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Roxby’s newest world class project


he Roxby Downs Cultural and Leisure access to outside sports courts and ovals. Youth will also win under the plan, with the Precinct will undergo a massive transformation in 2014 which will include refurbishment of the existing Youth Centre to a new two-storey building on Richardson include a community kitchen. The precinct has not been fully redeveloped Place. Concept and floor plans are expected to be released within the next few weeks, and will include extensive refurbishment of many popular areas within the precinct, providing many new facilities for the community. The plans include a complete refurbishment of the Dunes Café, development of an extensive alfresco dining area, a two storey extension with mezzanine floor, a new art gallery and revamped visitor information centre. The gymnasium will also be expanded with a refurbishment of the leisure centre pool café and foyer, and a new rear entrance to improve

in a major way for more than a decade, and will complement the new Library Link building completed last year. It is anticipated service relocations will be undertaken in March, with tenders called for building and works shortly thereafter. It is expected to be business as usual at the centre while the works are taking place. A public meeting led by Town Administrator Bill Boehm will be held within the next month where locals will be able to discuss the project. Plans will soon be on display at the leisure centre and library.

The project would be funded over three years, with an allowance of $450,000 made in the 2013/14 budget. The balance would be known once detailed plans and specifications have been finalised. Both BHP Billiton and Roxby Council have supported the redevelopment. “We are excited to be part of creating an expanded community hub for the community,” Mr Boehm said. “The precinct redevelopment will provide additional services and spaces for the community to meet together in our township,” he said. “This redevelopment program will greatly enhance the current and future aspirations of the community of Roxby Downs, to be seen as a world-class town of choice, for both business and individuals alike.”

Olympic Dam Asset President Darryl Cuzzubbo commended the ongoing work of the Roxby Council in providing high quality facilities for the Roxby Downs community. “We value the role the town centre precinct plays in offering a real hub for community engagement and interaction,’ Mr Cuzzubbo said. “These facilities enable us to highlight the Roxby Downs community as a real positive in our efforts in attracting and retaining workers for our operation,” he said. Mr Boehm said the project would be an exciting period for Roxby Downs. “We are looking forward to working with all stakeholders to be part of this exciting time for the Roxby community as we roll out this and other stages.” Continued on Page 2.



raders in the Roxby Central mall have been left on ‘tenterhooks’ according to Roxby Central Traders Chairperson Leigh Malcolm, after property managers Savills failed to meet the Friday deadline to end rent negotiations. Mr Malcolm also said Savills had been ‘conspicuous by their absence’, with no offer put on the table when speaking to The Monitor on Monday. “A lot of the traders are basing their decisions on what these people give them, so we’ll just have to wait and see I guess,” he said. “We’re waiting now to hear back, it should be any day now, I would have thought.” Visiting shadow Mining Minister and Minister for Economic and Regional Development Martin Hamilton Smith said during his trip to Roxby Downs last week that he would try to help them prosper under the current climate. Mr Hamilton Smith accompanied State Liberal candidate Bernadette Abraham in a pre-election visit on Thurs-

day, meeting with various demographics in town. “I am very aware of the issue at the shopping centre as well,” he told The Monitor. “The least we can do is put the land taxes down; get the supermarket proprietors in a position where they can review the leases, so we’re looking at that. “Anything we can do to get the cost of being a small business down, we will.” However, local retail traders told Mrs Abraham any help from either party elected to State Government would come too late. One major retailer in Roxby Central told Mr Hamilton Smith they would definitely close their doors, and soon, instead of waiting any longer, despite any election promises, changes in mine operations or discount from landlords. Mr Malcolm also told the delegation Woolworths, Mitre 10, and the Tavern and Thirsty Camel had already renewed tenancies for the next ten years, and he suspected the smaller retailers had become ‘incidental’ rent to landlords. “Our major problem is that between those three major players there’s probably enough there for them not even to worry about us – we are just incidental,” he said.

The once busy Roxby Central Mall appeared desolate last week.


Monitor NEWS

What’s not to love about the library? WRITTEN BY MILLIE THOMAS

and support libraries. “Basically to celebrate the day and to recognise what libraries give to our communities, to have a bit of fun and to showcase some of our collections and resources which you might love or fall in love with in the library!” Community Librarian Kimberley Hargrave said last week. Strategically held on ‘Valentine’s Day’, Ms Hargrave said the day wasn’t always fully supported by patrons.


n the spirit of books, love and all great things a local library can offer, the Roxby Downs Community Library will this Friday celebrate Library Lovers’ Day. Supported by the Australian Library and Information Association, Library Lovers’ Day is an opportunity to celebrate those who love

“Library Lovers’ Day has been running for a number of years,” Ms Hargrave said last week. “When it first started, it was quite a shock to some libraries and library patrons, but now it’s widely celebrated. “Some of the elderly patrons automatically assumed Valentine’s Day and didn’t really believe in the commercialism in it… It was quite amusing!” Not to be confused as a typified day to stock up only on volumes of Mills and Boon, Library

Assistant Elisabeth Gill said it’s a day to enjoy all books. “It’s not specifically about romance,” she said. “You can love a mystery, you can love a DVD, so it’s not restricted form romance and we want to try and get away from that stereotype of because its love, it’s not necessarily romance.” The Library will be holding a range of pop up activities this week to celebrate all things library.

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Haley and Kimberley were busy preparing for Library Lovers’ Day in the library last week.

Chance to have your say … T he Roxby Downs Community Library wants feedback from the community about its current resources and services and will seek these through a public survey, starting this week.

The new community library was officially opened September 2013 and until very recently was the newest library building in the State. Offering some of the best services and resources in the region, staff at the library is working towards continual improvement – and would like the community’s say in doing so! “We’re hoping that people will ‘love’ to provide us with feedback about our lovely new library!” Community Librarian Kimberley Hargrave said last week.

We should never take our safety for granted. Stay tuned to local radio and keep updated. It could save your life.

What will it include?

From Page 1 …

The Cultural and Leisure Centre refurbishment plans include: CFS0076B

BE BUSHFIRE READY. Bushfire Information Hotline 1300 362 361 (TTY 133 677)

Cultural Centre

• Dunes Café to be extensively refurbished, includ ing a small children’s corner. • Expansive alfresco dining areas facing into both Richardson Place and School Plaza. • A two storey extension with mezzanine creating an exciting new home for community news paper, The Monitor and community radio station, RoxFM. • Art gallery to be refurbished, opening up the exist ing display space which will also double as a func tion venue. The revamped Visitors’ Information Centre will be the new focal entrance to the building, providing improved pram access and welcoming visitors and community members alike.

Leisure Centre

• Expansion of the existing gymnasium including the installation of a lift to access to the facility.


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Roxby Downs

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Your Community Newspaper ~ Roxby Downs

44° Five Port Augusta t 27°/44° Day Leigh Creek 27°/43° t Forecas Adelaide 24°/42° Page 2 -- Wednesday, February 12, 2014

“It’s a relatively comprehensive survey where we’re asking our community to support us.” The survey will ask participants why they use the library, what services they most frequently use. What services they would like to see, amongst other things. “One of the most important questions are opening hours and there’s a section for general comments,” Ms Hargrave said. The survey will be open for submission for approximately two weeks. “It will be evaluated and we will be using that to make decisions about how to provide services, resources and facilities that we need in this community,” Ms Hargrave finished. BY MILLIE THOMAS

• Refurbishment of the Leisure Centre café and foyer. • Installation of automatic sliding doors at the rear of the Centre to improve access to outside sports courts and ovals. • Upgrade of the rear car park to increase accessi bility and provide an alternative access point to the Centre.

Youth Centre

Refurbishment of the existing Youth Centre to include a Community Kitchen, answering a community need for a place community groups can share in the joy of cooking and creating in the kitchen. This space will also allow for training in food safety for community groups.

Other Precinct support works:

A generator will be purchased to allow the Cultural and Leisure Centres to continue to operate in the event of power failure. This has been some time in the planning and is not related to a recent township outage but allow the Centres to become a refuge from the heat for our community.

Additional future works

Roxby Downs Council has further identified the additional Stages Three and Four works associated for potential, but not yet committed, construction in the next few years. These future Stages will be shaped following further community consultation and are expected to include: • An upgrade to the Leisure/Library entrance path way into a rich arts space; • Construction of a new kids’ club building as a stand-alone indoor play area; and • Other redevelopment works within Richardson Place. THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper


Monitor NEWS

It could have gone ahead WRITTEN BY GAIL HERITAGE


hadow Minister Martin Hamilton-Smith said the Olympic Dam expansion probably would have gone ahead if the current State Government had moved faster. In his visit to Roxby Downs last week with Giles Liberal candidate Bernadette Abraham Mr Hamilton-Smith said the current government took too long to get through the environmental approvals of the project. “They took so long with the environmental approvals that when the decision finally got to the board of BHP (sic) the economy had moved on,” Mr Hamilton-Smith said. “If that decision had been on the table of the board of BHP a year earlier …it might have got the tick,” he said. “If the Labor Government got off their backsides and got the environment approval through sooner …. we might have been up here all systems go.” “The current Labor government in the last 12 years handled the whole OD expansion incompetently,” he said. “For 12 years now the Labor party has over-spruiked the Olympic Dam expansion … it was Mike Rann and Jay Weatherill, by the way, that did that … it wasn’t the company,” he said. “The company never said it was definitely going to go ahead,” he said. Mr Hamilton-Smith said without a change in government at the next State election, there would be “more of the same”. “I blame this current government,” he said. He said the debate now needed to move to expanding and advancing the current underground mine operation, and to improve employment and retention of residents for Roxby Downs. Mr Hamilton-Smith said it was time to create a business environment in SA that would allow the project to move on, including working with the Federal Government to slash industry taxes. “There will be another mining boom, like we’ve had,” he said.

Lisa Hewerdine, Martin Hamilton-Smith, Steve Abraham, Vicky Mason, Chad Oldfield and Bernadette Abraham during the Liberal State election visit last week.

Roxby’s attractive lifestyle the key E ncouraging more workers to live in Roxby Downs instead of flying in and out could be one of the keys to re-building the Roxby Downs community, according to Martin Hamilton-Smith.

The Shadow Minister last week said the practice of fly in – fly-out (FIFO) and drive

in – drive out (DIDO) had to be discouraged, and more workers needed to be sold on the idea of relocation to Roxby Downs, he told locals. “These country communities are fantastic places to live. I want to get that message through to these families, including those from overseas and interstate.” He said a new State Liberal Government

would target this sector and work on incentives to encourage families to relocate. “If more people come into the town all business will be in a better position,” Mr Hamilton-Smith said. He said a new State government would work with BHP Billiton, and companies in other mining communities in South Australia. BY GAIL HERITAGE

Broader issues acknowledged WRITTEN BY MILLIE THOMAS


lummeting rents and house prices, problems with retail and social development in children are just some of the domino effects Martin Hamilton Smith, Shadow Minister for Mining and Economic and Regional Development, acknowledged during his visit to Roxby Downs last week. “(We are) very aware of some of the issues, it’s been a tough year,” Mr Hamilton Smith conceded last week. “But I get the sense that we hit rock bottom a while ago, and we

have plateaued and maybe the worst is over there.” Accompanying Liberal State candidate hopeful Bernadette Abraham in a pre-election visit, Mr Hamilton Smith said the Liberal Party were ‘for growth’ and would do ‘whatever we can do to make it happen’. “Essentially my message for the paper is a simple one… for the thousands of people that live in Roxby Downs is – who do they want to govern the state? Do they want a Liberal Government or do they want a Labor Government to continue to govern the state?” he asked The Monitor. “If they want genuine change in South Australia and a bit of coop-

eration with the commonwealth and BHP (sic), where Mr Abbott (Prime Minister) and Mr Marshall (SA Opposition Leader) and all of us can start working together with BHP to make things happen up here, then they need to vote for Bernadette.” Further amongst the region, Mr Hamilton Smith acknowledged the need for regional development authorities in the area, and struggles faced by communities paying inordinate amounts for energy – off the State power grid. “This is a watershed period for the people in Roxby Downs. We’ve had all the promises, it fell on its face and if they want a change, they’ve got to vote for Bernadette.”







Grow the mine incrementally


etting the Olympic Dam mine grow incrementally, as opposed to an overwhelming expansion is key to sustaining growth and longevity according to Shadow Minister for Mining and Economic and Regional Development Martin Hamilton Smith. Mr Hamilton Smith visited Roxby Downs last week, accompanied by Liberal State candidate hopeful Bernadette Abraham, addressing a wide range of issue and solutions facing the Roxby Downs and surrounds communities. He came fresh from discussions with Prime Minster Tony Abbott and State Opposition Leader Steven Marshall about Olympic Dam’s future the day before his regional visit. Mr Hamilton Smith said major employer BHP Billiton had moved onto a different concept for the mine, and both State and Federal Governments needed to support their plan. “The PM has made clear he wants to get rid of the mining tax and a few other things to get out of the way of mining and we certainly want to do the same thing so,” he told The Monitor last week. “I think what we need to see is BHP (sic) incrementally grow the mine rather than swiftly and suddenly

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

and dramatically grow the mine, which is what was planned before. “So my point would be, lets grow this mine incrementally, which probably means growing the underground, and that’s already been happening.” Labelling BHP Billiton’s cost cutting over the past 18 months as a ‘preparatory stage’, he said underground activity needs to be grown while the company works on new technology to support its finalised extraction method. However, Mr Hamilton Smith did not rule out an open cut mine as a possibility in the future. “These things move in cycles, we’ve had a massive boom, it was an extraordinary boom, one of the greatest mineral booms… It will come again, but we don’t quite know when,” he said. “When it comes again, I’m sure we’ll be back discussing open cut mines, and it will be back on the table.” He branded regional Australia as the key to changing the State economy. “So we’ve got to get this region moving again,” he said. “Clearly we need to just grow that mine, if we grow that mine, we grow Roxby and that’s good for everyone.” BY MILLIE THOMAS

Make your mark on who governs South Australia for the next 4 years in the State election on Saturday 15 March 2014. ARE YOU ENROLLED TO VOTE? If you are a resident of South Australia, an Australian citizen aged 18 years and over, you must enrol to vote. If you’ve moved house, you must update your details.

HOW TO ENROL Get an enrolment form from any post office or enrol online at

Rolls close at 12 noon Friday February 21.

It’s compulsory to enrol you can only vote if you are enrolled.

Authorised by K. Mousley, Electoral Commissioner

For more information 1300 655 232


Wednesday, February 12, 2014 -- Page 3



Monitor NEWS

Club members’ nights REVIEW undergoing change WRITTEN BY MILLIE THOMAS


eekly Roxby Downs Community Club members’ nights, which are arguably as old as Roxby Downs itself, are undergoing change this year, in a bid to keep Club members interested.









From the hottest new movies, the latest kids titles to black and white classic movies we’ve got something for everybody. OPEN Mon-Thurs 10.30am-8.30pm, Fri-Sat 11am-9pm, Sun 11am-8pm

Richardson Place, Roxby Downs Phone 8671 0599 Page 4 -- Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Roxby Downs Community Club.

Club members nights, traditionally held every Wednesday night, feature Club Manager Richard ‘Rocko’ Smith entertaining Club members with novelty games and prizes, along with a generous buffet of themed foods from Indian curries to Aussie barbecues. Club Manager Pru Smith said the Club was trying to take a different angle at enticing members. “Having Rocko stand up playing games interested. The new structure will keep every week was getting a bit old for members!” she said. “So we’re trying to come at it the traditional form of memfrom a different angle to keep the members bers’ night once monthly, with

every other Wednesday offering a 20 per cent discount on purchases on the beer garden side of the venue.

New committee to stimulate Andamooka


oung locals in Andamooka have taken it upon themselves to organise fun community events to both entertain and stimulate the social hub of the town. Organised by local mums Lauren Blackmore and Kym Rowett, the group held their first committee meeting and first official event on Saturday – a ‘Welcome back to school’ party for local children. The women were inspired to organise local events for the benefit of the community after Lauren ran a fundraising campaign last year for Disability Recreation and Sports SA. The committee aims to run a community event on significant calendar holidays – in a bid to keep people in, and attract people to Andamooka. “We want to do something on Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day, organise a blue light disco… also Easter, Anzac Day, Remembrance Day, all the major things,” Kym said last week. “We also want to have a big October long weekend,” Lauren added. “We’re trying to resurrect it – when I was a kid, it was huge, and so we’re trying to resurrect a lot of the elements of that.” The women have hopes that the committee will work their way up to larger, more successful events as they go on. “We want to get rides, and do fun stuff for the kids to get more people in town, especially more people from Roxby,” Kym said. “Fireworks and things like that,” Lauren added. Hoping to be well established within the community by the end of the year, they hope to make a ‘big deal’ out of Christmas and New Years’ Eve for shift workers, the older generation and those living in town without any other family. “Christmas is not traditionally done in Andamooka, a lot of people leave, but we have a lot of oldies and we have a lot of shift workers who have no family

here, so we’d like to do something for Christmas,” Lauren explained. “It was done two years ago by APOMA and it was really successful, but the responsibility sort of fell on the same one or two people who do everything. “Those people have had enough and they want to give it to younger people to get moving.” The committee are looking for volunteers, and further ideas for local events. “If people have ideas, or things that happened in the past that they want to see happen again – let us know!” Lauren said. “Anything they want to see resurrected – because a lot of the things that we saw as kids that are traditional to Andamooka that have died.” To contribute to the committee, email

BY MILLIE THOMAS Below: Andamooka Entertainment Committee (formed on Saturday): Ashleigh Legg , Kym Rowett, Lauren Blackmore and Anne Legg.

Trapping displays this week A rid Recovery is offering members of the community an opportunity to be involved in annual trapping, without having to don the boots and the akubra and head out to the sand dunes!

Arid Recovery has set up a display in the Visitor Information Centre, where the public can stop by and look at photos from the event. “We have wheeled in our display ‘feral proof fence’ and will be putting up photos from the field and the lab. People can come and have a look and see what annual trapping is all about without having to do the monitoring with us” explained Arid Recovery Education and Community Officer, Anni Walsh. The display can be viewed throughout the week of annual trapping (Monday, February 10 to Friday, February 14). It will be

updated daily and will be modified to include all of the best photos for Saturday’s market day. Members of the community are also invited to attend the Arid Recovery Open Laboratory, on the corner of Olympic Way and Charlton Road on Thursday, February 13 from 2-4pm. Here people can see the captures from the day, including cute furry mammals such as Spinifex Hopping Mouse (Notomys alexis), and gorgeous reptiles such as the beautiful Central Netted Dragon (Ctenophorus nuchalis) which has a delicate ‘net’ on its back. “We encourage everyone to come to the open lab and take a look at the animals that we have trapped,” Anni said. “It is a great opportunity to learn more about the local fauna, and to identify any animals that you may have seen in your backyard or scurrying across the sand dunes on

an afternoon walk. Arid Recovery staff and volunteers will also be on-hand throughout the Open Lab session to answer any questions that the public may have”. Arid Recovery ask that people attending the Open Laboratory offer a gold coin donation to put towards the annual trapping program for 2015. “It would be greatly appreciated if people could offer a small donation when visiting the lab. The money raised will go towards the upkeep of equipment for future annual trapping events.” If you would like further information about annual trapping contact the Arid Recovery office on (08) 8671 2402. Updates will also be available on the Arid Recovery Facebook page (www.facebook. com/AridRecovery), Arid Recovery Twitter page and blogs on the website ( au).

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

Andamooka community


Opal set to extend hotel license suspension



he Andamooka Opal Hotel will extend its license suspension for at least another 12 months, Matthews Group Co-Director Brett Matthews said last week. The Opal’s liquor license was temporarily suspended and doors closed on Saturday, January 26 last year, after the hotel saw a reduction in current and future trade following BHP Billiton’s Olympic Dam mine expansion cancellation. Major trade for The Opal rested in accommodating temporary mine workers when accommodation in Roxby Downs and worker’s camps had no vacancy. Following the closure, Mr Matthews said without the overflow accommodation opportunities from Roxby Downs and the camps, the hotel was not profitable. Speaking with The Monitor last week, Mr Matthews said the parent company of The Opal, The Matthews Group, had not changed the hotel’s status since its closure, and had no plans, at this stage, to re-open. “At the end of the day until we get some confirmation that something is happening, we’re not moving forward,” he said. “I’d love something to happen, but at the moment it doesn’t seem like much is happening up there. Andamooka is pretty quiet by all reports. “We’ll just wait and see, and let’s hope!”

Andamooka kindy kids Community consultation for hub


ommunity input will be included in plans to develop the ‘Andamooka Community Hub Precinct’, following the release of a survey recently.

Alex - I like playing with the animals - especially the giraffe because it has a long neck!

Jimmy - I like the racing cars.

Amelia - I like to play with the dress ups - my favourite is the purple dress!

Lincoln - I like that my friends are here!

Three month old Krystal Anne is the only baby in Andamooka Childcare. Pictured with Anne Legg.

Gage - I like to play with the costumes and cookies!

Andamooka receptions

Abbey - I like when we get free play!

Riley - I like literacy

Chace - I like the lego train!

Summer - I like doing rocket writing

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

Lily - I like learning

William - I like playing on the computer

Local company GHD has been engaged by the Andamooka Town Management Committee to gather and sort through responses from the survey, which will be distributed both electronically and manually. “We want to capture as many people as possible,” said ATMC Administrator Deb Allen. “We want to get them thinking at a high level how they would like their community hub to be.”

Splash pad gets tick of approval


ndamooka Mums have spoken, and they have all come to the same agreement – the newly implemented Splash Pad is awesome! Opened in late 2013 after tumultuous building, approvals, and community acceptance period, the pad has proven to be a great success with locals in the area, with the utility’s opening hours already extended for the warmer months. Some locals still loudly voice their opposition to the pad, but according to local mums, there’s nothing better. “My kids love it,” said local mum Mel Kemenyvary. “It’s nice and easily accessible and the kids can get in, get cool, get out and get home quickly.” Mum of 2.5 (with one still cooking) Lauren Blackmore said the space accommodated all members of her family. “I love that it is disability accessible and has a good area for parents to sit and supervise, without actually being in the splash pad! And I really like that it’s free.” Kym Rowett, mother of four year old Lincoln and 10 week old Quentin, said having the children right outside the Andamooka Town Management Committee brightened the atmosphere. “I love the squeals!” she said. “I also like the fact that it’s something I can do with Lincoln – and have some mummy time with him.” The $30,000 project was designed to create a ‘social hub’ for the community, and since its opening has hosted children’s birthday parties and acted as a catalyst for local businesses and the community alike. BY MILLIE THOMAS

Returned surveys are due by Monday, February 17, before GHD look at results later that month, and draw up a draft report to the community. “GHD visiting on February 24 and 25 will let them look at the nitty gritty details,” Ms Allen said. “The draft report will then be presented to the community for review.” Ms Allen said the hub should really represent what the community wants to see – whether that be a business hub, social engagement, community club, tourist information or food outlets. “They are only limited by their imagination,” Ms Allen finished. BY MILLIE THOMAS OPEN 7 DAYS

Post Of¿ce & Motel

Behind the Famous Bottle House Opal Creek Boulevard, Andamooka & after hours by appointment

Ph: (08) 8672 7007 Fax: (08) 8672 7062 Email:

Lyn Breuer MP

Member for Giles

Working with the community, For the community. For appointments call Lyn’s office Phone: 8645 7800 Fax: 8645 0713 Email: Westland Shopping Centre Whyalla Norrie, SA 5608 Wednesday, February 12, 2014 -- Page 5


Monitor OPINION Basketball cancelled for three weeks straight. Shouldn’t the Leisure Centre be air-conditioned? Is this not a summer sport? Scheduled to play in summer? In Roxby? Every year? Get it together committee and make a decision.



How do you feel about Valentine’s Day?


0439 898 15 9

Unhappy basketball parent It’s really a shame to see the pool area so empty. I know it’s perhaps too hot during the day but at evenings it is beautiful. We are so lucky to have such a great pool facility! Water Baby

or email

First Market Day of the 2014 this Saturday! Market Lover Pollies are back in town. Must be an election looming because it seems to be the only time we ever see any one from the other side of Gepps Cross bother to make the trip! Local voter

“It’s a day to be spending with someone special.” Bailey and Brodie

Tayah: “I think that Valentine’s Day is a bit sweet”. Seth: “I don’t like Valentines because it’s too cute.”

Tayah and Seth

“I think that Valentine’s Day is about sharing your love with that special someone.” Kristen

“It’s a good time to be cuter than normal to those your with.” Sam

“Valentine’s Day is a time for people to be extra romantic to those they love.” Stacey


friendly staff of your Community Newspaper The Monitor Newspaper 6 Richardson Place, Roxby Downs PO Box 72, Roxby Downs SA 5725

Phone (08) 8671 2683

Millie Thomas Journalist & Photographer

Marisa Wilson Head Designer

Page 6 -- Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Gail Heritage


Managing Editor

Jody Gow-Smith JRGLH=VFKRUQ Advertising Consultant & 2IÀFH0DQDJHU

$FFRXQWV Administration

Fax (08) 8671 2843

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper



Beaten Track

Small improvements to Pink Roadhouse WRITTEN BY MILLIE THOMAS


fter taking over the iconic Pink Roadhouse in Oodnadatta in September last year, Neville and Adriana Jacobs have made small and subtle changes, to help heighten tourists’ outback experience.

“It’s only been slight at this stage, we’ve only just been doing upgrades, repairs, a lot of paint work,” Mrs Jacobs told The Monitor last week. She said there had been a number of maintenance jobs and administration duties that had needed tending to during their first six months of ownership. Mr and Mrs Jacobs knew the area well, having previously owned the William Creek Hotel (almost 30 kilometres away) for four years. “We knew what we were stepping into,” Mrs Jacobs laughed. Annually, Mrs Jacobs estimated there to be at least

10,000 tourists visit the Pink Roadhouse in the 200 person town of Oodnadatta. “ That includes four wheeled drive people, that includes your grey nomads, that includes backpacker buses,” she said. “Do you think that colour pink might have something to do with it?” Outback racing season is when the tourists really start to roll in, with the William Creek and Oodnadatta racemeets kicking off the season around May. And it’s the Pink Roadhouse that accommodates for most – with supermarket, post office, takeaway food and pre-packed meals just some of the services on offer. That, along with accommodation and fuel makes it hard for tourists to pass by. Mrs Jacobs said the couple would next work on upgrading the cabin accommodation. “Just little improvements at this stage, like I said nothing major.”

Since changing ownership late last year, The Pink Roadhouse has undergone some improvments. Photo courtesy of SATC. INSET: Ownership changeover of the Pink Roadhouse in September last year.

High power prices still an issue up north The cast of the Inbetweeners and BELOW: The Marree Pub in the far north has housed a number of celebrities over the past few years. Photo courtesy of SATC.

Inbetweeners visit Marree T

ABOVE: Energy prices have been an issue for Coober Pedy, and like communites off the State grid for quite some time.

he cast of British comedy ‘The Inbetweeners’ filmed in Marree earlier this year, adding to the growing list of celebrities visiting the outback town.

RIGHT: Mining mounds in Coober Pedy, Far North South Australia.

‘The Inbetweeners 2’ movie will follow the adventures of British schoolboys Will (Simon Bird), Simon (Joe Thomas), Neil (Blake Harrison) and Jay (James Buckley) on an entertaining trip to Australia. According to ABC Online, the approximate 120 person visit gave Marree busi-

Photos courtesy of SATC.


caled down subsidies for off-grid communities have meant the cost of electricity has skyrocket for outback towns like Coober Pedy. Businesses and residents in Andamooka, closer to home have been struggling with the same increases since 2011. According to ABC Online, the District Council of Coober Pedy has entailed the help of a lobbyist to get Government support to reduce high power prices in the town. In May, Steve Baines told ABC some medium sized businesses can pay from $14,000 to $40,000 a month for power. He said the lobbyist was engaged to “to develop and manage a strategy that encompasses THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

political lobbying and a media campaign in the lead up to the state election in March and I suppose the end result that we’re looking for is to get a commitment from both major parties for a policy of price equalisation,” said ABC Online. “We don’t want any special privileges, we don’t want any more than what anyone else is getting, we just want to be treated fairly and equally and we’re asking both political parties to develop a policy that would encompass that change.”

nesses a huge economic boost during a time when tourists are normally few and far between. “I was thinking last night in economic terms as to what it means, it’s probably close to $100,000 a day while they’re here,” town publican Phil Turner told ABC online recently. 2013 saw ‘The Rover’ featuring Robert Pattinson and Guy Pearce filmed in the same area. The Inbetweeners Movie 2 is due for release in August 2014. BY MILLIE THOMAS

Arkaroola not world heritage


rkaroola in the Flinders’ Ranges will not be reconsidered for a World Heritage Listing until 201516 after being overlooked in the latest round of applications. According to, tourism operators supported a push by the State Government to have the Arkaroola region added to national and world heritage lists, arguing it would attract more Outback visitors to the Outback and enhance the state’s ‘clean, green’ image.

“The Federal Coalition Government says the Arkaroola nomination has ‘strong merit’ but says the previous Labor Government bypassed it ‘due to competing priorities’.” reported. “State Labor Environment Minister Ian Hunter has accused the Coalition of failing to reactivate the nomination and not making the South Australian environment a priority.” The Naracoorte Caves are SA’s only World Heritage Site. Wednesday, February 12, 2014 -- Page 7

BIG BOYS TOYS New VIP scheme at Autopro Show

Autopro’s Jess Dow has introduced a new VIP Club for loyal customers.


usiness has been moving forward in leaps and bounds for Roxby Downs Autopro since it moved its shop from the Roxby Central Mall last year. Manager Jess Dow said

the larger store and more convenient car parking has breathed new life into the business, with sales up at least five per cent, despite the recent exodus of customers over the summer holidays. Jess said while their range of products had not

really increased, the ability to display more items on more wall space, and spread items throughout shelves in the new store had made it easier for customers to find products. “It’s allowed us to display

our products better so people have room to shop. The car parking means people find it easier to park right out front of the store,” she told The Monitor last week. “We are also now pram friendly, which we never

were before,” she said. “It now feels like a real car shop!” The Autopro team of Jess and her offsider Tonya Constable are well known identities throughout the Roxby Downs car community, and are now stepping up the special offers to their loyal customers. “Locals can now become a member of our new VIP club,” Jess said. “Firstly, that gives them five per cent off all purchases,” she said, “And then there will also be exclusive, special deals for VIP members only.” Members will also receive catalogues a week before the sales start date, giving VIPs a chance to buy any hot items early and beat the rush. Tradies and local contractors will love the receipt free warranty on all purchases – which means they can come into see the girls at the end of the financial year and receive a print out of all their purchases, ready for a hassle free tax time. The new Autopro VIP Club is now open. Call into the store today and start enjoying the benefits.


and Shine


lans are already underway for the 2014 Roxby Downs Show and Shine.

Roxby Downs Autopro Manager Jess Dow said the popular local event would be held in the car park of the new premises on Tutop Street for the first time in 2014, creating a new space for the event. The annual event brings out the best local talent when it comes to cars and bikes – many which are kept under wraps in backyard sheds for the rest of the year. Jess said prize categories this year would include Best Bike, Best 4x4 and Best Classic Car … plus … a very special guest will make an appearance. Keep reading The Monitor to find out more in coming weeks! Planning has started early to enable the crew to adapt the event to the new car park and layout so those local enthusiasts looking to enter should do so now. To find out more speak to Jess at Roxby Downs Autopro at Shop 1/24 Tutop Street or phone her on 8671 2200.



Join our NEW VIP club today to receive 5% OFF All Purchases, Special Deals and Early Catalogue Offers!

Shop 18 - 19 Richardson Place, Roxby Downs SA 5725 Phone: 08 8671 2200 Fax: 08 8671 2277 Email: Page 8 -- Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Filled with 241 OF Kinchromes Best Quality Tools $2499

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper


here’s nothing quite like the smell of burning rubber and the squeal of screeching tyres.

Roxby Downs Sporting Car Club Inc

2014 Meeting Dates FEBRUARY Saturday 22th - Night Meeting MARCH Saturday 15th - Night Meeting APRIL Saturday 19th - Night Meeting Sunday 20th – Fun Day MAY Saturday 24th - Night Meeting JUNE Saturday 7th, Sunday 8th , Monday 9th Round 1 State Titles Ceduna Saturday 22nd – Night Meeting JULY Saturday 19th - Night Meeting AUGUST Saturday 23rd - Night Meeting SEPTEMBER Saturday 13th - Night Meeting OCTOBER Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th Round 2 State Titles Roxby Downs Saturday 18th - Night Meeting – Last Points Meeting NOVEMBER Saturday 15th - Night Meeting – Fun Night AGM & PRESENTATION NIGHT Saturday 22nd 4pm Till Late

You can be part of the action by joining the Roxby Downs Burnout Club. Member Tom Wilson said the club was about to start planning events for 2014 and was now inviting locals to come join in the fun, helping and supporting the club to hold special events this year. In 2012, the club’s famous Burn Out Competition enabled the winners to walk away with a hefty $10,000 in prize money … and this year’s event will offer the same jackpot. Dates for the popular annual event are yet to be finalised, but a Fun Day is planned for the first half of the year. To find out more contact Tom on 0447 933 486, Johno on 0447036 989, Brett on 0423 537 232 or Daniel 0413 217 375.

Brrrmmmmm ….

There was action-a-plenty in last years Burn Out Competition. The club is now revving up to plan this year’s event.

Supercharged... Phil and Jess Dow in front of two of their Big Boys (and Girls) Toys at Autopro last week.


hen local security operator Phil Dow started travelling the long road to Roxby five years ago, he needed some cool wheels to hit the track. In came a supercharged five cylinder Hummer ...built by yanks…with a yank tank. Phil admits a round trip to Adelaide costs around $500 dollars. The only saving grace – the Hummer can take any type of fuel available due to its US Army roots. They don’t make them like they used to – literally. Phil’s wheels are no longer produced for retail. This baby is now a collector’s item, and worth more than the day he bought it.

Holden Commod Commodore dore SS Ute AVFU1

Phil said his love of cars had been handed down in his family and that led him to start ‘collecting’ , starting with his “dream car” … a 1964 Chevrolet. He bought that car from the original owner in Snowtown about 12 years ago. The car was only ever used for general daily use. “They used to use it to go in and do their shopping and collect the mail once a week and that’s it,” Phil said. “We get it out every now and again for a cruise. We take it down Adelaide sometimes.” How does it handle the long haul? “Better than the Hummer,” Phil said. The 64 had 50,000 miles (80,467 kilo-

metres) on the clock at that stage and only has 68,000 (109,435 kilometres) on the clock today. Phil said it only occasionally makes it out of the shed. The jewel of the Dow family however, is the 1965 Chevrolet. With a 454 Big Block it was built for both speed and comfort. “That’s our toy,” Phil said. “We’ve always loved cars,” Phil said. “We’ve come from a car lover’s background.” All big boys grow up sometime and Phil said he would actually soon be bidding farewell to the 65 after recently deciding to put it up for sale.

$40,885 DRIVE AWAY

Holden Commodore SS-V Redline DEMO AVF21 DRIVE AWAY

Holden Colorado LT-Z Space-cab manual AARG46

• 6.0L 6speed manual • MYLINK with built in apps • Rear view camera • Reverse traffic alerts • Dual zone climate control • 18’’ alloy wheels • Cruise control • Bluetooth • SIRI eyes free • Automatic park assist

• 6.0L 6speed manual • FE3 suspension • 19’’ Alloys Wheels • Sun roof • Sat nav • Leather Appointed seats • SIRI eyes free • Rear view camera • MYLINK with built in apps • Automatic park assist • Plus more • Only 2403kms

• 2.8L Turbo Diesel • 5 speed manual • Climate control • 17’’ Alloys • Alloy sports bar • Soft tonneau • Cruise control • Side steps • Bluetooth • USB input with IPod connectivity

$51,990 Rego- S613AXK

$36,990 DRIVE AWAY

Hayes Augusta Motor Co, Highway One, Port Augusta SA (next to Hungry Jacks) Ph (08) 8641 0488 or Brodie on 0448 139 263 Fax (08) 8642 4300 Opening Hours: Mon - Fri 8am - 5.30pm Sat 8am - 11.30am

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

Wednesday, February 12, 2014 -- Page 9

BIG BOYS TOYS A From ‘Coast’ to Roxby ... we’ve got it covered

delaide based motorbike superstore Coast Yamaha is no stranger to Roxby Down’s riders. The Main South Road dealership sponsors up and coming local superstar Taj GowSmith, 9, who is currently ranked sixth in Australia. After taking over the KTM dealership rights in SA, Coast Yamaha recently took GowSmith under their wing, offering what they could in sponsorship to help the family. It’s a relationship Coast Yamaha is happy to continue – passing on discounts and support wherever they can. Store owner Mark Flynn said the family owned business opened in 2001 with only two staff and a half dozen bikes. Today, Coast Yamaha has 15 full time staff and more than 200 motorbikes for sale on site. “We also have a fully operational workshop that does

everything from rebuilds, suspension, crash jobs, electronic diagnostics,’ Mark said The store also stocks a massive range of bike accessories and apparel, including new and second hand bikes from Yamaha and KTM plus jet skis and wave runners. The good news for locals is they don’t have to travel all the way to Adelaide to get what they need. Coast Yamaha also has a great website and locals can order over the phone. Mark said the crew could easily arrange delivery. Find out more by visiting or calling Mark and the team on 8382 5581. You can find Coast Yamaha at 212 Main South Road in Morphett Vale, Adelaide.

LEFT AND BELOW: The large range of stock on hand at Coast Yamaha.

Full range of KTM Bikes from Mini to Adventure Spare parts and Power Parts Powerwear in stock Qualif ied Technicians Postage solutions

212 Main South Road, Morphett Vale SA 5162 Phone: 08 8382 5581 w: f:

Dave’s our lucky winner D

ave Footner is the lucky winner of The Monitor’s Adelaide Clipsal 500 MultiDay Superpass.

Winner of the Clipsal 500 MultiDay Superpass Dave Footner

Northern Motorcycles 72 Stirling Rd. Port Augusta www.

ph 8642 5551

Finance available to approved customers Page 10 -- Wednesday, February 12, 2014


The ticket will allow Dave to go to the world class V8 supercar event to be held in Adelaide from Thursday, February 27 to Sunday, March 2. The MultiDay Superpass will allow Dave access to all trackside areas, including the public stands and displays like Route 66, plus he will also be able to go to all concerts, which this year include big acts like famed country singer Keith Urban. Anyone with a trackside pass can also take in a child aged 12 and under for free. The massive car racing event attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors to the inner city track in Adelaide every year. The Clipsal Ticket Giveaway was the most popular competition The Monitor has ever held, with dozens of entries received in person at the Richardson Place office and via Facebook. The tickets were made available through Adam and Ryan Miegel – partner and son of editor Gail Heritage – who both work as volunteers at the event each year.

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper


LMVD 2238662

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

LMVD 250044

Wednesday, February 12, 2014 -- Page 11


Monitor NEWS



Anna Gubbin with Meg Lewis and Mel Thomin and Mel Ferry at Meg and Mel’s birthday celebrations.

Andrew Ho and Lulu Gime at Andrew’s Farewell.

Ben Chinner, Andrew Ho and Sarah Chinner at Andrew’s farewell on the weekend.

Emily, Daniel, Breanna and Billy Wollatt.

Anne Gray, Damien Condon, Horrie Dillon and Tubby Gray at bowls.

Cam Wray and Daryll Ablett at bowls.

Carene DeHoop and Jem Shimmield.

Valentine’s Menu Entree - Braised Pork Belly Served upon cold pressed watermelon, topped with kaffir leaves & a lemon vinaigrette Or Oysters Gazpacho ½ dozen oysters with basil oil, fried pancetta & gazpacho Mains - Atlantic Salmon Crusted in dukkah, served upon Dijon chats & witlof salad, finished with a verjuice Or Black Angus Beef Fillet Topped with garlic fried enoki mushrooms, served on a beetroot & potato rosti, finished with a peppered jus Or Oven baked Chicken Breast Topped with coriander & chilli battered soft shell crab, served on a stir-fry of Asian greens Dessert - Chocolate Soufflé with hot chocolate sauce Or Lemon & Champagne Sorbet with sugared lemon zest & mint



m=*4.*@*B<8?.;=1.+*;YV62-7201=m687-*B]X<*=>;-*Bm 6NVKN[\XWUb,XWMR]RXW\JYYUb

Phone 867 1 0053 /Ja#!!  .#JMVRW)[XaKbLU^KLXVJ^ Page 12 -- Wednesday, February 12, 2014

SATURDAY February 15th Red - Taken Orange - Looking Green - Single

$5 Base Spirits between 10-11pm


THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper



Eric Elston, Alana Dubowik, Sophie Turner and Nikki Nagin.

Carl Bartlett with his better half Danielle Best and Julie and Dave Johnson at bowls.

Nuttee Ratanapiseth, Tom Ho, Andrew Louey and Lulu Gime.

Nick Backhouse, Cathy Grillo, Kristy MacKenzie and Jasper Bird at bowls.

Layla and Bronte at hockey on Sunday night.

Phil Galway, Bianca, Leah Caden and Kimberley Hargrave at bowls.

Sam Debomford, Charlie and Dean Binder at hockey on Sunday night.

Scott Rogers and AJ Marshall.

Tom Selleck, Sam Oliver and David Bott at Meg and Melâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s birthday.

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

Wednesday, February 12, 2014 -- Page 13

15th February 2014 at the Town Oval Time: 6pm-11pm Â&#x2021;&ULFNHW*DPH)HDWXULQJ/RFDO,GHQWLWLHV Â&#x2021;$XFWLRQ Â&#x2021;0F*UDWK)RXQGDWLRQ0HUFKDQGLVHRQ6DOH Â&#x2021;%DU 1R%<2



lton, former Featuring: Karen Ro â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Cricket Captain Australian Women

Roxby District Cricket Asso Association would like to acknowledge itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s valued sponsors

Page 14 -- Wednesday, February 12, 2014

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

The voice of the community...

Key Forum Dates for 2014

Speeding is just not worth it

JOINING FORUMS If you would like to join a forum and would like more information please contact the following people.

New members are always welcome.

ARTS and CULTURE FORUM Rachel Young 0428 671 000 Thursday, February 13 @7.30pm Location TBC

Clean Up Australia Day – Sunday 3rd March

BUSINESS FORUM Laura Trotta 0412 734 964 Tuesday, March 4 @ 6.15pm Council Boardroom.

International Women’s Day – Saturday 15th March

SPORTS and REC FORUM Damien Condon 0439 862 784 TBC February 2014.

COMMUNITY GARDEN Patrik Ibele (08) 8671 0168

Happy Healthy Expo – Saturday 29th March

Thursday, February 13 @7.30pm Council Boardroom


Youth Week – Amazing Race around Roxby – Friday 4th April NAIDOC Week 3rd – 13th July World Food and Music Festival – Saturday 18th October Roxby Downs Business Awards Gala Dinner – Friday 19th September

Angela Neyland 0448 168 167 Thursday, March 6 @7pm Council Boardroom


Motorist are being urged to slow down by Roxby Roadsafe.


However a 10km per hour speed increase makes an enormous difference for safety. Stopping times exponentially increase with driving speed so if you need to stop or slow down quickly, such as when a kangaroo jumps across the road, then the chances of avoiding accidents become far less. Each 10 kilometres per hour increase in speed on highways doubles the risk of fatality in a car accident, according to the SA Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI). The risks of fatal accidents

Michelle Hales 0418 833 818

any people are fined for sp e e ding in Roxby Downs every month, particularly on Olympic Way going to or from work. If you are running late then it can be tempting to drive over the speed limit. However is it really worth the risk? Someone driving 10 kilometres per hour over the speed limit from the BP station at Roxby Downs to the ‘Pizza Hut’ security gate at Olympic Dam will take a miniscule 28 seconds less than a car going at the correct speed limits.

also apply to areas in town where the speed limits are much lower. A car driving 10 kilometres hour over the speed limit in a 50 kilometre hour zone is four times more likely to be involved in a casualty crash, which is the equivalent of someone drink driving with a blood alcohol concentration level twice over the legal limit. So for the safety of all those in our community, the Roxby Roadsafe Forum urges everyone to be aware of your driving speed and stick to the legal speed limits. It just isn’t worth it.

Thursday, February 13 @ 5.30pm Council Boardroom

MULTICULTURAL FORUM Sasha Yantewo (08) 8671 0010 Wednesday, February 12 @ 6pm Council Boardroom

WOMEN’S NETWORK Lisa Hewerdine (08) 8671 0010 Wednesday, February 12 @ 8.30am Dunes Café

CONTACTING THE BOARD For further information, advice or general questions please contact: Michelle Hales, Executive Officer Roxby Downs Community Board Inc. PO Box 85 Roxby Downs SA 5725 Mobile: 0418 833 818 Email:

WHO’S ON THE BOARD Teresa Malcolm Michelle Davis • George Giakoumis Vicki Mason • Gaylene Crane Mary Lewis • Chad Menzies • Bill Boehm

BOARD MEETINGS Board meetings are held on the last Monday of the month. Members of the public are welcome to attend and observe. If you would like to make a presentation or raise an issue, please contact the Executive Officer on 0418 833 818 so that you can be included on the agenda. Confidential discussions with the Board can be arranged if required.

Like us on - roxbydownscummunity THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

Wednesday, February 12, 2014 -- Page 15

Roxby Council

Library Lovers Day F

ebruary 14 is traditionally known as Valentine’s Day.

But did you know that it is also known as Library Lovers Day? Community Librarian, Kimberley Hargrave is excited about the range of romantically themed and fun activities at the Roxby Downs Community Library “We have some great activities to help celebrate Library Lovers Day, in fact we will be celebrating before Library Lovers Day! I hope everyone takes this opportunity to fall in love with our wonderful library by visiting,” Ms Hargrave said. “Roxby Downs Community Library has a very special and unique opportunity for residents to make their loved ones feel extra special. “We are also asking everyone to write the library a ‘love note’ which explains why you love the library or why you have fallen in love with at the library, such as a book, film or music cd. Library members may also be able to ‘blind date’, with a selection of wonderful books wrapped in brown paper waiting to be borrowed. A range of pop up activities

will also be available from Monday, February 10 to Friday 15, with lots of special surprises on Library Lover’s Day on Thursday, February 14. The Australian Library and Information Association are hoping to find Australia’s Favourite Library, and Roxby Downs Community Library will be nominated! We encourage you to vote at In conjunction with the Library Lovers Day celebrations, the library is launching a survey so everyone can tell them what they think of the new library and what they would like use the library for. “Library staff will be out and about next week, and we hope everyone will take to the time to give us your opinion about the library and its services so we can make the right changes and improvements.” Ms Hargrave said. The survey can be accessed online at For more information on contact the library on 8671 0500 or come in and visit.

Approving safety Council’s new live NEWS IN BRIEF for local swimming EzyReg system


he third quarter rates notice will be issued on Friday, February 14 and will be due for payment on Thursday, March 20 2014. If an instalment of rates is not paid on or before the due date, a fine of two per cent of the amount of the instalment will be added. On the expiration of each full month from that date, interest at the prescribed percentage will be added on any balance in arrears (including interest).


eminder to pay your Power and Water accounts by Monday, February 17 2014. To discuss your account contact the Roxby Council on 8671 0010.

COUNCIL OFFICE Opening hours 9 am to 5 pm weekdays Telephone 8671 0010 • Fax 8671 0452 Email: After hours emergency Mobile 0418 892 870 Web Page 16 -- Wednesday, February 12, 2014

pools and spas

Don’t be caught in the deep end! Swimming pool safety changes.


n Wednesday January 1, 2014 changes were introduced with the Development (Swimming Pool Safety) Variation Regulations 2013.

Most relevantly for councils, the variation regulations require councils to adopt changes to their annual inspection policies, to accommodate the inspection of all swimming pools and spas, which required development approval. Roxby Council now has a revised application fee of $170 for the construction/alteration/addition to a swimming pool. The new laws are aimed at ensuring swimming pools comply and have the appropriate pool safety barrier. All swimming pools must have a continuous safety barrier maintained by the pool owner that restricts access by young children to the pool. Development approval is required for all pools or spas which have a depth greater than 300 millimetres and incorporate a filtration system. For further information please visit the Roxby Council website or call 86710 010.

LIBRARY Opening hours 9 am to 5 pm MondayWednesdays, Fridays 9:30am to 5pm Thursdays 9.30 am to 12 noon Saturdays Telephone 8671 0500 Email: Library membership is free. Wide range of resources are available including books, DVDs, magazines and internet facilities. Toddler Story Time 2 pm Thursday.


esidents of Roxby Downs will now be able to visit the Roxby Council office to register their details and have Roxby Council staff make instant EzyReg transactions on their behalf.

Roxby Council staff have been trained and authorised to update your address, renew your license and vehicle registrations using the live EzyReg online service centre. If you don’t have access to the internet or would like some assistance with these services come in and see our friendly staff, operating hours are Monday to Friday 9am – 4.30pm.

Be aware: Seasonal gumtree safety


treets in Roxby Downs are lined with beautiful gumtrees, providing shade for residents and visitors alike.

While they benefit us in many ways they can also cause major damage when branches or the whole tree falls on cars, houses or people. The dry, hot summer can weaken trees - and it is not unusual for tree limbs to drop without notice - this is commonly referred to as ‘Summer limb failure’. Residents are asked to be aware of the potential hazard tree branches can cause in car parks, playgrounds and around your home. If you require further information please contact Roxby Council on 8671 0010.



Opal Road Landfill Opening hours 1 pm to 6 pm every day Disposal of household rubbish is FREE Levies apply for businesses Recycling can be taken either to the Opal Landfill or BSH Waste Solutions on Gosse Street All enquiries: 8671 1154

Opening hours Monday to Friday 9 am to 4.30 pm Council provides transport services including: • Vehicle registration • Boat registrations • Licensing transactions • Learner written theory tests (test to begin before 4 pm) All enquiries 131 084.

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

Classifieds The


CALL 8671 2683

Dublin Meats. Top quality beef, lamb and veal from our farm to you. $100 family pack, $20 lamb roast, 2kg roast chicken, 1kg pork chops, 1kg beef sausages, 10 gourmet patties, 1.5kg beef roast, 1kg BBQ steak, 1kg packet bacon, 250gm mettwurst, 1kg BBQ lamb chops, 1 bottle of marinade. All packs mix and match. Ph 8529 2229.




WHEN: 19th FEB



MPS Building and Electrical are currently seeking applications for the Position of Electrical Supervisor.

TIME: 7:30

Kingoonya NRM District Group

The position of Electrical Supervisor is to provide leadership, guidance and technical support to ensure all electrical works are carried out in accordance with the company and clients safety procedures and ensure the installation meets or exceeds the relevant standards.


The RDMXC is looking to expand its committee in 2014 so we are seeking all existing, old and new members to save this date and make the effort to come along and get involved in what should be another exciting year ahead.

Glendambo 28 February 2014 For an agenda and inquiries contact the Board on ph: (08) 8648 5300 or visit the Board’s website

LOST in Roxby Downs or Woomera: St Christopher on silver chain inscribed with my late father’s name and dates of birth and death. Sentimental value great and reward will be paid. Call Don 0418 923 929.



Notice of Group Meeting #25

All Positions will be declared open for nomination, President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer,& 6XE&RPPLWWHHQHHGWREHÀOOHG For further info and to make a genuine enquiry about how to get involved, please call Clint 0437 546 758




Job Specifications: • Effectively manage a small electrical team • Comply with all Safety Procedures and ensure all works are carried out in a safe manner • Undertake site inspections for compliance • Ensure the quality and output of the electrical crew in in line with the company and clients requirements. • Monitor and mentor workers • Provide positive leadership in the workforce promoting safety inititatives. Previous Olymic Dam mine site experience will be highly regarded. You must be willing to participate in a pre employment medical which includes drug and alcohol testing.

Monitor The

Applications close on Friday February 21, 2014, please forward your resume to

Your Community Newspaper ~ Roxby Downs


Expressions of Interest


Invitations are invited to join the Board of The Monitor Community Newspaper Inc. Vacancies exist for two people to lodge an expression of interest. If you have a background and an interest in media, business management, and a passion for the local community, please apply to:

Post Of¿ce & Motel

Tuesday 11th March 2014 7.30pm—Roxby Downs Club

Behind the Famous Bottle House

Opal Creek Boulevard, Andamooka & after hours by appointment

New Members Most Welcome

The Chairman Monitor Newspaper Inc. PO Box 72, Roxby Downs 5725 or email

Ph: (08) 8672 7007 Fax: (08) 8672 7062 Email:

All positions Vacant Queries please contact Cherie 86712924

Did you know?

Find us on Facebook!

Are you looking for staff? Place an ad in The Monitor’s classifieds page and wait for the applications to come rolling in! Contact Jody on or 8671 2683 to advertise today!

T imeless T ransport

Business Guide t o ser vices in

Furniture removals • Pick up and delivery from Adelaide to Roxby (no item too large or small!) • General freight

To advertise your business in The Monitor’s business directory contact Jody at The Monitor on 8671 2683. We can offer a schedule to suit your business needs. Juliette Tuck Specialising in Residential Additions, Renovations and Building Maintenance Carpentry | Plumbing | Trade Labour Hire Plastering | Electrical & Communications

Call 0499 289 004

Email | PO Box 1012, Roxby Downs SA 5725

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• • • •

Ongoing commercial contract work welcome Phone 0415 405 516

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Registered Cosmetic Nurse

In association with Dr Simon Lockwood, now at Roxby Downs Family Practice. 24 Gregory Street, Roxby Downs SA

Lic No. BLD248323, PGE247952

You can view The Monitor in its entirety on our website

Anti wrinkle injections • Facial sculpting Full face rejuvenation • Lip enhancements Medical grade chemical peels Hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating treatment)

Next Visiting February 20 Phone 8671 3231 to make an appointment or 0413 331 310 to speak personally with Juliette

Create a younger looking, fresher you

Pt Pirie & Adelaide Depots

Antique & Household Removals Local, Interstate Phone: & Country Storage Delivery Specialists

0427 716 173

Roxby Downs • Pt Augusta • Pt Pirie

Wednesday, February 12, 2014 -- Page 17

Monitor SPORT The

Nick Backhouse enjoys Friday night bowls.

The very talented Danielle Best on the green. It was all action on Sunday night at the beginning of the hockey season. Anne Gray bowling on the green as Leah Caden watches on. Abbey Debomford has a hit of tennis on a hot evening.

The Mighty Ducks go for goal against a persistent Ballbreakers.

Despite the heat the Rogues and the Roos brought action to the Roxby town oval on Friday night.

Tanner gets ready to send the ball back.


Sarah Janout and Lena Barrett.

lassics today) to â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 0 6 e th m o fr (hits

with FROG

Page 18 -- Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Monday to Friday 6pm-8pm


now streaming live at

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

Monitor SPORT The

Major setback for Roxby Rockets WRITTEN BY MILLIE THOMAS

The Roxby Rockets kept it close while passing SA team Jason Hardy and Jack Spear on Saturday night.


fter a promising start to a new sidecar partnership, the future of the Roxby Rockets for the duration of the 2013/2014 is now unsure, after a debilitating crash on Saturday night.

Local Trent Headland (rider) and his passenger Paul Waters started well at the Downer Sidecar Masters at Gillman on Saturday night, with a pleasing fight for first against Jason Hardy/Jack Spear (SA, second), Shane Rudloff/Damien Egan (SA, third) and Mark Cossar/Darryl Whetstone (UK, fourth). However, their second race was met with turmoil when an incident on the track threw both Headland and Waters off their bike, stopping all racing for over an hour and causing a number of events to be cancelled from the night. The crash occurred after South Australian duo Mark Mitchell/Tom Golding suffered a bike failure mid race, causing them to spin directly in front of Headland/ Waters who resultantly slammed straight into the Mitchell bike, and were further hit by Ron Parker/ Derick Thomas who were bringing up the behind. Headland and Waters were catapulted into the air in what spectators have described as what appeared to be a ‘not very serious’ crash, however Paul Waters’ awkward landing left him incapacitated with a compound fractured left leg. Waters underwent surgery at the Royal Adelaide Hospital that night, and is expected to undergo more surgery today. Seven time Australian champion Darrin Treloar/ Blake Cox (NSW) won the meeting, followed by current SA State title holder Mick Headland and Jesse Headland followed by SA’s Mark Plaisted/Brian Anthony. The Sidecar Supporters Group will hold another fundraising event this weekend, at which it is expected the rest of the Roxby Rockets season will be determined. For event details, look at the Headland Roxby Rocket’s Facebook page, groups/1443319465898796/. The Headland Roxby Rockets thanked all their supporters and sponsors so far.

INSET: Speedway Photographer Judy Mackay caught the fall on Saturday night.

Upper North place second in Bank SA Senior Country Cup SEE CRICKET FIRST IN THE MONITOR! WRITTEN BY REIN GERAGHTY


ith a T20 grand final spot on the line for the three of the four teams playing on the weekend, Rogues, Olympic Dam and Hornridge were all very keen to get a win on the board. After Andamooka batted first on Friday night, Rogues were set a score of 108 to chase down to keep their T20 title hopes alive. They managed to achieve this with relative ease, passing the score in the 17th over with only the loss of two wickets. Top scorers for Rogues were Mill 48 and Polly 30 not out. Whilst Cox made 45 not out for Andamooka. Unfortunately no bowling figures were available.

Cricket Results Friday, February 7, 2014

This result left Rogues hoping an under strength Olympic Dam could continue their winning form and beat Hornridge to set up an Olympic Dam versus Rogues Grand Final. However, this wasn’t to be as Hornridge managed to secure the win and earn their spot in the grand final to face OD on Saturday, February 22. Hornridge batted first and made 120 from their 20 overs. In response Olympic Dam never looked likely to chase the total down, eventually falling 35 runs short. Unfortunately batting or bowling figures for either side were not available. A reminder the Pink Stumps Day is on this weekend with the kids set to kick the day off with a B Grade game starting at 2.30pm. This will be followed by the main game at 6.30pm.

Local cricket action continued on the weekend despite the heat.

Round One

Round Three

Eyre Peninsula 149 (L O’Dea 31, B Hazelgrove 29; B Brown 5/25, R Wyatt 2/28, C Beaty 2/36) v Upper North 9/151 (L Strudwick 3/29, S Cooke 2/19, B Breed 2/38).

Upper North 146 (G Fiebig 39, J Edson 26; C Sumner 3/27, R Reid 2/22) def Fleurieu & Districts (Red) 114 (C Sumner 33; R Wyatt 5/7, L Bury 2/29).

Round Two Upper North 8/250 (G Fiebig 75 C, Beaty 38, B Brown 33, S Collinson 31, T Bradley 29no; C Lintern 3/58, S Horjus 2/41) def Fleurieu & Districts (Gold) 118 (B Altus 34;  C Beaty 3/10, A Hand 3/37, T Bradley 2/15).

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Round Four Upper North 137 (R Wyatt 26; R Darling 5/28, JK Moss 3/25, MF Goldsworthy 2/31) def by Yorke Peninsula 139 (MF Goldsworthy 33, S Moss 28; RG Lacey 3/32, C Beaty 2/15).

BankSA Senior Country Cup Final Positions 1. Yorke Peninsula 2. Upper North 3. Mid North 4. Fleurieu & Districts Red 5. Murray Districts/Barrier 6. Eyre Peninsula 7. Fleurieu & Districts Gold 8. South East.

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Runs on the board for cancer <hf^Zg]Û


All kids receive free ice blocks on the night!

Shelley Nits chke, :nlmkZebZgP hf^gl International Cricketer of the Year in both 200 9 and 2010


At ha cricke lf time in t gam th pink e, g e b your alloon a rab a nd wa form y on the make oval the la to rg stum ps Ro est pink ever xby has seen !

Karen Rolton, former Australi an Phf^gl< kb\d^m<ZimZ bg

15 February 2014 at the Town Oval, 6pm - 11pm

Pink Stumps organiser Paul Trotta and player and Young Sportsperson of the Year Connor Fenwick waiting in anticipation for this weekend's event. WRITTEN BY MILLIE THOMAS


arryl Cuzzubbo, Senior Sergeant Terry Boylan and Vicki Mason are just some of the local identities that will be putting their cricket skills to the test this Saturday at the annual Pink Stumps cricket fundraiser. They will be joined by international women’s cricket stars Shelley Nitschke (left handed batsman for the South Australian Women’s team and Australian side) and Karen Rolton (former Australian Women’s Cricket team Captain) in what is believed to be the biggest

Pink Stumps cricket celebration to be held in Roxby to date. “Inspired by the recent demotion of the English, I think everyone participating will display their true Aussie competitiveness and some may even make a run or two!” BHP Billiton Asset President and game participant Darryl Cuzzubbo said earlier this week. Event organiser Paul Trotta is excited for the event and the notoriety of the players, running for the third successive year. “Obviously we’ve got the cricket match; and we’ve got people from all across the community participating, so everybody should know someone,” Mr Trotta told The Monitor last week.

While he couldn’t pick a ‘number one seed’ to represent Roxby, Mr Trotta said league identity Jason Schell ranked himself up there amongst the best. Pink Stumps Days are held across Australia, and raises money and awareness for the McGrath Foundation to help provide special Breast Care nurses to families suffering from breast cancer. Not only will there be the traditional cricket match on main stage at the Roxby Town oval, the event will also feature a champagne tent hosted by the Women’s Forum especially for the ladies, an auction, a visiting Breast Cancer nurse from Port Augusta and children’s entertainment.

“We’re going to have plenty of food and a bar as well as the champagne area,” Mr Trotta explained. “(A) jumping castle will be there for the kids, the CFS truck will come down as well if the kids want to check it out. We might even be able to use that to cool people down if it’s hot!” He also urged all attending to wear pink in support of the event. “Half way through the night we’re going to get people to stand in the middle of the ground in the shape of a pink set of stumps for a photo,” Mr Trotta said. “So we want lots of people to come down and help us get that happening!”


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The Monitor Newspaper for February 12, 2014  
The Monitor Newspaper for February 12, 2014  

The Monitor Newspaper for February 12, 2014