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Volume 11, Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A beautiful wreath display at the Woomera Memorial on Friday.

Survey reveals local opinion WRITTEN BY MILLIE THOMAS


esults from a local survey about the Roxby Cultural and Leisure Centre redevelopment has shown the vast majority of respondents are not in favour of the local project. Conducted by experienced data analyser and report writer Paul Trotta, 378 respondents had taken part in the survey at its close on Thursday, April 17. The survey showed respondents were opposed to most aspects of the leisure centre’s redevelopment and methods of community consultation. Mr Trotta, a local of ten years, said he developed the communication method without particular motive. “It was not initiated on behalf of a particular group or with the intension achieving a particular result. The survey initiator conceived the idea and worked alone on the project,” Mr Trotta stated in the final submission made to Roxby Council last week. “The purpose of the survey was to encourage residents of Roxby Downs to have their say on the proposed redevelopment of the Cultural and Leisure Precinct by offering a simple and quick way of making a submission.” More than 96 per cent of respondents ranked the level of public consultation for the project average, poor or very poor, with 52.12 per cent stating they knew about the development from only March 2014 onwards.

Suggestions to improve community consultation included that correspondence be sent out with rates, power and electricity notices, or through social media. More advertising and a letterbox drop were also suggested. Many respondents said they hadn’t heard about the redevelopment until they read about it in The Monitor. “I believe the plans were already drawn up before ANY consultation,” one respondent stated. Another said the consultation had been extremely poor. “There has been NO consultation. The first I knew about it was the front page of The Monitor Newspaper on 12th February 2014, headline reads 'Roxby's Newest World Class Project' and the sad fact that the other headline below was the struggle of the local traders coming up against the landlords who own Roxby Central. I could have fallen over; I was shocked to say the least.” Some also suggested that in the absence of an elected council, more community consultation should be done more regularly. In response to one survey question asking if the mainstreet project was ‘the best use of council rates at this time’ – 59.84 per cent of respondents strongly disagreed. Nearly 68 per cent of respondents strongly disagreed or disagreed when asked if ‘the redevelopment will have a positive spin off for Roxby Central businesses’. What the majority of respondents did agree on was that maintenance of existing infrastructure would be their number one priority to

spend council money – with 39.42 agreeing. Only 6.08 per cent chose the redevelopment of Richardson Place as their number one priority for spending. Some other suggestions from the survey included vast sporting facilities upgrades and the provision of cheaper rent alternatives and support for existing business owners in Roxby Central Mall. “The town oval is in desperate need of upgrade and we have been told what upgrades need to happen for AFL/SANFL pre-season games to be played her (sic) which would bring money to the town and exciting events for the town to attend as sport especially football is huge in Roxby and many other sports will benefit from an oval upgrade,” one respondent said. “(By) helping established businesses by dropping the rates, so instead of them having to close down they could stay open and people wouldn't loose (sic) their jobs, we don't need a coffee house.... the council needs to step up and help the businesses that are already here,” another stated. All individual areas of the redevelopment with either strongly disagreed or disagreed on – with percentages for the art gallery, Visitor Information Centre, Dunes Café, new library office and green room, new offices for The Monitor and RoxFM all over 50 per cent. However, 58.29 per cent of respondents agreed or strongly agreed with a new kids’ indoor play area – showing clear support and want for the service. The gym redevelopment was also supported, with 38.44 per cent agreed or strongly agreed.

“This upgrade is a complete waste of money in a stage when the town has lost many people who have lived here and our house prices have dropped and we cannot sell them, yet our council rates continue to increase. How are we expected to continue to be able to live here?” one respondent asked. “I think what we have at the cultural precinct/dunes area is sufficient already, no need for more cafes when we have Dunes, Pie R Squared and Black Stump Cafe, will only take more business away from both Roxby Central businesses putting increased pressure on them and we end up with more empty shops!!” another said. “As a resident of Roxby for 26 years i see this as the biggest misuse of council money I have seen.” In additional comments made by respondents at the end of the survey, it seemed many questions were left unanswered. The survey was submitted to Roxby Council on Wednesday, April 23. Roxby Council Administrator Bill Boehm said in a statement last week, “All feedback received from the community will be taken into account as part of the project review process which will be undertaken at the conclusion of the consultation period which ends on 24 April 2014. “Once this consultation period ends, Council will prepare a Summary Report addressing matters raised in relation to the proposed development. This Report will be a public document and will be available for viewing online at”


Monitor NEWS

Easter Egg basket No further leads on local crime prize winner! T WRITTEN BY MILLIE THOMAS

here have been no further leads on two recent crimes in the Roxby Downs region.

On Tuesday, April 15, or early Wednesday April 16, a 15 by 3 metre roll of artificial grass was stolen from a house on Arcoona Street in Roxby Downs. “We are waiting on some forensic analysis of some tools we found discarded by the suspect,” Sergeant Dan Moriarty told The Monitor last week.

Another theft and property damage occurred – between Saturday, April 12 and Tuesday April 15 from the Roxby Downs landfill and dump site. Suspects allegedly cut a wire fence to access the property and siphoned over 100 litres of diesel fuel from an excavator on site. Sgt Moriarty said at this stage there are no further leads or suspects. He also reminded patrons that household and other rubbish has its ownership transferred to Council once it is put out for collection.

Woomera houses removed

Jaxson (6), Millah (4) and Gradey (1) were excited to pick up mum's Easter egg basket prize from The Monitor last week.

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Homes on Boorong, Burrimul and Booromi Streets were removed and were awaiting road transport from Spuds Roadhouse the week before Easter. The Monitor reported in March that 10 Woomera houses would be demolished in Woomera between Friday, March 14 and the second quarter of the year. A Defence spokesperson confirmed the buildings were disused and run-down, and would alleviate ongoing maintenance costs. Several blocks have been cleared using heavy machinery and are expected to return to natural vegetation.




























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Port Augusta 14°/17° Leigh Creek 10°/18° Adelaide 10°/18°

Port Augusta 13°/17° Leigh Creek 9°/16° Adelaide 11°/18°

Port Augusta 16°/19° Leigh Creek 10°/18° Adelaide 15°/20°

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efence has begun the removal of several vacant homes in Woomera as part of the Australian Defence Forces National Estate Maintenance program.

TOP: An excavator on Boorong Street surrounded by empty blocks near the old Catholic school.

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Water and energy – how do we really stack up? WRITTEN BY MILLIE THOMAS


ome locals have been unpleasantly surprised after the release of local water and electricity bills for the third quarter recently. Social media showed some locals complaining of increases of $300 to $1200 – in a quarter that regularly reflects an annual rates increase for both Council run entities – Roxby Power and Roxby Water. On January 1, 2014, as is consistent with previous years, fees and charges for Roxby Water increased by 5.2 per cent to $47.50. The three incremental units of local water usage – which relates to the first 34 kilolitres, 34 to 120 kilolitres and over 120 kilolitres - also increased by between 5.4 and 5.5 per cent per kilolitre. This means in 2014, the first 34 kilolitres of water usage is charged at $1.85k/L, 34-120 kilolitres of water usage is charged at $3.60k/L, and above 120 kilolitres of water usage costs $5.50k/L. Miscellaneous fees and charges also increased incrementally. In comparison to major state water supplier SA Water, Roxby Downs’ residents charges for the first 34 k/L is actually 0.41 cents k/L less. However, when usage exceeds 34k/L, Roxby residents go into the red – paying 37cents k/L

more in the 120k/L usage sector, and a whopping $2.01 more per k/L over when usage exceeds 120 k/L. The Council of Coober Pedy is in a similar situation, being ‘off the water grid’, and supplying the water service to local residents. Their prices are considered astronomical, even when compared to Roxby Downs. Residents in Coober Pedy are paying a huge $2.85 per k/L for the first 50k/L – and the trend continues with hikes as the usage increases. As outlined by the Australian Bureau of Statistics from data gathered between 2009 and 2010, the average household water consumption per day is 438 litres – averaging out at approximately 39k/L a quarter. Roxby Power charges underwent a general cost increase of approximately 7.4 per cent; however, the supply charge per quarter jumped 12.85 per cent from $55 to $63 – or from 61 to 70 cents per day. Usage of the first 7500 kW/h has increased by 7.42 per cent to 30.87 cents per kW/h per quarter, and usage costs thereafter have jumped 7.41 per cent to 32.40 cents per kW/h. Surprisingly – general rates in comparison to major State electricity suppliers AGL and Origin Energy are lower. Summer rates with AGL companies start at over 33 cents per kW/h, and in Winter is 31 cents

Locals have been complaining about higher than normal bills recently.

(with a maximum of 39 cents kW/h depending on usage). Origin Energy is higher again. Summer rates start at 35 cents per kW/h and in Winter at 33 cents. General service supply charges for these companies are also markedly higher – starting at 72.71 and 78.166 cents per day respectively.

Where the large companies do win the consumer’s tick of approval is in their lower than Roxby miscellaneous charges – which in some instances are up to $50 cheaper. The services also offer customers constant discounts and promotions – spurred largely by competition. Roxby Water is not permitted to

be profitable, and is purchased from BHP Billiton at a price set out in the Indenture Agreement. Roxby Power is operated under a retail and distribution license. Information on utilities rates are available at the Roxby Council office and at

Llewellyn’s fundraiser impresses RSPCA


nimal enthusiast and Roxby Downs local Llewelyn Secker has attracted the attention of RSPCA head honchos recently – for her upcoming family fun day fundraiser this Sunday.

Ten-year-old Llewellyn has been fundraising for the Royal Society for the Protection and Care of Animals (RSPCA) for a number of years – by donating 10 per cent of money raised from her dog walking service. However, this year, Llewellyn has decided to go above and beyond – by organising a Family Fun Day event to further raise money and support for the RSPCA. “I love animals and would like to raise money for the RSPCA. Some people do not realise that not all pets get treated as well as we treat ours. So I believe we should make a difference,” Llewellyn said recently. Llewellyn’s fundraiser has attracted a mass of local donations – including hot laps, rides in the Roxby Rocket and flights to Adelaide. The event will be held from 11am un-

til 3pm at the Roxby Downs Lawn Bowls Club and will include various stall holders from locally designed jewellery, Tupperware and Body Shop as well as games and a moto-mania exhibition. Animals will be available for adoption and dry food and pet toy donations will be accepted. There will also be entertainment such as a dance demonstration and a jumping castle. Llewellyn has already raised approximately $300 for her cause. “We are so proud and grateful to have such an inspiring people like Llewellyn and her family doing such generous and amazing things for our community,” an RSPCA spokesperson said recently. There will also be plenty of food – donated by parents Dave and Sam Secker and will include chicken yiros, roast pork and gravy rolls and a sausage sizzle for the children – as well as open bar facilities. RSPCA South Australia recently shared Llewellyn’s story on their Facebook page – attracting huge support, including almost 400 likes, 60 comments and 29 shares. BY MILLIE THOMAS

Llewellyn Secker impressed the RSPCA recently with her contributions.

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Monitor NEWS

Tax Time is coming Grey nomads back T on the road he message to prepare early for the end of the financial year (EOFY) is resonating amongst small to medium businesses who report they are not waiting until after June 30 to make inroads into their compliance obligations.


Grey Nomads hit the road to Roxby Downs near the Pimba turn-off recenlty .

hile growing numbers of younger families are responding to the affordability of caravan and camping holidays, the traditional over 50s age group still cherish their lifestyles on wheels. Spud’s Roadhouse at Pimba has long been a popular stop-over for the baby boomer generation as they make their way to the red centre and the Northern Territory. Managers Brett Halls and Kim Evans said the roadhouse had seen good numbers of grey nomad travellers passing through over recent weeks. Ms Evans said many leave their

vans in the extensive parking area and travel local dirt tracks. “A lot of them go out on the tracks around here and they like it because they don’t have to take their vans,” Ms Evans said. “They can leave it here in the morning and come back at night.” The economic downturn and its impact on superannuation and investments had kept many regular “grey nomads” at home over the past couple of years. President of the Caravan and Camping Industries Association of SA (CCIASA) Mike Riggs said signs of economic recovery and stable fuel prices had seen grey nomads return to the road.

“We expect to see many of the traditional caravanners back in the market for new products and upgrades,” he said. “Retirees tend to focus on a major interstate trip each year during our winter months to chase the sun, and plan regular shorts to South Australian parks at other times. “There will also be plenty of over 50s caravanners enjoying the quality of our parks and diversity of tourism experiences over the coming months.” A CCIASA survey showed that 87 per cent of respondents intended to take a caravan, camping or motor home holiday this year.

In the March 2014 MYOB Business Monitor, nearly one third of Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) reported they start preparing their financial reports at least a month before EOFY (31 per cent). A further 17 per cent stated that they start their preparations in the weeks prior to June 30, and only 12 per cent reported not starting preparation until two months after the financial year ends. MYOB CEO Tim Reed said it’s heartening to see a high proportion of SMEs getting to grips ahead of time with compliance issues and other matters relating to EOFY. “Preparing for EOFY early means SMEs can start the new financial year on the front foot. While EOFY is a compliance-driven exercise, it can be an ideal opportunity to draw a line under the previous year and look at what worked for your business, and what didn’t. This way when you look ahead to the next year you’ll have a much better idea of what activity will drive your success,” Mr Reed said. Nearly two thirds of SMEs (64 per

cent) use an accountant and a further 13 per cent use a bookkeeper to help them with EOFY compliance. Mr Reed says the EOFY process is when SMEs are likely to spend the most time with their accountant or bookkeeper, so they should take advantage of the opportunity for sound advice. “For most business owners their accountant or bookkeeper is their most trusted business advisor. They can help create and/or update their strategic plan. They can also advise on the best way to seek additional resources to grow the business; whether that’s moving to online solutions, funding a new employee or acquiring a complementary business.” With online accounting making EOFY compliance easier than ever before, Mr Reed suggests SMEs use the time gained from increased productivity to work with their business advisor on plans for the coming year. “The economic indicators point to 2014 as shaping up to be the year in which many local operators can fulfil their business potential,” he said. The March 2014 MYOB Business Monitor survey also highlights that SMEs can face a tough few weeks ahead as they grapple with EOFY requirements. Thirty-one per cent reported working weekends, 20 per cent have worked past midnight and 14 per cent turned down invitations to catch up with friends in order to complete their EOFY obligations in the past.

Renovations underway

$110 million Four Mile Uranium Mine to begin operating


our Mile Uranium Mine in the State’s north began operation in recent weeks, confirming South Australia’s position as the nation’s uranium capital. The $110 million Four Mile Uranium Mine is one of the most significant uranium deposits in the world discovered in the last 25 years. Mineral Resources and Energy Minister Tom Koutsantonis said today that all required approvals are now in place for the final commissioning and start-up of Four Mile. Production is anticipated to begin during the second quarter of the year. “Four Mile is yet another example of the Government working with industry to deliver results for South Australia,” Mr Koutsantonis said. “The Government’s Plan for Accelerating Exploration (PACE) - played a key role in the discovery of the resource at Four Mile. “This Government has achieved international recognition through the success of our PACE programs, which have led to new discoveries and new mines over the past decade. Combined with our world-leading regulatory en-

vironment, we have been there to assist industry to invest, grow and create jobs.” Four Mile is located 550 kilometres north of Adelaide and adjacent to the Beverley Uranium Mine. The mine is a Joint Venture comprising Quasar Resources Pty Ltd and Alliance Craton Explorer Pty Ltd. Quasar Resources is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Heathgate Resources, which has been appointed by the Joint Venture as the mining operator of Four Mile. Mr Koutsantonis said that Four Mile will provide on-going employment in the remote part of South Australia for about 200 people, including contractors. “Heathgate has always demonstrated a strong commitment to partnership and support to local communities,” he said. “I understand that the start-up of Four Mile will also ensure that around 40 of the on-site jobs are secured for Aboriginal workers.” Mr Koutsantonis said the hard work of the Department of Manufacturing, Innovation, Trade, Resources and Energy (DMITRE) and the collaborative approach of Government agencies had supported the project.

The Spud’s roadhouse crew, Di Allen, Brett Halls, Kim Evans, Kane Champion and Paul Smith recently. Inside has already undergone a transformation with the removal of the old dining room to make way for a seperate pokie machine area. The outside dining room will also undergo a facelift in coming months.


enovations have begun at the iconic Spud’s Roadhouse at Pimba.

A separate pokies room plus a more open pool table area has replaced the former dining room, with plans to revamp the popular outdoor eating area to make it more enclosed. Managers Brett Halls and Kim Evans said half the work was now complete and a new entrance and the outdoor area renovations would

be complete in the first week of May. The couple, who were previously assistant managers at the Marla Roadhouse, have quickly redesigned the popular stop over to make it more customer-friendly while retaining the station’s well known character. The renovations would also include new flooring and ceilings, and more seating. “By next month there will be big changes,” Kim said.

Introducing The Monitor’s weekend and sport photographers ...

Kylie Aspery

The Monitor Your Community Newspaper Employing more locals Page 4 -- Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Verity Casserly


Monitor THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper


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For those fallen, served or serving

ABOVE: Padre Jean Johns, RSL Treasurer Bernie McCarthy and Wing Commander Jason McHeyzer at the Woomera War Memorial following Dawn Service last week. LEFT TOP: Ready to lay wreathes. LEFT CENTRE: The Bugle Player. LEFT BOTTOM: Raising the flags.



ateship and lifestyle are the resounding positive effects of serving for Australia… but they don’t come without cost.

Local couple Charlotte and Bernhard DeMontmorency served in the Australian Defence Force for 13 and seven years respectively and shared their experiences and the importance of ANZAC Day with The Monitor recently. Encouraged by her brother, Charlotte enlisted in July, 2001, and was only discharged in January this year. “My older brother is also in the army and he encouraged me to join. I did not know what I wanted to be ‘when I grew up’ so this was a great career to undertake as there were so many things I could do,” she told The Monitor last week. A major peace keeping deployment to the Solomon Islands in a Command Support Systems Operator capacity during Charlotte’s career was a service highlight. Charlotte’s main role in the mission as part

of the communications section was to help provide internal and external communications through internet or intranet for her contingent. “It was a great opportunity to help others in need and to learn about their culture and history,” she said. “It is an incredibly beautiful location and the people are lovely. Just quietly they also make the best mince burgers and tuna salad sandwiches!” Another memorable deployment for Charlotte was on a navy ship as part of border control to Christmas Island – at the end of their ‘sacred crab’ season. “The crabs are sacred and during certain months you cannot drive a car on Christmas Island so you do not harm any crabs. The crabs are very colourful,” Charlotte explained. Aside from three weeks of seasickness and the spectacular appearance of the crabs, Charlotte described her most memorable moment as a particularly unappealing exercise drill taken out on the ship. “(We were) running up and down the helicopter pad repeatedly and doing push ups to the sway of the ship, climbing down the side of the ship, voluntarily, via a rope ladder into the ocean where you could not see the bottom

Heightened Defence presence at Woomera ANZAC Day


efence supported town Woomera experienced a heightened Defence presence at their ANZAC Day celebrations this year. Additional personnel stationed at Woomera took the chance to support celebrations at Woomera and Coober Pedy while in the region. “ANZAC Day is the most significant day each year for past and present Australian servicemen and women, which is commemorated across the country, including at many small country towns,” a Defence spokesperson said. “Woomera retains a strong military history and ongoing presence of Defence person-

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

nel and the Anzac Day ceremonies recognise and respect these links.” The day was celebrated with a dawn and commemorative service at the Woomera Village memorial – with a number of current Defence officials in attendance, including an Air Force Padre, RSL representatives, a bugle player, local and Adelaide-based Defence personnel, Indigenous representatives and a Flag Orderly. The ANZAC Day address was delivered by Wing Commander Jason McHeyzer, the deputy director of Woomera Test Range at Woomera, and Sergeant Trevor Seebohm at Coober Pedy. BY MILLIE THOMAS

(five to 10 kilometres deep) and spotters were watching from the top of the ship for sharks…. think I lasted five minutes!” Bernhard, who served from 2005 until 2012 said he joined the defence forces for the ‘lifestyle and skill set that no other job could provide’. However, some adverse experiences in Afghanistan gave him some less than desirable memories. “I can’t say I really enjoyed myself over there but I did have some good times,” Bernhard told The Monitor last week. “Most memorable was the times I worked with British, U.S and Dutch soldiers.” Bernhard spent a total of 18 months in Afghanistan over three different tours. His first trip was in 2007 with the Second Reconstruction Task Force, and in 2009 and 2011 with the Special Operations Task Group. “Afghanistan is a beautiful country and saw many parts of it but it is an extremely dangerous place. My time there made me really appreciate how lucky we are to live in this beautiful country of ours,” he said. Both Charlotte and Bernhard agreed it was the mateship found in the army that impressed upon them most – above all other experiences.

“There is a great deal that impressed me but the one thing that stands out the most is the mate ship, no matter how cold, wet, hungry or sleep deprived, my mates in my section (group) and I were, we stayed strong, laughed it off usually at the expense of hanging crap on our platoon commander, and still complete the unachievable task he set while he slept,” Bernhard remembered. “The friendships you form in the army, the trust that you have in the members of your section (impressed me most),” Charlotte added. “Everyone works together, no one is left behind. It is one big family. Regardless of what the task is, how hard it may seem, you just get stuck in and do it.” They agreed it was highly important to recognise and celebrate ANZAC Day to remember those that have fallen, served or are serving. “ANZAC Day is very important. It is not to glorify war and should not be utilised as a time to have an audience for political views or personal agendas,” Charlotte said. “It is about remembering and paying tribute to those who have served, who are still serving and for our comrades who have fallen. “We will remember them.”

Hundreds celebrate ANZAC Day regionally H undreds of locals celebrated ANZAC Day in the Roxby Downs, Andamooka and Woomera region last week, at both dawn and memorial services.

The Andamooka celebrations were conducted by Sister Pat Hogan and attracted approximately 50 people, who were catered for with a morning tea held by the Andamooka Hospital Auxiliary. The Roxby Downs dawn and memorial services attracted hundreds of people, and was this year enhanced by a special performance of the New Zealand national anthem. Pastor Keith Moody and RSL Roxby Downs and Andamooka President Jack McGuire conducted the ceremony, and representatives of the local emergency services, scouts and returned servicemen participated in the parade.

The official proceedings were followed with games of two up and refreshments at the Lawn Bowls Club. The Woomera dawn service was graced by a heightened Royal Australian Air Force presence this year, with Wing Commander Jason McHeyzer taking part in the ceremony, led by Woomera RSL Treasurer Bernie McCarthy and Padre Jean Johns. Wing Commander McHeyzer told attendees as Defence continues to establish Woomera as an RAAF town, there will be a larger uniformed presence at official ceremonies. Approximately 50 locals attended the dawn service, the majority making their way back to the RSL following the service for a few brews, including rum-flavoured coffees. BY MILLIE THOMAS Wednesday, April 30, 2014 -- Page 5


Monitor NEWS

Flu on the rise, time to get vaccinated


lu notifications have increased in South Australia by more than 40 per cent prompting a warning to all South Australians to get a flu shot this year to protect themselves, their family and the community, from the potentially deadly illness. Health Minister Jack Snelling said the most recent figures from SA Health showed there had been 511 cases of influenza notified in South Australia, compared to 357 at the same time in 2013. “While it was impossible to predict how severe the flu season will be each year, it is still important to get an annual vaccination to protect yourself,” Mr Snelling said. “At the moment we’re seeing slightly higher flu numbers than usual for this time of the year with medical professionals attributing it to a late peak in the flu season last year, which has carried over into summer.

Easter Sunday a success for AEC



he newly formed Andamooka Entertainment Committee (AEC) held a highly successful Easter Family Fun Day recently with approximately 150 people attending.

“While the vaccination won’t stop you from getting regular coughs and colds, it will reduce your chances of getting the flu, which is debilitating and unpleasant. “I strongly urge all South Australians to contact their GP or local council to enquire about having a flu shot today.” SA Health’s Chief Medical Officer, Professor Paddy Phillips said as the weather got colder, it is likely that we will would start to see more influenza in the community, which is why we are encouraging people to be prepared and have a flu shot. “This year SA Health has distributed more flu vaccine than ever before with nearly 260,000 doses already sent out to GPs and local councils, 30 per cent up on the same time last year, Professor Phillips said. “The seasonal influenza vaccine is available free for those most at risk, such as pregnant women, people over

65 years of age, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and people with chronic medical conditions. “However, we recommend that all people over the age of six months get a flu vaccination every year. “Each year the influenza vaccine changes, as it is designed to match the virus types anticipated to circulate in the southern hemisphere, based on what strains have been seen in the northern hemisphere. “This year’s flu vaccine includes protection against two influenza A strains, including swine flu, and an influenza B strain.” Symptoms of the flu include body aches, headaches, high fever, chills and fatigue. Influenza is a serious illness, causing around 20,000 hospitalisations and between 1500 and 2000 deaths in Australia every year. For more information visit www.

The crowd – who were made up mainly of families from Roxby Downs according to AEC Chairperson Kymberley Rowett – took part in a massive Easter egg hunt and Easter crafts “There were people everywhere – heaps of kids, it was fantastic,” Kymberley told The Monitor last week. “This was just like a trial to see how it went and how many people would rock up so we can plan for next year.” Kymberley and the rest of the committee were overwhelmed with the regional response to the

event and said the committee is working towards planning a local event for every long weekend of the year. She said the best thing about the day was the children’s faces during the egg hunt. Next up for the AEC is a Mothers’ Day High Tea on Sunday, May 11 – raising money for the Cancer Council, and an Andamooka Progress Opal Miner’s Association organised barbecue on the Queen’s Birthday weekend early June. “And we’re in negotiations with Fairybelle, she wants to come out and do something with the kids at some stage,” Kymberley added. The notorious Andamooka OctOpal Fest – traditionally held on the October Long Weekend – is also to be resurrected in coming years. Kymberley thanked the other committee members Anne Legg and Ashley Legg, Kelly Gerkins, Adele and Renee Smirnios.

ATMC continues with upkeep


s the end of financial year nears and major works start slowing down, the Andamooka Town Management Committee has been keeping on top of the town’s general upkeep. Following approximately 40 millimetres of steady rainfall earlier this month, local roads needed some attention, according to ATMC Administrator Deb Allen. “We had that nice long slow rain so the roads got pretty muddy so

there’s a fair bit of work in it,” Ms Allen said last week. The town’s water supply was also a point of focus for Ms Allen, with a new storage tank being installed last week. “So that’s a bit of a focus at the moment getting the town’s water supply sorted out. “It’s stuff that goes on in the background – nobody sees anything happening, but the water supply is the most important thing for the town.” BY MILLIE THOMAS





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Roxby Downs you did it again. It was lovely to see so many people, both young and old, in Richardson Place last weekend to acknowledge ANZAC Day. It was a beautiful day and a beautiful service. Roxby Local Best time of the year in the Outback.... Autumn! Make the most of it! Land lover It was great to spend a lovely evening at the local foot ball last weekend with the family but have to say we were a little disappointed with the fisty cuffs. You’d think the ANZAC Day round would be one game where players could keep their hands to themselves. Disappointed As a recent visitor to your town I think you are very lucky to have all the amenities and such great facilities. Your roads and footpaths are not that bad! Other South Aussie towns could take plenty from what you have done in Roxby Downs. Friendly Visitor

Page 6 -- Wednesday, April 30, 2014

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Roxby Downs to greet great shows


o-opera will return alongside award winning comedians and Shakespearean misadventures as several fantastic shows arrive in Roxby Downs in coming weeks. First on stage will be the return of the amazing Co-Opera with their greatly loved and highly acclaimed production of Madama Butterfly on Saturday, May 10 – once again bringing Roxby Down’s musicians onto the stage for a combined performance. Then comes the acclaimed Road Trip on May 28 and a special Bell Theatre Company production of Hamlet: Out of Joint, bought to town by BHP Billiton, to be held Wednesday, June 11. Roxby Council’s Art and Cultural Development Officer Ell McCarthy said each of the shows would offer something different to members of the Roxby Downs Community. “Which is why I’m so excited they are coming to Roxby Downs,” Ms McCarthy told The Monitor last week. “Each show also includes an element of audience participation, so it allows the local community to get involved with the production,” she said. “(It’s) an opportunity to head out and

experience a range of shows, dress up, have a meal and a drink at the bar in the Dunes. (It’s) a chance to experience some culture and a good night out with friends and family.” Co-Opera is Australia’s longest serving and busiest touring company, and has visited Roxby Downs several times in recent years. It allows local artists and musicians to join the show and perform with amazing talents, such as this year’s leading lady Grace Bawden. Grace appeared on Australia’s Got Talent as a 16 year old and will make her much anticipated operatic debut in this production. Sung in the original Italian and with surtitles, this production is a visual and theatrical feast, fusing the joy, beauty and sorrow of Puccini’s masterpiece with the elegance and sophistication of Japanese Kabuki Theatre. The innovative direction uses masks, puppets, exotic costumes and stylised gesture to transport the audience into the Butterfly’s world, and is bought to Roxby Downs by the Arts and Culture Forum. There will be more to follow on Hamlet: Out of Joint in coming weeks.

Arid Recovery Tour Night


t’s that time of the year again, Arid Recovery tour night.

You often hear the Arid Recovery staff speaking of their cheeky burrowing bettongs and their elusive bilbies, but have you ever actually seen one? Arid Recovery is offering Roxby Downs’s locals the opportunity to see these threatened species. The evening of Saturday, May 3, Arid Recovery is inviting locals to take a look at what goes on behind the fence after dark. Usually receiving tourists on their sunset tours, Education and Community Officer, Perri Carter, thinks this is a great opportunity for public of Roxby Downs to come and see the reserve. “I can’t believe it took me 10 years to experience a sunset at Arid Recovery” New Arid Recovery Volunteer and long-time Roxby Downs’s resident Karen Russell. Located approximately 20 kilometres up the Borefield Road, the Arid Recovery gate will be opened for arrivals from 4:30pm- 5pm with the night wrapping up by approximately 9pm. Entry is just $10 and children under 12 are free.

Visitors will be taken on a guided tour, learning about some of the unique flora and fauna the arid zone has to offer. The viewing platform offers the perfect vantage point for photographing those stunning outback sunsets. As the sun slips away the reserve begins to come alive, with critters climbing out from their homes. Visitors will have the opportunity to take part in a spotlight walk to the nocturnal hide where they will have the opportunity to spot the burrowing bettongs, hopping mice and maybe even a shy bilby! “It’s quite exciting wandering over the dune, listening for the rustle of little footsteps in the shrubs,” Arid Recovery Office Manager Hayley Thompson said. Visitors will need to wear enclosed shoes and long pants. A water bottle and torch will be handy and a keen eye is a must. A sausage sizzle will be available on the night for a gold coin donation. For more information visit the Arid Recovery website or call (08) 8671 8282.

The Dunes in Port Hughes still selling


tunning two-story home The Vincent is just one of the luxury homes designed by multi-award winning Wahlstedt Quality Homes at The Dunes development in Port Hughes. The beautiful home is currently on display, and overlooks the Copper Club and Greg Norman designed golf course. It’s also less than five minutes from world class beaches, jetties and well known fishing spots. The home has four bedrooms and a luxury open plan kitchen/living/dining opening into the alfresco dining area, double garage and golf buggy store. Downstairs features the master bedroom with large walk in robe and ensuite, while upstairs is designed with the kids and guests in mind, with all bedrooms leading off the rumpus room and wii room/office area.

The up stairs guest suite also boasts its own private balcony, walk in robe and access to the two way bathroom. Finished tastefully with up to date internal furnishings and modern décor, there is not a thing to be done. The lucky buyer could just walk on in and enjoy the lifestyle right from the beginning. The home offers a great emphasis on outdoor entertaining with an exceptional outdoor alfresco great for those summer time barbecues with friends and family. The Vincent also comes fully fenced, paved and landscaped with low maintenance gardens for you to enjoy life’s little pleasures, such as golfing, fishing, swimming or just relaxing.. For more information please contact 1300 950 335 to talk to a member of the sales team or visit

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Wednesday, April 30, 2014 -- Page 7

Flags held proudly in Richardson Place last week.

Wayne Morris at the ANZAC service.

Chad Menzies laying a wreath.

Emergency services representatives paying their respect.

John and Teela Komene celebrated ANZAC Day.

The Scouts made up a large contingent of the march.

King Spinner Brendan Cook.

RSL Roxby Downs and Andamooka President Jack McGuire making his address.

Jennifer Moylan playing Two-Up.

Amarli, Kyeesha, Giaan, Darnell, Omarion and Pippa.

Page 8 -- Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Scouts at the Dawn Service.

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Singing the NZ Anthem.

Grayce and Kel Kelman.

The ANZAC Day Parade led by CFS Brigade Captain Brett Atkins.

Roxby Downs CFS representatives in the March.

Snr Sgt Terry Boylan, Leigh Malcolm, Pr Keith Moody and Tony Hayes.

Gavin Stanton, Daniel Wescombe and Diane Stanton.

Andy Tyler, Zoe Bannerman and James Beenham.

Karley Newman with Soane, Dante, Tahneika, Gaibrielle and Paul Newman.

Harry Noll and Graham Warren get busy with the BBQ.

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Wednesday, April 30, 2014 -- Page 9



Woomera Community Hospital Farewell Dinner and BBQ Saturday, 26 and Sunday, 27 April, 2014.

Carol Billing is presented with a new crossword puzzle book by Janine Connell.

Anne Gray and Mel Condon.

Josie Schipper and Brent Finzel enjoy the farewell dinner.

Phil Chandler, Helen Chalmers and Janine Connell at the BBQ.

Bronwyn Walker and Kim Killick.

Jill Head and Sally Natt.

Sheila Coad, Carol Billing, Charlotte and Margaret Brown.

Andrew and Leanne Priest.

Cheryl and Tom Ho at the Eldo.

Kyle, Ella and Brett Humphrys with Carol Billing.

Carol Billing (newly retired) is presented with a framed plaque from Elizabeth Bolton-Theobald from Department of Defence for her 46 years of service.

Page 10 0 -- Wednesday, April 30 30, 20 2014

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At the footy ...



Lily, Phoebe, Lucy, Nellie and Finn. Jess Smith and Vicky Peters with Miley and Kacie-Lee.

Kapri, Peyton and Malia.

Callum Steel, Justin D’Andre and Josh Seamer.

Georgia, Tiffany, Helen, Isiah, Gabby and Iyta Webb.

Blair and Tanisha McKinnon.

Lea Lochner, Cheryl Schulte and Jo Barron-Perry.

Sophie and Aliyah.

Hayley, Courtney and Kimberley.

Lara, Zoe and Tanisha.

Friday 30th May 9pm-late Tickets $40 at the club




m=*4.*@*B<8?.;=1.+*;YV62-7201=m687-*B]X<*=>;-*Bm 6NVKN[\XWUb,XWMR]RXW\JYYUb

Phone 867 1 0053 /Ja#!!  .#JMVRW)[XaKbLU^KLXVJ^ THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper


Friday, May 2


Wednesday, April 30, 2014 -- Page 11

Roxby Council Going barking mad?

Little Amy, 4, joined other children at the Library’s holiday program last week.


arking is an extremely common animal behaviour problem. In fact it’s often the most commonly reported problem to councils around the country. So, if you have a problem with a noisy canine, you are not alone.

A canine’s bark can be loud and distressing it can reach up to 90 decibels (as loud as a lawn mower or motorcycle). So, prolonged exposure to this level of noise can cause significant irritation and annoyance, Roxby Council has a free booklet called ‘Barking Problems Solved for dog owners’, written by the experts at the Dog and Cat Management Board. It contains pages of great information about understanding and then solving the barking problem of your pet. We urge you to collect a copy if your pooch seems to have a bit more to say than you (or your neighbours) want to hear! Dogs bark usually out of boredom, separation anxiety, discomfort, disturbances or excitement. Yes, it is a natural behaviour to communicate with a pack and the community, but not when done excessively. Comparing dog barks: try analysing your dog’s bark to try to understand

why they bark. Barking components Boredom: Starts after being alone for some time. Repetitive, monotonous barks. Anxiety: Starts immediately when left alone (separation anxiety). High pitched, single barks, but repeated. Disturbances: Individual barks may be long in duration. Low pitched with little variation. Excitement: Occurs in clusters. High pitched barks. If your dog is bored then you need to provide more stimulation in their life. If your dog is stressed, you need to remove the source of the stress or desensitise your dog to it. If your dog is barking due to disturbances such as visitors or nocturnal noises, you may need to remove them from these events or you can ensure they respond in a quiet manner. Of course barking may also indicate your dog is not well and a trip to the vet would be well advised. If you have a dog that barks a lot, you should speak with your neighbour to see if they are affected, or if you are tired of hearing a neighbour’s dog barking, approach them and politely let them know – they may not even know that there is a problem when they are not at home. Changing behaviours in any area takes time, dogs are no exception. Using consistency and acquiring patience with your pet will pay off. Training, exercise, a change of routine and creative play may assist with this noisy problem. For continual barkers that are living nearby, you can collect a barking dog form to complete, which includes logging the barking incidents over at least one week. Once this form has been lodged, a Council officer will visit both you and the dog owner to discuss the issue and ways to resolve it.

Online Calendar


e have such an active community that life is never dull in Roxby Downs. Did you know about the community calendar? This can be found on website and is the place you can let the world know about an event you are planning or check out what is coming up. If you have an event you want to let us know about, or you want to plan an event this is a good place to check what else is happening at that time. We would love to help you make your event as successful as possible, so please contact us to publish your event on the calendar.


arch 2014 Quarterly Water and Power Accounts have been issued and are due for payment by Friday, May 16 2014

COUNCIL OFFICE Opening hours 9 am to 5 pm weekdays Telephone 8671 0010 • Fax 8671 0452 Email: After hours emergency Mobile 0418 892 870 Web Page 12 -- Wednesday, April 30, 2014

LIBRARY Opening hours 9 am to 5 pm MondayWednesdays, Fridays 9:30am to 5pm Thursdays 9.30 am to 12 noon Saturdays Telephone 8671 0500 Email: Library membership is free. Wide range of resources are available including books, DVDs, magazines and internet facilities. Toddler Story Time 2 pm Thursday.



Opal Road Landfill Opening hours 1 pm to 6 pm every day Disposal of household rubbish is FREE Levies apply for businesses Recycling can be taken either to the Opal Landfill or BSH Waste Solutions on Gosse Street All enquiries: 8671 1154

Opening hours Monday to Friday 9 am to 4.30 pm Council provides transport services including: • Vehicle registration • Boat registrations • Licensing transactions • Learner written theory tests (test to begin before 4 pm) All enquiries 131 084.

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The voice of the community... JOINING FORUMS If you would like to join a forum and would like more information please contact the following people.

New members are always welcome.

ARTS and CULTURE FORUM Rachel Young 0428 671 000 Thursday, May 1 @ 7.30pm TBC

BUSINESS FORUM Laura Trotta 0412 734 964 Tuesday, May 13 @ 6.15pm Council Boardroom.

SPORTS and REC FORUM Michelle Hales 0418 833 818 TBC

COMMUNITY GARDEN Patrik Ibele (08) 8671 0168 TBC Council Boardroom

Angela Neyland 0448 168 167


n’t mi CE - Do




p orksho W s i h t s

Thursday, May 1 @ 7pm Council Boardroom

The Youth Advisory Committee wants YOU!

ROXBY ROADSAFE MEETING Michelle Hales 0418 833 818 Thursday, May 8 @ 5.30pm Council Boardroom

MULTICULTURAL FORUM Sasha Yantewo (08) 8671 0010


Wednesday, May 21 @ 6pm

ecently recruited Community Projects Officer for Youth and Children, Kirsten Falt, has worked within the Youth sector for many years and is very excited about having the opportunity to work with Roxby Youth.

Council Boardroom

WOMEN’S NETWORK Lisa Hewerdine (08) 8671 0010 Wednesday, May 21 @ 8.30pm Dunes Cafe

Previously Kirsten worked as the Youth Services Coordinator with Mildura Rural City Council and prior to that with PCYC Queensland a not-forprofit organisation delivering youth development and crime prevention programs. The YAC is fundamentally important within our community as our youth are the voice of the future. The YAC are vital to the Roxby community and Kirsten said, “YAC members develop and run youth events and programs and advise the Community Board on current issues affecting young people in the community. YAC members are empowered to actively identify and advocate on local youth issues and contribute to broader community issues.” This year will be different as the YAC are planning 2014 to be bigger and better than 2013. “After the success of last year’s events: Gaming Night, Roxby’s Got Talent and Pool Party these events will be returning in 2014 along with many more, including the prestigious Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.” Kirsten said. This year YAC members will also have the opportunity to participate in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. By completing their Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, YAC members are in for an amazing adventure and masses of fun as they take part in a range of activities, all leading to the achievement of an award that’s recognised by universities and employers alike.’ So much to get involved in, for more info contact Kirsten on 8671 0010.

CONTACTING THE BOARD For further information, advice or general questions please contact: Michelle Hales, Executive Officer Roxby Downs Community Board Inc. PO Box 85 Roxby Downs SA 5725 Mobile: 0418 833 818 Email:

WHO’S ON THE BOARD Teresa Malcolm • Nidya Iwan Michelle Davis • George Giakoumis Vicki Mason • Gaylene Crane Mary Lewis • Brett McNeil • Bill Boehm • Chris Gibson

BOARD MEETINGS Board meetings are held on the last Monday of the month. Members of the public are welcome to attend and observe. If you would like to make a presentation or raise an issue, please contact the Executive Officer on 0418 833 818 so that you can be included on the agenda. Confidential discussions with the Board can be arranged if required.

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Wednesday, April 30, 2014 -- Page 13

Classifieds The


CALL 8671 2683


PUBLIC NOTICES Gerry’s Meat Store. New $230 freezer pack (mix and match) 2kg lamb roast, 1kg beef schnitzel, 2kg pork roast, 1kg chicken schnitzel, 2kg beef roast, 1kg budget bacon, 2kg roast chicken, 2kg marinated wings, 1kg BBQ steak, 2kg beef sausages, 1kg beef mince, 20 gourmet patties, 1kg BBQ lamb chops, 1 large mettwurst, 1kg pork leg chops, 1kg diced steak, and 1 bottle of marinade. Top quality, grain fed meat at affordable prices. Phone: 8529 2229.



term - 0412 106 646

To place an advertisement in our classifieds or employment section, contact our office on 8671 2683.




Operations Coordinator

Post Of¿ce & Motel

Olympic Dam, SA Our Industrial division is seeking an experienced Operations Coordinator. Reporting to the Branch Manager, you will be responsible for undertaking the planning and co- ordination of service delivery in the business to achieve client operational requirements through BOP (Best Operating Practice). This will include a consistently high standard planning and scheduling, including crew rostering, monitoring resource capacities and availability including employee rostering, monitoring employee training and inductions, assisting with scoping and documenting tasks and methodologies, equipment maintenance scheduling, and site compliance.

Behind the Famous Bottle House Opal Creek Boulevard, Andamooka & after hours by appointment

Ph: (08) 8672 7007 Fax: (08) 8672 7062 Email:

Stay on top and informed. Check out the weekly lisiting of vacant positions in our employment classifieds.

ARE YOU DUE OR OVERDUE FOR A PAP SMEAR? Join with us at Andamooka Clinic and have a cuppa and cake along with your Pap Smear for


Monitor The

Your Community Newspaper ~ Roxby Downs

Did you know?

All women aged between 18 and 70 years are welcome to attend.

You can view The Monitor in its entirety on our website

Wednesday May 7th 2014 Andamooka Clinic 10.30am - 2pm

This event is kindly funded by SA Cervix Screening for Pap Smear Awareness week.

The successful candidate will ideally have a strong proven history in using 1SAP, have high level problem solving skills, organising and documenting, multi-level communications and attention to detail. Team work, safety, additionally the candidate will have reasonable knowledge in business development skills, a strong customer focus; excellent written and verbal communication skills and intermediate Microsoft skills. A “hands on” operating bias and experience in the waste industry would be highly advantageous. If this sounds like the opportunity you’ve been waiting for, please send your application to:

Branch Manager Email:

Subscribe to our webpage and we will also email you a link to our latest edition every Wednesday.

RN Julie from Roxby Downs Family Practice will be in attendance to answer any questions or to undertake your pap smear.

The role will also attend site shutdown and project meetings, ensure planned and emergent work meets or exceeds contractual KPI`s, while planning meets or exceeds customer standards. The role will identifying innovative service solutions; developing customer relationships, assisting in contract retention and increase profitable service delivery; utilising company resources while ensuring Safety is a priority and productivity and other key performance indicators are maintained; assisting in operational management and HSE coordinators when required; reporting on contractual matters and identifying business opportunities to promote Transpacific businesses within the region.

Reference S56114 Applications Close: Tuesday 6th May 2014 EEO employer and promotes drug and alcohol free workplaces. For further information, please refer to:

“Transpacific…Creating Opportunities”

You can also view our classies, add your own, view and purchase out and about photos, view old editions, find out about advertising and of course contact us!

h ki


Business Guide t o ser vices in

To advertise your business in The Monitor’s business directory contact Jody at The Monitor on 8671 2683. We can offer a schedule to suit your business needs.

T imeless T ransport

Furniture removals • Pick up and delivery from Adelaide to Roxby (no item too large or small!) • General freight




Consults at 97 Pioneer Drive, Roxby Downs

Ongoing commercial contract work welcome

Tuesday 13th May PM and Wednesday 14th May AM Tuesday 27th May PM and Wednesday 30th May AM

Times to accommodate shift workers Instant health fund rebates - Manual adjusting & Activator techniques

Phone 0415 405 516

Autopro Roxby Downs

Phone: (08) 8671 2200 Fax: (08) 8671 2277 Shop 1/24 Tutop Street, Roxby Downs

Pt Pirie & Adelaide Depots

Antique & Household Removals Local, Interstate Phone: & Country Storage Delivery Specialists

Page 14 -- Wednesday, April 30, 2014

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24/7 Booking & enquiry service PHONE 8645 0880


0427 716 173

Roxby Downs • Pt Augusta • Pt Pirie

BDL 219265 telephone 08

PGE 198058 AU20207

8671 1353

facsimile 08

8671 2229

PO Box 275 - Roxby Downs - South Australia 5725 THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

Monitor SPORT The

Ryan helps lead state team



oxbyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s own Adam Ryan co-captained the Under 18 Menâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s SA Country team earlier this month at the 2014 Australian Under 18 Championships.

Winners of the ANZAC Day clash and grand final rematch - Roxby Districts Miners.

A scrap on the field was quickly dispersed.

Along with Sam Stafford (Mount Gambier), the boys led their team to ninth position in the tournament, which was held in Canberra between April 10 and 17. It was the most successful outcome for the SA Country team in approximately six years. Ryan explained as Co-Captain, he and Stafford liaised between game and court oďŹ&#x192;cials and referees during conďŹ&#x201A;ict - and â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;set an exampleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; for their team. They were also involved in game set up and wind down. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The only downer was I had to do all the (team) washing!â&#x20AC;? he laughed. Ryan was presented with the position at a guernsey presentation evening prior to the tournament, and said he was surprised at the assignment. â&#x20AC;&#x153;(I must have got it because) I talk lots â&#x20AC;&#x201C; I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t know!â&#x20AC;? he laughed. Ryan has been playing basketball for â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;as long as I can rememberâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;, and considers national tournaments and tournaments in Albury some of his career highlights. In the near future, Ryan, who is in Year 11 at Immanuel College in Adelaide, will be focussing on school basketball (and school work, of course!) and a couple of tournaments held locally in Adelaide. His next step on the State level is in the Under 23 division. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not that much really you can do â&#x20AC;&#x201C; next up is Under 23s which is a big jump but after that I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t know!â&#x20AC;? Ryan expressed his thanks to coach Wes Knights and his parents, as well as Tony Weir from Roxby Leisure for giving him a free pass to train at the centre courts free of charge.

PICTURED ABOVE RIGHT: Adam Ryan with the rest of the State Country U18 team in Canberra recently.

Sideline action was quickly captured of the Hornridge pursuit.

Roxby Downs Golf Association Stableford Results Saturday, April 19, 2014 OVERALL WINNER DIV 1 DIV 2 LADIES/JNR SWEEPSTAKES



SCORE +6 +3 +2 0 -2 0 0 0 0

Stableford Results Saturday, April 26, 2014 OVERALL WINNER DIV 1 DIV 2 LADIES/JNR SWEEPSTAKES



46 39 38 0 38 36 35 0 0 0

DAY RACE 3 2 1


BLIND Congratulations to Roxby Districts Minersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Coach Ricky Prosser, who celebrated his 100th FNFL game on the weekend.

ROUND ONE HIGHLIGHTS Joel Harman Kelvin Henry James Bremner Justin Watson THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

9 7 4 3







Results from FNFL Round 1



Saturday, June 21

$4000 Prize money from Open to 85 BW

Congratulations to 2014 Frank Corcoran Medal Winner Justin Watson (Roxby Districts)

TALLY AFTER ROUND 1 Joel Harman Kelvin Henry James Bremner Justin Watson

9 7 4 3

Trophies for SW 85 -Div2 50cc 5 rounds of racing Saturday 6LJQLQIURPDP5LGHUV%ULHĂ&#x20AC;QJDWDP

$45 rider 2nd BIKE FREE Camp Fire Saturday night FREE Ride SUNDAY Kids demo track available all day!!! Canteen and bar facilities all weekend y SAVCOR â&#x20AC;˘ MONODELPHOUS â&#x20AC;˘ HOLCIM â&#x20AC;˘ COATES â&#x20AC;˘ MPS Prousdolred n o p S y HEADINGS â&#x20AC;˘ THE MONITOR â&#x20AC;˘ ROXBY FABRICATION â&#x20AC;˘ CAT RENTAL B ** note- We remind all competitors that we are a black flag club and although we use MA rules as a firm guideline we do reserve the right to combine and or alter specific classes to accommodate all riders abilities, ages and bike capacity .

Wednesday, April 30, 2014 -- Page 15

Monitor SPORT The

Your Community Newspaper ~ Roxby Downs

Phone (08) 8671 2683

Fax (08) 8671 2843

Footy starts with grand final rematch T

100th gamer Ricky Prosser is carried from the field after The Miners’ victory.

Roxby Districts vs Hornridge

he grand final rematch between Roxby Districts and Hornridge on the Anzac Day weekend was a much awaited clash to start the 2014 FNFL season.

Miners’ Captain Ricky Prosser celebrating his 100th game on the weekend.

Frank Corcoran Medal Winner Justin Watson.

Far North Football League ROUND 1 - April 26, 2014 A GRADE Coober Pedy 18.12(120) Andamooka 4.12 (36) Coober Pedy best players: K. Henry, M. Lynch, A. Frank, M. Grava, D. Ness. Andamooka best players: M. Tuohy, J. Sellar, D. Fisher, M. Bunnett, S. Orr. Coober Pedy goal scorers: K. Henry 7, R. Lanbourne 3, K. Hayes, D. Warren, L. Lionel 2, M. Lynch, A. Frank 1. Andamooka goal scorers: T. Mulders 2, C. Rainsford, P. Ross 1.

Scraps on the field during the ANZAC Day clash.

Coach hes comments: HORNRIDGE: Thanks to our supporters for turning up once again. We will do our best to improve next week. Well played Roxby Districts.

ROXBY DISTRICTS: ANZAC game played in great spirit. Happy for the win in club legend Ricky Prosser’s 100th. A solid win to start the season. Well done to all involved.

(Team Manager Darren Male)

(Asstnt Coach Brett Baldey)

Roxby Districts 7.2 15.5 16.9 24.14(158) Hornridge 1.3 4.5 8.5 12.7 (79) Roxby Districts best players: J. Mandemaker, H. Vrbovac, J. Greenbank, J. Roberts, J. Watson. Hornridge best players: J. Harman, D. Hardy, S. Schwartz, T. Grosser, D. Boyle. Roxby Districts goal scorers: J. Bremner 4, J. Watson, J. Mandemaker 3, J. Kenny, J. Greenbank, L. Godfrey, R. Prosser 2, L. Sander, C. Gibson, S. Mcivor, A. Jago, C. Hall, J. Roberts 1. Hornridge goal scorers: J. Harman, C. Dobson, L. Munro, D. Boyle 1.

After an ANZAC Day remembrance ceremony conducted by Jack McGuire, President of the Roxby Downs and Andamooka RSL, the game got under way in a very spirited fashion in perfect conditions for footy. Roxby Districts took the initiative immediately with two early goals to Justin Watson, and their engine room of Jared Greenbank and Luke Godfrey and ran hard to create space and have numbers around the ball to give lots of opportunity to its forwards, who didn’t let their team down with good, accurate kicking. Jordan Mandemaker was dominant in the forward lines for Roxby, and whilst Hornridge worked hard defensively, they struggled to get the ball past a solid Roxby half back line of Todd Roberts, Luke Ryan and Braden Ritter. Even though starved of supply, Joel Harman provided a focal point for Hornridge and made the most of his limited opportunities with three goals up to half time. Nonetheless, Roxby had a commanding lead of 66 points at half time and was looking very hard to beat. Hornridge lifted after half time and slowed down Roxby’s run, with Trent Grosser giving them first use of the ball in the ruck and Simon Schwartz working hard in the centre to get more penetration into their forward lines. This provided more opportunities for the dominating Joel Harman, and Hornridge won the quarter by three goals top set the scene for an enthralling last quarter. Roxby however, settled early in the last quarter, and ran out the game better than Hornridge to win the game comfortably by nearly 13 goals. Ricky Prosser kicked two goals in his 100th game for Roxby, Joel Harman finished with nine goals as best for Hornridge, and the Frank Corcoran Medal for best on ground was awarded to Justin Watson.


Coober Pedy vs Andamooka

n undermanned Andamooka travelled up to Coober Pedy for the first game of the 2014 Far North Football League season to meet a side that had recruited well (with a number of players from the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara lands) and well prepared for the new season. Coober Pedy dominated the game from the very beginning, playing fast, skilful, running footy that Andamooka had no real answer for. Coober Pedy had strength in the middle, with Matthew Lynch and Amos Frank working hard all day, obtaining numerous possessions and providing a steady supply to their dominant forward in Kelvin Henry, who didn’t let them down. Andamooka struggled with match fitness, with Matt Tuohy playing a lone hand in the centre despite lacking support from his team mates, and new recruit Daniel Fisher accounting very well for himself, particularly after half time where he went into the backlines to nullify the damaging Kelvin Henry. Coober Pedy led at every change and ran out comfortable winners by 14 goals. Kelvin Henry finished with seven goals, and the Raymond Boland Medal (in honor of the last remaining indigenous veteran from World War II) for Best on Ground was awarded to Matthew Lynch.


Co Opera Madama Butterfly - 10th May Adults $30 Children $10 Road Trip Comedy Show May 28 Belle Shakespeare June 11

Phone 8671 0500

Please be reminded that the Leisure Centre can only be entered through the Visitor Information Centre entrance or alternatively the rear car park entrance until further notice.

Gym memberships are available for purchase for $60 per month, which includes access to the heated Indoor Pool for lap swimming!

BHP Mine Tour Friday 2nd May at 8.45am. Bookings essential!

Gym Hours 6am to 12 midday (Closed in between 12-2pm) 2pm to 9pm Weekends 8am to 4pm Public Holidays 10am to 4pm

TICKETS Adult: $10 Children $8 Family Pass (4) $30 Cheap Tuesday: $8 COMING SOON: CAPTAIN AMERICA POMPEII


Duration: 2 hours 18 minutes Rating: M


Duration: 1 hour 44 minutes Rating: M


THURS 1st May | 4:00PM SAT 3rd May | 10:30AM | 4:00PM SUN 4th May | 1:00PM THURS 1st May | 7:00PM FRI 2nd May | 4:00PM SAT 3rd May | 1:00PM SUN 4th May | 10:30AM WED 7th May | 7:00PM FRI 2nd May | 7:00PM SAT 3rd May | 7:00PM SUN 4th May | 4:00PM WED 7th May | 4:00PM

Duration: 1 hour 40 minutes Rating: G

140430 themonitor  

The Monitor Newspaper for April 30th 2014

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