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Words and Interview: Simon M. Read Photo: Emyr Young

a musician as I don’t really have an instrument. The studio is my instrument I guess. I’m a jack of all trades, master of none. So having the likes of Daf, Guto and the brothers Meilir and Osian Gwynedd on board, some of the best in the business, is invaluable. I also acquired the services of the Mavron Quartet who luckily could decipher my attempt at musical scores. MMP: You’ve done a lot of work remixing - any plans to continue that, and if so who are you looking to work with? CC:Nothing in the pipeline remix wise, I’m too busy working on the follow up to Outside In which is much noisier and I hope to get it finished for an early release next year. I’m working on an orchestral album as well and an audio book with musical accompaniment which will feature a very special deep Welsh voice! I’ve started work on a new collaboration with Wibidi for next summer and an electronic album which I hope will see the light of day soon. MMP: Wow. There seems to be a lot of work happening down in Strangetown Records (Wibidi, Gulp

etc). How’s the label coming along? CC: As I said busy, Daf is writing with Mark (Catatonia) and Dionne (The Peth) and they’re recording their album. Bunf (Huw Bunford) has an album on the go, Guto and Lyndsey (Leven) are writing and recording as Gulp. We are working on a docudrama, also some soundtrack work and maybe we’ll see a Strangetown tour featuring all the artists one day.

THE MMP: Are you planning to release as Cian Ciaran from now on or can we expect a return of the Acid Casuals moniker at any time soon? CC:Acid house was my first love so I’m always writing techno sketches with the intention of releasing as Acid Casuals or Paps. I do have plans for later this year but I’ve been saying that for the past 10 yrs.

MMP: What was the inspiration for setting Strangetown up? CC: An outlet for your work and something we can build as a cooperative of like minded people . It’s hard to make a living so we figured we’d have a better chance working together than alone .

MMP: Is there any forthcoming news from the Super Furries or is everyone busying themselves with their own projects for now? CC:After everything I’ve just said, what do you think? (Laughs) But I can’t wait to do something again, can’t imagine it’ll be that long. Mind you, time flies doesn’t it!

MMP: You’re involved in numerous band projects aside from your solo stuff and the Furries - how do you manage to squeeze it all in? CC:It’s a slow process and I’m lucky to have good people around who can help . Takes some organising and a lot of patience to realise your ideas. And nothing seldom works out first time so you have to persevere .

MMP: What plans have you got for the rest of the year? CC: To do what I feel what I need to do!


The MMP September 2012  

This month, we have Golden Fable, The Witches Drum and Super Furries’ Cian Ciaran all being metaphorically dissected, analysed and debated....

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