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2 THE MIKE THEMIKE editor in chief


OCTOBER 14, 2009

EDITORIAL Ode to Brennan Lounge



3 McGill and Pro-Life Read what happened at one of Canada's Universities

4 Obama and the Nobel Is Obama pleased with his win? Read and find out.

5 Rio 2016

Chicago cries as Rio gets the Summer Olympic Games

6 SMCSU Elections

Everything and everybody you need to know!

8 Keith Urban

The Country star takes over Toronto and the hearts of girls!

9 Polanski

The director is in hot water! Read to find out why!

10 The Top-10

Think High School and University are similar? Think again!

11 Stressed?

Free services to help you out as midterms pile up!

12 Go Leafs Go?

Six losses later, Fans begin to question their team!

NEWS McGill Pro-Life Presentation

Editor in Chief

Oh Brennan, oh Brennan With its couches so blue Is it wrong for us to say That we cannot live without you? It is our lounge And we love it so When we are feeling down To it is where we go. You can find anyone here Big, medium, and small Got an hour between class? Come on in! You’ll have a ball! Love to play foosball? You need not fret Somebody will always be willing to play If you can afford to lose a little sweat! From soccer balls to footballs To everything between You need not worry Eon keeps it clean! It’s a place to make new friends And a place to connect Because we at St. Mike’s

This could be you hanging out in Brennan. Having the time of your life. Will always exhibit respect! Justin, Francesca, Deryn Amir and Andrews x 10! Brennan is home to the hottest You will want to come back again. If you’re tired, angry, happy Hyper, lonely, or sad Take a swing by Brennan Lounge You are guaranteed to leave glad! You can even hear piano music Any time, any hour

Simply walk and hang a left At the large clock tower. From sex to drinking to hockey games Frosh week sleepers and studies Brennan Lounge can hands down Make you some of the best buddies. So come on and drop by soon 81 St. Mary Street We better be seeing you pronto Lounging in Brennan’s blue seats!

Talk to the Ass!

Jerry Springer: The Opera rips up the Hart House Stage!

Victoria Asikis Editor in Chief

Where can you find, if you would ever be so inclined to do so, a stripper, a man who enjoys wearing diapers for the sake of sexual satisfaction, and Jesus all on one stage? No, not at the strip club you spontaneously walked into at the corner of Bloor and Jarvis while you were taking the walk of shame back home. Rather all of the above and more can be found on stage now at Jerry Springer – the Opera. Following a sold-out performance in January 2008, Jerry Springer – the Opera is back for more. Originally a British musical written by Stewart Lee and Richard Thomas, Jerry Springer – the Opera incorporates everything we hate to love, or love to hate, about the original talk show. This is not to say that Jerry Springer – the Opera is simply a re-enacted episode of the unusual show on a Hart House stage. It is, in fact, an opera, complete with a modestly sized ensemble and some of the most sensational singers you will ever hear in the city of Toronto. While most people, myself included, may not be such big opera enthusiasts, Jerry Springer – the Opera can and will most likely change all personal preferences in theatre production. The laughs do not stop from beginning to end, nor do the astounding singing voices of the performers. With musical numbers titled ‘Chick with a Dick’, ‘Diaper Man’, and ‘Poledancer / I Just Wanna Dance’, Jerry Springer – the Opera gives a new, unique, and over-the-top fun interpretation of the musical genre. Praise and admiration must be extended towards Conductor and Keyboard 1 member Lily Ling who kept all band players and performers in perfect synch for the show in its two-hour entirety. The set design remained near identical to a Jerry


Two pro-abortion protestors arrested

Michael Hayes

Victoria Asikis


Writer On Tuesday, October 6th, two McGill University students were arrested after a pro-life presentation at McGill University had to be ended early due to repeated disruptions by pro-abortion protesters. Pro-life activist Jose Ruba of the Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform was giving a talk entitled “Echoes of the Holocaust” at the invitation of the McGill pro-life club Choose Life. The talk compares elements of the Nazi holocaust to abortion in Canada today. As Ruba began his presentation, a group of pro-abortion protesters in the front of the room began shouting at Ruba telling him he had no right to be on the McGill campus and asking him to leave. They continued on to sing children’s songs where Ruba was giving his presentation. The protesters ignored security’s request to cease the disruptions. After over an hour of singing and shouting from the protesters, police arrived and demanded that they either sit down and be quiet or leave the facility. Most sat down or left, however two refused to leave the front of the room. They were both arrested for mischief. They were later released and no charges were laid. After the arrests, Ruba was able to give the first half-hour of his presentation, yet he still faced shouts at every point he made. Choose Life President Natalie Fohl ended the event with half an hour to go before the room’s reservation expired. On Thursday, October 1st, the Student Society of McGill University (SSMU) passed a motion to censure the

presentation, to seek its cancellation, and to pull funding from Choose Life should the event go on as planned. Unfazed by the censure, Choose Life posted on their website the night before Ruba’s presenation that the event would go on as planned. During the presentation, a representative from the SSMU argued that the protesters’ right to disrupt the presentation before the security guards and police officers. Various members of the university weighed on the issue. Fohl told the McGill Tribune that she thought it was really unfortunate they could not engage in respectful dialogue.

"The talk compares the Nazi holocaust to abortion in Canada" She was also disappointed at how disrespectful the protesters were towards the police. She said that she plans to reschedule the event. However, some of the protesters were incensed that such an event was allowed on their university campus. One protester Darrah Teitel told Ruba during his presentation that it “goes against the McGill Charter, SSMU’s Equity Policy, [and] Canada’s Charter of Rights, which protect my body and me from the harassment that you are trying to show in this video. We have no desire to see you speak because we don’t want the

Who's Looking Out for You? Part 1: Mayor David Miller

women in this room to suffer your harassment.” Ruba himself spoke on the matter. He told the McGill Tribune that he usually gives warnings about the graphic nature of his presentation, which on this occasion he was unable to do due to the immediate protests, and that “it's hard to be heard even when I'm making that statement when people are chanting and jumping up and down.” The president of the SSMU Ivan Neilson released a statement in the McGill Daily two days after the event. In it he criticized the McGill Deputy Provost for allowing the Choose Life event to go ahead after the SSMU censure. “By ignoring the SSMU Council’s decision,” Neilson stated, “McGill acted as an enabler for a group attempting to violate SSMU’s governing documents.” Ruba’s talk at McGill was the last of a series of presentations of “Echoes of the Holocaust” he was scheduled to give at Canadian universities. The other presentations went smoothly. However, last year at St. Mary’s University in Halifax, Ruba’s “Echoes of the Holocaust” presentation faced similar protests, which too resulted in the talk’s ultimate cancellation. Ruba last came to the University of Toronto in 2007 when he gave his presentation at the invitation of the University of Toronto Students for Life. That talk went without incident. You can see the entire event on Youtube. Part one found at


Alex Greco

Political Columnist

Springer episode and the costumes were unquestionably suitable given the subject matter dealt with throughout the show. Even Jerry’s number-one associate Steve Wilkos played a role in the show, there to break up every weave-pulling, backjumping fight that broke out on stage. Upon seeing an advertisement for the performance, one cannot help but notice the ‘Recommended for mature audiences only due to extreme coarse language and adult situations’ disclaimer plastered across the bottom of the placard; an appropriate message considering that the play includes an entire song principally composed of the word fuck! According to several news reports, the original UK television broadcast of Jerry Springer – the Opera on BBC Two was the focus of tremendous dispute in January 2005 when over 50,000 complaints were extracted from the show, most stemming from several Christian organizations. But as most of us know, all publicity, good or bad, is still nonetheless publicity, and Jerry Springer – the Opera consequently gained popularity from the controversy it created. Jerry Springer is known to host bar

none the strangest, dirtiest, most offensive show on primetime television. Where else could you ever expect to see a woman who married her cousin who later slept with her father’s brother’s sister’s mother’s dog-walker’s cousin twice removed who then ended up giving birth to a child with four heads who is a member of the KKK? Nowhere! Where, however, can you see a ‘little bit gay’ Jesus, God in gold hot pants, a transsexual in love with a man who already has two women in his life (one of which is addicted to crack), and a singing, tapdancing, explicitly racist Ku Klux Klan chorus line wearing pink shimmering versions of their white robes? No, not on Friday’s episode of Jerry Springer titled ‘I slept with a Horse!’ Rather all can be found at Jerry Springer – the Opera. all of their hard work will amount to in November! All of these events have been thrown by SMCSU and it has only been two weeks! This is certainly shaping up to be an excellent year already. I am so proud of my team and I encourage you all to keep coming out to our events.

As a political columnist, it is my responsibility more than ever to bring to the forefront political news issues. My opinion is absent. An ideological bias, banished. This week, I will be discussing Mayor David Miller’s announcement of not seeking re-election and the record that he leaves behind. His efforts not only affect the average working Joe, the corporate suits on Bay Street, but you the students of St. Michael’s College and the University of Toronto since this is your city as well. Mayor Miller was elected to office in November 2003 after former Toronto mayor Mel Lastman chose not to seek re-election. Mr. Miller’s announcement not to seek a third term in office was revealed on September 25th, 2009. This was a shocker to many and provides an appropriate time to comment on facts about his record, and his defining moments for better or worse, depending on your perspective. You can make a choice in this two part investigative mini-series. This article will focus on his announcement of resignation from the student perspective and will reveal significant facts of his first term in office. Like Anderson Cooper of CNN, “we are keeping them honest!” This past summer, many residents of Toronto were disgruntled and outraged with Miller over his handling of the City of Toronto Municipal Strike. Many argued that whether or not one was in favour or opposed to the strike, it had a profound impact on our city. Six weeks of garbage accumulated at the numerous designated drop areas across the GTA. The air quality surrounding these sites not only became unbearable and a breeding ground for bacteria but provided disease ridden vermin to prowl in our midst. Littering reached its apex. Municipal services that many relied upon were shut down. Many students working in municipal government jobs for the summer saw their pay cheques evaporate. Day to day lives are always altered when such vital services cease. The city felt its punch socially, economically and politically. Political pundits argued that failure to deal with the situation in an expeditious manner and the criticism endowed upon him was directly related to Miller’s decision not to seek a third term as our Mayor. Mr. Miller, at a press conference, made his intentions

clear: “I've accomplished what I set out to do, so if I ran again it would be about me and my electoral success and not about the Toronto I love.” I recall overhearing many people’s reaction to this statement, including my own father’s – “Are you kidding me?” There were those, however, that thought his reasons were legitimate and were saddened to hear the news. What do students at the University of Toronto think of Mr. Miller and his record? Joseph Carpio, a fourth year student at St. Michael’s College said, “His transit expansion plan speaks to his attention to society at large as it would seem to appeal mostly to the middle and lower class individuals. His implementation of the community safety plan, which has reduced crime in several categories, in conjunction with Police Chief Bill Blair has had some initiatives for the homeless.

"I've accomplished what I set out to do" However, the municipal strike and allowing the unions to exercise far too much power was not acceptable.” For Sam Hejazi, a third year Political Science student, Mayor Miller was a failure: “I think that he pursued policies that weren’t sound especially in his attempt to try to make Toronto more competitive in the world stage. He didn’t invest in roads & infrastructure, specifically when the transportation grant was given by Ottawa. Our roads and highways are in disrepair. The DVP is always congested and gridlock has become the

norm. On top of that, he mishandled the strike.” What are the key facts of Mr. Miller’s first term in office that you need to know about? In September 2004, he approved city council’s measure to begin construction on a new streetcar line along St. Clair Avenue West. This caused fierce debate. Many small business owners argued construction and the loss of street parking would hurt if not kill their businesses. The mayor then announced a bold initiative to transform the waterfront which included an expansion of the Toronto Island airport including a proposition to build a Toronto City Centre Airport Bridge. Mr. Miller stated in his speech on September 25th, 2009 that: “We have improved the environment for business in Toronto by lowering business tax rates every year since I became mayor and by addressing the imbalance in commercial taxes between Toronto and the rest of the GTA.” Critics point to an increase in property taxes since 2005 as hurting the business environment despite Mr. Miller’s claim that it was necessary to prevent jobs from leaving the city. His comments sparked outrage across the city. Where do you stand? In the next issue, I will look at his re-election, significant moments of his second term that sparked controversy among Torontonians with a student’s perspective. Has David Miller been a mayor that you can trust? Has he been the people’s mayor? Something to think about! Until next time I’m on your side and definitely look out for you! Send questions, feedback and column suggestions to



OCTOBER 14, 2009

Grinds my gGears PM Harper

You have got to be kidding!

Somewhere, a village has lost their idiot. That idiot is Stephen Harper. It will be a cold day in hell before I can look at this self righteous right winged idiot in a sweater vest without wanting to personally behead him. Before this goes any further I would like to explicitly point out that the purpose of this article is not to discuss the faults of his policy, the incompetency of his cabinet, or that fact that he is about as credible as a Berlusconi discussing fraud. Rather, it is to point out the fact that he is void of any human emotion, Canadian pride, and is truly moronic, Bush loving, low life scum. Every year thousands of grade seven and eight students are loyally educated about the detailed history of Canada. It begins with our days as a colony, moving on to the adventures of Champlain, colonialism, eventually ending with the present day. At the close of the G20 summit, our Prime Minister showed the world how much of an arrogant asshole he truly is when he publically declared that Canada has no history of colonialism… Canada has not a history of colonialism? This actually blows my mind every time I hear it. The PRIME MINISTER thinks we have no history

of colonialism?! Clearly Harper has a different definition of colonialism than the dictionary, the UN or your typical grade seven students. There is no possible way this can be written off as a misconception, misreading or even as a speech writer’s interpretation. Seriously Harper do you even look over your speeches before you read them? This is the most introductory knowledge of Canadian History! In all honesty Stephen Harper is probably the most annoying and un-Canadian creature in Parliament. He wins by blatantly LYING and running smear campaigns to destroy his opponents, see (Note: Bush used this tactic too, what a role model!). Thanks to Harper, a legacy of rich well off snobs is running our country, ignoring the fact that we are rife with economic collapse with poverty becoming a growing concern. There he was in the middle

"We also have no history of colonialism!"- Prime Minister Stephen Harper of an unprecedented economic meltdown, vowing to never increase spending and to be frugal with our tax dollars. What is the first thing he does? Increases his cabinet by six members at a $75,000 raise!




Rio Steps its Game Up

Amanda Fiume Nah.

Perhaps the most irritating thing about this guy is the fact that for the past four years he has literally been grinding up on Bush’s genitals. Look at the vast majority of his policies (education, the environment, etc) and it is glaringly apparent that they are the same as Bush’s. Wow Harper, this is a new low, not only do you rip off speeches from the Australians but you also steal idiotic, corrupt and inoperative policies too? He has even brought in Republican advisers to give us pointers on how to make the Conservative party more right wing and dominant like the United States. The United States, the biggest welfare state in the West, 12th on the human development index, a country where you can be imprisoned for an extended period of time without trial for simply knocking the government in a locker room at the gym and THIS is what we aspire to become?! WAKE UP CANADA! Am I the only one who thinks that it is incredibly ironic not to mention ridiculous that Frank Luntz and Newt Gingrich are coming here, from a nation where a mother has to work four jobs just to pay her bills, to give Canadians (who are in a MUCH better economic and social state) political advice?! And what does our Republican loving, Beatles singing, deficit creating, environment destroying, sweater vest wearing, cold, emotionless Prime Minister do instead of representing us on the world stage at the UN discussion of climate change? He opts for donuts and shitty tasting coffee at Tim Horton’s. God bless the 51st STATE of Canada.

The Cost of Peace Obama and the Nobel Peace Prize Rob Barbiero Graduate Student Where you fall on the question of whether President Barack Obama deserved to win the Nobel Peace Prize may very well be determined by your political convictions. Detractors like John Bolton, George W. Bush’s UN ambassador, argued that Obama did not deserve such a prestigious award and that it “follows a decades-long series of politicized decisions by the Norwegian Nobel committee.” On the other side, the Chairman of the Democratic National Committee Tim Kaine fired back that the award “is an affirmation of the fact that the United States has returned to its longstanding role as a world leader.” Politics aside, Obama’s tepid remarks after receiving news of the award suggests that he is far from pleased. The fact of the matter is that, whether you support the decision of the Nobel Committee or not, Obama is worse off as a Nobel Laureate. First, the Nobel Prize provides a wealth of political ammunition for Republican strategists. Since his whirlwind tour of Europe as the Democratic Nominee for president in spring 2008, Republicans have bashed Obama as someone who is more concerned about his image abroad then affairs in the US. Moreover, the Nobel Prize comes at a time when the president is in the midst of a heated debate over healthcare and still faced with a slow economic recovery. Joe Trippi, President Obama captured here being a boss in one of his less 'peaceful moments' long-time Democratic consultant and strategist, has warned that come mid-term elections in 2010 Republicans will be gamble on military options in foreign affairs—while many through on the moves.” Moreover, knowing that the Obama using the prize against Obama—he even came up with a may consider this a good thing, I can’t help but recall George is under more pressure to use peaceful diplomatic means, I campaign slogan: “He got a Nobel Prize. What did you get? W. Bush’s risky decision to launch a troop surge in Iraq under doubt President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran will be any then little-known General David Petraeus in 2007. more inclined to negotiate on his nuclear ambitions. While A pink slip.” Third, receiving global attention and accolade for many in Europe are more than happy to see Obama win the Second, having been named a Nobel Peace Prize recipient, Obama will find it difficult to make use of military force peacemaking has only complicated Obama’s relationship Nobel Prize, the most pressing diplomatic challenges for the in foreign affairs. The two biggest military issues looming with those whom he needs to talk with. In Israel, where a new president present themselves in parts of the world where for Obama are Afghanistan and Iran. In Afghanistan the majority sees Obama as a liability to their security, Likud human rights and peace matter little. president must decide whether to dispatch the 40,000 troops member Danny Danon lamented that “now Obama will And so the president accepted the award with little requested by his top general. In Iran he must deal with an have to justify the award and will try to force an agreement enthusiasm. The prospect of Republican attack ads, a increasingly opaque oligarchy which continues to enrich even though there is no real partner for peace among the handicapped foreign policy, and a more cynical world uranium in defiance of UN Security Council resolutions. Palestinians.” While Palestinian legislator Hanan Ashrawi community would make anyone uneasy, let alone a Nobel Having been put into the same league as Mother Theresa complained that “Palestinian public opinion is quite upset, Laureate. and Desmond Tutu, Obama will be less inclined to take a because he made all the right noises [but] he failed to follow

2016 Bid Solidified

the bid saying, “There was absolutely no flaw in the bid.” Heiberg added, “We have sent out a message that we want to go global.” The only continents to not host an Olympics are Africa, the Middle East and Antarctica. The games will feature events at famous landmarks throughout the city including beach volleyball, marathon swimming, and the triathlon on the famous Copacabana beach, while the marathon is expected to finish at the renowned Carnival's Sambadrome stadium. Last week the IOC

Kari Vierimaa


While jubilation flowed through the streets of Rio de Janeiro, tears were the only thing flowing in a silent shock in Chicago, which was believed to be a front-runner. Despite pleas from First Lady Michelle Obama and from President Obama himself, and the presence of media-queen Oprah Winfrey, Chicago was eliminated in a shocking first round of voting. Even though members of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) seemed wowed by Obama’s speech in Copenhagen on October 2, it did not transfer into votes. Norwegian IOC member Gerhard Heiberg speculated about what happened in an interview with the Associated Press. “Either it was tactical voting, or a lot of people decided not to vote for Chicago whatever happened,” he said. Despite the shock, Obama was noble in his comments about the elimination of Chicago saying, “One of the things that I think is most valuable about sports is that you can play a great game and still not win.” Aside from Obama, the analysis has begun as to why Chicago’s bid failed. Some IOC members are speculating over the financial quarrelling between the IOC and the US Olympic Committee (USOC). The issue stems from Broadcast Rights where the IOC collects billions from the US Olympic Broadcaster. NBC paid 2.2 billion US for the rights to the 2010 Vancouver and 2012 London Olympic Games. The USOC wants a bigger chunk of the money collected

"Now is a time to address this imbalance in the system" for those rights. Another challenge with the USOC is leadership. The committee has gone through numerous leaders in recent years. “A lot of the folks in leadership positions have been there for a long time, so it's a mystery to some to have this revolving door in the United States,” said Canadian IOC member Dick Pound. Tokyo, with the Beijing Olympics occurring in 2008, was a major disadvantage to it’s bid and ultimately was eliminated after Chicago in the second round of voting. Madrid’s strength was in part due to a plea by former IOC President Juan Antonio Samaranch, where he made his age an issue

of the bid saying “I am very near the end of my time.” Samaranch is 89-years old and ran the International Olympic Committee for over two decades before current IOC President Jacques Rogge took over in 2001. The Rio de Janeiro committee argued that Olympics have been held many times in Europe, North America and Asia, however an Olympic games have never have been hosted in South America. In a stirring address, Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silvasaid that it is “a time to address this imbalance,” adding, “it is time to light the Olympic cauldron in a tropical country.” IOC President Jacques Rogge celebrated


Homecoming at U of T

Let's Get Ready to Show our Spirit!

Lina Muasher Writer U of T is proud to present its first year of Homecoming since 2003. What is with the six year gap? Sad to say, but our very own Varsity Blues have not yet won a game since then. As a result, there has been a tremendous lack of school spirit. Since the Blues have not won a game, U of T does not bring positive memories back. Andres Santos who is part of the Homecoming committee says “We want students to get positive experiences and bring back positive memories.” With a university that has such a phenomenal academic reputation, it is quite unfortunate to see how much it lacks an attachment to school spirit especially to its very own Varsity Blues. Why is homecoming back now? I am thrilled to say that the Varsity Blues won

their first game in six years in 2008. The Blues faced the Waterloo Warriors and beat them by an amazing one point. We hope this breath of fresh air will fill the void of school spirit that has been lacking from students for too long now. Get ready, U of T, for some great and free events happening right here on campus! Do not bring your wallet, but bring your energy and your friends and help promote school spirit. One of the fun filled events of Homecoming is the BBQ, which will be happening October 16th from 12 to 4 at the UTSU lawn (in front of the UTSU building, directly in front of Hart House). There will be a live DJ so you can bust a move while you chew down the yummy burgers. If the music the DJ is playing is not your jam, then have no fear because ‘The Lady Godiva Band’ is also here! If you do not know what I

announced that Rugby and Golf competitions will take place at the Rio de Janeiro games. The games will undoubtedly change the image of Brazil’s most famous city and most hope that it will regain its lustre. In the 1970s and 80s, drugs and gangs infiltrated slums and created a land of lawlessness throughout the city. One third of Rio residence live in those slums. Western governments warn visitors to be concerned about robberies and car-jackings that occur regularly throughout the country. However residents believe the nearly 15-billion US dollars plan that was presented will bring change to the country sooner than later.

am talking about, they are the very loud and school spirited engineering band; the ones we love to hate as Arts students. What is even cooler is that ‘Sammy’s’, the restaurant and student lounge at Hart House, will turn

"We want students to get positive experiences and bring back positive memories" into a bar which will be located both inside and outside. Bring your ID and get warmed up on a breezy Fall day with a nice glass of beer, or rum, or tequila. For those brave and courageous SMC students, you can have your face painted blue to visibly promote school spirit. My idea is to have a few drinks

from the bar, then make the decision of painting your face. Chances are you will do it after that drink. The varsity mascot will also be attending this great event. This event is for all colleges on campus. Of course, we all know that SMC is the coolest college of all, so come out and represent our college and our university and promote school spirit. Remember this event is only one among many other great ones, such as Club Night which is happening October 15th at Level, from 10pm to 3am. This all age’s event is a great way to kick off the beginning of Homecoming. With a great beginning to Homecoming, it is of course followed by a great ending! Come out to watch Varsity Blues face Waterloo Warriors once again on Saturday October the 17th at 1pm. Let’s hope the Blues take it again, hopefully by more than one point this time!

OCTOBER 14, 2009

SMCSU BY-ELECTION Get out and Vote, Bitches

JAMES FINLAY Game over. It's time to name you fifteen of the best adjectives I can find that describe how amazing I am. Just kidding, I'm not going to waste any time on that shit. Just to clear the air and save you the suspense, everyone running in this election is more than qualified to be on SMCSU. They're professional, free thinking, motivated and ready to do whatever it takes to make SMC a better place for you. I'm up for re-election right now and I couldn't think of a better group of young and fresh people that I'd want to get elected with. Last year a handful of things I worked hard towards were; electoral reform, designing a new clothing line for smcsu and working towards updating the SMCSU website. My primary ambition however was to promote inclusivity between students not just at St. Mikes but around U of T in general. It's a goal I'm still working towards today, and hopefully with your help can continue into the near future. Want to name drop two friends, Fran Turco and Amir Torabi. Be sure to get to know them. Done deal, get out there and vote.

KAVINDA SENANAYAKE What’s the one room in a house a skeleton can’t go into? The living room! Well now that I’ve got your attention, let me introduce myself. My name is Kavinda Senanayake, and I’m running for general council on SMCSU, for 2009-10. I consider myself to be a very energetic outgoing person, who likes working with others, which is probably why you will usually catch me chatting with people in and around Brennan. On a more serious note, I should probably explain why voting for me would be a wise decision on your part. As I mentioned before, I am a very outgoing person and that explains why I would not hesitate to complete any of the tasks given to me by the SMSCU (general members have no set specific tasks). Not to mention as a friendly energetic person, getting the word out about SMCSU events and initiatives would not be a problem. Getting the word out is actually something I want to focus on- as a commuter my first year did not go so well, at least socially, and my views on university were not good because I tended to shy away from social events and instead just school and go home. That’s why I want to make it my goal to really get the word out to everyone, commuters and resident students alike, so that they can truly appreciate St.Michael’s College and university itself as a positive experience, and not some burden. Hopefully that leaves you with something to think about, feel free to come up and talk to me, and just may be you will be convinced that voting for me might actually be a good thing for SMCSU and you.

DYLAN DUVALL Dylan Duvall is a first year to St. Mike’s currently residing in More House. Born in North Carolina, Dylan has spent the past 6 years living in Atlanta, Georgia and attended a college prep/boarding school prior to coming to U of T. While in High School Dylan was the Varsity Soccer Captain, student body Treasurer, Improv Team coordinator, President of Philosophy Club, Vice President of the Spanish Club, member of the Model UN team, and an honorary member of The International Thespian Society for High School Theater. So far this year, Dylan has participated in SMC improv and is the More House representative for Re-Wire, an environmental initiative at U of T to sustain a more eco-friendly lifestyle in the dorms on campus. Aside from getting involved in SMC activities, Dylan enjoys Braves games and cheer-offs against Victoria College. Dylan hopes to continue his enthusiasm for SMC, and encourages everyone, regardless of candidate, to come out and vote during the SMCSU elections.

FRANK FISCIO Hello students of St. Mike’s college! My name is Frank Fisico, a candidate in the upcoming SMCSU elections. I am currently in my second year studying Political Science and Italian. When I heard that the elections were approaching, I knew I had to give it a shot. Finally finding my place in the St. Mike’s community, I thought, what better way to get involved than running for a position on the SMCSU council? It is a known fact that a vital component of being a university student is to balance school work with extracurricular activities. Being a councilor on SMCSU would fulfill this. The position I am running for is a spot as a general councilor. Though not having a finite role, a general councilor is an integral part of SMCSU as they must help out in a variety of events hosted by SMCSU. A councilor must be a hard worker, responsible, respectful, and enthusiastic, all qualities which I believe I possess. Bringing fresh and new ideas is a key part to this job which I believe I can bring to the table as well. Thank you very much, and I hope you will make the right decision come voting day.

CHRIS SIVRY What’s up SMC! My name is Chris Sivry, and I am a first year student running for a spot on the SMCSU council. I am currently studying social sciences and plan to apply for the International Relations program after first year. I am dedicated, passionate, diligent, fun-loving, and outgoing. To me, the best possible reward is the feeling of accomplishment after I work hard to achieve something. As a member of the SMCSU council, my goal would be to unify the student body, and ensure that everyone here at SMC can be heard. With my hard-working ethic and never-quit attitude, I look to continually work towards achieving and fulfilling the needs and wants of all students. Last but definitely not least, the parties. I quickly understood why St. Mikes is famous for them campus-wide (maybe worldwide). From a wild quad party during frosh week, to a sweaty and sloppy night at Toga, SMC events continue to impress. I look forward to helping plan even bigger and better events for the future. SMCSU is a vital component of student life here at St. Mikes. The future of SMCSU is in your hands!

ALEXANDER ZAPPONE November 1990, I beat my twin brother in the race out of the womb; it was this event that shaped my love of student governments. Since that time, I have found my way to executive positions in my elementary school, high school, and even the student union of the Toronto Catholic District School Board. Coming into my first year at U of T I hope to keep my involvement with student governments going by getting as involved as I can with SMCSU. Growing up I have always enjoyed playing sports like soccer, hockey and rugby. Opposite that I have also been known to tear through my share of books and be part of a national gold medal winning stage band. As varied as my interests are, one thing I have always found most rewarding is working in service of others. Whether it be organizing formals or traveling to rural Kenya to build schools working, for others’ enjoyment is the most fun I can ever have.

JOHN SILVA A lot of you may know me as "the guy who got run over by the bed racer", but i would like to formally introduce myself as Joao Silva but call me John because it's easier and I prefer it. A little tidbit about my background, I am NOT Greek, Italian or Serbian contrary to belif among many. I was actually born in Portugal and immigrated to Canada when I was 7 months old (no not on a fishing boat). I love watching and playing soccer, running and staying in shape. A little random but my favourite colour has and always will be green. My ambitions are to become a doctor and to do medical research leading to new discoveries in th emedical field. I want to be a leader at St. Mike's and I want to make everyone's experience around our college better. Ever since Frosh Week, I hav efelt a huge closeness to SMC, I might even say that I love SMC more than my own mother (just joking, I adore my lovely mother) SMC has become a second home to me and I wish to bring my passion about SMC to SMCSU. I desire to continue the work of previous councillors and work along side with whomever else is elected. So when you go out and vote, I encourage everyone to vote John Silva. I BLEED FOR SMC!!


WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT VOTING Francesca & Justin Your Prez and VP

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The SMCSU By-election voting will be held on October 20th and 21st in Sid Smith, Kelly, Loretto Residence, and Brennan Hall, but up until then, it iss campaign time. This is a time where the enthusiastic wanna-be councilors show us what they are made of. A popular question is: what in the world is a councillor? I like to think of the councillor position as the chameleon of SMCSU: they do not have one set position, but get to work on every commission of council. They provide help wherever is needed and since they are not in charge of any specific event, they are given the chance to step up to the plate and take on initiatives of their own; it is all about hard work and creativity. As a councillor, you can figure out how the council works and is a wonderful step into being more involved in the SMC community and the union itself. The people you are voting for are the people you are choosing to serve you for the rest of the year. So please remember that this is not a popularity contest. Come to the forum on October 15th at 4pm, talk to the candidates, and pay attention to their posters. SMCSU requires a lot of dedication and effort, so pick those who fit the job description the best. We wish lots of luck to all of those running and are very excited to be working with five of you very soon! Once again, voting takes place on Tuesday October 20th and Wednesday October 21st at Sid Smith, Kelly Library, Loretto Residence, and Brennan Hall. You may cote for up to five candidates so VOTE!

ARTS HBO'S TRUE BLOOD Bloody good or just plain sucks?

Deanna Dickins So dope it's unreal

If you have picked up a magazine or turned on the television in the last year, you may have noticed that from the Twilight phenomenon to the new series The Vampire Diaries, audiences everywhere are captivated by all things vampire. In contrast to these PG-rated blood suckers, HBOs True Blood is a scintillating series about vampires, for a mature audience. Set in a small town in Louisiana, True Blood dispels many vampire myths created by Twilight: Myth: vampires do not sparkle in the sun, they burn (quite violently, for that matter). Myth: silver is deadly to vampires. Myth: you do not turn into a vampire if you are bitten. Also, Vampire blood (otherwise known as "V") has narcotic effects when taken by humans. People may experience increased strength, a euphoric state and improved sexual appetite and stamina. Myth: vampires do not need animal blood for sustenance; instead they drink synthetic blood known as True Blood (served warm, obviously). The series begins with the announcement of True Blood's invention. Originally created for use in hospitals, it became widely available for consumers and prompted vampires to come out of hiding. The show follows the

Zombieland Nut up or Shut up! Adrian Chan Zombie Enthusiast


With vampires being the ‘hot’ fantastical creatures of late, Zombieland has arrived on the scene in an attempt to steal back some of the limelight. The recipe is quite simple: gore, suspense, comedy, a little romance and of course more gore. However what makes Zombieland stand out is not that it pushes the boundaries of blood and violence, but instead of how it plays with a world that has become dominated by it. Take the protagonist and narrator Columbus ( Jesse Eisenberg), a stereotypical college nerd, avid online gamer and self-confessed anti-social on his way home to Ohio from what was once college in Texas. As he trudges on through a zombified world brimming with the undead, he finds himself reluctantly, but necessarily, teamed up with a shoot’em up badass by the name of Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson), whose ultimate goal is to find any remaining Twinkies. As the unlikely duo make their way east, stopping only for Hostess trucks and grocery stores, they come

across two rather cunning sisters. Wichita (Emma Stone) and the appropriately named Little Rock (Abigail Breslin) have found their own way to survive Zombieland, choosing brains over Tallahassee’s brawn. After some humourous interplay the four form a team, once again out of necessity rather than desire, and head into the bloody abyss. So how does this film compare to your typical zombie dystopia flick? Well perhaps the first aspect one will notice is its comedic approach

lives of vampires as they attempt to cope with civilized society. There are two types of vampires: those who prefer to assimilate into society such as Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) and others who still enjoy feeding on humans. Although Vampire Bill, a former Civil War soldier, managed to preserve his Southern Gentleman manners, he is still a deadly animal when necessary. A key element of the plot is also how the vampires deal with the closed-mindedness of many of the towns’ people and other mythological creatures.

"Myth: vampires do not

sparkle in the sun. They burn"

Vampire Bill is romantically involved with Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin), a telepathic waitress at Merlotte's bar, where trouble always seems to find her. In the first season, we followed a serial killer interested in girls who allowed themselves to be bitten by vampires (meaning they slept with vampires). The second season introduced new shape-shifters as well as a scorned Maenad (worshipper of Dionysus). The cliffhanger at the end of season two left audiences wondering what had happened The culT film ThaT spawned The to one of the comic book, carToon and 3 sequels main characters

Takes To The sTage in This

monsTer of a comedy!

Zombieland from your typical zombie gore-fest. And while there is no doubting that senseless violence is not only entertaining but also therapeutic, there is also something to be said for combining it with light-hearted quips, friendly jabs, reckless behaviour and strange desires. By the end of the film, first time director Ruben Fleischer accomplishes a rather remarkable feat: he has turned what was originally considered an undead hell into a livable place. Whether

"Enjoy the little things" to the quite hellish circumstances. There is of course the “zombie kill of the week”, where a zombie is creatively disposed of via a piano, as well as the strange sadistic delight of watching Tallahassee go to town on almost every single zombie he encounters. However the destruction of the undead is only one facet of Zombieland’s allure. Interestingly enough it is in the moments in between, it is the scenes that fill the void that violence leaves where the audience discovers this film has a heart. It is this very heart that separates

and eager for season three to begin (air date TBA). Although the show may seem too extreme since it follows the lives of supernatural beings, keep in mind that it is HBO, so it has access to some of the most inventive writers on television. The characters of True Blood are well-written and often empathetic. Sookie's friend, Lafayette Reynolds (Nelsan Ellis) provides clever comic relief as the cynical semi-cross-dressing and eye liner sporting chef at Merlotte's, and the rivalry between Bill and Vampire Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgård) continues to escalate through the series. Eric's vampire bar, Fangtasia, is reminiscent of Rocky Horror and has equally as many obscure events taking place. The show also includes romantic subplots, the most human being that between Sookie and Bill. True Blood has all the makings of a bad horror movie, but is cleverly well-written and actually an enjoyable drama. It contains different types of story lines that are sure to appeal to any viewer, as well as enjoyable characters. This is definitely a good show to use as a study break, but set aside time to watch two or even three episodes at a time.

or not this is Fleischer’s intention is hard to say, but it is also hard to deny that Zombieland has its own bizarre appeal. While the idea of the flesh-eating zombies is never a pretty prospect, the characters make do and do well enough to smile every now and then. “Enjoy the little things” Tallahassee advises at the film’s outset, oddly enough this becomes Zombieland’s calling card.


enjoy an oozing good time! exclusive student Bonus!

Illustrations: James Lyle


Meet & Greet with Cast (post-show) on Friday, oCtober 30th

buy now! previews from $ 5 begins ocTober 20

call ( 4 6 ) 640-0 76 quote promo code: cool cap The music hall 47 danforth avenue r e com m e n d e d f or a ge s 3 +



OCTOBER 14, 2009

GASTRONOMY FOR GYPSIES The Art of Eating Great Food on the Cheap Christos Dodas, Dan Guerrisi Meet your Gypsies

Christos Dodas: Third year crim & polic sci major, his true passion is exploring the world, one plate at a time. With experience and knowledge in the food service industry, Christos brings forth his expertise in evaluating ingredients, freshness and food quality. Daniel Guerrisi: Third year history & poli sci specialist, Daniel comes from a distinguished background in the restaurant industry, with expertise in service, quality, flavours and bang for your buck. Both hard stricken by the recession and forced to eat like gypsies, (thanks U of T) this is their story. After a night of debauchery at this year’s Epic Toga party, as per usual, I woke up dehydrated, dizzy and starving. A couple of friends and I stayed at the Sheraton Centre Hotel that night. Yes I know fancy, but it is not all it is made out to be. For the businessman who can afford to get room service, the Sheraton is perfect, but for the hard working stiff… I mean St. Mikes student such as myself, the six dollars in my wallet was a brash indicator that I needed to go elsewhere. We found ourselves on Queen Street, in front of a bright blue spray painted hot dog truck, which to our delight seemed to have a complete menu. As I went closer to read it, I was dumbfounded by what I saw: the skuzzy hotdog combo that included French fries cooked in last week’s oil, as well as a COLA, (not Coke, but some sort of middle

eastern molasses like substance labeled in hieroglyphics) was $8.50! I felt cheated, confused, bamboozled! Nonetheless, I really could not see myself getting into the welfare looking line, and purchasing food from a man who most likely slept in that same truck, and also reeked of cabbage. I quickly turned to Christos, my fellow colleague and food connoisseur, where we collectively made the decision that it was time to blow that hot dog stand. Christos and I mark restaurants on quality, quantity, and most notably cheapness. We are food gypsies, and we are proud of it. Therefore, we decided to Ride the Rocket in search of a decent meal. We ended up at St. Claire Station; home of the Best Z. Best Z is basically a hot table that provides a variety of different Asian foods. Most notably, favorites such as General Tao’s Chicken, sweet and sour pork, Tofu, Black bean marinated Beef, shanghai noodles, fried

rice, spring rolls, egg rolls, and an assortment of veggies. Some Americanized items such as chicken wings and onion rings have also worked their way onto this hot table. Best Z may be a greasy spoon restaurant, but the quality and freshness of the product being served will tell your stomach otherwise. Contrary to other fast food chains such as Manchu Wok, Best Z on a daily basis puts time and effort into the product they serve, which is reflected by their daily line-ups. Here is how it works: you line up like a gypsy, for either a five dollar box (one main compartment) or a six dollar box, (one main compartment plus 2 added compartments) and you stuff - and I mean STUFF - as much food as you possibly can into this box. As eloquently described by my fellow food connoisseur Daniel, the morning after Toga took us on a culinary adventure to the gem of St. Clair station, Best Z. An assortment

URBAN LEGENDARY A Keith Urban Concert Review Cassandra Sottile

So Soft for Liking Country Keith Urban is known for being a little bit country and a little bit rock n’ roll! This 41-year-old New Zealand superstar proved that he is a whole lot more than a pretty face on Saturday, October 3, 2009, when he impressed his energetic, and sold out, crowd with a compelling two hour show at the Air Canada Centre. When you add up the amazing lighting, the ridiculously impossible electric guitar solos performed by the country heart-

throb himself, and the huge focus placed on interacting with the crowd, Keith was completely and unstoppably a dazzling success. It would be an understatement to say that the highly united energy between him and his fans was undeniably palpable that night. It brought a whole new, and

personal, meaning to the title of his world tour: Escape Together. He opened the concert with the appropriately titled Hit The Ground Runnin’ from his newest album, Defying Gravity, which was released in March 2009 and was Urban’s first album of five to hit number one on the Billboard Top 200. After the opening number, Keith announced, “Tonight is our last night on the Canadian tour, so I hope you don’t mind if we play a little longer!”, sending his crowd into a frenzy of cheering and ear-splitting applause of the kind he received after every single song performed. His stage had two ramps that led down into the crowd, which he used multiple times for guitar solos and eventually led to his running through the mob to a ministage at the opposite end of the arena (and conveniently close to me). “Who's got the

Financial Appreciation

Hate Tuition? Count Your Blessings! Dylan Duvall Hates York

Cold, rainy, and you cannot see the CN tower for the fog as you mindlessly step into mud at King’s College Circle. That is my typical morning at U of T. But despite the weather, the thing that agitates me most is when I hear people genuinely criticizing U of T…for any reason. Yes, the “first year of university” phase is still fresh and all new to me, but I often find many students are unappreciative for the university experience. The Poverty Free Ontario group is a prime example. While the idea of student, financial liberation sounds great, let’s put it into perspective. QS University Census ranks U of T 29th in the World, while ARU places us 24th, and

Times Higher Education 41st, with some studies as high as 9th in certain programs. Then, despite those impressive statistics, the Student Union, which is supposed to be the pinnacle of student organization and opinion, is going to have the impudence to complain about tuition fees. How realistic would such numbers have to be to cause such controversy? Freshman entering into the University of California: Los Angeles (32nd) for the 200910 school year are presented with a $26,524 price-tag domestic, $49,193 international, while NYU students (52nd) pay $53,793 across the board, followed by the University of Michigan (19th) which charges $23,910 for domestic tuition, $47,188 international. So what ungodly number does U of T have to be and maintain a respectable ranking amongst such a competitive pool? Fifty? Sixty thousand? A mere $4,991 for Canadian citizens and another $10K if you count

of hot and fresh oriental delicacies greeted us with open arms. Glossy eyed, faint and stomach gurgling I reached for the six dollar box but was stopped as Daniel exclaimed, “did you win lotto 649?”. Always get the regular sized take out carton because you do not have to close it; you just pile it high with your favourite Chinese foods for five dollars. There is no point in upgrading to the larger carton. It just does not make gypsy sense, especially in these tough economic times where on a regular basis I find myself rolling pennies from the couch to make my OSAP payments. With the dollar you save you can go to the dollar store, buy gum, kiss your girlfriend, and she will never know how cheap you really are. The food itself is always fresh. While perusing the hot table, their chefs are constantly running back and forth like Gaddafi at a UN General Assembly speech, with steel woks refilling each dish. My personal favorites include the sweet and sour pork, noodles and black bean marinated beef. After the meal I was full and happy. Even if your marks are low, you can be comforted by friendly service, great food and a great price while eating at Best Z, or should I say, Z Best!! Tips to remember while at Best Z: located inside the St. Clair Centre, cue your iPod to Kung Fu Fighting to get in the mood on the way there, cash and Debit only, always go for the regular carton, always grab sweet and sour sauce for your chicken balls and spring rolls, and always bring your appetite. Rating: 4/5 Bok Choy

good seats now?" he shouted as he launched into his hit song Once In A Lifetime. Urban then proceeded to play an acoustic set from that very stage including Making Memories of Us (dedicated to wife Nicole Kidman) and Only You Can Love Me This Way. Urban played a perfect mix of old and new songs, including the smash-hit crowd-pleaser You Look Good In My Shirt, complete with a trippy electric guitar that constantly flashed different colours as he performed and ran through the crowd once more. Keith topped off the night with an outstanding encore, which included an acoustic and heart-wrenching version of Tonight I Wanna Cry and the confettireleasing foot-stomper Better Life. Needless to say, Urban made a legend of himself in Toronto that night!


Look at these old folks chilling in Con Hall, they knew U of T was sick back then. residence. Even for international students, the most you could expect to pay is around $32,000. Such startling evidence makes me ponder the behaviors of some unsatisfied students. Toronto is consistently ranked by Forbes and AAA as one of the safest, cleanest and most livable places in the world; so why are so many people bitter about the financial “burden” that is put upon such a luxurious lifestyle? Toronto is the most happening

place I have ever been, and sometimes I fear many U of T students take such a great place for granted. If anything, complain about the $10 cigarettes or crooked subway collectors, because some of us drove 18 hours, or flew a million miles to enjoy the benefits of such a great school in an even better city. So the next time you overhear someone complaining about the typical sorrows of being here, just remind them that at least we are not going to York.



What is Wrong with you People?! Dan Seljak Doesn't like Polanski

Sometimes I hear news that is so stupid, so disgusting, or so asinine that I want to physically harm whomever brings me the news, completely ignoring the old "don't shoot the messenger" proverb. This week has been especially bad, meaning, I put my paperboy in the hospital. I have been told that he will walk again, but that they could not find his eye. I am sure this extreme reaction begs the question: what kind of story could incite so much anger? The answer is an article regarding the arrest of Roman Polanski. Polanski is a famous director responsible for such amazing films as... well, who really cares? The details of his life are unimportant in regards to his arrest. What is important is that thirty years ago, a forty-four year old Polanski raped a thirteen year old girl. Details are pretty vague, however at the time of the trial, they found that the girl said no, that there were drugs involved, and even if the girl had consented, Polanski was still twenty-one years older than her. Polanski pled guilty, and everyone assumed that another sex offender was going to jail. They assumed wrong. Polanski fled to France, using the excuse that the Nazis had

incarcerated him as a child and that he never wanted to be imprisoned again. Apparently this absolves you of a rape charge, so Polanski was left to make his name overseas for the next thirty years, continuing to release critically acclaimed films. It sounds like a regular Cinderella story, until you remember that the protagonist is a rapist. Just a few weeks ago, while on his way to accept an award, Polanski left France for Switzerland, and the police finally arrested him and extradited his ass back to the Americans for his well-deserved punishment. Polanski's long overdue incarceration was not met with praise for the American judicial system, however. No, “Hollywood” has instead rallied behind Polanski, citing that in the past, minor indiscretions have been ignored due to an artist's talent and that Polanski is an important part of cinematic culture. It is not only Hollywood. Normal citizens, protected by the anonymity of the Internet, have leapt to his defence, citing his artistic talent as well. Despite not being able to see these people due to the intricacies of the modern age, I can tell you exactly who they are. They are those douche bag hipsters who identify themselves as “existentialists”,

read way too much Ayn Rand and are not offended by her rape scene in Atlas Shrugged. You know the ones. They are the privileged, upper-middle class kids still coping with their insecurities by drawing attention to themselves through adopted borderline sociopathic beliefs and defending a rapist because he is an artiste. All of that being said, I will admit that there have been celebrities who have punched out photographers or caused scenes of public disturbance, and we, the public, have let them get away with the minimum sentence, simply because we are suckers for tabloid fodder. Of course, if we begin handing out exceptions based on merit, where would we be? I happen to be pretty skilled at Photoshop. Does this particular skill set give me a “get out of jail free card” for theft? What kind of skill set would absolve me for murder? Apparently, being able to boss people around off camera is all it takes to be forgiven for serious offences. The only truly compelling argument that I have heard supporting Polanski is that the girl has asked that the case not be pursued, as she has gotten over the incident and would not like to relive it mentally. This is understandable, however Polanski must be punished. That is how laws work: if you

break a law and you are found guilty, you serve a sentence for the double purpose of being punished for your past crimes and to provide an example of what happens when a law is broken. With that issue resolved, I will end with this: fuck Hollywood, hipsters, and Roman Polanski. Polanski, regardless of whether he was incarcerated by Nazis, the Iron Hand of Communism, or the flying monkeys of Oz as a child, has been long overdue for this sentence. I do not care if he invented the movie theatre. No cultural endeavour absolves you of a crime. Even the tabloid fodders eventually pay the fines for their petty crimes. Why shouldn't Polanski be punished? This is especially true of a crime as serious as rape, and the fact that this is debatable is ridiculous. If you disagree with what I've written, I don't really care; but here's my email anyhow to give you the impression that I'll reply: Do not refute me in person; you will make me so angry that you will most likely share the fate of the newspaper boy. You have been warned.

Marc Emery: Canada’s Marijuana Martyr Joseph Uranowski A "Dope" Guy!

Marc Emery is the model Canadian citizen. He is a small business owner who has openly and transparently paid $580 000 in taxes to the Canada Revenue Agency from 1995-2005. Mr. Emery has contributed to numerous charities over the years and has even started a political party in British Columbia. The Canadian Medical Association has recommended Mr. Emery’s business to people all over Canada and he has sent his publications to every member of Canada’s Parliament. Marc Emery loves his job but it is his job that has gotten him into trouble. Marc Emery sells marijuana seeds over the internet. At least he did, until he was arrested on July 29, 2005 in Nova Scotia by the USA’s Drug Enforcement Administration officials. The Facts: In 1985 Canada and the United States signed a treaty with the goal of coordinating American/Canadian crime fighting efforts. Canada also has “The Extradition Act” to govern if/how/why Canadians can be sent to the United States to stand trial. In Canada, selling marijuana seeds is technically illegal. However the law has not really been enforced since 1998 when Marc Emery was arrested for this “crime” and punished with a $2000 fine. When a law is not enforced for more than ten years, it stops being a law (the legal term is “Dead Letter”). For example Springfield had an old, never-enforced law requiring ducks to wear long pants on The Simpsons. This means that though selling marijuana seeds

violates sections 841 and 846 of the United States Criminal code and American’s are regularly arrested under this law, what Marc Emery has been doing for years is no longer a crime in Canada. Emery, who was arrested in Nova Scotia, shipped a large portion of the seeds he sold over the internet to the United States. Though he has never been to Washington State, Emery plead guilty to the “crime” there in order to ensure two of his associates would have lenient sentences and that he would not face a 50-year prison sentence which the DEA would have sought if he plead not guilty. Emery plead guilty on September 21th, 2009 and now is waiting for the 30 day pre-extradition period to end. The Political Motivations Marc Emery’s Arrest: Karen Tandy, the DEA administrator at the time of Emery’s arrest issued the following press release at the time of Mr. Emery’s 2005 arrest: "Today's DEA arrest of Marc Scott Emery, publisher of Cannabis Culture Magazine, and the founder of a marijuana legalization group -- is a significant blow not only to the marijuana trafficking trade in the U.S. and Canada, but also to the marijuana legalization movement. His marijuana trade and propagandist marijuana magazine have generated nearly $5 million a year in profits that bolstered his trafficking efforts, but those have gone up in smoke today. Emery and his organization had been designated as one of the Attorney General's most wanted international drug trafficking organizational targets -- one of only 46 in the world and the only one from Canada. Hundreds of thousands of dollars of Emery's illicit

profits are known to have been channeled to marijuana legalization groups active in the United States and Canada. Drug legalization lobbyists now have one less pot of money to rely on." No one in Canada wanted Mr. Emery to be arrested and 55% of Canadians believe that marijuana should be legalized. It was not that Mr. Emery was breaking United States law that drove the DEA to arrest him but that Marc Emery has spent the vast majority of his seed-selling profits supporting anti-prohibition groups

in Canada, the United Sates and around the world. The United States had to use a technicality to arrest Emery with no regard for Canadian sovereignty. The DEA arrested a Canadian citizen for political purposes and our government is doing nothing to stop this. The Canadian Government can and should step in: The Extradition Act requires “Dual Criminality” in both countries which,

as mentioned earlier, does not apply in Emery’s case, as this law is Dead Letter in Canada. If we decided to say the law is not dead letter it still does not fulfill the dual criminality requirement, as the crime must be punishable by a minimum of two years incarceration, which it is not in Canada. Justice Minister Rob Nicholson could have stopped the extradition process at any time from 2005 to today. The Extradition Act has a huge loophole where the Canadian Justice Minister can refuse to extradite it “would be unjust or oppressive having regard to all the relevant circumstance.” The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms Section 9 protects against “arbitrary detainment or imprisonment.” As there are dozens of marijuana seed-sellers across Canada and the people arresting him admitted that it was politics not law that lead to his arrest, Marc Emery’s detainment and imprisonment seems the epitome of arbitrary. Negative Ramifications: Marijuana is no worse for you than alcohol and the majority of Canadians realize this. The United States of America has decided that cutting off funds from anti-prohibition groups supercedes Canadian sovereignty. Prime Minister Harper and the Conservative Government agree with the United States’ regressive drug policies so they have allowed Marc Emery to be sacrificed and Minister Nicholson is refusing to prevent the extradition. This sets a dangerous precedent: that the United States can enforce its laws in Canada without any governmental opposition.



OCTOBER 14, 2009

The Freshman Experience Rachel Venturo A Good Looking Frosh

It is easy to feel self-conscious about being identified as a first year student when the large University of Toronto campus map is clutched in your hands, acting as an obvious marker of your confusion. Even after all the campus tours, anxiety seems to impair one’s sense of direction as you find yourself standing in front of the Isabel Bader Theatre wondering how you crossed to this side of Queen’s Park during your search for Sidney Smith Hall on St. George Street. As the largest university in Canada, the University of Toronto does not lack opportunities for finding oneself extremely lost. However, it is because of the vast size of the campus that every first year student is sure to stumble upon one of the many venues that shape the university experience. A thousand students cram into Convocation Hall, bumping shoulders in the struggle to ensure a good seat. Hundreds of laptops begin to light up, papers are sorted in preparation for the lecture, and it becomes

blatant that this is not high school anymore. University lectures are an intimidating setting and it only requires a single glance at the hundreds of earnest-looking students surrounding the professor elevated upon the stage to prove that. As you attempt to follow the lecture amplified throughout the building, you learn the new speeds at which your hands can travel as they fly across notebooks and keyboards. Nervously whispering to your neighbor to see if they caught the last concept presented by the professor, relationships begin to develop as you share a similar unease at this new experience. Because of this, one quickly gains an appreciation for seminars and tutorials. They provide a smaller venue to interact with classmates, while easing the transition from a classroom of twenty to the theatre that seats two thousand. As midterms become a growing concern, the need to complete readings becomes more important and apparent. Even though some classes require two, three or even four books plus a course reader, the material is a necessary part of understanding the lecture.

Recently, the Toronto Star published an article bringing light to recent statistics from the Persistence in Post-Secondary in Canada which indicates that one sixth of first year students will not continue on in completing their programs. With such numbers against freshmen, keeping up with one’s studies seems more important even though some already feel behind, overwhelmed and lacking the necessary preparation for university. One concept that has frequented many conversations and become the basic piece of advice for first years is the idea of getting involved. One’s initial reaction to the many clubs that represent all programs, interests, religions, and cultures, is one of great

"Anxiety can impair a sense of direction!" amazement. From Waterdragon to Amateur Photography, and even a club regarding the BIO150 course, the university boasts a great number of recognized groups. If they still do not have something that appeals to you, they

are more than willing to help you create a venue for your niche. As a commuter, these opportunities to interact with the university will not go unused. As the weeks continue to progress, there are tips and tricks about the campus that gradually become more apparent. For example, the Gerstein Science Library is a great place to study (even if you are an arts student). When riding the elevator in Robarts Library, beware of floors that suddenly disappear or cease to exist. You will come to appreciate the food policy in the Kelly Library because reading historical documents or completing organic chemistry homework will require caffeine and sugar. As the final ball was thrown at the Blue Jays game, the event that concluded frosh week, university officially began. The first month is already drawing to a close and sometimes it feels like you have the campus completely understood. However, as the first essays are assigned, midterms draw closer and readings continue to pile up, it becomes obvious that the freshman experience is far from over.

The Top-10 Differences A look at High School versus University

Alexandra Zaralis Yet Another Hot Frosh

Now that welcome week is over, the normal routine of the school year has started and I’ve dealt with the whole sleep deprivation thing, I have been thinking about the differences between where I was last year at this time and now. For some, the transition from high school to university may be smooth and easy. Their lives might not have changed that much. That is not the case for me. This is a whole new world, with its own set of quirks and charms. So instead of hitting the books, which I know is what I should be doing, I have come up with a list of the top ten differences between high school and university. I know. There have got to be more fun distractions. For now, this will do. If you

are trying to avoid some riveting required reading for a course that in hindsight you have decided you probably should not have taken, go for it. Add to the list! In high school, you only get to see blue sky if one of your classes is in a portable. In

"In University, you join UTICA!" university, you may be walking a distance equivalent to the length of your entire hometown to get to classes. In high school, calling your teachers by their first name can get you a slap on the back of the head. In university, some of your profs insist on being called by their first name.

And calling a female prof "Ma'am" can get you a slap on the back of the head. In high school, skipping class will get you a detention or some other "consequence." In university, skipping class has no consequences…at least not until you see that first failing grade. In high school, your libraries’ book collection seems ridiculously big. In university, you realize your entire high school library would fit in one of the washrooms at Robarts Library. When you first get to high school, being in a school with over 1500 students around feels a bit scary. When you get to university you get used to having over 1500 students in just one class. In high school, you spend some of your money on fun stuff like buy-outs or tickets to the school dance. In university, you spend


All-Night Party or Blackout? Caitlin Hickson

Hardcore Party Girl So you are getting ready for another night out, whoo! If you are a girl, you have your makeup on and you have carefully selected your attire based on the skirt length verses heel length ratio. If you are a boy, you have on a different shirt than you were already wearing and you actually showered today; you are good to go. But wait! Before you start partying, there are a few things you must remember: Pre drinking is a marathon, not a sprint! You cannot chug your mickey and chase it with a four-pack of coolers twenty minutes before you leave and expect it to last you all night. You need to pace yourself or instead of waking up with crazy-party memories you will wake up wondering where the hell you are. Drink responsibly. Only pour what you know you can drink while you are sober, or else the ‘drunk you’ will drink it all (plus you want to have some leftover for the next party!). Do not chug your drink right before you leave. Sure, you will feel like a champion for the next blurry five minutes but you sure will not end up at the party. Remember, you want to have a buzz all night, not be wasted for an hour until you pass out.

Sharpies are not usually washable, and neither are pens. Just remember, if you drink too much and pass out, neither friend nor foe will be able to resist drawing ALL over you. Even if you are lucky and only get covered in lipstick or eyeliner, you will definitely still look like an idiot when you wake up and neglect to look in the mirror before you go out. Know your limit and drink within it, and invest in a good face-wash. Intoxicated people have a tendency to lose things. Do not wear your favourite diamond earrings and bring your entire wallet when you go out. Along with belongings, drunk people have also been known to lose: their friends, sense of direction, track of time and dignity. Please do not try to be a hero. Leave your valuables at home and bring a cell phone and cab fare in case you lose your group and need to get home. There will always be another party. You do not need to get shitfaced this time! Pace your party career. If you have an assignment due tomorrow and have not finished, then you do not need to go out. Party at the pre-party then get back to your room! You have your future to think of! Hangovers are not as cool as they may seem. Sure, there is quite some allure to the

all your money on textbooks. In high school, the teacher will call you out in front of the class for talking. Okay, that can happen in university too, except here you get to be embarrassed in front of a thousand people instead of thirty. In high school, everyone joins a sports team or the band. In university, everyone joins UTICA. In high school, a “wild party” means a keg of beer, someone’s basement and staying out until your 11:00 p.m. curfew. In university, a “wild party” means an all-nighter at one of Toronto’s hottest clubs. And the biggest difference of all? In high school you are a kid. In university you are an adult. (I am not really sure when or where this transition happened for me exactly. I must have slept through it.) The jury is still out on whether this change is a good thing.



Ask Andy and Fred Listen to this

Andy Pignataro & Fred Caprara Advice Dudes

Alright people, we have it on the authority of the Editor-in-Chief that this is a real question, and that makes us very happy. Keep the questions coming, send them to @AskAndyandFred: Can you please tell me what interests men when it comes to women? I am personable, smart, witty and independent... yet I have never EVER (ok maybe there was this one guy in the 8th grade...I'm in 3rd year btw) had a guy show he's interested. I feel like I would be great girlfriend material...but I’m apparently not. I'm no supermodel but I'm not horrible-looking what gives?

Ask GiGi Yep I'm real


Advice Chick Dear G, I recently entered a relationship with a really great guy. This is my first relationship.. well.. ever.. so I’m a bit nervous. Like I said, he is a really great guy; showers me with compliments, buys me anything I need. He’s an angel! The problem is that I seem to have a lot of trouble accepting his affectionate moves. That’s not to say I don’t want him touching me; I love it when he does! It’s more the other things.. the small comments he’ll make, the romance he’ll bestow upon me.. that I am having some difficulty opening up to. Is there something wrong with me? I cannot seem to accept these NORMAL things he’s doing with me! What the heck am I supposed to do? Signed, Taken but terrified.

Don't guys want the good girls anymore? - Frustrated but not Desperate

Andy: @Frustrated but not Desperate: Now, I’m almost tempted to not let Fred have a go at this one, because his I’m fairly sure his response will be along the lines of: “I’m a nice guy, I want a good girl, want to go out?” Therefore, I’ll take an early crack at it. In my experience, guys do want a good girl, they just don’t necessarily want to pursue a good girl; it’s not as fun. My advice: don’t be afraid to let some of your bad girl come out when looking for a guy. Play it coy, flirt with him, show some cleavage. Don’t go crazy with it, and never do anything you’re not comfortable with just to get a guy, but don’t feel bad about playing to a man’s baser instincts. When it comes down to it, getting a guy is like catching a fish; it’s all about

using the right bait. Fred: Wow. Andy, you ignorant slut. Never in my life have I seen an answer that managed to demean both genders at the same time. I’ll try to provide an answer on behalf of men all around the world who are not Andy. The truth is, this is a tough question, and there’s no one right answer on how to get guys interested in you. It is possible that it’s not so much that there are no men looking for good girls, it’s that there may be none around you. They are out there. Perhaps you just need a new dating pool. Or perhaps you're just a late bloomer. Beyond that, darlin', I have nothing for you. Andy? Andy: Did you guys see that? Did you catch that there? That little “darlin’” at the end there. That’s how it starts with Fred. I totally called it. Who’s awesome? I am. Go Andy.

Dear Taken, There is one of three things going on here. You mention twice that he is a ‘really great guy’ and you further reiterate this by calling him an angel. You go on to list off the things he does for you – all, notably, on a seemingly rather shallow level. It sounds to me as though you are trying to convince yourself of what a great guy he really is, and that little voice in your head is saying something along the lines of, “He fits all the boxes on my checklist. He’s a nice guy. He does this and this for me. I should like him. What’s not to like?” Unfortunately, dear, just because someone is great does not mean you are obligated to like them. There is such a thing as natural chemistry, and if you are this terrified and unable to let yourself enjoy it, it may just be that you simply don’t like the dude, and are trying to force yourself to like him based on logical grounds. The second option is that he’s actually not such a great guy and your smart little subconscience is sending you the warning bells. Perhaps you inwardly doubt the sincerity of

his waterfall of compliments and gifts, and you are right to wonder – when someone puts on such a lavish display of affection and romance, it’s natural to wonder what it is they really want from all the extravagance. In this case, trust your instincts and take a good look at his intentions. He may be taking advantage of the fact you haven’t been in a relationship before, and expect to have you wrapped around his pinky finger in no time with all the romantic gestures; be careful, as you may indeed be naïve and inexperienced to the woes of the womanizer… just remember, talk is cheap, and anyone can spend a little dough – it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s a great guy. If you don’t trust him, don’t doubt yourself. Ever heard of women’s intuition? The third and final option is the simplest, and the kindest to the male in question. If he is in actuality a great guy who is head over heels for you and will treat you right, congratulations! You’ve found yourself a rare specimen. There is nothing abnormal about your behavior; you aren’t used it, have never had a boy do and say these romantic

Overwhelmed in October? Help is on Campus! Sarah Gagliano

This random lady just knows how to have a good time. Just look at her chug that shit. ever so sought after hangover, but be careful what you wish for. Whether you have 9am class or 6pm class the next day, your hangover will not care! It wants you all to itself, in your bed, with water and Tylenol, all day. Heed the warnings, party kids, because one day that one sober friend will be right, saying, ‘Hey buddy, I think you should slow down’ and your slurred reply, ‘I can handle it bro’ will be oh-so-wrong. A lot of bad can happen when people get intoxicated.

Partying is great and we all love the nightlife, but remember why you are at university and what you must do to succeed! The parties will never stop and you don’t have to either, but before you drink take a look in the mirror and ask yourself: Do I want to party all night wake up tomorrow in my bed, or blackout and wind up somewhere else?

Your Hero It is now October. While trying to decipher the scribbles in our agendas that mark all of the due dates and test dates, we may start to think that the university just wants us to suffer. However, that statement is not true. Actually, St. Michael’s College and the University of Toronto provide numerous services to help students succeed, even when the workload seems overwhelming or daunting. The next few paragraphs give typical scenarios in a U of T student’s daily life in October. After the scenario, the “answer” or the next step is given. Keep in mind that these are just possible suggestions and not all of the services offered at the university are listed in this article. All of us can identify with at least one, and possibly all of these situations. Scenario 1: You have an essay due which is worth 25% of your final grade. Maybe you have already written it, but you are

still not sure if it will meet the professor’s expectations. What should you do? Answer: You should head over to a computer right now and go to the Kelly Library’s home page: http://www.utoronto. ca/stmikes/kelly/index.html. On the right hand side you will see a “Writing Centre” link. Click on this link to make an individual appointment to see an instructor. The instructor will go through your essay (which does not have to be completed). He/she will suggest ways of improving your paper. Book now, because appointments can usually be booked up to three weeks in advance. Scenario 2: You have a test coming up in your first or second year calculus course. You heard that this test is tough, but you really want to get a good grade. Answer: Go to the Kelly Library’s Math Aid Centre (room 202). At this centre you will be able to ask your questions and get them answered. You can also visit the main Math Aid Centre in Sidney Smith

(SS1071). Scenario 3: (a) You really detest writing, but you have a paper to write for the course that you are taking to fulfill a distribution requirement. (b)You are having trouble figuring out your learning style. You usually just stick to reading over your lecture notes, but you are not sure if this technique is how you learn the material best. (c) Whenever you decide to study you are constantly interrupted by your friends or roommates, and you end up getting nothing done. (d) All of the pressure is just too much, and you just do not know where to start. Answer: For all of these situations and more, head over to the Academic Success Centre, which is located on the second floor of the Koffler Student Centre or check out their website: There is a drop-in centre and also numerous workshops and lectures are offered. The workshops cover a range of topics from “Time Management” to “Perfectionism”

However, getting back to the issue at hand, Fred is somewhat right here. There are guys out there who are interested in smart, personable, witty, independent girls and don’t need to look down your shirt in order to become interested. If you see someone that you think is a nice guy and you’re interested, don’t be afraid to try to engage things with him. Don’t throw all your cards down on the table at once, but make it very clear to him that you’re interested in more than friendship. Guys have always been the ones to initiate things, and believe me when I say that they can appreciate a girl who is willing to make the first move. The worst thing that can happen is that they reject you, and trust me; it’s not all that bad. Given, Fred knows more about that department than I do. Fred: I hate you so much.

things for you, and of course it’ll take a little getting used to. I’d suggest having a talk with him, being open and upfront that you don’t mean to reject his gestures, but you’d prefer this romanticism in small doses so as to get comfortable with it. It’s an extremely difficult thing to let one’s guard down and open up to another person because there’s always that fear of getting hurt. Make him work for your trust, but know that you have so much more to gain than you do to lose. So good luck with whatever option it turns out to be – I’ll hope for your sake that it’s the third. (If, however, you think it’s the second and he’s a womanizing slimeball, make sure you milk the whole buys-you-whatever-youneed thing before it’s too late…and it’s just a thought but I could use some new Burberry rain boots….)

and from “Stop Procrastinating” to “Stress Management.” There is even a workshop entitled, “When Everything Is Going Wrong.” Scenario 4: In all of the pressure, you just feel as if you are going to have a nervous breakdown any minute. Answer: Yes, U of T offers help to you too! For example, chaplaincy (Brennan Hall, room 101) is a good place to go to talk things out. Yes, it is now October. The workload can seem overwhelming, but now you know that you do not have to suffer alone. St. Mike’s and the University of Toronto provide students with numerous services, and I have only skimmed the list in this article. If you related to any of the above scenarios, what are you waiting for? Go sign up for an appointment or visit the relevant centre. If you still do not think that you fit into one of the categories mentioned in this article, here is another good reason why U of T students should take advantage of all the academic services offered at the university: the services are for free.


OCTOBER 14, 2009

Toronto in Trouble Maple Leafs Can't Find a Win Sofia Rizzo

LOVES The Leafs Maple Leaf Coach Ron Wilson began the season with high expectations, laying the framework for a reformed hockey team. Wilson fueled a media frenzy in Toronto, predicting the coming season will reveal a faster, stronger, and tougher club. However, this has yet to be seen. The Maple Leafs, who were booed off the ice last Saturday, are currently winless. The word mediocre, a word seldom used during Matt Sundin’s time with the club, is being used more and more. Could this spell trouble? Hockey is a game of organization, skill, and physicality. Players need to follow a strategy that allows for effortless and speedy plays, displaying confidence and strength. Clearly, the Maple Leafs missed the memo. For instance, Jeff Finger is simply skating beside opponents, looking sluggish, discouraged, and ultimately ineffective. Goals are not the product of repetitive drives to the net, rather streaks of good luck. With a myriad of chances during the last few games, the Maple Leafs could have found an equalizer early on and possibly secured a win. The club is also lacking in offensive play. Rarely do the blue and white skate past the neutral zone and approach the opponent’s netminder. This point is further highlighted with the shots on goal ratios where

Fanboyism and Ethics

Where Should the Line be Drawn? Sasha Karla The Ultimate Fanboy We were sitting in my living room watching The Score Tonight, and during a commercial the NHL injuries appeared on the ticker. It read, “Senators captain Daniel Alfredsson injured, considered day to day.” My friend and I celebrated this moment by getting off my couch and giving each other a gleeful high-five. Moments later, I realized that we were celebrating another man’s injury, a man that probably has a wife, kids, and an extended family/team that is going to be affected by this occurrence. I then posed a hypothetical question to my buddy; I asked him what he would do if Daniel Alfredsson,

FIFA vs. Technology

oftentimes the Maple Leafs are trailing. For instance, following the first period of play last Saturday, the Maple Leafs had two shots on goal, trailing behind Pittsburgh with fourteen. Rather than a team effort, which could solidify the Maple Leafs and greatly improve them, offense is an individual’s game. Two names come to mind; Matt Stajan and Viktor Stalberg. With Stalberg on injury reserve, it seems uncertain if Stajan will perform well under pressure. The past four games have seen Stajan relentlessly charging opponents’ nets, regardless if the effort garners a goal or not. More often than not, the Maple Leafs rely on a few key stars, not the team in its entirety, as seen with Stajan. The Maple Leafs are not assisting the Mississauga native, rather standing idly by. For the Maple Leafs, offense is now a display of individual

this is prevalent since Toskala, so early in the season, is cracking under the immense pressure. Bare in mind, Toskala is regarded as a top-10 goalie, not a defenseman. The mounting penalties are hindering the success of the club as well. As penalties accumulate, the Maple Leafs’ chances of advancing in the Northwest division seem more remote. Vital players need to secure ice time, not penalty minutes. Undoubtedly, this is the club’s Achilles’ heel. Despite the blunders, all is not lost. Ron Wilson carries an esteemed reputation, most notably surpassing former San Jose coach Daryl Sutter for most wins with the same club. In addition, Wilson’s experience as a defensemen serves to improve his defensive strategies and the Maple Leaf lines. With time, improvement will be eminent. Wilson, however, needs to form a new dynamic with players. Strong player-coach relations do bring immediate results. Current Pittsburgh coach Dan Bylsma underscores this point.

Bylsma, who became coach after the dismissal of Micahel Therrien, was able to turn a sub-par club into a superior one. He employs a friendly yet stern coaching style that players respect and follow. Oppositely, Wilson appears to antagonistic, which does not garner results. Motivation and confidence are not products of an iron fist. The Maple Leafs lack structure, perhaps a push for a team Capitan will boost morale in the locker room. Wilson should be advised; three alternates do not equal a captain. However, time still remains. A five game slump is nothing to fret over but it is motivation for improvement. Had the Maple Leafs experienced this mid-season, there would be less concern on the part of fans and media personalities alike. The Maple Leafs can find remedies and consequently turn the tables. With a regular season consisting of eighty-two games, many opportunities will present themselves. racism in all of their merchandise, but it still is not enough. It is safe to say that racism has no place in sports, and this is where the geographical answer comes into play.

beer belly owning fans that get rowdy in the nosebleeds. The most passionate of all fans, however, is the fan that not only supports his own team till death, but the one that also scrutinizes and does anything in his power to belittle a rival team’s players, fans, management, and anything else that can be considered remotely associated with that

organization. When was the last time a riot erupted at BMO field and hundreds of men ended up in the emergency room? Sport-infused riots have erupted in all four corners of the globe: are the fans that take part in these riots passionate or simply crazy? Living in North America conditions us for a certain code of conduct in regards to sport. Any act of violence or conduct which officials at a game feel do not add to the “family” atmosphere can be dealt with. For example, if an individual at a Raptors game is holding a sign making fun of Vince Carter, ACC officials can take the sign away if they deem it to be “too derogatory.” On the contrary, black soccer players have often been jeered whilst playing in Spain as crowds have made monkey noises at them when they get the ball. Earlier in the year, England had to reschedule a friendly with Spain from Madrid to Seville as the last time they travelled to Madrid many of their black players were subjects of abuse from the crowd. FIFA vigorously promotes anti-

a dive – or any decision for that matter – to the referees. Many clubs have been confronting FIFA about employing video replays within the beautiful game. The latest on the issue entails the officials to review the play closer after the game, and if a dive did occur, a fine will be applied to the player as well as a possible match ban. How about all of the players that have been said to dive and did get punished in the game? Did the yellow card or red card refrain them from diving two weeks later in the next match? Doubtful. Soccer is a fanatical, quick-tempered sport and the decisions made in a “heat of the moment” fashion make the sport unique.

Implementing video replay for diving is one thing, but eventually it will lead to requests that the videos magnify every fault each side found in the match. Introducing this new method would also make the officials speculate how recurrent diving really is in every 90-minute match. In England, Italy and Spain alone there are about thirty games a week and unless it is a highly anticipated, critical match, diving never seems to be that big of a problem. In a champions league quarrel or a world cup qualifier, diving incidents will be looked at closer and clubs’ tempers will be tested, but if a coach cares more about those results and could care less about their inter-club matches, it is understandable why FIFA is so hesitant to implement the technology based change. Before bringing in endless video replays, introducing two additional linesmen may help, placing them at the 18-yard boxes. All of the referees can communicate during the game therefore it may take a minute to discuss a foul, as opposed to a video replay at the end (or during) the game which

would only make the game longer. A video may look at a call closely, but who would be looking at the video? If it is the main official of the game, would his judgment change that much? Bringing in video replays, instant or not, would make soccer like hockey, football and baseball where all major calls are taken upstairs and reviewed “carefully”. A computer is a machine but a referee is a human, as are the players. If a player dives, it is recognized and he gets punished. If a player dives and it is not recognized, life goes on. Soccer is known to have mistakes and questionable calls; it intensifies the game and makes people enjoy it. For the past hundred years, soccer games have had to result in a win, lose or draw and all of these games have done so without video replay. A video may verify what a referee saw, question a call that was made, or show absolutely nothing. You can take the diver out of the game but you will not take diving out of the sport.

"Despite the blunders all is not lost" skill, effort, and speed while some players act as on ice spectators. The defense is also grim.Wilson repetitively expresses his dissatisfaction in this area, citing the mistakes of Tomas Kaberle and Luke Schenn. Without an organized and motivated defensive structure, the net becomes more vulnerable to the opposing team. The Maple Leafs cannot expect Vesa Toskala to carry the brunt of defensive play while guarding the five-hole. Evidence of Senators captain, were to tragically pass away. He responded with the modern axiom of our generation, “I would pop champagne!” (Ron Brownz would be proud). Fans are what make the institution of sport worth watching, following, and obsessing over. The best part about being a fan is the manner in which you can be a fan. There are all kinds of fans: casual Bay Street quasi-fans that eat sushi, and sip on Smirnoff Ice while filling up the lower bowl of the ACC, and the crazy hooligan-acting drunk, bearded,

"Are fans... passionate or simply crazy?"

Three Points for FIFA Melissa Tarsitano Soccer Lover

Look what you did Eduardo . . . Think about all of the soccer matches you have seen. Think about all of the calls that should have been made, cards that should have been given and goals that should not have counted. Do not forget all of the occasions when a player has been taken out of the game or suspended for two because of something that should only be on television when Matthew Mitcham is on…diving. There have been many disputes about unfair calls that resulted in an innocent player getting carded or taken out of a game for a foul he did not commit. Soccer does not use instant replays nor does it frequent the use of video replays, leaving the decision of


There are standards of conduct for every region of the world. Rational fans will usually act in accordance with these standards. Simply put, you can still be a passionate fan without sacrificing your morality and criminal record. There is a balance within the equilibrium and the North American example should serve as a portrait for the rest of the world. Individuals will make the “it is just a game” argument, but for hardcore fans, it is more than a game (I am not promoting LBJ’s new movie): it is a lifestyle that one can enact within the rational boundaries of the law.

The Mike October 14th 2009  

film festival preview SMCSU ready * to stay alive * what you need to know get your jersey THE MIKE 1 inside &lt;

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