on Saturday morning this season, every week – and therefore the facilities have obviously been cleaned, and often, since the beginning of the season. Volunteers also maintain the oval kitchen facilities to a very high standard. These people are volunteers, and deserve to be thanked for their work and perseverance. After further discussion The Monitor acknowledges the text talk was unfair and incorrect. It was published only as the opinion of one person – not the opinion of the paper or the editor. The Opinion Page is reserved for personal comment and debate. Personal opinions should not be deemed fact – but the opinion of just one disgruntled local. Following this incident The Monitor has reassessed its obligation to publish personal opinion and comments without attributing the name of the source. Therefore Text Talk will no longer be included in the Opinion page of The Monitor. The Monitor invites all readers to submit any personal opinion in a Letter to the Editor.



to the editor


Regional Australia needs a Health Champion

ear Editor

As the Shadow Minister responsible for rural and regional health policy, I was shocked to learn this week that no modelling has been done on the impact that the Abbott Government’s GP Tax will have on health outcomes for rural and regional patients. Their health policies are blind to the needs of regional Australia. There is nothing to address the lack of doctors, nurses and health professionals. Nothing to address the problem of lower access to GPs in regional communities, or the higher incidence of chronic disease. Instead we get a GP Tax, increased cost of medicines, higher health insurance premiums and more than $50 billion dollars of cuts to hospital funding. These will make matters worse. The Abbott Government’s plans will hit regional communities hardest where almost 80% of GP visit are bulk billed. The simple fact is, GPs in regional areas can’t absorb the cuts to the Medicare rebates in the way big practices in metropolitan centres can. The GP Tax, opposed by every health organisation in the country, will cost regional communities $1.4 billion over the next four years. President of the Rural Doctors Association, Dr Ian Kamerman says this will mean rural doctors face a tough choice – force more of their struggling patients to make the co-payment, or treat more

of their patients free of charge and put more pressure on their practice’s viability. In government Labor tackled the big problems. We invested in preventative health, provided an extra $20 billion for Australia’s public hospitals and built 26 regional cancer centres for the best quality care closer to home. We doubled the number of GP training places and incentivised bulk-billing, increasing it to historic levels, so more Australians than ever had access to a GP without any upfront fees. Before the election, Tony Abbott promised there would be “no cuts to health.” He does not have a mandate to end bulk-billing and destroy Medicare. Before the election, the Nationals’ promised to appoint a Minister for Regional and Rural Health, so that the needs of people in regional Australia could be championed. Sadly, this is not the case under and Abbott Government either.      Regional Australians deserve a Minister who will really champion their needs. They shouldn’t have to pay for Tony Abbott’s lies. Labor will fight this GP tax. Labor created Medicare and we will always fight to ensure that people in rural and regional Australia get the healthcare they need, not the healthcare they can afford. Stephen Jones MP Labor’s Regional Health Spokesperson

friendly staff of your Community Newspaper The Monitor Newspaper 6 Richardson Place, Roxby Downs PO Box 72, Roxby Downs SA 5725

Phone (08) 8671 2683

Millie Thomas Senior Journalist & Photographer

Marisa Wilson Head Designer

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Gail Heritage Managing Editor

Jody Gow-Smith JRGLH=VFKRUQ PDWULFN*ORYHU Advertising Consultant & 2IÀFH0DQDJHU

)LQDQFH & Sales

Journalist & Photographer

Fax (08) 8671 2843

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Andamooka community


Biggest turn out ever for annual shoot WRITTEN BY MILLIE THOMAS


he annual Andamooka Opal Shoot Out attracted its largest turn out ever on the weekend – attracting 110 people – with 77 of those shooting competitors.

Andamooka Gun Club committee member Sarah Perrett said the event’s success relied on return competitors, who brought with them new competitors. Some returned competitors – Rob and Lee Hunter - came from as far away as Townsville, Queensland. “People that have been before came back because they enjoyed themselves so much. Then they bring more people with them,” Sarah told The Monitor last week. She said a highlight of the event was its atmosphere – something that stands out every year. “Just the atmosphere mostly,” Sarah said. “There were a lot of new people that we’d never seen before and I guess a lot of the repeat people, we got more time with them and (we were also) making new friends.” Sarah said that without the support of local sponsors – there was no way the event would have gone ahead. “Thank you very much to all our sponsors,” she said. “Obviously events like this just don’t go ahead without local sponsors. “Thank you to all local shops and everyone who helped us out this year again, and made the event a success.”

RIGHT: Old Roxby residents returned for the shoot after seven years in Townsville - Rob and Lee Hunter.

ABOVE RIGHT: Ken Rapsey was awarded with the Brian Rapsey Memorial trophy that was donated by Kym Fareman.

Shooters at the stand at the Andamooka Opal Shoot Out on the weekend.

First ever street signs erected in Andamooka WRITTEN BY PATRICK GLOVER


he first ever street signs were erected in Andamooka recently with Christmas Hill Road, Opal Creek Boulevard and Tea Tree Road among the first streets to be sign posted. The Monitor broke the news three weeks ago that sign posts would be erected in Andamooka and the first instalment of signs went in last Tuesday.

The Christmas Hill Road and Opal Creek Boulevard, which were among the first ever street signs erected in Andamooka, were installed last Tuesday.

Help stop new pests and control the ones we have. Pest control is everyone’s business. Pest plants and animals have a huge impact on Australia’s agricultural productivity, with national annual production losses and control costs of more than $4 billion for pest plants and close to $744 million for pest animals.

Opal Creek Boulevard and Tea Tree Road are amongst the first street signs to be erected in Andamooka. THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

Visit us at your nearest Natural Resources Centre, online at or call Natural Resources Centre Port Augusta on 8648 5300.

FIS 92817

We can help you to plan your approach to pest plant and animal control by providing information, technical advice and other support.

)GVKPVQWEJVQFC[VQƂPFQWVJQYYGECP help you tackle pests on your property.

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Raine and Horne continue award winning service, despite market drop Craig and Sandy Sumsion from Raine and Horne.


But while sales on houses in Roxby Downs have been low, Mr Sumsion said the rentals were keeping Raine & Horne Roxby Downs in the game, with available rental properties dropping from 113 to 77 properties recently. Due to the current state of the local real estate market, rents have dramatically decreased, with levels the lowest Mr Sumison has seen since arriving in town six and a half years ago. “Rents are too low,” Mr Sumsion said. “Rent payments are 40 per cent below where they were two years ago. “Due to this fall in rent, investors aren’t going to want to invest.” Mr Sumsion said the fall in rent prices was deterring investors, because as landlords they would not be making any money from a rental property.


he real estate market in Roxby Downs is currently very quiet with only six houses being sold and settled since the start of this year. “Usually you’d expect that in a month in a normal year,” Raine and Horne Principal and Director Craig Sumsion said. “There hasn’t been a lot of sales in town at all. “For a town this size, the number (of houses sold) is very low. “It’s been like this for the last two years now.” Since the announcement the Olympic Dam expansion would not be going ahead, sales have dropped steadily.

The decrease in available rental properties and the fall in rent has also resulted in more people renting property, rather than looking to buy. “I know people in this town that have been here 10, 15, 20, 25, plus years that are renting,” Mr Sumsion said. “People want to know, when they retire and want to move out of town, that they will be able to sell their home, but currently there is no guarantee.” Despite this lack of movement in the market, Mr Sumsion said an increase was not too far away. “I can see it coming back,” he said. “There doesn’t need to be a boom increase, it just needs to grow. “I don’t know whether it will be as aggressive as in the past, but we will see more property changing hands. “Investors will start to come back once they see the town post some growth, they want a reasonable return.” Despite the decrease in property movement in the past few years, the team at Raine & Horne aim to continue to maintain its high standards. The team has recently won a number of awards, which were based on growth and quality, at the recent Raine and Horne Ignite 2013 Annual Awards held in Adelaide. The team won the Top Property Management Office – Country, and the National Chairman’s award, while Nicole Briley won the Outstanding Property Manager Award, as well as the individual Chairman’s Award for Property Management. With Roxby Downs the equivalent in size of one Adelaide suburb and with four real estate agents competing for clients, these awards show the popularity and quality of Raine & Horne, which remains the only owner-operated real estate business in town.


Specialising in Property Management Maximising Rental Returns Protecting your Property Investment EXPERIENCE






Written Satisfaction Guarantee

ANNE CLAMPETT - 0425 310 585 RLA 229941

Do you need help with your financial plans? Anne Marie Seagrim will be visiting Wednesday June 25 and Thursday June 26 Areas of Professional help

• Superannuation • Education Funding • Life Insurance • Financial Structures • Wealth Creation



1800 818 933

CORPORATE AUTHORISED REPRESENTATIVE OF MADISON FINANCIAL GROUP PTY LTD AFSL No: 246679 ABN: 36 002 459 001 L2, 285 George Street, Sydney, NSW 2000 PO Box R1776, Royal Exchange, NSW 1225, (P)+ 61 1300 789 575 (F) + 61 2 9954 4599

Roxby Downs 8671 3355 Shop 4/14 Tutop Street, Roxby Downs, SA 5725 RLA208715 fax: 8671 3366 email:

Roxby Downs

Properties for Ront Sale e


7RS3URSHUW\0DQDJHPHQW2I¿FH (Country) R&H SA 2013 Property Management Team (State Award)

An Award Winning Team e Rain ngus DUGIRU A Z EO e’s C OXE$ Horn PDQV& ent to & U e V L Rain LQJ&KD Managm \'RZQ HQW oper ty R[E


25 Finniss Street 4 bdrm, garage, spa

$375 p.w

35 Arcoona Street 3 bdrm, garage, new kitchen

$340 p.w

8 Coolibah Street 4 bdrm, large living areas

$420 p.w

Properties for Sale 2/6 Phibbs Coiurt 3 bdrm unit


32 Wilaroo Street 3 bdrm, solar power


17 Mirra Street 3 bdrm, rumpus


5 Nyaroo Court 4 bdrm, pool


31 Wilaroo Street 4 bdrm, large garage


18 Melaleuca Street 4 bdrm, quiet cul-de-sac


Property Sales  Property Management Outstan ding Pro pe R&H SA r ty Manager 2013 1LFROH% ULOH\ (State A ward)

am at Our amazing te 'RZQV E\ R[ 5 QH 5DLQH +RU

For free appraisals in Roxby Downs or Andamooka, contact the team at Raine & Horne Roxby Downs on 8671 3355.

We’ll look after you

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THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper


OUT Ann Marie, Bianca and Connor were all smiles at the YAC Gaming Night.

Fiona Jordan and Angela Absalom at the Club on the weekend.

Amelia and Danielle Edwards all dressed up at the YAC Gaming Night.

Lauren Hocking and Chantal Pillar watching the footy.

Klay and Zane Metcalfe and Taj Gow-smith.

Lauren and Zoe Bannerman at the footy.

Imogen and Alyssa at the YAC Gaming Night.

Lara, Carlos, Louwtjie, Jock and Zoey at the footy.

Matija, Riley, Ethan, Oliver, Lachlan and Seth playing air hockey at the YAC Gaming Night.


:LQ&DVK Friday from 5.30pm Happy hour 6-7pm All pints $5 AND $5 base spirits


m=*4.*@*B<8?.;=1.+*;YV62-7201=m687-*B]X<*=>;-*Bm 6NVKN[\XWUb,XWMR]RXW\JYYUb

Phone 867 1 0053 /Ja#!!  .#JMVRW)[XaKbLU^KLXVJ^ THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper


Irish Christmas Saturday June 21. Three Course Irish Meal Tables of 8 Tickets - $35 – Available at The Club. All proceeds to the Royal Flying Doctor Service.


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Anita, Rachel, Rina, Darryl at the Community Sleepout.

Girls from Bank SA who organised the Community Sleepout - Zoe Bannerman, Jess Daw, Jess Smith and Sam Platten. Darryl Cuzzubbo took part in the Community Sleepout on the weekend.

Hannah and Jordan Batchelor Scarr, Alex Ward and Laura Trotta.

The Community Sleepout group group slept in the St Barbs gym on Saturday night to raise money for the homeless.

Lauren and Davey try out being homeless for a night at the Community Sleepout.

Maddi and Brooklyn support the Miners at the footy on the weekend.

Proudly supported by:


Monitor Nominations open to all businesses in Roxby Downs and Olympic Dam for the following categories: » Best Large Business 2014 » Best Medium Business 2014 » Best Small Business Award 2014 » Best Micro Business Award 2014 Presented by:

» The MEGT Best Trainee/ Apprentice of 2014

Vote for your favourite business to win the Most Popular Business 2014 Online Voting is available at www. Nomination packages are available from Roxby Council reception, The Visitor Info Centre and online at Entries close 31 July 2014

Oakleigh Rawlins and Amber Hassett keep warm at the footy on the weekend.

All nominees are in the running for the BHP Billiton Most Outstanding Business 2014 Award.

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THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

Roxby Council Improved Liquor Licence For Ovals

nother citizenship ceremony was held last week in the council courtyard.

Roxby Council is pleased to announce improved and expanded liquor licensing arrangements are now in place for the town’s two ovals, with the Liquor Licensing Commission awarding a redefinition of liquor licence to the area.

Ranjay Singh, who moved to Roxby Downs from Queensland for an employment opportunity, loves the quiet and easy life that Roxby Downs offers. Ranjay moved to Australia nine years ago from India. Although the move was met by mixed emotions, Ranjay was inspired by the relaxed nature of the Australian culture.

As members of the community are aware, the Liquor Licensing Commission advised Roxby Council that the practice of issuing Limited Liquor Licenses for regular events on the town ovals is beyond the scope of the purpose of this form of liquor licence. Immediate and successful intervention from Roxby Council to secure a permanent liquor licence for the town oval precinct has meant the sale of alcohol at sporting events can continue.

Roxby Downs Free Dumping

Details of the new licensing arrangement: • All Far North Football League and Roxby Districts Cricket Association sanctioned events for the main oval now include a licence for the sale of alcohol up to one hour before and after the event, without the need for a separate and costly liquor licence application. • Existing fundraising opportunities through the sale of alcohol at sport and recreational events are not jeopardised under the new licence arrangement, as all profits will be redistributed to sporting or community organisations. • The licence now allows up to 10 pre-booked community-wide events, such as ‘Relay for Life’, on each oval, without a separate application. To arrange a prebooked community event with alcohol service, community members simply need to contact the Leisure Centre. • When alcohol is not being served by the Licensee, or authorised parties of the Licensee, the ovals are effectively a “dry zone”. Lions Park and the skate park are not included in the licensed area. • The community has provided significant feedback to both Roxby Council and the Liquor Licence Commission opposing the sale of alcohol at junior sport events, which has been accepted and included under new licensing conditions.

Waste Oil Disposal

Council operates a waste oil collection facility at the Roxby Downs Landfill site. Disposal of all used motor oil at this facility is free. For further information, contact Council on (08) 8671 0010 or BSH Waste Solutions on (08) 8671 1154. No cooking oils, coolants, diesel, or diesel blended fuels (bio diesel) are to be deposited into the unit. This facility is open 1.00pm to 6.00pm, 7 days. For further information refer to the Waste Management Table.

For further information, or to discuss an event in the licensed areas, please contact Tony Weir, Operations Manager at the Leisure Centre, on 08 8671 0500.

Clean/rinsed shape holding containers, food tubs & drink bottles, biscuit/chocolate/meat trays, plant pots/tubs, all plastics recycle numbers 1-6

Bin liners, plastic bottle lids, polystyrene foam, plastic bags, soft plastic packaging, glad wrap

A paper and cardboard products - glossy envelopes with windows, food boxes, clean pizza boxes, rinsed paper cups/plates

Oil contamination, excess plastic wrap or filters if not paper based

Clean/rinsed food jars, wine/drink bottles, clear/ green /amber glass bottles

Broken drinking glasses, ceramics, mirrors, pyrex, windscreens, windows

Clean/rinsed milk, long’life, juice, custard and stock cartons of all sizes and Tetra Paks

Plastic lids

Metal (small-medium)

Clean/rinsed steel food cans, empty aerosol cans, empty & clean paint tins, aluminium cans, clean alfoil wrap scrucnhed together

Gas cylinders, fire extinghuishers, metal building waste

Garden Organics

Lawn and other clippings, bark, leaves, small branches - “if it grows it can go”

Bin liners, soil/rocks, food scraps, building materials

Food Scraps

Kitchen scaps and other small organics

Building Material Waste

Large pieces of metal, roofing, posts, boards, concrete, bricks etc.


Anything with a power cord or battery. Must be stored out of the weather prior to depositing

Batteries, broken panels of glass

Fluorescent Lighting

Used unbroken fluoro tubes, bulbs of all shapes and sizes

Incandescent or LED lighting

Batteries (single use small)

Single use of all sizes

Lead acid

Batteries (car)

Lead acid car, bike and boat batteries

Single use batteries


Motor vehicle tyres


Everything that isnt detailed above




Liquid Paper Board(LPB)

COUNCIL OFFICE Opening hours 9 am to 5 pm weekdays Telephone 8671 0010 • Fax 8671 0452 Email: After hours emergency Mobile 0418 892 870 Web THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

At Home

Compost System



Worm Farm


Waste Item

Gerenal Waste

Beaurepairs MAITS


Yellow Bin


Roxby Traders Mitre 10

Avoid Waste

Help avoid waste by donating your unwanted items to charity, selling or giving them away. Roxby Downs Landfill Facility, Opal Road, ROXBY DOWNS SA 5725 Phone: (08) 8671 1154 Opening Hours: 1.00pm to 6.00pm, Monday to Sunday - 7

Roxby Council has been working with stakeholders, and we are pleased to outline what the licence redefinition means for the Community.


If you see any dumped waste please contact Council on 8671 0010 with the following information: • Where the waste is located/ address

There is no need to illegally dump unwanted items and materials - residents are offered FREE dumping at the Roxby Downs Landfill Facility. Don’t dump - just drop-off. Many hazardous materials, electronic appliances, waste oil disposal, goods and equipment can also be taken to the Roxby Downs Landfill Facility.


Recycling can be taken to the Opal Landfill or BSH Waste Solutions on 8 - 12 Gosse Street, Roxby Downs. Refundable recycling to be taken straight to Gosse Street. Opening Hours: 8.00am to 4.00pm, Monday to Friday 8.00am to 1.00pm, Saturday Closed Sundays and Public Holidays

Council Office

Report illegal dumping

FREE Waste Disposal

days a week.


Why is it a problem?

• Dumped rubbish harms the environment • It attracts additional dumping and other illegal behaviours • It can be a health and safety hazard • Some of our ratepayers’ money is spent each year on cleaning up illegally dumped rubbish

• Any other information which may assist us in identifying the person/s who dumped the waste. We appreciate your help on tackling this problem. We will not disclose your details if you report dumped waste.

Red Bin


Illegal Dumping

t is illegal to leave waste on public land such as streets, laneways, parks, footpaths, car parks or nature reserves. Illegal dumping has potential to damage the fragile environment surrounding Roxby Downs. It is an offence under the EPA laws and as such incurs substantial fines.

Green Bin


Our newest citizen

10c refund on plastic drink bottles

10c refund on some glass

10c refund as marked

10c refund on aluminium cans

at a charge*

at a charge*

Recyclables - kerbside or contract collection ONLY

LIBRARY Opening hours 9 am to 5 pm MondayWednesdays, Fridays 9:30am to 5pm Thursdays 9.30 am to 12 noon Saturdays Telephone 8671 0500 Email: Library membership is free. Wide range of resources are available including books, DVDs, magazines and internet facilities. Toddler Story Time 2 pm Thursday.



Opal Road Landfill Opening hours 1 pm to 6 pm every day Disposal of household rubbish is FREE Levies apply for businesses Recycling can be taken either to the Opal Landfill or BSH Waste Solutions on Gosse Street All enquiries: 8671 1154

Opening hours Monday to Friday 9 am to 4.30 pm Council provides transport services including: • Vehicle registration • Boat registrations • Licensing transactions • Learner written theory tests (test to begin before 4 pm) All enquiries 131 084.

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The voice of the community... JOINING FORUMS

Sustainability Program for Roxby Downs Residents

If you would like to join a forum and would like more information please contact the following people. New members are always welcome.

ARTS and CULTURE FORUM Rachel Young 0428 671 000 Thursday, June 19 @ 7.30pm Council Boardroom

BUSINESS FORUM Laura Trotta 0412 734 964


he Roxby Downs Environment Forum and Community Garden Forum are working together to relaunch Outback Smart: a sustainability program for Roxby Downs’ residents. Living environmentally sustainable lifestyles can be particularly challenging in Roxby Downs. Our desert environment, extreme temperatures and remoteness means on average we use far greater water and electricity, and everything from our food to waste is transported great distances. Most residents have come from a vastly different environment and climate prior to living in Roxby Downs. People want to know what they can do on a grass roots level to make a real difference, to reduce their ecological impact (and carbon emissions) and how to grow water efficient ‘arid smart’ gardens. M a k i n g s u s t a i n ab l e changes also often has the added bonus of reducing utility bills. In 2008 the Outback Smart program ran in Roxby Downs with home energy audits and a sustainability workshop series. The SA Government programs which supported Outback Smart in 2008 no longer exist and thus the relaunch of Outback Smart required a complete redesign of the program. However this was a perfect opportunity to review the past program building on the aspects that were most successful (such as the workshops) and in incorporating new elements which will better suit the busy working lives of Roxby Downs’ residents. The new Outback Smart will be launched at the community market day on Saturday, June 21. The rebirth of this program involves the publication of two local booklets: one on sustainable living in Roxby Downs and another on water efficient desert gardening. These will include ideas and tips from local residents and information that is specifically focused on living in a desert environment. These will compliment a booklet already produced by the Community Garden on composting. Funding has been provided from SGIC to the forums

to professionally produce these booklets and provide them at no cost to the community. There will also be a series of workshops run by local volunteers who are passionate about various aspects of sustainability. These will include a diverse range of topics from homemade ‘green’ beauty products, how to grow Sturt Desert peas in your own garden to a nature walk around Roxby Downs to spot native animal tracks. All workshops will be free or only cost a minimal amount to cover consuma-

bles where there is a practical component. Finally at the Outback Smart market day stall there will be information and demonstration of a variety of environmentally friendly tools and gadgets you can use in your home. These will include devices to save grey water, reduce energy consumption and no chemical cleaning options. For more information about Outback Smart come and visit the stall this Saturday, and sign on to any of our upcoming workshops, contact angela.neyland@

Wednesday, June 25 @ 6.15pm

The 2014 Roxby Downs Business Awards


Council Boardroom.

SPORTS and REC FORUM Michelle Hales 0418 833 818 TBC

COMMUNITY GARDEN Patrik Ibele (08) 8671 0168 TBC

Online voting available



Perri Carter 0433 248 627 Thursday, July 3 @ 7pm Council Boardroom

ROXBY ROADSAFE MEETING Michelle Hales 0418 833 818 Thursday, July 10 @ 5.30pm Council Boardroom

MULTICULTURAL FORUM Sasha Yantewo (08) 8671 0010 Wednesday, June 18 @ 7pm Council Boardroom

WOMEN’S NETWORK Lisa Hewerdine (08) 8671 0010 TBC

CONTACTING THE BOARD For further information, advice or general questions please contact: Michelle Hales, Executive Officer Roxby Downs Community Board Inc. PO Box 85 Roxby Downs SA 5725 Mobile: 0418 833 818 Email:

WHO’S ON THE BOARD Michelle Davis • Nidya Iwan • George Giakoumis Vicki Mason • Gaylene Crane Mary Lewis • Brett McNeil • Bill Boehm • Chris Gibson

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Monitor SPORT The

Olympic Dam players too good for Andamooka


at half time eight goals behind, the Devils 10-6-65 to the Roos 2-5-17. The second half showed some improvement for Andamooka with strong physical play by the likes of Atticus Dekuyer, Luke Brind and Jacob Feder. Despite this OD proved to be to strong out scoring the Roos four goals to two in the quarter. Cameron Green was dangerous all day while Adam Homer and Lachy Hewett were goal scoring machines. In the final quarter OD rolled on to an impressive win to finish 17.12.114 to Andamooka’s 6.8.44. Andamooka were their own worst enemy for much of the day, with handling skills costing them in terms of possession and on the scoreboard. Time and again a mark was fumbled

tough day at the office for Andamooka was always on the cards. Injury and work rosters had ruled out a number of key players but even so the team started with a belief they could be competitive. Olympic Dam started strongly kicking five unanswered goals before Andamooka got on the board with a point kicked by Schipper. Olympic Dam ended up finishing the first quarter six goals, five behinds to the Roos one behind. In the second quarter the Roos had the wind and Craig Rainsford opened the scoring for the Roos with a goal. Despite two goals being kicked this quarter the Roos went into the sheds

turning a scoring opportunity into a two on one person contest for the ball or a hand pass didn’t go to hand resulting in a turn over. However there were many positives there as well. Toddy Paull had one of his best games of the season working hard across the half back line and occasionally slipping forward in attack. Ty Kirkwood was strong in the ruck and the Roos mid field worked all day. In defence the big man Atticus was a beast, nobody wanted to man up on him but in the end OD had to many options up forward. Olympic Dam were impressive today with strong efforts across the field, they were able to out play Andamooka and dictate the pace of the game.

Olympic Dam players showed their skills on Saturday.

Coaches comments OLYMPIC DAM: Excellent team effort I think we ran hard all day and used the ball a lot better than in previous weeks. Very big game for the club next week against Roxby Districts.

There was action a plenty at the only football game in Roxby on the weekend (and right).

Roxby Districts victors at Coober Pedy game


t was an overcast day with a ferocious south westerly blowing for Coober Pedy’s 10th year anniversary game against Roxby Districts at Coober Pedy. Both teams had a few players out, and a big crowd gathered for a promising encounter between the top and second sides of the FNFL table. Roxby Districts started the game with the aid of the breeze which was worth at least seven to eight goals and settled quicker than Coober Pedy into their characteristic running game. Coober Pedy on the other hand looked nervous and hesitant and was fumbly early in the quarter. Roxby Districts opened their account at the three minute mark with a lovely goal from Miners Cup champion Jared Greenbank, which was quickly followed by a goal from Ricky Prosser and then another from Luke Godfrey. Coober Pedy struggled to read the breeze, and found themselves being often caught underneath the ball as Roxby’s powerhouse mid field surged into the forward lines. Coober Pedy’s midfield failed to check their opponents, which gave Roxby a lot of options in their forward lines. Roxby kicked seven goals in quick succession before Coober Pedy threw a loose man in defence to stem the flow of goals. Coober Pedy had a few promising forays into their forward lines but weren’t able to convert them into goals due to the difficult breeze. Roxby finished the quarter with nine goals, including three goals to Ricky Prosser and two goals to Adam Jago, whilst Coober Pedy remained goalless. Coober Pedy came out harder as expected in the second quarter and with the aid of the wind began attacking more aggressively. Roxby put a loose man in defence, and showed why they’re the premiership favourite by upping their work rate from the first quarter. Roxby was still able to kick goals into the wind by running and working the ball well, getting the first goal for the quarter. Coober Pedy finally opened their account from a well delivered pass to full forward Michael Beelitz, who kicked truly to get Coober Pedy’s

Injury doesn’t stop Miners


riday night netball was a cold and bitter night which seen very few spectators, and a multitude of injuries in the last quarter first goal to a roar from the crowd. of the late games. Coober Pedy had more of the play this quarter, but failed to take advantage of the breeze, often playing into Roxby’s hands by kicking to packs in the forward lines rather than looking for their forwards. When Michael Beelitz was able to get into a one on one contest he was able to bag his and Coober Pedy’s second goal. Roxby continued to work hard and support each to win the quarter into the breeze, kicking six goals to Coober Pedy’s two to take a commanding lead at half time of 79 points. It was as if a new game had started in the third quarter. From a free flowing game in the first half it turned into a dour struggle between the two sides, with Coober Pedy tightening up to slow down Roxby’s open running game. Roxby also lost Jared Greenbank and Ricky Prosser, who had already kicked six goals to injuries to be thrown out of balance without their key forward and playmaker in the centre. Thanks to two goals from Callum Haugum, Roxby still finished the quarter with four goals to Coober Pedy’s one, to have the game sewn up at three quarter time with a 100 point lead. The last quarter was similar to the third, with both sides playing tightly and tiring from working hard all day against the strong wind. Neither team was able to make any headway, with the Roxby defence working strongly to limit Coober Pedy to one goal for the quarter. Roxby ran out decisive winners for the day with final scores being Roxby 20-12 132 to Coober Pedy 4-7 31. Best players for Roxby included Haris Vrbovac , who was impassable in defence, and Jared Greenbank, Luke Ryan and Justin Watson getting numerous possessions, while Ricky Prosser finished the game with 6 goals. Michael Beelitz was best for Coober Pedy with his two goals, with Cleve Daniels, Martin Grava and Matthew Sampson working hard all day against a very professional Roxby outfit.

Page 14 -- Wednesday, June 18, 2014

and positioning well for Miners. The only disappointment for the Miners was the injury sustained by Mikayla Davis in the last minutes of the game. The B grade points table is currently lead by a strong Hornridge on 10, followed by both OD and Miners on 7 and Andamooka yet to win a game. At the halfway mark it is hard to predict grand finalists, however if Hornridge continue along this track they will be meeting a strong OD or an improving Miners in the final. On Tuesday the June 3, and June 9 C grade played their second catch up games for the season. Hornridge Pink defeated Miners Red by one goal, 38 – 37. OD Yellow overcome Miners White 46 -32, and Hornridge Green outplayed OD Green 48 – 32. Friday night saw in an interclub clash Miners Red C grade defeat Miners White 42 – 31 with a strong game from Miners Red’s centre Sophie Telfer. Undefeated Hornridge Green C grade dominated OD Yellow, 57 – 18. Hornridge Green shooters Rhij Paulaskas and Emma Baker were on fire in the goal circle, leading and shooting well. Hornridge Pink C grade called in four fill ins to complete their player line up on Friday night. After a close game against OD Green, Hornridge Pink for the second week in a row took the win by one goal, 48 – 47. C grade’s points table currently stands with Hornridge Green on top with 12 points followed closely by OD Green on 10 points and Hornridge Pink on 7 points. Miners Red and OD Yellow are equal on 6 points and Miners White on the bottom of the table with 1 point.

Miners A grade defeated Andamooka by 48 goals, 76 – 28. Miners took the lead in the first quarter 17 – 6. Joice Takaidza for Miners dominated the goal circle with Meaghan Kiely and Britt Norsworthy working hard to bring the ball down the court. Miners extended their lead by 34 goals in the third quarter leaving little room for Andamooka to make a comeback. Although Andamooka were unable to match Miners’ accuracy and ball play they did show moments of superb play. Olympic Dam A grade overcame a hardworking Hornridge 43 – 35. The first half was goal for goal with the score line being equal with 19 all at half time. After half time OD came out strong and took the lead with the combined efforts of their defence Nicole Gregory and Claire Munyard. In last two minutes of the game Zoey Male was taken from the court injured after playing a strong game as Hornridge’s centre. At the halfway point for the 2014 season the points table reads OD and Miners each on 10 points, OD leading only by percentage; followed by Andamooka on four points and Hornridge yet to win a game. Are we so bold as to predict an Olympic Dam versus Miners grand final? Hornridge B grade took out a close game against OD, 36 – 33. The centre court provided observers with a spectacular showdown between centre players Demmy Orr, Hornridge, and Lucy Prior, OD. At half time Hornridge lead by six goals, 18 - 12. In the second half Hornridge fill in Dearne Masson as goal defence and OD’s Sam Luckett as goal attack had a strong competition for control of the ball. Miners B grade overcame Andamooka by 29 goals, 60 – 31. Miners’ Zandria Botha and Mikayla Davis were strong in defence, blocking and creating turn overs. Miners’ fill in Kahli Connor played Makaia Kalbfleisch defends a mentionable role as against Joice Takaidza. centre creating a play

ANDAMOOKA: A hard hit out against a strong starting Olympic Dam. We were physical but ultimately skill errors cost us the game. Return of a few injured players and some focus and discipline at training will see us turn this around. COOBER PEDY: Thanks to all our sponsors, supporters and players for their commitment to building a club that is proud of all we have achieved in the last 10 years, and looking forward to continuing as a major contributor to our community in the future. ROXBY DISTRICTS: Super proud of the playing group this week, was a really hard, tough win. Some younger players stepped up with a few of our leaders out. Thanks to all the supporters that came up. Congratulations to Coober Pedy on their 10 year anniversary.

Roxby Downs Golf Association GMC Global Par Competition Saturday, June 14, 2014 OVERALL WINNER DIV 1 DIV 2 LADIES/JNR SWEEPSTAKES



SCORE +5 0 +1 -5 0 -1 -1 -1 -3 -3

Roxby Downs Netball Association Friday, June 3, 2014 C GRADE Hornridge Pink (38) defeated Miners Red (37) OD Yellow (46) defeated Miners White (32)

Friday, June 9, 2014 C GRADE Hornridge Green (48) defeated OD Green (32)

Friday, June 13, 2014 C GRADE Miners Red (42) defeated Miners White (31) Hornridge Pink (48) defeated OD Green (47) Hornridge Green (57) defeated OD Yellow (18) B GRADE Hornridge (36) defeated Olympic Dam (33) Roxby Miners (60) defeated Andamooka (31) A GRADE Roxby Miners (76) defeated Andamooka (28) Olympic Dam (43) defeated Hornridge (35)

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

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Four selected in SAPSASA football team

Roxby junior footballers invade the capital


wo Roxby Downs Junior footballers got the benefit from the hit out.” However these juniors were not the only Roxby opportunity to run out with the West Adelaide Football Club (WAFC) at their game against Downs juniors in action in Adelaide on the long weekend with other players getting the opportunity to have Norwood on the long weekend.


our students from Saint Barbara’s have been selected in the state SAPSASA Football Carnival that will take place in Adelaide from May 26 to May 30. Bailey Chamberlain (Year 6), Riley Holder (Year 6), Coby Seery (Year 7) and Lachlan Geraghty (Year 7) are the boys that have been chosen to repre-

sent the Northern team as part of the SAPSASA carnival. “We congratulate the boys that have been selected from SAPSASA to represent their zone as part of the Northern team,” St Barbara’s principal Tony Hayes said. “We wish them all the best in the carnival and hope they are able to display their opportunity to shine in their talents.”

Above Left: Lightning’s Millie goes for goal against Rockets’ Mia. Above Right: Tawana passes in to the court on Saturday.

Jason Dawes top placegetter for Roxby WRITTEN BY MILLIE THOMAS


ith the trials and tribulations of the Finke Desert race over for another year – six registered riders from Roxby Downs have returned home to nurse battle wounds and recount the woops and burms of the track.

Olympic Dam 6.5 10.6 14.10 17.12 (114) Andamooka 0.1 2.5 4.6 6.8 (44) Olympic Dam best players: J. Veale, T. Walsh, J. Barker, C. Green, R. Castellano. Andamooka best players: M. Schipper, T. Paull, L. Brind, C. Hocking, J. Feder. Olympic Dam goal scorers: A. Homer, L. Hewett 4, J. Veale, T. Hornhardt 2, M. Evans, R. Castellano, J. Barker, T. Walsh, R. Edwards 1 goal each. Andamooka goal scorers: P. Ross 2, L. Brind, C. Rainsford, M. Schipper, R. Heckenberg 1.

Results from FNFL Round 7

VOTES 3 2 1




Jared Greenbank Justin Watson Haris Vrbovac

Tim Walsh Jon Veale Ryan Castellano


Luke Brind Jerry Hackett Ryan Heckenberg

BObby Warren Matthew Beelitz Corey Edwards

Footballer of the Year Leaderboard after Round 7 NAME



Jared Greenbank



Cameron Green



Matthew Lynch



Tim Walsh


ROUND SEVEN HIGHLIGHTS Ricky Prosser 6 Adam Homer 4 Lachlan Hewett 4 Callan Haugum 2 THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

A GRADE Roxby Districts 9.5 15.5 19.9 20.12 (132) Coober Pedy 0.1 2.4 3.5 4.7 (31) Roxby Districts best players: H. Vrbovac, L. Ryan, J. Greenbank, J. Watson, R. Prosser. Coober Pedy best players: M. Beelitz, C. Daniels, M. Grava, M. Sampson, C. Warrior. Roxby Districts goal scorers: R. Prosser 6, C. Haugum 3, K. Zeptner, L. Godfrey, A. Jago 2, J. Greenbank, M. Alves, J. Roberts, J. Bremner, D. Peters 1 goal each. Coober Pedy goal scorers: M. Beelitz 2, C. Edwards, I. Ankers 1.


Roxby's Jason Dawes placed 49th at the Finke Desert Race recently. Credit - Moving Pictures.

ROUND 7 - June 14, 2014


Locals Robert Sutton, Phil Weber, Daniel Adams, Chris Gillespie, Luke Baker and top local placegetter Jason Dawes made their way up to Finke this year – some finding more successes than others. For Dawes – a personal best was found on day one of the race up to Finke – placing 40th after prologuing at 57, but a track mishap on day two kept him back. “On the way home, about 20 kilometres out of Finke I fell off in a high speed crash and did a bit of damage to my body and bike,” Dawes told The Monitor last week. A dislocated shoulder and front flat tyre were disheartening – but not enough to put Dawes right out of the race. “I had to ride over 200 kilometres

with a front flat tyre. I was feeling a bit sorry for myself, but I was happy to make it!” he said. However, there wasn’t a huge difference in his first and second day racing times – with his first trip clocking in at 02:41:10 and day two at 02:51:01 – with a total time of 05:32:12. “Always on the way home its always quicker, because the bikes are more spread out, it’s not so dusty so I probably would have been a fair bit quicker if I hadn’t lost it and hurt myself,” he explained. Twenty-six year old Dawes, originally from Farina Station, has worked in Roxby Downs for three years – living here permanently for one. He has been riding bikes since childhood, and been competing in Finke since 2011. Robert Sutton was the second highest placegetter from Roxby at 132, Phil Weber followed at 193, Daniel Adams at 202 and Chris Gillespie at 245. Luke Baker, another Roxby rider, did not start. The race was won overall by Maitland NSW’s Toby Price, with an overall race time of 03:56:29.

Far North Football League



kick on Adelaide Oval at half time of the Port Adelaide against St.Kilda match. “What an opportunity for all our kids on Adelaide Oval, it’s a once in a life time opportunity,” Daddow said. “We have been lucky once again that WAFC have given us their allocation this year.” Daddow thanked all the parents and volunteers involved in both games saying events like these take a lot of organising and the people involved have done ‘a fantastic job’. BY PATRICK GLOVER


Seven Roxby Downs players were selected in the Northern SAPSASA team.

Brodie Daddow and Bailey French got to mingle with the West Adelaide players, including their favourite players Travis Tuck (Brodie’s favourite) and Thomas Keough (Bailey’s favourite), in the change rooms pre-game before running out with the players. “They were both extremely excited as both boys have recently attended the WAFC elite development programme and already knew a few of the players that had coached them so to get the chance to mix with them on game day was something special,” Roxby Downs Junior Football Association (RDJFA) President Matthew Daddow said. “Opportunities like this don’t come around very often, how many kids do you see get to warm up with SANFL league teams.” “They both have said they had a great time, and were extremely grateful for the chance to run out with the team.” The opportunity only came up on the Friday, the day of the game, when Daddow got a call from West Adelaide Football Manager Andrew Marks asking if any of the junior footballers were attending the West verses Norwood game, with Daddow only knowing of Brodie and Bailey. “The Far North Football League (FNFL) and Broken Hill Miners Cup teams attended a pre-game dinner at the WAFC and they thought that the idea of mascots would compliment the night as both teams were at the game,” Mr Daddow said. Daddow said the WAFC have developed a strong relationship with the FNFL and the RDJFA since they were designated in the zone in 2010. But with the introduction of the AFL teams the Adelaide Football Club and Port Adelaide Football Club into the SANFL Daddow said these zones may be changed. “The kids in the RDJFA and myself would be totally devastated if we were to be allocated another league team,” Daddow said. “Andrew Marks and the WAFC have built a string relationship with all of our junior and league teams, I think it would be totally unfair to all of us to allocate a new zone to us especially with a few of our players already playing at West Adelaide.” These boys, a part of the Under 14 RDJFA combined side, then played at City Mazda Stadium on the Saturday morning against the Goodwood Saints, unfortunately going down. “While the Saints were far too good, our boys put up a real fight against a much bigger and stronger team,” Daddow said. “Scores were irrelevant as all we were looking for was much needed experience against teams outside our area. “The boys loved the opportunity and will definitely

TALLY AFTER ROUND 7 Kelvin Henry Ricky Prosser Chris Ladhams Joel Harman

27 17 16 16

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Monitor SPORT The

Your Community Newspaper ~ Roxby Downs

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Metcalfe rides into town WR ITTEN BY MILLIE THOMAS


ormer Australian motocross champion Shane Metcalfe rode into town last week to deliver his Y-Aim motocross riding school to 14 keen local junior and 10 senior riders last weekend. Metcalfe, along with his family, have also opted to stay in Roxby Downs for the week – with the idea of competing at the Roxby Downs Motocross Club day meet this Saturday. The trip is Metcalfe’s third to Roxby Downs. “The club rang and asked to get me up here and obviously we have a bit of a relationship with the Gow-Smiths now and Clint and Jodes sort of run the track out there,” he told The Monitor earlier this week. “This time we arranged it so it was close to the day race this weekend, so hopefully people can learn a few little tips before the go out and race.” He said the younger riders picked up skills and tricks well at the training day last weekend. “There’s always hidden talents everywhere,” Metcalfe said. “A lot of the young lads especially the other day were pretty fresh so they’re just learning and you know a lot of the kids actually adapted to the techniques and styles really quickly which is always a good sign. He said if the children were able to stick to it like local young gun and State and national competition rider nineyear-old Taj Gow-Smith, the sky was the limit. Metcalfe, following his experience on the national and international circuits, is at top odds to wipe the floor at the first annual day meet this weekend. He thanked the club and participants for supporting the ride school on the weekend. “Coaching is something a lot of people don’t think they need but we can sort of try and promote a safe and controlled environment for people to ride in and they’re also learning.” For more information on the day meet, visit

Shane Metcalfe shows local riders how it’s done at the Roxby Downs Motocross Club on the weekend.

From left to right: The group of junior riders who participated in the course. Shane Metcalfe showing off some tricks on Saturday, Beau gets in on the action and in far right, Metcalfe showing student Ben the ropes.


Phone 8671 0500

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Roxby Leisure Crèche facilities Available each Mon, Tues, Wed & Fri! 1 hr bookings - 9am-10am, 10am-11am and 11am-12pm. Gold coin donation. For children aged 6 months to 5 years of age.

Come and join in the fun at Nippy Gym every Thursday during school term. First session 9.15am – 10.30am & second session 10.45am – 12.00pm. Single Pass $6, Family Pass $10. *children under 12 months are free!

BHP Billiton Mine Tour on 20th June at 8.45am. Bookings essential!

Gym Hours 6am to 12 midday (Closed in between 12-2pm) 2pm to 9pm Weekends 8am to 4pm Public Holidays 10am to 4pm

TICKETS Adult: $10 Children $8 Family Pass (4) $30 Cheap Tuesday: $8 COMING SOON: EDGE OF TOMORROW THE FAULT IN OUR STARS

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