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Where is the Alleluia Community when we need their protests against the gay pride event? I think I have a crush on the Maryland Fried Chicken Dancing Lady in Evans!! I wonder if the queen mother (the mayor) is going to be on the main float.....


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Read one to many pulpy crime novel this summer? Think those whodunits couldn’t possibly happen in real life? Ha! Take a trip over to to see what kind of messes people like Semion Mogilevich (or Shimon Makelwitsh, if you happen to catch him when he’s using one of his nine aliases) have gotten themselves into. Good old Semion is wanted for defrauding thousands out of millions of dollars, and you can find out all sor ts of information on him… like the fact that he’s a heavy smoker and has pockmarks on his face. Hell, you can even print out your very own wanted poster. The site holds a creepy, lurid fascination, but don’t get so caught up in it that you submit a tip. Unless you’re absolutely sure you’ve spotted one of these guys, you could get into your own bit of trouble with the feds for doing that.


Wouldn’t it be hilarious if they bulldozed the parking deck and the TEE center tomorrow, which would give City Stink and Augusta Today absolutely nothing to do?

Can we swap our Augusta commissioners for the Columbia County commissioners indefinetly ? Does anyone other than her “posse” read Jenny’s lame column? Austin Rhodes needs to quit having his wife calling the whine line about how “fine looking” he is. If it wasn’t his wife, that person needs to have his or her eyes examined! He’s a bald man with a big mouth and a Redneck mentality. He’s too uneducated to think of anything smart to say to people who call his radio program with a different opinion than his, so he cusses them and calls them childish names. If that’s anyone’s idea of a “fine man” they’ve got very low standards!

You haven't been tested for hepatitis C?

You're an idiot!

- Mikayla H., Age 11

Now that I have your attention... A five minute test could save your life, so what's stopping you? If a kid knows how important it is to get tested for hepatitis C, then why do most of us pretend it doesn't exist? Hepatitis C is a leading killer of adults ages 47 to 67 in America, and is frequently undiagnosed. But, it is curable! Take the test! Don't be an idiot!

Call us today. Get !!st!d! Know.

I know this may be a little late but I am just beside myself to have found out that some local EMT’s were at a sports bar on Saturday March 24th bragging about being on duty but changing clothes to go to a bar. Personally this is a problem being that these individuals are “supposed” to be ready to save lives on a moments notice, but on march 24th there patient would have had to wait a few extra minutes before they were cared for. I wonder where their ambulance was parked, not to mention that they may or may not have been drinking. re:”Modest Swim wear No Longer Just for the Pious”: NO! As Soon as I read in that Article that one of it’s Proponents was a “Plus- Size Model”, I realized that this Swim Wear is for those that offer No Pleasant Viewing! That’s Right Sweetie! Cover It ALL UP! Those “Cows” with Many Ripples of Flab! The “Skinny Minnies” with Bones Galore! Cover That All Up...PLEASE!!! shame on you WRDW for printing a story about the joy reguarding lower gas prices. Now all the Augusta Sheep will flock to the pumps and increase consumption and prices, again. remember the day all you morons flocked to the pumps a couple of years ago and caused mass havoc? $2.95 cents is still not cheap for me. So it looks like those “pesky” conspiracy theorists at that FaceBook/political blog, have uncovered yet ANOTHER twist in the whole Billy Morris/Paul Simon TEE Center debacle. This time to the tune of 1.3 million bucks worth of missing kitchen equipment.... at what point do you people begin to notice that it’s not a theory but a reality. Or does your blind hatred of “the messengers” cloud your judgement? Every time The Chronicle prints one of their hatchet jobs on Wright McCleod it should include a disclosure that their publisher, Bill Morris, gave $2,500 to the campaign of Rick Allen. Oh and by the way, didn’t Allen’s construction firm get the contract to build Billy’s TEE Center? The biggest welfare recipients in Augusta are Billy Morris and Paul Simon. Man! With all of those Anthills in Rural Columbia County, I’ve Found the Answer to the “Energy Crisis”! Now! Somebody, Please Figure the way to Get Those Little Pests to Run on Those Energy Producing Conveyer Belts! I don’t believe these Pests are protected by those “Society for the Humane Treatment of Animals” People!? What!? “POP: the Protection Of Pests”?!


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Metro Spirit 06.28.2012  

The Metro Spirit is a free weekly newspaper that serves readers in the Augusta and North Augusta area. Editorial coverage includes Richmond...

Metro Spirit 06.28.2012  

The Metro Spirit is a free weekly newspaper that serves readers in the Augusta and North Augusta area. Editorial coverage includes Richmond...