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Volume 11, Wednesday, May 14, 2014

World game hits Roxby Birkalla coach Mike Barrett and Adelaide Comets coach Jim Karatzas were preparing to hit the road to Roxby Downs from Adelaide’s Hindmarsh Stadium last week.



oxby Downs will come alive and kicking as the first of three Football Federation South Australia games hits the local field this Saturday night. Preparations have been underway for months for the highly anticipated game between the Adelaide Comets and West Torrens Birkalla, in a hotly contested season points game as part of the 2014 premier league season. The weekend of soccer celebrations begins with school appearances and coaching clinics this Friday. These will be led by Australian soccer royalty - Whyalla born and bred, former Socceroo and English League player, Cart Veart. Veart will be joined by former international player and now FFSA development officer, Bra-

zilian Cristiano dos Santos Rodrigues – also an Adelaide United veteran. See that story inside our sport section today. Roxby Downs will join Whyalla and Mount Gambier to play host to three regional Round 13 matches, all to be played this weekend. Comets coach Jim Karatzas and Birkalla Coach Mike Barnett said both teams were looking forward to the match in Roxby Downs. “It’s a great idea by the FFSA and it’s fantastic to get football to the outer regions, to people who don’t get to see a league match for points,” Karatzas told The Monitor from Hindmarsh Stadium last week. Barnett agreed, saying the regional rounds gave players the opportunity to experience country towns. “It gives the players really good opportunities to see different parts of our state and be exposed to new communities that they have never been to,” Barnett said. Both teams are expected to bring a bus full

of players and support staff to town for the game – which is the first of three to be played in Roxby Downs over the next three years. Both teams bring star players, including former New York Red Bulls Player Matt Bourae (Adelaide Comets), and former Japanese J-League player Akira Miyayama (Birkalla). Profits from the game will go to all junior sport in Roxby Downs, not just soccer, and would allow the local league to link with the Comets and Birkalla as a zoned club. The Roxby Downs junior soccer program will also join the state junior soccer federation allowing local players access to clinics and promotions. The initiative is also expected to give local players possible pathways into league clubs. Soccer remains the world’s number one sport, with millions of players and supporters all over the globe. Karatzas said soccer popularity in Australia was growing more and more as the Socceroos

came closer and closer to winning a world cup. “Soccer is really starting to move in Australia,” Karatzas said. “I’d say in 20-30 years time, it will just overtake AFL.” Local Junior Soccer Club President Tony D’Arrigo said locals had been working hard to prepare the pitch and the crowd should expect a good night out and a great game. The Saturday night event will begin at 5pm with a local junior game, closely followed by an entertaining celebrity match at 6pm. The St Barb’s choir will then sing the national anthem before local junior colts walk hand in hand with league players onto the field for the main game at 7pm. Mr D’Arrigo said food, drinks, coffee and special soccer merchandise would be available. “I’m sure Roxby Downs will put on a good show.”

Friday 30th May, 9pm-late Tickets $40 at the club THE MEN OF


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Monitor NEWS

Redefinition to benefit clubs Road trip to Roxby The bar at the town oval will operate under a different liquor license.



seemingly controversial move on behalf of the Roxby Council to apply for a liquor license for ‘fore court entry areas, library, ovals and undercover function area’ will actually benefit clubs, Dr Simon Lockwood said last week. The redefinition of the license underwent a hearing in front of the Liquor Licensing Commission on Monday, and has caused an amount of controversy recently with some details, including where the profits from the bar will go, remaining unclear. The outcome of the hearing was not finalised by the time The Monitor went to print. Dr Lockwood, Andamooka Football Club Treasurer (the club that currently holds the tender for the town oval bar) said until now, responsible clubs applied for a liquor license each week to be able to serve alcohol at sporting events.

“Basically the licensing commission said that’s becoming too messy they didn’t want that happening anymore,” Dr Lockwood said last week. “So the Council decided that the easiest and best way to deal with this would be to then take the license and work cooperatively with the sporting groups from week to week. “We’ve got a letter of understanding with the council about them holding the license and us volunteering to run the bar.” With the license now under the care of the council, they will provide a Responsible Person to oversee the sale of alcohol, the float and will remove the takings of the bar at the end of the event. The club responsible for the bar will in return volunteer their time to serve alcohol, as is consistent with previous years, but instead of receiving the takings, they will be given a grant. “Basically my understanding is if we didn’t go this way, the licensing commission wouldn’t give us day licenses anymore, so it would mean there wouldn’t be any alcohol at the oval at

all. So really it was the only option,” Dr Lockwood explained. “Initially while we didn’t really understand what was going on after speaking to the council, we understand perfectly that if the council didn’t step in and take over the license that we wouldn’t be there at all.” The final details of the grant to be returned to the club is yet to be finalised – and whether it will match the average annual profit from bar remains unclear, but Dr Lockwood is confident in the agreement. “We don’t have anything hard and fast with regard to the grant we’ll be applying for, but we’re taking the council on good faith that they’ll reward us for running the bar under the license,” he said. The operating hours of the bar will remain as normal, and any infringements on the liquor license instead of impacting on the club, will reflect on the Council. “In a lot of ways it’s better. Financially I really don’t know yet, I mean I’m the treasurer as well at Andamooka so I don’t know until it starts going whether we’ll be out of pocket or not,” Dr Lockwood said. “My understanding is the Council have no interest in making money from the bar. They have no interest in anything other than supporting community sporting groups.”


hen Australian comedians Mickey D and Damian Callinan travel to Roxby Downs on May 28, they won’t have a show …. Yet! The award winning comedy duo will steal the keys to the town and discover secrets only a local would know – revealing the good, the bad and the funny of our town, promising belly laughs to ensue. They will have read The Monitor Newspaper, cover to cover, listened to every word on RoxFM and spoken to everyone at the pub, uncover all the local secrets and put it all together on stage for a 90 celebratory roast. But don’t expect just a standup show. A documentary filmmaker will capture the adventure on film to show how the boys’ research is going before they burst onto the main stage with newfound local knowledge. You’ll be amazed at the

lengths they go to find out what really goes on in your town. If you spot them in the lead up to the show, let them know what they should do while in town. The down-to-Earth lads will recall local anecdotes, observations, share their experiences and highlight local characters in the stand-up section and play a condensed version of the footage captured during their road trip. “In 2013 we got to drive canola seeders, fly gyrocopters, crash footy club functions, learn quilting, ghost bust an abandoned railway station, eat vegetarian grass sandwiches at a men’s shed … and that was just the Wednesday,” Damien said. “Bring on Roadtrip 2014.” Road Trip, brought to Roxby Downs by Country Arts SA, will appear at the Roxby Cultural Centre on May 28 at 8pm. Tickets can be bought at the Visitor Information Centre.

Win two free tickets to Road Trip Don’t miss this chance to win two free tickets to road trip. To enter just like us on Facebook! Or drop you name and number on an envelope into the big green box at The Monitor office on Richardson Place.

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Michelle Prak at the social media workshop last week.

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Damian Callinan and MICKEY D are on a...


n an era catalysed by technology, good management and understanding of social media (in its varying forms) can mean the difference between zero and hero for many businesses and organisations.


roxby downs WED 28 MAY 8PM ROXBY CULTURAL CENTRE BOOKINGS Visitor Information Centre 8671 2001 tickets adult $25 groups (6+) $22

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Roxby Downs

This is where Social Media Consultant Michelle Prak has cashed in – using her knowledge of social media and 20 years’ experience in a span of careers and degrees in communications to help the wider public understand, and utilise this vastly growing industry. 24 locals listened to two seminars held by Michelle in Roxby Downs last week – and explained the effective usage of sites such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter. “Your experience and how much you enjoy social media will depend on who you subscribe to,” Michelle started. She explained not only is social media a great platform to express brands, ideals, causes or opinions, but also a great place to listen. “It’s a great database for research,” Michelle said last Wednesday. “And to listen to who’s saying what about what.” While some businesses prefer to remain absti-




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26° Five Port Augusta 12°/26° Day Leigh Creek 12°/23° t Forecas Adelaide 12°/22° Page 2 -- Wednesday, May 14, 2014

nent to Facebook – not wanting to embroil in the global platform it could thrust them onto, Michelle explained whether you have an online social media presence or not – people will talk. She said being online can give businesses the advantage of brand protection and promotions, as well as the opportunity to manage community expectations. “People can complain whether you’re on Facebook or not – if you’re online, you can respond and set it straight, and it can help highlight to a business areas that need to be changed,” Michelle said. There are some downsides to using Facebook as opposed to other social media – such as a virtual ‘predictive text’ type function called Facebook Edgerank – which gives precedence to posts in your newsfeed that the user has a higher interaction with – rather than showing posts from all users. Facebook also features an inordinate amount of adverts – meaning businesses with a Facebook presence will have to pay to be seen amongst the plethora of daily information. Facebook – with 13 million Australian accounts – nine million visited daily, and seven million accessing it from their mobiles every day is the largest online social network in Australia, however the benefits of other social media outlets was also outlined in Michelle’s presentation – in particular in Twitter. Albeit only having 2 million Australian users – Twitter has an interesting method of linking conversations – by using hashtags, which Michelle said can prove to be a great database of information. Emergency services also post important information updates on Twitter, as do Government organisations and those seeking community consultation. “Hash tags connect conversation and connect people to accounts that are always unearthing research and resources,” Michelle said. For more information on these topics and other social media platforms, visit Michelle’s website, at BY MILLIE THOMAS THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper


Monitor NEWS

Roxby’s next generation of volunteers



oxby’s next generation of local volunteers are passionate, driven and ready to make a change – and couldn’t be more excited this week, National Volunteers Week. Nissa Gordon (17) and Connor Fenwick (14) both volunteer for the Youth Advisory Committee (amongst other organisations), and have been fuelled by a desire for change – for their generation and generations to come. “Over the years we haven’t really had that much stuff to do (in Roxby) and I thought if I joined I could maybe try and help make it better so that people who do move here like I did might think it’s a better town to stay in and have more things to do,” Connor told The Monitor last week. “(I wanted to) to have more of a say in the youth of Roxby Downs – everything we do and have access to and that sort of stuff,” Nissa added. Nissa explained she felt youth activities typically targeted groups below her age – an age that was critical in peer pressure for underage drinking and other associated behaviours. “Because of growing up in the town and so much negative feedback has come back from what the youth, especially my age does –like underage drinking and all that sort of stuff. So I put my hand up to try and include my year level in activities we run,” she explained.

Connor – who moved to Roxby at a younger age - was inspired by his initial reaction when moving to town. “When I moved here I really didn’t like it,” he admitted. “At school I sort of learned that if I get problems, I naturally wanted to make a difference and I thought that if I joined YAC, then maybe I could get the whole town to grow. “(Now I enjoy) putting smiles on people’s faces. Because when you go down the street some people can be fairly gloomy, so it’s good to see the young people of Roxby Downs with smiles on their faces when they come to events and get in and do stuff.” Both Nissa and Connor agreed that volunteers are pretty special people. “Just the fact that they’re not required to do what they do, they just do it out of the goodness of their heart and they like doing it,” Nissa said. They both also said volunteering can open doors for youngsters – with a mention on resumes showing character to potential employers. “Being able to put it on your resume, it gives you so many more opportunities and opens up so many more doors,” Nissa said. “And to help clubs grow,” Connor added. “You’re making the club feel better than the others because you have volunteers and you know you have people behind you to support you the whole way.” Nissa also volunteers for the Youth Health Advisory Group and the Bluelight Committee, and Connor also volunteers for the local footy by running water.

Leisure Centre development summary released


Outside of the work scope…

he summarised report concerning the Roxby Cultural and Leisure Precinct has also addressed other issues raised by the community. The issues surrounded parks and playgrounds, youth activities, facility upgrades for sport and recreation groups, asset management and maintenance and community events. Some submissions made during the consultation period suggested money used for the Cultural and Leisure Precinct would be better spent on other areas around town – Roxby Council addressed some of these suggestions with promise for scope in different community projects. Further development of parks and playgrounds was popular in submissions to Council, who

according to the Linking Roxby Project Consultation Feedback Summary is currently reviewing the issue. “As foreshadowed in the 2013/14 Annual Business Plan and Budget, a review is currently underway of existing and proposed parks and playgrounds in Roxby Downs. Funding will also be allocated to this project in the Roxby Council 2014/15 Annual Business Plan.” Another topical issue raised during the community consultation period was facility upgrades for sporting and recreational groups – with many stating facilities were dismal. The Feedback Summary stated, “A review of sport and recreation in Roxby Downs is currently underway, led by a Sport and Recreation Review Team, supported by a Sport and Recreation Review

Steering Committee, consisting of representatives from sport and recreation groups within the community. A recommendation proposal from the Committee is due for release within 12 months.” Roxby Council also stated in the report that a newly appointed youth officer had been working closely with schools, health services and other community organisations to develop activities for Roxby Downs youth. The Feedback Summary can be accessed from the Roxby Council website at Do you think Roxby Council’s responses were adequate in the Feedback Summary? Contact The Monitor Newspaper with your thoughts by text talk on 0439 898 159 or email millie@themonitor. BY MILLIE THOMAS

Dog kennels should be a higher priority


uilding dog kennels – a resource not yet available to Roxby Downs residents is more important than renovating the cultural and leisure precinct, according to local vet, Dr Andrew Melville Smith. With an estimated 3500 dogs registered in the Roxby Downs municipal area, Dr Melville Smith said not having local kennels impacts on resident’s quality of life. He has recently written to Roxby Council Administrator Bill Boehm to express his concerns and suggest now is the time for the Roxby Downs Council to establish dog boarding kennels in Roxby Downs. “The money would be better spent on something Roxby Downs doesn’t have and really needs” he said. “Rather than spending it on renovations that are really not necessary when we already have good facilities. “Dogs are very important to many residents, and it impacts on residents’ quality of life if they are un-

able to go away because they have nowhere to leave their dogs.” According to Dr Melville Smith, Roxby Downs Council called for and accepted tenders to establish dog boarding kennels in Roxby Downs in 2001 but was shelved due to lack of funds. “It went right through to the stage of design but then they pulled the pin in the last minute because they had overspent in the council chambers,” he told The Monitor last week. “I felt it’s really time for this issue to be revisited because this is something we really need and don’t have.” He said the kennels would alleviate worries – such as if animals have adequate water, food and if they are being properly looked after while away. “It would make life so much easier and more enjoyable,” Dr Melville Smith said. “It’s got it be something that the council has got to be proactive in.”’ BY MILLIE THOMAS

LEFT: The Youth Advisory Committee are the next generation of volunteers.

Council releases submission feedback


he community consultation period regarding the development of the Roxby Cultural and Leisure Precinct has culminated in a summarised report released online last week. As well as addressing community concerns regarding the development of the centre, the report also addresses other concerns the community have about community engagement and general works around town. “Roxby Council has endeavoured to ensure all feedback submissions have been thoroughly reviewed both in-house and independently as part of Council’s due diligence process to ensure the best outcome for the community,” a statement in the report said. “Due to the considerable and complex nature of some feedback submissions received it has not been possible to address every element of every submission received.” Financial considerations were first to be outlined, with Roxby Council stating it will be using ‘existing cash reserves to fund the project and repay the internal loan over future years’, and that rates are not expected to increase any more than the usual annual increase. “The Linking Roxby Project is not

OPEN DAY ĞůĞďƌĂƟŶŐĂƚŚŽůŝĐĚƵĐĂƟŽŶtĞĞŬ Wednesday 21st May 2014

Pipeline viability being tested


he condition of the Port Augusta to Wo omera pipeline is currently being assessed in the hopes of determining the ongoing operation, management and future use of the infrastructure. The investigation, undertaken by Aurecon Australia, is set for completion at the end of September this year. It is hoped the project will provide a comprehensive report on the condition of current infrastructure, water quality and testing requirements and proposals for future remediation and management of the entire structure and operations.

While the Woomera township will not be affected by the investigation – some areas around Woomera including the Woomera Village Tank Farm, Tech Area tanks, Range E Tanks and Nurrunga had their water services shut down. The Woomera Village Tank Farm, the Tech Area tanks and Range E Tanks were unable to draw water from the pipeline for the whole of Monday, April 28 and consumers between Woomera Village Tank Farm to the Tech Area and Nurrungar were unable to draw water on Tuesday, April 29. From Wednesday, April 30 to Friday May 2, consumers between

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

the Woomera Village Tank Farm and before the first shut off valve at Port Augusta were unable to draw water. A Defence spokesperson said the shutdown of various pipelines for these days was necessary to carry out internal inspections. “The shutdowns will impact only those consumers who draw water directly from the pipeline (i.e. not those consumers supplied via a storage tank) and only on the advised dates. Affected consumers would include those third party users who have a direct connection to the pipeline to draw water.” BY MILLIE THOMAS

being funded from operating revenue and as such, will have no effect on 2014/15 rates,” the report stated. In regards to the construction of the development, the report addressed the possibility of local contracted work, when works began and noise and dust impacts on neighbouring properties and businesses. “Tenders will be awarded based on many factors, including a company’s prior experience in building similar structures, value for money, quality of construction and the company’s ability to complete the work on time and within budget,” the report stated. “Local contractors are encouraged to submit tender applications for all works advertised. In the event that a local contractor is not awarded the tender, from experience it would be expected that a significant amount of sub-trade works would be undertaken by local contractors.” Benefits to other Richardson Place traders, underutilisation of the current art gallery space and other issues were also addressed in the summary. The Feedback Summary can be accessed at the Roxby Council website at BY MILLIE THOMAS


An Opportunity to Shine

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What's On?

Go to and check out the link to the Community Calendar! Wednesday, May 14, 2014 -- Page 3


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Andamooka community


Mother’s Day High Tea held at Andamooka Marlene, Sigg, Tammy Gavin and Evue Kerstan.

Krystal Anne, Ashleigh Legg and Nancy and Abbey Bode.

Debra Mundy, Andrea Lippasaar and Ruby Turner.

Renee and Adele Smirnios and Lucy and Anna Zuna.

Kimberley Hargrave, Angela Neyland, Sarah Welke and Sr Pat Hogan.





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What a great performance from Co-Opera again over the weekend. We are lucky to have this group return to Roxby and what a great way to get locals involved with performing. Co-Opera-tor If there anything happening with the Emu Trail? I filled out a survey for it at the Healthy Happy Expo and would like to know when/ if anything will be happening to improve it? Ready to Walk Beautiful weather in The Downs this time of year. Let’s get out and enjoy it before it gets too cold. Livin’ the Dream Well done Saints for a great win on the weekend! Footy Fanatic Hornridge - you got rolled by Coober Pedy... just sayin! Coober Local Page 4 -- Wednesday, May 14, 2014

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WIN an Ice Watch COMPETITION Drawn in store, Saturday 17th May at 3pm

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014 -- Page 5




Home sweet homeâ&#x20AC;Ś and away!


hile home is where the heart is, the creature comforts can still be found far and away â&#x20AC;Ś like at Ameliaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Bed and Breakfast in Moonta on Yorke Peninsula.

Elaine and Tim Love have put all their heart into Ameliaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s to oďŹ&#x20AC;er a place where guests can enjoy the beautiful Moonta surrounds, and be spoilt. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Husband Tim and I were driven by wanting to pamper guests as we created the ultimate B&B of historic Ameliaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Bed and Breakfast at beautiful Moonta Bay, 170km from Adelaide on South Australiaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Yorke Peninsula,â&#x20AC;? Elaine said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;So itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the red carpet treatment all the way, allowing guests to indulge in an old-world setting dating to 1876 with all the comforts of todayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s mod-cons,â&#x20AC;? she said. â&#x20AC;&#x153; It t o o k u s f o u r y e a r s t o p e r s o n a l ly craft this luxurious Bed and Breakfast with great eďŹ&#x20AC;ort to get all the little things perfect for a place where guests can be spoilt. Moonta Bay is best known for its shacks and caravan parks but the Loveâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s have upped the ante with beautiful accommodation, perfect for romantic getaways. The home includes a large two person spa, wood ďŹ res, piped music (of your choice and with room by room control) and luxurious furnishings and ďŹ ttings. Ameliaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s is also the perfect place to host a special event like a red carpet wedding, renewal of vows, birthdays, honeymoons, anniversaries and proposals or just a romantic escape. Plus â&#x20AC;Ś they have noon checkouts â&#x20AC;Ś so you can really relax! Find out more at

The stunning Ameliaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Bed and Breakfast - a home away from home where you can relax with a noon check out.

Beware of house fires this winter


L AMELIAâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S BED & BREAKFAST website: Email: Phone: 0447 528 040


Historically beautiful Moonta Bay, this beautiful 4 ½ star cottage dates from 1876 and has been tastefully restored and decorated with old world charm, yet all the modern conveniences. s2OMANTIC COURSE@INHOUSEDINNERPREPARED cooked and served by qualified chef s)NHOUSEMASSAGES s6ARIETYOFPLATTERSAVAILABLE s7EDDINGSOROTHERSPECIALCELEBRATIONS s#HECKOURWEBSITEFORMOREINFO

ocals are being reminded to check smoke alarms before the winter months roll in.

One in ďŹ ve Australians will experience a house ďŹ re in their lifetime. An accidental house ďŹ re occurs approximately every 26 minutes in Australia, killing more than 100 people each year. Roughly two-thirds of these deaths result from ďŹ re in properties without working smoke alarms. Without a working smoke alarm you are four times more likely to die in a house ďŹ re. According to Smoke Alarm Solutions (SAS), who have conducted more than one million smoke alarm inspections on properties since 2007, 50 per cent of all homes inspected for the ďŹ rst time do not have working smoke alarms. That means there are 3.8 million homes in Australia that are estimated to not have working smoke alarms.  A group of individuals have created an incredible (non-proďŹ t) national initiative called Alarm Reminders, a free online smoke alarm reminder service that sends an email and/or text message at regular in-

tervals to remind you to test your smoke alarms, change the batteries or replace your smoke alarms when they expire. Local householders are also reminded: House ďŹ res are more common in the winter months when people are using ďŹ replaces, heaters and other electrical equipment. The time to check your smoke alarm is now. The majority of deaths occur between 9pm and 6am, and it only takes around three to four minutes for a ďŹ re to completely envelop a house. While sound can disrupt sleep, scents cannot. A sleeping person is incapable of smelling smoke and therefore cannot detect a ďŹ re. Many people make the mistake of deactivating their smoke alarm while cooking or when it starts beeping. You must never do this, as itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s extremely common for us to forget to replace it. Smoke alarms have a 10 year life span. If your alarm is over 10 years old it needs to be replaced. If youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re not sure how old they are, replace them. Every single Fire Authority in Australia strongly recommends photoelec-

tric smoke alarms. 58.47 per cent of people think smoke alarms should be checked yearly. This is wrong â&#x20AC;&#x201C; smoke alarms should be checked monthly.


Specialising in Property Management Maximising Rental Returns ~ Protecting your Property Investment EXPERIENCE


, n o t n u o c n a c u o Professionals y committed to looking after you. Written Satisfaction Guarantee

ANNE CLAMPETT Page 6 -- Wednesday, May 14, 2014

0425 310 585

RLA 229941

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper




No vacancies with Austwide


ustwide Property Services said it currently has no vacancies with local tenants and is also receiving more telephone enquiries â&#x20AC;&#x201C; another sign that the local real estate market could be on the turn.

Roxby â&#x20AC;&#x201C; a lot of sun, not a lot of solar! MPS Electricians Josh Elliott and David Thompson installing solar panels at the MPS Office on Callanna Road last week.



fter looking into the niche market of solar power panel installations only six months ago, local contractor MPS Building and Electrical installed their first panels last week â&#x20AC;&#x201C; on the MPS oďŹ&#x192;ce building! Co â&#x20AC;&#x201C;owner Brett Rudiger said that in amongst Roxbyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s approximate 1200 houses, only around 48 are taking advantage of this free power source. â&#x20AC;&#x153;There is a lot of sun in Roxby Downs, and not a lot of home owners or businesses are taking advantage of itâ&#x20AC;?. He explained the beneďŹ ts for solar panels in Roxby Downs were greater than that in the metropolitan areas â&#x20AC;&#x201C; with the feed in tariďŹ&#x20AC; from Roxby Power higher in comparison to the minimum retailer payment of 9.5 cents per kilowatt hour in the areas outside of Roxby Downs. â&#x20AC;&#x153;With solar, you are generating power

throughout the day so being at home during this period and using the power provides the greatest savings. If you are not at home during the day, the higher feed in tariďŹ&#x20AC; helps oďŹ&#x20AC;set the cost of your power bill each quarter,â&#x20AC;? Mr Rudiger told The Monitor last week. â&#x20AC;&#x153;For businesses, it has greater beneďŹ ts as all power being generated from the solar throughout the day is being used. Today â&#x20AC;&#x201C; we have our staďŹ&#x20AC; in the oďŹ&#x192;ce with the air conditioners running and other workshop power is being used. With the 10 kilowat system we have installed we will oďŹ&#x20AC;set half of our power consumption. Larger solar systems are available for businesses with the end goal of oďŹ&#x20AC;setting the entire power bill. MPS Building and Electrical can also to install standalone solar power systems with battery backup for pastoral stations and other businesses. For more information, call MPS Building and Electrical on 8671 1353.



Phone 8671 3343 Phone/Fax 8842 3566 Call - Travis

0427 280 291

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Austwideâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Anne Clampett said Roxby Downs had a way to go before the local market could be considered â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;healthyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;, and that current over supply of rental properties would take time to level out. â&#x20AC;&#x153;It would be great for the town to see more residents and less FIFO but it is hard to see this happening in the immediate future,â&#x20AC;? Ms Clampett said. â&#x20AC;?I am receiving more inquiries, and notice that rentals seem to be moving on the internet. Roxby has quite a way to go before the rental market is healthy, however it does appear to be improving,â&#x20AC;? she said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Austwide Property Service is very proud not to have any vacancies. This however has taken a lot of work and liaison with owners, and resulting ďŹ&#x201A;exibility by the owners of these properties in regards to lease terms and rental amounts.  â&#x20AC;&#x153;I never recommend ridiculously low rent amounts however I advise owners less rent is better than no rent.  Both tenants and owners need to respect the current situation,â&#x20AC;? Ms Clampett said. She said it was important in times of high vacancies that local landlords present their properties well, be prepared to be ďŹ&#x201A;exible with lease lengths and to alter rent amounts.  â&#x20AC;&#x153;As demand increases owners need to be careful about increasing the rent amounts as a good tenant is worth a .\

Anne Clampett. lot of dollars. In mining towns investors need to be aware of the underlying boom or bust cycle of these towns and in the boom times prepare for the bust times.â&#x20AC;? She also said while she looks forward to the vacancy rate improving, she would also hate to see the local market return to being very tight as in previous years. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I am very positive that the market will improve, however I believe it will take a while for the current over supply to be taken up. I hope when it does recover, the market does not return to the chronic under supply which previously existed but a sustainable, manageable balance can be achieved.â&#x20AC;? Austwide Property Service oďŹ&#x20AC;ers a specialised rental service and oďŹ&#x20AC;ers owners, and purchasersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; quality, accurate rental assessments and professional, tailored attention to ensure the highest quality tenant as quickly as possible to maximise returns on investment. 

Domestic, Commercial, Mining & Industrial BLD 219265

PGE 198058


Building Renovations Repairs & Maintenance Supply and install sheds / Pergolas/ verandahs/carports Fencing & Retaining Walls Kitchen / Bathroom upgrades Tiling Carpet & Vinyl Plumbing & Gas Fitting Air-conditioning & refrigeration installation, service and repairs Glazing Painting Data and Communication Electrical Civil Excavations, Concreting & Paving PO Box 275, Roxby Downs SA 5725

PH: 08 8671 1353

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OUT Co Opera engages


s well as performing to the community on Saturday night, visiting theatre company Co Opera took time to engage local students in school based workshops.

They also included local musical troupes the Roxby Downs Folk Group and Sing Australia in two pieces within the production on Saturday night. St Barbara’s Year 6/7 teacher Scott Nicholls said students were captured by the powerful voices of the performers. “They described a scene, then they sang about it, then they did about a half an hour workshop at the end of it and got the kids involved,” Mr Nicholls said last week. “They were obviously engaged and captured about how loud the voices were and how powerful and strong they were. Did they gain any meaning and sense out of the performances? Probably not, but just having the high pitches and the tones actually set the scene for them.” He said opera is a form

Mother’s Day love at Chives

Madame Butterfly and Pinkerton at St Barbs on Friday. of art local students are rarely exposed to in Roxby Downs. “I think just understanding that opera is a form of entertainment and that should the opportunity show them how powerful word can be in a performance gives them a chance to get out of their comfort zone, because they wouldn’t get the opportunity to see the opera up here,” Mr Nicholls said. Year Six St Barbara’s student Caleb said he enjoyed the workshop because it was funny, and everyone got involved in the end. “I was challenged and it puts you out of your comfort zone,” added another student, Isabel. BY MILLIE THOMAS

Asha, David, Deb, Sam and Hayley Thompson. Amanda, Mid and Meredith Schlink.

Owen, Brock, Eleanor, Isabella, and Nicole Canavese.

Kate Burston, Steve Gigney and Lachie.


COMMUNITY CONSULTATION WORKSHOP WHY? Roxby town centre business is in need of revitalisation. A fresh re-think of our needs for the future is timely; aided by last year’s secured State Government funding towards a new design for our mainstreet with business activation in mind. This offers an opportunity to start a conversation about how business and community can better interrelate and what long term improvements we want to see in our town centre.

Page 8 -- Wednesday, May 14, 2014

WHAT? We want to explore with business and the community key issues, opportunities and ideas that would benefit our town centre and develop a vision for our town centre with the mainstreet as a core. If you are a business, resident or a designer at heart, have thoughts to offer or simply want to listen to what others have to say, please come along to one of the workshops.

WHEN? You can attend either session on:



Please register your attendance by: Monday, 26 May

5.30-8.30pm at the Dunes Cafe in the Cultural and Leisure Precinct, Richardson Place.

By e-mail: Lisa.Hewerdine@


By phone: 8671 0010

12noon-3pm at the Auditorium in the Cultural and Leisure Precinct, Richardson Place.

We look forward to working with you!

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Locals participated in a fun run/walk on Mothers’ Day wearing pink - in support of fundraising for breast cancer.

Kerry Musolino, Jen Burger and Erika Carter with some animals available for adoption at a recent family fun day.

RSL committee member Lisa Starr and SecretaryTreasurer Helen McGuire (Bucket Ladies) helping out for ANZAC Day recently.

Margaret Wyatt with Adele (a snake) and Llewellyn. Secker at the family fun day

Nicole Briley, Nicole Finn, Amber Seamer, Lachlan and Linda Wright.

Phoebe, Lisa Jones and Yasmin from Hootabella Bowtique at the family fun day.

Thomas Parrott and Christopher Brown at the footy recently.

Live shows to tune into Monday

Lovin’ it” “Local, Live and PH: 8671 2545 E:

Requests - SMS: 0407 979 918

News and information Monday - Friday



Classics From the Crypt with Frog

7-8.30pm The Lowe Downe with J-Lowe 8.30 – 10pm Jack & Katie Show

Wednesday 3-4pm 6-7.30 pm Thursday 4-5pm 5-6pm

Tunes in the Dunes with Leroy Living in the 70’s with Teresa An hour with Kaye & Friends Afternoon Delights

now streaming live at

Friday 1-2pm 4-5pm 7-9pm

The Vibe with Kath, Sasha & Ann Marie Tunes in the Dunes with Leroy Classics from the Crypt with Frog

8-9am 11-12noon

The Rock with Liz In the Man Cave with ya mates

10-2pm 5-6pm 8-9pm

Back outback Country Leighthology Rox in the Box with Colin

Saturday Sunday

8.30 & 10am South Australian News Bulletin 9am & 5pm The Job Board 6am & 1pm The VIBE Community Board

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Roxby Council Scheduled township power outages

Roxby Residents invited to read along with the nation


s part of National Simultaneous Storytime, the Roxby Downs Community Library would like you to join us on Wednesday May 21 at Roxby Downs Cinema at either 10.30 or 11am for the reading of ‘Too Many Elephants in this House’. And in conjunction with RoxFM a special dramatized reading of the story will also take place at 11am for you to participate in at work, home or anywhere! National Simultaneous Storytime (NSS) is now in its fourteenth year, so join 380,000 children at over 2,000 locations across Australia and help us promote reading and literacy by sharing this fun story. Group bookings are preferred to attend the readings, for more information please contact Roxby Downs Community Library on 8671 Ursula Dubosarsky and Andrew Joyner’s 0500 or email “Too many elephants in this house”.

Digital literacy training The Roxby Downs Community Library will be running Digital Literacy Training sessions in May. Please contact the library for further information 8671 0500.


uring the period commencing Saturday, June 14, 2014 to Sunday, June 22 , 2014, Council will be undertaking a major maintenance inspection of the Township High Voltage Distribution System. There will be a series of rolling power outages within the township so that equipment may be accessed for inspection, and repair works can be undertaken. Whilst we regret the need to do this work, every effort will be made

to limit the inconvenience it will cause. This work is being undertaken as part of our distribution licence. Because our contractors must work on all the cables and switches, we must fully isolate each work area completely. This prevents us from providing a temporary back up supply from other zones while work is being undertaken. Where possible, commercial outages will occur at night, or on weekends to lessen the impact on operations. The final instructions and a map will be communicated in the weeks leading up to the bi-annual maintenance power outage. Roxby Power thank you in advance for your assistance with this process and apologise for any inconvenience.

Roxby celebrating the power of volunteering ognised for how they make our community such a vibrant place.


his week is National Volunteer Week, a time for volunteers in Roxby Downs to be rec-

Volunteers are a vital part of community life and our local community is no exception. The transient nature of Roxby Downs makes the role of a local volunteer even more significant. The Roxby Downs Council would like to thank all volunteers who dedicate their time to making Roxby Downs the liveable town it is.

Reminder that electric shock collars are illegal


n the last few months the Dog and Cat Management Board have received a number of reports of people using or recommending the use of electric shock collars on dogs. The use of electric shock collars is illegal in South Australia.

The regulation of the possession and use of shock collars varies from state to state, and it is not unusual for people to be confused about their legality. Given this and that electric shock collars are easily accessible through the internet; we are informing dog owners in Roxby Downs of this legal requirement.



he Roxby Council Linking Roxby Consultation Summary Report is now available at www.roxbydowns. com. he Draft 2014/15 Annual Business Plan is now available for review on the Council website. Written submissions can be submitted to Council by 5pm, Thursday, June 5, 2014. Interested persons may also

COUNCIL OFFICE Opening hours 9 am to 5 pm weekdays Telephone 8671 0010 • Fax 8671 0452 Email: After hours emergency Mobile 0418 892 870 Web Page 10 -- Wednesday, May 14, 2014

LIBRARY Opening hours 9 am to 5 pm MondayWednesdays, Fridays 9:30am to 5pm Thursdays 9.30 am to 12 noon Saturdays Telephone 8671 0500 Email: Library membership is free. Wide range of resources are available including books, DVDs, magazines and internet facilities. Toddler Story Time 2 pm Thursday.

present their submissions at a public meeting, to be held at the Council Office boardroom commencing at 5.30pm on Thursday, June 5, 2014.


arch 2014 Quarterly Water and Power Accounts have been issued and are due for payment by Friday, May 16, 2014. To discuss your accounts or arrange a payment plan please contact Roxby Water and Roxby Power staff on 8671 0010.



Opal Road Landfill Opening hours 1 pm to 6 pm every day Disposal of household rubbish is FREE Levies apply for businesses Recycling can be taken either to the Opal Landfill or BSH Waste Solutions on Gosse Street All enquiries: 8671 1154

Opening hours Monday to Friday 9 am to 4.30 pm Council provides transport services including: • Vehicle registration • Boat registrations • Licensing transactions • Learner written theory tests (test to begin before 4 pm) All enquiries 131 084.

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The voice of the community...

Does Roxby need a Community Bus?


JOINING FORUMS If you would like to join a forum and would like more information please contact the following people.

ast year the Community Board decided to canvas opinions from the community about whether there is a need for a community bus service in Roxby.

New members are always welcome.

This survey will be closing very soon, so please have your say. Potential users might include parents with prams, young people, people wanting to avoid walking in the hot sun in summer, people that don’t have a drivers licence and many others. The Community Bus could also be used for out of town trips for community groups, school students, and sporting teams. To ensure all community members have had their say, Community Board members will be at Market Day this Saturday, May 17. The survey will allow the Community Board to identify which streets and areas are more likely to utilise a bus service and to assess the route and times for the community bus if it is required The short survey is also available online via Facebook or see the link below on Survey Monkey, and to complete the survey in person please visit the Community Board stall at Market Day this Saturday. The survey is very simple and takes only a couple of minutes to complete online.

Thursday, May 15 @ 7.30pm TBC

ARTS and CULTURE FORUM Rachel Young 0428 671 000

BUSINESS FORUM Laura Trotta 0412 734 964 Tuesday, May 28 @ 6.15pm Council Boardroom.

SPORTS and REC FORUM Michelle Hales 0418 833 818 TBC

COMMUNITY GARDEN Patrik Ibele (08) 8671 0168 TBC Council Boardroom

ENVIRONMENT FORUM Angela Neyland 0448 168 167

Complete the survey on our Facebook Page –

Thursday, June 5 @ 7pm

Roxby Downs Community

Watch out for animals on the roads


rom dusk till dawn driving on the highways around Roxby Downs requires particular care. At this time kangaroos are particularly active and are hardest to spot as they bound across the road. Further out of town, drivers also need to watch for cattle and emus. If it is possible to plan your driving trips

when it is lighter during the day, this will go a long way towards reducing the chance of collisions with animals. If you see animals about in a particular area then it also pays to drive that little bit slower as stopping times are considerably reduced. For the same reason it is also very important not to tailgate vehicles on highways should they suddenly slow down or stop. If however, you are faced with an animal in front of your moving car then a quick judgment is necessary. If there is no traffic following behind you then it is safest to brake and slow down in a straight line. Do not swerve at speed as you may either roll the car or become involved in a head on collision with an oncoming vehicle. It

is far better to hit an animal (hopefully at a slower speed) than be involved in a head on collision with another vehicle. Should you hit an animal then it is important to stop the car safely off the road and check on its condition. It is particularly important to check in the pouches of female kangaroos for joeys which could be saved by volunteer wildlife carers in town. Should you find an injured animal then ring the Roxby Downs Wildlife Response Number: 0497 808 315. If an animal from an accident has died then move it off the road. This is for the safety of other motorists and also to prevent Wedge Tail Eagles from being injured which may be attracted to the animal.

Council Boardroom

ROXBY ROADSAFE MEETING Michelle Hales 0418 833 818 Thursday, June 12 @ 5.30pm Council Boardroom

MULTICULTURAL FORUM Sasha Yantewo (08) 8671 0010 Wednesday, May 21 @ 6pm Council Boardroom

WOMEN’S NETWORK Lisa Hewerdine (08) 8671 0010 Wednesday, May 21 @ 8.30pm Dunes Cafe

CONTACTING THE BOARD For further information, advice or general questions please contact: Michelle Hales, Executive Officer Roxby Downs Community Board Inc. PO Box 85 Roxby Downs SA 5725 Mobile: 0418 833 818 Email:

WHO’S ON THE BOARD Teresa Malcolm • Nidya Iwan Michelle Davis • George Giakoumis Vicki Mason • Gaylene Crane Mary Lewis • Brett McNeil • Bill Boehm • Chris Gibson

BOARD MEETINGS Board meetings are held on the last Monday of the month. Members of the public are welcome to attend and observe. If you would like to make a presentation or raise an issue, please contact the Executive Officer on 0418 833 818 so that you can be included on the agenda. Confidential discussions with the Board can be arranged if required.

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Classifieds The


CALL 8671 2683




DUBLIN Gerryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Meat Store. New $230 freezer pack (mix and match) 2kg lamb roast, 1kg beef schnitzel, 2kg pork roast, 1kg chicken schnitzel, 2kg beef roast, 1kg budget bacon, 2kg roast chicken, 2kg marinated wings, 1kg BBQ steak, 2kg beef sausages, 1kg beef mince, 20 gourmet patties, 1kg BBQ lamb chops, 1 large mettwurst, 1kg pork leg chops, 1kg diced steak, and 1 bottle of marinade. Top quality, grain fed meat at affordable prices. Phone: 8529 2229.

ADELAIDE â&#x20AC;&#x201C; short term - 0412 106 646


To place an ad, or inform us of a newsworthy event, please call our friendly staff at The Monitor on 8671 2683.

SITUATIONS VACANT Roxby Downs Bowling Club

UNIT 6, 45-47 STUART ROAD, ROXBY DOWNS, SA 5725 Modern fully furnished, two bedrooms with double beds, built in robes, concealed laundry, open dining and living area with gourmet kitchen, balcony, one bathroom and toilet, one carport, adjacent to the Roxby Downs Shopping Centre, close to schools.

AGM Monday 26th May 7.30pm at the bowls club

$290 per week plus water, Available from 5 April 2014 Please contact Mat Wakelin 0449 006 116 or


Business Guide to services in





Post OfÂżce & Motel

Consults at 97 Pioneer Drive, Roxby Downs Tuesday 27th May PM and Wednesday 30th May AM Tuesday 10th June PM and Wednesday 11th June AM

Times to accommodate shift workers Instant health fund rebates - Manual adjusting & Activator techniques 24/7 Booking & enquiry service PHONE 8645 0880

Behind the Famous Bottle House

Opal Creek Boulevard, Andamooka


& after hours by appointment

Ph: (08) 8672 7007 Fax: (08) 8672 7062 Email:

BDL 219265 telephone 08

PGE 198058 AU20207

8671 1353

facsimile 08

8671 2229

PO Box 275 - Roxby Downs - South Australia 5725

T imeless T ransport

Furniture removals â&#x20AC;˘ Pick up and delivery from Adelaide to Roxby (no item too large or small!) â&#x20AC;˘ General freight

Autopro Roxby Downs

Ongoing commercial contract work welcome Phone 0415 405 516 Page 12 -- Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Phone: (08) 8671 2200 Fax: (08) 8671 2277 Shop 1/24 Tutop Street, Roxby Downs

Pt Pirie & Adelaide Depots

Antique & Household Removals Local, Interstate Phone: & Country Storage Delivery Specialists

Find us on Facebook

0427 716 173

Roxby Downs â&#x20AC;˘ Pt Augusta â&#x20AC;˘ Pt Pirie

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Monitor SPORT The


Devils dominate

Roxby Downs Swim Club



Sunday 25th May 2pm Roxby Downs Community Club - Beer Garden All Positions Vacant. Your support is needed for the continuing success of a local sporting club. SITUATIONS VACANT RDAS/OSHC

4XDOLÀHG&KLOG (GXFDWRU Part Time - Casual &DQGLGDWHVPXVWKDYHWKHIROORZLQJTXDOLÀFDWLRQV • Cert 111 in Children’s Services or Higher (Candidates currently studying may also be considered) • Senior First Aid • Anaphylaxis, Asthmas and Epilepsy Training  ‡6XSHUYLVRUV&HUWLÀFDWH • National Working with children check (Police Clearance) • Knowledge of the ACECQU National Regulations • An understanding of My Time Our Place • Computer Skills RDAS – OSHC is an Education and Care Service providing Before School Care, After School Care and Vacation Care to families with Primary School aged children including those with additional needs. The role includes educating and caring for children, Programming, Cooking, Cleaning Administration and other general duties. You may be required for morning and/or afternoon shift as well as school holidays. Award wages apply to this position. Please send your resume with copies of your TXDOLÀFDWLRQV to or contact Diane on 0417 813 209 for further information. 7KLVSRVLWLRQFORVHVRQWKHVW0D\

he rain may have put a dampener on last week’s local netball supporters, but it did not hold back the players from providing them with a good show.

For the supporters that did not mind a little rain, it was a treat to sit in the new mini grandstand seating provided by Roxby Leisure. Olympic Dam A Grade showed Andamooka that they mean business, defeating them 59 – 37. At half time OD were dominating the game with the scores at 34 – 16. After a massive change in positions by Andamooka, they managed to pull themselves back into the game with the third quarter being goal for goal, though OD held their ground with a strong defence by Claire Munyard and Nicole Gregory. Roxby Miners A Grade overcame a strong start by Hornridge with the final scores at 48 – 43. Hornridge dominated for the first half with Madison Evans and Amanda Giles in the goals, and Belinda Ramsey directing the path of play. Although Hornridge were leading by seven goals, after half time Miners came out strong with renewed aggression from their centre Kelsey Weckert, wing attack Britt Norsworthy and goal attack Cassie Weir. Hornridge defence worked hard however it was not enough to stop Miners charge. Olympic Dam B Grade continued their winning streak, outplaying Andamooka 60 – 18. OD’s performance highlighted their strong mid court with superb efforts from Victoria Wilkin and Kylie Green, ably supported by Lucy Prior. Andamooka showed flashes of potential, with Helen Belsey and Karen Wegner fighting hard to curtail OD’s dominance. Roxby Miners B Grade defeated Hornridge 36 -30, with Miners leading from the first whistle. Miners’ height in defence, Mikayla Davis and Zandria Botha, and fast centre court, Renee Wurfel and Emma Killeen, caused problems for the Hornridge attackers. Though a special mention should go out to Hornridge wing attack Rebecca Webster for her efforts in Friday’s match. Hornridge Green C Grade defeated Olympic Dam Green 43 – 29. Renee Anderson and Madeline Mason from Hornridge Green provided a strong defence curtailing the OD Green attackers. Mel Ferry from OD Green played a hard centre against Hornridge Greens Demi Orr. Roxby Miners White C Grade lead the game for the first three quarters before being overtaken by Olympic Dam Yellow, who shot away to finish the game 39 – 30. Miners White shooters Matilda Cordy and Gemma Thomas played a strong game to keep the Miners White in front until OD Yellow rebounded in the final quarter led by centre Mel Wong. Hornridge Pink C grade took on Roxby Miners Red and came out on top scoring 44 – 28. In the third quarter Miners Red goal keeper Leah Mattner, who had played a strong defence all game, left the court after sustaining an injury to her ankle. Hornridge Pinks two defenders Maddyson King and Maddi Rhodes provided a fortified defence against Miners Reds shooters. The C Grade competition has a catch up game midweek due to the number of teams completing. Overall there will be three such games throughout the 2014 season.

ABOVE: Hornridge’s Emma Baker stands OD’s A Pedler waiting for rebounds. RIGHT: Hornridge’s A Nelson passes off against OD’s Mel Ferry.

Roxby Downs Netball Association Friday, May 9, 2014 C GRADE Hornridge Green (43) defeated OD Green (29) Hornridge Pink (44) defeated Miners Red (28) OD Yellow (39) defeated Miners White (30) B GRADE Olympic Dam (60) defeated Andamooka (18) Miners (36) defeated Hornridge (30) A GRADE Miners (48) defeated Hornridge (43) Olympic Dam (59) defeated Andamooka (37)

$ S! $ AL DE E ES TH ER OV UR PO $ $ $$ $ $$ $ $ $ $ $$ $ $ $ $ 298 $ 598 $$ 4 4 $ EARN h Cas el Cash CamCa el CCaammel Cash Cam mel Cash el

Cas h



XXXX Gold 375ml Cans 30 Block

2 for 20








SAVE, EARN & WIN! *Camel Card Specials valid 14/5/2014 until 25/5/2014. $1 = 100 Points on the Camel Card. Card must be registered to redeem on next purchase. Conditions apply.

Victoria Bitter 375ml Cans 30 Block

Grant’s Scotch 700ml # Bonus Pourer






$ 98 Jim Beam Black 375ml Cans 4 Pack


Jack Daniel’s 375ml Cans 10 Pack #Bonus Jack’s Singlet

Rosemount Diamond Label 750ml

3 for $ 18 Rekorderlig Cider 500ml Bottles




Specials valid 14/5/2014 until 25/5/2014 or while stocks last. Terms & Conditions apply, see instore for details. #While stocks last. Photos for illustration purposes only. TSA0516

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Monitor SPORT The

Whyalla born and bred Veart in Roxby this week F

ormer Socceroo and English League soccer player Carl Veart grew up in a similiar way to many kids in Roxby Downs. His dad worked for BHP for 22 years, and his mum drove taxis.

Born and bred in Whyalla, Veart played soccer for the local Croatia team … and from there he went all the way to the top. He made his debut for the Socceroos in 1992 and played 18 A Grade matches, scoring seven goals. He also played soccer in the English league for a number of years, for sides like Sheffield United, Crystal Palace and Millwall – and is perhaps best remembered for his goal against power team Arsenal in the 1996 Football Association (FA) Cup. Veart will join fellow soccer great Cristiano dos Santos Rodrigues in Roxby Downs with visits to both local schools and lead an after school coaching clinic this Friday afternoon. He said bringing elite soccer to Roxby Downs would give local children a great

insight into the game and encourage them to pursue their goals. “As a country kid you don’t get that access – to see what good players and elite players and coaches – what they actually do,” Veart told The Monitor at Hindmarsh Stadium last week. He said sport in country towns was lagging in some areas compared to when he grew up in Whyalla, and it was important to inspire the next generation to get on board. “It’s a matter of how we can build that back up to what it was,” Veart said. “By doing these clinics and getting out and showing kids what the possibilities are, and where you can go if you have a passion for it, and work hard,” he said. Football Federation of SA (FFSA) Coaching and Development Manager John Mundy said the Friday school visits and the game on Saturday night was all about getting people inspired and involved with the sport. He said the regional rounds started only last year, with a game in Veart’s hometown of Whyalla. This year the

Former Socceroos and English League soccer player Cark Veart, who grew up playing in Whyalla, will visit Roxby Downs this Friday to visit local school children and host soccer clinics. INSET: Football Federation SA’s Coaching and Development Manager John Mundy.

association had expanded the program to include Roxby Downs and Mount Gambier, and hoped to build the program again next year. Mr Mundy said it was all about FFSA accessing players and supporters in geographically isolated areas and providing pathways into the sport. He acknowledged many regional youth later relocated to Adelaide, and the FFSA hoped building early relationships would provide metropolitan links and familiar faces to those future players. Mr Mundy said Roxby Downs locals had worked extremely hard to attract the regional rounds to Roxby Downs, and the FFSA was very happy to support them.

Hawk’s team members grab the ball and run from the Bulldogs.

Hawk’s players handball it around lsat Friday.

Lightning’s Nicole Johnson looks for a pass.

Shooters’ Goal Attack fights off Lightning’s Emmaline Gobbie.

Come on down for a

meet, greet and kick around


Carl Veart! C

Whyalla born and bred and ex-Socceroos player for Australia

S Specialist Coach for Adelaide United Roxby Town Oval 3.30PM, FRIDAY 16 MAY 2014

Bulldogs player goes for the kick.

Battle of the Centres Shooters’ Ella Haplin and Lightning’s Hannah Trice.

Roxby Downs Golf Association Kempe 2 Person Ambrose Results Saturday, May 10, 2014

Pete Davies enjoys a swing of golf on the weekend. Page 14 -- Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Michael Paul.


THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

Monitor SPORT The

Weekend footy roundup Coober Pedy vs Hornridge – Saturday, May 10, 2014.



he start of the game was slightly delayed due to a flat battery in the bus but both sides came out with the intention of playing fast flowing footy. The first 15 minutes saw both sides with two goals each after a very interesting free kick for Mitchell right in front for Hornridge. Both sides continued to attack forward making some easy mistakes and misdirected kicking eventually resulting in goals to Coober Pedy from Wooden and Henry. Warren scored one more for the quarter giving Coober Pedy five for the term against the two for Hornridge. Both big ruckmen in Grosser

and Bell were having a great battle at the bounces and doing their bit around the ground as well. M Lynch was proving damaging for Coober Pedy, delivering the ball accurately with good skills and great ball control. Hornridge missed several opportunities in the scoring area, despite a great effort from the young Male in delivering accurately. The second quarter was all Coober Pedy despite some individual effort from some of the Hornridge boys in Hanson, Munro, Grosser and Bacon, the Saints marched in with goals to Carbine, Dingaman, Warren, Butler and three to Henry. Still a lot of missed chances by both sides in the scoring zone, but the pace was still fast with both sides trying to push forward. The start of the third quarter

looked as though Coober were going to steamroll the Magpies by kicking five goals with little resistance mainly through the effort of Butler, Warren, Warren and Ness. Hornridge took Grosser out of the ruck and moved him to the forward are which saw a comeback with him taking several marks and kicking two goals, but despite Webb jumping high in the centre duels, Coober still read the ball better to take it away more often. Good efforts from Millard, Webb, Bacon, Munro, Hanson and a goal to Mitchell after a melee saw Hornridge trying to stop the run but they were still outscored for the quarter. Hornridge started the last well by producing a good passage of play for Mitchell to mark and goal. Both Lynch and Bacon were trying hard at this stage but Coober went forward to score

Centre: RDSC Miners’ Chris Gibson. Coober Pedy had more talented players than Hornridge and responded to any challenges made. Great to see father and son represented in the Magpies and some players for Coober who travelled many kilometres to play. Final scores Coober Pedy 25.14 (164) to Hornridge Magpies 11.12 (78).

through Brown and Henry. Lynch was back to his best and the Saints seemed to have a response to any move forward the Magpies made. Despite the final score line it was a great match to watch as both sides were prepared to attack the ball and push forward if at all possible but on the day

Old foes meet again Olympic Dam vs Roxby Districts Saturday, May 10, 2014.

Miners’ Steve Kangars.

Far North Football League ROUND 3 - May 10, 2014 A GRADE Coober Pedy 5.2 12.9 19.10 25.14(164) Hornridge 2.6 3.8 9.11 11.12 (78) Coober Pedy best players: D. Ness, M. Bell, K. Henry, D. Warren, M. Grava Hornridge best players: L. Munro, T. Grosser, K. Lynch, C. Millard, L. Webb Coober Pedy goal scorers: K. Henry 8, D. Warren 6, B. Buller 4, B. Warren, I. Brown, M. Lynch, A. Wooden, C. Warren, R. Murray, K. Brown 1. Hornridge goal scorers: S. Mitchell 5, T. Grosser, B. Johnson 2, E. Walker, L. Webb 1. Roxby Districts 3.2 12.7 18.11 25.13(163) Olympic Dam 2.3 2.3 4.5 6.6 (42) Roxby Districts best players: B. Scott, J. Greenbank, C. Gibson, J. Telfer, M. Alves. Olympic Dam best players: T. Walsh, I. McBey, J. Veale, J. Barker, C. Green. Roxby Districts goal scorers: C. Ladhams 7, R. Prosser, S. Mcivor 4, B. Scott 3, J. Watson 2, J. Metters, H. Vrbovac, C. Gibson, J. Greenbank, S. Kangars 1. Olympic Dam goal scorers: L. Hewett 2, I. McBey, J. Langdon, R. Edwards, S. Montgomerie 1.

Senior Colts Hawks 9.9 (63) Bulldogs 8.10 (58) Hawks best players: M. Lamb, R. Heckenberg, L. Herring, K. Gates, B. Evans. Bulldogs best players: not available at time of print. Hawks goal scorers: K. Gates 3, Davis W. Steer, R. Edwards, B. French, B. Daddow, B. Evans 1. Bulldogs goal scorers: M. Lynch, E. Taylor 2, L. Holder, D. Kenney, D. Demarchi, F. Arbon 1.

Junior Colts Bulldogs 7.12 (54) Hawks 7.5 (47) Bulldogs best players: R. Holder, J. Jones, C. Hales, C. Hales, L. Geraghty. Hawks best players: C. Seery, C. Woolford, J. Van Kruyssen, G. Clarke, B. Chamberlain. Bulldogs goal scorers: R. Holder 3, Z. Noll, J. Jones, H. Wellgreen, C. Blieschke 1. Hawks goal scorers: B. Chamberlain 4, K. Flavel, C. Seery, J. Van Kruyssen 1.

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Coaches comments OLYMPIC DAM:


Outplayed by a far better side. Credit to our boys for not giving up. Look forward to meeting them again and improving our performance.Dale Summerton

Everybody participated in implementing team structures. Lost our way in the third quarter, but the leaders steadied. Happy to come away with win. - Carmelo Crisa



Great response after being challenged early. Good contribution from all players. Really good result for the club.

Thanks to the young and the old to making the trip to Coober Pedy. - Shane Mitchell

- Ricky Prosser

Results from FNFL Round 3 AMOOK ND

VOTES 3 2 1


ROUND 2 - May 10, 2014

Scott Montgomerie goes for a kick.


E Walker Trent Grosser Clayton Millard

Jared Greenbank Craig Hall Chris Gibson

Cameron Green Tim Walsh Jono Veale


Roxby Downs Junior Football League

The first quarter delivered exactly that with the Miners working hard against a well-structured Devils defence to put on the first two goals before Montgomerie opened up the Devils account with a strong lead and goal. Most of the quarter was evenly matched with the backlines having a strong influence on the outcomes Walsh dropping back and thwarting many Miners attacks with the Miners defence working well together allowing Telfer to regain some good form controlling the half back line for the Miners. Both sides adding another major before quarter time and the game did seem evenly balanced. The second quarter in contrast was completely dominated by the Miners with Scott, Gibson and Greenbank controlling the mid field to a ruck contest that the Devils were getting their hands to first with Walsh mixing up the taps and trying his best. The Miners on ballers were doing well negating the taps however and provided their forwards with far more opportunities and slammed on nine goals for the quarter. When the Devils did get first use of the ball it was under fierce tackling pressure allowing the Miners defence the time to rebound a ball that was not necessarily given to their forwards advantage. The Devils were kept scoreless for the quarter. After the half time break the Miners slammed on another five majors and seemed to have completely broken the hearts of the Devils

ton with the dilemma of where to gain the most team value from this very talented player. A highlight for the Miners was the fierce tackling pressure that they applied all day and this was led by the much improved Mitch Alves who played a fantastic role putting immense pressure on the Devils defence whilst they were trying to clear the ball. Training has also commenced for the Miners Cup to be held at Adelaide Oval on Saturday, June 7 as a curtain raiser to the Power vs Saints game. Training dates are Wednesday May 14, Thu r s d ay, M ay 2 2 , Wednesday, May 28, with team being announced on Sunday, June 1. All trainings commence at 7pm.



ld foes Olympic Dam and Roxby Districts played each other on Saturday in a clash of two remaining undefeated sides in the league this year with a tough hard encounter expected.

players, however to the Devils credit they were able to kick two goals late in the quarter through Hewett who was providing a spark for them up forward and Langdon with a big 50 metre goal thus averting the mercy rule being activated and keeping the margin under 100 points leading in to the last change. The last quarter saw much of the same the Miners had winners all over the ground with Ladhams seven goals for the match and McIvor four finishing off some great team work. For the Devils, Veale and McBey had fought hard all day and never gave up trying. Walsh was tireless in the ruck and was moved up forward in the last quarter, even though not scoring any goals took some strong marks leaving coach Summer-





Martin Grava Bobby Warren Matthew Lynch

Footballer of the Year Leaderboard after Round 3 NAME



Tim Walsh



Jared Greenbank



Cameron Green


ROUND THREE HIGHLIGHTS Kelvin Henry 8 Chris Ladhams 7 Dylan Warren 6 Shayne Mitchell 5

TALLY AFTER ROUND 3 Kelvin Henry Chris Ladhams Sean McIvor Ricky Prosser

17 16 11 9

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Local syndicate trained by racing pro

Trainer David Smedley with one of the locally owned horses Hard and Smart. WRITTEN BY MILLIE THOMAS


or some, the thrill of horse racing is only an annual event – perhaps culminating at Roxby’s annual Outback Cup each year in August.

However for others – it’s a way of life. Jockey and trainer David ‘Smeds’ Smedley has spent a lifetime in the industry – from working with arguably South Australia’s most notable stud, Lindsay Park, for 17 years to flying racehorses around the world. The thrill of the thoroughbred has never been far away. Races on Hayes Jeune and Dulciphy echo in a not so distant past. In more recent years, his involvement in local horse racing syndicates has seen him have winners in the last five Outback Cups, and this year a more intense role in a new local syndicate. “I came up to (Roxby) do a fence job for a bloke, with about five other blokes, and I thought, jeez, what a good little place this is. And we’ve had a winner here – me and Carl Bartlett – we’ve had a winner here for the past five years. “We had Star Allen, we had Form Captain, French Academy, Faithful Mary last year and I can’t think what the other one

was, but anyway, we’re going alright,” Smeds told The Monitor last week. Locals Carl Bartlett, Harry Noll, Smeds and Todd Ingle are just some of the people involved in the syndicate of three horses – a four year old thoroughbred from Melbourne (Hard and Smart), and a five and six year old from Melbourne (Saint James’ Gate and Configuration). “The syndicate was all done for people that worked in Roxby, lived in Roxby and we weren’t putting up any training fees. We just put up one fee, we bought the horses and then we went from there,” Smeds explained. “It has evolved around a lot of people who enjoy the racing scene and people who are on the committee, and then it involved a lot of town people. “There’s a million people in town, we all work together, that run race horses. We’ve got blokes all over the smelter all over the refinery, the mills the mine end all race horses.” Hard and Smart has already performed well under Smeds, placing third at the Sabois Maiden Plate in Port Augusta recently. However before that it placed last of 11 at a Maiden Plate at Queanbeyan in May 2013. Smeds is confident of Hard and Smarts continual improve-

ment, saying he’ll ‘near win’ at another race meet in Port Augusta on the weekend. St James Gate’s performance over the past year has been mixed, with a last place at Wangaratta in September last year, ninth of 10 at Donald in August 2013, a first of seven at Bairnsdale in August, and a fifth, eleventh and tenth in prior races. “St James Gate – he’s a stain horse, we bought him thinking we might make a cut chance out of him, but we’ll just have to see how we go,” Smeds explained. “And Configuration, he’s only had six runs in the whole of his life and he’s won at Bendigo, second at Ballarat and third at Geelong, so he’s got a little bit better form than horses around here. “If you could hold him together and make sure that everything went good, he’s the type of horse that after a couple of runs you’d be going a bit further back down the line to mid-weekers or week city class races.” Hard and Smart raced in Port Augusta on Sunday, placing fifth in the Blinman and Hawker Hotels Mdn. Next up for Smeds will be appearances at the Hawker Races on Saturday May 24, Port Augusta on Saturday June 8, Quorn Cup on Saturday June 14, Port Augusta Cup on Saturday July 6 before making a home appearance at the Outback Cup in Roxby in August.


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