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creating. written by rebecca tillinghast

with recycled materials, and drawing intricate sketches with fine point pens. Every medium was a product of a particular life phase. I produced abstract paintings when life felt chaotic. I obsessed over the perfection of my intricate drawings when I needed to feel in control. And as each day passed new ideas came to me based on my experiences and growth. The medium I create with based on my life today is yarn. There is something about knitting that provides me with a deeper sense of meaning at this stage of my life. It is more than a craft, hobby or pastime. I’ve met shearers of wool, spinners of fleece and knitters alike and have discovered that I am not alone in this connection with knitting and yarn. Do we all have something in common? Perhaps it is something deep inside of us, a phase of inner change, that causes us to knit. I believe knitting to be about community, sharing, giving, receiving, and putting love into ones creations. That being said, it seems fitting that recently I should see myself grow in measurements of yarn. My artistic expression through yarn ultimately developed from writing. I began blogging one day mid November of 2010, not really knowing at the time what I had to say. I felt compelled to be honest, vulnerable and sincere with

my small following of family and friends. I initially wrote simply to deal with my own pain and uncertainty but like all forms of expression, my internal growth produced something more comprehensive. My writing developed as a direct result of a stronger sense of self and purpose. I was incredibly inspired and began conceptualizing projects to accompany my words. Wr i t i n g was affecting me internally and I wanted to share my growth with everyone. Everywhere I went I saw my own emotions reflecting off other people. When I felt insecure, I noticed other peoples’ insecurities. When I was afraid I found others who were also scared. And when I felt strength I was inspired to share it with whomever I could reach. A season in my life was changing and my creativity was transforming as a result. Feeling strong in who I was becoming, I knew I was being the best me I could be. I was perfect just as I was. Three words settled strongly into my heart. You. Are. Enough. Inspired by the moment I decided to make art with this message so I could share it with others. A box full of unfinished knitting

projects stared at me from my living room art corner. Selecting a wooly, gray square I formed the letter “Y” in cursive with some yellow yarn. I liked what I saw. The words spelled on my yarn canvas "You Are Enough" stared back at me. It looked hand crafted and a little messy. You could see where the glue wasn’t quite covered by the yarn. It was far from perfect. But I

loved it. I loved it for what it represented and for whom it may affect. Before I hung it up on my kitchen wall, I took a picture of it and posted it on my blog. I told people that this sign was for anyone who wanted to receive its message. Simply, we are enough, and we are perfect just the way that we are. My internal growth produced a slew of yarn word creations. Each word represented what I felt inside and experienced all around me. Everyday I encountered new experiences that helped me grow and inspired me

to create. Receive. Love. Grow. Be. Listen. Learn. Pray. See. People I had never before met were finding the blog, relating to the messages and contacting me. It felt as though I had really found deep contentment inside. Yarn art and positive messages were the proof. Yarn continues to be my favorite artistic medium. However, I know this is bound to change. I not only accept the impending change but I welcome it because it means I will be continuing to grow. I want to always be receptive to what life has to offer because it gives me the chance to give back something truly beautiful and unique to the world At 3, I had little understanding that my growth was being projected onto my painting easel. But today I know that I express the changes inside me through art. And I am so thankful to be able to see something so deeply intangible through colors, shapes, textures, and words. I am grateful for art at the age of 3, 14, 26 and every year in between. Every step forward I will continue to use art as a marker and be proud to show my growth to the world.


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