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Have something you want to get off your chest? Send your whines to whineline@themetrospirit. com. If you do so by noon on Friday, you might just see it in the next Thursday’s issue. Oh, and whines may be edited for content but will pretty much be printed exactly as you type them.

LINE there are several things I love about America. (1) I was able to serve my country in tyhe u.s.air force. (2) that I am able to vote legally to put a crooked person in office. (3) As a taxpayer I get penalized. only iN ANERICA.

Sunday’s online updates at the marvelous Augusta Chronicle: Fatal stabbing in Augusta. Kroc Center closed by mechanical repair. Mass murder in Wisconsin. How in the hell can murder stories get in the way of a report on equipment failure. Nice cover photo last week. That was mighty white of you. Ruffin finally gets it done...almost. Great

Olympic column and Josh, you no more cared about curling than I did. It was the sight of those Scandinavian babes with their their magnificent stare down and oh so awesome cleavage that send you scurrying for a little me time in the bathroom. I know, I saw me do it. Then that sudden left handed turn into typical radical stupid think. Almost my boy. THE NEXT TIME YOU WANT TO COMPLAIN ABOUT A SPEEDING DEPUTY,JUST REMEMBER,THERE COULD BE A BURGLARY OR AN ARMED ROBBERY OR A HOME INVAISION OR A RAPE OR AN ASSAULT ON A CHILD OR ELDELY PERSON OR MANY OTHER CRIMES IN PROGRES HE IS REPONDING TO WHERE A SIREN AND BLUE LIGHTS MIGHT SCARE OFF THE BAD GUY, AS A DEPUTY,I WANT TO CATCH THE BAD GUY,BUT I DON’T DRIVE FAST WITHOUT PEOPLE LIKE YOU IN MIND !!!

I live in Columbia County. But alot of my time is spent in downtown Augusta. As a matter of fact, many people I know in Columbia County spend alot of time in downtown Augusta. Anybody who is into art or original music spends alot of time in downtown Augusta. So this is not a matter of Augusta versus Evans/Martinez. Columbia County may have the Lady A Amphitheater but that doesn’t mean it has a vibrant art/music/ entertainment district. Until our “bedroom community” develops a thriving cultural scene I will continue to invest my time and money in downtown Augusta. So people ran in droves to buy chickens from a person who spoke up against any non-Christian kind of love. The non-sense they showed proved why there is no help for orphans who were brought into the world by way of man with woman. To the whiner challenging me on my “middle school” commentary on Ruffin’s ramblings. ..First. I tried to dumb my comments down so even HE could understand them. Secondly, I DO vote. And no amount of his mental meandering will change my view. In fact it reinforces my opinion of the intellect (or lack thereof) of the typical Obama voter...November 6th can’t come quickly enough... The NRA is a terrorist organization. Gun owners kill an average of 30,000 people a year in the United States. This is a greater number of deaths than caused by all other terrorist organizations combined in the entire history of America.

             Choose a reputable and professional studio for your ink.







Chick-Fil-A president Dan Cathy denied having an “agenda against anyone.” Yet, the “charitable” arm of Chick-Fil-A, an entity called WinShape, gave over $1.7 million dollars in 2009 to Anti-Gay goups: from Marriage and Family Legacy Fund ($994,199) to the Family Research Council ($1,000). It’s good to see that those “excess profits” went to the people that needed it the most - the ChickFil-A employees. What’s that? It didn’t. NEVERMIND! [P.S. I apologize because I know you have 10,000 Chick-Fil-A “whines” this week.....but hey,what can I say?]

where are they educating; because it is surely not in Richmond & Columbia county – KUDOS to Davidson, A.R. Johnson, Lakeside (???), and Greenbrier(???) ? Me: Romney sucks! My Brother: Since when is it a crime to be’re a classist. Me: When your money doesn’t come from raiding pensions, sending jobs overseas, and hiding your money in tropical tax free islands, I won’t hold it against you. Congrats to the GOP for once again having a candidate born with a silver foot in his mouth! As for Josh Ruffin’s recent Romney bashing column, if you don’t like what he has to say then keep on’s what I do when I get to Austin’s column. Austin - keep your wife. This is the ONLY time anything remotely intelligent came out of your mouth. Well, I just got back from voting. Or I should say I thought I was voting. When asked if I wanted a Republican, Demorcratic or non-Partisan ballot. I thought well the non-partisan would have everyone listed. I’m an Independant and I don’t like being told well give her a Republican one. Why. I don’t understand why we have three ballots. Boy, was I surprised. There wasn’t any congressman on the ballot and only incumbent Judges. I lost my vote. I want someone to fix this before November. The cost alone to generate three ballots instead of just one must be very expensive. Surely we are intelligent enough to decide between the canidates, whether Republican or Demorcratic or Independant.

On the river is where I’d rather stay… I get allergic hearing gun shots all day I just adore a penthouse view, not dealers, pimps and…poor people too. Did you know that a ‘Stick Figure Family’ decal on the rear window will reduce a vehicle’s rate of velocity by at least 20 percent? How bout.. University of D’AZZIZ NUTZ !

Who are these people in Augusta with “ educator” on their vehicle tags, and 9AUGUST2012

Metro Spirit 08.09.2012  

The Metro Spirit is a free weekly newspaper that serves readers in the Augusta and North Augusta area. Editorial coverage includes Richmond...

Metro Spirit 08.09.2012  

The Metro Spirit is a free weekly newspaper that serves readers in the Augusta and North Augusta area. Editorial coverage includes Richmond...