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mention, is that I had the right to remain silent. In the forward-thinking backward-leaning state of California, cops are apparently not required to read you your Miranda rights even after arresting you. It’s a decidedly underhanded tactic that officials use to try to pry as much information from you as they can. If they have you believe that they are the uncontested masters of reality, you are more likely give them what they want. I could have at any point in the process, refused to answer any questions posed by the oinks but as I was ignorant of the right, the idea never came up. Frankly, it would have saved me a lot of trouble. While Captain America began the information mining process with the woman sitting next to me, Sheng dragged me over to the mug shot area like a captive of war. He sat me next to a glass divider on a bench that couldn’t have been less comfortable, and he positioned himself behind an evil-seeming camera. Its sharp angles and inhuman lens made me feel like a germ under a microscope once again. As the cop adjusted the lens and fiddled with the aperture, he told me to look up and face the optics which peered unforgivingly at me. “Okay, three, two, one...” Click. The camera winked, immortalizing my 86

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