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TABLE OF  CONTENTS NEWS FEATURES Domestic Violence in the LGBT Community  10, 11 The History of the Florida Orange Juice Boycott  12 Evil In Russia  16, 17 Rights or Religion  18 Greater Than AIDS  22, 23 The Voice of Tamara Adrián  24, 25

SUMMER HEAT Work It: Labor Day Get-away  26, 27 Culinary Adventures Acros San Juan  29 - 32 Go West!  34 Daycation: Science  36 DIY: Flotation Therapy  37 Marketplace: Naked Decor  38 Entertainment: Mixology  40

COLUMNS Five Places You Must Try  20, 21

Curiosity: Gulliver’s Gate  42 Seasonal: Mango Madness  44

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10 THE




coMMuNitY LGBT TOO SunServe has become a local resource for victims and survivors Christiana Lilly


hris Leonard was sitting in on a domestic violence committee meeting when he noticed a word that kept being used: she. “There was talk about ‘she’ as the victim,” he said. “Language is very important because the language enforces bias.” The housing case manager at SunServe in Fort Lauderdale, Leonard knows that not only does domestic violence affect both men and women, but those partnerships are not always heterosexuals. While at SunServe, he has been working with the community to make it more aware of the plight of LGBT domestic violence victims. Bisexual and transgender people report higher incidences of domestic violence and sexual assault, according to the Human Rights Campaign. Sixty-one percent of bisexual woman said they experienced rape, physical violence, or stalking by their partner. The number is much lower for lesbians, 44 percent, and straight women, 35 percent. “Domestic violence isn’t just about the physical abuse,” Chris Leonard of SunServe said. “It’s emotional, financial. Some people don’t recognize that it’s abuse, they just say,

12 THE

‘Oh, I just don’t have a good relationship, or my relationship needs work.’” “A lot of people don’t know how to react to it and don’t know how to handle it.” SunServe had a domestic violence support group for some time, with weekly meetings helping each person to their own goals at their own pace, but a lack of funding has hindered the group from continuing. “I would say that there are not LGBT-

a Lot oF PEoPLE DoN't kNoW HoW to rEact to it aND DoN't kNoW HoW to HaNDLE it.” - Chris Leonard


specific resources,” Leonard said. “What we do is at SunServe is we work off of community resources when it comes to domestic violence.” For example, Women in Distress has a shelter with beds, not an easy find in the community. No More Tears is another organization that specializes in immigration issues that compound domestic violence cases. In return, these groups and others know that their LGBT survivors can find specialized care through SunServe. Although there are common themes in domestic violence no matter the sexual orientation or gender identity — physical violence, emotional manipulation, and financial dependence — there are some issues that arise mostly in LGBT cases. For instance not as many couples will have children, but their pets will create difficulty in a victim leaving an abusive situation. Many shelters do not accept pets, and the victim perhaps doesn’t trust their partner with the animal. Also, if there is a large age difference in the couple, the younger one may be less financially established and rely on their older partner. On the flip side, an older partner may be abused by

their younger partner, who is responsible for their medical care. Finally, if someone is HIV positive, they may be reluctant to out their status when reporting the violence, on top of coming out to a system that they perceive to not be welcoming to them. Being an open part of the domestic violence advocacy community has helped these groups better serve their LGBT survivors. SunServe has hosted training workshops for groups to update their language and learn the special needs the LGBT community has when it comes to domestic violence. For one, having signage that shows the organization’s alliance with the LGBT community can put a survivor at ease. Also, language is important. At one committee meeting, as mentioned above, Leonard noticed his colleagues were always referring to the victim as “she.” He pointed out to them that men are also victims of domestic violence, and victims are not always in heterosexual relationships. Changing mindsets is vital — there’s often a misconception that same-sex partners are on equal standing physically and fights are mischaracterized as a “cat fight.” “Sometimes the biggest men have a hard time with… whether people will believe them or they have the internal shame of, how could this happen to me?” Leonard said. “I have heard about cases where it ended up being classified as regular battery versus a domestic violence charge, which does have a big impact.” Want to get involved in ending domestic violence? Contact SunServe at 954-764-5150 or visit



Below: A flier from the Florida Citrus Boycott Committee . Photo Credit: Stonewall Museum.


Anita Bryant. Credit: State of Florida, Dept. of Citrus.





Christiana Lilly

or a time in American history, public enemy No.1 was a gay community refused to drink Florida orange juice. seemingly innocuous item: The “gaycott” was strongest in San Francisco, the heart of the Orange juice. equality movement. At N’Touch, a gay bar in San Francisco, which has But not just any orange juice: the juice that came from Florida. since closed, owners poured orange juice into the streets, according And thanks to the bigotry of Anita Bryant, her mission to “Save Our to Extra Crispy, a food publication by Time Inc. At the Tavern Guild, Children” turned the nation against the gay community. staff printed out signs on orange paper to hand out to area bars: “To The Oklahoma beauty queen turned singer became the face of promote human rights this establishment does not serve Florida Florida’s orange juice industry, starring in a number of commercials. orange juice or orange juice from concentrate.” Bars also stopped With a bright smile, she sang tunes and portrayed the serving screwdriver cocktails — a mix of orange juice and American family gleefully enjoying orange juice with vodka — or gave customers a discount if they brought “i’VE sEEN their breakfast. In one short, a woman tells Bryant she their own oranges from home and squeezed them a BartENDEr can hardly keep enough around the house! themselves. Bryant took her stardom a step forward, using But, they couldn’t be from Florida. takE it oFF tHE her fame to stand up for an issue close to her “God help you if you brought a bottle of orange Bar, Look at tHE heart: protecting children from the scourge of juice that was from Florida,” Wayne Friday, a LaBEL, aND Pour it homosexuals breaking apart the American way bartender at N’Touch, told Extra Crispy. “I’ve seen DoWN tHE traiN.” of life. When Miami-Dade County passed an a bartender take it off the bar, look at the label, and ordinance protecting gay people from workplace pour it down the train.” - Wayne Friday discrimination in 1977, she created the Save Our Ironically, in 1977, the citrus economy was hurting BARTENDER Children campaign to overturn it. from a major freeze, the worst the state had seen in 15 And it worked — the ordinance was repealed with years, according to the New York Times. In April 1977, the nearly 70 percent support. But Miami-Dade wasn’t the only number of oranges picked was down 17 percent and represented county making headlines. Other Florida municipalities, including a 28 percent loss of juice. Winter Haven, Gainesville, and Bradenton were also passing anti-gay Orange juice is such a big part of Florida’s agricultural economy legislation. This was all in the midst of the equality movement, with that the orange juice boycott has since revived. In 2013, in light of the likes of Harvey Milk leading the charge for equal rights. the controversial shooting of young black teen Trayvon Martin by a Protesters spoke out against Bryant and her mission the way neighborhood watchman, Martin Luther King III encouraged another activists did in those days: through boycotts. In 1955, black customers boycott of the juice. refused to ride buses in Montgomery County, as they were segregated. King said at the NAACP convention in Orlando in 2013, “The true In the 1960s, people boycotted grapes to show their disapproval of the way generally when people don't understand your plight is when you treatment of grape growers in California. Then, in the late 1970s, the decide to exercise your buying power elsewhere.”

14 THE





Soaring above vibrant downtown Fort Lauderdale, 100 Las Olas will be the city’s tallest building: 499 feet, 121 luxury residences perched atop a 15 story Hyatt Centric. Ground breaking Q1 2017. Finished “Move-in” ready residences delivered the end of 2019.

Large Luxury Residences from the $800,000

Casey Koslowski Senior Sales Executive 100 Las Olas

305-302-0988 THE



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Photo Credit: Vincepal and ADP, Flickr.

18 THE

ho is Ramzan Kadyrov? Where is Elena Milashina? Why was Murad Amirev detained? What caused the targeting of gay and bisexual men in Chechnya? And how can this torture train be stopped? All questions running through Jack Ryan’s mind on a breezy summer afternoon half a globe away. Ryan sipped on a cappuccino inside a chic “farm to fork” restaurant in downtown West Palm Beach. He is a CIA intelligence analyst who agreed to meet to discuss the on-going situation in Chechnya. “Chechnya is a war-torn, criminal-run country, not unlike Somalia,” Ryan said. “The Russians would destroy it, award a bunch of dirty contracts to rebuild it then destroy it again. Over and over.” It was Elena Milashina, a reporter for Russian news agency Novaya Gazeta, who broke the news of gay and bisexual men being “round up” and imprisoned by Chechen authorities. Milashina, The Advocate reports, is now in hiding. Some of the persecuted made it out. Murad Amirev was not so lucky. Amirev, according to the U.S. State Department, is in trouble. “We are gravely concerned about the safety and well-being of Murad Amriev, a Russian athlete from Chechnya, who was reportedly detained by Belarusian authorities and returned to Russia, where he may be in custody,” reads a State Department press statement. In the statement, dated June 9, State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert writes “Mr. Amriev has reportedly expressed fears of torture and abuse in Chechnya. We urge the Russian government to ensure Mr. Amriev has access to his lawyer and that his rights under the Russian constitution, laws and international obligations are respected. We call on the Russian government to ensure the safety of Mr. Amriev and his lawyer.” On June 28, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a resolution condemning anti-gay violence in Chechnya. Congressman Ted Deutch (D-Boca Raton) co-sponsored the resolution, tweeting “Great way to close out #PrideMonth.”

"chechen mothers mourn their children," an activist

demonstration in st. Petersburg, russia, in May, 2017, to Scott Herman, President of the Dolphin Democrats — Florida’s draw attention to the persecution of gays in chechnya. oldest LGBT political club, wants more. Herman specifically called Photo Credit: Ilya Astakhov. for the Trump administration to act and act fast. Herman said reports of vanishing gays in concentration camps resemble crimes against humanity. “Trump is accepting these crimes with inaction,” Herman said. Chechnya is the new ground zero in the battle for LGBT rights. Reports of gays being detained, tortured, and killed in the tiny Russian republic are numerous. A disabled combat veteran of the Gulf War, Herman understands war crimes. “I’ve seen this first hand,” he said. “We have stopped them and we would stop them again.” Herman said, simply put, what’s going on in Chechnya is gay genocide. He equated current conditions to the “pink triangle” times of Nazi Germany. Trump, Herman said, is supporting the Chechen concentration camps “by default.” If the atrocities are to be believed, blood is on the hands of Ramzan Kadyrov. Back in Florida, Jack Ryan speaks of Kadyrov with disgust. He has traveled extensively in Russia and Eastern Europe and said the Chechnya leader is clearly unstable. “He’s a lunatic. A criminal. And he’s young,” Ryan said. Chechnya is located in the caucuses region of Russia north of the small countries of Georgia and Azerbaijan and west of the Caspian Sea. Its population is about 1.3 million, similar to New Hampshire, while its land size is similar to Connecticut. The republic has a majority Muslim population. Kadyrov took control in 2007. His father, a Muslim cleric, previously lorded over Chechnya but was assassinated in 2004. Unlike Ryan, Herman does not think Kadyrov’s youth is the problem. The problem, Herman said, is weak leadership from Moscow. “President Putin can put a stop to this but he’s too afraid,” Herman said. Russian President Vladimir Putin has been pushed by European leaders to end the persecution of LGBT people in Chechnya. Newly elected French President Emmanuel Macron, standing in the golden palace of Versailles, challenged Putin to bring an end to the and organizations to fight societal injustice and recognize LGBT suffering. people deserve equal civil rights. “The French President put him on the spot,” Herman said of the Stuart Milk travels globally on behalf of the Harvey Milk meeting between the two world leaders last month. “You could see Foundation. In May he returned to South Florida for the annual his face drop.” Diversity Honors program. Participating on a panel discussion, As diplomats and defense experts seek solutions to the crisis, Milk said the foundation has worked with the European Council technology is sure to play a part. With the trend of men turning to champion initiatives. to smart phone apps — instead of bars and clubs — to find a date, “If Putin’s new investigation that he’s now doing from so-called “hook-up apps” are now, more than ever, critical tools of Moscow doesn’t hold weight then the Council of Europe will engagement. do an investigation,” Milk said in regards to One of the well-known hook-up apps is Chechnya. Grindr. In April the app released a media alert Historically, Milk said, the Council of Europe tWo-tHirDs it was providing “aid to the LGBTQ community is “much more proactive and much stronger” oF tHE WorLD in Chechnya.” Speaking for Grindr’s equality for LGBT and Roma people and those in the department, Jack Harrison-Quintana said there religious minority. While in South Florida LiVEs WHErE is grave concern “about the atrocities occurring Milk stressed there are many nations that view LGBt PEoPLE arE in Russia.” LGBT people unfavorably. Grindr for Equality, Harrison-Quintana said, “Two-thirds of the world lives where criMiNaLiZED “is devoted to raising awareness of the danger LGBT people are criminalized or there’s or tHErE’s Chechen LGBTQ people find themselves in.” complete societal un-acceptance,” Milk said. Enter Stuart Milk, founder and president of “Unfortunately we have a Western look at this coMPLEtE the Harvey Milk Foundation. The foundation type of issue. “ named in the honor of Stuart’s late uncle Harvey, In the West, Milk said, a new “Equality” sociEtaL a gay San Francisco supervisor assassinated in generation has dawned, unaware of dangers in uNaccEPtaNcE.” 1978, seeks to inspire individuals, communities, far off lands.

- Stuart Milk THE



FIVE PLACES You Must Try Rick Karlin


Hot & Soul.

outh Florida is a foodie’s paradise. So why do you keep going to the same restaurants time and time again? While we all have our favorites, you owe it to yourself to break up the routine and try something new. I suggest you start with these five places, each extraordinary in its own way. I’ve included places throughout the Dade-Broward-Palm Beach areas because a good meal is often worth the trip. tastE BuDs oF iNDia 7881 W SaMPLe ROaD CORaL SPRINGS, FL 33065 954-603-6996 TaSTeBUDSOFINDIa.COM Indian food is too often associated with buffets serving the same tired dishes. While there’s nothing wrong with that (I love a good Indian buffet), that’s like judging all Chinese food by dining at Panda Express. Taste Buds of India offers an elevated dining experience. Not that it’s fancy (there are white linen tablecloths and napkins), but it’s the variety and inventiveness of the dishes that make dining at Taste Buds of India a must for any fan of Southeast Asian cuisine. Try the lasooni gobi: crispy cauliflower florets tossed in a slightly spicy tomato sauce, almost like General Tso’s chicken. Another splash of spice enlivens chili paneer: cubes of Indian cottage cheese sautéed with onion, bell pepper, chili sauce, and light soy sauce.

For something milder, try the paneer reshami, which coats strips of the Indian cheese with onions and bell peppers in a mild masala. Although there are plenty of vegetarian dishes, meat and potatoes folks will find plenty to satisfy them as well. Madras lamb offers meaty cubes of tender lamb in a rich brown sauce with just the slightest bit of heat. For seafood lovers, sautéed black pepper jumbo shrimp, redolent with ginger, garlic, onion, tomato, green pepper and crushed black pepper is a party in your mouth. Madras fish flavors the catch of the day with curry leaves, tomatoes and coconut milk. Although Taste Buds of India does offer a brunch buffet on weekends, the options aren’t as abundant or as inventive. Stick with ordering from the menu.

JuNior’s 409 PLaZa ReaL IN MIZNeR PaRK BOCa RaTON, FL 33432 561-672-7301 JUNIORSCHeeSeCaKe.COM Brooklyn-based Junior’s may be famous for its cheesecake, but its classic deli fare is a star in its own right. Soul-stirring classics include matzo ball soup, brisket, corned beef, and pastrami sandwiches. They’re not the grossly overstuffed behemoths that made the Carnegie and Stage delis legendary, but there is still more than enough to satisfy even the most devoted carnivore. In fact, you could take half the meat off and save it for a later sandwich (as I, in fact, have) and still have a satisfying meal. Entrees include Hungarian beef goulash with egg noodles, cheese blintzes, roast chicken, or Romanian skirt steak. Meal-enders include

22 THE

mile-high hot fudge sundaes, and, of course, that famous cheesecake. You can go with the basic, a blend of Philadelphia cream cheese, eggs, sugar, heavy cream, and a touch of vanilla with a classic graham cracker crust, but for true decadence try one of the combinations; such as the carrot cake cheesecake, which is basically an entire cheesecake wedged between two layers of carrot cake. Specials include half off all cocktails, including premium liquor brands, and half off all appetizers during Happy Hour from 3-7 p.m. daily and 50 percent off bottles of wine, with the purchase of an entrée, on Mondays. On Tuesday, the “Most Fabulous Burger” is available for $7.

sWaNk taBLE SWaNK SPeCIaLITY PRODUCe 14311 N ROaD LOXaHaTCHee, FL 33470 561-202-5648 SWaNKSPeCIaLTYPRODUCe.COM For the ultimate in farm-to-table dining you MUST check out the series at Swank Produce, in Loxahatchee Groves. Where you’re not only eating well, you’re doing well; each meal benefits a local charity. Each dinner is themed, whether by fashion (‘70s night), focus (steaks, Argentine, vegetarian) or holiday (Valentine’s Day). After a tour of the farm’s hydroponic growing houses, guests gather at a table in the fields for al fresco dinners under a big white tent in the middle of the Loxahatchee Groves fields. This is no mere picnic; the

tables are set with white linen table cloths topped with fine china and glass stemware. The food is equally elegant and prepared by the top chefs in South Florida. The 2017-28 series, kicking off in November, will feature eight Sunday dinners (family style), six Saturday night dinners (plated), and four-six Sunday brunches (family style or buffet). Prices will range from $75 to $162 per person (all inclusive). For more information, visit their website and book as soon as the dinners are listed; the entire season sells out in a matter of weeks.

DoLcE 1690 COLLINS ave. MIaMI BeaCH, FL 33139 786-975-2550 DOLCeITaLIaNReSTaURaNT.COM


Dolce captures the effortless elegance of Rome in a 1960s Fellini movie. The fact that the food is spectacular is just icing on the cake. Each plate looks as if it was created by an artist’s palette and is an equal treat for the palate. Saying Dolce is the best restaurant in America isn’t just hyperbole, it actually captured that title on Bravo’s culinary competition series of that name. Dinner will run about $50 a person, lunch about half that, and breakfast about $15. Stop by for happy hour for a great deal, when Dolce offers a selection of cocktails, wines, and appetizers for $8 each and beer for $4. Oh, and as if the casually elegant atmosphere and phenomenal fare weren’t enticement enough, did I mention that the wait staff all looks like Italian fashion models? It should be noted that Dolce follows the European model and adds an 18 percent gratuity to every check.

Hot & souL 3045 N FeDeRaL HWY FORT LaUDeRDaLe, FL 33306 754-206-2155 HOTaNDSOUL.COM


To look at this unassuming storefront in an equally bland mall, you wouldn’t imagine that it is consistently on every list of Fort Lauderdale’s best restaurants. The homey spot serves up inventive and multi-cultural takes on traditional comfort food. The fact that there are reasonably priced wine and craft beer lists just adds to the magic. The menu is the very definition of fusion; the marriage of ingredients and techniques from diverse cultures makes for dishes that are as enjoyable as they are inventive. This is fine dining in a casual atmosphere. The emphasis is on the food and without pretense. Hot & Soul offers many dishes in half and full portions, so you can order the half as an appetizer or go for the larger size as an entrée. Among the regular dishes that win raves is the chicken adobo (stewed bone in chicken over jasmine rice), gumbo (changes daily), and the “Vegan Yum Bowl,” a filling combination of coconut polenta topped with mushroom gravy, crispy onions, and sprouts. Start with a generous serving of country pate, presented with pickles, caramelized onions, orange marmalade, and toast. Leave room for dessert. Although the options change daily, there are some staples such as dulce de leche custard and dark chocolate pistachio bark. A three-course meal with a glass of wine will run about $65 a person (tax and tip included). They only have a few tables and only take reservations for parties of five or larger. If there’s a line, be patient, you’ll be rewarded!



A better life starts with a beautiful smile.

$69 New Patients Comprehensive Exam, Digital X-Rays & Cleaning* *In the absense of gum disease.

General & Cosmetic Dentistry r ry Located Conveniently on Wilton Drive Always Plenty of Free Parking New, All-Digital Equipment Most PPO Insurance Plans Accepted

954-565-7666 Dr. David K. Warner, DDS, FAGD Fellow, Academy of General Dentistry

1946 Wilton Drive Wilton Manors • FL 33305 24 THE

Welcome to the

HeatWave There are plenty of adventures to choose from this summer, but keep your cool... the Mirror has you covered.

J.W. Arnold 26-27 Culinary Adventures Acros San Juan  29-32 Go West!  34 Daycation: Science  36 DIY: Flotation Therapy  37 Marketplace: Naked Decor  38 Entertainment: Mixology  40 Curiosity: Gulliver’s Gate  42 Seasonal: Mango Madness  44 Work It: Labor Day Get-away 



Southern Decadence in 2016.



Labor Day Get-Aways Rick Karlin

For most of the country, Labor Day signifies the unofficial end of summer. For those of us lucky enough to live with endless summer, it’s just another three-day weekend and that’s reason enough to get away from the height of South Florida’s heat. Here are a few mini-vacation ideas to fill up that weekend in style. Southern Decadence

Black Gay Pride Atlanta

The largest gay event in New Orleans is now celebrating its 46th year and features all the hedonism you’d expect from a gay event in the Big Easy. What began as a small gathering of friends has transformed into a Labor Day weekend tradition, attracting nearly 200,000 LGBT tourists each year. It all starts on Wednesday, Aug. 30 and doesn’t stop until Monday, Sept. 4. Most of the events are in the French Quarter, near the host hotel The Bourbon Orleans. A weekend pass is $70 and includes admission to all events Friday and Saturday. The VIP pass ($110) is good for all events Thursday through Monday, expedited admission (bypassing lines), and a cocktail party on Saturday. Passes are available for purchase at There are also social media groups for the event on Yahoo!, Facebook, and Twitter.

Celebrations rock the streets of Atlanta on Labor Day weekend. Explore the marketplace, attend a workshop or let loose at one of the parties hosted by top Atlanta clubs and bars. A number of organizations are planning events for this weekend. Among the women’s events scheduled is a Pride Skate Party on Wednesday, Aug. 30, followed by the official VIP welcome reception on Thursday. Other women’s events include dance parties, a comedy show, and “Strip Her,” a women’s party at a strip club. For the guys, there are dance parties, a trip to an Atlanta Dream’s game, karaoke, a booze cruise, and a jazz brunch. A variety of passes at all levels are available from the two main groups organizing the events. Check out and

Convergence Vegas 2017 The original bear, cub, and chub (and their hunters) event holds its annual gathering at the trés gay Luxor Hotel & Casino where room rates start at only $39 per night (if booked through Convergence’s web site), making it an excellent deal. The Luxor’s Temptation Sunday is already the largest gay pool party in Vegas, so the Labor Day weekend event will be a blast. Convergence packages begin at $209 and run up to $529. For more information, go to

26 THE

Splash Days Austin

A peek into Splash Days.

Texas’ best city holds Splash Days to celebrate the beginning and the end of summer. “First Splash” is during Memorial Day weekend and “Last Splash” is held the Sunday of Labor Day weekend. The main event is at Lake Travis, better known as Hippie Hollow, where nudists bask amidst limestone cliffs. Lake entrance is open to all for a nominal fee ($8 per person or $15 for a vehicle - cash or check only, no credit/debit cards), with a variety of hosted events taking place at the lake on party barges. Plan to get to Hippie Hollow early, as it generally reaches capacity on holiday weekends. It’s a long hike from the parking lot to the gay section at Hippie Hollow; keep that in mind if you plan to haul in a ton of stuff. There is also a number of pre and post-parties. Embassy Suites Austin, the host hotel, is located downtown within walking distance of all the city-based events. The fun kicks off on Friday, Sept. 1 with a poolside Meet and Greet at The Belmont starting at 10 p.m. On Saturday, pick up your wristband for the Sunday barge parties on the lake from either Rain or Oil Can Harry’s, then head over to the dance party at The North Door. On Sunday, after a day at the lake, everyone heads back to The North Door. On Monday, the fun winds up with Tea Dance at The Belmont, beginning at 1. Passes ($100 regular, $120 VIP), include admittance to all events (you still have to pay for admittance to the park). All events are also available via individual tickets, priced $15-$40. For more information, go to

Celebrate Sunny Florida Theme Park Pointers

Key West-capades

Of course, you don’t have to go far to celebrate. Labor Day weekend is one of the best times to visit the theme parks in Orlando. The crowds at Disney World and Universal Studios tend to be smaller because kids have just returned to school. Friday of Labor Day weekend is one of the slowest days, Saturday and Monday are a little busier, and Sunday is the busiest of the weekend. Be certain to visit the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival running Aug. 31 through Nov. 13. The festival features more than 25 international marketplace kiosks, which offer tapas-sized portions of regional specialties as well as recommended wine and beer pairings. You can make your visit more productive by downloading apps for either park. The apps offer preset and customized park plans, show wait times, and feature maps to navigate each park easily. Staying in hotels on site also offers advantages. For example, Universal’s official hotels (Loew’s Portofino Bay, Hard Rock, and Loews Royal Pacific Resort) offer unlimited skip-the-line access for most rides.

If you just can’t wait for Labor Day, check out “Tropical Heat” in Key West, Aug. 16-20. The all-male celebration features theme parties, pool parties, and adult-oriented entertainment. Although the website hadn’t been updated as of our press deadline, organizers say that VIP passes typically run between $90-$130 and include express admission to most parties, a special T-shirt, and discounts at some retailers. For more information, go to Just after Labor Day, “Womenfest Key West” kicks off, running from Sept. 6-10. The largest gathering of lesbians and friends in North America brings thousands of ladies for a wide range of activities and events. Check out or call 305-294-4603.

Disney World. Photo: Josh Hallett, Flickr.

I Ate My Way Across


Culinary Adventures in Puerto Rico's Capital City Story by J.W. Arnold



San Juan is a city of contrasts: 500-year-old brick casas sit next to gleaming glass-and-steel

hotels. Caribe Indian, Spanish and African cultures compete and combine in every conceivable way. Busy highways divide affluent and struggling neighborhoods. An U.S. commonwealth, its residents are Americans, but more proudly Puerto Rican. Nowhere are these contrasts more apparent than on the tables of the city’s homes, restaurants and hotels. The cuisine is a tribute to the island’s multi-cultural heritage, colonial rulers and global commercialism. Eat Like a Tourist An UNESCO World Heritage site, Old San Juan is a 500-year-old city, ringed by stone walls and guarded by picturesque forts. Millions of visitors descend on the cobblestone streets, many arriving on cruise ships, eager to take a trip back in time to a colorful period in history. Tourism is a crucial industry for the cashstrapped island teetering on bankruptcy and there are plenty of businesses content to take some of that money. It’s not enough to walk the streets or hop on a bus to experience the real history and culture of San Juan. Flavors of San Juan is one of a handful of companies that offer three- to four-hour culinary walking tours of the old city for $69 – 79 per person at SanJuanFoodTours. com. Our tour, on a muggy June afternoon, was led by Pam, a perky 20-something with a degree in physical therapy, an interest in history and a love of food. We met at the art deco Banco Popular tower near the cruise terminal and learned that our tour would include 10 tastes and three drinks. We headed along the base of the old city walls to Princesa restaurant, the city’s only completely outdoor eatery. Operated by Rums of Puerto Rico, the island’s rum marketing organization, the arborial restaurant featuring dishes inspired by an

1859 cookbook. After a rum tasting led by master bartender Emedin, we settled down for a croquette made with chicken, Iberico ham and “20 secret ingredients” and fried eggplant dusted with brown sugar and cinnamon. Moving inside the 20-foot-thick, “two-ply” city walls, we wound our way up the hill for panoramic views of the bay and stories of San Juan’s founding. After enjoying a refreshing passionfruit popsicle from Señor Paleta, a local craze, we learned about the competing histories of the piña colada, reportedly invented by two bartenders named Ramon, one at a local restaurant and the other at the famed Caribe Hilton on Condado Beach. Along the way, Pam pointed out local landmarks, including the six-foot wide apartment that once held a place in the “Guinness Book of World Records,” the famed Parque las Palomas or “Pigeon Park” and La Fortaleza, the Governor’s mansion. We also passed one of Old San Juan’s newer gay bars, Polo Norte, which advertised drag performances and is reportedly popular with the bear crowd. A cold cocktail would have helped beat the heat, but this club doesn’t open until the sun goes down. Our tour then took us to the 16th-century Cathedral de San Juan Bautista where Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon’s remains

Courtyard by Marriott Isla Verde Beach Resort 7012 Boca de Cangrejos Ave., Carolina 00979

30 THE

are buried and ringed by streets with distinctive blue cobblestones that served as ballast in the ships. There we mashed fried green plaintains into mofongo, the Puerto Rican national dish, and sipped sangria at Rosa de Triana, a Spanish restaurant housed in the vaulted jail cells in the basement of the first city hall. Pam led us through the modern town square, Plaza Da Armas, named for the armory, to our last stop, Casa Cortés ChocoBar. There we sipped the slightly bitter Puerto Rican hot chocolate and even dipped cheese, a local custom. It seemed counterintuitive, but then again, Americans are known to melt cheddar cheese on a warm slice of apple pie. A multi-generation, family-owned business, Cortés manufactured popular chocolate bars that included miniature comic books inside the wrapper. Generations of Puerto Ricans learned to read and write with the help of these books. The family’s educational mission continues with a non-profit art museum located about the restaurant, that serves up chocolate in every sweet and savory dish. As Pam departed, many of us headed back to our favorite spots to take advantage of the discounts for tour participants, all a little wiser about Old San Juan’s history, culture and food.

The Courtyard by Marriott Isla Verde Beach Resort is like no other Courtyard property you’ve ever stayed—guaranteed. While Courtyard is one of Marriott’s budget-conscious, “sensible” business and family-travel brands, that’s definitely where the comparisons end. This hotel’s recently-remodeled 260 rooms are located on the pristine, Blue Flag-certified Isla Verde beach, voted best urban beach on the island. Swing on a restful hammock, sip cocktails at the swim-up pool bar or take in a surfing lesson at the nearby Waterworld Surfing School. The jewel of the property is Sirena, the hotel’s beachfront fine dining restaurant, featuring a menu of creative contemporary tapas and fresh seafood. The only reminder of civilization is the occasional sound of jets taking off from nearby Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport. After the spectacular sunset on Isla Verde Beach, the night is only beginning in Picante, the lobby bar that features spicy salsa music, and the adjacent Casino Del Sol. Courtyard by Marriott Isla Verde Beach Resort is a 10-minute cab or Uber ride from LGBT nightlife in Condado and Santurce, and 20 minutes from Old San Juan.


Lote 23

Eat Like a Local San Juan’s professional and hipster crowds congregate nightly at Lote 23, Calle San Sebastian #148, an outdoor food court nestled between towering office buildings in the Santurce business district. The long and narrow space, decorated with colorful murals by street artists and pulsing with music by a young DJ, is divided into four terraces featuring 16 different culinary concepts and even a rotational kiosk, all staffed by rising local chefs. You’ll find everything from perfectly fried chicken sandwiches by chef PierrePhilippe Saussy’s Hen House to steamed Korean bao buns with a Puerto Rican twist at Paxx Caraballo’s El Baoricua. Don’t skip the tomato and onion confit “abu relish,” named after Paxx’s abuela (grandmother), and the vegan kimchi. At Dorotea’s, chef Raúl Correa uses a custom-made woodburning oven to bake crispy, thin-crust Neapolitan pizzas. Dorotea’s is reportedly named after Correa’s pet chicken from childhood. How’s that for a colorful island story? At El Joint Burger, chef Franco Busó García grills creative burgers with a myriad

The Pork Highway

of pickled veggies, gourmet cheeses and delicious sides. And in the next kiosk, Bayard, salty French fries are served up in paper cones and dipped in both sweet and savory tomato sauces and mayonnaises. Other stands offer traditional Puerto Rican pork dishes and tangy, fresh Peruvian ceviche. Wash it all down with a local beer, or better yet, a potent slushy cocktail from La Factoria, a creative cocktail bar housed in a converted silver Airstream trailer. Finish the meal with a popsicle from Señor Paleta, a local chain that has locals addicted to fruity and creamy frozen treats. Most dishes and drinks at Lote 23 kiosks were under $9, with some even more affordable. The best way to enjoy the experience is with friends. Order a variety of dishes and then share at the picnic tables while passing the night playing giant versions of checkers, jenga and other games. For a more authentic Puerto Rican experience, enjoy a quick meal at España, AO-23 Centro Comercial Villamar, Marginal Ave. Baldorioty de Castro in Carolina near Isla Verde. You can’t miss the sign from the highway.

Located in Condado, San Juan’s bustling shopping and nightlife district and a short walk (or shorter ride) from many of the most popular gay bars and nightclubs, La Concha Renaissance San Juan Resort is a tribute to mid-century design with its historic, floating sea shell restaurant, Perla, formerly the resort’s nightclub and today, one of the island’s highest rated. After a $220 million renovation, the resort features 485 comfortable, contemporary guest rooms, most with sweeping ocean views; a stunning adults-only infinity pool that overlooks one of the most popular corners of Condado Beach; and a fully-appointed spa, business center and event spaces. After the sun goes down, the action moves to the hotel’s expansive lobby, managed by J.C. Pappas. Most nights, DJs spin Latin rhythms and dance beats into the early hours of the evening and the mojitos and designer cocktails flow. Pappas, along with his equally handsome husband, was featured in the island’s first gay marriage ads and also leads a staff committee that plans activities for the hotel’s LGBT guests and community. The hotel also hosts 15 to 20 same-sex destination weddings each year.

The Spanish cafeteria, a family operation founded in 1972, feeds a steady stream of locals all day long. Breakfast might include fried or scrambled eggs, Mallorcan cheeses and ham and toasted baguette slices. For lunch and dinner, step up to the sandwich counter and order one of their signature Cuban or “Media Noche” sandwiches or a toasted sandwich filled with nearly a pound of ham, Bonito Español or beef. Don’t forget a side of Spanish potato salad. Dinner might start with a crispy chorizo or ham croquette, followed by the saffrontinged, seafood-laden paella or, for a heartier meal, rice with pigeon peas or red beans. Styled after European markets, a meal might involve stops at several different counters and the dessert case should not be skipped. The guava tarts and Mallorcas are to die for. And, if you really want to eat like a local, take a trip outside the city on the “Pork Highway.” The Pork Highway, or La Ruta del Lechón, is a roughly three-mile stretch of Route 184 in a central area of the island called Guavate, about 45 minutes south of San Juan. This winding road is lined with more than a dozen casual roadside

La Concha Renaissance San Juan Resort 1077 Ashford Ave., Condado, San Juan 00907



Make it Yourself.... Mofongo is Puerto Rico’s national dish, a staple of any meal. The fried and then mashed green plantains, flavored by smoky pork rinds and garlic, are the ultimate comfort food, hearty and filling, and often served crowned with tangy chicken, beef or seafood. Any local will proudly tell you his (or her) mother or grandmother makes the best mofongo. Our friends at Taste of San Juan shared this recipe so you can sample this Puerto Rican classic for yourself. Mofongo Serves: 2-4 people Prep time: 10 minutes Cooking time: 30 minutes Ingredients: 4 firm green plantains Thyme 1/2 lb. fried pork rinds 1/2 cup chicken stock Salt and pepper to taste 2 garlic cloves, peeled and crushed Pilon and mortar (traditional Puerto Rican mortar and pestle) Vegetable oil for frying Directions: 1. Peel plantains and cut into several 1 inch wheels. 2. Place plantains in water, with 1/2 cup chicken stock and pinch of salt for 5 minutes. 3. Create a paste with the garlic cloves and a teaspoon of salt by mashing them together in the pilon. 4. Strain partially boiled plantains and place in deep fryer until golden brown (for about 5 minutes). 5. Place plantains in the pilon and begin mashing them together with garlic and salt until you can no longer see the individually cut plantains (but not too mashed like mashed potatoes; never use a food processor), adding a little bit of the garlic mixture at a time. 6. You will have to work a few slices at a time in order to get everything mashed. The mofongo is complete once everything is mixed up and there is even distribution of seasoning. 7. Once you’re done, push all the sides down at an equal level, leaving room for the chicken to sit in the mofongo. Recipe: Chef Francis Sosa

32 THE

restaurants, known as lechoneras, specializing in slow-roasted whole pig, lechón. Each restaurant uses a unique (and usually secret) combination of spices to season the pig, which is then roasted over an open fire for six to eight hours. A weekend tradition, a trip along the Pork Highway is also a cultural experience as the locals turn out to enjoy food, music and dancing. The Pork Highway is hardly undiscovered—it’s been featured on television by Anthony Bourdain and Andrew Zimmern—but still retains plenty of charm. Several local tour companies offer three- to four-hour bus trips starting at around $45 per person. Eat (aND DriNk) LikE a GourMEt Executive chef Victor Woods of the Courtyard by Marriott Isla Verde Beach Resort got his start in the kitchen, cooking traditional Puerto Rican dishes alongside his mother. After completing his culinary training, he joined the hotel a decade ago, working his way through the ranks to the top position in the kitchen. “It’s not work to me, it’s more like a hobby,” the handsome young chef said of his job with a humble grin. “I enjoy it every day.” The menus of the Courtyard’s five restaurants and bars all pay homage to the heritage instilled during hours in the kitchen with his mother. But, he’s not afraid to experiment with the fresh seafood, fruit and local staples, either, transforming common ingredients into sophisticated gastronomic delights. The tapas menu at his beachfront restaurant, Sirena, features crunchy fried lobster bites coated with smoky chicharrones (pork rinds), deep red ahí tuna tartare with a tangy tamarind glaze

Chef Victor Woods

served on a crispy seaweed risotto cake and crispy Cuban sandwich spring rolls loaded with salty ham, Dijon mustard and creamy cheese to be dipped in green mayo ketchup. For dinner, try the pan seared Atlantic halibut served with risotto laced with longaniza sausage and finished with a lemon saffron broth or his signature Sirena Strip and Shore, a perfectly cook tenderloin accompanied by large fried shrimp coated in a golden codfish batter. Decadent is the only word to describe the dish. At the LaConcha Renaissance San Juan Resort, mixologist Timmy Ortega is a superstar. He serves a worldy clientele at the Condado Beach resort, located in the heart of San Juan’s upscale shopping and hospitality district, and he always has to be on his game. A protege of famed Spanish restaurateur Jose Andres, he was instilled with an insane attention to detail and quality ingredients. “He taught me what real flavors are about,” said Ortega of his mentor Andres. “We have to tell the guests a story with every taste.” A simple piña colada won’t do for the guests at his bar. He might add a spritz of aromatic chocolate bitters to a martini, a sprig of fresh herbs to a mojito or whip up a salt-infused foam on top of a margarita. Smoke, foggy dry ice? He’s prepared. His inventive creations have been the ticket to prestigious global bartending competitions. He laments the latest trend, frozen cocktail machines. Most churn out sugary slush. If one of his customers desires a frozen cocktail, Ortega is more likely to pull out a canister of liquid nitrogen and do it himself. Puerto Ricans are, above all, resourceful.

Mixologist Timmy Ortega

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DESTINATION Seattle, Washington

Go West!

Beat the summer heat in Seattle, Washington. Explore the city on foot, hike the many pristine wilderness areas nearby, sample local wines or take to the water for orca watching on a highspeed boat or even a daytrip to Victoria, British Columbia. Alaska Airlines and Spirit Airlines both fly non-stop from Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport and American Airlines will get you there non-stop from Miami International Airport. Plan your trip at EAT & DRINK



Founded 110 years ago, the Pike Place Market ( is one of the oldest continuously operated public markets in the country. After watching the fish mongers toss massive salman over the counter, explore the many food stalls and restaurants. Choose from Greek, Thai, Korean and more, sample fresh oysters and homemade cheese, or we recommend the dungeness crab melt at Lowell’s Restaurant & Bar, 1519 Pike Place. Afterwards, wash your dinner down with a strong cup of coffee or a cocktail in the hipster-filled and very LGBT-friendly Capitol Hill neighborhood.

Take the Seattle Center Monorail ( from the uptown Fifth Avenue shopping district to the city’s iconic Space Needle ( to catch stunning 360-degree views of the region. At the base of the tower, admire the fanciful glass creations of master artist Dale Chihuly at the Chihuly Garden and Glass ( Also, nearby in an iconic, aluminum-clad Frank Gehry structure is the Museum of Pop Culture (, formerly the Experience Music Project Museum. Afterwards, relax with a cup of Starbuck’s coffee, of course, if you can find one.

There are plenty of fine hotels at all price points, but our favorite is the Edgewater (, 2411 Alaskan Way. Rising above the water on Pier 67, the hotel extends into Elliott Bay and offers panoramic views and true waterside dining. The airy rooms capture the Pacific Northwest lifestyle with knotty pine furniture and river rock fireplaces, along with all the conveniences of a modern luxury hotel. Land a room on the south side facing the adjacent cruise port and you just might wake up one morning to find the bow of a massive cruise ship towering over your balcony.

34 THE

Intoxicated A N D Incarcerated?



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DAYCATION Phillip & Patricia Frost Museum of Science

Blinded by Science The newest landmark on the shores

of Biscayne Bay is the $325 million Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science, 1101 Biscayne Blvd. in Miami. The massive 250,000 sq. ft., LEED Gold sustainable complex includes a three-level aquarium best viewed through the 31-foot oculus window and a 250-seat planetarium with 67-foot tall dome. Inaugural exhibitions include “Feathers to the Stars,” an examination of the evolution of flight from feathered dinosaurs and birds to airplanes and manned space exploration. The museum is definitely not just for children—explore the varieties of fish on a scuba dive in the aquarium and enjoy mesmerizing First Monday laser light shows synced to the music of Lady Gaga and Pink Floyd in the planetarium. For more information and tickets, go to

36 THE

DIY Flotation Therapy

Miami Flotation 19999 W. Country Club Dr. Aventura, FL 33180 Inside Turnberry Isles Resort Treatments start at $85/30 min. Looking for a “cooler” spa treatment? Cryotherapy, treating the body to short bursts of -160 degree Nitrogen gas, has been shown to rejuvenate skin and provide a metabolic boost. Check out these local services:

Go with the T


he spa business is very competitive— especially in appearance conscious (vain) South Florida. Now, we’re not saying that people here are shallow, but spa owners are constantly looking for the hot new treatment to keep customers coming in, especially during the slow summer months. Why settle for a massage when you can be rubbed down with hot volcanic stones? A facial is great, but surely rubbing down the body with chocolate will be more decadent. A few minutes in a sauna can pull the toxins from the body, but sitting in a room constructed of Himalayan salt will be even more effective. One of the most popular new relaxation therapies involves flotation and we’re not talking in a pool or even a deep soaking tub. Flotation therapy is conducted in a large plastic pod filled with about 10 inches of water saturated with magnesium salts. The water is heated to body temperature and, in theory, when the lid is closed the occupant can float away into peaceful bliss. I knew I had to try it, but when I heard the backstory about the technique, I was even more intrigued.

According to Dr. Vladimir Turovskiy, this technique is used by the British intelligence agency, MI-5, to acclimate their “00” agents for sensory deprivation situations. Someone in the bowels of the agency’s London headquarters, agents are locked into similar pods, in the dark, for hours on end and must avoid going insane. Fortunately, my experience would not be nearly as intense. Dr. Turovskiy explained that the treatment is especially popular with people who practice yoga and meditation. Some even nod off to sleep in the pods for hours on end. As I stepped into the pod, I quickly realized the experience would not be nearly as claustrophobic as feared. I had the option of leaving a soft blue light on in the pod and soothing “spa” music in the background. As I laid back, the dense water took over, completely supporting my body on the surface. I “ping ponged” a bit against the walls before finally relaxing. I closed my eyes and settled down for the duration. The hour passed quickly as I contemplated life, suspended in an almost zero gravity state. Not that I personally remember, but the

Below Zero Cryotherapy 18205 Biscayne Blvd., Ste. 2214 Aventura, FL 33160 Full body sessions start at $90. Cryo Miami 430 S. Dixie Hwy., Ste. 8 Coral Gables, FL 33146 12 min. cryo-facials start at $75.

experience struck me as similar to being in a mother’s womb—warm, wet, peaceful and safe. As I reemerged from my pod, I couldn’t help to wonder, “What will they think of next?” – J.W. Arnold





Naked Decor

Dog Days of Summer Naked Décor’s creative director, Supon Phornirunlit, loves his furry, four-legged friends. The Washington, D.C.-based designer’s own pets have inspired countless best-selling home accessories, including signature accent pillows, clocks, wall art and more. Here are a few of our favorites. Find these products and more at (And, if you’re a cat lover, don’t fret. Naked Décor also offers equally adorable designs featuring feline friends, too.) 1. Limited Edition Doxie umbrella, 44” diameter, Pongee on metal/fiberglass frame with rubber handle, silkscreened, $24.95 2. House of Poodles tea towel, 20” x 28”, 100% cotton, hand-s ilkscreened, $14 3. Labrador usa Wall clock, 12” diameter, tin, quiet movement, requires 1 AA battery (not included), $49.95 4. Wall Hangers (Set of 4 - Pug, Westie, Dachshund, Boston Terrier), approx. 5.5” x 6” x 4”, white gloss resin, $85 5. Pooch Décor Boston terrier Pillow, 18” x 18”, zipper closure, cotton/poly blend, poly fill, indoor/ outdoor, $49.95. (85 other breeds also available.)

3 2 5

4 38 THE

ENtErtaiNiNG Mixology

Make Cocktails Great again Have the antics of the current occupant of the White House driven you to drink? Then you need to read drink. A Four Year Survival Guide by Amanda Orr and Laurie Gibson. This cocktail guide for the Trump era includes 50 classic cocktail recipes with updated names and a drinker’s discussion guide. With cleverly-renamed cocktails like the Dark and Tweet Storm, Sean Spicey Bloody Mary, Bad Hombre Margarita, Nepotism Fizz, Treason with a Twist and Don’t Drain the U.S. Mint Julep, drink. is the perfect summer host or hostess gift and a lively conversation starter. The book was inspired by the relentless work of resisters drink. everywhere. The authors decided their contribution to the A Four Year Survival Guide movement would be to provide comic relief while raising money by Amanda Orr and Laurie Gibson for the causes most at risk under the Trump Administration. 2017, MaGu Publishing, A percentage of proceeds from the book will be donated to a 68 pg. range of environmental groups, including the Natural Resources $10 Paperback / $3.99 e-Book Defense Council, Environmental Defense Fund and Greenpeace. “A few months after the election, after many postcard writing parties and marches, we realized we were in for the long haul, and Trump opponents needed a good laugh, and that’s when drink. was born,” said Gibson. “We’ve decided to resist the best way we knew how—with witty content and a chance to raise money for worthy causes,” added Orr. According to the authors, both writers and liberal communications consultants, drink. is perfect for you if: • You like to drink (obviously); • You watch a minimum of ten hours of MSNBC a week; • You called in sick for work the day after Democrats lost the Georgia open seat election; • You’ve submitted an application to immigrate to Canada; • You know the videotape exists and yet believe Trump’s supporters won’t care.

Regardless of the reason you’ve been driven to drink, you know who you are.

If watching the daily news broadcast or checking your social media newsfeeds get you unnecessarily worked up, relieve your political anxiety with these creative cocktails from drink. A Four Year Survival Guide: WHitE russiaN PuPPEt Overindulge if you like. Nothing to worry about with Putin as your designated driver. 1 part Kahlua 2 parts vodka 1 part heavy cream Fill a glass with ice cubes. Add Kahlua, then vodka, then cream layer. MakE aMErica GraPE aGaiN But who will pick the grapes? White wine (super-chilled) Club soda (cold) Lime wedge For this wine spritzer, fill a wine glass halfway with the super-chilled wine… the glass should frost…that’s when you know the wine is cold enough. Splash in the club soda until the glass is threequarters full. (Note: You can also use ginger ale or lemon-lime soda.) Garnish with a slice of lime and on the rim of the glass. Mar-a-LaGo MoJito For the weekends at your winter getaway. 2.5 oz. spiced rum 24 mint leaves 2 tbsp. sugar 1 oz. lime juice 4 oz. soda Place mint leaves in bottom of glass. Add crushed ice, rum, sugar, lime juice and muddle. Add soda water and garnish with mint leaves. tirED oF WiNNiNG HaNGoVEr curE This hair of the dog is perfect for the next day. And get a dog in the White House already! 6 oz. gin ½ oz. lemon juice 2-3 dashes hot sauce Slice of chili pepper Pour gin and hot sauce into an ice-filled cocktail shaker. Shake vigorously. Strain into a chilled old fashioned glass.

40 THE



curiositY Gulliver’s Gate

it’s a sMaLL WorLD

But, you’re not trapped on a boat in Disney World hearing a certain song sung incessantly. Gulliver’s Gate, a new 49,000 sq. ft. attraction in New York City’s Times Square, is home to over 300 built-to-scale miniature scenes of New York, New England, Latin America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Washington D.C. Throughout each scene, there are hundreds of “moving pieces,” including miniature trains and cars, as well as ships that sail and balloons that float through the air. You can also visit the control center and model shops, or better yet, have a lifelike model of yourself digitally printed and added to the scene. Tickets and more information at

42 THE

iN sEasoN Fresh Mangoes

Make it yourself....

Mango Madness at the eau Palm Beach L

ike most resorts along South Florida’s beaches, the Forbes Five-Star Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa offers all the usual amenities upscale travelers expect—fine dining, exotic spa services, luxurious rooms designed by Jonathan Adler. But, for the serious foodie, Eau Palm Beach offers this customized experience: The resort’s Chef de Cuisine, Manlee Siu, partnered with Delray Beach mango farmer Chris Wenzel of Truly Tropical Farms to offer guests a sneak peek inside the fascinating world of mango farming. While the local supermarket may sell one or two varieties of this tropical fruit at most, there are actually more than 200 varieties and Wenzel grows more than 70 on her 100-year-old, five-acre farm, nestled between multi-million dollar mansions just steps from Delray Beach. The Mango Farm Tour Experience begins in the morning at the resort’s Temple Orange Mediterranean Bistro, with a light breakfast of coffee and mango-filled croissants. Guests then accompany Siu for the short ride to the farm. Upon arrival, Wenzel gives an overview of the operation and discusses the 70 different varieties of mangos she harvests each season. Wenzel and Chef Siu then guide guests through an educational and delicious mango tasting, where participants can taste the eccentric and unexpected mango flavors that grow on the farm, including Cotton Candy, Fruit Punch, Lemon Meringue, Ugly Betty and Royal Purple. Before departing, guests have the opportunity to pick their favorite varieties to enjoy at home. “Prior to moving to Palm Beach, I only knew of three different types of mangos…I was shocked to learn that so many more varieties were available here,” said Siu, who incorporates fresh mangoes into the daily menu at the resort’s Angle restaurant, “and I’m always surprised by new flavors every time I visit.” Guests then return to the resort, where Siu prepares a private, mango-inspired picnic lunch served in one of the resort’s oceanfront cabanas. After a fresh mango margarita from the resort’s brand new margarita cart, the meal includes a bottle of rosé, house made charcuterie, lobster salad and a mango-infused dessert. “In the industry, we hear the term ‘farm-to-table’ so often, but to me, that’s just ‘cooking’,” said Siu. “You can’t get any fresher than picking the fruit yourself, right here on the farm.” For more information about Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa’s Mango Farm Tour Experience, visit or call 561-540-4850.

Here are two delicious mango recipes from Eau Palm Beach Resort Chef du Cuisine Manlee Siu and mango farmer Chris Wenzel you can try at home: Manlee’s Mango chutney 1 medium apple, peeled, cored and chopped 2 large mangoes, peeled and chopped ½ medium sweet red pepper, chopped 1½ cups granulated sugar 1 cup onion, finely chopped ½ cup golden raisins ½ cup white vinegar ¼ tbsp. gingerroot, peeled and finely chopped 1 tbsp. lemon juice 2 tsp. curry powder ½ tsp. each: ground nutmeg, cinnamon, salt 1. Combine first 8 ingredients, bring to boil and cook on low for 20 minutes. 2. Add the remaining items and cook for 5 minutes. chris Wenzel’s Mango crisp 6+ cups sliced mangoes lime juice (optional) 1/3 cup flour 1/2 cup brown sugar 1 cup oatmeal 1/3 cup melted butter 1 tsp. cinnamon 1/2 tsp. salt 1. Place mangoes and optional lime juice in baking dish. 2. Combine remaining ingredients. 3. Top mangoes and bake until topping is brown and crisp.

Chef Manlee Siu

44 THE

Chris Wetzel






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18 2017-20

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Mirror July 2017  
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