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Varsity runner, sophomore Sada Kernodle competes in the open 1,600 meter race at SM South. “I placed in the top 3 in that race,� Kernodle said. Photo by Chris Tomlinson

Overland Park, Kansas

Overland Park, Kansas

Volume 91 Issue 8

Volume 91 Issue 3

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April 2013

Change in state assessment process

State assessments are back at SMSD, but students will notice some differences from taking it in past years

By Tevin Oller Writer The beginning of state assessments on April 4 brought upon the month of block days, reviews and a whole lot of testing. Students were tested in English, math, social studies and science. Next year math and English tests will be formatted differently. “In the next couple of years the assessment is going to change year-by-year to common core,” Associate Principal Brock Wenciker said. In order to accommodate future alterations, freshmen and sophomores will not test in math or english this year. “When you change a leg of a stool you have to change the others to make it work,” Wenciker said. The testing is important for the school and the students. “Testing allows the students to show their knowledge, learning and proficiency,” Wenciker said. To counselor Laurie Mattson-Ritter it has a little different meaning. “The testing shows how good we are in an area,” Mattson-Ritter said. “The testing also is used to evaluate the school.” Another change is that annual yearly progress, AYP, is gone.

“This year we are changing from AYP to AMO or annual measurable objective,” Wenciker explained. The next few years will be spent adopting new ways of testing. “Common Core will help link college and career ready programs,” Wenciker said. “Testing is an opportunity to demonstrate their skills.” Mattson-Ritter would like to thank all the teachers for their help During the social studies state assessment, juniors Lizabeth Garcia and Cassandra Pena work on their assessment. “Everyone is trying their best and the students for tryto perform at a high level,” Mattson-Ritter said. Photo by Kylene Hammer ing their best. “Everyone did their man Micheal Weathers said. “It’s just so stupid.” best to perform at a high level,” Mattson-Ritter Junior Ellen Honas sees the value in state assaid. sessments. Even with changes on the way, some students “I think they are important because they want still feel like state assessments are a waste of to make sure that everyone is being taught the time. same thing so they don’t have a disadvantage,” “Why do we need to take state assessments if Honas said. we are tested over them after every unit,” fresh-




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Volume 91 Issue 8 | Mission Magazine | 3

A farewell of their own Eight staff members prepare to move on from North By Brandon Morrison Editor-in-Cheif

A total of eight confirmed staff members have announced that they

will no longer be working at North next year. Whether it’s moving onto a new job or beginning a life of travel, these teachers have their reasons. Although the reasons differ, the feeling of leaving is the same for each teacher: bittersweet. “I am excited about a new challenge and opportunity,” counselor John Stone said. “But at the same time I know I will have a lot of hard work to do to learn a new job in a new school and new district.” Stone will become the head of the counseling department at Blue Valley West High School. “I just thought it was time for a new challenge,” Stone said. “I will miss North and the people here greatly and will always remember the 20 years I spent here as some of the best years of my life. I have made some of my best friends during my time here.” Stone says he will no doubt miss being an Indian. “I truly love Shawnee Mission North. The people here and the Shawnee Mission School District,” Stone said. “You will not find better people anywhere. I am definitely a better person for having been here, and I hope that in some small way I have made North a better place with my presence.” Global Science and American History teacher, Sharon Mann, who has been at North for six years will be using her time off to travel and be with her family. “My first grandchild is due in September,” Mann said. “I will be spending time with her, reading, knitting and quilting. I am also going to teach adult literacy classes.” Mann says she is excited to use her time to do new and exciting things. “[Leaving] was a very difficult decision to make because I love teaching and will miss the students,” Mann said. “But it is time for a change and I

think that teaching adults to read will be a great experience.” School psychologist Ann Hauser has similar plans starting this summer. “I will teach in the CLEAR program at JCCC on Saturdays as well as volunteering for the Lyric Opera and Heart of America Shakespeare Festival,” Hauser said. “I also have travel and biking plans. I am taking hammered dulcimer lessons.” Hauser has been teaching at North for 17 years. She says being able to do new things every day is what she is most excited for. “I have always had many things that I wanted to do and learn but didn’t have the time to do it,” Hauser said. “When I studied to become a school psychologist I studied with that purpose in mind. Now I can just ‘cherry pick’ my way through life.” The best thing about students is helping them find where they excel according to Hauser. “There is good in every student,” Hauser said. “Find it. Don’t wait for them to show it to you.” The switch from one job to another is always tough says Assistant Principal Eric Rembold. “It requires one to step out of their comfort zone,” Rembold said. “There is no doubt that this spring has been and will continue to be an emotional time for me.” The uncertainty of moving to a new place is the hardest part Rembold said. “It doesn’t mean I’m afraid of new challenges,” Rembold said. “It simply means that I can only prepare for what I think things will be like.” Rembold says he is excited to see North continue for another 90 years. “This a great school,” Rembold said. “Full of great students with a great faculty.”

Counselor John Stone

School Psychologist Ann Hauser

Science Teacher Diana Clemmons

Asst. Principal Eric Rembold

FACS Teacher Charlotte Savacool

Science Teacher Kristen Zuck

Special Education Sharon Mann

Science Teacher Steve Fluty

4 | Mission Magazine |

April 2013

New superintendent has his work cut out for him Hinson plans to be approachable and open-minded to improve SMSD next year By Rocky Alterman Writer

After the retirement of four-year Superintendent Gene Johnson, the

Shawnee Mission School District was left with a hole to fill, the position of superintendent. Johnson is retiring with a resume of 44 years of education, 27 of those years with SMSD. With big shoes to fill, the Shawnee Mission School Board hired a firm to look for the person who would lead SMSD for the years to come. Out of more than 50 applicants, the new superintendent was chosen by unanimous decision. Dr. Jim Hinson will step into the role of SMSD Superintendent after serving as Superintendent of the Independence School District for more than a decade. Hinson began his career in education as a sixth grade teacher. After spending six years as a teacher, he became an elementary school principal. As far as being a Superintendent goes, Hinson didn’t always plan on getting such a high profile job. “My initial goal wasn’t to be a superintendent,” Hinson said. During his tenure as Superintendent of the Independence School District, Hinson was a part of some big changes. In 2008 he was a key figure of the annexation that moved several western Independence schools from the Kansas City Missouri School District into the Independence School District. This caused enrollment to skyrocket, making room for two new elementary schools. Under Hinson, Independence has grown to be an award-winning district, including the Distinction in Performance Award, which is the highest

k Booow! n

honor a district can be awarded in the state of Missouri. Hinson will take over as Superintendent on June 1. Hinson plans to be a “Superintendent of the people” in the upcoming years and his first order of business is to “listen, listen, listen.” Hinson plans to be open-minded to the district stakeholders. “I want to hear their vision of the future,” Hinson said. The overwhelming message Hinson wants those involved with the district to hear is that he wants the opinion of the Dr. Jim Hinson people. “My consistent goal as a Superintendent is to understand the perspective and position of individuals,” Hinson said. “Each person comes with a life perspective I may not have experienced, so I try and listen to their position based upon their life experiences.” Hinson faces an ever-changing budget, but even with the promise of pressure, Hinson remains confident and ready to lead the people of the Shawnee Mission School District. His plan: be approachable. “I want to get to know people, and for them to get to know me,” Hinson said. “I want to lead the students and staff in the district to success.”



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Volume 91 Issue 8

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One in three first-year college freshmen who stay in Kansas attend JCCC. 6 | Mission Magazine |

April 2013

April’s Monthly Roundup April showers bring spring entertainment along with flowers

April’s Music

April’s Movie

To be Loved (Michael Bublé)

April’s Game

42: The Story of an American Legend

Ok, girls, settle down. But yes, Michael Bublé is back. With his new album coming out April 23, he includes not only new music from himself but also cover songs that came from artists such as the Jackson 5, Elvis Presley, Dean Martin, the Bees Gees and Jackie Wilson. With no album being released since his Christmas album in 2011, it was a huge deal when he released his new single “It’s a Beautiful Day” in February. Although he is coming back with a new album, we can expect the same jazzy and blues type of sound from the great Bublé himself.

Jackie Robinson (Chadwick Boseman) has lived his whole life in fear. At this time in our history the color barrier has not yet been broken. But Branch Rickey, (Harrison Ford) the manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers decides to change all of that. As Robinson fights the race war on the baseball field, he must hold his tounge and keep away from the people telling him to step down, no matter how many baseballs are thrown at his head. The movie was released on April 12.

Injustice: Gods Among Us From the makers of Mortal Kombat comes a brand new game about the battles of DC characters, such as The Flash, Wonder Woman, The Dark Knight and Superman. After the Joker tricks Superman into killing Lois Lane , his unborn child and Metropolis he kills The Joker and establishes a new world order. Batman and the insurgency must find a way to get the world back to the way it was, even if it means killing Superman. The game was released on April 16.

Important Dates for Seniors in May 2nd

Charity Picnic/Seminar


North Relays /

AP Exams ( Junior English Literature,


Studio Art, & Statistics) /

Spring Court Announcement 6th

AP Exams (Chem & Psych) / IB Exams (Psych A)


Senior Last Day! /

AP Exams (Comp. Science & Spanish) /

Graduation Rehearsal /

AP Exams (Biology, Music Theory,


IB Exams (Psych B)

& Physics)

AP Exam (Calculus)


9th AP Exams ( Sr. English Literature & Computer)




Volume 91 Issue 8

Yearbook Signing

Graduation 7 p.m.

AP Exams ( European History) AP Exams (Human Geography) | Mission Magazine | 7

April spring sports update

As the springs sports seasons come to a close, view what has been going on with each team Update by Andrew Keech and Tevin Oller

Photos by Kylene Hammer, Gabe Alejos, Goldia Kiteck, Abi Gonza and Chris Tomlinson

Boys Golf

In the three meets that have occurred so far, only four athletes have competed for Varsity rounds. Juniors Chacko Finn and Sam Stevenson and seniors Jake Croston and Jonathon Raines have all competed for Varsity this year. “We have a small team so we need time to practice,” Croston said. “The weather is tough, but if we practice we can be great.” Feature Athlete: Senior Jake Croston

Croston has been golfing for North since his freshman year. He has been on Varsity for all four years. “My favorite thing about golf is the relaxation and the chill attitude,” Croston said. His best score is 96 which he got earlier this season.

Girls Swim and Dive

On the diving side of the pool, seniors Jennifer Lanman, Sarah Sanders and Maggie Schieber have led the way. In the last invitational, Lanman placed 6th and Sanders placed 3rd. “We have about four meets left,” Lanman said. “We still have a lot of chances to make State.”

Feature Athlete: Senior Linda Klassen

Klassen is from Germany and has never swam competitively until this year. “I got a 36.33 in the 50 free,” she said. “I think that is my best time. But the best thing about swimming isn’t my achievements. I love being with the team every day more than any of that.”

Track and Field

The Track and Field team has started off strong this season. The girls team in the last two meets have earned two first place prizes at SM South and Lawrence Free State. The boys team have successfully earned 4th and 6th in both of the same meets. The next meet is at South for Districts on April 16. Then it is off to KU Relays on April 19.

Feature Athlete Senior Derrick Yoch

Yoch has been a varsity pole vaulter for almost three years. “I love the adrenaline rush I get when I jump,” he said. “It is the best high you can get.” The highest jump Yoch has gotten in a meet was 13.6 feet but he said he plans to get 14 in his next meet.

8 | Mission Magazine |


The Indians have started off to a fast paced start. Though the team is 2-5 so far this season, they are showing promise. “We are a good team,” said junior Caleb Huffman. “The games we have lost we are competetive in. We are capable of winning.” The next two Varsity games will be against Lee’s Summit West and Bishop Miege.

Feature Athlete: Senior Jamie Crabtree

Crabtree has been a varsity basball player for four years. He says the whole time has a been a learning expierence. “I love making awesome plays,” Crabtree said. “It gives me a rush.” Crabtree is the starting catcher for the Indians Baseaball team.

Boys Tennis

So far this season, the boys tennis team has performed well against teams like, Olathe North, Mill Valley and Shawnee Mission East. Seniors Vittorio Massina (left), Dylan Mcdonald and Michael Armstrong have led the charge. “I don’t really know how it works,” said Massina. “But I think every one of us can compete in State.”

Feature Athlete: Senior Dylan McDonald McDonald has only played tennis for two years and has already fallen in love with it. “I love the fun and rush I get when I make a rally when I am down,” he said. “It is by far my favorite thing about tennis.” He has won a total of 9 matches including doubles and singles.

Girls Soccer

With the return of four seniors for the Lady Indians, the girls soccer team shows maturity and depth. Although they have only won once so far, they are still confident in their talent. “We’re a work in progress,” said senior Courtney Hughes. “But we are getting better every day. It doesn’t show in our record but we work hard to win.”

Feature Athlete: Senior Tonje Isaksen

Tonje Isaksen is also an exchange student from Norway. She has played soccer for her entire life. She immediately joined the soccer team when she had the chance. “I love the people I play with,” she said. “It makes things better even when it isn’t going so great. I’m really going to miss it when it’s over.”

Volume 91 Issue 8

The Mission Issue 8  

The 8 issue of Shawnee Mission Norths High School's magazine, The Mission.

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