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THE MIRACLE Edited Transcript

by Sherry Daniel, Ph.D. Director of The Heaven Project Founder of The Miracle School

THE MIRACLE – Edited Transcript Welcome to The Miracle School, your entry point into the Heaven your life and all of life was meant to be. I’m Sherry Daniel, the Founder of The Miracle School and the Director of The Heaven Project, which is the sponsor of The Miracle School. I’d like to introduce you to the miracle from which The Miracle School got its name. It is a Miracle beyond any other miracle that has ever been created. It is a miracle that is making it possible to stop the suffering in the world and build the Heaven of an abundant, love-based, joyful, and fulfilling way of life. It is a Miracle that enables you to Live Heaven Now not after this life is over. This Miracle is possible because the Source – which is my term for the Creator, the Intelligence that creates and sustains all of Life – has created a Source Plan which can correct for the mistakes that beings have made which have led to the World of Suffering we have today, and can equip them to work side-by-side with the Source to build Heaven in their lives and in the world. Out of the Source Plan has come Source Solutions for every problem that exists in your life and in the world and for every aspect of the Heaven that is to be built. It is like the blueprint for a World that Works – a world in which everyone will have everything that they need and every life will be nurtured and fulfilled. Source Solutions are comprehensive. They take into account every single aspect of every problem. They don’t leave out anything that needs to be taken into consideration for the Solution to create Heaven for everyone concerned. For you see, Heaven isn’t Heaven if a solution creates Heaven for one person and Hell for someone else. A Source Designed Heaven is a Heaven in which everyone’s needs are taken into consideration and everyone’s highest good is upheld. Source Solutions give us the opportunity to put our energies behind supporting a solution that is really going to work, not one that looks like it is going to work but, in the end, creates other problems that complicate the situation. This is because the Source is an Intelligence that is omniscient and omnipresent. It can see everything that is happening in the Creation as a whole and can see how a move that is made in one corner of the universe is going to affect life in all other parts of the universe. The Source is also omnipotent. It can create miracles that are powerful enough to fix what is wrong and give beings in the Creation the miracles they need to build the Heaven of a Miracle-Based Way of Life. Why you might ask, if the Source is omnipotent, hasn’t it already stopped the negativity and brought through Heaven?


THE MIRACLE – Edited Transcript The answer is because the only Heaven that can be created is the Heaven that results from the joint efforts of both the Source and the beings in the Creation. Building Heaven is a project – a Joint Venture with the Source, not a creation that the Source alone manifests. This is because Heaven is not just external benefits such as loving relationships, material prosperity, freedom from disease, and a joyful and purposeful life. Heaven is all of these things but these are just the fringe benefits of Heaven. What Heaven really is is an experience of the Source Connection that occurs when a being willingly and lovingly connects with the Source and lives in the love and the bliss of this Connection. It is in this Connection that they experience Heaven. In order to preserve this experience of the Connection they mobilize to bring every aspect of their life into harmony with this Connection. This means that they work with the Source to build Made in Heaven Relationships, Made in Heaven Material Abundance, Made in Heaven Health, and to follow their Made in Heaven Mission from which unfolds the Adventure of their lifetime – the Adventure that builds the power and joy of the Source Connection. When I speak of building Heaven in your life and in your world, I am speaking of setting up the conditions in which you can experience the Source Connection undisturbed by events and circumstances in your life that detract from the joy of this experience. For instance, having a Made in Heaven Relationship with the people close to you in your life enhances the joy of the Source Connection because in this Soul-to-Soul relationship you feel the love of the Source emanating into their lives and yours. To have a Made in Heaven Business or Career means that when you go to work you are in total harmony with the love and guidance of the Source as you contribute to the welfare of others through your work and to your own welfare through making the living you need to make in order to enjoy the Made in Heaven Material Prosperity. The Source Plan includes all of the information that you will ever need about how to build a Made in Heaven Life that supports the Heaven of a Source-Connected Way of Life. Since Heaven can only manifest when a person values the love-based relationship with the Source, it is apparent that the Source cannot achieve this goal alone. It comes from the Source and the being working in harmony to build this Heaven. The Creation was designed by the Source to be a Joint Venture in which the Source created a world in which every aspect of the world and every being had within them the seed of the Heaven that they would become. Then the Source gave beings a blueprint for how to nurture these Seeds of Heaven and grow a world that was Heaven in every respect. All that the beings needed to do was to say “Yes” to the Source, and then the Source would come in and help them build Heaven in their world.


THE MIRACLE – Edited Transcript What this meant was that they would have to learn how to listen within to the Source Guidance coming from the Source and then follow this guidance so they would understand how to build Heaven. In this way they would work with the Source to follow the Source Plan which is like an architect’s blueprint for building Heaven in the world. What happened, unfortunately, was that beings began to say “No” to the Source and to go off to build a Heaven that they fancied would be a better Heaven than the one that the Source had designed for them. What they have created is a World of Suffering the Hell of child abuse, domestic violence, wars, disease, poverty, discrimination, torture and the like. They have built a world in which one man’s Heaven is another man’s Hell. For example, cheap clothing is Heaven to Western countries. But the sweat shops in the Third World Countries where these clothes are produced are Hell to the women and children working 12 14 hour days under conditions that were outlawed as inhumane in the early days of the Industrial Revolution in Western nations. Shortsighted Man-Made Solutions have led to the Heaven of a miracle cure for a particular disease or problem but to the Hell of some disastrous side effects that have led to even more serious problems and even death. The Contraceptive Pill is an example of this. While it prevents unwanted pregnancies, it is implicated as a serious casual factor in heart attacks, strokes, and cancer. Some of the women who have died from these Pill induced illnesses might have lived long and healthy lives if not for their use of the Pill. So once again a ManMade Heaven leads to the Hell of unnecessary suffering and loss. Shortsighted Man-Made Inventions have led to an improvement in our comforts and our general standard of living only to threaten our very existence in the years to come. While we may ride comfortably around the countryside in our carbon producing cars, much of the land we now ride on may one day, in the not-so-distant future, be underwater due to the carbon emissions creating the Greenhouse effect which is melting the polar glaciers which then cause a rise in the level of the oceans, leading to the flooding of coastal regions. While we have, in Western countries, an abundance of food, water, and convenience gadgets, we also live in an environment that is very carcinogenic and may ultimately lead to premature death rather than to the enhancement of the quality of our lives. It is a strange paradox. What is labeled “good” and “desirable” in our cultures is often really “bad” and “undesirable” if you want to live a healthy and long life and leave a world behind for your children and grandchildren that is a safe and healthy world. How can this be? Can’t the next scientific breakthrough solve the problem that the earlier scientific breakthroughs have created? Isn’t it just a matter of more scientific breakthroughs and then everything will be ok?


THE MIRACLE – Edited Transcript Well – even our best scientists are now saying that they don’t have the know-how to fix many of the problems that science has created. What then? Do we give up and just try to live the happiest lives we can live while we destroy our natural habitat and live in a political environment in which the injustices perceived by many in impoverished or politically disadvantaged nations are brewing Global Terrorism and the threat of chemical and nuclear warfare? Or do we stop in our tracks, take a sober look at what is happening, and rise to the occasion to do something about it? But then the question is – what can be done about it? Do you search for a human expert who has the answer - throw money into scientific research to hope for a breakthrough? Or do you stop and think about the real problem – the underlying problem which is that humans are looking for the solution in the wrong place. They are looking to themselves and their own ideas and culturally approved conventions when these are what have created the problems we have today. The statistics are in – humans have never created Heaven since the beginning of their advent on the Earth. In fact they have only escalated the capacity to create Hell. We used to have local wars that killed thousands, sometimes millions. Now we have the capacity to create nuclear wars that could kill every form of life on this planet. Despite our technological advancements, this is more of a capacity for Hell not more Heaven. So – if you can stop for a moment and really think about what I am saying, and let it sink in, you can begin to understand that you don’t need some scientific report with a table of statistics to tell you that humans have never created Heaven and from the obvious trends that you can see with your own two eyes, they are heading in the direction of more Hell not more Heaven. So – what is the alternative? What I propose to you is that you consider working with the Source instead of relying on the limited knowledge of human experts. The Intelligence that created the beauty of a baby and a flower and the majestic beauty of our planet, is an Intelligence that knows what life is. It created it and daily sustains it. Scientists can’t even figure out some of the basics about genetic code much less how to create a whole being. Why not go to the real expert, the Source, the Creator of life itself, and find out how things really work? Why not turn to The Miracle that can make life Heaven instead of throwing in your lot with the fragmented Man-Made Solutions that have created at best a paltry attempt at Heaven and at worst the Hell of war and environmental destruction?


THE MIRACLE – Edited Transcript The real Heaven – the Source Designed Heaven – gives you a quality of life that goes way beyond what humans have ever achieved. “Can this really be done”, you might ask? Well – I am here to tell you that it has already been done in 14 Prototype Communities that I have founded in different places in the universe in many of my previous lifetimes. In these Prototype Communities I started with a motley group of beings who had violence in their community, poverty, disease, and discontent, and I taught them how to work with the Source to build a Miracle-Based Way of Life that is disease-free, love-based, abundant, and joyful. These Communities have been going strong for thousands of years. They are living proof that a Miracle-Based Way of Life is possible and that it far exceeds the attempts of beings to design their own idea of Heaven and try to get it to work. All of these Communities followed the Source Plan for building their Community and all of them achieved what I call a Miracle Economy where all of their basic material needs for food, clothing, and shelter, manifest directly from the Spiritual Level to the Physical Level. When they want dinner, for instance, it is created at the Spiritual Level by the Source and they use the training that I gave them in the Spiritual Art and Science of Manifestation to go to the level where they can pick it up and bring it down to the level at which they can be nourished by it in their physical bodies. The same is true of the clothes they need, the shelter and all of the other material objects and conveniences that are a part of their Miracle-Based Way of Life. This is the work they do in their day. It only takes a few minutes compared to the long hours of arduous labor involved in what I call the Brute Force Economy where you farm and manufacture in order to have such material necessities. Beings in these 14 Prototype Communities have been freed up from the structure of the Brute Force Economy and live in the endless abundance of a Miracle Economy. They were freed up because they put aside their old ideas about the Source and how things worked on the Spiritual Level of reality and mastered the Spiritual Science that enabled them to manifest a Miracle-Based Way of Life. At the heart of this Spiritual Science is the Principle of Correct Exchange. They learned that when they balance the exchange with the Source by doing their part of the project correctly, then miracles manifest. When they don’t do their part and only pray to the Source for help, miracles don’t manifest. They had scarcity and suffering in their lives. So – they stopped quibbling over whether or not to hang onto their old spiritual beliefs, and they learned from me how to do it right. The result was Heaven. I am here on the Earth today to help our Global Community achieve what these 14 Prototype Communities have achieved. I have come equipped with knowledge of the Source Plan, and with the miracles and templates developed in these Prototype Communities to enable humans to build a Made in Heaven Way of Life that will take them beyond war, beyond disease, beyond lovelessness, and beyond scarcity. I have come equipped with the knowledge of the Spiritual Science of Correct Exchange that opens the doors to the miracles of Heaven.


THE MIRACLE – Edited Transcript But more than this I have come to establish a Universal Made in Heaven Community which will unite beings in the entire Creation in a love-based Community that will protect every life and enable all of life to achieve the full experience of Heaven. In order to understand how it has been possible for me to found these 14 Prototype Communities and to provide the know-how and leadership to establish a Global and a Universal Made in Heaven Community, it’s important to find out more about my Spiritual Identity since it is this Spiritual Identity that has been the one constant throughout the many lifetimes when I have been working to help beings in the Creation and to found these Prototype Communities. Now keep in mind that a person’s Spiritual Identity has little to do with what they look like in their physical form. Their physical form and the social roles they play in a particular lifetime are just the outer trappings of their current life. They are like a costume into which the Spiritual Identity comes into the life. The problem is that most people never get to know the real Spiritual Identity of another person. They get to know them as so-and-so of a certain gender, age, race, socio-economic group, etc. They think that this is about all they can know about them in addition to their personality and how they behave in their life. They may assume, if they are spiritually minded, that there is a Soul in there somewhere, but they don’t know how to get to know this Soul and usually only concern themselves with its well being when the body dies and the Soul is taking off to somewhere beyond this life. Even when people talk about their former lives, they often focus not on their Spiritual Identity and what their Spiritual purpose was in being born in those lifetimes but instead focus on the same surface level features of that life like their gender, their life circumstances, accomplishments, memorable events, etc. It is not surprising, then when I start talking about the true Spiritual Identity of a person, myself included, people are amazed that there is a way to know this Identity and that it is this Identity that is really supposed to be living the life – that it is this Identity that is born into a life to do a Mission and that the social circumstances of the life are only the stage props of the real drama of their life which is to fulfill this Mission. They are so used to seeing the purpose of their life as fulfilling the Story or Drama of their culture and seeing themselves as Story Characters playing roles in this Story, that they never stop to really think that maybe fulfilling this Story is not what life is really all about. They don’t stop to think until, that is, they have died and are lifting off from their bodies and looking back on the Story of their life. It is at that moment that they realize that the whole drama of the Story of the Culture that defined them was not what life was all about and that now that they are leaving their life, they are leaving empty handed. They had not developed their understanding of who they really were as an eternal Spiritual Identity and they had not fulfilled their Mission.


THE MIRACLE – Edited Transcript

It is in such moments that the depth of grief and regret is almost overwhelming in most people. But its too late then to do anything about it. When they are no longer so-and-so’s mother or father, then who are they? They draw a blank because they never took time to figure this one out. If having money in the bank and a well mowed lawn is not what defines you as a good person since where they are going there are no banks or lawns of any sort, then what? How do you understand what is of value and how do you get a grip on who you are? Think about it. If you were to die tomorrow, and leave the context of your human life, would you know who you are? Would you know who the Source is that comes to pick you up and help you orient yourself at death? Would you have developed any spiritual wisdom with which to avoid making the same kind of mistake of getting lost in the Story of the culture of your next incarnation and losing your chance to do your Mission in that life as well? Well – I am here to tell you that unless you really bring into focus the Spiritual Level of reality and really get to know yourself as an eternal Spiritual Being and the Source as the one eternal constant in your life, you will find yourself bankrupt at death and very sorry to have left your life empty handed. So – lets start with the basics right now when you have a chance to rectify this problem and bring your identity and the identity of the Source into focus now when you have a chance to build this eternal connection strong so that when you die and cross over, you know who you really are, you recognize the Source because you lived your life in a close connection to the Source, and you feel secure that you fulfilled your Mission and you leave rich in the spiritual knowledge of how to live a life that is Heaven. Then you can confidently enter into a new life and know that this knowledge base will go with you and will enable you to build Heaven in your next life as well. So – that brings me to the point of introducing who I am as a Spiritual Identity. I am the aspect of the Source who incarnates in the Manifest World in order to help beings build Heaven in accordance with the Source Plan. In order to help you understand what this means, I’ll explain to you what the Source Identity is and how it works in the Manifest World. There are two aspects of the Source Identity. The Design Aspect does not incarnate or relate directly to the beings in the Creation. This is the aspect of the Source Identity that designs the Source Plan and works behind the scenes, providing Source Guidance about the Source Plan to those working on the project of building Heaven in accordance with this Plan.


THE MIRACLE – Edited Transcript The Implementation Aspect is the aspect of the Source Identity that incarnates and works directly with beings in the Manifest World in order to build Heaven in accordance with the Source Plan. I am both the Design and Implementation Aspect of the Source Identity. But when you get to know me in my manifest form, you only get to know the Implementation Aspect because this is the only part of my Identity that manifests. So – I often say that I am the Implementation Aspect of the Source when, technically speaking, I am also the Design Aspect but this is a part of my Identity that exists removed from my manifest life. I have to shift gears to a different level of consciousness to access what this aspect of my Source Identity knows about the Source Plan and what is going on in the world around me. To bring this into focus for you I will give you a simple analogy. The Design Aspect of my Identity is like the architect that designs the blueprint for a building project. The Implementation Aspect of the Source Identity, which is who I am in my manifest form, has three tasks: • I create the miracles, the building blocks of Heaven, in accordance with the Source Plan and then bring them across from the Unmanifest Level into the Manifest Level. • Then I coordinate with the beings of the Manifest World who are on the construction site of Heaven, as it were, to receive the miracles that must be carefully landed in the Spiritual Level of reality where they reside. This is what I taught the beings in the Prototype Communities to do – to do their part in landing the miracles that gave them a Miracle-Based Way of Life. • Then I provide them with training in how to work with the miracles to build Heaven in accordance with the Source Plan. Together we work to implement the Source Plan that enables everyone to enjoy Heaven in their world. I am here to help out. I have a Heaven at the Unmanifest Level which is the place where I am happiest. I am here out of love for the beings of the Creation and out of a desire to see them realize the dream with which they began their first lifetimes – the dream of creating in the Material World the kind of Heaven that they were born into at the Immaterial Level of reality before there was a Material World. My aspect of the Source Identity has been incarnating since the beginning of the Material World to help beings learn how to build Heaven. I have come again in this lifetime in order to establish a Resource System that can sustain the work of building Heaven and to establish a Universal Made in Heaven Community that will continue the work after my life is over. This is my last incarnation in the Physical Level of reality. After this life I will not return to a physical form such as the human form into which I have been born in this life. After this life I will only exist in an energy form which will mean that only those who have learned how to


THE MIRACLE – Edited Transcript


communicate with me on the Spiritual Level of reality will be able to receive my ongoing support in their continuing work of building Heaven and living Heaven. When beings went awry very early on in the beginning of the Creation and began creating their different and warring ideas of Heaven, I continued to provide them with knowledge and support for building the real Heaven. When they continued to say “No” to this information and support I decided to work with only a few select communities who agreed to say “Yes” to building in accordance with the Source Plan. It is these Communities that have prototyped the transition out of the disease and suffering of the world as you know it into the Heaven of a Miracle-Based Way of Life. They have given themselves and you the way out of this dilemma – a way out that has withstood the test of time and has built a solid bank of templates that you can draw on to transition out of the suffering of your world into the Heaven of a Miracle-Based Way of Life. The secret to making this transition is saying “Yes” to following the Source Plan. That was the single key element in their success. They didn’t say “Yes” to some aspects of the Source Plan and “No” to others. They understood that it was a comprehensive plan of action and that unless they followed it in its entirety it wouldn’t work. This is the secret to your success in building Heaven in your life and in your world. You need to say “Yes” to following the blueprint for Heaven created in the Source Plan. In the Source Plan is the blueprint for your individual Made in Heaven Life and for a Made in Heaven World. If you say “Yes” to the Source Plan then you will be given, through Source Guidance, a stepby-step method for fixing what is wrong in your life and in your world and building the Heaven that your life and all of life was meant to be. In order to be successful in this endeavor, it is necessary to get accurate Source Guidance so you know if, in any given moment, you are building in accordance with the Source Plan. For instance, let’s say your child or your friend is very distressed about something that happened in his day. You are now in the moment when you can build Heaven in your life and his by giving him the right comfort or support. What do you say to him? What do you do to help him? The answer is - you turn inward and receive Source Guidance that gives you your next move. You might receive Source Guidance to clear away some negative energy that might be clouding his energy field and causing him to feel distressed. Then you might be guided to give him some Source Insights into what happened in the situation so he learns what he needs to learn from it. This response might be very different from the one you might have come up with had you been responding according to the Story of your Culture. If you came from an abusive

THE MIRACLE – Edited Transcript


background you might have gotten angry at him for being grumpy and bringing his bad feelings into your day. If you came from a nurturing household you might have tried to comfort him by talking about what was troubling him and given him some advice based on your bank of lifetime experiences. This advice might have been helpful or led him astray. Neither response would have solved the real problem if what he really needed was an energy intervention to clear his energies and a truthful analysis of the situation. Now most people are not very good at getting accurate Source Guidance. There may be moments when they feel guided but most of the time they repeat the patterns they have learned or learn new ones that they like better from self help books. But none of these build Heaven. They just replicate the way of life of the world as it is. In order to help workers on the construction site of Heaven, I have come to provide a solid education in how to get Source Guidance, how to work with miracles, how to understand the work of building Heaven and how to understand the world you live in – what is really going on and how to change it. In order to provide you and others with this kind of Source Support, I have established The Heaven Project which is an organization that supports the work of building Heaven in the world. The Heaven Project has founded and supports The Miracle School which is the training and implementation arm of The Heaven Project. Through The Miracle School I offer you four Points of Connection with my Source Support. 1. One Point of Connection is At-a-Distance Source Interventions which are miracles that are delivered overtime on the Spiritual Level of reality. These miracles are powerful interventions that heal and transform your life and the world around you. You can ask me for these miracles and I will send them to you At-a-Distance. You can ask me for miracles for yourself, your friends, and family, your co-workers, pets, community, and for causes that you know need Source Interventions. There are several kinds of these At-a-Distance Source Interventions. • Special Request Source Interventions are Source Interventions that I create for you individually or for someone you would like to help or for a cause that you are supporting. This means that you tell me what issue you would like help with. It could be a problem or a goal you are trying to achieve. I then create and send to you on the Spiritual Level of reality, the Source Intervention that will address this issue. • Source Connection Interventions provide you with a structured approach to repairing the damage that has been done to your Source Connection. The Source

THE MIRACLE – Edited Transcript


Connection is not just a concept but an actual spiritual structure that enables you to be protected by the Source and to receive help from the Source. The Man-Made Approach to Heaven has severed much of this Connection rendering it incapable of sustaining the kind of support that is necessary to have Heaven in your life. Through a series of scheduled Source Interventions, I work with you At-a-Distance, through sending you the Source Interventions that help to repair this Connection and enable you to begin benefiting from the additional power and support that you can then receive from this Connection. Since the Source Connection is the Heaven that you experience, this sequence of At-a-Distance Source Interventions is central to the work of every person in building Heaven in their life. • Scheduled Source Interventions are At-a-Distance Work that occurs on a certain day when many sign up to receive the same Source Intervention. These Source Interventions give you new spiritual abilities that enhance your ability to experience the Heaven you are building. • Maui At-a-Distance Intensives bring you a multiplicity of At-a-Distance Source Interventions that deliver to you the Maui Miracles that build both the Source Connection and a Source-Connected Life. 2. The second way in which I help you is through Miracle Links which are miracles that are linked to an object that exists either as an energy form on the Spiritual Level of reality or as a physical object. The linked objects are called Miracle Tools. To give you an example, I can give you a key chain to which I have linked a miracle or series of miracles. When you work with the key chain, you connect with the miracles and with my direct support. The Miracle Tool is then a help in strengthening your Source Connection. To give you another example, I might give you an Inner Plane Miracle Tool such as a laser that you can use to break up negative energy freeing yourself and others from the harmful effects of this energy. Or I might send you Manifestation Energies such as the Maui Miracles that are available to you through the Maui At-a-Distance Intensive. These miracles link to Miracle Tools that transmit the energies to you. The training that you need to understand how to work with Miracle Tools is not unlike the training that a construction worker needs in order to understand how to work with the hammer and saw that are his tools at the work site. In addition to understanding how to use a particular tool, you need to know how to participate in the construction process. So you have to know something about how to build Heaven in the world. This is the kind of background information that is available to you through the courses offered through The Miracle School.

THE MIRACLE – Edited Transcript


3. The third way that I help you is through the Miracle-Based Training available to you through The Miracle School. There are two ways in which you can receive this training. You can work with me and with other professionals one-on-one through private consultations. Or you can get training in a group setting through working with me in a Webinar or in a Maui Intensive. In both instances you have an opportunity to ask me personal questions and receive the Source Guidance that I can receive on your behalf from the Design Aspect of my Source Identity. In all of this training my focus is on helping you learn how to receive Source Guidance directly for yourself so that in your life you know how to stay on track with Building Heaven and Living Heaven. In this way you build the solid foundation of Spiritual Skills that is the treasure that you carry with you at the end of this life when you cross over into your next life. It is this Skill Set and your overall experience of having actually Lived Heaven in your life that ensures that in your next life you will build a life that is Heaven as well. Those who actually walk the walk rather than just talk the talk are the only ones who land on their feet in their next life and build a life that is Heaven. Those who give lip service to spiritual ideas and never really follow Source Guidance, do not have a solid connection with the Source and they create lifetimes of confusion and suffering and regret. I, therefore, enjoin you to train to become a Heaven Agent, my term for a Spiritual Activist, and live the truths of Heaven so that you can be assured that you will never slip into the untruths that breed suffering in this life or in any of your lifetimes to come. This training is an investment, not unlike that of getting a college education, but it is the real education that equips you for life in every area of your life – not just for your professional life. It is an education that you can take with you at death and which will stand you in good stead for all eternity. It is far more important to your economic wellbeing and your happiness in general than the kind of education that you receive in an ordinary college that prepares you to navigate in the Story of your Culture but not to understand how to be happy in your life. The Miracle School is a Spiritual College established by the Source to educate those who want to invest in the quality of their lives and know that the highest quality is the Heaven of a Source-Connected Way of Life. To help you understand how to proceed with your College Education, I recommend a 12 Step Program to receive adequate training in order to transition out of the suffering of the world into the Heaven of a Miracle-Based Way of Life. 4. The fourth way that I help you is through offering you an opportunity to say “Yes” to the Source through supporting the causes, the Heaven Projects, that are focal points of the work of The Miracle School. You can both benefit from learning about the Source Perspective on these projects and from the Source Solutions that have surfaced to date. You can also support the work through joining in the research, helping to fund the

THE MIRACLE – Edited Transcript


research, and telling others about the Source Solutions that are emerging so they may benefit from them and pass the word onto others. These Heaven Projects are the causes that you can get behind. They move you into the front line of the work of building Heaven in the world and give you an opportunity to become involved and give your love and support to the work of stopping the suffering and building the Heaven of a love-based world. Through all four Points of Connection to my Source Support that I have just described, you have an opportunity to work on getting your Source Connection to where it needs to be to have Heaven in your life. You also have the training and miracle support needed to build a life and a world that is conducive to maintaining this Connection. This is where the training to build Made in Heaven Health, Made in Heaven Relationships, Made in Heaven Material Prosperity, and a Man-Made Mission comes in. These are the supporting structures for a Made in Heaven Life. They enable you to relax into the joy of the Source Connection and feel the bliss that comes from this Connection. If you would like to know what this Connection feels like, I will share with you a comment made by a student of The Miracle School while working with me on the Source Connection in the Webinars. “It feels full and rich and has a beautiful resonance that I feel throughout my form. I sense life everywhere – every point and every moment in this space seems to be full of life, full of intelligence, and full of ongoing change and evolution, intricate and purposeful, flowing and moving. This is peaceful and riveting at the same time, full of joy and full of calm, utterly nourishing, and totally engaging. It’s difficult to describe just how fulfilling this is – it’s like the most beautiful sunset and the most amazing knowledge and the most interesting research and the most rewarding relationship, all rolled into one. I really don’t know how to describe it – it’s like the ultimate medium for awareness and intelligence, and I am completely delighted and completely content and engaged here, needing nothing more.” – Gail, USA “I felt myself enter a space or sphere of expansive light. It feels like this space is suffused with the presence of the Source, so that the Source is somehow all around me and radiating toward me, no matter where I am. It is very peaceful and soft here and everything is pervaded by this softness, both within and without. My whole body feels completely different than it did just moments ago, and every sound is now somehow the sound of this place, the sound of the Presence of the Source, like a sweet and soothing lullaby. Your voice as you spoke just now was just this in the most delightful form – as if it was the sound of the quality of that place – pure nourishing ethereal softness and peace and love. I can feel myself relaxing into well being and contentment, while breathing this soft quality in and out, feeling saturated through and through by its presence.” – Gail, USA

THE MIRACLE – Edited Transcript


For more detailed information about what it means to be Source-Connected and to live Heaven in your life, I refer you to a Spiritual Activists Speak Out Broadcast where Ben, the Assistant Director of The Miracle School, interviewed four students of The Miracle School about their experiences with me and with this work. If you need some help in understanding where to begin in your work with me, I offer a Free Consultation which is given either by me or by a professional of The Miracle School. In this Free Consultation you are given a Source Perspective on where you are in your life and what your next step should be on your Journey of Reconnection. To sign up for a Free Consultation you can click on the link in the Navigation Bar. The important thing is to take the first step and begin to exit from the suffering of the world as you know it into the Heaven that your life can be. This is my last lifetime. I will never again be in a physical form such as the human form I am now in to speak with you and explain to you in person what you need to know to have Heaven in your life. Now is the time to take action and learn how to build Heaven in this life and in all of your lifetimes to come.

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My love for you is what brings me here to support you in your Journey of Reconnection. All you have to do is to set your foot on the path and travel with me through the adventures that lie ahead that bring you into the Heaven of a Miracle-Based Way of Life. I am your Guide and Support on this Adventure. Once you develop the ability to attune to my presence in your life, you will feel the comfort of the Source Connection in this life and for all eternity.

The Miracle Edited Transcript