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ROBOTICS WORKSHOP The Modern School BPTP, Faridabad organized a ‘Robotics Workshop’ in association with Super Geek Stem Club on May 9, 2018 for the students of grade P5 - S4 with an endeavor to introduce STEM areas and careers. The session began with an introductory video clip followed by a brief discussion on the programming of robots, designing of video games, exploring sensors, technicalities of 3-D printing and applying the learning to find solution of real-life problems. Besides, the students were also provided a handson-learning experience whereas Nursery –P4 students became cognizant of the functioning of Lego Robotics – programmable robots based on Lego building blocks, Bee Bots – programmable floor robots and Snap Circuit.

Visit to the post office I hear I forget, I see I remember, I do I understand. Learning through the actual experience always helps a child to retain the concept for ever. Holding the same view, The Modern School keeps on organizing educational trips for children to bring them closer to the real situations. Students of Nursery and KG went for a visit to the Post Office to be face to face with the actual journey of the letter. They were shown the letter box, inland letter, post card and many other things that we can procure from the Post Office. They were very excited to witness the working of the Post Office and were happy to see the Postman in a dress which they had been seeing in till now. It was a great learning experience.

MR Vaccination The Modern School BPTP, Faridabad organized Measles and Rubella Vaccination Campaign in association with the Government of India , W.H.O and UNICEF . This initiative was taken by Government of India allover the country and it was compulsory for all private and government schools to conduct the campaign. MR vaccination was given to all children aged from 9 months to 15 years. Measles and Rubella can be very well prevented by immunization with the highly efficacious and costeffective MR vaccine. Though the parents were also asked to be a part of the campaign , the children got it done happily without them !

International Labour Day The Modern School BPTP, Faridabad celebrated ‘International Labour Day’ on May 1, 2018. A Special Assembly was conducted by the Nilgiri House with an endeavor to acknowledge and appreciate the hard work put in by the workers. The assembly commenced with prayer followed by an enlightening discourse on - Importance of Workers. The workers were congratulated and thanked for their selfless services thereby emphasizing their priceless contribution in the smooth functioning of the institution. The workers were overwhelmed watching the function and expressed their gratitude towards the school management, teachers and students. The ceremony ended with recital of the national anthem.

Fancy Dress activity To pay the gratitude and regards to our helpers in the school and in our community, students from Nursery to S4 celebrated Labour Day. Students of Nursery and K.G. had a fancy dress activity to celebrate the day. They came dressed up as different community helpers like postman, doctors, nurse, washer man, fireman etc. and spoke few lines on the character they were dressed up as. Children also prepared a card and presented it to the nannies of their class and other helpers. Such activities help in inculcating in them value of giving respect to our elders and towards the work they do for us. It was a good learning experience for all.

Story Telling Activity Listening to a story always has been the best activity which children have relished. Story telling is very good exercise for improving listening skills and memories and memory enhancement. Students of KG-D presented interesting stories in the assembly with the help of props which were thoroughly enjoyed by all. They narrated the stories confidently. Teacher also narrated a beautiful story on the value Discipline which was really a learning session. Everyone enjoyed the assembly.

International Dance Day The Modern School BPTP, Faridabad celebrated the ‘International Dance Day’ on April 27, 2018 with an endeavor to promote the importance of Performing Arts and hone the dancing skills of budding talents. The event started with a Special Assembly conducted by the Nilgiri House on the theme – World Dance Day. The assembly started on a refreshing note with a meaningful thought of the day, followed by a stupendous dance performance. Ms.Ishima Jain presented a discourse on the ‘Importance of Expressions’ in order to make the students understand how facial expressions and body language play a significant role in enhancing the beauty of dance.

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The modern school faridabad activity  

The Modern School is one the top of schools in Faridabad which has a balanced curriculum where physical activities are given importance for...

The modern school faridabad activity  

The Modern School is one the top of schools in Faridabad which has a balanced curriculum where physical activities are given importance for...