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Rio Americano • Sacramento, CA • Volume 47 Issue 2 • 24 October 2008 Sen. Obama (D)


Sen. McCain (R)


Obama wins school vote

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Victim wants long sentence for former teacher Tyler Allen Mirada Staff Former history teacher Gregory Rayburn faces sentencing Oct. 30 after his conviction by a Sacramento Superior court jury on 11 counts of annoying or molesting a child and one count of sexual battery for incidents involving four of his students. Rayburn, 54, maintains his innocence and plans to appeal

after the sentencing, his attorney, Alina Mendez, told the Mirada Tuesday. Not all were disappointed with the outcome of the Sacramento Superior Court trial. “Overall I am pleased with the verdict,” one victim said in an interview Tuesday. “But I want him to get help.” Rayburn deserves a lengthy sentence, she said, because he has “not taken responsibility” for his actions and “he doesn’t

feel guilty at all for what he’s done.” Rayburn was charged with 15 counts of annoying or molesting a child and two counts of sexual battery, following his arrest at his Grass Valley home last March. He had been escorted from campus and placed on administrative leave in December. Rayburn has been in the Sacramento county jail since his arrest and his teaching credential

was revoked last spring.

The Prosecution The prosecution’s case was centered on the testimony of four girls from Rio Americano and four girls from Bella Vista who made allegations against Rayburn when he was a teacher there in 2005. Sheriff’s deputies investigated the case at the Fair Oaks high school and passed on evidence to the District Attorney, but no

charges were filed. According to testimony and police reports, two Rio students came forward during December of 2007 with claims that Rayburn had acted inappropriately toward them during their junior year of 2006-2007 and their recently started senior year of 2007. They claimed Rayburn

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Energy audit may spark change Alex McFall Mirada Staff You know you have some work to do if you get an 8 percent on a test. Rio is facing major work after a recent audit by the district and SMUD found the school to 92 percent inefficient in its energy use. Cynthia Jensen, director of planning for the district, and Sacramento Municipal Utilities District officials have recommended a set of changes designed to improve Rio’s efficiency after a recent district-ordered audit evaluated the school’s use of electricity. “We conduct audits starting with campuses that are least efficient – Rio was 92 percent inefficient, or only 8 percent efficient,” Jensen said. These numbers were calculated in conjunction with local energy providers using Energy Star ratings and special

District, SMUD report school is 92 percent inefficient software to obtain the most accurate information. “Based on the results, SMUD and I complete an energy audit in hopes of conserving energy and saving money,” Jensen said. Principle Rob Hollingsworth, who was contacted with the list of suggested changes, said he recognizes the problems with the school’s efficiency. “One of our major problems is with heating and air conditioning, which is not controlled at the school,” he said. “So when it is hot or cold, teachers just open doors rather than notify a custodian when there are problems with the units.”

Recommended changes include adding a window film to all south, east, and west facing windows and reducing maximum time limits on light sensors, from 15 minutes to five. Changing the sensor time received a chilly reception from some teachers. “I would be ticked off because I would only have graded half of an essay in that time,” English teacher Teresa Tolbert said. “Every five minutes I would have to get up and do the dance so the lights would come back on.” Jensen also recommended that teachers use half of the classroom lighting, or no lighting at all, whenever possible.

Electrical fixtures may also be updated from t12s, an inefficient high voltage model, to the smaller and more efficient t5s. Major renovations may include replacing some older heating and air conditioning units. “By implementing the recommendations the school could save an estimated 30 to 40 percent on energy,” Jensen said. Last year, the school spent an average of $13,185.20 per month on energy costs. According to Jensen, if the school had changed its energy consumption last year, the campus could have saved $47,466 for the year. For perspective, that’s enough to pay the salary of a new teacher. The lowest salary for a new teacher is $41,336. With its carbon footprint reduced and efficiency increased, the school may just make the grade.

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Rayburn: Jailed teacher plans to appeal talked to them in an inappropriate manner and made inappropriate physical contact with them. According to the witness, Rayburn frequently referred to the two girls as “honey” or “babe” and was “touchy-feely,” often placing his hand on the small of their backs, touching their legs and giving regular hugs. In cross-examination, Mendez pointed out that the victim continued to cut other classes regularly in order to visit Rayburn well into her senior year. Later, taking the stand in his own defense, Rayburn admitted to affectionate behavior toward all of his students, maintaining that it was a way of establishing a healthy teacher-student relationship, but he denied ever touching any student’s leg. He also admitted to requesting from the witness a taste of a lollipop she once was eating in class. According to the witness and corroborated by Rayburn’s own testimony, he walked to the girl’s desk and asked, “Can I have a lick of that?” He then took the candy, licked it, and handed it back. Rayburn testified that he saw nothing inappropriate about the situation and maintained his motivation was only that “I like the taste of cherry lollipops.” The most serious accusations the witness leveled against Rayburn were that he convinced the two girls to participate in a photo shoot featuring them dressed in military garb and afterward continually pressured them to pose for more photos that would feature the girls in revealing clothing and provocative poses. “I felt pressured into it,” she testified about the photo session. Rayburn told the girls that photos would be included in a Powerpoint presentation on foreign relations. The photo session took place after school in the photography room. Former photography teacher Mike Giles testified that he monitored the session by occasionally watching through the closed circuit surveillance sys-

tem. The girls dressed in fulllength military outfits and holsters holding fake firearms. The witness said that Rayburn touched her inappropriately when he assisted her in putting on the holster and posing. As witnesses called by the defense, history and government teacher Gary Blenner and history teacher William Taylor testified that Rayburn gave them no reason to think he inclined to the behavior with which he was charged. Prosecutor Sheri Greco produced as evidence the one saved photo. “Frankly, I was shocked,” said Blenner of his reaction to the photo, continuing to say that he found the photo unsettling. Although he disapproved of Rayburn’s behavior, Taylor said the photo looked like it could easily be in the yearbook. The pictures never made it into a presentation, Rayburn testified, because he and the girls were disappointed in the quality of the dark and blurry image. The witnesses testified that Rayburn started proposing the girls pose for far more provocative photos. He showed the witness a pair of army cargo pants he had cut into a very short skirt and suggesting she try it on for him, she said. She testified his proposals did not stop even after the end of their junior year and continued into their senior year until she and the other girl brought their story forth in December of 2007. More accusations Shortly after the first two Rio students came forward with allegations against Rayburn, a third girl claimed Rayburn had also acted inappropriately toward her during her junior year. In tearful testimony she said that in the fall of 2007, he began asking her to pose for suggestive photos and talking to her about sexually explicit subject matter. According to the witness, Rayburn often called her up to

Gregory Rayburn, pictured in his mugshot, was convicted Oct. 6 of molesting a child and sexual battery.

his desk during class and even had her come to his class after school in order to discuss sexual topics with her. She testified that he wanted her to try on skimpy clothes and proposed suggestive poses, although the photo session never took place. He also proposed that she and the fourth victim pose together in a separate photo, dressed in short black skirts, tops and heels standing in front of a Nazi flag. He would also be in the picture dressed like Adolf Hitler. Rayburn would later claim that he only asked her to dress up like one of the Nazi Youth and present to the class in front of a Nazi flag. He claimed he would have no personal part in the project except for supplying the flag. Former students from Bella Vista High School were also called as witnesses to testify about the similar allegations they made about Rayburn in 2005. Jurors were allowed to consider Rayburn guilty in the case of the Bella Vista allegations, even though no charges were filed. The defense In her defense case, Mendez attempted to show Rayburn as respected teacher and to bring the character and the honesty of the students into question. She pointed out inconsistencies

in testimony and tried to show that the girls had other motivations for bringing charges. Many character witnesses, including Rio students, a former Bella Vista student and district employees, testified to never seeing Rayburn exhibit any inappropriate behavior. On Sept. 29, the day of expected closing statements, the defense called Rayburn as a surprise witness. He had lost a considerable amount of weight, his face looking care-worn and pinched and his hair had grown out about 4 to 5 inches from his usual military cut. He wore a shortsleeved, plaid button-up shirt, as he had throughout the trial. Rayburn began by summing up his career. He served in the military and worked in Nevada County Sheriff’s Department before becoming a teacher. A master sergeant in the Army National Guard, he left Bella Vista to serve as a medic in Iraq from September 2003 until April of 20004. In his testimony, Rayburn contended that each accusation was false, claiming that aside from the military photo session, he never proposed any photo shoots but rather extra credit opportunities for the girls. He frequently took pictures of students in class and posted them on the classroom wall. Rayburn also admitted to allowing students to be in his classroom while they were supposed to be in other classes, saying he preferred it to them being out around on the streets. During cross-examination, Greco asked Rayburn why he had previously admitted to exercising poor judgment with his photo projects. “Because now they’re making these allegations against me!” he shot back with obvious frustration. According to his version of events, the allegations at Bella Vista and one set of allegations at Rio surfaced only after he told the girls they no longer could cut classes to come to his. Rayburn responded to fastpaced, aggressive cross-examination from Greco, saying more

than once, “No. You’re twisting my words.” Closing arguments During her closing argument on Oct. 1, Greco focused on the naivety of the girls and the level of responsibility with which Rayburn had been trusted. “Student. Teacher. Line. The defendant crossed it. Criminally,” Greco told the jury. “The evidence in this case, frankly, is overwhelming.” During her closing arguments, Mendez drew allusions between the girls making claims against Rayburn and the infamous Salem witch trials, saying both originated in people’s “inclination to believe a child.” Emphasizing to the jurors that Rayburn was never charged with the allegations surrounding his exit from Bella Vista, Mendez asked, “Have the allegations from Bella Vista ever been proven? No.” The Verdict On Oct. 6 the jury of three men and nine women found Rayburn guilty of 12 of 17 counts: 11 counts of annoying or molesting a child and one count of sexual battery. Each of the counts is punishable by up to a year of in jail, and Rayburn will have to register as a sex offender. During Rayburn’s sentencing, victims and the victims’ parents will be allowed to speak to Rayburn and describe the consequences they have suffered. Rayburn is also allowed time to speak. Greco said that all of the credit for putting Rayburn away belonged to the girls. “It is reprehensible for anyone in a position of trust and authority to take advantage of the people they are supposed to protect, in this case several young female students,” she said. “Thanks to the bravery and courage of the victims to report these crimes and testify at trial, this repeat offender will be held accountable for his years of misconduct.” Austin Sprague and Joey Samuels contributed reporting to this article.

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Radio & TV broadcasts on YouTube Meryl Balalis Mirada Staff Do you like to listen to things? Do you like to look at things? Do you like to do both at the same time? Radio and TV is a new class that has evolved from previous years of TV broadcasting at school. The program ties together what teacher Thomas Sullivan has been working on for the past 10 years. Previous classes first used still-photography and video editing, but it was difficult to share their work. Recently, the Internet and YouTube has helped their exposure, and Radio and TV is finally a class this year. “I would really like to get everybody to participate in this,” Sullivan said. “The more the merrier.” The Raider Media Channel will provide videos and playlists created by students in Radio and TV class. The goal is to get students involved and display student opinions, talents and school events. Students in the class work together in small groups to get the projects finished. Some students film, some edit, and some work on sound. Students have access to a blue screen for filming as well as computers to produce their videos. After the videos are

Tyler Allen

Beach Boys taint the hearts of the youth

T Willie Robinson-Smith/Photo Editor

Junior Andrew Bell films Senior Marissa Price for the Raider Media Channel while she monitors the Civitas mock election. Radio and TV covers a wide variety of school events and functions, streaming them online.

completed they are uploaded onto a YouTube account and the Radio and TV section of the school website. They are working on five sections for the Raider Media Channel, called TV News Rio, Events, Athletics, Radio programming and Project Spotlight. Freshmen Victoria Hale and Maya Graham are using Project Spotlight to highlight school programs.

“We are trying to use this to inspire people to be in drama,” Graham said. They are producing a video to promote the drama department in hopes of gaining more participation in the program. Project spotlight will also be focusing on other topics including Rio Band, Athletics and the personal hobbies of students. Everyone is encouraged to send in pictures, news, information and ideas of their

own. The Raider Media Channel can be accessed at home on your computer by going to the school’s website, or to the Raider Media Youtube account.

Online at

Math teacher wants his summers back Petition seeks post-Labor Day school start Alex McFall Mirada Staff

Math teacher William Dunkum III is dreaming of longer, sunnier summers. If the organization he supports succeeds, then students could look forward to two more weeks of summer. A petition for legal action to lengthen summer has been circulating through schools and district offices, bound for the desks of legislators. This operation is spearheaded by Save California Summers, which describes itself on its website as “a non-

profit, statewide coalition of parents, teachers and community members disappointed with the ever-earlier start to the school year.” “I’m not ready to come back in mid-August,” Dunkum said. “When I was a kid, we always came back the Tuesday after Labor Day.” Since Dunkum’s day, schools have continued to shorten summer. For the past few years, San Juan schools have started two weeks before Labor Day and ended in early June. The calendar this year goes from Aug. 18 to June 5. Dunkum hopes they can push the start date to the Tuesday after Labor Day. “I’ve been assuming I’ll never get those weeks back, but now I have a chance,” he said. A longer summer allows teachers more time to prepare their lessons, allowing them to smoothly transition into the

William Dunkum

school year, he said. The administration also benefits from the organization’s idea. August is Sacramento’s second hottest month, averaging 19 days above 90 degrees, compared with 13 in June. According to the Planning Department of the school district, the school spends over $13,000 monthly on energy. Moving the start date to exclude the dog days of August could reduce energy costs. If summer is lengthened,

schools eliminate holidays, as well as shortening the weeklong holidays, such as president’s week and thanksgiving. Response from students was mixed. Although a strong majority of more than 50 students questioned for this article preferred the February break, a sizeable group also pushed for the longer summer. Junior David Kaufman said he would like a later start date because, “The weather is better, and I want to go to things like the State Fair. It’s also the best time of the year to be outside.” Junior Lydia Garcia-Potter disagrees, saying that breaks like the one in February should remain unchanged. “It gives you time to relax and stay inside while the weather’s bad.” But, no matter the changes, Dunkum’s attitude remains the same. “August is playtime, for everybody.”

he Beach Boys is one of the greatest bands of the sixties, if not of all time. When the Beatles were recording the White Album, Paul McCartney looked to “Pet Sounds” as the album they had to beat I myself, with all my musical taste and elegance, enjoy listening to the Beach Boys every now and then, for no one can resist their loose guitar riffs, catchy beats, and vocal harmonization. But it is a dangerous path that winds down this avenue of oral aesthetics. The Beach Boys may make catchy music, but it is all a ploy to ensnare the youth of any generation with their devious lyrics. Their plan is a simple: first attract the listener with their smooth tunes. And if one’s interactions with these singers of the shore is left only to this, then one is safe. But once the Beach Boys catch your ears, there is not much stopping them from taking your mind as well. I for one, do not wish they all could be California girls. The only plausible outcome from this would be a horrible overpopulation within our state and a drastic underpopulation crisis without. Not to mention the havoc their inevitable migration would wreak on the economy. And as for this “fun fun fun ‘til Daddy takes the T-Bird away” business. Never mind that Daddy paid for this vehicle with his own hard-earned paycheck and only let you drive it in the first place out of the kindness of his heart and that you haven’t been home in hours. Daddy thinks the worst has happened to the child he has raised since birth, just to have you waltz in the door past curfew, wondering why he always has to kill your good time, and you don’t think he’ll take the car away? It’s the very vehicle which facilitated your careless escapades and you think you’ll get to keep it? No, the Beach Boys may please the ears, but they have tainted the minds of countless impressionable young listeners.


Page 5 10.24.08 The Mirada

Flicks for fright night

EMILY KIM/Graphic Artist

Alexis Shen Mirada Staff

We all have our guilty pleasures, and for some of us, that includes gory, cheesy, or just down right scary movies. These oldie-but-goodies will keep you screaming throughout the Halloween season.


Some call it stupid. Some call it pathetic. Yes, “Scream” (1996) is terribly unbelievable with its pathetic special effects, but the underlying plot to this movie is great. The movie is about a number of murders amongst a group of teenagers. Sidney Prescott, daughter of a murder victim, believes that she is being targeted by this town killer. “Scream” presents great suspense with creative twists. If you are one who can stand to watch a frightening and twisted movie, “Scream” would most likely be a disappointment. If you do like the first, I would recommend that you see the second, as it has a great twist like the first.

These scary movies are best watched in the dark — but don’t watch alone and don’t answer the phone

After the second movie, though, the third is a let down due to an attempt to surprise the audience with a lengthy and complicated twist.

The Ring

A fairly recent thriller, “The Ring” (2002) is sure to impress most audiences. A mysterious video enters the life of Rachel Keller. Anybody who watches this video is to receive a phone call and then die after seven days. With several grotesque images, this movie will cause you to bury your head in your hands. Unlike some movies of lesser quality that try to simply scare its audiences with just unexpected noises and images, The Ring actually has a well developed and frightening plot.    

The Sixth Sense

Though a classic, “The Sixth Sense” (1999) isn’t that terrifying. A psychologist attempts to

treat a young boy who claims to see dead people. The boy doesn’t see all dead people, though, he only sees those who aren’t yet aware of their death. This young boy and their psychologist learn from each other on a search to find their true identities. Despite its lack of suspense and chilling images, it is a good movie if you’re not expecting a great scare. The movie is solid and has a great ending.

Silence of the Lambs

In “Silence of Lambs” (1991) FBI trainee, Clarice Starling, embarks on an adventure through the distorted mind of Dr. Hannibal Lecter, a cannibalistic serial killer, in order to catch “Buffalo Bill.” Buffalo Bill has recently been on a killing spree in which he skins his victims post-mortem, and Clarice believes that by learning the ways of Lecter’s psychopathic mind, she may be

able to catch Buffalo Bill. Clarice must work quick in order to save Buffalo Bill’s, captured victim. “Silence of the Lambs” is a riveting film that is certainly worth watching. “Silence of Lambs” won critical acclaim and Acadamy Awads, as well as terrified audiences.

Idle Hands

Not an entirely terrifying movie, “Idle Hands” (1999) is a comedic look at a frightening concept. Anton Tobias is a teenage boy whose hand is suddenly possessed by the devil. His bewitched hand takes control when he sleeps and leads him to murder his parents and best friends. Anton spends the entire movie trying to woo his longtime crush, Molly, while also trying to not kill her. His zombie friends provide comedic refief, but end up releasing the possessed hand, just

when Anton thinks he is rid of it. The movie is entertaining to no end, and gives you both a scream and a laugh.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning

“The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” (2006) portrays a disturbingly sick way of life. Two brothers and their two girlfriends are captured by the stepfather of the deformed and insane “Leatherface.” They are held captive and tortured in a house of cannibals. One of their girlfriends, who had escaped from capture, is their only hope. Overall, this movie is absolutely appalling. The set up of the story is decent, but towards the end, the movie gets a bit tedious. There are a few exciting scenes, but I would recommend against seeing this movie as the acting is under par, and it is simply repulsive. Keep your lights off and doors locked while you enjoy this classic flicks and don’t watch them alone.




Spooky holiday brings boom for businesses Meryl Balalis Mirada Staff As Halloween approaches, it’s time to start shopping around for the perfect costume. Spirit, a seasonal Halloween store, has changed locations this year from El Camino Avenue to Arden Way. Spirit sells all Halloween necessities, from costumes to decorations to fun accessories such as fake eye lashes, and wigs. There is a large variety of costumes; everything from fairies to superheroes. Adult sized costumes range in price from $30 to $60. The biggest section in the store is dedicated to children’s costumes. Hannah Montana seems to be a popular costume choice for young girls this Halloween, as there is an entire display set up. Children’s costume prices range from $19.99 to $34.99. Spirit has an assortment of dog costumes for $14.99. Your dog can dress up as superman, a cheerleader or even a Star Wars character. Face paint, costume make-up and plastic swords are also major products at Spirit. Decorations include spider webs, black lights, and plastic grave stones.

Another option to get that Halloween shopping out of the way is Grand Illusions, which is open all year long. The main merchandise sold is magic tricks; however, costumes, puppets, juggling supplies and novelties are also a major product. “October is a busy month for us” owner Steve Johnson, said. The Halloween season brings the biggest sales in costumes. They have an assortment of adult costumes ranging in price from $15 to $40. There are many choices for children’s costumes, priced from $11.95 to $40. They also rent costumes for $25-$30 for those who do not wish to purchase one. Grand Illusions carries Halloween accessories to add to your costume. Fake eyelashes cost $2 to $4 and come in many colors with the option of glitter. There are also a variety of wigs ranging in price from $8.95 to $14.95. Johnson loves magic. He was willing to show his customers some card and magic tricks as they shopped for supplies in his store. “If it’s a fun toy, it’s probably here,” Johnson said. “If it’s not, you should tell me about it because I probably want one.”

Halloween Stores Grand Illusions 7704 Fair Oaks Blvd 916-944-4708

Evangeline’s 113 K Street 916-443-2181

Spirit Halloween Store 3541 Arden Way 916-485-1890

Halloween Headquarters 1100 Business Park Drive 707-678-6263


Top left: Senior Eric Barger tries on a lace up dress while wondering if he should keep his pants on with it. Top right: Senior Danny Ford wears a giant pack of McDonald’s fries while he peruses Grand Illusions. Bottom: Ford, inside of a Barney Rubble costume, is frightened by Barger in a lion suit.

Homemade costumes give an extra flare Alex Kleemann Mirada Staff Halloween is approaching fast and figuring out a costume can be a real chore. Sick of the usual and expensive cookie-cutter costumes from the same old Halloween stores, get creative this year with cheap, easy, and awesome home-made costume. First, brainstorm your possible costume choices. Don’t be afraid to get creative. You can go for something cute, like a hippie or a princess or something serious like a politician or a sports

player. Go for something gruesome, like a zombie or a vampire or something funny, like a clown or a bag of jellybeans; or just trick up the traditional costume, like a Hollywood ghost or a modern witch. Think about past costumes, or even look up ideas online. Remember—you do not have to stick with the customary costume ideas. Mix and match, like a dead soccer player, or outrageous like a box of crayons. Address your favorite book or TV show, and recreate yourself as your favorite character. Draw

ideas from your favorite childhood toys, or your favorite celebrity. Get started in constructing that awesome costume, search your closet for old clothes to alter and accessorize. Check out past costumes, and your parents old clothes; chances are you will find a good base or at least an idea of the look you are going for. If you lack the proper materials at home, thrift shops are great, cheap solutions to finding an awesome base for your costume.

These are just the foundation of your costume, it is most likely necessary to alter and add to it before it becomes an awesome costume. And if all else fails, black is the perfect base for your costume. If you are into sewing, go crazy with the wide range of patterns available online and in craft stores, pick-out fun materials and accessories to make it totally yours. Accessories provide another great chance to get imaginative. Keep your eyes open for cool cheap additions to make your

costume as great as ever. From old hats to a box of aluminum foil, a bright pair of socks, or even a cardboard box and some poster paint, there is always something to help you design the perfect costume. Even unconventional materials, such as pasta can bring to life your great idea. Sharpies and clothing paint are great additives also. Do not forget some scary makeup, and maybe some spray on hair-color to finish it off. The possibilities are endless, get creative and go wild and have a great time.



Keep ‘waiting’ for a great album

‘Saintly’ Gang Gang album keeps you dancing

Jack Sheldon MIrada Staff Senses Fail’s new album, “Life Is Not A Waiting Room,” hasn’t quite made the waves many may have thought it would. The band’s last album, “Still Searching,” showed that the band found their core sound. This new style mostly carried over to “Life Is Not A Waiting Room,” but toned down. Many fans who’ve waited a grueling two years for a follow up album have found themselves to be disappointed. For this album, vocalist Buddy Nielson, has retained his tendency to write lyrics that are poetic, confessing, and sometimes even profound. This time Neilson has started to explore the higher parts of his range. Once in a while, his new style of his vocals can be a bit irritating, but it’s not terrible and easy to get used to. Since their first release, lyrics have been one of the main components in the band’s structure. Buddy’s lackluster vocals are compensated by his insightful writing and emotional


Christian Oldham Mirada Staff

SIDE A delivery. Senses Fail’s structure is also characterized by their dueling guitars. In this release, they’re especially belligerent. A lot of hardcore guitar riffs are present in most of the songs, such as “Four Years”, “Lungs Like Gallows”, and “Wolves At The Door.” On some songs, the guitars work together to create a more melodic and poppy atmosphere that reaches to the band’s roots. Overall, the new album is good. It’s nothing special or groundbreaking, but still a decent listen.

As the new Gang Gang Dance album, “Saint Dymphna” starts, it emerges the listener in a blanket of vibrations. These vibrations grow in length and grow to become fiercer until rhythmic drumming and chimes are added to the song. As the first track, “Bebey,” ends, it seamlessly continues into, “First Communion,” an upbeat song with shouts and calls from lead singer Liz Bougatsos. This album is so interesting because it is able to mold a plethora of conflicting genres into one perfect album. Gang Gang Dance are able to combine and mix musical types like experimental, electronic, ambient, drone, Middle Eastern and even rap to create one of the most diverse albums released this year. With beautiful lyrics, Bougatsos envelopes the listener

SIDE B in pure lyrical ecstasy. Mentions of prisms and imagery of the ocean help set the scene for this multi-cultural masterpiece of an album. The cover helps give off the mysterious and magical feelings about this album. Songs like “Vacuum,” and “Interlude (No Known Home),” are two droning pieces that help build up to the more stand out tracks on the album. The album starts with songs that fall deep into the experimental and drone categories, the middle of the al-

bum seems to transition into more rap which then leads into two Middle Eastern influenced tracks. “House Jam,” the main single and an experimental song, mixes almost all the aforementioned genres into one amazing track. This album is most likely great because it keeps the listener guessing at what sound will come next, for each song sounds different. This album is 40 minutes of pure enjoyment as each song never loses that magical feeling heard the first time. There is never a dull moment in the album, albeit there are some slower parts but they usually end up to be an introduction to one of several epic masterpiece. Of all of Gang Gang Dance’s albums, this is by far the easiest and most diverse to get into. Song after song, this album does not disappoint and will keep listeners interested for a long time.

Mini music reviews for your listening pleasure

Minimalist guitarist Sean Schuster-Craig, who goes under the stage name Jib Kidder, decides to take a drastic chance and make one of the strangest, yet fun and enjoyable albums of this month. “All On Yall,” it is a mash up album, but can be seen as a poor man’s Girl Talk or E-603. The album progresses to mix hip-hop and rap songs with quirky samples of children’s songs and sped up religious sermons mixed with Michael Jackson songs. One song is even made pri One song is even made primarily of the sounds of computer error messages. Overall this album is a strange yet great listen that makes you listen again and again just for kicks.

The White Tie Affair’s debut album “Walk This Way” is a compilation of catchy electropop songs you’ll want to listen to over and over again. This album has already gained fame for the Chicago -based band after featuring their first ever single on Total Request Live’s top five songs of the week. “Allow Me to Introduce Myself… Mr. Right” is a contagious song with an extremely catchy beat, supremely tied together with Duran Duran-esque electronica sounds. Expect to hear this song at a school dance in the future. The only downside to “Walk This Way” is that it contains only 10 songs, which are hardly enough to satisfy new fans craving for more masterful songs.

“Censored Colors,” the third release from Alaskan band Portugal. The Man, is another experimental triumph. Portugal. The Man incorporates a more classic rock sound that is noticeably influenced by jazz and blues, interspersed with synth loops and characterized by front man John Gourley’s falsetto. While most tracks have a multidimensional sound, “Created” is simple and somber, and continains only an acoustic guitar and violin. The album focuses on life, death and rebirth. This, coupled with the masterful mixing of sounds and abstract imagery present in the lyrics, presents a unique point of view that sets Portugal. The Man apart.

Although most actors’ attempts to break into the music industry are pathetic at best, Zooey Deschanel’s duo, along with established musician, M. Ward, is anything but dismal. Together they make up She & Him. Their debut album “Volume 1” varies between cutesy, catchy songs like “Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?” to more soulful songs like a cover of Smokey Robinson’s “You Really Gotta Hold On Me.” Deschanel’s sultry voice and enchanting melodies contrast with Ward’s scratchy old timer methods to make a beautiful record. This album shatters all dismal expectations and proves that Deschanel is not only a talented actress, but also an immesnsely talented musician.

-Christian Oldham

-Molly Ingram

-Jenifer Carter

-Molly Glasgow

Of Montreal’s “Skeletal Lamping” is a complete disappointment to anyone who has previously appreciated the band. Die hard Of Montreal fans will chime in and say that the last several albums have missed their mark. With the new album the band succeeds in driving more of their fans up the fence. Kevin Barnes, the band’s creative engineer, seems unable or unwilling to keep any idea, sound, or theme throughout the album. The album is devoid of any sort of masterpiece like The album is horribly awkward and its joy is forgotten in his attempt to make it complex. The album is pedantic and showy. In an effort to push the innovative envelope further, Of Montreal isolates their fan base and produces unbearable music. -Zac Gunter




In love with the blood Vampire story literally sucks Meryl Balalis Mirada Staff

Jenifer Carter Editor-In-Chief

Although “Twilight” may not be a classic, it is the perfect book for a day at the beach. The suspense, action and romance keep the reader turning the pages, unable to put it down until the very last page. “Twilight” is the story of a human girl and a vampire who become infatuated with each other as they work through their respective struggles; hers to fall in love, his to kill her. Fiction becomes reality as the reader is thrown into the paranormal world of vampires. Despite the fact that they are imaginary creatures, they are placed in an everyday setting, which not only makes them seem more realistic but also makes them easy to relate to. The book is primarily written as a love story; however, the most interesting aspect is the vampires. They have super powers such as super speed, super strength, perfect vision and impeccable hearing. While the vampires have supernatural abilities, they must survive in the human world. They lead double lives, in that they must be good members of the vampire society as well as blending in as human citizens. Witnessing the vampires

Dear “Twilight” fans, please calm down. The acclaim and hype surrounding Stephanie Meyer’s series makes no sense considering the lack of talent she has as an author. Meyer’s writing reads like bad fan fiction. From the very beginning, when Bella was introduced as the new girl in town, I was able to predict the entire story. I’ve heard a lot of “Twilight” fans praise the book as original. If you look past the fact that a plethora of thirteen year old girls have written the exact same story on Quizilla millions of times years before “Twilight” was ever published, then yeah, it’s original. Nothing in the book is remotely clever or new and her characters lack depth. Bella is the quintessential Mary-Sue, a term used for female main characters that serve as an author’s representation of herself into her own story. Mary-Sue’s are always perfect. They’re pretty, but lacking confidence so they say they’re just “average,” despite every boy falling in love with her. And they’re always smart and have at some point mem-

struggle through familiar emotions instills empathy in the reader. As the story progresses, the reader becomes acquainted with each vampire, discovering how they came to be and learning of their pasts both as a vampire and their human lives. As the pages turn, the reader develops a connection to the characters, experiencing their emotions: Bella’s relentless crush on Edward, Edwards’s frustration in his conflicting desires for Bella’s love and blood, Carlisle’s untouchable compassion for humans and Esme’s love for her family. This book keeps every reader entertained; it has fantasy, suspense, action and romance.

An ‘infinitely’ entertaining film for everyone Alexis Shen & Carly McCune Mirada Staff Spending a night under the city lights in search of a reclusive band, Nick and Norah spread as many laughs as it does heartfelt moments. “Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist,” starring Michael Cera and Kat Dennings, has viewers held taut by their heart strings. Their “infinite” nighttime adventure begins with the search of the seldom seen band, Where’s Fluffy? While Nick is in the midst of getting over his “true love,” Tris, he runs into Norah as they are both searching for Where’s Fluffy? As Norah longs to be noticed by Nick as a possible love interest, Nick continually gets distracted by Tris who is vying for his attention throughout the

MOVIE REVIEW movie. Nick’s band, the Jerk Offs, continually provide comedic relief from the tension between Nick and Norah. Some of the stunts in the movie are outrageously funny, while other bits and pieces will have viewers feeling as though they

can emotionally connect to the scenes. The movie is not just another cute date movie that every middle-schooler is dying to see; it can hold anyone’s interest, adults too. When the lights turn on and the credits start to roll, you’ll be wishing you bought another ticket for a second showing. The movie is that amazing. “Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist” has a questionably long title, but the movie never feels as though it is lengthy or having overly stretched out jokes. Unlike many other comedies that try too hard to be overly funny, the adventure and humor in “Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist” never gets dull. It is fresh and new and has an innovative formula that will keep viewers laughing even three days after they had seen it. Have you found Fluffy yet?

orized “Romeo and Juliet” because it’s they’re favorite. Because in order to be smart, you have to love “Romeo and Juliet.” Bella really fits the bill and her story is the same as every other female character in bad amateurish writing: she’s the new girl in town and immediately the quiet, attractive, utterly unattainable boy that lurks in the background falls in love with her. The worst part about “Twilight” is that Meyer was unable to even craft an interesting male protagonist. Edward Cullen, the vampire every girl is crazy about, is devoid of any personality. All he really has going for him is the fact that he’s a vampire, but even that isn’t very interesting. Oh, and he sparkles in the sunlight. The relationship between Bella and Edward is boring because they lack any sort of chemistry. Their entire relationship is based around the fact that Edward wants to drink her blood and she thinks he’s attractive. And, if it weren’t’ bad enough, it’s a completely abusive relationship. Edward basically stalks Bella, claiming that he’s worried about her safety. That’s a pretty hypocritical statement

to make, considering he’s a bloodthirsty vampire who has to use every last ounce of his willpower to keep from ripping into Bella’s neck. Later on in the series, when Bella becomes involved with Jacob, Edward uses the same line about worrying about her safety to keep her from seeing Jacob. How is that romantic? Not only is Meyer’s story boring and her characters about as deep as a puddle, Bella seems to represent a misogynistic view. Why is it that Bella is always the damsel in distress and she must always wait for Edward to come to her rescue? She’s always portrayed as weak and always relying on men to save the day. Not that feminism is the issue at hand, but this really just adds to how awful of a character Bella is. Maybe there’s something to this series that I’m missing, or maybe I’m just jaded because this story is nothing new or exciting, but I can’t understand how anybody can read this book and actually consider it to be good writing. I have nothing against enjoying the story because it’s something somebody may find entertaining, but anybody who considers Stephanie Meyer to be a talented author needs help.

Uncover this movie Molly Glasgow Editor-In-Chief “Just Buried” is the definition of a black comedy. The story surrounds Oliver Zinck who inherits his estranged father’s funeral home. Ironically, the only funeral held at the home in the past year was Oliver’s father’s. The only things that neurotic, anxious Oliver is left with after his father’s death are: the failing funeral business, a staff of two, and his insane nymphomaniac step mother. Oliver falls in love with his mortician, Roberta, and together, they make a few murders look like accidental deaths to help the ailing funeral business. Things quickly get out of hand and the characters evolve in front of your eyes.

MOVIE REVIEW Though it may seem farfetched, the lovable Oliver turns into a cold-blooded, heartless killer, but keeps his undeniable charm. “Just Buried” leaves you cringing, but chuckling, until a twist in the end.



Sweet ride you’ve got there


Senior Samantha Adair sits atop her Ford Thunderbird. The car has been in her family since she was ten, but the radio is new and she doesn’t know how to work it.

Owner: Samantha Adair Grade: 12 Sweet Ride: 2002 Ford Thunderbird What model is your car? It’s a new Thunderbird

When did you get it? My parents bought it when I was like ten.

Yes. Thelonius Thunderbird. I was going to name it Thaddeus, but I decided on that.

What do you like most about your car? It’s pretty comfortable. I’m not that into looks, though.

What do you hate most about your car? The radio! The old one broke, and I can’t figure out how to use the new one.

Have you named your car?


Bachelor and Bachelorette

Andrew Lopez, 10

Lara Wyss, 9

What do you look for in a girl? Good eyes and legs.

What do you look for in a guy? They have to be funny and a little smart.

What’s your favorite pickup line to use? Dang girl, where do you get ‘dem cakes? What do you do to get a girl to notice you? Take off my shirt and let them see my six pack, maybe do a back flip. What’s a turnoff? A girl with a bad sense of humor -Savannah Sterpe-Mackey

What’s the best pick-up line you’ve ever heard? If I was a hunter, I would set a trap because you’re a fox. What makes you different that any other girl? I don’t say things just to impress. Biggest turnoff? When guys try so hard to tell you what you want to hear even though you know they’re lying -Savannah Sterpe-Mackey

Students get revved up for car show Art show of Alex McFall Mirada Staff A cool wind blows across the grass at lunchtime, as students settle down to enjoy whatever they have bought or taken from home. It’s a normal Tuesday But suddenly, the quiet is broken by the roar of an old engine brought back to life. The word is out; the auto shop is hosting a car show, slated for Nov. 21. Organized primarily by students, the show plans to showcase the automobiles of students and teachers alike. “Our main goal is to get more students involved in the program,” said auto shop teacher Mr. Hawe. “And we WILLIE ROBINSON-SMITH/Photo Editor want to get students to bring in Senior Mark Ryan passes out entry forms for the auto shop’s first car show. The show is cars for everyone to see.” slated to begin Nov. 21 and there are a variety of categories for students to enter. Categories include the following: best student/teacher car, best motorcycle, best sound/ video system, most detailed, best to do this, but we should have some So whether your car sparkles, bicycle, and best junker. pretty cool cars” said senior Aubrey glitters, shines, or has a bit of rust, Hawe’s students were just as Sommer. the auto shop ensures that your car surprised as the students at lunchtime This event also makes Raider is welcome. Pull out the hose, lather on Tuesday. history, being the first ever student up a washing glove, and get your car “I have no clue why he decided organized car show on campus. ready for the show.

the dead brings art to ‘life’ Jeremy King Mirada Staff

Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, will be celebrated by producing and enjoying artwork in the student art gallery. There will be more than 100 pieces of art in the gallery, all of it is made by students, said art teacher Leslie Cusick. Most of the art will be made by students in ceramics. There will be many calaveras, or decorated skulls, which are often made for the holiday. The gallery, in room H4, will have an opening on Thursday, Oct. 31 from 1:35 until 2:30. During that time there will be treats, refreshments, and music to lighten up the mood. The gallery will be open during lunch, staffed by student volunteers, and will close on Nov. 31. Dia de los Muertos occurs on the first and second day of November and is celebrated by gathering family and friends to pray for and remember those who have passed on. “Many people visit the graves of the dead and honor them by bringing favorite food and beverages of the departed,” Cusick said.

Election ‘08

Page10 10.24.08 The Mirada

Students back Obama; reject Prop 4 and Prop 8 in Civitas mock election Molly Glasgow and Kate Fingold Mirada Staff Sen. Barack Obama got the vote of Rio students two weeks before the national election. Reflecting recent national polls, students participating in the Civitas election favored Obama 322 votes to 155 votes over his Republican opponent, John McCain. Leaving the polling place, senior Isaac Ghansah said he voted for Obama because he liked the Democrat’s policy positions. “I watched all the debates and agree with everything he talks about,” Ghansah said. “He is clearly the better choice.” Junior Michelle Uikawa said outside the polling place that she voted for Obama “because he stands for change and is a little bit better than McCain.” JSenior Thomas Jackson said he voted for McCain. “Obama is trying to overdo everything, which would cost a lot of money,” he said. Students also voted for state propositions. Senior Alison Brown voted no on prop. 8 “because gays should in fact be married and not have just civil unions.” Senior Nathan Reynolds also voted no on Prop. 8. “People should be able to love people,” Reynolds said. Chris Dalton’s Civitas senior project was putting on this mock election. Baldemar Garcia, an outreach representative from the county’s Department of Voter Registration & Elections, made the mock election possible by providing the voting booths. Dalton made sure the classes that would be voting received Easy Voter Guides. Students voted on several propositions.The students also voted on a presidential candidate. “It may not reflect the nation’s view,” Dalton said, “but the results will definitely reflect the views of Rio Americano.” Dalton hopes that this election will not only help to partially indicate the results of the real election, but will also encourage those seniors eligible to vote to register. “It will encourage people to vote. We have the forms to register so hopefully some seniors will take advantage of that,” Dalton said. Dalton feels that that is the most important aspect of his senior project. “The main point is to get students into voting early on, so that when they’re old enough to vote, they will.”

Presidental Ballot Barack Obama 322 John McCain 155 Ralph Nader 14

Ballot Measures Prop 1A High speed rail bond Yes: 315 No: 178 Willie Robinson-Smith/Photo Editor Above: Senior Marissa Price gives sophomore Sami Swanson a ballot. Below: Junior Lauren Grippi fills out her ballot in the voting booth. Below right: Senior Chris Dalton talks to Baldemar Garcia, from the county’s Department of Votor Registration.

Prop 4 Parental notification about abortion Yes: 140 No: 357 Prop 7 Renewable energy Yes: 348 votes No: 146 votes Prop 8 Ban on gay marriage Yes: 138 votes No: 363 votes Prop 11 redistricting Yes: 202 votes No: 259 votes





Ban same-sex marriage?

Yes: Marriage unites No: Discrimination goes a man and a woman against American ideals Fareeha Nawaz Guest Writer Think of something that all nations and all cultures that ever existed on earth had in common. In the diverse world we live in, there exists one institution that unites us: the marriage between a man and a woman. Unfortunately, what has unified human beings for so long has slowly deteriorated. Four San Francisco judges decided to redefine marriage in California, overturning the 61 percent of the votes against same sex marriage. To restore the definition of marriage, Proposition 8 is on the ballot this November. Most of us try to overlook the issue of same sex marriage because of our indifference to it. We feel that we will never be touched or affected by it. Ignorance about the consequences of same sex marriage causes us to support it. We fail to recognize that the struggle to promote same sex marriage is a war against social, natural and biological laws. Supporters argue that government has no right to dictate what happens in the private lives of same sex couples. But the problem is not government’s failure to grant homosexuals privacy. The real issue is that homosexuals are ironically trying to gain public attention for the same act they fought to keep private. By legalizing same-sex marriage, homosexuals gain social acceptance and public attention. Now, the issue of homosexuality isn’t a matter of privacy, it has become a public issue. Protected under the California Constitution, homosexuals walk through the streets of California, endorsing their definition of marriage. Imagine a society where the lines between what constitutes marriage

were blurred. Imagine a society where lab experiments were responsible for the birth of an entire generation. Imagine a whole generation growing up, deprived of a mother or a father. Same-sex marriage goes against every natural and biological law that exists. Not a single society has successfully produced a generation of kids living in homosexual families. The complimentary nature and anatomy of men and women allow them to engage in natural husbandwife relationships and create a stable family unit. A traditional marriage is, therefore, responsible for bringing about C generations who thrive on earth. Clearly, same sex marriage destroys the concept of a family. As soon as two members of the same sex get together under “marriage,” the relationship becomes something completely opposite of traditional marriage. Statistics reveal that kids who grow up without a father are at risk of educational failure, poverty, criminal behavior and sexual abuse. The problems resulting from same sex marriage will continue to increase unless California citizens stand firmly against it. We cannot stop homosexuality. But we can stop it from being a social standard that we have to accept and teach to future generations. The beautiful institution that unifies a man and a woman, cultures, and nations has to be restored so that societies can continue to thrive.

Propostitions 1A Provides for a bond issue of $9.95 billion to establish high-speed train service. 2 Requires that calves raised for veal, egg-laying hens and pregnant pigs be confined only in ways that allow these animals to lie down, stand up, fully extend their limbs and turn around freely. 3 Authorizes $980,000,000 in bonds for

Molly Ingram Mirada Staff Look all around you: in your classroom, by your locker and at your local grocery store there are gays and lesbians. But can you tell? Absolutely not. Gays and lesbians are students, teens, athletes, musicians, Californians and more. The only difference between heterosexuals and homosexuals is sexual orientation, which is such a minor factor in a person that it shouldn’t even matter. According to the Kinsey Report, one of every 10 teenagers may be gay, lesbian, bi or transsexual, which translates to about 160 homosexuals at this very school. Therefore, Proposition 8 would discriminate against our classmates. Ever since June 16, samesex marriage has been legally recognized in California. So why must gay marriage be banned? As stated in a Los Angeles Times editorial on Aug. 8, “Proposition 8… would eliminate the fundamental right to same-sex marriage. The very act of denying gay and lesbian couples the right to marry- traditional the highest legal and societal recognition of a loving commitment- by definition relegates them and their relationship to second class status.” We all have a right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” as Americans. Written by our founding fathers, the Decla-

Proposition 8

hanges the state constitution to eliminate the right of same-sex couples to marry. Provides that only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized.

children’s hospitals. 4 Changes state constitution to prohibit abortion for unemancipated minor until 48 hours after physician notifies minor’s parent or legal guardian. 5 Allocates $460,000,000 annually for treatment programs for persons convicted of drug and other offenses. 6 Requires minimum of $965,000,000 each year to be allocated for police, sheriffs, district attorneys, adult pro-

ration of Independence states that all men are created equal and are guaranteed certain unalienable rights. Passing Prop 8 would not only be discriminatory, but undemocratic. Denying homosexuals to marry would be a complete regression in our country’s democratic formation. A heterosexual couple consisting of two 20-year-olds who met each other at a party and decided to get married in less than 24 hours would be allowed. But a homosexual couple that has faithfully been together for 50 years would not be allowed to marry. Since 1999 homosexual couples have been allowed to have domestic partnerships in California. Sure, they can get domestic partnerships, but this isn’t nearly the equivalent to marriage. Also, domestic partnerships granted in California aren’t valid outside of the state. Unlike a marriage, partnerships don’t offer federal rights and benefits. But aside from legal and financial benefits, marriage is about love. Most couples, regardless of their sexual orientation, dream of someday walking down that long aisle and saying “’till death do us part.” For those who say that a domestic partnership is the same thing as a real wedding, they have no right to say that because they’re not in the situation themselves. That’s like telling a six-year-old girl on her birthday, “Here, have this loaf of bread and blow out the candles! It’s basically the same thing as cake,” when really, all she’s ever dreamed about was a heavily frosted pink cake with turquoise icing for her special day. Even if you feel that gays should not be allowed to marry due to religious or personal ethics, you still should not discriminate against same-sex couples and deny them the right to marry. Put yourself in their place and imagine how it would feel if the government said you couldn’t marry the love of your life.

bation, jails and juvenile probation facilities. 7 Requires utilities, including government-owned utilities, to generate 20 percent of their power from renewable energy by 2010. 9 Requires notification to victim and opportunity for input during phases of criminal justice process. 10 Provides $3.425 billion to help consumers and others purchase certain

high fuel economy or alternative fuel vehicles.Provides $1.25 billion for research, development and production of renewable energy technology. 11 Changes authority for establishing Assembly, Senate and Board of Equalization district boundaries from elected representatives to 14 member commission. 12 Provides for a bond issue $900,000,000 to provide loans to California veterans to purchase farms and homes.





Democrat: Barack Obama Alison Burns Guest Writer As the election draws nearer, the anticipation of the Presidential Race grows even stronger. While opinions for both Barack Obama and John McCain either strengthen and disintegrate, the time for indecision is coming to a close. The groundbreaking election season is not only remarkable, but also the key to America’s future—a key best held by Barack Obama. In the last year, Obama has achieved the unthinkable, becoming the first African American to ever be featured on a major party presidential ticket. Through hard work, determination, and exquisite intellectualism, Obama has won the hearts and minds of the majority of people nationwide. Obama is currently up in the polls by six points, and this has increased fairly significantly since Senator Joe Biden was announced as his running mate. Even though the Obama-Biden ticket stands strong in the polls, there is still a large number of non-partisan and undecided voters that will play a key role in November. It is critical in this election that America’s youth appears to vote, because without your help, we may end up with four more years of the faulty and embarrassing Bush Administration. While McCain has what more people would like to refer to as “experience,” Obama represents a form of government that is both inclusive and reliant on the American people to support and work with their government to create a more successful nation. To refute McCain’s claim of having more experience, we must also look at the vice presidential candidates. I would just like to point out that being able to see Russia from her backyard does not mean that Palin has international experience. In fact, she has just recently taken a crash-course on the cutltures and leaders of the world, and continues to make mistakes in referring to them. It is also important to look at the vice president in the Republican’s capaign, because McCain may very well die tomorrow. Who would you rather have managing America’s

second Depression-Obama or Palin? When McCain supporters look at Obama, they may see an arrogant, young liberal who has not been through enough in his life to change the courses for the lives of others. But, no one in their right mind can deny that he has talent; he is brilliant and eloquent (more than just a step up from what we’re stuck with now), and he is persistent. If you have seen Obama speak, you will fully understand what I mean when I say he knows how to relate to people. He has been able to inspire others to look optimistically into the future. He will bring a breath of fresh air to Washington, and is more than a step in the right direction, which says more than the McCain-Palin ticket. Let me just remind everyone that a vote for Palin is a vote to destroy all of the progress that women have made in the past twenty years, and a vote for McCain is a vote to bomb Iran. I think that I speak for everyone when I say global warming and oil are two of the top-priority issues in Washington today (or ought to be, as soon as Texas leaves). Obama proposes the idea of doubling fuel efficiency in cars and reducing oil consumption. He also supports renewable electricity, and has proposed the most comprehensive energy plan in our nation’s history. It also doesn’t hurt to have Biden, one of the biggest Washington supporters of the fight against global warming, as Vice President. Moreover, great proposals speak for themselves; Obama and Biden support for a reformed economy that will increase employment and increase taxes on large corporations and the wealthy, who have been favored under the Bush Administration. Obama plans to strengthen our public school system, reduce corruption in Washington, and creating a system of universal health care. Barack Obama claims to represent “a vote for change.” Over the past eight years, America has gone into more than $25 trillion of debt, entered a war that has cost an estimated 100,000 lives, chased after nonexistent Weapons of Mass destruction, and our economy is now in shambles. With the current state of American affairs, it is important that we have a trustworthy leader who can appease these problems.


Plans to enact a windfall profits tax on oil company profits to give families a $1,000 emergency energy rebate to help families pay rising bills. Provide $50 billion to jumpstart the economy and prevent job loss.


Invest $150 billion in private “green” companies to create 5 million more jobs. Ensure 10 percent of our electricity comes from renewable sources by 2012, and 25 percent by 2025

War in Iraq

Proposes removing combat brigades over 16 months after taking office. A U.S. force will stay in Iraq to train the Iraqi military, protect American interests, and fight al Qaeda.



Election ’08


Republican: John McCain Sam Moniz Guest Writer Iran’s presiden, recently came to the UN and said that “the American empire in the world is reaching the end of its road.” Violence continues in Iraq and Afghanistan. Russia invaded Georgia in a move reminiscent of the cold war. In times like these, it would be nice to have a serious, substantive conversation about the direction America should take in the 21 century. But obviously that won’t happen. After all, this is an age when political catchphrases like “change” and “more of the same” pass for serious argument. And in a political environment where everything is presentation and nothing is substance, it seems that Barack Obama has a definite advantage in the race to be our 44 president. Admittedly, John McCain has performed surprisingly well in the campaign, all the more so because of his rhetorical inferiority to Obama. Where Obama offers soaring, inspiring, if completely empty, speeches, McCain often appears only slightly more articulate than George Bush. McCain is fairly conservative, but he has proven time and again that he is not beholden to his party. He led the charge on campaign finance reform—producing a bad law, incidentally, but one that was and continues to be despised within his own party. John McCain, for all his faults, usually puts what is best for the country before what is politically popular. Barack Obama has no comparable accomplishments. For all his talk of working together and changing Washington, he has never bothered to reach across the aisle with Republicans—indeed, he has the most liberal voting record in the senate. With regard to Iraq, McCain once again put the country’s interest before his own political ambitions, pushing for the surge and intensifying his support of an unpopular war, when he could have distanced himself from it. As he said, he would “rather lose an election than lose a war.” As a result we have gone from losing to winning in a war that is

crucial to American security, largely due to McCain’s demand for a change in strategy. Obama, on the other hand, opposed the surge, simply repeating the old tired complaints, that “we took our eye off the ball” in Afghanistan. Given an opportunity to put partisanship aside and work together for the common good, Obama declined. It’s understandable why people like Obama—he’s a gifted politician, an outstanding speaker, and a formidable intellect. Plus, he promises the world—didn’t he say, after Clinton’s withdrawal from the campaign, that “this was the moment when we began to provide care for the sick and good jobs to the jobless; this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal; this was the moment when we ended a war and secured our nation and restored our image.” He’s fascinating to watch, because he is a bizarre combination of this kind of messianic idealism and Machiavellian tactics. He could have run a thoughtful campaign, and participated in a serious national conversation, but he might have lost. So he chose instead to run on soaring platitudes—succeeding brilliantly in politics by pretending to transcend politics. When John McCain challenged him to a series of ten town hall style debates, during which they could delve deeply into serious issues, Obama declined. After arguing for public financing for campaigns, he abandoned the idea when it looked like it would cost him money. Unlike John McCain, he has never shown real political leadership. What he has shown is astonishing political ability. But the next president will need more than political ability—the world’s problems did not originate with George Bush, nor will they end with him. The next president, Democrat or Republican, will still face violence, wars, and economic turmoil. It’s time to return to reality. Obama is not the solution to all our problems. He’s just another politician.

Sarah Vaira/ Graphic Artist

War in Iraq

Believes it is not safe to leave before al Qaeda is defeated in Iraq. Supports the “surge.” Wants to increase international assistance to the government and economy of Iraq.



Wants to return greenhouse gas emission levels to 2005 levels by 2012 using a capand-trade system. Tax credit for buyers of zero carbon emission cars from American automakers.

Believes we should institute a summer gas tax holiday. Cut the corporate tax rate and mantain a top tax rate of 35 percent. Wants toconstruct 45 new nuclear power plants by 2030.




What do you want from Obama brings change, McCain slow progress our next president? “Change America’s farm policy from farmers monopolizing the system to more locally grown produce.” -Wyatt Brown, 10 “Lead our country away from the greedy corporate policies which have plagued our country for the past eight years.”

-Matty Broad, 10

“Make world peace and to build a theme park in every state with at least three rollercoasters.” -Emma Dunca, 9

“I would like to see the war end because it draws too many resources away from other causes.” -Lauren Saria, 12 “Have a good economic plan, and I want him to repair our foreign policy issues and pull our troops out of the Middle East safetly.” -Joe Hazelroth, 11 “Strengthen our economy, get us out of the war in Iraq, and help our image around the world.” -Alex Yankauer, 10

“More money towards education and invent more food.” -Leah Chen, 11

Jeff Pollack Guest Writer

As we all know, the upcoming election is being touted as the most important in many voters’ lifetimes. Why is that? Why is Senator Obama able to promise change? Why are conservatives so concerned with some of McCain’s more liberal views? The answer lies in the possible unity of the executive and legislative branches. I hear people saying nearly constantly, “Things won’t change, they never do.” Under normal circumstances, I would agree. Regardless of political affiliation, one must agree that the actual difference made by many presidents is minimal.Why is this the case? Because it is rare for a president to serve any significant amount of time with a Congress of his own party. President Bush did for just long enough to sell the idea of a war in the Middle East. Should Senator Obama become the next president of the United States of America, he will serve with a Congress not only consisting of a majority of his liberal colleagues, but also with one determined to “undo the wrongs” committed by its predecessor. This idea of making up for previous mistakes will create a much more active feeling in the House and the Senate, perhaps making Congressmen more willing to pass proactive policies, which, after all, seems to be the goal of Barack Obama. I must ask myself (as perhaps should you) whether or not this is a good thing. On one side of the debate is the fact that things are not so great right now. We are embroiled in a conflict that expends large amounts of resources with a fairly limited chance for gains. In addition, we have a down turning economy and a scary stock market.

What could be worse, right? That is the question. What could be worse? Perhaps the expenditure of $700 billion that we don’t have is worse than staying the course. The bank bailout, at best, will allow banks to survive that might have otherwise failed. At worst, it is giving a financial crutch to institutions that should not be able to walk at all. Our banks are not failing because of chance or because the government

My guess is that he could accomplish about the same as President Bush is now: not a whole lot. Ultimately, he is conservative and clashes with liberals on how much regulation there truly needs to be in lives and choices of the people. Regardless of who wins the presidential race, some problems will resolve themselves. The bank crisis will end. In the end, there will be some survivors of this banking

One can only hope that self control and the good of the nation prevail over the feeling of needing to change everything.

tried to bring them down. They are finally paying for their own mistake. Now that their opportunistic ways have backfired, they want someone else to pay their debts. So while a new administration under Obama might change many of the problems within our country, overzealousness may get the better of it and cause it to overreach itself. Is it worth it to take that chance, to hope that our leaders will exercise caution and moderation? If not, what is the alternative? John McCain is the alternative. He is a man that doesn’t make huge claims, which is good because the greatly liberal Congress would not allow him to live up to anything out of their comfort zone. Fortunately, his ideas are not that far away from their own. He is in favor of a schedule for leaving the Middle East, but most importantly, he and the legislators see eye to eye on the immediate problems facing the economy.But how far do the similarities go? How much could McCain really do if elected?

heart attack. Under the bailout strategy supported by Senator Obama, more banks will probably survive. However, it will be at a cost greater the entire Iraq war (by over $100 billion). Without the bailout, more banks will die and more people will be hurt by it. This idea will perhaps save the nation’s finances, which, as of late, have become more thin than most find desirable. How much the country will change is unforeseeable at this point in time, but chances are that Senator Obama has the greatest chance to do so of any candidate in the last few decades. One can only hope that self control and the good of the nation prevail over the feeling of needing to change everything. With McCain at our head we are more likely to experience slow but controlled action against the ills that ravage our country. Is it better to roll the dice and hope, or to prepare oneself for the long haul of slow progression? Only time will tell.


Page 15 10.24.08 The Mirada

That’s the way the cookie crumbles Lack of dough hurts students, too Willie Robinson-Smith Editor-In-Chief With the presidential election just 11 days away, voters have begun to solidify their decision of who they will vote for depending on how they perceive the candidates will handle important issues. In polls taken by CBS News, Fox News and CNN, the number one issue across the board is the state of our economy. This issue outweighs all others by a margin of at least 30 percent in all three polls. And with good reason. All across the nation, people in varying degrees of prosperity and employment are feeling the tremors of this economic shock that’s shaking the nation. Huge financial institutions, such as Lehman Brothers, that survived the Great Depression fell last month; steady banks, such as Washington Mutual, Meridian Bank and Main Street Bank have all gone under within the last month; and local businesses, such as Linens N Things and Generation Motors in Modesto, have had to close

How do you think the economic crisis could affect your liklihood to secure a job?


Swarthmore College Economics Professor Stephen O’Connell educates a group of perspective students about the $700 billion bailout plan during a faculty dinner for the Swathmore Discovery Weekend.

their doors. On the other end of the spectrum, many home owners have become unable to pay their mortgages based on rising rates. Those in retirement have only been able to watch in despair as their retirement funds diminish at an alarming rate paralleled by the decline of stock values.

Jackie Rose, 12 I believe that this crisis will affect my liklihood of securing a job, because the businesses that would hire me have been unable to secure loans from banks, and will be unable to expand.

Despite the state of recession that the country is in, some could make the argument that the recession only affects adults and those that already have professions. To this there is a concrete and legitimate response: Mother’s Cookies. Possibly the biggest devastation for people of all genera-

Katherine Montgomery, 11 I think that it could create a squeeze on the already small job market for new workers right out of college, it is definitely a worry, but it’s also a long ways off.

tions, teenagers included, is the loss of Mother’s Cookies. The beloved cookie distributor of 92 years has, as of Oct. 10, joined the ever expanding club of bankrupt businesses. The private equity that controlled the company, Greenwich, Conn.based Catteron Partners said that rising fuel and ingredient costs contributed to the bank-

ruptcy of the company. Cookie devastation aside, another prominent issue for teens is the potential lack of jobs, according to a Swarthmore College economics professor. “Job prospects for high school graduates are already deteriorating because of the recession,” Professor Stephen O’Connell said. “If the recession most economists think we’re already in proves long and deep (as in Japan following their financial crisis of the early ‘90s), the same thing will happen for current high schoolers when they get out of college.” At present, the teenage unemployment rate – from 16- to 19-year-olds seeking employment – has risen to19.1 percent in September from the 18.9 percent in August, according to a federal government report on Oct. 3. The overall unemployment rate has stayed steady at 6.1 percent, the highest rate in five years. “Hopefully in the future we can take steps to avoid another financial crisis like this,” senior Matt McMaster said. “I think if people learned to simply live within their means we wouldn’t have this credit crunch at all.” Whatever may come of this economic turmoil, all generations are affected and will have to help in amending this dilemma. That’s just the way the cookie crumbles.

Aneil Dhillon, 11

Carson Reed, 12

Well, I am so awesome, that nothing could possibly lower my chances of securing a job. Actually, I think my chances of becoming an analyst of the stock market is pretty high right now, because all of the current analysts are about to get fired.

There are always ways to make money in this great country. Securing a job might be slightly more difficult in certain industries but I am confident that those willing to work will be able to find jobs.




Smart shopping saves cents

condition, but you receive cash on the spot for whatever you bring in. Sophomore Danielle Koire suggests the Folsom Outlet Mall for an experience much like Nordstrom Rack but with more choices. The Folsom Outlet mall contains a huge amount of outlet stores such as BCBG, Guess, Volcom and Bebe just to name a few. “The Folsom outlets are nice because there are a variety of stores in the same area to shop at so you don’t have to drive all over,” said Koire. “Not only are you saving money on clothes but also on gas!”

Jessie Shapiro Mirada Staff

With the way our country’s economy is today, there is not a lot of extra money to spend while shopping. What is a young, tight-budgeted high school student supposed to do? Here’s a situation most people have been in: You have just spent about an hour and a half shopping at your local Nordstrom store, yet you leave only with a discouraged expression on your face. Although everywhere you turned there was this year’s new must-have clothing, nothing seemed to be in your price range. That is when stores such as Nordstrom Rack come in handy. At the end of each clothing season, the items that have not yet sold in Nordstrom are shipped to Nordstrom Rack to be sold at a discounted price. For those people who are okay with the fact that the clothes purchased have not gone straight from the designers and into their hands, Nordstrom Rack is a stellar alternative. Another way to save money when shopping is to consider thrift stores. Crossroads Trading Company is very popular among

Nordstrom Rack: 2100 Arden Way Sacramento, California (916) 646-0846


Sophomore Maddy Peterson tries on a Betseyville by Betsey Johnson bag for size at Nordstrom Rack. She was thrilled to find that it was $50 off the original price. Rio students. Unlike Nordstrom Rack, the clothes sold there are previously owned. Not only can

you buy clothing at Crossroads, but you can also make some room in your own closet by sell-

ing your old clothes to them. They require for the items to be gently used and in excellent

Crossroads: 2935 Arden Way Sacramento, California (916) 972-9900 Folsom Premium Outlets: 13000 Folsom Boulevard Folsom, California (916) 985-0312

Teen scoops cold cash at ice cream parlor Austin Sprague, 12 Coldstone How long have you been working at Coldstone? A year and a half Why did you decide to get this particular job? My ol’ mate Nick Larsen worked there and he got me in with a groovy hookup. How many hours a week do you work, and how much money do you earn? I actually work probably about 15 minutes a week, but I’m there for about eight hours a week. I make 50 cents over minimum wage. What do you plan on doing with the money you earn from your job? I’m gonna buy board games, neat hats and a unicycle. Other than that, save up to go out for fine dining and to afford my education down the road. What is the best part about your job? It’s super-easy, super

chill, requires no thinking, you get all the ice cream you want and we have rap dance parties in the back room. The manager and I break it down. What is the most embarrassing thing that’s happened to you on the job? We soap up the floors behind the counter on weekends to scrub them. Naturally I don’t scrub a thing and just ice skate around serving customers for a while; its wicked fun. But I completely biffed it in front of some very fine girls one night - soap all over me, bruises, laughter (not with me, but at me). Good stuff. Also hit myself in the face with a metal spade; that was very suave.

-Molly Ingram

COLDSTONE Come visit Austin at: 2445 Fair Oaks Blvd. Sacramento, CA 95864 (916) 483-8966


Senior Austin Sprague glances at the crowd of customers while making ice cream with some delicious caramel sauce. Sprague learned how to prepare the customers’ favorite frozen treats in a short amount of time while still happily greeting incoming customers.


Red vs. Blue


4540 American River Dr. Sacramento, CA 95864 (916) 971-8921 ext. 80 my.highschooljournalism. org/ca/sacramento/rio/

Page 17 10.24.08 The Mirada

The Ultimate Showdown

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The Mirada is the independent voice of the students and a forum for diverse ideas, by Rio Americano’s newspaper class. The Mirada welcomes story ideas, comics, letters to the editor and opinion pieces. Submit articles and letters to the box in A3 or the main office. Unsigned editorials represent the views of the Mirada editorial board. Editorials and letters to the editor are the views of the individual writer and not necessarily the views of the Mirada or Rio Americano High School Contact the business manager for information on advertising. We welcome advertising, but reserve the right to refuse any ad. Letters may be edited for space and content.


hat exactly is it about politics that turns the nicest conversation into a death match with words? One minute friends are agreeing about how great it is to have no homework and the next minute they are shoving opposing political ideals down each others’ throats. Growing up, children are taught to respect opinions that differ from theirs. They might say, “Yes, I like blue, but it’s okay that you like red instead of blue.” So, what went wrong? It seems like politics is one of the many subjects that even the best of friends should avoid unless they want to pick a fight. Shouldn’t people be able to voice their political preference without trying to solicit it to others? Sometimes, it isn’t even about saying what political ideals someone believes in, the spark for a fight can come from just naming the candidate that would be best suited for office. When did mature adults lose their composure and start believing that they were better than their political “rival”?

Sarah Viara/Photo Artist

OUR VIEW Politics does not have to be a touchy subject, where each conversation erupts into a heated argument. A civilized debate serves the need of finding out which candidate serves the needs the country is asking for. There really isn’t a right or wrong answer when taking political sides, but so many people make the issue into a war. Isn’t America supposed to be about something called “unification” instead of an overpowering separation? Blue isn’t really better than red. Red really isn’t better than blue. But wouldn’t it be perfect if the two came together and balanced out each other’s ideas to make something work? How are we expected to evolve as a nation when we seem to be split in half? What kind of example is being set for young voters? How are they ever supposed to be open to what both parties have to offer when they are taught to only listen to one side and tune the other



party out? Competition, of course, is healthy and part of human nature, but when it gets in the way of solving the nation’s problems, it becomes destructive. Each political party is so stubborn and focused on getting things done a specific way that they are too quick to look over some issues that could be easily fixed by pleasing both parties. Although not all issues can be solved that way, compromise could turn a separated country into a whole. With the economy in its seemingly infinite downturn and with the war still a hot issue, the political parties should come together to find a solution instead of playing tug-of-war with power to solve the country’s problems. Pride seems to be a big roadblock for both parties. Many people are quick to judge one another when it comes to their political standing, but in reality, not every Republican idea is supported

by a Republican, and vice versa for Democrats. The country is pleading for help and there is no room for childish arguments among the “adults”. Voters and candidates should come together. How are the candidates supposed to be taken seriously when they are pathetically fighting with each other through harsh commercial ads on the television? Instead of politics being about running a country and helping its citizens reach full potential, it has turned into a ridiculous game about greed and tearing the other opponent’s reputation down. Whatever happened to promoting their own individual ideas that they had about changing the world for the better? The game changes them into competitve politicians who will change their views at the drop of a hat to get more votes. When it comes down to it, the country shouldn’t be run by the left wing party or the right wing party. Let’s leave the country in the hands of someone in between.

Submit your letters with your name and grade to room A3 or online at




Israel’s defense of democracy The fight for Israeli equality Justin Davidoff and Jonathon Gilbert Guest Writers


arlier this year Israel celebrated the 60 anniversary of its independence, marking a short but extremely accomplished history of contributions in fields such as technology and health care. This tiny country, only the size of New Jersey, has managed to thrive as the only democracy in a dangerous and hostile neighborhood. Despite its many achievements, Israel constantly comes under fire, facing intense criticism and often a double standard from the international community. Like every country in the world, Israel is far from perfect, but there is a difference between fairly criticizing a country’s policies and maliciously questioning its right to exist. One of the most common ar-

guments posed against Israel is that it was illegitimately established at the expense of the Palestinian people. However, this argument ignores many historical truths about the circumstances leading up to the founding of the modern State of Israel. The Jewish people have had a continuous presence in the land of Israel since Biblical times, and are the only people to have governed the land as a sovereign nation. At all other times, the land of Israel was just a small and relatively insignificant portion of various vast empires, often neglected and overlooked. Jews began returning to their historical homeland in large numbers beginning in the late 1800s. They joined the existing Jewish community and started developing the land’s economy, agriculture, and general infrastructure. Ironically, this renewal of the land due to the work of Jews attracted waves of Arab immigrants from neighboring countries. While many assert that the Jews spontaneously seized a land in 1948 to which they had no claim, this is in fact a blatant twisting of the truth. Ever since its independence, Israel has faced incredible

threats to its security, ranging from hostile nations under dictators such as Saddam Hussein to terrorist groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah. These terrorist organizations and their state sponsors have continuously employed intolerable tactics such as suicide bombings, kidnappings, rocket attacks, and sometimes outright war, forcing Israel to defend its very existence. Israel is often condemned for its responses to such attacks, but it is obvious that no country in the world would tolerate these kinds of assaults on its people. Imagine the kind of response we as Americans would demand if a terrorist organization were to constantly fire rockets over the border onto an American city. America would not think twice about eradicating the threat and protecting itself from harm. Just like every other country, Israel has the undeniable right to defend itself. Part of the problem is that a large portion of the media and international community overlook this right and instead hold Israel to an impossible double standard, drawing a moral equivalency between Israel defending itself and terrorists murdering innocent civilians. The simple truth is that Israel shows greater restraint and

Despite its many achievements, Israel constantly comes under fire, facing intense criticism and often a double standard from the international community.

value for human life while fighting far more dangerous and numerous enemies than any other country in the world. Making things worse is the fact that a great majority of Arab leaders, who call the Palestinian people their brothers, have ignored the real problems within the Palestinian community and instead have disgracefully used the Palestinians as a tool in the media for their own selfish purposes, not the least of which is to divert attention away from their own brutal dictatorships and theocracies. Ironically, the 1.4 million Arab citizens in Israel enjoy more civil and political rights than do any of the 325 million Arabs under these same leaders in the greater Arab world. Despite a history often complicated by violence and conflict, and an ongoing dilemma to either defend itself or be driven into the sea, Israel has always strived for peace above all else. From the Oslo Accords in 1993, which were intended to be

a starting point for peace, to the Camp David Summit in 2000, in which Palestinian President Yasser Arafat refused Israel’s generous offer of 95% of the West Bank and Gaza, Israel has made a determined effort for peace. As former Israeli Deputy Prime Minister Abba Eban once famously said, when it comes to peace, the “Arabs never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.” As Israel marks its sixtieth anniversary, it has never been clearer that this small yet thriving democracy has every right to defend its very existence while trying to achieve peace. Nevertheless, peace is a two way street that both sides must yearn for. As former Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir once said, “Peace will come to the Middle East when the Arabs love their children more than they hate us.” **This article is a rebuttal to Maleeha Nawaz’s article, printed in June.

Pieces of false peace run wild on shirts Jenifer Carter Editor-In-Chief Peace signs are all the rage. Really, who doesn’t like to announce to everybody his or her views on the current political climate? Unfortunately, this is becoming more of a fashion statement than a political sentiment. It’s great that people are politically aware and developing their opinions on pressing social matters, but there’s something inherently wrong when politics becomes the latest fashion trend. What ever happened to activism? Sorry, but that tote bag from Urban Outfitters with the peace sign that boldly declares how liberal you are means nothing. In fact, it’s doing just the opposite of promoting peace. Urban Outfitters, which is well stocked in products with partisan slogans and beliefs,

is a breeding ground for pseudo-conscientious liberal teens. Ironically, the money these kids spend on anything championing some liberal cause or anything with a peace sign goes straight to Richard Hayne, bigtime Republican supporter who is using their money to further the conservative agenda. Honestly, there is nothing wrong with believing in something and wanting to showcase that, but to go out and buy everything with a peace sign or “go green” sentiment and claim to be a big opponent of the war and carbon dioxide doesn’t make sense. It’s like wearing the shirt of a band you don’t even listen to. Whatever happened to activism? There are plenty of opportunities to become active and participate in protests or volunteer for an organization fighting for the same thing you believe in. The utter lack of action by our

generation is startling considering the amount of time a good portion of us spends showcasing our political beliefs. Simply wearing a shirt that says “Peace and Love” won’t accomplish anything. It doesn’t make you seem more liberal or socially aware. Instead, it feels like we’re living in a watered down version of the 60s; everybody is declaring how great peace and love are, but nobody is doing anything about it or really actively involved in making a change. This whole “go green” trend is facing the same dilemma. How many people claim to be so environmentally conscious but actually adjust their habits? If you want a giant peace sign decal on the back of your car because it makes you feel like you’re doing your part, then more power to you, but just know that the peace sign means nothing if you’re not going to back it up with some activism.



A cat with a meow of gold


Molly Glasgow Editor-In-Chief

am fittingly referred to as a crazy cat lady. I have earned this title and I’m only a little ashamed of it. While my household is a cozy home to three cats, only one of these furry felines belongs to me and only me. His name is Norbert Michael Phelps Glasgow. Yeah, his middle name is Michael Phelps, because he is an Olympian in my heart and can fly through the air after moths as though he is a freakishly trained and talented swimmer. Norb holds the gold medal of my love. A year and a half ago, against my parents’ wishes, I adopted Norbert. I brought him home to a bit of an unwelcoming family; that is except for me. My mother had a bad experience with a stray cat when she was young, which resulted in her enjoying all of the glory that ringworm is, so she was reluctant to show her undying love for the tiny ball of white fluff. My father was hesitant as well, but because he knew that this cat was here to stay, and he could do nothing about it. One of our other cats, Maggie, who is by the way the most unfriendly and scary cat ever to have walked through the halls of our charming household, was brought home by my brother on a “trial basis.” Needless to say, the trial basis became permanent, and we have been feeding her, and suffering from her spouts of angry scratches for the past five years. Norb was soon inducted into the family and became a part of the cat colony as well. He soon grew into a troublesome little boy cat, and attacked the hell out of our elderly female cats. Surprisingly, Cleo, a 13-yearold Maine Coon, was the most adept to fight the miscreant back. They rough house nonstop, leaving tiny tufts of cat hair throughout the house, often forcing my mother to bitterly vacuum. But soon Norb’s little cat life faced dire circumstances. He slept all day, as usual, but he refused to get up for his meals. Although cat feasts may seem trite and somewhat stinky to our evolved human senses, these felines don’t even need a bell to ring before they start to salivate. But still Norb was unmotivated to gobble up the cat food,

Missing: English Teacher


Willie Robinson-Smith/Photo Editor

Norbert Michael Phelps Glasgow wears a costume that enhances his innate debonair. even when it was put right under his face. The veterinarian kindly told us that something was stuck in Norb’s intestine and if it was not removed, he would not survive. I cried; my dad wrote a check. After the surgery we picked my kitten up. He sported a silly, floppy blue cone around his neck and a freshly-shaven tummy. The doctor handed me a plastic cup with a little dark ball inside and told me that had been inside my cat. He said it was one of those puff balls that you use on craft projects, and I asked Norb what exactly had been so appetizing about a dyed cotton ball. Although his life was saved, he missed out on his first Halloween. He couldn’t wear a costume over his stupid cone and he had to go back to the vet several times for various check-ups. So this year, he has the best costume and an attitude to match, just to make up for lost time. Usually I find pet costumes completely demeaning and a sometimes even a little harsh, but I do not feel it’s my place to exclude Norbert from such a beautiful tradition, if he has the opportunity and the desire to

participate. Why is it okay for people to dress up their infants in pumpkins and peapod suits, but everyone gets all PETA on me the first time I pull out a cat costume. I do disapprove of the everyday sweaters and other obnoxious clothes that people dress their pets in, but I feel like Halloween costumes are a huge exception. Of course, the pet’s well-being should be considered as well, and if a cat or dog is very unhappy or uncomfortable in any sort of costume, it should never be imposed upon an animal. But Norb’s costume is both exclusive for Halloween, and he thoroughly enjoys sporting it. This year, I bought him a little cat-sized Hugh Hefner smoking jacket. The contrast of the deep burgundy and his hoary fur is breathtaking. He looks so suave and downright cool in it. The best part is, he purrs when he wears it and he’s thrilled every time I bring it out. If he ever seems uncomfortable I won’t hesitate to rip it off. So you’d better watch out this year, because my little man will be out, looking debonair, and he will charm your socks off.


Molly Ingram

he’s educated thousands By the end of the year, all of of students, her home- her students could easily prowork load is legend- duce a 10-page in-class essay in ary, her name strikes fear in the just 50 minutes. minds of incoming sophomores With analytical essay and even Borders employees prompts, she stretched our have heard of her; she is June minds to the maximum, and Gatewood. helped us to see the symbolism On June 6, at 11:45 am, the in every novel. sound of the bell signified the Because of Gatewood, we’ll beginning of the end of Gate- never be able to watch a movie wood’s teaching reign. again without thinking of what Having Gatewood for Hon- a great essay we could write on ors English 2 was almost con- the extended metaphor throughsidered a rite of passage here, out the film. especially within families with If the phrase “hasty generalyounger siblings. ization” was unknown before Many of us, before even en- sophomore year, Gatewood tering high school, heard sto- made sure it was seared in your ries of the legendary class. So to mind. think that this tradition will no It was a rare night when we longer continue seems a shame. got at least eight hours of sleep, Gatewood, having taught and was a complete oddity for 39 years, decided to finally when we didn’t have an English move on from teaching in or- assignment due the following der to spend more time with day. Nights like these were ones her grandson. She when we didn’t also plans to do know what to some traveling. do with such a Yet will the vast amount of English departfree time. ment ever be the After taksame without ing Gatewood’s her? class, our sleepObviously not. ing patterns No one could have been so Molly Ingram/Staff Writer possibly replace drastically alher, for her expetered that some rience was infinite. Gatewood’s of us may find it impossible Honors English 2 class was to fall asleep before one in the challenging, time-consuming, morning. stressful and a truly unforgetGatewood taught us practitable experience full of difficult cally everything there is to know and fun times. about the English language, all Who can forget the loopy red while wearing a different stylish ink that besieged so many of jacket each day. our essays, or the nit picky quiz She taught us how to manage questions that demanded the our time wisely, in order to acmost specific of answers? complish whatever assignment How could we possibly for- we faced. Thanks to Gatewood, get all the sleepless nights we this is a skill we will be able to spent coloring elaborate illus- utilize throughout the rest of trations for a children’s story or our lives. memorizing poetry terms? Whether you liked her or not, Or what about all the times you cannot deny the fact that when she encouraged us to Gatewood will always remain adorn colorful wigs and feath- in your mind as one of the most ered hats in order to act out unforgettable high school teachwhatever play it was that we ers you have ever had. were currently reading? Although her class may have Gatewood forced her stu- seemed a burden at the time, dents to be eloquent writers Gatewood still knew how to as well as creative performers. make class fun. Many of her assignments inSo even though the class of volved speaking in front of the 2011, 2012 and so forth wasn’t class. lucky enough to share in the For instance, each student Gatewood experience with the was expected to participate in 39 classes before them. a formal debate and argue as Let those of us who did alto why their side was the right ways remember the times we side, all while confidently star- shared in Room A-5 now and ing down the audience, never forever. faltering.


Page 20 10.24.08 The Mirada

Kicker boots school record Following his sister as kicker, Jope nails 49yard field goal Austin Sprague Guest Writer Beneath a light drizzle blanketing a cold Friday night at Inderkum High School’s stadium, senior Adric Jope kicked his way into the school record books with a 49 yard field goal from the left hash. “Right before the kick they called a timeout to try to ‘ice’ me.” Jope said. “Ironically it gave me more time to warm up and get loose. Usually I don’t get too excited after a field goal, but that kick made me jump.” Jope’s kick gave the team a half-time lead against the highly regarded Tigers. Although Rio lost the game 10-21, Jope’s distance and accuracy have contributed much to Rio’s 6-1 record, its best start in over a decade. Jope has a simple explanation for his success. “I’m Adric and I kick things…hard.” Jope, who also starts as center midfielder on the divisionleading soccer team, has been kicking for the football program since freshman year. His older sister, Brina Jope,

Willie Robinson-Smith/Mirada Staff

Adric Jope kicks a 45 yard field goal into the wind against Woodland as receiver Matt Murray holds. The first half kick was Jope’s fourth field goal of the year from beyond 44 yards. His sister, Brina, kicked for Rio in 2003.

who broke barriers as the school’s first female kicker kicking in 2003 and working as a kicking coach the year after, brought him out because the freshman kicking prospects were not everything varsity coach Mike Smith had hoped for. Kicking footballs under time and physical pressure is no easy

task; it requires hitting the ball correctly, not necessarily harder, and Adric Jope has mastered this technique. Jope leads the varsity team in scoring with 39 points, including seven field goals on nine attempts and 18 pointsafter-touchdown. He also has nine touchbacks on kickoffs. Jope has never

had a kickoff returned on him for a touchdown in his career, sometimes providing the tackle needed to stop an attacking opponent himself. He currently boasts 2.5 tackles this season. “There’s nothing funnier than having the coaches yell at the players because a kicker made the tackle” Jope said.

Jope’s long kicks have garnered attention from the local media. He was seen easily booting the pigskin over the Rio scoreboard on a KXTV 10 news feature. He placed in the ESPN State Stat Stars for the week of Oct. 15 – rare for a kicker – and has had write-ups in the Sacramento Bee and on high school sports websites. Quwan Spears of the Bee wrote: “Blazing hot – Is there a hotter kicker in the area than Adric Jope?” Behind the foot, the tan, the manly legs and the skinny arms familiar to Raider football fans is a simple man with big plans. “I’m pretty boring,” Jope said. He has played soccer since he was 4. He also participates in swimming and chess. Jope says his other hobbies include “kicking things, visualizing kicking, researching kicking, drawing out kicking plans, and getting leg and foot massages.” When asked about his academic life, Jope only stated, after a moment’s pause, “I’m passing.” His plans for the future include cuddling with his doggy Bergen, kissing his cat Peachy often, kicking in college and traveling around Europe.

Please see > ‘Big Foot’ pg 23

New standards are shaping up PE Alex Kleemann and Alex Reinnoldt Mirada Staff

Alex Reinnoldt/Mirada Staff

Junior Megan Carr practices paddling in the school pool as part of the kayaking unit in the new elective PE class, Outdoor Adventure Activities. The students are preparing for their kayaking trip along the American River.

America is the most obese country in the world and childhood obesity has tripled in the past 30 years, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. As a result of these rising obesity rates, students must meet new standards for physical education. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s recent standards, implemented a year ago, are now beginning to affect students, as some are required to take more than two years of PE. In addition to the new PE standards, Schwarzenegger has set aside a budget of up to $500 million for physical education

programs; each school receives a grant for their PE program. This has made the addition of two new elective classes possible: Adventure Outdoor Activities and Digital Aerobics. Eight new topics have been added to the PE curriculum; the teachers must cover units such as mechanics of body movement, aquatics, gymnastics and self-defense. However, as there are liabilities with units such as these, the students will only be required to do the most basic principles of each. For example, gymnastics will include activities such as tumbling and kart wheels. PE 1 now focuses on individual sports, while PE 2 focuses on team sports. PE 2 is required for all sophomores, who must pass the course in order to waive the

next two years of physical education. The student must now pass 5 of the 6 state fitnessgram tests in their healthy fitness zone according to age and gender, as opposed to the previous requirement of only four tests. The state fitnessgram tests include the timed mile, curl ups, trunk lift, shoulder stretch, modified pull up and Body Mass Index (BMI), or any accepted alternatives. “The BMI test sets a lot of students up for failure because, if the test is failed, the student must pass all other five tests, which can be unreasonable,” student counselor Heather Jensen said. As some students are re

Please see > Electives, pg 21



Electives: two new PE classes Continued from pg 20

quired to take more than two years of PE, they must replace one of their electives, limiting their options in later school years. P.E. teacher Brian Davis estimates that about 30 students did not pass the fitnessgram tests last year, which is not a large percentage of the students taking the course. “A school of our demographics is not representative of the obesity epidemic happening across the country,” Davis said. By focusing on trouble areas for students, the teachers attempt to increase the passing rates and prepare the students early on in the year. A student who struggles in passing the cardio tests might jog around the track instead of doing an activity such as tennis. “We’re trying to identify kids who are at risk of not passing the tests by pretesting the students,” Davis said. “We are also trying to do a lot more cardio workouts and focus on other areas of difficulty. Most students

Alex Reinnoldt/Mirada Staff

Junior Erika Ose uses the new archery equipment added to the PE program for the elective Adventure Outdoor Activities class.

are failing the pacer or mile, and the BMI.” Along with the new standards, PE programs across the state have received grants for new equipment. Rio has used their $67,000

grant to add the two new elective classes. The Adventure Outdoor Activities class features unconventional physical activities such as kayaking, archery, and rock climbing. The Digital Aerobics class utilizes two physically active video games, Dance Dance Revolution and Wii. “It offers a broader curriculum away from traditional PE. Wii engages students longer and has a lot of neat features,” Davis said. “Tricking the students into raising their heart rate is going to be the key to PE.” Coach Mike Smith hopes that these new additions to the program will encourage students to pass the fitnessgram tests and go beyond the required years of PE. He feels that the students will enjoy the physical activity and learn about a variety of activities the area has to offer. “Because they’re not standard PE courses, these classes open up opportunities to do more specialized activities,” Smith said. “I’m hoping the students get excited about all of the available outdoor activities in Sacramento, especially with the river being so close.”


Fitnessgram Healthy Fitness Zones FEMALE RANGE 14-year-old

MALE RANGE 14-year-old

One Mile Run (min:sec) or 20m PACER (# laps)

11:00 - 8:30

9:30 - 7:00

23 - 51

41 - 83

Body Mass Index

25.0 - 15.4

24.5 - 15.6

Curl-Up (# completed)

18 - 32

24 - 45

Trunk Lift (inches)

9 - 12

9 - 12

Push-Up (# completed) or Modified Pull-Up (# completed) or Flexed-Arm Hang (seconds)

7 - 15

14 - 30

4 - 13

9 - 25

8 - 12

15 - 20



Touching fingertips together behind the back on both the right and left sides.

Touching fingertips together behind the back on both the right and left sides.

Fitness Test

Back-Saver Sit & Reach (inches) or Shoulder Stretch




Cross country co-hosts ‘other meet’ Costly away meet causes team to start own locally

Alex Reinnoldt

Disappointment and injuries: just part of the game?

Tate Rountree and Alex Reinnoldt Mirada Staff

Cross country is one of those high school sports that relies on long distance journeys to reach the events, typically held on Saturdays for travel flexibility. As coach Gordon Hubble surveyed the fall schedule, he realized, with gas prices getting to $4 per gallon at the time, that parents could not absorb traveling each weekend to places like the Sierra Foothills, Stanford, Fresno and the East Bay, in just one four-week period. “I decided, together with a buddy of mine who coaches the C.K. McClatchy team to sponsor a local event, inviting all of the local Sacramento teams that I knew would not be going to the prestigious Clovis (Fresno) meet and put on our own cross country festival.” The meet was held Oct. 11 at Granite Regional Park and had over 390 participating runners, with many Rio runners finishing in the top 15. Hubble started coaching

W Alex Reinnoldt/Mirada Staff

The varsity boys team prepares for their race at the recent invitational, “The Other Meet”, which the team co-hosted along with C.K. McClatchy. Coach Gordon Hubble talks to senior Spencer Carroll and juniors Gavin Moler and Ted Burchett before their 3-mile race, in which the varsity boys team took fourth place.

cross-country over 30 years ago, so he has seen travel become a significant part of the season. Travel has definitely created a strain on the team’s budget and schedule, but putting on an event can cause a financial strain as well for those sponsoring the events. “I also knew I did not want to lose money in doing the meet so we set about designing T-shirts to sell,” Hubble said. “We used our runners and the McClatchy runners to help coordinate the meet, along with the parent vol-

unteers that any successful program can not do without.” Holding a local meet so teams and runners that face a cost burden can still run is one more example of how Hubble looks out for his runners. “Practice is long and hard, starting in July, so it is not fair to miss out on meets when the season is actually short and there are only 8 or 9 meets to the schedule,” Hubble said. Having been a runner himself, Hubble knows that runners want to compete and an empty

weekend during the season is a lost weekend. “In regard to our meet, we did okay this year, with McClatchy and our team earning almost $500 each after all the work, but it was worth it. We did not have to travel to Fresno and we actually found a receptive group of local schools wanting to participate,” Hubble said. Hubble will make this meet an annual event. The name, ‘The Other Meet’ proves it to be an obvious alternative to the Clovis Meet.

PREPS Plus TYLER CAIN sophomore water polo

How long have you been playing water polo? Two years What originally made you want to start playing water polo? The fact that it’s a competitive sport in the water. I have always been a fish. What is your favorite part of playing? I get to interact with other teams across California. What is your best water polo memory? One time I went for the ball because I was open, swam all the way across court, and turned around to get hit in the face with the ball. What has being part of the water polo team taught you? It helps me let out stress.

- Meryl Balalis

KATE SPARE senior tennis

How long have you been playing tennis? This is my fourth year on the team but I have been playing seriously for four and a half years. What originally made you want to start playing? I used to play soccer and hated it, but was really interested in tennis and needed a sport to play in high school. And the outfits are really cute. What is your favorite part of playing tennis? I like the individuality of the sport. There is also always room for improvement. What is your best tennis memory? The Peach Tree tournament in Fresno. What has being part of the tennis team taught you? That everyone can help each other out. You can constantly play with the same person and each time learn something new about the way they play.

atching the face of star runner, junior Lauren Mugnaini, when coach Gordon Hubble would not let her run in the cross country meet last Saturday because of an injury, one could see the emotions that fill a high school athlete when the game or meet is on the line. Mugnaini, like most successful athletes, mixes a fierce determination to succeed with a talent that most athletes can only dream of, but fear is just not part of the mix. Playing through the pain is a cliché meant for the pros and their Vicodine. But athletes at the high school level, if they are hungry enough, will bear up to many annoying muscle, tendon and joint tweaks, and try to shake them off just to get back out there and compete. The competitive spirit that exists in many high school athletes is the force driving them to play, to improve, and to win. When injuries do occur, some athletes ignore the pain and play through it, while others seek help from their coaches or the athletic trainer. Although spirit drives them to play on, athletes must realize that learning their body’s limits is part of playing the sport. In games, Football players are anonymously helmeted, and baseball and soccer players are too far afield; they are examples of how the general fan cannot feel or see their pain. Yet that pain is all too real as evidenced by Mugnaini on that cold, windy Saturday morning. Her ACL had been acting up and Hubble took her out of the race during warm-ups, thinking of her long-term safety. But her face told the real story. Tears of frustration in not being able to compete that day despite all the adrenaline; the clenched jaw because maybe, just maybe her body was not made like Gumby, bouncing off any “ouch” ready to go again; and the disappointed walk back to the sidelines. This one time her body let her down; she couldn’t feel the thrill of pushing it to its limit and succeeding once again. Now will be the time to learn that there will be another day.







Varsity Boys Water Polo

Sept. 15 Sept. 17 Sept. 19 Sept. 22 Sept. 23 Sept. 24 Sept. 29 Oct. 1 Oct. 2-4 Oct. 8 Oct. 10 Oct. 13 Oct. 15 Oct. 20 Oct. 22 Oct. 24 Oct. 27 Oct. 29 Nov. 1 Nov. 7/8

at Mira Loma at Casa Roble Roche Invite Bella Vista at Acalanes Granite Bay TBA at El Camino Del Campo Villa Park Classic at Orange County Mira Loma San Jose Polofest at Valley Christian Casa Roble at Bella Vista at Tokay El Camino at Jesuit at Del Campo Casa Roble Davis DII Section Playoffs at Woodcreek

TBA 4:30 TBA 4:30 5:30 All Day 4:30 TBA 5:30 4:30 TBA 4:30 7:00 5:30 4:30 TBA TBA

Varsity Boys Football

Sept. 12 Sept. 20 Sept. 27 Oct. 3 Oct. 11 Oct. 18 Oct. 24 Oct. 31 Nov. 8 Nov. 14

at Natomas Pioneer at Woodland HS River Valley at Inderkum L 10-20 Woodland Mira Loma at Bella Vista at Del Campo El Camino at Casa Roble

W 41-8 W 26-13 W 50-28 W 24-21 W 63-14 7:30 7:30 1:00 7:30




Varsity Girls Water Polo Sept. 5 Sept. 12 Sept. 15 Sept. 17 Sept. 19 Sept. 22 Sept. 24 Sept. 26 Sept. 29 Oct. 1 Oct. 8 Oct. 10 Oct. 13 Oct. 15 Oct. 20 Oct. 22 Oct. 24 Oct. 27 Oct. 29 Nov. 1

Castilleja High St. Francis Mtn. View at Mira Loma at Casa Roble D1/D2 Challenge UC Davis Bella Vista Loretto Nor Cal Invite at Menlo Park at El Camino Del Campo Mira Loma Western States Tourney at Modesto Casa Roble at Bella Vista Loretto El Camino at Jesuit at Del Campo St. Francis DII Playoffs TBA at Roseville

L 8-9 W 7-2 8:15 5:45 4:45 TBA 5:45 4:45 5:45 4:45 5:45 W 13-7 5:45 7:00 4:45 6:30

Varsity Boys Soccer Sept. 3 Sept. 8 Sept. 10 Sept. 12 Sept. 17 Sept. 22 Sept. 29 Oct. 1 Oct. 6 Oct. 8 Oct. 13 Oct. 15 Oct. 20 Oct. 22` Oct. 24 Oct. 27 Oct. 29

at Ponderosa at Oakmont T 1-1 at Christian Brothers at Sac Country Day at Yuba City W 4-0 Rosemont at Mira Loma at Bella Vista at Del Campo El Camino at Casa Roble Mira Loma Bella Vista Del Campo at Jesuit at El Camino Casa Roble

W 2-0 W 1-0 W 4-1 W 4-3 W 2-1 L 0-2 L 0-1 W 2-0 T 3-3 W 4-1 3:30 3:30 3:30 3:30 3:30

Varsity Cross Country

Varsity Girls Golf

Sept. 9 El Camino Sept. 11 Del Campo Sept. 18 Mira Loma Sept. 22 CAL #1 Sept. 23 Casa Roble at Woodcreek Sept. 25 Bella Vista 3:30 at Haggin Oaks Sept. 30 Loretto 3:30 Oct. 2 El Camino 3:30 Oct. 7 Del Campo 3:30 Oct. 14 CAL #2 TBA Oct. 15 Mira Loma 3:30 *Home matches are at Ancil Hoffman.

Varsity Girls Volleyball

Sept. 18 Sept. 23 Sept. 25 Sept. 30 Oct. 2 Oct. 7 Oct. 14 Oct. 16 Oct. 21 Oct. 23 Oct. 28 Oct. 30

Mira Loma Casa Roble Bella Vista at Loretto at El Camino at Del Campo Mira Loma at Casa Roble at Bella Vista Loretto El Camino Del Campo

W 3-0 W 3-0 L 1-3 L 0-3 W 3-2 W 3-2 W 3-0 6:30 6:30 6:30 6:30 6:30

Aug. 30 Sept. 5 Sept. 10 Sept. 20 Oct. 4 Oct. 11 Oct. 18 Oct. 25 Oct. 31 Nov. 8 Nov. 15 Nov. 29

Willow Hills Relays Thunder Invitational at Rocklin CAL Center Meet #1 Trojan Invitational at Willow Hills Yolo County Champs at Muller Vineyards The Other Meet at Granite Regional Park Bronco Invitational Willow Hills Eagle Invitational at Lodi Lake CAL League Champs at Willow Hills Subsection Champs at Frogtown Section Champs at Willow Hills State Champs at Woodward Park

8:30 3:00 8:30 8:30 TBA

Varsity Girls Tennis Aug. 28 at Davis Sept. 2 Oakridge Sept. 9 at Mira Loma Sept. 11 High School Tourney at Fresno Sept. 16 Bella Vista Sept. 18 Loretto at Rio Del Oro Sept. 23 at El Camino Sept. 24 Casa Roble Sept. 25 at Del Campo Oct. 2 Mira Loma Oct. 7 at Casa Roble Oct. 9 at Bella Vista Oct. 14 Loretto Oct. 16 El Camino Oct. 21 Del Campo Oct. 27 Champs Singles Oct. 29 Champs Doubles *Home matches are at Arden Hills.


3:30 3:30 3:30 TBA 3:30 3:30 3:30 3:30 3:30 3:30 3:30 3:30 3:30 3:30 3:30 TBA TBA

Winning streak in the water

Girls Water Polo

The women’s water polo team is improving every day. They practice daily for two and a half hours except on game days. Bonding is a large part of being on the team; it takes place during practices, games and tournaments. They become very close and believe that their supportive relationships will help lead them to win the CIF Section Championships in Nov. The team has lost only one game all season during league play. This past weekend, at the tournament in Modesto, they placed third out of 17 teams. “It was a great bonding experience, even though we lost two games,” said sophomore Vicky Gyorffy. “I think we are going to dominate the competition at sections.” - Caroline Fong

Boys Soccer Boys soccer is still playing strong with a record of 10-2-4, as they headed into the league games this week against Bella Vista and Del Campo. Although the team previously lost two games against these same teams, they rebounded from those losses with two wins against El Camino and Mira Loma. The team ranks first in Capital Athletic Overall Standings and sophomore Pete Hammon ranks first in the league for goals and points per game. Hammon leads the team in goals with four goals, and senior Jordan Beaudry leads in assists with three assists. Junior goalkeeper Tyler Kinn has six shutouts so far this season. The team will compete against Jesuit, which has a perfect 16-0-0 record, on Friday. - Jeremy King

Girls Volleyball The varsity girls volleyball season is soon coming to a close, with only 2 more weeks left. The team went into their wed.

Caroline Fong/Mirada Staff

Senior Blair Moody scores a goal against Loretto during a match on Oct. 20. Their 13 to 7 victory added another win to their successful season. game against Bella Vista with a 7 wins, 5 losses record. “The team is getting stronger and growing” freshman Lauren Kirshki said. The team takes fifth in the Capitol Overall Standings so far in the season. Freshman Ariana takes first in the Capitol Overall Leaders for assists and fourth for aces; junior Rachel Vartanian takes fourth for blocks and fifth for kills; and senior Jessica Adams takes third for aces and third for digs. Senior Kim Hutchings also takes first for digs. - Sarah Vaira

Girls Tennis The girls tennis team is coming to an end soon. The team has beaten many tough teams and have experienced success, even though they lost against their biggest rival, Loretto. “We are losing all of our seniors next year and we need more girls to try out,” sophomore Lauren Kohatsu said. The girls championship singles

game will be on Oct. 27 and championship doubles will be on Oct. 29 at Arden Hills. - Katherine Casey

Cross Country While many sophomores and juniors were taking the PSAT, freshmen and seniors on the cross country team continued to run in the Bella Vista Bronco Invitational on Oct. 18. However, with so many runners unable to participate, none of the levels ran with a full team; this meant that the runners competed as individuals instead of teams. Unfortunately, their next meet, the Eagle Invitational, was cancelled. With this meet eliminated, the runners now look forward to CAL league championships on Oct. 31. On Nov. 8, qualifying meets begin with sub-sections, as runners compete for a spot in the sections meet. - Alex Reinnoldt

‘Big Foot’: Makes big kick <Continued from pg 20 Jope is currently communicating with Sac State, Fresno State and UCLA about his kicking; he also hopes to fulfill his dream of playing for American River College and the San Francisco 49ers. Senior Chad Tannenbaum summed up the feelings of the team about Jope. “He kicks things,” Tannenbaum said. Senior Brian Busch added, “I only ever see him kicking things.”.

Ironically, Jope said he has never taken kicking seriously, always hating it and messing around at practice until this year when he started earning playing time and recognition for his achievements. But he still plays around with fellow kicker (and soccer teammate) Austin Sprague, often accompanied by the yells from coaches along the lines of “Oh, you dumb kickers.” In practice Jope has kicked a 60 yarder, nine yards shy of the national high school re-

cord set by a Bear River kicker in 2003. The real secret behind his success is, “Before every game, Austin’s positive influence pumps me up,” Jope said, “and I have never missed a kick after I have rubbed his belly for good luck.”

Up Next

Varisty football begins the meat of its league play at Bella Vista at 7:30 tonight.




HOMECOMING 2008 Sarah Vaira Mirada Staff

Rio comes out on top 2421 after building a lead then nearly loosing it to the Woodland Wolves in the Homecoming game. Starting strong in the first half, senior Mardell Johnson lead the team, throwing two touchdown passes and making a 60 yard run to score. Accompanying Johnson, senior Adric Jope kicked a 45-yard field goal into the wind, scoring

early in the second quarter.

Beginning the second half confidently with a 24-0 lead, the team was expecting to easily cruise through the next two quarters to a Homecoming victory. But the Raider’s confidence was quickly crushed by Woodland, who scored three touchdowns and applied pressure to the quarterback, forcing costly mistakes and turnovers. The Wolves momentum carried them through the second

half sparking an incredible comeback and a nervous reaction from Rio players, students and fans.

The spirited atmosphere became tense as Woodland threatened to spoil the Homecoming game. Even the always faithful Rowdy Raiders became worried as Rio’s lead became smaller and smaller. The Raider’s struggled throughout the fourth quarter, but in the end they were victorious. The team now boasts a nearly perfect 5-1 record.





4 5

1. Senior Kyle Dodge runs the football down the field, gaining 15 yards for the team. 2. Senior Marcus Buchner recovers a fumble made by Woodland. 3. Senior Jackie Snook laughs in surprise as she finds the red rose, naming her the Homecoming Queen. Senior princess Emily Ashton receives one of the white roses. 4. Seniors Lucero Serrano, Kelsey Nogg, and Kurt Mitchell sit on the senior San Francisco float. Winning first place, the class of ‘09 defended their title. They won every float competition since their freshman year making a new school record.

5. Senior Kyle Dodge runs with the football as a Woodland player fails to tackle him, in the first half of the game 6. With face paint, loud cheers, and school spirit, the Rowdy Raiders supported the football team throughout the highs and lows of the Homecoming game against Woodland. They were accompanied by the school band, and both provided motivation for the players, as the team won with a score of 24-21. Photos by Willie Robinson-Smith, Mirada Staff

October Issue 2008  

Volume 47, Issue 2