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by Sherry Daniel, Ph.D. Director of The Heaven Project Founder of The Miracle School


The Source Connection Intervention The Source Connection Intervention is an important first step to building a Foundation for Heaven in your life. Now, through a simple At-a-Distance Source Intervention you can achieve what many, laboring for thousands of lifetimes, have not been able to achieve. In order for you to understand the magnitude of this Source Intervention, I will give you an overview of the Configuration Technology that underlies the Intervention.

What Is a Configuration? Your “Manifestation” is all of you that is manifest in the world. Your Manifestation includes your Suit, which is your body and mind on physical and spiritual levels, and your auric field, which is the energies that surround your Suit. This Manifestation is made up of billions of Particles of Intelligence created by the Source. What makes these Particles manifest as a human being as opposed to an animal, a tree, or the sky is the Configuration that the Particles are in.

Configurations Manifest Spiritual and Physical Reality When the Creation first began, the Particles of which all things were made were configured by the Source to give each being a Manifestation in which all of the Particles were SourceCentered and Source-Connected. In this state the Source could easily move the Particles into the Configurations that manifested perfect functioning on mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual levels. They could also be moved into Configurations that manifested the Heaven of Made in Heaven Health, Made in Heaven Material Prosperity, Made in Heaven Relationships, and Made in Heaven Success. The Configurations manifested Heaven not only for an individual being but for all beings in the Creation. In other words, the Configurations for one’s own Made in Heaven Health also contributed to the Made in Heaven Health of all others in the Universal Community. The same was true for Made in Heaven Material Prosperity, Made in Heaven Relationships, and Made in Heaven Success. The Source did not create Configurations that served an individual in isolation from the rest of the Creation. This is because the well-being of an individual is inextricably linked to the well-being of every individual in the Creation. Just as you can’t sip tea on your porch and enjoy a summer afternoon if you are in a country at war and the bombs are exploding around you, so you can’t have a life that is Heaven in a world of scarcity, suffering, and struggle. You can have the Heaven of a deep and abiding Connection to the Source within your Inner


THE SOURCE CONNECTION INTERVENTION Life but you can’t have the Heaven of a world at peace, a loving community, and a stable economic system if the world around you is in chaos and you are subject to this chaos. Therefore, Source-Created Configurations always built in to every Configuration the Heaven that was needed by the individual and by the community.

The History of Configuration Technology In the very beginning, the beings in the Creation chose to be in a Co-Created Universe. In a Co-Created Universe beings in the Creation have a role in helping to sustain the SourceCreated Configurations and helping these Configurations evolve to higher and more complex Configurations that yield a greater experience of Heaven. In order to work with the Source to help with these Configurations, beings were given Miracle-Based Abilities to work with the Spiritual Genetic Code that formed these Configurations. They were also given the knowledge of Configuration Technology – which is the Spiritual Science of Manifestation that is based on working with Source-Created Configurations. They had agreed prior to the manifestation of the Material World to work with this Code in accordance with the Source Plan. The Source Plan provided the Configurations that would materialize a world that is Heaven for all beings. When the Material World was manifested and the Configurations of Particles manifested as beings in physical forms in physical habitats, such as planets, some beings decided to ignore the Source Plan and use their ability to alter the Code to move the Particles into Configurations that they thought would match up with the kind of Heaven that they desired. They used Configuration Technology to alter the Source-Created Configurations so the Configurations would serve only them and not the welfare of all beings. These Mutated Configurations disrupted the sustainable system of life established by the Source and created an unsustainable system where some beings were the Haves and others were the Have Nots. The result was a world of competition, violence, abuse, oppression, crime, and wars. As beings struggled in this unnatural environment, at war within themselves as well, they began to experience mental and physical disease. The more they tried to combat the effect of these Mutated Configurations by altering Configurations according to their own designs instead of following the Source Plan for working correctly with Source-Created Configurations, the more havoc they created in their lives and in the world. In the end, they ruptured the very fabric of life in the Creation as a whole and few beings were left with any unaltered Source-Created Configurations that could enable them to have a life of abundance, good health, loving relationships, success, and fulfillment. Every life was lived in the shadow of scarcity, struggle, and suffering.


THE SOURCE CONNECTION INTERVENTION Those who had begun designing their own Configurations had created a World of Suffering – a world that was loveless, ruthless, abusive, violent, and competitive – a world in which beings were at war with one another at every level of the Creation and at war with the Source and the Source Plan. The Source-Created Particles that were trapped in these Mutated Configurations were not free to be configured by the Source in accordance with the Source Plan. They were trapped, unwillingly, in a nightmare that they could not get out of on their own. The Source was unable to intercede to terminate the right of beings in the Co-Created Universe to access the Code of the Configurations. The Laws of the Co-Created Universe accorded beings this right as long as the Co-Created Universe was in existence. If the Source had broken the Laws of Life, all of the Configurations that sustained life would have gone out of existence, terminating life for all beings. When the Co-Created Universe crashed in 2004 due to the squandering of the power supply that sustained this model of the Creation, the Laws of the Co-Created Universe no longer were in effect. The Source then began to bring through a different model of the Creation – the Source-Directed Universe. In this model of the Creation, the Configurations have come back into Source Care and the Particles are being freed from the Mutated Configurations. Beings no longer have access to the Code to manipulate Configurations. Now Configurations are being created and sustained according to the Source Plan and Mutated Configurations are being terminated. In order to provide beings with Source-Created Configurations that can manifest life as Heaven, a massive Universal Configuration was created by the Source. In this Universal Configuration are Configurations for each being that enable them to become SourceConnected and to have the Heaven of a Source-Connected Life – a life that is love-based, healthy, abundant, successful, and fulfilling – set into the context of a Universal Made in Heaven Community that is at peace and nurtures all of its own. Now, despite what has happened in the past to destroy the Source-Created Configurations and to created Mutated Configurations, it is possible for beings to get a fresh start. Now beings can receive completed Source-Created Configurations that are perfected and will manifest Heaven in their life and in their world. These Configurations no longer can be altered or destroyed by the negativity in the world. Therefore, beings can look forward to the possibility of building an integrated life – a life that is Heaven for themselves and for all others.



THE INTERVENTION How the Source Connection Intervention Builds a Foundation for Heaven The Source Connection Intervention was created to enable you to build the Foundation for Heaven in your life by receiving all of the Source-Created Configurations that enable your Particles to become Source-Connected and to be moved into the Configurations that build a life and a world that is Heaven. Through this Intervention you can undo the damage that has occurred since the beginning of the Creation and start over with healthy Source-Created Configurations that only build Heaven in your life and in your world. In this way you escape from the Mutated Configurations that manifest disease, accidents, violence, misfortunes, lost opportunities, failed relationships, failures, mental anguish, and mental and emotional addictions and aberrations. You build the Configurations that manifest health, safety, good fortune, success, loving relationships, and an inner experience of Heaven that enables you to revel in the joy of the Source Connection, which becomes the most riveting and fulfilling experience of your life. Abundance, good health, success, etc. are experienced as just the fringe benefits of having the Configurations that enable you to become Source-Connected. The real focus is on the experience of the Heaven of the Source Connection itself which takes you to levels of joy and bliss that far exceed any other experience. Because all Source-Created Configurations take care of you and the world around you, when you receive your basic set of Source-Created Configurations in the Source Connection Intervention, you simultaneously build a life that is Heaven for yourself and contribute to building a world that is Heaven for you and everyone else.

What Happens When You Request a Source Connection Intervention? When you request a Source Connection Intervention, I access the Universal Configuration to provide you with the Configurations that enhance the Source Connection and enable you to have the Heaven of a Source-Connected Life. The Intervention proceeds in two stages. • Stage One enables you to have the Configurations that give you the Source Connection and a Source-Connected Life at a very basic level.


THE SOURCE CONNECTION INTERVENTION • Stage Two builds on this foundation and takes the quality of your experience of Heaven to the highest level.

STAGE ONE In Stage One, I: • free your Particles from any Mutated Configurations they might be in. These are the Configurations that cause disease, accidents, misfortunes, mental unclarity, emotional upheavals, discord and loss in social relationships, and the like. • provide your Particles with the Configurations that enable them to become SourceConnected at a very basic level. • configure your Particles into the basic set of Configurations that enable you to manifest a life and a world that is Heaven. Once your Particles are Source-Connected they will be suspended in Source Love and Source Intelligence. The Presence of the Source will transmit into them the life energies of the Source that will enable them to come to life and feel energized. There is a deep joy that beings experience when this happens. While the experience of this Intervention varies from person to person based on their level of spiritual attunement to what is happening on the Inner Plane, I will share with you a series of comments made by a Heaven Agent who is both very spiritually aware and articulate. The information she shares will give you some idea of what happens during and after Stage One of the Intervention. Her comments were posts made in a series of Webinars of The Miracle School. In the first post she had just entered into the Inner Plane Configuration Center that I had created to administer the Source Connection Intervention. “When I asked about the Configuration Center and using this new Configuration Technology, I immediately felt a lot of energy building around my Heart Chakra and in the area of my solar plexus, which I’m still feeling. It feels like powering up. I also saw a lot of light on my screen, and realized that I now feel completely refreshed and rested and very light and buoyant in some way, as if I’ve been through a process of renewal and some sort of Purity treatment or cleansing. I remembered that when the webinar started I was very tired. Now I feel as though I had a full night’s sleep, and can hardly believe I was so tired before. I’m assuming a lot of that must have to do with the new Configuration and the breakdown of all the old patterns and therefore a lot more energy available to me that was being used to maintain them.”

In response to my request to see the “before and after” the Source Connection Intervention, she commented as follows:



“When I looked at my particles before Configuration, I saw a lot of sludge around them, and a lot of darkness in general. It also looked as though they were sort of sleep walking or something – moving very slowly and not really knowing what they were doing. When I looked at my particles now, I immediately saw an absence of the darkness and sludge, and I saw a lot of sparkling light and energy. Then, interestingly, I saw them all streaming and swirling with great speed toward the Source. There was a very tender and loving feeling associated with that image, and I was surprised at the depth and intensity of that feeling coming from the particles.”

In a report one day later in another Webinar, she commented on the aftermath of this Intervention: “I’m feeling completely different today. Everything feels resonant and rich and magical, and saturated with Heaven. It’s cold and overcast, but for me it might as well be bright and sunny and warm, because I feel the sun all around me and the perfection of a sunny day. I’m feeling the bond with the Source at every moment, and it feels as though I’m in a constant state of celebration and all my particles are dancing and sparkling. The extra energy is continuing, so that no fatigue has set in, in spite of sleeping less than usual.”

In summary, in Stage One your particles are freed from the Mutated Configurations that cause them to manifest disease, accidents, misfortunes, and suffering of all kinds. They are placed in Source-Created Configurations that enable them to manifest good health, prosperity, loving relationships, success, and fulfillment. But more important than the manifestation of good fortune, is the manifestation of the Heaven Experience that happens when your Particles are Source-Connected. It is this Heaven Experience that colors every moment of your life, transforming even the mundane tasks of your life into experiences of the comfort, exhilaration, and bliss of this Connection. Stage One of the Configuration Intervention generally takes about 20 hours of At-aDistance Work to complete. The Correct Exchange is $250.

STAGE TWO Once your Particles are in the basic set of Configurations that enable them to be SourceConnected and to manifest for you a Source-Connected Life and a Source-Connected World, they are nourished enough by these Configurations to be able to perform at optimal levels.


THE SOURCE CONNECTION INTERVENTION In Stage Two, I activate the Configurations to begin heightening the experience of the Source Connection. I then instruct the Particles to “become what is needed” to manifest Heaven in your life and in your world. They respond by allowing me to place them in whatever complex of Configurations is needed for you to do your Mission in life at this highest level while simultaneously experiencing the Heaven of the Source Connection at the highest level. What this means is that you enter into a very intensely exhilarating Connection which provides you with a constant experience of the Heaven of this Connection even in the midst of challenging situations. The most interesting reports on a very high level of Stage Two experiences have come in from the Prototype Communities. These are the Communities that I established many thousands of years ago in different parts of the Universe. They are Communities that have enjoyed a love-based way of life and a Miracle Economy where all of their material needs, such as food, clothing, shelter, etc., are manifested directly from the Spiritual Level to the Physical Level. They are Communities that I established in order to prototype a way out of the dilemma in the Universe at large of Mutated Configurations. In the protected energy space of these sheltered Communities, I destroyed all Mutated Configurations and gave them a new set of Source-Created Configurations that enabled them to have Heaven in their lives. What they had was the equivalent of a Stage One Source Connection Intervention. Only recently has it been possible for me to create the Stage Two Source Connection Intervention for them and others. They have told me that nothing that they had ever experienced in their very Miracle-Based and Love-Based Communities can light a candle to the Heaven they experience from the Stage Two Intervention. They say that although they have enjoyed having Source-Created Configurations that gave them perfect health, total material abundance, loving relationships, and deep fulfillment in their way of life, they realized that these experiences were far less than the total “delight” of “becoming what is needed” at the level of the Stage Two Intervention. They say that although the Configurations that their Particles are being put into as they “become what is needed” are taking them on far-flung Missions that are way beyond their usual way of life in their Communities, they are finding that these experiences are so rich in the solace, ecstasy, and fulfillment of a very intense kind of Source Connection that they no longer care whether the experiences involve dealing with negativity in the universe or enjoying a very peaceful and pleasant Made in Heaven Moment. The quality of the Source Connection Energy that runs through them during every kind of experience is so riveting that they feel the same deep sense of joy no matter what they are doing. They say that this has freed them from attachments and from fear of the loss of pleasures to which they had become accustomed. They say that this new way of life is beyond anything they could ever have imagined and that the experience of the Source Connection is becoming richer and more intense with every passing day.


THE SOURCE CONNECTION INTERVENTION To follow up with our Case Study on the Heaven Agent who described her experiences in Stage One, I will share with you a post that she made in another Miracle School Webinar which describes her Stage Two experiences. “Since the lock-in yesterday of the experience of Heaven, I have been in a continuous state of incredible free flowing joy and deep happiness. It’s not even that everything has gone perfectly in my life, but things happen as they happen and it all seems to be happening on a platform of a nearly magical level of reality. It’s as if every moment is infused with celebration and pure joy. I’ve been consciously marveling at it since yesterday’s webinar because of the consistency of the experience, and yet, though there’s a constancy of the Heaven experience, it’s not as if everything stays the same from one moment to the next. Each moment seems to sort of bloom with its own new life, almost as if the experience is created at that very second and comes straight from Heaven and carries the Source Connection within it. At this point, maybe because it is so new, my awareness is drawn over and over to the delightful nature of reality unfolding, so that I am in a continuous state of awe and appreciation and I’m always feeling the Source within each moment, and that too is celebrated and brings its own joy. There’s just so much fullness and so much life, and I feel its continuous replenishment and renewal. There’s a deep level of bliss and moments of ecstasy, and yet it’s quiet and settled, as if there’s a backdrop of silence or a level of quiet within me, like a still pool on which many playful reflections dance. I feel constant motion everywhere, and quiet harmony at the same time, and there’s a deep and abiding sense of well being, and a sense of never ever being alone, but always in the presence of the Source, and that seems to have added some new substance that I am aware of and experience in every moment. It’s a sweet substance, soft, gentle, soothing, and has a foundational quality of some kind. All is pure Beauty and pure delight.”

It is clear that a Stage Two Intervention enables you to experience a life that is so SourceConnected that you rise above the fear of losing familiar and desired experiences and become capable of experiencing with delight whatever adventure is sent to you as a part of your Mission with delight and a sense of eager anticipation of what is next. In the words of the members of the Prototype Communities, this new way of life far surpasses any happiness that they have ever experienced before. It is, for them, a life of pure delight. Stage Two generally requires about 80 hours of At-a-Distance Work. The Correct Exchange is $510.




Registering for the Source Connection Intervention If you would like to have a Source Connection Intervention, you can email me at I will provide you with information on how to complete the Correct Exchange and will let you know when I will be beginning the At-a-Distance Work.

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While I recommend that you register for both Stage One and Two at once because you can move forward with greater power and speed, it is possible to register for Stage One and not Stage Two, and to schedule Stage Two for a later point in time.

The Source Connection Intervention  

This At-A-Distance Source Intervention gives you the Spiritual Configurations for a life that is Heaven.