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The exhausted artists line up to find out who will take the prize for the December Art Battle Two days and Twenty Minutes challenge! Dave Coalmine goes acoustic at the Funny for Food Fundraiser.

Ivan Decker had the crowd howling at the Funny for Food holiday fundraiser at the Blue Grotto raising money to provide holiday dinners to local families in need.

The cast (and director) of Chimera Theatre’s upcoming play ‘Mockus’ gets some tips on clowning from former professional clown Perry Coutts.


call for artists march 3-11, 2017 at the old courthouse emerging to established 2D & 3D artwork accepted

entry deadline: feb. 14, 2017


NEED SOME SPACE? Looking for a place to practice? Having an art sale? Holding a meeting? The Kamloops Arts Council has downtown space for artists and arts groups at Lansdowne Village! Available hourly or by the day. Call 250.372.7323 or email to book.

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Where You’ve Been The Fatamorgana Bellydancers raised $300 for Angel’s Animal Rescue during their Women’s Winter Festival & Bazaar, and had the honor of presenting a cheque during the recent Pet Photos with The Grinch fundraiser at Petland.

Thank you for the ongoing words of encouragement. Without you we’re just a voice calling into the wind. - Juli

Where we’re going Holy cow! 2016 is just about behind us, and we’re moving on to a brand new year. But what a year it’s been! We hit the stands for the first time on September 1, 2016. It’s been such a short time, and yet so much has happened, with not only The Mix, but at home, and in the world around us. Trump has been elected President of the United States. Aleppo is burning. Roughly 42,360,000 people were born in the last four months. 18,192,000 have died in the same amount of time. Bob Dylan won the Nobel Prize for Literature. Standing Rock was united and won over big company oil. And we won’t even talk about the celebrity death tolls. Here in Kamloops nominations

were made for the Mayor’s Gala for the Arts, and finalists were chosen (shout out to all the great talent represented). Art Battle is forging new ground in the International scene (two days and 20 minutes, anyone?). And the Kamloops Arts Council has thrown some serious parties, including the stellar Art in the Dark. Live music plays almost constantly in a number of pubs, cafes, and nightclubs. A new all ages venue has popped up (we’re talking about you at The Space — great job!). And there’s a buzz about a regular all-ages jam night coming up soon (trust me, this will be a great time). The creative crowd is going, and growing, strong in our great city. No matter what is happening in the world around us, we will always

desperately need the creative culture. The artists, the painters, the dancers, the actors, the writers, the weird and the wonderful. It’s through those eyes that we see the world around us in all of its raw beauty. It’s with them that we laugh and cry. It’s the creative souls that carry the world’s messages to the masses. Thank you for being part of what makes Kamloops, and the world around us, a better place. We here at The Mix will be taking an extra week between publications over the holidays so that we can catch up with all the people and happenings at home. We’ll be back to you on January 12. Until then, all of the blessings of the New Year to you! See you in the city.

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Welcoming in the new year with a new outlook BY WENDY WESEEN As a long time resident of Saskatchewan, expansive spaces and living skies had been a part of my life. I was intimate with a prairie of land and sky, an extension of me and not a thing apart. The wind threw dust on my body, disturbed my hair, etched and stung my skin. The sun inked spots and freckles, crinkled my face, bleached my hair, and burned my skin. I was rooted to the soil and nature was sacred to me, I fell away from my connection to the earth when I moved to British Columbia, moving into an intensely urbanized, commercialized space, declaring I loved bus fumes, ambulance sirens, and squealing cars. Through several workshops I attended this past year about the cry of the earth, I renewed my sensitization to nature, woke up to the sound, aroma, texture, taste and sight of rain forests, deserts and Kamloops landscapes. Then I was called to work towards the earth’s restoration. My activities towards making the world a better place had been scattered. I was shaken to explore my role in responding to the cry of the planet. I’d dabbled in homeless / poverty issues, senior health care, peace, and environmental movements. I’d marched for social justice, peace and

worked in political back rooms. I walked when I could, recycled, picked up litter, shunned overpackaged products, used my own grocery bags, and drank tap water. I’m a product of two decades of the Age of Aquarius, the 1980s when the moon was in the seventh house and Jupiter aligned with Mars, peace guided the planets, and love steered the stars. I poured over The Whole Earth Catalogue and looked for ways to be an earth steward and to beat my sword into ploughshares. Littering, pollution, sustainability and non-renewable resources became household words. Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring and the bestselling book, Limits to Growth, spelled out the consequences of interactions between the earth and humans. We didn’t foresee a new lifestyle looming on the horizon. We hadn’t imagined stuff and nonsense created to fill the emotional gap of existence as we catapulted into an economy requiring overtime, ready-made food with side bars for specialty coffees, bigger and better vehicles, and products guaranteed to give us the love and happiness we craved. Now, in our hearts we know something is crazy about the way we’re treating our planet: the extinction of species, the depletion of the ozone, and the annihilation of rain forests. We

have broken faith with Mother Earth. When I reconnected with the natural world, I experienced a world rooted in something much larger than me, and was called to place my energies into saving the planet. Even if the Earth goes belly up in a sea of sludge I will at least have done my best. Business as usual cannot continue. But how can we tackle the

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mess we’re in, if we can’t even stand to think about it. Is it too late to activate a global population to change their destructive behaviour? How can we accept the deadly evidence, survive the grief of a wounded planet, and act in a way that gives us hope? I have looked deeply into myself, asking what skills and gifts I have to offer and what gives me joy. How can I balance that with my community obligations, my interests, creativity, the demands of faulty health and needs of myself and family? Once we had a more holistic and indigenous view of ourselves and the world. There was no split between inner and outer life: mind, body, and soul. The earth was sacred. Humans were in a reciprocal relationship with the animal, vegetable, mineral, and mysterious powers of the universe.

Healing the soul and human nature were deeply embedded in the world we share with the more-thanhuman world. We’ve lost this sensibility of our origins, made the non-human world less than it is, and made ourselves less than we are. We confront sorrowful and difficult realities every day. But this is a starting point of an amazing journey — to look at the bigger picture. When getting ahead and economic growth are the only key to prosperity, other things unravel — climate change, economic decline, resource depletion, social division and war, and extinction of species. There are powerful signs that people have lost confidence that things will be okay but I am heartened that there is a shift in consciousness. If we recognize our reciprocity with the earth and become intimate with the-

more-than-human world, we experience compassion for nature and can no longer treat it in damaging way. This I believe is the first step to taking action. “Perhaps a black throated sparrow lands in a paloverde bush — the resiliency of the twig under the bird, that precise shade of yellowish green against the milk-blue sky, the fluttering whir of the arriving sparrow are what I mean by “the landscape” ... These are all elements of the land, and what makes a landscape comprehensible are the relationships between them. One learns a landscape finally not by knowing the name or identity of everything in it, but by perceiving the relationships in it – like that between the sparrow and the twig. — Barry Lopez Landscape and Narrative in Crossing Open Ground

The journey to wellness starts here BY JULI HARLAND And so the journey begins. A 44 year old female, 5’3”, and roughly 190 pounds. I’ve got type 2 diabetes and fibromyalgia. The goal — to get my sexy back and also be able to model a healthy lifestyle for my five year old, who is currently building her life building blocks. To cut out the need for medication for blood sugars. And, ok, I want to be one of those people who kayaks on the weekends and does yoga for fun while also eating veggies I grew myself … It appeals to my inner hippie. I just also have a fondness for taco chips and vikings marathons. It’s all about balance. As I am writing this my arms feel like two dead logs attached to my body, desperately trying to find the strength to reach over and type this column before deadline, or death, whatever comes first. Today was also my first day with my posture Nazi and giver of pain, also known as Personal Trainer, Glenn Aalderink of Bear Basic Strength Training. Now this guy literally throws cars around for fun and games in Strongman competitions, so I am inclined to do what I’m told. And, he’s trained some competition types, also. Man knows his stuff. Not to mention he’s actually a pretty cool human, as well, and didn’t rip off my head for being late, rescheduling, and then being late for the second time in one day, for our first workout. My gym of choice, this week, is the YMCA. We did a little warm up before we were to head over to the weights. I was cocky as I could possibly be, as a short round dynamo surrounded by machines designed to torture a person into sublime fitness. I jauntily skipped on the treadmill to show off just how sprite I was! Haha! I laugh in the

Rick Tolhurst photo When this is the guy telling you to do squats you do those damn squats.

face of cardio! I can only imagine the internal head shaking that poor Glenn was keeping in. Then we did walking lunges. And that’s when shit got real. Glenn’s favourite lines during this leg and ass toning adventure were: “That was cheating.” “Drop your knee lower.” “Lower.” “No, lower.” “Ouch, I bumped my knee on the floor,” I said. “That’s low enough now,” he laughed. “Not skipping so much now,” he says. My trainer has a sick sense of humor. Squats with weights, dead lifts, pull downs, things that challenged my legs, ass, and arms. And an hour later I was sweaty, and considerably less cocky. I mean, not completely not cocky, but considerably less so. And then the aching started. I noticed it, first, when I went to go up a bunch of stairs, and my legs said “not today, my friend!” By the top of the first flight the muscles deep in my butt and the tops of my thighs were done. I had no choice

but to continue up to the next floor. One way or another, the stairs were going to have to happen. I soldiered on, with visions of all the magnificent things that this literal pain in my ass was going to do for my yoga pant look. Glenn and I are scheduled to work out three times a week. Presumably so that my muscles don’t have enough time to completely revolt and run screaming from my achy body. And in between those times I’ve got some fun things planned with other friends who are jumping on my fitness bandwagon. Like hot yoga with friends the Friday before Christmas and a jaunty hike on Boxing Day. Because, seemingly, I’m a bit of a masochist. But I’m an excited masochist. And the support of friends, old and new, is inspiring. And then there’s Glenn, who, even after all the guff I gave him, told me how proud he was of me, and that I had a great infectious spirit. Ok, Glenn, I won’t hate you for making my bum hurt. Not today.

On the diet front, I’m sticking to the advice of my fantastic family doctor (from

Williams Lake), Dr. F. Van der Merwe. “If your great-grandmother didn’t eat it as a girl,

you shouldn’t eat it, either.” Which, loosely translated, comes down to not eating processed junk. Know where your food comes from, and take the time to make things yourself. Why overcomplicate? For the record, the amount of sugar consumed in the late 1800s was less than a quarter of the amount consumed today. And most of the sugar we eat today comes hidden in boxes. Time to break out the casserole dish and talk to the matriarchs for some tried and true recipes. Do you have any favourite fitness tips and tricks? Want to drag my aching butt out to something new? Have a class you think I’d dig? Let me know! Check in next time when I’ll tell you all about if I made it through the hot yoga class, what tortures Glenn is inflicting on me, what new fitness adventures we’ve found, and how my pants are fitting.

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Zach Abney slaying the canvas at Art Battle and beyond BY JULI HARLAND Local artist Zach Abney has just won his second Art Battle event in a row, here in Kamloops, and he’s gearing up for a spot in the city finals in the new year. But beyond that, he’s just simply an incredibly talented artist. And new on the scene in Kamloops, he is making some serious waves. The artistic crowd in Kamloops, says Zach, is part of what gets him going. “Being from Penticton,” he says,”it’s a little bit of an older art crowd there. There’s so many young people who are really really involved out here. that are actually trying to make things happen. They’re movers and shakers. It’s completely different than what I was used to.” And the Vancouver scene, he says, is incredibly competitive. “It’s nice to be here, where everyone is so supportive,” says Zach. “That’s the most important thing I think. Meeting people like Clement [Yeh] and Mike [O’Brien], and all these other people, and to see how passionate they are. It excites me. I’ve never seen that before. It’s really cool stuff.” Zach has been practicing his art from a very young age, copying Norman Rockwell paintings in his uncle’s basement as a pre-schooler. “I can’t remember

Zach Abney’s winning painting from the Kamloops Art Battle.

which one it was, but I redrew it and then showed my mom,” Zach says. “I think it was a fairly good likeness.” His mom thought so, too, and encouraged young Zach to work with watercolours, and even had him work with a private instructor. Throughout his school life he was encouraged to hone his skills, also. “My principal was my neighbor growing up through elementary school,” says Zach, “and as soon as I went into middle school, he was the middle school principal, and then as soon as I went from middle school to high

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school he became my principal again. And he retired the year I graduated. “He was fantastic, because he made it that if arts was what I wanted to do that was what I got to concentrate on. It gave me the opportunity to really concentrate on my art.” And that encouragement shows in the skill he brings to the canvas. “I wish I was more interesting. I’d like to say I got into art over a gunfight or something like that,” he laughs. Even though he has come from a long history of honing his skills, his recent dive into Art Battle has been a whole new

experience. “The first art battle that I went to,” says Zach, “that was the first thing like that that I’d been to. I’ve always wanted to get more into painting, but I’ve

always been afraid of quitting my full time tob and just doing that as a thing. And I’ve never been very good at marketing myself or anything like that so it was really nice for me to go out and do something like that. “I think last night [the Two Day and 20 Minute Art Battle] took ten years off my life. Nine minutes into the last painting I was ... hmmm ... nope. And I felt myself die a little bit inside, but it was ok, everything turned out fine.” And fine, it was. Zach was the solid winner of the Two Day and Twenty Minute event, as well as the winner of the recent November event which won him a seat in the City Finals in June. But even with all of his winning pieces, and solid experience, he still says that there is a long way to go, and he is encouraged and inspired by the artists around him. “It’s frightening, isn’t it, the pace that some people can work

at,” says Zach. “The fact that they can be so precise, and they have such polished pieces that the end. I wish I could do that. If I want that it takes me a long time.” What’s next for this talented young artist? “I’ve rented part of the studio at Common Sound,” he says. “And the fact that I’m paying for a studio now lights a bit of a fire under my back end that now I have to go and make the money to pay for the studio. I’m doing a bunch of commissioned work for people that I’ve been putting off. I try and work on a commission one day, and then something for myself the next day. That way I can build up a body of work and hopefully have a show somewhere.” To check out some of Zach’s work, or to contact him regarding commissions, you can check out his Facebook page: zacabneyart.

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Kamloops - 259 Tranquille Rd 250.554.1501 Merritt - 2013 Quilchena 250.378.9686 Salmon Arm - 420 Trans Canada Hwy 250.833.1414 FB.COM/KAMLOOPS420

PAGE 8 | THE MIX Kamloops | December 22, 2016

Here we are, in our last issue of The Mix until January, and while New Year’s still about a week and a half away as I write this, I already covered my festive Christmas thoughts last week, so I guess it’s time to talk about some resolutions. Not resolutions, mind you. That would probably be boring (though, for the record, I have foolishly made the resolution to attempt stand up comedy sometime in 2017). Instead, I think we need to make some collective, cultural resolutions that will help us all survive the next 365 days here on planet earth. Assuming we all survive the next 365 days, but I’m trying to be optimistic here. Resolution number one, and this one’s important, is to stop sharing every goddamn thing you see on Facebook without fact checking it first. I can’t stress this one enough. We’ve found ourselves in the midst of very strange times, where we’re surrounded by information, but lacking seriously in facts. Not all information is equal, and just because something sounds right or supports something you already believe in, doesn’t mean it’s actually true. And we need to be especially careful to be sure we’re surrounding ourselves in truth right now. The things we do each day, the choices we make, are



Hangover-reducing resolutions for New Year’s

By Todd Sullivan guru@

all powered by the information we have in our heads. If we have bad information, we can’t make informed choices. We can’t make good choices. And I honestly think that’s something that we’ve not only stopped realizing, but also something that we’ve simply stopped caring about. Too many people would rather surround themselves with information that confirms what they already believe than have to revise their beliefs to line up with the facts as they actually are. So, let’s make a collective resolution to try to spread only information that’s correct. A quick trip to Google or Snopes is all it takes to double check the validity of a piece of information or a catchy meme, and not only will you be more informed afterwards, but you’ll be helping to make sure that all the people around you are more informed

too. And in this pop cultural wasteland, we’re all in it together. Speaking of separating the truth from fiction, if you’re a fan of the reality TV shitshow that has been and will likely continue to be American politics, you’re probably going to find yourself visiting the twitter page of soon-to-be-President Donald Trump at least occasionally. But, as you may have learned, his Tweets aren’t exactly the best source of what’s true and factual in the world. That’s why The Washington Post has come up a little browser plug-in for Chrome that will actually fact-check Donald Trump’s tweets for you, right at Twitter’s page. No extra googling, no extra work on your part, just install the plug-in

and check out a tweet, and feel the warm and loving embrace of the truth as it works to protect you from those who would pervert it. So, yeah, if you’re a political junkie, installing this is a pretty high-priority resolution for 2017. It’ll also help you with resolution number one. Moving on to resolution number three, this one is dedicated to reducing the pop cultural hangover that we all share (thus the name of this column, right?), and I think one of the best ways to do that, which is something that many of us talk about doing but few of us actually do, is to disconnect the from the world just a little bit. Turn off your computer, hide your phone somewhere, get out of the house and

go for a walk without digital interruptions, or if the weather doesn’t really support that, crawl into bed for a few minutes and just, as the band Depeche Mode once said, enjoy the silence. We’re drowning in information. Sights and sounds and memes and noise and funny cat videos and weird challenges on YouTube and whatever politically charged article your racist uncle decided to share. And holy shit is it enough to give you a headache. But instead of just sitting there with your headache, and continuing to let it all fuck you up, try shutting it down for a bit. Read a book. Listen to some Zamfir. Relax. Remember that while the world is crazy and we all need to work together to make it better, that we can’t do

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it every hour of every day. Take some me time. Well, you time. But for you, it would be me time. Does that make sense? Lastly, let’s all remember take the time to appreciate the people around us who help us to survive this nightmare of a world we live in. The friends and the family members and the cute baristas who spell your name right. They all make the world a bit more bearable in their own ways, and we should show them that we appreciate it. With kind words or hugs or long make-out sessions (depending, i guess, on who that person is — probably best not to try making out with your barista unless you already know them really well). And if there’s been a particular pop cultural columnist who’s made this year a bit more bearable for you, and you want to show your appreciation, I can suggest that he would probably appreciate craft beer and rye whiskies as a sign of that gratitude. Not saying you would know anyone like that. Just speaking, you know, hypothetically. So have a merry Christmas, a happy new year, a festive festivus, or just enjoy whatever holiday you’re celebrating or not celebrating. See you all in 2017! Until then, you can email me at guru@ or follow my tweets at

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Dear E.B. I’ve been doing a lot of internet dating. And it seems like most of the guys out there are just into hookups. Does nobody date anymore? I’m in my 30s, reasonably good looking, one darling little boy at home, I’ve got my shit reasonably together, I’m community involved. Is it an age thing? Are my standards too high? What the hell is dating even supposed to look like at 35? Dear Anonymous, There are plenty of guys who want something serious. In fact, I’ve been astonished by the speed with which some men will move toward huge commitment — men want safety, love, respect, and a home as much as women. In fact, it seems that in some cases both women and men are so focused on having that relationship that they skip over actually getting to know the person. Be careful. As I’ve said, overvaluing having a relationship can be disastrous. You can afford to wait for a good one. As for hookups — he bar is pretty low. You like a picture, they don’t seem immediately insane, let’s get naked. That’s acceptable now, for many. I don’t think this is as simple as saying that modern people are permissive: it’s a practical progression, not necessarily a moral collapse. For many people of whatever gender, sex is a quick and pretty comprehensive intro. In sex you have the opportunity to experience each other in a sexually and emotionally intimate way: you can talk, you can get a sense of the person’s relationship to themselves and to you (gentle, dominant, clumsy, thoughtful, chatty, funny, connected, etc.). All this in a short time, and with the convenience of knowing that if it wasn’t great, in a few hours it’ll be over and


Dating in your 30s isn’t hopeless

By The Ethical Bastard drbastard@ *Ethical Bastard may not be as illustrated

you can move on. So hookups can be a starting point. I know lots of people who have had hookup after hookup until the right person or the right moment came along, and then things changed. If you choose to do the hookup thing a few times and you don’t get ‘chosen,’ don’t beat yourself up — consider the depth of the internet market and the ease with which we can move on to another. And rather than thinking about being chosen, take the opportunity to choose. You might find that knowing you have some options encourages you to do a little discarding yourself. There’s an element of luck, meeting the person you could want to be with long term at a time when both of you is ready. If the hookup thing isn’t you, there’s still the old-fashioned way of meeting people through friends, at parties, and so on. It’s slower, and it can feel “wrong” because

everybody else is using the internet. But you’re writing the rules. It’s your heart and your body. You know what you have to offer. Being single isn’t the end of the world — you get to experience you, unobscured by anyone else. Take your time. Keep your eyes up and a smile ready. It’ll happen. Dear E.B. I don’t have a date for New Years Eve. How do I handle the end of the night countdown? — Almost Tinder desperate Dear Desperate There’s no shame in being single. If you feel like a tool being the only single person at a party, remind yourself that being single and being coupled are generally transitory. You’re just looking at a snapshot. Everyone gets their turn. But single sure can suck, and that suckiness can wrap you in a black cloud that’s as hard to see into as it is to see out of. That makes it suck worse, because it feels external. It isn’t. That’s good news. If you’ve got to be publicly single and you hate it, do this: stand up straight, put your shoulders back, and lift your eyes. Relax. Look at other people’s faces and try to see them, instead of your own unhappiness. Thinking about other people is like trying to figure out special

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effects at a horror movie—it takes the big scary emotion out of it. When people look at you, smile like an old friend unexpectedly showed up. Walking around, just put a half inch between your teeth and tense your cheeks a bit. It softens your face. The point is, you open up … you burn a hole through the cloud so that other people can see you. You invite people in. Everybody wants to be wanted. You watch … people will respond. This technique works so well that you can mess with people when you’re feeling bloodyminded. Walk down the street. Find a miserable-looking person, look them in the eye, and give them your warmest, happiest smile. They mostly can’t help but smile back. Maybe they even feel a bit of happiness. Totally messes with their day. But it’s fake, you say. Sure it is, but no more so than the

illusion that you’re Alone, maybe for a Reason. You’re just taking control of your message, to the world and to yourself. You’re present — there’s something here worth connecting with. That’s true. The cool thing is that the more you trade unhappy for relaxed, the more you’ll trade desperate for confident, and the more likely it is you won’t be single for long — and that whoever you couple up with will do you good. So ... when the countdown starts, enjoy it. Look around at the people nearby. Be ready to give someone a hug. Enjoy it if it happens. If it doesn’t, think about the people around you. Try to enjoy their happiness. It’s just this moment. There’s another one right … now. Our very own Ethical Bastard takes your questions

about love, sex, and relationships, and gives you the straight goods on what ails you. Not your typical ‘Dear Abby’, our fella is trained and practiced in disciplined analytics. He is committed to equality and fairness without being subject to either feminist or MRA dogma (although he understands it). He’s an anomaly. A renaissance man. The modern male. Kink and sex-positive, and open for discussion. And while we think he’s pretty kick-ass, his advice is meant as points to ponder, not as a means to live by. Accept it, or don’t, at your own risk. Don’t forget to send your own questions in! You can do so at drbastard@, or send us a message on our Facebook page. There are a bunch of anonymous email senders, we dig www.guerrillamail. com, but the options are endless.

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Merry Christmas Blessed Solstice Gud Yule Happy Hanukah And a very Happy New Year. From our hearts to yours. We're taking a week off to connect with friends and family over this holiday season. We'll be back in the New Year. Watch for the ďŹ rst issue of 2017 on January 12! You can still reach us by phone or email during this time. And please let us know what you've got going on! We're all friends here!

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In a Parking Lot

In a parking lot someone’s brother with a new hat stamps out a cigarette butt with his foot On a hill a man’s truck slides its load of trash off the tail gate onto the earth Someone’s son throws his enormous big gulp excess onto a sidewalk In matching suits a family puts produce packed in plastic into the trunk of a car An executive jet mollycoddles a lone rider in a navy blue tie Meanwhile cosmetics promise eternal youth and beauty in exchange for a pseudo-soul breaking wounding the earth When did it begin? When God gave man dominance over the more-than-human world? When embracing and honouring our true place in the universe was abandoned? But we cannot browbeat someone living as if already dead Standing in a dream as if nothing matters Someone would have to wake up —Wendy Weseen

New album from Tony Bennet, who isn’t dead (yet) Trent Reznor keeps promising new Nine Inch Nails music before the end of the year but we’re barely two weeks away from 2017, and he’s now barely making good on his promise. On Friday, December 23 we’ll get a five-song EP called Not the Actual Events. There’s no single preceding it, no teaser, nothing. The only hint we have of what it might be like is a quote on their website from Trent, saying “It’s an unfriendly, fairly impenetrable record that we needed to make. It’s an EP because that ended up being the proper length to tell that story.” So you’ll have the two worst shopping days of the year to run down and grab that stocking stuffer for your favourite NIN fan. Or you can preorder now and have it downloadable in time. Trent did offer a few other nice bits

of NIN news for us. Firstly, in 2017, all of Nine Inch Nails’ records will be remastered and rereleased on vinyl. (Best news I’ve heard all year, to be honest.) And secondly, the one that’s going to make the most incredible gift for your fave fan, is the upcoming four disc vinyl collection called The Fragile: Deviations 1, in which Trent Reznor revisits the music he was making back around the time he was recording The Fragile. Trent explains that this collection “… represents Atticus [Ross] and I embellishing the original record with a number of tracks from those sessions we didn’t use before. The result paints a complimentary but different picture we wanted to share.” It’s available for pre-order from the website right now also, but the album will



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By Jamie Horsley tonesoup@

not be available for streaming or download anywhere. The only format this will exist in will be this single limited run of vinyl. This one’s for discophiles and hardcore Nine Inch Nails collectors. And in some of the most amazing end-of-2016 news possible, Tony Bennet turned 90 earlier this year, released a beautiful album full of duets, and isn’t dead yet! (As of writing this.)

Tony Bennet Celebrates 90 was mostly recorded live at Radio City Music Hall, at his birthday celebration in September, with performances from the likes of Michael Buble, Andrea Boceli, Diana Krall, k.d. lang, and of course, Lady Gaga, just to name a few. Most of the songs are classic popular jazz standards like “The Lady Is A Tramp,” “Ave Maria” and “Kiss to Build a Dream On.” Tony himself sings the last few songs and then Stevie Wonder gets the honour of singing “Happy Birthday” to the birthday boy. The disc also includes a 28-page booklet of essays and notes of appreciation from President Bill Clinton, Martin Scorsese, and more. The performance of this was broadcast on December 20, which I believe is a couple of days before this rag hits the stands, but

I’m betting there’s a streamable recording of it on YouTube or something. This is a beautiful collection of timeless songs by some of the greatest popular musical talent we have left alive on the planet. You could probably put this in almost any adult’s stocking, easily. That’s all the new stuff I’m gonna talk about this year. Keepin’ it short and

sweet for the holiday. Join me next issue, when I’ll tell you what I think were the best albums of the past year. Hope your holidays are happy and full of family and beautiful music!

Making world class music instruction affordable BY JULI HARLAND The Kamloops Interior Summer School of Music is a community based non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring children and youth to pursue their passions in music, theatre, and the arts. At the heart of KISSM is a three week intensive music training camp which attracts students five to 18 years of age, from all over the world. The camp covers a wide variety of genres and is taught in small groups and one-on-one sessions with some of the best professional musicians and university students out there. With the recent launch of KISSM’s Whole Note program, that opportunity has become much more accessible for those local students who may be facing financial barriers to pursue their dreams and passions The Whole Notes program was born from seeing the difference that the three week music camp made to all of the youth who have come through in the program, mixed with her own personal history,

says Executive Director Kim Mangan. “So that experience from the last ten years helped me to design this, but it’s also from my own personal experience of having received funding as

a 12-year -old to take music lessons, and how important that was for my life.” Within the program, youth receive not only private lessons but they also get a professional photo, a branded collared short,

so they can start to create themselves an identity as a musician. “For a lot of these kids they may not be on the sports team, because music is their thing,” says Kim, “and I think we don’t build

self esteem around music the same way we do around sports. So this program is designed to do that.” Launched on December 5, Whole Notes has gathered enough funding this year to accept 20 students. “We’ve only accepted 9 so far,” says Kim, “so there is room for more!” The program is geared for kids who have already shown dedication to their craft, who are in their music program at school, and who are passionate about their art. It’s not for beginners, but is an excellent tool for those who are looking to move ahead in their musical journey. There are sponsorship opportunities for this arts community enhancing program, as well. And if you’re a business who wants to get in on the musical love, you are encouraged to check out different ways that you can be involved at And if you are, or you know of, a student who could benefit from Whole Note, you can check out all the info and the application process at

Aries (March 21 - April 20): Health Although there are tensions, constant changes and some concerns around in general, all of which can drain energy, you'll be luckier than most health-wise. Wealth The lessons of the year are that being practical, realistic and self-disciplined will bring you in rewards, perhaps not sensational ones but more than enough to keep you turning over. Love The old dilemmas will roll on with your need for independence fighting a battle with your need to stay in control. You’ll be sharing more interests and activities and be in great form at parties. Career You'll be quietly satisfied with your achievements which may not be spectacular but they'll boost your self-esteem. March, May and July will bring success. October and November will find you leading the way. Taurus (April 21 - May 20)

Wealth Sudden inspirations will show you how to maximise your security and your behind-the-scenes activities will bring rewards. Clearly it won't be a year for spectacular returns or going too wild. But you'll be pleased you stuck to your good resolutions by the end of it. Love You won't always feel like fitting in with close partners and vice versa, so give each other elbow room. Try not to be confrontational since it wouldn't work well. April will be flirtatious, entertaining, a time when your popularity at parties will soar. Career It'll take persistence and the right attitude to cope with a rather muddled schedule. At times you may feel cold-shouldered by those you come across. Whatever happens don't get discouraged. Be straightforward and ask yourself whether you could express yourself more clearly. Working in a spirit of service will also help Scorpio (October 23 - November 22)

Health Basically a strong, steady sign, you react better to stress than most. You'll be facing some challenges without a huge amount of support so you'll need to take extra care of diet and ensure you get enough exercise.

Health Uranus in your chart area of health has been stressed recently. It can have a dual effect of raising tension levels and more positively pointing the way to better remedies. It'll be a time to explore alternative ways of looking after yourself physically, whether with new kinds of food or different exercise.

Wealth Money you handle jointly with close partners or institutions such as banks and credit card companies will be the focus of your attention. Certainly it won't be a time to speculate or gamble or go into debt.

Wealth With sensible Saturn in your chart area of personal finances you'll be tightening your belt and reorganising your cash situation to bring you more security. Try not to let sentiment get in the way of the hard headed decisions that are required.

Love You’ll be stepping out boldly at parties and putting on a sparkling performance. Though in private moments you may shy away from intimacy. Try to keep channels of communication open and talk through your feelings even if you have to push yourself hard.

Love Romance will be lyrical, ethereal and at times not quite real. You’ll be dreaming wonderful dreams but need to keep your feet on the floor and not put loved ones on a pedestal. If you accept them as they are then you won't be let down.

Career You'll be spreading your ideas around with vigour which will be persuasive when you hit the right tone, not too intense and dogmatic. At times it may feel like an uphill slog but you will be heading in the right direction.

Career You will have a heavy everyday schedule but you're getting used to that. There'll be constant changes at work so you'll need to be flexible, letting go where necessary and grasping new opportunities or methods when the occasion arises.

Gemini (May 21 - June 21)

Sagittarius (November 23 - December 22)

Health Happily you'll manage a balanced schedule with a chance to recharge your batteries along the way. You're a nervier sign than you appear so always need to find calming activities, protected spaces and fun company to take your mind off worries

Health Use the first two months to work out a health plan for the year. You'll feel held back which could provoke tension but if you fill the time productively and then stick to your resolutions you'll sail on in good form.

Wealth This won't be a year for over spending though you'll feel like it at times. Just as your enthusiasm catapults you into treating yourself, you'll find unexpected expenses crop up. So best be cautious.

Wealth Your finances have been roller coaster in recent times with the Uranus Pluto square around but that will be fading in effect this year. You'll turn bright ideas into tangible results in terms of cash. Just try not to be too obsessed with keeping total control. You need to let the bounty of the universe flow.

Love Close relationships for you at the moment are bringing responsibility and hard work. At times you may be negative or overly critical and at other times you'll find close partners argumentative. Luckily you'll have support from family members who’ll be there for moments of comfort and relaxation.

Love You'll be laying down the law with loved ones and not putting up with any nonsense which may not always make for romantic bliss. Try not to come on too strong. Be forgiving and realistic.

Career The harder you try the better you'll do. Get your talents out on display and demand the right people pay attention. Although your plans ahead will continually chop and change you will need a game plan to give you a goal to aim for.


Looking ahead for the year of 2017

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Cancer (June 22 - July 23) Health Not overstretching or over committing yourself will be crucial in a year when Saturn is teaching you to learn where your physical limits are. No harm will come if you pay attention to what your body is telling you. Wealth You're a sign who likes to live well so you may go over the score spending early on, wanting to impress others or just enjoying yourself. As long as you hang onto what has worked well for you in the past and incorporate new ideas as well, then all will be well. Love Close relationships have had their tensions and challenges recently. Those will run into this year as well but you'll have wonderful moments of togetherness also. At those times you'll see clearly where you are going as a pair.

Career The year will start slowly with some frustrations about slow progress.What you need to do is lay preparations in the first eight months and then capitalise on your efforts from August onwards. That will be the time to make your mark! Capricorn (December 23 - January 20) Health With Saturn in the sign before yours all year and Mars for five of the first eight months, you will need to wind down if you're not to get tense. Your frustrations will affect your body, so you'll need to find calming space to wind down and look after yourself sensibly. Wealth Steady, discreet efforts behind the scenes will bring you higher rewards than being too upfront in your demands or efforts. From late September your reputation as someone who matters will prove the turning point with more rewards flowing in. Love You'll insist of the freedom of manoeuvre you want for yourself at home which may cause some resistance. Try not to be too controlling or defensive. Sometimes loved ones will feel shut out if you're too wrapped up in yourself.

Career There'll be no shortage of hard work and chores with disciplined Saturn in your chart area of work all year joined by dynamic Mars for several months. Your communication skills will help your ambitions along as will your ability to be persuasive.

Career You'll know that certain ambitions which used to work well no longer fire your enthusiasm. So you'll gradually drop them and concentrate on what really interests you. It'll be a time to cut your losses and concentrate on your successes. Your plans may be a touch over confident and not always workable. But even if you get half as high as you're aiming you'll do well.

Leo (July 24 - August 23)

Aquarius (January 21 - February 19)

Health With care this is the year when you can make a real difference to your health and general level of fitness. You have the will and favourable influences behind you. As last year, it's important to get ailments checked out instantly and not let them linger.

Health As an Air sign you don't always pay enough attention to your body and can find that your emotional state affects your physical health more than most. Lighten up when you can and think positively.

Wealth Your personal finances will be in good shape with Jupiter surrounding you with good luck. Where they may be some problems is with joint finances where you share responsibility with others either in the household accounts, in business or with banks and the like.

Wealth Jupiter will bring largesse through joint finances for eight months. Money where you share responsibility with others will be well starred. Partners will be in a position to be more generous and cash will roll in unexpectedly from wins, bonuses, even inheritances. Be prepared to look at new agreements and new ways of co-operating.

Love You may not find it easy to express your feeling spontaneously and your social life may feel like a slog at times. Loved ones will land heavier responsibilities on you than usual which may put a damper on romance. By your birthday you'll have your sparkle back and be flirting happily. Career Your rising confidence and ability to upgrade your situation will win praise and bring you satisfaction. May will give you a real lift with several triumphs to notch on your belt. From September your inspiring way with words will bring you popularity at work and make your everyday routines go smoothly. Virgo (August 24 - September 23) Health Being a workaholic sign, you tend to over commit yourself and then wonder why your energy flags. You'll need to watch in the first two months and in June July that you don't over-do things. From your next birthday you'll find yourself physically less drained.

Love Always known as an emotionally detached sign, you’ll surprise yourself by opening up to intimacy in ways you’ve never experienced before, drawing closer to the special people in your life. Career You'll start the year with renewed ambition and determination and will be expecting everyone around to dance to your tune. Your exceptionally busy schedule will make you impatient and scattered at times so try to pause for breath. Pisces (February 20 - March 20) Health You'll need to treat yourself with TLC. Try to protect yourself by not getting too involved in other people's problems or the churnings of the world at large since you'll drain your energy.Be firm with yourself about saying no.

Wealth Resources will be drawn to you and more so in the final four months. Joint finances will be unsettled with larger lump sums coming and going than usual, so you'll need to budget sensibly.

Wealth Uranus will still be around making your personal finances erratic and unpredictable which won't necessarily be a disaster since chunks will come in as well as go out. Luckily you'll be planning sensibly and keeping a grip on temptations to overspend.

Love One thing is for sure, you'll have no intention of being ignored by loved ones or out on the party scene. You'll be charismatic and insist on being centre of attention. Though truthfully you?ll find certain close partners rather evasive, vague or uncommitted and the mood at home will be overly serious and argumentative at times.

Love Your closest relationships will flourish despite other calls on your time and energy. The good partnerships in your life will strengthen as you share more activities and ideals together. The odd shaky bond will draft apart with the minimum of regret and fuss. Firm friendships will also give you more security.

Career Slowly but surely you'll be building better foundations for your career. It'll be slow at times and you'll get impatient. Try not to get distracted by emotional tangles. Keep your focus steady.

CareerThere's no doubt that you'll be stuck firmly to the straight and narrow, having to be selfdisciplined and conscientious with Saturn at your midheaven all year. There'll be no shortcuts to success and achievements. The right people will admire and respect your steady approach. You won't take no for an answer and will push obstacles to one side with vigour.

Libra (September 24 - October 22) Health Treating yourself with kindness is important with Neptune in your chart area of health, in tricky aspect to Saturn. Not overdoing work or eating or drinking will bring good results.

All the best in 2017!


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December 23, 8:00 pm @ The Blue Grotto, 319 Victoria Street: The Yo ung ‘Uns. The Young’Uns have been a consistent staple at The Blue Grotto for 10 years. THe Grotto was deeply saddened to hear Don and Shane were leaving. Life should come first as I think we the fans forget they all have “day” jobs, kids and spouses. These guys played almost every weekend out of the year, now it’s time to hit the reset button and relax for a bit. Tim and Brad will continue into their 27th year as The Youns’Uns and fans confident it will be just as wicked as ever. So Kamloops, let’s give these guys the send off they deserve. We are so honored that their last gig together will be at The Grotto. $5 cover at the door. But get there early, it will sell out :) December 23/24, 9:00 pm @ Cascades Casino Main Stage, 1555 Versatile Drive: Margit Sky Project Margit Gossage and Rod Bandura are accomplished singer songwriters and in over a decade have become an audience favorite in the booming music scene in the BC interior. Working out of Kamloops where they record, Margit and Rod have opened up for such acts as Kevin Costner and Modern West, Burton Cummings, Barney Bentall, Elliot Brood

Clement Yeh takes advantage of a small break during the recent Art Battle to talk and answer some questions from the crowd. and Ridley Bent. December 23/24, 9:00 pm @ Match Eatery & Public House, 1555 Versatile Drive: Serious Dogs. A staple of the Kamloops jam sessions scene, The Serious Dogs plays a wide variety of styles including Classic Rock, R&B, Reggae, Blues & Country Rock. Drink specials on, grab some friends and head on up to the fun! December 31, 8:00 pm - 2:00 am @ Match Eatery & Public House, 1555 Versatile Drive: New Year’s Eve with The Decoys and DJ Bonvilla. Rockin’ the stage to ring in 2017! Enjoy the regular menu or a special 3-course menu for just $35 (before tax and tip). December 31, 9:00 pm @ Cascades Casino

Bow Sinister Archery Specializing in hand-tooled leather goods for all occasions!

Main Stage, 1555 Versatile Drive: Easy Fix, the Okanagan’s Premier Dance Band. Stick around after midnight for your chance to win $500 with hourly Hot Seat Draws until 2 am. At midnight the main casino stage is the place to be for the countdown to 2017! Enjoy the balloon drop as the clock strikes midnight. Join in on the AllNight celebration at Cascades Casino Kamloops! To ensure an enjoyable and safe night for all their complimentary customer shuttle will run until 6am. Please see www.cascades for details. December 31, 6:00 pm - 2:00 am @ Duffy’s Pub, 1797

Pacific Way: PreResolution Bash! Duffy’s is now taking reservations for New Year’s! This year will be a pre-resolution bash for those of you wanting to live one more night as naughty as possible... Tickets for the evening are $10, which gets you champagne, party favours, a take-home goodie bag, and a night full of dancing and good times!We will be serving a special Pre Fixe Menu as well as the regular menu we all know and love. See event Facebook page for more details! December 31, 7:00 pm - 1:00 am @ Ramada Kamloops, 555 West Columbia: Latin Vegas Party! VERY LIMITED SEATING. $60 All Inclusive.

Quality, consistent service at the highest standard of industrial safety.

Reliable 24/7 On Call Service Multiple Cars Available

Cases, games, wall art, and more! Plus, all your leather crafting supplies 250-571-8841

(Free admission to Reception and Cocktails Starting at 7pm, Dinner at 8pm. Show starts at 9pm) $210 All Inclusive FOR TWO (2) (King or 2 Queen Bedded Room, Free admission to Reception and Cocktails Starting at 7pm, Dinner at 8pm. Show starts at 9pm) Party Favours, Free Giveaways, Champagne Toast at Midnight, Free Snacking Buffet. Call 250-374-0358 or stop by the Ramada for tickets.Featuring: Daryl Black - hoops, sacred revolution; Chad Gidinski - Drums and vocals; Taylia Martin- Dancer, performer; Brittany Gill - Dancer; Maria Jackson - Singer, performer; Jennilee Fraser - Singer, performer; Nigel Beardwood Performer; Dexter Armstrong - Dance, Actor; Carlos Sia - DJ Sia; Jack The Tripper - Magician Ready to Mingle December 31, 8:00 pm @The Blue Grotto, 319 Victoria Street: New Years Eve with Linus! Join us for another memorable night ringing in New Year’s 2017 at The Blue Grotto! Entertainment provided by an insanely talented group of guys~ Brad Krauza, Brandon Fautuex and Micheal Jervis or as you all know them LINUS! Champagne and a midnight snack are

included with your ticket. We will also have a photo booth so you can create a keepsake with all the coolest people. Tickets on sale now $15 in advance available at Long and McQuade, The Blue Grotto or thebluegrotto December 31, 8:00 pm @ Bailey’s Pub, 1050 8th Street: Casino Royale NYE A Night to Remember... Join Us for Drinks (shaken not stirred), Dancing to a Live DJ, Casino Inspired Games, Photo Station with Props & Tons of Prizes. We will be Giving Away $500 CASH to 1 Lucky Winner! Tickets are $10 Presale / $15 at the Door and are available @ Bailey’s Pub. Reservations Welcome: 250-3763193 December 31, 9:00 pm @ Stagehouse Theatre, 422 Tranquille Road: Viva Las Vegas New Year’s Eve Bash! Tickets at : www. new-years-eve. $25 Students and Chimera Theatre Members $35 - Regular Admission. FREE Champagne to toast at midnight! Door prizes, raffles and 50/50! $5 drinks and shots all night! Chimera Shot Special: 3 shots for $12.50 and your name entered into a raffle for a prize! SCHEDULE:9:00 pm - ELVIS PRESLEY Impersonator 10:30 pm - Kamloops Burlesque 10:45 pm - DJ Madh8tr 12:00 am - MIDNIGHT COUNTDOWN Dancing until 2:00 am! What happens in 2016 stays in 2016. Bring in the New Year in style this year! Join Chimera Theatre for a night of live entertainment, great music and dancing! This year’s theme is Viva Las Kamloops, so come dressed up for a fun night in Las Vegas! There will be a fake weddings photo booth and champagne at midnight! This event is 19+ only. All the proceeds from the event will go to Chimera Theatre Society. Thank you to our sponsors: Red Beard Cafe; Academy Of Dance

December 31, 9:00 pm @ Pogue Mahone Irish Alehouse, 843 Desmond: New Year’s Eve with the Kingpins! Kamloops’ killer cover band ‘The Kingpins’ rocks in the New Year at Pogue Mahone Pub! $20 cover gives shots or champagne at midnight. Also, the kitchen will be open late for great eats!

own body and the viewer’s navigation of a clinical space, while Pascal Grandmaison’s ethereal videos provide a mesmerizing doubling of natural and bodily phenomenon. Luanne Martineau’s soft sculptures evoke internal and external body parts through ambiguous forms that oscillate between figuration and abstraction. Each of these artists explores the notion of embodiment through an inimitable approach to our common experience of inhabiting a body.

Aaron Buttowski hosted the recent Funny for Food fundraiser at the Blue Grotto which raised $700 for holiday dinners for local food bank recipients.


December 31, 8:00 @ Atlas Steak + Fish, 1555 Versatile Drive: The Cathi Marshall Duo. Enjoy the sounds of local favourites while you dine on a special 5-course plated meal that includes champagne and party favours for $85 (before tax and tips). January 1, 2:00 4:00 pm @ The Rex, 417 Seymour Street: Music Jokes Dressed in stunning period costume, Kamloops’ own Brandenburg Orchestra performs fun and light classic works to bring in much merriment for themes year. Party like it’s 1780! Soloists: Carlene Weibe soprano; Andrew Greenwood - Bass; Rob Hogeveen - trumpet; and Kamloops Brandenburg Orchestra. Music Director: Cvetobar Vutev. Tickets at Kamloops Live Box Office and at the Door. Adults $20/Students and Children $10.


December 24 - 31 @ Sagebrush Theatre, 1300 9th Ave: Treasure Island: The Panto, by Vance


Schneider. Our Annual Traditional British Panto! Suitable for all ages! Comedy fun for the whole family! Join us as we put the Panto twist on the Robert Louis Stevenson classic tale of Pirates and buried treasure. Matinees: Dec 24, 26, 27, 29 & 30 – Curtain: 1:00pm. Evenings: Dec 26, 28 & 30 – Curtain: 7:00pm. Tickets On Sale Now! All Tickets are available from the Kamloops Live Box Office


Current - December 31 @ Kamloops Art Gallery, 465 Victoria Street: All Membranes Are Porous. This exhibition looks at this topic by way of an open and fluid inquiry. Rather than foregrounding representations of the body tied to identity, the exhibition, like its title indicates, is porous and flexible, experiential and visceral. The work of this group of Canadian

artists addresses the body in relation to knowledge, intimacy, loss, death, class, race, community, aging, architecture, nature, abstraction, movement and intervention. It includes Margaret Dragu’s cumulative archive of performances and relational workshops addressing iterative decay, memory loss and personal legacy with a primary focus on the body as a source of knowledge. Zoe Kreye’s

History is alive! Come and get medieval

Happy Ho Ho Ho! From the Chill as Ice Kamloops Burlesque

The Shire of Ramsgaard welcomes you to get involved in medieval study, craft, and full contact armored ghting. Weekly practices, seasonal tournaments, and fantastic friendships await you.

installation represents two community-based projects emerging from an invitation to perform the body in relation to sculptural objects and built spaces. Jeremy Shaw offers an experience for one person at a time that takes the viewer into a hypnotic experience of memory and personality. Sarah Anne Johnson’s installation translates her grandmother’s traumatic experience as a hospital patient by way of the artist’s

January 1, 12:00 - 1:15 pm @ What Feeds your Soul, 3650 Princeton Highway, Knutsford: Burning Bowl Ceremony. The Burning Bowl Ceremony is one of release and renewal. During this sacred ceremony we endeavor to feel Spirit as a living reality inspiring us to let go of that which no longer serves and to begin the journey into newness of life. This ceremony is a blend of music, contemplation and spoken words. Facilitated by Rev Pat Davies. Love offering gratefully accepted. You are welcome to stay for potluck after ceremony. For information please see the What Feeds Your Soul page on Facebook at www. WHAT-FEEDS-YOURSOUL


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Ring in the New Year with Cascades Casino Kamloops Kamloops, BC December 15, 2016 – Cascades Casino Kamloops is the place to be for New Year’s Eve 2017. There will be something for everyone at the Cascades Casino New Year’s Eve Celebration. Enjoy free live music on all 3 stages, special dining menus and best of all-they are open all night! Starting in the morning, for those that don’t want to party all-night, is the Noon Year’s party. Featuring, entertainment, prizes, refreshments, party favours and a New Year’s count down at Noon. As the festivities move into the evening, guests will be able to choose where they want to celebrate. For those looking for an exciting night filled with dining, dancing and great food, Match Eatery & Public House will have The Decoys and DJ Bonvilla rockin’ the stage from 8pm to 2am. Enjoy the regular menu or a special 3-course menu for just $35*. If you are looking for a more elegant party, join us at Atlas Steak + Fish where you will enjoy the sounds of local favourite The Cathi Marshall duo. Dine on a special 5-course plated meal that includes champagne and party favours for $85*. The main casino stage will be rockin’ from 9pm until late with Easy Fix, the Okanagan’s Premier Dance Band. Stick around after midnight for your chance to win $500 with hourly Hot Seat Draws until 2 am. At midnight the main casino stage is the place to be for the countdown to 2017! Enjoy the balloon drop as the clock strikes midnight. Join in on the All-Night celebration at Cascades Casino Kamloops! Where the party keeps going well past midnight. On Saturday, December 31st the casino will open 9am and remain open All Night Long. To ensure an enjoyable and safe night for all their complimentary customer shuttle will run until 6am. Please see for details. *all prices are before tax and gratuity.

1555 Versatile Dr, Kamloops, BC V1S 1W7 Phone:(250) 372-3336 |

The Mix Kamloops 12 22 2016  

The last Mix of the year!

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