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Jan / Feb 2014 Volume 9, Issue 1

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Valentines that won’t break the bank

Get Heart Healthy

With Tips from The Heart & Vascular Center of Minden


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*Clinical professional is defined as a physician, physician assistant or nurse practitioner. If you are experiencing a medical emergency, call 911.


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from the

Editor W

You’ve known her for so long. Now, suddenly, something has changed.

For Quality

If you or a loved one is experiencing changes in the ability to cope with daily living, Senior Care caring your health. Make it a smart one, to help. at for Minden Medical Center is here

For Quality

s named one of the nation’s top performers Senior Care is available to persons age 55 and over with asures two in a row. to caring for years your health. Make it a smart one,

a mental or cognitive decline that hinders daily life, who was named one of the nation’s top performers has become a threat to self or others, or is limited in selfhe Joint Commission, the leading accreditor measures two years in a row. care ability. Our mental health professionals are available

ation, for our achievements in quality… but through our 24 hour referral line to discuss treatment The Joint theMedical leading accreditor hosen byCommission, you. Minden Center needs and are devoted to helping patients get back to e nation, for our achievements in quality… but to patients and their families – safe and their optimal level of functioning. e chosen by you. Minden Medical Center providing the highestfamilies quality care possible, st toOur patients and their services include: – safe and gtoedge technology thatquality you expect at larger providing the highest care possible, • Free initial consultation • Management of secondary veniently close to home. ing edge technology that you expect at larger

• Thorough assessment medical needs onveniently close to home. • Customized treatment • Continued care planning plans and referral assistance eed, choose Minden Medical Center. • choose Group, individual, and need, Minden Medical Center. family counseling

For more information or to schedule a free, confidential assessment, call us at 318-371-5646.

e need to have a heart to heart about your heart. The Minute Magazine and the Heart and Vascular Center of Minden have teamed up for a special issue that focuses on heart health. Heart disease is the No. 1 killer of women in the United States, claiming more lives than all forms of cancer combined. We want our readers to know how to spot heart attack warning signs. It could save your life. We've also included some simple steps to reduce your chances of developing heart disease like controlling cholesterol and managing your blood pressure. The time is now to stand together. To fight harder. To shout louder. Please join us in bringing attention to this silent killer. Share this issue with friends and take the early heart attack care oath below.

I understand that heart attacks have beginnings and on occasion, signs of an impending heart attack may include chest discomfort, shortness of breath, shoulder and/or arm pain, and weakness. These may occur hours or weeks before the actual heart attack. I solemnly swear that if it happens to me or anyone I know, I will call 9-1-1 or activate our Emergency Medical Services.

Tiffany Byram Owner/Editor

Hope is only a phone call away. #1 Medical Plaza | Minden, LA


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Jan / Feb 2014 Volume 9, Issue 1

contributors Donna Arender Tiffany Byram Vicki Caskey Shelley Duran Barbara Ellis Durbin

Winnie Griggs Lela Robichaux Wesley Harris Chalaine Scott Liz Hines Melissa Teoulet Jason McReynolds Ashley M. Nygaard


This cover was taken by Jennifer Spurlock at the Heart & Vascular Center of Minden. Special thanks to the Minden Fire Department for helping us get such a great shot.

Inside this Issue:



Valentines that won’t break the bank

Get Heart Healthy

With Tips from The Heart & Vascular Center of Minden


want to look back and regret being too busy. I don’t want to miss birthday parties, Christmas parties or football parties anymore. I don’t want to miss the opportunity to take a nap in my moms bed. Am I making sense here. LIFE IS SHORT! I don’t want to miss it because I am too busy to enjoy it.

We are several days into With that said, I am missing

-------------------------------- the New Year and I seem some things on a personal

It's ok to use a pencil and even better to use an eraser --------------------------------


sit at my desk with a new calendar before me just waiting for me to fill it with all the important things that will be done in 2014. I live and breathe by a schedule, as I am certain most of you do too. I normally write everything in pen and rarely use a pencil. Well, that has changed for this New Year. When I picked up my notes and folders to head out to the first of many meetings of this year I decided to carry a pencil instead of a pen. Ink is so final. Don’t get me wrong, lots of things in my world warrant ink. But I have noticed lately that I am, and have been for a while now, overbooked. Overbooked personally and professionally. You see I have a very difficult time saying no to anything. I over commit myself often.


to be on schedule with the over commitment problem I have. I want to change that this year. My family and friends will read this and no doubt say “yeah right”. But I have a plan and a goal. I did not say I would change I said I want to change. I will strive to change. When my daughter moved away to college a couple of years ago I was so sad. I have shared with you all before that I had a really difficult time with the whole empty nest thing. Once I was able to pull myself up and quit having a pity party, I decided to throw myself into anything that would keep me busy. Well, I succeeded in busying myself real good. Do not get me wrong, I am involved in some really great things and I get to meet and work along side some of the most wonderful people. At the end of most every day I feel as though I have contributed to making a difference in this world if even on the smallest of scales. I consider myself extremely blessed to be afforded the opportunities I have to be of service and humbled that the Lord chooses to use me.

level. I miss having coffee or tea with friends. Long drawn out lunch dates where we just sit and visit. I miss watching a movie at the theatre or at home. I always feel like I should be doing something else besides sitting there just watching TV. I miss a quick weekend get-a-way. I miss Sunday dinners at home or cooking Saturday morning breakfast. I miss going to Jefferson, Texas or Antique Alley in West Monroe strolling through all the Shoppe’s. I go to these places for business but rarely have the time to just browse and visit and look around. I miss writing out Christmas cards. For the second year in a row I did not mail out family Christmas cards. Now if that isn’t a wake up call I do not know what is. One should never be too busy to send Christmas cards. I guess what I am saying is that I miss some good old fashioned down time. No alarm clock, no schedule. I am talking about having lazy days with my family and friends. Sneaking in a couple weekends out of town with my husband and having a mother daughter trip. Taking the time to visit with my friends. I don’t

So one of my goals for 2014 is to slow down when I can. I am not talking about throwing the towel in on all the things I am involved in. I am talking about being wise with my time. I am terrible at time management. I am going to work on that this year. So the pencil is my new friend. I am only going to use pencil in my new calendar and I am not going to feel guilty if I have to use the eraser every once in a while. Happy New Year to you and yours, many blessings sent your way. I wish for you lots of quality time with those you hold dear to your heart. -------------------------------Vicki is a Louisiana native who has lived in several towns in North Louisiana. She spends her free time baking, cheering on the Lady Techsters (#3 is her girl) and playing with her three dogs. She is a recent empty nester currently enjoying the small town life in Arcadia with her husband Wayne. She is not afraid of hard work and is a very driven woman. From organizing a magazine to running a non profit, she will do what it takes to succeed. If you ask her she will tell you this, the Lord blessed me with the gift of gab and I use it hoping and praying to make a difference in the world. --------------------------------



SHREVEPORT ARCADIA MINDEN Banking Banking atatthe thenext nextlevel level (318) 68 -70 5 (318) 263-847 (318) 371-9 10 I heard I heard the doubters. the doubters. Too Small. Too Small. Too Multipurpose. Too Multipurpose. Too Hometown. Too Hometown.

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MINDEN–Wal MINDEN–Wal MartMart (318)(318) 382-1223 382-1223

GIBSLAND GIBSLAND (318)(318) 843-6228 843-6228

HOMER HOMER (318)(318) 927-5075 927-5075

SIBLEY SIBLEY (318)(318) 371-9465 371-9465 9

machine, but you’ve gotten a second chance too, and if you need another, you can have it.


A Second Chance -------------------------------To my little cousin with a big heart who has all the potential in the world inside, but sometimes forgets to bring it to the outside. Remember.


he heart is a crazy thing. It beats inside of us, pumping blood that gives us the fuel to live. It stirs inside of us, amplifying emotions that give us the want to live. We cannot live without it, but sometimes, it feels like we can’t live with it. Loved ones pass away and take pieces we can never get back. Heartbreaks dig holes that we spend forever trying to refill. Disappointments leave scars that take a long time to heal. Failures carve out parts we don’t know how to rebuild. But


yet, we press forward, clinging to the love that holds it together. When I was a little girl, seizures haunted my mother’s life. They haunted her life because at any moment, without warning, her blonde haired giggly baby girl would start to tremble and shake as seizures took over her little body. I remember very little from the days of this disease, but I have heard the stories over and over of the hospital trips and scary convulsions my family witnessed and endured with me. The last seizure is the story most told--because I almost didn’t make it back from that one. My heart had stopped, and I swear somehow I can hear my mom’s screams as the nurses shoved her from the room--doctors attempting to bring my lifeless body back to life. Thankfully, they were able to resuscitate and make my heart start beating again. Sometimes though, I wonder what life would

be like if they hadn’t been able to, what life would be like without me. What my house would have been like without the eldest kid, how my siblings would have grown without a sister, my parents a daughter, the people who’d never have met me or known me or spent time with me or laughed with me. It makes me wonder what sort of effect I’ve really had on these people, what sort of impact I’ve actually made in this world. Sometimes, I think about it and realize that God gave me a second chance. But then I realize, He’s given me way more than just one of those, and He gives them to me way more than I deserve. I think we take for granted and sometimes forget that the only reason we’re alive is because of a second chance, and it’s offered to everyone. Second chances…and a third and a fourth and a fifth and a sixth and seventy times seven of them. It may not take laying on the bed of a hospital and having doctor’s bring you back to life with an electric

We have been created to withstand the worst of trials and battle through even the most horrific circumstances; God has made our hearts tough enough to keep beating and our minds strong enough to endure whatever happens in our lives. Sometimes, our trials are uncontrollable events and sometimes they’re the result of our own mistakes, but whichever they are, God gives us the opportunity to change the course, to fix the problem, to grow from the pain, to learn from the wrong choice. Whatever impact we’ve had, or haven’t had, God gives us the opportunity to change what we need, to be exactly who we want to be with second chances that we so desperately need. Maybe you’ve just gone through your worst seizure and feel yourself giving up. Maybe disease has taken over your life and brought you to a place you’re not sure you can recover from, maybe your heart has stopped beating and you don’t know how to make it start again. But know there is a doctor that can cure the worst of anything, there are people screaming for your life, hoping you will pull through and begging for you to push through. Know that your chance is still there, no matter how many you’ve had or

how many you’ve messed up on, and know that God is waiting to resuscitate you if you need it. He wants your heart to know love and success and resilience and He wants you to know that sometimes there has to be an end, so that He can give you a new beginning. And as long as your heart is beating, you have the choice to accept the chance.

DEPENDABLE and KNOWLEDGEABLE agent seeks customers looking for real PROTECTION and long term RELATIONSHIP.

--------------------------A copywriter, novelist, and c o l u m n i s t , Chalaine lives by her pen. She is always traveling and never settling, making memories wherever she roams. Living off her dog's cuddles, her brother's humor, and sweet iced tea, she is just a girl in love with the simplicities. Mostly though, she is just a mess in stilettos, living off God's grace and living to serve Him, welcoming inspiration from wherever it comes and pursuing her dreams with whatever it takes. Follow her @ Chaleezy ---------------------------

energetic lady. Mus fit and ready to jum the fun. Military trai be helpful.

ADVENTUROUS seeks adventurous be employed and w Especially fond of b tuxedo cats. All resp answered. Looking match.


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Show Your Heart Some

Show your heart some love and reduce your chances of developing heart disease with these 7 simple steps. February is American Heart Month. It’s an occasion to focus attention on the importance of fighting cardiovascular disease and an opportunity to educate people about its risk factors, its various warning signs, and lifesaving emergency response 12

techniques. But keeping your own heart healthy is an every month affair. Thankfully, there are a number of things that can be done to reduce a person’s chances of developing heart disease, all of which are included in the American Heart Association’s Simple 7.

1. Get Active. Did you know that by exercising at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity each day (like brisk walking), five times per week, you can improve your heart health and quality of life? By becoming more active, you can almost guarantee yourself

a healthier and more satisfying life while lowering your risks for heart disease, stroke and diabetes. 5. Lose Weight. Parents, your children need 60 minutes a day– every day–so when you get active, you’re also Imagine carrying around a 30-pound backpack all day, every day! It would be a strain, just like extra body weight. modeling healthy living for the next generation.

2. Control Cholesterol.

When you shed extra fat and unnecessary pounds, you reduce the burden on your heart, lungs, blood vessels and skeleton. You give yourself the gift of active living, you lower your blood pressure and you help yourself feel better, too. If your body mass index (BMI) is 25.0 or higher, you will benefit by bringing your number down below 25. If your BMI is 30.0 or higher, you are at significant risk for heart health problems.

Try eating healthy foods that are low in cholesterol, trans fats and saturated fats. A diet high in fiber also helps keep cholesterol levels controlled. Schedule a cholesterol screening and stay current on your health check-ups. Some people inherit a gene that causes them to make too much bad cholesterol (LDL). If your doctor prescribes cholesterol medication for you, it is important that you take it and follow the other healthy 6. Reduce Blood Sugar. lifestyle recommendations, too. The good news is you can lower your cholesterol and reduce your risk of heart If your fasting blood sugar level is below 100, you are in the healthy range. If not, your results could indicate disease and stroke. diabetes or pre-diabetes. Most of the food we eat is turned into glucose, or blood sugar, that our bodies use for energy. Your body makes a hormone called insulin 3. Eat Better. that acts like a carrier to take your food energy into your cells. When your body stops making insulin or the insulin Recent studies show that more than 90% of us fail to stops doing its job, your energy supply and blood sugars consistently eat a heart-healthy diet. Our poor eating are no longer stable and serious health problems like habits mean more of us have risk factors for heart diabetes can result. disease, stroke, diabetes and obesity. Stock your pantry and fridge with healthy food. Less junk and more produce. The American Heart Association recommends that you eat a wide variety of nutritious foods daily from each of the basic food groups. To get the nutrients you 7. Stop Smoking. need, choose foods like vegetables, fruits, fiber-rich whole-grain breads and cereals and fat-free or low-fat Cigarette smokers have a higher risk of developing cardiovascular disease. If you smoke, quitting is the best dairy products most often. thing you can do for your health. Smoking is one of our nation’s top causes of early death, but your lungs can begin to heal as soon as you quit. Parents, talk with your 4. Manage Blood Pressure. kids about cigarette smoking. Many people begin their addiction during adolescence and spend years wishing One in three adults has high blood pressure, yet, many they had never started. Learning to say ‘no’ to cigarettes people don’t even know they have it. Uncontrolled high is learning to say ‘yes’ to your good health. blood pressure kills people and wreaks havoc on many lives by causing heart disease and stroke. High blood pressure is the single most significant risk factor for This article courtesy of The Heart & heart disease. When your blood pressure stays within Vascular Center of Minden Medical healthy ranges, you reduce the strain on your heart, Center. arteries, and kidneys which keeps you healthier longer. In addition to becoming more active and eating better, managing stress, limiting alcohol and avoiding tobacco smoke can all help to reduce your blood pressure.


lived upstairs and in the back of a house.

a season of

becoming in new orleans

written by on a day date – a movie to be exact.


The Tale of Mr. No Name -----------------------------------


Since moving to my new-to-me-solo-place, I've taken a different stance on dating. In short, I’m saying “yes” more. Let me be clear: most of the time, I’d rather be home than on the dates I've been on. But it’s about getting out there and making the most of things. Besides, who knows what could happen?

Date night came around and the New Orleans Ju-Ju threw me a bone. As we were riding to dinner, I catch a glimpse of Mr. No Name’s movie script on the floor board. Name on the cover. His official nickname is still being used among my friends and now I walk Shelley Duran the long way around to avoid his house. You was a foreign film? What live, you learn, you hope if I fell asleep?! WHAT the next guy wears a IF I CRIED? Thankfully, name tag. it was prime Jack Nicholson, in English, and I stayed dry-eyed. It’s surprisingly really easy to go out with someone and not know their name. Can you believe that? But since you’re face to face, there isn't really a reason to use their name. Also, they discourage chatting in a movie.

This is how I ended up He walked me to my didn't mean for on a date with a man door and that was that. While there were no it to happen. We met with no name. sparks, it was a fine time at the neighborhood dog park, each taking He showed up not so for what it was. Until he our fur-kid out after promptly on my stoop asked me out again. work. We introduced (New Orleans time is ourselves to each other, 15 minutes later than Since he’s a neighbor, but like any dog-centric the rest of the world) we never exchanged person, I only focused excited to movie watch. numbers. There’s no on the pet’s name. Dogs’ We grabbed iced coffee need to. It seemed I only sniffing each other’s and headed to a local saw him at random in butts tends to force boutique theater. For the the neighborhood, and conversation. He lived record, going to a movie I couldn't strategically down the street and with someone in the “biz” plan a night where my was in the “movie biz”. is like going to dinner friends just happen to Always wore sneakers with a chef. You’re being be around to stage an and never leashed his watched and graded introduction. I couldn't dog. Standing outside from the get-go. Would I sneak a look in his my gate, he asked me like the movie? What if it mailbox because he



Shelley is a twenty something gal making moves in New Orleans, Louisiana. When she's not working as a Project Manager at HERO|farm ad agency, she can often be found running through her neighborhood park in order to enjoy New Orleans' cuisine on a regular basis. Her beloved dog, Olive, can often be found by her side. Follow her rants and quips on Twitter @ shellbellduran. --------------------------------------------

Photograph by Jesse Dylan

Heart disease is the No. 1 killer of women, taking more lives than all forms of cancer combined. But we have the power to save our lives.

The time is now to stand together. To fight harder. To shout louder.  It’s time to Go Red For Women.

Gail, Heart Disease and Stroke Survivor ©2012, American Heart Association. Also known as the Heart Fund. TM Go Red trademark of AHA, Red Dress trademark of DHHS.

Watch Gail’s story and meet other survivors. Visit


enough surface area at the bottom for browning all the chicken so you may need to do that in small batches. Add olive oil in the pan and brown the chicken on medium high heat until it’s almost completely cooked. Remove the chicken from the pan and set aside.


Hibernation Food -----------------------------------


uring winter, I hibernate. No really, I actually try my best to hibernate like a bear. And by hibernate, I mean stay inside covered in multiple layers of flannel and thick socks on my feet with a cup of hot tea always at hand. This is the type of winter that I prefer. Unfortunately spending 4 months cooped up inside a house wearing pajamas isn’t always feasible. I do have to brave the freezing temperatures to get to work, or school, or even to the grocery store for tea. So I do the next best thing and eat the kind of food that I imagine bears would eat if they were human… the kind of food that sticks to your ribs and makes your belly say “aaahhh”. For me that kind of food is pasta. I


can’t help it, my upbringing was heavily influenced by our Italian heritage. A good plate of pasta can turn a bad day into an amazing day. I have two pasta dishes that I want to share with you. My first recipe is the kind of meal that will make people like you. This isn’t a joke either. I fed this to my roommate who declared it as good if not better than any you can get in a nice Italian restaurant. It’s so good that you won’t even mind eating it for several days straight which I usually end up doing. Cooking for one is such a hassle when you’ve grown up in a large family. Leftovers are the norm in my house. This recipe calls for chicken but you can easily omit that if you’d rather make it as a vegetarian dish. The second recipe is one that you should be very familiar with. The boxed version is a staple in almost every house. Well, here is a new method of cooking it that will make it as easy as making it from a box, only it tastes way better and all the ingredients are pronounceable.

----------------------------------Pasta and Chicken in Sun-dried Tomato Pesto Cream Sauce 1 lb pasta- I used penne rigate 1 lb chicken breasts 2 c. heavy cream ½ c. chicken stock ½ c. parmesan cheese ¼ c. sun-dried tomato pesto- this can be found in the grocery store in the pasta aisle. 1 tbsp olive oil 1 tbsp butter 5 cloves garlic, minced Italian Seasoning Salt & Pepper In a large pot, cook the pasta according to the directions on the package. Drain and return to the pot with a little butter. Set aside.

In the same pan, melt the butter and add the garlic. Stirring constantly. Cook until it’s a nice golden brown color but be careful to not burn it. Burnt garlic is horrific and cannot be salvaged. If you do end up burning the garlic, you must throw it away and start over with new oil, butter, and garlic. Add the chicken stock and scrape up any of the browned bits off the bottom of the pan. Those browned bits are delicious, you shouldn’t ever waste them. Reduce the heat to medium low and add the cream, parmesan cheese, tomato pesto, and the chicken. Stir that all together until the chicken cooks thoroughly and the sauce has thickened slightly. Stir in the pasta and season to taste. FYI: The leftover tomato pesto is really delicious used in bruschetta. Slice a loaf of Italian bread on an angle, brush with olive oil and toast. Spread cream cheese and top with the pesto. Mmmmm so good. I actually keep a jar of this stuff on hand just for bruschetta cravings.

Meanwhile, cut up the chicken into small pieces and season with salt, pepper, and Italian seasoning. I like to use a large fry pan for this since I can brown the chicken all at once and make the sauce in it too. Fry pans are flat bottomed, wide ----------------------------------and have straight sides about 2 inches high. A large pot would also work but it might not have

------------------------------Not a Box Macaroni and Cheese 2 c. pasta- I used traditional elbow 2 c. whole milk 1 c. cheddar cheeseshredded 1 tsp Dijon mustardoptional (ground mustard works well too) Salt & Pepper In a large pot, add the pasta AND the milk. This is what makes it so easy. You do not have to drain the pasta or clean two pots. Bring the milk to a simmer and cook on low until the pasta is cooked. Be very careful to not bring the milk to a boil. Stir in the cheese, mustard, salt and pepper until well combined. If the sauce is too thick, add more milk. If it is too thin, add more cheese. Season to taste and serve.

-----------------------Melissa is a happy-go-lucky, thirty-something from Chalmette, Louisiana. She studied culinary arts at the Chef John Folse Culinary School at Nicholls State University. Between spending time with her family and immersing herself in books, she lives for exploring new places, bringing smiles to everyone she meets and sharing her passion for Southern cuisine with that unique Cajun twist. ------------------------


STROKE–Preventable, Treatable, Beatable Americans paid about

$73.7 billion

On average

every 4 minutes

in 2010 for




dies of stroke

medical costs


cause of long-term

and disability

cause of


among adults in the U.S.




40 seconds

128,000 people a year. That’s about one of every 19 deaths

someone has a



among adults in the U.S.


Americans each year

suffer stroke

a new or recurrent

About About

40% 60%

of stroke of stroke deaths deaths occur in occur in

males females


PREVENTION Lowering your systolic by 20 mmHg and lowering your diastolic blood pressure by 10 mmHg may

decrease your risk of stroke

and ischemic heart disease

by about 50%


American Heart Association recommends a

1500 mg of sodium. Join our conversation every day at

Statistics from the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association, World Health Organization, and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ©2013, American Heart Association 1/13DS6139


daily limit of

Matters of Your Heart



83 % 99 72


of adults have been told by a healthcare professional to improve their health



believe that heart attacks and stroke can be prevented, but aren’t motivated to do anything

of Americans need to improve their heart health

is the

at risk for heart disease

put no effort into improving their heart health


leading cause of

death in the United States


coronary event


39 seconds someone dies from heart disease and stroke


outside of the doctor’s office

1 of every 3 deaths in the United States is

caused by heart disease and stroke

Lowering your blood pressure may decrease your risk of stroke and heart disease

25 seconds an American will have a

of adults don't know their blood pressure and cholesterol numbers

% monitor their blood pressure

Heart disease

% don’t consider themselves



Each year, an estimated


Americans will have

their first heart attack

by about 50% Each year, an estimated


Americans will have


another heart attack

More than visits per day on and Join our Facebook communities every day Join our conversation every day at

Statistics from the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association. ©2012. American Heart Association. 4/12DS5479


The Minute Magazine and Minden Medical Center's Heart & Vascular Center have teamed up to bring you life saving information about your heart.

Know the Signs of a Heart Attack What is a Heart Attack?

Heart Attack Warning Signs

A heart attack occurs, in most cases, when a vessel supplying the heart muscle with blood and oxygen becomes completely blocked. The vessel has become narrowed by a slow buildup of fatty deposits, made mostly of cholesterol. When a clot occurs in this narrowed vessel, it completely blocks the supply of blood to the heart muscle. That part of the muscle will begin to die if the individual does not immediately seek medical attention.

Heart disease is the number one cause of death in the United States. Each year, approximately 1.2 million Americans suffer a heart attack, and nearly one-third of these individuals die, many before they reach the hospital. People often dismiss heart attack warning signs, such as chest pain, and think they merely have heartburn or a pulled muscle. The unfortunate conclusion is that many people wait too long before getting help.


Minden Medical Center wants everyone to know the Early What happens in the ER when you’re Heart Attack Symptoms not only for themselves, but for having a heart attack? those around who may be experiencing symptoms, and to be able to help them obtain immediate emergency Time Is Muscle; Time Wasted Is Muscle Lost. This is a treatment. familiar slogan to nurses and physicians working in the emergency room when a patient enters with chest pain Remember people may or may not indicating that a heart attack is in progress. Loss of time experience any or all of these symptoms: is equated to loss of heart muscle, resulting in less life enjoyment that depends on physical activity. The cause • Nausea of the heart attack is usually a complete blockage of one • Pain that travels down one or both arms of the heart vessels; complete destruction of the muscle • Jaw pain being supplied by that vessel occurs over a six-hour • Fatigue period of time. • Anxiety • Chest pressure, squeezing or discomfort It is important to note that 85% of muscle damage takes • Back pain place within the first hour. This is often referred to as the • Shortness of breath “golden hour.” It is within this timeframe that the heart • Feeling of fullness vessel needs to be opened. If time is lost and the vessel is opened after this timeframe, the benefit is much less. ALSO People may experience mild chest symptoms, Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that action be such as pressure, burning, aching or tightness. These taken early. Thus the term, “Time is Muscle.” This is truly symptoms may come and go until finally becoming an emergency. constant and severe. The best way to stop the heart attack process is to detect Heart attacks are often viewed as a man’s problem when, the symptoms early, before damage to the heart muscle in fact, more women in the United States die of heart occurs. When considering whether or not to go to the disease each year than men. Women often experience hospital with chest discomfort, or chest pain, it is better signs and symptoms that are different from those that to be safe than to be sorry. The heart muscle must be men experience. This is because smaller arteries may saved, and time is of the essence. be blocked in women whereas men often have blockage in the main arteries. It is critical for those who experience any chest discomfort or pain to quickly get to the emergency department to Heart attack signs in women sometimes be evaluated. Everyone should develop a contingency go unnoticed. They include the following: plan whenever chest discomfort or pain occurs. It’s not the heart attack itself that kills; it is also the time wasted • Pressure, fullness, squeezing pain in the center when one is trying to decide whether or not to go to the of the chest, spreading to the neck, shoulder or hospital. jaw Why Call 911? • Light-headedness, fainting, sweating, nausea, or shortness of breath with or without chest More than 50 percent of all patients experiencing chest discomfort pain walk into the ER rather than calling 911. The • Upper abdominal pressure or discomfort reasons for this are numerous, ranging from the instinct • Lower chest discomfort to just jump in the car and drive to the nearest hospital to • Back pain the misunderstanding that the emergency squad is just • Unusual fatigue a transport vehicle. The fact remains: calling 911 starts • Unusual shortness of breath treatment earlier. • Dizziness • Nausea Don’t delay! Don’t take chances! If you have chest pain or other heart attack symptoms, call 911 and seek medical attention immediately.


Why Call 911? (continued) • •

911 dispatchers are often trained to locate you quickly and assist you in early treatment options In many areas, Emergency Medical Services (EMS) can diagnosis a heart attack by using an electrocardiogram (ECG) and also initiate early treatment Arriving by ambulance to the ER helps to ensure that you will not wait to be seen by a physician. Many patients who experience chest pain drive themselves, only to find that they may wait in the ER lobby until they can see the doctor. EMS can radio ahead to the ER that you are on your way. This enables the ER staff to be ready for you when you arrive through their doors

Take the Early Heart Attack Care Oath

I solemnly swear that if it happens to me or anyone I know, I will call 9-1-1 or activate our Emergency Medical Services." Minden Medical Center is working to achieve accreditation as a Chest Pain Center (CPC) through the Society of Cardiovascular Patient Care. The Society for Cardiovascular Patient Care (formerly known as The Society of Chest Pain Centers [SCPC]) was established in 1998 as a nonprofit international organization dedicated to eliminating heart disease as the number one cause of death worldwide. SCPC pursues this mission by providing education and accreditation to healthcare facilities to improve the care of the cardiac patient. A huge part of the accreditation is community education on Early Heart Attack Care and signs and symptoms of acute coronary syndromes (ACS).

"I understand that heart attacks have beginnings and on occasion, signs of an impending heart attack may include chest discomfort, shortness of breath, shoulder This article courtesy of The Heart & Vascular Center of and/or arm pain, and weakness. These may occur hours Minden Medical Center. or weeks before the actual heart attack.



Off I-20 (Exit 19-A) 1-877-SCI-PORT On the Downtown Shreveport Riverfront

Visit for our Hours of Operation. Closes February 22 at 4 p.m. for Mardi Gras Parade.


no reason he can’t achieve those dreams and we have always encouraged him to aim high. He deserves everything he works hard enough to get and far be it from me to tell him he’s not worth it. He gets enough of that from the rest of the world.

I think it was a major eye-opening experience for my son, who still has so much trouble looking beyond his own little world. He saw that big school and was amazed -------------------------------at how big it was. His words were “awesome” Blink of an Eye and “epic,” to be exact. -------------------------------- I relished in the wonder on his face and his eyes widening to take in the scenes around him. Students bundled up, hurrying from one building to the next.


I never thought I would be going on college visits with my child; yet, here we are, so far into our journey that there is no turning back! Autism had kind of squashed any dreams I had for my son past just graduating high school. Heck, I never even thought we’d get past the daily melting down over miniscule changes in routine. This weekend we visited a college – a really good one.


He was perplexed at the couples walking hand in hand or sneaking a kiss before parting ways. He’s still not into entertaining the idea of a relationship - that would mean actually having to think about someone other than himself or have to talk about other interests than his own. Horrors!

in the school of engineering. I think he was surprised at how important his grades, even now, will be when he goes to college. He IS a teenager, so he has the attitude that nothing is important other than what is fun. They talked to him about how he has an advantage by visiting colleges early because he has three more years to work on getting in all the extras he can and making sure his grades are top-notch.

He has big dreams (and that’s ok) about his college choices, but I will do everything in my power to make sure he at least gets to visit the ones he wants. When he was seven, he informed us that he would go to MIT – it’s still one of his choices, but he’s added California University – Berkley and Southern He wants to be a Methodist University computer programmer, in Dallas. Like I said, so we met with someone BIG dreams. There’s

So, we have approached a milestone in our journey. One that we all decided his autism diagnosis would not keep us from. Every person has strengths, it’s up to us to nurture those strengths and encourage people to be everything they can. And even though I’m a tyrant (something my teenager informed me of this morning), I’m a tyrant that believes in him and will move heaven and earth to help him achieve his dreams. -------------------------------Anarrativewrittenby LelaRobichauxabout herteenage son's life on the Autistic Spectrum. --------------------------------

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 1, 2014 5k/10k both start at 8:30AM Minden Civic Center

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Race starts and finishes at the Minden Civic Center. The out

and back course runs through Minden’s historical district and residential neighborhoods.

REGISTRATION: Sign up online at with a credit card or in the

store with cash or check or fill out an entry form and mail a check to Minden St. Jude , 1501 Holley, Minden, La. 71055. Entry forms are also available at Sportspectrum or Al-NWay Cleaners in Minden. Early registration is $20 by Saturday, January 25. Registration will then be $25.

PACKET PICK-UP: Packet pick-up will be at Sportspectrum on Thursday, Jan. 30 and on Friday, Jan. 31 till 2:00. Minden pick-up will be at the civic center on Friday, Jan. 31 from 6:00-8:00 or on race day.

AWARDS: Overall male/female winners for both 5k/10k will receive $100 cash, 2nd &

3rd place winners will receive $50 & $25, respectively. Winners of each 5k/10k division will receive race medals.


1241 or


Written by Tiffany Byram

Practical tips to help you get all your ducks in a row... and keep them there. From sorting and stacking to quick burst cleaning, clutter never stood a chance with you... keep out the clutter. Eventually you'll stop bringing items into your home that you know you don't need. Well... s your closet stuffed with clothes you haven't worn maybe we'll just pretend that eventually we'll stop bringsince New Kids on the Block were popular? Are you fall- ing items into our home that we don't need. Ond can ing over stacks of newspapers and books you havent always dream, right? quite gotten around to reading yet? If you answered yes, it might be time for a little de-cluttering crash course. Let's get to work! We have four more techniques that can make a huge impact in your battle to clear away the clutClutter is a mess in more than just your home. It can ter and even more importantly, will help keep that clutter mess with your mind, too. Disorganization and clut- from coming back. Mix and match these solutions to find ter can cause stress, tension and unease. If you clear a fit that is right for you. it away, you'll have tidier rooms, closets and drawers. And, you can enjoy them with more peace of mind, too.


Active Piles

Getting Started

First up we have the "four-pile approach." Focus on one crammed closet or drawer at a time. Sort the contents into four piles: Trash Recycle Donate or sell Keep — and put away

"A place for everything — and everything in its place" is a classic goal we can all aim for. It may seem overwhelming at first. But, remember that you don't have to do everything all at once. Rome wasn't built in a day and your house isn't going to magically transform overnight. Start small — plan to spend 15 or 20 minutes in one area that needs some attention. As you go through each item, Finish small sections instead of jumping from room to ask yourself the following: room. It's easy to get distracted when you are in the declutter zone, especially when you start putting items in How long ago did I use this item? their proper place. Try to stay on task and don't allow Do I still need it? yourself to get overwhelmed. The feast or famine apWhat am I willing to toss to make space for this? proach to de-cluttering isn't a long lasting solution. You will get burned out very quickly if you try to do too much The goal of any de-clutter session should be to really at once. If you need to, jot down a simple schedule to evaluate what you have. Do you really need three juic- help you break up your to do list. Tackling one closet a ers? Is that as seen on tv shake-weight really getting weekend sounds much more feasible than trying to get it used? The more time you spend thinking about the val- all done at the same time. ue of the items surrounding you, the easier it will be to

Commercial Break


Next we have the "two-minute rule." This is a quick and easy habit that will speed things along: Let's say you are watching a new episode of Ellen and she's about to give away a new car. The show cuts to commercial. Now is the time to hop up and change out the washer, load the dishwasher, or scrub the toilet. work for three to five minutes and then take a break. The other option for the "two-minute rule" is the following: If putting something away will take two minutes or less, do it now instead of putting it off. For example, hang up your jacket when you get home. Or, toss the newspaper into the recycling once you're finished.

that technology to make your life easier and more organized makes it even better. More and more companies are offering paperless options for bills. People are logging on to pay for everything from babysitters to mortgages. Many companies even have automatic payment options. And, remember that filing system? Can you scan some documents to reduce your paperwork? Just make sure you back up any irreplaceable files. And don't forget to keep your computer organized too.

One in, one out.

Paperwork Pileup

This is a great rule to live by but can be particularly difficult starting out. Each time you add a new Next we have the giant paper stack that starts to product to your house or closet, sell, give or trash creep across the countertop, desk, or coffee table an item you no longer use. If you want to go crazy like algae. These steps aka "paper trail trio" will you could always double up by making it "one in, keep paperwork from piling up: two out." 1. File it. Use folders or binders for must-keep items such as medical records and tax documents. 2. Sort it. As new mail comes in, keep like items together — bills in one pile, items to read in another and so on. And, review the piles regularly to see what can be handled, filed or tossed. 3. Tech it. Technology is a marvelous thing. Using

As a society that is focused on owning stuff, it's easy to get overwhelmed by the things around you. Fight back by fighting off clutter and reducing stress — oh, and keep up the good work! That guestroom will be spotless in no time.

Edwin W Edwards


Fundraiser for CAMM

The 50th Governor of Louisiana; Edward Washington Edwards will be the subject of a roast on Saturday February 1, 2014 in the Monroe Civic Center Conference Hall , with doors opening at 6pm. Edwards served a high profile four terms in office, with a record 16 years, the most of any Louisiana Governor. The colorful political life has been well documented by numerous journalists across the globe. Trina, the wife of Governor Edwards, is the focus of a reality show on A&E called “The Governors Wife’. The Edwards recently celebrated the birth of their son in August of this year. Table reservations are being taken now at the Chennault Aviation and Military Museum at 701 Kansas Lane in Monroe. Contact Cindy Ingram 318-651-8311 to confirm your table. VIP seats are $100.00 each and reservations for the other tables are $60.00 each.

Saturday February 1, 2014 27


The Amazing Sophistication of the Jerr-Bear -----------------------------------


uys are funny. Funny and fickle. You ladies can attest to this, but guys know it as well. Take the gym for instance. When you’re working out it is outside the boundaries of guycode to just walk up and strike up a conversation with another guy. Why? Well, that’s a good question. Perhaps because we’re focused. We’re focused on the burn or on the reps themselves but we just don’t want to be interrupted to chat. That’s for the ladies. That’s why I look up and see my wife on the elliptical machine yakking away with someone she’s never met before. Guys are


there for a purpose and a mission. This is the situation no matter the environment – work, school, church, parties, etc. This is also why it is difficult for guys to make new friends. Now, don’t misunderstand me and think I’m going sappy here. I’d just like to be the guy who examines the forest instead of the trees for a minute. For guys to make new friends the stars have to align. Usually two of three things have to occur. 1. A ball needs to be involved. 2. Conversation needs to occur. 3. Commonalities need to be found. Now for many guys #1 is great but #2 & #3 are difficult. Let’s be brutally honest – most guys don’t want to talk to new people because it is outside their comfort zone. Also (and here’s the brutal truth), people not like us annoy us… until we get to know them well enough to see their strengths and understand their weaknesses. I’m not saying it’s necessarily

right, it’s just the truth. And you thought we were simple creatures, huh ladies? Allow me to introduce Jerry to you. Jerry is a great example of how to walk that line just described above and still be a man’s man. Jerry is married to Ashley. They came to our church after looking around for a while. They had some friends who were a part of NOCC already but that is no clincher for returning much less making friends. Everybody is different and has different tastes in churches (in America we don’t realize that that is a 1st world issue, but I digress). They seemed to like the people and talked a little bit. But, doing the whole “visiting a church thing” can sometimes be stressful and overwhelming. We get that. But Jerry and Ashley made a crucial decision that broke through that next barrier – they took their time, especially Jerry. And they returned.

You see, the big mistake men make when making new friends is listening to their spouse or girlfriend who want to push them into instant friendship. Every guy understands that if a lady has a room and another female is in it they’ll have a new BFF. That ain’t the way it works with us. For us if it’s forced, it’s DOA. We prefer to take our time. And that is just what Jerry and Ashley did. Neither of them tried to force an instant friendship and they broke through that first barrier. They just let it sift out and waited to see what God would have for them. As they did they found out that one of the guys lived just a quarter mile away from Ashley when they were growing up but never met because a large highway ran between them. They also realized that we aren’t perfect (surprise, surprise!), we’re just real people with real problems that go to Jesus for help with them. This is where the males and females usually come to a fork in the road. The girls usually feel comfortable enough to run with friendships here but the guys still have a ways to go. Now you have to understand, guys don’t diagram this junk out. That would be weird. But I’m doing it here for your educational purposes (and I’m not gonna lie, I feel like I’m losing manhood points doing it). But for

Jerry he took that next tentative step by going and hanging out with some of the guys for dinner or would throw in some comments on Facebook. Jerry was talking (#2), but he doesn’t know if these guys are annoying yet.

to go camping with a bunch of guys from both inside and outside the church. It’s being outdoors! There was football and disc golf that needed to be played (#1). There were guns that needed to be shot (also #1). There was a lot of meat and random spicy food challenges (definitely in the spirit of #1). There were a bunch of ATVs (better than #1!). And most of all Jerry got to know other guys (#2) and their backgrounds (#3) (and boy do some of us have some stories!). And he did so on his terms and in an environment that he felt comfortable in.

Jerry to Jerr-Bear to just JB for short. This is a special type of man bonding – being made fun of. You see it works both ways. While Jerry was figuring out if we were annoying we were figuring out if he was annoying. Every guy is like this. At some point there was an unspoken mass acceptance of Jerry and we figured that he was comfortable enough to have a name change. We did it just to push him a little further and see if he’d snap on us, but he took it in stride. That’s how we knew Jerry was a good guy… by slightly making fun of him.

For most guys this is where we stay. It’s the superficial surfacy relationship. We are comfortable there. But that isn’t a real friend. That’s a guy you know of. But that’s not a guy you’ll trust when your world is crashing down. Jerry’s next step was pretty clever and it helped him to bust through the final barrier to building real friendship in an In fact, throughout the This is the refinement untrustworthy world. He duration of the trip Jerry of guys making friends. accepted an invitation went from being called We have a guy-code

we cannot violate but we also understand that we need friends… real friends. This is how it’s done. We take our time. We get to know you. And we hope you don’t annoy us. It may sound fickle but it’s actually quite sophisticated. Way to be the example Jerr-Bear! ----------------------------------Jason McReynolds is the pastor of New Orleans Community Church. He and his wife, Liev, have three children. To learn more about him, or NOCC, visit:

worleans community


CLAIBORNE REHABILITATION 6942 Highway 79 Homer, Louisiana 318-927-3586



in November 1984 as Claiborne Manor by natives of Claiborne Parish, we have provided excellent quality of care for our residents for 29 years. Today, we continue this tradition with an entire management staff of Claiborne Rehabilitation serving residents with 98 years of combined nursing experience, who take pride in the care they provide its residents.


Sharon Dragland, Director of Nursing

Renee Mills,

Assistant Director of Nursing

April Freeman, RN Nursing Facility Administrator

Kristi Cottrell,

Facility Nurse Practitioner

Services We Provide Our Residents - Two On Staff RNs - Television - In- House Hospice Care - Three Daily meals & Snacks - Private Dining

New Van Provides safe Transportation for Residents

New Skilled Care Wing & Private Rooms

Our Staff Dr. Scott Haynes, MD, Medical Director

- Beauty Parlor - One Whirlpool Bath - In & Out Patient Therapy - Speech Therapy

Dr. Mark Haynes, MD Dr. D.K. Haynes, MD Dr. Clint Butler, MD Dr. Samuel Abshire, MD

- Occupational Therapy - Physical therapy - Activities Seven Days a Week - Incontinent Briefs

Dr. Cliff Salmon, MD Kristi Cottrell, FNP In House 2 days a week Alice Fanning, FNP D. Baggett-Woodard, FNP


youth into couch potatoes. We laughed about being excited to get apples and oranges along with a few pieces of candy in our stockings!


Christmas All Year Long --------------------------------

"Our hearts grow tender with childhood memories and love of kindred, and we are better throughout the year for having, in spirit, become a child again at Christmastime." - Laura Ingalls Wilder


he last few weeks of the year were going by faster than speeding bullets and a New Year was just around the corner. I usually love that time of year as I reflect back on the memories made in the past twelve months and look forward to what new things lay ahead. Yep! I USUALLY do. But


this past year I was having a hard time getting into the "Christmas spirit." My heart just wasn't into it and I really didn’t feel like decorating or putting up a tree. "What's wrong with me?” I kept asking myself. Sometime during the first week in December, I had been running errands all day, rushing here & there. I kept telling myself to smile at the people as I stood in the check-out lines. They, too, seemed tired & weary. "Where's the JOY in all of this," I thought as I looked at each grumpy face. I know what the "TRUE" meaning of Christmas is and I was determined not to let the "hustle and bustle" steal my peace and my joy. I listened to Christmas songs on the radio as I drove from store to store, still trying to capture some excitement in my spirit. Finally, I called it a day and I headed home. I knew Mike & the boys would be hungry when I got there, so I decided to stop and get supper on the way. When I got to the Bar-B-Q place back in Minden there was only one guy waiting for his

order. I politely smiled then looked away so maybe he wouldn’t notice how tired & un-cheerful I really felt. But then I caught him looking at me out of the corner of my eye. Geez! Now I was going to have to “fake” my joyful spirit. So, I glanced at him again just as he recognized me. “Do you work for the newspaper?” he asked. Before I could respond, he said “you write for The Minute Magazine, don’t you.” So I confessed that I’m the Antique Junkie. He smiled and told me how much he enjoyed my column, and I felt my stress begin to melt away. We began to talk about old stuff that we consider our “treasures.” We talked about living in older houses that have a history to them and exchanged a few stories about our childhoods and Christmases past. Gosh! How things have changed since the time when we believed in Santa Claus. We talked about playing outside and using our imagination instead of being consumed by tv and electronic games that have turned today’s

Then this total stranger said something that I won’t quickly forget. He told me that he remembers his grandmother’s house and all the special times he had there as a kid. He told of things that make him fondly remember his grandparents. Even though they may have lacked material possessions, they made up for it with love. By this time, we had both picked up our orders and were making our way back to our vehicles. I noticed his blue work shirt with his name and company on it. I stuck out my hand and shook his, and told him it was nice to meet him. He said he’d look forward to reading more of my “antique & treasure hunting” stories in the future, and then we parted ways. When I got back in my truck, it hit me like a ton of bricks. I had been waiting for some BIG event to happen, to bring back my joy and put me in the Christmas spirit. And while I was searching, I almost missed it; yet, when I wasn’t even looking… it found me! The kindness of a stranger, reminiscing about days gone by, thinking about special times with the ones we love. I surely didn’t want to miss the opportunity to make some memories with my grandsons. When they get older, I want them

to fondly remember the special times they had with Pappy & GiGi. Thirty years from now, they won’t remember what we bought them for Christmas when they were little but they will remember the good times we had and the “traditions” that we passed along.

year long. I want them to remember building forts underneath our kitchen table and camping out in the living room. I want them to remember having coloring contest and cuddling on the couch to read a book, or two or ten. I want them to remember fun times that they can That night I hurried home one day share with their with more than just our grandchildren. food. I brought with me an excitement to get started Another season has come decorating. I realized that and gone and we have I wasn’t “just decorating” journeyed into a new year. the house; I was creating My “resolution” this year is a memory for my two to show more kindness to grandsons. It’s like painting “strangers,” because we a picture that they will look never know when we will back on years from now. touch a life in a special And I want that picture to way. A kind word spoken, be one that brings lots of a hug, or sometimes JOY as they reminisce just a smile is all it takes about their youth; not to make a difference in just at Christmas, but all someone’s day. And I want

to say THANK YOU to the stranger that I met that night. Keith (that works at Calumet), I’m sorry I don’t know your last name but I’ll never forget your kind words. May the Christmas spirit live within our hearts every day throughout this New Year. I wish you Peace, Love & Junk ~ from my heart to yours! Pictured below are Donna and her brother , David at their grandparents home on Christmas morning 1968. -----------------------------------

way before it became popular! Donna and her husband enjoy spending time with their children & 2 grandsons. Her family "currently" includes 3 rescued cats and adopted 2 puppies. But more grandchildren & other pets are always welcomed additions to keep her family growing. She also has a passion to write & dreams of one day writing a book that tells her "trash-totreasure" story; how God repurposed her!


Donna Arender has been repurposing furniture that she picked off the roadside since


boots for pearls trading

written by Liz Hines rather than congratulate you on an incredible life decision. Then of course you have all the starryeyed people that talk -------------------------------- about how they would totally do the same thing, if they could. (Who So You Want exactly is stopping them To Be A CityI wonder?) Then, your Slicker? friends. The ones that -------------------------------- tell you the good and the bad, that are already booking flights to visit, and that you will miss dearly.


hinking about moving to the big city? Or any big city for that matter? Go for it! People will tell you all types of horror stories about how their mom's boss' best friend's cousin got shot and killed here 20 years ago. You may even have a going away party where most of the people in attendance seem to be trying to talk you out of your decision


the apartment costs, the crazies on Craigslist, and start to realize you know NOTHING about the different neighborhoods in that city. At ALL. So you make your own craigslist ad, just let them come to you, right? All this does is create an entire other level of anxiety. The people in that city are CRAZY. Is it too late to turn down the job offer??

Stage 1: I GOT A JOB!! I'M MOVING TO NEW Stage 3: Can't take it YORK CITY!!! back now- I'm here! This stage is full of excited phone calls, emails, text messages and Facebook statuses. You want to tell EVERYONE. You're down right giddy most of the time. This is when you start googling images of NYC and looking up the 'best' coffee shops and pizza places. Maybe you even get inspired to write a blog that you swear you'll keep up with (HA...). You have SO many plans! You're moving to NYC!!! YAY!

And then there is me. Am I going to sugar coat it? Psh. Please. Will I scare you to death? Of course not (said the scaredy cat). But I will tell you my experience, and I'll tell it Stage 2: Crap. I'm truthfully. actually MOVING to New York City. So kick back and enjoy what I like to call the I call this the reality stages of moving. Similar stage. This comes to the stages of grief, maybe a day or two after but hey- I don't want to stage one. Maybe not put a negative spin on even that long. It sets anything here! in about the time you start looking for a place -------------------------------- to live. Then you see

For me this stage was three days of hotel rooms, wandering the streets of Brooklyn, amplified discussions with my brother, and hauling 4 rather large suitcases through shuttle buses and subway stations. This was also drowned out by the flight into NYC. Might I add it was my first time to this city. Seeing the hundreds of sky scrapers, the Statue of Liberty, the Harborthat excitement told me this was the right choice. Stage 4: What have I done? One piece of advice. How often you call home crying is directly determined by how many miles away from home you have moved. 200-300 miles? You can call every day, you and

your parents know that you're just a day's drive away, and if anything serious happens they can get to you. 300-500? Keep it to about once a week. You don't want to freak them out too much. More than 500? Try to wait until they come to visit. You're not the only one dealing with moving across the country! Stage 5: Why do I have to work on vacation? The first few months feel like the weirdest vacation ever. Why do you have to get up and go to work instead of sight seeing? Why are you on vacation alone? Whyyyy are you STILL here?? When are you going home? In my opinion, this was the hardest part for me. Let me repeat: It was Hard. I did not say impossible- but hard. You settle into somewhat of a 'normal' routine, and the excitement of the move has died down a bit. You're looking for a permanent home and you're excuse of being 'new to the city' is no longer acceptable. The learning curve here is SHORT. You don't get months to adjust- you get DAYS. Figure it out, or get out seems to be the running motto here. As I started to attempt to make this

foreign land my home, I kept telling myself I'll give it 2-3 years, then I'm going back home to my REAL home. I could never raise a family here, I could never live here permanently. Then things got scary: what if that's what I'm supposed to do?

to so much here. It was so gradual that I almost didn't recognize it. I can now navigate the subways somewhat easily, I have found an Amazing apartment, I have learned more about the workings of the hospital, I recycle like a CHAMP, and I buy my toilet paper from a Making the mental corner store one roll at adjustment to making a time. a new place home seems to be far more -------------------------------difficult than actually packing your bags and I now live in NYC with renting a new apartment some amount of ease. somewhere far away. I remember now going I felt more 'at home' in through some of the Fort Worth than I had in same stages in Fort Louisiana. Leaving that Worth. Maybe a bit city was truly difficult quicker, but yet, the as I really LOVED it same struggles. It was there. NYC was just a like once I made up my temporary place, right? mind that I lived there and it was My city, it Stage 6: I'm Home... made all the difference. I am reading a book I have VERY recently called '101 Secrets for entered this stage (Like, your Twenties' (that this week). It really just would have been more hit me out of nowhere. helpful in the midst As I was walking to work of my 20's!). Tip #60: one day and thought 'I'm "Our 20's are not about so glad it's not too cold finding home; our 20's today' and then saw a are about finding the sign that said it was 26 right place to build it." I degrees! I had adjusted can't say that I know if to cold weather- WHAT? NYC is my 'permanent' If you know me, at ALL, home or not. But right you know my absolute now, I'm making it so. I adoration for the beach don't have to know the and 90+ temps. I had answers, or God's plan just thought to myself for my life in it's entirety, that 26 was not too cold. I just have to know I'm here now, and I can After that I began to think enjoy it for what it is. about how I had adjusted

If you want to movedo it. Know that it will most likely be really hard sometimes. And like every cliche poster on Pinterest says: "The challenging times are when we grow the most." Cheesy, but so accurate. So go forth, hire movers, and know that one broken teapot does not mean you made the wrong decision! -------------------------------Liz is a typical southern girl that decided to take on the big city. After taking the scenic route through college she packed everything up and decided to try out life as a New Yorker. Her dog, Charmin, is adjusting well and meeting lots of city dogs in Central Park. Liz is living her dream and is bringing a little southern charm up to the Big Apple. --------------------------------


You don't have to spend a lot of money to show your special someone how much you care. Some of the most romantic Valentine gifts cost little to no money. We've compiled a list of some of the best DIY Valentine ideas for you.

Valentine's Day is all about the bling and the technology these days. But does buying the latest trend really show your love how you feel about him/her?

2) Make a greeting card

Here are some frugal, yet meaningful Valentine’s Day ideas to hopefully help in breaking away from the mainstream media's push to SPEND, SPEND, SPEND!

And print it yourself! Grandparents love photo cards. Even with printing it, it comes out to MUCH less than you would pay for a typical greeting card… and it’s so much more memorable! (And less likely to be thrown away!)

1) Make a coupon book This one is super easy. Just type up some “coupons” and tye them together with a ribbon to make a book. You could put in coupons such as, “A weekend afternoon all to yourself,” “A gourmet meal of your choice (made by moi),” “I will watch whatever movie you pick and enjoy (or pretend to enjoy) it,” “A massage.” Be creative! You can also make a coupon book for your kids too with “coupons” like, “Pick any toy from the $1 aisle at Target,” “Ice Cream night at local ice cream shop with mom/dad,” “Pizza night (must have at least one day notice),” “Get to sleep in mom and dad’s room.” The possibilities really are endless.


Or you could go old school and use construction paper to make a fancy Valentine's card. Those never go out of style.

3) Write a poem or song Does your iambic pentameter put Shakespear to shame? Can you belt it out like Beyonce? Whether you are a great singer/songwriter or you make dogs howl at the moon, your significant other will appreciate the effort you put into this gift. Too nervous to sing it face to face? No worries. Make a video that he or she can watch over and over again. Everyone wants to have a song/

poem written about them. No jewelry store can compete with that. If you’re not the poetic type, then write out on nice paper a list of 20 reasons why you love your mate. Or write out 15 ways your spouse makes you feel special. Or write down the best ten memories that you have had together. You could even mount it to a piece of cute scrapbooking paper and frame it if you are feeling especially crafty!

4) Make a mixed-tape Mixed-tapes make people feel special. They are very personal and tell alot about your relationship. If you want to get especially romantic you could even record a personal message to play between the songs.

5) Bake One can never go wrong with fresh baked sweets. From a box or from scratch, nothing makes someone feel loved in quite the same way that brownies do. Need some new recipies? Pinterest is full of inspiration for your baking project!

6) Get Crafty/Handy Can you sew, garden, woodwork? Use you talents to make a personalized gift. Again, pinterest is a great source of inspiration for homemade items. Just try not to get stuck searching through pins. It is so hard to stay on task on that website!

7) Shop online If homemade just isn’t your thing, Amazon has a whole page dedicated to Valentine’s Day gifts. You can sort it by price to find something that is within your budget. I typically do a lot of my holiday shopping through Amazon since it’s so convenient and the prices are generally the best!

8) Use a coupon While the most frugal idea would likely be to stay home and fix something yourself, sometimes you just want to go out! If you plan in advance and watch sites like Groupon, you should be able to score a good deal on a local restaurant that has a romantic atmosphere. Do you have any frugal Valentine's Day gift ideas to share? Let us know on the Minute Magazine Facebook Page. Or if you use one of these ideas let us know how it went.

Happy Valentine's Day


Marinate for at least 10-15 minutes. Mix all dry ingredients well in a gallon zip-lock bag. Place fillets 2-3 at a time in the bag and shake to coat. Meanwhile, fill a deep skillet with 3 inches of canola oil and heat until a tiny bit of cornmeal sizzles when dropped in.


Good Lookin' Catfish -----------------------------


In the early 1990’s, my husband and I lived in Alaska. We generally enjoyed grocery shopping together. While I would wind my way through the fresh vegetables and breads; he would usually meander toward the meat and seafood counters. He was always on the lookout for his favorite food of all time; pond-raised catfish. On one particular snowy excursion to forage food for our larder, he strolled with me. At his suggestion we visited the fish and seafood counter. While I examined the different assortment of seasonings for baked, fried, or blackened fish, he eyed the wide array of


fresh and ocean water fish. Busy in my inspection of the varied spices, I heard my husband speak a solemn breathtaking “Oh, my God.” I quickly turned to see what caused him concern. Directly, in my line of vision, was a most stunning lithesome blueeyed blonde. Dressed in a short pink mink coat and a matching snug-fitting wool suit; she appeared to have stepped from the pages of a glossy fashion magazine. To say “she walked by” would have been an injustice. She sashayed.

just happened. Finally, he caught up with me and with confusion in his eyes, again questioned me. I countered with curt questions of my own, “How could you look at that woman and make that comment?” My, “How could you do that?” produced an even more puzzled look.

His perplexed, “Do what? What woman? I didn’t see a woman?” caused me to pause. Then he continued, “Baby, I wasn’t looking at a woman! I was looking at the catfish fillets; She may have been they were selling ‘um raw dressed in pink, but I saw for $10.99 a pound!” red. Stunned, angry, and hurt, I quickly maneuvered -----------------------------------the shopping cart and sprinted for the front of Red Hot Fried Fish the store. Never in our entire marriage had my 1 lb. thin sliced catfish husband ever given me fillets reason to doubt him. I 3 tbs. prepared yellow could not believe what just mustard happened. I was stunned! ¼ c. Louisiana Hot Sauce Having been a stroke victim, 2 c. cornmeal my husband’s uneven 2 ½ t. salt handicapped gait was no 1 t. onion powder match for my quick irate 1 t. garlic powder pace. Even his questioning, ½ t. red pepper “Baby, what’s wrong?” ½ t. black pepper produced no answer from me. I was attempting to Mix mustard with hot assimilate what I thought sauce and pour over fillets.

Drop in fish, when it floats and is brown on one side, turn only once and brown the opposite side. Remove, drain on paper towel. ------------------------------------

Barbara Durbin is a legal secretary and a published newspaper and magazine columnist. When not at her "real job", she works on her baskets filled with vintage books/china for "The Vintage Bee." She loves a walk in the woods and her time with God. Barbara and her husband have four children, four grandchildren and a dappled dachshund named Bella. Look for her on facebook and follow her "Pocket Full of Moment" comments. ------------------------------------

Companion Care Southern Ingenuity Inc. is proud to offer sitter service for more independent elderly persons who only need companionship and reminders to complete daily needs. Offer Companionship & Conversation Monitor Weight, Eating & Diet Assist in Routines: Food, Grocery Lists, Walking, etc. Assist in Sending Mail & Writing Correspondence Assist with Clothes Selection, Gardening, Appointments Help in coordinating transportation Clip coupons for Savings Provide Medication Reminders & Tracking systems Play Games and Cards Answer the door and screen visitors as requested Read Religious materials Assist in buying reading materials Sort Pictures, Albums, Scrapbooks

We also offer private hospital sitting and in-home recuperation assistance.

Find us on Facebook or at:

Disability and Medicaid Care Services in Louisiana (318) 927-5046 598 Harmon Loop Homer, Louisiana 71040

Formal Dress Resale Event

February 8, 2014, 6:00am to 12:00pm First Baptist Church in Shreveport 543 Ockley Dr., Shreveport, LA

All dresses are $25.00 regardless of the original purchase price, and girls may purchase up to 3 dresses. Cash is preferable for purchase of dresses or jewelry but debit card is available. Please note that we are unable to accept checks. 100% of the proceeds from Susan’s Closet go to the local affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Dresses may be dropped off at any Porter’s Cleaners location. For more information visit our website at Susan’s Closet was designed to give every girl an opportunity to look like a princess as they attend their high school formal events.



a novel


The near-crash triggered a memory, one she’d rather not dwell on. But there it was, swooshing in like an avalanche. That other crash had happened six years ago. Her mom was driving her and her friends to the airport... (Time change - flashback)

A Character

written by Winnie Griggs The ‘Clean Break’ --------------------------------

Getting From Here To There: Transitions --------------------------------


hen writing your story, you don’t want to include a detailed account of every action taken by every character in your story, nor do you always want to tell the story linearly. Instead, a good writer selects those scenes that are not only interesting but that also progress the plot. Which means gaps will occur: gaps in time, in movement, in point of view, in focus. Transitions are those small but oh-so-important words or phrases that guide your reader across these story gaps smoothly and while keeping them grounded in your story. Here are a few techniques that you can utilize to do this effectively:


the light floral scent. Simply tell the reader what Andy’s nose started to has changed: twitch before Margie even Early the following Monday, entered the room. Why Michael.... (Time change) did she insist on using that nasty flowery perfume that Once he reached the always made him sneeze? parking garage.... (POV change) (Location change) Cassie heard a distant grumble of thunder off to the east. Maybe Allan was Mood Use feelings, emotions, finally getting that rain he’d atmosphere to help convey been hoping for. the change: Allan squinted through the As Stan pulled out of the windshield, looking for a company garage onto the safe place to pull over and congested highway, his wait out the violent storm. hands clutched the wheel This wasn’t what he’d had in a death grip and the in mind when he’d prayed (POV cords in his neck tightened. for a ‘bit of rain’. It would take forever to get and location change) out of this tangle of traffic... Once the city was behind him, however, the tension An Event drained away and he Use an ongoing, recent or breezed down the open anticipated event to unify road that led to his summer your scenes: cabin. (Time and Location Lynda dropped the change) letter into the mail slot, determined to make the first move toward The Five Senses When a Use sound, sight, touch, reconciliation. passed without taste and/or smell to bridge week a response, however, a story gap: she began to wonder if Margie hummed as she contacting her grandfather applied a spray of her had been such a wise (Time favorite cologne, enjoying move after all.

Use the mention of a character to guide us through a story shift: Stacey pulled into her driveway on Friday afternoon, wondering how she’d let her sister talk her into dog-sitting their troublesome mutt for the weekend. She really wasn’t big into the whole pet scene. But by Sunday evening,, Rufus had wormed his shaggy way right into her heart. (Time change)

An Object

Use an object to move from one scene to another without jarring the reader: Roger halted mid-sentence as a baseball crashed through the window. Blast it all, he’d told Jimmy not to play ball in the yard. He picked up the ball and marched to the door. Jimmy was going to pay to fix this, even if it meant he had to mow every yard in town to do it. (Change in scene focus)

The Environment

Use weather, terrain, scenery, seasons to depict change: The autumn seemed long that year. Perhaps it was because she was so homesick for the Ozarks,

where nature painted the mountainsides with magnificent blazes of color. Winter was easier, and by spring, the Texas gulf coast began to feel, if not like home, at least less alien to her. (Time change - extended period) These are just a sampling. There are, of course, other ways to handle transitions. Just keep in mind - your main goal in using transitions is to keep your reader grounded and oriented in the who, what, where, and when of your story without their having to reread passages to figure it out. --------------------------------------------

Winnie Griggs grew up in south Louisiana in an undeveloped area her

friends thought of as the back of beyond. She and her siblings spent many an hour exploring the overgrown land around her home, cutting jungle trails, building forts and frontier camps, and looking for pirate ships on the nearby bayou. Once she ‘grew up’ she began capturing those wonderful adventures in the pages of her notebooks. Now a multi-published, award winning author, Winnie feels blessed to be able to share her stories with readers through her published books. You can learn more about Winnie at www.winniegriggs. com or connect with her at WinnieGriggs.Author --------------------------------------------

Bienville Parish

Be our Valentine... Like us on Facebook COMMERCE


accident victim in southeastern Colorado.

bringing back

the past

4. The ultimate roadside memorial: the Memorial of Perpetual Tears along Interstate 40 in eastern New Mexico commemorates victims killed by drunk drivers. 5. Five were killed in a horrific crash near Clarendon, Texas.

written by Wesley Harris


Roadside Reminders -----------------------------------

“There’s a cross on the side of the road Where a mother lost a son How could she know that the morning he left Would be their last time She’d trade with him for a little more time So she could say she loved him one more time” -Lyrics from “We Live” by Superchick


markers denoting the sites of tragic deaths are a relatively new cultural phenomenon. They signify the deep emotional need to memorialize the death of loved ones. While the components of a memorial are usually rather simple—crosses, flowers, stuffed animals—they can be quite symbolic: a bicycle


marking the place where a dedicated cyclist was killed; American flags and red, white and blue bunting denoting the site where a veteran died. The builders of these memorials seek to honor the lost one and ease the searing pain that haunts those left behind. Some markers are simple white crosses. Others are rather elaborate shrines where friends and family have deposited tokens of remembrance. While transportation officials in many states have discouraged roadside memorials and directed they be removed as distractions to motorists, their workers in the field rarely disturb the sites. No one wishes to add to a family’s grief by hauling off a hand-lettered cross or a bundle of teddy bears.

approach. Our days are numbered but who knows God’s mysterious calculations? We can only live in the moment. As the lyrics from “We Live” remind us: ”We live we love We forgive and never give up ‘Cause the days we are given are gifts from above Today we remember to live and to love.”

Image Captions: 1. Reinhold Buchdrucker was riding a bike near Fredericksburg, Texas when he was struck and killed by a vehicle in 1988. The memorial has been in place on a state highway since 1999.

6. Some states have attempted to discourage elaborate memorials by making simple markers available, such as this one erected by the Florida Department of Transportation. 7. A tiny white angel in a bed of cartridge casings recognizes Smith’s work as a firearms instructor. 8. A memorial at an accident scene in southern Colorado. Photos and Story by Wesley Harris ------------------------------Wesley Harris is a native of Ruston. Among his books are GREETINGS FROM RUSTON: A Post Card History of Ruston, Louisiana and Neither Fear Nor Favor: Deputy United States Marshal John Tom Sisemore, available from He can be contacted at campruston@gmail. com. Check out his Louisiana history blog at http://diggingthepast.

2. Antonio Aguilar, Jr. died in an accident on U.S. Highway 385 about 12 miles south of Marathon, Texas in Offerings left With the proliferation of 2003. these memorials, one at the site by friends can travel but a few memorialize his love for miles on any highway motorcycles, his service without passing one. in Vietnam, and work at They remind us that life Big Bend National Park. is fleeting and death rarely announces its 3. Memorial for an -------------------------------




Let's Get Back to the Basics... --------------------------------


he New Year has crept upon us as we venture into 2014 with residual holiday cheer and a great annual pact known as the New Year's Resolution. Many of us are choosing resolutions centered around the gym, work, and finally getting around to doing all of the stuff we pinned to our many Pinterest boards with every intention of completion all too long ago. Although, with all of the excitement, it is important to reflect and appreciate the mere gift of another year to spend with those we love and cherish, as well as to seek our aspirations and complete various new goals.

achieve in the forthcoming year, it is essential to remain conscious of the spirit within your being. Empowerment of the self through cognitive efforts will allow for corresponding exemplification of motivation and patience. Only by eliminating self doubt and fear can love and compassion grow; more, only by emphasizing love and compassion can acceptance and patience catalyze participation and connectedness. As 2014 begins we should not simply create a resolution for our ego, but rather for our spirit. Personal actions of appreciation and conscious efforts procreate a love of self and further promote love of others through acts of compassion.

It is not a selfish deed to consider such divine attention to the mending of our spirit and soul absolute; rather, it is the most selfless way to begin the year. To give our spirit attention is to allow for solitary time Whilst looking forward devoted to mending and and dreaming of the elimination of negative goals you hope to


energies through cognitive efforts of positivity and reflection. When energy is emitted to cultivate such positive thought, we allow for more positivity to flourish within our lives and the lives of those around us. It is with appreciation of ourselves and reflection of our blessings that we can empower the spirit within and allow for compassion through the righteousness in actions of humility; as well as overall consideration of faith and connectedness. When humans are able to show patience, consideration, kindness, and compassion with each scenario and being may we converge onto a new frontier of perspective. The sole reason for so much violence and hate within the world stems from sources of misunderstanding, loneliness, and fear. Through empowerment of ourselves we can begin empowering others and further becoming the embodiment of love. Those who emit of love and positivity are characterized

by compassion and humility; only to further empower traits of creativity and perseverance. As such, if we were to consistently and positively empower the endeavors and uniqueness of each, we could find ourselves exalted. Importance is equally given to balancing the energy we encounter in life as it is to exerting the conscious effort necessary to retain such positive thoughts and act in reflective manner. To start 2014, prioritize the self, ensure that a resolution of appreciation is given to ourselves and our divine spirit just as much as it is given to our egotistical resolutions. ------------------------------------------

Ashley Marie Nygaard is a 22 year old student, writer, life enthusiast, and also an aspiring model-actress. Residing in Shreveport, Louisiana for nearly the past decade Ashley loves taking on new challenges and especially experiencing new things. She withholds a passion for all things artistic, is very enthusiastic about life, and considers all things possible. Through high ambitions and a positive attitude she believes that the one true change she can make in the world begins within, and so for you it does too. ------------------------------------------


For Quality

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