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MODERN EARLY YEARS, CHARMWOOD Preschool is an early childhood program in which children get a learning alliance with playing in a program run by professional trained adults. Modern Early Years is a Best preschool in Faridabad, the school campus is specially designed to encourage learning, creativity, coordination skills, personal ethics and integrity, which encourages the development of all rounds for its students.

Parent’s Day Celebration To give honor to all the beautiful mothers & handsome dads and to further make their day incredible Modern Early Years, Charmwood Branch celebrated Parent’s Day on 12th May, 2018 where all the parents came to the school to attend the Parent Teacher Meet. Parents visited the respective classrooms and had a discussion with the Mother Teachers regarding their child’s performance and were handed over with the anecdotes written for their children by the teachers. Head Mistress ma’am gave a welcome to all the lovely parents at the commencement of the session. After that parent’s were given the opportunity to be a part of various interesting games like Bag Hunting, Dress up your child and do a ramp walk, Identify the child’s work, Dance performance, were planned for the parents where all the parents participated very energetically.

Yellow Colour Day Modern Early Years, Charmwood Campus celebrated yellow color carnival on the 10th May, 2018. It was celebrated so that the children can recognize yellow color objects well. Little ones looked alluring in the yellow color attire on this day. They participated in various fun filled games and activities planned for them like color sorting activities, walking on the yellow couches, lemon race, non flammable sweet corns cookery session, making of giraffe paper collage ,tang making activity etc. The vibrancy of yellow color left the kids refreshed, joyful and filled their heart with happiness.

World Red Cross Day Modern Early Years celebrated World Red Cross day on the 9th of April, 2018 with great devotion. Mother teachers educated students about all fundamental principles of this day which are humanity, independence, impartiality, neutrality, universality, voluntary and unity to bring to practice with their friends. Students were shown India’s neighboring countries on the world map and guided to paint their national flags in order to celebrate this occasion. Overall it was quite an impactful day as students got to learn about the neighboring countries as our friend countries and enjoyed the learning experience thoroughly.

Frog Fest Frogs are very important for the ecosystem. If they disappear, your whole system collapses. Modern Early Years, Charmwood Branch organized a trip for the little ones on 4th May, 2018 to “Frog Fest� which is an absolute paradise for the children. The Frog Fest consists of over 500 artifacts from across 40 countries. It was an exhibition to raise awareness about frogs, their diversity and their value in nature and in different cultures. Children excitedly saw variety in frogs of all sizes and colors. While some are made from wood, perched on a glass cabinet, others are made with paper Mache. Some more are printed on pieces of clothing.

World Labor Day Modern Early Years, Charmwood Branch organized World Labor Day Event on 1st May 2018 with great devotion. A special assembly was held to celebrate the occasion. Its objective was to make children aware of the significance of community helpers in our day to day lives and the kind of assistance they provide us. Children did role playing of various community helpers where they were came dressed up as teacher, police officer, Gardner, traffic policemen etc and beautifully explained their professions. Each helping staff of the school was called to introduce themselves and they brilliantly explained the children how they help everyday in the smooth functioning of the school.

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Modern Early Years School, Charmwood Activity  

Modern Early Years, Charmwood is the best preschool in Faridabad and understands the importance of Preschool education and strictly follows...

Modern Early Years School, Charmwood Activity  

Modern Early Years, Charmwood is the best preschool in Faridabad and understands the importance of Preschool education and strictly follows...